Articles on Radio Plays

Articles on radio plays by well-known authors, producers and others: note that a few of the early ones load up in pairs, two on a page, for convenience... the views expressed are those of the writers (shown in bold type); I do not necessarily share them.

Is Mamet's Battle of the Sexes on the Right Wavelength? - Harry Turnbull
New BBC Digital Stations Proposed: Feb 2024 - Nigel Cropper
Radio Drama Reviews: Nov 2023 - Harry Turnbull
Tim Crook: 100 Years of Radio Drama: Sep 2023 -Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Reviews: Jul 2023 -Harry Turnbull
How to have a Perfect Marriage: Jun 2023 -Nicholas McInerny
Two interviews and a Cossack Lament: Apr 2023 -Harry Turnbull
Are we really going Online-Only? - Clive Lever
A View of the BBC, by Charlotte Higgins - Alistair Wyper
This Covid Life - Nicholas McInerny
Booker Prize Radio Adaptations, part 2 - Alistair Wyper
Booker Prize: Radio Adaptations of the novels - Alistair Wyper
Some Crime Novels Adapted for Radio - Alistair Wyper
The Third Programme, Network 3 and The Third Network - Alistair Wyper, 2018
Reflections on Radio Drama - Kevin Flynn, 2017
The BBC Genome Project- Alistair Wyper, 2015
Pauline Yates' Radio Drama- Alistair Wyper, 2015

Radio Drama - Radio Waves in a North-Easterly Direction - Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama on Piccadilly Radio- Nigel Deacon, 2015
Radio Drama in France- Alistair Wyper, 2015
Drama on Community Radio, UK - Stephen Shaw
Drama on University Radio, York - Stephen Shaw
Radio Drama on BBC Scotland: Nov 2022 - Stephen Shaw
Radio Drama on the BBC Asian Network - Stephen Shaw

Northern Exposure - Promoting Northern Writers (1999)-Donald Campbell.

Questions & Answers on Radio Drama -Gordon House
Olwynne Macrae interviewed by Bill Leatwick, 1979
Radio Drama in the Fifties - Jocelyne Tobin
Martin Jenkins talks to Mike Lloyd of VRPCC
Introduction to Scriptwriting - Mike Harris
Writing for Radio - Mike Harris
Bringing a Radio Drama script to life - Bert Coules
Working as a Radio Writer - Michelene Wandor

Radio Plays and Stereo Sound - Raymond Raikes

My Favourite Christmas Listening- Alistair Wyper, 2014
Alan Whitby's Choice
Ten Favourite Tapes-BarryPike;
Ten Favourite Tapes-Donald Campbell

Ten favourite plays: Roger Bickerton
My top ten radio plays - Nigel Cropper
Radio Drama - My Top Ten - David Hawley
You only listen to comedy? Try these Plays - Nigel Deacon
Ten more favourite radio plays - Nigel Deacon
Your Top Ten Plays (2007) - Nigel Deacon

It's drama, but with adverts - Independent Radio Drama in the 1980s -Roger Harvey

Radio Drama Reviews: Jan 2023 - Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Reviews: Nov 2022 - Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Reviews: Aug 2022 - Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Reviews: Jun 2022 - Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Reviews: May 2022 - Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama - Hits & Misses at the Start of 2022 - Harry Turnbull
Crackers and Turkeys in 2021-Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Review, Nov 2021-Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Review, Oct 2021-Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Review, Sep 2021-Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Review, Aug 2021-Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Review, July 2021-Harry Turnbull
Plays by Rene Basilico, Julian Simpson, M. Chaplin and 'The Archers' crew -Harry Turnbull
Ventriloquist's Dummy, Sweeney Todd, Christopher Boy, French Like Faiza -Harry Turnbull
Tess, The Brummie Iliad & Murmuration - Harry Turnbull
Heart Of Darkness, R & H & Hammerstein, Breaking Blake - Harry Turnbull
Drama Reviews: Christmas Crackers 2020 Harry Turnbull
Radio Drama Reviews, 10 Dec 2020 - Harry Turnbull
Interview with Matthew Broughton, creator of "Tracks" - Harry Turnbull

Marilyn Imrie - Catherine Czerkawska
A Tribute to Hamish Wilson - Catherine Czerkawska
Mike Lloyd talks to Gordon House, 2016
Reflections on Radio Drama - Nigel Deacon interviewed by Justin Rivers, 2011
Why Radio Drama is better than Television -Nigel Deacon
An Interview with Charles Chilton- Roger Howe
Stanley Baxter's return to Radio - Mark Lawson, interview, 2006
Does the BBC give us the plays we want?-Nigel Deacon, 2006

Radio Drama: Then and Now- Stephen Wyatt, 2014
Dumbing Down? Comments on radio drama, 2007 - various contributors
The Brilliant Darkness of Radio Drama- Steve Walker, 2004
The Decline & Fall of Radio Drama (1999)-Barry Pike;
Whither Radio Drama? (1999)
Speaking up for Radio Drama (1999)
The BBC Radio Drama Department, 1951-Lord Simon
Radio Plays on the way out, 1949-Strand Magazine
BBC Drama Programme Policy, 1946
Tendencies in Radio Drama (1930)Val Gielgud

Ying Tong, by Roy Smiles, 2007

Archiving: How long does a CD last? - update Nigel Deacon, 2009
Storing recordings on CD: Nigel Deacon, 2005
This website and the British Comedy Website
Some thoughts on the BBC's Treasure Hunt, 2003

Rescuing "Rules of Asylum": digital audio cleanup - James Follett
Digital Cleanup of old audio recordings-Nigel Deacon
Hiss reduction in old audio recordings-Nigel Deacon
Related article (music) - making and cleaning up a piano recording - Nigel Deacon
Crackle reduction in old audio recordings - Nigel Deacon

London Rules - Catherine Czerkawska
Abridging a book for the BBC - James Follett
My Radio Drama Swansong - Catherine Czerkawska
My experiences with the BBC Drama Department - Ben Thompson

Escape Kit - a first radio play - William Thirsk-Gaskill, 2019
Radio play about a radio play: Charlotte Goodwin & Pamela Wells, 2004
Working with Glyn Dearman -an actor's view - Ken Cumberlidge, 2004
A day at Portland Place, 1974 - Sandra Shippy
Recording "The Guinea Stamp" in 1967 - Jean Barnes

Billy's Last Stand- Alistair Wyper, 2015
Peter Tinniswood's 'A Very Rare Bird Indeed' - Judi Dench, 2016
Artist Descending A Staircase, by Tom Stoppard - Gordon House, 2016
Of Mice and Men: The Broadcasts- Alistair Wyper, 2014
Haunted; Radio4Extra Series - 2013
Early Warning - Richard Monks, 2012
Beyond Borders - Mike Walker, 2011
The Lady In The Van - Alan Bennett, 2011
The New "I, Claudius", by Robin Brooks - Nigel Deacon, 2010
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - various contributors, 2008
Mixed Blood, Imison Award 2006:- an interview - Kirsty Lang, Nazrin Choudhury
Richard Wortley's production of "The History Boys" - Nigel Deacon, 2006
Time after Time, by Gerry Jones - various contributors, 2006
Bringing Eddie Home, by John Peacock - John Peacock and others, 2006
Under the Loofah Tree, 2006 -Michael Bakewell & Ric Cooper
A new radio play - Fog and Shifting Pebbles, 2005 - Dawn Lowe-Watson
The Sicilian Expedition -John Fletcher, 2005
A Sting in the Tale, 2004 - Clive Lever
Banned Falklands Play goes onto Radio, 2002
Lockerbie on Trial, 2001 - Jeremy Howe
Fear on Four, 1988-99 - Clive Lever
A Red Car in the Fountain, 1992: one way to write a radio play - Philip Corker
Mysterious Circumstances, 1958-78 - Roger Bickerton
Operation Pedestal, by Frederick Treves, 1974
The Song of Roland: Alan Garner's Elidor, 1962 - Roger Howe
Children's Hour: Beware the Hunter - Howard Jones, 1960
The Odyssey of Runyon Jones, by Norman Corwin, 1945 - Roger Bickerton

Stephen Williams and Radio Luxembourg - Roger Bickerton
The News: Home Service, 10pm, Saturday 7th Dec 1963, 10pm
The Archive of Toytown & Larry the Lamb:- Toby Jenkins (2011)
An Interview with Frederick Treves, 2002
The end of BBC Broadcasting House, 1998: Brian Dyson
Toytown, 1929-62: The World of S.G. Hulme Beaman:- Roger Bickerton
The Eagle of the Ninth, 1957:- Felix Felton & Rosemary Sutcliff:- Roger Bickerton
Scrapbook: Roger Bickerton
Maurice Reeve: Blasts from the Past, 1951-1955: Roger Bickerton
Maurice Reeve: More blasts from the Past - 1950s: Roger Bickerton
ITMA: Francis Worsley (1946)
Patrick Hamilton - two radio plays - Val Gielgud (1939)

Somebody's Sister, Somebody's Daughter - Mike Harris, 2013
It's Grim Up North: starts 5 Mar 2012
Radio Drama quiz (archive from May 2005)
Sending CDs and tapes through the post - Nigel Deacon
Peter Coke - Paul Temple and afterwards
It's Grim Up North: new Roman Comedy
Xmas Present Ideas.

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