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Drama output was very small and for a limited period, now there is none. This list is probably complete.
- S.J.S.

BBC Asian Network Meets Radio 4 drama:
Afternoon Play BBC Radio 4 FM, 13 February 2008, 14.15:
"Silver Street - It's Coming Home". Sonali Bhattacharyya's drama expands on a story from the BBC Asian Network soap Silver Street. When Mushtaq Jilani buys the local football club for a pound, the grocery king takes a bold step into an unfamiliar world. Taking on the club's massive debts, and with his family divided, Mushtaq's first months in the game test more than his bank balance. Producer/Director James Peries.

(Silver Street was broadcast on the Asian Network from 2004 to 2010; in the end, the programs were of 5 minutes duration. From 2010 BBC Asian Network experienced a series of budget cuts including a "merge" with Radio 1, whose programs it now carries for several hours a day.)

DRAMA broadcast on BBC Asian Network:

Asian Network may be received on Medium Wave and DAB:
Medium Wave (khz): East Midlands: 837; West Midlands: 1458 and 828; Beds Bucks and Herts: 630 and 1161; Derbyshire: 1116; Lancashire (Blackburn and Preston): 855; Peterborough/North Cambridgeshire: 1449; Sheffield: 1035; West Yorkshire (Leeds/Bradford): 774, DAB (Digital Radio)- BBC National DAB multiplex.


(2010 - 2012: Monthly half hour drama)

Wed 1 Sep 2010, 18:00
Reality Check. Written by Shai Hussain,
Directed by James Peries

Wed 6 Oct 2010: 18:07
We're Not Getting Married by Tajinder Singh Hayer
Produced by James Peries

Wed 3 Nov 2010 18:00:
Ping Pong By Sonali Bhattacharyya
Produced by James Peries.

Sun 5 Dec 2010: 16:30:
Cooking By Heart By Saman Shad
Produced by James Peries

Wed 5 Jan 2011: 18:00
Resolutions By Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti, Shai Hussain, & Sonia Likhari.
Produced by James Peries.

Sun 6 Feb 2011: 16:30
Snapshots by Philip Qizilbash, Mina Maisuria, Sonia Likhari, & Rajesh Bedi.
Produced by James Peries.

Sun 6 Mar 2011: 16:30
Concrete Jungle By Sukhbender Singh
Produced by James Peries

Wed 6 Apr 2011: 18:00
Baiju Bawra: Music by Niraj Chag, Lyrics by Melissa Baten, Script by Philip Qizilbash.
Produced and directed by James Peries.

Tue 27 Dec 2011: 12:30
Telling Tales By Saikat Ahamed
Produced by James Peries

Wed 28 Dec 2011: 12:35:
No Waterfalls in Wembley by Kris Kenway
Produced by James Peries.

(Note that James Peries develops new plays and musicals at Bristol Old Vic)


Wed 8 Aug 2012, 11.30am rptd Sun 12 Aug 2012: 12:00
Ek Awaaz- Written by: Alia Bano, Sonia Likhari, Shane Solanki
Directed by Naylah Ahmed.

Wed 15 Aug 2012 11.30am rptd Sun 19 Aug 2012: 12:00
Ask Mina- Story: Naylah Ahmed / Script Writer: Tajinder Singh Hayer.
Directed by Naylah Ahmed.

Wed 22 Aug 2012, 11.30am rptd Sun 26 Aug 2012: 12:00
Beena and Dev - Written by Prakash Patel
Directed by Naylah Ahmed.

Wed 29 Aug 2012, 11.30am rptd Sun 2 Sep 2012: 12:00
The Escape by ????
Directed by Naylah Ahmed.

(...-thanks, Stephen, for making this information available to us - Ed.)


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