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Recently on R4 Extra, a series of dramatised ghost stories called Haunted has been broadcast. They were originally put out on BBC World Service. Here are the R4Extra dates; all 2013. On Radio 4 Extra they were announced as WS dramas directed by Derek Hoddinott.

The Grey Ones, by JB Priestley
1 Mar. A patient fears evil is at work in the shape of a sinister conspiracy. With Tony Britton.

The Dead Man of Varley Grange; author not known.
28 Feb. Jack is set for a good time in a friend's new property but why do strange rumours persist?

Which One? by R Chetwynd-Hayes
27 Feb. A fire warden team are put to the test during a 1940 bombing raid. Will they all survive?

The Liberated Tiger, by R Chetwynd-Hayes
26 Feb. Roland is dying. But could he possibly be haunting his wife while he is still alive?

The Lamp, by Agatha Christie
25 Feb. A sickly young boy settles into a new address, but his ghostly playmate has other ideas.

Channel Crossing, by Rosemary Timperley
22 Feb. Can a holiday overcome all the issues that divide a bickering family? With Peter Sallis.

The Mists of Memory, by Rosemary Timperley
21 Feb. Will a surprising meeting inspire schoolgirl Janet to devote her life to the cello?

The Emissary, by Ray Bradbury
20 Feb. Young Marion is unwell, but her dog keeps her in touch with the outside world. And beyond.

Esmeralda, by John Keir Cross
19 Feb. Felix might be free of his wife, but who is the woman claiming to be his daughter?

The Inexperienced Ghost, by HG Wells
18 Feb. A man encounters a troubled spirit. But could this meeting lead to tragedy?

The Judge's House, by Bram Stoker
15 Feb. Malcolm discovers the truth of 'absurd prejudices' which accrued around an empty property.

Listen to the Silence, by Rosemary Timperley
14 Feb. Can Mary refuse the offer made by a strange voice claiming to be her grandfather?

The Dream Woman, by Wilkie Collins
13 Feb. Isaac lives in constant fear of a knife-wielding female. But is she even of this Earth?

Walk on the Water, by Rosemary Timperley
12 Feb.Young Rachel finds her whole life blighted by one encounter. With Anna Cooper.

Little Girl Lost, by Rosemary Timperley
11 Feb. Her daughter-in-law is worried. Can Mrs Grove talk with her husband beyond the grave?

List compiled by NM - thanks Norman.

ADDITIONAL.... from Alistair Wyper:

The Grey Ones by J B Priestley ( 11 August 1984)
The Dead Man of Varley Grange ( 27 July 1984)
Which One ( 20 September 1980)
The Liberated Tiger ( 21 July 1984)
The Lamp by Agatha Christie ( 22 July 1984)
Channel Crossing ( 5 July 1984)
The Mists of Memory ( 22 May 1982)
The Emissary ( 13 March 1982)
Esmerelda ( 30 August 1980)
The Inexperienced Ghost ( 27 February 1982)
The Judge's House ( 31 January 1982)
Listen to the Silence ( 2 August 1980)
The Dream Woman ( 19 July 1980)
Walk on the Water ( 12 July 1980)
Little Girl Lost ( 14 October 1979)

There is a full list at: http://www.radiolistings.co.uk/programmes/h/ha/.html

....thanks Alistair - ND.


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