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PAULINE YATES: 16 June 1929 – 21 January 2015

Although Pauline is best known for her television, film and stage rôles she did a lot of work for radio. Regrettably the obituaries in Stage, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the Independent all fail to cite any of it.

[The urls for these incomplete obits are:

Her most famous television rôle was as Reggie Perrin’s wife, Elizabeth, in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrrin (1976 – 1979). Her prolific career ended in 2002 following a stroke. As can be seen from the list below, Pauline Yates had a long and busy career in radio starting in 1958. More information about many of the works listed here can be found on the Diversity web site.

BBC Radio 3

The Yeoman of the Guard (in a spoken part: Jean Allister) (23 June 1968) by Gilbert and Sullivan

Negatives as Sarah Pinder (Friday 12 May 1972) by Philip Martin

The Leftover Heart as Mother (The Sunday Play 15 August 1993) by Andrew Alty

In Praise of Progress as Mrs Bulima (The Sunday Play 9 November 1997) by Gregory Motton

The BBC Home Service

Elder Conklin (8 June 1959) Adapted by Edward Hyams from the story by Frank Harris

The BBC Light Programme

Thirty Minute Theatre: The New Catacomb as Mary (25 November 1958) by R. J. B. Sellar based on the short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Dales as Lois Jackson (9 March 1966) by Jeffrey Segal

Personal Column: No Square Deal as Helen (10 April 1967) by Eddie Maeguire

BBC Radio 4

Sharp at Four as Jean (Afternoon Theatre 17 January 1968) by Donald Churchill, the playwright and actor, her husband who sadly died at the age of 61 in 1991.

Tell Me a Story as Sandra Peters (SNT 22 November 1969) by Gerry Jones

Lines from My Grandfather’s Forehead (Series 1 15 February to 24 December 1971 & Series 2 21 July to 8 September 1972)

The Girls from Viterbo as Gabriele (Afternoon Theatre 21 July 1972 first broadcast on The Third Programme 31 August 1959) by Michael Hamburger

Far, Far Away as Maud Mason (Afternoon Theatre 21 January 1977) by Alexander Baron

Echoes of a Summer Day as Geraldine (Afternoon Theatre 8 September 1988) by Andrew Tyrrell

Last Train to Tunbridge Wells as Joan (Afternoon Theatre 20 June 1990) by Margaret Gillard

Straw (The Monday Play 26 July 1993) by Melissa Murray

The Judas Kiss as Sandra (SNT 7 August 1993) by Shirley Cooklin

Death Against the Odds as Dr Calderside (SNT 21 August 1993) by Michael McStay

The Battle of San Remo as Countess Bruhl (SNT 28 August 1993) by Royce Ryton

Tono-Bungay as Lady Drew (3 Part Classic Serial 29 August 1993 to 12 September 1993) by by H G Wells

Splendid Isolation as Julia (Afternoon Theatre 20 October 1993) by Angela Turvey

Dark Messiah as Virginia (The Monday Play 25 October 1993) by Mike Harris

Sympathy for the Devil as Sandra (SNT 6 November 1993) by Angus Graham Campbell

Mrs Danby’s Destiny as Susan Danby (Thirty Minute Theatre 16 November 1993) by Elizabeth Wainwright

The Lake as Valerie (The Monday Play 18 October 1993) by Ellen Dryden

Going Home as Mum (Thirty Minute Theatre 29 March 1994)

Unofficial Rosie as Dorothy (BBC Radio 4 6 Part serial 9 October to 20 November 1995) by Alan McDonald

Happy Depths of a Homophobe (The Monday Play 5 February 1996) by Peter Tegel

Sherlock Holmes: His Last Bow - The Bruce Partington Plans as Mrs Johnson (SNT 24 August 1996)

Accused of Murder: The Alabama Belle by Pieter Rogers as Mrs Humphreys (Afternoon Theatre 12 March rpt 9 August 1997)

The Barchester Chronicles: The Small House at Allington as Lady Julia (The Classic Serial 19 September to 10 August 1993)

Maigret’s Christmas as Louise Maigret (Afternoon Play 21 December 1998)

BBC World Service

The Midwich Cuckoos as Mrs. Angela Zellaby (A 3 Part Serial: 9th, 16th and 23rd December 1982 also broadcast on Saturday 4th December 1982)

Reproduced by permission of Alistair Wyper.

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