Radio Plays, 1958

In the series 'The Verdict of the Court'; Home Service, 9 Dec 58. By Nesta Pain. Based on the book on the 'Notable British Trials' series. Recording taped by the well-known Dick Barton fan, Miss Pat Hetherington, who recorded as much material as she could including actors who had featured before in the 1946-1951 Dick Barton series of thriller serials. Postscript by Lord Birkett. George Joseph Smith played by John Slater, the judge by Hevvan Carwick(?), Marshall Hall by Duncan Carse, Bodkin by William Fox, Bessie Munday by Anne Padwick, Miss Rapley by Ann Codlington and Mrs. Crossley by Louise Lister. Narrator James McKechnie. Other parts played by Betty Bascombe, Beryl Calder, Sylvia Coleridge, Alistair Duncan, Eber Hauja (?), Trevor Martin & James Thomason. Recorded production by Nesta Pain. (......apologies for spelling mistakes; I've had to take the names from the recording...ND)

Light Programme. Dec (?) 58. Tall story by H.G.Wells, adapted for radio by Lance Sieveking. An Indian gentleman has his priceless diamond stolen in a way no-one could have foreseen. Thirty minute theatre starring Manning Wilson as the Indian, with Michael Shipley, Lee Crutchley, Geoffrey Segal. Produced by H.B.Fortuin.

30 Nov 58, Third Programme, Drama Today. By Thomas Dekker (1570-1632), adapted for radio by Raimond Raikes. One of the most popular Elizabethan plays, The Shoemaker's Holiday chronicles the rise of an honest shoemaker, and the various people and classes he meets along the way. Rpt 1 Jan and 28 Jun 59, Third, Drama Today; rpt 11 Mar 68, R4, in memory of Donald Wolfit, who died 17 Feb 68. Rpt. 20 Sep 70, R4 Sunday Play. 80min. CAST: Donald Wolfit (Simon Eyre, the shoemaker), Felix Felton (Sir Roger Oteley, Lord Mayor of London), Phillip Leaver (Sir Hugh Lacy, Earl of Lincoln), Denis Quilley (Rowland Lacy), Charles Leno (Hodge, also known as Roger), Geoffrey Matthews (Firk, a journeyman), John Bryning (Ralph, a journeyman), Eva Haddon (Jane, Ralph's wife), Vivienne Chatterton (Margery, wife of Simon Eyre), Janette Richer (Rose, daughter of Sir Roger), Betty Baskcomb (Sybil, Rose's maid), Alistair Duncan (Master Hammon), Godfrey Kenton (Master Warner), George Merritt (Dutch skipper), Denis Goacher (Dodger, servant to the Earl of Lincoln), Antony Viccars (Serving man), Charles Simon (King). Music composed and conducted by John Hotchkis and performed by the Welbeck String Orchestra.

By R.J.B. Sellar, 25 Nov 58, based on Conan Doyle's 1922 short story, thirty minute theatre. Kennedy and Benchley are students of Roman remains. Kennedy embarks on a three week affair with a girl. Benchley, who also knew the girl, finds a new catacomb. Kennedy attempts to find out about it. Benchley reluctantly shows him ....

Original tale was in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Tales of Terror and Mystery (London: John Murray, 1922)

Kennedy: Howard Marian Crawford
Benchley: Brian Wilde
Mary: Pauline Yates
Produced by R.D.Smith.

By Giles Cooper.
Third programme, 23 Nov 58.
Headmaster- Anthony Viccars
John Ebony- Peter Howell
Cary Farthingale- John Sharp
Nadia- Violet Loxley
Cuthbun- Jonathan Bailey
Cloistermouth- Leonard monahan
Orris, Boy 1- Jonathan Margates
Bungabine- John Graham
Unman- Nigel Anthony
Lipstrob- Jonathan Scott
Aggeridge- Michael Walker
Terhew- Anthony Adams
Wittering- David Spenser
-other cast members: Jean England, Alice Esmie-Bell, Harold Young, Will Leighton.
Produced by Donald McWhinnie.

By Giles Cooper.
Third Programme, 3 Aug 58.
Edward Thwaite and Father- Hamilton Dyce
Muriel and Mother- Kathleen Helme
Mother and Rory - Patricia Hayes
other cast members- Gabriel Wolf, Haydn Jones, John Dearth, John Hollis.
Produced by Donald McWhinnie.

A simple fable of a man having a bath, but within this framework the author concentrates a pungent assessment of certain contemporary beliefs - a curiously touching but merciless scrutiny of a certain kind of human being. He uses every shorthand device of imaginative radio to paint a man's life, his aspirations, and his will to survive. This is forty-five minutes of highly distilled experience crystallised into a sound - complex: words, rhythms, evocative noises, fused into a kind of musical score which constantly stimulates the ear and the imagination. ....taken from some remarks written by Donald McWhinnie in his introduction to a volume of Giles Cooper's plays, published by the BBC in 1966.

By Giles Cooper.
BBC Home Service, 13 Jan 58. Cast:
Innes Corrie- Peter Howell
Hazel- Betty Baskcomb
Das- Roger Snowdon
Driver- Satish Bhatnagar
Major- V.R.Krishnamurthi
Leila- Renee Goddard
Derek- David Enders
Suban- Bakshi Prem
Felix- Michael Hordern
Siri- Geoffrey Matthews
Produced by Donald McWhinnie

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