Crime novels adapted for radio which won the
Crime Writers Association Awards
Alistair Wyper
(With thanks to Nigel Deacon for his expert editorial advice)

I enjoy all sorts of radio drama and readings but I particularly like crime drama. When looking the other day for a favourite to hear again I noticed that many of my favourite crime dramas were winners of the various incarnations of the annual awards of the Crime Writers Association. This prompted me to do some research.

I have attempted to find all the works adapted for radio which won these awards. If any are missed I would welcome further contributions. 

1955 Crossed Red Herring Award:
The Little Walls by Winston Graham: The Saturday Play 2 November 1991.

Philip has returned to Europe from America after his brother's apparent suicide in Amsterdam. He searches for the truth.

Dramatised by Juliet Ace
Director Ned Chaillet

Philip Turner: Alex Jennings, Martin Coxon: Roger Lloyd Pack, Leonie Winter: Kate Buffery, Charlotte Weber: Vivian Pickles, Capt Sanbergh: Norman Jones, HerminaMaas: Helen Cooper, VanRenkum: Terence Edmond, Tholen: Timothy Morand.

1957 Crossed Red Herring Award:
The Colour of Murder by Julian Symons: The Saturday Play 23 November 1991.

A young man who suffers from bouts of amnesia is accused of a brutal murder. 

Dramatised By: Guy Meredith
Director: Enyd Williams.

John Wilkins: David Threlfall, May Wilkins: Natasha Pyne, Mrs Wilkins: Charlotte Mitchell, Uncle Dan: Harold Innocent, James Hayley: Anthony Newlands, Magnus Newton: Michael Cochrane, Justice Morland: Aubrey Richards, Dr Andreadis: Peter Penry-Jones, Sheila Morton: Adjoa Andoh, Betty Prenton: Alice Arnold, Bill Lonergan: Nigel Carrington, Les Jackson: Alan Barker, Mr Fanham: Fraser Kerr, Mr Morton: Preston Lockwood, Mr Gimball: John Church, Mr Shaddock: Michael Bilton, Pub landlord: Eric Allan, Receptionist: Neil Roberts.

1960 Gold Dagger (Runner Up):
My Brother Michael by Mary Stewart: The Saturday Play 5 February 2000

In the hills around Delphi Camilla Haven meets Simon, who is trying to solve the mystery of his brother's death during the Second World War.  

Director: Michael Fox

Camilla Haven: Alison Darling, Simon Lester: Tristan Gemmill, Danielle: Eve Steele, Oracle: Eve Steele, Dimitrios: Roger Ennals, Angelos: Roger Ennals, Stephanos Gordon: Langford Rowe, Nigel: Nick Caldecott, Michael: Nick Caldecott.

1961 Gold Dagger (Runner Up):
Call for the Dead by John le Carré: adapted for radio in five parts by Rene Basilico:

Monday 2 October 1978 to Monday 30 October 1978.

The first John le Carré novel. Smiley searches for the truth following the apparent suicide of a Foreign Office civil servant.

Producer John Fawcett Wilson
BBC World Service production

George Smiley: George Cole, Mendel: Alfred Burke, Peter Guillan: Douglas Blackwell, Maston: Richard Hurndall, Samuel Fennan: Anthony Newlands, Elsa Fennan: Hilda Kriseman, Assistant Supervisor: Kenneth Shanley, Josie: Jane Williams, Adam Scarr: George Innes, Ludo Oriel: Shirley Dixon, Elizabeth: Jane Knowles, Doctor: Paul Meier, Hedley: James Thomason, Felix Teverner: Malcolm Gerard, Dieter Frey: Stephen Greif, Jill: Frances Jeater, Newsagent: Rod Beacham.

1962 Gold Dagger (2nd Runner up):
Hopjoy Was Here by Colin Watson: SNT 30 September 1972.

Hopjoy is missing, and Inspector Purbright of the Flaxborough CID begins a routine investigation. But then national security is mentioned.

Adapted for radio by Matthew Walters.

Producer: Colin Tucker, Insp Purbright: Peter Jeffrey, Major Ross: Dinsdale Landen, Major Pumphrey: Walter Hall, Chief Constable Chubb: Clifford Norgatl, Sgt Love: Roy Spencer, Sgt Malley: Edward Kelsey, Warlock: John Bull, Periam: Robin Browne, Mrs Cork: Betty Baskcomb, Mrs Sayersf: Betty Baskcomb, Barraclough: William Sleign, Bernadette: Miriam Margolyes, Miriam: Olwen Griffiths.

1963 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Spy Who Came in from the Cold by John le Carré.

A Cold War spy story, Alec Leamas is sent to East Germany posing as a defector to flush out an East German intelligence officer.

There have been several adaptations and it has been read as a Book at Bedtime.

1968 Wednesday 13 November to Wednesday 27 November (3 parts)
Adapted By: Stuart Evans
Produced By: Richard Wortley

A Book At Bedtime: From Tuesday 3 January to Friday 20 January 1978
Read by John Le Carré and abridged for radio in 14 episodes by Gavin Campbell 

A six part adaptation by Rene Basilico: Monday 28 April to Monday 2 June 1986
Producer: John Fawcett Wilson with Colin Blakely as Alec Leamas.

The Classic Serial (In 3 Parts) (As part of ‘The Complete Smiley’) From Sunday 5 July to Sunday 19 July 2009
Adapter: Robert Forrest
Producer: Patrick Rayner
Smiley: Simon Russell Beale

1967 Gold Dagger (Runner up):
Lonely Heart 4122 by Colin Watson dramatised in six parts by Chris Denys:

From Thursday 17 May to Thursday 21 June 1990.

Flaxborough is a quiet market town, but then the Handclasp House Marriage Bureau begins operating there.

Director: Tony Cliff.

Insp Purbright: John Rowe, Miss Teatime: Linda Gardner, Det Sgt Love: Paul Downing, Mortimer Hive: Simon Carter, Chief Constable: Geoffrey Banks, Spain: Peter Wheeler, Receptionist: Victoria Finney, Mrs Staunch: Ann Rye, Phylis: Judy Holt, Italian girl: Victoria Finney, Rusk: Malcolm Raeburn, Singleton: Neville Barber, Trelawney: John Branwell, Maddox: Peter Rylands, Miss Huddlestone: Daphne Oxenford, Maisie: Susan Sheridan, Leaper: Renny Krupinski, Evelyn: Susan Sheridan, Cambridge: Nigel Carrington, Beech: Richard Cole, Lintz: Nigel Carrington.

1970 Silver Dagger Winner:
The Labyrinth Makers by Anthony Price:

Saturday Playhouse 18 January 1992.

Why are the KGB so interested in old, wrecked, military transport aircraft?

Dramatised by Nick McCarty 
Director Hamish Wilson.

Tierney: Alan Manson, Sir Frederick: Peter D'Souza, Morrison: Neil Packham, Mr Jones: Ian Sexon, MrsHarlin: Pat Williams, Jenkins: Mark Coleman, Roskill: Michael MacKenzie, Butler: Raymond Ross, Panin: Laurance Rudic, Maclean: Sandy Neilson.

1971 Silver Dagger Winner:
Shroud for a Nightingale by P D James:

Woman’s Hour Serial, read in 13 parts by MaryWimbush and abridged by Janet Quigley.
From Monday 22 April to Wednesday 8 May 1974.

Chief Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh investigates the death of two student nurses at the hospital nursing school of Nightingale House.

1972 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Levanter by Eric Ambler: SNT 27 November 1993.

Michael Howell has rescued his family's firm from nationalisation by co-operating with the new Syrian government. But can he avoid the other political forces that are at work in the Middle East? 
Dramatised By: James Pettifer
Director: Ned Chaillet

Michael Howell: Raad Rawi, Salah Ghaled: Adam Hussein, Teresa Malandra: Oona Beeson, Dr Hawa/Mr Hadaya: Nadim Sawalha, Issa: Marc Zuber, Lewis Prescott: Neville Jason, Melanie Hammad: Souad Faress, Frank Edwards: Malcolm Ward, Tewfiq: Hamid Daryael, Touzani: Lyndham Gregory, Israeli officerlBarley: Ofer Faragi.

1974 Gold Dagger Winner:
Other Paths to Glory by Anthony Price:

SNT 15 May 1976.
Adapted for radio by Alison Plowden.
Why is it that anyone who has any kind of connection with one particular attack on the Somme front in 1916 is now being murdered?

Produced and directed by: Harry Catlin

Dr Audley: Tony Britton, Paul Mitchell: Martin Jarvis, Col Butler: Ronald Baddiley, Mrs Mitchell: Lorna Rosslyn, Constable Bell: David Graham, Mr Hutchinson: Douglas Blackwell, Gen Leigh-Woodhouse: Jeffrey Segal, Nicole MacMahon: Silvie Dattas, Gatekeeper/Sorel: Steve Hodson, Edouard Ollivier: Andre Maranne, Capt Faversham: Douglas Blackwell, Marcel Jarras: David Graham.

1975 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Seven Per Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer

SNT 9 January 1993.

The riddle of Holmes's disappearance at the Reichenbach Falls is solved, and the real reason for Professor Moriarty's power is revealed.

Dramatised by Denny Martin Flinn. Music: David Chiltern and Nicholas Russell-Pavier. Violin played by Steve Bentley.

Director Jane Morgan. Sherlock Holmes: Simon Callow, Ian Hogg: Dr Watson, Karl Johnson: Sigmund Freud, Professor Moriarty and Doctor Schultz: David King, Mycroft Holmes: Philip Voss, Baron von Leinsdorf: Matthew Morgan, Nancy Osborn Slater: Melinda Walker, Baroness von Leinsdorf: Geraldine Fitzgerald, Hugo von Hoffmansthal: Wolf Kahler, With: David Bannerman, Kate Binchy, Federay Holmes, Jillie Meers and David Sinclair.

1977 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Honourable Schoolboy by John Le Carré:

SNT 8 & 15 Jan 1983.

Dramatised in two parts by Frederick Bradnum

1. Following the death of the mole, Bill Haydon, George Smiley has to rebuild his branch of the intelligence service, the Circus.

Theme composed by Stephen Hancock. Directed by Roger Pine. BBC Birmingham,

George Smiley: Peter Vaughan, The Hon. Jerry Westerby: Martin Jarvis, Peter Guillam: John Rowe, Connie Sachs: Mary Wimbush, Doc di Salis: Cyril Shaps, Craw/Drake Ko: Henry Stamper, Molly Meakin: Heather Barrett, Frost: Terry Molloy, Mr Pelling/Mr Tiu: Roger Hume, Sam Collins: Alexander John, The Rev Hibbert: Colin Douglas, Doris Hibbert: Shirley Stelfox, Martello: Paul Maxwell, Saul Enderby: Ronald Baddiley, Oliver Lacon: Edward Cast, Mrs Pelling: Freda Dowie, Roddy Martindale: Stephen Hancock, Wilbraham: Christopher Banks, Miss Green: Patricia Gibson,

2. Smiley now has less than three months to discover the purpose of the money being channelled from Karla in Moscow to Drake Ko in Hong Kong.

The Hon Jerry Westerby: Martin Jarvis, George Smiley: Peter Vaughan, Lizzie Worthington: Natasha Pyne, Peter Guillam: John Rowe, Connie Sachs: Mary Wimbush, Doc di Sails: Cyril Shaps, Tiny Ricardo: Peter Marinker, Martello: Paul Maxwell, Craw/Drake Ko: Henry Stamper, Mr Tiu: Roger Hume, Molly Meakin: Heather Barrett, Murphy: Terry Molloy, Sam Collins: Alexander John, American Major: David Vann, Saul Enderby: Ronald Baddiley.

1978 Silver Dagger Winner:
Waxwork by Peter Lovesey:

SNT 3 October 1987.

It is 1888. Sgt. Cribb must investigate when new evidence is found as Miriam Cromer awaits the death penalty for murder, having confessed that blackmail drove her to the crime.

Directed by Vanessa Whitburn BBC Pebble Mill.
Adapted By: Geoffrey M. Matthews

PC Thackeray: John Cater, Miriam Cromer: Sarah Berger, Insp Jowett: Roger Hume, James Berry: Don Henderson, Howard Cromer: Gordon Reid, Simon Allingham: Kim Durham, Insp Waterlow: Roger Rowland, Lottie Piper/First wardress: Claire Faulconbridge, Mrs Berry/Dorothea Davenant: Gillian Goodman, Tussaud/Judge: Edwin Richfield, Prison Governor/Hundelby: Anthony Benson, Second wardress: Cynthia Cherry.

1979 Gold Dagger Winner:
Whip Hand by Dick Francis:

There have been two adaptations: a 13 part reading and a five-part dramatisation.

Sid Halley, injured ex-jockey turned investigator, faces a daunting treble - guard the Guineas favourite, investigate a dubious racing syndicate and find the man who has swindled his ex-wife.

1.Abridged in 13 parts, from Wednesday 21 November to Friday 7 December 1979.
Produced by Michael Bowen.
Read by James Bolam.

2. A five-part dramatisation by Alan England From Tuesday 12 November to Tuesday 10 December 1991.

Director: Philip Martin

Sid Halley: Mick Ford, Lucas Wainwright/Lord Friarly: David Neal, Chico Barnes: Kim Durham, Rosemary Caspar: Patricia Gallimore, George Caspar: Alan Devereux, Charles: Simon Carter, Unwin/Quayle/Inky Poot/Brothersmith: David Vann, Trevor Deansgate: Terry Molloy, Jenny: Petra Markham, Louise: Susan Sheridan, Martin England: Christopher England, Rammileese: Andy Hockley, Mark Rammileese: Philip Molloy, John Viking: James Simmonds, Ullaston: Geoff Serle,

1980 Silver Dagger Winner:
Monk’s Hood by Ellis Peters:

A five-part dramatization from Tuesday 24 September to Tuesday 22 October 1991.

The year is 1138, and Brother Cadfael, herbalist of Shrewsbury Abbey, is asked to supply a healing potion for a sick monk - but monk's hood oil can kill as well as cure.... 

Narrator Michael Hordern. 
Dramatised by Bert Coules 
Producer Lissa Evans.

Brother Cadfael: Philip Madoc, Brother Mark: Ian Targett, Fr Heribert: Timothy Bateson, Prior Robert: Geoffrey Whitehead, Meurig: Kenneth Price, Richildis Bonel: Pat Heywood, Brother Rhys: Norman Jones, Aelfric: Mark Straker, Brother Edmund: Timothy Carlton, Brother Petrus: Fraser Kerr, Sergeant: Ian Hogg, Richildis Bonel: Pat Heywood, Prior Robert: Geoffrey Whitehead, Brother Mark: Ian Targett, Aldith: Jane Whittenshaw, Edwy Bellecote: Stephen Garlick, Edwin Gurney: Richard Pearce, Hugh Beringar: Alan Barker, Ifor ap Morgan: Michael Turner, Brother Barnabas: Terence Edmond, Judge: Norman Jones.

1980 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Murder of the Maharajah by H R F Keating:

SNT 20 November 1993.

Dramatised by Neville Teller

The Maharajah plays one April Fool's joke too many. 

Director: Matthew Walters

Maharajah: Zia Mohyeddin, DSP Howard: Sam Dastor, Dewan: Renu Setna, Porgy: Lyndham Gregory, Sir Arthur: Philip Anthony, Michael: Luke Beeson, Dolly: Rachel Atkins, Elaine: Sheila Mitchell, Judy: Dona Beeson, Ram Singh: Amerjit Deu, Frere: Dominic Letts, Morton: Barry J Gordon, Joe: Steve Hodson.

1982 Gold Dagger Winner:
The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey:

A five-part dramatisation from Wednesday 26 May to Wednesday 23 June1993.

Dentist Walter Baranov is reluctant to accompany Lydia, his actress wife, to  Hollywood, especially now that Alma has come into his life. 

Dramatised by Geoffrey M Matthews.

Director : Matthew Walters

Ronald Pickup: Walter, Fiona Fullerton: Lydia , Oona Beeson: Alma., Livy: Gary Waldhorn, Marj: Lorelei King, Poppy: Susie Mann, Jack: Steve Hodson, Kathy: Sandra James-Young, Capt. Rostron: Jonathan Adams, Barbara: Teresa Gallagher, Paul: James Telfer, Bert/Steward: John Webb, Button: John Webb, Mrs Dutton: Rachel Atkins, Purser: David Thorpe, Finch: David Holt, Saxon: Keith Drinkel, Doctor: John Evitts.

1985 Silver Dagger (2nd runner up):
A Piece of Justice by Jill Paton Walsh:

The Saturday Play 7 November 1998.

Dramatised by Neville Teller

When Fran, takes over the biography of a mathematician she rapidly discovers a mystery which could put her in danger.

Imogen Quy: Barbara Flynn, Janet Summerfield: Rosemary Leach, Frances Bullion: Tracy Wiles.

1986 Silver Dagger Winner: A Taste for Death by P D James:
Woman's Hour drama Monday 10 November to Friday 21 November 2008.

Commander Adam Dalgliesh investigates when two bodies are found in a London church: one a tramp, the other a recently resigned government minister, who had previously asked Dalgliesh for help. 

Dramatised by Neville Teller

Director: Peter Leslie

Dalgliesh: Richard Derrington, Kate Miskin: Deborah McAndrew, Massingham: Mark Carey, Fr Barnes: Rob Swinton, Lady Ursula: Aurid Smith, Mattie: Octavia Walters, Sarah: Octavia Walters, Lampart: David Birrell, Barbara: Sonla Ritter, Dominic: Richard Katz, Ivor: Richard Katz.

1987 Gold Dagger Winner:
A Fatal Inversion by Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine:

In the long, hot summer of 1976 Adam and some friends are sharing a lovely country house in Suffolk. Ten years later two skeletons are unearthed in the grounds.

There have been two adaptations: a 14-part reading and as a one-off dramatisation.

1. As “Thriller!” abridged in 14 parts by Neville Teller: 
Saturday 27 June to Saturday 26 September 1987.
Read by Lewis Fiander
Producer Pamela Howe. BBC Bristol 

2. Saturday Playhouse 14 December 1991

Dramatised By: Michael Bakewell
Director: Jane Morgan.

Adam Verne-Smith: Andrew Wincott, Rufus: Matthew Morgan, Zosie: Siriol Jenkins, Shiva: Tariq Alibai, Lili: Rita Wolf, Vivien: Miaso Teriou, Mary Gage: Alison Reid, Lewis Verne-Smith: Tim Seely, Beryl: Ann Windsor, Anne: Mary Chater, Marigold: Theresa Streatfeild, MegChipstead: Joanne Wake, Insp Winder: Jonathan Adams, WPC: Emma Fielding, Gardener: Ronald Herdman, Robin Tatian: Steve Hodson.

1988 Gold Dagger Winner:
Ratking by Michael Dibdin:

Saturday Playhouse 15 February 1992.

The first in the series of Aurelio Zen novels. Venetian Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen, exiled to Rome, investigates a kidnapping in Perugia involving a powerful family. Byzantine plotting and counter-plotting ensue. (
The late Michael Dibdin, interviewed at a literary conference in 2003, explained, amusingly, that the plot was based on his experiences of unsuccessfully battling to hold on to his post as an academic at the university in Perugia.)

Dramatised By: Gregory Evans
Director: Ned Chaillet

Aurelio Zen: Nicholas Le Prevost, Palottino: Peter Gunn, Pietro Miletti: Eric Allan, CinziaMiletti: Joanna Myers, Gianiuigi Santucci: Richard Tate, Silvio Miletti: Matthew Sim, Ivy Cook: Ann Windsor, Antonio Crepi: Keith Drinkel, Di Leonardo: Ronald Herdman, Lucaroni: Brett Usher, Bartocci: John Webb, Rosella Foria: Joanna Wake, Iovino: Jonathan Adams, Mancini: John Church, Major Volpi: Nicholas Murchie, Duty officer: Melanie Hudson, Ellen: Theresa Streatfeild, Giorgio: David Learner, Gilberto: Andrew Wincott.

1989 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Wench is Dead by Colin Dexter:

Saturday Playhouse 21 March 1992.

While in hospital Inspector Morse delves into an 1859 murder trial which ended with two men being hanged. Convinced the hanged men were not guilty Morse sets out to prove it. In the original novel this was the only Morse story not featuring Sergeant Lewis; there was a graduate trainee replacement. In the radio adaptation, Lewis does appear.

Music theme by: Wilfredo Acosta.
Dramatised by: Guy Meredith.
Director: Ned Chaillet.

Inspector Morse: John Shrapnel, Sergeant Lewis: Robert Glenister, Colonel Deniston: Garard Green, Christine Greenaway: Joanna Myers, Waggie Greenaway: Peter Penry-Jones, Sister Maclean: Kate Binchy, Nurse Fiona: Siriol Jenkins, Consultant: John Church, Inspector Mulvaney: Joe Dunlop, WPC: Ann Windsor, Houseman: Peter Gunn, Prosecuting Counsel: John Samson, Joanna Franks: Melinda Walker, Donovan: Ken Cumberlidge, Oldfleld: Paul Copley, Musson: David Learner, Wooton: Neil Roberts, Anna: Melanie Hudson, Landlord: Jonathan Adams.

1990 Gold Dagger Winner:
Bones and Silence by Reginald Hill:

Read by Philip Jackson in 10 parts, from Monday 9 March to Friday 20 March 2009.

Superintendent Dalziel witnesses what appears to be a murder from his own window.

1991 Gold Dagger Winner:
King Solomon's Carpet by Ruth Rendell, writing as Barbara Vine:

A four-part dramatisation, Thursday 26 September to Thursday 17 October 1996.

A disparate group of young people rent rooms in the old school house near the underground.

Director: Manon Nancarrow

Adapted By: Nick Fisher

Musicians: Polly Hewett, Roland Robert, Christine Messiter, Jarvis: Kim Wall, Tom: Jonathan Cullen, Alice: Kate Fenwick, Axel: Mark Strong, Jasper: Stuart Morris, Bienvida: Verity Watte, Tina: Alice Arnold, Cecilia: Ann Beach, Peter: Christopher Scott, Woman on Train: Colleen Prendergast, Alice's Mother: Shirley Dixon, Ivan: Cris Pavlo.

1992 Silver Dagger Winner:
Bucket Nut by Liza Cody:

Woman’s Hour Serial from 6 July to 21 July 1992.

Read in 12 episodes by Mia Soteriou.

Eva Wylie (Bucket Nut to her less flattering fans) is a female wrestler who fights as the London Lassassin. She's also a security guard, open to any odd job on offer, with flexible moral standards.

Abridged by Doreen Estall 

1993 Silver Dagger:
Fatlands by Sarah Dunant: 

Woman’s Hour Serial from 12 July to 28 July 1993.

Read in 13 episodes by Barbara Flynn. 

When Hannah Wolfe is hired as a chaperone to Mattie Shepherd, she discovers what dangers the girl faces.

Abridged by Meg Clarke

1994 Silver Dagger: 
Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow by Peter Hoeg:

The Late Book from 19 December 1995 to 6 January 1996.

Read in 15 episodes by Siobhan Redmond.

A little boy falls off a roof and is killed. Smilla Jaspersen, his neighbour, suspects it is not an accident: she has seen his footsteps in the snow, and, having been brought up by her mother, a Greenlander, she has a feeling for snow.

Translated by F. David and abridged by Doreen Mahon.

Producer: Marion Nancarrow

1997 Gold Dagger Winner:
Black and Blue by Ian Rankin:

The Saturday Play 28 June & 5 July 2008.

1. DI John Rebus probes the death of a North Sea oil worker, and finds his enquiries overlapping with the ongoing hunt for a serial killer.
2. Rebus himself becomes a suspect in the hunt for the serial killer known as Johnny Bible.

Dramatised in two parts by Chris Dolan.
Director: Bruce Young Rebus: Ron Donachle, Siobhan: Gayanne Potter, Jack: Simon Tait, Tracy: Irene Allan, Judd: Simon Donaldson, Edward: Mark McDonnell, Briony: Natalie Bennett, Ryan: John Kazek, Eve: Juliet Cadzow, Joe: Laurie Ventry, Ludo: Lain Robertson, Joanna: Natalie Bennett, Stanley: Stevie Hannan, Mrs Sclocum: Irene Allan.

2003 Silver Dagger (4th runner up):
Almost Blue by Carlo Lucarelli:

The Friday Play 10 February 2006.

Bologna: Simon is a blind man with synaesthesia, he hears sounds in colour, he becomes the only witness in a series of connected murders.

Dramatised by Judith Adams
Director: Lu Kemp

Simon: Grant O'Rourke, Grace: Lesley Hart, Scorpio: Simon Donaldson, Matera: Steven Cartwright, Anna/: Monica Gibb, Mrs Martelli: Monica Gibb, Victor/Lab technician: Simon Tait, Topaz: Samantha Young.

2006 Best Crime Novel of the Year (Duncan Lawrie Dagger):
Raven Black by Ann Cleeves:

Saturday Drama 23 January 2010.

A young woman’s body is found in a snow-covered field on Shetland and a local loner is the prime suspect. The first in the series of novels featuring Detective Jimmy Perez.

Dramatised by Iain Finlay MacLeod.
Producer/Director: Kirsteen Cameron

Jimmy Perez ... Grant O'Rourke, Magnus ... John Shedden, Fran ..... Rosalind Sydney, Sally ... Clare Yuille, Robert ..... John Kielty, Duncan ..... Kenny Blyth, D.I. Taylor ..... Robin Laing, Euan ..... Greg Powrie, Annie Perez ..... Sandra Voe, Catherine ..... Melody Grove.

2007 Best Crime Novel of the Year (Duncan Lawrie Dagger, 5th runner up):
Sovereign by CJ Sansom:

15 Minute Drama from Monday 21 September to Friday 2 October 2015.

Autumn, 1541, King Henry VIII has set out on a spectacular Royal Progress to York. Lawyer detective Matthew Shardlake is called to investigate a suspicious death and stumbles upon a daring plot that has the potential to shake England to its core.

Director Kirsteen Cameron
Producer Kirsteen Cameron
Adaptor Colin MacDonald

Shardlake Justin Salinger, Barak Bryan Dick, Wrenne Geoffrey Whitehead, Tamasin Cath Whitefield, Radwinter David Acton, Broderick Nick Underwood, Maleverer Stephen Critchlow, Jennet Alex Tregear, Craike Patrick Brennan, Cranmer Sam Dale, Rochford Amelia Lowdell, Oldroyd Chris Pavlo, Paul Mark Edel-Hunt, The Queen Melody Grove.

2011 Gold Dagger Winner (2nd runner up):
Snowdrops by A.D. Miller:

A Book at Bedtime: From Monday 3 January to Friday 14 January 2011.

Nick Platt is an English lawyer living in Moscow during the Russian oil boom. Riding the subway on a September day, he rescues two sisters, Masha and Katya, from a would-be bag thief.

Reader: Stephen Mangan
Abridged by Jeremy Osborne
Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk).

2017 Gold Dagger Winner:
The Dry by Jane Harper:

A Book at Bedtime: From Monday 4 September to Friday 14 September 2017.

Read by Richard Goulding

Abridged and produced by Sara Davies.

During a drought in the small Australian country town of Kiewarra it seems that Luke Hadler reached snapping point, killed his wife and child and then committed suicide. Policeman Aaron Falk returns to his hometown for his old friend's funeral and he's unwillingly drawn into the investigation into the Hadler deaths.

Alistair Wyper, 9th March 2019

(...-thanks, Alistair, for this interesting compilation - Ed.)


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