Peter Coke - After Paul Temple ...

This isn't about radio, but I thought some readers might be interested. A much longer article (from which the following information is taken) appeared in the Daily Telegraph magazine, 16 Dec 06

Peter Coke was the best "Paul Temple", known to millions of listeners in the fifties and sixties, and fondly remembered today. He is still working hard today, aged 93, but not as an actor. His consuming interest is shells.

He makes them into beautiful decorative objects, from huge baroque frames to single flowers. Works are produced to commission and he has a gallery and workshop in Norfolk. Peter thinks that he gets more visitors wanting to hear his voice than are interested in his handiwork.

There is a permanent collection of his work in Sheringham museum. He has well-known clients on his list, including royalty, aristocrats and pop stars.

He is having an exhibition at the Sloane Club late in December 06. The larger pieces cost thousands of pounds; the smallest around 50.

Peter Coke trained at Rada and was famous for his part in "Paul Temple".

In the fifties he also opened an antique shop.

He wrote 12 plays including "Breath of Spring", which ran in the West End and then Broadway.

Antiques provided the inspiration to work with shells. He has travelled the world for 25 years collecting them. He has collected shells everywhere - for example: Phuket, West Indies, South Africa ....

His exhibition is at the Sloane Club 19-21 Dec, 11am-7pm, 52 Lower Sloane St. London SW1. Tel 01263-861411.

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