Of Mice and Men: John Steinbeck
Alistair Wyper

On finding a copy of a 1967 BBC version of Of Mice and Men I realised that there have been several productions, including 'A Book at Bedtime'. The details of these are shown below:

23rd May 1942 22:30 BBC Home Service.
Adapted by Gilbert Thomas. Produced by John Cheatle. James McKechnie as George, Roy Emerton as Lennie Small, Joan Miller as Curley's Wife, with Richard George, Bryan Herbert, Philip Wade, Antony Holies, Malcolm Graeme, and Macdonald Parke.

31 March 1945 15:45 BBC Home Service
Adapted by Gilbert Thomas. Produced by Howard Rose.
Cast: George: Douglas Marshall,
Lennie: Norman Shelley,
Old Candy :: Eddy Reed,
The Boss: Stanley Groome,
Curley the Boss's son: Frank Partington,
Curley's Wife: Ellinore Stuart,
Slim: Peter Creswell,
Carlson: MacDonald Parke,
Crooks, the Negro: Roger Snowdon,
Narrator: Noel Johnson.

5 February 1949 21:15 SNT BBC Home Service.
Adapted for broadcasting by Gilbert Thomas. Produced by Hugh Stewart.
Cast: George Milton: Bonar Colleano,
Lennie Small: Robert Beatty,
The Boss: Finlay Currie,
Slim: Leslie Bradley,
Crooks: Robert Adams,
Carlson: Danny Green,
Curley the Boss's son: Ian Carmichael,
Curley's wife: Mavis Villiers,
Old Candy: MacDonald Parke,
Whit: Nicholas Stuart.

28 November 1956 20:30 Curtain Up! presents The Stars in Their Choices: OF MICE AND MEN
Repeated 3 December 1956 Monday Matinée The Light Programme.
Adapted by Gilbert Thomas.
Production by Martyn C. Webster.
George Milton: Alan Tilvern,
Lennie Small: Robert Beatty,
Old Candy: MacDonald Parke,
Slim: Michael Turner,
Carlson: Stuart Nichol,
Whit: Philip Keatley,
Curley: Brian Haines,
The Boss: John Gabriel,
Curley's wife: Mavis Villiers,
Crooks: Earl Cameron.

6 March 1967 20:30 BBC Home Service.
Adapted by Gilbert Thomas. Producer Joe Burroughs. Cast: Robert Beatty ; Harry Towb ; Alan Gifford ; Russell Napier ; Alan McLelland ; Margaret Robertson ; Hayden Jones ; Earl Cameron ; Denys Hawthorne ; Anthony Jackson.

19 August 1973 BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Theatre
(at http://www.suttonelms.org.uk/lost5.html Afternoon Theatre - Lost Radio Plays) Harry Towb ; Robert Beatty ; Russell Napier.

From 26 January 1977. A Book at Bedtime.
Abridged in eight parts by Joy Osborne. Read by Paul Meier.

9 November 1992 BBC Radio 4 The Monday Play
(http://www.suttonelms.org.uk/monday-play.html). Repeated Saturday Playhouse 24 July 1993 14:30 90m. Dramatized by Penny Leicester. Directed by Richard Wortley (not on RW page http://www.suttonelms.org.uk/rwortley.html).
Cast: George: Peter Whitman,
Lennie: Kerry Shale,
Candy: Harry Towb,
Slim: James Aubrey,
Crooks: Colin McFarlane,
Curley: Nicholas Murchie,
Curley's Wife: Roberta Sausville,
Carlson: David Holt,
Whit: Matthew Morgan,
Boss: Eric Allan.

Sunday 7 March and Sunday 13 March 2010 The Classic Serial (2 Parts)
BBC Radio 4. Directed by Kirsty Williams.
Cast: George ...... David Tennant,
Lennie ...... Liam Brennan,
Carlson/Crooks ...... Jude Akuwudike,
Lennie ...... Liam Brennan,
Candy ...... Christopher Fairbank,
Curley's Wife ...... Melody Grove,
Slim ...... Neil McKinven,
Curley ...... Richard Madden,
George ...... David Tennant.

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