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The Main Killer of Apple Trees in the UK .
The Diversity of Redfleshed Apples .
Flavour Compounds in Apples
Inbreeding in Modern Apples: H-J Bannier .
Inbreeding in Cherries: H-J Bannier (related article) .

Ancestry, History and Varieties
Ants - their uses
Apple Tree Guardians
Ballerina Varieties & other columnar trees .
Biennial Bearing in Fruit Trees .
Blossom - pictures .
Blossom dates for rare (Leicestershire Collection) varieties
Blossom dates - main varieties .
Bramleys and others in 2006 .
Breeding Apples - amateur .
the Breunsdorf Story .
British Fruit: a call for less diversity, 1829
British Library: the Tree of Knowledge
Brogdale: the National Fruit Collection .
Canker, mildew, glassiness .
Chimeras - Gala and Allens Everlasting
Cidermaking with a glut of apples
Cidermaking, rural, in the 1800s.
Cider Varieties .
Columnar Varieties (e.g. Ballerina) .
Croft Cider Apple: attempts to identify
Croft Cider? - evaluating a possible cider variety .
Croft Collection .
Cider versus wine, 1829 .
Domestic varieties in 1829
Drying Surplus Apples
Family Trees - should I buy?
Flavour Compounds in Apples
Foliage trees - Apples?
Favourite varieties
Goblet tree: how to make one
Grafting Pictures
Grafting - learning to do it
Grafting - possible scion / stock incompatibility .
Identifying apples .
Inbreeding in Modern Apples: H-J Bannier .
Inbreeding in Cherries: H-J Bannier (related article) .
Isle of Wight apples .
Late varieties
Leicestershire varieties
Leicestershire Heritage Apple Project - introduction
Leicestershire Heritage Apple Project - finding & collecting varieties
Mrs.Beeton's advice (c1860) .
Mystery Pear, Oxfordshire .
Names - where the names of English apples came from
National Fruit Collection- Brogdale
National Fruit Collection- its importance
News .
Not in the National Fruit Collection: varieties, pictures, descriptions .
Origin of the Domestic Apple
Pictures of apples
Pictures - Blossom .
Pick fresh apples in December .
Pick fresh apples on New Year's Day .
Planting a tree
Pollination in Domestic varieties: Crane and Lawrence .
Pollination in a commercial orchard .
Pollination - triploids and 'bad pollen' .
Pollination groups - list of varieties .
Pollination - some surprises .
Problems with trees
Red Fleshed varieties - introduction .
Red fleshed varieties - Index to known varieties .
Red fleshed varieties - a grower's experiences .
Redlove - a new redfleshed apple from Switzerland .
The Diversity of Redfleshed Apples .
Repotting a fruit tree .
Rootstocks - descriptions of properties .
Rootstocks - propagation (for private use only) - in containers .
Rootstocks - propagation (for private use only) - in the ground .
Shaping Apple Trees .
Stooling .
Storing late varieties .
Tale of the Big Red Apple - Daphne Ledward .
Toasted Apples .
Triploids, diploids and bad pollen .
Versailles:le Potager du Roi
Victorian Object Lesson
Vitamin C Content - introduction
Vitamin C level in different varieties - procedure for measuring .
Vitamin C levels in English Apples - results (done for Nat. Fruit Collection) .
Vitamin C levels in stored apples - discussion .
Wild Apples .
Wines from apples .
Witney Pear - problems with grafting .
Winter apples - pictures .
Woolly aphis .
Young fruit tree : looking after

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