Very late English Apples

Here are some amazingly late apple varieties which may stay on the tree until the spring. They are not in any fruit collections. If you're interested in scion wood, send me an email. I may be producing a small number of trees for disposal next year.

Remember that very late apples like these must be securely netted from November onwards or the fruit will be destroyed by birds.

Dessert type; hangs on tree until Feb-March or even later. Excellent rich flavour; good balance of acidity and sweetness; mid-vitamin-C type.

Photographed 2 Apr 07

Whitwick Pippin in April

Photographed 2 Apr 07

Whitwick Pippin in April

Dessert; hangs on tree until mid-Feb. Very white flesh, flavour is sub-acid from Jan onwards, when the texture is very firm and fresh. From Feb onwards, has a flavour similar to that of a pear. Photographed immediately after picking, 15 Feb 07.

Mere Pippin

Dessert; original tree found Oxfordshire, 2004, covered with bright red apples on New Year's Day. Flesh slightly green, sweet, scented; delicate flavour; quite acidic until Jan. At its best in late-Dec or early Jan, depending on season. Can hang on the tree until March or even later. This picture taken 2 Apr 07, Leicestershire, private orchard. (This apple is not to be confused with the American variety "Burford's Redflesh")

Burford Red

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