Apples in the snow....

Procedure for making these trees: look for apples (usually growing wild) still on the tree in late Dec or early Jan; take scion wood, bury it or put in fridge in a sealed container; graft onto MM106 or similar in late March......

Burford Apple, 28 Dec 05 ................ Burford Apple, 28 Dec 05

Burford Apple, 28 Dec 05.... Burford Apple, 28 Dec 05.... Croft late seedling, 28 Dec 05

If these very late apples fall off the tree, you leave them on the ground until you want to use them. Unless frost is very severe, they keep better outside than under cover, where they will dehydrate.

Varieties I've found (my names) - Whitwick Pippin, Croft late seedling, Wibtoft Pippin, Burford apple, Deer Park apple. Wibtoft Pippin (grafted 2004) should fruit next year.

I'm also hoping for some scion wood of Blackjack, a recognised variety, which I've now sampled, thanks to Tim Whalley and Colin Rudling. This is a beautiful dark red apple hanging on the tree until after Christmas.

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