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Click on the text to view the pictures. Each apple is shown actual size, as close as I can get it, in most cases. # denotes not in National Fruit Collection. I am gradually replacing the lower resolution pictures now that more people have broadband. Some of the apples appear more than once - top and bottom views, for example, or from sunny and shady locations - to aid identification. Two apples of the same variety can have surprisingly different appearances depending on the growing conditions.

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Adam's Permaine: Hanbury Hall
Alfriston Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Allen's Everlasting: late, hard green russet with sharp Cox -type flavour. Brogdale.
Allen's Everlasting: red on sunny side but flavour unmistakable; on tree 2 Dec 05
Allington Pippin: - dual purpose apple, a week after picking, Croft
Allington Pippin
Allington Pippin
Almata - American redfleshed apple
American Mother
Annie Elizabeth: very late Cox-like apple, Brogdale, 16 Oct (correct ident?)
Annie Elizabeth: Ratby community orchard, Leics, 5 Sep. The best keeper of all.
Annie Elizabeth - Deacon's Nursery
Annie Elizabeth - Deacon's Nursery
Anniversary: Deacon's Nursery: IOW apple
Api Rose
Api Rose Westbury Court
Arthur Turner
Ashmead's Kernel: Perry Court, 2005
Ashmead's Kernel: - Hanbury Hall 2006
Ashmead's Kernel: late russet with nutty flavour; looks like Allens Everlasting. Brogdale.
Ashmead's Kernel: - Perry Court, 2005
Autumn Permain: - specimen from Brogdale
Barnack Beauty: - Stamford apple; Brogdale exhibition
Barnack Orange: - Stamford apple; Brogdale exhibition
Barnack Orange: -Leicestershire, 2009; photo by Mel Wilson
Barnack Orange: -Quaker Meeting House, Leics. 2011
Beauty of Kent: - Isaac Newton apple -from Hanbury Hall
Beauty of Kent
Belle de Boskoop Goslar, West Germany, 2011
Belvoir Seedling - photo from Mel Wilson
Berger Reinette - Perry Court, 2005
Bess Pool - reddish purple apple
Bess Pool - in shady location
Blenheim Orange - large flat dual-purpose apple
Blenheim Orange Leics 2007
Blenheim Orange Church Stretton
Bloody Turk Snowshill, 2008
Bloody Ploughman - dark purple apple
Blackjack# - dark red, very late acidic apple: picture from Colin Rudling
Blackjack# - another picture: from Colin Rudling
Bramley - Croft
Bramley - Croft
Bramley, very ripe; top of tree - Croft
Bright Future Hugh Ermen apple; Leicester 2011
Broad Eyed Pippin Westbury Court
Bramley, Crimson - Perry Court, 2005
Bringewood Pippin
Brownlees Russet
Brownlees Russet Ratby, Leics
Brownlees Russet Deacon's Nursery
Brown Snout - cider apple, Brogdale exhibition
Broxwood Foxwhelp - cider apple, Brogdale exhibition
Burford Red, # a.k.a. "Procrastinator" - will always hang one more day. UK apple.
Burford Red# UK apple.
Burford's Redflesh - American redfleshed apple
Burford's Redflesh - cut through
Burr Knot Snowshill. Will propagate from cuttings.
Burford Yellow# UK apple.
Burford Yellow# UK apple.
Burford Yellow, 26 Apr# UK apple. Extremely late storing.
Burford Sour# UK apple.
Calville Blanc
Calville BlancWestbury Court
Calville Rouge
Calville Rouge Westbury Court
Captain Kidd's Church Stretton Apple Day
Catshead: - Hanbury Hall - an enormous green cooker
Catshead - Church Stretton Apple Day
Catshead Westbury Court
Chapman's# - Private garden, Croft: big dual-purpose apple
Charles Ross: - Hanbury Hall
Charlotte -ballerina, courtesy of Sally Cunningham
Chivers Delight
Christmas Permaine
Christmas Pearmain - Deacon's Nursery
Cider apples: clockwise: Ellis Bitters, Dabinett, Michelin; two thirds size
Clark's Cox
Claygate Permaine - late apple with strong pineapple flavour, Croft
Claygate Permaine - Croft
Claygate Permaine
Coate Jersey Snowshill
Coeur de Boeuf Painswick
Collington Big Bitters - Cider Apple, Brogdale exhibition
Cornish Aromatic - similar to Ribston. Croft.
Cornish Aromatic - Sept 08
Cornish Aromatic -Oct 2012
Cornish Gilliflower
Court Pendu Plat
Corse Hill Cider Apple, Painswick exhibition
Cox Quaker Meeting House 2011
Cox's Pomona: - Hanbury Hall
Cox's Pomona Church Stretton
Cox's Pomona Painswick
Crawley Beauty
Crawley Beauty: Deacon's Nursery
Crawley Beauty: - Leicestershire, late Sept, under-ripe
Crab, red - from ornamental malus
Crab, yellow - from Golden Hornet seedling
Crimson Bramley: actual size; crimson sport of Bramley
Crimson Cox - Perry Court, 2005
Crispin - Hanbury Hall
Crispin - Church Stretton
Croft Sharp #: unidentified cider apple from Croft, Leicestershire; Bramley for scale
Croft Sharp #: More cider apples from Croft, 2008
Croft Late Seedling#: : hard and crunchy Leicestershire apple, mid-Oct
Croft Late Seedling#: on M26, Leicestershire - the tree, early November
Colonel Vaughan
Croft Late Seedling two apples on tree, photo 10 Dec 05
Croft Late Seedling#: - 12 weeks after picking, photo mid-Feb
Croft Late Seedling#: 10 Nov 06
Croft Late Seedling# Nov 06 - bloom on skin
Court of Wick
Court Pendu Plat Church Stretton
Crimson Queening
D'Arcy Spice - Church Stretton; from two different trees
D'Arcy Spice - Croft; private orchard
D'Arcy Spice: late Sept
Dartmouth Crab Ratby
Dartmouth Crab, Brownlees Russet for scale Ratby
Devonshire Quarrenden: - very early apple; parent of Worcester Permain, Croft, Leics.
Devonshire Quarrenden: - darker apples often pink fleshed. Croft, 2008.
Devonshire Quarrenden: - close-up, cut through. Sep 2008.
Discovery: - 24 Jul 06, Leicestershire
Doctor Clifford: - picture from Alan Palmer, Stewton, Lincs.
Doctor Hares
Doctor Harvey (aka Harvey)
Doctor Kidd's Orange: (aka Kidd's Orange) - Deacon's Nursery
Dove Snowshill
Downton Pippin
Duchess's Favourite Ratby, Leics
Duke of Devonshire
Duke of Devonshire Ratby, Leics
Duke of Devonshire: Deacon's Nursery
Dumelow's Seedling
Dumelow's Seedling: Croft; private orchard
Dumelow's Seedling: Leicester: Orchards reserve
Dumelow's Seedling: Deacon's Nursery
Dumelow's Seedling: a.k.a. Wellington. Late Sept 08
Dymock Red Cider apple; Painswick exhibition
Early Victoria Painswick exhibition
Egremont Russet: actual size; classic russet flavour and appearance
Egremont Russet: 2006; from Peter Edwards
Ecklinville Seedling - an enormous red cooker:Deacon's Nursery
Edward 7th (aka King Edward)
Ellis Bitters: 85% actual size; pungent red cider apple
Ellis Bitters: cider orchard near Okehampton
Ellison's Orange similar to Laxton's Fortune but eye deeper
Ellison's Orange, MM106, in pot; hint of aniseed in flavour.
Elmore Pippin Snowshill, 2008
Elstar: Deacon's Nursery
Emneth Early Private orchard, Leicestershire, courtesy of Sally Cunningham
Ernie's Russet: Deacon's Nursery; IOW apple
Fair Maid of Taunton: cider apple from Brogdale collection
Falstaff Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Fenouillet Rouge Westbury Court
Fillingham Pippin Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Firmgold Delicious: Deacon's Nursery
Fowkes Kernel Painswick, 2008
Foxwhelp Snowshill, 2008
French Codlin aka Leicester-Burton Pippin. Leicestershire apple.
Gala from Peter Edwards, Leicestershire
Gascoyne's Scarlet
George Cave Ratby community orchard
George's Red# - a red-fleshed variety, from George Humphrey, Essex
George's Red Croft, Leics
George's Red Croft, Leics
George's Red Croft, Leics
Gilliflower of Gloucester Snowshill, 2008
Gloster 69: Deacon's Nursery
Gloucester Royal Painswick, 2008
Gloucestershire Costard Snowshill, 2008
Golden Harvey
Golden Hornet (crab), Tom Putt for scale
Golden Delicious
Golden Gem Crab
Golden Noble Early cooker. Leics; late Sept 08.
Golden Pippin
Golden Reinette Leics, late Sept 08
Golden Spire Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Granny Smith Croft, 2011
Granny Smith Croft, 2011
Hall's Pink - Early American redfleshed apple, very similar to Merton Knave.
Hambledon Deux Ans: Deacon's Nursery
Hardispur Delicious - Perry Court, 2005
Hard Knock Snowshill, 2008
Harry Masters' Jersey Snowshill
Herefordshire Beefing: - from Hanbury Hall
Hidden Rose# - August, England
Hidden Rose# - September, England
Hoary Morning: Deacon's Nursery
Hollandbury Friends' Meeting House, 2011
Holland Pippin Westbury Court
Holstein Church Stretton
Howgate Wonder - Private orchard, Leicester
Howgate Wonder - Church Stretton
Idared Good late apple
Ingall's Red Snowshill
Isle of Wight Pippin: Deacon's Nursery
Isle of Wight Russet: Deacon's Nursery
Irish Peach Snowshill, 2008
Irish Peach Croft, 12 Jul 2014
James Grieve October, over-ripe
James Grieve mid - Sept; peak condition
Jester Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Jonagold , private orchard, Croft
John Downie - crab
John Standish - Quaker Meeting House 2011
Jupiter Church Stretton, mid-Oct
Jupiter Leics, late Sept
Kent: Deacon's Nursery
Kent: Deacon's Nursery
Kerry Pippin - Perry Court, 2005
Kidd's Orange: - hint of parma violets in flavour
King Edward VII- Private orchard, Croft; not quite ripe
King Edward VII- Private orchard, Croft; ripe
King of the Pippins
King's Acre Pippin
King's Acre Pippin - Perry Court, 2005
King's Russet: Deacon's Nursery
King of Tompkin's County -from Bill, Vancouver Is; "one of the local strains; NJ origins"
Knobby Russet - Brogdale exhibition
Lady Henneker
Lady Sudeley Ratby, Leics
Ladies' Finger of Lancaster Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Landsberger Reinette - Perry Court, 2005
Lane's Prince Albert
Lane's Prince Albert
Lane's Prince Albert: Orchards reserve, Leicester
Lane's Prince Albert: Deacon's Nursery
Lane's Prince Albert: Deacon's Nursery
Laxton's Epicure End of season; private orchard, Leicestershire
Laxton's Fortune, ripe - luscious apple with hint of aniseed
Laxton's Fortune another picture. Difficult to distinguish from Ellison's Orange.
Laxton's Fortune late Sept
Laxton's Promise Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Laxton's Rearguard
Laxton's Superb - similar to Laxton's Fortune but later & no hint of aniseed
Laxton's Superb - 2006, from P. Edwards, leicestershire
Leicester-Burton Pippin (aka French Codlin)
Lemon Pippin
Lemon Pippin Westbury Court
Liberty Deacon's Nursery
Limelight Quaker Meeting House, 2011
Lord Burleigh - a Leicestershire apple
Lord Derby, Church Stretton
Lord Derby, Leics 2007
Lord Derby - from Deacon's Nursery
Lord Hindlip Snowshill
Lord Lambourne Ratby, Leics
Luke's Kernel Snowshill, 2008
Maiden's Blush Snowshill, 2008
Margil: from Brogdale
Margil: Croft
Martin's Costard#: from Leicestershire, 150 year old tree
Martin's Costard#: Croft, Leics, 2008, new tree on MM106
Martin's Costard#: Dual-purpose /cooker, Leicestershire apple. Late Sep 08.
May Queen: - similar to Ribston, and in a sunny year, as good as Ribston
May Queen: - Croft Nov 2006
Mead's Broadline Snowshill
Mere de Menage
Mere Pippin# -extremely late dessert apple; hangs until Feb
Meridian Church Stretton
Merton Knave: grown by ND
Merton Charm Snowshill
Merton Knave: larger picture
Merton Knave: cut, showing red flesh
Metton Roy: A rare apple from Norfolk; good keeping quality (photo 20 Feb)
Michaelmas Red
Michelin - courtesy of Sally Cunningham
M26: from Brogdale: apples from the rootstock (M27, M9 look identical)
MM106 from Croft: apples from the rootstock (much larger; good cooker), late Oct
MM106 from Croft, Leicestershire 12 weeks after picking; phot. end-Feb
MM106 - Croft
Monarch: Deacon's Nursery
Monarch: Deacon's Nursery
Monmouth Green
Mott's Pink
Mott's Pink
Mott's Pink - red fleshed
Mott's Pink - pics emailed by unknown American grower - thank you.
Newton Wonder: Deacon's Nursery
Newton Wonder Church Stretton
Nine Square Snowshill, 2008
Nittany Red: Deacon's Nursery
Norfolk Beefing Church Stretton
Norfolk Royal
Norfolk Rattlebox # - pics from Danny Cotgrove - many thanks.
Norfolk Rattlebox #
Nottingham Pippin - at Brogdale exhibition
Nutmeg Pippin from Perry Court, nr. Wye; another unusual russet
Old Pearmain: Deacon's Nursery
Onibury Pippin
Opalescent - Perry Court, 2005
Orleans Reinette - from Hanbury Hall
Park Farm Pippin Quaker Meeting House, 2011
Pearl Cox
Peasgood Nonsuch from Leicestershire, 1 Oct 05, shady location
Peasgood Nonsuch from Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, weight 600 grams (thanks E.P.)
Peasgood Nonsuch from Banks Peninsula, New Zealand, weight 490 grams (thanks E.P.)
Pigs Nose Pippin
Pigs Nose Pippin -unripe; photo from Peter Webb
Pigs Nose Pippin -unripe; photo from Peter Webb
Pink Lady Snowshill, 2008
Pink Pearmain - from apple grower in U.S.A.
Pink Pearmain - cross section, from apple grower in U.S.A.
Pink Pearmain - from each end
Pink Pearmain
Pitmaston Pineapple- from Perry Court, nr. Wye; small pineapple flavoured russet
Pitmaston Pineapple - from Hanbury Hall
Pixie: Deacon's Nursery
Polly Whitehair: Deacon's Nursery
Pomeroy Snowshill
Pretty Painswick
Prince Charles - apple from Burbage, Leicestershire
Princesse (Reine de Reinette): Deacon's Nursery
Puckrup Pippin
Queen: Deacon's Nursery
Queen Caroline: - picture from Mel Wilson, Sept
Queen Caroline: - Quaker Meeting House, Leicester, late Oct
Rajka Snowshill. Czech variety.
Rambour Papeleu - Perry Court, 2005
Red Devil - September apple with a remarkable colour. Private orchard, Croft.
Red Devil - cut through; picture from Simon Mills
Red Devil - cut through; Simon Mills
Red Devil - whole; Simon Mills
Red Ellison's
Red Ellison's - courtesy of Sally Cunningham
Red Foxwhelp - red cider apple; Brogdale collection
Red Sentinel: crab, Deacon's Nursery
Red Victoria: - Hanbury Hall
Red Windsor
Reinette gris du Canada - Normandy russets weighing a pound each (Peter Edwards)
Resi Friends' Meeting House, Leicester
Rev. W. Wilks - Ribston x Peasgood Nonsuch; private orchard, Croft
Ribston's Pippin - perhaps the best flavoured English apple but doesn't store
Ribston - another picture. Late Sept 08. Leicestershire.
Rock Kernel Painswick exhibition
Rosemary Russet
Roundway Magnum Bonum
Roundway Church Stretton
Royal Russet Westbury Court
Royal Russet Painswick
Rubinette Goslar, West Germany, 2011
Rushock Permaine
Sam Bell - Leicestershire apple; small early cooker
Sam's Crab Church Stretton
Sandlands: IOW apple, Deacon's Nursery
Sandlands: Deacon's Nursery
Saturn Quaker Meeting House, 2011
Scarlet Surprise: small redfleshed American apple
Scotch Bridget Church Stretton
Scrumptious Friends' Meeting House, Leicester 2011
Sharlston Pippin Friends' Meeting House, Leicester
Sir John Thorneycroft: Deacon's Nursery
Slack-ma-Girdle Snowshill
Spout Apple Painswick
Stoke Edith Pippin:- from Hanbury Hall nr. Droitwich; light firm texture; very fine apple
Stoke Edith Pippin Westbury Court
Spartan - from Perry Court near Wye
Spartan - Leicestershire, late Sept 2008
Spenser Seedless - an apple needing no bees for pollination
Spout Apple Snowshill
St. Cecilia
St. Edmund's Pippin
St. Edmund's Pippin Ratby
Steyne Seedling - Perry Court, 2005
Striped Beefing Friends' Meeting House, 2011
Sturmer Pippin - from Brogdale; not quite ripe, mid-Oct
Sturmer Pippin six months old (20 Apr 05) - still crunchy
Sugar Pippin Snowshill
Sunset Church Stretton
Suntan Church Stretton
Suntan Private orchard, Croft
Surfleet Sour - picked early Oct
Surfleet Sour - picked early Nov (photos - D. Ledward)
Surfleet Sour -Leicestershire, growing mid-Sept
Surfleet Sour - Surfleet, late Oct 2009
Sweet Alford Snowshill
Sweet Coppin Sweet cider apple, Brogdale exhibition
Sweet Coppin Snowshill
Sybelle Snowshill
Tardive de la Sarthe French cider apple, Brogdale exhibition
Taylor's Snowshill
Ten Commandments Hanbury Hall
Ten Commandments Painswick
Tentation Friends' Meeting House, Leicester, 2011
Tewkesbury Baron Snowshill
Tillington Court Westbury Court
Tom Putt - cider / dual purpose; sharp, early eating apple
Tom Putt Sept 08, better picture, ND tree
Tom Putt Westbury Court - doesn't match my own tree -ND
Twenty Ounce: - Hanbury Hall
Tydeman's Late Orange
Tyler's Kernel Church Stretton
Upright French Painswick
Vicky's Delight: Deacon's Nursery. IOW apple.
Violetta - Perry Court, 2005
Virginia Beauty
Warner's King: - Hanbury Hall
West Virginia Sweet: - un-named dessert apple sent by Bill Mullins, WV, USA
Wheeler's Russet Westbury Court
Wheeler's Russet Painswick
Weirouge Redfleshed German apple; possibly the same as Roter Mond
Weirouge, sliced through
West Virginia Sweet - fully ripe
West Virginia Sweet - fully ripe. Strong hint of parma violets in flavour.
White Transparent: - Hanbury Hall
Whitwick Pippin # - very late dessert apple, found by Peter Edwards, 1 Jan 06
Whitwick Pippin #-fine specimens, 10 Dec 05
Whitwick Pippin #-same specimens 27 Dec 05
Whitwick Pippin #-on tree 15 Feb 06; picked 8 Mar
Wibtoft Pippin # - similar to King Edward; Sep 06, not yet ripe
Wibtoft Pippin # - 31 Aug 08, on MM106
Wibtoft Pippin # - mid-Sept 08, fully ripe, on MM106
William Crump: - Hanbury Hall
Wilson Red Snowshill
Winston: Deacon's Nursery
Winter Banana
Winter Banana - Deacon's Nursery
Winter Gem
Winter Gem
Winter Gem Quaker Meeting House 2011
Winter Quarrenden Hard, glossy, small very late apple
Winter Quarrenden
Winter Quarrenden
Winter Quoining Church Stretton
Wisley Crab: - red fleshed apple, Deacon's Nursery
Wisley Crab: Deacon's Nursery
Wolds Herring's Seedling # - picture from Mel Wilson
Worcester Pearmain
Worcester Pearmain Ratby, Leics
Wyggeston Pippin # Leicestershire apple: prolific, but sour in a poor year
Wyggeston Pippin- grafted onto a D'Arcy Spice tree
Wyggeston Pippin on MM106 in a pot
Wyggeston Pippin sextet #- 12 Jun 06
Wyken Pippin, ripe Leicestershire
Wyken Pippin: from Brogdale
Wyken Pippin: private orchard, Croft
Yellow Ingestrie Ratby
Yellow Ingestrie Ratby
Yorkshire Beauty Friends' Meeting House, 2011

Goblet tree with fruit - netted against birds

Blossom, buds
blossom: set (fruitlets) - apple
blossom: not set (aborted fruitlets) - pear

seedling apple; pic. from Gerwyn Thomas. Actual size.

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I am grateful to:

Clifford Cain, for photos taken of his display, Apple Day, Oct 2011, Quaker Meeting House, Leicester

Helen Gregory, for photos taken at the Brock's Hill Apple Day, Oct 2009 & 2010

Mel Wilson, for many photographs of Leicestershire apples.

The organisers of and contributors to the Harvest Festival, Oct 2008, at Painswick Rococo Gardens, Glos, especially Steve Hitchcock and William Whitehead, for permission to use photographs taken at their display.

The organisers of and contributors to Apple Day, Oct 2008, Westbury Court Garden, Westbury-on-Severn, Glos, for permission to use photographs taken at their display.

The organisers of and contributors to Apple Day, Oct 2008, at Snowshill Manor and Garden, nr. Broadway, Glos, for permission to use photographs taken at their display.

Sally Cunningham, for allowing me to photograph many unusual apples and for helping me with apple identification, and supplying some photos from the Malvern Fruit Show 2011.

Graham and Brian Deacon of Godshill, IOW, for permission to take photographs at their nursery, Oct 2007.

The organisers of the Church Stretton Apple Day, Oct 2006, particularly John Lloyd, to use photographs I took of their display.

The owners of Hanbury Hall, for allowing me to take photographs in their orchard, Oct 2006.

Emma-Jane Lamont, for permission to take photographs at Brogdale, Oct 2005.

The owners of Perry Court Farm, near Wye, Kent, for permission to use photographs taken at their apple display, Oct 2005.

and to many other individuals who have allowed me to photograph their unusual apples or who have sent pictures to the website.

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