British Libary Apple:
- The Tree of Knowledge

The British Library has teamed up with professional growers Will Sibley Nurseries, Marshalls and East Malling Research for this eating apple tree - The British Library Tree of Knowledge. It is self-fertile, disease-resistant, and a very good cropper, even in its first autumn. Max height 7 feet (so I guess M9). Suitable for ground or container planting.

16.00 each, I'm told, in the UK; 10% off for Friends of the British Library.

Update- the offer has expired. But they were available through Marshalls, I think; perhaps they have some left, or some scion wood.

Dan Pearson is using some of them in the replanting of the library's piazza.

I don't know how early the apples are, either, but Jeremy Withrington, who has a tree, emailed to say that the variety is "Saturn". Thanks Jeremy.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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