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2010 Murder in Samarkand, by David Hare
2003 Drop Dead Gorgeous, by Marcy Kahan
2003 Strangers & Brothers, by C.P.Snow
2002 Pleas and Directions, by P.G.Duggan
2002 Clearing the Rubble, by Mahesh Dattani
2002 The Bridge of San Luis Rey, by Thornton Wilder
2000 Taming the Wart, by Colin Haydn Evans
2000 Skellig, by David Almond
2000 The Secret Parts, by Eve Brook
2000 In a Grove, by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
1998 Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio
1998 Murder in Paris, by Howard Ginsburg
1998 Unwritten Law, by Rib Davis
1998 A Flag Unfurled, by Leigh Jackson
1998 Hemlock and After, by Angus Wilson
1998 The Magic Cottage, by James Herbert
1998 Private Wheeler's War, by William Wheeler
1997 Close Enough to Touch, by Fred Lawless
1997 Props, by Mark Eden and Steve Nallon
1997 Handel's Ghosts, by Paul Barz
1996 Lost Fortnight, by John Houseman
1995 Over the Rainbow, by Humphrey Carpenter
1995 Tunes of Glory, by James Kennaway
1995 The Bandit Queen, by Deepak Verma
1995 A Stone from Heaven, by Lindsay Clarke
1995 The Tree of Liberty, by Nigel Baldwin
1995-6 Victoria Station, by Steve Chambers
1995 The Winter of our Discontent, by John Steinbeck
1995 A Traveller in Time, by Alison Uttley
1994 Losing Contact, by Nick Fisher
1994 Cathal of the Woods, by Lindsay Clarke
1994 Distant Music, by James Joyce
1994 Beau Geste, by P.C.Wren
1994 The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, by Joan Aiken
1994 Return to Lisdoonvarna, by Douglas Livingstone
1994 The Riddle of the Sands, by Erskine Childers
1994 The Devil's Province, by Peter Roberts
1994 The Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling
1993 A Grove of Straight Trees, by Nick Warburton
1993 Ring of Roses, by Nick Stafford
1993 Alexander, by David Wade
1993 The Incarceration of Hubert Grey, by Shaun Prendergast
1993 Marlowe's Diaries, by Roy Kendall
1992 Appointment with Venus, by Jerrard Tickell
1992 Gondal, by Martyn Wade
1992 A View to a Haunt, by Peter Redgrove
1992 Unreasonable Behaviour, by Christopher Reason
1992 Scarlet on Black, by Roger Danes
1991 Whoresheugh, by David Bean
1991 Upon Life, by Jack Emery
1991 Mary Rose, by J.M.Barrie
1990 Gentlemen, Murder is Served, by Derek Wilson
1990 Power of Attorney, by David Wade
1990 Not as far as Velma, by Nicholas Freeling
1990 Gerontius, by James Hamilton-Paterson
1990 The Machine, by Tony Bagley
1989 S.I.D, by Steve May
1989 Personal Luggage, by Christopher Denys
1989 Second Honeymoon, by Kristina Hanratty
1989 Peradventure, Misadventure, by Tom Webster
1989 One of our Aircraft is Missing, by Jonathan Myerson
1989 The Party Through The Wall, by Muriel Spark
1988 The Wind Bear, by David Ashton
1988 Just Remember Two Things: It's Not Fair and Don't be Late, by Terence Frisby
1988 Daisy Pulls It Off, by Denise Deegan
1988 For King and Country, by John Wilson
1988 Way Station, by Christopher Paling
1988 The King's Commissar, by Duncan Kyle
1988 The Ambridge Chronicles, by Jock Gallagher
1988 Something to be Spared, by Margaret Gillard
1988 Melford's Axe, by Roderick Graham
1988 A Long Wave Goodbye, by Lalage Hitchcock
1987 Death Duties, by Frederick Bradnum
1987 Shades of Blue, by Leigh Jackson
1987 The Master Thief, by the Brothers Grimm
1987 The Three Feathers, by the Brothers Grimm
1986 Paradise and No Adam, by Keith Goodall
1986 The Last Renaissance Man, by Tom Webster
1986 The Cotswold Order, by Robin Brooks
1986 The Sleepers of Fallow's Cross,by Rod Beacham
1986 Never Come Back, by John Mair
1986 The Miser, by Moliere
1986 The Shout, by Robert Graves
1985 So Much Blood, by Simon Brett
1985 The Serpent's Smile, by Olga Hesky
1985 Ceremonies of War, by Philip Purser
1985 Unwieldy Elephant, by John Graham
1984 Cast In Order Of Disappearance, by Simon Brett
1984 Returning the Favour, by Grant Eustace
1984 The Colliers' Cathedral, by Robin Brooks
1983 Luther, by John Osborne
1983 Enemies, by Maxim Gorky
1983 The Disposal Man, by Tom Webster
1983 Not About Heroes, by Stephen MacDonald
1983 The War for Chantry Fields,by John Kirkmorris
1982 Maximum Credible Accident, by John Howlett
1982 Who Shot Ada Tansey? by Peter Whalley
1982 The Midwich Cuckoos, by John Wyndham
1981 Sherlock Holmes v. Dracula, by L. Estelman
1981 Captain of Heretics: William Tyndale, by Anthony Read
1981 The Buckingham Palace Connection, by Ted Willis
1981 The Hex, by Gregory Evans
1981 Rare Blood, by Leigh Jackson
1981 Flos, by David Pownall
1981 We Will Know Them, by Gordon McKerrow
1981 Lost Horizon, by James Hilton
1981 The Sword in the Stone, by T.H.White
1980 Waving to a Train, by Martyn Read
1979 Hope, by David Cregan
1979 The Slender Voice, by Leszek Prorok
1978 Supper with Satan, by Michael Payne
1978 The Monument, by David Cregan
1978 Annarees, by Margaret Harris
1978 Pearl, by John Arden
1977 The Brighton Trade, by Tom Webster
1977 The Webs of Darkness, by Graham Blackett
1976 Music to Murder By, by David Pownall
1976 The Montrose Ghost, by Harold Balfour
1976 The Shoplifter, by Arthur Rawlinson
1976 Softly in the Shadows, by Graham Blackett
1976 Tunes of Glory, by James Kennaway
1975 Westerman Flat, by John Kirkmorris
1975 The Holy Sinner, by Thomas Mann
1974 Operation Pedestal, by Frederick Treves
1974 The Strode Venturer, by Hammond Innes
1974 The Murder of Walter Raleigh, by Ian Cullen
1973 Murder at the Eistedfodd, by Brian Evans
1973 Unquiet Hill, by John Kirkmorris
1973 Murder is my Subject, by Philip Levene
1973 The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb, by Mervyn Peake
1972 The Adventures of Richard Hannay, by John Buchan
1971 The Long Sunset, by R.C.Sherriff
1970 Holiday in Spala, by Royce Ryton
1970 The Joke About Hiilary Spite, by Christopher Bidmead
1968 William the Conqueror, by Rudyard Kipling
1968 The Old Ladies, by Hugh Walpole
1968 The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham
1964 Libel, by Edward Wooll
1962 The Queen and the Rebels, by Ugo Betti
1962 The Weather for Murder, by Philip Levene
1962 Trouble with Lichen, by John Wyndham
1962 The Blue Lamp, by Ted Willis / Jan Read
1957 The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham
1950 Paul Temple and the Vandyke Affair, by Francis Durbridge

2002 An Interview with Frederick Treves

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