Jim's Radio 3 List

Jim has compiled information about hundreds of radio 3 drama productions over the years. He has given me permission to use it, along with his list of titles, as the starting point for organising information about these plays. If there's a sign like this: - click for comments on the play.

Many thanks, Jim....... - ND

Radio 3 typically broadcasts around 50 plays per year, some of them repeats. This list contains about 500 entries in reverse chronological order covering the period 2008-1946, a period of 62 years. Extra entries are being sent by Alistair Wyper. Further plays will be added as information becomes available and time permits.

About three thousand plays were broadcast on the Third Programme / R3 during this period.

Important....COPYRIGHT NOTICE.....The notes about these plays have been compiled from a wide variety of sources.

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I've added about a hundred reviews so far, and am now working on the more recent ones. Alistair has just done the 1946 entries, and you'll find a separate 1946 page with more detail.


21/12/2008 Anton Chekhov The Cherry Orchard

11/12/2008 Bruce Chatwin Konstantin Melnikov

01/12/2008 Night Waves Dylan Thomas's The Art of Conversation

23/11/2008 Stephen Wakelam The Pattern of Painful Adventures

16/11/2008 John Fletcher " Tamburlaine, Shadow of God "

09/11/2008 Erich Maria Remarque All Quiet on the Western Front

02/11/2008 Tony Marchant 24 Weeks

12/10/2008 John Webster The Duchess of Malfi

14/09/2008 Ronald Frame Blue Wonder

13/09/2008 Deborah Moggach The Park

31/08/2008 Annie Caulfield Your Only Man

10/08/2008 Leonard Woolf A Tale Told by Moonlight

25/05/2008 David Hare The Vertical Hour

11/05/2008 Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa The Leopard

04/05/2008 William Shakespeare Othello

20/04/2008 Mark Ravenhill Yesterday an Incident Occurred

13/04/2008 William Wycherley The Country Wife

06/04/2008 Tanika Gupta Rudolpho's Zest

30/03/2008 Caryl Phillips A Long Way From Home

16/03/2008 Tennessee Williams Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

02/03/2008 Elmer Rice The Adding Machine

01/03/2008 Andrea Earl Lullaby of Shadows

24/02/2008 Douglas Coupland Girlfriend in a Coma

17/02/2008 Katie Hims The Cool Bag Baby

10/02/2008 Sebastian Baczkiewicz The Trial and Death of Socrates

07/02/2008 Night Waves The Last Days of Socrates

03/02/2008 Colin Teevan The Devil Was Here Yesterday

13/01/2008 Sean Buckley Donation

23/12/2007 Lee Hall The Pitmen Painters

02/12/2007 Michael Symmons Roberts Soldiers in the Sun

25/11/2007 Federico Garcia Lorca Blood Wedding

04/11/2007 Neil Brand Seeing It Through

21/10/2007 Steve Chambers Scandinavian Dreams

23/09/2007 Christopher Marlowe Doctor Faustus

12/09/2007 Night Waves Orhan Pamuk interviewed by Kenan Malik

09/09/2007 Sunday Feature Louis MacNeice " The Cat, the Celt and the Cave "

07/07/2007 Tom Kelly Eye Witness

24/06/2007 Abi Morgan Splendour

17/06/2007 Oscar Wilde An Ideal Husband

10/06/2007 Gregory Burke Black Watch

03/06/2007 David Pownall Elgar's Rondo

02/06/2007 Hattie Naylor The Third Trial

29/04/2007 J. T. Rogers The Overwhelming

15/04/2007 Joe Orton Entertaining Mr. Sloane

31/03/2007 Ed Hime The Incomplete Recorded Works of a Dead Body

18/03/2007 Harold Pinter The Homecoming

04/03/2007 Peter Ackroyd The Fiery World

04/02/2007 Stephen Wakelam Two Men from Delft

24/12/2006 W. H. Auden A Christmas Oratorio

23/12/2006 "The Early Music Show " Chaucer Pilgrimage

10/12/2006 Sophocles The Thebans

19/11/2006 Sam Shepard True West

02/11/2006 Jeffrey Caffrey " DJs, Doormen and Dealers "

29/10/2006 Andrei Kurkov Death and the Penguin

15/10/2006 Martin Lynch An Enemy of the People

01/10/2006 Howard Barker Let Me

03/09/2006 Frances Stonor Saunders The Meeting of Minds

13/08/2006 Robbie Meredith The Real War of the Worlds

06/08/2006 George Bernard Shaw Mrs. Warren's Profession

15/10/2006 Jeff Noon Dead Code: Ghosts of the Digital Age

30/07/2006 Lizzie Hopley Salome

30/07/2006 Muriel Spark The Ormolu Clock

23/07/2006 Jin Yun Doggie's Nirvana

11/06/2006 Anonymous Gilgamesh

04/06/2006 Fraser Grace Breakfast With Mugabe

01/06/2006 Gill Adams Donna Love Bite

28/05/2006 Ryan Craig The Lysistrata Project

04/05/2006 Pearse Elliot Last Suppers

30/04/2006 Heinrich Boll Billiards at Half Past Nine

23/04/2006 St. George's Day

16/04/2006 Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot

09/04/2006 Beckett Night

02/04/2006 The Birth of the Royal Court

02/04/2006 " The Royal Court, 50 Years On "

26/03/2006 Debbie Tucker Green Handprint

19/03/2006 Jack Thorne When You Cure Me

12/03/2006 Alan Bennett The History Boys

12/03/2006 Anton Chekhov Swan Song

05/03/2006 Arnold Wesker Shylock

04/03/2006 Between the Ears A Ship of Voices

02/03/2006 Mike Bartlett Not Talking

26/02/2006 Val McDermid and Others Lost in Liverpool

22/01/2006 Ryan Craig Hold My Breath

08/01/2006 Nell Leyshon Black Dirt

11/12/2005 Jason Webster Andalus

06/11/2005 Jonathan Davidson The Gunpowder Plot

03/11/2005 Andrew McLay Watch the Spider

16/10/2005 Terence Rattigan A Bequest to the Nation

09/10/2005 Joseph Roth The Radetzky March

11/09/2005 Sebastian Baczkiewicz The Orchid Grower

08/09/2005 Michael Butt It's Enough to Believe You're in Danger

03/07/2005 Peter Nichols A Day in the Death of Joe Egg

26/06/2005 Leila Aboulela The Lion of Chechnya

12/06/2005 Jean Genet The Maids

02/06/2005 Nick Dear The Miracle of Reason

01/05/2005 Friedrich Schiller Don Carlos

24/04/2005 David Eldridge Festen

10/04/2005 Orhan Pamuk Snow

27/03/2005 David Mamet Faustus

20/03/2005 David Mamet Glengarry Glen Ross

13/03/2005 Caryl Philips Hotel Christobel

06/02/2005 David Z Mairowitz Red Razmatazz

20/02/2005 Graham Reid Losses at Sea

13/02/2005 George Farquhar The Beaux' Stratagem

09/01/2005 Ted Whitehead Features Like Mine

26/12/2004 Izumi Kyoka Three Japanese Gothic Tales

26/12/2004 Justin Champion The King's Nosebleed

26/12/2004 Private Passions Stephen Fry interviewed by Michael Berkeley

12/12/2004 John Vanburgh The Provoked Wife

21/11/2004 Pedro Calder¢n de la Barca Daughter of the Air

14/11/2004 David Jones In Parenthesis

07/11/2004 Shelagh Delaney A Taste of Honey

07/10/2004 Jeremy Howe The Gate

26/09/2004 Snoo Wilson Hippomania

19/09/2004 Lemn Sissay Something Dark

12/09/2004 Georgia Finch Romeo and Juliet in Southwark

02/09/2004 Lin Coghlan The Lamb's Snow

08/08/2004 Zoltan Egressy Portugal

05/08/2004 Lavinia Murray Ammo

11/07/2004 Colin Teevan How Many Miles to Basra

11/07/2004 Sunday Feature Petrarch The Poet Who Lost His Head

27/06/2004 John Byrne Uncle Varick

13/06/2004 Shelagh Stephenson Through a Glass Darkly

06/06/2004 Anonymous Arden of Faversham

03/06/2004 Dennis Kelly The Colony

25/04/2004 William Shakespeare Venus and Adonis

18/04/2004 S ndor M rai Embers

28/03/2004 Ben Jonson Volpone

07/03/2004 King Sudraka Mrichhakatikaa

25/01/2004 Marguerite Duras The Lovers of Viorne

18/01/2004 Howard Barker The Moving and the Still

11/01/2004 Vladimir Nabokov Laughter in the Dark

08/01/2004 Christopher Brookmyre Bampot Central

06/01/2004 Night Waves Gore Vidal

28/12/2003 Gotthold Lessing Nathan the Wise

21/12/2003 John Arden Poor Tom Thy Horn is Dry

14/12/2003 John Arden Serjeant Musgrave's Dance

23/11/2003 Tim Jackson Death of an Altruist

16/11/2003 James Hogg Confessions of a Justified Sinner

28/09/2003 Ismail Kadar‚ The H File

04/09/2003 H. G. Wells The Star

20/07/2003 Phyllis Nagy Delores

13/07/2003 Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness

09/06/2003 Stage and Screen Mad Dogs and Englishmen

18/05/2003 Alan Dein Into the Abyss

18/05/2003 Ford Madox Ford Parade's End

11/05/2003 Edward Bond In the Company of Men

27/04/2003 William Congreve The Way of the World

09/04/2003 Robert Delamere Nicotine Jean

30/03/2003 Thomas Middleton Women Beware Women

16/03/2003 Mike Hodges Shooting Stars and Other Heavenly Pursuits

09/03/2003 Sebastian Baczkiewicz Stalingrad Kiss

06/03/2003 Linda Marshall Griffiths Like Jude

06/02/2003 Andrew Farrell Readman The Palimpsest

02/02/2003 Thea von Harbou and Fritz Lang 'M'

01/12/2002 David Farr Crime and Punishment in Dalston

13/10/2002 William Shakespeare All's Well That Ends Well

22/09/2002 Stephen Adly Guirgis Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train

15/06/2002 Aphra Behn Oroonoko

19/05/2002 Dr. Drauzio Varella Carandiru

12/05/2002 Blake Morrison The Cracked Pot

05/05/2002 David Greig Outlying Islands

28/04/2002 Karl Minns The New Vaudeville Voices From the East End

21/04/2002 Gabriel Garcia Marquez Of Love and Other Demons

21/04/2002 Sunday Feature A Brief History of Irony

17/01/2002 T. S. Eliot The Waste Land

06/01/2002 Joe Penhall Blue Orange

30/12/2001 Ronald Frame Sunday at Sant' Agata

15/12/2001 David Spencer The Froghunter's Kiss

04/11/2001 D. J. Britton Pembroke Arcadia

23/09/2001 William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing

01/07/2001 Sean O'Brien Laughter When We're Dead

03/06/2001 John Spurling Heresy

27/05/2001 Colin Teevan Iph...

20/05/2001 Euripides Medea

06/05/2001 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Clavigo

15/04/2001 Jos‚ Saramago Baltasar and Blimunda

08/04/2001 Samuel Beckett All That Fall

01/04/2001 Thomas Mann The Magic Mountain

04/03/2001 W. G. Sebald The Emigrants Ambros Adelwarth

25/02/2001 Reza de Wet Three Sisters Two

04/02/2001 John Ford 'Tis a Pity She's a Whore

07/01/2001 Pedro Calder¢n de la Barca The Constant Prince

06/01/2001 Kaite O'Reilly Lives Out of Step

24/12/2000 Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest

23/12/2000 Murray Gold Electricity

10/12/2000 Iris Murdoch A Fairly Honourable Defeat

03/12/2000 Henrik Ibsen Ghosts

25/11/2000 Lavinia Murray Swallow

12/11/2000 Gordon MacDougall Wystan

05/11/2000 George Bernard Shaw The Devil's Disciple

22/10/2000 Eduardo de Filippo The Monument

02/07/2000 Doug Lucie Guesses at Most

25/06/2000 Lavinia Murray Momentum

18/06/2000 Oliver Goldsmith She Stoops to Conquer

04/06/2000 David Harrower Knives in Hens

14/05/2000 Alan Ayckbourn Woman in Mind

07/05/2000 Yasmina Reza Art

13/04/2000 Anton Chekhov 'In the Dark' and 'He Quarrelled with His Wife'

12/04/2000 Anton Chekhov Boys

11/04/2000 Anton Chekhov Romance With a Double Bass

20/02/2000 Pam Gems Stanley

23/01/2000 David Hare Amy's View

02/01/2000 Noel Coward The Vortex

26/12/1999 Noel Coward Easy Virtue

11/12/1999 Karl Kraus The Last Days of Mankind

05/12/1999 Pete Townshend Lifehouse

17/10/1999 Lluisa Cunill‚ The Meeting

20/06/1999 Ronald Frame Maestro (on Ronald Frame's page)

13/06/1999 Howard Barker Albertina

02/05/1999 George Bernard Shaw The Doctor's Dilemna

18/04/1999 Tom Stoppard The Invention of Love

04/04/1999 Anne Michaels Fugitive Pieces

13/03/1999 Bryony Lavery Brick Lane

07/03/1999 Bernard Marie Kolts In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields

24/01/1999 Steve Trafford Hymn to Love: Edith Piaf

06/12/1998 Leigh Jackson A Flag Unfurled

15/11/1998 George Bernard Shaw Major Barbara

08/11/1998 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Cancer Ward

01/11/1998 Luigi Pirandello Naked

25/10/1998 Terence Rattigan Man and Boy

18/10/1998 Henrik Ibsen Hedda Gabler

23/08/1998 Michael Hastings The Reith Affair

16/08/1998 Ronald Frame Havisham

09/08/1998 Twenty Minutes The Trials of Prokofiev

26/07/1998 David Pownall Cadenza

10/05/1998 George Bernard Shaw Heartbreak House

19/04/1998 David Hare Skylight

15/03/1998 Ramon del Valle Divine Words

08/03/1998 Conor McPherson The Weir

22/02/1998 Mikhail Bulgakov Flight

15/02/1998 Bertolt Brecht The Good Person of Ajmer

14/02/1998 Jean Cocteau The Human Voice

25/01/1998 Terry Johnson Hysteria

21/12/1997 Paul Barz Handel's Ghosts

30/11/1997 John Berger To the Wedding

16/11/1997 T. S. Eliot Four Quartets

14/09/1997 Joe Orton Loot

17/08/1997 Thomas Mann Death in Venice

03/06/1997 The Ghost in the Reading Room

02/06/1997 Ivor Cutler A Wet Handle

13/04/1997 Russell Hoban Riddley Walker

23/02/1997 David Constantine Emma Hamilton and the Elephant Man

16/12/1996 Patrick Barlow The Greatest Story Ever Told

20/10/1996 George Bernard Shaw Man and Superman

23/06/1996 David Edgar Pentecost

13/04/1996 Helen Kluger Rukulibam

04/03/1996 Nigel Kneale The Quatermass Memoirs

19/02/1996 John Morton Mightier than the Sword

01/10/1995 Howard Barker Victory

14/05/1995 William Congreve The Double Dealer

19/03/1995 Louis MacNiece The Dark Tower

12/03/1995 Jean Paul Sartre No Way Out

05/03/1995 Bertolt Brecht The Life of Galileo

05/02/1995 Sophie Treadwell Machinal

11/12/1994 Nikolai Leskov The Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk

04/12/1994 Greg Cullen An Informer's Duty

28/11/1994 Russell Davies Are You Still Awake

18/11/1994 Perry Pontac Prince Lear

13/11/1994 Neil Simon Brighton Beach Memoirs

06/11/1994 Thomas Kyd The Spanish Tragedy

11/09/1994 Bernard Kops Sailing with Homer

16/07/1994 Ian Taylor Split Roots

12/06/1994 Terayama Sh–ji " Inugami, the Dog God "

08/06/1994 Brian McCabe What is Life to Me Without Thee

30/05/1994 Ivor Cutler A Stuggy Pren

26/12/1993 Tom Stoppard Arcadia

24/10/1993 D von Horvath Figaro gets Divorced

25/09/1993 Christopher Marlowe Tamburlaine the Great

21/08/1993 Snoo Wilson Poonsh

24/07/1993 Michael Wall Headcrash

06/06/1993 Christopher Marlowe Dr. Faustus

30/05/1993 Christopher Marlowe " Dido, Queen of Carthage "

30/05/1993 Christopher Marlowe The Massacre at Paris

23/05/1993 Christopher Hampton Total Eclipse

17/05/1993 Peter Tinniswood The Governor's Consort

16/05/1993 Edward Bond Early Morning

28/03/1993 Adam Thorpe Offa's Daughter

21/03/1993 Jonathan Holloway The Hammer

21/02/1993 Fay Weldon The Hole in the Top of the World

07/02/1993 David Pownall Dreams and Censorship

18/10/1992 David Mercer A Suitable Case for Treatment

12/07/1992 Martyn Wade Burn the Aeneid

28/06/1992 Richard Brinsley Sheridan The School for Scandal

23/06/1992 David Zane Mairowitz Dictator Gal

04/05/1992 Lewis Carroll The Hunting of the Snark

03/05/1992 Peter Redgrove A View to a Haunt

27/04/1992 Perry Pontac " Hamlet, Part II "

08/03/1992 Ugo Betti The Queen and The Rebels (re broadcast of play 1st broadcast on Home Service on 1962.01.22)

03/03/1992 John Fletcher The Apple Orchard

22/12/1991 Noel Coward Design for Living

22/10/1991 Adi Tantimedh Infinite Spaces

08/09/1991 Brendan Kennelly Medea

01/09/1991 Seamus Heaney The Cure at Troy

18/08/1991 Lucius Apuleius Cupid and Psyche

21/07/1991 Nick Dear The Art of Success

12/07/1991 Lewis Wolpert and Stuart Carr The Virgin Fathers of the Calculus

12/07/1991 Peter Barnes Houdini's Heir

02/07/1991 Hat Trick

21/04/1991 Tom Stoppard In the Native State

07/04/1991 Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote

29/03/1991 William Blake The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

24/03/1991 Christopher Logue Kings (adap. of Homer's Iliad, books 1 and 2)

08/03/1991 Jack Emery Upon Life

19/02/1991 Christine Bruckner " Are You So Certain, Martinus "

12/02/1991 David Pownall Rousseau's Tale

16/10/1990 Tony Bagley The Machine

06/10/1990 Harold Pinter Last to Go

06/10/1990 Harold Pinter at 60 A Birthday Party

06/10/1990 Harold Pinter at 60

28/09/1990 Howard Brenton and David Hare Pravda

10/08/1990 Susanna Centlivre The Basset Table

13/05/1990 Patrick Barlow All the World's a Globe

20/03/1990 Ingmar Bergman A Matter of the Soul

13/03/1990 Kaj Nissen Fair Kirsten

09/02/1990 Alan Ayckbourn Joking Apart

20/11/1989 Peter Shaffer Whom Do I Have the Honour of Addressing

14/11/1989 Steve May The Governor

01/08/1989 David Zane Mairowitz The Stalin Sonata

11/07/1989 Jean Anouilh Poor Bitos

04/04/1989 Stephen Wyatt Piglaw

10/03/1989 Elias Canetti The Numbered

03/03/1989 Karel Capek R.U.R. [Rossum's Universal Robots]

10/02/1989 Lord Berners Count Omega

29/01/1989 W. B. Yates The Dreaming of the Bones

20/01/1989 Anton Chekhov Wild Honey

29/12/1988 Moliere The Imaginary Invalid

27/12/1988 Cecil Jenkins The Singular Case of Sherlock H. and Sigmund F.

15/11/1988 Peter Mottley After Agincourt

01/11/1988 Nick Warburton The Messenger

04/10/1988 Stephen Spender Old Possum and the Waste Land (T. S. Eliot Centenary Celebration documentary)

20/09/1988 Euripides Alcestis

02/09/1988 Perry Pontac Odd Moments

28/06/1988 Manny Draycott Dead Reckonings

21/06/1988 Heathcote Williams Hancock's Last Half Hour

24/05/1988 David Zane Mairowitz Chopin's Piano

19/04/1988 B. S. Johnson Christy Malry's Own Double Entry

15/12/1987 Ben Jonson The Devil is an Ass

19/11/1987 Anthony Minghella Hang Up

20/10/1987 Frederick Bradnum Death Duties

25/08/1987 Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm The Master Thief

14/08/1987 Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm The Three Feathers

01/07/1987 Ronald Hayman The Last Tea Dance

04/04/1987 Georg Buchner Woyzeck

22/01/1987 Lord Byron Manfred

20/01/1987 Pavel Kohout The Maple Tree Game

23/12/1986 Anthony Minghella Two Planks and a Passion

03/10/1986 David Cregan The Awful Insulation of Rage

26/09/1986 Istvan Eorsi The Compromise

15/08/1986 Harold Pinter Victoria Station

08/04/1986 John Robert King Angel

26/02/1986 Alexander Ostrovsky Artists and Admirers

22/01/1986 David Pownall Master Class

01/09/1985 Marcy Kahan The Contemplative Life

09/06/1985 Susan Hill Autumn

08/05/1985 Rhys Adrian Outpatient

28/04/1985 Andr‚ Gide Prometheus Mismatched

21/04/1985 Anthony Horowitz The Picnic

17/03/1985 3 Antigone

13/03/1985 Don Haworth Inheritance

10/03/1985 2 Oedipus at Colonus

03/03/1985 Sophocles The Theban Plays

03/03/1985 1 Oedipus the King

10/02/1985 Franz Kafka Metamorphosis

14/10/1984 Howard Barker Scenes from an Execution

15/04/1984 Nigel Baldwin Boney Jan and the Flying Man

09/04/1984 Georges Feydeau The Primrose Path

06/11/1983 David Zane Mairowitz Azari's Aerial Theatre

23/10/1983 Shirley Gee Never in My Lifetime

14/04/1983 Ferdinand Woodward On Trial for Life

03/04/1983 Lope de Vega " Actors, or Playing for Real "

23/01/1983 Peter Shaffer Amadeus

09/12/1982 Tom Stoppard The Dog it was that Died

11/11/1982 David Cregan Diana's Uncle and Other Relatives

02/11/1982 William Trevor Autumn Sunshine

10/10/1982 David Pownall Flos

02/10/1982 Alexander Pushkin Mozart and Salieri

25/07/1982 James Saunders Nothing to Declare

18/02/1982 Nigel Baldwin Letter to the Old Man on a Cassette Recorder

29/11/1981 Don Haworth Talk of Love and War

26/04/1981 Christopher Logue War Music (adap of Homer's Iliad, books 16-19)

27/09/1981 Peter Barnes Barnes' People The Theory and Practice of Belly Dancing

22/01/1981 Harold Pinter Family Voices

12/11/1980 Frederick Bradnum The Young Lady from Midhurst

01/10/1980 James Saunders Birdsong

23/09/1980 Graham Greene The Great Jowett

14/02/1980 David Edgar Saigon Rose
24/01/1980 Jonathan Raban Possibilities
04/10/1979 James Saunders The Last Black and White Midnight Movie

19/08/1979 David Cregan Hope

07/06/1979 Howard Brenton Epsom Downs

22/02/1979 William Shakespeare Love's Labour's Lost

21/01/1979 Stephen Poliakoff City Sugar

26/11/1978 Rhys Adrian The Clerks

16/02/1978 John Antrobus The Lie

12/02/1978 David Cregan The Monument

18/09/1977 Tom Mallin Spanish Fly

07/11/1976 David Pownall Music to Murder By

04/11/1976 Giles Gordon Nineteen Policemen Searching the Sedway Shore

21/10/1976 John Kirkmorris Monk

29/09/1976 Rhys Adrian Buffet

09/09/1976 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe A Fairy Tale

07/09/1976 Fred Hooper Chapters in Crystal

31/08/1976 Nicholas Roe The Axe Murderer

20/07/1976 Angela Carter Vampirella

26/12/1975 Don Haworth Memories of a Childhood Friendship

18/11/1975 Thomas Mann The Holy Sinner

30/08/1975 Maurice Maeterlinck The Death of Tintagiles

07/07/1975 Friedrich Durrenmatt The Conformer

01/07/1975 Rhys Adrian Angle

20/05/1975 Jan Gudmundsson Monkeys

20/04/1975 Gerry Jones Taybridge

15/12/1974 William Shakespeare King Lear

05/12/1974 Susan Hill Mr. Proudham and Mr. Sleight

12/10/1974 Frederick Bradnum The Young Lady from Midhurst

14/07/1974 Philip Martin Lord Nelson Lives in Liverpool 8

29/01/1974 David Mercer Folie a Deux

20/01/1974 James Saunders Random Moments in a May Garden

01/01/1974 Henrik Ibsen John Gabriel Borkman

09/08/1973 Mervyn Peake The Rhyme of the Flying Bomb

22/07/1973 Edward Sackville-West : The Rescue

06/05/1973 Isaac Asimov The Foundation Trilogy

18/03/1973 William Shakespeare " Henry IV, Part 1 "

14/11/1972 Tom Stoppard Artist Descending a Staircase

04/06/1972 Samuel Beckett All That Fall

02/01/1972 Jean Baptiste de Moliere Don Juan

16/08/1971 Piers Paul Read The House on Highbury Hill

13/12/1970 Christopher Marlowe The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus

08/08/1969 Henrik Ibsen When We Dead Awaken

13/02/1968 Anton Chekhov The Seagull

03/11/1967 Partap Sharma A Touch of Brightness

27/10/1967 Niccoli Machiavelli Mandragola

13/07/1967 Tom Stoppard Albert's Bridge

04/05/1967 Christopher Hampton When Did You Last See My Mother

29/04/1966 William Shakespeare Macbeth

15/04/1966 Sean O'Casey The Silver Tassie

10/04/1964 Arthur Miller The Crucible

01/01/1964 Harold Pinter The Applicant

30/08/1963 Louis MacNeice Persons from Porlock

25/04/1963 Rhys Adrian Room to Let

07/01/1962 Bill Naughton Alfie Elkins and His Little Life

01/01/1962 S. G. Hulme Beaman Toytown

29/09/1961 George Farquhar The Beaux' Stratagem

17/09/1961 Titus Maccius Plautus Amphitryon Two

22/02/1961 " John Marston, George Chapman and Ben Jonson " Eastward Ho!

28/06/1960 William Congreve The Way of the World

14/06/1960 William Wycherley The Country Wife

06/04/1960 Thomas Middleton The Changeling

08/03/1960 Herodotus The Guilt of King Polycrates

16/02/1960 John Webster The White Devil

25/11/1959 Ben Jonson " Epiocene, Or the Silent Woman "

27/10/1959 Henry Reed Musique Discrete

09/09/1959 Bertolt Brecht Galileo Galilei

30/11/1958 Thomas Dekker The Shoemaker's Holiday

22/12/1957 William Shakespeare Cymbeline

07/10/1957 Frederick Bradnum Private Dreams and Public Nightmares

16/05/1957 John Mortimer The Dock Brief

08/10/1956 Christopher Marlowe Dr. Faustus

29/03/1955 Henry Reed Vincenzo

14/03/1954 Hugh Edwards All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's

16/05/1954 John Webster The Duchess of Malfi

08/10/1951 Anton Chekhov - Uncle Vanya

01/01/1951 S. G. Hulme Beaman - Toytown

28/12/1947 D G Bridson Aaron’s Field

26/12/1947 Terence Tiller The Shepherd’s Play

25/12/1947 Denis Johnston A Bride for the Unicorn rpt 27/12/1947

22/12/1947 Kierkegaard The Death of a Prophet

21/12/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Books 11 and 12

20/12/1947 Cuthbert Bede (The Rev. Edward Bradley) The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green

18/12/1947 Alexander Griboyedov The Mischief of Being Clever

14/12/1947 Emile Verhaeren The Cloister rpt 17/12/1947

14/12/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 10

13/12/1947 Bryan Merryman The Midnight Court

12/12/1947 Molière Tartuffe

10/12/1947 Oscar Wilde An Ideal Husband

08/12/1947 Henrik Ibsen Rosmersholm

07/12/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 9

30/11/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Books 7 and 8

29/11/1947 Sophocles Antigone

26/11/1947 Becque La Parisienne

23/11/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 6

16/11/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 5

10/11/1947 Percy Bysshe Shelley The Cenci

09/11/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 4

04/11/1947 Robert Gittings The Large Canvas

03/11/1947 Peter Watts Hurrah for Womanhoood !

02/11/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 3

28/10/1947 William Congreve The Way of the World rpt 25/11/1947

26/10/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 2

25/10/1947 Cervantes Don Quixote Part 3

23/10/1947 Cervantes Don Quixote Part 2

22/10/1947 Cervantes Don Quixote Part 1 rpt 24/10/1947

22/10/1947 Graham Sutton Dictator

19/10/1947 John Milton Paradise Lost Book 1

10/10/1947 William Shakespeare Richard III rpt 23/12/1947

09/10/1947 William Shakespeare Henry VI rpt 03/12/1947

08/10/1947 William Shakespeare Henry V rpt 17/11/1947

07/10/1947 William Shakespeare Henry IV Part 2 rpt 07/11/1947

06/10/1947 William Shakespeare Henry IV Part 1 rpt 05/11/1947

05/10/1947 William Shakespeare Richard II rpt 27/10/1947

29/09/1947 John Milton and Henry Lawes Comus rpt 30/09/1947

21/09/1947 Christopher Fry A Phoenix Too Frequent rpt 24/09/1947 and 13/10/1947 and 06/12/1947

17/09/1947 Max Beerbohm Savonarola Brown

12/09/1947 Oscar Wilde The Importance of Being Earnest

09/09/1947 Archibald MacLeish The Fall of the City "rpt 10/09/1947 and 03/10/1947

03/09/1947 Christopher Fry The Firstborn rpt 05/09/1947 and 28/11/1947

01/09/1947 Aristophanes Lysistrata rpt 04/09/1947 and 22/09/1947

29/08/1947 E J King Bull On Such a Night rpt 08/09/1947 and 14/10/1947

27/08/1947 William Shakespeare Macbeth

25/08/1947 John Vanbrugh The Relapse rpt 26/08/1947 and 15/09/1947

24/08/1947 Kenneth Alexander Dangerous Drugs rpt 25/08/1947

19/08/1947 John Webster The Duchess of Malfi

18/08/1947 Sophocles The Philoctetes rpt 20/08/1947

12/08/1947 C Gordon Clover Do Not Disturb

10/08/1947 James Shirley Cupid and Death

08/08/1947 J M Barrie Farewell Miss Julie Logan

06/08/1947 David Huelin Peter and the Cake rpt 09/08/1947

27/07/1947 Louis MacNeice Grettir the Strong rpt 30/07/1947 and 23/08/1947

26/07/1947 George Bernard Shaw Saint Joan

21/07/1947 Jenifer Wayne British Justice rpt 24/07/1947 and 15/12/1947

20/07/1947 Tennyson Queen Mary

18/07/1947 Turgenev A Month in the Country

1/07/1947 Aldous Huxley The World of Light

15/07/1947 John Heywood The Play of the Weather rpt 06/10/1947

13/07/1947 Lady Gregory The Workhouse Ward

12/07/1947 Racine Athalie

06/07/1947 Leonard Cottrell The Pharaoh Akhnaton rpt 12/07/1947

04/07/1947 Denis Constanduros Episodes in the Life of My Grandfather

02/07/1947 Douglas Cleverdon No Such Constant Lover

29/06/1947 Sir John Vanbrugh The Provoked Wife rpt 03/07/1947 and 22/07/1947

28/06/1947 Selma Lagerlof Kevenhuller

24/06/1947 Harley Granville-Barker The Voysey Inheritance rpt 25/07/1947

22/06/1947 Robert Gittings Hannibal rpt 23/06/1947

17/06/1947 Jean Giraudoux No War in Troy rpt 18/06/1947 and 16/07/1947

11/06/1947 G K Chesterton The Man Who Was Thursday rpt 01/07/1947

07/06/1947 W J Turner The Man Who Ate the Popomack

01/06/1947 Harley Granville-Barker The Madras House rpt 25/06/1947

29/05/1947 E M Forster Two Fantasies

28/05/1947 George Farquhar The Beaux Stratagem rpt 30/05/1947 and 31/12/1947

27/05/1947 Henrik Ibsen A Doll’s House

25/05/1947 Henry Reed Pytheas rpt 28/05/1947 and 18/06/1947

18/05/1947 Molière Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme rpt 23/05/1947 and 10/06/1947

17/05/1947 A. W. Kinglake Eothen rpt 05/07/1947

17/05/1947 Max Beerbohm Savonarola Brown

15/05/1947 J. M. Synge Deirdre of the Sorrows

14/05/1947 Jean-Paul Sartre Les Mouches rpt 16/05/1947 and 29/07/1947

10/05/1947 George Barker The Degradation of Guatemozin

06/05/1947 Thomas Lovell Beddoes Death’s Jest Book

03/05/1947 John Dryden Marriage à la Mode

30/04/1947 Herman Melville Moby Dick

28/04/1947 Clifford Bax The Buddha

27/04/1947 Aristophanes The Frogs

23/04/1947 William Shakespeare Richard II rpt 25/04/1947 and 11/05/1947

20/04/1947 Christopher Marlowe Edward the Second

19/04/1947 Denis Constanduros The Last Cigar rpt 19/05/1947 and 02/08/1947

12/04/1947 Graham Sutton A Little Learning

11/04/1947 Christopher Hassall Christ's Comet

09/04/1947 John Milton Samson Agonistes rpt 10/04/1947 and 21/06/1947 and 13/08/1947

30/03/1947 Dorothy L. Sayers The Just Vegeance (Otherwise called The Lichfield Passion) rpt 05/04/1947

27/03/1947 Harley Granville-Barker Waste rpt 22/06/1947 and 07/12/1947

25/03/1947 Robert Kemp The Country rpt 29/03/1947 and 17/08/1947 Mouse Goes to Town

24/03/1947 Kenneth Alexander Dreams rpt 12/05/1947 and 04/06/1947

24/03/1947 John Millington Synge Riders to the Sea

18/03/1947 Evelyn Waugh A Handful of Dust rpt 22/03/1947

18/03/1947 William Shakespeare Twelfth Night

12/03/1947 Louis MacNeice The Burning of Njal

11/03/1947 Louis MacNeice The Death of Gunnar rpt 07/04/1947

09/03/1947 John Millington Synge The Playboy of the Western World

20/02/1947 Aristophanes The Frogs

16/02/1947 Thomas Heywood A Woman Killed with Kindness rpt 19/02/1947 and 13/04/1947 and 01/05/1947 and 30/11/1947

15/02/1947 Patric Dickinson The Wall of Troy

13/02/1947 30/07/1947 Luigi Pirandello Six Characters in Search of an Author

11/02/1947 Louis MacNeice Cupid and Psyche rpt 12/02/1947 and 02/04/1947 and 17/04/1947 and 27/06/1947

09/02/1947 Alfred Tennyson Queen Mary

08/02/1947 George Bernard Shaw The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet

31/01/1947 Henry James The Turn of the Screw

29/01/1947 George Bernard Shaw The Apple Cart rpt 05/02/1947

27/01/1947 T S Eliot Sweeney Agonistes rpt 09/03/1947

24/01/1947 A. G. Strong The Spear of Gold

23/01/1947 George Bernard Shaw The Doctor’s Dilemma rpt 07/02/1947 and 15/08/1947

21/01/1947 George Bernard Shaw The Devil’s Disciple rpt 02/02/1947 and 11/08/1947

19/01/1947 George Bernard Shaw Mrs Warren’s Profession rpt 06/02/1947 and 04/08/1947

17/01/1947 Henry James The Turn of the Screw rpt 14/09/1947

16/01/1947 Anton Chekhov Ivanov rpt 23/03/1947

15/01/1947 Anton Chekhov Uncle Vanya

14/01/1947 George Orwell Animal Farm rpt 15/01/1947 and 02/02/1947

13/01/1947 Max Beerbohm Enoch Soames rpt 18/01/1947 and 31/05/1947

11/01/1947 Aldous Huxley The World of Light

06/01/1947 Selma Lagerlof Kevenhüller rpt 10/01/1947

05/01/1947 George Bernard Shaw The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God

02/01/1947 Cynthia Pughe and Val Gielgud The Field of Kings "(Translated by Jonathan Griffin from ' La Course des Rois ' by Thierry Maulnier), rpt 12/11/1947 and 14/11/1947. "
29/12/1946 Anton Chekhov - Ivanov.

27/12/1946 Michael Barsley- Colonel Bogus and the Three Bears.

25/12/1946 Christopher Hassall - Christ's Comet.

18/12/1946 Denis Constanduros - Episodes in the Life of My Grandfather.

17/12/1946 Douglas Cleverdon - No Such Constant Lover

15/12/1946 Harley Granville-Barker - Waste.

10/12/1946 H. G. Wells - The Man Who Could Work Miracles.

10/12/1946 Molière - Le Malade Imaginaire.

08/12/1946 Richard Brinsley Sheridan - A School for Scandal.

05/12/1946 Henry James - The Turn of the Screw.

01/12/1946 Thornton Wilder - Our Town.

29/11/1946 Denis Freeman and Mary Hope Allen - The Eiffel Tower.

26/11/1946 William Shakespeare -Troilus and Cressida

25/11/1946 L. A. G. Strong - The Spear of Gold.

24/11/1946 Louis MacNeice - Enter Caesar

23/11/1946 James Bridie - Tobias and the Angel.

21/11/1946 Homer -The Wall of Troy.

20/11/1946 Henrik Ibsen - John Gabriel Borkman.

19/11/1946 David Jones - In Parenthesis

16/11/1946 Stephen Potter and Joyce Grenfell - How To Listen

15/11/1946 August Strindberg -The Father

14/11/1946 Max Beerbohm - The Happy Hypocrite

06/11/1946 Max Beerbohm - Savonarola Brown

04/11/1946 Louis MacNeice - The Dark Tower

03/11/946 William Shakespeare -Romeo and Juliet

29/10/1946 Aeschylus - The Agamemnon.

23/10/1946 Louis MacNiece - The Careerist

20/10/1946 John Bunyan -The Pilgrim’s Progress

16/10/1946 Elmer Rice -The Adding Machine

13/10/1946 Robert Frost - A Masque of Reason.

08/10/1946 Jean Paul Sartre - Huis Clos

08/10/1946 Laurie Lee - The Voyage of Magellan.

01/10/1946 George Bernard Shaw - Man and Superman

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