Sebastian Baczkiewicz Radio Plays

Sebastian Baczkiewicz has written for radio and the stage.

Among his stage plays are The Lives of the Saints, Hello Paris, The Man Who Shot the Tiger and Dancing under the Bridge which has been produced in Rotterdam and Warsaw.

In 2000, he was appointed as the first writer in residence at the BBC. Among his radio plays are 2000 Tales, Altaban the Magnificent, Stalingrad Kiss, and an adaptation of Les Miserables.

In late 2004, the first in a series of Arthur plays was broadcast on Radio 4 featuring Iain Macdermid and Ben Wishal. S.B. wrote the first three and Steve May (q.v.) the last three.

A great radio play is a wonderful thing. It can conjure an entire world out of thin air. It can transport the listener from the emotional hustle and bustle of Ambridge to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, not to mention every stop in between.......S.B.

BBC Radio Plays
21.09.99 Altaban the Magnificent*
15.03.00 The prettiest girl in Texas*, 30m
23.10.00- 2000 Tales* (see NOTES)
24.11.00 Cruel Sunset*
29.01.02 Kings-The Loved One* (see NOTES)
05.02.02 Kings-Hazar's Chicken*
12.02.02 Kings-True Anointed*
??.10.04 Arthur*: Six plays, with Steve May
20.01.05 Language of Angels, 45m
11.09.05 The Orchid grower, R3, 90m
26.11.08 Pilgrim (series, four 45m episodes)
22.01.10 The accountant of Solyanka Square
29.03.10 Arabian Afternoon
31.08.10 Pilgrim (series, 4 x 45m)
07.09.11 Man in a Wheelbarrow
08.09.11 Fearless librarian saves the day
26.01.12 Pilgrim (series, four 45m episodes)
25.11.12 The Count of Monte Cristo*, 4 x 55m.
28.02.13 Pilgrim (new series), 4 x 45m
21.11.13 Pilgrim (new series), 4 x 45m
22.12.14 Pilgrim, 4 x 45m, series 6
02.01.16 The Continuing Adventures Of Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid (Deceased), 55m
10.12.18 Pilgrim: The Winter Queen (Christmasa Special); conclusion 11.12.18, 2 x 45m
14.03.19 An Angel in Miami
23.01.22 Wunderkind (Mozart-Allegri story, R3)

nk.......The Stalingrad Kiss*


Excellent play about a magician and illusionist.
....an atmospheric and unusual play about the ultimate illusionist. This play was set in the Nazi era, was full of brooding and menace, and had an extraordinary climax........ND, VRPCC newsletter, 1999

.......S.B., talking about this play in a long article about writing radio plays:
............I read a short article about a man who went to a witch doctor to make him invulnerable to death. After the witch doctor had performed the rites, the man was still not satisfied and the witch doctor offered to shoot him to prove the spell had worked. The man agreed, the witch doctor shot him and the man fell down dead. At first I was amused by the absurdity of the story but something about it kept nagging at me. What would make a man be so terrified of death he'd go to a witch doctor? Why would the witch doctor be so confident he could protect him? From that four-line article in The Guardian, I knew I had the basis of a play.

Going back to my witch doctor idea, I'd wanted for a long time to write a ghost story set in Berlin after World War II because I am very interested in mixing up genres. But I also wanted to write a drama that dealt with the consequences of war in a serious and unsentimental way. To do this, I knew I had to create believable characters that the listener could quickly identify with. I started to experiment by doing some research on the period, making notes and playing with voices until gradually my central characters started to evolve.

Sergeant Stuckart was the first to arrive. At the start of the play, he's a brash GI who brags about his war exploits. But as the action progresses, he gradually changes into a man so traumatised by his wartime experiences that he will do anything to be saved from death. Balanced against him was Frank Bailey, a shy, Cambridge-educated scientist in his early twenties with no experience of war whatsoever. It's through Frank's eyes that we witness the story. With these two very different characters and their own distinct voices, I had a powerful platform upon which to spin out the rest of the drama.

Mary Jane Cooper wins a trip to fifties Hollywood to meet her favourite film star. 45m.

2000 TALES....2000
Short plays set over the week.
PROLOGUE by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.
THE RECTOR'S TALE by Andrew Rissik.
THE PUBLICIST'S TALE by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.

Kings (R4, 1415, five plays beginning 15 Jan) told various stories of the reign of the biblical King David. The first three were by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, and the others by Kate Clanchy. All were good, but I was particularly taken by "The Loved One" where Saul, on the brink of defeat by the Philistines, commands Anat, the witch, to foretell his fate. She conjures up old friends and enemies in the fire, and they speak with him...the images invoked by this scene were excellent. ....ND, VRPCC newsletter, 2002

1. True Anointed
Eleazar, King Saul's chief of staff, has been sent to find a shepherd boy.

2. Hazar's Chicken
A young shepherd boy is persuaded to act as David's spy.

3. The Loved One
King Saul is the brink of defeat at the hands of the Philistines.

4. Michal, Saul's Daughter
by Kate Clanchy. In David's harem, three of his wives fight over their relative status.

5. Abishag, The Virgin
By Kate Clanchy. David is dying in a fetid room, tended by his latest wife Abishag.

ARTHUR....2004 ...................... we have had an exciting series of stories by Sebastian Baczkiewicz and Steve May about King Arthur, the cast list apparently compiled by a dyslexic speller (Lanslot, Camlot, Galhot, Gwenfar.... though "Merlin" survives intact)........ND, VRPCC newsletter, Dec 04

.............Written by Sebastian Baczkiewicz (plays 1-3) and Steve May (4-6), the six plays tell the tale of Arthur, a powerful tribal leader who brings political stability to 5th century Britain but fails to deliver a golden age. The action takes place in Britain between 493 AD and 515 AD. BBC Radio 4 produced the plays for airing Oct-Nov 2004. Music by Zbigniew Preisner, with additional music by Lucinda Mason Brown. Produced and directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Gordon House.

Arthur- Ben Whishaw
Morgan- Jane Lapotaire
Young Morgan -Eve Best
Merlin -Ian McDiarmid
Ector -James Laurenson
Keir -Nicholas Boulton
Gaura -Pam Ferris
Bryce -Christian Rodska
Kerwyn -Stephen Hogan
Aidan -Phillip Joseph
Rhyannon -Emily Wachter
Young Gwenfar -Alice Ford
Bedvere -Shaun Dooley
Lot- Clive Russell
Soldiers -Damian Lynch, Robert Hastie and Jason Chan

Play one 'The Sword of the King'
A seventeen year old Arthur has grown up as Arran, stable boy to Ector of Cantia. He is visited by Merlin and begins to have waking dreams about a moment in his early childhood when he was taken from his mother by Merlin and given to Sir Ector. Arthur comes to London. Sir Ector is killed. Rival warlords Bryce and Kerwyn each put themselves forward to take the sword from the stone and claim kingship and fail. Then Arthur steps forward........... The action of the play lasts over two days in January 493 AD.

Play two 'The Black Dog'
The tribal leaders refuse to acknowledge Arthur king. Arthur is determined to impose law and effectively starts a civil war. Arthur falls in love with Rhyannon, the young wife of King Lot of the Orkneys. He sleeps with Rhyannon, who becomes pregnant. Keir challenges Arthur, and the sword of kingship shatters in his hand. The action of the play covers two months from March - May 493 AD.

Play three 'The Lake'
Through a message delivered by Gwenfar, Merlin directs Arthur to the sacred grove, and he receives 'Excalibur' from the Lady of the Lake. It is revealed that Rhyannon is in fact Margawse, Arthur's half-sister. The action of the play covers the last weeks of 493 and the first weeks of 494.

Play four ' The Moon Eats the Sun'
-by Steve May. Seven years have passed. For the last five years, Arthur has ruled with his Queen, Gwenfar, at his side. There is stability in the kingdom, and Camlot is established by the sacred lake. But Keir has broken his agreement with Arthur and has led a raiding party into Christian King Pellyn's lands across the Humber. The action of the play takes place in March 501 AD.

Play five 'The Grail'
-by Steve May. Fourteen years have passed, and two young men are making their way to Camlot: Mordred, now twenty-one, and the 15 year old Galhot, son of Lanslot and Elaine. They see Lanslot and Gwenfar bathing in the river together, and when they reach Camlot, Mordred challenges Lanslot to combat.... Arthur sends Galhot on a quest to find the Holy Grail. The action of the play takes place in 515 AD.

Play six 'The Last Battle'
- by Steve May. Gwenfar and Lanslot have been sentenced to death for adultery and treason. Merlin's vision of Camlot is fading fast. The land around the sacred lake is barren and the lake itself is polluted. The only answer to Camlot's problems appears to be war against the Saxons who have settled on the East Coast. Arthur, Gawain and his knights set out to fight the Saxons. The action of the play is continuous from Play 5.

R4, 1415, 20 Jan 05. Tale set in New York in the 1920s. An art dealer is set to sell an ancient illustrated manuscript to a steel billionaire, but his partner and the text have gone missing. With M. Emmet Walsh, Brendan Coyle, Nicholas Boulton, Nathan Osgood, Helen Longworth, Kate Harper, Jason Chan. Director Claire Grove.

26 Nov, weekly, repeated May 2010. A unusual fantasy, in four episodes. William Palmer, also known as Pilgrim, is cursed in 1185 for denying the existence of realms other than the human world. He is cursed with eternal life, and has to walk between the lands of men and magic forever.

This is a little like a cross between 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Dracula'; the plays conjure up powerful images, and the plots are exciting.

Cast: Paul Hilton, Jamie Foreman, Paul Rider, Noma Dumezweni, Janice Acquah, Lloyd Thomas, Inam Mirza, Chris Pavlo, Stephen Critchlow, Agnes Bateman. Producer Marc Beeby.

comment from the bbc messageboard, edited for anonymity:............

    I love this, it reminds me of Alan Garner's stories, where everyday reality is spliced, and spiced, with the magic otherworld. The drama of history repeats itself in the present, and ancient superstitions are a metaphor for our ever-present fears and dreams. A powerful and fascinating drama with great emotional depth. It succeeds in being poetic and convincing at the same time. - ......."h".

    The music for episode of 'Pilgrim' ep. 3 was a track called The Lost Sheep from an album called 'Felefeber', Norwegian Fiddle Fantasia, played by Annbjorg Lien.

22 Jan, afternoon play. Russia's recent past.

The Casper Logue Affair, 29 Mar 10; rpt. 29 Aug 11, rpt. Modelled on the famous "Arabian Nights".

4 stories, beginning 31.08.10. Titles: The Drowned Church, The Lost Hotel, The Lady in the Lake, Hope Springs.

7 Sep, afternoon play.

8 sep, afternoon play.

Four more interesting stories: 26 Jan - 16 Feb.

1.Crowsfall Wood. An old friend of William Palmer is possessed by a forest spirit. With Karl Johnson, Faye Castelow, Susan Engel, Dudley Sutton, John Rowe, Adam Billington, Rikki Lawton.
    An old man, happily married for fifty years, deserts his wife for a 24-year-old and elopes into Crowsfall Wood. She must be a witch.... but the old man has savage supernatural powers of his own. Palmer has been making libations to keep Tadek safe, but this year he forgot, and now powerful forces are awakening.... (paraphrased from Gillian Reynolds' review in RT)

2.Sookey Hill. A man is cursed and slowly turns into a hare. Sound effects made this very believable and frightening. With Ralph Ineson, Kate Fleetwood, Carl Prekopp, Gerard McDermott, Alex Tregear, Simon Bubb.

3.Aisley Bridge. Pilgrim is drawn into the world of the Lanes and the immortal children who live there, following the disappearance of a local girl. With Victoria Inez Hardy, James Lailey, Kasper Hilton-Hille, Nishi Malde, Faye Castelowe, Lizzy Watts, Simon Bubb, Adam Billington.

4.Lindie Island: Pilgrim is asked to sacrifice a man he has kept safe for centuries in exchange for a bargaining chip in his negotiations with the king. With Adam Billington, Carl Prekopp, Kate Fleetwood, Pamela Merrick, Jimmy Akingbola, Nicky Henson.

All produced by Jessica Dromgoole and Marc Beeby. Paul Hilton plays William Palmer, 'Pilgrim'.

25 Nov 12; first episode of new dramatization by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, 4 x 55m, Classic Serial. The Count of Monte Cristo is the well-known adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean, and in the Levant during the historical events of 18151838. It focuses on a man who is wrongfully imprisoned for fourteen years, escapes from jail, acquires a fortune and sets about getting revenge on those responsible for his imprisonment. He destroys his enemies systematically and ruthlessly, and at the end, it becomes clear that the innocent young man we met at the beginning of the story is no longer recognisable.

This is a great dramatization, comparing well with earlier BBC versions. There is emphasis on detail and realism; the prison scenes are especially chilling. The cast: Ian Glen as Edmond, Jane Lapotaire as Haydee, with Josette Simon, Paul Rhys, Kate Fleetwood, Karl Johnson, Toby Jones, Stephanie Racine, Zubin Varla, Ben Crowe, Will Howard, Sarah Thom, Paul Stonehouse, Lizzy Watts, Adam Nagaitis, Eleanor Crooks, Joe Sims, Robert Blythe. Producers Jeremy Mortimer and Sasha Yevtushenko.

21 Feb 2013:Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 4
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Episode 1: Mullerby Fair. In an attempt to settle an age old dispute, Pilgrim must confront the ruthless Mr Speed, but he has a secret weapon: the Abaeron, a book of powerful magic which protects its owner. William Palmer ....... Paul Hilton, Richie ....... Joe Dempsie, Maxine ....... Rachel Davies, Mr Speed ....... Kim Wall, Carter ....... Paul Copley, Laura ....... Leah Brotherhead, Cassie ....... Sarah Thom, Girl ....... Agnes Bateman. Produced by Marc Beeby.

28 Feb 2013: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim - Series 4
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2: Tregarrah Head. Birdie continues her war of attrition, leaving a wake of innocent victims. Pilgrim has to rescue the Old Man of Tregarrah Head from his fate as the changeling baby of devoted West Country parents. William Palmer ....... Paul Hilton, Birdie ....... Kate Fleetwood, Sally ....... Rebekah Staton, Gary ....... Ed Gaughan, Kingsley ....... Robert Blythe, Elaine ....... Sarah Thom, Dan ....... Ben Crowe, Girl ....... Agnes Bateman. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

7 Mar 2013: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Ep. 3. Wedlowe Sound. Pilgrim must tackle an old adversary and save the community of Wedlowe Sound when it is threatened by a giant. William Palmer ....... Paul Hilton, Wedlowe ....... Ronald Pickup, Massey ....... Paul Stonehouse, Neil ....... Will Howard, Gwen ....... Liza Sadovy, Dreamer ....... Ben Crowe, Girl ....... Agnes Bateman, Producer ....... Marc Beeby.

14 Mar 2013: Afternoon Drama - Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Episode 4: Bleaker Lake. The showdown. At Bleaker Lake, where Merlin is held sealed up under the water, Pilgrim hopes to find an end, at least to the war of attrition with Birdie, at best to his own immortality. William Palmer ...... Paul Hilton, Birdie ...... Kate Fleetwood, Cliff ...... Philip Jackson, Harmony ...... Lizzy Watts, Randell ...... Carl Prekopp, Hunnicutt ...... Patrick Brennan, Girl ...... Agnes Bateman. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

27 Mar 2013: Afternoon Drama - The Manhattan Bee Testimonials
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. For as long as anyone can remember, there have been rumours of a man living somewhere on the island of Manhattan and keeping 250,000 bees in his apartment. Max Callaghan is obsessed with finding him and has spent 15 years building up an audio library of sometimes contradictory accounts - The Manhattan Bee Testimonials. When Daisy Lucas overcomes a severe case of meningitis thanks to a pot of honey left anonymously by her hospital bed, she tries to find the donor, her father, who she believes to be the Manhattan Bee Man. Features the real voices of New Yorkers describing their version of the story, alongside some drama written by SB. Max ....... Simon Lee Phillips, Daisy ....... Sasha Pick, Muldoon ....... Stuart Milligan, Lorna ....... Nancy Crane, Gloria ....... Nancy Crane, Sound design: Eloise Whitmore, Producer and Director: Joby Waldman, Executive Producer: Polly Thomas. Indie. (Somethin' Else production)

21 Nov 2013: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. The popular fantasy drama about William Palmer, the man who cannot die. 1/4. Lyall Park. He uncovers a disturbing family secret. Paul Hilton as William Palmer, with Sean Murray, Michael Bertenshaw, Annette Badland, Carolyn Pickles, Priyanga Burford, James Lailey and Georgie Fuller. Producers Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole.

28 Nov 2013: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2/4. Gallowstone Hill. Supernatural drama continues ... whilst looking for the 'Radiant Boy', Pilgrim comes to a village cursed with a dangerous collective madness. Paul Hilton, Lee Ross, Arthur Hughes, Carys Eleri, Priyanga Burford, David Seddon and John Norton. Producers - Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole.

5 Dec 2013: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiwicz. Fantasy drama, 3/4. Woolmere Walter. The man who cannot die is forced to help an unusual couple in their courtship. Paul Hilton, Michelle Terry, Ralf Little, Joel McCormack, Peter Hamilton Dyer, Priyanga Burford, Michael Bertenshaw. Producers Marc Beeby and Jessica Dromgoole.

12 Dec 2013: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 4/4. Parsons' Mount. More supernatural happenings. Willam Palmer has to travel toa forbidden location. Paul Hilton, James Fleet, Amaka Okafor, Lizzy Watts, John Norton, Joel McCormack. Producers Marc Beeby & Jessica Dromgoole.

22 Sept 2014: Ghosts of Heathrow
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Psychic adventure based on original research interviews, set in Heathrow Airport, where some ghost sightings have been reported. On the eve of the presentation he has to give at Heathrow, Martin receives a ghostly visitor in his hotel room. Martin - Paul McGann, Rebecca - Susannah Harker, 16-String Jack - Joe Armstrong, Mr. Monday - Dudley Sutton, Geoffrey - Kevin Harvey, producer - Joby Waldman.

22 Oct 2014: Golden Years: Friedrichstrasse, Berlin
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A play about rock & roll. When artist Karin gives an interview about her new exhibition, she reveals the long-hidden true story behind an iconic photo of herself and a 1970s rock star. Karin: Emma Fielding, Petra: Francesca Annis, Holger: Wilf Scolding, Christina: Elaine Claxton. Producer: Marc Beeby.

23 Oct 2014: Golden Years: Monty Street, Mansfield
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Another play with a rock & roll motif. A suburban couple discover a dead rock star in their bath. Ezra: Robert J Purdy, Lottie: Esther Coles, Bruno: Ken Bones, Miranda: Jaimi Barbakoff, Shrek: Harry Myers, Maggie: Elaine Claxton. Producer: Marc Beeby.

22 Dec 2014: PilgrimSeries 6
1/4. Jackson's Mill. A new series of four plays by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, featuring the immortal wanderer, William Palmer, also known as Pilgrim. He discovers that an old friend is being haunted by a malevolent spirit. Meanwhile, homeless people are disappearing from a local shelter. William: Paul Hilton, Morgan: Justin Salinger, Hartley: Matthew Tennyson, Liam: Shaun Mason, Karen: Bettrys Jones, Gabriel: Paul Heath, Gaynor: Jane Slavin, the girl: Agnes Bateman. Producer: Marc Beeby.

29 Dec 2014: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2/4: St. Lewin. In search of silver and gold, Pilgrim comes to St. Lewin, where an old enemy is causing havoc. Pilgrim - Paul Hilton, with Janice Acquah, Zubin Varia, Helen Longworth, Ian Conningham, Paul Heath, Shaun Mason, David Acton, Bettrys Jones, Agnes Bateman. Producer: Marc Beeby.

5 Jan 2015: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Ep.2: Still in search of gold, Pilgrim comes to Ouldmeadow where he helps an old friend make a final river trip. Pilgrim: Paul Hilton, George: Karl Johnson, Baz: Paul Ready, Val: Elaine Claxton, Maeva: Roslyn Hill. Producer: Marc Beeby.

12 Jan 2015: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Pilgrim returns to Jackson's Mill to find his friend Morgan and the spirit Hartley have prepared a nasty surprise. Pilgrim: Paul Hilton, Morgan: Justin Salinger, Mattias: Nicholas Jones, Siri: Vineeta Rishi, Hartley: Matthew Tennyson, Liam: Shaun Mason, Karen: Bettrys Jones, Gaynor: Jane Slavin. Producer: Marc Beeby.

HOME FRONT 25 May 1915 - Ivy Layton
25 May 2015. A new season of the long-running drama series set in Britain during WW1 on this day a hundred years ago. Ivy is surpirsed by the extent of the changes in Folkestone. Ivy Layton ....... Leah Brotherhead, Archie Tulliver ....... Arthur Hughes, Muriel Grainger ....... Hannah Tointon, Hilary Pearce ....... Craige Els, Thornton Tulliver ....... Nigel Harman, Worker ....... Nathan Nolan. Producer ....... Jessica Dromgoole

HOME FRONT 26 May 1915 - Josiah King
26.5.2015. There's a new policeman in Folkestone, determined to make his mark. By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Josiah King ....... Daniel Kendrick, Norman Harris ....... Sean Baker, Ivy Layton ....... Leah Brotherhead, Hilary Pearce ....... Craige Els, Bob Welsh ....... Nathan Nolan, Producer ....... Jessica Dromgoole.

2 Jan 2016: Sat. Play -The Continuing Adventures Of Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid (Deceased)
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A Western. It's 1904, New Mexico. Pat Garrett is weary and old, haunted by the ghost of a man he shot years ago - Billy The Kid. Now he's had an argument with Roosevelt. Pat Garrett: Sean Gilder, Benjy: Edward Hogg, Clayton Claypole: Nathan Osgood, President Roosevelt: Rolf Saxon, Maxwell: Caolan McCarthy. Producer: Helen Perry.

Home Front - Omnibus, 6-10 July 1917
Omnibus edition of the week's episodes. 10 Jul 17. Soldiers home on leave find home very different to the one they thought they were fighting for. By Richard Monks; story-led by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Consultant Historian: Professor Maggie Andrews. Music: Matthew Strachan. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole. Howard Argent ....... Toby Jones, Juliet Cavendish ....... Lizzie Bourne, Marieke Dupont ....... Olivia Ross, Gabriel Graham ....... Michael Bertenshaw, Muriel Grainger ....... Hannah Tointon, Mervyn Harris ....... Tom Whitelock, Norman Harris ....... Sean Baker, Josiah King ....... Daniel Kendrick, Roy Lavoie ....... Tim Beckmann, Adeline Lumley ....... Anastasia Hille, Kitty Lumley ....... Ami Metcalf, Victor Lumley ....... Joel McCormack, Alice Macknade ....... Claire-Louise Cordwell, Maggie Macknade ....... Hollie Thoupos, Mickey Macknade ....... Reece Buttery, Jessie Moore ....... Lucy Hutchinson, Hilary Pearce ....... Craige Els, Maisie Plackett ....... Cassie Layton, Toby Speedwell ....... Joe Bannister, Thornton Tulliver ....... Nigel Harman, Adam Wilson ....... Leo Montague, Albert Wilson ....... Harry Myers, Dorothea Winwood ....... Rachel Shelley, Ralph Winwood ....... Nicholas Murchie, Inspector Forrester ....... Nigel Hastings, Eric Morton ....... Ian Conningham, Mr Scott ....... David Hounslow, Jacko ....... Jude Akuwudike, Charlie ....... Sam Valentine, Spence ....... Mark Edel-Hunt.

1-4 Jan 2018: Elsinore
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Prequel to 'Hamlet', set in an alternative Denmark (and Europe) in the 1930s, broadcast on four successive afternoons. Claudius, Hamlet's brother: John Light, King Hamlet: John Heffernan, The Dauphin: Ed Gaughan, Captain True: Chetna Pandya, Polonius: Clive Hayward, Anders/Dr. Swiss: Neil McCaul, Olssnon: Rupert H Evans, Yorick/Guard: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Katya: Isabella Inchbald, Beatrix: Abbie Andrews, Archimdes and the Prosecutor: David Reakes, Horatio and Schroeder: Philip Bretherton, Lascio: Adam Fitzgerald, Uncle: Ben Crowe, Helena: Clare Corbett, Gertrude: Lyndsey Marshal, Mrs. Helgeland: Sudha Bhuchar. Producers: Marc Beeby and Sasha Yevtushenko.

THE WINTER QUEEN (R4, 1415, 10-11 Dec 18) by Sebastian Baczkiewicz was a one-off special featuring his well-known character William Palmer, 'Pilgrim', split into two 45m parts, written for the Christmas season. When an old burial mound is disturbed by a developer, a woman, Mrs. Bronson, cold but alive, is found among the roots of an old yew tree. It turns out she was imprisoned there by her brother, centuries ago. Now she has a thirst for revenge. Before long, she is causing havoc. She takes a local man, already engaged to be married, for her own. The weather grows colder; a blizzard and an evil enchantment threaten to overwhelm the town. The only person equipped to deal with her is William Palmer, who has encountered her before. He has to choose whether or not to lift her curse. William was played by Paul Hilton and Mrs. Bronson by Fenella Woolgar, with Carolyn Pickles, Tony Turner and Cameron Percival. The producer was Marc Beeby and the director Jessica Dromgoole. (....ND, Diversity Website review, Dec 2018)

14 Mar 19: An Angel in Miami
By Sebastian Backiewicz, recorded on location in Miami. Amir is a well-off businessman with a beautiful business partner and enjoys VIP club privileges. But when his celebrity guest fails to show up, he's in a bit of a hole. A distinguished guest unexpectedly offers his assistance. Angel: Joseph Marcell, Amir: Abraham Popoola, Mila: Samantha Dakin, Toshi: Akie Kotabe. Producer: Joby Waldman.

Sebastian Baczkiewicz used the Radio 3 drama slot to tell us how Allegri's setting of Psalm 51, now known as Miserere, escaped from the Vatican (WUNDERKIND, R3, 1930, 23 Jan 22). This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music in existence, and to preserve its sense of mystery, the Pope forbade anyone from transcribing it, on pain of excommunication. The work remained uncirculated and unpublished for a century. But Leopold Mozart took his son to Rome in 1770 and the two of them heard the Mass on Maunday Thurday service at the Vatican, at which the Miserere was sung. A couple of hours later, back at home, the young Wolfgang wrote out the whole piece from memory. According to the play, it was to get the young prodigy and his father into hot water. Leopold Mozart was played by Paul Higgins, Anna by Jasmine Hyde and Cardinal Ucelli by Craige Els. Musical direction was by John Chambers and the producer was Toby Swift.

It was some time later that I realised this drama was unusual. The central character,Wolfgang, had not actually spoken a single word during the play. He makes no appearance other than through his brilliant fingers. But as the late, great Don Haworth pointed out many years ago, in his interview with Bernard Palmer: "Anyone spoken of, in radio, is as real as someone who is there and speaking, which is not so in any other medium."

Sebastian introduced the play, and gave some background: "One of the things I discovered when reading Leopold's letters and looking into the history of the Mozartswas that Wolfgang was the youngestof 7 children, 5 of whom died in infancy. The tragedy of that loss affected me quite deeply as I thought about how you would live with it and the expectations you would have for your child, perhaps, if you had experienced that level of grief and loss. It's an extremely delicate time for Leopold; his eldest daughter, who was also a prodigious musician and toured with her younger brother for years, has had to retire because she has reached the age of 18 and it's not seemly for her to continue performing - and the fact that Wolfgang himself is no longer a child. He is becoming a man, and Leopold knows that soon he will want his independence and perhaps to leave this extraordinary life. Leopold suffers all the anxieties and conflicted emotions of that experience. The thing that struck me about all this was the precariousness of our existence, and the vicariousness of Fate". (....ND, Diversity website review, Apr 2022)

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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