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1 Oct 2020-31 Oct 2021


The Lemonade Lads, by Faebian Averies. Well done!

Announcement, 24 Feb 22

*The Chronicles Of Wild Hollow, by Harvey Badger, Angus Maxwell and Christian Powlesland. Producer - 'Shouting Is Funny'; on Spotify
*Lemonade Lads, by Faebian Averies. Producer James Robinson, BBC Wales, R4
*Welcome To Medpatch, by Kev Core. Producer Gary Brown, BBC Audio Drama North, R4
*Yellow Lips, by Katie Redford. Producer Tracey Neale, BBC Audio Drama London, R4



29 Mar 2021: YELLOW LIPS
By Katie Redford; her first radio play. A daughter’s memories of her mum’s struggle with mental health. When Jen was eight, her mum was sectioned. The young Jen never realised the effect it had on her and her family. Years later, the grown-up Jen delves into the past. Narrator/Jen ….. Katie Redford, Mum, Alison ….. Lorraine Ashbourne, Dad, Rick ….. Stephen Critchlow, Young Jen ….. Grace Doherty, Matty/Izra ….. Wilbur Conabeare, Granny Beryl ….. Jessica Turner, Mrs Howe ….. Elinor Coleman. Produced by Tracey Neale. (Katie now plays Lily in The Archers - Ed.)

By Kevin Core. In the Dangerous Visions series.Set in the near future. The NHS has disappeared and the Artificial Intelligent health app Medpatch has ushered in a new era of diagnosis and treatment. Ex-health workers adjust to a vanished career. Jenna, a former doctor, finds herself employed on a new frontier of public health. This is a thriller about the direction which which healthcare might go. Jenna........................Ophelia Lovibond, Medpatch/Lauren.....Meera Syal, Luke............................Joe Bannister, Dean............................James Cooney, Sash..............................Verity Henry, Jake..............................Kenny Blyth, Producer: Gary Brown.

By Faebian Averies. Ted struggles to find contentment, until he meets Brian and together they discover the powers of lemonade. Comedy drama. Ted…. Matthew Aubrey, Brian…. Steffan Rhodri, Gemma…. Faebian Averies, Simon….. Connor Allen. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.


Deadline for entries: Sunday 3 October 2021

Entries are now open for two of the BBC Audio Drama Awards – the Imison and Tinniswood –celebrated annually and administered by the Society of Authors.

Help us continue to celebrate the best audio drama by sending in your entries for 2022. To be eligible, scripts will have to have been broadcast or made available online in the UK between 1 October 2020 and 31 October 2021.

Last year’s winners include Fraser Ayres for the 2021 Imison Award with his radio play Maynard (produced by Mel Harris – Sparklab Productions, BBC Radio 4) and Christopher Douglas (Tinniswood Award) for Tristram Shandy (Produced by Gary Brown – BBC Radio Drama North, BBC Radio 4) who celebrated at the virtual BBC Audio Drama Awards held in March 2021.

Please apply with all supporting materials by Sunday 3 October 2021 via the Society of Authors website: www.societyofauthors.org/Prizes/Audio-Drama.

Imison Award - £3,000

Best original script by a writer new to audio drama with the £3,000 prize sponsored by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society and the Peggy Ramsay Foundation. The 2022 judges are Committee members of the Society of Authors Scriptwriters Group: Barney Norris, Jamila Gavin, David Morley, Ian Billings, Sean Grundy, Rhiannon Tise and Ben Carpenter.

Tinniswood Award - £3,000

Best original script of the year with the £3,000 prize sponsored by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS). The 2022 judges are yet to be confirmed.


Imison Award: Sophia A Jackson, Society of Authors, at sjackson@societyofauthors.org

Tinniswood Award: Theo Jones, Society of Authors, at tjones@societyofauthors.org

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A summary of past Imison winners is shown below. Note that 2016 is not missing; there was a change in the way the year was worked out.

2021 Maynard, by Fraser Ayres
2020 Bathwater, by Vicky Foster
2019 Of A Lifetime, by Lulu Raczka
2018 The Book of Yehudit, by Adam Usden
2017 Comment is Free, by James Fritz
2015 Thirty Eggs, by Eoin O'Connor
2014 How To Say Goodbye Properly, by E.V.Crowe
2013 The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman, by Joseph Wilde
2012 Do You Like Banana, Comrades? by Csaba Székely
2011 Amazing Grace, by Michelle Lipton
2010 The Road Wife, by Eoin McNamee
2009 Girl from Mars,by Lucy Caldwell
2008 Adam Beeson, for The Magician's Daughter
2007 Mike Bartlettt, for Not Talking
2006 Nazrin Choudhury, for Mixed Blood
2005 Steve Coombs, for Mr. Sex
2004 Stephen Sharkey, for All You on the Good Earth
2003 N.Leyshon & S. McAnena for Milk; Celia Bryce for The Skategrinder
2002 Rhiannon Tise, for The Waltzer
2001 Murray Gold, for Electricity
2000 Peter Morgan, for A Matter of Interpretation
1999 Ben Cooper, for Skin Deep
1998 Katie Hims, for Earthquake Girl
1997 John Waters, for Holy Secrets (jt); Rosemary Kay, for Wilde Belles
1996 Lee Hall, for I Love You Jimmy Spud
1995 Gerry Stembridge, for Daisy the Cow who Talked (jt) and James Stock, for Kissing the Gargoyle
1994 Gabriel Gbadamosi, for The Long Hot Summer of '76


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