Imison Award 1995

THE QUEEN OF REVENGE (jt. winner '95) Swedish radio drama from Finland (Drottningen av Hämnd) won The Richard Imison Newcomers Award at the 1995 Prix Futura in Berlin. Written and directed by Tove Granqvist; Audio director Niko Ingman, Recording by Ari Mursula, English translation by Lotte Troupp. The subject of Tove Granqvist's first radio play is bullying. It is cruelly poetical, funny and and grotesque.

DAISY THE COW WHO TALKED (jt. winner '95)
90 min, Saturday Play, 15.10.94, with Gerard McSorley; dir. Pam Brighton. Sitting in Dublin, months after, a tribunal investigates corruption within the meat industry in Ireland. The department of Agriculture desperately need to do a cover up job. The border has been an open invitation to skulduggery, corrupt vets, disguised abattoirs. Tom Doherty, a young civil servant is sent to investigate the border area. He can make no sense of any of it until he meets and gradually falls in love with Daisy - a gentle and sweet natured cow...

KISSING THE GARGOYLE (jt. winner '95)
By James Stock....

Obviously something not quite right with this page .... there weren't three joint winners. Anyone able to sort out the confusion?

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