Red Fleshed and other Apples, Göttingen, 2011 update

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page 2: more seedlings and pictures, Oct 08
page 3: more seedlings and pictures, Nov 09
page 4: update, Oct 2011

Some recent pictures:

1. "Blackflesh", the deepest coloured redfleshed seedling so far from Malus Geneva. The fruit are slightly smaller than golf balls. The tree is slender and healthy. These fruit are packed with anthocyanins, though the vitamin C level is quite low (approx 3 mg per 100 g fruit). Flavour strong and very slightly bitter.


2. Good flavoured wild seedling near Gottingen Botanical Garden; does not brown on cutting; good crisp texture and good flavour; very white flesh. Vitamin C level approx 3 mg per 100g fruit. Dense flesh; keeps well until late December.


3. Malus "Beinrode". Apples have concentrated, very slightly tart flavour; quite sweet, pleasant and rather 'meaty; some pink pigmentation to flesh, high vitamin C (10 mg per 100g fruit); attractive red blossom. The apples are golf-ball sized and go well in a mix of other apples or fruit.

The tree is slow-growing and is a good miniature ornamental with reddish-bronze young leaves going progressively greener through the season. It also grows well in a pot. High branch density.

The second picture shows 'beienrode' next to the much larger 'breunsdorfer'.

..... .....

4. Malus 'Mary', found growing wild near Göttingen. Dark pigmentation, good flavour, juicy; large fruit.


5. Malus Geneva; large redfleshed apple with good eating quality; the picture shows about 10 kg of fruit, sliced, ready for making an enormous apfelkuchen.


6. Malus Geneva, Mary and Blackflesh, colour comparison. The 'blackflesh' is actually very dark red; the darkest pigmentation we have seen on a Geneva seedling.


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