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I knew virtually nothing of William Trevor's work until Gillian Reynolds' three-hour presentation on BBC7, 24 May 08, to mark his 80th birthday. A quick look on the BBC drama messageboard (thank you, "Angle") revealed the following:

William Trevor celebrated his eightieth birthday on 24 May 2008.

He is a novelist, short-story writer and playwright who has contributed around forty plays to BBC radio drama.

He is an honorary CBE and a Companion of Literature, a member of the Irish Academy of Letters and he edited the Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories. He has won many prizes, including the Hawthornden Prize and the Whitbread Novel Award, and was nominated for the Man Booker Prize in 2002. He won the Giles Cooper Award in 1980 for his play, Beyond the Pale, and in 1982 for Autumn Sunshine.

The Gillian Reynolds programme included the following plays and readings# of short stories: The Dancing Master's Music (1st broadcast 10/06/1997), The Penthouse Apartment (28/07/1998), The Forty-Seventh Saturday# (25/01/1980), Beyond the Pale (08/07/1980), Solitude (25/05/2004) and The John Tusa Interview, excerpts (12/06/2005).

With Prunella Scales, Penelope Wilton, Dorothy Tutin, Denys Hawthorne, Bryan Pringle and Niamh Cusack.

Here's a listing of some of his plays.

This play, by William Trevor (R4, 1415, 3 Jun 13) was about a man returning to rural Ireland after half a lifetime away. He had a high-paid job and lived in the city, but now his father has died and he has come back for the funeral. He has no wife or children, but his brothers and sisters all have families are are fully committed. Who will inherit the farm? If it's him, he has a difficult choice; he may have to live there alone because there's no way his girlfriend will agree to such an isolated existence. Damien Moloney played Paulie, along with Fionnula Flanagan, Peter Gowen and Deirdre Donnelly. The producer was Gemma McMullan. ND, Diversity Website review, Sept 2013.

Sacred Statues....2010
R4, 22 May 2010. Saturday play, adapted by William Trevor from one of his short stories. A sculptor with no regular work and no prospects struggles to support himself and his pregnant wife. He's forced to take on labouring jobs. However, his wife has an idea which might enable him to earn a living in the way he wants. 55m. With Eileen Walsh, Gary Lydon, Judy Parfitt, Ger Ryan, Kieran Lagan, Adam Maul, David Best. Producer Gemma McMullan.

Saturday play. 16 Nov 02. Vilana's parents protected her from the consequences of an event she caused as a child. Now she needs to find someone who will listen to her story.

The Property of Colette Nervi....1999
Afternoon play, 15 Apr 99. By William Trevor, dramatised from his short story. When a visiting French woman's necklace and handbag disappear, it has considerable repercussions for a small rural Irish community in the late 60s. With Trudy Kelly, Marcella Riordan and Don Wycherley. Director Roland Jaquarello.

The Penthouse Apartment ....1998
28 July 98. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell. A shy spinster leads a quiet life - until she is invited to visit the opulent home of her neighbours. With Dorothy Tutin, Bryan Pringle and Ada Russo. Director Enyd Williams.

The Dance Master's Music....1997

Mr. McNamara....1995
Afternoon play, 2 Jan 95.

Events at Drimaghleen....1989
22 Dec 89

Running Away ....1988
05/12/88, Monday play.

Events at Drimlagheen....1988
Afternoon play, 30 Oct 88.

The News from Ireland ....1986
Monday Play, 13/10/86.

The Blue Dress....1985
Afternoon play, 16 Mar 85.

The Mark 2 Wife....1983
Meg Davies/William Fox.

Autumn Sunshine....1982
Afternoon play, Nov 82. Giles Cooper award. Repeated on R4 in 1986 and on BBC7 about twenty years later.

Matilda's England ....1981
05/01/81, Monday play.

Beyond The Pale....1980
Prunella Scales/Sylvia Coleridge/Maurice Denham. 14.12.1980. Afternoon play. Giles Cooper Award. Not a lot seems to happen, but emotion seethes and bubbles beneath the surface.

The Forty-Seventh Saturday....1980

Attracta ....1979
12/02/79, Monday play.

Scenes From An Album....1975
John Rowe/Sheila Grant/Elizabeth Proud/Gudrun Ure. 5.10.1975. Afternoon play; 29.9.75 Monday play, rpt. 6.2.78..

The Little One....1973
William Templeton Richard Pearson/Jo Manning Wilson/Carol Martin/Margaret Robertson. 25.3.1973. Afternoon play.

A Perfect relationship....1973

The Boarding House ....1971
14.6.1971, Monday play.

Going Home....1970

The Penthouse Apartment....1968
16 Aug 68.

The Original Sin of Edward Tripp....1967

The Old Boys....1967

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compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website, mainly from information supplied by Roger Bickerton.

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