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Viv Groskop is a British journalist, writer, dramatist and stand-upcomedian. She has written for The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Evening Standard, The Observer, Mail on Sunday and Red magazine, and has appeared on a number of Radio 4 programmes including Front Row, Saturday Review, Saturday Live, Woman’s Hour and Quote Unquote. She writes on arts, books, popular culture and current affairs, but most importantly from our point of view she writes radio drama.

Viv speaks Russian and is a Trustee of Pushkin House, the independent centre for Russian culture in London.


24 Jul 20: What He Would Have Wanted
By Viv Groskop; a sequel to 'Twelve Weeks', set during the pandemic. Caroline had an affair with Jen's husband, and it ended their friendship. Now it is a year later. Jen's father has died and Jen's mother is determined that his memorial will prompt a reconciliation. Anne: Barbara Flynn, Jen: Flora Montgomery, Caroline: Jane Slavin, Sorcha: Nimmy March, Geoffrey: Gerrard McArthur. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

6 Mar 20: A Fair Shot
By Viv Groskop. Millionaire business-woman Maria Wild launches a new brand of centrist politics promising a fairer shot for voters and minority parties and is met with a curiously mixed response. Proportional representation. Tamara is Maria’s new speechwriter. She is a former lobby journalist and Parliamentary adviser. She believes she can make Maria into a figure who can galvanise the political system and re-invigorate the centre. Maria …………. Barbara Flynn, Tamara …… Viv Groskop, Nicola …….. Jane Slavin, James ……….. Gerrard McArthur. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan. Indie (Big Fish Productions).

23 Aug 19: Twelve Weeks
By Viv Groskop. Set in an Airbnb in Suffolk, June 2019. The friends from university days are away for a weekend break. They know each other well, but something happens which threatens to wreck the weekend and their friendship. Jen: Flor Montgomery, Anne: Barbara Flynn, Caroline: Jane Slavin, Sorcha: Nimmi March, Will: Oliver Le Sueur, Doctor: Viv Groskop. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

12 Apr 19: Read the Room
By Viv Groskop. Sally seems to have obtained a key role in an important movie trilogy. The producer insists on meeting her in his hotel before confirming the deal. This does not go smoothly. Sally Hall: Melody Grove, Richard Donovan: Tim McInnerny, Kate: Dona Croll, Jack: Owen Findlay, Anna Kane: Rebecca Saire, Maddie: Katy Ellis. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

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