Vegetable Pictures

I am gradually assembling pictures of interest from the vegetable garden. Click on the text to see them:

Beans - seven types; all ready at once: French, Majorcan, climbing and runner
Beans - Majorcan climbing
The pink beans on the right of the picture breed true; the larger ones (white and mottled) have crossed with English runners (Czar) and probably won't.
Broccoli and calabrese
Firm stakes essential: 30 May 04
Broccoli, purple sprouting -you need big plants for a good crop.
Courgette x Pumpkin - texture of pumpkin, flavour of courgette
Courgette x pumpkin, cut through
We planted the seeds from this, but none germinated.
Courgettes - yellow and green types
Cucumber, yellow -milder flavour than the common type.
Cucumbers -sliced, green and yellow
Custard Marrow - with a hint of cross pollination -it's green
Custard Marrow - "Custard White"
Potato, Shetland Black- floury potato with a blue ring under the skin
Potato, Congo Black - the flowers
Oca, tubers

Potato, Maris Piper - the flowers
Potato, seedling - interesting tubers from self pollinated salad blue
Pumpkin, miniature yellow- more a squash than a pumpkin
Squash -Butternut
Excellent flavoured squash which retains texture on cooking.
Squash -Turk's Turban
Another squash which doesn't collapse on cooking.
Tomatoes shaped like bananas
These tomatoes are not so sharp in taste as ordinary red tomatoes.
Tomatoes -"Banana" & "normal"
-showing the relative sizes.
Tomatoes -
- more varieties, all grown in 2003.

Potato flower - Golden Wonder. Other spud flowers on main Potato page.
Runner bean - Painted Lady
Runner bean - Czar
Runner bean - Czar, another blossom picture
Spring onion flower

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