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Trevor Preston trained at the Royal College of Art before becoming a television writer. He wrote for many of the best dramas of the 1970s and 80s, including Ace of Wands, Callan, The Sweeney, Minder, Out and Fox, for which he received a BAFTA in 1981. His film work includes Billy the Kid, the Green Baize Vampire and I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Trevor has also written a number of radio plays, details of which are shown below. His first play for radio, Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood, was broadcast in 2008. It was shortlisted for the Imison Award and received a 'Mental Health in the Media' Award in 2009.


2016-01-22 Because...
By Trevor Preston; psychological thriller. Ruth was a successful investigative journalist until a terrible accident in France. Her physical recovery now takes second place to her need to remember what happened that night. She has to recover her memory. Ruth .....Raquel Cassidy, Dr Quinn .....Caroline Catz, Elsa .....Jasmine Hyde, Bernard .....Stephane Cornicard, Jean .....Chris Pavlo, Farid .....Maximilien Seweryn, Rushmer .....Ewan Bailey, Professor .....Sean Baker, Producer .....Toby Swift.

2014-06-18 Dangerous Visions: The Zone,Episode 1
Dangerous Visions - a series of dramas exploring contemporary takes on future possible dystopias. Trevor Preston's sci-fi crime thriller is set in a world beyond the law. Turner finds himself in the grasp of the criminal elite who control The Zone, and a trade in body parts. Turner .... Ben Crowe, Cage .... Stephen Greif, Hayden .... Michael Bertenshaw, AV .... Elaine Claxton, Ms Iceton .... Jaimi Barbakoff, Girl .... Georgie Fuller, Clive Hayward, David Cann, Matthew Watson, Wilf Scolding, Producer.... Toby Swift.

    2014-06-19 Dangerous Visions: The Zone,Episode 2
    Turner is dragged back into The Zone where his rare abilities place him in great demand but put his life firmly on the line. Cast: as yesterday, plus: Dr Costello .... Sinead Keenan, Hill .... Clare Perkins, Dwoskin .... Clive Hayward, Cliff .... Harry Myers, McClelland .... David Cann, Baaker .... Michael Bertenshaw, Jaimi Barbakoff. Rpt. 28 Sep 16.

2013-01-09 Afternoon Drama: Second Body
Trevor Preston draws on his own experiences as an artist in this thriller. Anna is a painter driven to capture the images of death which fill her dreams. Whose death do they foretell? Anna .... Tara Fitzgerald, Robert .... Raymond Coulthard, Schuman .... Kenneth Collard, Munch .... Ben Crowe, Jacob .... Stephen Greif, Stella .... Liza Sadovy, Mr Otis .... Patrick Brennan, Zelda .... Sarah Thom, Producer .... Toby Swift. Rpt. 7 Jul 15.

    Trevor Preston is a scriptwriter whose work includes thriller and action TV series alongside more experimental work, and he merges these two strands in Second Body. Tara Fitzgerald plays artist Anna, for whom dreams filled with symbols and prophecies seep into the daytime. Beautifully scripted, it is a thriller of the unconscious with more than a touch of Salvador Dali. (.....Moira Petty, early 2013; taken from her radio drama review in "The Stage".)

2011-03-15. Afternoon Drama - Small Acts of Kindness
In the late 1950s Charlie was a violent and uncontrollable entrant to art school. His teacher changed the course of his life. This semi-autobiographical play catches up with Charlie as his mentor's death shifts everything once more. He suddenly re-discovers the passion and energy of his youth. In his late sixties and with his writing career all but dried up, Charlie starts to paint again. He also helps support his contemporaries who have found themselves alienated and impoverished by modern life. Charlie ..... Stephen Greif, Alice ..... Ann Beach, Beth ..... Susan Penhaligon, Annie ..... Joanna Monro, Kass ..... Sean Baker, Charlie at 16 ..... Gethin Anthony, Eliza ..... Sally Orrock, Miss Monnier ..... Christine Kavanagh. Producer: Toby Swift. Rpt 9 Sep 2013.

2008-11-25 Afternoon Play Flaw in the Motor, Dust in the Blood
Drama exploring manic depression. Rpt. 25 Nov 09. Thomas's dreams are like thriller plots, even if his daily life is anything but. His relationship with partner Lizzie reaches crisis point when he tries to steal a lorry to drive a load of supermarket food to Africa. Thomas ...... Rory Kinnear, Dr Klein ...... Susan Engel, Amy ...... Fenella Woolgar, Lizzie ...... Janice Acquah, Peter ...... Paul Rider, Dr Beard ...... Jonathan Tafler, Nita ...... Manjeet Mann, Ratched ...... Inam Mirza, produced by Toby Swift.

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