Tinniswood Award 2024

for plays broadcast from 1 Oct 2022 - 31 Oct 2023



  • Cracking by Shôn Dale-Jones, producer John Norton, BBC Cymru Wales.

    Congratulations to the writer! Well done. ... -ND .

    30 Mar 24 ....

    The shortlist is now out:

  • Cracking by Shôn Dale-Jones, producer John Norton, BBC Cymru Wales.
  • About a Dog by Huw Brentnall, producer Fiona McAlpine, Allegra Productions.
  • Ghosted by Lindsay Sharman, directed by the author for Long Cat Media.
  • Scooters, Shooters and Shottas by John R Gordon, director Rikki Beadle-Blair, Urban Wolf for Team Angelica/The Art Machine.

    6 Mar 24 .... -ND


    17 Aug 23: By Shon Dale-Jones. Shon’s 83-year old mother is waiting for some test results from the hospital so he goes back home to the Isle of Anglesey to visit her. In a moment of joking around, he cracks an egg on his mother's head. All hell is let loose. Internet trolls appear in real life demanding that he stop abusing his mother and get off the island… Performed by Shon Dale-Jones; original music by John Biddle. Violin by Ros Butler. Flute and Piccolo by Lindsay Ellis. Sound design by Cathy Robinson. Directed by John Norton. BBC Wales.

    By Huw Brentnall; his first radio play. This is a comedy set in rural Suffolk in the early noughties. Danny Mouser is always looking out for his wayward cousin, Lee. But one day when he hits a pheasant with his van he sets off a chain of unfortunate events. This is the first of two dramas featuring new voices from East Anglia, and was recorded on location in Suffolk. Danny Mouser ..... Felix Uff, Tracey Mouser.... Henri Merriam, PC Scrivwn ..... Rosie Walker, Lee Fisk ..... Huw Brentnall, Karen..... Sally-Ann Burnett, Pauline Alsop ..... Charlotte Parry, Gerry Alsop ..... Robin Brooks, Councillor ..... David Redgrave, Policeman ..... Ben Elder, Sergeant ..... Dean Parkin, Jade Mouser ..... Francesca Parry. Sound Design by Matthew Valentine and Alisdair McGregor. Produced by Fiona McAlpine. Indie (Allegra).

    By Lindsay Sharman, directed by the author for Long Cat Media. Perched on a rain-battered cliff edge is a former lighthouse; now a charming, boutique hotel. Owner and sole occupant Beth has spent months renovating, absorbing its essence into her bones, preparing for her first guest to arrive. But when they do, to Beth’s horror, it is a figure from a past she has tried to forget. Keira. Face-to-face for the first time in years, the pair must reckon with old mistakes, old grievances. And the lighthouse has a past too. Music, Sound Design and Editing by Laurence Owen. Beth Eyre as Beth, Lucy Roslyn as Keira, Tessa Hatts as Merta, Laurence Owen as Wes.

    By John R Gordon. Untold stories of Black queer lives. This is a curious tale set on a rough council estate in South London; it follows the rowdy antics of Kola, Ranksy and Bunni Boi, who dream of breaking big as grime artists. It gives a voice to the under-represented, including problems faced by the Black LGBTQ+ community. Supported by Arts Council England. Director: Rikki Beadle-Blair, Producer/co-creator: Urban Wolf, Sound Designer: Kayode Gomez. Cast: Kola: Urbain Hayo, Ranksy: Dior Clarke, Bunni Boi: Curtis Lewis, Bigbone / Screw Loose: Romaine Myers, Dunbar: Tristan Jones-Smith, Miz Saltfish / Girl At Party: Jahmila Heath. Hosted on 'Acast'.

    Call for entries – Audio Drama Awards 2024

    Entries are now open for two of the BBC Audio Drama Awards – the Imison and Tinniswood – celebrated annually and administered by the Society of Authors and the WGGB.

    Help us continue to celebrate the best audio drama by sending in your entries for 2023. To be eligible, scripts will have to have been broadcast or made available online in the UK between 1 October 2022 and 31 October 2023.

    Please apply with all supporting materials by Tuesday 4 October 2022.

    Imison Award - £3,000

    Best original script by a writer new to audio drama with the £3,000 prize sponsored by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, the Peggy Ramsay Foundation. The 2023 judges were Committee members of the Society of Authors Scriptwriters Group: David Morley (Chair), Ian Billings, Ben Carpenter, Imogen Church, Trish Cooke, Jamila Gavin, Sean Grundy, Robin Mukherjee, Barney Norris and Rhiannon Tise.

    Tinniswood Award - £3,000

    Best original script of the year with the £3,000 prize sponsored by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS). The 2024 judges are yet to be confirmed. The prize is this year administered by the SoA.

    With thanks to:

    The Peggy Ramsay Foundation which seeks to perpetuate Peggy Ramsay’s ideals, by directly helping dramatists at very different stages of experience in ways which it is determined to keep as quick and unbureaucratic as possible.

    The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS); this is a not-for-profit organisation started by writers for the benefit of all types of writers. Owned by its members, ALCS collects money due for secondary uses of writers’ work. It is designed to support authors and their creativity, to ensure they receive fair payment and see their rights are respected. It promotes and teaches the principles of copyright and campaigns for a fair deal. It represents over 110,000 members, and since 1977 has paid around £500 million to writers (www.alcs.co.uk).


    Imison Award: Sophia A Jackson, Society of Authors, at sjackson@societyofauthors.org

    Tinniswood Award: Theo Jones, Society of Authors, at tjones@societyofauthors.org

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    2023 End of Transmission, by Anita Sullivan
    2022 Blis-ta, by Sonya Hale
    2021 Tristram Shandy: In Development, by Christopher Douglas
    2020 The Hartlepool Spy, by Ian Martin
    2019 When The Pips Stop, by Oliver Emanuel
    2018 Borderland, by Sarah Woods
    2017 Comment is Free, by James Fritz
    2015 Fugue State, by Julian Simpson
    2014 Goodbye, by Morwenna Banks
    2013 Marathon Tales by Colin Teevan and Hannah Silva
    2012 Kafka the Musical by Murray Gold
    2011 Gerontius by Stephen Wyatt
    2010 Ivan and the Dogs by Hattie Naylor
    2009 Goldfish Girl by Peter Souter
    2008 Memorials to the Missing by Stephen Wyatt
    2007 Not Talking by Mike Bartlett and To Be A Pilgrim by Rachel Joyce
    2006 Beast by Nick Warburton
    2005 Norman by Mike Stott
    2004 Killing Maestros by Christopher William Hill

    Note that 2016 is not missing; there was a change in the way the year was worked out.

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