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Timothy is a writer, sound artist, composer and film maker. He has worked with Radio 3 and Radio 4, Bristol Old Vic, Neil Bartlett, Tobacco Factory Theatres, Paines Plough, Arnolfini, Raucous Collective, BAC, Edgar Wright, Channel 4 TV and BBC Film Lab. At the time of writing (2019) he is an artist in residence at Pervasive Media Studios, Watershed. He plays in the radiophonic pop group Angeltech. His afternoon play The Morpeth Carol won the Radio Academy Award for Best Drama 2014. In the past he has toured with the comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams, writing the music for several of their TV and radio projects.


This was another 'Tracks' series by Matthew Broughton; a marathon 9-episode conspiracy thriller (R4, 1415, beginning 1 Nov 18). The writers were Matthew Broughton (eps. 1,2, 5, 8, 9) assisted by Matt Hartley (3), Lucy Catherine (4), Caroline Horton (6) and Timothy Atack (ep. 7). This follows the two previous series, Tracks: Strata (prequel), broadcast 2017, and Tracks: Chimera (2016). The plot: Helen Ash is unlucky enough to witness a disaster: the collapse of a tower block full of people. But before the catastrophe, she sees a man on the roof, waving his arms. Astonishing, after the building has collapsed, the man arises from the debris and rubble and then slowly walks away, apparently unharmed. Shortly afterwards Helen discovers she's pregnant, but she has had no sexual partner in the last 18 months, and there are other surprises. Helen was played by Hattie Morahan, Freddy by Jonathan Forbes, Megan by Zahra Ahmadi and Dr. Grace by Claire Cage. The producer was James Robinson, for BBC Wales. (....ND, Diversity website review, Dec 2018)

2017-09-14 THE BEARD....2017
By Timothy Atack. Thea Collins is one of the most famous film stars in the world but her life implodes when suddenly, almost magically, a beard starts to grow on her face and won't go away. Forced into hiding, she's tracked down by a fan, Sally Martin, who's determined to discover why one of the world's highest-profile stars vanished. Thea Collins ......... Amara Karan, Sally Martin ......... Mandeep Dhillon, Collette Cibulski ......... Amelia Bullmore, Cerys ......... Amelia Bullmore, Kathy Crane ......... Amelia Bulmore, Beauty Therapist ......... Zara Ramm, Some of the music composed by Timothy X Atack. Studio Manager......Iain Hunter. Producer: Alison Crawford.

30 Apr 17: Macbeth
By William Shakespeare. Macbeth .... Neil Dudgeon, Lady Macbeth .... Emma Fielding, Banquo .... Shaun Dooley, Macduff .... Paul Hilton, Weird Sister .... Jane Slavin, Weird Sister .... Carl Prekopp, Weird Sister .... Ayesha Antoine, Duncan .... David Hounslow, Ross .... Ian Conningham, Malcolm .... Alex Waldmann, The Porter .... Carl Prekopp, Lady Macduff .... Anastasia Hille, The Son .... Kasper Hilton-Hille, Murderer .... Stephen Critchlow, Murderer .... Mark Edel-Hunt, Lennox .... David Acton, Siward .... Sam Dale, Donalbain .... Sam Valentine, The Third Apparition .... Rose Hilton-Hille, Music composed by Timothy X Atack. Sound design by Colin Guthrie. Producer: Marc Beeby.

30 Oct 16: The Stroma Sessions [85m]
By Timothy X Atack. Radio 3. Fantasy about four musicians who have disappeared whilst making an album on the Scottish island of Stroma. The Blackletter Quartet want to make music in a ghost town. Stroma was abandoned by its last residents in the early 1960s and its few remaining buildings, battered by winds and the North Sea, stand dilapidated. The tale is told through a series of audio files found on the internet five years after they went missing. Narrator: Colin Salmon, Hilde: Valene Kane, Riley: Rebekah Staton, Sam: Jade Matthew, Telephone man: Timonthy Atack, Nico: David Carlyle. Producer: Nicolas Jackson. This play was shortlisted for the Tinniswood Award 2017.

Book at Bedtime - The Rat King by John Connolly
28 Oct 2016. A retelling of the Pied Piper story. Produced by Mair Bosworth. Read by Peter Marinker. Music by Timothy X Atack.

22:45 - Book at Bedtime: Cookie Jar by Stephen King ....2016
24-26 Oct 2016. By Stephen King, adapted for radio in three parts. Music by Timothy Atack. 'I had sort of a peculiar childhood, because my mother was peculiar. Not outright crazy, but very, very peculiar. Stories were her way of staying sane... A way to cover that hole in reality the way you might cover a well with boards so no one would fall in. But her stories stopped working for her. Because the thing she was afraid of was in the house with her all along.' Cookie Jar is a new short story by Stephen King. It is included in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, published by Hodder. Reader ......... Colin Stinton, Author ......... Stephen King, Abridger ......... Mair Bosworth Producer ......... Mair Bosworth

Book at Bedtime : The Mirror by Kate Mosse
27 Oct 2016. Toussaint. The Eve of All Saints. A time when the veil between our world and the next is as thin as a spider's web. A time when ghosts and unquiet spirits wait in the shadows for the darkness to fall. When night comes, or so it is said, so come they to claim the souls of those destined to die in the coming year. On this day, in the year 1883, in a remote village in the foothills of the Pyrenees, a mother struggles through a long labour to bring her baby into the world. Read by Kate Mosse. Produced by Mair Bosworth. Music by Timothy X Atack.

Vox Humana....2015
17 Jul 15. A short story about the intimate relationship we have with our computers and what they might say if they could talk. A woman lies comatose in a hospital bed. A father yearns to hear his daughter's voice again. A computer begins to find its voice. Reader ......... Neve McIntosh, Writer ......... Timothy X Atack, Producer ......... Mair Bosworth.

Phonophone - 16 Feb 2015
By Timothy X. Atack. A musician is found dead in strange circumstances. How did he die? The only clue is a text message saying 'Phonophone active'. But what is a phonophone?
Original music by Timothy Atack. Danton ......... Priyanga Burford, Stojaspal ......... Erich Redman, Born Electric ......... Mamoru Iriguchi, Renwick ......... Tracy Wiles, Grandma ......... Souad Faress, Muxloe ......... Shaun Mason, Feynman ......... Sam Dale, Laflamme ......... Jane Slavin. Producer ......... Marc Beeby

Afternoon Drama - The Morpeth Carol....2013
by Timothy Atack; his first radio play. 10 Dec 2013. Nine-year-old Harry lives on the edge of a housing estate in an un-named Northern town, a serious and intelligent lad with a troubled mum and dad. Late on Christmas Eve he escapes his rowing parents and ventures out into the night. and on a snow-covered precinct in between high-rises he finds what looks like a crashed sled, burning presents scattered in its wake, and mortally wounded reindeer all around. There's also a very scary looking man, gaunt, unshaven and hooded, who skulks around the crash site, finishing off the dying animals with a shotgun. Producer: Marc Beeby. Cast: Harry .......... Paul Copley, Young Harry .......... Ellis Hollins, The Man .......... Alun Raglan, Yvonne .......... Rachel Davies, Mum .......... Philippa Stanton, Dad .......... Paul Stonehouse, Policeman 1 .......... Matthew Watson, Policeman 2 .......... David Seddon.,

Made in Bristol - Birdsong Man....2012
6 Apr 2012. A specially commissioned sound story read by Paul Mundell. Every morning, out in the forest, an hour before dawn, Birdsong Man fixes microphones to the trees and in between the rocks. And every night, in the lonely hours, he gets a phone call asking for his progress. Who are the recordings for, and why has he been asked to make them? Producer: Sara Davies.

Compiled by ND, Diversity website

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