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A word from Gil Swain

As a recent contributor to the Diversity Website, I suggested that in addition to the work already represented on radio plays and Producer/Directors there should be information about the men and women without whom there would be no Radio Drama, and perhaps no Diversity Website: the cast.

I was invited to set the ball rolling. The major stumbling block was the paucity of information about the actors and actresses who help create these 'Radio Events': plays, features or readings. We discussed how this sorry state of affairs might be remedied.

This will become an ongoing project, but I've written an appetiser in the form of a review where radio drama is combined with folk music and the stuff of legends. This is 'El Gaucho Martin Fierro', a stunning production from forty years ago. Other pages will be listed below as they're compiled.

Gil Swain

The Folk Process 1: 'El Gaucho Martin Fierro'
The Folk Process 2: Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight

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