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Features like Mine....2005

9 January 2005 R3: A new play about a man returning to his home town and re-examining his relationship with his father. It features Jonathan Pryce as Tony, Sue Johnston as Bridget and Tom Bell as Dominic. Directed by Bruce Hyman; produced by Helen Chattwell.

This play was specially written for radio 3 by Ted Whitehead. Most of the action takes place in the downstairs living room of a Liverpool slum, shifting between the fifties and the present day. Memory is keys to the dynamic of the drama, particularly the idea of choosing to forget things which are painful to recall. Tony, played by Jonathan Pryce, is a man in his forties, whose memories of growing up in this house are based around his role as go-between for his parents Bridget and Dominic. They will not speak to each other; they will only communicate through him. There's dark humour at work beneath the emotions which are never quite articulated and the secrets which have been buried for years. An excellent piece of radio drama.( Jane Anderson, paraphrased by N.D.)

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