Stewart Farrar Radio Plays


THE MAZE....1976
28.5.1976, R4. Strange goings-on with mice in mazes. Scientists searching for a new drug discover that what they think to be just an important breakthrough is, in fact, so shattering that they couldn't even contemplate using it. However, one of them does.... with Christopher Cazenove as Douglas Harvey, Frances Jeater as Elizabeth; Bernard Holley as Frank Underwood. Produced and directed by Christopher Venning. Afternoon Theatre. Repeated 21 Apr 78.

25 Sep 75. An astronaut on a lone mission has a specially adapted 'robot' intelligence for compant - the ship's computer. 60m. Afternoon theatre. Christopher is an astronaut on a long-term space-flight. Sophie accompanies him on his journey and between them an interesting relationship develops. But what future could they possibly have together? Sophie is a computer? With Honor Blackman as Sophie and Tony Anholt as Christopher. Music and special sounds by Paddy Kingsland of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Producer Christopher Venning.

Long-running radio series, based on the TV series, from the characters created by A.J.Cronin. Andrew Cruickshank as Dr Cameron, Barbara Mullen as Janet, Bill Simpson as Dr Finlay. Notes for episode of 17 Jan 73: 'Soon or Late', written by Cedric Wallace and Stewart Farrar; ad. by Stewart Farrar. Broadcast by arrangement with Graham Stewart. Producer Trafford Whitelock.

6 x 30m, beginning 17 Jul 71. A serial for radio in six parts with Martin Jarvis and Patricia Gallimore. 'Just think what you have here. Biodar - the first radar in the world, so far as we know, that can pick up sentient life and locate it exactly. It can pin. point a man in thick wood-land.... it can lock on to a hare running across a field ... and male and female can be distinguished with increasing accuracy.' Ep. 1: The Black Arc. Producer: David H Godfrey. ('Genome' says 20 Jul 71).

30m. 8 Sep 70, rpt. 1 Aug 73, 11.30am. Thirty Minute Theatre. When MacKenzie got his car back from the garage in Corinth, nothing appeared different. Nothing anyone would have noticed, anyway. Producer David Geary. Dugald MacKenzie. ..Simon Lack, Paula: Lorna Rosslyn, Bill Thornby: Anthony Brothers, Pierre Lamotte .... John Bentley,Loukia: Margaret Wolfit, Cafe Proprietor.......Hector Ross.

6 x 30m, R2, beginning 9 May 68. 7.45pm, Mondays. A serial in six parts by Stewart Farrar. 1: An Ancient Custom. The observance of an ancient custom in an East Antdian fishing village leads Mark Latimer and John McEwen to suspect that there is more in it than meets the eye. With Denys Hawthorne/John Graham/Victor Lucas/Carol Mason. Produced by Joe Burroughs.

TRAP FOR TWO....1967
45m. 1 Feb 67, Light Programme, 8.15pm. Midweek theatre. With Margaret Robertson/Anthony Jackson. Repeated 19 Nov 69, 8.30pm, R2.

    BBC Genome notes:
    A British student on an exchange scholarship in Europe learns the price of meddling in the politics of a police state. With Margaret Robertson, Anthony Jackson, Frank Henderson , Hilda Schroder, Arthur Lawrence, Basil Jones. Produced by Ronald Mason.

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