Sue Teddern Radio Dramas

1991-07-02, 15-00 SAUCE
Thirty-Minute Theatre, by Sue Teddern. A restaurant critic tries it on with temp secretary while reviewing La Rive restaurant in Shepherd's Bush. Chaos in the kitchen; chef's off sick. Food being prepared by man-eating manageress... Jonathan Fulton: Jack May, Kathy: Avril Clark, Anita: Sue Broomfield, Lucien: Robin Brooks, Producer: Clive Brill.

1997-04-23, My Way, 3: The Gypsy Kings
One package holiday. Two couples. Three's a crowd? Producer: Marion Nancarrow. Pauline: Anita Dobson, Claire: Lisa Coleman, Geoff: Alex Norton, Stewart: Douglas Henshall, Eddie: John Hartley, Donna: Colleen Prendergast, Salvador: Chris Pavlo, Barbara: Zulema Dene, Walter: Robert Harper. Play 2 in this series was 'Sid Vicious' and play 1 remains a mystery - there's a mistake on BBC Genome. Play 3 is listed twice and play 1 is omitted.

1998-04-01, 14-00 Mother's Day: Bag-a-Bagel
The first of four comedies celebrating mothers. When Shirley Silver 's husband walked out on her, he left his mother's bagel recipe behind. Success is the best revenge. Shirley: June Whitfield, Debby: Matilda Ziegler, Merline: Sharon D Clarke, with John Rowe, Rachel Atkin, Gerard McDermott, Jenny Lee, Chandra Ruegg and Brian Parr. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

2-11-98 R3; producer Paul Dodgson; monologue 1 of 5 combining fiction and a news story.

1999-08-04, The Charm Factory, 3: Broken Wings
Four-part drama, set in 1953, following the lives of six students of the Meteor Charm School. Britain's favourite good-time girl, Phyllis Dent , may not be all she appears. Producer: Marion Nancarrow. Irene: Tabitha Wady, Miss Read: Dinah Sheridan, with Luisa Bradshaw-White, Amanda Root, Charlie Simpson, Giles Thomas, David Thorpe, Sean Baker, Eddie Marsan, Peter Gunn and Frances Jeater.

2000-02-04, 11-30: Lucky Heather, 1
Six-part comedy series. Western movie enthusiast Heather is the Sherock Hoimes of the Sutter Estate. With her daughter Natalie and boyfriend Ryan she is determined to help her community. Episode 1: 'For a Few Dollars More. Helping a family with a sick child takes an unexpected turn. Producer: David Hunter, Heather: Lindsey Coulsen, Natalie: Abigail Hart, Ryan: Ben Crome, Maev: Dearbhla Molloy, Lisa: Beth Chalmers, Craig: Tom George.

2000-04-18, From Galway to Graceland
Based on a song by Richard Thompson. In a remote Irish village Marie becomes increasingly fixated with the music of Elvis Presley. One night, after a bitter row, she walks out of her home and sets out on a journey to Graceland. Music composed and performed by Richard Thompson. Rpt.Producer: Paul Dodgson. Marie: Marcella Riordan, Amy: Sharon Holm, Brendan: Struan Rodger, Joseph: Dean Hill, Kate: Clare Cathcart, Rosalie: Beth Porter.

8 May 03 45m; Emma's husband was a "have-a-go hero" when he intervened in a burglary - but he lost his life. When Emma returns to work her friends have no idea of what to say, and she finds herself miserable and lonely. But she meets the uncle of one of her husband's killers quite by chance, and a genuine friendship develops. Producer: Mary Peate Emma: Nicola Stephenson, Ross: Shaun Dingwall, Clare: Clare Corbett, Ken: Laura Doddington, Mina: Priyanga Elan, Ian: Andrew Harrison.

Don't Step On The Cracks....2003
23 June 2003; 15m; Kirsty is going on her first date in years but she steps on a crack on the way to the tube. With Samantha Spiro. (Woman's Hour drama)

2004-02-09, 19-45 Making Hay, 1
1/5. Comedy about the shifting relationships of five friends and family on a 52-mile walking holiday along Offa's Dyke. Day One: Chepstow to Tintern. Producer: Viv Beeby. Gemma: Caroline Harker, Simon: Shaun Dingwall, Laura: Clare Corbett, Mike: Chris Donnelly, Brenda: Katharine Rogers, Gary: Mark Meadows, Waiter: Paul Dodgson. (Woman's Hour drama)

2010-08-23, 10-45 15m drama - Soloparentpals.com: 2/1, A Clean Slate
After a year cyberpals Rosie and Tom still haven't met in the flesh. Rosie discovers that she quite likes her ex's new girlfriend and that Tom has a new love interest. Rosie - Maxine Peake, Tom - Kris Marshall, Tash - Karina Jones, Calum - Thomas Rolinson, Gill - Christine Kavanagh, Barb - Alison Pettitt, Bazz - Sam Dale, Scott - David Seddon. Producer: David Hunter.

2011-10-25, 15m drama - Soloparentpals.com: 3/2, Wedding
Episode 2: After a disastrous and decidedly unromantic weekend away, Rosie is worried that Tom doesn't want her at his ex-wife's wedding. Rosie - Liz White, Tom - Kris Marshall, Tash - Karina Jones Gill. Producer: David Hunter.

2013-03-19, 10-45 15m drama Soloparentpals.com: 4/2 London Calling
Rosie's unexpected redundancy is a blow and means that Tom is forced to look far afield to bring home the bacon. Rosie ....... Liz White, Tom ....... Julian Rhind-Tutt, Tash ...... Karina Jones, Gill ....... Joanna Brookes, Calum ........ Keaton Lansley, Lindsey ....... Philippa Stanton, Producer ...... David Hunter.

2019-09-01, 19-15 Cooking in a Bedsitter
Series 1, Potato Salad. Inspired by Katharine Whitehorn's cookery classic. In this episode, Trisha introduces Deepak to the delights of the British seaside. Trisha.....Beattie Edmondson, Deepak.....Nikesh Patel, June.....Alison Belbin, Len.....John Bowler, Sal.....Catriona McFarlane, Nev.....Gavi Singh Chera, Katharine Whitehorn.....Karen Bartke, Produced by Emma Harding.

2019-09-29, 19-15 Cooking in a Bedsitter
Series 2, Bolognese Cutlets. Romantic comedy. Extracts from Cooking in a Bedsitter are read by Eleanor Bron. Katharine Whitehorn ......... Eleanor Bron, Trisha ......... Beattie Edmondson, Deepak ......... Nikesh Patel, Moira ......... Isabella Inchbald, June ......... Ellie Darvill, Len ......... Rupert Holliday Evans, Malcolm ......... Gary Duncan, Errol ......... Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong. Produced by Emma Harding.

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