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There are three awards: Gold, Silver, Bronze. The awards are for broadcasts the year before...

Note added late 2013.... the Sony Awards have now ceased.



By Ed Harris. Cast: Amanda Root, Ellie Kendrick, Adjoa Andoh, Marlene Sidaway, Simon Wilson, James Lailey, Tracy Wiles. SMs Graham Harper, Peter Ringrose, Alison Craig. BBC Radio Drama London (R4). Producer Jonquil Panting. Wartime thriller set in a Nazi-occupied Britain.


By John Steinbeck, dramatized by Donna Franceschild. Classic Serial. Robert Sheehan, Michelle Fairley Steven McNicoll, Gavin Mitchell, Finn den Hertog, Nicola Jo Cully, Irene MacDougall, Laurie Brown, Nick Underwood, Jimmy Chisholm, James Bryce, Zubin Varla, Melody Grove. SMs Dave Steele, Ross Blackmore, Amir Mirza. BBC Radio Scotland. Broadcast on R4. Producer Kirsty Williams.


By Laura Lomas. Lisa- Christine Bottomly, Claire - Nadine Marshall, Jordan - Cieran Clancy, policeman - Edward Hulme. Producer / director Polly Thomas. Sound Design Eloise Whitmore, Executive Producer Joby Waldman. Indie (Somethin' Else) production.

Also nominated:

By Maxine Peake. Starring Maxine Peake, with Mark Jordon as Charlie Burton, Sydney Wade as young Beryl Burton, Sophie Downham, John Hollingworth, Tony Pitts, with the real Charlie Burton & Denise Burton Cole. Production team: Eloise Whitmore - Location Sound Engineer, Sound Designer and Editor; Justine Potter - Producer Director; Melanie Harris - Executive Producer; Jeremy Howe - Commissioner R4 Drama .Indie (Savvy) production. R4.

By Nick Warburton. Cast: Adam Nagaitis & Nicola Walker, Lizzy Watts & Ben Crowe, Anton Lesser & Iain McKee, Don Gilet & Sam Dale, Tim McInnerny & Lesley Sharp, Amaka Okafor & Tracy Wiles. Paul Arnold - Producer/Director and Sound Design; Richard Culver - Executive Producer; Katy Hubbard - Editor. R4 & R4 Extra.



By Tony Pitts.Cast: Tony Pitts - Writer / Director / Features as himself, Adam Gillen - Liam, Maxine Peake - Michelle, Hannah Kew - Belinda, Dominic Brunt - Dave, Joanne Mitchell - Kay , Gwyneth Powell - Nanna , Isabelle Sykes - Josephine, Sally Harrison - Producer, Beverley Dixon - Production Manager, Marilyn Imrie - Executive Producer. Indie (Woolyback Productions). R4.


By Peter Blegvad, who also narrated. Harriet Walter, David Horovitch. Iain Chambers - Producer. Alan Hall - Executive Producer. Indie (Falling Tree Productions). R3.


By Charles Dickens, dramatized by Mike Walker. Robert Lindsay, Jonathan Coy, Alison Steadman, Karl Johnson, Lydia Wilson, Andrew Scott, Paul Ready, Clive Merrison, Carl Prekopp, James Lailey, Tracy Wiles, Gerard McDermott, Simon Bubb, Adjoa Andoh, Daniel Cooper, Paul Moriarty, Adam Billington, Christopher Webster, Rikki Lawton, Alex Rivers, Francine Chamberlain. Lennert Busch - Composer. Anne Bunting - Studio Manager. Jessica Dromgoole and Jeremy Mortimer - Producer/Directors. BBC Radio Drama London. R4.

Also nominated:

Robin Lustig, Jana Carpenter, Jim Libby, Matt Bannister, Tom Salinsky, Deborah Frances, Jessica Pidsley, Jessica Regan, Gary Turner. Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Music. Alisdair McGregor - Sound Design. Julian Simpson - Writer/Director. Karen Rose - Writer/Producer . Rosalynd Ward - Executive Producer. Indie. (Sweet Talk Productions). R4

By Katherine Jakeways. Sheila Hancock - Narrator, Penelope Wilton - Mary, Felicity Montagu - Jan, Geoffrey Palmer - Norman, Kevin Eldon - Jonathan/ Ken, Mackenzie Crook - Rod, Katherine Jakeways - Esther/ Jacqui, with Jessica Henwick, Rufus Wright, John Biggins, Lizzie Roper as Helen, Frank, Keith, Angela. Ben Walker - Sound Editing & Music Composition. Toby Tilling - Production Co-ordinator. Victoria Lloyd - Producer. BBC Radio Comedy, R4.


EVERY CHILD MATTERS - BBC Radio Drama Manchester for BBC Radio 4

IN FOR A PENNY - Tempest Productions for BBC Radio Scotland

MURDER IN SAMARKAND - Greenpoint Films for BBC Radio 4

RIP BOY - Red Production Company for BBC Radio 4

The RECORDIST - BBC Bristol for BBC Radio 4

Gold: Every Child Matters
BBC Radio Drama Manchester for BBC Radio 4.

By Christopher Reason. The second of two linked dramas about a fictional high profile court case. In the first play, Deborah Hurst has been tried and convicted of an offence under the Protection of Children Act 1978 - allowing her daughter Paige to dance semi-naked on the internet for paedophiles. A probation officer conducts his assessment of her.

The second linked drama dealing with the fall out of the case of Debbie Hurst who was vilified as the most repulsive woman in Britain for allowing her ten year old daughter to dance semi-naked on the internet for paedophiles. Six months ago, Joanne found herself at the centre of a major scandal. Her client Debbie Hurst was caught exhibiting her ten year old daughter over the internet to paedophiles. Joanne was suspended on full pay, pending a disciplinary tribunal. But then worse, much worse, her name and identity were leaked to the press and she found herself in tabloid hell. Today, the client is back in court for sentencing. She will probably get at least eight years. Joanne.....Sarah Lancashire, David.....George Costigan, Producer: Gary Brown. Production Coordinator: Sarah Kenny. Studio Manager: Steve Brooke.

Silver: Murder In Samarkand
By David Hare. Made by Greenpoint Films for Radio 4. Director: Clive Brill, producer Ann Scott. With David Tennant.

Bronze: RIP Boy
By Neil McKay. Producer and Director: Melanie Harris. Executive Producer: Nicola Shindler. Executive Producer: Katy Jones Indie (Red Production Company) for BBC Radio 4.

Also nominated:

THE RECORDIST, by Sean Grundy, BBC Radio 4.... Stuart: John Gordon Sinclair , Penny: Sharon Horgan, Ren: Gemma Jones, Neil: Ed Weeks, Reese: Fergus Craig, Munro: Nick Mohammed, Penny's Mum: Phyllida Nash. Director: Alison Crawford. Script Editor: Abigail Youngman. Sound Design: Mike Burgess. Editor (A&M Bristol): Clare McGinn. BBC Bristol.

IN FOR A PENNY, by The Reynolds Brothers, BBC Radio Scotland. Producer: Dominic Reynolds , Executive Producer: Jeff Zycinski, with Joe McFadden, Shauna MacDonald, Helen McAlpine, Kenny Blyth. Indie (Tempest Productions).




Producer: Steven Canny
Writer: Jack Thorne
Broadcast Assistants: Nicole Fitzpatrick & Lesley Allan
Studio Managers: Cal Knightley & Martha Littlehailes
Broadcast on Radio 3.


Executive Producers: Jeremy Skeet & Marion Nancarrow
WNYC Co Producer: Chris Bannon
New York Producer: David Rapkin
Casting Directors: Janet Foster & Kim Moarefi
Sound Design: Steve Bond
Research: Andy Blackman
Production Assistant: Lucy Howe
Writer: Matthew Solon
Producer/Director: John Dryden
BBC World Service Drama by Goldhawk Essential Productions.


Producer: Toby Swift
Writer: Nick Perry
Actors: Ivan Kaye & Edward Hogg

An amazing piece of science fiction. Radio 4.

Producer: Kirsty Williams
Playwright: Oliver Emanuel
Head of Radio Drama: Patrick Rayner
BBC Radio Scotland

Producer: Marc Beeby
Author: William Boyd
Dramatist: Melissa Murray
Actors: Eileen Atkins & Fenella Woolgar
Broadcast on Radio 4


Gold: Mr Larkin's Awkward Day

Silver: The Color Purple

Bronze: Goldfish Girl

Mr Larkin's Awkward Day
Producer: Steven Canny
Writer: Chris Harrald
Broadcast Assistant: Luke Fresle
Actors: Adrian Scarborough, Anne Reid, Lynne Verrall, Alan Williams, Stephen Critchlow, John Rowe, Dan Starkey, Helen Longworth, Ben Crowe & Chris Pavlo

Assured direction, excellent performances and concise, skilfully-researched writing. A single, seemingly insignificant incident in the life of Philip Larkin brought out the humanity and humour of a poet whose personal life is not commonly associated with either.

The Color Purple
Producer/ Director: Pauline Harris
Dramatist: Patricia Cumper
Writer: Alice Walker
Actors: Nadine Marshall, Nikki Amuka Bird, Eammon Walker & Nina Sosanya
Sound: Anne Bunting & Eloise Whitmore
Broadcast Assistant: Tahira Dar
Production Assistant: Lucy Collingwood
Composer of Shug's Song: Matthew Wood
Music Consultant: Philip Tagney
Commissioning Editor: Jeremy Howe

Although it has already existed as a novel and a film, this audio production added new dimensions and fresh insights to a familiar story. An unsentimental script hit home time and again without preaching or lapsing into sentimentality; the skill and subtlety of the performances made the judges forget they were listening to actors; the masterly atmospherics and the subtle use of period music were all fused into a brilliant production which argued that radio was, all along, the natural home for this story.

Goldfish Girl
Writer: Peter Souter
Producer: Gordon House
Broadcast Assistant: Jenny Mendez
Actors: Juliet Stevenson & Alex Jennings

Two actors, one setting, 45 minutes this play had all the ingredients and strengths of the best traditional radio drama and exploited them to the full. One listener posted this on the Radio 4 Message Board and the judges could only agree. This was a perfect two-hander . . . immaculate script, great direction, intelligent and perceptive writing. I have tears in my eyes. it was just so beautiful and harrowing at the same time. I wish that every play could smack you across the face like this one did. Wonderful.

ND summary: Frightening evocation of what memory loss can do. Ally and Joe were married; she cannot remember him. She asks who her friends are, and why they never visit; he says 'they do'. Two-hander with Juliet Stevenson and Alex Jennings. There is an earlier play on the same topic: "Deficits", by Derek Lister, a Monday Play broadcast 2 May 94, R4.

Producer: Polly Thomas
Writer: Dan Rebellato
Studio Managers: Steve Brooke, Paul Cargill & Katie Bilboa
Broadcast Assistant: Sarah Kenny
Actors: Frances Grey, Jeff Hordley, Graeme Hawley, David Harewood & Kevin Harvey

A bold central conceit, fraught with potential difficulties, was skilfully negotiated by both the production team and the performers to create a breathtaking listen. The gradual revelation of the plot was well-paced, the tone expertly judged, and the ultimate, (and we mean ultimate) climax was genuinely terrifying. Special mention should be made of the ear-boggling sound design in this production.

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
Author: Robert Tressell
Adaptor: Andrew Lynch
Producers: Johnny Vegas & Rebecca Pinfield
Director: Dirk Maggs
Cast: Andrew Lincoln, Johnny Vegas, Timothy Spall, Paul Whitehouse, Shirley Henderson, Bill Bailey, Raquel Cassidy, Kevin Eldon, Gwyneth Powell, Philip Jackson, Tom Goodman-Hill, Tony Haygarth, Emma Fryer, Rupert Degas, Des O'Malley, Tony Pitts, Andrew Langtree, Steven Radford, Jake Pratt, Robert Madge, Yasmin Garrad & John Prescott MP

A first-rate adaptation of a much-loved novel, this production impressed the judges with its meticulous attention to detail, the large, high-profile casts ensemble work, and its refusal to allow the original story's strong political message to dominate the powerful human themes (and humour) it contains.

ND comment....based on the well-known novel by Robert Tressell (18701911), published posthumously in 1914. Robert Tressell was the pseudonym of Robert Noonan, who chose the surname Tressell in reference to the trestle table, an important part of his kit as a painter and decorator. Based on his own experiences of poverty, exploitation, and his fear of being sent to the workhouse if he became ill, Tressell wrote a scathing 1600-page satire on the relationship between working-class people and their employers. The "philanthropists" of the title are the workers who, in Tressell's view, acquiesce in their own exploitation. (more to this review - click here )



Q & A

Writer: Ayeesha Menon / Vikas Swarup, Assistant Director: Tasneem Fatehi, Composer: Sacha Puttnam, Sound Designer: Nick Russell-Pavier, Production Manager: Nadir Khan.

Cast: Anand Tiwari, Sohrab Ardeshir, Henry Goodman, Caran Arora, Rajit Kapur, Radhika Apte, Nadir Khan, Radhika Mital, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Ashley Cook, Rohit Malkani, Ayeesha Menon, Kenneth Desai, Pooja Ruparel, Armaan Malik, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Jaimini Pathak, Trikash Karkera, Devika Shahani-Punjabi, Pushan Kripalani.

Editor: Jeremy Howe , Director / Producer: John Dryden.

The panel thought this an outstanding serial, praising in particular the originality of the subject matter. The adaptation, performances, the adroit mix of contemporary and traditional themes, the surprises and the cliffhangers made this a superb piece of radio entertainment.

Goldhawk Essential Ltd for BBC Radio 4.


Memorials to the Missing

Director: Martin Jenkins, Writer: Stephen Wyatt.

Cast: Anton Lesser, Michael Maloney, Keith Drinkel, Teresa Gallagher, Sophie Roberts, Karl Davies, Alex Wyndham & Ben Crowe. Actuality Producer: Angela Hind, Production Assistants: Joanna Green & Emma Davis, Production Manager: Jane Ellison, Studio Manager: David Thomas, Commissioning Editor: Jeremy Howe, Executive Producer: Peter Hoare.

Powerful, moving, informative and uplifting were just some of the adjectives used to describe this beautifully assured production. The various strands of the drama were masterfully woven together, forming an utterly original treatment of an unjustly-neglected aspect of Remembrance Day.

Pier Productions for BBC Radio 4. See Stephen Wyatt page.


Blood Wedding

Producer/Director: Pauline Harris, Writer: Federico Garcia Lorca, Adaptor: Ted Hughes.

An atmospheric re-working of Lorca's classic drama by Ted Hughes, brilliantly acted, recorded and directed. This was a Rolls-Royce production everything about it shouted quality.

BBC Radio Drama for BBC Radio 3


Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf

Writer / Performer: Toby Hadoke, Producer / Director: Paul Hardy, Studio Managers: Paul Cargill & Denise Else, Broadcast Assistant: Sally Harrison.

Cast: Toby Hadoke, James Quinn, Louise Jameson, Colin Baker, Rebecca Ridgeway, Alfie Joey, Ashley Margolis, Niall Shepherd & George Weaver.

This was a funny, warm and original drama, even for those who can't see what all the Doctor Who hype is about. The judges were also mindful that a small budget had not been an obstacle to producing an excellent piece of radio.

BBC Radio Entertainment for BBC7

The Veldt

Director/Producer: Judith Kampfner, Writer : Ray Bradbury, Adaptor: Mike Walker. ..An excellent piece of drama in a genre surprisingly under-represented in radio schedules given its popularity. The judges were particularly impressed by the sound design, and by the scary atmosphere the cast and director managed to create and sustain. See Ray Bradbury page for details.

The Corporation for Independent Media for BBC Radio 4


Breakfast with Mugabe
A Royal Shakespeare Company Production by Catherine Bailey Ltd, for BBC Radio 3.

In Search of Oldton
Broadcast on Radio 4.

Broadcast on Radio 4

The Cairo Trilogy
Dramatised by John Dryden as the Classic Serial. Goldhawk Essential Productions for Radio 4.

True West
Broadcast on Radio 3.

Above information sent to me by Clive lever - thanks, Clive.


Friday Play about events in Vietnam 30 years ago. The jury found it "compelling drama, beautifully written, performed and produced". Not really true - it was a monologue, delivered by Sigourney Weaver, and she played a hospital nurse trying to patch up men who had been subjected to unspeakable brutality. There was nothing left to the imagination, and I can see why the production won an award. But is it entertainment? The events described were utterly vile.

Jonathan Coe's cult novel, adapted by David Nobbs, is a black comedy inspired by the immorality, greed and ambition of 1980s Britain.

Michael ...... Robert Bathurst
Fiona ...... Fiona Allen
Hortensia/Tabitha ...... Flaminia Cinque
Mortimer ...... Charlie Higson
Alice ...... Lucy Punch
Pyles ...... Jeff Rawle
Michael's Mum ...... Geraldine McNulty
Lawrence/Waiter ...... Gus Brown
Produced by Lucy Armitage.

The judges reckoned that the production conveyed a sense of fun and audio cartoon.

Friday Play. By Rony Robinson. With original songs by Sally Goldsmith.

From the winners of the Stronger Than Fiction Writing competition, a drama about love among the elderly in a residential home - inspired by true stories. The play features original songs, also created from real stories and the words of older people in care.

Paul ...... Richard Wilson
Mo ...... Barbara Marten
Kate ...... June Broughton
Bob ...... Peter Martin
Singers ...... Violetta Hall, Roa Allender, Joan Crookes, Jill Elke, Monica Mellor, Jim Russell and Tony Smith

Music arranged and performed by Val Regan.

The judges mentioned a good performance by Richard Wilson. I'd go along with this, but the supporting cast were good too.

HITLER IN THERAPY (World Service)-a play drawing on psychoanalysis, history, memory and fantasy, set in London in the 80s and Germany in the 30s.

Mammoth serial (Proust), dram. by Michael Butt. Easier to get into than the books.




11 Jan 04. Indie (Catherine Bailey).

By Neil Brand. 30 Jul 04.

Positive Impact in conjunction with Angela Heslop; BBC Radio Merseyside.

Drama on 3, 14 Mar 03. Indie (Catherine Bailey).


Information missing at present.


Gold: RUNT, by Michael Phillip Edwards prod. M.Nancarrow, WS
Silver: AUTUMN JOURNAL, by Louis MacNeice, prod. Susan Roberts, R4
Bronze: CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO FLY, by Sarah Daniels; prod. Sally Avens, R4
4th & 5th: CARANDIRU by Jeff Young and MILOSEVIC by Peter Morgan, both R4

RUNT A Jamaican-American black man believes he is the runt of his family. Written and performed by Michael Edwards, this is an autobiographical account of the struggles between him and his father.

The father is the pack leader, assertive, woman-hater; he believes that laziness is the root of all evil. Despite his father's abuse, the son cannot hate, fight or confront him.

The play was recorded in Los Angeles and it's also been made into a film, released in 2004.

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Gold:A WOMAN IN WAITING, by ??? prod. ???, R4
Silver: DEAR DOCTOR GOEBBELS, by Neville Smith, prod. ???, R4
Bronze: BLUNT SPEAKING, ???; prod. ???, R4, Piers Productions
4th & 5th: ??

In Dear Dr. Goebbels, by Neville Smith (R4, 1415, 30 Nov 01), something of Goebbels' private life is revealed. Most people have never heard of Morgenstein, but he was offered an honour by Churchill (which he refused because his boss was not offered one) on the strength of the little ditty he wrote making fun of the Nazi leadership and their unfortunate medical conditions, sung by squaddies to the tune of "Colonel Bogey":

Hitler, has only got one ball
Goering, has two but very small
Himmler has somthing similar
But poor old Goebbels has no balls at all
....(ND, VRPCC newsletter)

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Gold:ALPHA, by Mike Walker prod. Gordon House, WS and R4
Silver: CRUSH, by Gill Adams, prod. Lucy Baldwyn, R3
Bronze: MAN IN SNOW, by Israel Horovitz; prod. Ned Chaillet, R4
4th & 5th: DOROTHY, A MANAGER'S WIFE by P.Tinniswood and LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS by Ben Zephaniah, both R4

Alpha by Mike Walker (R4, 2102, 6 Jul 02) made a superb Friday Play: a scientist has built a computer so all-knowing that it appears to have an independent life of its own. In comes the representative of organised religion (David Calder as Father Marquez) to put an end to it. A predictable church response, perhaps. A few centuries ago the established church ordered the bones of John Wycliffe to be dug up and burned because he made the bible intelligible to ordinary people. One wonders what church leaders of today might do if computers became intricate enough to offer advice on moral dilemnas. With computer memory doubling every eighteen months we might not have long to wait. This was another first class play directed by Gordon House.

A portrayal of teenage pregnancy. With Lucy Beaumont. Vivid, lifelike, completely believable.

A moving and evocative picture of a man's journey towards death. With Israel Horovitz, Marcia Warren. SMs Peter Ringrose, Anne Bunting & Lee Sparey. Dir. Ned Chaillet.

Dir. Enyd Williams; with Pauline Collins, Timothy West and David Thorpe. See Peter Tinniswood page. (Radio-LISTS-Peter Tinniswood)

Abuse in the home - a disadvantaged youth finds that the only way out is through his football...with James Smith, Charlie Ryan, Flo Wilson, Burt Caesar.

.........Many thanks to Richard Lake who corrected a number of errors on the page and added information for 2005..........ND

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