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Simon Passmore is a lecturer at Westminster University, London, in the School of Arts. He is a teacher of screenwriting and film producing but has been a writer, producer, and script editor across a range of industry structures in the UK. These include the BBC’s drama department, where he was a script editor and subsequently a producer of drama series, serials, and films. Later, with Channel 4 and ITV, he worked as an independent drama producer and as the proprietor of a small production company. He has worked for other production companies as freelance screenwriter, producer, and drama executive.

At the time of writing, Simon has written six radio plays which have been broadcast by the BBC.

He teaches film production and screenwriting to undergraduates. He recently completed a PhD at Lancaster entitled 'Screenplays: Writing, Discourse, and Process'.


2015-03-11 Earworm
By Simon Passmore. Given to job of producing an item for a television show about Britain's worst film director, researcher Mia goes in search of the fabled horror film Earworm, a video nasty, and its creator. There are rumours of cast and crew suffering unexplained accidents. The film's director disappeared after destroying all known copies of the film. Mia .......... Chloe Pirrie, Josh .......... Shaun Mason, James .......... Justin Salinger, Lena .......... Jane Slavin, Charlie .......... Ian Conningham, Craig .......... David Acton, Lois .......... Bettrys Jones, Bookseller .......... Paul Heath, Producer of the play within the play .......... Jude Akuwudike, Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

2013-01-11 - Saturday Drama - Going to Ground
By Simon Passmore, 60m. Set in Kent in 1940. England is on full alert in anticipation of a German invasion. As church bells sound the alarm, a secret resistance unit springs into action. The drama follows the exploits of an English guerrilla unit trained to make things as difficult as possible for the German invasion force. The existence of these covert Auxiliary Units during World War II only became widely known in the 1990s. They used patrols of 4 to 8 men, who had orders to disappear as soon as the bells sounded. Southern England had dozens of secret underground bunkers which served as their bases. The men were trained and equipped with the best guerrilla weapons available, and their orders were to sabotage and snipe at the invading army and to gather information on troop movements. They operated in total secrecy and isolation, and their official life expectancy was worked out to be 14 days. Shrubb ........... Ivan Kaye, Turle ........... Anthony Flanagan, Pye ........... Rupert Evans, Jarvis ........... Guy Henry, Davie ........... Joshua Jenkin, Ann ........... Alison Pettitt, Lucy Pye ........... Christine Kavanagh, Station Master ........... Sam Dale. Producer... Toby Swift.

2010-12-07 23:00 - The Phone - The Patient
One of a series of late night thrillers, each connected by a mysterious mobile 'phone. A doctor's night-time calls are sent off-course when she starts receiving messages from a former patient. Kate . . . . . Lucy Akhurst, Craig . . . . . Philip Jackson, The Patient . . . . . Sally Orrock, The Man . . . . . Sean Baker, Radio Control . . . . . Claire Harry. Sound Design by Peter Ringrose. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

2010-07-10 - Friday Drama - Leverage
By Simon Passmore, 60m. Thriller. A city banker is found dead in an opulent apartment. At the funeral, his former girlfriend Helen is unexpectedly questioned about when she last saw him. Did he mention computer files, or give her anything as a keepsake? Helen's suspicions mount as she retraces his last movements. Her discoveries put her in the firing line. Helen . . . . . Claire Foy, David . . . . . Blake Ritson, Mark . . . . . Charlie Cox, Kendra . . . . . Sally Orrock, Clare . . . . . Joanna Monro, Jamie....Nyasha Hatendi, Ray . . . . . Sean Baker, Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko. Rpt. 20 Jul 2012.

2009-06-29 Accomplices
Thriller by Simon Passmore. What would you be prepared to do to escape the grind of a life going relentlessly downhill? For former City lawyer Alice, the price is getting higher by the minute. Alice ..... Claudia Harrison, Hattie ...... Emily Joyce, Patrick ...... Stephen Hogan, Marcy ...... Lizzy Watts, Stone ...... Paul Rider. Directed by Toby Swift.

2008-01-29 Offshore
Thriller by Simon Passmore. Chris and Sam cruise out of Poole Harbour in a borrowed luxury motor yacht looking forward to a trip across to France for dinner and returning the following day. But their idyllic weekend turns into a nightmare. Chris ...... Richard Lintern, Sam ...... Nadine Marshall, Finn ...... Damian O'Hare. Not sure of producer; possibly Toby Swift?

Compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website, with help from Norman Milburn.

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