American Apples - Red Fleshed

Also known as Bill's Redflesh / Firecracker. Cortex wood is dark red; leaves predominantly red. Bright red blossom, fading to pink after about two days. The tree is vigorous and healthy; none of the problems which one often associates with red fleshed apples (scab, dieback, susceptible to mites, etc).

C.P. adds:
Bill's Redflesh (Scarlet Surprise) is surprisingly small and ripens in July/August. After reading so much about it in Stark Brothers literature I thought it might be special. It's certainly a case of good marketing.

Tasting notes - quite similar to 'Discovery' in flavour. Does not keep; at its best it is tart (like most early apples), refreshing, juicy, and has good texture and hints of berries and strawberrry. Browns rapidy on cutting, so is probably a low vitamin C variety. Crops quite well every year. The first of mine was ready on 31 July (pictured). The fruit keeps for about a week.

Other notes - the growth is extremely healthy and vigorous. I have tried breeding with this apple but the pollen does not appear to be very viable, the seedlings obtained are frequently weak. However the pip count is quite high so it's unlikely to be triploid.

scarlet surprise blossom.... scarlet surprise blossom.... scarlet surprise fruit, 31 Jul 2010....

scarlet surprise apple.... scarlet surprise apple blossom....

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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