Radio 4's Saturday Playhouse, 1990-1998

Saturdays, 2:30 PM, BBC Radio 4, 90 minutes (except where noted

Format: Title Author(s)/Adapter(s) Airdate/Airtime/Duration Actor(s) (further information occasionally included in parentheses).

All information from Saturday issues of The Times (except 17.12.1994 to 31.12.1994, which came from The Sunday Times).

Those broadcasts identified as repeats in The Times have this symbol before the title: [R]. (I think these designations are somewhat less than 100% accurate.—G.M.)

  1. Sherlock Holmes—The Adventure of the Pimlico Poisoner Peter Mackie 29.9.1990/1430/90m William Chubb (The Times misspelled “Poisoner” as “Prisoner.”)

  1. Speedy Death Gladys Mitchell 6.10.1990/1430/90m

  1. Death Beach Michael McStay 13.10.1990/1430/90m Stephen Thorne, Peter Vaughan

  1. [R] The Skull Beneath the Skin, Part 1 P. D. James 20.10.1990/1430/90m Greta Scacchi, John Moffatt, Norman Rodway, Caroline Blakiston, Richard Vernon, Patricia Garwood, Richard Pearce, Geoffrey Whitehead, John Bull (Part 2 aired 21.10.90/1430)

  1. Witchwood John Buchan 27.10.1990/1430/90m Crawford Logan, Paul Young, Tom Fleming, Iain Cuthbertson, Gerda Stevenson, Mary Riggans

  1. The Colleen Bawn Dion Boucicault 3.11.1990/1430/90m Ian McElhinney, Heather McIlwaine, T. P. McKenna

  1. A Date in September Alex Ferguson 10.11.1990/1430/90m Colin MacLachlan

  1. Beyond Evil Peter McKelvey 17.11.1990/1430/90m Kelly Hunter

  1. Excuse Fingers John Peacock 24.11.1990/1430/90m Michael Kitchen, Gillian Barge

  1. Crime of Passion R. E. T. Lamb 1.12.1990/1430/75m Christian Rodska, Janet Dale, Steve Hodson

  1. Campion’s Brag Michael Toner 8.12.1990/1430/75m

  1. You Only Live Twice Ian Fleming/Michael Bakewell 15.12.1990/1430/90m Michael Jayston

  1. A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens/Christopher Denys 22.12.1990/1430/90m Michael Gough, Robert Eddison, Freddie Jones (narr.) (Producer: Janet Whitaker; Music: Elizabeth Parker)

  1. King Solomon’s Mines H. Rider Haggard 29.12.1990/1430/90m Kenneth Colley

  1. Handwoven Under Water Roger Davenport 5.1.1991/1430/90m Gary Waldhorn

  1. Absolute Discretion Grant Eustace 12.1.1991/1430/90m Ben Daniels

  1. The Mansell Conspiracy Jack Gerson 19.1.1991/1430/90m John Baddeley

  1. Jacobowsky and the Colonel Franz Werfel/S. N. Behrman 26.1.1991/1430/90m Jon Glover, Jonathan Hyde

  1. February Mourning Hannah Wakefield/Judy Holland 2.2.1991/1430/90m Zoë Wanamaker

  1. Christopher and Columbus Elizabeth von Arnim/Barbara Clegg & Olwen Wymark 9.2.1991/1430/75m Jane Whittenshaw, Philippa Ritchie

  1. Market Forces Christopher Denys 16.2.1991/1430/75m Russell Dixon

  1. Accomplices David Fletcher/John Harvey 23.2.1991/1430/75m John Graham Davies

  1. Miss Peabody’s Inheritance Elizabeth Jolley 2.3.1991/1430/90m Auriol Smith, Madi Hedd

  1. Totally Gutted Alick Rowe 9.3.1991/1430/90m

  1. Shuttlecocks and Socialism Chris Thompson 16.3.1991/1430/90m Russell Dixon

  1. Means Test Man Walter Brierley/Charles Ryder 23.3.1991/1430/90m Christian Rodska, Joan Walker

  1. The Best of Friends Hugh Whitemore 30.3.1991/1430/90m John Gielgud, Rosemary Harris, Denys Hawthorne

  1. Harry Rolt Is Missing Michael Davies 6.4.1991/1430/90m

  1. Still Waters Ray Ball 13.4.1991/1430/90m Christopher Godwin, Brigit Forsyth

  1. [R] Jacobowsky and the Colonel Franz Werfel/S. N. Behrman 20.4.1991/1430/90m Jon Glover, Jonathan Hyde, Abigail McKern (either a repeat or a postponement; see 26.1.1991)

  1. A Madman of Convenience Terry James 27.4.1991/1430/90m John Shrapnel, Jack Klaff, Samantha Bond

  1. [R] The Norman Conquests: Table Manners Alan Ayckbourne/Neville Teller 4.5.1991/1430/90m Robin Herford

  1. The Culper Tapes 11.5.1991/1430/90m Imogen Stubbs, Bill Wallis

  1. By Royal Appointment John Wyke 18.5.1991/1430/90m

  1. An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P. D. James/Neville Teller 25.5.1991/1430/120m Judi Bowker

  1. Derby Day, Part 1: Off to a Flying Start Bill Naughton 1.6.1991/1430/90m

  1. Derby Day, Part 2 Bill Naughton 8.6.1991/1430/90m

  1. A Day by the Sea N. C. Hunter 15.6.1991/1430/90m Wendy Hiller, Michael Hordern, Richard Pasco, Barbara Leigh Hunt, Alan Wheatley (Producer: Graham Gauld)

  1. Straight Down the Middle Robert East 22.6.1991/1430/75m Dinsdale Landen

  1. [R] The Petition Brian Clark 29.6.1991/1430/75m Peggy Ashcroft, John Mills

  1. Golfing in Russia Thomas McLaughlin 6.7.1991/1430/75m B. J. Hogg

  1. Last Call Geraldine McCaughrean 13.7.1991/1430/90m David Calder

  1. The Hunter and the Hill Tom Wright 20.7.1991/1430/90m Paul Young, Colette O’Neil, Diana Olsson

  1. Scattering Day Patrick Carroll 27.7.1991/1430/90m Adrian Dunbar, John Keegan

  1. Plain Facts in a Country Dress R. E. T. Lamb 3.8.1991/1430/90m

  1. Bertie and the Seven Bodies Peter Lovesey/Geoffrey M. Matthews 10.8.1991/1430/90m Robert Lang

  1. Whoresheugh David Bean 17.8.1991/1430/90m David Brierley

  1. [R] Charlie Muffin Brian Freemantle 24.8.1991/1430/90m Philip Jackson, Sandor Eles, Peter Howell

  1. Sort of a Hero Eric Pringle 31.8.1991/1430/90m Christian Rodska, John McCardle

  1. The Folly Martyn Read 7.9.1991/1430/90m Freddie Jones

  1. Shape of Things to Come: “Tiger! Tiger!” Alfred Bester 14.9.1991/1430/90m

  1. A Portrayal of Elmbury John Moore Brensham/David Goodland 21.9.1991/1430/90m (Producer: Pat Trueman)

  1. The Other Side of the Hill Peter Luke 28.9.1991/1430/90m Michael Pennington, John Moffatt

  1. Arcady Guy Meredith 5.10.1991/1430/75m Michael Kitchen, Harriet Walter

  1. Settling with the Indians Mick Mangan 12.10.1991/1430/75m

  1. Nadir Parl Bancil 19.10.1991/1430/90m Neeran Persaud, Rita Worlfe, Antony Bunsee, Amardeep Kaushal (the first play in the “Young Playwrights’ Festival 1991”)

  1. Onward and Upward Kevin McGee 26.10.1991/1430/30m ∙ The Snow Queen Andrew Gregory 26.10.1991/1500/45m ∙ We Expect Respect Trish Cooke 26.10.1991/1545/15m (three plays in the “Young Playwrights’ Festival 1991”)

  1. Gold Digger—The Little Walls Winston Graham 2.11.1991/1430/90m

  1. Lavender Song Patricia Wood 9.11.1991/1430/90m

  1. The Happiest Days of Your Life John Dighton/Giles Cooper 16.11.1991/1430/90m

  1. The Colour of Murder Julian Symons/Guy Meredith 23.11.1991/1430/90m David Threlfall

  1. Black Bartlemy’s Treasure Jeffrey Farnol/Michael Bartlett 30.11.1991/1430/90m Steven Pacey, Julia Swift, Sean Barrett

  1. The Voyage of the Swallow Eric Pringle 7.12.1991/1430/90m Richard Briers

  1. A Fatal Inversion Barbara Vine/Michael Bakewell 14.12.1991/1430/90m

  1. Dickens’s Women 21.12.1991/1430/90m Miriam Margolyes

  1. The Royal Baccarat Scandal Michael Havers & Edward Grayson/Royce Ryton 28.12.1991/1430/120m Michael Jayston, Robert Lang

  1. The Angel of Rome Neville Watchurst 4.1.1992/1430/90m

  1. Tarra Lengy Frank White 11.1.1992/1430/90m

  1. The Labyrinth Makers Anthony Price/Nick McCarty 18.1.1992/1430/90m John Stride, Paula Wilcox

  1. Roland’s Afterlife Frederick Bradnum 25.1.1992/1430/75m Derek Fowlds

  1. The Finger of Suspicion Vincent McInerney 1.2.1992/1430/75m

  1. Scarlet on Black Roger Dane 8.2.1992/1430/90m

  1. [R] Ratking Michael Dibdin/Gregory Evans 15.2.1992/1430/90m

  1. The British Bulldog Christopher Denys 22.2.1992/1430/90m

  1. Something Like a Miracle Gerry Huxham 29.2.1992/1430/90m

  1. Boy Bishop Alick Rowe 7.3.1992/1430/90m Matthew Sim, Richard Pearce

  1. The Broken Butterfly Wally K. Daly 14.3.1992/1430/90m Kevin Whately

  1. The Wench Is Dead Colin Dexter/Guy Meredith 21.3.1992/1430/90m John Shrapnel, Robert Glenister

  1. Understanding Women Melissa Murray 28.3.1992/1430/75m Anna Massey, Siriol Jenkins

  1. The San Rocco Mob Bruce Stewart 4.4.1992/1430/90m James Laurenson

  1. An Old Fashioned Villain Mike Harris 11.4.1992/1430/90m Trevor Peacock

  1. The Legend of Robin Hood John Fletcher 18.4.1992/1430/90m John Nettles

  1. [R] The Dippers Ben Travers/Peter King 25.4.1992/1430/90m Michael Williams, Judi Dench, Belinda Walker (from 1989)

  1. Keystone Peter Lovesey 2.5.1992/1430/90m Mark Straker, Jennifer Ehle

  1. The Lucky One Lucy Ching/Rosemary Davis 9.5.1992/1430/90m

  1. Stardust Roger Stennett 16.5.1992/1430/90m Ed Bishop

  1. The Second Mrs. Tanqueray Arthur Wing Pinero/Sue Wilson 23.5.1992/1430/90m Gary Bond, Michelle Newell

  1. Kitty Wilkinson David Pownall 30.5.1992/1430/90m Maureen O’Brien

  1. A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller, Jr. 6.6.1992/1430/90m Michael Mackenzie, John Shedden, Andrew Price

  1. A View of the City from Westminster Bridge Manny Draycott-Lai 13.6.1992/1430/90m Suzanna Hamilton, Roger Allam

  1. Death Drop B. M. Gill/Jill Hyem 20.6.1992/1430/90m Kenneth Cranham, Jemma Churchill, Peter Penry Jones

  1. Walk or Die David Gooderson 27.6.1992/1430/90m Michael Kitchen

  1. [R] The Lion in Winter James Goldman 4.7.1992/1430/90m John Turner, Barbara Jefford

  1. Weir of Hermiston Robert Louis Stevenson/Robert Forrest 11.7.1992/1430/90m Paul Young, Wendy Seager, Ann Scott-Jones, Forbes Masson, Tom Watson

  1. Death of a Mean Cornet Michael McStay 18.7.1992/1430/90m Joe Dunlop, Stephen Thorne (sequel to “Death Beach,” 13.10.1990)

  1. Birthday Michael Frayn 25.7.1992/1430/75m Deborah Findlay, Dawn French

  1. The King of the North Rides His Horse Through the Sky Adrian Mourby 1.8.1992/1430/75m Ian Hogg

  1. Bound in with the Triumphant Sea Tom Holland 8.8.1992/1430/75m Brian Blessed

  1. [R] Rope Patrick Hamilton 15.8.1992/1430/75m Alan Rickman, Adam Bareham, Andrew Branch (Producer: John Tydeman) (from 1983)

  1. Singer, Part 1 (of 2) Peter Flanney 22.8.1992/1430/90m Antony Sher (Part 2 aired 23.8.1992/1430)

  1. A Fake’s Progress Shaun Prendergast 29.8.1992/1430/90m Roger Daltry, Sophie Lawrence

  1. [R] The Monument Alan Berrie 5.9.1992/1430/90m

  1. Road to Munich Douglas Livingstone 12.9.1992/1430/90m Nicky Henson, David Collings

  1. [R] Fields of Grey, Marching Mike Walker 19.9.1992/1430/90m Julia Swift, Robert Glenister

  1. Quicksilver James Douglas 26.9.1992/1430/90m Marcella Riorday, David Herlihy

  1. [R] Lost for Words Ken Blakeson 3.10.1992/1430/90m Nigel Anthony (from World Service)

  1. A Season of Clear Shining Nan Woodhouse 10.10.1992/1430/75m Kathryn Hunt, Neil Roberts

  1. We Cast Four Shadows R. J. Gallagher 17.10.1992/1430/75m John Telfer

  1. Touching the Rock Jane Coles 24.10.1992/1430/75m

  1. Yaxley’s Cat Robert Westall 31.10.1992/1430/90m

  1. The Facts Speak for Themselves Mark Leech 7.11.1992/1430/90m Larry Dann

  1. Hay Fever Noel Coward 14.11.1992/1430/90m Judi Dench (Producer: Leslie Lawton)

  1. [R] Alibi for a Judge Henry Cecil & Felicity Douglas/John Tydeman 21.11.1992/1430/90m (Director: John Tydeman)

  1. Randle’s Scandals Trevor Hoyle 28.11.1992/1430/90m Keith Clifford

  1. The Rector’s Daughter F. M. Mayor/Simon Gray 5.12.1992/1430/90m Julie Covington, Sophie Thompson, James Laurenson (Director: Jane Morgan)

  1. The King’s General Daphne du Maurier 12.12.1992/1430/90m

  1. Martin Conisby’s Vengeance Jeffery Farnol 19.12.1992/1430/90m Steven Pacey

  1. [R] An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P. D. James 26.12.1992/1430/120m Judi Bowker

  1. The Five Beans John Peacock 2.1.1993/1430/90m Matthew Morgan

  1. [R] Russia John Fletcher 9.1.1993/1430/90m Philip Davis, David Holt

  1. [R] One-Way Ticket to Palookaville Michael Chaplin 16.1.1993/1430/90m Christian Rodska

  1. [R] Assassins Peter Roberts 23.1.1993/1430/90m Michael Lumsden

  1. Operation Lightning Pegasus Alick Rowe 30.1.1993/1430/90m Timothy West, Geoffrey Bateman, Tim Bentinck

  1. [R] A Kind of Freedom Alan MacDonald 6.2.1993/1430/90m Robert Glenister, Joanna Myers

  1. [R] Oates After His Fingers Steve Walker 13.2.1993/1430/75m Stephen Dillane, Vincent Marzello

  1. [R] The Wild Swans Hans Christian Andersen/John Peacock 20.2.1993/1430/75m Angela Pleasence, Pauline Letts

  1. [R] Short the Season Mike McGrath 27.2.1993/1430/75m James Laurenson, Ann Rye

  1. [R] Music and Silence Rose Tremain 6.3.1993/1430/75m Timothy West, Janet Maw

  1. [R] Are Friends Electric Lesley Davies 13.3.1993/1430/90m Richard Pearce, Jennie Linden, John Rowe

  1. [R] Tristram Shandy Laurence Sterne/Peter Buckman 20.3.1993/1430/90m Nigel Hawthorne

  1. [R] The Snatch Gillian Richmond 27.3.1993/1430/90m Kate Buffery, Siriol Jenkins

  1. A View of the City from Westminster Bridge Manny Draycott-Lai 3.4.1993/1430/90m Roger Allam, Suzanna Hamilton, Ralph Fiennes, Hugh Ross

  1. Barabbas Par Lagerkvist/Eivor Martinus 10.4.1993/1430/75m Barrie Rutter, Simon Callow (narr.)

  1. [R] The Active Citizen Michael Duke 17.4.1993/1430/75m Stuart MacQuarrie, Alison Peebles

  1. [R] Going Under Lydia Chukovskaya 24.4.1993/1430/75m Annette Crosbie, Graham Crowden

  1. [R] Taking the Devil’s Advice Anne Fine/Mike Walker 1.5.1993/1430/75m Richard O’Callaghan, Jenny Agutter

  1. [R] The Second Mrs. Tanqueray Arthur Wing Pinero/Sue Wilson 8.5.1993/1430/90m Gary Bond

  1. [R] Runaway Michael Wall 15.5.1993/1430/90m Jim Carter, Rebecca Cullum, Charlotte Coleman, Maureen O’Brien

  1. [R] The New Party Martyn Wade 22.5.1993/1430/90m Christopher Cazenove, Roger Allam

  1. [R] Opening Up Jeremy Paul 29.5.1993/1430/90m Daniel Massey, Oliver Ford Davies

  1. [R] Who Killed Palomino Molero? Mario Vargas Llosa 5.6.1993/1430/90m Charles Simpson, Ray Fearon, Steve Hodson

  1. [R] Whose Body? Dorothy L. Sayers 12.6.1993/1430/90m Gary Bond, John Cater (The Times gave the start time as 2.00 p.m. and the start time for the next program as 4.00 p.m. But since this play’s original airing on 26.12.1987 was 90 minutes in duration, I believe the “2.00” was a misprint.—G.M.)

  1. [R] Deborah’s Daughter Pam Gems 19.6.1993/1430/90m Prunella Scales, Raad Rawi, Federay Holmes

  1. [R] Eden Must Go Martin Worth 26.6.1993/1430/90m Charles Simpson, Keith Drinkel, Andrew Wincott

  1. [R] Hereafter Jonathan Myerson 3.7.1993/1430/90m Douglas Hodge

  1. [R] The Fatherland Murray Watts 10.7.1993/1430/90m Natasha Williams, Geff Francis, Leo Wringer

  1. The Colony John Rooney 17.7.1993/1430/90m

  1. [R] Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck 24.7.1993/1430/90m Peter Whitman, Kerry Shale

  1. [R] Invitation to the Waltz Rosamond Lehmann/Michael Voysey 31.7.1993/1430/90m Angela Pleasence, Simon Cadell

  1. [R] Diplomatic Wives Louise Page 7.8.1993/1430/90m Janet Maw, James Wilby

  1. [R] Other People’s Lives Marilyn Morris 14.8.1993/1430/90m Emily Richard, Steve Hodson

  1. [R] Mermaid Sandwich Phil Wilmott 21.8.1993/1430/90m

  1. [R] At Sea on Inya Lake Guy Slater 28.8.1993/1430/90m Ralph Fiennes

  1. [R] The Key to My Father’s House Leslie Stewart 4.9.1993/1430/75m Kenneth Colley, Francesca Brill, Adam Hussein

  1. A Cruel Madness Colin Thubron 11.9.1993/1430/75m Robert Glenister, Harriet Walter, Jonathan Adams

  1. The Birth Machine Elizabeth Baines 18.9.1993/1430/75m Barbara Marten, Robert Pickavance

  1. A Bit of Berlin Howard Wakeling 25.9.1993/1430/75m James Grout, Rowena Cooper, Federay Holmes

  1. [R] Gondal Martyn Wade 2.10.1993/1430/90m Diana Quick, Janet Maw

  1. [R] Whale Music Anthony Minghella 9.10.1993/1430/90m Juliet Stevenson, Jill Gascoine, Alison Steadman

  1. [R] Allan’s Horse Marilyn Morris 16.10.1993/1430/90m Richard Pearce, Barbara Marten, Brionie Pritchard

  1. Anacaona Michele Celeste 23.10.1993/1430/90m Mia Soteriou, Naomi Wirthner, Dhobi Oparei

  1. [R] Operation Lightning Pegasus Alick Rowe 30.10.1993/1430/90m Timothy West, Geoffrey Bateman, Tim Bentinck

  1. [R] The Canterville Ghost Oscar Wilde/Nick McCarty 6.11.1993/1430/90m Edward Petherbridge, Gwyneth Guthrie, Mary Riggans, Eileen McCallum

  1. [R] For King and Country John Wilson 13.11.1993/1430/90m Peter Gunn

  1. [R] Young Coleridge 20.11.1993/1430/90m Tom Wilkinson

  1. [R] The Turn of the Screw Henry James/John Tydeman 27.11.1993/1430/90m Charlotte Attenborough, Rosemary Leach, Sam Crane

  1. [R] London Assurance Dion Boucicault 4.12.1993/1430/90m Daniel Massey, Elizabeth Spriggs

  1. [R] The Dresser Ron Harwood 11.12.1993/1430/90m Freddie Jones, Michael Palin

  1. [R] The Pale Horse Agatha Christie 18.12.1993/1430/90m Stephanie Cole, Jeremy Clyde

  1. Christmas at the Ritz: Turkey Time Ben Travers/Martyn Read 25.12.1993/1430/90m Desmond Barrit, Michael Cochrane

  1. Hobson’s Choice Harold Brighouse 1.1.1994/1430/90m Bernard Cribbins, Barbara Marten, Andrew Schofield

  1. [R] The Five Beans John Peacock 8.1.1994/1430/90m Matthew Morgan, Henry Briant, Terence Edmond

  1. [R] The Rector’s Daughter F. M. Mayor/Simon Gray 15.1.1994/1430/90m Julie Covington, Bernard Hepton

  1. [R] Look Back in Anger John Osborne 22.1.1994/1430/90m Nicholas Gecks, Alun Lewis, Susan Penhaligon (from 1982)

  1. [R] The Entertainer John Osborne 29.1.1994/1430/90m Donald Wolfit (from 1957)

  1. [R] All the Way to the Empire Room Tom Paulin 5.2.1994/1430/90m Karl Johnson, Sean McGinley, Stanley Townsend

  1. [R] Meeting Bea Eric Pringle 12.2.1994/1430/90m Stephanie Cole

  1. [R] Lent Michael Wilcox 19.2.1994/1430/90m Stephanie Cole, Mollie Sugden, Geoffrey Palmer

  1. [R] Knox Bay Elspeth Sandys 26.2.1994/1430/90m Michael McGrath, Federay Holmes

  1. The Peacock’s Tail Mark Barratt 5.3.1994/1430/75m Alan Howard

  1. [R] My Girl Barry Keeffe 12.3.1994/1430/75m Karl Howman, Cathy Tyson

  1. Nun Climbs Tree Harry Barton 19.3.1994/1430/75m Jeff Rawle, Peter Copley, Clare Cathcart

  1. Mary Morgan Greg Cullen 26.3.1994/1430/75m Sarah Michael, Patrick Brennan, David Garfield

  1. Barabbas 2.4.1994/1430/75m

  1. You Choose Jonathan Myerson 9.4.1994/1430/90m Amanda Root, Nathaniel Parker

  1. [R] The Salamander Chest Grant Eustace 16.4.1994/1430/90m Jane Slavin

  1. [R] The Tokyo Correction Guy Meredith 23.4.1994/1430/90m Norman Rodway, James Grout, Carole Boyd

  1. [R] Gaveston Colin Haydn Evans 30.4.1994/1430/90m Struan Rodger, David Robb, Diana Quick

  1. [R] Les Blancs Lorraine Hansberry 7.5.1994/1430/90m Leo Wringer, Hugh Quarshie

  1. [R] The Backward Son Stephen Spender/Pauline Spender 14.5.1994/1430/70m David Learner, Simon Kantor, Jonathan Adams

  1. Chucky the Lucky Leprechaun Thomas McLaughlin 21.5.1994/1430/75m James Ellis, Catherine Brennan, Susan Slot

  1. [R] Heretics Alison Leonard 28.5.1994/1430/75m Maggie McCarthy, Huw Garmon, Manon Edwards, Tony Leader

  1. [R] Angel Face Bruce Stewart 4.6.1994/1430/90m David Bannerman, Jenny Funnell

  1. [R] Floating Stephen Greenhorn 11.6.1994/1430/75m Lucinda Baille, Monica Gibb

  1. [R] Seven Foot with a Wooden Leg Peter King 18.6.1994/1430/90m Matthew Morgan, Gerald James

  1. [R] Stop the Children’s Laughter Henry Livings 25.6.1994/1430/90m David Holt, Elizabeth Spriggs

  1. [R] The Snowfield Chris Hawes 2.7.1994/1430/90m Celia Imrie, Jason Isaacs

  1. [R] Ripples 9.7.1994/1430/90m Kenneth Haigh, Mary Wimbush, Albert Welling

  1. [R] Contraband John Fletcher 16.7.1994/1430/90m John Nettles, Stephen Tomlin, Jonathan Wyatt

  1. [R] The Amazing Test Match Crime Adrian Alington 23.7.1994/1430/90m Madeleine Smith, Trevor Nichols

  1. [R] One Day at a Time Anna Clemence Mew 30.7.1994/1430/75m David Bannerman

  1. [R] Will and Testament Bill Lyons 6.8.1994/1430/75m Leslie Grantham

  1. [R] Victory Guy Meredith 13.8.1994/1430/75m Ian Holm, Nathaniel Parker, Kenneth Cranham

  1. [R] A Woman of Judah Ronald Frame 20.8.1994/1430/90m Peter Barkworth, James Telfer, Ruth Gemmell

  1. The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame/Alan Bennett 27.8.1994/1430/120m Richard Briers, Adrian Scarborough (Music: Jeremy Sams)

  1. Straw Melissa Murray 3.9.1994/1430/90m Phyllis Logan, Stephen Moore

  1. Change Mike Dorrell 10.9.1994/1430/90m Helen Griffin

  1. A Park in St. Petersburg John Antrobus 17.9.1994/1430/90m John Gordon Sinclair

  1. [R] The Lake Ellen Dryden 24.9.1994/1430/90m James Aubrey, Karen Archer, Pauline Yates

  1. [R] Holy Fool Peter Roberts 1.10.1994/1430/90m Michael Williams, William Chubb

  1. [R] The Battle of San Remo Royce Ryton 8.10.1994/1430/90m Anna Massey

  1. [R] Dangerous Influences Joe Dunlop 15.10.1994/1430/90m Bill Nighy, Caroline Strong

  1. [R] My Cousin Rachel Daphne du Maurier 22.10.1994/1430/90m Francesca Annis, Adam Godley, Philip Voss

  1. [R] Hobson’s Choice Harold Brighouse 29.10.1994/1430/90m Bernard Cribbins, Barbara Marten

  1. The Lucan File James Arden/Mike Walker 5.11.1994/1430/90m Imogen Stubbs, Nathaniel Parker

  1. [R] Merlin and Arthur on the Way to Glastonbury from Deptford High Street (Not Forgetting Whatserface) Nigel Baldwin 12.11.1994/1430/90m Nicholas Le Prevost, Dexter Fletcher, Lesley Sharpe

  1. [R] Daughters of Venice Don Taylor 19.11.1994/1430/90m

  1. [R] Tusitala—the Teller of Tales: Silver Jonathan Smith 26.11.1994/1430/90m Bill Paterson, John Franklyn Robbins, Maureen O’Brien

  1. [R] Tusitala—the Teller of Tales: Weir of Hermiston Robert Louis Stevenson/Robert Forrest 3.12.1994/1430/90m Paul Young, Forbes Masson, Wendy Seager

  1. Tusitala—the Teller of Tales: The Hunter and the Hill Robert Louis Stevenson/Tom Wright 10.12.1994/1430/90m Paul Young, Colette O’Neil, Diana Olsson

  1. [R] The Courts of the Morning John Buchan/Guy Slater 17.12.1994/1430/90m Ian McDiarmid, Fiona Francis, Andrew Wardlaw, Sandy Neilson

  1. The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen/Berlie Doherty 24.12.1994/1400/60m Diana Rigg, Dirk Bogarde (narr.) (Director: Janet Whitaker)

  1. Losing Contact Nick Fisher 31.12.1994/1430/75m

  1. Operama: Madam Butterfly Catherine Czerkawska 7.1.1995/1430/75m

  1. Conan Doyle’s Strangest Case Tony Mulholland 14.1.1995/1430/90m

  1. [R] The Bridesmaid Ruth Rendell 21.1.1995/1430/90m Jamie Glover, Rachel Lewis

  1. Friday’s Child Georgette Heyer 28.1.1995/1430/90m

  1. Faro’s Daughter Georgette Heyer 4.2.1995/1430/90m Sylvestra Le Touzel, Nathaniel Parker

  1. A Pocket Full of Rye Agatha Christie/Michael Bakewell 11.2.1995/1430/90m June Whitfield, Nicky Henson

  1. Bomber, Part 1 Len Deighton 18.2.1995/1430/90m (All 4 parts aired on the same day: Part 2—1740/10m; Part 3—1950/90m; Part 4—2330/30m)

  1. Ways of Escape—Sarah (Part 1 of 2) Eric Pringle 25.2.1995/1430/90m (Part 2, “Ways of Escape—Elizabeth,” aired on Saturday Night Theatre at 1950 on the same day.)

  1. Winners Ayshe Raif 4.3.1995/1430/75m (Director: Claire Grove)

  1. Naked in the Sun Bill Taylor 11.3.1995/1430/75m

  1. [R] Sweet Dreams and Swedish Ghosts Mike Stott 18.3.1995/1430/75m Peter Gunn

  1. Over the Rainbow Humphrey Carpenter 25.3.1995/1430/75m Sasha Pick

  1. [R] We Cast Four Shadows R. J. Gallagher 1.4.1995/1430/75m

  1. [R] Getting Mad Joe Dunlop 8.4.1995/1430/90m Bill Paterson, Frances Jeater, Peter Kenny

  1. A Stone from Heaven, Part 1: The Wounding Lindsay Clarke 15.4.1995/1430/90m Ian Jeffs (“A Stone from Heaven, Part 2: The Healing” aired on Saturday Night Theatre at 1950 on the same day.)

  1. Then You’ll Be Sorry Alan England 22.4.1995/1430/90m Deborah Berlin, Derek Waring, Eva Stuart

  1. Dear Octopus Dodie Smith 29.4.1995/1430/90m Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray, Charlotte Attenborough

  1. Under the Table David Pownall 6.5.1995/1430/90m David Calder, Kenneth Cranham, Andrew Sachs

  1. The Years Between Daphne du Maurier/Jill Hyem 13.5.1995/1430/90m Diana Quick, Roger Allam, David Collings

  1. The Sheffield Picasso David Sheasby 20.5.1995/1430/90m Olivier Pierre, Sandor Eles, Kathryn Pogson, Paul Copley, Julia Ford (Director: Janet Whitaker)

  1. [R] The Ghost Runner David Hopkins 27.5.1995/1430/90m Paul Panting, Jane Slavin, Ton Bevan

  1. Valtemand and Cornelius Are Not Well at All Alick Rowe 3.6.1995/1430/90m Stephen Thorne, Christian Rodska, Charles Simpson (based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet)

  1. Body of Glass Marge Piercy/Michelene Wandor 10.6.1995/1430/90m Eleanor Bron, Penny Downie, Ciaran Hinds

  1. [R] The Devil’s Province Peter Roberts 17.6.1995/1430/90m Garard Green, David Calder

  1. On the Edge of the World Mike Dorrell 24.6.1995/1430/90m Clive Merrison

  1. Not an Inch John Rooney 1.7.1995/1430/90m

  1. The Candlemass Road George MacDonald 8.7.1995/1430/90m Laurence Payne, Ruth Gemmell

  1. Remember Live Aid Joe Dunlop 15.7.1995/1430/90m Peter O’Meara, Toyah Willcox

  1. Antigua Penny Puce Robert Graves 22.7.1995/1430/90m

  1. [R] Unreasonable Behaviour Christopher Reason 29.7.1995/1430/90m

  1. [R] Dear Nobody Berlie Docherty 5.8.1995/1430/90m

  1. The Third Class Genie Robert Leeson/Martin Jameson 12.8.1995/1430/75m

  1. [R] Staying Still Mike Walker 19.8.1995/1430/90m Nigel Anthony (Director: Shaun MacLoughlin)

  1. [R] Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog) Jerome K. Jerome/Tom Stoppard 26.8.1995/1430/90m

  1. [R] Road to Lisdoonvarna Douglas Livingstone 2.9.1995/1430/90m Frances Barber

  1. [R] Daisy, the Cow who Talked Gerard Sternbridge 9.9.1995/1430/90m

  1. First Bite Double Bill: A Pig too Far Andrew Wallace 16.9.1995/1430/90m Allan Cumming

  1. Lady’s Maid Margaret Forster/Ed Thomason 23.9.1995/1430/90m

  1. Death and the Pleasant Voices Mary Fitt/William Ingram 30.9.1995/1430/90m

  1. [R] Wide Sargasso Sea Jean Rhys 7.10.1995/1430/90m Indra Ove, Adam Godley

  1. Meeting Jack Shaun Mckenna 14.10.1995/1430/90m

  1. The Race of the Dugout Canoes Richard Edmund 21.10.1995/1430/90m Adjoah Andoh, Raad Rawi

  1. The Book of Shadows Scott Cherry 28.10.1995/1430/90m Maurice Denham, Jenny Funnell

  1. Shane Jack Schaefer 4.11.1995/1430/75m Stacy Keach, Howard Keel (narr.)

  1. From Donegal with Love Marie Jones 11.11.1995/1430/90m Marie Jones, Helen Bereen, Sean Coyle

  1. The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne Brian Moore/Patrick Carroll 18.11.1995/1430/90m Stella McCusker, James Ellis

  1. Ocean View Mark Greig 25.11.1995/1430/75m

  1. The Distance Between the Stars Andrew Wilson 2.12.1995/1430/90m

  1. Tunes of Glory James Kennaway/Trevor Royle 9.12.1995/1430/90m Bill Paterson, Alexander Morton

  1. [R] Pinocchio Carlo Collodi/Tina Pepler 16.12.1995/1430/90m Mark Burrows, Stephen Moore

  1. [R] The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen/Berlie Doherty 23.12.1995/1430/75m Diana Rigg

  1. Seaton’s Aunt Walter de la Mare/Jonathan Holloway 30.12.1995/1430/90m Samuel West, Margaret Robertson

  1. Kind Hearts and Coronets Robert Hamer & John Dighton/Gilbert Travers 6.1.1996/1430/90m Michael Kitchen, Harry Enfield

  1. The Ladykillers William Rose/Bruce Bedford 13.1.1996/1430/90m Edward Petherbridge, Donald Sinden

  1. Passport to Pimlico T. E. B. Clarke 20.1.1996/1430/75m

  1. Stars in Their Eyes John Lovat & Tim Riley 27.1.1996/1430/75m

  1. Absolute Beginners Colin McInnes/Christopher Hawes 3.2.1996/1430/90m Andrew Tiernan

  1. The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Colin Dexter 10.2.1996/1430/90m John Shrapnel, Robert Glenister

  1. Aesop’s Astronauts Tony Mulholland 17.2.1996/1430/90m Philip O’Brien, Don Fellows, Marian Kemmer

  1. Campion’s Ghost Garry O’Connor 24.2.1996/1430/90m Paul McGann, Timothy West, Hilary Maclean

  1. Cinema 100: Death at Broadcasting House Val Gielgud & Holt Marvell/Sue Rodwell 2.3.1996/1430/90m John Moffatt, Peter Sallis, Graham Crowden

  1. [R] The Sheffield Picasso David Shearsby 9.3.1996/1430/90m Olivier Pierre

  1. The Charge of the Boys’ Brigade Ronnie Smith 16.3.1996/1430/90m George Cole, David Thorpe, Natasha Pyne

  1. Elsie, Doris, Gert and Daisy Anne Caulfield 23.3.1996/1430/90m

  1. The Final Twist Ken Whitmore & Alfred Bradley 30.3.1996/1430/90m Donald Sinden, Michael Troughton, Amanda Waring

  1. Moths Ouida 6.4.1996/1430/90m Nicola Pagett, Teresa Gallagher

  1. The Making of Napoleon Mike Walker 13.4.1996/1430/90m

  1. Gracie, Part 1 (of 2) Eric Pringle 20.4.1996/1430/90m

  1. Gracie, Part 2 (of 2) Eric Pringle 27.4.1996/1430/90m

  1. The Brahmin and the Lady Mike Harris 4.5.1996/1430/90m Celia Imrie, Sam Dastor, Julian Wadham

  1. I Capture the Castle Dodie Smith 11.5.1996/1430/120m Amanda Root, Helena Bonham Carter, Haydn Gwynne, William Dufris, Stuart Milligan

  1. Football Play for Girls (The Beautiful Game) Stephen Butchard & Pat Anderson 18.5.1996/1430/90m Anna Keavney, Ken Jones, Katy Carmichael

  1. The Fourth Foreigner Michael Duke 25.5.1996/1430/90m

  1. [R] The Race of the Dugout Canoes Richard Edmund 1.6.1996/1430/90m Adjoah Andoh, Raad Rawi, Earl Cameron (Director: Andy Jordan)

  1. The Tiger John Fletcher 8.6.1996/1430/90m Saeed Jaffrey, Rehan Sheikh, Charuballa Ckokshi, Sudha Bhuchar

  1. A Small Country Siân James 15.6.1996/1430/90m Jack James, Dewi Rhys Williams, Sharon Morgan

  1. Stars in Their Eyes John Lovat & Tim Riley 22.6.1996/1430/75m

  1. Tam O’Shanter Catherine Czerkawska 29.6.1996/1430/75m Liam Brennan, Gerda Stevenson

  1. Nicholas II Royce Ryton 6.7.1996/1430/90m

  1. Satchelmouth David Pownall 13.7.1996/1430/90m Paul Winfield

  1. [R] Look Back in Anger John Osborne 20.7.1996/1430/90m Nicholas Gecks, Alun Lewis, Susan Penhaligon

  1. Good Behaviour Molly Keane 27.7.1996/1430/90m Frances Tomelty, Annette Crosbie

  1. Hotel Du Lac Anita Brookner/Ayshe Raif 3.8.1996/1430/90m

  1. The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral Robert Westall 10.8.1996/1430/90m

  1. Hindle Wakes Stanley Houghton 17.8.1996/1430/90m Ewan Hooper, Sue Johnston

  1. Keyboard Skills Lesley Bruce 24.8.1996/1430/90m Deborah Findlay, Jonathan Coy

  1. The Insider Grant Sutherland 31.8.1996/1430/90m

  1. Up and Running Colin Haydn Evans 7.9.1996/1430/90m Tat Whalley, Gary Waldhorn, Amelda Brown

  1. House of the Sun Meira Chand 14.9.1996/1430/90m Charubala Chokshi, Saeed Jaffrey, Dinesh Shukla

  1. Meredith Peter Roberts 21.9.1996/1430/90m

  1. The Great Subterranean Adventure Joe Turner 28.9.1996/1430/90m Glyn Houston, Anthony O’Donnell, Richard Harrington

  1. The Trials of Oscar Wilde, Part 1 (of 2) Christopher Fitz-Simon 5.10.1996/1430/90m Simon Russell Beale, Nigel Davenport

  1. [R] The Compromise Istvan Eorsi 12.10.1996/1430/90m Juliet Stevenson, John Hurt, Ronald Pickup

  1. The Lost Stradivarius John Meade Falkner 19.10.1996/1430/90m Paul Rhys

  1. The Castle of Otranto Horace Walpole 26.10.1996/1430/90m

  1. Northern Lights Clare Bayley 2.11.1996/1430/90m Elaine Pyke

  1. [R] On the Edge of the World Mike Dorrell 9.11.1996/1430/90m

  1. Ethan Frome Edith Wharton 16.11.1996/1430/90m John Sharian

  1. 1926 Joe Dunlop 23.11.1996/1430/90m

  1. Velma and Therese Bryony Lavery 30.11.1996/1430/90m Marlene Sidaway

  1. [R] Crown Matrimonial Royce Ryton 7.12.1996/1430/90m Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Peter Barkworth, Martin Jarvis

  1. [R] Theo Moya O’Shea 14.12.1996/1430/90m Martin Jarvis

  1. [R] A Little Princess 21.12.1996/1430/90m Julia McKenzie

  1. [R] The Nutcracker Christmas 28.12.1996/1430/90m Bernard Hepton

  1. [R] The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn Colin Dexter 4.1.1997/1430/90m

  1. The Venus Bar Yana Stanjo 11.1.1997/1430/90m Rachel Atkins

  1. The Silk Worm Maria Vigar 18.1.1997/1430/90m David Bannerman

  1. The Single Heart Storm Jameson 25.1.1997/1430/90m Amanda Root

  1. Dreams of Leaving Rob Gittins 1.2.1997/1430/90m Amanda Gordon, Suzanne Packer

  1. Can’t Catch Me Martin Glynn 8.2.1997/1430/90m Danny John Jules, Vincent Davies, Eric Meyers (based on Uncle Remus’s Br’er Rabbit stories)

  1. The Blind Fiddler of Glenaduach Marie Jones 15.2.1997/1430/90m Brid Brennan, Stella McCusker

  1. [R] God’s Country: Spoonface Steinburg Lee Hall 22.2.1997/1430/60m Becky Simpson

  1. Tally’s Blood Ann Marie di Mambro 1.3.1997/1430/90m

  1. Hardly Cinderella Diane Samuels 8.3.1997/1430/90m Annabelle Apsion, Jane Whittenshaw

  1. [R] Death and the Pleasant Voices Mary Fitt/William Ingram 15.3.1997/1430/90m Matthew Morgan, Andrew Wincott

  1. Telling the Sea Pauline Fisk 22.3.1997/1430/90m Amanda Gordon, Rhys Thomas, Ruth Lloyd

  1. 4.50 from Paddington Agatha Christie/Michael Bakewell 29.3.1997/1430/90m June Whitfield, Joan Sims, Susannah Harker

  1. [R] A Quick Killing in the City Ed Thomason 5.4.1997/1430/90m

  1. [R] Tunes of Glory James Kennaway/Trevor Royle 12.4.1997/1430/90m Bill Paterson, Alexander Morton, Paul Young

  1. Gigi Collette 19.4.1997/1430/75m Julia McKenzie

  1. The Wind Pump Dawn Lowe-Watson 26.4.1997/1430/75m James Laurenson, Charlotte Attenborough

  1. Joby Stan Barstow/Diana Griffiths 3.5.1997/1430/90m Oliver Pearce, Jim Carter, Gillian Bevan

  1. Chaos by Design Lemn Sissay 10.5.1997/1430/90m

  1. [R] The Elizabethans Ewart Alexander 17.5.1997/1430/90m

  1. [R] A Small Country Siân James 24.5.1997/1430/90m Anthony O’Donnell

  1. [R] She Knows, You Know! Jean Fergusson 31.5.1997/1430/90m

  1. [R] The Stones of Muncaster Cathedral Robert Westall 7.6.1997/1430/90m

  1. HMS Ulysses Alastair Maclean 14.6.1997/1430/90m Ian Bannen, Derek Jacobi

  1. The George’s Wife Elizabeth Jolley 21.6.1997/1430/90m

  1. Lobby Lud Douglas Livingstone 28.6.1997/1430/75m Iestyn Jones, Malcolm Storry, Melanie Walters

  1. PS I Love You Graeme Curry 5.7.1997/1430/75m Celia Imrie, Philip Jackson

  1. The Westward Journey Ellen Dryden 12.7.1997/1430/90m

  1. Needles and Pinsa Martin Lynch 19.7.1997/1430/60m

  1. Tiller Girls Ayshe Raif 26.7.1997/1430/60m Julia Ford, Alison Pettitt

  1. Ladies Day Lynne Truss 2.8.1997/1430/60m Josie Lawrence, Nicholas Farrell, James Grouty (sic)

  1. Who Am I to You? 9.8.1997/1430/90m (“Adapted from a Bollywood hit”)

  1. Legion of the Lost Paul Bryers 16.8.1997/1430/90m Tenniel Evans (narr.)

  1. School for Hope Michael McLaverty 23.8.1997/1430/90m Laura Hughes, Gerard Murphy, Trudy Kelly

  1. Love Story Erich Segal 30.8.1997/1430/90m Ingri Damon, Mark Leake, Patrick Allen

  1. To Be Announced 6.9.1997/1430

  1. Props Mark Eden & Steve Nallon 13.9.1997/1430/75m

  1. The Man from God Knows Where Jane Cassidy 20.9.1997/1430/75m Brendan Gleeson, Luke Griffin

  1. Close Enough to Touch Fred Lawless 27.9.1997/1430/75m

  1. Shadowlands William Nicholson 4.10.1997/1430/90m Michael Williams, Zoë Wanamaker

  1. Gaslight Patrick Hamilton 11.10.1997/1430/90m Juliet Stevenson, Roger Allam

  1. [R] Under the Loofah Tree Giles Cooper 18.10.1997/1430/45m Cyril Shaps, Kathleen Helme (Producer: Desmond Briscoe) (from 1975)

  1. The Third Gentleman Ian Rankin 25.10.1997/1430/90m (A Mr. Cullender adventure)

  1. The Flight of Eric Strapp Ronnie Smith 1.11.1997/1430/90m George Cole, Stratford Johns

  1. Garden Tiger Peter Reynolds 8.11.1997/1430/90m Charlotte Cornwell, Peter Jeffrey

  1. Inmates Allan Sutherland & Stuart Morris 15.11.1997/1430/90m Gerard McDermott, Matthew Fraser, Jonathan Keeble

  1. Postcards from the Swamp Yana Stajno 22.11.1997/1430/60m

  1. The Monarch of the Glen Compton Mackenzie/Ron Butlin 29.11.1997/1430/60m Crawford Logan, Mairi Gillespie

  1. Flight of a Witch Ellis Peters/Sally Hedges 6.12.1997/1430/90m Rob Spendlove, Iwan Thomas

  1. Black Narcissus Rumer Godden/April de Angelis 13.12.1997/1430/90m Sinead Cusack, Lesley Sharp, David Rintoul

  1. Bell, Book and Candle John van Druten 20.12.1997/1430/90m Beatie Edney, Stephen Moore, Ann Beach, Nicholas Boulton

  1. The Affair at Grover Station Willa Cather/Jonathan Holloway 27.12.1997/1430/90m Kerry Shale

  1. Mr. Bolfry James Bridie/Donald Campbell 3.1.1998/1430/90m Richard Greenwood, Ian Sexon, Van Sylvester

  1. Making Love, War and Peace David Pownall 10.1.1998/1430/90m Gerard Murphy, Tracy Ann Oberman, Iwan Thomas

  1. The Sevenfold Crown Barry Letts 17.1.1998/1430/90m (A Blake’s Seven adventure)

  1. The Ghost Train Arnold Ridley/Shaun McKenna 24.1.1998/1430/90m Adam Godley, David Brooks, Alison Pettitt

  1. Shades of Black Michael Maynard 31.1.1998/1430/75m Burt Caesar, Frances Jeater

  1. Our Betters W. Somerset Maugham 7.2.1998/1430/90m Kathleen Turner, Rula Lenska, Barbara Jefford, Nigel Davenport

  1. The Front Page Ben Hecht & Charles Arthur 14.2.1998/1430/90m

  1. Beatrix Patrick Garland & Judy Taylor 21.2.1998/1430/90m Patricia Routledge

  1. Stolen Time David Pownall 28.2.1998/1430/90m Stephen Boxer, Alun Armstrong, Jenny Lee, David Graham

  1. Murder in Paris Howard Ginsberg 7.3.1998/1430/90m Alan Bates

  1. Chocky John Wyndham/John Constable 14.3.1998/1430/90m Owen Teale, Cathy Tyson

  1. The Holy Marriage Colin Haydn Evans 21.3.1998/1430/90m Stephen Moore

  1. [R] Velma and Therese Bryony Lavery 28.3.1998/1430/90m Marlene Sidaway, June Barrie


Earlier plays aired Saturdays at 2.30 p.m. on Radio 4:

[R] All Free Now Kingsley Amis/Tony Bilbow 7.1.1989/1430/90m Robert Stephens, Christopher Timothy (Based on Amis’s novel Girl, 20)

The Real McCoy John McKenzie 14.1.1989/1430/90m Briane Greene, William Hope, Kerry Shale

[R] October Scars the Skin Philip Ridley 21.1.1989/1430/90m Carole Boyd, Richard Pearce

[R] The Playgirl Alan Berrie 28.1.1989/1430/90m Tony Doyle, Frances Jeater

[R] My Mother Said I Never Should Charlotte Keatley 4.2.1989/1430/90m Rosemary Leach, Clare Kelly, Elli Haddington, Sonia Ritter

[R] Me and My Shadow Bruce Stewart 11.2.1989/1430/90m John Franklyn-Robbins

[R] First Things Last Aileen La Tourette 18.2.1989/1500/45m Pauline Letts, Jane Lapotaire

[R] That Cunard Woman Edgar White 25.2.1989/1430/90m Jane Lapotaire, Guy Gregory

[R] A Night for the Tor Carey Harrison 4.3.1989/1430/90m Philip Jackson, Tara Dominick, Richard Pearce

[R] China Doll Dave Sheasby 11.3.1989/1430/90m Michelle Holmes, Mark Lambert

A New World in the Mourning Greg Cullen 18.3.1989/1430/90m Gareth Thomas, Peter Woodthorpe, Richard Davis

[R] Clouds Michael Frayn 25.3.1989/1430/90m Dinsdale Landen, Morag Hood, Paul Chapman

[R] Violette Ray Jenkins 1.4.1989/1430/75m Francesca Buller, Norman Jones, Philip Sully, Richard Tate, Steve Hodson, Michael Graham Cox, Alic Arnold, Nicholas Steward

[R] Games of Love and Death Valerie Windson 8.4.1989/1430/75m Lee Montague

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ken Kesey/Dale Wasserman 15.4.1989/1430/90m Bob Sherman, Margaret Robertson

[R] Night Express John Fletcher 22.4.1989/1430/90m

[R] The Accrington Pals Peter Whelan 29.4.1989/1430/90m Barbara Marten, Clive Duncan, Sally Edwards, Ian Mercer, Jenny Howe, Stuart Wolfenden, Julia Sharon, Julia Ford (Director: Annie Castledine)

[R] Hard Road Colin Finbow 6.5.1989/1430/75m Francesca Camilo, Max Rennie, Norman Bird, Eva Stuart, Andrew Mulquin

[R] Zanna Nigel Baldwin 13.5.1989/1430/90m

[R] The Lady and the Schoolmaster Basil Ashmore 20.5.1989/1430/90m Hannah Gordon, Nigel Anthony

[R] Upon St. George’s Hill Kevin Fegan 27.5.1989/1430/90m

Silver Jonathan Smith 3.6.1989/1430/90m Bill Paterson, John Franklyn-Robbins

[R] Floreanna’s Barrell (sic) Peter Tegel 10.6.1989/1430/90m Frances Jeater, John Rowe

[R] Stones, Tops and Tarns Peter Terson 17.6.1989/1430/90m Michelle Newell, Anna Lindup (Director: Philip Martin)

[R] Ravenous Kate Penning 24.6.1989/1430/90m

[R] First on 4: Just Remember Two Things—It’s Not Fair and Don’t Be Late Terence Frisby 1.7.1989/1430/90m Terence Frisby (narr.)

[R] Summer Break Julia Jones 8.7.1989/1430/75m June Barrie, Meg Davies, Barbara Kellermann

[R] Glorious Memories Michael McKnight 15.7.1989/1430/90m Edward de Souza, Peter Woodthorpe

[R] How Far to Jaisalmeer? Martin Worth 22.7.1989/1430/90m

[R] Smart Boy Wanted Colin Douglas 29.7.1989/1430/90m

[R] Reels to Forget, Airs for Regret Neil McKay 5.8.1989/1430/75m

[R] Pity David Cook 12.8.1989/1430/90m

[R] Bray Voices William Ingram 19.8.1989/1430/75m

[R] Intimate Exchanges, Part 1 (of 4) Alan Ayckbourn 26.8.1989/1430/90m Lavinia Bertram, Robin Herford

Fifty Years On: Willoughby’s Phony War (Downhill from Munich) William Fox 2.9.1989/1430/90m Jeremy Irons, Anna Massey, Madeline Smith

[R] Boudicca’s Victory Jean Binnie 9.9.1989/1430/90m (Choral composition by David Timson)

[R] The Priest and the Rogue Chris Allen 16.9.1989/1430/90m Michael Maloney, Caroline Gruber

[R] Monkeys from Madagascar, or The Mexican Cardinal’s Hat Robert Ellison 23.9.1989/1430/90m (Director: Eoin O’Callaghan)

[R] The Last of the Lovers Michael Wall 30.9.1989/1430/90m John Woodvine, Sylvestra le Touzel

[R] Goodnight to Flamboro Martin Wade 7.10.1989/1430/90m Douglas Hodge, Anne Stallybrass

[R] Blues in A Flat Bill Morrison 14.10.1989/1430/75m Polly James, Sean Barrett

[R] In the Summer of 1918 Stephen MacDonald 21.10.1989/1430/90m Marie Aitken, John Duttine

[R] The Spectre of Ernie Pike Jane Coles 28.10.1989/1430/75m Pamela Stephenson, Peter Dahlsen

The Bogeyman David Calcutt 4.11.1989/1430/75m Richard Pearce, Sarah Bird

The Action of the Tiger Peter Roberts 11.11.1989/1430/90m Tim McInnerny, Andy Hockley

The Celtic Cross Mike Dorrell 18.11.1989/1430/75m Geraint Owen, Ri Richards, Siân Owen, Philip Bond

[R] Spoiling Egypt Mike Walker 25.11.1989/1430/90m Brian Cox

[R] Rat in the Skull Ron Hutchinson 2.12.1989/1430/90m (Director: Eoin O’Callaghan)

[R] Obeah Michele Celeste 9.12.1989/1430/90m

[R] A Better Life Graham Reid 16.12.1989/1430/90m

[R] Fairy Story Don Haworth 23.12.1989/1430/75m

[R] Arrived Safe, Writing Later Stephen Dunstone 30.12.1989/1430/90m (Director: John Tydeman)

[R] Aristocrats Brian Friel 6.1.1990/1430/90m Bryan Murray, Cyril Cusack

[R] The Spur Juliet Ace 13.1.1990/1430/75m

The Withering Woman David Zane Mairowitz 20.1.1990/1430/75m Mary Wimbush

[R] Fireflies Karim Alrawi 27.1.1990/1430/75m

[R] Yellow Ochre Sheila Yeger 3.2.1990/1430/75m Sarah Badel

[R] Inventing a New Colour Paul Godfrey 10.2.1990/1430/75m Carolyn Pickles, Struan Rodger, William Gaminara, Tom Watt

[R] Plots Robert Forrest 17.2.1990/1430/75m Callum Hill

[R] Tunes of Glory James E. Kennaway 24.2.1990/1430/90m Gordon Jackson, John Stride

[R] The Isidore Projection Bruce Stewart 3.3.1990/1430/90m Michael N. Harbour, Caroline Gruber, Bill Wallis

[R] Poor Things Jane Coles 10.3.1990/1430/90m

[R] Caving In Ayshe Raif 17.3.1990/1430/90m Diane Bull

[R] The Wedding of Jackie John Hall 24.3.1990/1430/75m Tara Dominick

The Elephant Man Bernard Pomerance 31.3.1990/1430/90m Gerrard Murphy, Jeremy Clyde, Anna Massey

[R] Time of Their Lives: Testimonies Helena Osborne 7.4.1990/1430/75m

[R] Rusted Visions Dave Morris 14.4.1990/1430/75m

Summer of the Aliens Louis Nowra 21.4.1990/1430/75m Louis Nowra, Ben Pauley

The Old Ways Alan Berrie 28.4.1990/1430/90m Nigel Anthony, Aine McCartney, Linda Wray

[R] Time of Their Lives: Thin Boy Colin Davis 5.5.1990/1430/90m Peter Whitman

[R] Seed Colin Haydn Evans 12.5.1990/1430/75m

[R] Time of Their Lives: Solstice Jo Anderson 19.5.1990/1430/90m

[R] Homeland Ken Blakeson 26.5.1990/1430/90m Michael Hordern

[R] Little Love Stephen Fagan 2.6.1990/1430/90m

[R] The Belle of the Belfast City Christina Reid 9.6.1990/1430/90m Eileen Pollock, Catherine Gibson

[R] Blood and Ice Liz Lochhead 16.6.1990/1430/90m

Time of Their Lives: Play Federico for Me Sam Jacobs 23.6.1990/1430/90m Dorothy Tutin

[R] Hanging Fire Lisa Evans 30.6.1990/1430/75m

[R] The Last of the Mohicans Ted Moore 7.7.1990/1430/75m

[R] Cloud Cuckoo Land Catherine L. Czerkawska 14.7.1990/1430/75m

[R] Song of the Forest Tina Pepler 21.7.1990/1430/75m

[R] The Man That Got Away Philip Norman 28.7.1990/1430/75m James Holland, Marian Diamond

[R] Artist Descending a Staircase Tom Stoppard 4.8.1990/1430/75m

[R] Shades of Blue Leigh Jackson 11.8.1990/1430/80m Bob Peck

[R] Rock and Roll Baby Lesley Davies 18.8.1990/1430/90m

[R] Dora Agnes Sam 25.8.1990/1430/90m

The Execution of Mary Timney Tom Pow 1.9.1990/1430/75m Alison Peebles, Anne Lacey

[R] Hair in the Gate 8.9.1990/1430/90m James Bolam

[R] God’s Second in Command Jacqueline Rudet 15.9.1990/1430/90m

[R] Dusty Answer Rosamond Lehmann 22.9.1990/1430/90m

Gary Marsa
Flushing, Michigan USA

Many thanks to Gary for sending us this log - N.D.

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