Potatoes - Sarpo Blue Danube

Another release from the Sarvari family, Hungary. These are not blight-proof. Remarks on cooking and other qualities to follow. They grow healthily in pots; about 2.5lb from a 3 gallon container. They store well; the photo was taken on 8 Jan, and the tubers are extremely clean and shiny. I didn't see any flowers this year but my plants were all container grown.

    Update.....I was pleased to be contacted by David S of the Sarvari Trust, who wrote as follows:

    ......Thanks for featuring Blue Danube on your website. It is becoming a firm favourite with those who are not fazed by a high dry matter spud like the old-fashioned (heirloom) varieties that we used to eat, boiled with their skins on. Having said that, it peels very easily.

    The foliage resistance to blight is moderate but even if the tops are blackened, there is high resistance to tuber blight; tubers remain healthy if allowed to mature before lifting. It is a great garden variety even in the flower border with very decorative foliage and flowers. It has good resistance to other maladies like blackleg and golden PCN.

    ....thanks David ... - ND

UPDATE.... excellent floury texture; have to be cooked with care if boiled; very good flavour. I'll be growing these again.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):



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