Potatoes - Sarpo Axona

Another of the blight-free releases from the Sarvary family, Hungary. At the time of writing (18 July 07) the leaves are pristine and unblemished. A few feet away, blight has destroyed nearly all foliage on BRITISH QUEEN, SAXON and CATRIONA in the space of five days. Flowers pale purple, lasting a long while and slowly fading. Tubers pale pink, as for Sarpo Mira (q.v.). The plants were finally taken up on 15 Sept.

This one is not quite so resistant to blight, but it's still head and shoulders above all other varieties except Sarpo Mira. I'd rate it at about 8.5.

The cooking quality is different to Sarpo Mira. The tubers are harder, more floury when cooked, and very similar to the Irish variety Rooster. My personal preference (of the Sarpos) is for Axona, which seems to cook better than Mira and has a superior flavour.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):



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