Sarah Daniels Radio Plays

17.02.99 Warming her pearls
25.10.00 2000 Tales: The Slapper's Tale*
22.03.02 Cross my heart and hope to fly*, 45m
12.07.02 The long farewell, 60m
05.06.04 The long wait, 45m
06.06.04 Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded (dram), 2 x 60m.
27.07.04 A partial eclipse of the heart*, 45m
18.07.05 Soldiers' Wives: Woman's hour drama
24.08.07 Sound Barriers*, 60m
09.11.07 The birdwoman of Bognor*, 45m


Sound Barriers (R4, 2102, 24 Aug 07) was about a young mother who befriends two of her neighbours and little by little changes their lives. The story emerges through the thoughts of Jenny, a social worker (Caroline Quentin), Ian, the deaf man (Steve Day) and an elderly widow (Patricia Routledge). It wasn't really a play at all, but three skilfully intercut monologues. When writing this review I found to my surprise that Mel, the young woman, was missing from the cast list; then I realised she had no lines at all, my picture of her: beautiful, sad, and in desperate straits, had emerged through the words of everyone else. This was a poignant and moving piece, and the broadcast, a repeat from about a year ago, was well-deserved. Sally Avens directed.
....ND, VRPCC newsletter

Soldiers' Wives....2005
Beginning 18 Jul 05. Woman's Hour drama. Five plays about five women whose husbands are serving with the Armed Forces in Iraq, by Sarah Daniels.

Play 1:. 'I wouldn't put it like that, but yes I am married to someone whose job description includes being prepared to die'. With Juliet Aubrey, Maxine Peake, Suzanna Hamilton, Sarah Counsell, Hayley Doherty; directed by Jeremy Howe.

A death, a birth and a small miracle as three women meet for the first time in tragic circumstances. With Penelope Wilton, Anastasia Hille, Lorna Gayle; producer Sally Avens.

The Long Wait....2004
5 Jun 04. Afternoon play. Drama based on a story by Mike Walker. In Normandy on June 5 1944, Nicole is getting ready to go out with her German boyfriend, despite the nightly air raids.

The Long Farewell ....2002
12 Jul 02; Friday play. A cancer patient has fallen into a coma and her family is braced for her death. Yet she continues to live. With Douglas Henshall, Adjoa Andoh, Marcia Warren

22 March 2002; rpt. BBC7 2005. As three characters tell their individual stories they find not only sadness but also a great deal of humour. With Pauline Collins.

2000 Tales ....2000
Afternoon play, 25 Oct 00. In the middle of the night, with no light and no heating, the travellers hear a ghostly moral tale, a story of 50s racketeering, and how a playground fight reveals a shocking truth about a grandmother. `The Teacher's Tale' by Glynn Maxwell; `The Quiet Gentlemen's Barber's Tale' by Jeremy Front; `The Slapper's Tale' by Sarah Daniels. With Zita Sattar, Joseph Fiennes, Warren Mitchell and Lesley Manville. Directed by Mary Peate.

Inspired by Carol Ann Duffy's poem. Annie decides to reveal a secret affair from her past. But is it too late to repair the damage already done to her daughter and granddaughter? With Rosemary Leach, Barbara Flynn and Lesley Sharp. Woman's hour serial.

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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