Potatoes - Salad Blue

Flower blue with yellow centre; very tall, thick haulms. Often sets seed. Prone to blight. Yield low; around 1lb. Skin blue, flesh blue, with the colour largely retained on cooking. Midway between floury and waxy in texture. Good boiled and used as salad potato; can be mashed but its main appeal is the unusual colour. Good fried in oil. A great variety when entertaining; always a conversation piece.

Main hazard of storage is blight. If affected tubers are removed promptly the variety stores well and gets more floury after Christmas.

If seedlings of self-pollinated SALAD BLUE are grown, the tubers produced have a range of colours from very dark blue to pale purple to white (see picture below); the flesh may be dark blue, purple, pale purple, pale yellow or white; the colour of the flowers is roughly related to the tuber colour, with the darkest being royal blue. White tubers produce a very unusual flower: white and green with a yellow centre. The tubers are generally similar to ordinary SALAD BLUE in texture and flavour but the darkest tubers appear to have higher dry matter, a firmer texture and to be more suitable for frying.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):




potatoes, salad blue.... potatoes, salad blue.... potatoes, salad blue

Blue Salad Seedlings

potatoes, seedling grown from open-pollinated salad blue

Cooked tubers

potatoes, salad blue, cooked....

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