Red Fleshed Apples - Rubaiyat

One of the 'Rosetta' apples rescued by Ram Fishman from the remains of the Albert Etter experimental orchard in Ettersberg, California. The blossom is quite late, very pretty, and one of the last apples in the orchard to show; just a few days before King Edward VII.

The foliage is susceptible to mites.

First fruit, on a very small tree, were intensely red-fleshed and tiny, sweet and crunchy, and about the size of crab apples; fully ripe early November and kept in good condition for about a month. In the second picture below the apples are (clockwise from top left): Maypole, Maypole, Rubaiyat, George's Red, George's Red. Rubaiyat on a tree in a pot in the third picture; looks as if it might have a columnar growth habit.

It appears to be an interesting novelty rather than a useful variety at this stage (it's only fruited once). The flavour isn't really like an apple; strong hints of other fruit including blackcurrant.

UPDATE, 2019
After several years of Rubaiyat crops, I can report the following: The size is average and the flavour average to excellent depending on the season. In a good year (such as 2018) this is as good as any redfleshed apple I've tasted, and in 2018 the apples stored in great condition until February. However in most years there is a reason for them under-performing; small size, or scab, or won't store more than a fortnight without going bitter, or premature ripening, etc, etc ...... the flesh colour is anything between pale pink or as dark as a beetroot, again depending on the season.

FRUIT 2012

Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple.... Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple.... Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple....

Rubaiyat, tiny red-fleshed apple.... Rubaiyat, tiny sweet red-fleshed apple

FRUIT 2013

Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple.... Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple

FRUIT 2015
Colouring up well this year, and better flavour; good balance of acid and sugar; only slightly tart, with hints of berries and other fruit. Did well in our tastings of later varieties (8 nov 8 - 24 nov). Better than Grenadine this year.

Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple

However there is a serious drawback to this apple. It only keeps in good condition for about a week. It appears to store well; the apples remain firm for a month or more, but it is found on attempting to use them that the red colour has begun to turn brown, and that the texture has gone dry and powdery; quite inedible.

There is a similar fault with Grenadine, which goes deep purple after about a week, after which it is bitter and inedible unless cooked. For both varieties: use the fruit (or give it to someone) straight away!


Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple blossom.... Rubaiyat, red-fleshed apple blossom after about a week....

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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