Robert Shearman is well-known for his scripting of Doctor Who and Blake's Seven, and his association with Jarvis & Ayres productions (Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres). He was born in 1970. He writes radio drama, and some good plays of his have been broadcast on radio 4 in the afternoons. He has also written an episode of the new Doctor Who for BBC TV. (see below)

Radio Plays

02.02.00, rpt. 18.09.02, R4. Two ladies meet for lunch in different restaurants. Their only link is that they've both been married to Colin. This play stars Linda Marlowe and Gemma Saunders. Directed by Janet Whitaker.

17.8.02 -Lovely play about an awkward vicar and a lonely widow who's just about to marry again. Helen is slightly tipsy and accidentally insults the vicar...this is the start of a long-lasting and very unusual friendship. Their relationship is funny and touching as they try to make sense of their lives. Martin Jarvis is the vicar, Rosalind Ayres is Helen; other cast members are Danen Brucker, Jane Carr, Kenneth Danziger, Jean Gilpin, Charlie Hixon, Hayley Hixon, Simon Templemann and David Weston. Directed by Martin Jarvis.

11.06.03 R4. A rocky marriage, heading for disaster...then the wife discovers an imaginary friend. Unfortunately the husband discovers him too. They have problems.......Dir. Martin Jenkins, made by Jarvis & Ayres Productions. Claire is played by Rosalind Ayres and Simon by Christopher Neame.

14.06.04, Afternoon play. A surreal vision of the after-life. On his death, a man is greeted by his dead wife - but she doesn't know that he married again. Soon it may be a happy threesome. The play has some thought-provoking comments about life, too.

In the afterlife, Mary and David Warburton, happily married for a long time, are reunited after a three year gap. But can everything be as it was? With Pauline Collins and Richard Briers. Directed by Martin Jarvis..........(note supplied by Greg Linden)

.........paraphrased from RADIO TIMES, 30 Apr-6 May 05......Robert Shearman has been asked to write an episode of the new "Doctor Who". Commenting on the episode, Shearman says "I don't think it's any great spoiler to say there's an awful lot of death in my episode". His tale sees the Doctor confronted by a Dalek in chains, in a Utah museum run by a billionaire collector. The script took a year to write, taking 14 or 15 drafts: setting the tone, realising the Dalek, and ensuring it was suitable for families...

TEACHER'S PET ....2005
28.06.05 Afternoon Play. 20 years in the past, a teenager developed a crush on Stephanie Townsend, a teacher at his school, and determines to win her. The story of how Peter attempts to accomplish this is interspersed with present-day events. Now a teacher himself, Peter is approached by Stephanie all these years later. With Simon Templeman and Carolyn Seymour. Directed by Martin Jarvis. (...note from Greg)

3 Aug 07; afternoon play. Michael Harris feels he has been wasting all his precious words writing commercials. Then at breakfast his wife asks him to pass the spanner. Overnight; every word in the English language seems to have changed its meaning. Soon there is only one person left in the world who understands him - his secretary. Michael ...... Michael Simkins, Heather ...... Finty Williams, Priscilla ...... Serena Evans, Policeman ...... Jon Glover. Directed by Rosalind Ayres. Indie (Jarvis & Ayres).

    Michael does not realise that his secretary loves him, but he knows she is the only person he can understand. Be careful what you wish for.

JUBILEE....date nk
"Doctor Who" audio play with Colin Baker. Not sure whether this has been broadcast.

Greg adds: ... you list JUBILEE. As far as I can determine, neither it nor any of the dozens of Big Finish Dr Who plays (of which Shearman has written six - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rob_Shearman) have been broadcast, although BBC7 are currently airing four for the first time. None of the BBC7 set are by Shearman (http://www.doctorwho.co.uk/news/news_050727_bbc7.shtml).

Nigel Deacon, Diversity website

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