Roger Danes Radio Plays

Roger Danes has written a number of original plays and has dramatised many thrillers and other fast-paced stories. Some of these are listed below. I'm particularly taken with the Patrick O'Brian adaptations - adventure on the high seas a couple of centuries ago.

Classic Serial. By Patrick O'Brian, dram. Roger Danes in two episodes. Ep. 1: It's August, 1811. Jack Aubrey sets sail for Australia in his new command, HMS Leopard. His mission - to transport a group of convicts to Botany Bay, including a woman, Louisa, who has been spying for the Americans. Stephen Maturin joins the ship as surgeon - but his real mission is to watch Louisa. When a fever breaks out among the prisoners and crew, Jack decides to head for Recife - but he is pursued through the South Atlantic by a powerful Dutch warship. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Jack Aubrey ..... David Robb, Stephen Maturin ..... Richard Dillane, Louisa Wogan ..... Teresa Gallagher, Michael Herapath ..... Samuel Barnett, Lt Pullings ..... David Holt, Barratt Bonden ..... Sam Dale, Preserved Killick ..... Jon Glover, Lt Grant ..... Jonathan Tafler, Byron ..... Nick Underwood, Sir Joseph Blaine ..... Michael Bertenshaw, Peggy Barnes ..... Hannah Wood, Josiah Plaice ..... Lloyd Thomas, Producer ..... Bruce Young.

    Ep. 2: As the Leopard tries to out-run the enemy, Jack and Stephen have to contend with a fever that lays waste to the crew and an unexpected childbirth. A confrontation with the Dutch ship leaves Jack seriously wounded - and a dangerous situation turns to disaster when his first officer takes command and runs the Leopard into an iceberg. Additional cast: Jedediah Wilbey ..... Gerard McDermott

Three episodes, classic serial. Apr 2011. Patrick O'Brian's naval epic set in 1809, dramatised by Roger Danes. With David Robb as Captain Jack Aubrey and Richard Dillane as Doctor Stephen Maturin.

Jack has been promoted to Commodore to lead a squadron of English ships, charged with taking the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Réunion from the French. Jack faces superior odds at sea and on land (where Stephen's subversive skills are invaluable as ever). Yet, in his new role as Commodore, Jack needs subtlety and subterfuge to win over the crews and subordinate captains of his own fleet, including the courageous but brutal Captain Corbett.

The story is based on a naval campaign in 1809-10 when Britain and France were engaged in protecting their trade routes around the southern tip of Africa; the islands of Mauritius and Réunion (east of Madagascar) were strategic bases.

The Mauritius Command is the fourth novel in Patrick O'Brian's Nelsonic epic series and the sequel to HMS Surprise, dramatised for Radio 4 in 2008.

Captain Jack Aubrey ....... DAVID ROBB
Doctor Stephen Maturin .... ...RICHARD DILLANE
Captain Corbett..... .CHRISTIAN RODSKA
Governor Farquhar ...... ..DAVID RINTOUL
Lt-Col Keating ... ..THOMAS ARNOLD
Admiral Bertie......... SEAN BAKER
Lt Seymour ........ ...MAX DOWLER
Lt Pullings ...........DAVID HOLT
Lt Tullidge.........LLOYD THOMAS
Major O'Neil........ SAM DALE
Midshipman Johnson .... .....NYASHA HATENDI
Producer: Bruce Young.

HMS SURPRISE.2008 (rpt 2010)
Three episodes, classic serial. Adventure on the high seas in the very early 1800s. With David Robb as Captain Jack Aubrey and Richard Dillane as Doctor Stephen Maturin. In one of these episodes, the doctor takes out his own appendix. They bred 'em tough back then.

    Ep. 2: Jack Aubrey is ordered to convey a British ambassador to othe East Indies - but in Bombay Stephen Maturin meets Diana Villiers, the one woman Jack would avoid at any cost.

    Ep.3: Tragedy halts the ship's mission to the East Indies. In Calcutta, Stephen makes a proposal of marriage and takes part in a duel.

2006-06-24 - Saturday Play .... The Haverstock Hill Murder
The Victorian detective and former actress Dorcas Dene is commissioned by a desperate mother to save her son from the gallows, after he is accused of the murder of his wife. By George R Sims, dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer Patrick Rayner; Director David Ian Neville. Rpt. 18 Oct 2008. Paul .... Greg Powrie, Dorcas .... Lucy Paterson, Mrs Hannaford .... Edith MacArthur, Inspector Swan .... Finlay McLean, PC Hargreaves .... Mark McDonnell, Charles .... Nick Farr, Flash George .... Terry Wale, Martha .... Noreen Leighton.

Afternoon play 9 Nov 05. 45m. With Wayne Foskett, Helena Breck. I think this was about a young girl getting in touch with a writer, and the friendship which develops.

2005-01-03 The Lady Detectives
By Catherine Louisa Pirkis. New series. 1/4 The Redhill Sisterhood. Autumn 1897: undercover agent Loveday Brooke investigates a group of nuns who appear to have taken to burglary. From the golden age of the crime short story, the first of four cases involving female sleuths. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer: Patrick Rayner, Miss Brooke: Gayanne Potter, Insp Gunning: Paul Young, Sgt Blaine: Nell McKlnven, Murray: Simon Tait, Sister Monica: Noreen Leighton, Sister Anna: Lucy Paterson, Dyer: Ralph Riach, White John: Paul Hurley, Davie: Frederick Forge.

    Ep.2: 2005-01-10 Mr Bovey 's Unexpected Will.
    Miss Florence Cusack , one of Victorian London s cleverest and most determined private consulting detectives, investigates a case where a man's state depends on his weight in gold. By LT Meade and Robert Eustace. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer - Patrick Rayner, Miss Cusack: Elizabeth Conboy Lonsdale: Crawford Logan, Insp Schilling: Paul Young, Letty: Lucy Paterson, Higgins: Simon Tait, Graham John: Paul Hurley, Wimburne: Simon Donaldson.

    2005-01-17 Ep. 3 -The Golden Slipper
    The vivacious Miss Violet Strange shines in the best New York society. But, unknown to her friends, she is also a professional agency detective. In a case from 1910, she investigates "the Inseparables", four rich, young woman suspected of a series of thefts. By Anna Katherine Green. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer - Patrick Rayner. Miss Strange: Teresa Gallagher, Alicia: Lesley Hart, Anna: Abigail Docherty, Caroline: Vicki Liddelle, Theresa: Gayanne Potter, Cameron: Angus MacInnes, Driscoll: Crawford Logan, Arthur: Simon Donaldson, Mrs Pratt: Eileen McCallum, Peter: Simon Tait, Young Violet: Margot Clair, Young Arthur: Frederick Forge.

    2005-01-24 Ep.4 - The Law and the Lady.
    By Wilkie Collins. Valeria Woodville 's quest to clear her husband of murdering his first wife. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer - Patrick Rayner. Valeria: Abigail Docherty, Eustace: Richard Conlon, Mrs Macallan: Eileen McCallum, Rev Starkweather: Ralph Riach, Dexter: Steven McNicoll, Helena: Gayanne Potter, Sara: Laura Smales.

2001-01-28 Classic Serial: The Cornish Trilogy
By Robertson Davies. From his trilogy on the life and death of Francis Cornish, international art expert and millionaire philanthropist. Dramatised in three parts by Roger Danes. Ep. 1: The Death Card. As Cornish looks down from Limbo, nervously awaiting whatever Fate has in store for his not entirely spotless soul, his family and colleagues in Toronto begin to oversee the disposal of his vast, priceless, but perhaps slightly dubious art collection. Francis: William Hope, Simon: Matt Zimmerman, Mamusia: Elaine Claxton, Mary-Jim: Buffy Davis, Maria: Barbara Barnes, Senator McRory: Nigel Anthony, Urquhart: David Holt, Arthur: John Guerraslo, Zadok: Gavin Muir. Music: David Dorward. Director: Patrick Rayner.

    2 .... The Knave of Coins.
    3 .... The Fool.

1999-05-31 Let It Bleed
By Ian Rankin , dramatised by Roger Danes. Political corruption and insider dealing are uncovered as Edinburgh detective Rebus explores the dark underbelly of modern Scotland. Rebus .... Alexander Morton, Clarke .... Caroline Long, with James Bryce, Sarah Collier, Crawford Logan, Steven McNicoll, Sandy Neilson, Ann-Louise Ross, Doug Russell, Wendy Seager and Robin Thomson. Producer - Gaynor Macfarlane.

1999-04-24 Saturday Play: Castle Rackrent
Maria Edgeworth 's late 18th-century satire on Anglo-Irish landlords, dramatised by Roger Danes. ThadyQuirk/Granda: T.P. McKenna, Jason Quirk/The Irish: Breffni McKenna, The Rackrent Heirs: Sean Barrett, with Marcella Riordan. Producer - Penny Leicester.

1999-02-15 Book at Bedtime: Post Captain
Patrick Malahide reads Patrick O'Brtan 's novel about Captain Jack Aubrey and his friend Dr Stephen Maturin in the Royal Navy of Nelson's time. Part 1 of 10. Abridged by Roger Danes. Producer - Patrick Rayner.

1997-07-26 Saturday Night Theatre: The Secret of Headlam Height
By Ernest Bramagh , dramatised by Roger Danes. Max battles with spies. Max Carrados: Simon Callow, Parkinson: Lionel Jeffries, Van Den Burgh: Charles Simpson, Famish: Charles Simpson, with Brett Usher, Steve Hodson, Kathryn Pogson, Paul Panting , Brian Orrell. Music - Robert Rigby. Producer: Alan Drury. Rpt.

R4, 3 x 90min; ep. 1/3: The Beetle, 15 Mar 97. "Marsh's Gothic novel was first published in the same year as Bram Stoker's DRACULA, which it outsold six times over. MP Paul Lessingham, a handsome man of wealth, talent and ambition, has a strange and disturbing past which threatens to destroy him." Written by Richard Marsh; dramatised by Roger Danes, producer Marion Nancarrow. Robert Holt .... Robert Harper, Paul Lessingham .... Gerard McDermott, Sidney Atherton .... Alex Lowe, Marjorie Lindon .... Janet Maw, Augustus Champnell .... Sean Baker, Mr Lindon .... Hugh Dickson, Percy Woodville .... Christopher Scott, Dora Grayling .... Tracy Ann Oberman, with loan Meredith, Stephen Thorne, Linda Polan , Chris Pavlo and Alison Pettit.

1996-11-18 The Saint Closes the Case
Leslie Charteris 's hero is confronted by arch-villain Rayt Marius in a deadly struggle to save the world. The Saint .... Paul Rhys, Patricia .... Kim Thomson, Roger .... Charles Simson, Norman .... Joshua Towb, Marius .... Sandor Eles, with John Hollis, John Baddeley, John Turner, Geoffrey Whitehead, David Timson, Ross Livingstone, Linda Regan,Jonathan Keeble, Paul Jenkins and Stephen Critchlow. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer - Matthew Walters. Rpt.

1996-08-10 Saturday Night Theatre: Sherlock Holmes
Eight classic mysteries; Merrison and Williams. 2: The Cardboard Box. Dram. Roger Danes. Lestrade: Stephen Thorne, Mary Cushing: Teresa Gallagher, Sarah Cushing: Rachel Atkins, Susan Cushing: Diana Payan, with James Telfer, Dominic Letts, Oona Beeson and John Evitts. Violinist Leonard Friedman. Producer Patrick Rayner.

1996-05-15 Max Carrados: The Secret of Headlam Height
By Ernest Bramah. In the second of two plays, the blind detective battles with spies. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Simon Callow as Max, Lionel Jeffries as Parkinson; Van Den Burgh/Farmish: Charles Simpson, Lidmarsh: Brett Usher, Byles: Steve Hodson, Miss Clifton Baker: Kathryn Pogson, with Paul Panting and Brian Orrell . Music by Robert Rigby. Director Alan Drury. Producers: Michael Cameron and Stewart Richards.

BALDI (several series), .c1995 onwards
I think Roger Danes adapted some of these episodes. A Franciscan priest unsure of his vocation turns detective.

1995-09-04 The Saint
Leslie Charteris 's square-jawed, blue-eyed hero loves, fights and steals his way through Europe in the 1930s. Ep. 2: The Saint Closes the Case. The Saint is confronted by armaments dealer and old enemy Rayt Marius. The Saint: Paul Rhys, Patricia: Kim Thomson, Roger: Charles Simson Norman: Joshua Towb, Orace: John Hollis, Marius: Sandor Eles, Teal: John Baddeley, with John Turner, Geoffrey Whitehead, David Timson, Ross Livingstone, Linda Regan, Jonathan Keebie, Paul Jenkins and Stephen Critchlow. Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer: Matthew Walters.

1995-04-06 Master and Commander
By Patrick O'Brian. Six-part dramatisation by Roger Dane of Patrick O'Brian 's Napoleonic seafaring adventure. 1 .... September 1800, Rosia Bay, Gibraltar. Jack Aubrey nervously awaits the verdict in his court martial. Jack Aubrey .... Michael Troughton, Stephen Maturin .... Nigel Anthony, Molly Harte .... Frances Jeater, Harte .... Lloyd Johnson, Queeney .... Margaret John, Lord Keith .... Gavin Muir, Young Jack .... Richard Pearce, Makepeace .... Derek Waring, Mercedes .... Kristin Milward, Watt .... Russell Floyd, Young Ricketts .... Tom Bevan, Babbington .... Danny Kanaber. Music by Roger Danes and performed by Trevor Allan Davies. Director Adrian Bean.

    2: The Cardboard Box. The morning mail brings Miss Susan Cushing a grisly surprise. Who would send a gentle spinster two severed human ears?
    3: The discipline of the Sophie's crew is found to be wanting.
    4,5: No details in RT.
    6:The events leading up to the loss of the Sophie are revealed.

1995-03-15 14-00 4: Casebook of Sherlock Holmes: The Veiled Lodger.
Mrs Merrilow has the perfect lodger, a gentlewoman who keeps to herself, but why won't she show her face? Clive Merrison as Holmes, Michael Williams as Dr. Watson, with Harriet Walter as Eugenia Ronder and Douglas Henshall as Leonardo. Ronder: Ian Masters, Griggs: Michael Tudor Barnes, Insp Edmunds: Oliver Senton, Mrs Merrilow: Kristin Milward, Coroner: Peter Yapp, Violinists: Leonard Friedman & Main Campbell, Dram. Roger Danes, Producer: Patrick Rayner.

1994-11-19 The Flying Dutchman
19 nov 94 SNT. The second in a series of seven dramas that tell the stories behind the music. Owen Teale stars as Willem Vanderdecken in the tale which inspired Wagner's opera. Dram. Roger Danes. Katerina Groot .... Elaine Claxton, Katerina Vanderdecken .... Elaine Claxton, De Wit .... Hugh Kermode, Sutcliffe .... Hugh Kermode, M Lamartine .... Olivier Pierre, Genevieve Lamartine .... Tina Gray, Breukink .... John Evitts, Wilde .... Derek Waring, Gelder .... Lyndam Gregory, De Vries .... Peter Yapp, Framboos .... Malcolm Ward, Retief .... Russell Floyd, Rijkart .... Russell Floyd, Jacob .... Richard Pearce, Viljoen .... Daniel Davies, Van Der Merwe .... Daniel Davies, Massen .... David Jarvis, Piet Coertze .... David Jarvis, Dr Nuysen .... Peter Wh!tman, Producer .... Adrian Bean.

1994-01-02 Classic Serial - Waverley
By Sir Walter Scott. Four-part dramatisation by Roger Danes of Sir Walter Scott 's novel of the Jacobite rebellion. , with Richard Greenwood as Edward Waverley. As Bonnie Prince Charlie tries to regain the throne of Great Britain for the Stuart dynasty, a young Englishman finds himself fighting on the wrong side. Episode 1: Red Coat - White Cockade. Edward Waverley: Richard Greenwood, Bradwardine .... John Buick, Flora .... Wendy Seager, Rose .... Maria Miller, Fergus .... James Bryce, Donald Bean Lean .... Paul Young, Davey .... Tom Smith, Houghton .... Stuart McQuarrie, Evan Dhu .... Finlay Welsh, Cohan Beg .... Steven McNicoll, Aunt Rachel .... Mary Riggans, SrEverard .... Robin Thompson, Colonel Gardiner .... David McKail, MacWheeble .... John Shedden, Bahnawhappie .... Finlay McLean, AMce .... Euza Langland, Music By .... Lain Johnstone, Violin .... Mhairi Campbell, Viola .... Ron Shaw, Viola .... Mike Travis, Producer .... Patrick Rayner.

    2 .... The Clash of Love and Duty. Waverley, on leave from his regiment, has been injured at the great stag hunt.
    3 .... Bonnet, BeltandSword. Waverley, who was due to stand trial for treason, has been rescued by the rebels.
    4 .... Liberty in Every Blow. Waverley and the Jacobite army reach Derby, but then the retreat begins.

1994-09-28 The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
Six classic mysteries by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , starring Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Dr Watson. 2 .... The Blanched Soldier. With Watson on his honeymoon, Holmes must solve a sinister mystery concerning a veteran of the Boer War. Rpt. 26 Apr. 97. Mrs Watson .... Hannah Gordon, James Dodd .... Robert Glenister, Godfrey Emsworth .... Nicholas Boulton, Colonel Emsworth .... Derek Waring, Ralph, his butler .... John Woodnutt, Mr Kent .... Gordon Reid, Sir James Saunders .... Gerald James, Jules Gervaise .... Olivier Pierre, Lance Corporal Simpson .... Tom Bevan, Trooper Anderson .... Peter Kenny, Leper .... Don McCorkindale, Violinist .... Leonard Friedman, Dramatised by Roger Danes. Producer .... Enyd Williams.

    1994-10-19 5: The Sussex Vampire.
    Holmes and Watson are confronted by the supernatural in one of their most terrifying cases. Dram. Roger Danes; producer Enyd Williams. Robert Ferguson: Michael Troughton, Elisabetta Ferguson: Alexandra Bastedo, Jacky Ferguson: Sam Crane, Mrs Mason: Tina Gray, Violinist: Leonard Friedman.

1993-09-29 14-00 The Return of Sherlock Holmes
4: The Missing Three-Quarter. Dramatised by Roger Danes. On the eve of the Oxford v Cambridge rugby football match, a vital player disappears. Rpt. 13 Jul 96. Violinist: Leonard Friedman, Slierlock Holmes: Clive Merrison, Dr Watson: Michael Williams, Dr Armstrong: Peter Jeffrey, Overton: Robert Portal, LordMount-James: Peter Howell, Staunton: Matthew Morgan, aerk: Siriol Jenkins, Porter: Philip Anthony, Hetatt: Steve Hodson. Director: Patrick Rayner.

8 Feb 92, Saturday Play, 2.30 pm.

In Roger Danes' fast-moving thriller set in 1990s Paris in July, a prison official by the name of Yvette Lalande is kidnapped on her way to work by the notorious Lenoir terrorist group. She has been taken hostage by the group to exchange for Martine, one of their members in prison. Michel Corbillard, an ambitious, high civil servant of the Ministry of Justice, who is a promising candidate for the right-wing Patriotic Front, is not happy when the Police Controller calls in Commissaire Grosset back from the start of his vacation to investigate the matter.

There are indications that the kidnapping of Yvette Lalande and the death of a restaurant owner are related to Corbillard's past in the Algeria war.

Cast: David Calder [Commissaire Marcel Grosset], Peter Jeffrey [Michel Corbillard], Alex Jennings [Jean Lenoir], Charles Kay [De Beaugence, the Police Controller (Marcel's Boss)], Natasha Pyne [Inspector Danielle Lesueur], Patti Holloway [Yvette Lalande], Gudrun Ure [Jeanne Lalande, Yvette's Mother], Nicholas Murchie [Didier], Jonathan Tafler [Pierre], Theresa Streatfeild [Ducrot], Ronald Herdman [Colonel Pierre-Marie Davant, DST], Siriol Jenkins [Marianne], Jonathan Adams [Laverdure], Eric Allan [Tomasini], Matthew Sim [Charles Lalande, Yvette's Brother], Mark Straker [Bernard], Peter Gunn [Mariol], and Melanie Hudson [Martine Giresse].

Directed by Glyn Dearman.

Rpt Mon 5 Jul 93, 2:02 p.m. 90 min.

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