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Richard Lumsden is an actor and writer. He has written plays for R4: the Imison Award shortlisted John Dodd Gets Taken For A Ride, Good Place For Fishing, Man In The Moon, which was shortlisted for the Tinniswood Award, and The Six Loves of Billy Binns.   He has starred in radio plays and comedies, including the well-known 'Clare in the Community'.  

Richard co-wrote the television drama series Wonderful You for ITV. His theatre plays include We Could Be Heroes, Skeletons and most recently The Fall & Rise of Lenny Smallman at the Yvonne Arnaud in Guildford, which will be produced at the Arts Theatre, London later this year. As an actor Richard has worked in TV, film  and theatre. Recent TV appearances include Nathan in the Emmy Award-winning Sugar Rush and The Catherine Tate Show.


A Book By Lester Tricklebank....2015
By Richard Lumsden. 3 Apr 15. The rather odd RT blurb runs thus: "Lester has never left home, perhaps because of a secret that's too big to carry around the world, or that he loves Derbyshire too much. He decides that now is the time to tell all, so he faces up to the pastand writes a book. But where to start?" Lester: Stephen Tomkinson, Florence: Rebekah Stanton, Stanley: Jack Hollington, Janice: Jane Slavin, Bill: Stephen Critchlow, Jean: Jessica Turner, Nurse irene: Ayesha Antoine, Dad: David Hounslow, Librarian: Rhiannon Neads. Produced by Sally Avens.

The Six Loves of Billy Binns....2010
R4, 1415, 21 Apr 10. By Richard Lumsden. A man aged 110 years drops a teacup, and it falls slowly, second by second, to the floor. As it falls, the loves of Billy's life flash before him, one last time. Tom Courtenay as Billy, with Alison Pettitt, Tanya Franks, Ella Smith, Joanna Monro, Keeley Beresford, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Walter Lumsden. Producer Sally Avens.

Messageboard comments included:

........the kind of play where you're driving alone in rain and you have to pull over into a lay-bye to listen it out.

.......A stunner. With no warning!

.......very good, Tom was outstanding. The film This Happy Breed came to mind.

........A gem of a play - with Tom Courtenay giving another fine performance in the central role.....

MAN IN THE MOON ....2006
By Richard Lumsden, R4, 20 Jun 06. Verse drama, with Tom Courtenay.

Morris Cookson has been happily driving a bus through Derbyshire all his working life. But when another driver falls ill, he agrees to take some pensioners on their annual weekend holiday to Scarborough. Whilst sampling the delights of ice cream on the beach and playing the penny arcades with the lovely Esther, who is accompanying her elderly mother, Morris recalls his previous visit as a small boy in 1969, when Neil Armstong was walking on the moon and his parents were in the process of splitting up.  

 Back in his village, haunted by the ghosts of his past, Morris takes a midnight stroll across the moors, and attempts to come to terms with the recent tragic events that brought his blossoming relationship with Esther to an end.

This information sent by the Tinniswood Award organizer, Jo Hodder, of the Society of Authors. Thanks, Jo.....ND.

    BBC blurb:
    Tom Courtenay stars in Richard Lumsden's moving verse drama, set in Derbyshire and spanning nearly 40 years.

    Morris ...... Tom Courtenay
    Esther ...... Gillian Bevan
    Vera ...... Ann Beach
    Ray ...... Richard Lumsden
    Ted ...... Wayne Foskett
    Marion ...... Tracy Wiles
    Bill ...... Roger Walker
    Mrs Walker ...... Shirley Dixon
    Young Morris ...... Ernie Lumsden
    Producer...... Sally Avens.

Afternoon play. 16 Nov 00. Following the death of her husband, Joan is holidaying with her son. She reflects on life, and is forced to confront not only the treacheries of her husband, but also her own secrets. With Anne Reid, Russell Dixon, Alison Pettitt and Peter Gunn. Directed by Gillian Bevan. Rpt 11 Oct 01.

Afternoon play, 8 Jul 98. Shortlisted for Imison Award. John, born with learning difficulties, has been hidden from his Derbyshire village by his parents. His view of the world, though limited, has its own brand of humour, insight and poetry. His careful routine is broken when his uncle arrives to take him out in a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. With Peter Gunn, Rowena Cooper and Russell Dixon. Director Gillian Bevan. Rpt 21 apr 99.


3 Mar 07. Saturday play by Jim Poyser. Thriller. Andrew lives a comfy middle class life - then his wife's best friend is murdered and his world crumbles. Andrew ...... Richard Lumsden, Lisa ...... Zara Turner, David ...... Philip Bretherton, Keegan ...... Andrew Dunn, Katya ...... Szilvi Naray-Davey, Timon ...... Parvez Qadir, Higgo ...... Hamilton Berstock.

Comedy series about a dysfunctional social worker. This has run for several series. Details for the very first episode: 1/6. Babysitter, 26 Nov 2004. With Sally Phillips, Nina Conti, Gemma Craven, Alex Lowe, Richard Lumsden and Ellen Thomas. Written by Harry Venning and David Ramsden. Produced by Katie Tyrrell.

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