Renny Krupiniski Radio Plays

Renny Krupinski is not primarily a radio writer but he has done several plays for radio 4. His main line of work is arranging violence for TV and theatre.

Renny has supplied some information about his career, summarised below.

    "I have written several stage plays.

    'Bare' won the Michael Elliott prize in the International Mobil Playwriting competition and was first produced at Oldham Coliseum starring Ross Boatman. I subsequently directed and rewrote it for two tours in 2003 and 2004. Bare is a modern day story of the brutal world of bare-knuckle fighting, the underworld and the amoral people who live in it. Very funny. Very dark. Very brutal.

    'Lady Macbeth Rewrites The Rulebook' was a stage play for 8 females all of whom had to be able to fight to a fantastically high standard. It was a bit hit in Edinburgh and then on tour. Set inside a computer...what happens when the CD rom of the Complete works of William Shakespeare get fused with CD rom of Tara Loft and the Quest for the Jewel of Life. All Shakespeare's heroines are thrust into Tara loft's world through Macbeth's witch's cauldron. Lady Macbeth sees a way to be rid of all of them so that she alone can become the greatest tragic heroine of all time. Only Tara Loft, hard nosed, fast talking, sassy, never read a play in her life, all action heroine can save literature as we know it.

    'Katie Crowder' is a two hander set in the dressing room of a west end theatre. Based very loosely on my time at the Duke of York's with a good friend Peter Attard in The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B. It's a one acter and I've just discovered how to write a second act after 20 years!

    I wrote 'The Bill' for 3 years and have just finished two screenplays. Jump (A dream fantasy comedy drama) and Amanda, Finn and the Artful Dodger (a Mediterranean luxury yacht action adventure. Hijack, contraband and intrigue). I've also written a TV version of Yours Fondly Zeek Baxter entitled Mr. Pastry Never Signs.

    As an actor I'm best known as Sizzler in 'Brookside' and the voice and face of Oblivion at Alton Towers. Mostly I arrange violence for TV and Theatre now. Coronation Street, Hollyoaks (where I met my partner), Emmerdale, The Bill, Blue Murder and at theatres all over the Country including The Royal Exchange, Manchester, Shakespeare's Globe, RSC, Theatr Clwyd, Les Mis here and abroad and a host of other places".

Renny's radio work is listed below:


13 Sep 88. A man who buys a car - which has more than a little wrong with it....afternoon play; comedy. John Baddely, Renny Krupinski, Camille Cadury, Caroline Gruber, Paul Gregory. Producer Janet Whitaker. Rpt. 17 Apr 1990. 45m.

16 Aug 88, afternoon play.

RK: ...Possibly Patricia Hayes' last radio play. She starred in it with Mary Wimbush and I believe Rosemary Leach. The photo of the three of them hung in the BBC foyer for many years, which I was rather proud of. I loved them doing the play and Patricia Hayes was very funny and great to work with.

NO PROBLEM*....1990
31 Jul 1990. 45m. No Problem revolves around being stuck in Delhi airport with no way out of the transit lounge. India at its most illogical, relationships strained to the limit. This was repeated in the "Producer's Choice" series on BBC7, 2005, chosen by Janet Whitaker, who directed it.

Afternoon play, 26 May 92. Zeek Baxter was a nobody at school. Now he's a fairly successful writer. A hint of autobiography? Author Renny Krupinski used to be part of a pack of autograph hunters when he was a teenager. With Henry Power, Miriam Karlin, William Hootkins, Renny Krupinski, Terence Edmond, Theresa Streatfield, Ann Windsor, Emma Fielding, Alan Barker, Joanna Myers, Phil Cornwell, Jessica Martin. Producer Janet Whitaker.

RK:Camille Coduri (now of Dr. Who fame) was in Yours Fondly Zeek Baxter and yes, it is based on truth. When I was in Brookside in the late '80's, I did a charity event in Covent Garden called " Shop Assistance" for the Terence Higgins Trust. As I was signing autographs someone who was on the periphery of the group I used to collect with in the '60's asked me for mine. This sparked the whole idea. All the autograph hunters really existed and no, they are not caricatures. The Judy Garland story is true; I have the autograph to prove it.

BRUNO....date nk
RK.....Bruno was a pilot directed by Robert Cooper from an original script meant for theatre. I subsequently rewrote the whole thing as "Poles Apart" for the stage.


By David Spencer. 4 Jan 08. Play about two volunteers who work for a rape counselling service; they accompany police raids where young women have been forced into prostitution and have been traumatised. Friday play. Cast: Anjka ...... Natasha, Radski Irina/Svetlana ...... Larissa Kouznetsova, Maggie ...... Sarah Parks, Elaine ...... Barbara Marten, Neville Hyde ..... George Costigan, Becky ...... Carla Henry, Trafficker ...... Renny Krupinski . Directed by Polly Thomas.

asterisked plays are known to exist in vrpcc collections.

Renny Krupinski's website is at www.rennykrupinski.com

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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