Recent Finds

Here are a few of the radio drama items which readers of this website have sent to me for archiving, most recent at the top (updated 27 Jan 2023):

A play about Somerville and Ross, from Greg Linden (thanks Greg)
Fifty-five 12-inch reels and sixty cassettes from Peter Windows (thanks Peter)
Ninety tapes from the collection of John William Hedges, a.k.a. "DD" (Thanks to Jill Hedges)
Ninety cassettes - Catherine Czerkawska's complete dramas (Thanks Catherine)
The Serpent's Back, by Ian Rankin (1995) (Thanks to Rob N)
Remember Live Aid, by Joe Dunlop (Thanks to Greg Linden)
Two plays: The Cambric of Kings and Teamwork, by Anthony Vivis (Thanks to Michael M)
What Did You Do in the War, Grandad? (Thanks to Walt Santer, USA)
Several biographical plays by Nicholas McInerny and others (thanks Nicholas)
Who Killed Peter's Beetle? by F.J.Bowley (1976) ((Thanks to Ed Bowley)
Ninety tapes of her own work from Catherine Czerkawska ((Thanks Catherine)
Five hundred and fifty cassettes from R3; many dramas. 1980s-2005.(Thanks to Anne Hunter)
Two unusual items by James Follett (thanks to Simon Dakin)
About thirty unusual plays, including some R3, from 1995-2005 (Thanks to Lisa Waker)
Field Event, by Stephen Sylvester, 1980 (Thanks to Julian H)
James Cook, a God in the Pacific, by Tim Rose (Thanks to Julian H)
The Wooing Of Mr. Drimble, by J.C.W.Brook (thanks to Jane Houghton)
Down Red Lane, by B.S.Johnson (thanks Keith)
Several plays by Alex Ferguson including 'Ticket to Ride' and 'A woman's walk is never done' (thanks Alex)
In The Secret State, by Robert McCrum (thanks to John Andrews, England)
City of the Hidden Eyes, 1959, Philip Levene serial, eps 7-8 only (thanks to an anonymous donor)
Saving Grace, Foreign Exchange, Passing Away and Ladies in Waiting, 1980s, by Ellen Fox (thanks Ellen)
The Carrara Cherub (thanks to Gerry Young, Canada)
A Bird in the Hand and Summer Attachment, by Michael Sharp (thanks Michael)
Hallowe'en at Hagley (thanks to Nick Clarke)
The sun coming up and going down and everything, by Gerry Jones, and Hello, are you there? by Peter Jones (thanks to Eric & Anne Sowey, NSW)
Glow Boys, La Bete Humaine, Lady Chatterley trial, Sons of Molly, Mrs. Klein, Neitzche's Horse, and other plays (thanks to B.T.L)
Riddley Walker, by Russell Hoban, 1996 (thanks to John Bradbury)
Lady Faustus (thanks to Clarke Pitts)
The Disposal Man, by Tom Webster, 1983 (thanks Tom)
Upon St. George's Hill, Blast, both by Kevin Fegan (thanks Kevin)
The Immortal Bohemian, with Norman Rodway (thanks to Liz Parker)
Kalangadog Junction, The Group, Show Boat, The Chocolate Lovers' Club, Day Off, The Group (by or dram by M. O'Shea) (thanks Moya)
The Man From Nine-to-Five, The Mouse Race, What Are Brothers For?, Arnold Smith is Innocent, Endangered Species (thanks to Robert Aitken)
Hoover - They Call him Bobby, prod. Ned Chaillet (thanks Ned)
Paint Her Well, by Iain McClure, 1996 (thanks Iain)
As The Sparks Fly Upwards; Summer of the Bullshine Boys(thanks to Allan McKenzie)
Rocklife, by Peter Tegel 1977 (thanks to Mike Lloyd, Portugal)
Plays and readings by the New Zealand writer Olwynne Macrae (thanks to her daughter, Merrily Willis, Australia)
Blood Rains, Camp Diary, London Assurance, The Right Result, Moths, Easy Virtue, Katsetnik 135633 or Planet of Ashes, McEnroy's Point, Come To The Circus, Body Language, Hold the Front Page (thanks to Dave Warne)
Gagarin Way, A Moon for the Misbegotten, Spoiling Egypt, Whom Do I Have the Honour of Addressing?, The Numbered, Her Big Chance, Gladly my Cross-Eyed Bear, Moscow Stations (last one unfortunately incomplete) and other plays ... (thanks to Ian Pratt)
The Moon & Sixpence 1984, The Lady and the Schoolmaster, Bird of Dawning, The Broken Butterfly (thanks to Derek Baker)
Closed Planet, by John Heinam, 1961 (thanks to Derek Chambers)
Castleward, Stars in my Hair, Last hours of Pontius Pilate, Wolves of Grapenose Point (thanks to Richard Hawkins)
Summer Rain, by Serafin and Joaquin Quintero, 1966 (thanks to Bill Lonnen)
See the Pretty Lights, by Alan Plater, 1974 (thanks to Bill Lonnen)
Not Talking, by Mike Bartlett (thanks to Clive Lever)
Spared, by I Horowitz, Plato's Republic, & Sacking by Ian Weir (thanks to Peter Varden)
A Slip of the Disc, by John Graham & Obsession In August, by Michael Robson (thanks to Derek Chambers)
An Enemy Of The People, by H.Ibsen, 1975 (thanks to Derek Chambers)
The Ticket, A Nice Easy Job, Scars, and other lost plays by Tom Webster (thanks Tom)
Approximately 150 plays from 1973 and 1974 (thanks to an anonymous donor)
'The Trade of Man', by T.D.Webster, 1984 (thanks to Clive Lever)
'A Nocturne for Mr. Yeats', by Robert Graham, 1989 (thanks Robert)
'The Thirteen Clocks' and 'The First Nowell', both 1973 (thanks to Jeremy Garton)
At the End of the Day, by Pete Sadler, 1989 (thanks Pete)
A Study in Hatred, by Richard Huggett, 1985 (thanks to Robert Hartley)
Approx two thousand (sic) digitised BBC plays, 1998-2010 (thanks David T)
Plan, by Stephen Swailes, 1982 (thanks Steve)
Six Neville Shute plays from the 60s and 70s (thanks 'JdR')
Six early plays by John Fletcher (thanks John)
Country of Afternoon, by Alison Brackenbury, 1985 (thanks Alison)
Approximately fifty plays from 1973 (thanks to an anonymous donor)
Tale of a Penny Suit, by Ken Whitmore, 1979 (thanks to Martin Fennell, Ireland)
Mrs. Bleasdale's Lodger (thanks to Jon McCallum)
A Travelling Actress; Charlotte Deans memoirs, 1989 (thanks to Ken Cumberlidge)
Words, Words, Words, by Arnold Evans, 1988 (thanks to Sue Hudson)
Death of a Pig, by John Kirkmorris, 1976 (thanks to Mort, in Canada)
Cold Earth Travelling, by Mike Walker, 1979 (thanks to Mort, in Canada)
Orbit One-Zero, by Peter Elliott Hayes, serial (thanks to Michael Gerwat)
Kelvin, by Melville Jones (thanks Mel)
Sixty Tons Through the Iron Curtain, 1984, by Dan Possumato, USA (thanks Dan)
The Labyrinth, by Valerie Georgson, 1970s (thanks to Guy Burns)
The Hands of Mr. Ottermole, 1952 (thanks to Terry M)
Two plays by Simon Broad (thanks to R.B.)
The Machine Stops (Forster), Tunnel Under the World (Pohl), Poppy Q (Baldwin) (thanks to Chris Kyan)
Plays by Michael Arditti, mainly 1980s (thanks Michael)
Duke Diamond, serial, 1973, by Robin Smyth (thanks to an anonymous donor)
Muggers, by Allan Prior (thanks to an anonymous donor)
The Barley Sugar Lollipop, by J.C.W.Brook (thanks to an anonymous donor)
They Call him Bobby, by Mike Walker (thanks to Ned C.)
Several plays by Sam Boardman-Jacobs (thanks Sam)
Foolish Painted Things, by John Wagstaffe (thanks John)
A Death in the Family, by John Parker, 1978 (thanks to Christian Feitz)
Two plays by Frederic Mohr: Garden Notes & Bozzy (thanks to David McKail)
Promise to Kill, by Eddie Maguire (thanks to Peter Prunka)
The Time Mabel Became an Anchorite, by Janette Walkinshaw, 1986 (thanks Janette)
A time in cloud cuckoo land, by Don Haworth, and A Christmas Carol, with Wilfrid Brambell, c1966 (thanks to David Allen)
Old Times, Good Times by David Williams (thanks David)
The Lithium Waltz, Teddy Bear's Picnic, Christmas Shopping, The Chips are Down, Moving Statues (thanks to Andrew Archibald)
Ross, More work for the Undertaker, Simon at Midnight, The Day We Lost the War, The Lonely Margins, Under the Hammer (thanks to Andy Benedek)
The Inside Out Job, c1970 (thanks to Gareth Jones)
Wife Swapping: musical item dir. Alan Ayckbourn, c1968 (thanks to John Rogerson)
Ira Plimsoll's Marble Staircase, and three other plays by Tom Elliott (thanks Tom)
Two Sisters, by David Ashton, 1996 (thanks David)
The Eventful Deaths of Mr. Frewin by Don Haworth (thanks to an anonymous donor)
Rudkin's Dream, by Don Taylor, prod. Martin Esslin (thanks to an anonymous donor)
Two plays by Rex Batten, 1960s (thanks to Roger Bickerton)
Four plays by Gordon McKerrow (thanks Gordon)
Where the Pumpkins Grow, by Tim Aspinall, 1966 (thanks to John Rhodes)
Love me Tender, by Simon Moss, 1982 (thanks to Alan Stokes)
Heart of Elm, by Angus Wilson, 1976 (thanks to Alan Stokes)
End of Term by E.H.Hendry, 1975 (thanks to Alan Stokes)
Who is Sylvia? by Stephen Dunstone (thanks to Frances McNeil)
The Sun and the Devil, The Great Man, The Bridle Path, The Bliss Business, by Frances McNeil (thanks Frances)
Capital Gains, all episodes, by Collin Johnson (thanks to Greg Linden)
Give the clown his supper, by Gerry Jones, & Dirty Tricks, by Alan Stafford (thanks Alan)
Reigle, Sproat and the Beigists, 1982, by Dick Divers (thanks Dick)
Frankenstein, 1986, and The Rocking Horse Winner, 1985 (thanks to Roger Johnson and Jean Upton)
Better not singing, 1991, by Patrick Costeloe (thanks Patrick)
Overnight Success, by Michael Davies (thanks to David Sutherland)
Sunken Gold, Headlines, Something to be spared (thanks to Tim Tuggey)
Clagthorpe Viva by Bruce Bedford (thanks to Tim Tuggey)
Crying in the Crypt, Yorkshiremen don't drink Gin (thanks to Giordan Fong)
Four plays by Kay McManus (thanks Kay)
Eight plays by Jennifer Phillipps (thanks Jennifer)
Abelard and Heloise, c1975 (thanks to David Lynch, Slovakia)
The Bohemians, by Henri Murger, 1986 (thanks to Tim Campbell)
Jenny One, Two, Three, by Sean Walsh, 1986 (thanks to 'Great Wizard')
30 more plays from 1972 including: Andromache,New Grub St.,Down but not out, Devil in Salem, East of Christmas... (thanks to Gil Swain)
Deal with Murder, 1964 (thanks to Mike Roberts)
84 Charing Cross Rd, R3, 1980s (thanks to Mike Bartlett)
Purgatory, by Marcia Kahan; Every traveller carries some baggage, trans. Margaret Etall (thanks to Peter Young, France)
Countess Cathleen, The House on Secker St. ( thanks to Alex Reid)
Gilgamesh (1983), Misrule(1976), by Alex Reid (thanks Alex)
Alphabetical order, by Michael Frayn (1987) (thanks to Peter Young, France)
The Box & Dusty's Story, by Hattie Naylor (both 1989) (thanks to Peter Young, France)
Alphabetical Order, by Michael Frayn (1987) (thanks to Peter Young, France)
Deal with Murder, by Peter Cornish (1964) (thanks to Gerry Young, Canada)
The first train home, by Ronnie Balls (1961) (thanks to George Balls)
Conn the Shaughraun (1980s) (thanks to Sam Liddicott)
Condominium (Just before Midnight, 1980s) by Donovan O'Malley (thanks Donovan)
Mummy was well-liked, by Donovan O'Malley, and other plays (thanks to D O'M, Sweden)
'A Full Life' and 'Definitely not July' (1967)(thanks to Susie Hitchings)
The ratcatcher of Hamelin, by John Peacock (thanks to Clive Lever)
The Quetzal, by Susan-Jane Arevalo (thanks S-J)
Three short stories by Al Hunter, read by Alan Deveraux (thanks to Anne Barford)
Boot Boot Wallop Wallop Nut, by Al Hunter (thanks to Anne Barford)
About twenty plays from 1971 (see 1971 page) (thanks to Gil Swain)
Abide with Me, by Lois Fulker (thanks to Mike Fulker)
That bread should be so dear, by Olwyn Macrae, 1980 (thanks to Merrily Willis, NSW, Australia)
Bird with one wing; play about Richard Burton, explorer; mid 80s (thanks to Mike Roberts)
The Organgrinder's Monkey, by Stephen Wyatt (1990) (thanks Stephen)
Gunpowder, treason and plot (1980) (thanks to Nick Clark)
A taste of honey, by Shelagh Delaney (1980s) (thanks to Ray Woolcraft)
A day in the death of Joe Egg, by Peter Nichols (1980s) (thanks to Ray Woolcraft)
Roncevaux, Roots, Long Sunset, Semi-Detached (1980s) (thanks to Ray Woolcraft)
The Third Man, and Plato's Symposium (1980s) (thanks to John Bulow-Osborne)
Conflict of Doves (1980s) (thanks to John Bulow-Osborne)
The albatross and the elephant eggs, by Harry Barton, 1984 (thanks to Mel Lambert)
The Traitor, by Adrienne Mans, 1971 (thanks to Juergen Schlenker, Essen)
The Wooden Pear, by Gillian Plowman 1995 (thanks Gillian)
I should be so lucky, by Lesley Whiteley 1995 (thanks Lesley)
Loaf, by David Fitzsimmons 1973 (thanks to Juergen Lull, Hamburg)
Vanity Fair c1988 (thanks to Clarke Pitts)
How nice to know Mr. Lear (thanks to Clarke Pitts)
"Letter from America" - the McCarthy Bill,1988 (thanks to Clarke Pitts)
Golovlovo,by M.E.Saltyleov Schedrin, c. 1988 (thanks to Clarke Pitts)
Brainwash, 1981 (thanks to Peter Risbey and Richard Lambswool)
The Flip Side, by M.C.Cohen, 1963 (thanks to Peter Risbey and Phil Watson)
The Colliers' Cathedral, 1981 (thanks to Peter R. Brooke)
Great Strides, by John Barry 1981 (thanks John)
Key to the Door, by John Edgar, 1986 (thanks John)
Brummell Abroad, by David Buck, 1990 (thanks to Mike Roberts)
City of the Horizon: the story of Achnaton, 1972 (thanks to Mike Whittle)
Murder Remembered, by T.C.Hudson, 1970 (thanks to Alan Welfoot and T.C.Hudson)
The Traveller, by Stewart Parker, c1986 (thanks to Rocco Siefert)
The man who wrote a library alone - Hilaire Belloc, 1983 (thanks to Rocco Siefert)
The Geneva Run, by Michael Davies, 1983 (thanks to Rocco Siefert)
The day we lost the war, 1962 (thanks to Rocco Siefert)
The ballad of Peckham Rye thanks to Rocco Siefert
Broad Canvases by Nigel Baldwin,1997 (thanks to Alison Moore)
An Englishman's Home, by Ray Ball, 1983 (thanks to Ian Francis)
A dream play, by Strindberg, 1948 (thanks to Mike Roberts)
Burglars, by Allan Prior (thanks to Mick Clarke)
A Long Memory, by Peter Simpkin (thanks to Mick Clarke)
A Royal Favour, by Maurice Packham (thanks to Tom Scanlon)
A trail of blood, by Jeremy Potter (thanks to Roger Bickerton)
Lily and Colin: two plays by Elizabeth Bond (thanks to Mike Wontner-Riches)
The Arrest, by Kenneth John (thanks to Barry Pike)
The war of Chantry Fields, by John Kirkmorris (thanks to Barry Pike)
Feature on Calypsos (mid-90s) (thanks to Ray Funk, Fairbanks, Alaska)
Rat King by Michael Dibdin (1992) (thanks to Don Craig)
Spin a Loving Thread by Alick Rowe (1976) (thanks to Don Craig)
The Day the Lions Drowned (thanks to John Kendrick)
St. Hugo of Central Park, by Jeffrey Kindley (thanks to JK, New York)
The Constant Couple, by George Farquhar (thanks to Mike Roberts)
Twenty Inspector Morse plays, 1989-2000 (thanks to Gerry Young, Canada)
The daughter of time (1982), by Josephine Tey (thanks to Gerry Young, Canada)
Viviette, by Fred Bradnum, 1975 (thanks to Jeremy Stevenson)
Heap at Cambridge, by Jeremy Paul (thanks to Clive Lever)
The Mystery, by Bill Naughton (thanks to Clive Lever)
Kendrick's Last Stand (1978)(thanks to John Kendrick)
Viva, by Marcy Kahan 1986 (thanks Marcy)
The Contemplative Life, by Marcy Kahan 1985 (thanks Marcy)
The transmogrification of Herbert Mellish, by Marcy Kahan 1987(thanks Marcy)
Zeppi's Machine, by Dan Selvon (c1970) (thanks to Jeremy Stevenson)
Hijack at Penrose gardens, by Rodney Tibbs (thanks Rodney)
Wild Flowers & grains of sand, by Robin Smyth (thanks to Mike Wontner-Riches)
Hard Road, by Max & Kelly (thanks Mike W-R)
The Gadfly, by E. Voynich (thanks to David Carvin)
Ancient Enemies, by Elizabeth North (thanks to Nick at Standard8 Films )
Return of the prodigal, by St.John Hankin (thanks Nick)
Sweet Dreams & Swedish Ghosts, by Mike Stott (thanks to Clive Lever )
Requiem for a Wren (1964) (thanks to Mike Roberts)
Armada (1988) and Penrhyn Summer, c1985 (thanks to Mike Roberts)
The Burma Star and the Family Treat, 1989, by Pete Roberts (thanks Pete)
The hound of the Higginbottoms, by Diana Griffiths (thanks Diana)
Modes of Discourse, by Terence Lewis (thanks Terence)
Three plays by Jean Barnes (thanks to Chris Butterfield)
Blue Pacific Island, by Andrew Rissik (thanks Andrew)
The Double-Bass, by Patrick Susskind (thanks to David Brownstein, Israel)

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