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1 Jan: Elsinore, 1
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Prequel to 'Hamlet', set in an alternative Denmark (and Europe) in the 1930s. Claudius, Hamlet's brother: John Light, King Hamlet: John Heffernan, The Dauphin: Ed Gaughan, Captain True: Chetna Pandya, Polonius: Clive Hayward, Anders/Dr. Swiss: Neil McCaul, Olssnon: Rupert H Evans, Yorick/Guard: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Katya: Isabella Inchbald, Beatrix: Abbie Andrews, Archimdes and the Prosecutor: David Reakes, Horatio and Schroeder: Philip Bretherton, Lascio: Adam Fitzgerald, Uncle: Ben Crowe, Helena: Clare Corbett, Gertrude: Lyndsey Marshal, Mrs. Helgeland: Sudha Bhuchar. Producers: Marc Beeby and Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 Jan: Elsinore, 2
Continued from yesterday.

3 Jan: Elsinore, 3
Continued from yesterday.

4 Jan: Elsinore, 4

5 Jan: Intelligence
By Sarah Wooley, based on Muriel Spark's time with MI6. Muriel: Jessica Hardwick, Sefton Delmer: Stuart McQuarrie, Marcelle / Nurse: Lucianne McEvoy, Erich / Officer: Finn den Hertog, Betty: Francesca Dymond, Crips/Hans/Engineer: Robin Laing. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

6 Jan: Saturday Play: Offshore
By Penelope Fitzgerald, dram. Michael Butt. Story about a community of people who live on barges on the Thames. Nenna: Hattie Morahan, Tilda: Rosie Boore, Martha: Molly Pipe, Maurice: Joel MacCormack, Richard: Clive Hayward, Willis: Neil McCaul, Laura: Isabella Inchbald, Fr Watson and Edward: David Reakes, Pinkie: Rupert Holliday-Evans, Antiques Man: Philip Bretherton, Louise: Kath Weare, Mrs. Hodge: Ellie Darvill. Producer: David Hunter.

7 Jan: Classic Serial - Midwich Cuckoos
By John Wyndham ad. Roy Williams; Graeae company's version (disabled performers). Zellerby: Tyrone Huggins, Janet: Alexandra Mathie, Molly: Cherylee Houston, Michaela: Herman Berhane, Boy Cuckoo: Adam Ali, Girl Cuckoo: Terri Donovan. Producers: Polly Thomas and Jenny Sealey.

8 Jan: Stone, 1
By Martin Jameson. Ep. 1 of 10. More detective work using the characters devised by Danny Brocklehurst.A body is discovered after a fire at a hostel for the homeless. Stone: Hugo Speer, Sue Kelly: Deborah Andrew, Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Jackie Stanton-Hope: Jill Halfpenny, Sarah: Christine Bottomley, Devon de Costa: Everal A Walsh, Grace Peverall: Susan Twist, Sully: Michael Peavoy, McAffrey: Conrad Nelson, with Sydney Wade, Kieran O'Brien, Graeme Hawley, Emily Pithon, Reuben Johnson, Olivia Sweeney, Krissi Bohn, Claire Benedict, David Schofield and Angela Lonsdale. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari. Continued tomorrow.

9 Jan: Stone, 2
By Martin Jameson. The team investigates the homeless charity and the background of the victim. Stone's daughter starts behaving oddly. Cast, etc as yesterday; continues tomorrow.

10 Jan: Stone, 3
By Richard Monks. The father of the victim is questioned. Stone's problems with his daughter continue.

11 Jan: Stone, 4
By Richard Monks. Stone lists new suspects, but has to find them.

12 Jan: Stone, 5
By Cath Staincliffe. Stone finds one of the suspects. It is possible that mistakes were made in a connected earlier case.

13 Jan: Saturday Play- Mememto Mori
By Muriel Spark, ad. Robin Brooks, from the novel. Strange play about a group of elderly people targeted by a troublesome person on the telephone. A detective investigates, and everyone becomes a suspect. Dame Lettie Colston: Patricia Hodge, Geoffrey Colston: Jim Norton, Charmian Colston: Colette O'Neill, Mabel pettigrew: Monica Dolan, Alec Warner: William Gaminara, with Keth Weare, Ellie Darvill, Neil McCaul, Isabella Inchbald and Georgie Glen. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

14 Jan: Classic Serial: The Driver's Seat
By Muriel Spark, ad. Beatrice Colin. Self-contained single episode. A young woman travels in search of an elusive man, adopting a series of odd personas on the way. Lise: Shauna Macdonald, Richard: Robert Jack, Bill: Robert Laing, Carlo: Cesare Taurasi, Mrs. Fiedke: Georgie Glen, with Alasdair Hankinson, Karen Bartke and Alexandra Mathie (narrator).

15 Jan: Stone, 6
Continued from last week. Stone begins to question the reliability of the original murder investigation. Mel Stafford thinks that the person who killed her brother is still free. Stone: Hugo Speer, Sue Kelly: Deborah Andrew, Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Jackie Stanton-Hope: Jill Halfpenny, Sarah: Christine Bottomley, Devon de Costa: Everal A Walsh, Grace Peverall: Susan Twist, Liam McAffrey: Conrad Nelson, with Sydney Wade, Kieran O'Brien, Graeme Hawley, Emily Pithon, Reuben Johnson, Olivia Sweeney, Krissi Bohn, Claire Benedict and Angela Lonsdale. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari. Continued tomorrow.

16 Jan: Stone, 7
The team has its prime suspect; only Sarah Martindale can identify him.

17 Jan: Stone, 8
The team locates a possible witness.

18 Jan: Stone, 9
The team is close to solving the case, but as its members close in on the main suspects, problems in Stone's personal life re-emerge.

19 Jan: Stone, 10

20 Jan: Saturday Play - Moll Flanders, 1 of 2
By Daniel Defoe, dram. Nick Perry, rpt. A visit to Newgate Jail offers Defoe a chance to meet 18th-century criminal Elizabeth Atkins, who tells him her strange life story. In need of ready money, he reinterprets her story, reinventing her as heroine Moll Flanders. Moll has to pit her wits against a world which seems determined to see her fail. Moll: Jessica Hynes, Daniel Defoe: Ben Miles, Mr. Mist: Brian Protheroe, Lady Cholmondley: Elizabeth Bennett, Jemmy: Blake Ritson, nurse: Clare Perkins, young Moll: Alex Jarett, Rob: Nick Underwood, Lucy: Kirsty Oswald, John: Tom Forrister, Robin: Sam Rix, Jailer: Sean Baker. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko. 60m.

21 Jan: Classic Serial - The Bastard of Istanbul, 1
By Elif Sharak; dram. Hattie Naylor in two episodes. The story, published in 2006, centres around Asya Kazanci and Armanoush Tchakhmakhchian. It is set in Arizona; San Francisco, California; and Istanbul, Turkey. The novel deals with their families and how they are connected through the history of the 1915 Armenian Genocide. At age nineteen, Armanoush travels secretly to Istanbul to search for her Armenian roots. (In June 2006, a nationalist lawyer accused Elif of insulting her homeland by writing about the genocide: deportations, murders and atrocities carried out on Armenians, all denied by the Turkish government).Lara Sawalha as Asya, Gillian Saker as Armanoush, with Raad Rawi, Laurel Lefkow, Nathalie Armin, Mia Soteriou, Philip Arditti, Anna Savva, Baris Celiloglu, Jonas Khan, Murak Erkek and Catriona Stirling. Producer: Nicholas Jackson.

22 Jan: 4/4: Introduction & Allegro
By Robin Brooks and Sarah Wooley. A new comedy drama recording the exploits and life of the members of a fictional string quartet. Paul: Alasdair Hankinson, Fergus: Simon Donaldson, Archie: Robin Laing, Skye: Shauna Macdonald, Lucy/Claire: Karen Bartke, Philippe/Usher/Guard: Nick Underwood, Hans/journalist/fan: Kenny Blyth. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane. Music supplied by the Edinburgh Quartet.

23 Jan: How Success Ruined Me
By Christopher Green. Fred Barnes (1885 – 1938) was an English music hall singer known for his song, "The Black Sheep of the Family", which he first performed in 1907. Although popular on stage, Barnes became well-known for his erratic private life and was often mentioned in the press. He was openly homosexual (the closest thing to a 'gay icon' permissible at the time, to paraphrase Jane Anderson in RT). This is not a normal afternoon drama; the format is that of Christopher Green and Roy Hudd 'rehearsing' a play which Christopher has written about Fred Barnes. Cast: Christopher and Roy, with producer Jonquil Panting.

24 Jan: The Duke
By Shon Dale-Jones. Puzzling entry in RT: a one-man show where S D-J explores the fate of a family heirloom, the quandary of a scriptwriter, and a refugee crisis. "Blending fantasy and reality, it gently challenges priorities". Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

25 Jan: Freezing to Death, and How to Avoid It
By Abigail Youngman. This is based on actual events. In 1739, Empress Anna Ivanovna arranged the marriage of two of her jesters. After the ceremony the couple were forced to spend the night in an ice palace. Did they survive? This is the story of what happened. Mikhail, old and young: Karl Theobald, Avdotya: Mandeep Dhillon, Traveller and Grigori Petrovich: John MacKay. Producer: Alison Crawford.

26 Jan: Culture
By Ali Smith, rpt. This is a world where antibiotics no longer work. Anna is a doctor and has to decide, each day, which patients to treat and which ones to leave. Anna: Pippa Nixon, Ned: David Calder, Maria: Olivia Popica, Shireen: Chetna Pandya, Quartermaster: Philip Fox, Celine: Sarah Ridgeway, Tom: Tom Forrister, Bailiff: Emilio Doorgasingh. Producer: Sally Avens.

27 Jan: Saturday Play - Moll Flanders, 2 of 2
By Daniel Defoe, ad. Nick Perry, rpt. Defoe is convinced that his fictional version of Elizabeth Atkins' life story will be a best-seller, and will save him from his creditors. But before she can conclude her tale, she is arrested and taken back to prison. Moll F: Jessica Hynes, Daniel Defoe: Ben Miles, Mother Midnight: Alison Steadman, Jemmy: Blake Ritson, Jailer: Sean Baker, Rob: Nick Underwood, Mother: Elizabeth Bennett, Merchant: Jason Barnett, Landlade: Claire Perkins, Child: Alex Jarrett, Mr. Mist: Brian Protheroe, Lucy: Kirsty Oswald, Mercer: James Lailey, Court clerk: Tom Forrister, Apprentice: Sam Rix. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

28 Jan: Classic Serial: The Bastard of Istanbul, 2
By Elif Sharak; dram. Hattie Naylor in two episodes. Conclusion. Lara Sawalha as Asya, Gillian Saker as Armanoush, with Raad Rawi, Laurel Lefkow, Nathalie Armin, Mia Soteriou, Philip Arditti, Anna Savva, Baris Celiloglu, Jonas Khan, Murak Erkek and Catriona Stirling. Producer: Nicholas Jackson.

29 Jan: 4/4: Scherzo
By Robin Brooks and Sarah Wooley. Ep. 2. The Benjamin Quartet, with its new member, has played to a tiny audience In Brussels. Fergus has been taken ill with a suspected heart attack. Paul, the new member: Alasdair Hankinson, Fergus: Simon Donaldson, Archie: Robin Laing, Skye: Shauna Macdonald, Claire/receptionist: Karen Bartke, ,taxi driver/doctor: Kenny Blyth. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane. Music supplied by the Edinburgh Quartet.

30 Jan: The Beard
By Timothy X Atack. A film actress's life alters suddenly when a beard grows on her face. She hides, but is eventually tracked down by a fan who wants to know what has happened to her. Thea Collins: Amara Karan, Collette Cibulski, Cerys and Kathy Crane: Amelia Bullmore, Sally Martin: Mandeep Dhillon, beauty therapist: Zara Ramm. Producer: Alison Crawford.

31 Jan: Wide Open Spaces
By Jane Wainwright, rpt. On the first anniversary of his daughter's death, a young father is determined to overcome his agoraphobia and visit her grave for the first time. Samuel: Paapa Essiedu, May: Sarah McDonald Hughes, Aoife: Fiona Clarke, Dad: Lloyd Peters. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

1 Feb: The Red
By Marcus Brigstocke, rpt. This won the Best Original Single Drama at the Audio Drama Awards on 28 Jan. A repeat of Marcus's first radio play, about a recovering alcoholic who has temptation offered to him when he inherits a cellarfull of wine from his late father. The recording was done on location in a 400-year-old wine cellar. Benedict, the recovering alcoholic: Rufus Jones, the ghost of his father: David Calder, Peter: Marcus Brigstocke. Producer: Caroline Raphael.

2 Feb: Borderland
By Sarah Woods, rpt. This play won the Tinniswood Award. It is set a few years into the future. Thriller, from an idea by John Norton, based on real stories of migrants. In the near future, a mother and daughter travel across the borders of England and Wales and over the Irish Sea in search of a better life. Layla: Juliet Cowan, Rabaa: Sirine Saba, with Ali Ariaie, Esme Robinson, John Norton, Ali Goolyad, Sion Pritchard and Claire Cage. Producer: James Robinson, BBC Wales.

3 Feb: Saturday Play - Boy
By Raold Dahl, rpt, ad. Lucy Catherine. Patrick Malahide as Dahl, the narrator. The play is a dramatization of some memories of Roald's own childhood. There are references to his unhappy years at Repton school. Sophie Dahl, Roald's grand-daughter, recalls that one treat for the boys was the delivery of plain cardboard boxes from Cadbury's, asking the boys to test them and score the bars of chocolate. Narrator: Patrick Malahide, young Dahl: Tarkan Uzun, teenage Dahl: Asaac Rouse, mother: Joanna van Kampen, with Daniel Noel, Devon Ruckley, Adie Allen, Richard Nichols, Elizabeth Bennett, Jason Barnett, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Kirsty Oswald, Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Sean Baker. Producer: Helen Perry.

4 Feb: Classic Serial: Bride and Groom, 1
By Alisa Ganieva, ad. from the novel in two parts by Bethan Roberts, from the translation by Carol Apollonio. The story follows the relationship which develops between two strangers when they return to their home town from Moscow.

5 Feb: 4/4 Rondo Mysterioso
By Robin Brooks and Sarah Wooley. Ep. 3. After a difficult night in a casualty department in Brussels, the quartet is invited to play at a festival in Lucca. Paul: Alasdair Hankinson, Fergus: Simon Donaldson, Archie: Robin Laing, Skye: Shauna Macdonald, Kelly: Karen Bartke, with Kenny Blyth, Nick Underwood and Finlay Welsh. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane. Music supplied by the Edinburgh Quartet.

6 Feb: Becoming Betty
By Elizabeth Lewis, based on her experience whilst a teenager of working as an au pair in Italy in 1986. Betty: Emma Sidi, Vilma Cantarini: Francois Pandolfo, translator: Stephen Perring, Marisa: Juliet Aubrey, Illyana: Alice Coles. Producer: Helen Perry.

7 Feb: The Book of Yehudit
By Adam Usden, rpt. This play won the Imison Award. A young Jewish woman wants a divorce from her young husband, but her husband refuses to cooperate. In the Jewish world a divorse can only be granted if the husband is willing to allow it. Yehudit, the woman: Yasmin Paige, Naftali: Henry Devas, Daniel: Ashley Margolis, Baruch: David Fleeshman, Rochel: Kate Anthony, Esther: Rosie Fleeshman, Rabbi Steinberg: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

8 Feb: The Archivist
By Kellie Smith, rpt. was described in Radio Times as a psychological thriller. I'm not so sure; 'suspense' might be a better description, and it had a few things to say about social media and its effect on our lives. Ben starts to film his family for his personal archive which is, in itself, fairly harmless. However he then shares everything on Facebook and elsewhere. He can't spend a day without videoing something and then sharing it with the world. His partner, Clare, gets sick of it and imposes a ban. Unfortunately Ben is addicted and can't stop; he finds a workaround and continues as before. Will Clare find out? Ben: Adam Nagatis, Clare: Christine Bottomley, John: Henry Devas, Nadia: Fiona Clarke. Producer: Pauline Harris.

9 Feb: The Man Who Bit Mary Magdalene
By Colin Bytheway; comedy, rpt. A play about a religious relic. When an earthquake hits his cathedral, the Bishop has a vision of the Virgin Mary who tells him how to raise money for the repairs. There is a holy relic at an abbey in Normandy. If he can borrow it, it will bring in the punters. Bishop of Lincoln: David Jason, Adam: Miles Jupp, Virgin Mother: Patsy Kensit, Father Henty: Robert Bathurst, Brother Thibault: Kenneth Cranham. Producer: Celia be Wolff.

10 Feb: Sat. Play - National Theatre of Brent -Illustrated Guide to Sex & How It Was Done
By Patrick Barlow and Martin Duncan; performed by Patrick Barlow and John Ramm. Producer: Liz Anstee; director: Martin Duncan. Desmond Olivier Dingle and Raymon Box guide us through various representations of sex, with vignettes ranging from Oedipus Rex to Brokeback Mountain. Jane Anderson describes this in RT as "like Carry-On for Mensa members".

11 Feb: Classic Serial - Bride and Groom, 2
By Alisa Ganieva, ad. Bethan Roberts. A death destabilises the community. A wedding looks less likely. Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Jacob Ifan, Sion Pritchard, Steve Speirs, Alexandria Riley, Beth Roberts, Siw Hughes, Dafydd Emyr, Ifan Huw Dafydd. Producer: Helen Perry.

12 Feb: 4/4 Finale Con Porca
By Sarah Wooley. After playing in a festival in Lucca, the quartet is on its way home. Then the musicians receive another booking. Paul: Alasdair Hankinson, Fergus: Simon Donaldson, Archie: Robin Laing, Skye: Shauna Macdonald, Kelly: Karen Bartke, with Laurie Brown and Kyle Gardiner. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane. Music supplied by the Edinburgh Quartet.

13 Feb: The Things we Never Said
By Ming Ho, rpt. A play focusing on the bond between mother and daughter. Woman: Lia Williams, Mother: Sian Phillips. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

14 Feb: The B Towns - The Punjab
By Phil Davies. First of three dramas set in neglected Lancashire towns. A family restaurant is being closed as part of a lucrative mill development. Bilal: Shane Zaza, Troy and DJ: Reuben Johnson, Sarah: Jenny Platt, Khalid and Fleck: Sushil Chudasama, Anjam: Bhasker Patel, Zainab: Rani Moorthy, DC Carney: Leah Marks, friends: Molly Ehrenberg-Peters, Daniel Hand and Jake Talbot. Producer: Gary Brown.

15 Feb: The B Towns - All the Beauty in the World
By Eve Steele. Set in Essex. A young woman graduates and then goes home, but there's not much hope of finding a good job, in spite of the degree. Sarah: Jenny Platt, Adrian: Wilf Scolding, Dave: Andrew Westfield, Jacqui: Susan Twist, Lee: Gary Wood, Michelle: Siobhan Finneran. Producer: Gary Brown.

16 Feb: The B Towns - Connor's Song
By Michael Stewart. Two mothers, from Poland and from Yorkshire, are hit by devastating news. Michelle: Siobhan Finneran, Amanda: Angela Lonsdale, Dad: Seamus O'Neill, Ruth: Mille Rose Kinsey, Halina: Aneta Piotrowska, Brandon: Nico Mirallegro, pianist: Simon Hoban. Producer: Pauline Harris.

17 Feb: Saturday Play - Dead Ringers - An Alien has Landed
"Dead Ringers" started in 2000. After 18 series, the team has come up with a radio drama. An alien named Geoff lands in Britain. The plot involves 'Strictly' and 'Bake Off'; other than that, I know nothing. Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Lewis MacLeod, Debra Stevenson, Duncan Wisbey. No author credited in RT; producer Bill Dare. 45m

18 Feb: Classic Serial slot: The Robber Bride, 1
By Margaret Attwood; dram. in 2 parts by Sarah Wooley (though Sarah not credited in RT). This is part of the 'Riot Girls' season.Jane Anderson, in RT, tells us that the story was inspired by the Grimms' fairy tale "The Robber Bridegroom". Zenia, a frightful woman, lures three men into her lair. Zenia: Tanya Moodie, Roz: Teresa Gallagher, Tony: Barbara Barnes, Charis: Isabella Inchbald, West: David Reakes, Billy: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Uncle Vern: Rupert Holliday-Evans. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

19 Feb: Polygamy for Girls
By Julie Mayhew. 'Riot Girls' season. A feminist vlogger carries out a radical domestic experiment. Chloe: Lauren Cornelius, Dan: Luke Bailey, Rosa: Aneta Piotrowska, Gemma: Rebecca Humphries, Barbara: Belinda Lang. Producer: Emma Harding.

20 Feb: Male Order
By Ming Ho. Comedy drama. 'Riot Girls' season. Barbara, a 59-year-old dentist from Bristol, surprises her family when she returns from Brazil with a new husband, a 20-year-old waiter. Barbara: Belinda Laing, Fabio: Lino Facioli, Sue: Carolyn Pickles, Graham: Niel McCaul, Amy: Kerry Gooderson, Matt: Luke Bailey, Dorota: Edyta Budnik, DI Aplin: Rupert Holliday-Evans, DC Begum: Amber Aga, Chloe: Lauren Cornelius, Gemma: Rebecca Humphries. Producer: Emma Harding.

21 Feb: Unfit
By Katherine Jakeways. 'Riot Girls' season. Gemma confides in her new friend Kirsty. Gemma chose to leave her children. Gemma: Rebecca Humphries, Kirsty: Emerald O'Hanrahan, Matt: Rylan Early, Joe: Joe Sims, Emily: Karen Bryson, Gabs: Florence Duncalf, Charlie: Billy Duncalf, Mother: Amber Aga, teacher: Georgie Glenn, Pete: Clive Hayward, Chloe: Lauren Cornelius, Barbara: Belinda Lang. Producer: Emma Harding.

22 Feb: Rumpole - Rumpole on Trial
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman, rpt. Rumpole accuses a judge of misleading the jury and gets severely admonished. He frinds himself on trial. Julian Rhind-Tutt as Rumpole, with Jasmine Hyde as Hilda, Cathy Sara, Gus Brown, Nigel Anthony as Justice Gwent-Evans and Erskine-Brown, Michael Cochrane, Stephen Critchlow. Producer: Catheine Bailey; director Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

23 Feb: Rumpole - Rumpole and Hilda
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman, rpt. A story in which the friction between Hilda and Rumpole is central. A solicitor asks Rumpole to defend a man who is accused of murdering his father. The solicitor is well-groomed, charming and sensitive, unlike Hilda's tiresome husband. Rumpole: Julian Rhind-Tutt, with Jasmine Hyde, Stuart McQuarrie, Nigel Anthony as Erskine-Brown, Stephen Critchlow and Cathy Sara. Producer: Catheine Bailey; director Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

24 Feb: Saturday Play - The Good Companions
By John Priestley, dram. John Retallack. A factory worker from Yorkshire sets off to make his fortune. He joins a concert troupe. Jess Oldroyd, the hero: Ralph Ineson, Miss Trant: Fenella Woolgar, Jimmy Nunn: Roy Hudd, Inigo Jollifant: Oliver Gomm, Susie Dean: Isabella Inchbald, Mr. Ridvers: Gerard McDermott, Mrs. Joe: Ellie Darvill, Monte Mortimer: Clive Hayward, Leonard Oldroyd: Gary Duncan, Mr. Joe: Philip Bretherton, Morton Mitcham: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Jerry Jerningham: Adam Fitzgerald, Agent: Rupert Holliday Evans, Inspector: David Reakes. Producer: David Hunter. Music: Neil Brand. 90m. Previous versions include the three-part Eric Pringle dramatization (2002) and the 13-episode version by Neville Teller in 1971.

25 Feb: Classic Serial slot: The Robber Bride, 2
By Margaret Atwood, dram. Sarah Wooley (credited this time in RT). Reworking of a Grimm fairy tale. Conclusion. No description, to avoid spoilers. Zenia: Tanya Moodie, Roz: teresa Gallagher, Tony: Barbara Barnes, Charis: Isabella Inchbald, Mitch: Trevor White, Harriet: Kath Weare, Larry: Adam Fitzgerald, Alma: Abbie Andrews. Producers: Abigail le Fleming and Marion Nancarrow.

26 Feb: Twenty-four hours from Tulse Hill
By Guy Meredith and Zalie Burrow. Romantic comedy. Two estate agents, a would-be writer and an aspiring artist, want to quit their jobs . Then their boss pairs them up to sell a property to a well-off client. Mark: John Heffernan, Lisa: Catrin Stewart, Myles: Nicholas le Prevost, Bartleman: Philip Jackson, Nic: Ricky Norwood, Selena: Rachel Atkins. Producer: Cherry Cookson.

27 Feb: Louis B Mayer and the Bolshevik Beast
By Shephen Sheridan, rpt. Stephen re-imagines an election campaign in California in 1934, when the socialist writer Upton Sinclair was a candidate. Louis B Mayer:Toby Jones, Upton: Colin Stinton, Glick: Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Thalberg: Chris Pavlo, Frank Merriam: Sam Dale, Craig Sinclair: Jessica Turner, Franklin Roosevelt: David Hounslow, Felix: Mark Edel-Hunt. Producer: Sally Avens.

28 Feb: An Instinct for Kindness
By Chris Larner. A factual account of his wife's struggle with multiple sclerosis and her decision to end her life. Chris met his wife Allyson in 1982 when they were actors in a touring theatre company. They married, and divorced, but kept in touch, and now Chris is helping Allyson with one final thing - making use of the services of Dignitas. (summarised from Jane Anderson's piece in RT). Chris: Chris Larner, Allyson: Caroline Catz, Vivienne: Carolyn Pickles, the doctor: Georgie Glen, Arthur: Philip Bretherton, Petra: Julie Teal, Chambermaid: Kerry Gooderson, young George: Oliver Zetterstrom, older George: Luke Bailey. Producer: Sally Avens.

1 Mar: A Pact Of Silence
By Penny Woolcock. Play about the dictatorship in Argentina in 1976, seen through the eyes of a young woman. With Emily Berrington. Producer: Natasha Dack, director: Penny Woolcock.

2 Mar: Playing Dead
By Vivienne Harvey. Roza arrives in Erbil in the war-torn country she fled as a child, with her boyfriend Liam. She has just leaned that her father's remains have been found in a mass grave. He was last heard of three decades ago when Iraq was fighting Kurdistan, which ended with the deaths of tens of thousands of Kurds. The body is not where it should be. Roza: Nadia Emam, Liam: William Ash, Rojan/Namak: Shervin Alenabi, Ari: Murat Erkek, Mother/Bayan: Sahaniaz Hama Ali, Shad/armed guard: Aso Sherabayani, Jenny: Susan Twist. Producer: Nadia Molinari; directors: Vivienne Harvey and Nadia Molinari.

3 Mar: Saturday Play - Shafted
By John Godber. Comedy drama, starring a bad-tempered former miner and his wife, whom we follow in the 30 years after Scargill's miners' strike of 1984-5. Harry: John Godber, Dot: Jane Godber, Producer: Toby Swift. 60m.

4 Mar: Classic Serial slot - The Bethlehem Murders
By Matt Rees (novel), dram. Jennifer Howarth. Omar Yussef is a teacher and amateur sleuth. He tries to clear the name of a former student who has been accused of murder in Bethlehem, where they both live. Omar: Peter Polycarpou, Habib and Marwan: Vincent Ebrahim, Khamis: Nabil Elouahabi, George: Zubin Varia, Dima: Sirine Saba, Jihad: Seva Resalingham, Hussein: Philip Arditti, Abu: Carlos Chahine, Ramiz: Amir El-Masry. Producer: Mary Peate.

5 Mar: The Unforgiven, 1
By Barbara Machin. New serial of five episodes, broadcast on successive days. This is a prequel to a crime thriller shown on BBC television entitled 'Waking the Dead'. It is set 15 years earlier, in 1984; a thriller involving a serial killer/rapist who appeals against his conviction, claiming police corruption. Peter Boyd: Anthony Howell, Grace Foley: Sue Johnston, Frankie Wharton: Holly Aird, Mel Silver: Claire Goose, Spencer Jordan: Wil Johnson, Janny Boyd: Amelia Lowdell, Commissioner: Clive Hayward, journalist: Ryan Early, Kate Foley: Kerry Gooderson, Clive Bristow: Simon Shepherd, Eddie Macteer: Justin Salinger, Astrid Klein: Frances Barber, Diver: Luke Bailey, Marcus Perriman: Jonathan Forbes, HQGreen: Ryan Early, Roz Coolridge: Amber Aga, Sam Gilchrist: Claire-Louise Cordell, June Shewell: Georgie Glen, Mike Shewell: Rupert Holliday Evans, reporter: Ryan Early, Julie de la Mere: Lauren Cornelius, Billy C10: Luke Bailey. Sound Design: David Chilron, Producer: Allegra McIlroy. Indie (Goldhawk).

6 Mar: The Unforgiven, 2
Details as 5 Mar. Trying to peel back the layers of this old case, Grace must face her own fears.

7 Mar: The Unforgiven, 3
Details as 5 Mar. The team desperately need Frankie Wharton's forensic skills if they are to find the kidnapper and save a life.

8 Mar: The Unforgiven, 4
Details as 5 Mar. Mel Silver, a fearless 20-year old policewoman, has only two days to find the victim alive.

9 Mar: The Unforgiven, 5
Details as 5 Mar. Conclusion.

10 Mar: Saturday Play - The Chosen One
By Avi Garvi, set in India. Thriller. 45m. Inspired by the writer's experience of growing up in a commune run by a guru who was less saintly than he professed. In the play, a young woman infiltrates a secretive and sinister religious group. She is determined not to lose her freedoms. Priti: Yuki Ellias, Ravi Baba: Anand Tiwari, Honey: Shernaz Patel, Crystal: Abir Abrar, Vyras: Vivek Madan, Prince: Sukant Goel. Others parts performed by Prerna Chawla, Shikha Talsania, Nadir Khan and Chaitnya Sharma. Producer: Nadir Khan, director: Avi Garvi.

11 Mar: Classic Serial slot: The Samaritan's Secret
By Matt Rees, dram. Jennifer Howarth. Omar Yussuf joins forces with a forner pupil, now a police officer, to solve a murder at a sacred site. Omar: Peter Polycarpou, Sami Jaffari: Nabil Elouahabi, Jibril/Sheikh: Vincent Ebrahim, Roween: Lara Sawalha, Awwadi: Philip Arditti, Amin Kanaan: Zubin Varla, Jamie King: Isabella Inchbald, TV interviewer: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, thug/young man: Adam Fitzgerald. Producer: Mary Peate.

12 Mar: Community Service
By Jonny O'Neill. Drama about a young man in court for the first time. The stakes are high. Tommy: Daniel Mays, Sam: Leo Bill, Lauren: Katie Redford, Robbo: George Watkins, duty solicitor: Ewan Bailey, Probation Officer: Richard Pepple, Magistrate: Amelia Lowdell. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

13 Mar: When Last I Saw You
By Peter Whalley, rpt. from 2015. Psychological thriller; a young woman believes she has found the man who attacked her five years earlier. Jane: Lyndsey Marshal, Mike: Graeme Hawley, Neil: Will Ash, Cath: Nicola Ferguson, detective: Kate Coogan. Producer: Pauline Harris.

14 Mar: School Drama, 1
By Andy Mulligan. A repeat of the Goldhawk production from about a year ago. First episode in a four-part series from Indie production company Goldhawk; further episodes broadcast tomorrow, Friday and a 60m episode on Saturday. A formerly well-known TV star is brought into a failing school to help stage a production of Romeo and Juliet. As ever in Goldhawk productions, location recordings are used throughout. There are also some uncomfortable truths about certain parts of the UK education system; I hope the Education Minister was listening. Cast - Tom Hollander, Sian Gibson, Tony Gardener, Heather Craney, Rob Jarvis, Divian Ladwa, Rebecca Emerton, Rory Greenwood, Rob Merriam, Finn Elliot, Floss Willcocks, Susie Baxter, Vincent Ebrahim, and students from Portsmouth Grammar School. Music by Jon Quin. Producer: Emma Hearn; director John Dryden. Indie production, as I said before.

15 Mar: School Drama, 2
By Andy Mulligan. Deer Park Academy is hoping to turns itself around; part of the process is to allow the staging of an unusual production of Romeo and Juliet. The ex-TV star hired for the job breaks all the rules and gets through to the kids, but it's a dangerous game he is playing.

16 Mar: School Drama, 3
By Andy Mulligan. The first night looms, but there are problems...

17 Mar: Saturday Play: School Drama, 4 - Romeo and Juliet
By Andy Mulligan. This isn't part of the nail-biting story by Andy Mulligan but is the actual performance of the play within the play - Romeo and Juliet.The cast: Romeo: Divian Ladwa, Juliet: Rebecca Emerton, Friar Laurence: Tom Hollander, Nurse: Susie Baxter, Capulet: Rob Jarvis, Tybalt: Stevie Basuala, Mercutio: Rory Greenwood, Benvolio: Finn Elliot, Paris: Rob Merriam, Lady Capulet: Lily-Fleur Bradbury, Friar John: Caolan McCarthy, Lady Montague: Abby Moss, Chorus: Poppy Goad. Other parts were played by Jo McAuley, Douglas James, Freddie Fenton, Douglas Lock and students from Portsmouth Grammar School. Music by Jon Quin. Producer: Emma Hearn; director: John Dryden.

18 Mar: Classic Serial: The Mysteries of Udolpho
By Ann Radcliffe (1794), rpt from 31 Dec 16. Adapted by Hattie Naylor from the novel; Gothic horror. A woman is trapped in a castle with her aunt's authoritarian and frightening new husband. Emily: Georgia Groome, Mme. Cheron: Tracey Wiles, Count Montoni: John Dougall, Cavigni: Finlay Robertson, Verizzi: Luke Thompson, Annette: Natasha Cowley, Ludovico: Stephen Wight, Count Morano: John Bowler, Sister Agnes: Karen Bartke, Abbess: Alison Belbin. Producer: Sally Avens.

19 Mar: The Ferryhill Philosophers, 1
By Michael Chaplin. Episode title: Thought Experiments and a little Scrap of a Thing. Joe's daughter is about to go to university; she is also pregnant. Hermione Pink: Deborah Findlay, Joe Snowball: Alun Armstrong, Lucy Snowball: Lauren Kellegher, Peter Smith: Dean Bone, Gloria: Phillippa Wilson, Gillian Smith: Tracy Gillman. Producer: Catherine Bailey, director: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

20 Mar: The Ferryhill Philosophers, 2
By Michael Chaplin. Episode title: Minority Rights and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Jemal fights to stay in Ferryhill after his family's secret is exposed. Joe: Alun Armstrong, Hermione: Deborah Findlay, Jemal: Danny Sapani, Jimmy Kelly: Christopher Connel, Gloria: Phillippa Wilson, Sesuna and Salma: Gbemisola Ikumelo. Producer: Catherine Bailey, director: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

21 Mar: Tommies, 1. 21 March 1918.
By Jonathan Ruffle, illustrating events in WW1, 100 years later to the day. Three signallers have to make a terrifying choice: between thick fog and German stormtroopers, as they become involved in the surprise British retreat of 1918. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Sapper Juma Gubanda: John MacMillan, Sergeant Desmond Dixon: Daniel Weyman, Sapper Ezekiel Warmby: Tom Vallen, Major George Fenniman: Philip Bretherton, Sergeant Castle: Ryan Early, Captain Hubert Puckle: Simon Wilson, Sapper John Quennell: Nick Underwood, WAAC Florrie Fanshawe: Karen Bartke, messengers: Ryan Whittle and Lukie Bailey, commentator: Indira Varma. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle; director for the episode: Jonquil Panting.

22 Mar: The King of the Flat White
By Ewa Banaszkiewicz. Kuba, a Shoreditch barrister, is an immigrant from Poland. Shortly after the EU referendum, he is beaten up. Kuba: George King, Lindy: Elizabeth Nicholson, Tomek: Janusz Sheagall, John: Andy Abbott, Sam: Dani Tonk, Maria: Claire See, the Qudeen: Lin Sagovsky. Producers: Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Mateusz Dymek.

23 Mar: My Mad-Life Crisis
The 'Madness' frontman tells his life story in the play "My Life in Words and Music" by Graham McPherson (Suggs) and Toby Follett, forst performed at the Edinburgh Fringe. Adapted for radio by Owen Lewis. Cast: Suggs, Ewan Bailey and Philippa Stanton. Producer: Karen Rose; director: Owen Lewis. Pianist: Dean Mumford. Indie (Sweet Talk).

24 Mar: Saturday Play - Paradise Lost, 1
Part 1 of 2; By Milton, adapted for radio by Michael Symmons Roberts; 90m. Milton: Ian McKellen, lizabeth: Frances Barber, Satan: Simon Russell Beale, Beelzebub and Michael: Jonathan Keeble, Adam: Ashley Margolis, Christ: David Seddon, Mammon: Conrad Nelson, Eve: Emily Pithon, God: Russell Dixon, producer: Sue Roberts. Highlighted by Jane Anderson (RT) as her Pick of the Week.

25 Mar: Classic Serial slot - Paradise Lost, 2
Conclusion of this epic dramatisation. Cast and production details as yesterday. 60m.

26 Mar: 1977
By Sarah Wooley, rpt. Drama about the composer Angela Morley, formerly known as Wally Stott. The story is mainly about the difficulties in writing the music for the animated film of Watership Down in 1978. Malcolm Williamson was asked to provide the score, but his plate was too full and he never got around to it. Unfortunately he didn't let on about this until the last minute; very irritating. Who could be found to do the job with so little time remaining? Angela: Rebecca Root, Christine Parker: Debra Baker, Marcus Dods: William Gaminara, Malcolm Williamson: Chris Pavlo, John Sanders and Larry Ashmore: David Seddon, other parts: Evie Killip. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

27 Mar: A History of Paper
By Oliver Emanuel, rpt. A love story in which a man sorts through the contents of a cardboard box; each piece of paper he picks out holds a memory. Pieced together, the memories tell the story of a love affair. Also included is a brief and sometimes fictional history of paper. Him: Mark Bonnar, Her: Lucy Gaskell. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

28 Mar: Tommies 2. 28 March 1918.
By Nick Warburton. 28 Mar 1918. The British Army retreats from the unexpected advance of the Germans. The women of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps based at Flixecourt have to decide whether to join the men or stay where they are. Monica: Emma Fielding, Evadne: Clare Corbett, Florrie: Karen Bartke, Traynor: Ryan Whittle, Mary: Lauren Cornelius, Herbert: Ryan Early, Teddy: Luke Bailey, Maud: Kerry Gooderson, Driver: Rupert Holliday Evans, commentator: Indira Varma. Producer: David Hunter.

29 Mar: My Son the Doctor
By Saleyha Ahsan and Sudha Bhuchar. True story of a mother who travelled to Syria looking for her son, a surgeon who went missing after going to work in a hospital in Aleppo. Fatimah Khan: Sudha Bhuchar, Abbas Khan: Waleed Akhtar, Sara Khan: Lara Sawalha, Afroze Khan: Adam El Hagar, Shahnawaz Khan: Amir El-Mistry, Idris: Waleed Elgadi,, Mahjoub: Peter Polycarpou, Rana: Amber Aga, FCO Official: Badria Timimi, Coroner: Philip Bretherton. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

30 Mar: Bread and Butter
By Jennifer Bell. This isn't really a drama; Jennifer is a composer from Bristol, and this broadcast is her song cycle about human emotions in office life (a capella) interwoven with stories of love and yearning. Producer: Beth O'Dea.

31 Mar: Moonraker
By Ian Fleming; dram. Archie Scottney. Another James Bond story, taken from the third Bond novel. Winston Churchill sends Bond to protect the Moonraker rocket from the baddies. James Bond: Toby Stephens, Sir Hugo Drax: Sam West, Winston Churchill: John Baddeley, Moneypenny: Janie Dee, M; John Standing, Vallance: Jared Harris, Prof. Train: Patricia Hodge, Gala: Katherine Kingsley, Basildon/Krebs: Nigel Anthony, Meyer/Dr. Walter/Trimble: Simon de Deney, Movietone/Minister: Jon Glover, broadcaster: Ian Ogilvy, Brevett: Matthew Wolf, Countdown: Darren Richardson, Captain: Kenneth Danziger, Ian Fleming: Martin Jarvis. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. Indie (Jarvis & Ayres).

1 Apr: Classic Drama slot - An Enemy of the People, 1
By Henrik Ibsen. 1/2: Discovery. Adapted for radio by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Dr. Thomas Stockmann - Alfred Molina, Peter Stockmann: Adam Godley, Catherine: Rosalind Ayres, Petra: Susannah Fielding, Hovstad: James Callis, Asklaksen: Matthew Wolf, Billing: Darren Richardson, Horster: Simon Templemann, Morten Kiil: Ian Ogilvy, boys: Joe Katzenellenbogen, Freddie Katzenellenbogen. Producer: Rosalind Ayres, director: Martin Jarvis. Indie: Jarvis & Ayres.

2 Apr: The Hunting of the Snark
By Lewis Carroll, narrated by Tony Robinson. An assortment of characters go on a quest for an elusive beast. Bellman: Eric Potts, Baker: Paul Barnhill, Butcher: Everal A Walsh, Barrister and the Snark: Jonathan Keeble, Beaver: Stephen Hoyle. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

3 Apr: Finding Love at the End of the World
By Declan Dineen. A romantic comedy, set at the South Pole. A scientist's old flame arrives at his research station. Can he win her over before a giant asteroid wrecks his plans? Rory: Owen Whitelaw, Isobel: Jasmine Hyde, Wanda: Buffy Davis, Vance: Ryan Early. Producer: Bruce Young.

4 Apr: Tommies, 3. 4 Apr 1918.
By Neil Brand. In her remote Italian hospital, Celestine's task is to isolate the causes of trench fever. Then an unexpected visitor from the RAF arrives. Celestine: Pippa Nixon, Harry: Sam Valentine, Pertab: Waleed Akhtar, Phyliss: Georgie Glen, Major Dunn: Ryan Early, Alice: Nancy Crane, Nicoletta: Emily Bruni, Domenico: Cesare Taurasi, Sergeant: Rupert Holliday Evans, narrator: Indira Varma. Producer: David Hunter.

5 Apr: Holbein's Skull
By Martyn Wade. A light-hearted comedy inspired by Holbein's painting "The Ambassadors". This painting is famed for the ephemera surrounding the two men which has led historians to attribute different meanings to the picture. Martyn's play imagines two French ambassadors to the court of Henry VIII negotiating Henry's argument with the Pope. They are persuaded to have their likenesses put onto canvas. Jean de Dinteville: George Farthing, Georges de Selve: Sam Alexander, Holbein and the King: Clive Hayward. Producer: Tracey Neale.

6 Apr: Love me Tender
By Ian McMillan, rpt. Comedy drama where all of the characters speak in different verse forms. A radio producer meets a group of anoraks (train spotters). He decides they might make a good subject for a feature, if they are interesting enough. Roy: Conrad Nelson, Phil: Bernard Wrigley, Beatty: Jonathan Keeble, Alice: Kate Coogan, Nigel: John Catterall. Producer: Gary Brown.

7 Apr: Saturday Play - Inspector Chen, 2 (sic): A Loyal Character Dancer
Rpt. from 12 Dec 2015; by Qiu Xiaolong. It's the early 1990s and a badly mutilated body is discovered in Bund Park, Shanghai. Chen sets to work to find the missing dancer the the heart of an international smuggling ring. Adapted for radio from the novel, by John Harvey. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Catherine Rohn: Pippa Bennett-Warner, Party Secretary Li: Daniel York, Peiqin: Sarah Lam, Wen Liping: Liz Sutherland, Old Hunter: David Houslow, Qian: Caolan McCarthy, Lihua: Sam Dale, Qiao: Debra Baker, Liu: Chris Pavlo. Producer: David Hunter. (.....note from ND.... I think there is a slip in RT; this was advertised as episode 2 of 3, but there wasn't an episode last week; we had Moonraker instead because of the Easter weekend.

8 Apr: Classic serial: An Enemy of the People, 2
By Ibsen, ad. Rebecca Lenkiewicz, conclusion. Dr. Thomas Stockmann - Alfred Molina, Peter Stockmann: Adam Godley, Catherine: Rosalind Ayres, Petra: Susannah Fielding, Hovstad: James Callis, Asklaksen: Matthew Wolf, Billing: Darren Richardson, Horster: Simon Templemann, Morten Kiil: Ian Ogilvy, boys: Joe Katzenellenbogen, Freddie Katzenellenbogen. Producer: Rosalind Ayres, director: Martin Jarvis. Indie: Jarvis & Ayres.

9 Apr: States of Mind: The Sky is Wider
Part 1 of 2, by Linda M Griffiths, rpt. The play imagines the inner world of a woman who has unresponsive wakefulness syndrome. Ella: Christine Bottomley, Charlie: Sydney Wade, Neurologist: Wil Johnson, Nurse: Yusra Warsama. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

10 Apr: States of Mind: Real Worlds
Part 2, by Jane Rogers, set in 2030, rpt. Ella has been in a state of unresponsive wakefulness for 14 years following a bike injury. She can communicate using virtual reality and a computer interface controlling a voive synthesizer, but her daughter has grown up without her mother's support and is reluctant to communicate with her ini this way. Ella: Christine Bottomley, Charlie: Katie West, Kieran: Max True, Pete: Thomas Pickles, Jim and the newsreader: Paul Barnhill. Producers: Nadia Molinari and Carrie Rooney.

11 Apr: Tommies
By Avin Shah. 11 Apr 1918. The british Army is retreating towards the Channel ports, and must face up to losing the First World War. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Desmond Dixon: Daniel Weyman, Juma Gabanda: John Macmillan, Ezekiel Warmby: Tom Vallen, Eric Halliday:m Mark Edel-Hunt, German gunner: Philip Bretherton, signaller: Ryan Whittle, Private: Luke Bailey, runner: Ryan Early, Major: Neil McCaul, refugees: Georgie Glen, Amber Aga, Kerry Gooderson; narrator: Indira Varma. Producers: David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle and Jonquil Panting; Jonquil was director for this episode.

12 Apr: How we're Loved
By Francesca Martinez. A young woman with cerebral palsy has to unravel secrets about her past. Stars the writer and Kevin Hely.

13 Apr: The Deletion Committee
By Mark Lawson. Play about social media and its growing influence. Following pressure from activists on social media, the trustees of a waxworks feel obliged to establish a deletion committee to remove the figures of celebrities who have been named and shamed on Facebook and the like. But when they start to target popular figures like Germaine Greer, the committee begins to question the process. Paul Freeman, Bill Paterson, Samantha Bond, Weruche Opia and Abram Rooney; producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

14 Apr: Saturday Play slot: The Kraken Wakes, 1
By Johyn Wyndham, ad. Val McDermid. The well-known sci-fi tale of monsters from the sea. Music: BBC Philharmonic orchestra. Cast: Mike Watson: Paul Higgins, Phyllis Watson: Tamsin Greig, Becer and Denzel: Richard Harrington, Dr. Emma Chisholm: Sally Carman, Aziz and Humza: Abdullah Afzal, Bill and Jonah: Gareth Cassidy, first minister Nicola Sturgeon: herself. Producer: Justine Potter. 60m. Rpt.

15 Apr: Classic Serial slot: Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves, 1
By P.G.Wodehouse. Bertie and Jeeves try to ensure that Gussie Fink-Nottle and Madeline Basset remain engaged. Bertie is worried she might scoop him up instead. Aunt Dahlia: Joanna Lumley, Bertie Wooster: James Callis, Jeeves: Martin Jarvis, Roderick Spode: Adam Godley, Major Plank: Michael York, Sir Watkyn Bassett: Ian Ogilvy, Stiffy Byng: Moira Quirk, Madeline Bassett: Elizabeth Knowelden, Gussie: Matthew Wolf, Emerald Stoker: Tara Lynne Barr, Cyril and Butterfield: Kenneth Danziger. Indie: Jarvis & Ayres. Producer Rosalind Ayres.

16 Apr: Spike and the Elfin Oak
By Ian Billings. First-class comic fantasy inspired by Spike Milligan's attempts to preserve the Elfin Oak in Kensington Gardens fifty years ago. Spike: David Threlfall, young Spike: Charlie Brand, Norma Farnes: Kerry Gooderson, Laura: Rosie Boore, Sile: Charlotte Emmett, Mother Superior: Georgie Glen, park keeper: Luke Bailey, Mrs. Grumples: Lauren Cornelius, Groodles: Ryan Early, Huckleberry: Clive Hayward, George: Neil McCaul, council boss: Philip Bretherton, vandal: Rupert Holliday Evans, man with dog: Ghazanfar Hyder. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

17 Apr: 19 Weeks
By Emily Steel. An account of Emily's grim experience of having a late termination after her baby was diagnosed with Down's syndrome. Emily: Eve Myles, doctor: Vanessa Hehir, social worker: Mufrida Hayes, sonographer: Kali Hughes, Frank: Milo Robinson. Producer: Helen Perry.

18 Apr: Someone, Somewhere
By Pat Davies, rpt. In May 1980, Jessie Earl, 22 years old, disappeared. Her flat was left as if she'd just popped out for a few minutes. She became a missing person until nine years later when her body was discovered. This is a drama-doc, mixing Jessie's diaries, interviews with her parents and poetic monologues based on Jessie's other writings. A piece of the same title by Pat Davies was broadcast on World Service on 11 Jan 2003, and RT says that this afternoon's programme was made in 2001 so I assume it is the same production. Jessie is played by Laura Rogers and the producer was Toby Swift.

19 Apr: The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness
By Alistair Jessiman, rpt; first half of a 90m play. The last adventure of Thomas Soutar. Part 1 of 2. Soutar faces his most painful case, at a religious retreat. His sixth sense tells him that a malevolent influence is nearby. The play is set in a remote part of rural Scotland. Thomas: Robin Laing, Kat: Julie Duncanson, Rollo: Steven Duffy, Aaron: Sean Biggerstaff, Fraser: Sean Scanlan, Suzanne: Molly Innes, David: Liam Brennan, DI Slater: Douglas Russell. Produced by Bruce Young.

20 Apr: The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness
By Alistair Jessiman. Conclusion.

21 Apr: The Kraken Wakes, 2
The classic by John Wyndham, conclusion. (I had reservations about the climate alarmist predictions we were given before each broadcast, which sounded almost as obsolete as acid rain, given that global temperatures stopped increasing twenty years ago. That said, this adaptation is quite different from any which has gone out before, updated to the present day and performed in front of an audience - a very good listen - Ed.)

22 Apr: Classic Serial - Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves, 2
By P.G.Wodehouse. A new dramatization of the classic Jeeves story. These tales are about a forgotten world, but they never fade. Martin Jarvis plays Jeeves and James Callis Bertie Wooster. Aunt Dahlia: Joanna Lumley, Bertie Wooster: James Callis, Jeeves: Martin Jarvis, Roderick Spode: Adam Godley, Major Plank: Michael York, Sir Watkyn Bassett: Ian Ogilvy, Stiffy Byng: Moira Quirk, Madeline Bassett: Elizabeth Knowelden, Gussie: Matthew Wolf, Emerald Stoker: Tara Lynne Barr, Cyril and Butterfield: Kenneth Danziger. Indie: Jarvis & Ayres. Producer Rosalind Ayres.

23 Apr: An Open Return
By Daniel Thurman. A comedy drama; Ian returns to his childhood home and finds, 30 years later, how much things have changed. Ian: Vincent Franklin, Jean: Anne Reid, Kevin: Alex Carter, Deb: Adie Allen. Producer: Toby Swift.

24 Apr: Mythos,1: Mythos
By Julian Simpson, rpt. from about a year ago. Paranormal / fantasy thriller thriller. There's an investigation into an unusual rise in deaths from heart failure in a small village. Lairre, the investigator: Nicola Walker, Johnson: Tim McInnerney, Hicks: Jonathan Bailey, Neboad: Steven Mackintosh, Seth: David Calder, Kate: EmmaFielding, Aubrey: Hugh Ross. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk).

25 Apr: Mythos,2: Glamis
By Julian Simpson. In similar style to yesterday's play. Lairre and Parker and their boss travel to Glamis Castle to investigate a secret room, 50 miles wide. Lairre: Nicola Walker, Parker: Phoebe Fox, Johnson: Tim McInnerny, Carlton and Sir Miles: Ewan Bailey, Libby: Jana Carpenter, Moorhead: David Holt, Lady Viviane: Beverley Klein, Elaine: Becky Wright. Producer: Karen Rose, dir. Julian Simpson. Indie (Sweet Talk).

26 Apr: Mythos,3: Albion
Third play in the series. A sinkhole opens up beneath London. lairre and Parker, fresh from fighting a giant Robin Hood and his Merry Men, including a troll in the form of Allan-a-Dale, are told to rescue Johnson from the depths of the city. Lairre: Nicola Walker, Parker: Phoebe Fox, Johnson: Tim McInnerny, Miranda Hyde: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Warden Godfrey and Robin Hood: Ewan Bailey, Allan-a-Dale and Danvers: David Holt, Geoffrey of Monmouth and Jeff: David Collings, Aide 2: Becky Wright. Producer: Karen Rose, dir. Julian Simpson. Indie (Sweet Talk).

27 Apr: Deliverers
By Claudine Toutoungi. Comedy-drama. A disastrous school trip to France. Everything goes wrong and the teachers struggle to cope. Lee: Jonathan Bailey, Eve: Kate Fleetwood, Val: Elizabeth Berrington, Lesley: Jessica Turner, Wenling: Ruhua Xianyu. Producer: Liz Webb.

28 Apr: Saturday Play: Vive la Republique
By Mike Walker. Based on true events: how the French president de Gaulle fled the Elysee Palace in 1968 and disappeared for six hours during the May Uprising, fearing armed attack and the fall of the government. He left PM Georges Pompidou alone and in charge. de Gaulle: Ronald Pickup, Yvonne de Gaulle: Barbara Flynn, Georges Pompidou: Philip Jackson, Michel: Steven Hartley, David Cohn-Bendit: Rory Fleck Byrne, Joxe and Massu: Nicholas Boulton, Fouchet and De Boissieu: Daniel Weyman. Producer: David Morley. 60m.

29 Apr: Classic Serial: The Aspern Papers
By Henry James, dramatised by Amanda Dalton. Described in RT as a novella of deceit and obsession, set in Venice. The Editor: Zubin Varia, Juliana: Sian Phiillipos, Tina: Julia Routhwaite, Mrs. Prest: Susan Twist, Henry James: John Lynch. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari.

30 Apr: Idle Hands
By Christine Entwisle. A newly-retired woman invents an elaborate plot to seduce her postman. Her: Christine Entwisle, Mam: Sue Johnston, Postie: Scott Hoatson, shop assistant and Pharma gal: Freya Parker, neighbour: Geoffrey Whitehead. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

1 May: Burn Baby Burn
By Sean Grundy, rpt. A satirical drama inspired by the fire which destroyed Charles Saatchi's collection of works by Hirst, Emin, the Chapman Brothers and others associated with the Young British Artists movement. Tracey Emin / Nigella Lawson: Ronnie Ancona, Dinos Chapman / Vic Hislop: Wilf Scolding, Damien Hirst / Dante Skirmis: Ben Crompton, Brian Sewell / Death: Jon Culshaw, Hardy: Steve Hartley, Jake Chapman / Charles Saatchi: Carl Prekopp, Jacqui: Alana Ramsey. Producer: David Morley; director - Dirk Maggs. Indie; Perfectly Normal Productions.

2 May: Fury
By Tom Kelly. Gritty Irish story set in west Belfast at the height of the Troubles. Lorraine: Kathy Kiera Clarke, Daddy: Des McAleer, Gangster: Niall McNamee, Cujo and Tucker: Stephen Cavanagh, Ginty: Matt Wright, Mary: Carla Langley. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

3 May: Foreign Bodies: Keeping the Wolf Out,1
By Philip Palmer, in two episodes. 1: The Wolf. This is a crime drama set in Hungary during the Cold War. A former member of the secret police has been found murdered, and a special investigator must find the killer, but not all his colleagues share his zeal. Concludes next Thursday. Bertalan: Leo Bill, Franciska: Clare Corbett, Tibor: Andy Linden, Gizella: Nicola Ferguson, Mrs. Kovacs: Susan Jameson, Bela: Sargon Yelda, Mr. Papp: Nick Underwood, kitchen porter: Richard Pepple, Police officer / Csaba: Sam Rix, Lillien: Adie Allen. Producer: Toby Swift.

4 May: Watch Me While I'm Sleeping
By Christopher William Hill. Mo's snoring is keeping Eddie awake. It's become a crisis. Now, finally, they are forced to discuss it. Mo: Joseph Kloska, Eddie: Mark Edel-Hunt. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

5 May: Saturday Play - Das Kapital
By Karl Marx, updated by Sarah Woods, Tinniswood winner, for the 21st century. About half the world's population owns a smartphone, but do we know anything about the people who make their components? Marx and Richard: David Threlfall, Sasha: Kimberley Nixon, Delphine: JP Opong, Nathan: Peter Bankole, Peter: Samuel James, Jacob: Sam Swainsbury, Joanne: Claire Cage, Trader: Patrice Naiambana. Producer: James Robinson.

6 May: Classic Serial: The American
By Henry James. Dram. in 2 parts by Lavinia Murray. An American businessman falls in love with a French aristocrat. Henry James: John Lynch, Christopher: Lee Ingelby, Claire: Olivia Hallinan, Mme de Belgarde and Mrs. Bread: Richendra Carey, Valentin: Ashley Margolis, Urbain and M. Nioche: Jonathan Keeble, Noemie and Mrs. Tristram: Alais Lawson, Mr. Tristram and Deepmere: Ryan Early. Producer: Pauline Harris.

7 May: Rumpole and the Golden Thread
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. New series of three episodes. Rumpole is arrested whilst defending an old pupil in a murder trial. Rumpole: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Mrs. Rumpole: Jasmine Hyde, Sam: Michael Cochrane, Claude and Hugh: Nigel Anthony, Phillida and Tina: Cathy Sara, Sir Worthington and prison guard: Joseph Mydell, with Adrian Scarborough, Okorie Chukwu, Nadine Marshall, Ben Crowe, Deboran Findlay, Amy Morgan, Ewan Bailey, Timothy West, Hetty Russell and Jason Knopf. Producer Catherine Bailey, Director: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

8 May: Rumpole and the Official Secret
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Rumpole defends in a dubious espionage trial and gets drawn into a wine fraud. Cast - as yesterday.

9 May: Rumpole and the Quality of Life
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. The final Rumpole drama. Horace has to decide between Hilda and Phillida. Cast: as Monday.

10 May: Foreign Bodies: Keeping the Wolf Out,2
By Philip Palmer, in two episodes, rpt. 2: The Old Days. Societ investigators are determined to find the mole in the Ministry. Archivist Franciska Lazar finds herself in their sights as her detective husband investigates what becomes a brutal murder case. Cast etc: see 3 May.

11 May: Killing Kate
By Tessa Gibbs. Black comedy about the frustratiions of parenting. Doon Mackichan, Andy Clark, Kay McAllister and Simon Donaldson. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

12 May: Saturday Play: Inspector Chen - Don't Cry, Tai Lake
By Qiu Xiaolong. New series of three crime tales, dram. Joy Wilkinson. The poet-detective looks into the pollution released by a chemical company. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Shanshan: Elizabeth Tan, Huang: Andrew Leung, Wang: Neil McCaul, Mi: Alice Hewkin, with Clive Hayward, LukeBailey, Rupert Holliday Evans and Ryan Early. Producer - Toby Swift.

13 May: Classic Serial - The American, 2
By Henry James, dram. Lavinia Murray. Newman plots his revenge after the betrayal of his fiancee's mother and brother. Henry James: John Lynch, Christopher: Lee Ingelby, Claire: Olivia Hallinan, Mme de Belgarde and Mrs. Bread: Richendra Carey, Valentin: Ashley Margolis, Urbain and M. Nioche: Jonathan Keeble, Noemie and Mrs. Tristram: Alais Lawson, Mr. Tristram and Deepmere: Ryan Early. Producer: Pauline Harris.

14 May: Wild West
A first drama by Irish writer Emmet Kirwan. After the death of her son, Helen is forced to find her own justice. Set on the housing estates of Tallaght. Helen: Deirdre Donnelly, Peter: Owen Roe, Mary: Ali White, Davey: Lloyd Cooney, Cunningham: Peter Daly, Garda Brady: Faolan Morgan, Garda Mulligan: Patrick FitzSymons, Brendan: Simon Delaney. Producer: Michael Shannon.

15 May: McLevy, 1
By David Ashton. A repeat of series 11. Ep. 1: A Price to Pay. a supposedly open-and-shut case of a wife shooting her brutal husband, but it has an effect on Jean Brash's attitude towards McLevy. Brian Cox, Siobhan Redmond, Michael Perceval-Maxwell, David Ashton, Sarah Collier, Jessica Hardwick, David Robb, John Stahl, Mark Edel-Hunt, Derel Riddell, Hugh Ross, Teresa Gallagher, Brian Ferguson, Matt McClure, Colette O'Neil, Nicholas Tizzard, Lizzy Watts,Forbes Masson, Tracy Wiles and Tony McGeever. Producer: Bruce Young.

16 May: McLevy, 2
Details as yesterday. The Seventh Veil.Chief Constable Craddock is outraged when an exotic dancer arrives in Leith, but Jean Brash is repaying some old debts.

17 May: McLevy, 3
Details as on 15 May. The Night Walker. A lodger dies in his room soon after arriving from London.

18 May: McLevy, 4
Details as on 15 May. The Devil Makes a Move. McLevy keeps a young woman in hiding whilst a local preacher looks for her. Meanwhile Jean Brash's life is put in danger.

19 May: Saturday Play: Inspector Chen, 2 - Enigma of China
By Qio Xiaolong. Chen is told to oversee the investigation of the director of the Shanghai Development Committee whilst under house arrest. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Li: Daniel York, Peiqin: Sarah Lam, Yu: Chris Lew Kum Hoi, Lianping: Kerry Gooderson, Jiang: Rupert Holliday Evans, Wei: Paul Courtenay Hyu, Mrs. Zhou: Georgie Glen, Fang: Lauren Cornelius, Chang: Clive Hayward. Producer: David Hunter.

20 May: Classic Serial: A Tale of Two Cities - Aleppo and London, 1
The famous Dickens story, adapted by Ayeesha Menon and set in present-day Aleppo and London. Fatima Adoum, Lara Sawalha, Phil Davis, Khalid Abdalla, Shaun Parkes, Nadim Sawalha, Raad Rawi, George Gerorgio, Nathalie Armin, Shiv Grewal and Ahmed Aziz. Producers: Gill Parry and Emma Hearn. Director: Polly Thomas. Music by Jon Quin. Indie (Goldhawk).

21 May: From Marginal to Mainstream
Written by Caryne Chapman Clarke in collaboration with Marginal Voices. A series of pieces. MV is a beginners' theatre workshop for women rescued from trafficking. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk).

22 May: Julius Caesar, 1
By Shakespeare, broadcast in three 45-min parts on successive days. Caesar and his ghost: Tim Piggott-Smith, Brutus: Robert Glenister, Cassius: Sam Troughton, Antony: Jamie Parker, Casca: Philip Fox, Portia: Fenella Woolgar, Cinna: Neet Mohan, Lucius: Adam Thomas Wright, Flavius, Metellus Cimber and Strato: Stephen Critchlow, Calpurnia: Jessica Turner, Artemidorus, Lepidus and Carpenter: David Hounslow, Marullus and Decius Brutus Lucillus: David Acton, Trebonius and Cobbler: Chris Pavlo, Octavius: Wilf Scolding, Popilius and Claudius: Mark Edel-Hunt, Pindarus and Servant: Neet Mohan, Messala and Soothsayer: Sam Dale. Producer: Marc Beeby.

23 May: Julius Caesar, 2

24 May: Julius Caesar, 3

25 May: Polyonymous
By D.C.Jackson and David Ireland. Described in RT as 'a comic drama about culture, kidnapping and conception'. [This left me a bit nonplussed, but the play itself was excellent - very unusual and very comic-Ed]. Val: Amelia Bullmore, Suzi: Ria Zmitrovwicz, Torven: Kevin Guthrie, Morven: Gabriel Quigley. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

26 May: Saturday Play - Inspector Chen, 3 - Shanghai Redemption
By Qiu Xiaolong, dram. John Harvey. Chen's latest escapade is an investigation of financial corruption. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Li: Daniel York, Peiqin: Sarah Lam: Sarah Lam, Yu: Chris Lew Kum Hoi, White Cloud: Elizabeth Chan, Qian: Anna Leong Brophy, with Ryan Early, Ryan Whittle, Philip Bretherton, Neil McCaul and Amber Aga. Producer: David Hunter.

27 May: Classic Serial: A Tale of Two Cities - Aleppo and London, 2
Dickens, adap. Ayeesha Menon. Fatima Adoum, Lara Sawalha, Phil Davis, Khalid Abdalla, Shaun Parkes, Nadim Sawalha, Raad Rawi, George Gerorgio, Nathalie Armin, Shiv Grewal and Ahmed Aziz. Producers: Gill Parry and Emma Hearn. Director: Polly Thomas. Music by Jon Quin. Indie (Goldhawk).

28 May: Our Hylda
By Martyn Hesford, rpt. Biographical play about Hylda Baker: the part of her life after her appearances in the TV comedy show "Nearest and Dearest" in 1968 when she was 63. Hylda: Alison Steadman, George: Graeme Hawley, Frank: Jason Done, Jimmy: Justin Moorhouse, agent: Lloyd Peters, nurse: Angela Lonsdale, journalist: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

29 May: The Last Flag
By Selina Thompson, Chinonyerem Odimba and Lorna French, working with Eclipse Theatre Co. Jordan: William Ash, Sandy: Danielle Henry, Ronda: Lorraine Burroughs, with David Judge, Ryan Early and Nicola Gardner. Producer: Charlotte Riches. Directors: Charlotte and Dawn Watson.

30 May: Love (sic)
By Jessica Swale, rpt from 2017. For those who don't know, the word 'sic' means "as written". The play is by Jessica Swale and RT describes it as a comic drama. Ruth tries to win back the love of her partner. Ruth: Jemima Rooper, Bridie: Isy Suttie, Tom: John Heffernan, the trick cyclist: Sara Kestelman, with Nicholas Murchie, Finlay Robertson and Keziah Joseph. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

31 May: Thin Ice
By Amy Rosental, rpt. from last May, when it formed the final part of a 'Rosenthal trilogy'. The play is based on Amy's own experience of leaving home, and the unwillingness with which she initially embraced university life. Ben: Richard Lumsden, Edie: Georgis Groome, Tasha: Helen Monks, Julia: Susannah Wise, Anny: Sam Perry, Josh: Charlie Clements, Porter: Sanchia McCormack. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

1 Jun: County Lines
By Amelia Bullmore.A young black woman sits opposite a middle-aged white woman on a train. Neither of them is what she seems.Joy: Brid Brennan, Umi: Tamara Lawrance, with Sean Murray as the steward, Ryan Early, Nahel Tzegai, Ryan Whittle and Lauren Cornelius. Producer: Mary Peate.

    1 Jun: Eskimo Day
    Repeated from last April. By Jack Rosenthal, adapted by his daughter Amy for radio and broadcast as a Friday Play, 9pm. Is this slot being reinstated, I wonder? The play is set in 1966. Two sixth-form students are heading for Cambridge, with their respective parents, for their University interview - will they get in? Neil: David Moorst, Pippa: Rosie Day. Neil's parents: Pooky Quesnel and Nicholas Gleaves, Pippa's parents: Lucy Robinson and Ben Miles. James Poole: Timothy West, Simon Poole: Samuel West. Other parts played by Georgie Glen, Sarah Ridgeway, Maeve Wells, Simon Ludders, David Sturzaker and Chetna Pandya. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

2 Jun: Saturday Play - Escaped Alone
By Caryl Churchill. This play was first performed at London's Royal Theatre in 2016. Four seventy-year-old women are talking, in a garden, gossiping. They interrupt each other, lose their train of thought, and wander off on tangents. However, one of them is a prophet of the forthcoming apocalypse where many will starve; others will eat rats; chemical leaks will poison everyone apart from private patients who will be able to buy gas masks in assorted colours: revolutionary thinking from an entirely female perspective. (summarised from Jane Anderson's review in RT) Adapted from the stage play, with the original cast: Sally: Deborah Findlay, Vi: June Watson, Lena: Kika Markham, Mrs. Jarrett: Linda Bassett. [SR tells me they used no scripts - Ed]. Producer: Susan Roberts, director: James MacDonald.

3 Jun: Classic Serial: A Tale of Two Cities - Aleppo and London, 3
By Dickens, ad. Ayeesha Menon. Ep. 3: conclusion. Fatima Adoum, Lara Sawalha, Phil Davis, Khalid Abdalla, Shaun Parkes, Nadim Sawalha, Raad Rawi, George Gerorgio, Nathalie Armin, Shiv Grewal, Ahmed Aziz, Ammar Haj Ahmad. Producers: Gill Parry and Emma Hearn. Director: Polly Thomas. Music by Jon Quin. Indie (Goldhawk).

4 Jun: The Interrogation, 1 - Ross
By Roy Williams; a new series (no. 3). Max and Sean interview a young prisoner about an attack on a fellow inmate. Max: Kenneth Cranham, Sean: Alex Lanipekun, Harry: Rupert Holliday-Evans, with Billy Seymour, Georgie Glen, Michael Shaeffer, Kerry Gooderson, Jo Martin and Claire Rushbrook. Producer: Mary Peate.

5 Jun: The Interrogation, 2 - Jack
By Roy Williams. Whilst Max and Sean interview a man suspected of shoplifting, they uncover something more serious. Cast and production - see 4 Jun.

6 Jun: The Interrogation, 3 - Heather
By Roy Williams. A man is attacked in his own home, and Max and Sean can't find anyone with a motive for doing it. Cast and production - see 4 Jun.

7 Jun: Hilda
By Marie NDiaye (sic), a French-Senegalise novelist. This is Marie's first radio play, and it examines modern-day slavery. The wealthy Mrs. Lemarchaud becomes obsessed with her new nanny, Hilda, and develops a relationship with the woman's husband to find out more about her. Dramatised by Sarah Woods. Mrs. Lemarchaud: Sian Phillips, Corinne: Rachel Austin, Franck: Nick Haverson. Producer: Susan Roberts.

8 Jun: Because
By Trevor Preston, rpt, who died last month. Ruth is a successful investigative journalist until a terrible accident befalls her in France. She has no recollection of what happened ... her physical recovery has to take second place to her need to remember what happened on that dreadful night. Ruth: Raquel Cassidy, Dr. Quinn: Caroline Catz, Elsa: Jasmine Hyde, Bernard: Stephane Cornicard, Jean: Chris Pavlo, Farid: Maximilien Seweryn, Rushmer: Ewan Bailey, Professor: Sean Baker. Producer: Toby Swift.

    8 Jun: Cold Enough For Snow
    Repeated from last April. By Jack Rosenthal, adapted by Amy Rosenthal. A follow-up to last week's Eskimo Day. Neil and Pippa are still keen on seeing each other, but their parents are not happy about it. Broadcast 9pm, Fri. Neil: David Moorst, Pippa: Rosie Day. Neil's parents: Pooky Quesnel and Nicholas Gleaves, Pippa's parents: Lucy Robinson and Ben Miles. Gordon - Ben Jones, Tony Groves: Tom Forreaster, Miss Bodley and Carmela: Sarah Ridgeway, Lingerie assistant: Maeve Bluebell Wells, Lecturer: Emiilio Doorgasingh, Master of Ceremonies: Charlie Clements, invigilator: Philip Fox. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

9 Jun: Saturday Play - Shadowbahn
In the series 'Dangerous Visions'. By Steve Erickson. From the novel of the same title, adapted for radio by Anita Sullivan. The Twin Towers have reappeared in South Dakota. Some teenagers go there to investigate. Zan: Mike Iveson, Zema: Antu Yacob, with Robbie Tann, Patch Darragh, Tasha Lawrence, Gibson Frazier and Robert J McArthur, Pete McElligott, Chris Dwane, Sara Berg, Reynaldo Piniella and Raphael Martin. Producers: Judith Kampfner and Steve Bond. 60m.

10 Jun: Classic Serial - The Double.
By Jonathan Holloway. More 'Dangerous Visions'. This is a re-imagining of a story by Dostoyevsky. A lonely civil servant is driven mad when his life is stolen by a doppelganger. Golyadkin and the doppelganger: Joseph Millsom, Olsufy: Sean Murray, with Elizabeth Counsell, Kerry Gooderson, Lauren Cornelius, Joseph Ayre, Ryan Whittle and Ryan Early. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

11 Jun: First World Problems, 1 - Making Other Plans
New series: Dangerous Visions. By Martin Jameson. As the UK heads for civil war, David and Ruth Fletcher are minding their own business and concentrating on family matters, but as their daughter's wedding approaches, organizing it becomes almost impossible. Large cast of 22 actors for the week: Jeremy Swift, Maureen Beattie, Elizabeth Counsell, Sam Barnard, Elinor Coleman, Lauren Cornelius, Ryan Whittle, John Lightbody, Paul Cunningham, Ryan Early, Emma Handy, Kerry Gooderson, Sean Murray, Joseph Ayre, StephenHogan, Kai Owen, Cara Chase, Ifan meredith, Lisa Palfrey, Gruffudd Glyn, Antonio Aakeel and Vineeta Rishi. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

12 Jun: First World Problems, 2 - Things Fall Apart
By Martin Jameson. The Fletchers find themselves in danger.

13 Jun: First World Problems, 3 - What Country, Friends, is This?
By Martin Jameson. What would happen if the UK broke apart?

14 Jun: First World Problems, 4 - The Price
By Martin Jameson. On the verge of civil war. The drama draws on research from BBC correspondents, analysts, contingency planners, and those with first-hand experience of the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s.

15 Jun: First World Problems, 5 - Home
By Martin Jameson. Conclusion.

16 Jun: Saturday Play - Wild Honey, 1
By Checkhov, ad. Michael Frayn, from the play "Platonov". Platonov is the name of the central character; a self-loathing teacher and womaniser, and the story is set at a summer party. Platonov -David Tennant, with Elliot Levey, Sasha Behar, Christian Rodska, John Hollingworth, Rupert Vansittart, Eva Feiler, Prisca Bakare, Nigel Cooke, Olivia Darnley, Ben Onwukwe and Forbes Masson. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

17 Jun: Classic Serial slot - Wild Honey, 2
Conclusion of yesterday's play.

18 Jun: Speak
In the "Dangerous Visions" (DV) series. By Philip Palmer, about the power of words. Lucian has a vocabulary limited to 1500 words and Clara wants to teach him about those which are forbidden. Clara - Pippa Haywood, Lucian: Andrew Gower.

19 Jun: Forward Presence
By Hugh Costello. DV series. A soldier goes missing in Estonia. Has NATO action provoked his abduction? Sgt. Claire Cross: Jenny Spark, Fusilier Darren Evans: Matthew Aubrey, Lt.Col Tomkins: Paul Panting, Insp. Leks Talvik: Ewan Bailey, Mrs. Christine Evans: Elaine Claxton, Viktor: Nicholas Murchie. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

20 Jun: Freedom
By Gary Owen. DV series. A story set in the near future, questioning the meaning of freedom of speech. A new law has been introduced which has licensed the freedom to say what you want.Marian: Suzanne Packer, Jamie: Connor Allen, with Brendan Charleson and Clare Cage. Producer: Gilly Adams.

21 Jun: My Shadow and Me
By Paven Virk. Nina is pregnant and increasingly troubled by dark thoughts. Nina: Shila Iqbal, Seema: Ayesha Dharker, Gurdial: Sagar Arya. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

22 Jun: While We're Here
By Barney Norris, adapted for radio from the stage play. Play about a relationship which had a 20-year gap in the middle. Eddie: Andrew French, Carol:Tessa Peake-Jones; Andrew and Carol starred in the original stage version.

23 Jun: Saturday Play: Seven Songs for Simon Dixelius
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A drama with songs. SImon has been jilted on his wedding day. A girl group with its members clad in shimmering dresses follows him around and sings songs to him, but no-one else can hear or see them. Simon: Arthur Darvill, Kiyoko Jones: Kerry Gooderson, Larry: Ryan Early, Imogen: Hannah McPake. Producer: Helen Perry.

24 Jun: Classic Serial slot: Meet James McLevy
This is a 1-hour remake of the first McLevy episode which went out in 1999, using the cast of the later series. The death of a bank manager and lay preacher from a heart attack might have been straightforward had he not be found dead and naked in the river. Assisted by Constable Mulholland, newly arrived from Ireland, McLevy investigates. Rpt. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Hannah: Colette O'Neill, Robert Forsythe: Tony Cownie, Donny Shields: Keiran Gallacher, Mary Forsythe: Kathry Howden, Jessie: Gemma McMullan, Jarvis:Robert Jack . Produced by Bruce Young.

25 Jun: The Corrupted, 1
Another series of Gordon Newman's saga, which runs to 10 episodes. It follows the fortunes of the Oldman family, from small-time business and petty crime to entanglement with major figures and politicians of the Establishment. We have reached the 1980s; Margaret Thatcher is in charge of the country. Brian Oldman, an obnoxious villain, is back in jail for a crime he did not commit. He suspects that his father Joseph was the perpetrator, but cannot prove it. Joseph Oldman: Toby Jones, Brian:Joe Armstrong, Catherine: Isabella Urbanowicz, Tony Wednesday: Alec Newman, Leah Cohen: Jasmine Hyde, Kevin Wheeler: Lucas Hare, Margaret Thatcher: Steve Nallon, Warder Dewitt: Matthew Marsh, AC Jennings: Nicholas Murchie, Judge Melford Stevenson: Richard Wilson, Fenwick: Theo Fraser Steele, Mrs. Wilkes: Will Harrison-Wallace, Sonia/Doreen: Lotte Rice,Terry Parrish: Patrick Marlowe, George Carmen: Nigel Cooke, Sir Ralph Courtney: Nick Sampson, Margaret Courtney: Fiona Montgomery, Tyrwhitt: Jonathan Tafler, Robert Gallo: William Meredith, John Binden: Charlie Davies, Jose Picado: Will Harrison-Wallace, Brian Perry: Nicholas Murchie, Gerald Ronson: Edward Max. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

26 Jun: The Corrupted, 2
Whilst Brian is in jail, Joseph continues to launder money for South American drug barons.

27 Jun: The Corrupted, 3
Joseph will stop at nothing to increase his influence, but his plans are jeopardised when the head of the Secret Service threatens to tell his wife everything.

28 Jun: The Corrupted, 4
Will the Prime Minister agree to Joseph's knighthood?

29 Jun: The Corrupted, 5
Brian is still in jail, and Joseph is now Joseph Olinska, M.P.

30 Jun: Saturday Play - The Thrill of Love (Ruth Ellis)
By Amanda Whittington; originally a stage play about Ruth Ellis, a model and nightclub hostess, who was the last woman in Britain to be hanged. This is about the women she knew in the last part of her life. Ruth: Maxine Peake, Sylvia: Siobhan Finneran, Jack Gale: Joe Armstrong, Vickie Martin: Phoebe Dynevor, Doris Judd: Victoria Brazier, Home Secretary (Lloyd George) - Alan Williams. Producer: Justine Potter; director: Kate Chapman. Rpt. from 2016.

1 Jul: Classic Serial slot: Castle of the Hawk
By Mike Walker. Drama about the Habsburg (Hapsburg) dynasty. The story begins in 1230. Ibrahim: Philip Arditti, Rudolf: Mark Lewis Jones, Albert: Kal Owen, Peter: Carl Prekopp, Agnes: Nia Roberts, Wenceslas: Matthew McNulty, Elise: Eiry Hughes, Judith: Caitlin Richards, Ottokar: John Talfer, Pope Alexander: Stephen Hogan, Bishop Odo: Ryan Early, Guard: Joseph Ayre. Producer: Alison Hindell.

2 Jul: The Corrupted, 6
Continuation of Gordon Newman's drama. Joseph Oldman: Toby Jones, Brian:Joe Armstrong, Catherine: Isabella Urbanowicz, Tony Wednesday: Alec Newman, Leah Cohen: Jasmine Hyde, Kevin Wheeler: Lucas Hare, Margaret Thatcher: Steve Nallon, Warder Dewitt: Matthew Marsh, AC Jennings: Nicholas Murchie, Judge Melford Stevenson: Richard Wilson, Fenwick: Theo Fraser Steele, Mrs. Wilkes: Will Harrison-Wallace, Sonia/Doreen: Lotte Rice,Terry Parrish: Patrick Marlowe, George Carmen: Nigel Cooke, Sir Ralph Courtney: Nick Sampson, Margaret Courtney: Fiona Montgomery, Tyrwhitt: Jonathan Tafler, Robert Gallo: William Meredith, John Binden: Charlie Davies, Bobby Brown: Charlie Davies, Brian Perry/Ernest Saunders: Nicholas Murchie, Gerald Ronson / Lord Goodman: Edward Max, Pongo: David Ajao, Harding/Commissioner: Simon Ponti, Warder Shenton: Charles Davies, Paul Newman: David John, with Jamie Newall and John Hollingworth. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

3 Jul: The Corrupted, 7
Brian is still in jail for a crime he did not commit - though he could easily have been imprisoned for other crimes - if he'd been caught. He still thinks Joseph Oldman, aka Joseph Olinska MP, is responsible for his incarceration.

4 Jul: The Corrupted, 8
Brian is sent to Broadmoor after inciting riots protesting his innocence.

5 Jul: The Corrupted, 9
A convict is planning an escape; Brian decides to join him.

6 Jul: The Corrupted, 10
Will Brian get out of Broadmoor? Leah argues that he cannot be insane.

7 Jul: Saturday Play: Low
By Sean Grundy. Play about David Bowie, when he was making his album "Low" in 1977. Bowie: Daniel Weyman, Iggy Pop: Kerry Shale, Tony Visconti: Martin Sherman, Roy Martin: Tom Alexander, Rony Haag: Scott Capurro, Coco: Laurel Lefkow, Angie: Helene Maksoud, Zowie Bowie: James Morley, Brian Eno: Wilf Scolding. Producer: David Morley; director: Dirk Maggs. 57m.

8 Jul: Classic Serial slot - Castle of the Hawk, 2
More about the Habsburgs, by Mike Walker. The Habsburgs were to rule much of Europe for 600 years. Rudolf is crowned Holy Roman Emperor in this episode and plans to get his son to succeed him. Ibrahim: Philip Arditti, Rudolf: Mark Lewis Jones, Albert: Kai Owen, Peter: Carl Prekopp, Agnes: Nia Roberts,, Wenceslas: Matthew McNulty, Elise: Eiry Hughes, Norbert: Keiron Self, Ottokar: John Telfer, Frederick: Matthew Aubrey, Archbishop of Mainz: Stephen Hogan, Elector of Saxony: Joseph Ayre, Agitator: Ryan Early. Producer: Alison Hindell.

9 Jul: My Mother's Daughter
By Becky Prestwich; about the difference between idealised images of motherhood compared with the reality.Mother: Sue Johnston, daughter: Christine Bottomley, Simon: Graeme Hawley, Poppy: Freya Pollard, Rory: Michael Peavoy. Producer: Pauline Harris.

10 Jul: From A Great Height
By Robin Soans. A nurse recognizes her former teacher in hospital. Based on a true story. Bradley: Ray Fearon, Zenna: Franc Ashman, Clarence: Enyi Okoronkwo, Olwyn: Elizabeth Counsell, Conrad Kent: Zackary Momoh, Declan Driscoll: Ryan Whittle, teacher: John Lightbody, gym worker: Joseph Ayre, nurse: Emma Handy. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

11 Jul: This is not a Banksy
By Alan Harris; comedy. Sam's life is turned upside-down when his girlfriend discovers a Banksy on his bottom. She insists they make it permanent at the tattoo parlour, and before long, Sam has become a living work of art. That's when his problems really begin. Sam: Elis James, Molly: Kimberley Nixon, Jan / Philida: Eiry Hughes, Tattooist: Steffan Rhodri, Eddy: Tim Key, Phil: Aled Pugh, Kirsty Lang: herself. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales. Rpt. from 2016.

12 Jul: The Trial of Joseph Knight
By May Sumbwanyambe; fact-based. In the late 1700s, Sir John Wedderburn, a plantation owner, returned to Scotland from the West Indies with an African slave, Joseph Knight. He educated Joseph and used him as a domestic servant. When the slave ran away, his escape and recapture eventually helped lead to the abolition of slavery in Britain. Joseph: Nana Amoo-Gottfried, Sir John: Ron Donachie, Annie Thomson: Anita Vettesse, Margaret Wedderburn: Helen Mackay, Sheriff Swinton: John Buick. Producer: Bruce Young.

13 Jul: Mayday
By Lucy Caldwell, rpt. A Northern Irish student faces a huge decision when she discovers she is pregnant. Coralie: Eileen O'Higgins, Emma: Sophie Robinson, with Imogen Doel, Niamh McEnhill, Anthony Boyle, Annie Farr, Caolan Byrne, Will Irvine, Claire de Boer, Caitriona Hinds, Lynsey-Anne Moffat. producer: Heather Larmour. For those who are unaware, the 1967 Abortion Act does not apply in Northern Ireland; abortions there are, with few exceptions, illegal. Rpt. from 12 Jun 2017.

14 Jul: Saturday Play: Morse - In The Sunshine
By Alma Cullen. An Oxford don is found dead in the river. Morse: Neil Pearson, Lewis: Lee Ingleby, Supt. Strange: Pip Torrens, Dr. Hinkley: Anna Chancellor, Anthony Yateman: Kevin Eldon, The Master: Anton Lesser, Annie: Ashley Smith, Hazel: Rachel Atkins, Unsworth: Edward Killingback, Gregson: Harry Lister Smith, Evans: Henry Pettigrew, Vic Nelson: Okorie Chukwu, Quentin Spencer: Ben Crowe. Producer: Marilyn Imrie.

15 Jul: Classic Serial: Castle of the Hawk, 3
By Mike Walker. Episode title: Hawk Wounded. Albert has become the Holy Roman Emperor. Ibrahim and Wenceslas plot revenge. Ibrahim: Philip Arditti, Albert: Kal Owen, Peter: KCarl Prekopp, Agnes: Nia Roberts, Wenceslas: Matthew McNulty, John: Aled Pugh, Fredwerick: Matthew Aubrey, Judith: Caitlin Richards, Catherine: Alexandria Riley, Norbert: Keiron Self, Pope Clement: Simon Armstrong. Producer: Alison Hindell.

16 Jul: #blessed
By Olivia Poulet and Laurence Dobiesz. Comedy drama.RT: " A woman waits for her husband, who is dashing across London carrying their only chance of having a baby". Pippa: Olivia Poulet, Steven: Laurence Dobiesz, Reema: Ayesha Dharker, Dr. Cole: Valmike Rampersad, Irish nurse/Mum: Fenella Woolgar. Producer: Melanie Harris. Director: Susannah Tresilian.

17 Jul: Tiger Girls
By Amy Ng. Michelle, who is part of the Chinese community in London, has a gambling addiction. Michelle: Crystal Yu, Grandma: Pik-Sen Lim, Roy: Adam J. Bernard, Shirley: Liz Sutherland-Lim, Cousin Ting: Lobo Chan. Producer: Melanie Harris. Director: Shan Ng.

18 Jul: Holy Father
By Mark Lawson. Is this a repeat? I seem to remember it, but no repeat indicated in RT. By Mark Lawson. In the Vatican in the near future, 120 cardinals gather in the Sistene chapel to elect a new pontiff. For the first time since 1159, he might be English. Cardinal Faber: Nick Dunning, Cardinal Simouri: Jude Akuwudike, Rachel grealish: Lisa-Ann MaLaughlin, Martha Keen: Scarlett Brookes, Tom Graham: Patrick FitzSymons, Cardinal O'Callaghan: Pat Laffan, Padro Antenucci: Faolan Morgan. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

19 Jul: Big Time
By Jonathan Holloway. Repeat of the play about the fictitious meeting of Cervantes and Shakespeare.Cervantes: Simon Callow, Shakespeare: Nicky Henson, Regina: Laura Elphinstone. Producer: Tim Dee.

20 Jul: Operation Crucible
By Kieran Knowles. WW2 story; in 1940 a hotel in Sheffield was hit by a German bomb. 70 people died. The play encapsulates the events as we meet four fictional people affected by them. Bob: Salvatore D'Aquailla, Tommy: Matthew Wilson, Arthur: Joseph Ayre, Phil: Ross Anderson, Elaine/Martha: Kerry Gooderson, Foreman/Dad: John Lightbody. Producer: Toby Swift.

21 Jul: Saturday Play -Master of the Mint
By David Ashton. After 30 years as a don at Cambridge, Newton is offered a new job at the Royal Mint. He is asked to investigate and put a stop to the manufacture of false coin. The penalty for those caught doing it is death because it qualifies as treason. William Gaminara as Newton, with Gunnar Cauthary, Kerry Gooderson, Nicholas Tizzard, Michael Nardone, Jonathan Forbes, Ryan Early, Lauren Cornelius, Sean Murray and Gerard McDermott. Producer: Bruce Young.

22 Jul: Classic Serial slot: The Man Who Would Be King
Story by Rudyard Kipling, ad. for radio by Mike Walker. Two con-men set out to conquer 'Kaffirstan' - a remote part of Afghanistan. Kipling, the narrator: Blake Ritson, Daniel Dravot: Richard Ridings, Peachey Carnehan: Samuel James, with Peter Polycarpou, Lauren Cornelius, Joseph Ayre, Stephen Hogan, Ryan Early, Ryan Whittle and John Lightbody. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

23 Jul: Undeniably Keith
By Lucy Gannon. A woman newly widowed moves to a small village to start a new life. She meets a retired policeman. Rose: Doon Mackichan, Keith: Kevin Whateley, Sylv: Freya Parker, James: Deka Walmsley, Peter: Mark Stobbart, Doreen: Sophie Scott, Mary: Kerry Gooderson. Producer: Allegra McIllroy.

24 Jul: Poetry In Motion
By Katie Hims. Five strangers board a train bound for Manchester. They have never met. We hear the thoughts of each person and these soon move from practical matters to inner demons: anxieties over presenting a vital pitch; running away from one's family; the death of a child. Katie Hims brings together the separate story lines and by the time the passengers disembark they all feel a little less lonely. (precis of Jane Anderson's remarks in RT). Valerie - Rachel Davies, Leonard - Alan Williams, Karla - Karla Crome, Reece - Ashley Kumar, Bridie - Adie Allen, Cashier - Kirsty Oswald, Train announcer - Nick Underwood. Producer: Mary Peate.

25 Jul: Rhoda and Pete get back on the Scene
By Ross Dunsmore. A woman who has just lost her husband, along with Pete, another person without a partner, is pushed into speed-dating by their children.Peter: Kenneth Cranham, Rhoda: Elizabeth Counsell, Mari: Valeria Gogan, Seb: Ryan Whittle, waitress: Lauren Cornelius. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

26 Jul: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 1
By Alexander McCall Smith, dramatised by the author from his novel "The Woman Who Walked In Sunshine". Mma Ramotswe has to make a difficult decision - should she take a holiday? Mma Ramotswe: Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi: Nadine Marshall, Mr. JLB Matekoni: Ben Onwukwe, Mr. Polopetsi: Steve Toussaint, Samuel: Kal Francis-Lewis, with Janice Acqua, Eleanor Crooks, Jason Barnett and Clare Perkins. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

27 Jul: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 2
Conclusion of the story which began yesterday.

28 Jul: Saturday Play: The War of the Worlds, 1
Herbert Wells' famous story, dramatized by Melissa Murray. There have been strnge explosions on the surface of Mars. It seems that this is the precursor to an invasion of Earth. Robert: Blake Ritson, Billy: Samuel James, Ogilvy: John Dougall, Margaret: Sanchia McCormack, Curate: Carl Prekopp, Gus: David Sterne, Dora: Maeve Bluebell Wells, Vicar: Finlay Robertson, Carswell: Nick Murchie, women: Sarah Ridgeway and Georgie Glen, Constable: John Bowler, Telegraph: David Sturzaker. Producer: Marc Beeby.

29 Jul: Classic Serial slot: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
By Jules Verne, dramatized by Gregory Evans. Captain Nemo is a renegade submariner who will have nothing to do with the human race. The story is about his travels under the sea. Captain Nemo: Sagar Arya, Professor Aronnax: Neil McCaul, Connie Arronax: Madeleine Hatt, Ned Land: David Seddon, Capt. Farragut: Philip Bretherton. Producer: Marc Beeby.

30 Jul: The Fix
By Cat Jones. Mark arrives home very late one night, having had too much to drink. At 2am there seems to be an intruder in the dining room. Lucy: Sophia Di Martino, Mark: Ben Addis, Angie: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Charlie: Cash Tilston. Producer: Sharon Sephton. Rpt.

31 Jul: Festival
By Sarah Wooley, set in 1962, when the novelist Elizabeth Howard, later married to Kingsley Amis, took on the job of running the Cheltenham Literary Festival. In 1956 she had been one of its resident young writers. The job of running the event was far from straightforward. Elizabeth: Melody Grove, John Moore: Tony Gardner, Colin Howard: Will Howard, Kingsley: Jonathan Forbes, with Emma Handy (three parts) and John Lightbody (three parts). Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

1 Aug: Tommies: 1 Aug 1918
By Neil Brand. More WW1 drama, based on events of an actual day at war, exactly 100 years later. Mickey Bliss has a big deception plan but the arrival of his son and sister, both in the army, complicates matters. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Jack Bliss: Ashley Kumar, Evadne Bliss: Joannah Tincey, Galleyman: Ryan Whittle, Vanier: Philip Desmeules, Helen Ledingham: Kerry Gooderson, Bold Saxby: Rupert Simonian, Carnevalet: Stephen Hogan, nurse: Emma Handy, commentators: Joseph Ayre, Ryan Early, John Lightbody and Indira Varma; series producers: David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle and Jonquil Panting; director for this episode: David Hunter.

2 Aug: Where this service will connect
By Katherine Jakeways. Episode 3 of her romantic comedy. Suzie arrives at the office to see David; she is the worse for wear after a party the night before. It's two years since they sat next to each other on a train journey; now she needs his help. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Joe: Richard Nicholls, Receptionist: Katherine Jakeways. Producer: James Robinson. For other episodes - see 27-28 Apr 2017.

3 Aug: In Here
By Eileen Home. A woman finds herself caught up in the middle of a hostage situation in a gym in London. She hides in a changing room and then hears here mobile phone ring. Ruby: Ruby Ashbourne Serkis, Malcolm Dunn: Bill Paterson, Raheem: Waleed Akhtar, Afzal: Farshid Rokey, Brooke/Judy: Teresa Gallagher, Joe/Gavin: David Sturzaker. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane. Rpt.

4 Aug: Saturday Play slot: The War Of The Worlds, 2
By Herbert Wells; famous science fiction story of the Martian invasion of Earth. Robert: Blake Ritson, curate: Carl Prekopp, Billy: Sam James, Mrs. Hatton: Georgie Glen, Bridgenorth: Nick Murchie, Lydia: Sarah Ridgeway, Margaret: Sanchia McCormack, doctor: David Sterne, man 1: John Dougall, man 2: David Sturzaker. Producer: Marc Beeby.

5 Aug: Classic Serial slot: The Mysterious Island
By Jules Verne, dram. Gregory Evans. Sequel to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Three people escaping the American Civil War become stranded on Captain Nemo's island. Nemo: Sagar Arya, Cyrus Harding: Nathan Osgood, Grace Spilett: Kerry Gooderson, Neb: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Tom Ayrton: Rupert H Evans. Producer: Marc Beeby.

6 Aug: Care Inc
By Eric Holmes. The owner of a bookshop can only afford basic health insurance, which doesn't cover the drug she needs to stay alive. Set in America. Nina: Flor De Liz Perez, Shirley: Patrice Flemings, Susan: Kelley Rae O'Donnell, Marcus: Joshua Boone, Brian: Pete McElligott. Other parts played by Maria Diaz, Emily Perkins, Lauren B McConnell amd Moti Margolin. Producer: Judith Kampfner.

7 Aug: On The Road Not Taken
By Paul Dodgson, rpt. Excellent autobiographical play on Paul's decision many years ago to pursue a non-musical career, and now later in life, he tries what he's always wanted to do; living the dream. young Paul: Isaac Rouse, Paul's Dad: Ewan Bailey, Fred: Max Abraham, Paul's Mum: Sally Orrock, Andy: Tyler Bennington-Poulter. Producer: Kate McAll.

8 Aug: Tommies
8th August 1918. By Jonathan Ruffle. Micky's deception plan is put into action. His personal past catches up with him. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Florrie: Karen Bartke, Harry de Tullio: Sam Valentine, Richard Galleyman: Ryan Whittle, Herbert Campbell: Trevor White, Pertab Singh: Sagar Radia, Ghafar: Parth Thakerar (sp?); other roles played by Joseph Ayre, Ryan Early, John Lightbody and Indira Varma. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle and Jonquil Panting; director for this episode: David Hunter.

9 Aug: Lament
By Debbie Tucker. A man and a woman meet up again, years after they have separated. Gradually it becomes clear that the assumptions they made about each other were inaccurate. Man: Paterson Joseph, Woman: Nadine Marshall, Husband: Lucian Msamati, Mum: Cecilia Noble. Producer: Mary Peate; director: Debbie Tucker.

10 Aug: Brother Of Mine
By Nathaniel Price. Walter has always looked up to his older brother, and Nigel has always supported him. Then Walter is accused of a serious crime. Nigel has to choosewhether or not to stand by him. Walter: Enyi Okornonkwo, Nigel: Jimmy Akingbola, Rhona: Lara Rossi, Sylvia: Joanna McGibbon, Nurse Peters: Lauren Cornelius, Journalist: Ryan Whittle. Producer: Sally Avens.

11 Aug: Saturday Play - The Bargain
By Ian Curteis, based on an actual meeting of Robert Maxwell and Mother Teresa in 1988, when she was visiting London. Maxwell wants Teresa to lend her name to a religious publishing venture. Rpt. from 2016. Maxwell: David Horovitch, Mother Teresa: Charlotte Cornwell, Sidekick: David Sibley, Sister: Geraldine Alexander. Producer: David Ian Neville.

12 Aug: Classic Serial slot: Grain of Truth, 1
By Zygmunt Miloszewski, published in 2011; dram. Mark Lawson. Crime thriller. First episode: The Blood Painting. A state prosecutor inestigates a murder. Set in modern Poland. Teodor Szacki: Bryan Dick, Klara Dybus: Rachel Austin, Leon: David Fleeshman, with Claire Benedict, David Crellin, Ursula Holden Gill and Dan Carey. Producers: Polly Thomas and Eloise Whitmore. Director: Polly Thomas.

13 Aug: Lost In Glencoe.
By Maggie Ayre. Drama-doc. One of Maggie's relations disappeared whilst camping in Glencoe about sixty years ago. Maggie does a search for the man and talks to the friends and relations he left behind. With Paul McGann. Rpt. No details of producer in RT.

14 Aug: The Summer Book
By Tove Jansson, dram. by Amanda Dalton from Thomas Teal's translation of the novel. A woman and her young grand-daughter Sophia spend a summer on a tiny Finnish island. Narrated by the real-life Sophia, Tove's niece, with Eileen O'Brien as the grandmother. Sophia: Grace Doherty, Pipsan: Freya Pollard, Verner: Alan Rothwell. Producer: Susan Roberts.

15 Aug: Tommies
15 Aug 1918. By Avin Shah. Two armoured trains meet on a single railway track in the desert. Based on eye-witness accounts of what happened. Railway officer Drushkin: Simon Scardifield, Railway Lieutenant Yashka: Dolya Gavanski, Railway Engineer Trepov: Aaron Vodovoz, with Tony Jayawardena, Ryan Early, Waleed Akhtar, Omar Malik, Stephen Hogan and Indira Varma. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle and Jonquil Panting; director for this episode: Jonquil Panting.

16 Aug: The Abdication, 1: The King's Matter
By Christopher Lee, rpt. Another look at the abdication of Edward VIII, from the point of view of the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury, who both believe that the proposed marriage is inappropriate. Stanley Baldwin: Jim Broadbent, Cosmo Lang: Hugh Ross, Harding:; Mark Straker, Lord Beaverbrook: Matthew Marsh, Mary: Kika Markham (Just One Cornetto), Edward VIII: Anthony Calf, Chaplain: Michael Jayston. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

17 Aug: The Abdication,2: The Crisis of Wallis Simpson
By Nicola Baldwin. This part of the story is told from the point of view of Wallis Simpson. She escapes to France to escape press harassment, and then tries to persuade the king not to abdicate. Wallis: Frances Barber, Edward VIII: Anthony Calf, Kitty Rogers: Jane McKenna, Herman Rogers: Mark Straker, Lord Brownlow: Richard Dillane, Goddard: David Collings, George Ladbrook: Ben Crowe, Inspector: Richard Atlee. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

18 Aug: Saturday Play - The Pillow Book
By Robert Forrest, inspired by the writings of a lady-in-waiting to an empress in 10th-century Japan. This is the omnibus edition of the 5 x 12m 11th series. Lady Shonagon: Ruth Gemmell, Yukinari: Cal MacAninch, with Simon Donald son, Victoria Liddelle, Joanna Tope, Meg Fraser and Anthony Strachan. Producer: Lu Kemp.

19 Aug: Classic Serial - Grain of Truth, 2
By Zygmunt Miloszewski, dram. Mark Lawson. Murder mystery, conclusion. Episode title: The Body Is Lying. Teodor Szacki: Bryan Dick, Klara Dybus: Rachel Austin, Leon: David Fleeshman, with Claire Benedict, David Crellin, Ursula Holden Gill, Marlon Solomon and Dan Carey. Producers: Polly Thomas and Eloise Whitmore. Director: Polly Thomas.

20 Aug: Indigo Children
By Hannah Silva. Ros is an autistic child; her mother won't accept it. Ros is played by Lizzy Clark, an actress with Asperger's, who has set up a campaign to make a difference. Do the the Indigo Children - those with autism - experience a different level of consciousness? Ros - as above, Lydia: Jaime Winstone, Jack: Luke Jerdy, Ivy: Sylvestra Le Touzel. Producer: Melanie Harris, director: Jude Kelly.

21 Aug: In The Shadows
By Susan Lieberman. Elena was born and raised in Chicago, but her Mexican parents are undocumented immigrants. The immigration officals arrive... Elena: Elaine Valdes, Cici: Maria Diez, Camilo: Erick Betancourt, Rosa: Arlene Chico-Lugo, Miss O'Connor: Polly Lee, Doug: Peter McElligott, with Mike SMith Rivera Nnish and Lauren B OiConnell. Producer: Judith Kampfner.

22 Aug: Tommies
22nd August 1918; by Patricia Cumper and Jonathan Ruffle. Mrs. Washington's duties keep her away from the fighting, but when she uncovers a secret about the US 37th Regiment at the front line, she needs to get there... Clare Perkins, John MacMillan, Buom Tihngang, Daniel Betts, Ryan Whittle, Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Alexander Devrient, Peter Bankole and Cameron Percival. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

23 Aug: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 1
Episode title: A Man From A Far Place. By Alexander McCall Smith. Claire Benedict, Nadine Marshall, Ben Onwukwe, Maynard Eziashi, Beru Tessema, Janice Acqua, Babou Ceesay, Sam Dale, Eleanor Crooks, Jude Akuwudike (Phuti and Magistrate), Obi Abili, Adjoa Andoh, Nyasha Hatendi. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane. Rpt.

24 Aug: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 2
Episode title: The Limpopo Academcy of Private Detection. Conclusion; details as yesterday.

25 Aug: Saturday Play: Don Quixote
A version by the Penny Dreadfuls. Don: Sylvester McCoy, Sancho: Thom Tuck, narrator: Amanda Abbington; other parts taken by Humphrey Ker, David Reed, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Vibienne Acheampong. Producer: Julia McKenzie.

26 Aug: Classic Serial: Censoring An Iranian Love Story, 1
By Shahriar Mandanipour, dram. Hattie Naylor, from the Sara Khalili translation. An Iranian writer tries to persuade a government censor that his tale of forbidden love will not provoke sin in the mind of the reader. Writer: Kevork Malikyan, Petrovich: Philip Arditti, Sara: Isabella Nefar, Dara: Amir El-Masry, with Raad Rawi, Mia Soteriou and Beatrice Butler. Producer: Nicola Jackson.

27 Aug: Dead Ringers: An Alien Has Landed
By Tom Jamieson, Nev Fountain, Tom Coles, Ed Amsden, Sarah Campbell and Laurence Howarth. What might happen if an alien come to Earth. With Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Lewis MacLeod, Debra Stevenson and Duncan Wisbey. Producer: Bill Dare.

28 Aug: Resistance, 1
By Val McDermid, in the 'Dangerous Visions' series, rpt. A three-part thriller in which the consequences of over-use of antibiotics are imagined. The action starts at a music festival. There are jouranlists attending, including Zoe Meadows, who has left her husband and two children at home. Zoe: Gina McKee, Jamie: Jason Done, Sam: Nitin Kundra, Lisa: Angela Lonsdale, Baz: Henry Devas, Will: Ashley Margolis, with Verity-May Henry, Jonathan Keeble, Chetan Pandya, Emily Pithon, Malcolm Raeburn and Conrad Nelson. Producer: Susan Roberts.

29 Aug: Resistance, 2
Zoe tries to interview Dr. Aasmah about the research into the disease.

30 Aug: Resistance, 3
Society starts to break down: people fight for food and there are bodies in the streets. There is a new untested antibiotic available but is it safe and will it work?

31 Aug: The Third Pill
By James O'Neill; comedy. Greg is a publisher; middle-aged and starting to feel old. Then something appears on his computer which will transform his life. Greg: Reece Dinsdale, Gregory: Rupert Hill, Faye: Kate Coogan, Margaret: Susan Twist, Alistair: Stephen Marzella, Doctor: Malcolm Raeburn. Producer: Gary Brown.

1 Sep: Saturday Play slot: Jaws
A two and a half hour reading of Peter Benchley's story, by Henry Goodman.

2 Sep: Classic Serial: Censoring an Iranian Love Story
By Shahriar Mandanipour, dram. Hattie Naylor, from the Sara Khalili translation. Writer: Kevork Malikyan, Petrovich: Philip Arditti, Sara: Isabella Nefar, Dara: Amir El-Masry, Mother Sara: Nathalie Armin, Father Sara: Nabil Elouahabi, with Rezh Mann, Raad Rawi and Mia Soteriou. Producer: Nicolas Jackson.

3 Sep: How The Marquis Got His Coat Back
By Neil Gaiman, adapted by Dirk Maggs, rpt. Sequel to 'Neverwhere'. The Marquis de Carabas has lost his coat, but getting it back brings him face to face with an old enemy and makes him accept help from someone rather close to home. Marquis de C: Paterson Joseph, Peregrine: Adrian Lester, Shepherd: Don Warrington, Drusilla, Chanterelle and jewellery seller: Amelia Lowdell, sheepdog man, tattooist, market barker and patient: Tom Alexander, Elephant: Mitch Benn, Vince: Divian Ladwa, Old Bailey: Bernard Cribbins, Hammersmith, Dunnekin and book hawker: Ben Crowe, Knibbs, woman and clothes hawker: Samantha Beart, Floating dentist man, Pokefinger and sheepdog men: Theo Maggs. Producer: Heather Larmour. BBC Northern Ireland.

4 Sep: Produce
By Joseph Wilde, rpt, in the "Dangerous Visions" series. Drama set in the future. A couple unable to have a baby naturally visit a Genomics comopany for assistance in producing a perfect child. Anita: Laura dos Santos, Tom: Joseph Kloska, Dr. AHmed: Seeta Indrani, Beth: Amy-Jayne Leigh, Mr. Dean: Ewan Bailey.

5 Sep: The Trials of C.B.King,1
Chevene King was an early African-American lawyer, born 1923, who worked at a time when there was segregation of black and white in America. These two plays (today and tomorrow) show the difficult conditions under which he was forced to work. King: Leo Wringer, Bobby Peel: Tom Forrister, Slater King: Steve Toussaint, Carol King: Ceciilia Noble, Marion King: Saffron Coomber, Charlie Ware: Ammar Duffus, Reverend Boyd: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Chief Pritchett: Ewan Bailey, Sheriff Johnson: David Schaal, Senator Peel: Sean Murray, Mrs. Peel: Emma Handy, Sheriff Matthews: David Seddon, Frank Jones: Ryan Whittle, Doctor: Lewis Bray, Secretary: Lucy Doyle. Producer: Marc Beeby.

6 Sep: The Trials of C.B.King,2
Another story about Chevene King. For casting etc: see yesterday's entry.

7 Sep: Billy Ruffian
By Lisa Osborne, and directed by her. In June 1815, Napoleon had been beaten at Waterloo and had fled to Paris. As the royalists took control of the city, Napoleon went to the coast hoping to escape to America. Captain Frederick Maitland, in charge of HMS Bellerophon, was given the job of observing events and of stopping him from getting away. Napoleon: Adrian Scarborough, Maitland: Arthur Darvill, Bertrand: Adam James, Mott: Sam Alexander, Madame Bertrand: Emerald O'Hanrahan, Baker Hawkins: Sam Dale, Lord Liverpool: Hugh Ross. Producer Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk).

8 Sep: Saturday Play - The White Hotel
By Denis Potter; unproduced screenplay; an adaptation of Donald Thomas's novel. The drama is preceded by a short feature about the many failed attempts to bring the novel to the screen and the making of this radio version. Produced by Laurence Bowen and Peter Ettedgui; with Anne-Marie Duff and Bill Paterson. 1¾ hours.

9 Sep: Classic Serial slot: Marathon Man
Conspiracy thriller by William Golding, adapted for radio in one 60m episode by Stephen Keyworth, rpt. A student's plans are thrown into disarray when he is drawn into a web of intrigue involving a gang of spies. The story has been made into a film. It has some seriously nasty scenes; you have been warned. Jack Lowden, Tom Burke, Iam McDiarmid, Karen Bartke, Liam Brennan, Finn den Hertog, Robin Laing, Steven McNicoll. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

10 Sep: Superstar Me
By Jessica Mitic, rpt. Romantic comedy about two friends backpacking across Thailand. RT: "Mike is searching for cultural enrichment, whilst Laura is searching for the perfect selfie". Laura: Gwyneth Keyworth, Mike: Liam Williams, Dada: William Thomas, Anna / Polly: Gwawr Loader, Guide: Jeffrey Ho. Producer: Helen Perry; director: James Robinson.

11 Sep: In Vino Veritas
By Lenny Henry. The phrase means "In wine, truth", and this refers to the tendency of a person under the influence of alcohol being more likely to let the truth slip out. As for the story, it can be summarised as - a charismatic priest may have lost his way ... Rev. Marcus Campbell: Lenny Henry, June Campbell: Nadine Marshall, Jesus: John Bradley, Deacon Edwards: Peter Bankole, Mrs. Dawson: Martina Laird, Cornell Dawson: McKell David, Tailor/homeless man: Sean Murray, Sat-nav: Emma Handy, Homeless guy / group leader: Lewis Bray, other homeless guys: Cameron Percival and Lian Lau Fernandez, Homeless woman: Elizabeth Counsell, Emergency Servies: Ryan Whittle, Mourner: Jeanette Percival. Producer: Mary Peate.

12 Sep: Prime Cut,1
By Alan Carter, UK-born Australian novelist; an adaptation by Adrian Bean of Alan's first novel. Rpt. Part 1 of 2. A case involving a headless torso gives Cato Kwong, disgraced detective, a slim chance of getting his reputation back. Cato: Andrew Leung, Tess Maguire: Christine Stephen-Daly, Mick Hutchens: Richard Dillane, Jim Buckley: Steffan Rhodri, Keitrh Stevenson: Mark Little, Grace Fisher: Rio Holland, Billy Mathers: Philip Fox, Pam the waitress: Kerry Gooderson, Justin Woodward: Leo Wan, Jim Stevenson: Ethan Rouse. Producer: Helen Perry.

13 Sep: Prime Cut,2
By Alan Carter, rpt. Part 2 of 2. Details as yesterday.

14 Sep: The Unseen Government
By Mark Lawson. Satirical drama. Northern Ireland has been without a government for 600 days and nothing disastrous has happened. Are the civil servants doing a better job than could be done by the absent MPs? A special adviser arrives at Stormont to weigh up what is happening. Jean-Christian, in charge of the civil servants: Anton Lesser, Ali, special adviser to the UK government: Amaka Okafor, Maire: Michelle Fairley, Ash: Jonathan Harden, Paul: Lloyd Hutchinson. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

15 Sep: Saturday Play: The Dark Earth and the Night Sky
By Nick Dear. The play describes the years leading to the death of Edward Thomas and his relationship with Robert Frost. Also touched on is his shaky marriage, his bouts of depression, and his passion for nature and the countryside. It was the need to protect the dark earth and the night sky which prompted him to enlist. Rpt. Thomas: James D'Arcy, Frost: Rupert Evans, Helen Thomas: Charlotte Emmerson, Eleanor Farjeon: Sylvestra le Touzel, Philip Thomas: Alan David, Bott and Major Lushington: Nicholas Boulton. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

16 Sep: Classic Serial slot: Brothers
By William Golding; sequel to 'The Marathon Man' broadcast last week, dram. Stephen Keyworth. The West is getting ready for war. Then a spy is brought out of hiding and set on a mission to stop it happening. Scylla, the spy: Tom Burke, Tom: Jack Lowden, with Liam Brennan, Richard Conlon, Finn den Hertog, Jessica Hardwick, Robert Jack and Robin Laing. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

17 Sep: Secret Kebabs
By Christine Entwisle, rpt from 2016. Comedy. The friendship of a disillusioned relationship counsellor with a kebab shop owner. Christine won the BBC 'Writersroom' prize in 2015. Counsellor: Pippa Haywood, Ali: Asim Chaudhry, Tim: Joseph Arkley, Alison/Mrs. Sheep: Christine Entwisle, Mrs. Egg Sandwich/Mrs. Gordon Ramsay: Claire Corbett, The Landlord/Mr. Egg Sandwich: Dennis Herdman, Mr. Gordon Ramsay: Jeremy Swift. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

18 Sep: Auntie Jee
By Furquan Akhtar; comedy. A matchmaking restaurateur in Manchester looks for the perfect partner for her best friend. Sham, the restaurateur: Shobna Gulati, Julie: Lisa Moore, Aneela: Shila Iqbal, Asif: Abdullah Afzal, Ali: Bhasker Patel, bank manager: Lloyd Peters. Producer: Gary Brown.

19 Sep: The 56
By Matt Woodhead and Gemma Wilson; rpt from Sep 2016. A drama based on the fire which broke out during a football match at Bradford on 11 May 1985. 56 people died and 200 were injured. (From Jane Anderson's remarks, Radio Times, slightly edited by ND: ......The play uses material from 100 hours of real-life testimonies and interviews with witnesses. Every sentence in the script comes from the mouth of a survivor. The playwrights have condensed the content into three main characters for dramatic clarity.) With Duncan Preston, Melanie Kilburn and Vincent Franklin. Produced by Toby Swift.

20 Sep: The RemCo
By Jonathan Maitland. A play looking at the world of remuneration committees, which are the bodies which work out executive pay and bonuses. Judith Clapham is an honourable woman amongst city sharks, steering her RemCo as they decide whether to award an enormous sum of money to the chief executive officer, Michael Melman. Judith: Deborah Findlay, the CEO: James Purefoy, Camilla: Lucy Doyle, Brian Gould: Forbes Masson, David van den Berg: Tony Turner, Edgar Davidson: Lewis Bray, Lucy Argent: Jeanette Percival, Sir Tom: Sean Murray, Fola Ogunyemi: Saffron Coomber, Leon: Cameron Percival, and John Humphreys plays himself. Producer: Emma Harding.

21 Sep: Nicked
By Robert Rigby. When a man is mugged at knifepoint, he decides to take revenge. Django: Kassius Carey, Rory, the man mugged: Douglas Clarke Wood, OLiver: Will Howard, Sarah and the PC: Emma Cunliffe, Shan: Alex Jarrett, Richard: Michael Maloney, Patricia: Susan Salmon, Courtney: Gabrielle Brookos, Joe and Lennox: Don Gilet, Mo: Tola Oluwole, Jayden: Shelley McDonald, Wilf: Jerdane Calder. Producer: Lucinda Mason Brown; director: Carl Prekopp. Indie (Goldhawk).

22 Sep: Saturday Play: The Christchurch Murder
By Angela Carter; radio version of unproduced screenplay. Partly-dramatized narration rather than drama. Based on a murder taking place in 1988 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Two teenage girls, friends, are disillusioned with their lives and plan to run away to Hollywood. Their parents do not like the idea. Adapted by Robin Brooks. Fiona Shaw narrates as Angela Carter, with Dolores Carbonari as Nerissa and Erin Wallace as Lena. Rest of the cast: Nabcy Carroll, James Wilby, Adrian Lukis, Julia Deakin, Gerard McDermott, Acushia-Tape Kupe, Thomas Meeson, Rex Duis, Kirsty Gillmore, Sara Lynam, Dianne Weller, Eddie Mann, Niamh Blackman, Julie Gilby, Lucy Mangan and Rosina Fielder. Producer: Fiona McAlpine.

23 Sep: Classic Serial slot: Nights At The Circus, 1
By Angela Carter; 2 x 55m, adapted by Lucy Catherine from Angela's novel. Sophie Fevvers, brought up in a brothel; part woman, part bird, aerialist and music hall star. An American journalist tries to discover the truth about her. Sophie: Roisin Conaty, Lizzie: Elizabeth Counsell,Jack, the journalist: Ryan Whittle, Rosencrantz: Sean Murray, Editor: Stewart Wright, a fan: Justin Davies, Ma Nelson: Claire Cage, Madame Schreck: Sharon Morgan. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

24 Sep: North
By Jennifer Schlueter. A fictional account of a meeting which took place between Anne Morrow Lindbergh and writer/aviator Antoine Saint-Exupery. Anne: Christina Ritter, her husband, Charles Lindbergh: Ian Conningham, Antoine: Samuel West. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

25 Sep: We're Backing Britain
By David Morley. This is a satire inspired by the 'I'm Backing Britain' campaign in 1968. Harold Wilson, Labour P.M., has had to devalue the pound; his economic policies have been a disaster; he has seen the country almost wrecked by excessive wage demands and plagued by strikes. The play takes us back to that time and shines a light on the industrial strife which followed. Fred Price: Nicholas Boulton, Brenda Mumford and Marcia Williams: Felicity Duncan, Joan Southwell: Catherine Lamb, Harry Tyler: Geoff McGivern, Valeria White: Alana Ramsey, Richard Seller andRory McCarthy: Wilf Scolding, Jack O'Hea and Harold Wilson: Duncan Wisbey. Produced by Richard Clemmow and directed by Sean Grundy.

26 Sep: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Legal drama based in Manchester; another series. Frank is asked to help a community of retired people. David Schofield as Frank, Sally Dexter as Sarah and Susan Twist as Lana, with Sue Jenkins, Kate Coogan, John Henshaw and Lloyd Peters. Produced by Gary Brown.

27 Sep: The Princes and Princesses of Wales
By Simon Crowther, rpt. A Cardiff family is disturbed by arrivals from North Wales. Loretta: Gwenlian Higginson, Gareth Pierce: played by himself, Judy: Nicola Reynolds, Deborah: Melanie Walters, Terry: Richard Eifyn, Geraint: Sion Pritchard, Begw: Lisa Jen Brown. Producer: Janine H Jones.

28 Sep: The Gift
By Vicki Donoghue. Carol is good at looking after young mothers. Then Hayley turns up. Carol: Claire-Louise Cordwell, Hayley: Rebekah Murrell, Siobhan: Lucy Phelps, Pete: Don Gilet, Ryan: Cameron Percival, police officer: LiamLau Fernandez. Producer: David Hunter.

29 Sep: Saturday Play: Two Fathers, Two Daughters
By Simon Armitage; an adaptation of the medieval poem 'Pearl'. A father has lostn a daughter, who comes to him in a dream to help him deal with his loss. This adaptation incorporates material from the 600-year-old poem and also from Gerry McCann, whose daughter siappeared in 2007. Read by Iain Glen and Grace Doherty. 60m. Producer: Susan Roberts.

30 Sep: Classic Serial: Nights at the Circus, 2
By Angela Carter. Conclusion of the part-bird, part-woman tale, adapted by Lucy Catherine. Sophie: Roisin Conaty, Lizzie: Elizabeth Counsell,Jack, the journalist: Ryan Whittle, Mignon: Carys Eleri, Col. Kearney: Stewart Wright, Samson and the kidnapper: Joe Simis, Princss: Claire Cage, Lamarek and the Grand Duke: Richard Elfyn. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

1 Oct: The Truth About Anna, 1
By Michael Butt, rpt., in two parts from 2016. The story is set in California; some green activists plan to destroy a dam. Their new recruit, Anna, attracts suspicion. Has she been planted? Anna: Julianna Jennings, Greg: Philip Desmeules, Angela: Jammy Kasongo, Melissa: Gillian Slater, with Jared Zeus, Trevor White and Lorna Nickson-Brown. Producer: Emma Hearn; director: Carl Prekopp.

2 Oct: The Truth About Anna, 2
In this episode we see the story again; this time from the perspective of the FBI. Production details - as yesterday.

3 Oct: Brief Lives
Series 10 of the popular legal series. Frank Twist and Sarah Gold tackle another legal case. This episode involves an investigation from some time ago, looked at after some new DNA evidence has been found. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, Lucy: Gillian Kearney, Dominic: Reece Dinsdale, with Samuel Holland, Russell Richardson and Beatrix Baxter. Producer: Gary Brown.

4 Oct: Hi Spec
By Hugh Costello. An ambitious podcaster discovers that her ex-boyfriend has gone missing on a gap-year adventure. It's not clear whether her desire to find him stems from concern or ego as she aims for the top of the podcast charts. (summarised from Jane Anderson's review in RT). Livvy Sanderson: Kirsty Oswald, Alan Prentice: John Mackay, Craig Panting: Tom Forrister, Tony: Siakat Ahamed, Mei: Elizabeth Tan, Ben Prentice: Arthur Darvill, Christine Prentice: Emma Handy, prison guard and Embassy receptionist: Sahir Mehta. Producer: Alasdair Cross.

5 Oct: Me, Myself, I
By Esther Wilson; three short interlinked dramas about loneliness. A girl of 13 struggles at school, a middle-aged woman's loneliness in her marriage, and an elderly woman handles her first week in a care home. Pat: Sue Johnston, Sarah: Siobhan Finneran, Esme: Millie Gibson, Martin: Jack Deam.

6 Oct: Saturday Play: The Republicans,1: Ronald Reagan - Death Valley Days
45m. By Jonathan Myerson. The first of three dramas about the Rublican Party. It's 1963 and Ronnie Reagan is working as the host of Death Valley Days, a TV show. One day he is approached by the Republican Party with an offer. The drama is framed as an episode of the TV show. Reagan wonders about the possibility of a president with no political experience. (summarised from David Crawford's review in RT). Can't remember any other radio play about Ronald Reagan - this was a good choice of subject.-Ed. Reagan: Kerry Shale, Nancy Reagan: Madeleine Potter, Maureen Reagan: Samantha Dakin, Barry Goldwater: Corey Johnson, Richard Nixon: Jonathan Hyde, Cliff White: Joseph Balderrama, Lee Edwards: Ryan Whittle, Holmes Tuttle: Stephen Hogan. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

7 Oct: Classic Serial: The Golden Bowl, 2
By Henry James, dram. L.M.Griffiths. Social story, cont. Italian nobleman is set to marry Maggie Verver, but an old flame comes back into his life. Henry James: John Lynch, Prince Amerigo: Luke Pasqualino, Maggie: Daisy Head, Fanny Assingham: Charlotte Emmerson, Adam Verver: Toby Jones, Charlotte Stant: Nathalie Emmanuelle, Col. Assingham and the shopkeeper: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

8 Oct: One Night in Lillehammer
By Hugh Costello, rpt. The play is set in summer 1973, inspired by real events following the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Detective Inge Olsen finds herself out of her depth investigating the murder of a Moroccan waiter. Det. Olsen: Andrea Lowe, Henning Rekdal: Bryan Dick, Sylvia Rafael: Emma Fielding, Martin Olsen: Enzo Clementi, Bjarne: Christian Rodska, Annaeus Schjodt: Simon Armstrong, Astrid/Brit: Joanna van Kampen, Ali Hassan Salameh: Philip Arditti. Producer: Alasdair Cross.

9 Oct: The Submarine Hunter
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Docu-drama. In 2014 a man disappeared during reports of a suspected Russian submarine in the Swedish archipelago. Two years later his sister set out to find him. Rpt. from 2016. Lina Almquist: Ellie Piercy, Insp. Ragnarsson: David Menkin, Maya/Tove: Mariion Bailey. Producer: Joby Waldman.

10 Oct: Brief Lives, 3
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Frank gets to meet his childhood hero, but his footballing god has feet of clay. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, Johnnie: Steve Evets, Jason: Rob Ward, Kendrick: Reuben Johnson, DC Mark Turner: William Fox. Producer: Gary Brown.

11 Oct: Advertised drama: When the Pips Stop / The Dweller in the Darkness
The advertised drama in RT for this slot was by Reginald Berkeley; a remade old BBC classic from1925 about a haunted house, with Clare Lawson Dick, Monica Sims, Gerard Mansell, Tony Whitby, Ian McIntyre and David Hatch, produced by Gwyneth Williams. However, since looking at the programme page after the broadcast, the play title and image has been changed from "Dweller in the Darkness", described as a vintage radio thriller (the title of a BBC play broadcast in 1925, script available at https://emruf.webs.com/british/dweller.htm) to "When The Pips Stop", a "very unusual "love song" to Radio 4 by Oliver Emanuel". The RT entry was a playful attempt to conceal what was going on ....as for the broadcast.... the Archers (the preceding programme) appeared to draw to a close, on came the theme music, then suddenly it stopped halfway through; we had about half a minute of total silence; I thought the radio had gone wrong. Then the play, hesitantly, started..... there were no end credits, either; just a rather confused continuity announcer. 10/10 for innovation. (It won the Tinniswood Award for 2019) The listen-again version had been tinkered with slightly, so some of the 'puzzlement' was lost. The play was also entered for the UK International Radio Drama Festival 2019 at Canterbury, 18-22Mar.

12 Oct The Good Listener, 1
Rpt. from 2016 of the spy thriller; ep. 1 by Fin Kennedy. Workers at GCHQ are monitoring the delegates at a G20 summit when they discover evidence of a cyber-attack. Henry: Owen Teale, Gerry/Steve: Dominic Hawksley, Jacqui: Lucy Phelps, Siddiq: Ashley Kumar, Alison: Alison Newman, David: Richard Maxted, Aiden: Niall Ashdown, Ethan: Paul Chan. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

13 Oct: Saturday Play - The Republicans, 2: Richard Nixon
By Jonathan Myerson. Shortly after announcing the invasion of Cambodia, Richard Nixon confronts student protesters outside the Lincoln Memorial at 4 o'clock in the morning. Richard Nixon: Jonathan Hyde, Manolo Sanchez: Joseph Balderrama, Arnold Hutschnecker: Jack Klaff, Carrie Moore: Ellen Thomas, Bob Haldermann: Aaron Vodovoz, young Richard Nixon: Rupert Simonian, Hannah Nixon: Emma Handy, secrret serviceman: Ryan Whittle, syudent: Saffron Coomber. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

14 Oct: Classic Serial - The Golden Bowl, 2
Ep. 2 of 3; by Henry James, dram. L.M.Griffiths. Henry James: John Lynch, Charlotte Stant: Nathalie Emmanuel, Prince Amerigo: Luke Pasqualino, Maggie Verver: Daisy Head, Fanny Assingham: Charlotte Emmerson, Adam Verver: Toby Jones, Col. Assingham/Butler: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

15 Oct: Road to Lisbon
By Douglas Livingstone and producer Jane Morgan; the latest in a long series of 'Road' stories which began in 1983, in which a specially recorded soundtrack made at a major festival is used to create a drama. In this episode, a man is caught up in the Feast of St. Anthony as he tries to discover a family secret with roots in Portugal's fascist past. Tony: Carl Prekopp, Sharmila: Carlyss Peer, Joan: Elizabeth Rider, Paulo: David Westhead, receptionist and Alonso: Andre Flynn, American tourist: Julie Fitzpatrick, Azra: Cleo Sylvestre, Fernando: Malcolm Sinclair. Producer, as mentioned above: Jane Morgan.

16 Oct: With My Little Eye
By Richard Stoneman, who adapted many of the 'Rumpole' stories. This is a spy story: an operation to protect a Russian dissident preparing to pass state secrets to MI6while murderous FSB agents close in. The convoluted plot looks at the world of international espionage. Bobby Trench: Pip Torrens, Oliver Heywood: Julian Rhind-Tutt, PM: Siobhan Redmond, Dave Sefton: Samuel Anderson, Julia Hapsgood: Monica Dolan, Home Secretary: Michael Cochrane, Insp. Farr: Jonathan Bailey, Commander Barr: Justin Edwards, Charlie McKenna: Matthew Marsh, producer: Catherine Bailey, director: Marilyn Imrie.

17 Oct: Brief Lives, 4
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Frank is reluctantly considering becoming a landlord to increase his pension, but when he and Sarah view a property they unwittingly become involved in a neighbourhood dispute. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, Finch: Rupert Hill, Belbay: Eddie Capli, Harvey: Kenneth Alan Taylor, Sgt. Dishforth: Sue Kelly. Producer: Gary Brown.

18 Oct: The Tunnel
By David Lemon, rpt. A play set forty years into the future, following the collapse of digital technology and the information revolution. George and his grand-daughter are fleeing a chaotic and starving land to reach a rumoured safe haven. George: Jonathan Coy, Chloe: Georgia Groome, Simon: Neil Grainger, Mitch: Nicola Ferguson, Kenneth / the Captain: Sargon Yelda, Pamela: Adie Allen, Joel: James Lailey, French soldier: Scarlett Brookes. Produced by Gemma Jenkins.

19 Oct: The Good Listener, 2
The second episode (Private Lives) is by by Hassan Abdulrazzak, rpt. Following the cyber attack, GCHQ tries to neutralise the threat and find out where it came from. Henry: Owen Teale, Gerry/Steve: Dominic Hawksley, Jacqui: Lucy Phelps, Siddiq: Ashley Kumar, Alison: Alison Newman, David: Richard Maxted, Aiden: Niall Ashdown, Ethan: Paul Chan. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

20 Oct: Saturday Play - The Republications,3: Gerald Ford
Nixon has resigned and Gerald Ford has taken over. He fights for his political survival as Saigon falls, the Panama Canal is threatened and an FBI informant plots to assassinate him. Gerald Ford: Nathan Osgood, Betty Ford: Barbara Barnes, Sara Jane Moore: Sian Thomas, Bob Hartmann: Daniel Betts, Jerry terHorst: Kerry Shale, Bert Worthington: Philip Desmeules, Benton Becker: John Macmillan, Richard Nixon: Jonathan Hyde, Detective Callaghan: Stephen Hogan, Kat: Emma Handy, Lud: Sean Murray. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

21 Oct: Classic Serial: The Golden Bowl, 3
By Henry James, dram. L.M.Griffiths. Henry James: John Lynch, Charlotte Stant: Nathalie Emmanuel, Prince Amerigo: Luke Pasqualino, Maggie Verver: Daisy Head, Fanny Assingham: Charlotte Emmerson, Adam Verver: Toby Jones, Col. Assingham/shopkeeper: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

22 Oct: The Duke
Written and performed by Shon Dale-Jones. Shon's quest is to replace his mother's Royal Worcester porcelain figure of the Duke of Wellington. Produced by the writer. Director: James Robinson.

23 Oct: Swans
By Eoin McNamee . A child is being smuggled through Dublin Airport. Interpol and the police have to find him... Anjali: Suzie Seweify; Anna: Hilary Rose, child: James Dale, Dan Shanahan: Aaron McCusker, with Phoebe Henry, Richard Croxford, Tina Kellegher, Slare Dunne and Lolita Chakrabati. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

24 Oct: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Sarah has begun volunteering at the Law Centre, but the lawyer running it has some unorthodox methods. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Kathryn Hunt, Debbie: Eve Steele, DC Coleman: Natalie Grady, Stuart: Graeme Hawley, Serena: Maria Major. Producer: Gary Brown.

25 Oct: Zemen Rye
By Stuart Slade. A woman agrees tro return home to Bulgaria for the sake of her daughter. Svetlana: Dolya Gavanski, Ellie: Lauren Cornelius, Petu: Sokol Cahani, Konstantin: Liam Lau Fernandez, Malcolm: Cameron Percival, Bulgarian woman: Emma Handy. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

26 Oct: The Good Listener, 3
Spy thriller by Anders Lustgarten, rpt. As Henry and his team get close to the source of the attack, their suspicions fall on an unlikely source. Henry: Owen Teale, Gerry/Steve: Dominic Hawsley, Jacqui: Lucy Phelps, Siddiq: Ashley Kumar, Alison: Alison Newman, David: Richard Maxted, Home Secretary: James Lailey, Yu: Louise-Mai Newberry, Bill: Niall Ashdown. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

27 Oct: Saturday Play: The Road
By Nigel Kneale, writer of 'Quatermass'. Today's drama is a television play from 1963 adapted for radio by Toby Hadoke. A philosopher and a scientist investigate ghostly outbreaks in a country wood in 1768. Gideon Cobb: Mark Gatiss, Sir Timothy: Adrian Scarborough, Lady Lavinia: Hattie Morahan, Jethro: Colin MacFarlane, Tetsy: Susan Wokoma, Lukey Platt: Francis Magee, Big Jeff: Ralph Ineson. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

28 Oct: Classic Serial: The Turn of the Screw
By Henry James, ad. from his novella by L.M.Griffiths. A governess caring for two orphans on a remote country estate becomes convinced that evil forces want to take them over. Henry James: John Lynch, governess: KatePhillips, Peter Quint/Lord: Jake Feretti, Mrs. Grose/Miss Jessel: Krissi Bohn, Flora: Poppy O'Brien, MIles: Elijah Wolf. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

29 Oct: In My Own Skin
By Debbie Oates amd Melissa Johns. Katie discovers that intimate photographs have been stolen from her internet cloud. Melissa Johns stars in this work inspired by her own experience. Katy: Melissa Johns, Nate: Nico Mirallegro, Maya: Julie Hesmondhalgh, presenter: Louise Minchin. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

30 Oct: What's Wrong With Baby?
By Emma Jowett. A teenage girl, Holly, is the victim of online bullying. Instead of speaking to the school, Mum decides to confront the bully. Helen: Rebecca Callard, Eve: Hollie Burgess, Holly: Rosie Boore, Sandra: Jeanette Percival, with Don Gilet, Alexandra Constantinidi,, Lucy Doyle and Elizabeth Counsell. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

31 Oct: The Beast
By Hannah Silva. The story is about a child migrant who crosses the Mexican border on a train bound for the USA. The train is named 'The Beast'. This is based on real-life accounts of migrants who have travelled on that train. Juan: Karlo Daaz, Diego: Josh Cruze, Consuela: Armando Rey, Mara: Dyana Ortelli, with Luis Enrique Navarro, Daisy Arlene and Alejandra Gollas. Producers: Nicolas Jackson and Steve Bond.

1 Nov: Tracks: Chimera (2018), 1
By Matthew Broughton; new nine-part series. This follows the two previous series, Tracks: Strata (prequel), broadcast 2017, and Tracks: Chimera (2016). It's a new conspiracy thriller. Helen Ash discovers she's pregnant but has had no sexual partner in the last 18 months. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Megan: Zahra Ahmadi, Dr. Grace: Claire Cage, Mr. D: Marc Danbury. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

2 Nov: The Beneficial Owner
By Hugh Costello. A thought-provoking play about money laundering and the people who do it. A hard-up accountant is offered temptation ... Tony: John McAndrew, Karen (Kaz): Jane Slavin, Xenia: Emma Fielding, Laura: Melody Grove, Paul Finnegan: lloyd Hutchinson, Rudy: Matt Rippy. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

3 Nov: Saturday Play: Cheeta, My Life in Hollywood
By James Lever, adapted from the novel by Stef Penney. Cheeta is the chimp who featured in many of the Tarzan adventures starring Johnny Weissmuller. Cheeta recalls his capture in the jungle and the training which followed. Cheeta: John Malkovich, Johnny Weissmuller and Tarzan: Julian Sands, Marlene Dietrich and other characters: Edita Brychta, Humphry Bogart and others: Enn Reitel, Errol Flynn and others: Darren Richardson, Dolores del Rio and others: Elisa Bocanegra. Producer: Kate McCall.

4 Nov: Classic Serial: Henry James, the Portrait of a Gentleman
By Peter Ansorge, based on a true story. Henry James enjoyed a dalliance with a young woman in Venice whilst finishing off the novel of the title. The encounter transformed the novel into something much better, but had unforeseen consequences. Henry James: Guy Paul, Fenimore: Katherine Kingsley, Esther (Fenimore's mother): Liza Ross, John Addington Symonds: John Guerrasio, Angelo Fusato: Yuri Buzzi. Producers: Marilyn Imrie and Eoin O'Callaghan.

5 Nov: Talk To Me: Karl Marx
By Sara Davies, rpt. The play is set in 1873; an interviewer appears on the doorstep of Karl Marx's house and passes a day with him; he'd agreed to do the interview when drunk. He's about to depart with his daughter to Brighton. Karl: Matt Berry, Eleanor Marx: Nadia Hynes, Helene Demuth: Pippa Haywood, Freddy Demuth: Euan Shanahan, interviewer/Director: Mary Ward-Lowery (who also produced the play).

6 Nov: Talk to Me: H.P.Lovecraft
By Sara Davies and Abigail Youngman. The story concerns Lovecraft's marriage to businesswoman Sonia Greene. Lovecraft wrote frightening tales; the horrors he conjures up in his stories were perhaps not entirely from his imagination. HP Lovecraft: John Mackay, Sonia Greene: Tracy Wiles, Samuel Loveman: Carl Prekopp, Lilian Clarke: Sarah Parks, Florence Greene: Martha Godber. Music by Tom Constantine; produced by Mary Ward-Lowery.

7 Nov: Black and Blue 1 - Hands Up
By Judith Kampfner. Play written in response to the killing four years ago of a black youth by a white police officer in Missouri. Judith weaves together monologues by several writers with comments from young black men interviewed in New York and US radio news material. Producer: Judith Kampfner.

8 Nov: Chimera, 2
By Matthew Broughton. In the aftermath of the Slate disaster, Helen investigates another building which collapsed thirty years ago: a fertility clinic in Snowdonia run by medical pioneers Mayflower. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Mark: Rhodri Meilir, Claire: Eiry Thomas, Tim: Stewart Wright. Producer: James Robinson.

9 Nov: Departure
By Colin Bytheway, rpt from 2016. Two strangers meet on a transatlantic flight which offers an on-board euthanasia service. Jan and Martin have chosen to die this way, but perhaps another outcome is possible. Jan: Alison Steadman, Martin: Kevin Whately, Rose: Helen George, Hunter: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Tanya: Tracy Ann Oberman, Len: Roy Hudd. Producer: Alison Crawford.

10 Nov: Saturday Play: Home Front - A Fragile Peace
By Katie Hims. 75-minute special: marking the centenary of WW1. It is 10 Nov 1918 and Folkestone is preparing for the first Remembrance Day. Florrie: Claire Rushbrook, Albert: Jamie Foreman, Kitty: Ami Metcalf, Victor: Joel MacCormack, Adam: Billy Kennedy, Jessie: Lucy Hutchinson, Alice: Claire-Louise Campbell, Esme: Katie Angelou, Gabriel: Michael Bertenshaw, Isabel: Keely Beresford, Charles: Rufus Wright, Ralph: Nick Murchie, Mrs. Edkins: Rachel Davies, Bill: Ben Crowe, Norman: Sean Baker, Mariion: Laura Elphinstone, Edie: Kathryn Beaumont. Producer: Ciaran Bermingham; director: Jessica Dromgoole.

11 Nov: Classic Serial slot: Tommies
By Avin Shah. The centenary, to the day. Soldiers in action in the freezing conditions in Russia gradually realize that the war is over. Cpt. Clive Crosby: Chris Reilly, Cpt. Richard Gallyman: Ryan Whittle, Dmitri Ivanovich: Andrew Byron, Lt. Stephen Liddell: Monty d'Inverno, Rosemary Valentine: Madeleine Worrall, Wang FU: Liam Lau Fernandez, Olga: Ivana Basic, Eugenie: Elizabeth Counsell, Admiral Rosslyn Wemyss: Sean Murray, Orderly: Lewis Bray, drivers: Cameron Percival & Indira Varma. Producers: David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle and Jonquil Panting. Director for this episode: David Hunter.

12 Nov: Tommies
By Jonathan Ruffle. 12 November 1918. Mickey, Celestine, Jack, Harry and Florrie meet up in Mons, where the war began, but the first day of peace is still full of risk. Major Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Dr. Celestine de Tullio: Pippa Nixon, commentator: Indira Varma, Lt-Col Harry de Tulliio: Matthew Tennyson, QMAAC Florrie Fanshawe: Karen Bartke, Sergeant Jack Bliss: Ashley Kumar, Dr. Visart: William Brand, Hptm Hubert Cron: Alexander Devrient, George Brereton: Don Gilet, Stretcher man: Lewis Bray, Corporal Brennan: Liam Lau Fernandez, hitch-hiker: Cameron Percival, Sergeant Bishop: Peter Ringrose. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

13 Nov: Heather
By Thomas Eccleshare. A reclusive writer becomes a publishing phenomenon. Described in RT as a morality tale. Harry: Rachel Stirling, Tariq: Shane Zaza, Erica Rose / Heather Rose: Charlotte Melia. Producer: Gary Brown.

14 Nov: Black and Blue, 2 - String Music
By George Pelecanos, ad. Judith Kampfner. Set in 2001. A white policeman tries to protect a bullied black teenager who is being targeted by a gang in part of Washington DC. The cast all come from the Washington DC area where the story is set. Rpt. from 2016. Tonio Harris….Nick Pelecanos, Uncle Gaylen….Thaddeus Street,James Wallace….Anwan Glover, Antuane…..Malcolm Xavier,Dimitrius Johnson…..Camari Brown, Peter Hawk…..Eric Lockley, Mother…..Cheronda Farrish, Sergeant Peters…..Richard Pelzman, Officer Roberts…..Peter S Cooper, Dispatcher…..Sydney Beveridge, Latisha…..Victoria Wallace, Boyfriend…..Cole Taylor, Mrs Lang…..Joy Jones, Tonya…..Nyeema Carter. Sound Design by Charles De Montebello. Produced by Judith Kampfner.

15 Nov: Chimera, 3
Ep. 3 by Matt Hartley. The trade in human eggs. Hattie Morahan, Jonathan Forbes, Richard Flynn, Kerry Shale, Elina Alminas and Carys Eleri. Producer: James Robinson, director: Rebecca Lloyd-Evans. BBC Wales.

16 Nov: Holding Back The Tide,1
By Nick Warburton; comedy. John Hector is a sitting tenant, determined to resist any change. Money is tight, however, and his landlords, Richard and Clare, decide to take start taking doing B & B. John does not like it. John: Ronald Pickup, Richard Wells: Paul Ritter, Clare Wells: Kate Duchene, Lux: Michelle Asante, Chucker: Don Gilet, Barb: Jeanette Percival, Mikey: Cameron Percival, Anthony: Lewis Bray. Producer: Sally Avens.

17 Nov: Saturday Play - In Praise of Evil
By David Pownall; 90m. The play imagines the consequences if Monteverdi had been summoned to Rome to appear before the Inquisition. The charges: allowing blasphemy and immorality to go unpunished at the end of his new opera "The Coronation of Poppea". The opera ends with Nero, Poppea's husband (I'm sure you knew that) contributing to a love duet, which doesn't quite tally with the way the church authorities think it should end. Monteverdi: Jim Norton, Barberini: David Horovitch, Claudia: Monica Dolan, Busenello: Anton Lesser, Domingo: Michael Maloney, Adriano and bernini: Carl Prekopp, Sister John: James Joyce, the Pope's secretary: and the coachman: Andrew Branch, Giovanna and Martha: Jane Whittenshaw. Producer: Martin Jenkins.

18 Nov: Classic Serial - The Fortune of War, 1
By Patrick O'Brien, dram. Roger Danes in three parts. The 6th novel in Patrick's historical series of naval adventures. Captain Jack Aubrey and his surgeon Stephen Maturin have to abandon ship and end up as prisoners-of-war in Boston, where Stephen meets a former old flame. Jack Aubrey: David Robb, Stephen: Richard Dillane, with Candida Benson, Jon Glover, Sam Dale, Struan Rodger, Nick Underwood, Stephen Hogan, Gerard McDermott, Don Gilet, Sean Murray and Liam Lau Fernandez. Producer: Bruce Young.

19 Nov: Us and Them
Another tale from Damascus by Syrian writer Hozan Akko, dram. Jonathan Myerson. An opposition activist returns home to Hay el Matar. Yara Bou Nassar, Elie Youssef, Raffi Feghali, Oussama el Ali, Jameel M B Chakra, Alhasan Yousseff, Adeeb Razzouk, Saseen Kawzally, Maya Harb, Nesrine Samra, Hussam Sharwany, Odai Quedese, Hashem Kabrit, Bassel Madi, Abdelrahim Alawji, Nowar Yousef, Najwa Kondakji and Zeinab Assaf. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

20 Nov: The Bomb
A tale from Damascus. How life is lived in contemporary Damascus. Cast etc - see 19 Nov.

21 Nov: The War is Over
Another Damascene tale. A woman has a fight on her hands to resist the change happening around her. Production details - see 19 Nov.

22 Nov: Chimera, 4
This episode by Lucy Catherine. The last series of 'Chimera' won awards: best sound design and best podcast - see Audio Drama Awards 2018. In this episode, a near-death experience and a mysterious text message enable Helen to make a connectiion between her unborn child and genetically engineered cattle. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Dr. Wolfs: Rhodri Miller, Sam: Morgan Watkins, receptionist: Jeanette Percival. Producer: James Robinson, director: Carl Prekopp.

23 Nov: Holding back the Tide, 2
By Nick Warburton. John Hector has a new campaign to halt the decline of good manners in Breck Howe. But his own behaviour leaves much to be desired. John: Ronald Pickup, Richard Wells: Paul Ritter, Clare Wells: Kate Duchene, Mrs. Cardabbon: Sue Jameson, Ralph Bell: Sean Murray, Robust Betty: Emma Handy, MC: Tony Turner, rude girl: Saffron Coomber, WPC: Jeanette Percival, surly reader: Cameron Percival. Producer: Sally Avens.

24 Nov: Saturday Play: Kafka's Metamorphosis
By Alan Harris; a new version of Kafka's famous story, set in a call centre. One day, Gregor wakes up from his life of boredom to find he's been transformed into a gigantic insect. Gregor: Tom Basden, Grete: Emma Sidi, Father: Kenneth Collard, Mother: Felicity Montague, Pest Controller: Tim Key, Juri: Simon Ludders, Mr. Lazarus: Mike Bubbins, Mrs. Dawson: Alison Belbin, narrator: Peter Marinker. Producer: James Robinson.

25 Nov: Classic Serial -The Fortune of War, 3
By Patrick O'Brian. Conclusion of the three-part adventure story set in the navy in the 1800s. Cpt. Jack Aubrey: David Robb, Stephen Maturin: Richard Dillane, Diana Villers: Candida Benson, Cpt. Philip Broke: Peter Forbes, Pontet-Canet: Nick Underwood, Johnson: Struan Rodger, Amanda Smith: Emma Handy, Maj. Beck: Don Gilet, Admiral Colpoys: Tony Turner, Lt. Falkiner: Cameron Percival, Bartholomew: Lewis Bray. Producer: Bruce Young.

26 Nov: Romance is Dead, 1
An odd comedy play in which one of the lead characters is deceased. Apart from that, Lauren and Jamie would make a great couple. Lauren: Alexandra Roach, Jamie: Kieran Hodgson, Tim: Joseph Arkley, Jo: Karen Bartke, Celia: Elizabeth Bennett, Reginald: Dennis Herdman, Agnes: Celeste Dring, Celeste: Alice Lowe, Dezza: Nick Mohammed, Andy: Nick Underwood. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

27 Nov: Romance is Dead, 2
By Ben Lewis. It is ten years since Jamie was killed, but he's still on earth and pining for Lauren, the unwilling psychic he fell in love with. Casting and production - see 26 Nov.

28 Nov: The Victorian in the Wall
A musical comedy, rpt. A workshy writer discovers a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat. It turns out that the visitor may be able to revive his career and his tired relationship. Performed in the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House, adapted from the stage show. Guy: Will Adamsdale, Elms: Matthew Steer, Fi: Melanie Wilson, Rob: Jason Barnett. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.

29 Nov: Chimera, 5
By Matthew Broughton. Helen discovers the identity of the man she saw fall off the Slate building.Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Fprbes, Frank: Morgan Watkins, Rebecca: Carys Eleri, Canewick: Matthew Gravelle, security guard: Richard Nichols. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

30 Nov: Holding Back The Tide, 3
By Nick Warburton. Ep. title: John's Jaunts. When John is forcibly removed from a guided tour of Breck Howe, he decides to set up his own guided tours in opposition to the ones run by the Council. Richard Wells: Paul Ritter, Clare Wells: Kate Duchene, John Hector: Ronald Pickup, Mrs. Cardabbon: Sue Jameson, Trevor Butt: Tony Turner, Mrs Briggs of Events: Elizabeth Counsell, Tourist: Cameron Percival. Producer: Sally Avens.

1 Dec: Saturday Play: The Penny Dreadfuls: Le Carré on Spying
By David Reed. Cold war espionage in 1960s Berlin. Comedy historical spoof. David Cornwell (the real name of John le Carré): Miles Jupp, narrator: Mark Heap, Lisbeth and Mrs. M: Margaret Cabour-Smith, with Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck. Produced by Julia McKenzie.

2 Dec: Classic Serial: Fortunes of War, 3
By Patrick O'Brian, dram Roger Danes. Diana is pregnant and Stephen offers to marry her. Jack is involved in a shipwreck off the Brittanny coast and is taken prisoner by the French. Cpt. Jack Aubrey: David Robb, Stephen Maturin: Richard Dillane, Diana Villers: Candida Benson, Lt. Jagiello: Tom Cawte, Lt. Cornelius Hyde: Carl Prekopp, Sir Joseph Blaine: Struan Rodger, Killick: Jon Glover, Bonden: Sam Dale, Amanda Smith: Emma Handy, Maj. Clapier: Stephen Hogan, Admiral Dommet: Tony Turner, Cpt. Babbington: Don Gilet, Sophie Aubrey: Jeanette Percival, Rowbotham: LiamLau Fernandez. Producer: Bruce Young.

2 Dec: Extra play: 7.15pm. Mrs. Hudson's Radio Show
Part 1 of a 2-episode special, by Barry Cryer and his son Bob, based on their book "Mrs. Hudson's Diaries". Sherlock Holmes' landlady is suddenly in urgent need of rent money and new lodgers when a tenant goes missing. Mrs. Hudson: Patricia Hodge, Mrs. Brayley: Miriam Margolyes, Harry Fryer: Barry Cryer, Holmes/Bessingby: Orlando Wells, Gustav/MD: Jeremy Limb, Mysto/Archie/Watson: Stephen Critchlow, Martha/Bella/Myrtle/Cusak: Ruth Bratt, Lestrade/Swift: Bob Cryer. Producers: Ned Chaillet and Ben Walker.

3 Dec: Close Both Eyes
By Matthew Graham and Sam Graham. For professional sceptic Julie, the internet vlogger Patrick is just another crank who thinks he can speak to the dead. Then one day, out of the blue, he rings her up. Julie Salander: Fiona Shaw, Patrick Starr: Toby Jones, woman in crowd: Lucy Russell, Darren: Christian J Wilde. Producer: Russell Finch; director: Kate Rowland.

4 Dec: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
BY Alexander McCall-Smith, rpt. Episode 1 of 2: The Fat Cattle Club. Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi help a Canadian woman face the truth about the past, save Mr. Polopetsi from involvement in dangerous dealings and try to resolve the problem of Fanwell's dog. Mma Ramotswe: Janice Acquah, Mma Makutsi: Nadine Marshall, Mr. JLB Matekoni: Ben Onwukwe, Mr. Polopetsi: Steve Toussaint, Mma Potakwani/Bandie: Sarah Miles, Susan Peters: Barbara Barnes, Mma Rosie/Mma Kentse: Eleanor Crooks, Fanwell/Cool: Kedar Williams-Stirling, Bishop/Supt. Bogosi/Baker: Jude Akuwudike. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

5 Dec: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, 2
Episode title: Precious and Grace. Conclusion of story begun yesterday. Production details: see yesterday's entry.

6 Dec: Chimera, 6
This episode by Caroline Horton. Helen forms an unlikely friendship in the psychiatric hospital where she's been sectioned. The decision whether to terminate her unexplained pregnancy hangs over her. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Nasrah: Amerah Saleh, Lance: Adam Deacon, Andrea: Eiry Thomas, Nasrah's father: Bijan Daneshmand, Policewoman: Emma Handy. Producer: James Robinson; director Rebecca Lloyd-Evans.

7 Dec: Holding Back The Tide, 4
BY Nick Warburton. Ep. title: Selling the Capstan. The local tearoom is threatened; it may be taken over by a big coffee chain. The Breck Howe Preservation Society decides to take direct action. John Hector: Ronald Pickup, Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: Kate Duchene, Lux: Michelle Asante, Robust Betty: Emma Handy, Brandi: Saffron Coomber, Wayne: Lewis Bray, Librarian: Liam Lau Fernandez, a heavy: Don Gilet. Producer: Sally Avens.

8 Dec: Saturday Play - Mary Queen of Scots
Radio adaptation of a film script by Alexander MacKendrick, best known for his Ealing comedies. This film was never made. narrator: Glenda Jackson, Mary Stuart: Ellie Bamber, Maitland: Mark Bonnar, Bothwell and Kerr: Emun Elliott, Darnley: Edward Holdroft, Ruthven and Du Croc and Knox: Struan Rodger, Morton: Bill Paterson, with Kevin Guthrie, Jamie Quinn and Katharine O'Donnelly. Producer: Peter Ettedgui; director: Hope Dickson Leaech. 90m.

9 Dec: Classic Serial slot: Tolkien in Love
By Sean Grundy. Play about Ronald Tolkien and his future wife, Edith Bratt, whom he met when he was 16 and she 19. His guardian was unhappy about their association and prohibited their meeting until he was 21. The play is based on real events, some of which were later incorporated in 'Lord of the Rings'. Ronald: Wilf Merrick, Edith: Claudia Jessie, Fr. Francis: John Duttine, Mrs. Faulkner: Sally Grace, George: Paul Panting, Hilary: Ben Wilby. Producer: Liz Anstee. Rpt of Sat Play from 2017. 60m.

10 Dec: Pilgrim - The Winter Queen, 1
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A one-off special, split into two 45m parts, written for the Christmas season. When an old burial mound is disturbed, a woman, cold but alive, is found among the roots of an old yew tree. How long has she been there? Pilgrim: Paul Hilton, Mrs. Bronson: Fenella Woolgar, Roxanna: Carolyn Pickles, Sam Notice: Tony Turner, Matt: Cameron Percival, Donny: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Jack Sweet: Don Gilet, Klara: Jeanette Percival, Lloyd: Lewis Bray, Jonas: Michael Bertenshaw, Taylor: Alexandra Constantinidi, the girl: Agnes Bateman. Producer: Marc Beeby; director: Jessica Dromgoole.

11 Dec: Pilgrim - The Winter Queen, 2
Conclusion of the story begun yesterday. Pilgrim searches for the woman who has been creating havoc in the village. A blizzard and an evil enchantment are overwhelming the town. Cast and production details - see 10 Dec.

12 Dec: Pleading
By Rob Drummond. Two Western teenagers have been travelling the world in their gap year. Their holiday turns into a nightmare when they enter a Far East country and drugs are found in their luggage. It will lead to a court case, and one of the possible outcomes is the death penalty. Freya: Kim Allan, Michael: Brian Vernel, Rasiah: Atta Yaqub. Producer: David Ian Neville.

13 Dec: Chimera, 7
This episode by Timothy Atack. When Helen and Freddy find a bunker holding the secret of Patient Zero, they have to team up to get inside. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Astrid: Lea Mornar, Angelo: Francois Pandolfo, Martinsen: Simon Armstrong. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

14 Dec: Holding Back the Tide
By Nick Warburton; comedy drama. Aggers, the BBC cricket correspondent, comes to Breck Howe. Things get very sticky when John Hector has an argument with him about Geoffrey Boycott. John Hector: Ronald Pickup, Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: KateDuchene, Trafford: Gerard McDermott, Robust Betty: Emma Handy, seasider: Lewis Bray, with Jonathan Agnew playing himself. Producer: Sally Avens. [note from ND - I think the last time a TMS commentator appeared in a radio drama was in 'Testosterone I sing' by Steve May; R3, about 25 years ago]

15 Dec: Saturday Play: The Importance Of Being Earnest
By Oscar Wilde. New production. Algernon: Mathew Baynton, Lane: Stephen Hogan, Jack: Abhin Galeya, Gwendolyn: Jenny Spark, Lady Bracknell: Gemma Jones, Cicely: Kerry Gooderson, Miss Prism: Elizabeth Counsell, Dr. Chasuble: Sean Murray, Merriman: Ryan Early. Producer: Emma Harding.

16 Dec: Classic Serial: An Ideal Husband, 1
By Oscar Wilde; new production. A politician is confronted by a woman who has evidence of his past misdeeds. According to RT the production includes "covers of hits by Steppenwolf, Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse" (a translation would be welcome - Ed). Cast: Robert: John Heffernan, Laura: Miranda Raison, Arthur: Ryan Whittle, Gertrude: Lucy Doyle, Mabel: Saffron Coomber, Lady Markby: Elizabeth Counsell, Lord Caversham: Michael Bertenshaw, Phipps: Tony Turner, Mason: Sean Murray, Oscar Wilde: Max Bennett.

17 Dec: Wilde - The Warhol Years
By Marcy Kahan; comedy drama. A light-hearted look at the life of Oscar Wilde before he had written anything of note. Wilde has left University; he is in his early 20s, and he embarks on an American tour, determined to become rich and famous. He meets Sarah Bernhardt, Walt Whitman and Henry James, gives a series of lectures, and by the end of the tour, his reputation is spreading rapidly. The play was part of Radio 4's celebration of his life. Wilde was played by Max Bennett, his friend Charles Kitteridge by Liam Lau Fernandez and Speranza Wilde by Dervla Kirwan; the producer was Emma Harding. Other cast members: Sarah Bernhardt: Alexandra Constantinidi, Colonel Morse: John Guerrasio, Walt Whitman: Tony Turner, Henry James: Don Gilet, Napoleon Sarony: Lewis Bray, Elton: Cameron Percival, reporter: Sean Murray.

18 Dec: Oscar and Constancy
By Lavinia Murray. Fantasy drama. Oscar Wilde has reached a point of emotional crisis; there's a conflict between his domestic and professional lives. Characters from his fairy tales and poetry assume the role of his conscience. Wilde: Max Bennett, Speranza Wilde: Dervla Kirwan, Sphinx/Giant/Constance: Amanda Hale, Robbie Ross: Cameron Percival, Willie Wilde/Hermes/Miller: Don Gilet, Arthur/Little Hans: Lewis Bray, Freddie Nutt: Tom Forrister. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

19 Dec: Fairytale of New Malden
By Katherine Jakeways, rpt. Cathy's estranged father George reluctantly dresses up as Santa. George: Geoffrey Palmer, Cathy: Rosie Cavaliero, Liz Tucker: Katherine Jakeways, reindeer handler: John Dougall. Producer: James Robinson.

20 Dec: Chimera, 8
Helen discovers the truth about her mystery pregnancy. Penultimate episode of this excellent thriller. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Rachel: Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Mrs. Soames: Emma Handy, Dr. Grace: Claire Cage, Dawn: Saffron Coomber, Andrea: Eiry Thomas, doctor: Sean Murray. Producer: James Robinson, BBC Wales.

21 Dec: The Moon That Night
By Mark Lawson. On Christmas Eve, a family of four arrives at their country cottage, a second home, where they intend to spend Christmas. But on arriving, they find the lights are on and that a single mother and her child have moved in after being unable to pay the rent on their flat. Is the family prepared to share the house and their hospitality? Anthony: Tim McInnerney, Emily: Juliet Aubrey, Ruby: Macy Nyman, Rufus: Tom Glenister, Rev. Julie: Amaka Okafor, Tess: Jenny Sparks. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

22 Dec: Saturday Play: The Haunting of M.R.James
By Neil Brand. A supernatural tale. Each Christmas, James would read aghostly tale to his Cambridge students. In this creepy drama, he finds horrific events from those stories echoed in reality.
M.R.James: Mark Gatiss, Gwendolyn MacBryde: Fenella Woolgar, Jack Pownall: Ryan Whittle, Dr. Luxmoore: Gerard McDermott, Davey Steadman: Cameron Percival, Sellerman: Ronny Jhutti, Jukes: Michael Bertenshaw, Grant: Tony Turner, Thomas herrick: Ewan Bailey, Dr. Cameron: Chris Harper, Webb: Sam Dale, student: Lewis Bray. Producer: David Hunter. 60m.

23 Dec: Classic Serial - An Ideal Husband, 2
Conclusion. Cast: Robert: John Heffernan, Laura: Miranda Raison, Arthur: Ryan Whittle, Gertrude: Lucy Doyle, Mabel: Saffron Coomber, Lady Markby: Elizabeth Counsell, Lord Caversham: Michael Bertenshaw, Phipps: Tony Turner, Mason: Sean Murray, Oscar Wilde: Max Bennett.

23 Dec: Visiting Time
By Graham Fellowes. 7.15pm; Christmas Special. John Shuttleworth combines his Christmas broadcast with a visit to the local hospital, where his friend Alan is in for tests. When he arrives, Alan's bed is worryingly empty.

24 Dec: Rumpole
Rumpole recalls some of his favourite Christmas poetry as he recalls seasonal legal cases. John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. With Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jasmine Hyde, Nigel Anthony, Adam Greaves-Neal, Stephen Critchlow and Ewan Bailey. Producer: Caroline Bailey; director Marilyn Imrie. Indie: Catherine Bailey Productions.

24 Dec Conversations from a long marriage at Christmas
By Jan Etherington. Comedy drama about an elderly couple who want to be on their own at Christmas. Unfortunately it looks as if friends might call in. Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam; prod. Claire Jones.

25 Dec: The Hartlepool Spy
By Ian Martin. It is 1804 and a French warship is wrecked in Hartlepool. Cavendish: Michael Palin, Rev. Ferrier: Jim Moir, Mayor Palmer: Toby Jones, Lady Enbleton: Gina McKee, Mrs. Palmer: Monica Dolan, Garvey: Jason Forbes, The Monkey: Robin Berry. Producer: Sam Ward.

26 Dec: Lena Marsh, Live and Schticking
2.15 pm: One-off show with Rebecca Front (Lena), Jeremy Front, Michael Ball, Kevin Whateley, Samantha Spiro, Lewis MacLeod. Producer: Simon Nicholls.

26 Dec: Norse Mythology
3.00 pm. 90m. By Neil Gaiman, ad. Lucy Catherine, re-telling stories of Norse mythology. Teller: Diana Rigg, Freya: Natalie Dormer, Loki: Colin Morgan, Odin: Derek Jacobi, Thor: Nathaniel Martello-White, Fenrir: Rhashan Stone, Thrym: Nonso Anozie, Balder: Luke Newberry, Magnus: Eviee Lavery, young Hel: Grace Doherty, Sif: Lucy Doyle, Hod: Don Gilet, Tyr: Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, Hel: Alexandra Constantinidi, Ivaldisson: Lewis Bray, Brokk: Michael Bertenshaw, Eltri: Cameron Percival, Angrboda: Saffron Coomber, the radio: Neil Gaiman. Producer: Allegra McIlroy.

27 Dec: Chimera, 9
By Matthew Broughton; concluding episode. Helen: Hattie Morahan, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Chloe: Sinead Matthews, Rebecca: Carys Eleri, policeman: Don Gilet, mechanic: Lewis Bray. Producer: James Robinson.

28 Dec: Porcelain
By Margaret Perry; fantasy drama. Overqualified admin assistant Hat grew up in the shadow of a fairy fort, the site of the murder of Bridget Cleary by her husband in 1895. He believed she had been abducted by fairies with a changeling left in her place. When her life changes suddenly, her familiar mythologies are all she has to make sense of the world. Hat: Jessie Buckley, Bill: Don Gilet, Silvertongue: Emma Handy, Sarah: Niamh Denyer, Michael: Alan Mahon, Bridget: Lucy Doyle. Producer: Jessica Dromgoole.

29 Dec: Saturday Play: The Canterbury Tales, Archers version, 1
Lynda Snell (Carole Boyd) presents a new adaptation of the Canterbury Tales, by her 'Archers' colleagues. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Cast list too long to type; here's a picture from RT:

30 Dec: Classic Serial - Graeae's Amy Dorrit,1
Graeae has a cast of deaf and disabled actors. This is Dickens' tale updated to a new setting: a modern council estate. By April de Angelis and Nicola Werenowska, ad. Jude Mahon & Vikki Gee Dare. Amy Dorrit: Audrey Brisson, Maggie: Kalijoy Perkins, Mrs. Chaudry: Liz Carr, Wanda: Ania Sowinski, Tatia: Anna Sowinski, Flora: Tracey Anderson, Vienna: Matti Houghton, Mr. Dorrit/voice of Dickens: John Kelly, Mr.Blander/Pickles: Wayne Norman, Arthur Chaudry: Narinder Samra, benefits officer: Charles Mills. Producer: Eloise Whitmore; directors: Polly Thomas & Jenny Sealey.

31 Dec: Rumpole
Adapted for radio by Richard Stoneman. A tale from 2002: Rumpole and the New Year Resolutions. Rumpole: Julian Rhind-Tutt,Hilda/Peggy: Jasmine Hyde, Erskine-Brown/Gwent-Evans: Nigel Anthony, EDmund: Adam Greaves-Neal, several parts: Stephen Critchlow, several other parts: Ewan Bailey. Indie; Producer: Caroline Bailey; director Marilyn Imrie. Rpt.

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