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1 Jan: National Velvet
By Enid Bagnold, dram Peter Flannery, rpt. Awkward fourteen-year-old Velvet wins a horse in a raffle, and embarks on a quest to race it in the Grand National. Broadcast in two 45m episodes. Velvety: Sophie Rundle, Mi/Donald: John Sessions, Mrs. Brown: Alison Steadman, Mr. Brown: Jonathan Keeble, Young Donald: Dylan Issberner, Malvolia: Tamsin Topolski, Meredith/Edwina: Charity Wakefield, Blacksmith/groom/steward: Sam Lupton. Produced by Melanie Harris.

2 Jan: Saturday Play -The Continuing Adventures Of Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid (Deceased)
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A western. It's 1904, New Mexico. Pat Garrett is weary and old, haunted by the ghost of a man he shot years ago - Billy The Kid. Now he's had an argument with Roosevelt and come off second best... Pat Garrett: Sean Gilder, Benjy: Edward Hogg, Clayton Claypole: Nathan Osgood, President Roosevelt: Rolf Saxon, Maxwell: Caolan McCarthy. Producer: Helen Perry.

3 Jan: Classic Serial - East of Eden
By Steinbeck, dram. Donna Franceschild. Ep. 1 of 3. Steinbeck's novel is about the relationship between two brothers and a very unpleasant woman. Cyrus: Jimmy Chisholm, Charles: Steven Duffy, Cathy: Holliday Grainger, Adam: Robin Laing, Mr. Edwards: Gavin Mitchell, Mr. Ames: Nick Underwood, Mrs.Ames: Anita Vettesse, Narrator: David Yip. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

4 Jan: Where this service will terminate
By Katherine Jakeways. A relationship develops between two strangers on a train. Suzie: Rosie Cavaliero, David: Justin Edwards, Guard: James MacCallum, angry woman: Katherine Jakeways. Produced by James Robinson (BBC Wales).

5 Jan: McLevy, 4
By David Ashton. Episode title: The devil makes a move. McLevy is keeping a young woman, who has possibly escaped from a dodgy relationship, in hiding. The priest, sent to find her, is given the run-around. Jean, meanwhile, is poisoned by a person unknown; her life is in danger. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Hannah: Colette O'Neil, Rev. Gideon: Nicholas Tizzard, Charlotte: Lizzy Watts, Miss Wilson: Tracy Wiles, Cummins, Tony McGeever. Produced by Bruce Young.

6 Jan: Tumanbay, 6
By John Dryden. Episode title: In The Beginning. With Tumanbay in chaos after a prominent person is murdered, Heaven and her slave companion are taken prisoner in the desert. Meanwhile, Gregor tries to find out the secret of the missing reliquary. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Wolf: Alexander Siddig, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Maya's envoy: Nadir Khan, Madu: Danny Ashok, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Slave: Akin Gazi, General Quilan: Christopher Fulford, The Hafiz: Antony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, Boy: Darwin Brokenbro, Manel: Aiysha Hart, Shamsi/Maid/Sabira: Laure Stockley, Rajik: Akbar Kurtha, Pamira: Nathalie Armin. Producers: Emma Hearn and Nadir Khan. Directed by John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

7 Jan: 79 Birthdays
By M.S.Roberts. One of the first radio dramas was broadcast in 1928 with the title "Kaleidoscope". It was about an ordinary British man's life and his 70 years. No script or recording exists, but the idea appealed to Michael Symmons Roberts, who wrote a play based on the same plan. It has 79 scenes (since the average lifespan is now 79, not 70) and birthday by birthday, it tells the story of Jimmy, a man who loses his life before it begins and who persuades his guardian angel to show him how things could have worked out. (incidentally there was another play about a guardian angel on 7 Dec 2015 called Further From Heaven.) Jimmy: Nico Mirallegro, Leila: David Calder, Marie: Kate Coogan, Helen: Emily Pithon, Psychiatrist: Russell Dixon, Pit boss: William Ash. Producer: Susan Roberts.

8 Jan: National Velvet, 2
By Edith Bagnold, dram. Peter Flannery, rpt. Ep. 2 of 2. Velvet devises a plot to be able to enter the Grand National, dressed as a jockey whom she knows is out of the country. Velvety: Sophie Rundle, Mi/Donald: John Sessions, Mrs. Brown: Alison Steadman, Mr. Brown: Jonathan Keeble, Young Donald: Dylan Issberner, Malvolia: Tamsin Topolski, Meredith/Edwina: Charity Wakefield, Blacksmith/groom/steward: Sam Lupton. Produced by Melanie Harris.

9 Jan: Saturday Play: How To Flee From Sorrow - Stradella
By F.C.Boyce. A play about the colourful life of Alessandro Stradella, baroque composer from 17th century Italy. Stradella is fairly well-known for his chamber cantatas. His patron was Queen Christina in Rome. His interesting life and his love for Agnese, the Doge's niece, has been put together from original historical letters. Alessandro: Trystan Gravelle, Corelli: Harry Treadaway, Lonati: Ralf Little, Agnese von Uffele: Alice St. Clair, Cardinal Cibo: David Houslow, Contarini, Doge of Venice: Chris Pavlo, Duchess Maria Giovanna: Amelia Lowdell, Stage Manager: George Watkins, Nuns: Debra Baker, Rebecca Hamilton and Katie Redford, Domenico: Caolan McCarthy, Innkeeper: Stephen Critchlow, Damiano: Leo Wan, Violin: Dr. Alberto Sanna. Produced by Allegra McIllroy.

10 Jan: Classic Serial: East Of Eden, 2
By Steinbeck. Episode 2 of 3. Adam falls under Cathy's spell and marries her, planning to start a new life in California. But on the wedding night, all is not well. Samuel: Jimmy Chisholm, Cathy: Holliday Grainger, Cal: Alasdair Hankinson, Faye: Kathryn Howden, Aron: Samuel Keefe, Adam: Robin Laing, Abra: Gemma McElhinney, Dr. Tilson: Nick Underwood, Ethel: Anita Vetesse, Lee: David Yip. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

11 Jan: James Lees-Milne: Sometime Into The Arms Of God
By Christopher William Hill, rpt. First part of a trilogy about the decline of the English country house and the man who tried to save them by placing them in the ownership of the National Trust. The plays are inspired by the diaries of James Lees-Milne. James Lees-Milne ......... Tobias Menzies, Nancy Mitford ......... Victoria Hamilton, Eddy Sackville-West ......... David Seddon, Cecil Beaton ......... Samuel Barnett, Helen Dashwood ......... Joanna Brookes, Miss Paterson ......... Joanna Brookes, Johnnie Dashwood ......... Sean Murray, Haines ......... Ben Crowe, Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

12 Jan: Original Death Rabbit
By Rose Heiney. BBC blurb (which at the time of writing I cannot pretend to understand): The girl who started a meme, the girl behind the "death rabbitting" internet sensation wants to tell you her story. The tale of how she became a global online brand and how the rest of her life simultaneously came crashing down. Original death rabbit: Jessie Cave, Lisa: Jaimi Barbakoff, Deven: Ranjit Krishnamma, Therapist: Luke MacGregor. Produced by Helen Perry. (Note added later.... the play shows what can happen if you think the internet is more important than real life - ND.)

13 Jan: Tumanbay, 7
Episode title: A Tale Of Two Cities. By Mike Walker. As the sultan dreams of victory against the provincial leader Maya, Gregor ventures into the catacombs as he pursues Sarah. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Wolf: Alexander Siddig, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Frog: Deeivya Meir, Frog's mother: Sirine Saba, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Maya's envoy: Nadir Khan, Madu: Danny Ashok, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Slave: Akin Gazi, Al-Ghuri: Raad Rawi, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Manel: Aiysha Hart, Physician: Vivek Madan, Boy: Darwin Brokenbro, Grassic: John Sessions. Series producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

14 Jan: Two-Pipe Problems,1
By Michael Chaplin. Episode title: I get by with a little help from my friends. The first of two final episodes of the comedy, with Geoffrey Palmer playing the part of William, following the death of Richard Briers in 2013. A new chef causes a storm in The Old Beeches. Sandy: Stanley Baxter, William: Geoffrey Palmer, Albie: Felix Dexter, Karen / Sadie: Tracy Wiles, Billy: David Holt, Edgar / Lewis: David Shaw-Parker, Jonathan: Terrell Forde, Ellen: Linda Broughton, Jeremy (Policeman): Stephen Critchlow. Produced by Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey)

15 Jan: Two-Pipe Problems,2
By Michael Chaplin. Episode title: The House On The Marsh. William and Sandy travel to Suffolk in search of William's inheritance. They are haunted by ghosts from the past and threats from the present, leading to a decision about the future. Cast & production - as for episode 1. Indie (Catherine Bailey)

16 Jan: Saturday Play: Human Voices
By Penelope Fitzgerald (novel), dram. Michael Butt, 60m. It is 1940s Britain; young Annie Asra finds bureaucracy, camaraderie, eccentricity and love at the BBC. Annie: Helen George, Sam: Toby Jones, Jeff: Geoffrey Streatfield, Vi: Katie Redford, Mrs. Milne: Susan Jameson, Eddie: Chris Pavlo, General Pinard: Sean Baker, DDG: Ewan Bailey, Producer: George Watkins. Produced by David Hunter.

17 Jan: Classic Serial: East Of Eden, 3
By John Steinbeck; final episode. Cathy, the wife from hell, takes over a brothel by doing away with the owner. Adam tells his sons she is dead, but one of them learns the truth. Cathy: Holliday Grainger, Adam: Robin Laing, Cal: Alasdair Hankinson, Aron: Samuel Keefe, Abra: Gemma McElhinney, Joe: Gavin Mitchell, Will: Nick Underwood, Ethel: Anita Vetesse, Lee: David Yip, Judge: Jimmy Chisholm. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

18 Jan: James Lees-Milne: The Unending Battle
By Christopher William Hill, rpt. from 2013. Lees-Milne is attempting to secure a London property to house the musical collection of Boer War veteran, Major Benton Fletcher. Whilst trying to telephone a friend late one night, Lees-Milne gets a crossed line and makes the acquaintance of an anonymous woman. And when his childhood friend Tom Mitford returns from the continent and talks about finding a wife, a sexual attraction is reawakened. James Lees-Milne ......... Tobias Menzies, Nancy Mitford ......... Victoria Hamilton, Tom Mitford ......... Tom Mison, Major Benton Fletcher ......... Sean Murray, Woman ......... Philippa Stanton, Girl ......... Philippa Stanton, Neighbour ......... Joanna Brookes, Operator ......... Hannah Wood. 2nd Operator ......... Joanna Brookes, Post Official ......... David Seddon, Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

19 Jan: Up The Junction
By Nell Dunn (novel), dram. Georgia Fitch. A young writer from Chelsea swaps her privileged life for a gritter experience in industrial Battersea. Lily: Zoe Tapper, Rube: Lacey Turner, Sylvie: Hannah Wood, Dave: Alex Lanipekun, Terry: Ben Crowe, Ron: Don Gilet, Sheila: Amaka Okafor, Winny: Philippa Stanton, Mum: Joanna brookes, Tallyman: Paul Stonehouse. Produced by Lucy Collingwood.

20 Jan: Tumanbay, 8
By John Dryden. Episode title: The Purge. The sultan fears for his life, so begins a purge of the palace. Slave trader Ibn is reunited with the daughter whom he thought was lost. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Al-Ghuuri: Raad Rawi, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Wolf: Alexander Siddig, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Maya's envoy: Nadir Khan, Madu: Danny Ashok, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Slave: Akin Gazi, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Frog: Deeivya Meir, Frog's mother: Sirine Saba, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Shamsi: Laure Stockley, Pesha: Sky Yang, Boy: Darwin Brokenbro, Hodah: Nathalie Armin. Series producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

21 Jan: Bang Up
By Sarah Hehir; her first play for radio, rpt. It was inspired by her work in an institute for young offenders. Creative writing teacher Emma is suddenly contacted by her estranged father who has news of the birth of a baby. As a coping mechanism she throws herself into teaching young offenders in a detention centre where one of the students surprises her with the sensitivity of his work. Lee, the student: Samuel Holland, Emma: Gillian Kearney, Bruce: Simeon Truby, Patrick: Paul Sockett, Ray, segregation guard: Matt Sutton, Ishan: Faz Shah, Guard: James Quinn. Produced by Susan Roberts.

22 Jan: Because
By Trevor Preston; described in RT as a psychological thriller. Ruth was an investigative journalist until she met with an accident in France where she lost her memory. Now she needs to remember what really happened that night. The only way of allaying the fears which fill her thoughts is to recover that memory. Ruth: Raquel Cassidy, Dr. Quinn: Caroline Catz, Elsa: Jasmine Hyde, Bernard: Stephane Cornicard, Jean: Chris Pavlo, Farid: Maximilien Seweryn, Rushmer: Ewan Bailey, Professor: Sean Baker. Produced by Toby Swift.

23 Jan: Saturday Play: God Of Carnage
By Yasmina Reza, translated from French by Christopher Hampton. A Comedy. A fight between two boys brings their two sets of parents together for what should be a civilised discussion to resolve their differences. It degenerates into name calling, tantrums and tears. Polanski made it into a film. Michael: Lenny Henry, Veronica: Rosie Cavaliero, Alan: Joseph Millson, Annette: Monica Dolan. Indie (Catherine Bailey); director James MacDonald.

24 Jan: Sunday afternoon slot: Utopia
By Thomas More (500th anniversary of the book), dram. Michael Symmons Roberts. It is about an explorer who discovers an unusual society on a remote island. This is how the word 'utopia' became part of the English language. Raphael Hythloday: Raad Rawi, young Raphael: Nacho Aldeguer, Thomas More / Achorian: Michael Peavoy, Peter Giles: Cameron Bailey, Abraxa: Emily Pithon, Barzanes: Jonathan Keeble, Macaria: Fiona Clarke. Producer: Susan Roberts.

25 Jan: James Lees-Milne: What England Owes
By Christopher William Hill. As WW2 nears its end, James travels to Faringdon House in Berkshire, home of the eccentric composer, artist and poet Lord Berners and his 'menage a trois', on his mission to sign up more properties for the National Trust. Lees-Milne: Tobias Menzies, Nancy Mitford: Victoria Hamilton, Eddy Sackville-West: David Seddon, Lord Berners: Christopher Godwin, Robert Heber-Percy: Michael Shelford, Jennifer Heber-Percy: Philippa Stanton, woman: Joanna Brookes. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

26 Jan: A History Of Paper
By Oliver Emanuel. A loves story in which a man sorts through the contents of a cardboard box; each piece of paper he picks out holds a memory. Pieced together, the memories tell the story of a love affair. Him: Mark Bonnar, Her: Lucy Gaskell. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

27 Jan: Tumanbay,9
By Mike Walker. Episode title: Jaws Of Victory. A trade delegation brings Tumanbay the latest war merchandise, while the sultan prepares to use his armies to destroy the upstart woman Maya. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Wolf: Alexander Siddig, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Maya's envoy: Nadir Khan, Madu: Danny Ashok, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Slave: Akin Gazi, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Frog: Deeivya Meir, Frog's mother: Sirine Saba, Al-Ghuuri: Raad Rawi, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Physician: Vivek Madan, the Hafiz: Antony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, Don Siego: John Sessions, Dona Ana: Anabelle Dowler, Boy: Darwin Brokenbro, Rider: Akbar Kurtha. Producers for the series: Nadir Khan, John Dryden, Emma Hearn. Indie (Goldhawk).

28 Jan: Holding Back The Tide
By Nick Warburton. A couple inherits a house in Yorkshire. They are drawn into a group fighting against the modernization of the town. Richard: Paul Ritter, Clare: Kate Duchene, John: Ronald Pickup, Lux: Michelle Asante, Penrith: Chris Pavlo, Trafford: gerard McDermott, Mrs. Cardabbon: Susan Jameson, Estate agent: Caolan McMarthy. Producer: Sally Avens.

29 Jan: Blood Count
By Ian Smith. The play imagines an exchange between jazz composer Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington as they worked together to record "Blood Count", the piece which was to be Billy's last. The play looks at their working relationship using new information from an interview with "Time" magazine. Rpt. Ellington: Clarke Peters, Billy Strayhorn: Don Gilet, Elaine: Ashleigh Haddad, Harry Carnet: Steve Toussaint. Producer: Martin Smith.

30 Jan: Saturday Play - The Forsytes, 1
By John Galsworthy, dram. Shaun McKenna. Part 1 of 7. THis is an adaptation of the whole of the Forsyte Saga. It describes the fortunes of successive generations of the Forsyte clan in upper middle-class London between 1886 and 1936. It will be broadcast over two years, and the start of it is based on the first novel in the series, A Man Of Property. Solicitor Soames Forsyte prides himself on the beauty of his wife. However, all is not well in the family home, and she proposes to her husband that they sleep in separate bedrooms. This is rarely a good sign. Soames: Joseph Millson, Irene, his wife: Juliet Aubrey, Philip Bosinney: Harry Haddon-Paton, Old Jolyon: Brian Protheroe, June Forsyte: Rebecca Hamilton, Jo Forsyte: Ewan Bailey, Aunt Juley (sic): Jessica Turner, James Forsyte / cab driver: Gerard McDermott, Emily Forsyte: Susan Jameson, Swithin Forsyte/Polteed/Inspector: Sean Baker, Bilson/Winifred Dartie: Debra Baker, Annette: Aurelie Amblard, Montague Dartie: Chris Pavlo, Val Dartie: George Watkins, Holly Forsyte: Katie Redford, Narrator: Jessica Raine. Produced by Marion Nancarrow; original music by Neil Brand. Concluded on Monday at 7.45pm (the 15m play). The Forsyte saga continues in the four remaining 15m slots for the rest of the week.

31 Jan: Classic Serial slot: The Honorary Consul, 1
By Graham Greene, dram. Nick Warburton in 2 episodes.The story is set in Argentina in the early 1970s. Dr. Eduardo Plarr, the son of a missing political prisoner, is lured into taking part in a kidnap plot, but finds that the life of two people he doesn't particularly care for are now in his hands. Eduardo: Geoffrey Streatfield, Charlet Fortnum: Matthew Marsh, Leon Rivas: Stefano Braschi, Aquino: Martin Marquez, Clara: Beatriz Romilly, Dr. Humphrise: Ewan Bailey, Col. Perez: Chris Pavlo, Gruber: Sean Baker, Father: Brian Protheroe, Teresa: Rebecca Hamilton. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

1 Feb: Demon Brother, 1
By Matthew Broughton, rpt. Ep. 1.The death of Jasper's father brings him into contact with Eddie, his long-lost twin. Intrigued by their new-found relationship they decide to swap lives, and while Eddie receives a taste of his brother's faltering marriage, Jasper sets out to find his father's killer. Eddie's half of the tale can be heard tomorrow. Jasper / Eddie: Shaun Dingwall, Caitlin: Valene Kane, Ricky: Kenneth Cranham, Nancy: Vera Filatova, Terry: Simon Ludders, doctor / prison warden / policeman: John Norton. Produced by James Robinson.

2 Feb: Demon Brother, 2
By Matthew Broughton, rpt; continued from yesterday. Eddie's side of the tale ... he learns that he has an identical twin brother anmd realises he has a chance to escape his life of petty crime. He decides to steal his brother's identity, but things don't develop in the way he thought. He falls in love with his sister-in-law. Cast and production: see yesterday's notes.

3 Feb: Tumanbay, 10
By Mike Walker; final episode. Episode title: Sword Of Faith. The people of Tumanbay await news of the Sultan's victory. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Wolf: Alexander Siddig, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Maya's envoy: Nadir Khan, Madu: Danny Ashok, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Slave: Akin Gazi, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Frog: Deeivya Meir, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Hodah: Nathalie Armin, Pesha: Sky Yang, Manel: Aiysha Hart, the Hafiz: Antony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, Don Diego: John Sessions, Dona Ana: Anabelle Dowler, Boy: Darwin Brokenbro, Officer: Akbar Kurtha. Series producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Director: John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

4 Feb: The Ferryhill Philosophers, 1
By Michael Chaplin. Series 2. Episode title: Filial duties and Special Goods.Joe is an unemployed ex-miner and Hermione is a philosophy lecturer. They talk about moral dilemnas, beginning with how to care for their own ageing parents. Indie: Catherine Bailey Productions; producer Marilyn Imrie. Cast for both episodes: Joe: Alun Armstrong, Hermione: Deborah Findlay, George: Geoffrey Palmer, Bella: Anne Reid, Polly: Gina McKee, Andy: Christopher Connel, Sadie: Jackie Lye, Dr. Dainty: Jonathan Keeble, Mrs. Cornish: Tracy Gillman.

5 Feb: The Ferryhill Philosophers, 2
By Michael Chaplin. Episode title: Lies, Damn Lies and Conversational Implicature. A moral dilemma arises when Joe and Hermione see the wife of Joe's friend with another man. Cast - as yesterday; Indie: Catherine Bailey Productions; producer Marilyn Imrie.

6 Feb: Saturday Play: The Forsytes
Galsworthy, abridged by Shaun McKenna and adapted by Jessica Raine. Ep. 7 of 7. The programme concludes with the last part of "In Chancery". Irene Forsyte flees to Paris to escape from her husband, who has hired a private detective to watch her. But enormous changes are about to hit the Forsyte dynasty. Soames Forsyte: Joseph Millson, Irene: Juliet Aubrey, Jo Forsyte: Ewan Bailey, Val Dartie: George Watkins, Holly Forsyte: Katie Redford, Annette: Aurelie Amblard, June Forsyte: Rebecca Hamilton, James Forsyte: Gerard McDermott, Emily Forsyte / Mme. Lamotte: Susan Jameson, Winifred Dartie: Debra Baker, Montague Dartie: Chris Pavlo, Polteed: Sean Baker, Nurse / Maid: Evie Killip, Doctor: Leo Wan, Boy: Joel MacCormack, Narrator: Jessica Raine. Produced by Marion Nancarrow; original music by Neil Brand. 60m.

7 Feb: Classic Serial slot: The Honorary Consul, 2
By Graham Greene, ad. Nick Warburton. Plarr's attempts to help Charlie result in death threats from the police; the State is also closing in on Plarr. Eduardo: Geoffrey Streatfield, Charley Fortnum: Matthew Marsh, Leon Rivas: Stefano Braschi, Aquino: Martin Marquez, Clara: Beatriz Romilly, Dr. Humphries: Ewan Bailey, Col. Perez: Chris Pavlo, Marta: Yolanda Vazquez, Crichton: George Watkins, Jose: Sean Baker, Father: Brian Protheroe. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

8 Feb: Stage Left, 1
By Doug Lucie. A four-part serial following the fortunes of a left-wing theatre company over 30 years, broadcast from Monday to Thursday (7-10 Feb) in the Afternoon Play slot. Ep. 1: As they settle into their new premises, the Stage Left Theatre Collective faces some difficult choices, leading to a clash of egos and ideals. Emma: Anna Madeley, Robert: Richard Lumsden, Frank: Alex Jennings, Saul: Gerard McDermott, Alan: Ewan Bailey, Annabel: Rebecca Hamilton, Jim: Caolan McCarthy, Di: Evie Killip, Kelly: Tracy Wiles, Sue / Alice: Jane Slavin, Bob / Sir Clive / Actor: Brian Protheroe, Ken: Doug Lucie, Marion: Debra Baker, Actor: George Watkins, Waiter: Richard Pepple. Producer: Heather Larmour.

9 Feb: Stage Left, 2
By Doug Lucie. Changes have been made at the Company and not everyone is happy. Cast - as yesterday.

10 Feb: Stage Left, 3
By Doug Lucie. An unexpected guest attends the Press Night for Saul's West End debut as director. Production details: see Monday.

11 Feb: Stage Left, 4
By Doug Lucie. It's 2015, and the theatre company has changed beyond recognition, but tensions disappear as the old friends visit Alan's wife Sue in hospital. Production details: see Monday.

12 Feb: Love Me Tender
By Ian McMillan. Comedy drama where the characters speak in different verse forms. A radio producer meets a group of trainspotters when his journey is delayed. He thinks they will make a good subject for a feature, but he has reservations as to whether they will be interesting enough... Roy: Conrad Nelson, Phil: Bernard Wrigley, Beatty: Jonathan Keeble, Alice: Kate Coogan, Nigel: John Cotterall. Producer: Gary Brown.

13 Feb: Saturday Play - A Question Of Blood
By Ian Rankin, ep. 1 of 2. Crime drama, dramatised by Chris Dolan. A known criminal is found dead following a house fire and forensic evidence suggests he was murdered before the blaze started. Rebus was the last man to see him alive, and he becomes a suspect. Meanwhile, a fatal shooting at a school in Edinburgh leads the detective inspector to Jura, where an army helicopter crash is linked to another crime. DI Rebus: Ron Donachie, Siobhan Clarke: Gayanne Potter, DI Hogan: Brian Ferguson, DCI Templer: Sarah Collier, Bell: Brian Pettifer, Miss Teri: Nicola Roy, Whiteread: Veronica Leer, Peacock: Gavin Mitchell, Kate: Eilidh McCormick, Brimson: Kenny Blyth, James: Alasdair Hankinson, Fogg: Paul Young. Producer: Bruce Young.

14 Feb: Classic Serial slot: Victory
By Gwyneth Hughes. A play about the triangular relationship between Admiral Lord Nelson, William Hamilton and Lady Hamilton following their return to England from Italy, where they had been living together. Horatio Nelson: Ronan Vibert, Emma Hamilton: Imogen Stubbs, William Hamilton: Stuart Richman, Mary Cadogan / Fanny Nelson: Fiona Clarke, Young Emma / Kitty: Verity-May Henry, Edmund Nelson / George III / William Beatty: Seamus O'Neill, Greville / Prince of Wales / Hardy: Andonis James Anthony, Beckford / Lord St. Vincent / Pitt: Jonathan Keeble, Horatia Nelson: Sophie Downham. Producer: Susan Roberts.

15 Feb: In Pieces To Camera
By Sean Grundy. A satire following a writer of a scripted reality programme as he struggles to come to terms with exploiting people's lives for entertainment. Stephen Ridges: Richard Lumsden, Karen Qills: Michelle Holmes, Derren Badcock: Tim Downie, St. John Montgomery / Jason Custer: David Reed, Bess Harley: Katy Carmichael, Lucy Steptoe-Spencer: Alex Tregear, Harry Fford / Drunk 1 : Thom Tuck, Rupie Schultz / Drunk 2: Kenneth Collard. Produced by Alison Crawford.

16 Feb: Deliverers
By Claudine Toutoungi about a disastrous school trip to France, examining the stresses, strains and compromises of teachers made to deliver success at all costs. A black comedy. Lee: Jonathan Bailey, Eve: Kate Fleetwood, Val: Elizabeth Berrington, Ledley: Jessica Turner, Wenling: Ruhua Xianyu. Producer: Liz Webb.

17 Feb: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Ep 1 of 2: The Modern Husband Course. By Alexander McCall-Smith, dram. Eilidh McCreadie in two parts from AMS's latest book. Mr. JLB Maketoni goes on a quest for self-improvement, with some encouragement from his wife. Meanwhile, Mma Makutsi hides a secret as she settles into her new house. Part 2 on 18 Feb. Mma Ramotswe: Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi: Nadine Marshall, Mr. JLB Maketoni: Ben Onwukwe, Mma Sheba / Aunt Radiphuti: Adjoa Andoh, Phuti Radiphuti: Jude Akuwudike, Charlie / Liso: Maynard Eziashi, Mma Soleti: Eleanor Crooks, Mma Keitumetse: Anna Bengo, Mma Molapo / Mma Potokwani: Janice Acquah, Daisy: Noma Dumezweni, Student / official: Steve Toussaint, House mother: Alibe Parsons. Producer: Eilidh McCreadie.

18 Feb: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Ep 2 of 2: The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon. Mma Ramotswe searches for answers as the campaign against Mma Soleti increases. Meanwhile, the Agency welcomes a new arrival. Production details: as yesterday.

19 Feb: Tittle Tattle
By Martyn Hesford, rpt. Comedy. While taking his mother out to celebrate her 60th birthday, Kenneth Williams bumps into fellow 'Carry On' actor Charles Hawtrey, who is meeting a director about an upcoming film, and being very coy about his identity. Kenneth: Adam Godley, Charles: David Charles, Louie Williams: Janine Duvitski, Alice Hawtrey: Marcia Warren, Teddie: Hamilton Berstock, Gloria: Lisa Allen, Waiter: Eddie Capli. Producer: Gary Brown.

20 Feb: Saturday Play: A Question Of Blood,2
By Ian Rankin, dram. Chris Dolan. The detective inspector's investigation into an army helicopter crash on Jura provides police with a new perspective on the crimes of a former SAS soldier who shot dead three pupils at a private school in Edinburgh. Rebus: Ron Donachie, Clarke: Gayanne Potter, Hogan: Brian Ferguson, Templer: Sarah Collier, Bell: Brian Pettifer, Whiteread: Veronica Leer, Brimson: Kenny Blyth, James: Alasdair Hankinson, Peacock: Gavin Mitchell, Miss Teri: Nicola Roy, Rachel: Anita Vetesse, DCI Mullen: Simon Tait, Steve Holly: Ben Clifford. Produced by Bruce Young.

21 Feb: Classic Serial slot: The Life and Loves of a She-Devil,1
By Fay Weldon, in the 'Riot Girls' season. Adaptor Hattie Morahan, not credited in RT. The book is described in RT as a feminist revenge novel and it dates from 1983.Ruth is a woman who has her heart broken by her cheating husband when he leaves her for a petite, beautiful and wealthy romantic novelist, Mary Fisher. Nevertheless Ruth is determined to get her own back. Ruth: Hattie Morahan, Bobbo: Barnaby Kay, Mary Fisher: Lyndsey Marshal, Nurse Hopkins: Rosie Cavaliero, Mrs. Fisher: Susan Jameson, Nicola: Evie Killip, Andy: Leo Wan, Garcia: Chris Pavlo, Mrs. Trumper: Debra Baker, Elise Flower: Katie Redford, Insurance Man: Gerard McDermott, Girl in job centre: Rebecca Hamilton. Produced by Abigail le Fleming.

22 Feb: Susan
By Lucy Catherine, in the 'Riot Girls' season. 1/3. It is 1975 and Susan makes the decision to leave her husband and take her two children to join a commune. This is one of three new plays charting UK feminism 1975-2016 through three generations of women. Susan: Sarah Thorn, Derek: Gerard McDermott, Emma: Hermione Lloyd, Tim: Joshua Vaughan, Anne: Susam Jameson, Maggie: Katherine Jakeways, Dave: Ewan Bailey, Charlie: George Watkins, Gina: Kati Redford. Produced by Abigail le Fleming; directed by Emma Harding.

23 Feb: Emma
By Lucy Catherine. 2/3. It's now 1995, and Emma is a policy advisor to New Labour. Emma: Sarah Smart, Susan: Sarah Thorn, Gareth: Chris Pavlo, Mac: Brian Protheroe, Shafiq: Anil Goutam, Anders: Leo Wan, Tim: Ewan Bailey, Receptionist / stenographer: Rebecca Hamilton. No production details in RT, but I assume this was produced by Abigail le Fleming and directed by Emma Harding.

24 Feb: Katy
By Ella Hickson. 3/3. It is now 2015. A student, Katy, is determined to change the conversation (...presumably this means 'change attitudes'?) about sexual consent. But what will she do if she finds traditional campaigning is ineffective? Katy: Lorna Nickson Brown, Emma: Sarah Smart, Stephen: David Moorst, Carol: Susan Jameson, Penny: Scarlett Brookes, Anna: Nicola Ferguson, PC Peters: Adie Allen, Sam: Sargon Yelda. Other parts played by Sam Rix, Nick Underwood and cast members. Produced by Abigail le Fleming and directed by Emma Harding.

25 Feb: Cuttin' It
By Charlene James, rpt. This is the play which won 'best single drama' at the recent Audio Drama Awards.Two Somali teenagers go to the same South London school, are from the same place but are strangers. They share a secret embedded in their culture. There are some notes about this play on the Jessica Brown page. Muna: Susan Wokoma, Igra: Nahel Tzegai, Mr. Dennis: Chris Pavlo, Leila: Hermione Amoah-Alexander, Muna's Mother: Suheba Mohammed. Producer: Jessica Brown. BBC Radio Drama London.

26 Feb: Fugue State
By Julian Simpson. Rpt. This play won both the Tinniswood Award and the 'best use of sound' at the Audio Drama Awards last month. A man in hospital in a fugue state (loss of memory caused by trauma) holds the key to strange events which have occurred in a remote village. Can sound recordings prompt his brain into remembering what has happened? Doctor Fallon: Nicola Walker, Patient: Steven Mackintosh, Johnson: Tim McInnerny, Simon: Ferdinand Kingsley, Phoebe/cyclist: Phoebe Fox, other parts: Ben Crowe. Producer: Karen Rose. Sound by David Thomas. Indie production (Sweet Talk).

27 Feb: Saturday Play: Trial by Laughter
By Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, who used trial transcripts to explore the life of William Hone. He was a publisher and bookseller in the early 1800s. He was an early fighter for free speech in an era where speech was anything but free. He stood trial, on three occasions in three days, for blasphemy and libel because he published material which stood up for the working man rather than the ruling class. He lampooned the Establishment, a despotic British government and the monarchy, with the help of Cruickshank, the cartoonist. Hone: Robert Wilfort, Prince Regent: Arthut Bostrun, Cruickshank: Conrad Nelson, Ellenborough: Jonathan Keeble, Shepherd: David Benson, Abbott: Malcolm Raeburn, Lady Hertford: Melissa Sinden, Sarah: Fiona Clarke, Reporter / Clerk: Graeme Hawley. Produced by Gary Brown. This play had a good review by Jane Anderson in RT and was an excellent listen.

28 Feb: Classic Serial slot: The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
By Fay Weldon. A feminist revenge novel, ad. Hattie Morahan. A wronged wife plots an elaborate revenge on her ex-husband and his lover. Ruth: Hattie Morahan, Bobbo (the husband): Barnaby Kay, Mary Fisher: Lyndsey Marshal, Judge Bissop: Brian Protheroe, Father Ferguson: Edward MacLiam, Mrs. Fisher: Susan Jameson, Nicola: Evie Killip, Andy: Leo Wan, Ghengis: Trevor White, Vickie: Rebecca Hamilton, Policeman: Sean Baker. Produced by Abigail le Fleming.

29 Feb: Pilgrim,1
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 1. Clennan Court. 7th and final series. Pilgrim is on the trail of a murderous magician, Morgan Hambleton, but first there are others to deal with: Mr. Delancey and his wife Coral. Pilgrim: Paul Hilton, with Adie Allen, Cassie Layton, David Schofield, Nicola Ferguson and Susan Jameson. Producer: Marc Beeby.

1 Mar: Pilgrim,2
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 2. Stickton General. Mushrooms and a dead body help Pilgrim track down his former friend Morgan to a disused hospital. Paul Hilton, with Justin Salinger, Scarlett Brookes, Nick Underwood, Carl Prekopp, Nicola Ferguson, Susan Jameson and Adie Allen. Producer: Gary Brown.

2 Mar: Pilgrim,3
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 3. Shoulder Hill. Pilgrim has promised to dispose of the magician Morgan Hambleton, but things have not gone as planned and trouble is coming. Paul Hilton, with Susan Jameson, Joanna Monro, Sam Rix, Adeel Akhtar, Claire Price, David Schofield, Rose Hilton Hille and Sean Baker. Producer: Marc Beeby.

3 Mar: Pilgrim,4
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 4.Caudley Fair. When Pilgrim visits the home where he placed India, Mr. Delancey's daughter, he learns that she has been abducted. Paul Hilton, Davud Schofield, Joe Kloska, Carolyn Pickles, Scarlett Brookes, Nick Underwood, Ewan Bailey, Sean Baker, Nicola Ferguson. Producer: Marc Beeby.

4 Mar: Pilgrim,5
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. 5. Bayldon Abbey. Mr. Delancey is desperate to prevent the marriage of his daughter to the King of the Greyfolk. However, Pilgrim and India and trapped within the enchantment of Caudley Fair, so he seeks to liberate them. Paul Hilton, David Schofield, Joe Kloska, Clare Corbett, Sean Baker, Carolyn Pickles, Nick Underwood, Scarlett Brookes, Ewan Bailey, Nicola Ferguson and Rose Hilton-Hille. Producer: Marc Beeby.

5 Mar: Saturday Play: His Master's Voice
By James Maw and Tim Sullivan, rpt. Biographical play about the ventriloquist Peter Brough, who died in 1999, and his doll Archie Andrews, which achieved nationwide fame in the comedy "Educating Archie".60m. The programme was extremely popular until 1961. Then Peter stopped; he put the dummy in a suitcase and it stayed there for several decades until it was sold at auction six years after his death. Peter Brough - Rob Brydon, his wife - Fenella Woolgar, with Michael Bertenshaw, Thomas Williams-Boyle, Eliza Harrison-Dine, Stephanie Racine, James Lailey, Ewan Bailey, Harriet Collings. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

6 Mar: Classic Serial slot: Sylvia's Lovers, 1
By Elizabeth Gaskell. This is a dramatization by Ellen Dryden of Elizabeth's last novel, set in Whitby in the 1790s. Sylvia Dobson's cousin, Philip, loves her totally but Sylvia is in love with the seafaring whaler, Charlie Kinraid. Some fascinating scenes about the press gangs which were operating at the time. Elizabeth Gaskell: Barbara Flynn, Sylvia: Jodie Corner, Philip: Graeme Hawley, Charlie: Chris Connel, Bell: Siobhan Finneran, Daniel: Paul Copley, Kester/Donkin: Jonathan Keeble, Molly: Nichola Burley, Mrs. Corney: Olwen May. Producer: Pauline Harris.

7 Mar: Dead in the Water
By Tony McHale, rpt. In a bustling fairground, best friends Holly and Nicole are recording sounds for a school science project when they overhear snippets of a conversation between two men who sound as if they are plotting a murder. The girls try to discover the identity of the intended victim, but realise they might have stumbled on something more sinister than they first imagined. Holly: Yasmini Paige, Nicole: Lily Loveless, Vickers: Gary Amers, Joel: Jody Latham, Kay: Jo Hartley, Maria: Kacey Ainsworth,, POlice Officer: Paul Stonehouse, Keely: Sinead Michael. Producer: Heather Larmour.

8 Mar: An Open Return
By Daniel Thurman. Ian returns to his childhood home thirty years after he last saw his mother and finds how much things have changed. Comedy. Ian: Vincent Franklin, Jean, his mother: Anne Reid, Kevin: Alex Carter, Deb: Adie Allen. Produced by Toby Swift.

9 Mar: The Reserve Rope
By Jonathan Myerson. A biographical drama about the Alpine explorer Edward Whymper (1840-1911). On 14 July 1865, Edward conquered the Matterhorn in the Alps, but four men died on the descent. Part 1 of 2. Edward: Damian Lewis, Zipporah: Olivia Darnley, Douglas: Jacon Fortune-Lloyd, Queensbury / Pession: Joseph Kloska, Josiah / Favre: Christian Rodska, Hudson / Meynet: Dominic Rye, Wills / Croz / Robertson / Tyndall / Macdonald: Tom Gordon, Hadow: Sean Delaney, Carre/Peter: Gabriel Lo Guidice. Other parts played by members of the cast; produced by Clive Brill for Brill Productions (Indie).

10 Mar: The Reserve Rope
By Jonathan Myerson. Part 2. For details, see yesterday. Indie (Brill Productions).

11 Mar: Burn Baby Burn
By Sean Grundy. A satirical drama inspired by the fire which destroyed Charles Saatchi's collection of works by Hirst, Emin, the Chapman Brothers and others associated with the Young British Artists movement. Tracey Emin / Nigella Lawson: Ronnie Ancona, Dinos Chapman / Vic Hislop: Wilf Scolding, Damien Hirst / Dante Skirmis: Ben Crompton, Brian Sewell / Death: Jon Culshaw, Hardy: Steve Hartley, Jake Chapman / Charles Saatchi: Carl Prekopp, Jacqui: Alana Ramsey. Producer: David Morley; director - Dirk Maggs. Indie; Perfectly Normal Productions.

12 Mar: Wide Sargasso Sea
By Jean Rhys, dram. Rebecca Lenkiewicz. This is a prequel to Jane Eyre, written in 1996. It has been cut a little to fit into the one-hour slot, so some scenes are omitted. The story: A woman's loss of her destiny, through no fault of her own. Antoinette is a white Creole who is married off to an Englishman, Edward Rochester, for 30,000. The honeymoon period is soon poisoned by rumours, paranoia and manipulation. As a result, Rochester tries to mould his new wife into a Victorian lady, at the expense of her freedom and, ultimately her sanilty. Antoinette Cosway: Lara Rossi, Rochester: Trystan Gravelle, Christophine: Martina Laird, young Antoinette: Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Amelie: Alexandria Riley, Grace Poole: Jaimi Barbakoff, Annette: Sirine Saba, Mr. Mason: Don Gilet, Tia: Emily Burnett, Richard Mason: Eric Kofi Abrefa. Original music composed and performed by Lucy Rivers. Producer: Helen Perry.

13 Mar: Classic Serial slot: Sylvia's Lovers
By Elizabeth Gaskell. Dramatization by Ellen Dryden of Elizabeth's last novel, set in Whitby in the 1790s. Sylvia marries Philip, believing Charlie to be dead. However, her life is plunged into chaos when Charlie returns and she realises her husband has lied to her. Elizabeth Gaskell: Barbara Flynn, Sylvia: Jodie Comer, Philip: Graeme Hawley, Charlie: Chris Connel, Bell: Siobhan Finneran, Daniel: Paul Copley, Kester/Donkin: Jonathan Keeble, Molly: Nichola Burley, Hester / Mrs. Kinraid: Verity-May Henry. Producer: Pauline Harris.

14 Mar: My Life and Other Stories
By Merryn Glover. Romantic comedy. Kevin joins Jilly's writing course by mistake and tangles them in a mess of tall tales. Kevin: John Kelly, Jilly: Shonagh Price, Diane: Noreen Leighton, Faye: Bridget McCann, Gus: Iain Agnew, Jean: Alison Peebles, Marta: Juliet Cadzow. Producer: David Ian Neville.

15 Mar: When The Laughter Stops
By Sibusiso Mamba, Daliso Chaponda and Ava Vidal. Real-life stand-up comedians Daliso Chaponda and Ava Vidal play a married couple in this drama. A stand-up comedian returns to her native Africa with her husband in an attempt to revive her career and their marriage, but cultural differences divide them. Their presence exacerbates tensions in the community and puts some of their friends in danger. Musondi: Daliso Chaponda, Rhakeele: Ava Vidal, Migzy / Ranger: Sibusiso Mamba, Kapenzi: Lucian Msamati, Zindy: Nikki Amuka-Bird, Det. Lungo / Thoko: Tonderai Munyevu, Reverend / Heckler: Steve Toussaint. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

16 Mar: Positive Effect
By Daniel Davies. Kelly is unemployed and extremely shy, a combination which makes everyday life difficult. Job interviews, work programmes and the threat of sanctions make it worse. Kelly: Rebecca Hamilton, Jason / Luigi: Chris Pavlo, Andrea / Jane: Debra Baker, Debbie: Amedlia Lowdell, Ian: Brian Protheroe, Annie: Evie Killip, Richard: Ewan Bailey, Pete: Leo Wan, Brian / Participant 1: Caolan McCarthy, Security Guard / Participant 2: Gerard McDermott, Zoe: Katie Redford. Producer: Marc Beeby.

17 Mar: The Strange Vanishing of Julian Quark
By Tom Wainwright. Comedy about a newly elected Prime Minister who finds himself with a bit of a problem: every time he tells a lie, a part of his body disappears. Julian: Toby Jones, Sarah: Doon Mackichan, Marazion: Michael Bertenshaw, Nobinson: Ewan Bailey, Prickett: Brian Protheroe, Tanya: Adie Allen, Jeremy: Nick Underwood, TV reporter: Nicola ferguson, Australian PM: James Lailey, Aide: Sam Rix. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

18 Mar: Karma
By Samina Baig, rpt. A shocking discovery is made outside a rural village in India, forcing an elderly couple into the spotlight. They are confronted with a moral dilemma. Ram Gopal: Kulvinder Ghir, Sanjana: Shobu Kapoor, Veeru: Jaz Deol, Charu: Vineeta Rishi, Lal Bhai / the doctor: Adeel Akhtar, Pratibha / Roopa: Ayesha Dharker, Mohan: Sacha Dhawan, Laxmi: Jerry Dufficy. Producer: Elizabeth Allard.

19 Mar: Saturday Play: The Massacre At Glencoe
By Adrian Bean, rpt from 2014. The massacre of Glencoe in 1692 saw soldiers billeted in the homes of the powerful MacDonald clan rise up and murder their hosts. This play is based on contemporary documents along with John Preblle's book 'Glencoe' and it explores the motive gehind the killings. Narrator: Tamara Kennedy, John Hay: John Buick, Col. John Hill: Brian Pettifer, James Hamilton: Jordan Young, Robert Campbell: Matthew Zajac, Alasdair Maclain: Paul Young, John Lindsay: Martin McBride, Eiblin MacDonald: Julie Duncanson, Duncan Campbell: Iain Robertson, Helen MacDonald: Anne Lacey, Neil Macdolnald: Stewart Campbell. Producer: Bruce Young. 55m.

20 Mar: Classic Serial slot: The Magus
By John Fowles, abridged by Adrian Hodges in 3 episodes. Based on the novel, written in 1965; mystical story about a disillusioned teacher drawn into a world of illusion on a Greek island. Nicholas Urfe: Tom Burke, Maurice Conchis: Charles Dance, Lily Montgomery: Hayley Atwell, Alison: Anna Skellern, Margaret: Josie Taylor, Mitford: David Seddon, Meli: Chris Pavlo, Rowena: Lynsey-Anne Moffat. Producer: Heather Larmour. BBC Northern Ireland.

21 Mar: Bowen and Betjeman
By John Banville, rpt. Afternoon play. A fictional encounter between writers Elizabeth Bowen and John Betjeman as they meet for lunch in a Dublin hotel during WW2. As they discuss their lives, loves and politics, the story describes 1940s Dublin and the place of the artist in a world at war. Miranda Richardson as EB, Toby Jones as JB, with Nick Dunning as Isaiah Berlin, Nicholas Murchie, Gerard McDermott, Sophie Harkness, Maggie Cronin, Miche Docherty. Producer Gemma McMullan.

21 Mar: Boswell's Life of Muhammad Ali
By Jon Canter; comedy. 30m. (11.30am drama slot). James Boswell meets Ali, who has been banned from boxing and is in the wilderness. Boswell: Miles Jupp, Ali: Lenny Henry. Producer: Sally Avens.

22 Mar: This Is Not A Banksy
By Alan Harris; comedy. Sam's life is turned upside-down when his girlfriend discovers a Banksy on his bottom. She insists they make it permanent at the tattoo parlour, and before long, Sam has become a living work of art. That's when his problems really begin. Sam: Elis James, Molly: Kimberley Nixon, Jan / Philida: Eiry Hughes, Tattooist: Steffan Rhodri, Eddy: Tim Key, Phil: Aled Pugh, Kirsty Lang: herself. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

23 Mar: Blake in Lambeth
By Tim Wright. Set in 1794 and the present day. A rootless young woman sees a wild-eyed man who sees things others cannot. However she does not know he is the poet William Blake. William Blake: Toby Jones, Catherine Blake: Jo Joyner, Hope: Kirsty Oswald, Henry: Tom Hanson. Producer: Jeremy Mortimer; exec. producer Joby Waldman.

24 Mar: A Sudden Surge
By Jack Dickson. A beligerent bus driver discovers the unexpected benefits of a sudden surge of hormones. Gary: Gary Lewis, Mags: Alexandra Mathie, Pter: Simon Donaldson, Alison: Rosalind Sydney, Bobbo: Simon Tait, Shona: Wendy Seager, Mr. Matheson: Kenny Blyth. Producer: Eilidh McCreadie.

25 Mar: Planning Permission
By Sarah Wooley, rpt. This is a comedy based on the true story of Erno Goldfinger, and his plans to buy a row of Victorian terraced cottages in Hampstead in 1939. Goldfinger wanted to knock them down and build a modernist dream home for himself and his family. Also - E.G. had a connection to Ian Fleming. Erno: Justin Salinger, Ursula Blackwell: Melody Grove, Cecil: Michael Maloney, Audrey: Sylvestra le Touzel, Charles: Karl Johnson, Roland Penrose: Simon Harrison, Henry Brooke: David Seddon, George: Shaun Mason, Evelyn Fleming: Elaine Claxton, Ian Fleming: Monty D'Inverno. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

26 Mar: All That Fall
By Samuel Beckett. An old woman sets out to greet her husband at the railway station on his birthday, but events take an unsettling turn. Mrs. Rooney: Brid Brennan, Tommy: Killian Burke, Miss Fitt: Tara Flynnm, Christie: Frank Laverty, Mr. Rooney: Gary Lilburn, Mr. Slocumb: Ciaran McIntyre. Produced by Max Stafford-Clark.

27 Mar: Classic Serial slot: The Magus
By John Fowles. Episode 2. Nicholas Urfe: Tom Burke, Maurice Conchis: Charles Dance, Lily Montgomery: Hayley Atwell, Alison: Anna Skellern, Margaret: Josie Taylor, Anton: Maarten Dannenberg, German colonel: Bodo Friesecke, Greek resistance fighter: Andreas Karras. Producer: Heather Larmour. BBC Northern Ireland.

28 Mar: Rumpole, 1
Rumpole on Trial. 1/2. By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jasmine Hyde, Cathy Sara, Gus Brown, Nigel Anthony, Stephen Critchlow. Producer: Catherine Bailey, Director: Marilyn Imrie. Indie: Catherine Bailey Productions.

29 Mar: Rumpole, 2
Conclusion. Hilda Rumpole narrates a tale of murder and romance. Horace would prefer it to remain untold. Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jasmine Hyde as Hilda, Stuart McQuarrie, Nigel Anthony, Stephen Critchlow, Cathy Sara. Other details as yesterday.

30 Mar: Other People's Countries
A story by Patrick McGuinness, adapted by Tim Dee. It is about Patrick's early years and some return visits to rural Belgium. With Saskia Reeves. Produced by Tim Dee.

31 Mar: Deep Swimmer
By Steve Waters. Based on the true story of the unmasking of an undercover police officer who infiltrated environmental campaign organizations over a period of seven years and had serious relationships with women who were unaware of his real identity. Mark: Joe Dempsie, Millie: Ellie Kendrick, Theo: Robert Emms, Sonia: Laura Elphinstone. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

1 Apr: Tempting Faith
By Sean Moffatt, rpt. When Faith's car is stolen she persuades a stranger, Martin, to embark on a high-speed car chase, which throws the pair into a series of bizarre and near-catastrophic adventures. Faith - Karen Ardiff, Martin -Patrick Fitzsymons, with B.J.Hogg, Luke Griffin, Dawn Bradfield and Seainin Brennan. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

2 Apr: Saturday Play: Denmark Hill
By Alan Bennett; black comedy, rpt from 27 Sep 2014. Adapted by Honor Borwick, with narration by the author. RT:"Bennett's idiosyncratic take on 'Hamlet', originally written as an uncommissioned screenplay". In a leafy South London suburb, 15-year -old schoolgirl Harriet struggles with an essay on Shakespeare. Her dying father is upstairs. Narrator - Alan Bennett, Harriet - Bryony Hannah, Gwen - Penny Downie, George - Robert Glenister, Charles - Samuel Barnett, with Geoffrey Palmer, Malcolm Sinclair, Stephen Critchlow and Cathy Sara. Producer: Marilyn Imrie; directed by Tristram Powell. 60m.

3 Apr: Classic Serial slot: The Magus, 3
Last part of the serial which started a fortnight ago. Nicholas Urfe: Tom Burke, Maurice Conchis: Charles Dance, Lily Montgomery: Hayley Atwell, Alison: Anna Skellern, Margaret: Josie Taylor, Anton: Maarten Dannenberg, Meli: Chris Pavlo, Lily de Seitas: Beth Goddard, Kemp: Rachel Atkins, Briggs: Michael Shelford, Mrs. Marks: Elaine Claxton, Benji: Rudi Goldman, Greek ticket seller: Andreas Karras. Producer: Heather Larmour. BBC Northern Ireland.

4 Apr: The Final Call
Black comedy by Michael Hartley. A disgruntled customer, driven to despair by his internet service provider, takes matters into his own hands by confronting the staff the the call centre. However the situation spirals out of control. Danny: Felix Scott, Mark: Blake Harrison, Debbie: Bettrys Jones, with Craig Sullivan, Sargon Yelda, Ewan Bailey, Adie Allen and James Lailey. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

5 Apr: Silk: The Clerks' Room, 1
Rpt series, by Mick Collins. Orig. broadcast 1 Apr 2014; a TV spin-off. "Jake". Jake thinks that barristers' clerks and Italian-American gangsters are cut from the same cloth. He has some learning to do when he crosses Billy, the head clerk. Theo Barklem-Biggs, Neil Stuke, Jessica Hardwick, John MacMillan, Amy Wren, Anthony Welsh, Carolyn Pickles, Priyanga Burford. Producer Sasha Yevtushenko.

6 Apr: Day Release, 1
By Peter Jukes. Episode title: Killing Time. Lifer and double murderer Frank Watt prepares to face life on the outside after 30 years in prison. Continued tomorrow.Frank: Lenny Henry, Geoff: Ralph Ineson,, Shudi: Deeivya Meir, Haani: Danny Rahim, Barry: Sargon Yelda, Solomon Dunn: Burt Caesafr, Eileen O'Connor: Scarlett Brookes. Producer: Mary Peate.

7 Apr: Day Release, 2
By Peter Jukes. Episode title: Safe Space. Frank has planned a full day of activity for Geoff's first day-release, but it turns out that Geoff has different plans. Lenny Henry, Ralph Ineson and Deeivya Meir as yesterday, plus Adjoa Andoh as Karen, Ewan Bailey as Dan, Adie Allen as Jacqui. Producer: Mary Peate.

8 Apr: Day Release, 3
By Peter Jukes. Episode title: Back to Life. Frank tries to prevent the real identity of his daughter from leaking out during the London Mayoral elections. Lenny Henry, Ralph Ineson, Deeivya Meir, Karla Crome, Petra Letang, Adie Allen, Scarlett Brookes, Sam Rix, Sargon Yelda, James Lailey. Producer: Mary Peate.

9 Apr: Saturday Play - Reykjavik
By Jonathan Myerson, rpt. Cold War play about the meeting between President Reagan and President Gorbachev in October 1986. There was a very surprising outcome; the Russians offered to reduce their nuclear missile stockpile by one-half. This led to an agreement which aimed for nuclear disarmament within ten years. Reagan: Kerry Shale, Gorbachev - Zubin Varia, Shultz - Colin Stinton, Shevardnadze: Michael Bertenshaw, with Nathan Osgood, Matthew Marsh, Ian Conningham, Elaine Claxton and David Acton. Produced by Jonquil Panting.

10 Apr: Classic Serial slot: Oranges are not the only fruit, 1
By Jeanette Winterson, ad. for radio by the author. A coming-of-age novel about an adopted girl who questions her religious mother's plans for her future. The novel was written in 1985. Mrs. Winterson: Lesley Sharp, young Jeanette: Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Jeanette: Katie West, the Pastor: Vincent Franklin, Miss Jewsbury: Pauline Lynch, with Susan Jameson, Adie Allen, Angela Pleasance, Claire Cage, Vicky Licorish and Sam Rix. Produced by Helen Perry.

11 Apr: The Liberty Cap
By Hattie Naylor. A chronic depressive considers taking part in a clinical trial testing a new treatment based on a chemical from Magic mushrooms. Pete: Nigel Barratt, Sam: Paul Currier, Anna: Sally Orrock. Produced by Boz Temple Morris.

12 Apr: The Clerks' Room, 2
By Janice Okoh, rpt from 2014. "Bethany". A junior clerk comes under pressure when she accidentally gives an important case to the wrong person - an underperforming lawyer. She has to give him some assistance - and one day she wants to become a barrister herself. Amy Wren, Neil Stuke, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Charles Edwards, Miranda Raison, Flamina Cinque, Priyanga Burford, Carolyn Pickles, Tracy Wiles, Michael Bertenshaw, Matthew Watson. Producer Sasha Yevtushenko.

13 Apr: Lament
By Debbie Tucker Green. A man and a woman meet up again, several years after they split up. The play is unusual - the two often speak at the same time, interrupt each other and trail off into silence. It's more like eavesdropping a bit of real life than listening to a scripted drama. The man and woman (they are given no names) meet up in a restaurant; they have had troubles since they were together. Did they do the right thing when they split? Man: Paterson Joseph, Woman: Nadine Marshall, Husband: Lucian Masmati, Mum: Cecilia Noble. Producer: Mary Peate. Director: Debbie Tucker Green.

14 Apr: Pandora
By Caroline Horton. Drama about a man trying to understand why his girlfriend attempted to commit suicide, whilst she takes temporary refuge in drink with her best friend. Pandora: Caroline Horton, Tom: Martin Bonger, Bert: Troels Hagen Findsen. Producer: James Robinson. BBC Wales

15 Apr: Beyond Endurance
By Meredith Hooper, rpt. The play is about the progress of Ernest Shackleton's expedition (1914-17) across the Antarctic. Meredith has lived and worked in the Antarctic for long periods. The story is told using the words of the chacters themselves, taken from their diaries, journals and other accounts. It was a trip requiring great endurance, and Shackleton was determined not to lose a single man.Shackleton: Dominic West, Thomas Orde-Lees: Jamie Glover, Frank Hurley: Gabriel Andrews, Alexander Macklin: Mark Edel-Hunt, Frank Wild: David Houslow, Reginald James: Neet Mohan, Harry McNish: Sam Dale. Produced by Justine Willett.

16 Apr: Saturday Play - Forsyte Saga
New series in 7 episodes. The project to do all 9 Forsyte works (novels and interludes) began in January. In total there will be four series over two years. This batch starts with "To Let", dramatised by Lin Coghlan. This first play is 90 minutes in length. It is 1920 and Soames Forsyte would do anything for his daughter Fleur. But she falls in love with the wrong man. (The fourth novel, "THe White Monkey", is to be broadcast next week in the Woman's Hour Drama slots, Monday to Friday and a longer concluding episode broadcast at 2.30 next Saturday.) Cast: Forsytes unless stated otherwise: Fleur: Jessica Raine, Soames: Joseph Millson, Irene: Juliet Aubrey, Jon (no surname) Jonathan Bailey, Michael Mont: Ben Lambert, Annette: Aurelie Amblard, Jo Forsyte and Elderson: Ewan Bailey, Holly F: Katie Redford, June F: Amelia Lowdell, Sir Lawrence Mont: Brian Protheroe, Wilfred Desert: Max Bennett, George F and other parts: Gerard McDermott, with Evie Killip, Sam Alexander, Caolan McCarthy, George Watkins,, Richard Pepple and Sean Baker. Music by Neil Brand and produced by Marion Nancarrow.

17 Apr: Classic Serial slot: Oranges are not the only fruit, 2
Jeanette Winterson's dramatisation of her own novel. An adopted girl and the plans of her religious mother. Jeanette's future as a missionary looks uncertain when she falls in love with one of her converts. Mrs. Winterson: Lesley Sharp, Jeanette: Katie West, the Pastor: Vincent Franklin, Miss Jewsbury: Pauline Lynch, with Nicola Ferguson, Susan Jameson, Adie Allen, Angela Pleasance, Claire Cage, Vicjy Licorish and Sam Rix. Produced by Helen Perry.

18 Apr: The Busker
By Joe Ward Munrow; his first radio play. (therefore eligible for the Imison Award). Actor and singer Brian Protheroe, who was in the pop charts in 1974, stars as an elderly busker on the London Underground, where Joe's real-life father is a licensed busker. When a young man stops to listen to his music, Wilfy's life takes an unexpected turn. Wilfy: Brian Protheroe, Richard: Dylan Edwards, Anna: Caroline Burns Cooke, Melissa: Nicola Ferguson, Billy: Ewan Bailey, Gary: Sam Rix. Producer: Jessica Brown.

19 Apr: Silk: The Clerks' Room, 3
By Mick Collins, rpt. Episode 3: John. Joh is caught in the crossfire between head clerk Billy and practice manager Harriet, who have decided to conspire against each other. John is second-in-command, and he is soon obliged to take sides. John: John MacMillan, Billy: Neil Stuke, Sara: Jeany Spark, Bethany: Amy Wren, Neville: Sean Murray, Judge: Steve Toussaint. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

20 Apr: Rock Me Amadeus
By Simon Topping, rpt. Charlie is convinced she is a girl trapped in a boy's body. The arrival of a German exchange student prompts her to take action. Charlie: Alex Lawther, Tim: Felix Auer, Lily: Scarlett Brookes, Mum: Karina Fernandez, Gemma: Runeckles, Dad: Craig Els. Producer: Sally Avens.

21 Apr: Holy Father
By Mark Lawson. In the Vatican in the near future, 120 cardinals gather in the Sistene chapel to elect a new pontiff. For the first time since 1159, he might be English. Cardinal Faber: Nick Dunning, Cardinal Simouri: Jude Akuwudike, Rachel grealish: Lisa-Ann MaLaughlin, Matrtha Keen: Scarlett Brookes, Tom Graham: Patrick FitzSymons, Cardinal O'Callaghan: Pat Laffan, Padro Antenucci: Faolan Morgan. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

22 Apr: Big Time
By Jonathan Holloway, to commemmorate Shakespeare's birthday. Shakespeare died 400 years ago on the same day as Spanish writer Cervantes .... but ..... the calendars of the two countries differed by ten days. Cervantes plots to outwit Death by going to Stratford, intending to get Shakespeare out of his deathbed. Cervantes: Simon Callow, Shakespeare: Nicky Henson, Regina: Laura Elphinstone. Produced by Tim Dee.

23 Apr: Saturday Play: The Forsytes, 7
Galsworthy, dram. Lin Coghlan. Final instalment of "The White Monkey". Jessica Raine, Joseph Millson, Ben Lambert, Max Bennett, Brian Protheroe, Sam Alexander, Evie Killip, Ewan Bailey, Aurelie Amblard, Katie Redford, Caolan McCarthy, Rebecca Hamilton, Gerard McDermott, Sean Baker, george Watkins, Debra Baker, Leo Wan. Produced by Gemma Jenkins; music by Neil Brand. Series continues in the autumn.

24 Apr: Classic Serial slot: Missing Presumed Dead: The Odyssey
By Simon Armitage. A modern version of the Greek myth. A disgraced government minister is plunged into the anicent past, and must brave many dangers to return to his own time. Smith/Odysseus: Colin Tierney, PM/Cyclops: Simon Dutton, Anthea/Athene: Polly Frame, Penelope: Susie Trayling, Magnus: Lee Armstrong, McGill/Eurylochus: Roger Evans, Kite: David Hartley, Reynolds: Ranjit Krishnamma, Fenton/Perimedes: Chris Reilley, Soli/Polites: Sule Rimi, Circe/Briseis: Danusia Samal. Producer: Susan Roberts.

25 Apr: The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness
By Alastair Jessiman. The last adventure of Thoas Soutar. Part 1 of 2. Soutar faces his most painful case, at a religious retreat. His sixth sense tells him that a malevolent influence is nearby. The play is set in a remote part of rural Scotland. Thomas: Robin Laing, Kat: Julie Duncanson, Rollo: Steven Duffy, Aaron: Sean Biggerstaff, Fraser: Sean Scanlan, Suzanne: Molly Innes, David: Liam Brennan, DI Slater: Douglas Russell. Produced by bruce Young.

26 Apr: The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness
By Alastair Jessiman. Part 2 of 2. Details - see yesterday.

27 Apr: All Mouth and Trousers
By Mark Burgess. Comedy. Husband and wife team Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps recall their struggle to create the TV show 'All Gas and Gaiters', with Derek Nimmo and Robertson Hare. Pauline: herself, Edwin: himself, young Pauline: Lily-Fleur Bradbury, young Edwin: James Joyce, Frank Muir: John Sessions, Stuart Allen: Nicholas Boulton, William Mervyn: Gareth Williams, Robertson Hare: Trevor Littledale, Derek Nimmo: Zeb Soanes, John Barron: David Collings. Producer: David Blount.

28 Apr: North
By Jennifer Schlueter; idea by Christina Ritter. Charles and Anne Lindburgh were famous for two things: his solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927, and the kidnapping and murder of their first child in 1932. What is not so well-known is that Anne, a successful writer, fell in love with the writer and aviator Antoine de St-Exupery after they met in 1939. Exupery helps her believe that she can be more than a housewife and mother by means of her writing. Anne Morrow Lindberg: Christina Ritter, St-Exupery: Sam West, Charles: Ian Conningham. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

29 Apr: The Great British Bridge Scandal
By Deborah Davis, rpt. The play is set in 1965, when British bridge plpayers were accused of cheating at the World Championships is Buenos Aires. The British Bridge Federation set up an inquiry under Sir John Foster QC. The prosecution was required to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. The story begins as the case unfolds and the battle for the truth begins. Terence Reese: Nick Waring, Boris Schapiro: Stephen Critch;ow, Dorothy Hayden: Laurel Lefkow, Ralph Swimer: Clive Hayward, Leonard Caplan: David Cann, Sir John: Michael Bertenshaw, Simon Goldblatt: Jot Davies. Produced by Tracey Neale.

30 Apr: Saturday Play: Look Back In Anger
By John Osborne, from 1956. New radio production of a stage play where a disaffected working-class man rails against the world, his place in it, and his long-suffering wife. Jimmy Porter: David Tennant, Alison: Nancy Carroll, Cliff: Daniel Evans, Helena: Claire Price, Colonel: Ian McKellen. Producer: Clive Brill, directed by Richard Wilson (the actor). Indie: Brill Productions. 90m.

1 May: Classic Serial slot: Missing Presumed Dead: The Odyssey,2 of 2
By Simon Armitage. A modern version of the Greek myth. Smith must navigate the Land of the Dead and resist the call of the Sirens. Meanmwhile his wife Penelope and their young son are hounded by the press, who want to know all about his disappearance. Note that Simon dramatised this story in more orthodox fashion back in August 2004 so he knows it inside out. Smith/Odysseus: Colin Tierney, PM/Cyclops: Simon Dutton, Anthea/Athene: Polly Frame, Penelope: Susie Trayling, Magnus: Lee Armstrong, McGill/Eurylochus: Roger Evans, Kite: David Hartley, Reynolds: Ranjit Krishnamma, Fenton/Perimedes: Chris Reilley, Soli/Polites: Sule Rimi, Circe/Briseis: Danusia Samal. Producer: Susan Roberts.

2 May: The Undivided Heart
By Vincent O'Connell. Susan dies in mysterious circumstances and three people come to say goodbye to the woman they loved. It seems that she was a different woman for each of them. Echoes of 'Ella', by Rhys Adrian... Marie: Christine Absalom, Daniel: Nick Underwood, Erica: Cristina Catalina, Susan: Scarlett Brookes. Producer: Marc Beeby.

3 May: Julius Caesar,1
By Shakespeare. 1 of 3. A new production. A grand conspiracy takes shape when Cassius persuades Brutus that Caesar's ambition is a threat to the republic. Continued tomorrow. Caesar: Tim Piggott-Smith, Brutus: Robert Glemister, Cassius: Sam Troughton, Antony: Jamie Parker, Casca: Philip Fox, Portia: Fenella Woolgar, Cinna/Pindarus/Servant: Neet Mohan, Lucius: Adam Thomas Wright, Calpurnia: Jessica Turner, Flavius/Metellus Cimber/Strato: Stephen Critchlow, Carpenter/Decius Brutus/Lepidus/Artemidorus: David Housnlow, Marullus/Lucilius: David Acton, Cobbler/Trebonius: Chris Pavlo, Soothsayer/Messala: Sam Dale, Octavius: Wilf Scolding, Claudius/Popilius: Mark Edel-Hunt. Producer: Marc Beeby.

4 May: Julies Caesar, 2
Caesar found himself under mounting pressure when conspirators gather at the Capitol.

5 May: Julius Caesar, 3
Following the assassination of Caesar, Brutus and Cassius are forced to leave Rome, but the combined forces of Mark Antony and Octavius are hot on their heels.

6 May: The Rage
By Clare Lizzimore. Psychological drama. Teeneger Anthony is a mess of angry emotions. Moving to a new area and a new school he has a new start, but with change comes confrontation, and before long the anger comes back. Anthony:Theo Barklem-Biggs,Rebecca, his girlfriend: Danusia Samal, Mum: Adie Allen, Dad: Lee Ross, Luke: Jason Maza, Boy: Sam Rix, Teacher: Ewan Bailey, Shopkeeper: Richard Pepple. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

7 May: Saturday Play - Blood, Sex and Money ....Zola, 2-1: Performance
More Zola, dramatised by Oliver Emanuel. There is no point in giving a potted summary here. Have a look on the internet. Wikipedia isn't bad. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Nana: Holliday Grainger, Mignon: Ben Batt, Fauchery: John Catterall, Copeau: David Crellin, Rose: Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Paul: Reece Nol, Satin: Kate O'Flynn. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

8 May: Classic Serial Slot: Zola 2-2: Power
Dramatised by Oliver Emanuel. Glenda Jackson, Robert Jack, Victoria Beesley, Laura Dos Santos, Alasdair Hankinson, Jonathan Keeble, Lauris Brown. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

9 May: Zola 2-3: Family
Dramatised by Dan Rebellato. Glenda Jackson, Sam West, Anna M Martin, Robert Jack, John Heffernan. Producer: Polly Thomas.

10 May: Zola 2-4 Lovesick
Dramatised by Dan Rebellato. Glenda Jackson, Robyn Skeete, Mina Anwar, Anna M Martin, Lucy Moss, Yusra Warsama. Producer: Polly Thomas.

11 May: Zola 2-5: Innocence
Dramatised by Martin Jameson. A man wakes up in a garden in the care of a beautiful young woman. Glenda Jackson, Nico Mirallegro, Leila Mimmack, Paul McGann, Steve Evets. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

12 May: Zola 2-6 Jealousy
Helene finds herself torn between sexual desire and motherhood. (I didn't know they were mutually exclusive - Ed). Dramatised by Martin Jameson. Glenda Jackson, Lyndsey Marshal, Fraser James, Talia Barnett. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

13 May: Zola 2-7 Affairs
Dramatised by Lavinia Murray. Octave Mouret moves into an apartment block where there are desirable women on each floor. Glenda Jackson, Jack Lowden (Octave), Alison Steadman, Verity Henry, Eric Potts, Rachel Austin. Producer: Pauline Harris.

14 May: Saturday Play: Zola 2-8 Lust
Dramatised by Lavinia Murray. Octave runs the Ladies' Paradise - the greatest shop in Paris. Glenda Jackson, Jack Lowden (Octave), Chris Bisson, Shobna Gulati, David Fleeshman, Zoe Iqbal, Katie West.Producer: Pauline Harris, Director: Kirsty Williams.

15 May: Classic Serial slot: Zola 2-9 (conclusion) Flesh
Dramatised by Lavinia Murray. A famous courtesan returns to Paris. The third and final series, 'Money', will be broadcast in Autumn 2016. Glenda Jackson, Holliday Grainger, Kate O'Flynn. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

16 May: World on the Move
By James Graham. A play about migration. A Londoner forced to move because of high property prices goes to Scotland. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

17 May: John Field
By Alistair McGowan. A play about the well-known Irish composer who is often described as the inventor of the 'nocturne'. In May 1832 John Field began his only tour of Europe, taking with him the illegitimate son he barely knew. Field: Alistair McGowan, Grace Field: Susan Jameson, Chopin: Rafael Ferenc, Clementi: Sean Baker, with Kieran Hodgson, Charlotte Page, Ewan Bailey, Scarlett Brookes, Brian Protheroe, Sargon Yelda, Adie Allen and Nick Underwood. Producer: Emma Harding.

18 May: School Drama, 1
By Andy Mulligan. First episode in a four-part series from Indie production company Goldhawk; further episodes broadcast tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and a 60m episode on Saturday. A formerly well-known TV star is brought into a failing school to help stage a production of Romeo and Juliet. As ever in Goldhawk productions, location recordings are used throughout. There are also some uncomfortable truths about certain parts of the UK education system; I hope the Education Minister was listening. Cast - Tom Hollander, Sian Gibson, Tony Gardener, Heather Craney, Rob Jarvis, Divian Ladwa, Rebecca Emerton, Rory Greenwood, Rob Merriam, Finn Elliot, Floss Willcocks, Susie Baxter, Vincent Ebrahim, and students from Portsmouth Grammar School. Music by Jon Quin. Producer: Emma Hearn; director John Dryden.

19 May: School Drama, 2
By Andy Mulligan.

20 May: School Drama, 3
By Andy Mulligan.

21 May: Saturday Play: School Drama, 4
By Andy Mulligan. Conclusion. This isn't part of the nail-biting story by Andy Mulligan but is the actual performance of the play within the play - Romeo and Juliet. Very good, too. The cast: Romeo: Divian Ladwa, Juliet: Rebecca Emerton, Friar Laurence: Tom Hollander, Nurse: Susie Baxter, Capulet: Rob Jarvis, Tybalt: Stevie Basuala, Mercutio: Rory Greenwood, Benvolio: Finn Elliot, Paris: Rob Merriam, Lady Capulet: Lily-Fleur Bradbury, Friar John: Caolan McCarthy, Lady Montague: Abby Moss, Chorus: Poppy Goad. Other parts were played by Jo McAuley, Douglas James, Freddie Fenton, Douglas Lock and students from Portsmouth Grammar School. Music by Jon Quin. Producer: Emma Hearn; director: John Dryden.

22 May: Classic Serial slot: Brave New World, 1
By Aldous Huxley. Part of the new 'Dangerous Visions' season, offering a look at possible futures. Dramatised by Jonathan Holloway. People have been divided into formal categories: Epsilons at the bottom performing the manual work; Alphas at the top running the country. Promiscuity is obligatory; a pleasure-enhancing drug is taken by all to give a sense of wellbeing and to disguise the emptiness of life. In this story, two men rebel against the system. Cast - Bernard Marx: Justin Salinger, Helmholtz Watson: Jonathan Coy, Lenina: Pippa Bennett-Warner, the Director: Anton Lesser, John: Milton Lopes, Linda: Karina Fernandez, Fanny: Nicola Ferguson, Henry: Sam Rix, Mustapha Mond: Sean Baker, the warden: James Lailey, with Scarlett Brookes and Brian Protheroe. Produced by David Hunter.

23 May: Produce
By Joseph Wilde. More science fiction: Zenith Genomics seems to offer the best solution for a childless couple unable to conceive: a perfect tailor-made child. Laura dos Santos and Joseph Kloska as the couple, with Seeta Indrani, Amy-Jayne Leigh and Ewan Bailey. Produced by Abigail le Fleming.

24 May: Your Perfect Summer, On Sale Here
By Ed Harris. What would happen if virtual reality games could deliver real love? Ben Tavassoli, Claudie Blakley, Oliver Chris, Scarlett Brookes, Adie Allen, Nicola Ferguson, Nick Underwood. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

25 May: News From Nowhere
By William Morris, dram. Sarah Woods. The story was first published in 1890. Will wakes up and finds he has travelled a century into the future; a world where poverty no longer exists and work is a pleasure. Woven into the tale is a romance. Will: Ron Cook, Ellen: Catrin Stewart, with Keiron Self, Claire Cage, Richard Nichols, Roger Evans, Kristy Phillips and Crystal Yu. Producer: Polly Thomas.

26 May: The Headline Ballads, 1
By Louise Wallwein. Episode title: The Island, the Sea, the Volunteer and the Refugee. Louise, a poet, writes about the refugee crisis in Greece where she worked as a volunteer. Produced by Susan Roberts.

27 May: Brotherhood
By Furquan Akhtar. A man finds his brother has come under the influence of a charismatic friend with radical views. Shane Zaza, Aqib Khan, Shobna Gulati, Rina Mahoney, Chris Jack, Verity Henry, Joel Callaghan. Produced by Gary Brown.

28 May: Saturday Play: The Kraken Wakes, 1
By John Wyndham, dram. Val McDermid. The performance was given in front of a studio audience, with the BBC Phil providing the music. It is a tale of alien invasion and flooding.There is an incursion from outer space into the deep oceans; an attack which culminates in polar icecaps melting and sea levels rising. Nicola Sturgeon plays herself (1st minister, Scottish Parliament). Mike Watson: Paul Higgins, Phyllis Watson: Tamsin Greig, with Richard Harrington, Sally Carman, Abdullah Afzal, Gareth Cassidy and Nicola Sturgeon. Produced by Justine Potter. Music composed by Alan Williams.

29 May: Brave New World,2
By Aldous Huxley, dram. Jonathan Holloway, conclusion. John struggles to remain true to the values he learned on the primitive reservation. Justin Salinger, Jonathan Coy, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Anton Lesser, Milton Lopes, Karina Fernandez, Nicola ferguson, Sam Rix, Scarlett Brookes, Sean Baker, Nick Underwood. Producer: David Hunter.

30 May: Art, Artefacts and Angels
By Phil Marley, rpt. Comedy about the realities of a museum service seriously short of cash. The local museum has a famous bog body from Russia, which draws in lots of visitors. An exiled oligarch suggests the museum lends the body in return for a sponsorship.Boris: Kerry Shale, Rosie: Kate Coogan, Julius: Will Tacey, Roy/Putin: Eddie Capli, Nigel: James Nickerson, Daniel: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

31 May: Departure
By Colin Bytheway. Two strangers meet as they board a plane; a journey they know they will not survive ... along with extra leg room, the flight offers a euthanasia service. Jan: Alison Steadman, Martin: Kevin Whateley, with Helen George, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Roy Hudd. Producer: Alison Crawford.

1 Jun: The Mystery of the Irish Crown Jewels
By Sean Moffatt. During a period of unrest between Unionists and Republicans in 1907 in Dublin, the Irish Crown Jewels were stolen from the Office of the Ulster King of Arms. Reports from the time suggest that the King of Arms himself, Arthur Vicars, might have been responsible, but there are other theories. Arthur Vicars: Nick Dunning, Old Mahoney: Niall Buggy, Francis Shackleton: Partick FitSymons, Lord Aberdeen: Faolan Morgan, with Aine McCartney, Niall Cusack, Franke McCafferty and Cathy Belton. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

2 Jun: Tommies, 1
New series of 5 episodes. Ep. 1 by Jonathan Ruffle. More from the real-time 100-years-on WW1 drama. As Kitchener's new civilian army gather en mass in the valley of the Somme, Home Front's Kenny Stokoe arrives to join the troops. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, commentator: Indira Varma, Joseph GascoigneL Neil Grainger, Francis Woodrington: Nick Underwood, Kenny Stokoe: Dean Logan, Juma Gubanda: John Macmillan, Desmond Dixon: Daniel Weyman, Captain Vasserot: Ewan Bailey. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

3 Jun: Lost or Stolen
Repeat from 2014 of an excellent radio play by Jessica Brown: A couple meet as they share a taxi after a night out in London. They are drawn to each other. Their unusual love story takes a turn when Sarah steals Dan's mobile 'phone. The couple: Annabel Scholey and Tom Bennett; other parts played by Michael Bertenshaw. Producer - James Robinson; BBC Wales.

4 Jun: Saturday Play: The Kraken Wakes, 2 of 2
Concluding part of the Wyndham classic, dramatised by Val McDermid. Mike and Pgyllis struggle to survive; much of the world is submerged and most of the global population is dead or displaced. When I heard the play there were no end credits, which sounded a bit odd - but the cast list was in RT. Mike Watson: Paul Higgins, Phyllis Watson: Tamsin Greig, with Richard Harrington, Sally Carman, Abdullah Afzal, Gareth Cassidy and Nicola Sturgeon. Produced by Justine Potter. Music composed by Alan Williams.

5 Jun: Classic Serial: Major Barbara, 1
By George Bernard Shaw, dramatised in two parts by Tracey Neale. A Salvation Army missionary tries to save the East End of London. Barbara: Eleanor Tomlinson, Adolphus (Dolly): Jack Farthing,, Lady Britomart: Rebecca Front, Andrew Undershaft: Matthew Marsh, with Joel MacCormack, Scarlett Brookes, Kieran Hodgson, Brian Protheroe, Sue Jameson, Nicola Ferguson, Ewan Bailey, Sargon Yelda, Adie Allen and Sean Baker. Producer: Tracey Neale.

6 Jun: When the night has no right to be King
By John Lynch; rpt. from 14 May 2014. A man finds himself neither alive nor dead. The play is inspired by Greek mythology and is about grief and the power of love. John Lynch as Chris, with Stephen Mackintosh, Chetna Pandya, Steve Evets, Sally Carman, Jonathan Keeble. Producer Nadia Molinari. Originally broadcast in a series of ten radio plays by writers new to radio.

7 Jun: Murdering My Dad
By Rachel Matthews. Offbeat comedy about a girl who decides she will do away with her father when he tells her they are leaving the metropolis for a life in the north. Lily: Evie Killip, Julie: Shannon Flynn, Phil: Jonathan Keeble, Carol: Julia Roundthwaite, Toby: Finn Monteath. Producer: Pauline Harris.

8 Jun: A Night Visitor
By Stephanie Jacob, rpt. A couple's enormous debts force them to downsize to a remote cottage in Norfolk. Then a frightening visitor turns up on their doorstep. Stella Gonet and David Cann as the couple, with Carl Prekopp as the visitor. Producer: David Hunter.

9 Jun: Tommies, 2
By Jonathan Ruffle. It's 9 Jun 1916, and we are at the build-up to the battle of the Somme. Mickey Bliss will test Capitaine Vasserot's new communications device in No Man's Land, but things do not go as expected. Note that this series is based entirely on real events and extracts from letters from WW1. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, commentator: Indira Varma, Albert Pinto: Colin Hoult, Damanjit Singh: Sagar Radia, Captain Vasserot: Ewan Bailey, Francis Woodrington: Nick Underwood, Eckhart Bauer: Sam Alexander, Sapper: Sargon Yelda. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. This episode directed by David Hunter.

10 Jun: Paris, Nana and Me
By Caroline Horton; another rpt from the 'new radio play writers' series in 2014. Caroline takes her aged grandmother to Paris for a last holiday with her. It's difficult; she isn't very mobile and is almost blind. But they have a great time. Caroline: herself, Nana: Chantal Garrigues, other parts by Jot Davies. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

11 Jun: Saturday Play - Cassandra at the Wedding
By Dorothy Baker, dram. Peter Flannery. A story about identical twins, one of whom is determined to sabotage the other's wedding. Based on the novel written in 1962. Cassandra is the troublemaking sister. Vera: Nancy Crane, Cassandra: Hayley Atwell, Judith: Cassie Layton, Papa: Tom Clarke-Hill, Grandma: Buffy Davis, Jack: Walles Harmonde. Producer: Melanie Harris. 90m.

12 Jun: Classic Serial slot: Major Barbara, 2
By Shaw; conclusion. Cast - see entry for 5 Jun. Producer: Tracey Neale.

13 Jun: Behind Closed Doors, 1
By Clara Glynn. New series. Episode title: Contact. Drama about barrister Rebecca Nyman. A man goes to court to gain access to the child he fathered by sperm donation. Rebecca: Clare Corbett, Harry: Sam Alexander, Judge: Sean Baker, Beth: Robin Weaver, Melanie / Miss Haslow: Joanna McCallum. Producer: David Ian Neville.

14 Jun: Behind Closed Doors, 2
By Clara Glynn. Episode title: Section. Rebecca represents a client, Andrew, who has spent seven years in a secure psychiatric hospital. Now he thinks he's well enough to be released. Will the Tribunal agree? Rebecca: Clare Corbett, Andrew: Joe Sims, Judge: David Holt, Dr. Ruckman: Katherine Igoe, Dr. Reynolds: David Timson, Wendy Caston: Adie Allen, Charlotte Workman: Kirsty Oswald, Margosha: Nicola Ferguson. Producer: David Ian Neville.

15 Jun: Behind Closed Doors, 3
By Clara Glynn. Episode title: Protection. Rebecca represents a man who thinks he should allow his wife to die. She has shown no signs of consciousness since an accident three years ago. Rebecca: Clare Corbett, Mr. Buchar: Vincent Ebrahim, Justice Rainer: Elizabeth Bennett, Gavin Howell: Ewan Bailey, Emily Howell: Amy Schindler, Dr. Raplock / Mrs Forest: Clare Perkins, Prof. Rushmore: Brian Protheroe, Megan Trantor: Bettrys Jones. Producer: David Ian Neville.

16 Jun: Tommies,3
By Jonathan Ruffle. Mickey Bliss is summoned to advise on signals in Paris, where he comes across an impressive young woman and a disturbing figure from his past. Mickey: Lee Ross, commentator: Indira Varma, Miss Softley: Faye Castelowe, Robert de Tulio: Justin Salinger, Mrs. Flinders: Adie Allen, Celestine de Tulio: Pippa Nixon, Gen. Major Storms: James Lailey. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: David Hunter.

17 Jun: Reasons for Leaving
By Peter Whalley. A woman thinks someone is breaking into her house and calls the police. It is her estranged husband. Ian: Jason Done, Lauren: Sally Carmen, Tracy: Julia Roundthwaite, Sarah: Rachel Leskovac, Policeman: Stephen Fletcher, Policeman in Brighton: Eric Potts. Producer: Pauline Harris.

18 Jun: Saturday Play - Ferguson
By Bonnie Greer. Topical psychological drama, inspired by Strindberg's play 'The Father' which is about the disintegration of a marriage. Tavis is a famous jazz trumpeter and a former member of the Black Panthers. He wants his daughter to carry on with his revolutionary zeal. His wife believes the best way to effect change is through the daughter's education. Hugh Quarshie, Clare Perkins, Jason Barnett, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Nabil Elouahabi, Tamara Lawrence and Cecilia Noble. Producer: Emma Harding. 60m.

19 Jun: Classic Serial slot: The Power and the Glory
By Graham Greene, from the novel, ad. in two parts by Nick Warburton. It's 1930, and a priest in Mexico is fleeing anti-Catholic authorities, who intend to execute him. The whiskey priest: Stephen Rea, the Lieutenant: Hugo Speer, Tench: James Lailey, chief of police: brian protheroe, Luis: Milo Parker, Luis's mother: Nicola Ferguson, Padre Jose / beggar: Sean Baker, with Adie Allen, Elizabeth Bennett, Nick Underwood, Kirsty Oswald, Jason Barnett, Amy Jayne, Danny Sapani. Produced by Emma Harding.

20 Jun: The Victorian in the Wall
By Will Adamsdale. A musical comedy. A workshy writer discovers a Victorian man living in the wall of his flat. It turns out that the visitor may be able to revive his career and his tired relationship. Guy: Will Adamsdale, Elms: Matthew Steer, Fi: Melanie Wilson, Rob: Jason Barnett. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.

21 Jun: When I Lived In Peru
By Andrew Viner. A very funny comedy drama. Martin never goes anywhere, and gets irritated with the endless travelling anecdotes of his globetrotting girlfriend Clare. When he's made redundant, he starts pretending to Clare that he's still going to work. In fact he's using redundancy money to create a travel past for himself. One of the 'Original British Dramatists' series in 2014; well worth the repeat. Martin: Stephen Wright, Claire: Kelly Adams, Jaffari: Fiston Barek. Other parts played by Ery Nzaramba, Wilf Scolding, Priyanga Burford and Michael Bertenshaw. Producer: Liz Webb.

22 Jun: The Man who turned into a Sofa
Rpt from 17 Sep 2014. A true story about a depressed man and his comfortable sofa, and how they came to love one another. According to the credits at the end of the broadcast, it was written and performed by Polly Peters, Refusik (sp?) Peters and Rosalind Yana Peters. The voice of the sofa was Lorcan Cranitch (sp?). Produced by Tim Dee. Play credited to 'Andrew Peters' in RT.

23 Jun: Tommies
By Jonathan Ruffle. 23 June 1916. On a morale-boosting tour of troops gathering in the Somme valley, a celebrity poet and priest arrives to perform his popular verse, but inspirational speeches are not what the men really need when they are just days away from facing action. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, commentator: Indira Varma, Canon Robertson: James Lailey, Kenny Stokoe: Dean Logan, Joseph Gascoigne: Neil Grainger, Francis Woodrington: Nick Underwood, Juma Gubanda: John MacMillan, Ivor Gurney: Joe Sims. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jjonathan Ruffle; director for this episode: Jonquil Panting.

24 Jun: From A to Z
By Rose Heiney,rpt. Another play from the 'Original British Dramatists' series. Paul and Suzie have been together since they were teenagers. As they approach 30 they decide that they need to reignite their passion for each other, and participate together in 26 activities, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Paul - Alex Carter, Suzie - Catrin Stewart, with Alun Raglan, Claire Cage and Sam Jones. Producer Helen Perry.

25 Jun: Miss Julie
By Strindberg, ad. Roger James Elsgood. Aristocratic Julie manipulates her father's valet Jean and arranges matters so that she seduces him. The morning after, the balance of power turns. Jean realises he can now destroy Julie's reputation. Jane Anderson in RT: Strindberg's play questions whether Darwins theory of "Survival of the Fittest" apples across the class and gender divides. Miss Julie: Sofie Grabol, Jean: Lars Mikkelsen, Kristen: Marie Bach Hansen. Producer: Roger James Elsgood; director Willi Richards.

26 Jun: The Power and the Glory, 2
By Graham Greene, ad. Nick Warburton, set in the 1930s anti-Catholic purges. Concluding episode. The lieutenant closes in on the last priest in Mexico. The whiskey priest: Stephen Rea, the Lieutenant: Hugo Speer, Tench: James Lailey, chief of police: Brian Protheroe, Luis: Milo Parker, Luis's mother: Nicola Ferguson, Padre Jose / Beggar: Sean Baker, Maria / Jose's wife: Adie Allen, Grandmother: Elizabeth Bennett, Capt. Fellows / Governor's cousin: Nick Underwood, Coral: Kirsty Oswald, The Mestizo: Jason Barnett, Brigitta: Amy Jayne, Narrator: Danny Sapani. Producer: Emma Harding.

27 Jun: Ambiguous Loss - 477 Days
By Michael Butt, rpt. Trilogy. Sally's husband Aidan has been missing for over a year. His family debate whether they should get on with their lives or await his return. Drama made with the assistance of the charity Missing People. Part 1 of 3. Heather Craney, Carolyn Pickles, Joel McCormack, Georgie Fuller, Ewan Bailey, Amy Gonzalez. Producer Toby Swift.

28 Jun: Ambiguous Loss - No-Man's Land
By Michael Butt, rpt. Part 2. Details as yesterday.

29 Jun: Ambiguous Loss - Home
Concluding part, rpt. The Stephens prepare to welcome him home - a man who walked away from his family 17 years earlier. Cast etc: as Monday.

30 Jun: Tommies
30 June 1916. By Nandita Ghose. The German lines have been under constant bombardment for days. An attack is coming, but it is vital that the enemy does not know exactly when. As vast numbers of men, machinery and armaments move to their final jumping-off points, the Indian cavalry of the 34th Poona Horse face their battle plan. Meanwhile, Mickey Bliss is training the signallers of the Tyneside Scottish. He has thought of almost everything, but there's a detail he has missed. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, commentator: Indira Varma, Kenny Stokoe: Dean Logan, Sergeant Dixon: Daniel Weyman, Joseph Gascoigne: Neil Grainger, Francis Woodrington: Nick Underwood, Jemandar Mehta: Raj Ghatak, Sowar Gopal: Munir Khairdin. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: Jonquil Panting.

1 Jul: Lance
By Kieran Hodgson, who plays all the characters in his play about growing up obsessed with the cyclist Lance Armstrong. The play was originally staged at the Edinburgh Fringe. Producer: Caroline Raphael. (It's brilliant - Ed). Indie (Pier Productions).

2 Jul: Saturday Play - Boy
By Roald Dahl, dram. Lucy Catherine, to commemorate the centenary of RD's birth. The play is a dramatization of some memories of Roald's own childhood. There are references to his unhappy years at Repton school. Sophie Dahl, Roald's grand-daughter, recalls that one treat for the boys was the delivery of plain cardboard boxes from Cadbury's, asking the boys to test them and score the bars of chocolate. Narrator: Patrick Malahide, young Dahl: Tarkan Uzun, teenage Dahl: Asaac Rouse, mother: Joanna van Kampen, with Daniel Noel, Devon Ruckley, Adie Allen, Richard Nichols, Elizabeth Bennett, Jason Barnett, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Kirsty Oswald, Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Sean Baker. Producer: Helen Perry.

3 Jul: Classic Serial slot: Going Solo
By Roald Dahl, dram. Lucy Catherine. Part 1 of 2, RD's autobiography, about his travels around the world in his 20s. Roald: Patrick Malahide, young Roald: John Heffernan, Mother: Joanna van Kampen, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Brian Protheroe, Clare Perkins, Elizabeth Bennett, Nick Underwood, James Lailey, Tom Forrister, Sam Rix, Sean Baker and Jason Barnett. Produced by Helen Perry.

4 Jul: Missing in Action
By Clare Lizzimore, rpt. Psychological thriller. A woman's husband is missing in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, but she becomes convinced he is still alive after seeing his double in a supermarket. Daniel: Sam Troughton, Laura: Liz White, Natalie: Anna Madeley, Commanding officer: Clive Hayward, Brian: Craig Els, Foreman: Michael Bertenshaw. Producers: Claire Grove and Jonquil Panting.

5 Jul: Amsterdam
By Lenny Henry: comedy drama. Juliette takes her new boyfriend and her biggish sons on what she hopes will be a bonding trip to Amsterdam. Juliette: Frances Barber, Earl: Tyrone Huggins, Conroy: Lee Hodge, Junior: Jack Loxton, Lars from Mars: James Lailey, Huge Luke: Ewan Bailey, announcements / commentaries: Scarlett Brookes, Adie Allen, Anne Bunting, Marc Beeby, Shuming Chen. Producer: Mary Peate.

6 Jul: States of Mind: The Sky Is Wider
By Linda Marshall Griffiths. Part 1 of 2. The drama imagines the inner world of a woman who has unresponsive wakefulness syndrome after an accident. She fell off her bike and was run over by a car. Second part tomorrow. The sounds effects are something special in this play. Ella: Christine Bottomley, Charlie: Sydney Wade, Neurologist: Wil Johnson, Nurse: Yusra Warsama. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

7 Jul: States of Mind: The Sky Is Wider
By Jane Rogers. Part 2 of 2. Ella is now in a nursing home, years later, where virtual reality offers an entirely different soundscape. She can't commuiicate in the normal way, but can do so using a computer interface. Ella: Christine Bottomley, Charlie: Katie West, Kieran: Max True, Pete: Thomas Pickles, Jim /newsreader: Paul Barnhill. Producer: Nadia Molinari. (It's brilliant - Ed)

8 Jul: Defoe: Merchant, Writer, Convict, Spy
By Philip Palmer; a biographical drama. Daniel Defoe was never far from trouble and he died hiding from his creditors. Defoe tried to survive in a harsh world, describing how he wrote his way out of trouble in prison, came to the attention of one of the most powerful men in England, and became a spy for the government in the lead-up to the Act of Union. Daniel Defoe: Ben Miles, Mary Defoe: Niamh Cusack, Robert Harley: Pip Torrens, Jailers: Nick Underwood and Brian Protheroe. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

9 Jul: Saturday Play: Moll Flanders
By Daniel Defoe. Dram Nick Perry, of 'The Loop' fame. The first in a series of dramas juxtaposing Defoe's life against the exploits of his best-known characters. A visit to Newgate Jail offers Defoe a chance to meet 18th-century criminal Elizabeth Atkins, who tells him her strange life story. In need of ready money, he reinterprets her story, reinventing her as heroine Moll Flanders. Moll has to pit her wits against a world which seems determined to see her fail. Moll: Jessica Hynes, Daniel Defoe: Ben Miles, Mr. Mist: Brian Protheroe, Lady Cholmondley: Elizabeth Bennett, Jemmy: Blake Ritson, nurse: Clare Perkins, young Moll: Alex Jarett, Rob: Nick Underwood, Lucy: Kirsty Oswald, John: Tom Forrister, Robin: Sam Rix, Jailer: Sean Baker. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko. 60m.

10 Jul: Classic Serial slot: Going Solo, 2
By Roald Dahl, autobiog, dram. Lucy Catherine. This episode describes his RAF experiences during WW2. Roald: Patrick Malahide, young Roald: John Heffernan, David: Stuart McLoughlin, Mother: Joanna van Kampen, Commodire: Sean Baker, Carter: Jason Barnett, Pat Pattle: Brian Protheroe, Sister: Kirsty Oswald, Squadron Leader: James Lailey, Fitter: Nick Underwood, Medical examiner: Tom Forrister, Operator: Clare Perkins. Producer: Helen Perry.

11 Jul: Brief Lives, 1
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. A new series of 4 episodes. Two women are arrested for fighting in a hotel, and legal advisers Frank and Sarah reckon it's a fuss over nothing, until one of the women is accused of theft. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, Morgan: David Corden, Isabel: Jenny Platt, Lucy: Rosina Carbone, Ricky: Jonathan Tafler. Producer: Gary Brown.

12 Jul: Foreign Bodies: Keeping the Wolf Out, 1
By Philip Palmer, in two episodes. 1: The Wolf. This is a crime drama set in Hungary during the Cold War. A former member of the secret police has been found murdered, and a special investigator must find the killer, but not all his colleagues share his zeal. Concludes tomorrow. Bertalan: LeoBill, Franciska: Clare Corbett, Tibor: Andy Linden, Gizella: Nicola Ferguson, Mrs. Kovacs: Susan Jameson, Bela: Sargon Yelda, Mr. Papp: Nick Underwood, kitchen porter: Richard Pepple, Police officer / Csaba: Sam Rix, Lillien: Adie Allen. Producer: Toby Swift.

13 Jul: Foreign Bodies: Keeping the Wolf Out, 2
By Philip Palmer, in two episodes. 2: The Old Days. Societ investigators are determined to fmind the mole in the Ministry. Archivist Franciska Lazar finds herself in their sights as her detective husband investigates what becomes a brutal murder case. Cast etc: see yesterday.

14 Jul: The Bee Maker
By Anita Sullivan. Science fiction: in the year 2020, bees are almost extinct, so robotics expert Deborah builds artificial bees to help pollinate fruit trees across the world. But then something strange happens: people start getting lost. Deborah: Alice Lowe, May: Harriet Walter, Ant: Stuart McLoughlin, Hire car salesman: Alun Raglan, Customs official: John Norton, Lost passenger: Claire Cage. Producer: James Robinson.

15 Jul: A Hospital Odyssey
By Gwyneth Lewis. A contemporary view of The Odyssey, set in an NHS hospital. A woman's husband is diagnosed with cancer and she embarks on a mission to save him. As she does so, her world slides into science fiction, where she faces dark creatures and (as in the Homer original) tests of her resolve. Maris: Alexandra Roach, Wilson: Alex Beckett, Ludlow / Hardy: Patrick Brennan, The cancer mother / nurse / bee: Heather Craney, Philoctetes / the dragon / the bees / papilloma virus: Wilf Scolding, Hippocrates / administrator: Michael Bertenshaw. Producer: Allegra McIllroy.

16 Jul: Saturday Play: Moll Flanders, 2
Nick Perry's adaptation of Defoe's classic: conclusion. Defoe is convinced that his fictional version of Elizabeth Atkins' life story will be a best-seller, and will save him from his creditors. But before she can conclude her tale, she is arrested and taken back to prison. Moll F: Jessica Hynes, Daniel Defoe: Ben Miles, Mother Midnight: Alison Steadman, Jemmy: Blake Ritson, Jailer: Sean Baker, Rob: Nick Underwood, Mother: Elizabeth Bennett, Merchant: Jason Barnett, Landlade: Claire Perkins, Child: Alex Jarrett, Mr. Mist: Brian Protheroe, Lucy: Kirsty Oswald, Mercer: James Lailey, Court clerk: Tom Forrister, Apprentice: Sam Rix. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

17 Jul: Classic Serial slot: A Journal of the Plague Year
By Daniel Defoe, dramatised by Michael Butt. Daniel wrote his famous account of the Plague in 1722 to pay his debts. The journal is set around 1665. Daniel: Ben Miles, Nathaniel: Adrian Scarborough, Mrs. Hayward: David Hounslow, Mayor of London: James Lailey. The people of the London plague are played by Sean Baker, Elizabeth Bennett, Claire Perkins, Brian Protheroe, Kirsty Oswald, Nick Underwood, Tom Forrister, Adie Allen and Edward Prout. Producer: Emma Harding.

18 Jul: Brief Lives, 2
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. A man is arrested for suspected arson at a primary school where the pupils are mainly Muslims, prompting speculation that his act was racially motivated. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, DS Poole: Emily Pithon, Sameerah: Zoe Iqbal, Hassan: Dean Smith, Ian: James Cartwright. Producer: Gary Brown.

19 Jul: McLevy, 1
By David Ashton; repeat of series 9 from Nov 2012. A Dangerous Remedy. McLevy investigates a series of attacks on clients of bawdy house The Just Land, and Mulholland's Aunt Katie turns up unexpectedly pursued by an angry neighbour. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Hannah: Colette O'Neil, Katie: Cara Kelly, Finbar: Lewis Howden, Ogilvie: Douglas Russell, Mrs. Beaton: Carol Ann Crawford. Producer: Bruce Young.

20 Jul: McLevy, 2
By David Ashton, rpt. No Looking Back. A body turns up in a fisherman's net. McLevy finds that the murdered man, a violent soldier, was last seen in The Just Land. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Hannah ....... Colette O'Neil, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Pike ....... Gavin Mitchell, Cairns ....... James Bryce, Geddes ....... Jordan Young, Maisie ....... Sarah McCardie, Producer ....... Bruce Young .

21 Jul: McLevy, 3
By David Ashton, rpt. A Pearl in the Oyster. A prostitute falls in love and decides to pursue a more respectable life, but it doesn't all go according to plan. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Joseph Keir ....... Alexander Morton, Arthur Keir ....... Owen Whitelaw, Lily ....... Nicola Jo Cully, Ogilvie ....... Douglas Russell, Peggy ....... Ashley Smith, Producer ....... Bruce Young.

22 Jul: McLevy, 4
By David Ashton, rpt. The Cross-Roads. Jean, Roach and Mulholland join forces to rescue McLevy when he's kidnapped by a grieving father seeking vengeance for the death of his son. McLevy ....... Brian Cox, Jean ....... Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland ....... Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach ....... David Ashton, Joseph Keir ....... Alexander Morton, Producer ....... Bruce Young .

23 Jul: Saturday Play: Primo Levi's The Periodic Table, 6: Iron
2.30pm (60m): Primo shares his memories of working as a chemist in Mussolini's Italy, from his student days through to his first experiences in the profession, at a time when it was difficult for Jewish Italians to find work. Younger Primo: Akbar Kurtha, Older Primo: Henry Goodman, Enrico / Marchetti: Coalan McCarthy, Rina: Debra Baker, Lazzari: Sam Dale, Luca: Leo Wan, Giulia: Rebecca Hamilton, Caseli: Stephen Critchlow, Bettega: George Watkins, Rita: Katie Redford, Sandro: Andrew Rothney, Dallaporta: Richard Pepple, Antaeus: David Hounslow, Alida: Amelia Lowdell. Producers: Emma Harding and Marc Beeby.

23 Jul: 3.30pm (60m) 7: Gold
The author's account of his early career as a chemist continues as the Nazis invade Italy. Primo and his friends are forced to scatter and he and Vanda head for the mountains to join the partisans. Older Primo: Henry Goodman, younger Primo: Akbar Kurtha, Vanda: Rebecca Hamilton, Silvio: Leo Wan, Lina: Evie Killip, Aldo: George Watkins, Militiaman 1 / prisoner: David Hounslow, militiaman2: Caolan McCarthy, Fossa: Stephen Critchlow, Cagni: Nicholas Murchie. Producers: Emma Harding and Marc Beeby.

There were other Primo Levi dramatisations during the day and in the previous week. Details below:

23 Jul: 10.30am (30m) 5: Mercury
The story involves an Atlantic island inhabited by an English captain and his wife. Dram. Graham White, with an introduction by Janet Suzman. Abrahams: Paul Hilton, Maggie: Amelia Lowdell, Hendrik: Nicholas Murchie, Willem: Leo Wan, Andrea: Chris Pavlo, Gaetano: George Watkins, Burton: Richard Pepple, Rebecca: Debra Baker, Woman: Katie Redford. Producers: Emma Harding and Marc Beeby.

23 Jul: 7.00pm (30m) 8: Cerium
The author's account of his earlier years continues: he gives an account of how his training as a chemist helped him survive Auschwitz. Older Primo: Henry Goodman, younger Primo: Akbar Kurtha, Alberto: Leo Wan, Guard: Erich Redman, Prisoners: David Hounslow and Sam Dale. Producers: as above.

    18 Jul: 9.45am (15m) Primo Levi's The Periodic Table: Introduction
    Janet Suzman's introduction to dramatisations of Primo's stories, examining the human relationship with the chemical elements which make up the world we know, in 11 episodes. There are some archive recordings of the writer. Series producers: Emma Harding and Marc Beeby.

    19 Jul: 9.45am (15m) 1: Vanadium
    Dram. Graham White. Primo's job at a paint factory brings him into contact with Auschwitz researcher Doktor Muller. Older Primo: Henry Goodman, younger Primo: Akbar Kurtha, Cornetto: John Rowe, Dr. Muller: Erich Redman, Lucia: Juliet Aubrey, Polish overseer: Chris Pavlo.

    20 Jul: 9.45am (15m) 2: Argon
    Primo imagines a fantasy meeting with his Piedmontese ancestors, who share some characteristics with the noble gases. Piedmont is in north-west Italy.

    21 Jul: 9.45am (15m) 3: Sulphur and Titanium
    In "Sulphur", Ben Crowe plays a boilerman who saves Primo's factory from disaster. "Titanium", read by Evie Killip, is about a little girl fascinated by a man painting with white paint.

    22 Jul: 9.45am (15m) 4: Lead
    This is a reading by Paul Copley about a prospector looking for a lead-containing mineral. Partly dramatised (by Graham White) and introduced by Janet Suzman.

24 Jul: Sunday afternoon slot, 3pm: (60m) 9: Arsenic and Silver
Primo recounts amusing tales from his career as a chemist at his retirement party. Dram. Graham White; intro by Janet Suzman. Older Primo: Henry Goodman, younger Primo: Akbar Kurtha, Cornetto: John Rowe, Versino: Jessica Turner, Lentini: Nicholas Murchie, Bruni: David Horovitch, Lucia: Juliet Aubrey, Emilio: Caolan McCarthy, Bonino: Sam Dale, Gina: Rebecca Hamilton, Gallery owner: Stephen Critchlow, Farmer: David Hounslow, customer: Ben Crowe. Producers: Emma Harding and Marc Beeby.

24 Jul: 4pm Sunday afternoon (25m) 10: Vanadium, part 2
Primo receives a letter from a client whom he remembers as a doctor at Auschwitz, and who now wants to meet him. Older Primo: Henry Goodman, younger Primo: Akbar Kurtha, Cornetto: John Rowe, Dr. Muller: Erich Redman, Lucia: Juliet Aubrey, Polish overseer: Chris Pavlo.

24 Jul: 7.15 Sunday evening (15m) 11: Carbon
Primo's final tale imagines the journey of a single atom of carbon over the course of centuries. Introduced by Janet Suzman, with Henry Goodman as Primo.

25 Jul: Brief Lives, 3
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. A music teacher is arrested for an unlawful relationship with a 15-year-old pupil, but Frank and Sarah realise that this is not a straightforward case. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, DC Shankley: Kate Coogan, Georgina: Alexandra Mathie, Alba: Sara Bahadori, Simon: Lloyd Peters, policeman: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

26 Jul: The Vicar, the Automaton and the Talking Dog
By Lavinia Murray. The play is about a day in the childhood of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and how this was a consequence of his mother's deafness. Aleck: John Bell, Ben: Keir Beckwith, Rev. McReady: Stuart McQuarrie, Father / Trouve: Seamus O'Neill, Mother: Morag Schiller, Melville: Stephen Fletcher. Producer: Pauline Harris.

27 Jul: Black and Blue, 1: Hands Up
Six young black male playwrights offer ideas about how to fight racism and change society for the better, in the wake of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The drama is adapted by Judith Kampfner from the stage play "String Music" from a story by George Pelecanas. Cast includes Dorian Missick, Clark Jackson, Jordan Mahome, Eden Merryshow, Jamie Lincoln Smith and Gregarious Reid. Produced by Judith Kampfner.

28 Jul: Black and Blue: String Music
Another drama about black men and police in America. Adapted from a short story by George Pelecanas. A white beat cop tries to protect a picked-upon black teenager in a troubled area of Washington DC. Nick Pelecanos, Thaddeus Street, Anwan Glover, Malcolm Xavier, Camari Brown, Eric Lockley, Richard Pelzman, Pater S Cooper, Victoria Wallace, Joy Jones, Nyeema Carter, Cheronda Farrish, Sydney Beveridge, Cole Taylor. Producer: Judith Kampfner.

29 Jul: Strangers in the Night
By Georgia Fitch, rpt. It's 1969 - English actress Carol White is trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood, but she finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Frank Sinatra. Their intense friendship could prove to be the ultimate distraction. Carol: Nicola Stapleton, Paul Burke: Patrick Kennedy, Frank Sinatra: Ben Crowe, John/Earl: Colin MacFarlane, Reece: Cecilia Noble.

30 Jul: Saturday Play - Curse of the Beagle
Spoof Victorian melodrama by Humphrey Ker and David Reed; a humorous radio cartoon about Charles Darwin's voyage on HMS Beagle. Given by the three Penny Dreadfuls and Margaret Cabourn-Smith. Thom Tuck as Darwin, with Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Margaret Cabourn-Smith taking all other parts. Produced by Julia McKenzie.

31 Jul: Classic Serial slot: My Beautiful Friend, 1
By 'Elena Ferrante', dram. Timberlake Wertenbaker. A story set in the 1950s about the lifelong friendship of two girls growing up in a poor neighbourhood outside Naples. Trans. Ann Goldstein. Lena: Monica Dolan, Lila: Anastasia Hille, Lila as a child: Grace Wingate, Lila as an adolescent: Chloe Harris, Lena as a child: Elisabeth McEvilly, Lena as an adolescent: Daisy Tomkinson. Produced by Celia de Wolff.

1 Aug: Brief Lives, 4
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. A judge is accused of rape, but he says the accusation is malicious because he broke off the relationship. Frank is inclined to believe him... Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Sally Dexter, Judge Berryman: Kevin Doyle, DI Wendy Rose: Natalie Grady, Jonathan: Darren Kuppan, Miranda: Erin Shanagher. Producer: Gary Brown.

2 Aug: Poetry in Motion
By Katie Hims. Five strangers board a train bound for Manchester. They have never met. We hear the thoughts of each person and these soon move from practical matters to inner demons: anxieties over presenting a vital pitch; running away from one's family; the death of a child. Katie Hims brings together the separate story lines and by the time the passengers disembark they all feel a little less lonely. (precis of Jane Anderson's remarks in RT). Valerie - Rachel Davies, Leonard - Alan Williams, Karla - Karla Crome, Reece - Ashley Kumar, Bridie - Adie Allen, Cashier - Kirsty Oswald, Train announcer - Nick Underwood. Producer: Mary Peate.

3 Aug: Dad
By Sarah McDonald-Hughes, rpt. An 18-year-old boy is given full-time care of his baby daughter for a fortnight. He finds that it is probably the most challenging thing he has ever done. Joel: Robert Hawthorne, Naomi: Sarah McDonald-Hughes, Danny: Reece Noi, Tracy: Flo Wilson, Amy: Rosina Carbone, Ashleigh: Lauren Gabrielle-Thomas. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

4 Aug: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Part 1.
By Alexander McCall-Smith; dramatization of his story "The Woman who walked in Sunshine". Mma Ramotswe comes to terms with a new and difficult situation: taking a holiday. Mma Ramotswe: Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi: Nadine Marshall, Lady 2 / Mma Potokwane: Janice Acquah, Mr. JLB Matekoni: Ben Onwukwe, Mr. Polopetsi: Steve Toussaint, Samuel: Kal Francis-Lewis, Lady 1/Woman: Elanor Crooks. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

5 Aug: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Part 2.
Conclusion of yesterday's story. A holiday does not necessarily mean that Mma Ramotswe does no work ... Cast / production details as yesterday, plus: Couisin / Stella: Clare Perkins, Saint / Bartender: Jason Barnett.

6 Aug: Saturday Play: The Clintons
Play 1 of 3: Heck, don't vote for him. By Jonathan Myerson. The first of three plays about key moments in the lives and careers of Hillary and Bill Clinton. In this first play, Bill launches his campaign to get the Democratic nomination. A woman comes forward to say she had a 12-year affair with him, but Hillary responds. Hillary Rodham: Fenella Woolgar, Bill: Corey Johnson, Steve Kroft / Dick Morris: Kerry Shale, Betsey Wright: Laurel lefkow, James Carville: Jason Barnett, George Stephanopoulos: Tom Forrister, Secretary: Clare Perkins. Producer: Jonquil Panting. 45m (rather than the usual 60m) Saturday Play slot.

7 Aug: Classic Serial slot: My Beautiful Friend, 2/2
By Elena Ferrante, dram. Timberlake Wertenbaker. The friendship of two girls growing up in a poor neighbourhood outside Naples, conclusion. Translated by Ann Goldstein. Lena: Monica Dolan, Lila: Anastasia Hille, Lila as a child: Grace Wingate, Lila as an adolescent: Chloe Harris, Lena as a child: Elisabeth McEvilly, Lena as an adolescent: Daisy Tomkinson. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

8 Aug: Music To See By
By Jeremy Raison, inspired by his own battle with blindness. In 1776, the Viennese physician Franz Anton Mesmer offered to treat blind musical prodigy Maria Theresia von Paradis with a revolutionary technique using his glass harmonica. Maria has endured a lifetime of quacks and opportunists and wants no more treatments, but she complies and it seems there may be some hope. Maria: Nicola Ferguson, Franz: Neil McKinven, Frau von Paradis: Sharon MacKenzie. Producer: David Ian Neville; directors: Jeremy Raison and David Ian Neville.

9 Aug: Tracks, 1: The Nervus Vagus
By Matthew Broughton; a nine-part conspiracy thriller. Dr. Helen Ash witnesses the crash of the plane carrying her father. The event sets her on an investigation into as dark conspiracy. Helen: Romola Garai, Michael: Alex Beckett, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Rosie: Susan Jameson, Miranda: Suzanne Packer, Policeman: Matthew Gravelle, Pilot: Richard Nichols, Mrs. Trewin: Caroline Berry, Susana: Claire Cage, Florian: Sean Baker. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

10 Aug: Recent Events at Collington House
By Matthew Solon, rpt. The play is set in a Midlands town and it concerns the conflict between the staff and an objectionable Muslim parent governor. Roz: Heather Craney, Abdul: Neil D'Souza, Jaffer: Sam Dastor, Folasade 'Sade': Tracy Ifeachor, John: Philip Jackson, Mrs. Barlow: Becci Gemmill, PC Khan: Jaz Deol. Producer: John Dryden. Indie production: Goldhawk.

11 Aug: The Man Inside the Radio is my Dad
By Louise Monahan, rpt. A play which describes vividly the difficulties a child faces when her father, unknown to her, is in prison. How will she cope at school? BBC blurb - 'Seven-year-old Chloe worries that her mother is lying when she is told that her father is away on a trip and will not be home for a long time. When Chloe begins to tell people her father is dead, her mother realises that she must tell her the truth'. Charlie Brooks, Trixiebelle Harrowell, Christine Absalom, Jane Slavin, Harry Myers. Producer - Tracey Neale.

12 Aug: Saturday Play - The Tunnel
By David Lemon. A play set forty years into the future, following the collapse of digital technology and the information revolution. George and his grand-daughter are fleeing a chaotic and starving land to reach a rumoured safe haven. George: Jonathan Coy, Chloe: Georgia Groome, Simon: Neil Grainger, Mitch: Nicola Ferguson, Kenneth / the Captain: Sargon Yelda, Pamela: Adie Allen, Joel: James Lailey, French soldier: Scarlett Brookes. Produced by Gemma Jenkins.

13 Aug: Saturday Play - The Clintons, 2
By Jonathan Myerson. The play is set in 1995, when independent counsel Kenneth Starr tackles Bill Clinton over the failed Whitewater property scheme. Plans to derail Clinton's presidency are foiled when Susan McDougal, a partner in the scheme, refuses to implicate Bill in return for her own immunity. However, Monica Lewinsky enters the frame ... and there is now a real possibility of Clinton being removed from office. Bill Clinton: Corey Johnson, Hillary: Fenella Woolgar, Susan McDougal: Samantha Dakin, Bobby McDaniel / Rahm Emanuel: Rashan Stone, Jim McDougal: Brian Protheroe, OIC lawyer / Sidney Blumenthal: Joseph Balderrama, George Stephanopoulos: Tom Forrister, Claudia Riley: Clare Perkins, Waitress: Kirsty Oswald, Judge: Sean Baker. Producer: Jonquil Panting. 45m instead of the usual 60.

14 Aug: Classic Serial slot - Greece: The Final Reckoning
By Petros Markaris, dram. Michael Butt. A serial killer is murdering many of Greece's wealthiest tax evaders. But for Inspector Jaritos the need to find the culprit has become more than just professional. The events are set in 2008, just before the elections which will bring Alexis Tsipras to power. Kosta Jaritos: Philip Jackson, Adriani: Pamela Miles, Katerina Bilova: Jane Slavin, Det Kula: Amaka Okafor, Det Vlas: Chris Pavlo, Supt. Guikas: Stephen Boxer, Zisis: Michael Elwin, Katsumbelos: Paul Panting. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

15 Aug: A Meeting with Dora
By Don Shaw, rpt. The writer mixes fact and fiction to recreate a meeting he had with Dora Russell, a woman's rights activist, in 1979. Dora: Eleanor Bron, Don Shaw: David Schofield. Produced by Pauline Harris.

16 Aug: Tracks, 2: The Broca and Wernicke Areas
By Matthew Broughton; conspiracy thriller. Helen and Freddy investigate why one of the passengers does not have a heart (sic) and look at whether the Mayflower medical corporation could be implicated in the 'plane crash. Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Michael: Alex Beckett, Louise: Alexandra Riley, Deborah: Suzanne Packer, the manager: Matthew Gravelle, the receptionist: Claire Cage, Florian: Sean Baker, O'Brien: Richard Mitchley. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

17 Aug: Wounded Light
By John Lynch. When a writer is invited to become an honorary citizen of the town where his mother was born, he goes on a journey of self-discovery. James: John Lynch, Rosina: Sian Phillips, young Rosina: Sophia Di Martino, Italia: Rosina Carbone, Luigi: Cesare Taurasi, Ann: Una Kavanagh. Producer: John Lynch, director: Nadia Molinari.

18 Aug: Hatch, Match and Dispatch
By Gary Brown, rpt. Ep. 1: Six tales which start in a registry office and end in a birth, marriage or death. In this first story, a man embarks on a quest to find his true identity. Mark: Dylan Edwards, Uncle Harry: Ewan Bailey, Elaine: Denise Black, Helen: Katherine Jakeways, Lionel: Christian Patterson, Charlotte: Rachel Redford, Dad: David Cann. Produced by Helen Perry.

19 Aug: The Virtues of Oblivion
By James Meek. Metaphysical thriller. A university professor, Carl, has devoted his life to the work of a philosopher living a solitary existence on a remote island in Estonia. When the man dies, Carl finds that he has been appointed executor to the literary estate... Carl: James Purefoy, Lena: Emma Sidi, Jonny: Tom Forrister, Andrew Simmons: Robert Blythe, Vice-Chancellor: Brian Protheroe, Boatman: Michael Bertenshaw. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

20 Aug: Saturday Play - The Clintons
By Jonathan Myerson. Play 3: The Man Scale. This is the story of Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, and the rise of Barack Obama. It is 2008, and Bill Clinton is helping her campaign. [Seems odd that there is a play about the Clintons at the same time that Hillary Clinton is fighting the election campaign against Donald Trump - Ed. ] Cast: Hillary: Fenella Woolgar, Bill: Corey Johnson, Chelsea Clinton: Janine Harouni, Patti Solis Doyle: Nancy Crane, Mark Penn: Trevor White, Huma Abedin: Lisa Cafruccio, with Jason Barnett and Kirsty Oswald. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

21 Aug: Classic Serial slot: Greece - The Final Reckoning, 2
By Petros Markaris, dram. Michael Butt. The serial killer is still at large, murdering the nation's wealthiest tax evaders. Inspector Jaritos continues to search ... it is 2008, just before the elections which will bring Tsipris to power. Kosta Jaritos: Philip Jackson, Adriani: Pamela Miles, Katerina Bilova: Jane Slavin, Det Kula: Amaka Okafor, Det Vlas: Chris Pavlo, Supt Guikas: Stephen Boxer, Zisis: Michael Elwyn, Merenditis: Paul Panting, Nasiotis: John McAndrew. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

22 Aug: Ghosts of Heathrow
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz, rpt. Psychic adventure based on original research interviews, set in Heathrow Airport, where some ghost sightings have been reported. On the eve of the presentation he has to give at Heathrow, marketing consultant Martin receives a ghostly visitor in his hotel room. Martin - Paul McGann, Rebecca - Susannah Harker, 16-String Jack - Joe Armstrong, Mr. Monday - Dudley Sutton, Geoffrey - Kevin Harvey, producer - Joby Waldman.

23 Aug: Tracks,3: The Pineal Gland
By Matthew Broughton. While Helen continues investigating Florian's fellow passengers, she uncovers another disturbing medical mystery. Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Michael: Alex Beckett, Mrs. Moore: Pauline McLynn, Man Seok: Paul Courtenay Hyu, Jae Sung: Leo Wan, Miriam: Ruth Lloyd, Miranda: Suzanne Packer, policeman: Matthew Gravelle, Florian: Sean Baker.Producer: Helen Perry. (Episodes 1-2 were produced by James Robinson).

24 Aug: On The Road Not Taken
By Paul Dodgson. Autobiographical drama. As a teenager, Paul longed to head out on the road with a guitar and his head full of songs, but he was too scared and got a proper job instead. Now, thirty years later, he's actually doing it. [I am in touch with Paul on FB; he is posting regular updates as to his progress around the country and news about his gigs. Use Google (search for "Road Not Taken" plus his name) to find details of venues / dates)]. Young Paul: Isaac Rouse, Fred: Max Abraham, Andy: Tyler Bennington-Poulter, Paul's dad: Ewan Bailey, Paul's mum: Sally Orrock. Produced by Kate McAll.

25 Aug: Hatch, Match & Dispatch
By Leah Chillery, rpt. Episode title: Losing My Penny. Leo is in love with Penny and plans to marry her. It seems that there is only her possessive father in the way. Leo: Don Gilet, Penny: Verity-May Henry, Rita: Kathryn Hunt, Henry: Conrad Nelson, Duchess: Tupele Dorgu, Bartholomew: Fiona Clarke. Producer: Gary Brown.

26 Aug: Northern Lights
By Paul Fraser. It's check-in day at a caravan park in northern England, and handyman Tom is starting to realise that blocked plumbing and broken aerials are the least of his problems. Tom: Michael Socha, Abby: Rachel Deering, Frank/Mike: Mark Addy, Janet/Sue: Susan Brown, Jock/Dan: Gordon Kennedy, Garf/Man: Sam Rix, with Glenn Hirst and Kirsty Oswald. Producer: Gemma McMullan.

27 Aug: Saturday Play - Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
By Alan Sillitoe, adapted for radio by Robert Rigby. 60m. A borstal youth recalls his crimes and works out his future as he trains to take part in a big cross-country race. The borstal governor is keen for his boy to win, and says that taking part in the race may transform him into an honest man. Smith, the youth: Lee Rufford, Governor: Karl Johnson, Roach: Tom Turner, Mrs. Smith: Natalie Grady, with Hoah Burdett, Tom Vanson, Graeme Hawley, David Hounslow, Michael Thomas, Barbara Kirby, David Timson, Millie Binks and Eve Manning. Produced by Lucinda Mason Brown; directed by Carl Prekopp.

28 Aug: Classic Serial slot: New Grub Street, 1
By George Gissing, ad. Christopher Douglas; 2 episodes. The play is set in 1880s London and concentrates on looking at two authors: one with artistic ambitions and one only interested in making money. George Gissing: Christopher Douglas, Edwin Reardon: Sam Alexander, Jasper Milvain: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Amy/Edith: Emily Pithon, with Olivia Hallinan, Jonathan Keeble and Victoria Brazier. Produced by Gary Brown.

29 Aug: Mr. Trollope and the Labours of Hercules
By Patricia Cumper. Based on Anthony Trollope's experiences in Jamaica, where the author was sent to reorganise the postal service. Hercules: Patterson Joseph, Trollope: Justin Edwards, Miss Grant: Cecilia Noble, Josephine: Sapphire Joy, Husband: Philip Fox, Wife: Christine Kavanagh, Planter: Sam Dale. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

30 Aug: Tracks, 4
By Matthew Broughton. New information points Helen towards a connection with the Iraq war. Then there is a little boy in a coma... Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Michael: Alex Beckett, Dr. Petrauskas: Tristan Shurrock, Insp. Kirby: Jaimi Barbakoff, Security guard: John Norton, Jae Sung: Leo Wan, Man Seok: Paul Courtenay Hyu. Producer: Helen Perry.

31 Aug: The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight
By Charlotte Bogard Macleod. This isn't really a play in the usual sense; more a dramatised narration with some science thrown in; nevertheless an interesting listen. The RT blurb runs as follows: "What are the odds on(sic) the earnest statistician Liam meeting the impulsive photographer Sadie? What are the chances of starting a family? A tale of love, surrogacy and statistics". Liam: Andrew Scott, Sadie: Jeany Spark, Cath: Hannah Genesius, Finn: Karna Majdian. Produced by David Hunter.

1 Sep: Hatch, Match and Dispatch
Episode title: Time and Tide, rpt. By David Hodgson. Teddy awakens on his stag night naked and and handcuffed to a lamp post. This isn't his only problem; something very strange is going on with time. Old Man: Will Tacey, Teddy: Alan Morrissey, Lawrence: Will Ash, Megan: Hannah Wood, Brankin: Sean Mason, Jess: Harriet Chandler Wood, Shaffy: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

2 Sep: Lost in Glencoe
By Maggie Ayre. A drama-doc about a relative of hers who disappeared in Glencoe 60 years ago, leaving an empty tent and supplies, and causing a rift in the family which has continued through the generations. Maggie goes in search of him and talks to the relatives and friends he left behind, set aganist a narration from the man himself. Produced by Maggie Ayre.

3 Sep: Saturday Play: Fire of London
By Pepys.Dramatization by Hattie Naylor of the relevant parts of Pepys' diary, rpt, to mark the 350th anniversary. Early on 2 Sep 1666, Samuel Pepys and his wife were awoken by the news that there was a serious fire near London Bridge. He soon realised that the city might be destroyed. A great city was rapidly turned into a chaotic inferno. (summarised from Jane Anderson's RT review) 60m. Pepys: Kris Marshall, Elizabeth Pepys: Katherine Jakeways, Will: John Biddle, Charles II: Ewan Bailey, Jane: Rebecca Newman, Mayor Bludworth: Matthew Gravelle, Mr. Howells: Dick Bradnum, Mr. Houblon: Richard Nichols, Mrs. Wood: Siriol Jenkins, Mrs. Batelier: Eiry Thomas. Producer: Kate McAll.

4 Sep: Classic Serial slot: New Grub Street, 2
By George Gissing. Conclusion. George Gissing: Christopher Douglas, Edwin Reardon: Sam Alexander, Jasper Milvain: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Amy/Edith: Emily Pithon, with Olivia Hallinan, Jonathan Keeble and Victoria Brazier. Produced by Gary Brown.

5 Sep: The Electrical Venus
By Julie Mayhew.A story about an 18th-century circus. Mim is the new star. She was raised by the proprietor and deserted by her mistress. Mim: Hannah John-Kamen, Alex: Arthur Hughes, Fox: Mark Edel-Hunt, Grainger: Michael Bertenshaw, Lizzie: Jane Slavin, Abel: Peter Burroughs, Old Joe / Count: David Cann. Produced by Emma Harding.

6 Sep: Tracks, 5
By Matthew Broughton. Episode title: Hippocampus. Helen is confined to a hospital bed. She wants to continue the investigation into the plane crash and her missing father. But with the mystery child in a coma in the same building, is she safe? Helen: Romola Garai, Michael: Alex Beckett, Nick Kading: Paul Copley, Florian, Helen's father: Sean Baker, Inspector Kirby: Jaimi Barbakoff, Referee: Tristan Sturrock, Bouncer: Rhodri Meilir. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

7 Sep: Hidden Harm
Don't know who wrote this - no credit in RT. Sam and Lucy return home to live with their father. They've been apart for a year, since their father starting depending on drink. Now he seems to have dried out, but can he stay off the booze when the pressure is on? Sam: Finn Monteath, Lucy: Fern Deacon, Gary: Tom Brooke, Ken: John Benfield, Miss Nelson: Clare Perkins, Mum: Kirsty Oswald. Producer: Sally Avens.

8 Sep: Hatch, Match & Dispatch
Episode title: A Certain Date. By Alan Harris. A comedy. Geoff, the Slim Reaper, is a pest control man who kills rats all day long. Then he meets Mystic Jane. Geoff: Julian Lewis Jones, Valmai: Sara McGaughey, Sandy: Katy Owen, Mystic June: Lisa Palfrey, Doctor Ramis: Richard Mitchley, Pigeon: Sion Pritchard, King Rat: Michael Bertenshaw. Producer: Helen Perry.

9 Sep: The Other Simenon
Another sinister story by Georges Simenon, rpt. Episode title: Teddy Bear. A society gynaecologist tries to escape the boredom of his life by starting a second affair, and gets more than he bargained for. Chabot: David Holt, Barnacle/Lambert: Robert Blythe, David/Milkulski: Joe Sims, Viviane: Liza Sadovy, Christine: Christine Absalom, Emma: Amie Burns Walker. Producer: Hannah Newton.

10 Sep: Saturday Play: True West
By Sam Shepherd, ad. John Peacock. 90m. A story of rivalry between two brothers. One is a screenwriter; the other a drifter whom he has not seen for years. The parts are played by real-life brothers Philip and Robert Glenister. Austin: Philip Glenister, Lee: Robert Glenister, Saul Kimmer: William Hope, Mom: Julia McKenzie. Producer: Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Productions)

11 Sep: Classic Serial slot: Tsar, 1: Ivan the Terrible
Episode title: Absolute Power. By Mike Walker. The drama looks at the lifves of Russia's leaders throughout the country's history, beginning with Ivan's rise to power. Ivan: David Threlfall, Boris Gudunov: Shaun Dooley, Malyuta Skuratov: Steven Hartley, Andrei Kurbsky: Hugo Speer, Asastasia Romanov: Kirsty Oswald, Prince Belsky: Sean Baker, Jeremy Horsey: James Lailey, Metropolitian Philip II: Jason Barnett, Vanya: Tom Forrister, Younger Ivan: Graham Butler, Younger Kurbsky: Will Howard, Midwife: Elizabeth Bennett. Producers: Sasha Yevtushenko and Alison Hindell.

12 Sep: The Archers
60m. This is a repeat of yesterday's 7pm special - the culmination of a three-year conflict between Rob Titchener and Helen, the wife whom he sought to control by a systematic campaign of bullying and sexual abuse. The court case is now almost over; the jury has retired to consider its verdict ... will the result be a fair one, or will there be a miscarriage of justice? ( A contender for best radio drama of the year ......outstanding! - Ed.)

13 Sep: Tracks, 6
By Matthew Broughton. Episode title: Nociceptors. Dr.Helen uncovers details of an illicit industry. She wonders about the purpose of the medical experiment on the boy in a coma, and how it might connect to the 'plane crash.Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Michael: Alex Beckett, Nick Kading: Paul Copley, Rosie: Sue Jameson, Mortunary Assistant: Caroline Berry, Man: Sam Rix. Produced by Helen Perry.

14 Sep: The 56
By Matt Woodhead and Gemma Wilson. A drama based on the fire which broke out during a football match at Bradford on 11 May 1985. 56 people died and 200 were injured. (From Jane Anderson's remarks, Radio Times, slightly edited by ND: ......The play uses material from 100 hours of real-life testimonies and interviews with witnesses. Every sentence in the script comes from the mouth of a survivor. The playwrights have condensed the content into three main characters for dramatic clarity.) With Duncan Preston, Melanie Kilburn and Vincent Franklin. Produced by Toby Swift.

15 Sep: Hatch, Match and Dispatch
By Anna Maria Murphy, rpt. A man says to his daughter that he was never born and has lived forever. She looks for the truth. Beth: Eiry Thomas, Patrick: Peter Marinker, Bill: Chris Patterson, Mrs. Knowles: Sharon Morgan, Miriam/Janet: Eirlys Bellin, Reg/Harold: Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

16 Sep: The Other Simenon: The Neighbours
Dram. Ronald Frame, rpt. The director of a travel agency moves his family to a new housing estate but he soon becomes obsessed by the conversations from his neighbours' apartment. Emile: Jamie Glover, Blanche: Robin Weaver, Alain: Sam Alexander, Irene: Alison Pettit, Leon: Ben Crowe, Neighbours: Joe Sims and Alex Rivers. Producer: David Ian Neville.

17 Sep: Saturday Play - The Bargain
By Ian Curteis, based on an actual encounter between Robert Maxwell and Mother Teresa. They met in 1988 when Teresa was visiting London. She died in 1997 and has recently been canonised. Robert: David Horovitch, Teresa: Charlotte Cornwall, sidekick: David Sibley, Sister: Geraldine Alexander. Producer: David Ian Neville. (see Ian Curteis page)

18 Sep: Classic Serial slot: Tsar, 2
By Mike Walker. The reign of Boris Godunov, focusing on the steps he took to seize the throne and on the Time of Troubles, a period which saw the Russian crown change hands five times in 22 years. Boris: Shaun Dooley, Maria Nagaya: Elizabeth Berrington, Feodor Romanov: Jason Barnett, Vasily Shuisky: Sean Baker, Feodor I: Tom Forrister, Jerome Horsey: James Lailey, Petya: Fisayo Akinade, Marta: Kirsty Oswald, Dmitri Ivanovitch: Finn Monteath, Andrei: Tom Taylor. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

19 Sep: Blink
By Phil Porter, rpt. A play about a love affair between shy individuals Sophie and Jonah. Sophie: Lizzy Watts, Jonah: Thomas Pickles, with Scarlett Brookes, Clive Hayward, Craige Els, Heather Craney and Jaimi Barbakoff. Produced by David Hunter.

20 Sep: Tracks, 7
By Matthew Broughton. Episode title: The Nucleus Accumbens. Still reeling from the murder of her husband, Helen is kidnapped by the organ traffickers she thinks killed him, along with her mother. Helen: Romola Garai, Rosie: Susan Jameson, Man: Sam Rix, Jae Sung: Leo Wan, Doctor: Nabil Elouahabi. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

21 Sep: Greed is Good
By Hugh Costello. Inspired by the recent public inquiry into Ireland's financial crash, the play looks at the difficulty of leading a virtuous life in a financial sector which encourages people to take whatever they can get away with. The play is entirely fictional. Elaine Cosgrove: Karen Ardiff, Arthur Warnock: Declan Conlon, Liam O'Donnell: John Kavanagh, Frank Cosgrove: Stuart Graham, Joyce Carroll: Alice McCartney, Orla McKnight: Ali White, Judge: Hugh Costello. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

22 Sep: Hatch, Match and Dispatch
By Lavinia Murray, rpt. Episode title: Elephants all the way up. Harper is a simple soul who works in a zoo, but his life is complicated. His wife wants a baby. His father is a bare-knuckle boxer. One day he notices the ground beginning to shift. Harper: Graeme Hawley, Yolanda: Kate Coogan, Dad: Seamus O'Neill, Carlos: Chris Jack, with Lloyd Peters, Malcolm Raeburn and Lisa Allen. Producer: Gary Brown.

23 Sep: The Other Simenon: The Venice Train
By Simenon, adapted by Ronald Frame from the novel, rpt. A man is asked to deliver a briefcase to an address in Lausanne. Events take a turn for the worse, and he flees with the bag; a decision which turns out to be very unwise. Justin: Paul Bown, Dominique: Clare Corbett, Stranger: Crawford Logan, Jouve: Carl Prekopp, Secretary: Susie Riddell. Producer: David Ian Neville.

24 Sep: Saturday Play slot: The Forsyte Saga
By John Galsworthy, in 7 episodes, from books 5 and 6. It is 1924, and the young socialite Fleur Forsyte has decided to forget her passionate romance with Jon. Now she is married to parliamentarian Michael Mont and helping him in his career. Troubles begin when Jon's brother-in-law Frances arrives, along with Fleur's father, who has become bored with retirement. Fleur: Jessica Raine, Soames: Joseph Mjillsom, Michael: Ben Lambert, Marjorie: Jemima Roper, Alexander MacGowan: Alex Macqueen, Frances: Nathan Nolan, Sir Lawrence Mont: Brian Protheroe, Jon: Jonathan Bailey, with Nick Underwood, Juliet Aubrey, Tom Forrister, Kirsty Oswald, James lailey, Jason Barnett, Nicola Ferguson, Sean Baker, Janine Harouni, Sarah-Jane Holm, Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Matt Gavan, Clare Perkins.Producer: Marion Nancarrow. Note that eps 2-6 were broadcast in the daily 12m slot during Woman's Hour and in the evening.

25 Sep:Classic Serial slot: Peter the Great: The Gamblers
By Mike Walker. The early reign of Peter the Great, who came to the throne as a child with his half-sister in charge. Underestimating him proved to be her downfall. Peter: Will Howard, Sophia: Christine Bottomley, young Menshikov: Justin Davies, Nikita: Simon Armstrong, Lefort: Carl Prekopp, Brant/Golitsyn: Steffan Rhodri, Natalya: Claire Cage, Gordon/Dolgoruky: Brendan Charleson, young Peter: Isaac Rouse, Menshikov as an adult: Sion Pritchard, Ivan/Nachaev: Jonathan Green, Eudoxia: Kirsty Oswald. Producers: Alison Hindell and Sasha Yevtushenko.

26 Sep: Secret Kebabs
By Christine Entwisle. Comedy. The friendship of a disillusioned relationship counsellor with a kebab shop owner. Christine won the BBC 'Writersroom' prize in 2015. Counsellor: Pippa Haywood, Ali: Asim Chaudhry, Tim: Joseph Arkley, Alison/Mrs. Sheep: Christine Entwisle, Mrs. Egg Sandwich/Mrs. Gordon Ramsay: Claire Corbett, The Landlord/Mr. Egg Sandwich: Dennis Herdman, Mr. Gordon Ramsay: Jeremy Swift. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

27 Sep: Tracks, 8
By Matthew Broughton. Episode title: Amygdala. When the mysterious child wakes from his coma, Helen discovers his identity. The truth of what happened to flight 259 begins to emerge. Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Man Seok: Paul Courtenay Hyu, Jae Sung: Leo Wan, the pilot: Richard Nichols, Inspector Kirby: Jaimi Barbakoff, Dr. Petrauskas: Tristan Sturrock, K: Rafay Asfi. Produced by James Robinson.

28 Sep: The Zone, 1
By Trevor Preston, rpt. Science fiction thriller. A man with rare abilities finds himself in the grasp of the criminal elite who control the trade in body parts. Turner: Ben crowe, Cage: Stephen Greif, Hayden/Baaker: Michael Bertenshaw, AV: Elaine Claxton, with Jaimi Barbakoff, Sinead Keenan, Clare perkins, Clive hayward, Harry Myers, David Cann, Georgie Fuller, Matthew Watson and Wilf Scolding. Producer: Toby Swift.

29 Sep: The Zone, 2
Science fiction thriller, conclusion. Details of cast, etc: as yesterday.

30 Sep: My Heart In Hiding
By Sarah Buckley. Schoolgirl Chloe has been in trouble in the past. She still likes to party, but now she talks to God and has a radical plan for her future. Chloe: Sally Messham, Mother: Sanchia McCormack, Ben: Gavi Singh Chera, with Luke MacGregor, Daniel Weyman, Karen Bartke, Simon Ludders and Alison Belbin. Producer: David Hunter.

1 Oct: Saturday Play - The Forsyte Saga, 7
Conclusion of the current series, covering the novel 'Swan Song'. The past comes back to haunt an aged Soames as he tries to stop his daughter Fleur re-kindling her old love. Dram. Shaun McKenna. Fleur: Jessica Raine, Soames: Joseph Millsom, Jon F: Jonathan Bailey, Michael: Ben Lambert, Anne F: Janine Harouni, Holly F: Sarah-Jane Holm, June F: Clare perkins, Harold: Carl Prekopp, Riggs: James Lailey, Vicar: Nick Underwood. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

2 Oct: Classic Serial slot: Tsar, 4 - Peter The Great - Queen of Spades
By Mike Walker's chronicle of the tsars. This is the last episode about Peter the Great. He returns from a grand tour of Europe in need of a wife, and full of ideas about modernisation, despite opposition from those who do not want to be dragged into the 18th century. But when his own son declares his colours, Peter is forced to take action. Peter: Elliot Cowan, Martha-Catherine: Joanna van Kampen, Menshikov: Sian Pritchard, Nikita: Simon Armstrong, Alexei: Toby Laurence, Tolstoy: Tristan Sturrock, Kikin: Michael Bertenshaw, Sheremetyev: John Teller. Producer: Alison Hindell.

3 Oct: Euston to Whitechapel
By Nicola Baldwin. A taxi-driver picks up a passenger he thought was his estranged daughter and a paramedic tries to save a road accident victim as they both make real-time life life-or-death journeys across London. Marshall: Matthew Marsh, Corinne: Julia Ford, Rachel: Kellie Shirley, 'The Turtle': Arthur White, Danny: Tom Bevan. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

4 Oct: Tracks, 9 of 9
By Matthew Broughton. Final episode of the conspiracy thriller. Helen: Romola Garai, Freddy: Jonathan Forbes, Rosie: Susan Jameson, Florian: Sean Baker, K: Rafay Asfi, Fisker Lee: Kenneth Cranham, Lin: Liz Sutherland. Produced by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

5 Oct: Comment is Free
By James Fritz. A woman with an outspoken media-man as a husband goes through hard times after he goes one step too far on a television programme. Loosely based on what happens on social media and the superficiality of the conversations between Facebook "friends". Hilary Cooper: Rachael Stirling, Alistair Cooper (who hardly appears): Tobias Menzies. Produced by Becky Ripley. A few media personalities appear as themselves.

6 Oct: Journey to Pakistan
By Samina Baig. Fact-based play about a man's search for his roots. Peter is a fashion designer adopted as a baby and raised in Suffolk. He goes to Pakistan in search of where he came from, looking for the mother he never knew.Peter: Akbar Kurtha, Ameera: Ayesha Dharker, Waseem: Kulvinder Ghir, Mrs. Lawson: Alison Belbin, Mr. Lawson: John Bowler, Mr. Siddiqi: Kriss Dosanjh, Melissa: Natasha Cowley, adoption officer: Catriona McFarlane, social worker: Karen Bartke, hawker: Gavi Singh Chera. Produced by Liz Allard.

7 Oct: Julie
By Rob Gittins. Rpt from 26 Sep 2014. Historical drama about illegal drugs; in particular, LSD. Chemist Richard Kemp found a way of synthesising very pure lysergic acid diamine and thought he could change the world, but the detective Dick Lee was determined to stop him. In 1977 there was a police raid at a rural farmhouse in Wales, where LSD worth 65 million had originated. It was part of 'Operation Julie'. Narrator - Elry Thomas, Richard Kemp - Alex Waldmann, Dick Lee - Simon Armstrong, Christine - Sarah Lloyd-Gregory, David Solomon - Alum Raglan, Fitz - Stuart McLoughlin, Hawkins - Michael Bertenshaw. Producer - James Robinson. BBC Wales.

8 Oct: Saturday Play - Meet James McLevy
By David Ashton. A remake of the pilot episode of this excellent police drama, originally a 45m episode from 1999. The remake is 60m. The story has McLevy, a dour Scotsman, meet up with a sharp-minded brothel owner, Jean Brash. They try to unravel the mystery of a lay preacher found dead and naked in a canal. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Hannah: Colette O'Neill, Robert Forsythe: Tony Cownie, Donny Shields: Keiran Gallacher, Mary Forsythe: Kathry Howden, Jessie: Gemma McMullan, Jarvis:Robert Jack . Produced by Bruce Young.

9 Oct: Classic Serial slot: The Confidential Agent, 1
By Graham Greene, ad. Nick Perry. From the novel, dramatised in two parts. Edgar Dominiguez: Alun Raglan, Rose Cullen: Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Capt. Currie: John Dougall, Victor Lazaro: Jot Davies, Ronald Kaye: John Bowler, Elsie: Kezia Joseph, Mrs. Mendrill: Karen Bartke, Bertie Forbes: Nick Murchie, Lord Benditch: David Sterne, Spanish diplomat: Stefano Braschi, secretary: Natasha Cowley, begging man: Luke MacGregor.Produced by Sally Avens.

10 Oct: McLevy, 1
A new series of four episodes, by David Ashton. (RT said three episodes but actually published details of all four). Detective drama set in Edinburgh in Victorian times. In this episode (title A Matter Of Balance) a circus visits the city. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Ballantyne:Alasdair Hankinson, Maria: Anita Vettesse, Billy Sangster: Steven McNicoll, Callum: Ron Donachie, Josie Spence: Samuel Keefe, Sim Burnside: Ben Clifford, Annie Mills: Charlene Boyd, Hannah: Colette O'Neill, Craddock: Paul Young, Lady Jane: Melody Grove, Louis Smith: Grant O'Rourke, Spencer: Kenny Blyth, Lord Holland: Jimmy Chisholm, Seth Brandon: Simon Donaldson, Cathy Brandon: Helen Mackay. Producer: Bruce Young.

11 Oct: McLevy, 2
Episode title: A Man of Honour. The inspector's relationship with Jean turns frosty, but he doesn't understand why. Mulholland chases a man with a knife across the rooftops of Leith harbour; there is a tussle; the man falls to his death... the consequences are serious. Cast and production details- see Monday.

12 Oct: McLevy, 3
Episode title: He Who Waits. McLevy is pining for decent coffee and Jean's company but he's out of favour with her and with Chief Constable Craddock. Meanwhile, saboteurs have ideas about the grand opening of the new docks in Leith. For cast and production details, see notes for Monday.

13 Oct: McLevy, 4
Episode title: The Last Goodbye. A saboteur at the docks has been shot, and McLevy is under suspicion. In disgrace with his superiors and still being cold-shouldered by Jean, he continues with his investigation. But after the opening of the docks, nothing will ever be the same again. Cast and production details- see Monday.

14 Oct: The Basin
By Dan Allum. A woman who has married a traveller awakens on the morning after her wedding to find her new husband outside their trailer skinning a rabbit. Despite being excited to take on the challenge, she has to come to terms with the decision she made to marry him in the first place. Nina: Ellie Kendrick, Jake: Joe Sims, Daze: Candis Nergaard. Producer: Charlotte Riches. Rpt.

15 Oct: Saturday Play slot: Happy Jack
By John Godber. New production, repeated from a year ago. 60m. A comedy written in 1982 and performed by the writer and his wife. Here, they play Liz and Jack, based on his parents; a couple living in a mining village. The story of their marriage is told in reverse order, ending at the beginning. Jack - John Godber, Liz - Jane Thornton. Producer: Toby Swift.

16 Oct: Classic Serial slot: The Confidential Agent, 2
By Graham Greene, dram. Nick Perry. Set during the Spanish Civil War, about a republican agent implicated in a murder case whilst on a mission to England. Edgar Dominiguez: Alun Raglan, Rose Cullen: Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Jim Barton: Ian Conningham, Capt. Currie: John Dougall, Victor Lazaro: Jot Davies, Ronald Kaye: John Bowler, Elsie: Kezia Joseph, Mrs. Mendrill: Karen Bartke, Bertie Forbes: Nick Murchie, Lord Benditch: David Sterne, Spanish diplomat: Stefano Braschi, secretary: Natasha Cowley, Freddy: Luke MacGregor, woman in Benditch: Karen Bartke, policeman in Benditch: David Sterne, policeman in London: Gavi Singh Chera. Produced by Sally Avens.

17 Oct: Leaving
By Gregory Evans. (This is the Brexit play, and it's excellent - ND). A dying man adds a codocil to his will following the EU referendum which voted the UK out of the EU. His final wish causes ructions in the family. Aggie: Izabella Urbanowitz, Michael: John Bowler, Esme: Alison Belbin, Jake: Luke MacGregor, Tyler: Keziah Joseph. Produced by Marc Beeby.

18 Oct: Home
By Paul Dodgson. Rpt from 15 Oct 15. The play is about what makes a home, what sustains it, and what happens when it is about to disappear forever. A fall forces the playwright's 81-year-old mother to consider selling the family home. This is a play which will resonate with thousands of people up and down the country. Narrator: Paul Dodgson, Older Mum: Pameli Benham, Younger Mum: Sally Orrock, Dad: Ewan Bailey. Produced by Kate McAll.

19 Oct: The Interrogation, 1
By Roy Williams. Rpt. from series 1 in Feb 2012 (the episodes on 20-21 Oct this week are also repeats - making 5 repeated plays and two originals in 7 days - ND). Rod, a Premier League footballer, is accused of rape, and discovers his skill, wealth and fame make no difference in a police station. Cast: DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Rod Tyler ..... Joe Sims, Helen Cottol ..... Katie Angelou, Mother ..... Tracy Wild. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

20 Oct: The Interrogation, 2
By Roy Williams, rpt. Ep. 2 of series 1. The story of Jermaine, a ruthless and amoral young gang member, who is over-keen to confess to a crime. DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Jermaine ..... Anthony Welsh. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

21 Oct: The Interrogation, 3
By Roy Williams, rpt. 3/3 from series 1. The story of Sarah, married into a racist family, who has been holding out against its influence for years. Cast: DS Max Matthews ..... Kenneth Cranham, DC Sean Armitage ..... Alex Lanipekun, Sarah ..... Claire Louise Cordwell, Danny ..... Carl Prekopp. Produced by Jessica Dromgoole.

22 Oct: Saturday Play slot: Zola - Money, 1/9
Les Rougon-Macquart by Zola, about the lives of three branches of a family living during the Second French Empire. Dram. Dan Rebellato. Glenda Jackson as Dide, with Sam West, Frances Grey, Fenella Woolgar, Guy Rhys, David Carr, Bettrys Jones, Khalid Abdalla, Robert Jack, Richard Fleeshman, Derel Walmsley, Tracy Whitwell, Road Rawi, David Nellist, Sally Messham, Philip Correia, John Bett, Colette O'Neill, Gavi Singh Chera, Sean Graham, Luke MacGregor. Producer: Polly Thomas.

23 Oct: Classic Serial slot: Zola: Money, 2
Dram. Martin Jameson. Eugene and Aristide become involved in a miners' strike. Their grandmother plots her escape from the asylum at Tulettes. Cast - as 22 Oct. Producer: Gary Brown.

24 Oct: Zola: Money, 3
Dram. Martin Jameson. Etienne heads back to work determined to find love where revolution has failed. If only it was that simple. Cast - as 22 Oct. Producer: Gary Brown.

25 Oct: Zola: Money, 4
Dram. Lavinia Murray. Producer: Pauline Harris (?). No other details in RT. Cast - as 22 Oct.

26 Oct: Zola: Money, 5
Dram. (?)Lavinia Murray, producer: Pauline Harris. No other details in RT. Cast - as 22 Oct.

27 Oct: Zola: Money, 6
Dram. (?)Lavinia Murray, producer: Pauline Harris. No other details in RT. Cast - as 22 Oct.

28 Oct: Zola: Money, 7
Dram. Oliver Emanuel. Brothers Eugene and Aristide go to Prussia. One is on a diplomatic mission and the other on an arms deal. Their worlds clash. Producer: Kirsty Williams. Continues tomorrow in Saturday Play slot; concludes Sunday in Classic Serial slot.

29 Oct: Saturday Play: Zola: Money, 8
Dram. Martin Jameson. 90m. Jean rejoins the French army to fight in the Franco-Prussian War. Dide continues plotting her escape from the asylum. Glenda Jackson, Matthew McNulty, Luke Newberry, Jonathan Tafler, Karen Bartke, James Cartwright, Fenella Woolgar, Stephen Critchlow, Andrew Westfield, Luke MacGregor, Adrian Scarborough, Elizabeth Boag, David Bamber. This penultimate episode is 90m. Producer: Gary Brown.

30 Oct: Classic Serial slot: Zola: Money, 9
Conclusion, dram. (?)Dan Rebellato, producer Polly Thomas. RT summary contains spoilers so is not reproduced here.

31 Oct: The Good Listener, 1
New spy thriller in three parts. Episode title: Carte Blanche. By Fin Kennedy; workers at GCHQ are monitoring delegates of a G20 summit when they discover evidence indicating a possible cyber attack on the National Grid. Owen Teale, Dominic Hawksley, Lucy Phelps, Ashley Kumar, Alison Newman, Richard Maxted, Niall Ashdown, Paul CHan, Louise-Mai Newberry, James Lailey. Produced by Boz Temple-Morris.

1 Nov: The Good Listener, 2
Second episode (Private Lives) is by by Hassan Abdulrazzak. Following the cyber attack, GCHQ tries to neutralise the threat and find out where it came from. Cast etc - see 31 Oct.

2 Nov: The Good Listener, 3
Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes. Episode by Anders Lustgarten. As Henry Morcombe and his team get close to the source of the attack, their suspicions fall on an unlikely source. Cast etc- see 31 Oct.

3 Nov: Desecration
By Hugh Costello. Set in WW2. Rpr. from 5 Nov 2014.The drama was inspired by recently discovered documents showing that Hitler intended to invade Ireland. The play imagines how the first few days of such an invasion would have taken place. It also shows the dilemmas faced by Ireland's leaders when choosing between resistance and collaboration. Patrick Fitzsymons, Dawn Bradfield, Owen Roe, Nicholas Grace, Faolan Morgan and Niall Cusack. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

4 Nov: How the Marquis got his coat back
By Neil Gaiman, adapted by Dirk Maggs. Sequel to 'Neverwhere'. The Marquis de Carabas has lost his coat, but getting it back brings him face to face with an old enemy and makes him accept help from someone rather close to home. Marquis de C: Paterson Joseph, Peregrine: Adrian Lester, Shepherd: Don Warrington, Drusilla, Chanterelle and jewellery seller: Amelia Lowdell, sheepdog man, tattooist, market barker and patient: Tom Alexander, Elephant: Mitch Benn, Vince: Divian Ladwa, Old Bailey: Bernard Cribbins, Hammersmith, Dunnekin and book hawker: Ben Crowe, Knibbs, woman and clothes hawker: Samantha Beart, Floating dentist man, Pokefinger and sheepdog men: Theo Maggs. Producer: Heather Larmour. BBC Northern Ireland

5 Nov: Saturday Play: The Thrill of Love
By Amanda Whittington, dramatised by her from the stage play about Ruth Ellis. Ruth was the last woman in Britain to be hanged. This is about the women she knew in the last part of her life. Ruth: Maxine Peake, Sylvia: Siobhan Finneran, Jack Gale: Joe Armstrong, Vickie Martin: Phoebe Dynevor, Doris Judd: Victoria Brazier, Home Secretary (Lloyd George) - Alan Williams. Producer: Justine Potter; director: Kate Chapman.

6 Nov: Classic Serial slot: Watership Down,1
A new two-part adaptation by Brian Sibley of Richard Adams' famous novel. The bunnies are looking for a new home after a vision of impending doom. The previous adaptation, also in two parts, was in 2002 and was done by Neville Teller. Hyzenthlay: Lyndsey Marshal, Hazel: Gunnar Cauthery, Fiver: Robert Emms, Bigwig: Alex Lanipekun, Blackberry: Finlay Robertson, Dandelion: Luke MacGregor, Holly/Frith: Nicholas Murchie, Strawberry: John Dougall, Silver: Gavi Singh Chera, Cowslip: Keziah Joseph, Kehaar: Karen Bartke, other characters: John Bowler and David Sterne. Produced by Gemma Jenkins; director: Marc Beeby.

7 Nov: Wide Open Spaces
By Jane Wainwright. On the anniversary of his daughter's death, Samuel is determined to visit her grave for the first time. All he has to do is travel across London. Unfortunately he is agoraphobic. Samuel: Paapa Essiedu, May: Sarah McDonald Hughes, Aoife: Fiona Clarke, Geoffrey / Dad: Lloyd Peters. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

8 Nov: Flood Minimum
By Neil Moon; the author credit was missing in RT. A two-hander; England has been ravaged by floods. Father Ford, an inexperienced priest, has been sent by the Bishop to a bleak and windswept part of the country to assess the viability of continuing worship in a grim little church. There he meets a man who seems to be the hamlet's only remaining resident, but as time passes, the two start to believe they are not in fact alone. Perry: Lee Ingleby, Ford: Blake Ritson. Produced by Gordon House.

9 Nov: Michael and Boris: The Two Brexiteers
Political docudrama by David Morley about how Michael Gove and Boris Johnson's alliance during the EU referendum campaign descended into bitter political fall-out. Jane Anderson, writing in RT, described it as covering a compelling slice of recent history. Boris Johnson: Alistair McGowan; Michael Gove: David Rintoul. Producer: Dirk Maggs. Indie (Perfectly Normal Productions).

10 Nov: Superstar Me
By Jessica Mitic (aka Jessica Brown). Comedy about two unlikely travelling companions backpacking across Thailand. Mike is searching for cultural enrichment, whilst Laura is searching for the perfect selfie. Laura: Gwyneth Keyworth, Mike: Liam Williams, Dada: William Thomas, Anna / Polly: Gwawr Loader, Guide: Jeffrey Ho. Producer: Helen Perry; director: James Robinson.

11 Nov: Tommies, 1
New series of four more plays, 100 years to the day after what was happening in WW1. Play 1: 11 Nov 1916. By Jonathan Ruffle. This episode focuses on the women combatants and drivers of the Serbian Army. Doctor Celestine de Tullio joins the campaign to reclaim the Serbian homeland, commanding an offensive up a steep mountain deep in snow. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: JP. Cast: Celestine: Pippa Nixon, commentator: Indira Varma, Major Milan Dukic: Paul Chahidi, Sgt. Gordana Savic: Catriona McFarlane, Olive Collings: Karen Bartke, Corporal Radomir: Finlay Robertson, Private Janko: Gavi Singh Chera, Private Kuzman: Robert Ginty, Signaller: Nicholas Murchie, Soldier: Luke MacGregor, Corporal: Maksim Mijovic.

12 Nov: Saturday Play slot: The African Queen
By 'Cecil Forester' (Cecil Smith), from his novel of 1935. Adapted by Paul Mandelson. Rose Sayer's missionary work finishes when her brother dies of a fever, after the invasion, by Germans, of the Central African village where they were working. Rose wants to avenge her brother's death and thinks of a way of destroying a German warship in retaliation. She is helped by the skipper of the steam-powered 'African Queen'. Rose: Samantha Bond, Charlie: Toby Jones (the Humphrey Bogart part), Samuel: Stephen Critchlow, with Mark Edel-Hunt and David Acton. Music composed by Gary Newman. Produced by David Ian Neville. Rpt. from 21 Feb 15. 60m.

13 Nov: Classic Serial slot: Watership Down, 2
Adapted by Brian Sibley. Concluding episode. The rabbits have found a new home but there is a threat to the warren's future. Hyzenthlay: Lyndsey Marshal, Hazel: Gunnar Cauthery, Fiver: Robert Emms, Bigwig: Alex Lanipekun, Blackberry: Finlay Robertson, Dandelion: Luke MacGregor, Holly/Frith: Nicholas Murchie, Strawberry: John Dougall, Silver: Gavi Singh Chera, Cowslip: Keziah Joseph, Kehaar: Karen Bartke, Campion: John Bowler, the farmer: David Sterne. Produced by Gemma Jenkins; director: Marc Beeby.

14 Nov: Silk: The Clerks' Room
By Mick Collins; repeated from 3,4,5 Aug 2015. Episode 1 of 3. Head legal clerk Billy Lamb believes Shoe Lane is on the brink of financial collapse. He makes a bid to secure some work from an unscrupulous solicitor. Continued on 15 Nov. Billy: Neil Stuke, Bethany: Amy Wren, Jake: Theo Barklem-Biggs, Rose: Alex Tregear, Anthony: Mark Edel-Hunt, Ray: David Houslow, Lee: Josef Atkin, with John Macmillan, Jessica Henwick, Amelia Lowdell, Chris Pavlo, David Houslow, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow and Jessica Turner. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

15 Nov: Silk: The Clerk's Room
By Mick Collins, rpt. Ep. 2: A rift at Shoe Lane causes prosecution to be pitted against defence, with Billy and his deputy John competing for control of the clerk's room. Continued on 16 Nov. Cast - as yesterday.

16 Nov: Silk: The Clerk's Room
By Mick Collins, rpt. Ep. 3 - conclusion. Billy struggles to save Shoe Lane, and he turns to an unscrupulous solicitor. Cast etc - see 14 Nov.

17 Nov: Red and Blue
By Philip Palmer, rpt. Episode 1: Hearts and Minds. Defence contractor Bradley Shoreham creates war games for a living. The UK falls out with NATO ally Turkey over a military exercise - having consequences in the real world which the simulation's designers did not intend. Bradley: Tim Woodward, Emma: Tracy Wiles, Fergus: Lloyd Hutchinson, Cooper: Peter Hamilton Dyer, Lt. Col Mackay: Don Gilet, Major General Gibbs: James Lailey, Brigadier harper: Gerard McDermott, Sgt. Evans: Tom Meredith, Desk Sergeant: Harry Livingstone. Producer: Toby Swift.

18 Nov: Tommies,2
Episode 2: 18 Nov 1916. By Jonathan Ruffle. The events of a real day during WW1, based on eye-witness accounts of the action. It is the last day of the Battle of the Somme and Signals Captain Mickey Bliss is back very close to where he started 141 days ago. Mickey: Christopher Fox, Robert: Justin Salinger, Cpt. Pilliner: George Watkins, Sergeant Dixon: Neil Grainger, Cpt. Stirling: John Dougall, Sapper Bretton: Finlay Robertson, Gefreiter Goetsch: Gunnar Cauthery, Corp. Hobert: Luke MacGregor, artillery bloke: Nicholas Murchie, Tankie: Gavi Singh Chera, narrator: Indira Varma. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: JP.......... [Note: In the last 7 days we have had 5 repeats and two new plays, of which this is one - Ed.]

19 Nov: Saturday Play: Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde
By Robert Stevenson, dram Neil Brand. 90m. Too well-known to summarise here. Jekyll: Stuart MaQuarrie, Hyde: John Dougall, Utterson: Hugh Ross, Lorna Utterson: Madeleine Worrall, Christabel Campbell: Catriona McFarlane, George Denman: Nick Underwood, Sir James Ransome: David Sterne, Arthur Kincaid: John Bowler, Craig Dennistoun: Kenny Blyth, Sir Danvers Carew: Michael Bertenshaw, Poole: Nicholas Murchie, Mrs. McNair: Karen Bartke, Lady Caroline: Natasha Crowley, Cole: Luke MacGregor, Boy: Keziah Joseph, narrator: David Tennant. Producer: David Hunter.

20 Nov: Classic Serial: Kidnapped, 1
By Robert Stevenson, dram, Chris Dolan in two episodes, introduced by David Tennant. An orphan searching for his father's family is press-ganged aboard a ship bound for the USA. David Balfour: Owen Whitelaw, Alan Breck: Michael Nardone, Ebenezer: David Hayman, Hoseason: Lewis Howden, Riach: Gavin Mitchell, Red Fox: Sean Scanlon, Lawyer: Kenny Blyth, Landlord: Alan McHugh. Producer: Bruce Young.

21 Nov: Stone
By Richard Monks; a new series based on the characters created by Danny Brocklehurst. DCI Stone is calledto a school after a suspected arson attack. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, DS Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, Bryant / Trevor Galton: Jason Done, Lorna / Donna / Mrs. Galton: Rebecca Callard, Ray / Frank: Kevin Harvey, Stephen / Scott: Ceallach Spellman. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

22 Nov: The Truth About Anna, 1
By Michael Butt: two-part thriller, based on a true story and set in California. Eco-terrorists planning to blow up a dam become suspicious of a new recruit. Anna: Julianna Jennings, Greg: Philip Desmeules, Angela: Jammy Kasongo, Melissa: Gillian Saker, Al: Jared Zeus, Franklin: Trevor White, Jackson: Trevor White, Librarian / Receptionist: Lorna Nickson-Brown. Producer: Emma Hearn, director: Carl Prekopp. Indie production: Goldhawk.

23 Nov: The Truth About Anna, 2
When Anna begins a relationship with the leader of the eco-terrorist group, tensions threaten to destroy it from within. Yesterday's episdoe told the story from the perspective of the group. This episode does so from the outside, listening in. Cast etc - see yesterday.

24 Nov: Red and Blue
By Philip Palmer, rpt. Ep. 2. Behind Enemy Lines. Troy is at war with Sparta in Bradley Shoreham's latest war game, and members of the British special forces face a challenge which will test them to the limit, deep in the Arizona desert. Bradley: Tim Woodward, Tom: Ifan Meredith, Ricky: Warren Brown, Julie: Liz White, Andy: Don Gilet, Jim: Paddy Wallace. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

25 Nov: Tommies,3
25 Nov 1916. By Nick Warburton. After the horrors of the Battle of the Somme, Captain Mickey Bliss is on leave in Paris, where he is drawn into the shady world of intelligence and politics. Mickey: Christopher Fox, Miss Softley: Faye Costelowe, Robert di Tullio: Justin Salinger, Colonel Bernard Anson Otto Crowden: Gunnat Cauthery, Harriet Thornaway: Natasha Crowley, William Thornaway: John Bowler, Erik: Nicholas Murchie, Fabien Gartman: Simon Wilson, narrator: Indira Varma. Producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: JP.

26 Nov: Saturday Play: Born in the DDR
By Jonathan Myerson. In 1988, Bruce Springsteen played a gig in East Berlin (which was under Communist rule) in front of about 30,000 people. This was the first such event licensed by the Stasi on that side of the Berlin Wall. The play is about that piece of history.Bryan Dick, Mark Heap, Ayesha Antoine, Chris Pavlo, Mark Edel-Hunt, Hannah Arterton, Rhiannon Neds, Sam Dale, David Acton, Jane Slavin, Stephen Critchlow and Tom York. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

27 Nov: Classic Serial slot: Kidnapped, 2
By Stevenson, dram. Chris Dolan. Alan and David are pursued through the Highlands by British troops, and decide to head south to confront Alan's wicked uncle. David Balfour: Owen Whitelaw, Alan Breck: Michael Nardone, Ebenezer: David Hayman, Rankeillor: John Buick, James Stewart: Finlay McLean, Cluny: Iain MacCrae, Lass: Isabelle Joss. Producer: Bruce Young.

28 Nov: Stone, 2
By Alex Ganley and Dan Allum. Stone and his team are called in when a dead body is discovered on an abandoned traveller site. DCI Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, Iren: Canids Nergaard, Vianna: Eileen O'Brien, Peter/ Ambrose: Smauel Edward-Cook, Drina: Remmie Milner. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

29 Nov: The Princes and the Princesses of Wales
By Simon Crowther. When the peace of a Cardiff backyard is disturbed by new neighbours from North Wales, two families have to come to terms with their own attitudes. Loretta: Gwenllian Higginson, Gareth Pierce: himself, Judy: Nicola Reynolds, Deborah: Melanie Walters, Terry: Richard Eifyn, Geraint: Sion Pritchard, Begw: Lisa Jane Brown. Producer: Janine H Jones.

30 Nov: Road to Oxford
By Douglas Livingstone. The latest in a long line of 'Road' plays by this writer and producer Jane Morgan. This one centres on young David as he goes up to Oxford: the first member of his family to go to university. The drama is set at the celebration of the dawn on 1 May, when choristers sing from the top of Magdalen tower and after a night of partying the students shiver in their evening clothes at the base. The production team went to Oxford to record the overnight festivities, and a number of the actors are making their radio debuts as graduates of the Oxford School of Drama or from the University itself. Bernard: John McAndrew, David: Michael Gilbert, Shirley: Annabel Smith, Mary: Jane Whittenshaw, Julian: Jordan Metcalfe, Christopher: Charlie Bateman, the porter: Christopher Benjamin, The senior tutor: Frank Stirling, The guide: Ella Road, The policeman: Christopher Royle. Producer: Frank Stirling, director: Jane Morgan.

1 Dec: Red and Blue, 3
By Philip Palmer, rpt. Episode title: Terror. Military consultant has been invited to discuss possible war-game scenarios involving new terror attacks on London. - but how hypothetical is the consultation? Bradley: Tim Woodward, Brigadier Fraser: Bill Paterson, Defence Secretary: Christine Absalom, Head of Intelligence: Peter Hamilton Dyer, The waiter: James Lailey. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

2 Dec: Tommies, 4
By Jonathan Ruffle / Aviin Shah. 2 December 1916. The starving captives work as slave labour on the Baghdad to Berlin railway. Rival sergeants Ahmadullah and Zarbab have found their own way of surviving, but which one is the real traitor? Ahmadullah: Danny Rahim, Zarbab: Avin Shah, Serdar Bey: Philip Arditti, Cpl. McCartney: Bryan Dick, commentator: Indira Varma, Akbar: Deven Modha, Selva Rasalingham, Hanna: Asli Bayram, Feroz: Gavi Singh Chera, Pte Patterson: Antonio Aakeel, Arab: John Dougall. Producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Pantinig and Jonathan Ruffle; director for this episode: Jonquil Panting.

3 Dec: Saturday Play: Somewhere in England
Dramatization by Caryl Phillips of one of his novels. CP is a British writer born on St. Kitts; he has lived all of his life in England and America.The story is set in Yorkshire during WW2 and is about a love affair between a white working-class Englishwoman and a black US soldier experiencing prejedice from his officers. Joyce: Helen Longworth, Travis: Rhashan Stone, with David Seddon, JKason Barnett, Karen Bartke, Luke MacGregor, John Bowler, Alison Belbin, Nicholas Murchie and Keziah Joseph. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

4 Dec: Classic Serial slot: Terror in the South Seas, 1
By Robert Stevenson: ep. 1 The Beach of Falesa. Adapted by Jane Rogers. An adventure novella: there's a trader, freshly arrived on a Samoan island...The trader, Wiltshire: David Tennant, Ulma: Adjoa Andoh, with Nigel Cooke (captain), Dan Mullane, Theo Fraser-Steele. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie - Brill Productions.

5 Dec: Stone, 3
By Martin Jameson. Ep. title: Casualties. A young Asian man becomes a murder suspect. Stone's team is tested to the limit. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Graig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Sushil Chudasama, Conrad Nelson, Krissi Bohn and Kimberly Hart-Simpson. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

6 Dec: Promises
By Hugh Costello. A middle class couple with marital problems campaign for a child with medical problems, but they find that the child's parents have dipped into the charity fund and spent part of it on themselves. Do they expose the crime? Sarah: Emma Fielding, George: Nick Dunning, DC Moore: Patrick FitzSymons, Judy: Julia Dearden, Simona: Amy McAllister, Pete: Chris McHallem. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

7 Dec: The Bone Orchard
By Kate Lock. Play set in Liverpool. A woman with a dark past becomes the catalyst for the members of a family to re-examine everything they thought they knew about each other. Lily Shane: Kate Fitzgerald, Sue: leanne Best, Ted: Paul Barber, Mo: Marji Campi, Jarvis: Struan Roger, Gary: Ian Conningham, WPC: Keziah Joseph, PC: Dominic Carter, Father Quinn: John Bowler, Jacqui: Clare Perkins. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

8 Dec: Abdication, 1
First part by Christopher Lee. Episode title: The King's Matter. The play is about the abdication crisis of 1936, looked at from the king's perspective. The Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury are determined that Edward VIII will not impose his will on the governance of England by marrying Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee. PM Stanley Baldwin: Jim Broadbent, The Bish, Cosmo Lang: Hugh Ross, Hardinge: Mark Straker, Chaplain: Michael Jayston, Lord Beaverbrook: Matthew Marsh, Mary: Kika Markham, Edward VIII: Anthony Calf. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

9 Dec: Abdication, 2
Second part by Nicola Baldwin. Episode title: The Crisis of Wallis Simpson. This looks at the affair from Wallis's point of view. She escapes to France to escape press harassment, and then tries to persuade the king not to abdicate, saying that they can continue their relationship without marrying. Wallis: Frances Barber, Edward VIII: Anthony Calf, Kitty Rogers: Jane McKenna, Herman Rogers: Mark Straker, Lord Brownlow: Richard Dillane, Goddard: David Collings, George Ladbrook: Ben Crowe, Inspector: Richard Atlee. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

10 Dec: Saturday Play: Thunderball
The ninth James Bond novel, by Ian Fleming, dramatized by Archie Scotney. Great fun - forgive me for not attempting to summarise the preposterous plot. Bond: Toby Stephens, Largo: Tom Conti, Blofeld: Alfred Molina, Domino: Janet Montgomery, Dr. Wain: John Sessions, Patricia: Lisa Dillon, Lippe: James Callis, Leiter: Josh Stamberg, Governor: Ian Ogilvy, 'M': John Standing, Miss Moneypenny: Janie Dee, 'Q': Julian Sands, Captain Clark: Nigel Lindsay, Petacchi/Dietl: Matthew Wolf, Sam: Alan Shearman, Beresford/Pilot: Darren Richardson, Kalyagin/Operator: Aaron Lyons, Santos/Officer: Simon de Deney, Ian Fleming: Martin Jarvis. Producer: Rosalind Ayres, Director: Martin Jarvis. Indie; Jarvis & Ayres production, 90m.

11 Dec: Classic Serial slot: Terror in the South Seas, 2
By Robert Stevenson. Episode title: The Ebb Tide, narrated by David Tennant. Three destitute men steal a schooner, drink its cargo of champagne and try to steal a treasure trove of pearls from a local slave-owning trader. Capt John Davis: Stanley Townsend, Herrick: Rupert Evans, Huish: Charles Dickens. Producer: Clive Brill - Indie; Brill Productions.

12 Dec: Stone, 4
By (?) Martin Jameson - no credit in RT. Following some suspicious deaths in the homeless community, DCI Stone goes under cover, on the street. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Angela Lonsdale, Conrad Nelson, Reece Noi, Drewe Cain and Verity Henry. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

13 Dec: One Night In Lillehammer
By Hugh Costello. It's 1973 and a detective investigates the shooting of a Moroccan waiter in a Norwegian town. The drama is inspired by events which took place in the wake of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Det. Inge Olsen: Andrea Lowe, Henning Rekdal: Bryan Dick, Sylvia Rafael: Emma Fielding, Martin Olsen: Enzo Cilente, Bjarne: Christian Rodska, Annaeus Schjodt: Simon Armstrong, Astrid / Brit: Joanna Van Kampen, Ali Hassan Salameh: Philip Arditti, TV reporter: Peter Wilson, BBC Midlands. Producer: Alasdair Cross.

14 Dec: Angela: 7 Days To Save Europe
By Hugh Costello. The play looks a few months into the future, to look at the dilemna, post-Brexit, which will be faced by France and Germany. It asks whether the European Union can, or should, be saved. Perhaps the title should be "Angela - 7 Days to Save the European Union", because there's nothing wrong with Europe; the officials attempting to do away with democracy are another matter entirely. Heike Menzel: Haydn Gwynne, Angela Merkel: Pamela Miles, Petra Hannah: Bryony Hannah, Jean-Luc Chardy: John McAndrew. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

15 Dec: How Did I Get Here?
By Jonathan Myerson. Described in RT as a magical family comedy. Rebecca's father has dementia, which has made him confused and forgetful. Rebecca looks after her children, and him, and she longs to be able to talk to him as she could before his dementia set in. Dad: Joseph Millson, Grandad: Ben Whitrow, Rebecca: Raquel Cassidy, Murray: Ewan Bailey, Tanya: Rosie Wyatt, Daniel (aka Reggie): Adam Thomas Wright, Gazmend: Paul Heath. Producer: Jonquil Panting. Rpt.

16 Dec: The Last Submarine Hunter
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Based on events occurring in Oct 2014, when reports of a suspected Russian submarine in the Swedish archipelago caused an international hunt, with a Swede called Lucas Almquist disappearing. Two years later, Lucas's sister tries to work out what happened. The play contains real-life interviews. Lina Almquist: Ellie Percy, Insp. Ragnarsson: David Menkin, Maya/Tove: Marion Bailey. Producer: Joby Waldman.

17 Dec: Saturday Play slot: Stardust, 1
By Neil Gaiman, ad. Dirk Maggs. A young man with a curious past seems to win the love of his spiteful sweetheart. Dramatised in two parts. Narrator: Eleanor Bron, Tristran: Matthew Beard, Yvaine: Sophie Rundle, Morwanneg: Frances Barber, M. Semele: Maggie Steed, Dunstan: Bryan Dick, young Una: Charlotte Riley, Victoria/coats woman: Aisling Loftus, Primus: Nicholas Boulton, with Finlay Robertson, Alex MacQueen, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Tom Alexander, Theo Maggs, Blake Ritson, Kevin Eldon, Paul Kaye, Michael Roberts,John Dougall, Natasha Cowley, Gavi Singh Chera, Clare perkins, Karen Bartke, Nicholas Murchie, Luke McGregor, Catriona McFarlane. Producer: Heather Larmour.

18 Dec: Classic Serial slot: Stardust, 2
Conclusion of yesterday's play. Fantasy about a young man's quest for a fallen star.

19 Dec: Fairytale of New Malden
By Katherine Jakeways. Comedy drama. Cathy's estranged dad George reluctantly agrees to dress up as Santa for a Christmas Fair. George: Geoffrey Palmer, Cathy: Rosie Cavaliero, Liz Tucker: Katherine Jakeways. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

20 Dec: Deceit, Desire and the Viking Helmet
By John Hegley. This was inspired bya poem by Anthony Thwaite. It is a surreal and tragi-comic love story. Starring John Hegley and Graham Fellowes. Producer: Anne Edyvean.

21 Dec: Mercury 13
By Anita Sullivan. In the early 1960s, Wally Funk and Jerris Cobb were two of 13 young women pilots who took NASA's astronaut selection tests. They scored highly, in some cases beating the men. In spite of this they were not allowed to go into space. This is a drama-documentary and includes an interview with Wally. Jerrie: Samantha Dakin, Randolf Lovelace/Tom Harris/John Glenn: William Hope, Jackie Cochran: Laurel Lefkow, Jane Hart: Claire Inie-Roberts, Brigadier General Flickinger: Dr. Shurley: Morgan Deare, Narrator: Laurel Lefkow; with an appearance by Wally Funk. Producer: Kate McAll. Rpt.

22 Dec: Memories of a Cad: Terry Thomas
By Roy Smiles. Comedy drama about a meeting between Terry-Thomas (the hyphen is part of the name, apparently) and Richard Briers in Majorca in 1984. TT was suffering from Parkinson's disease and struggling with his memory. TT: Martin Jarvis, Briers: Alistair McGowan, Belinda Cunningham: Laura Shavin, Spencer Tracy: Lewis Macleod. Producer: Liz Anstee.

23 Dec: Midnight at Christmas
By Elliott Kerrigan. A lost soul is visited by three strangers in the hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Matt gets caught in a blizzard on his way to see a former lover, the woman he cannot forsake. Matt: Luke Newberry, Grace: Lizzie Roper, Joe: Reece Noi, Gavin: Chris Jack, Matthew: Arthur Bostrom, Ezra: Joe Wandera. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

24 Dec: Saturday Play slot: Munchausen
60m drama by David Spicer. Alistair McGowan stars as all 44 characters in this comic drama. Munchausen is the King of Liars; he has been arrested on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for lunging at the French President. A detective spends a night trying to work out what is fact and what is fiction.Producer: Frank Stirling.

25 Dec: Classic Serial slot: Rumpole
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Memories of Christmas Past. Rumpole shares some of his favourite Yuletide poetry, carols and pantomime stories. Julian Rhind-Tutt as Rumpole. Producer Catherine Bailey. Indie; Catherine Bailey Productions.

26 Dec: The Blind Man
By Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Lehman, rpt. This was an unfinished screenplay, which has now been completed by Mark Gatiss and adapted by him for radio. A blind jazz pianist is given an eye transpplant, but the eyes are from a murder victim. Rpt. from 2015. Larry Keating: Hugh Laurie, Sylvia Whitehead: Rebecca Front, Victor Farmer: Nicholas Woodeson, with Andy Nyman, Hilary Connell, John Guerrasio, John Light, Hollie Burgess, Peter Serafinowitz. Producers: Laurence Bowen & Peter Ettedgui. Director: Mark Gatiss.

27 Dec: Rumpole
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. I note the horrible 'Rumpole' musical jingle has now been removed ... excellent. A trip to the pantomime proves to be an eye-opener. Rumpole: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Hilda/Peggy: Jasmine Hyde, with Stephen Critchlow, Andrew Greaves-Neil, Nigel Anthony (as Erskine-Brown and Gwent-Evans) and Ewan Bailey. Indie; Catherine Bailey Productions; produced by Caroline; director Marilyn Imrie.

28 Dec: Curious Under The Stars, 1
By Meic Povey. Episode title: Gone West. Set in a lonely village on the Welsh coast. When Gareth finds his wife in bed with a stranger, the couple try to salvage their marriage by moving from London to run a pub in rural Wales. But.. the Druid's Rest has seen better days. Gareth: Elis James, Diane: Louise Ford, Emlyn: Ifan Huw Dafydd, Bethan: Eiry Hughes, Gwyn: Matthew Gravelle, Matty: Siw Hughes, Megan: Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Pierre: Lee Mengo. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

29 Dec: Curious Under The Stars, 2
By Annamaria Murphy. Episode title: Llewelyn's Chair. Set in the same village as yesterday's story (Glan Don). Gareth and Diane attempt to launch a new menu at their pub, with the help of one of the locals. But something is lurking in the mist. Cast, etc - see yesterday. Rpt.

30 Dec: Curious Under The Stars, 3
By Meic Povey. Episode title: Gathering Storm. Legend suggests that when a violent storm brings down the Great Oak, the survival of the village is threatened. The villagers come together to protect the tree, but the weather worsens, and Gareth and Bethan get trapped in the rising floodwaters. Cast, etc - see 28 Dec. Rpt.

31 Dec: Saturday Play - The Mysteries of Udolpho
By Ann Radcliffe (18th century gothic novel), dram. Hattie Naylor. Emily St. Aubert is forced to leave France and live with her aunt and her aunt's new husband, Count Montoni, in an isolated castle in Italy. She discovers that her new home is a place of nightmares, and its owner will stop at nothing to terrorise his new wife and her impressionable niece. Emily: Georgia Groome, Mme. Cheron: Tracey Wiles, Count Montoni: John Dougall, Cavigni: Finlay Robertson, Verizzi: Luke Thompson, Annette: Natasha Cowley, Ludovico: Stephen Wight, Count Morano: John Bowler, Sister Agnes: Karen Bartke, Abbess: Alison Belbin. Producer: Sally Avens.

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