R4 Drama 2015

I'm typing these entries out, summarising them from RT, removing spoilers and editing / adding notes where necessary. Typos are gradually being removed. This week's drama is at the bottom of the page.

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1 Jan: Hair of the Dog
By Katie Hims. The old way of life and the new at a typical pub on New Year's Day. Nicholas Gleaves, Madeleine Bowyer, Sarah Belcher, Sharlitt Deyzac, Silvana Montoya, Rasmus Hardiker, John Benfield. Indie. (Holy Mountain). Producer: Boz Temple-Morris.

1 Jan: War and Peace
By Tolstoy. An all-day broadcast on R4 FM lasting about ten hours, dram. by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Starts at 9am. The story is about the fortunes of three Russian aristocratic families during the Napoleonic Wars. It begins at a lively dinner party at the Rostov's home. Producer Peter Hoare; director Celia de Wolff. Cast: too much to type out; see scan below:

2 Jan: Inventing Scotland
By Mike Harris. Comedy. It is 1822 and King George is coming to Edinburgh. Novelist Walter Scott has a fortnight to create a patriotic, nation-binding spectacle which will avert revolution, save the Union, earn the monmarch's gratitude, and rescue himself from imminent bankrupcy. Lockhart: Stuart McQuarrie, Scott: Eric Potts, King George: Nick Blane, with Seamus O'Neill, Fiona Clarke and Drew Caine. Producer: Gary Brown.

3 Jan: Saturday Play: Cocktail Sticks
By Alan Bennett. An autobiographical play where Alan reflects on his early life with affection and some sadness. He and his mother had thought that the lives of others were somehow richer and better than their own. Now he's older, it's clear, looking back, that this was quite untrue. The material is drawn from his memoirs, adapted by Gordon House from a production by Nicholas Hytner which was on at the National Theatre in 2012. Narrator: Alan Bennett, Alan Bennett....Alex Jennings, Mum....Gabrielle Lloyd, Dad and Neville Coghill (the Chaucer man) .... Jeff Rawle; other parts played by Sue Wallace and Derek Hutchinson. Producer: Gordon House.

4 Jan: Classic Serial: The Small House at Allington
By Anthony Trollope; episode 3 of 3. Dramatized by Michael Symmons Roberts. Maggie Steed, Scarlett Alice Johnson, Sam Barnett, Blake Ritson, Clive Mantle, David Bamber, Alexandra Mathie, Lisa Brookes, Lucas Smith, Emily Pithon. Produced by Gary Brown and Charlotte Riches.

5 Jan: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Ep.2: Still in search of gold, Pilgrim comes to Ouldmeadow where he helps an old friend make a final river trip. Pilgrim: Paul Hilton, George: Karl Johnson, Baz: Paul Ready, Val: Elaine Claxton, Maeva: Roslyn Hill. Producer: Marc Beeby.

6 Jan: The Ferryhill Philosophers
By Michael Chaplin. An unemployed ex-miner and a philosophy lecturer form an unlikely partnership in a small village by the river Wear.Together they wrestle with moral issues in the community. Ep. 1 of 2. Joe: Alun Armstrong, Hermione: Deborah Findlay, Derek: Joe Caffrey, Gloria: Tracy Whitwell, Lucy: Lauren Kellegher, Barry: Jonathan Keeble, Vera: Jackie Lye, Kerry: Laura Elphinstone, Gaz: Chris Grahamson, Rollo Ironside: John Rowe. Producer: Catherine Bailey, Director: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

7 Jan: The Ferryhill Philosophers
Ep.2: Joe (ex-miner) and Hermione (female don) continue their mission to put the local villagers to rights. They debate whether a jobless teenage girl should be entitled to sell sex, and whether the truth should be told, regardless of the consequences. Cast - as yesterday.

8 Jan: The Last of the Pearl Fishers
By Hannah Khalil. Lillian becomes obsessed with her maid's disappearance. She tries to find her, but the search is more difficult than she thought. Lillian: Pippa Nixon, Celeste: Renée Montemayor, Ben: Ian Conningham, Mary: Tina Chiang, Amit: Paul Bazely, Marianne: Liz Sutherland, Jennifer: Elaine Claxton, Siobhan: Hannah Genesius. Producer: Nandita Ghose.

9 Jan: Operation Black Buck
By Robin Glendenning, rpt. During the Falklands War 30 years ago, the RAF staged the world's longest bombing run, in an attempt to damage the runway at Port Stanley. Using ageing Vulcan bombers, crews flew a round trip of 8000 miles from Ascension Island to the South Atlantic. Such a journey required not just in-flight refuelling, but re-fuelling of the refuelling planes - a hazardous undertaking which had never before been attempted. Not only were the raids themselves difficult to pull off, but even getting the aircraft ready for the flights was a major task. Aviation museums across the world were raided for spares, and key parts retrieved from junkyards. Jim: Stephen Perring, Bob: Russell Boulter, Wing Commander: Mark Meadows, Mac: John Mackay, Air Commodore: David Collins, Bomb Aimer: Joe Sims. Pilots played by Barry Farrimond and Hugh Holman. Producer: Jolyon Jenkins.

10 Jan: Saturday Play: Angel Maker
By Carine Adler. A penniless Jew from Hungary arrives in 1950s London. She is desperate for a new start in life. She and her daughter are forced to rely on the support of her rich boyfriend Sam, an entreprenear with whom she had a passionate affair at the end of WW2. Unfortunately from her point of view, his family are not keen on her; she's hardly top-drawer. She has to find a way of turning their sexual attraction into something more permanent. Also - the phrase 'angel maker' - think for a minute about what it might mean... any cryptic crossword solvers out there? Anamaria Marinca, Adam Levy, with Ashley Ogden, Harriet Chandler Judd, Edward Akrout, Rosina Carbone, Stuart Richman, Maggie Fox. Producer Charlotte Riches. Rpt. from 7 Dec 13.

11 Jan: Classic Serial: The Last Days of Troy
By Simon Armitage. Dramatization of The Iliad, by Homer. Ep. 1 of 2: The Greeks have Troy under siege, to win back their abducted queen, Helen. But the war drags on, there is much killing, and there is still statemate. Both gods and mortals squabble for the spoils of war and the hand of victory. Agamemnon: David Birrell, Achilles: Jake Fairbrother, Zeus: Richard Bremner, Odysseus: Colin Tierney, Hera: Gillian Bevan, Andromache/Thetis: Claire Calbraith, Hector: Simon Harrison, Helen: Lily Cole, Paris: Tom Stuart, Athene/Briseis: Francesca Zoutewelle, Priam: Gary Cooper, Patroclus: Brendan O'Hea, Astynax: Luca Rawlinson. Producer: Susan Roberts.

12 Jan: Pilgrim
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Pilgrim returns to Jackson's Mill to find his friend Morgan and the spirit Hartley have prepared a nasty surprise. Pilgrim: Paul Hilton, Morgan: Justin Salinger, Mattias: Nicholas Jones, Siri: Vineeta Rishi, Hartley: Matthew Tennyson, Liam: Shaun Mason, Karen: Bettrys Jones, Gaynor: Jane Slavin. Producer: Marc Beeby.

13 Jan: Can't Live Without You
By Kellie Smith. When Anna becomes ill, her partner Greg becomes a little too keen on her dependency. This is a psychologicalthriller about a man's craving for control in his marriage. Greg: Bryan Dick, Anna: Sarah Smart, Neil: Dean Smith, Nurse: Emma Hartley-Miller. Produced by Pauline Harris. Rpt.

14 Jan: Take Me To Hope Street
Three geographically-inspired plays. Ep. 1: By Lizzie Nunnery. A wintry ghost story about Nina, a university researcher and tour guide who lives and works on Hope Street in Liverpool.After a personal tragedy she begins to find herself haunted by the city in an unsettling way. Nina: Annabelle Dowler, Sam: Shaun Mason, Amy: Laura dos Santos, Graham: Ian Conningham, German tourist: Monty d'Inverno, American tourist: Jane Slavin, little girl: Lile Marie Gibney. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

15 Jan: Take Me To Victoria Park
Second geographical play: by Alan Harris. We're now in Cardiff. Two women break out of prison and head for south Wales. However, Cardiff is challenging and Gail drags Jen into the world of crime. Jen: Nina Toussaint-White, Gail: Eiry Hughes, Harry: Matthew Gravelle, Jack/Doug: John Cording, Kelly: Aled Pugh, Tosh: Ifan Huw Dafydd. Producer: James Robinson; BBC Wales.

16 Jan: Take Me To The Necropolis
Play 3 on geographical themes: by Oliver Emanuel. We are taken on a journey through Glasgow's 'Necropolis'. While celebrating their graduation, Alice takes Sasha on a secret trip to a graveyard. Sasha is not impressed, but after a lot of bubbly and some dope, it seems that imaginary boys and dead people can talk to them. Alice: Emerald O'Hanrahan, Sasha: Rebecca Hanson, Willy: Lewis Binnie, Gipsy queen: Alison Peebles, Lead Buchanan Sister: Rosalind Sydney, Actor: Liam Brennan. Other roles by Pearl Appleby, Amu Conachan, Michael Collins, Phillip Laing, Lorn MacDonald, Lorne McFayden and Hamish Riddle. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

17 Jan: Saturday Play: The Wild Bride
By Carl Grose. Kneehigh Theatre. A girl accidentally sells her soul to the devil. Rpt. Audrey Brisson as the Wild Bride, Stuart McLoughlin as the Devil, with Stuart Goodwin and Emma Rice. Music by Stu Barker; sound design by Simon Baker and Nigel Lewis. Producer: James Robinson.

18 Jan: Classic Serial: The Last Days of Troy
By Simon Armitage. Ep 2 of 2. The second half of the Homer's Iliad. Greece's attempt to free Helen from her captors. Agamemnon: David Birrell, Achilles: Jake Fairbrother, Zeus: Richard Bremner, Odysseus: Colin Tierney, Here: Gillian Bevan, Andromache/Thetis: Claire Calbraith, Hector: Simon Harrison, Helen: Lily Cole, Paris: Tom Stuart, Athene/Briseis: Francesca Zoutewelle, Praim: Garry Cooper, Patroclus: Brendan O'Hea. Producer: Susan Roberts.

19 Jan: The Corrupted, series 2
By G.F.Newman. 1/10. Based on Newman's novel "Crime and Punishment". This series covers the years 1961-1970 and describes a family's history against the backdrop of a revolution in crime. In this episode, Joey finds Brian's gun hidden at his house, so he calls the police. Joey: Toby Jones, Cath: Denise Gough, Brian: Joe Armstrong, Leah: Jasmine Hyde, Jack: Luke Allen-Gale, Narrator: Ross Kemp. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

20 Jan: The Corrupted
2/10 Joey borrows a large sum of money to invest in the Minister of Transport's road-building company.

21 Jan: The Corrupted
3/10. Jack goes to prison, thanks to Joey and Cath. (RT spoiler omitted).

22 Jan: The Corrupted
4/10 Joey is approached by the police to launder a large amount of money from the Great Train Robbery.

23 Jan: The Corrupted
5/10 An elite band of policemen is formed to tackle criminal firms and corrupt officers.

24 Jan: Saturday Play: The Song of Hiawatha
By Longfellow, dramatised by Pauline Harris, narrated by Henry Goodman. This is a passionate tale with two love stories intertwined; that of Hiawatha's mother and father (the mortal Wenonah and the evil spirit Mudjekeewis, and Hiawatha's love for Minnehaha, or Laughing Water. Hiawatha: Neet Mohan, Gitche Manito/Mudjekeewis: Ramon Tikaram, Nokomis: Shaheen Khan, Young Hiawatha: Talia Barnett, Minnehaha: Harriet Judd. Produced by Pauline Harris.

25 Jan: Classic Serial: Cloud Howe
1/2. By Lewis Grassic Gibbon, dram. Donna Franceschild, from the second book in the trilogy 'A Scots Quair'. Chris and her family move to the milltown of Segget in Aberdeenshire during the buildup to the general Strike of 1926. They find themselves involved in the town'sclass struggle. Chris: Amy Manson, Robert: Robert Laing, Else: Pearl Appleby, Dalziel: Liam Brennan, Alec: Philip Cairns, Jock: Stephen Duffy, Ewan: Roderick Gilkison, Leslie: Ralph Riach, Ake: Iain Robertson, Miss M'Askill: Wendy Seager, Mowat: Nick Underwood. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

26 Jan: The Corrupted
6/10. Jack starts to feel paranoid when he fears Brian and the firm are plotting against him. Toby Jones, Denise Gough, Joe Armstrong, Luke Allen-Gale, Jasmine Hyde and Ross Kemp. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

27 Jan: The Corrupted
7/10 Councillor Margaret Courtney continues her affair and uses the relationship to corrupt City officials. (RT spoiler omitted)

28 Jan: The Corrupted
8/10 Brian asks his Dad, Joey, to help him escape Jack's influence.

29 Jan: The Corrupted
9/10 Police attempt to arrest Jack, and pressure is put upon Brian to turn Queen's evidence.

30 Jan: The Corrupted
10/10 Jack and Brian find themselves in court.

31 Jan: Saturday Play: Present Laughter
By Noel Coward. A partly autobiographical play in which a successful self-obsessed actor struggles to avoid the attentions of several potential seductresses as he prepares to embark on a tour of Africa. His long-suffering secretary Monica keeps him in order. Into the plot wander his estranged wife and a hero-worshipping, very persistent young playwright, creating havoc. Gary also has to come to terms with turning 40. Samuel West as Gary Essendine and Frances Barber as Monica, with Freddie Fox, Janie Dee, Kim Wall, Lily James, Susannah Harker, Jonathan Coy, Anthony Calf, Hazel Ellerby, Sarah Badel. Producer Celia de Wolff. Repeated from 2013.

1 Feb: Classic Serial: Cloud Howe
By L.G.Gibbon, dram. Donna Franceschild. Ep. 2/2. Tensions within the town grow as Chris and Robert help the spinners prepare to strike. Chris:Amu Manson, Robert: Robin Laing, Else:Pearl Appleby, Dalziel: Liam Brennan, Alec: Philip Cairns, Jock: Stephen Duffy, Ewan: Roderick Gibson, Leslie: Ralph Riach, Ake: Iain Robertson, Miss M'Askill: Wendy Seager, Mowat: Nick Underwood. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

2 Feb: Slipping
Claudine Toutoungi's first radio play, repeated from September 2014. Elena and George, two expert liars, meet in a prosthetics clinic. They spin elaborate plausible stories, but neither seems to believe the other. This play was nominated for an Audio Drama Award (but didn't reach the shortlist) and Andreew and Charlotte (see cast list) were shortlisted for 'best actor' and 'best actress' awards in this production (see Audio Drama Awards page). Elena - Charlotte Riley, George - Andrew Scott, with Jane Slavin and David Cann. Produced by Liz Webb.

3 Feb: A Kidnapping
By Andy Mulligan, set and recorded in the Phillipines by Goldhawk Essential., repeated from about a year ago. Episode 1 of 3. Two teachers working at an international school in Manila get involved in a kidnapping plot. The plan does not go entirely as they wish... This play was nominated for an Audio Drama Award. Rpt. Daniel Ryan and Jade Matthew as the teachers, with mainly local actors...Art Acuna, Nacio Samonte, Jane Fisher, Geraldine Tan, Bart Guingona, Roselyn Perez, Leo Rialp, Amiel Mendoza, Madeleine Nicolas, Joel Trinidad, Andy Mulligan, Paulo Rodriguez, Francis Matheu, Seth Argar, Rachel Greenhow, Sam Barlongay, Colin Briggs, Owen Bennett-Jones, Andrew North, Lyse Doucet, Rona Lou San Pedro and Max Adarme. Sound design by Steve Bond, music composed by Sacha Putnam; producer Nadir Khan, director John Dryden.

4 Feb: The Crossing
By Hugh Costello; not a repeat. It is set in 2019; the UK has left the EU and the prime minister is pressured into sealing the nation's borders, including the one between Northern Ireland and Ireland. He arrives in Ulster to inspect the new border facilities and has a secret meeting with the Taoiseach, who is alarmed at how rapidly security has been restored to its Troubles-era level. The story follows their attempt to find a middle way, against a ticking clock of potential chaos in London Belfast and Dublin. The P.M: Rebecca Saire, The Taoiseach: Sean Campion, James: Nick Dunning, Avril: Sarah Greene, Conor: Gavin Drea, Marian: Eleanor Methven, Border Officer: B.J.Hogg. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

5 Feb: Men Who Sleep In Cars
By Michael Symonds Roberts. Rpt. Three men whose lives have been turned upside-down by the recession sleep in their cars on the streets of Manchester. In the build-up to the World Cup they listen to their radios for company. This play was nominated for an Audio Drama Award. Maxine Peake narrates, with Nick Haverson, Robert Haythorne, Rob Edwards and Pat Nevin. Produced by Susan Roberts.

6 Feb: Fragments
By Laura Lomas. The lives of a Polish immigrant, a recently-released ex-convict, a bereaved father and a teenage boy all change when a meteorite lands in a corner of Yorkshire.David Crellin, Hara Yannas, Ian Weichartdt, Mark Holgate and Ursula Holden Hill. Produced by Polly Thomas.

7 Feb: Saturday Drama slot: Four Quartets
By Tom Eliot. Not a drama - this is poetry, read by Jeremy Irons. The four parts are Burnt Norton, East Coker, The Dry Salvages and Little Gidding. Producer: Susan Roberts.

8 Feb: Classic Serial - Three Strong Women
By Mariue NDiaye (sic), adapted for radio by Pat Cumper. 1/2. When Norah's father calls, she is forced to leave her home in Paris and go to Dakar. Meanwhile, in the Gironde, Fanta and her husband try to come to terms with their new life. Norah: Nikki Amuka-Bird, Fanta: Rakie Ayola, Khady: Susan Wokoma, with Jude Akuwudike, Alun Raglan, Soloman Israel, Ben Onwukwe, John Norton, Janice Acquah, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Scarlett Hoctor. Produced by Helen Perry.

9 Feb: Psyche
By Diane Samuels. A modern-day retelling of the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros, set in the world of fashion. The myth is this: Aphrodite is jealous of Psyche's beauty and asks her son Eros to poison men's souls to stop them wanting her. Unfortunately Eros falls in love with Psyche himself. Lizzie: Jaime Winstone, Apra: Saskia Reeves, Andreas: Fra Fee. Produced by Tracey Neale.

10 Feb: A Kidnapping
2/3, rpt. By Andy Mulligan, from Indie producer Goldhawk. Mark and Rachel's plan to kidnap a politicians daughter begins to fall apart. This play was nominated for an Audio Drama award, but in the end another Goldhawk production took the prize.... this is a fast-paced and rather frightening thriller. Daniel Ryan and Jade Matthew as the teachers, with mainly local actors...Art Acuna, Nacio Samonte, Jane Fisher, Geraldine Tan, Bart Guingona, Roselyn Perez, Leo Rialp, Amiel Mendoza, Madeleine Nicolas, Joel Trinidad, Andy Mulligan, Paulo Rodriguez, Francis Matheu, Seth Argar, Rachel Greenhow, Sam Barlongay, Colin Briggs, Owen Bennett-Jones, Andrew North, Lyse Doucet, Rona Lou San Pedro and Max Adarme. Sound design by Steve Bond, music composed by Sacha Putnam; producer Nadir Khan, director John Dryden.

11 Feb: Poorland
New play by Sean Grundy; a satire. Susan and John visit a poverty-inspired theme park, with a Benefit Island water ride and a Disenchanted Kingdom, on the council estate where they grew up. They each travel separately but bump into each other and discover that they remember their childhoods in very different ways. Susan: Angela Griffin, John/Mick: Andy Flanagan, Chris: Faye Castelow, Resus: Sam Barnett, A.R.Shoals: David Reed, Betty: Melanie Kilburn. Produced by Alison Crawford; editor Abigail Youngman.

12 Feb: The Transfer
By Nick Perry. Danny Provisor is a football agent negotiating a deal to bring Serbian player Slavko to Britain. Unfortunately Slavko's girlfriend reports that he hasn't returned home from a night out. Danny: David Schofield, Jonathan/Keith: Daniel Abelson, Frankie/Samira: Rachel Austin, Steve/Graham/Barman: Simon Armstrong, Peter/Mr. Agnihotri: Chris Donnelly, Lewis: David Hounslow, Stanislav: Velibor Topic, Slavko: Mirza Koluder, Ian Dennis: himself. Produced by Toby Field.

13 Feb: How Did I Get Here?
By Jonathan Myerson. The relationship between Rebecca, a middle-aged woman coming to terms with her father's dementia. An interesting dramatic device is used: an experimental drug gives him the ability to talk to her both as an old man, confused and forgetful, and as he was when he was 38. It's a rather poignant examination of the way in which the condition affects his family. Dad: Joseph Millson, Grandad: Ben Whitrow, Rebecca: Racquel Cassidy, Murray: Ewan Bailey, Tanya: Rosie Wyatt, Daniel, a.k.a. Reggie: Adam Thomas Wright, Gazmend: Paul Heath. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

14 Feb: Saturday Drama: A Life in Film
By Fred Raphael. A film critic revisits the works of her director friend in the hope of discovering the truth about his disappearance. Elanor Bron, William Hope, Jeff Mash, Nathan Osgood, Laurel Lefkow, William Roberts, Kevin Millington, Joseph Kloska, Stephen Critchlow, DeNica Fairman, Tanya Moodie, Eric Meyers, Michael Roberts; producer Jo Wheeler, Director: Dirk Maggs.

15 Feb: Classic Serial: Strong Women
By Marie NDiaye, 2/2, adap. Pat Cumper, from the book 'Les Femmes Puissantes', which roughly translates as 'Three Strong Women'. The lies Fanta's husband told in Senegal begin to catch up with both of them. Meanwhile in Dakar, a penniless widow is forced to join the enormous numbers of migrants who are beginning a terrifying journey to reach Europe. Rakie Ayola as Fanta, Susan Wokoma as Khady, with Nikke Amuka-Bird, Alun Raglan, Eric Kofi Abrefa, Janice Acqua, Ben Onwukwe, Sharon Morgan, Jude Akuwidike, Soloman Israel, Cosmo Bawler. Produced by Helen Perry.

16 Feb: Phonophone
By Timothy X Atack. A musician is found dead in strange circumstances. The only clue as to how he died is a cryptic message which no-one seems to understand. Priyanga Burford, Erich Redman, Mamoru Iriguchi, Tracy Wiles, Shaun Mason, Sam Dale, Jane Slavin, Souad Faress. Produced by Marc Beeby. RT also reports that Timothy's first radio play "The Morperth Carol" won the Radio Academy Gold Award for 2014.

17 Feb: A Kidnapping
By Andy Mulligan (indie - Goldhawk production), rpt, 3/3. Mark and Rachel are on the run in Manila, having kidnapped the son of a politician. Daniel Ryan and Jade Matthew as the teachers, with mainly local actors...Art Acuna, Nacio Samonte, Jane Fisher, Geraldine Tan, Bart Guingona, Roselyn Perez, Leo Rialp, Amiel Mendoza, Madeleine Nicolas, Joel Trinidad, Andy Mulligan, Paulo Rodriguez, Francis Matheu, Seth Argar, Rachel Greenhow, Sam Barlongay, Colin Briggs, Owen Bennett-Jones, Andrew North, Lyse Doucet, Rona Lou San Pedro and Max Adarme. Sound design by Steve Bond, music composed by Sacha Putnam; producer Nadir Khan, director John Dryden.

18 Feb: A Northern Soul
By Hattie Naylor. A journalist interviews the car-factory worker who introduced him to the northern soul music scene 35 years earlier. As the pair reminisce, long-buried conflicts begin to resurface. Jerry: Craig Edwards, older Mark: Patrick Baladi, younger Mark: Tom Glenister, Maureen: Sally Orrock, Phil: Ben Crowe, Stan: Paul Currier, Sophie: Jessica Hayes. Produced by Marc Jobst.

19 Feb: Shamed
By Furquan Akhtar. A woman whose son is arrested for a serious crime finds herself shunned by the community. However she believes her son to be innocent, and resolves to clear his name. Shabana: Shobna Gulati, Aisha: Maya Sondhi, Rizwan: Sacha Dhawan, with Bhavna Limbachia, Bharti Patel and Roger Morlidge. Produced by Gary Brown. (reviewed very favourably by Jane Anderson in RT .... - Ed.)

20 Feb: Drama: Bridge
By Donna Franceschild. A woman is about to jump off a bridge. The stranger sitting next to her will say anything to stop her... a two-hander for Iain Robertson and Eilidh McCormick. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

21 Feb: Saturday Drama: The African Queen
By 'Cecil Forester' (Cecil Smith), from his novel of 1935. Adapted by Paul Mandelson. Rose Sayer's missionary work finishes when her brother dies of a fever, after the invasion, by Germans, of the Central African village where they were working. Rose wants to avenge her brother's death and thinks of a way of destroying a German warship in retaliation. She is helped by the skipper of the steam-powered 'African Queen'. Rose: Samantha Bond, Charlie: Toby Jones (the Humphrey Bogart part), Samuel: Stephen Critchlow, with Mark Edel-Hunt and David Acton. Music composed by Gary Newman. Produced by David Ian Neville.

22 Feb: Classic Serial: Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me
This is a follow-up to the previous fortnight's Classic Serial broadcasts, in the series "Reading Europe"; this one is set in Spain. It's adapted by Michael Butt and is based on Madrid writer Javier Marias's 1994 novel. When the woman with whom he was about to begin an affair suddenly dies in his arms, Victor considers walking away, but he is unable to resist looking into her dark secrets. Victor: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Luisa: Emma Fielding, Tellez: John Rowe, The King: Malcolm Sinclair / Nicholas Grace. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

23 Feb: In Aldershot
An unemployed man known as Suitboy, and Gurung, an ex-Gurkha, whose Nepalese community has caused unrest in the area, meet at a job centre and form an unexpected friendship. Social story by Matthew Wilkie. Suitboy: Ian Conningham, Gurung: Bhasker Patel, Pushpa: Ritu Arya, Karen: Rhiannon Neads, Gary: Mark Edel-Hunt, Mark: Samuel Valentine, Adviser: Jane Slavin. Produced by Nandita Ghose; directed by Liz Webb.

24 Feb: I'm a Believer
Excellent comedy by Jon Canter, repeated from last year. Simon doesn't believe in God, and tells him so when he meets him in a dream. However, his lack of belief is tested when he meets birth, death and a woman who thinks he is a vicar on the same night. Simon: Stephen Mangan, God: Colin McFarlane, Jane: Claudie Blakley, Mary: Pauline McLynn. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

25 Feb: Come to Grief
By Hannah Vincent, repeated from (I think) last year. A woman finds herself in hospital, suffering from loss of memory. She undergoes radical treatment which includes being suspended above the floor, hanging by her neck. This play won the Audio Drama Award for "best adaptation". Sylvia: Claire Rushbrook, Don: Philip Jackson, Neil: Carl Prekopp, Sophie: Emerald O'Hanrahan, Consultant: Ian Masters, Nurse: Claire Wilson. Produced by Gordon House.

26 Feb: Scenes From A Crime
Crime thriller by John Dryden. A man tries to put his life back together after he finds himself outside a tenement block in Mumbai with no idea how he got there. He asks a street child for help. [RT notes here that John Dryden won the 'best drama/readings producer' at the Radio Production Awards recently. His plays have a distinctive realism; they are generally recorded on location, using local actors.]Man: Vivek Madan, Child: Faezeh Jalali, Couple: Siddharth Menon/Shivani Tanksale, Neighbour: Suhaas Ahuja, Nita: Prerna Chawla, Homeless woman: Ayeesha Menon, Buddy: Namit Das. Producer: Preetika Chawla; directed by John Dryden. RT didn't mention that this was an Indie production (Goldhawk).

27 Feb: The Road to Bani Walid
Dr. Saleyha Ahsan, the emergency medicine registrar, presents a personal account of her autumn 2011 journey to Libya. This isn't a drama but a factual account. Saleyha describes her front-line involvement in the battle on Bani Walid, and explains her reasons for being there. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

28 Feb: Saturday Drama - Victory
By Pinter, adapted from his screenplay of Conrad's novel of the same name. The adaptation is by Richard Eyre. The story is set in the Dutch East Indies in 1900. A young violinist is rescued by a reclusive Swedish baron, and this attracts the attention of thuggish thieves. The screenplay was written by Pinter in 1982, but I don't think it was ever screened. Eyre has added a narrator to impersonate Pinter's screen directions. Narrator: Simon Russell Beale, Heyst: Bjarne Henriksen, Lena: Vanessa Kirby, Ricardo: Mark Strong, Jones: Robert Portal, Schomberg: Patrick O'Kane, Pedro: Martin Marquez, Change: Paul Chan, Mrs. Zangiacomo: Flaminea Cinque. Producer: Laurence Bowen; director: Richard Eyre.

1 Mar: Classic Serial: Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me
By Javier Marias, ad. Michael Butt, part 2 of 2. Eduardo, returned from London, is close to discovering that Victor was the man was with his wife when she died. Victor: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Luisa: Emma Fielding, Eduardo: Malcolm Sinclair, Celia/receptionist: Jasmine Hyde, Eva/shop assistant: Rebecca Saire, Ruiberriz: Danny Webb, Tellez: John Rowe. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

2 Mar: My Name Is ...
By Sudhar Buchar. Based on fact. In 2006, a young Scottish girl was abducted by her father and taken to Pakistan. In an effort to find out whether this was really an abduction, the author interviewed the family members involved. Suzy: Karen Bartke, Ghazala: Kiran Sonia Sawar, Farhan: Umar Ahmed. Produced by Bruce Young and directed by Philip Osment.

3 Mar: How to Say Goodbye Properly
By E.V.Crowe. Rpt. Lucy feels as if she's been in the army her whole life. Her father swears that this is their last posting, but she has heard it so many times before. Lucy - Ellie Kendrick, Angela - Hermione Norris, Martin - Stuart McQuarrie, Toby - Alex Lawther. Producer - Abigail le Fleming.

4 Mar: Magpie
Lee Mattinson. Comedy drama. Lance is determined to stop eating metal and take up a normal job to get his life back on track, but a little boy moves into the street and derails his plans. Lance: Jack Deam, Max: Sam Hattersley, Rhona: Melanie Hill, Mum/Gladys: Kathryn Hunt, Sophy/Wendy: Kate Coogan, Dr. Tate: Eric Potts. Produced by Sharon Sephton.

5 Mar: Mrs. Pickwick's Papers
By Mike Walker. A man tries to get rid of Mrs. Joyce Pickwick, a commissioner for local government, because he thinks she was been a hindrance to the civil service for years. An opportunity arises whenshe gets too deeply into an investigation into the waste disposal business. The play was highlighted by Tom Goulding in RT. Mrs. Pickwick: Annette Badland, Sam: Susam Wokoma, Tracy: Jane Slavin, Gus/Mr. Legion: Stephen Critchlow, Scrope: Sam Dale, Alfie: Ian Conningham. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

6 Mar: The Mark
By Karen Brown. The play is based on a true story. An ambitious policeman is duped into believing his work life and his love life are both on track. It isn't so ... Dean: Matthew McNulty, Jen: Rachel Leskovac, Ian: Craig Gallivan, Laura: Rachel Austin, Sgt. Walker: Roger Morlidge, DI Edwards: Hugh Simon. Produced by Pauline Harris.

7 Mar: Saturday Play - The Dreaming Child
By Harold Pinter. Another unproduced screenplay by Pinter, from 1997, adapted for radio by Joanna Hogg. The original story was by Karen Blixen (1942). It's 1868, in Bristol, and Emily is haunted by her first love affair with a young soldier who died at sea. Now it's seven years later and she is unable to conceive. She and her husband decide to adopt a boy from the slums. Narrator: Anne Reid, Emily: Lydia Leonard, Tom, the husband: Bertie Carvel, Charlie: Joshua Silver, Mrs. Jones: Joanna Scanlan, Miss Scott: Susan Wooldridge, Jack: Jack Hollington, Peggy: Rose Leslie, with Bryony Hannah, Karl Johnson, Malcolm Sinclair, Flynn Allen, Esme Allen-Quarmby, Isabelle Blake-Thomas, Joey Price. Produced by Laurence Bowen; directed by Joanna Hogg.

8 Mar: Classic Serial: John Gabriel Borkman
By Ibsen, adapted by David Eldridge. Ep. 1 of 2. Borkman is a disgraced sailor who faces destitution following a fraud scandal and a prison sentence. He is forced to confront the ghosts of his past as he works to determine his future. Borkman: David Threlfall, Ella: Susannah Harker, Gunhild: Gillian Bevan, Foldal: Philip Jackson, Erhart: Luke Newberry, Fanny: Jenny Rainsford, Malene: Claire Cage. Produced by Helen Perry.

9 Mar: Kingdom Of Cloud
By Matthew Hurt. A man has been sitting in his car outside the house for hours in an attempt to avoid his wife inside - but what can he not admit to her, or to himself? Daniel: Neil Pearson, Juliet: Anne-Marie Duff. Produced by Marion Nancarrow.

10 Mar: People Don't Do Such Things
By Ruth Rendell, adapted by Mike Walker. The story dates from 1976. Middle-aged accountant Arthur and his wife Gwen have a comfortable life together, but when charming and successful writer Reeve Baker steps into their lives, their domestic harmony starts to crumble. Arthur: Reece Shearsmith, Gwen: Laura Piper, Reeve: Michael Maloney, with Rachel Atkins and David Holt. Produced by John Dryden. Indie production (Goldhawk Essential). Rpt.

11 Mar: Earworm
By Simon Passmore. Creepy thriller. When a researcher is given the task of producing an item for a TV show about Britain's worst film director, she goes in search of the horror film "Earworm" and its creator. Rumours surround the little-known video: the cast supposedly suffered unexplained accidents; the director went into hiding after destroying all known copies of the film, and the soundtrack had sinister effects on those who heard it... Researcher, Mia: Chloe Pirrie, Josh: Shaun Mason, James: Justin Salinger, Lena: Jane Slavin, Charlie: Ian Conningham, Craig: David Acton, Lois: Bettrys Jones, Bookseller: Paul Heath, Producer: Jude Akuwudike, Nurse: Roslyn Hill. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

12 Mar: The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
By Alexander McCall Smith. Part 1 of a 90m story. Episode title: The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe. New mother Mma Matsuki expands her business portfolio in an unexpected direction and Mma Ramotswe meets a client with a difficult house guest. Mma Ramotswe: Claire benedict, Mma Matsuki: Nadine Marshall, Mma Potakwame: Janice Acquah, Mr. JLB Matekoni: Ben Onwukwe, Charlie: Maynard Eziashi, Phuti Radiphuti: Jude Akuwudike, with Kulvinder Ghir, Sudha Bhuchar, Steve Toussaint, Amaka Okafor, ObiAbili, Anna Bengo. Produced by Eilidh McCreadle.

13 Mar: The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Continued from yesterday. Episode title: The Dish of Yesterday. Mma Ramotswe puts her new intern on the case. Meanwhile Mma Matsuki's distinctive approach to the restaurant business causes some surprise. Cast, etc - see yesterday.

14 Mar: Saturday Play: The Norman Conquests
By Alan Ayckbourn. Play 1: Living Together. A new version of the well-known comedy about the exploits of a compulsive womaniser, Norman. (previous version was adapted by Neville Teller and produced by Gordon House in 1991). This play is usually no. 2 in the trilogy but this time the producer decided to broadcast it first. It introduces us to Norman's unsavoury habits; he is a dissatisfied assistant librarian; he drinks too much and he is an outrageous philanderer. Norman: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Annie: Helen Baxendale, Tom: Nigel Planer, Reg: Jeff Rawle, Sarah: Clare Lawrence-Moody, Ruth: Tracy-Ann Oberman. Produced by Peter Kavanagh. 90m.

15 Mar: Classic Serial - John Gabriel Borkman
By Ibsen. Part 2 of 2. John Gabriel now has to choose between real happiness and his need for power. Borkman: David Threlfall, Ella: Susannah Harker, Gunhild: Gillian Bevan, Foldal: Philip Jackson, Erhart: Luke Newberry, Fanny: Jenny Rainsford, Malene: Claire Cage. Producer: Helen Perry.

16 Mar: Now, Love
By Virginia Gilbert. A recently divorced woman falls in love with an older Polish man. But is he reaslly who he says he is, and will her desire for him have a happy ending? Denise: Sorcha Cusack, Karol: Christopher Rozycki, Patrick: Patrick Baladi, Mikolaj/Seamus: Jack Klaff, Lizzie/Olenka: Jane Slavin, Magdalena: Marta Kielkowicz, Fiona: Lucy Wells, Adam: Rafael Ferenc. Produced by David Ian Neville.

17 Mar: McLevy
Rpt of series 7, by David Ashton. Ep. 1 of 4: The Firebrand. The Victorian detective investigates the kidnapping of a woman's rights campaigner. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean Brash: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Hannah: Colette O'Neill, Seth: John Kazek, Mary: Vicki Lidelle, Martha: Irene Allan. Produced by Bruce Young.

18 Mar: McLevy
Ep. 2 of 4: Dead Reckoning. Rpt. McLevy investigates a case of grave robbing. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Emma: Stella Gonet, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Caskie: Brian Pettifer, McMaster: Sean Scanlan, Simms: John Kielty. Produced by Bruce Young.

19 Mar: Big Sky
By Anna Maloney. Thriller. An Australian lawyer tries to get her client out of Guatanemo prison and back to his family in Australia. Lindsey: Kerry Fox, Rob: Andy Clark, Youssef: Umar Ahmed, Major Mirsky: Grant O'Rourke, Green: Greg Powrie, Col: John Buick, Maggie: Helen Mackay, Mrs. Campbell: Molly Innes. Produced by Bruce Young.

20 Mar: Recent Events At Collington House
By Matthew Solon. The new head teacher of a secondary school in the Midlands clashes with a parent governor: a religious fundamentalist who will not listen to reason or the opinions of others. Roz: Heather Craney, Abdul: Neil D'Souza, Jaffer: Sam Dastor, Folasade "Sade": Tracy Ifeachor, John: Philip Jackson, Mrs. Barlow: Becci Gemmill, PC Khan: Jaz Deol. Produced by John Dryden. Indie: Goldhawk Essential. Incidentally - it would be a good idea for RT to credit the Indie producers - Ed.

21 Mar: Saturday Drama: Table Manners
Play 2 of 'The Norman Conquests' by Alan Ayckbourn. This play focuses on the lead-up to Norman's antics. Annie makes arrangements to leave her invalid mother in the care of her borther and his wife whilst she plans an illicit weekend away with her lecherous brother-in-law. Ad. Peter Kavanagh. 90m. Norman: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Annie: Helen Baxendale, Tom: Nigel Planer, Reg: Jeff Rawle, Sarah: Clare Lawrence-Moody, Ruth: Tracy-Ann Oberman. Producer: Peter Kavanagh.

22 Mar: Classic Serial: A Fine Balance
By Rohinton Mistry. Ep 1 of 3. Adapted by Ayeesha Menon and Kewel Karim. This is from the novel about India's underclass. A story of the triumph of the human spirit under inhuman conditions.Four strangers form an unlikely bond which takes them through one of India's most turbulent recent periods. Music by Sacha Puttnam. Indie (Goldhawk). Dina: Shernaz Patel, Ishvar: Kenneth Desai, Om: Ananad Tiwari, Maneck: mNeil Bhoopalam, Rustom: Zafar Karachiwala, Ibrahim: Rajit Kapur, The Thakur: Jayant Kripalani, Ashraf: Darshan Jariwala, Nusswan: Farid Currim, Ruby: Anahita Uberoi, Narayan: Vivek Madan, Young Dina: Tirtha Kotrial, Young Ishvar: Eshan Savla, Young Narayan: Samar Uraizee, Ensemble: Jim Sarbh, Abishek Saha, Meherangiz Acharya-Dar, Faezeh Jalali, Shivani Tanksale, Nadir Khan. Producers: Nadir Khan and John Dryden.

23 Mar: Recent Events at Collington House, 2
A sequel to the drama begun three days ago, on 20 Mar. It is set several months later and unlike ep.1, is not a repeat. The school governors become polarised into two groups; it starts to have an effect on the students.... Roz: Heather Craney, Abdul: Neil D'Souza, Jaffer: Sam Dastor, John: Philip Jackson, Mrs. Barlow: Rebecca Saire, Mr. Noorani / PC Khan: Rez Kempton,Ashik: Michael Karim, Darren: Harry Kirton. Producer: John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk).

24 Mar: McLevy
By David Ashton. Ep. 3 of 4: Prince of Darkness, rpt. The past returns to haunt Jean when a former lover whom she thought was dead seeks revenge on her. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Preger: David Hayman, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Hannah: Colette O'Neill, Mary: Edith MacArthur, Roach: David Ashton, Col. Moncrieff: Grant O'Rourke, Louis: Kim Gerard. Producer: Bruce Young.

25 Mar: McLevy
By David Ashton. Ep. 4 of 4: A Distant Death, rpt. The detective's dreams of death by drowning are set to become real when he and Jean are trapped in a sea cave as the tide rushes in. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael perceval-Maxwell, Lamb: Crawford Logan, Roach: David Ashton, Olivia: Kim Gerard, Jethro: Stewart Porter, Ship's officer: Kenny Bligh. Producer: Bruce Young.

26 Mar: Monster
By Tony Pitts. An exploration of male anger, how men become victims of victims, and how the baton is passed from man to boy. Dan: Neil Maskell, Scott: Shaun Dooley, Roger: Richard Hawley, Wendy: Rosina Carbone, Tommy: Harvey Chaisty, Vanessa: Claire Fox, Lewis: Danny Hawley, Lily: Lily JOnes, Counsellor: Eleanor Samson, Margaret: Rita May, Referee: Jon Wray. Produced by Sally Harrison and directed by Tony Pitts.

27 Mar: Frankie Takes a Trip
By Martyn Hesford. Comedy Drama. Play about Frankie Howerd, who during his long career had many ups and downs. It was during one of the down periods, in 1962, that he decided to deal with his depression by taking, quite legally, LSD. Frankie: David Benson, Dennis: Tim Downie, Mother?The Queen: Emily Pithon, Father/Producer: Conrad Nelson, RADA examiner / Doctor: Hugh Simon, Agent/Soldier: Roger Morlidge, Young Frankie: Sam Hattersley. Produced by Gary Brown.

28 Mar: Saturday Drama: Round And Round The Garden
By Alan Ayckbourn. Norman Conquests, play 3. Annie has secretly planned a weekend away, but as she prepares to depart, Norman turns up prematurely, messing up her plans and igniting the fireworks. This adaptation for radio is by the producer, Peter Kavanagh. Norman: Julian Rhind-Tutt, Annie: Helen Baxendale, Tom: Nigel Planer, Reg: Jeff Rawle, Sarah: Clare Lawrence-Moody, Ruth: Tracy-Ann Oberman. Producer: Peter Kavanagh. 90m.

29 Mar: Classic Serial: A Fine Balance
By Rohinton Mistry. Ep 2 of 3. Set in India (see last Sunday's entry). An uncle and nephew begin working as tailors in the city to escape the violence in their own village. Meanwhile a student from the mountains rents one of Dina's spare rooms. Dram. by Ayeesha Menon and Kewel Karim. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

30 Mar: Far Side Of The Moore
By Sean Grundy. Biographical drama about astronomer and broadcaster Patrick Moore, who presented The Sky At Night from 1957 until his death in 2012, aged 89. The young Patrick lives with his mother in East Grinstead and writes factual works on astronomy. His latest book gets a bad review from an academic, and he is left in despair ... Patrick Moore: Tom Hollander, Lorna: Felicity Duncan, Gertrude Moore: Patricia Hodge, Dr. Henry King: Anton Lesser, Eileen Wilkins: Charlotte Richie, Leonard Miall: David Shaw-Parker, Arthur C Clarke: Simon Treves, Paul Johnstone: Daniel Weyman. Producer: David Morley, director: Dirk Maggs. Indie (Perfectly Normal Productions, I think).

31 Mar: Three Soldiers
By Amanda Dalton. The play is about the lives of three Mancunian 15-year olds who have all been affected by war in different ways. Refugee Angel was forced to become a child soldier. Ryan is a reserved boy who wants to join the army. Carly is a troubled teen with an unhappy home life. They meet at Ryan's hideaway just off a riverside path. Angel: Marlene Madenge, Ryan: Ben Ryan Davies, Carly: Shannon Flynn, Police officer: Chris Jack, Social worker/police officer operator: Verity-May Henry. Produced by Susan Roberts.

1 Apr: Digging For Victory
Afternoon play by Moya O'Shea. Rpt. from 13 Jan 13. A family desperately needs more space; the house is no longer big enough. Unfortunately, digging another room under the flat isn't simple... Mum .... Cathy Murphy, Dad.... Don Gilet, Gran..... Christine Lohr, Gil.... Harry Livingstone, Alec..... Scott Smith, Henry..... Daniel Cooper, Tess..... Rhianna Hosmer, Mick..... Carl Prekopp, Doctor... Tracy Wiles, Mr. Mowson ... Paul Moriarty. Producer: Tracey Neale.

2 Apr: Duchamp's Urinal
By Al Smith and Ben Street. Docu-drama about some odd events a hundred years ago. In 1917, Marcel Duchamp bought a men's porcelain urinal from a hardware factory and submitted it for inclusion in a New York art exhibition, calling it "Fountain". Duchamp argues his case with the exhibition committee. Ben (a real-life art historian) gives us the historical background. Duchamp: Samuel Barnett, with Finn Den Hertog. Produced by Lu Kemp.

3 Apr: A Book By Lester Tricklebank
By Richard Lumsden. The rather strange RT blurb runs thus: "Lester has never left home, perhaps because of a secret that's too big to carry around the world, or that he loves Derbyshire too much. He decides that now is the time to tell all, so he faces up to the past and writes a book. But where to start?" Lester: Stephen Tomkinson, Florence: Rebekah Stanton, Stanley: Jack Hollington, Janice: Jane Slavin, Bill: Stephen Critchlow, Jean: Jessica Turner, Nurse Irene: Ayesha Antoine, Dad: David Hounslow, Librarian: Rhiannon Neads. Produced by Sally Avens.

4 Apr: Saturday Play: The Moonflask
By Paul Sellar. When a Ming vase turns up at an auction house, the people on a back-to-work course decide to steal it. They pool their skills to reunite the vase with its rightful owner. Robberies, however, always get complicated. 60m. Lee Ross, Ken Bones, Sean Murray, Richie Campbell,David Yip, Laura Molyneux, Michael Bertenshaw, Tony Jayawardena, Marlene Sidaway, Carys Eleri, Matthew Fenton, John Norton, Carolyn Pickles and Harry Jardine. Produced by Sally Avens.

5 Apr: Classic Serial: A Fine Balance
By Rohinton Mistry. Ep 3 of 3. Indian epic. The bond between unlikely companions Ishvar, Om, Dina and Maneck helps to carry them through the mid-1970s; a difficult time when many civil liberties disappeared. Dramatised by Ayeesha Menon and Kewel Karim. Indie (Goldhawk Essential). Dina: Shernaz Patel, Ishvar: Kenneth Desai, Om: Ananad Tiwari, Maneck: mNeil Bhoopalam, Rustom: Zafar Karachiwala, Ibrahim: Rajit Kapur, The Thakur: Jayant Kripalani, Ashraf: Darshan Jariwala, Nusswan: Farid Currim, Ruby: Anahita Uberoi, Narayan: Vivek Madan, Young Dina: Tirtha Kotrial, Young Ishvar: Eshan Savla, Young Narayan: Samar Uraizee, Ensemble: Jim Sarbh, Abishek Saha, Meherangiz Acharya-Dar, Faezeh Jalali, Shivani Tanksale, Nadir Khan. Producers: Nadir Khan and John Dryden.

6 Apr: A Year At The Races
By Neil Brand. Groucho Marx is nearing the end of his career. He meets an enthusiastic fan who tries to teach him a few new comedy tricks. Groucho: Toby Jones, Selma: Jenna Augen, Loretta: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Eddie: Ewan Bailey. Produced by Helen Perry.

7 Apr: Do You Know Who Wrote This?
By Jonathan Myerson. A comedy in which a virus spreads across the internet, removing all pseudonyms on blogs and social media. True identities are revealed; very awkward. Repeated from 2012.Ali ....... Lydia Leonard, Himself ....... Rory Cellan-Jones, Ned ....... Ben Crowe, Zoe ....... Lizzy Watts, Josh ....... Richard Linnell, Rachel ....... Liza Sadovy, Mark Z ....... Chris Pavlo, Archbishop of Canterbury ....... Patrick Brennan, Bret ....... Paul Stonehouse, News Anchor ....... Stephanie Racine, Reporter ....... Adam Nagaitis. Producer Jonquil Panting.

8 Apr: Beyond Endurance
By Meredith Hooper. The play is about the progress of Ernest Shackleton's expedition (1914-17) across the Antarctic. Meredith has lived worked in the Antarctic himself. The story is told using the words of the chacters themselves, taken from their diaries, journals and other accounts. It was a trip requiring great endurance, and Shackleton was determined not to lose a single man. Shackleton: Dominic West, Thomas Orde-Lees: Jamie Glover, Frank Hurley: Gabriel Andrews, Alexander Macklin: Mark Edel-Hunt, Frank Wild: David Houslow, Reginald James: Neet Mohan, Harry McNish: Sam Dale. Producer by Justine Willett.

9 Apr: The Imperfect Education of Sabrina Sidney
By Abigail Youngman. The play is set in the 1700s. It is based on true events. Two girls are involved in an educational experiment to create the perfect wife, which is carried out by Thomas Day, a philanthropist and intellectual. James Keir: Rory Bremner, Richard Edgeworth: Aidan McArdle, Anna Seward: Amanda Root, Thomas Day: Ifan Meredith, Young Sabrina: Nerys Akers, Older Sabrina: Hannah Genesius, Lucretia: Sydney Wade. Produced by Alison Crawford.

10 Apr: Mr. Reasonable
By Fred D'Aguiar. John Reasonable, a freed slave, is a skilled silk weaver and is employed by Shakespeare to make costumes for the Rose Theatre. He has a jealous apprentice. (Good to see a Shakespeare-related play close to Shakespeare's birthday - Ed.) John: Fraser James, his wife: Adjoa Andoh, Shakespeare: Joseph Kloska, J.F.Weaver: Oliver Coopersmith, Kemp: Chris Pavlo, Samantha: Mya-Lecia Naylor, Joshua: Shay Spencer. Produced by David Hunter.

11 Apr: Saturday Play slot: Good Omens, conclusion
Final episode of the Neil Gaiman / Terry Pratchett / Dirk Maggs / Heather Larmour production, broadcast as a tribute to Terry Pratchett, who died recently. Episodes 1-5 have been repeated in the last few days on Radio 4 Extra. BBC Northern Ireland, produced by Heather Larmour.

12 Apr: Classic Serial: The Left Hand Of Darkness
By Ursula Le Guin, science fiction, adapted by Judith Adams in two episodes. Ep. 1: It's the middle of an Ice Age on an alien world. A young man prepares for the most important mission of his life. Genly Ai: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Estravan: Lesley Sharp, Argaven: Toby Jones, with Louise Brearley, Noma Dumezweni, Ruth Gemmell, Adjoa Andoh, Stephen Critchlow, David Acton, David Hounslow, Rhiannon Neads. Produced by Allegra McIlroy.

13 Apr: Clean Trade
By Winsome Pinnock. Play set in an investment bank where a group of cleaners do soome trading on the stock market. They start to make money, but this causes some problems. Ayesha Antoine, Golda Rosheuvel, Ivana Basic, Jane Whittenshaw, Lorna Gayle, Jude Akuwudike, Mark Edel-Hunt,. Neet Mohan, Sam Dale. Producer: Nandita Ghose.

14 Apr: The Last Breath
By Ben Fearnside and Anita Sullivan. Fake documentary about an artist who wants to capture a dying breath in a jar and exhibit it as a work of art. The story is constructed using improvisations and interviews. The writers appear in the lead roles. Nicky is played by Nicola Walker. The interviewees are Derek and Mo Fearnside, Ben Fletcher, Professor Emma Jones, Anthony Chopper White, Linda Keenan and Dr Mark Gretason. The Static State artists are Kenny Watson, Alex Allan, Joseph Watts and Robert Perry. Music written and played by Nick Tettersell. Producer: Karen Rose . Indie production (Sweet Talk).

15 Apr: Road to the Borders
By Douglas Livingstone, rpt. A love story set in Hawick over the weekend of the Reivers' Festival, when the deeds of the marauding plunderers are celebrated. Hamish's father was born in the Borders and Jim's pride in his ancestry increases as he gets older. He wishes his son could be more like the reivers of old. Hamish: Jasper Britton, Jim: Ralph Riach, Flora / woman: Vivien Heolbron, Anna: Sophie Roberts, Robbie: Rob Hastie, Jack: Callum Docherty. Producer: Jane Morgan.

16 Apr: Have You Seen This Child?
By Clare Dwyer Hogg. As Pat catches up with an old friend in the park, it suddenly dawns on her that her four-year-old grandchild is no longer in the playground. Pat: Brid Brennan, Emma: Lisa Dwyer Hogg, Owen: Eugene O'Hare, Ash: Ian McElhinney, Finn: Ronan Casey, Lily: Clodagh Casey, Policewoman: Fo Cullen. Producer: Gemma McMullen.

17 Apr: The Carter Mysteries: Incident of the Russian Visitors
By Jonathan Holloway. The Carter warehouse is crammed with history. When an unscrupulous pair arrives looking for a long-lost Russian table it's the beginning of a far-reaching and dangerous tale. Lisa: Jeany Spark, Phil: Stephen Greif, Gul: Sharif Dorani, Steven: Harry McEntire, Dmitri: Stephen Critchlow, Viktor: David Hounslow, Dan: Sam Dale. Produced by David Hunter.

18 Apr: Saturday Drama - The Raft of the Medusa
By Simon Armitage. The play was inspired by the film maker Derek Jarman. Two people, Bella and Jude, who are stranded in Kent because of the floods, encounter a stranger. The play is set in the near future. Bella: Amaka Okafor, Jude: Catherine Cusack, Gregor: Gabriel Constantine. Producers: Jeremy Mortimer and Kate Bland. Directed by JM.

19 Apr: Classic Serial: The Left Hand Of Darkness
Part 2, conclusion. Science fiction fantasy. Plot too complicated to summarise here. Genly Ai: Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Estravan: Lesley Sharp, Argaven: Toby Jones, with Louise Brearley, Noma Dumezweni, Ruth Gemmell, Adjoa Andoh, Stephen Critchlow, David Acton, David Hounslow, Rhiannon Neads, Ayesha Antoine. Produced by Allegra McIlroy.

20 Apr: My Dear Bessie
By Sara Davies. A factual love story based on letters sent during WW2. The compilation is by Simon Garfield. Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brearley, Jane Slavin. Produced by Gemma Jenkins.

21 Apr: Euston To Whitechapel
By Nicola Baldwin. A taxi driver picks up a person he thought was his estranged daughter. Meanwhile a paramedic tries to save a road accident victim as they both make real-time journeys across London. Matthew Marsh, Julia Ford, Kellie Shirley, Arthur White, Tom Bevan. Producer: Celia de Wolf.

22 Apr: Falling Faces
By Meic Povey. Before she died, Billy's wife gave him a list of things to do once she was gone. He followed her instructions to the letter. The final thing on the list was to put a full-length mirror in the bathroom. It forces Billy to look at himself. It is time to stop grieving and start living again. Billy: Robert Pugh, Karen: Sara Lloyd-Gregory, Sally: Eiry Thomas, with Sue Roderick, Rhodri Mellir. Produced by James Robinson.

23 Apr: Moving Music
By Sarah Wooley. This is a repeat of the play from about a year ago. It is about an early part of the lives of Philip Glass and Steve Reich, who shared a short time running a removals company in New York during the 1960s, before they were known as composers. Reich: Bryan Dick, Glass: Justin Salinger, with Iain Batchelor, David Seddon and Nancy Crane. Produced by Gaynor MacFarlane.

24 Apr: Mrs. Robinson, I Presume
By Tracy-Ann Oberman. In 1963, the unknown producer Lawrence Turman decided to make "The Graduate" into a film. He persuaded the theatre director Mike Nichols to help. Unknown actor Dustin Hoffman was chosen to play Ben Braddock. The play takes a look at how it was made. Mike Nichols: John Simm, Turman: Paul Kaye, Hoffman: Kevin Bishop, Anne Bancroft: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Gene Hackman: Terry Mynott, Mel Brooks: Steve Furst, Ava Gardner: Lorelei King. Produced by Liz Anstee.

25 Apr: Saturday Play: Seance On A Wet Afternoon
By Mark McShane, dramatized by Adrian Bean. Thriller. A medium whose number of loyal followers is shrinking rapidly plots to kidnap the son of a businessman, then use her powers to help locate the missing girl. Myra: Caroline Strong, Bill: Robert Glenister, with Carl Prekopp, Nick Underwood, Jasmine Hyde, Lizzy Watts, Gerard McDermott and Jane Whittenshaw. Produced by Bruce Young.

26 Apr: Classic Serial: Decline and Fall
By Evelyn Waugh, dram. Jeremy Front. 1920s Oxford; a studious student knows nothing of the high life until an encounter with members of the Bollinger Club. It draws him into a world of over-indulgence. The student: Kieran Hodgson, with Geoffrey Whitehead, John Sessions, James Fleet, Ben Crowe, Emilia Fox, Alex Lawther, Tilly Vosburgh, Felicity Montague, Richard Linnell, Mark Edel-Hunt, Jude Akuwudike, Stephen Critchlow, Sam Valentine, Sam Dale, David Acton and Ian Conningham. Produced by Marion Nancarrow; directed by Tracey Neale.

27 Apr: Tommies
By Nick Warburton. Not a repeat; this is a second series, illustrating the events of a real day at war, exactly 100 years ago to the day, based on eye-witness accounts. 27 April 1915: Mickey and his signal colleagues try to work out why the enemy is always a step ahead. Mickey: Lee Ross,, with Rudi Dharmalingam, Adrian Scarborough, Danny Rahim, Mark Edel-Hunt, Aurelie Amblard, Matthew Watson, Indira Varma, Damian Lynch and Neet Mohan. Series producers Jonquil Panting, David Hunter and Jonathan Ruffle.

28 Apr: The Third Eye and the Private Eye
By David Lemon and Mark Ecclestone, rpt. Drama based on real events. A private detective is hired to look into the background of writer T. Lopsang Rampa, who claimed to have been born into Tibetan aristocracy in a former life where he chose as a boy to become a lama. His autobiography "The Third Eye' describes that life. It is an interesting read, but is it fact or fiction? Rampa (real name Cyril Hoskins ) also claimed that one of his books was dictated to him telepathically by his cat, Miss Fifi Greywhiskers. Nevertheless every attempt to mock him in the newspapers resulted in an increase in his popularity. Lobsang Rampa's books are still in print and have sold millions of copies. There is also a website run by his fans - take a look. Warburg ........ David Haig, David ........ Patrick Brennan, Pamela ........ Christine Absalom, Burgess ........ Joe Sims, Rampa ........ Don Gilet, Harrer ........ Ben Crowe, Buttercup ........ Susie Ridell, Macrae ........ Robert Blythe, Producer........ Marc Beeby.

29 Apr: 13A, 13B
By Peter Souter. A romantic comedy. When Jess turns up in the seat next to Phil on a flight to Rome, it soon becomes clear that it's not a coincidence. But even the best-laid plans can be derailed by mysterious strangers and a fear of flying. Jess: Ruth Jones, Phil: Stephen Tompkinson, Mr. Tuttopetto: John Browell, Pilot: Simon Armstrong. Produced by Alison Hindell.

30 Apr: Credit Card Baby
Drama by Annie Caulfield. A couple are unable to conceive naturally so they attempt to find a suitable egg donor. A doctor suggests that they seek help from a Spanish clinic where there are plenty of donors. They meet a woman who has fallen on hard times because of Spain's economic troubles. Sally: Helen Baxendale, Sean: Claran McMenamin, Ines: Beatriz Romilly, Rai: Ben Cura. Produced by Mary Ward-Lowery.

1 May: Mayday Mayday
By Tristan Shurrock and Katy Carmichael, adapted by Becky Ripley. A true account of Tristan Shurrock's recovery from a serious accident which left him paralysed. The characters are all played by themselves: Tristan, Katy, plus Andy Carnegie, Jo Eastley, Ruth Arscott, Tim Germon, Katrina Edwards and Kelvin Edwards. Music composed by Aaron May; produced by Becky Ripley. A remarkable listen.

2 May: Saturday Play: Happy Jack
By John Godber. A comedy written in 1982 and performed by the writer and his wife. Here, they play Liz and Jack, based on his parents; a couple living in a mining village. The story of their marriage is told in reverse order, ending at the beginning. Jack - John Godber, Liz - Jane Thornton. Producer: Toby Swift.

3 May: Classic Serial: Decline and Fall
By Evelyn Waugh. Ep. 2. Paul: Kieran Hodgson, with Emilia Foz, Geoffrey Whitehead, John Sessions, James Fleet, Ben Crowe, Alex Lawther, Tilly Vosburgh, Felicity Montague, Richard Linnell, Mark Edel-Hunt, Jude Akuwudike, Stephen Critchlow, Sam Valentine, Sam Dale, David Acton, Rhiannon Neads, and Ian Conningham. Produced by Marion Nancarrow; directed by Tracey Neale.

4 May: Tommies
By Nick Warburton, based on a diary entry written by a WW1 solder 100 years ago today. Mickey Bliss and his fellow signallers in the Lahore Division of the British Indian Army are given a day of rest behind the front lines. Lee Ross, Indira Varma, Rudi Dharmalingam, Adrian Scarborough, David Cann, Elaine Claxton, Damian Lynch, Matthew Watson, Mark Edel-Hunt, Pippa Nixon. Series producers Jonquil Panting, David Hunter (director) and Jonathan Ruffle.

5 May: Higher
New series. Ep. 1 of 2: Year of the Rat. More of the comedy by Steve May, chronicling the exploits of staff at the worst University in the country. Jim is sent to China to recruit new students, but the new interim vice-chancellor seems to be setting him up to fail. Conclusion on 6 May. Jim: Jonathan Keeble, Karen: Julia Roundthwaite, with Sarah Lam, Alex Liang, Mark Chatterton, Olwen May, Andonis James Anthony, Emily Pithon and Will Tacey. Produced by Gary Brown.

6 May: Higher
Ep. 2 of 2: Creative Solutions. Jim has returned in triumph from China and is rewarded by being promoted to makeshift vice-chancellor, but a shady educational company is working with the board of governors, intent on doing a deal with the university. Cast - see yesterday's entry.

7 May: Stone
1/5: Dirt. New series. By Martin Jameson, based on characters created by Danny Brocklehurst. When a body is found in a flooded gravel pit, Stone and his team start an investigation leading to the discovery of suspicious activity on a remote farm. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Jeff Hordley, Sally Carman, Thomas Pickles and Darren Kuppan. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

8 May: Shakespeare's Fire
By Glyn Maxwell. Comedy. On a hot summer afternoon, the King's Men in Southwark performed John Fletcher and Shakespeare's "Famous History Of The Life Of King Henry VIII". That day, the Globe Theatre burned down. Queen Anne: Jane Horrocks, The Bard: Jasper Britton, with Adam Gillen, Simon Greenall, Rebecca Collingwood, Nancy Carroll, Emma Noakes and David Westhead. Produced by Frank Stirling.

9 May: Saturday Play: The Guts
By Roddy Doyle, dram. Peter Sheridan. 90m. From the last volume in the Barrytown series. Jimmy's life is turned upside down when he finds he is seriously ill. Jimmy: David Wilmot, Aoife: Dawn Bradfield, with Gerry O'Brien, Conleth Hill, Liam Carney, Patrick Fitzsymons, Stuart Graham, Ali White, Lloyd Cooney, Gavin Drea, Kelly Thornton and Scott Graham. Produced by Gemma McMullen; directed by Eoin O'Callaghan.

10 May: Classic Serial: The Castle
By Kafka, dram. Ed Harris. Ep. 1/2. K is summoned to work at the mysterious Castle in a bureaucracy gone mad. He is drawn into a labyrinth of terror and absurdity. K: Dominic Rowan, Frieda: Sammy T. Dobson, with Mark Benton, Daniel Weyman, Rachel Bavidge, Victoria Elliott, Neil Grainger, Jonathan Cullen, Dominic Deakin, Stephen Greif. Music: Jackie Palmer Children's Choir. Produced by John Taylor. Indoe (Fiction Factory, I think). Note also that Kafka's novel "The Trial" was broadcast on R3 on the same day at 10pm, dram. Mark Ravenhill. Sam Troughton as Joseph K, Caroline Catz as Caroline. Producer Polly Thomas. 90m.

11 May: Tommies
By Jonathan Ruffle. Ep. 3/5. Signaller Khan is posted from the wall of the Western Front to join the start of the Gallipoli campaign, where the allies will try to win the war from the south. Khan: Danny Rahim, Zarbab Grewal: Avin Shah, Sidney Mauldon: Nicholas Murchie, Lt. Haston: Mark Edel-Hunt, Natha Singh: Parth Thakerar, Copplestone: Neet Mohan, Washbrook: Deven Modha, Commentator: Indira Varma. Series producers: David Hunter, Jonquil Panting (director for this episode) and Jonathan Ruffle.

12 May: Rock and Doris and Elizabeth
By Tracy-Ann Oberman; a repeat of her play about Rock Hudson, whose ravaged appearance on Doris Day's "Best Friends" shocked the world. Elizabeth Taylor began a crusade to raise Aids awareness. Rock Hudson: Jonathan Hyde, Doris Day: Frances Barber, Elizabeth Taylor: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Terry Melcher: James Lance, Reporters: Jonathan Hart. Produced by Liz Anstee.

13 May: Forever Mankind
By Jonathan Mitchell and Judith Kampfner; their alternative history. Rpt. American astronauts go on a mission to retrieve the bodies of the first men on the moon. The plan goes awry. Amy Warren, Eddie Schweighardt, John Henry Cox, David Slavin, Christian Paluck, Mike Iveson, Chet Siegel, Moti Margolin, John Ottavino, Dorothy Stinette. Producers: Judith Kampfner and Jonathan Mitchell.

14 May: Stone
By Richard Monks. Ep. 2/5 Blood Money. Stone investigates a hit-and-run on a cyclist, and finds that there are several people who wanted the man dead. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Hugh Simon, Olwen May, Stephen Fletcher and Emily Pithon. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

15 May: The Mysterious Case of Maria
By a team of 5 writers: Florence Vincent, Emer Kenny, Corey Montague-Sholay, Wemmy Ogunyankin and Sandra Townsend. (It is difficult writing by committee, but it can be done - I did it many years ago - Ed.) ..... A student who is down on her luck begins an investigation into the disappearance of the waitress at her favourite watering hole. Ellie: Alex Tregear, Maria: Stephanie Racine, Ben: Adam Nagaitis, with Alex Lanipekun and Ben Crowe. Producers: Graham Harper and Robin Warren.

16 May: Saturday Play: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
A James Bond story, repeated from last May, based on the novel by Ian Fleming, 90m. Dramatization by Archie Scottney. Bond is involved in a convoluted plot to capture and destroy Blofeld (baddie from another of the Bond books). The love interest is provided by Tracy, emotionally disturbed daughter of Mafia boss Draco. Bond - Toby Stephens, Blofeld - Alfred Molina, Irma - Joanna Lumley, Draco - Alex Jennings, Tracy - Lisa Dillon, M - John Standing, Miss Moneypenny - Janie Dee, with Lloyd Owen, Julian Sands, Joanna Cassidy, Clare Dunne, Lucy Phelps, Katherine Manners, Hannah Donaldson, JohnHudson, Nigel Anthony, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Darren Richardson, John Baddeley, Jon Glover, Matthew Wolf, Narrator - Martin Jarvis. Indie; Jarvis & Ayres. Produced by Rosalind Ayres, director - Martin Jarvis.

17 May: Classic Serial: The Castle
By Kafka, dram. Ed Harris. Ep. 2 of 2. K. continues to struggle to gain access to the mysterious authorities of a castle who govern the village for unknown reasons. It seems to illustrate alienation, bureaucracy, the frustrations of a man's attempt to stand against the system, and the futile pursuit of an unobtainable goal. K: Dominic Rowan, Sammy Dobson, Mark Benton, Daniel Weyman, Rachel Bavidge, Victoria Elliott, Neil Grainger, Jonathan Cullen, Trevor Fox, Ross Walton, Dominic Deakin, Stephen Greif. Produced by John Taylor. Indie. (Fiction Factory)

18 May: Tommies
4/5. By Michael Chaplin. The Russians are retreating but the renegade Price Balashov is determined to wrench some kind of victory from defeat. Celestine: Pippa Nixon, Marjorie: Elaine Claxton, Narrator: Indira Varma, Balashov: Parth Thakerar, Maxim: Matthew Watson, Kolya: David Cann, Mamasha: Jane Slavin, Reissner: Damian Lynch, Nikolai: Michael Bertenshaw. Producers for the series: Nandita Ghose, David Hunter, Jonquil Panting, Jonathan Ruffle. Nandita directed this episode.

19 May: The Odd Job
By William Ash and Andrew Knott, rpt. Comedy. A retired couple find that raising funds for a sick child has reinvigorated them. Sensing a good story, an aspiring maker of documentaries becomes involved in their scheme and is soon entrenched in their increasingly perilous world. Sheila: Joan Kempson, Barry: John Henshaw, Clive: Burn Gorman, Gaz: Iain McKee, Claire: Samantha Power. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

20 May: Beryl
By Maxine Peake, rpt. A love story about Beryl Burton, a working class mother from Leeds. She had no financial backing or training but she combined farm work with global domination in all areas of cycling competition from the 1950s to the 1970s. Beryl Burton: Maxine Peake, Charlie Burton: Mark Jordon, Stan: Tony Pitts, with Sophie Downham, John Hollingworth, and contributions from Charlie Burton and Denise Burton-Cole. Produced by Justine Potter.

21 May: Stone
By Marcia Layne, based on characters created by Danny Brocklehurst. Stone investigates a suspected case of female genital mutilation, but his inquiries are hampered by the silence of the witnesses. No-one will talk. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, Fatima: Nisa Cole, Sukina: Yusra Warsama, Faisal: Chris Jack, Mrs. Saja-Cole and Ameena: Carla Henry. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

22 May: Lizzy Barry's Lesson
By Robin Glendenning. Lizzy Barry was the most celebrated and best loved actress of the Restoration. It may have been her liaison with the Earl of Rochester which provided the key to her extraordinary popularity. This is what the author imagines here. Lizzy: Jane Slavin, Rochester: Tim McInnerny, Molly: Lizzy McInnerny. Producer: Eoin O'Callaghan.

23 May: Saturday Play - Vincent in Brixton
By Nicholas Wright. The play is set in 1873. A 20-year-old Vincent van Gogh rents a room in Brixton, London, with a freethinking but mentally troubled landlady and her attractive daughter. It is mainly fiction and is a radio adaptation of the play which was first staged at the National Theatre in 2003. Ursula: Monica Dolan, Vincent: Finn den Hertog, Eugenie: Melody Grove, Sam: Justin Salinger, Anna: Maggie Service. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane. 90m.

24 May: Classic Serial - Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
By Samuel Johnson, published in 1759, adapted by Jonathan Holloway. Recorded on location at Johnson's house in London. The African prince Rasselas sets out for Cairo in search of happiness. Samuel Johnson: Jeff Rawle, Arthur Murphy: Kevin Trainor, Princess Nekayah: Cynthia Erivo, Rasselas: Ashley Zhangazha, Imlac: Lucian Msamati, with Richard Cordery, Adjoa Andoh, Gabriel Mokake, Amir El-Masry, Zubin Varia. Produced by Amber Barnfather.

25 May: Tommies
By Michael Chaplin. WW1 drama. Mickey goes to London in the hope of persuading an old friend to finance his overhearing device. Mickey: Lee Ross, Robert: Patrick Kennedy, Narrator: Indira Varma, Evadne: Clare Corbett, Amos: Carl Prekopp, with Clive Hayward, David Cann, Robert Blythe and Eleanor Howell. Series producers David Hunter (director for this episode), Jonquil Panting and Jonathan Ruffle.

26 May: The Shadow of Dorian Gray
By Stephen Wyatt. Oscar Wilde's conviction in 1895 for gross indecency spells trouble for John Gray, the poet believed to have inspired Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray. Summoned to the Café Royal by a mysterious telegram, the whole course of Gray's life will have changed by the time the evening is over. John Gray: Blake Ritson, Lord Henry: Nicholas Farrell, André Raffalovich: Joshua McGuire, voice of the novel: Mark Edel-Hunt, Waiter: Chris Pavlo. Producer: Abigail le Fleming.

27 May: Sung
By Jim Cartwright. Two-hander for Jane Horrocks and Jim Cartwright. A door-to-door salesman selling settee covers calls at an alcoholic woman's flat and finds that she has a glamorous past. Produced by Gary Brown.

28 May: Stone
By Alex Ganley. Stone finds it difficult to find a motive after the owner of a run-down garden centre is found murdered. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Steve Evets, Conrad Nelson, Kate Coogan, Graeme Hawley. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

29 May: Time For One More Question
By Glyn Maxwell. BBC blurb: A comedy of manners about two people who met at the Hat Festival in 1987 when arrogant schoolboy Roland heard teenage literary hopeful Melanie read her poem at a New Poets event and asked her a terrible question. Melanie: Christine Bottomley, Roland: Michael Begley, with Roger Evans, Ibinabo Jack, Ben Butler, jack Chambers and Tom Fitzwilliams. Special appearances by Ian McMillan, Simon Armitage, Peter Florence and Glyn Maxwell. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

30 May: Saturday Play - The Last Tycoon
By Scott Fitzgerald, dram. Bill Bryden. A portrait of Hollywood in the 1930s, published posthumously in 1941. Haunted by the death of his wife, fictional film executive Monroe Stahr buries himself in work and becomes famous in the process. However a flood in the studio brings him into contact with an English actress. Monroe: Aidan Gillen, Kathleen, the actress: Charlotte Emmerson, Bremmer: Jack Shepherd, with Hilary Connell, Michael Feast, Karl Johnson, Trevor Ray, John Guerrasion and Angela Douglas. Produced by Laurence Bowen; directed by Bill Bryden.

31 May: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
This is the last of the Barchester novels by Anthony Trollope, dramatised by Nick Warburton. It is partly about the penniless vicar of Hogglestock, Josiah Crawley, who is accused of having stolen and cashed a cheque. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Baxter, with Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine and Sam Dale. Produced by Mariion Nancarrow.

1 June: The Loving Ballad of Captain Bateman
By Joseph Wilde. A modern love story; an Afghan family give shelter to a wounded British soldier. Rpt. With music by Tim van Eyken. Produced by Julian May. Bateman: Nicholas Murchie, Sofia: Zarghuna Kargar, Sofia's father: Haroon Yousofi, Sgt. Gilbert: Ben Crowe, with Pieter Lawman, Tim van Eyken, Will Howard, Eleanor Crooks, Adam Nagaitis. Producer: Julian May.

2 June: 16 Apr: Have You Seen This Child?
By Clare Dwyer Hogg. As Pat catches up with an old friend in the park, it suddenly dawns on her that her four-year-old grandchild is no longer in the playground. Pat: Brid Brennan, Emma: Lisa Dwyer Hogg, Owen: Eugene O'Hare, Ash: Ian McElhinney, Finn: Ronan Casey, Lily: Clodagh Casey, Policewoman: Fo Cullen. Producer: Gemma McMullen. Note - this drama was originally scheduled for 16 Apr 2015. I suspect it was not broadcast on that date - perhaps because of a similar grim event being on the news.

3 June: The Manhattan Bee Testimonials.
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Rpt. from 2013. For as long as anyone can remember, there have been rumours of a man living somewhere on the island of Manhattan and keeping 250,000 bees in his apartment. Max Callaghan is obsessed with finding him and has spent 15 years building up an audio library of sometimes contradictory accounts - The Manhattan Bee Testimonials. When Daisy Lucas overcomes a severe case of meningitis thanks to a pot of honey left anonymously by her hospital bed, she tries to find the donor, her father, who she believes to be the Manhattan Bee Man. Features the real voices of New Yorkers describing their version of the story, alongside some drama written by SB. Max ....... Simon Lee Phillips, Daisy ....... Sasha Pick, Muldoon ....... Stuart Milligan, Lorna ....... Nancy Crane, Gloria ....... Nancy Crane, Sound design: Eloise Whitmore, Producer and Director: Joby Waldman, Executive Producer: Polly Thomas. Indie. (Somethin' Else production)

4 June: Stone
By Vivienne Harvey. The sudden disappearance of a pregnant woman. Stone: Hugo Speer, Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Kelly: Deborah McAndrew, with Leanne Best, Noreen Kershaw, Craig Kelly and Matthew McNulty. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

5 June: The Man Who Wore Sanitary Pads
By Jon Sen. Based on a true story. Newly-married Indian engineer Arun Muruganantham invents a low-cost sanitary pad for his wife. Then he realises his invention is needed all over India. Arun: Navin Chowdhry, Paresh: Kulvinder Ghir, Amma: Meera Syal, Shanti: Aysha Kala, Neeta: Manjonder Virk, with Madhav Sharma, Anjana Vasan, Sudha Bhuchar; producer Sarah Bradshaw.

6 June: Saturday Play: Woman In Mind
By Alan Ayckbourn, rpt. RT describes this as 'darkly comic' My experience is that this phrase is sometimes used to describe plays which are neither mysterious nor funny; happily not true in this instance. A woman receives a blow to the head which affects her mental state. She perceives an alternative world. 90m. Susan: Lesley Sharp, Bill: Ben Miles, with Malcolm Sinclair, Carolyn Pickles, Owen Teale, Emily Beecham, John Norton and Harry Jardine. Produced by Emma Harding.

7 June: Classic Serial: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
By Trollope. 2/4: Propose, Propose. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Baxter, with Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine and Sam Dale. Produced by Marion Nancarrow. Music by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant.

8 June: doyouwishtocontinue (sic)
Original British Dramatists: by Christine Entwhistle. Comedy; a woman in her 40s is at the end of her tether. Debra: Christine Entwhistle, the assessor / girl on the train: Melody Grove, counsellor: Pippa Haywood, Mam: Anne Reid, Dad/Charlie B: Geoffrey Whitehead, chugger / shop assistant: Joseph Arkley. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

9 June: Speechless
Original British Dramatists: by Andrew Viner. Comedy about a reserved man who becomes fascinated by the power of public speaking. Guy: Joshua McGuire, Emily: Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Stevenson: David Houslow, Mum: Jessica Turner, Roth: Sam Dale, vicar: Stephen Critchlow, the girl: Rhiannon Needs. Produced by Liz Webb.

10 June: The Sod
Original British Dramatists: by Vashti MacLachlan. This is a love story in which a young couple have taken on an allotment. Sarah and Tom are living with Tom's multiple sclerosis. He's an actor worried that he will never work again. She is as supportive as she can be, and they indulge their passion for gardening. The drama is drawn from the author's personal experience; her partner was diagnosed with MS six years ago. Given an excellent write-up in RT by Eddie Mair. Sarah: Liz White, Tom: Nick J Field, Graham: Jonathan Keeble, Beth: Sally Carman. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

11 June: A Thing Inside A Thing Inside A Thing
Original British Dramatists: By Iain Ross. Joy is 89 and has spent most of her life working on The Mechanism, a giant machine floating in hyperspace, mincing up and recycling debris from history. Joy's only company is Lana, but the two women can't stand each other. Then one day they discover a giant spacecraft hurtling towards them. Joy: Julia McKemzie, Lana: Nina Toussaint-White, Gregor: Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson.

12 June: Triple Word Score
Original British Dramatists: By Ben Tagoe. The play is set in the very competitive world of Nigerian Competitive Scrabble. Yomi travels from Scotland to his father's homeland to try out for the Nigerian team. Yomi: Tunji Kasim, Amira: Adura Onashile, Victor: Jimmy Akingbola, the coach: Jude Ajuwudike, taxi driver: Ben Onwukwe. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

13 June: Saturday Drama - This Sporting Life
By David Storey. "British New Wave". 90m version of the novel, dram. Andrew Lynch. The trapped needs and desires of Arthur Machin and juxtaposed with the physical aggression of the rugby pitch. Jane Anderson, RT: "Machin's fate is changed by a ...punch-up, which sees him move from low-paid industrial worker to feted local sports star. A wealthy rugby league club owner is impressed by the unflinching power of his rage..." Arthur- James Purefoy, with Emily Watson, John Thomson, John Thomson, Sheridan Smith, Philip Jackson, Julia Davis and Peter Temple. Producer Sally Harrison, director Johnny Vegas.

14 June: Classic Serial: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
By Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Ep. 3/4: Dogged. Johnny travels across Europe to save Mr. Crawley. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed as Mrs. Baxter, with Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Samuel Barnett, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine, Sam Dale, Kate Buffery. Produced by Marion Nancarrow. Music by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant.

15 June: Foursome
By Simon Crowther, about the friendship of two couples over forty years, looked at in reverse chronological order. Doug: Roger Evans, Lisa: Eye Myles, Carl: Richard Corgan, Jan: Rakie Ayola. Produced by Helen Perry.

16 June: Aliyah
By Becky Prestwich. A woman and her elderly father have to make a journey to Jerusalem following the disappearance of their son, who has become obsessed with Judaism. Gillian Bevan, David Fleeshman, Ashley Margolis, Conrad Nelson, Harriet Judd. Produced by Pauline Harris.

17 June: Waterloo: The Ball At Brussels
By Mike Walker. In June 1815 the Duchess of Richmond decided to hold a ball at her estate in Brussels. The Duke of Wellington attended. He was in the Netherlands anticipating an attack by Napoleon's forces after the French leader had escaped from Elba. This is about the events during and immediately after that ball. Wellington: Simon Paisley Day, Tallyrand: Stephen Greif, the Duchess Charlotte: Jane Slavin, with Neet Mohan, Mark Edel-Hunt, Alex Tregear, Rhiannon Needs, Sam Dale, David Houslow, David Acton and Stephen Critchlow. Producer: Marion Nancarrow.

18 June: The Len Continuum
Debut radio drama by film producer Peter Strickland. It is the early 1980s; a failing actor finds that he is overshadowed by his wife's success in local radio. He seizes upon an unexpected opportunity to prove himself. Len: Toby Jones, his wife: Belinda Stewart-Wilson, with Tony Gardner, Ralph Ineson and Eugenia Caruso. Produced by Russell Finch and Polly Thomas. Director: Peter Strickland. (two producers and a director on a 45m radio play?!)

19 June: Two Minutes Hate
By Kieran Prendiville. The play looks at 'public interest' and the interests of the public. Catherine, implicated in a child murder, has now served her prison sentence and has been released from prison with a new identity. A newspaper is determined to find out where she lives. Catherine: Jennifer Jasmine Hyde, Adrian: Patrick Marlowe, Jane: Sasha Behar, Barry: Nigel Lindsay, with Edward Max, Matthew Tonsehend and Alana Ramsey. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

20 June: Saturday Play - Born in the DDR
By Jonathan Myerson. During July 1988, Bruce Springsteen played a long gig in a field in Communist East Berlin, in front of about 300,000 people. This was the first such event allowed by the Stasi on the far side of the Iron Curtain. Bryan Dick, Mark Heap, Ayesha Antoine, Chris Pavlo, Mark Edel-Hunt, Hannah Arterton, Rhiannon Neads, Sam Dale, David Acton, Jane Slavin, Stephen Critchlow, Tom York. Produced by Jonquil Panting.

21 June: Classic Series: Barchester Chronicles, book 6
By Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Nick Warburton. Ep. 4/4: All The Works Of His Life. Adam Kotz as Josiah Crawley, Maggie Steed, Tim Piggott-Smith, Joanna Monro, James Lailey, Nigel Anthony, Mark Edel-Hunt, Rhiannon Neads, Samuel Barnett, Scarlett Alice Johnson, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Ayesha Antoine, Sam Dale, Kate Buffery. Produced by Marion Nancarrow. Music by David Tobin, Jeff Meegan, Julian Gallant, Rose Hilton-Hille, Chris Pavlo.

22 June: Hashtag Humfrey Coningsby
By Jonathan Davidson. A Shropshire gentleman from the 1500s finds himself travelling in time to 2015 to the Syrian-Turkey border. He is in love and involuntarily tweeting. Mark Heap, Jasmine Hyde, Anton Lesser, Rebecca Smith-Williams, Alun Raglan. Producer: Tim Dee.

23 June: McLevy, rpt
By David Ashton. A repeat of series 8 from 2011. Episode 1: The Blue Gown. McLevy enlists the help of Jean Brash as he investigates the death of a young seamstress. McLevy......BRIAN COX, Jean Brash....SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland....MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach...DAVID ASHTON, Cory Metcalf.....IAIN ROBERTSON, Andrew Crichton......DAVID RINTOUL, Sarah Crichton......TRACY WILES, Christine McKenna........JAYNE McKENNA, Maureen....VICTORIA INEZ HARDY. Producer: Bruce Young.

24 June: McLevy, rpt By David Ashton. Series 8 ep 2. Flesh And Blood. A student is accused of murder after a tavern brawl. McLevy........BRIAN COX, Jean Brash.........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Roach.........DAVID ASHTON, Mulholland.........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Hannah.........COLETTE O'NEIL, Barnaby Buchanan.......MATTHEW PIDGEON, George Cameron.......COLIN HARRIS, Norris Dunleavy.......ROBERT McINTOSH, Pedro the Monkey......SIMON BUBB . Producer/director: Bruce Young.

25 June: McLevy, rpt
Series 8 ep. 3: A Fine Deception. A stage magician arrives in town just before a jewel robbery at Edinburgh Castle. McLevy............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash..........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach..........DAVID ASHTON, Charles Boniface..............ALAN COX, Inspector Dunsmore...........FORBES MASSON, Matthew Nevin..........CARL PREKOPP, Sarah Nevin...........ALEX RIVERS, Fergus Dundee...........TAM DEAN BURN, Callum.........ALI CRAIG. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

26 June: McLevy, rpt
Series 8 ep. 4: The Last Illusion. McLevy sets out to prove that a stage magician is a jewel thief. McLevy..............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash............SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland.........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach.........DAVID ASHTON, Hannah........COLETTE O'NEIL, Charles Boniface...........ALAN COX, Fergus Dundee..........TAM DEAN BURN, Tam.......DANIEL PORTMAN , Callum.........ALI CRAIG , Gambler.......RIKKI LAWTON. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

27 June: Saturday Play: If I Should Go Away
By the Welsh poet Alun Lewis, adapted for radio by Owen Shears. This is about Lewis's experiences during WW2 and his journey from pacifist to soldier and from husband to lover. It shows how the scars of war are emotional as well as physical. Introduced by Lewis's widow, Gweno. Lewis: Richard Harrington, Gweno: Mail Harries, with Caroline Harker, Richard Elfyn, Simon Nehan, Iestyn Jones and Brendan Charleson. Producer: Kate McAll.

28 June: Classic Serial: The Stuarts
By Mike Walker. Ep. 1 of 4. Chronicle of the Stuart Dynasty, continuing with the marriage of Mary Stuart and William of Orange, and the English-Dutch alliance which it was intended to cement. It was hoped that this would stop Louis 14th's land-grabbing march across Europe. William: Mark Edel-Hunt, Mary: Elaine Cassidy, Bentinck: Jonathan Coy, young Bentinck: Finn Den Hartog, with Sam Dale, Alex Tregear, Rhiannon Neads, David Acton, David Hounslow and Stephen Critchlow. Producer: Gemma Jenkins.

29 June: Road to St. David's
By Douglas Livingstone. The colourful celebrations of ancient myths at the St. David's Day festival are the setting for a story about two pilgrims seeking help from the city's two saints. David: Matt Addis, Sonia: Faye Costelow, Owen: Matthew Morgan, Jean: Grainne Keenan, with Charlotte Worthing and Ioan Meredith. Producer: Jane Morgan.

30 June: A World Elsewhere
By Clare Glynn. The play is about a Muslim girl who is in danger of becoming radicalised . She has typical teenage worries and spends too much time on the computer in an attempt to relieve the tedium of everyday life. But there are articulate Muslim nutters out there perpetrating appalling violence, saying that their religion told them to do it, and putting their nonsense on the internet. Rida is in danger of being drawn into their world ... Shabana Bakhsh, Nalini Chetty, Nicola Roy, Brian Vernel, Umar Ahmed and Roxana Vilk. Produced by David Ian Neville.

1 Jul: The Silence at the Song's End
This is a feature, not a play. By Nicholas Heiney, ad. Libby Purves, rpt. from 2013. After the death of her 23 year old son, Nicholas Heiney, Radio 4 broadcaster Libby Purves discovered, scattered about his room on bits of crumpled paper and post-it-notes, his poems and journals. His life in words. Getting up at dawn throughout that summer, Libby set about transcribing it all onto computer. She chose an unfamiliar font as a way of disciplining herself not to change anything. Every day she emailed what she had typed to Heiney's former English tutor, Professor Duncan Wu, at St Catherine's College, Oxford.What followed was 'The Silence At The Song's End'. As Herself ....... Libby Purves, Nicholas Heiney ....... Joseph Drake, Young Nicholas ....... Luca Thomas. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk).

2 Jul: Snake Oil
By Abbie Spallen. A man is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, and he researches alternative remedies. Jim: Philip Jackson, Pearl: Pauline McLynn, Delia: Georgia Taylor, with Fo Cullen, Patrick Buchanan, Richard Orr and Patrick Fitzsymons. Produced by Heather Larmour.

3 Jul: Rumpole and the Portia of Our Chambers
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Poor old Rumpole wonders if anything in his life is tolerable; he has cheated on his wife; he is representing a man whom he knows to be innocent but who has little chance of escaping a prison sentence, and is having to tolerate the world's most annoying house guest. Rumpole: Benedict Cumerbatch, Hilda: Jasmine Hyde, Phillida: Cathy Sara, Boxey: Stephen Critchlow, Matthew: Samuel reader. Indie: Catherine Bailey Productions; produced by Catherine Bailey and directed by Marilyn Imrie. (... These are excellent stories, but I wish that the musical jingle dividing the scenes could be abandoned; it is very irritating - Ed. )

4 Jul: Saturday Play: The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
By Mark Davies Markham, rpt. Musical drama, inspired by the 2009 album by London pop group Madness, featuring three of the band's members. The owners of a cafe find that it is to be demolished. The locals refuse to sit back and let it happen and they enlist the help of some local pop stars. Suggs: himself, Chas Smith: himself, Mike Barson: himself, Gazi: Vincent Ebrahim, Sitara: Pooja Ghai, Aki: Avin Shah, Sunshine: Danny Sapani, with Stephanie Racine, Patrick Brennan, Adam Nagaitis, Paul Stonehouse and Eleanor Crooks. Producer: Jeremy Mortimer.

5 Jul: Classic Serial: The Stuarts
More history from Mike Walker. Everything changed when William of Orange landed in England leading the Dutch army and King James fled to France. England was then on the path towards constitutional monarchy. It was necessary for Queen Anne to abandon long-held allegiances if she was to hold the loyalty of Whigs and Tories and rule with authority. William III: Nicholas Murchie, Mary II: Amelia Lowdell, Queen Anne: Fenella Woolgar, Hans Bentinck: Jonathan Coy, with Rhiannon Neads, David Hounslow, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow, Sam Dale and Jessica Turner. Producers: Gemma Jenkins and Sasha Yevtushenko.

6 Jul: Another Life
By Nicholas Gleaves. Two strangers bump into each other in the supermarket. It changes both their lives. Suzanne: Natasha Little, Glenn: Stephen Tomkinson, Clare: Beth Goddard, Guy: Adrian Lukis, with Richard Attlee, James Joyce, Sara Markland, Sky Yang, Charlotte Glenister and Jonathan McCougan. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

7 Jul: Second Body
By Trevor Preston; thriller. Anna is a painter driven to capture the images of death which fill her dreams. Do they foretell a death in the real world? Anna: Tara Fitzgerald, Robert: Raymond Coulthard, Schuman: Kenneth Collard, with Ben Crowe, Stephen Greif, Liza Sadovy, Patrick Brennan and Sarah Thom. Producer: Toby Swift.

8 Jul: Curious Under The Stars
By Meic Povey. Ep. 1 of 3: "Gone West". When Marc finds his wife in bed with a stranger the couple attempt to save their marriage by moving from London to run a pub in Wales. But the Druid's Rest has seen better days, and there is a man called Emlyn living in the toilets. Gareth: Elis James, Diane: Louise Ford, Emlyn: Ifan Huw Dafydd, with Eiry Hughes and Matthew Gravelle. Produced by James Robinson.

9 Jul: The Dad Who Fell To Earth
By Toby Hadoke. Tom was slowly coming to terms with the death of his father, but then he discovered that he was an alien from a distant planet. Tom found his perspective altering, including saving Earth from imminent destruction. Tom: the author, Russel: Ronald Pickup, Jan: Cherylee Houston, Wendy: Alexandra Mathie, Pate/Steve: Lee Fenwick, Chelsea: Zoe Iqbal. Producer: Charlotte Riches.

10 Jul: Rumpole and the Bubble Reputation
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Rumpole defends a tabloid newspaper editor accused of libelling a writer. Meanwhile Rumpole's colleague Erskine-Brown is photographed by the press ogling some topless dancers. Rumpole: Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda: Jasmine Hyde, Erskine-Brown: Nigel Anthony, Phillida: Cathy Sara, Maurice: Ewan Bailey, Porky: Stephen Critchlow. Producer: Catherine Bailey, directed by Marilyn Imrie. Indie: Catherine Bailey Productions.

11 Jul: Saturday Play: The Stuarts
By Mike Walker. Ep. 3 of 4. Bonnie Prince Charlie: Who dares To Be Free. Sixty years after his grandfather James II was deposed during the Glorious Revolution, leaving the English Throne to William of Orange, Charles Stuart tries to reclaim the crown. Charlie: Blake Ritson, Clementina Walkinshaw: Chloe Pirrie, with other miscellaneous dukes, kings and lords played by Alex Norton, James McArdle, Ben Crowe, Mark Edel-Hunt, Luke Thompson, Jane Slavin, Sam Dale, David Acton and Stephen Critchlow. Producers: Jessica Dromgolole and Sasha Yevtushenko. 90m.

12 Jul: Classic Serial: The Stuarts
By Mike Walker. 4/4, continued from yesterday: Charlotte Stuart, the Last Stuart. Charlotte was the illegitimate daughter of Charles Stuart. This episode follows the main events of her life. Charlotte: Kate O'Flynn, Henry: Tim McMullan, Charles: David Troughton, Clementina: Jessica Turner, Bishop de Rohan: David Acton, young Charlotte: Nishi Malde, with Adam Thomas Wright, Mark Edel-Hunt, Ayesha Antoine and Neet Mohan. Producers - as yesterday.

13 Jul: The Flea
By Michael Symmons Roberts. Rpt. Based on the life of John Donne in 1601 as he lived a life of excess and glamour in London whilst working as chief secretary to Sir Thomas Egerton. The Flea: Toby Jones, John Donne: Conrad Nelson, Ann: Natalie Grady, Egerton: Malcolm Raeburn, with William Ash, David Fleeshman and Claire Brown. Produced by Sue Roberts.

14 Jul: Tony and Rose
By Nicola Baldwin, rpt. Tony, an architect, struggles to come to terms with his mother's dementia when he returns to England for a family funeral. He believes the best solution is to put her in a care home, but is alarmed when her condition deteriorates. Burdened with guilt, he takes her on a journey. Tony: Robert Glenister, mother: Marcia Warren, Monica: Hazel Ellerby, care worker: Aicha Kossoko, care manager: Emma Kilbey. Producer: Celia de Wolff.

15 Jul: Curious Under The Stars
By Annamaria Murphy. Ep. 2 of 3. Llewelyn's Chair. As Gareth and Diane attempt to launch a new menu at the pub, something is lurking in the sea mist. Gareth: Elis James, Diane: Louise Ford, with Ifan Huw Dafydd, Eiry Hughes, Siw Hughes, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Lee Mengo. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

16 Jul: Heading To Paradise
By David Morley. It is now about a year since flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew. The voices of the victims' families havegone largely unheard. This is a factual drama focusing on the lives of five passengers who booked tickets on the doomed plane. Mike/travel agent: Tom Alexander, Elsemiek de Borst and Lee: Eliza Butterworth, John Alder: Joe Caffrey, Esther and Rika: Felicity Duncan, Bryce Frederiksz and Barry Sim: Richard Goulding, Daisy Oelhers and Sergio: David Shaw-Parker, Liam Sweeney: Daniel Weyman, Silene and Julian: Tracy Wiles. Producer David Morley; directed by Dirk Maggs. Indie. (Perfectly Normal).

17 Jul: Rumpole and the Age of Miracles
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman, Ep. 3 of 4. Hilda's distant relation, the Rev Donkin, is charged with conduct unbecoming a clerk in Holy Orders after a maid sees him open his hotel room door to a woman. Appearing at an ecclesiastical court, Rumpose uses his powers of cross-examination to defend the Canon. Rumpole: Benedict Cumberbatch, Hilda: Jasmine Hyde, Erskine-Brown: Nigel Anthony, Sam: Michael Cochrane, Rev. Donkin: Rogher May. Produced by Catherine Bailey; director Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey).

18 Jul: Saturday Play: Air Force One
By Christopher Lee. A play about the events following the assassination of John Kennedy, US President. I don't know to what extent this is a historical docudrama or whether it is a more fictional account. Narrator: Josh Stamberg, Lyndon Johnson: Stacy Keach, Jackie Kennedy: Glenne Headly, Lady Bird Johnson: Susan Sullivan, Rufus Oldman: Steven Weber, Art Thorn: Nicholas Hormann, Roy Kellerman: J.D.Cullum, Marie Fehmer: Janine Barris, Rose Kennedy: Jennifer Bassey, with Gordon Clapp, Anna Mathias, Matthew Wolf, Andrew Sogliuzzo, John Sloan, Tracy Pattin and Darren Richardson. Indie (Jarvis & Ayres); producer Rosalind Ayres; director: Martin Jarvis. Rpt.

19 Jul: Classic Serial: Tender Is The Night
By F.S.Fitzgerald, dram. Robin Brooks. Ep 1 of 2. The French Riviera was frequently visited by wealthy Americans between WW1 and WW2. One of them is psychoanalyust Dick Diver and his wife Nicole, who hold court at their villa. Into their circle comes a young film star. This is a dramatization of the novel. Dick: Simon Harrison, Nicole: Melody Grove, Rosemary: Kelly Burke, Tommy: Finn Den Hertog, Abe: Mark McDonnell, McKisco: Laurie Brown, with Anita Vettesse, Anne Lacey, Nick Underwood, Alasdair Hankinson and Sam Dale. Producer: Gaynor MacFarlane.

20 Jul: The Gold Killing
By Paul Sellar. Ep. 1 of 2. Joe Stein was a boxer but is now a shrewd entrepreneur. He begins his rise up the social ladder. Then he has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a Ghanaian gold mine... it results in a series of murders. Set on Ghana's gold coast. Conclusion tomorrow. Joe: Robert Glenister, The Marquess: Pip Torrens, Tony: David Houslow, with Amelia Lowdell, Obi Abili, Alex Tregear, Rhiannon Neads, Stephen Critchlow and Danny Sapani. Producer: Sally Avens.

21 Jul: The Gold Killing
Details - see yesterday. Conclusion.

22 Jul: Curious Under The Stars
By Meic Povey; play 3 of 3 set in a remote Welsh village: Gathering Storm. There is a legend that when a violent storm brings down the Great Oak the survival of the village is threatened. The villagers come together to save the tree. But the weather gets worse, and the flood waters start to rise. Gareth: Elis James, Diane: Louise Ford, Bethan: Elry Hughes, Emlyn: Ifan Huw Dafydd, Gwyn: Matthew Gravelle, Megan: Aimee-Ffiion Edwards. Producer: James Robinson. BBC Wales.

23 Jul: Three Pieces In The Shape Of A Pear
By Alistair McGowan, rpt from 15 Jul 2013. Biographical play about composer Erik Satie. AG's first radio play. Satie is most famous for his delicate and dreamlike 'Gymnopedies', but he was a man ahead of his time, turning his back on the musical conventions of his day and composing unusual pieces with strange titles, such as 'Flabby Preludes for a Dog' and 'Three Pieces in the Shape of a Pear'. He was also a complex and solitary man. McGowan's drama looks at three key figures in Satie's life - his friend and rival, Claude Debussy; his first love, the artist Suzanne Valadon; and the soprano, Paulette Darty. Erik Satie .................... Alistair McGowan, Claude-Achille Debussy .................... Nathaniel Parker, Suzanne Valadon .................... Imogen Stubbs, Paulette Darty .................... Charlotte Page, Willy Gaulthier-Villar .................... Kevin Eldon, Ravel .................... Kevin Eldon, Bertrand .................... Michael Bertenshaw, Dreyfuss .................... Michael Bertenshaw, Emma Debussy .................... Philippa Stanton, Waiter .................... David Seddon, Policeman .................... David Seddon, Musician .................... Jonathan Storey. Producer: Emma Harding.

24 Jul: Rumpole And The Tap End
By John Mortimer, ad. Richard Stoneman. Tony Timson is charged with the attempted drowning of his wife while sharing a bath with her. Rumpole defends, and also protects the Judge as he makes un-PC remarks about women's proper place in the tub. Benedict Cumberbatch as Rumpole, with Jasmine Hyde (Hilda), Nigel Anthony, Stephen Critchlow, Julian Rhind-Tutt, David Shaw-Parker and Cathy Sara. Produced by Catherine Bailey; director Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions).

25 Jul: Saturday Play: Diamonds Are Forever
90m drama: James Bond story by Ian Fleming, dram. Archie Scottney for Jarvis & Ayres (Indie production). Bond investigates a New York crime syndicate's plot to smuggle diamonds out of British mines in Africa. Bond: Toby Stephens, M: John Standing, Supt. Harris: Nigel Havers, Rufus B Saye: Alan Shearman, Tiffany Case: Lisa Dillon, Shady Tree: Alex Jennings, Felix Leiter: Josh Stamberg, with Stacy Keach, Jared Harris, Kevin Daniels, Andre Sogliuzzo, Darren Richardson, Matthew Wolf, and Martin Jarvis as Ian Fleming. Produced by Rosalind Ayres, directed by Martin Jarvis.

26 Jul: Classic Serial - Tender Is The Night
By F.S.Fitzgerald, ad. Robin Brooks. Part 2 of 2. Semi-autobiographical story. Nicole's breakdown sends her on a downward spiral, so she and her husband flee the French Riviera. Dick: Simon Harrison, Nicole: Melody Grove, Rosemary: Kelly Burke, Tommy: Finn Den Hartog, Swanson: Laurie Brown, Baby: Anita Vettesse, with Anne Lacey, Nick Underwood, Alasdair Hankinson and Sam Dale. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.

27 Jul: Watch Me
A repeat of the fascinating play by Sarah Woods. Real-life neuroscientist narrates a story about a man and woman gradually falling in love and their 'mirror neurons' draw them together. Christian Keysers, with... Anja: Sarah Smart, Rhys: Alun Raglan, Lucy: Amaka Okafor, Rob: Simon Ludders, Woman: Clare Cage. Produced by James Robinson; BBC Wales.

28 Jul: A Pact Of Silence
By Penny Woolcock. In 1976 the dictatorship in Argentina tortured and killed about 30,000 people. Pregnant women were kept alive until they gave birth and their babies were given away to childless military families. This is the story of a young woman who finds out about her origins. Summary of a comment by Jane Anderson, in RT.... I do not know if the play is based on a true story, but this does not matter; the pain which the central character goes through when she discovers the truth about the people she thought were her parents is all too real. Cast: Mariana: Emily Berrington, Roberto: John Sessions, Anita: Juliet Stevenson, Grandmother Ines: Stephanie Cole, Grandmother Elena: Jenny Agutter, with Linda Robson, Chloe Pirrie, Enzo Clienti and Skye Degruttola. Produced by Penny Woolcock.

29 Jul: The Good Listener
By Fin Kennedy; fictional drama. GCHQ tracks three British Muslim boys as they head for Syria. Repeated from last year. Owen Teale, Pollyanna McIntosh, Ashley Kumar, Alison Newman, Richard Maxted, Dominic Hawksley, Faraz Alauddin, Ahmed Malik, Ali Malik. Producer - Boz Temple-Morris. Indie (Holy Mountain).

30 Jul: The Good Listener: Ghost in the Machine
By Fin Kennedy. This one is not a repeat. GCHQ is given the job of gaining secret access to a European phone network. Henry: Owen Teale, Jacqui: Charlotte Randle, Siddiq: Ashley Kumar, Alison: Alison Newman, with Richard Maxted, Dominic Hawksley, Louis Brady, Dash Dirickx, Poppy Temple-Morris, Madeleine Kelly, Lois Ashley-Lynch. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris. Indie (Holy Mountain).

31 Jul: Irongate
By Nick Warburton. A two-hander about love and loss. A woman's annual walk along the Thames from Kew to Tower Bridge takes an unexpected turn when she meets a stranger. She begins to reveal the purpose of her journey. Laura: Emma Fielding, Teal: James Fleet; producer Peter Kavanagh.

1 Aug: Saturday Play: For Services Rendered
By Somerset Maugham, ad. Lu Kemp. Anti-war play, with the aristocratic Ardsley family fighting for survival against the changing landscape of a post-first-world war England. Cracks appear in Ethel's marriage to a former officer, and Eva devotes herself to her brother Stanley, blinded in active duty. Meanwhile Lois loses hope of finding a husband, living in a backwater. Leonard - David Calder, Ethel - Mariah Gale, Sydney - Tom Espiner, Charlotte - Sian Thomas, Lois - Louise Brearley, with Cath Whiteford, Michael Schaeffer, Justin Salinger, Ron Cook, Hetty B Russell, John Rowe and Philippa Stanton. Producer Lu Kemp. Repeated from Sep 7 2013.

2 Aug: Classic Serial - The Heart Of Midlothian
By Walter Scott, ad. Mike Harris, in 3 parts. Dramatised narration; a tale of disguises, thwarted love, hazardous journeys, kidnappings, riots and rescues. In this episode, a resourceful heroine tries to put things right after a child murder. Jenny Dean: Joanne Cummins, Reuben Butler: Brian Ferguson, with Mark Bonnar, Caroline Guthrie, Lynsey-Anne Moffat, Christian Rodska, Hugh Ross, Forbes Masson, Alice Simone. Narrator: David Tennant. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

3 Aug: Silk: The Clerk's Room
By Mick Collins; spin-off from TV. Episode 1 of 3. Head legal clerk Billy Lamb believes Shoe Lane is on the brink of financial collapse. He makes a bid to secure some work from an unscrupulous solicitor. Continued on 4 Aug. Billy: Neil Stuke, Bethany: Amy Wren, Jake: Theo Barklem-Biggs, Rose: Alex Tregear, Anthony: Mark Edel-Hunt, Ray: David Houslow, Lee: Josef Atkin, with John Macmillan, Jessica Henwick, Amelia Lowdell, Chris Pavlo, David Houslow, David Acton, Stephen Critchlow and Jessica Turner. Producer: Sasha Yevtushenko.

4 Aug: Silk: The Clerk's Room
By Mick Collins. Ep. 2: A rift at Shoe Lane causes prosecution to be pitted against defence, with Billy and his deputy John competing for control of the clerk's room. Continued on 5 Aug. Cast - as yesterday.

5 Aug: Silk: The Clerk's Room
By Mick Collins. Ep. 3 - conclusion. Billy struggles to save Shoe Lane, and he turns to an unscrupulous solicitor. Cast etc - see 3 Aug.

6 Aug: Hush! Hush! Whisper Who Dares
By Christopher William Hill, who imagines an encounter between the Winne-The-Pooh illustrator Ernest Shepard (when aged 90) and 50-year-old Christopher Robin Milne. ES: Oliver Ford Davies, Christopher: Simon Treves, Norah: Kate Fahy, Janet: Harriet Chandler, Reynolds: Michael Bertenshaw. Produced by Peter Kavanagh.

7 Aug: Miss You Still
By Lenny Henry. Apparently repeated from 1 Aug 2013, afternoon play, though I already have a different play listed for that slot in 2013.... can anyone sort out the error? Lenny Henry plays Charlie, a Midlands bus driver, who has shut himself off from the world. Joyce, who works at the bus garage, is a newly appointed lay preacher. She sends Charlie her feisty teenage daughter to help him clean up his life. Joyce's daughter is a wannabe-singer with a gym-obsessed boyfriend. The last thing she wants on her hands is a smelly old man who hears voices. Producer: Claire Grove.

8 Aug: Saturday Play: Red Velvet
By Lolita Chakrabarti, based on the life of Mr. Ira Aldridge, the first black actor to play Othello, in 1833. He was born in America and was of African descent. Durinmg a Shakespeare performance, the actor playing Othello (Edmund Kean) collapsed on stage at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. Aldridge was asked to take over. This was at a time when slavery had not yet been abolished. Blacks were very much second-class citizens. Ira: Adrian Lester, Ellen: Charlotte Lucas, Pierre: Eugene O'Hare, with Rachel Finnegan, Oliver Ryan, Simon Chandler, Nic Jackman and Natasha Gordon. Producer: Abigail le Fleming. Directed by Andhu Rubasingham. Repeat.

9 Aug: Classic Serial: The Antiquary
By Walter Scott, ad. Mike Harris. Ep. 2 of 3. Family secrets, hidden treasure and hopeless love. Scott: David Tennant, narrator; Oldbuck, the antiquary: Richard Wilson, Edie: Alexander Morton, Sir Arthur: Stuart McGugan, Isabel: Melody Grove, Lovel: Dominic Rye, Geraldin: Christian Rodska, with Charles Davies, John Wark, David Haydn and Beth Tuckey. Music: Ross Hughes and Esben Tjalve. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie. (Brill Productions).

10 Aug: The Churchill Barriers
WW2 story by Emma Spurgin Hussey, set in Orkney in 1944. Clerk George and pianist Giorgio labour to build the sea defences. George: David Dawson, Giorgio: Cesare Taurasi, Q; David houslow, Capt. Swain: Mark Edel-Hunt, Major Buckland: Stephen Critchlow, the Italian: Chris Pavlo. Produced by David Hunter.

11 Aug: Chopping Onions
By Becky Prestwich. Three generations of Jewish women come together after Esther suffers a stroke. Ruth: Maureen Lipman, Vanessa: Sarah Smart, Esther: Christine Cox, Taxi driver: Sushil Chudasama. Producer: Pauline Harris.

12 Aug: Gull Therapy
By Anita Sullivan. BBC blurb describes this as being about sound, language and meaning. A divorced speech therapist, Alice, tries to help a man who has suffered brain damage following a stroke. Alice: Susan Lynch, Dan, stroke victim: Carl Prekopp, Stepan: Ben Crowe, Narrator: Owen Roe. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie production (Sweet Talk). Two stroke victims in two days ... a coincidence?

13 Aug: Red and Blue
Bradley Shoreham returns. By Philip Palmer. This is a new series of three dramas focusing on the work of a fictional wargames expert who now hires himself out to other institutions, inventing scenarios which put their emergency planning procedures under test. In this play (ep. 1 of 3) he sells his services to an international financier. The series continues next week (20 Aug). Bradley: Tim Woodward, Alessandra: Sara Kestelman, Mark: Jonathan Bailey, Waiters: Chris Pavlo, Mark Edel-Hunt. Produced by Philip Palmer.

14 Aug: My Brilliant Divorce
By Geraldine Aron. A comedy drama about ... (hidden clue in title) ... When Angela's husband leaves her for another woman she is initially cheerful about her freedom. It doesn't last. Angela: Caroline Quentin, Max: James Lance, Vanessa: Claire-Marie Hall, Mother: Sally Grace, Mr. Tripp: Matt Addis. Producer: Liz Anstee.

15 Aug: Saturday Play: Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell
By Keith Waterhouse. 90m drama. Biographical play about JB, the Spectator columnist who died in 1997. The play is set in a pub in Soho where bernard has passed out in the gents, missed closing time and woken up alone in the pub with the door locked. JB: John Hurt, Elizabeth Smart: Nicola McAuliffe, Casper: Jeff Rawle, Mistress: Amelia Bullmore, Tom: Miles Jupp. Produced by Celia de Wolff.

16 Aug: Classic Serial: The Talisman
By Walter Scott, dram. Jonathan Myerson. During the dying days of the Third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart's military campaign ground to a halt. This adaptation updates the action to a modern encampment: Occupy London outside St. Paul's in 2011. Kenny: John Wark, Hakim: Danny Rahim, Theo: 'Nicholas W'. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

17 Aug: Goodnight From Him
Roy Smiles' lighthearted comedy drama about the two Ronnies, with parodies of some of their best sketches. Repeat. Ronnie Barker: Robert Daws, Ronnie Corbett: Aidan McArdle, David Frost: James Lance, John Cleese: Matt Addis. Produced by Liz Anstee.

18 Aug: Undercover Mumbai
By Ayeesha Menon, recorded on location in India, from Indie producer Goldhawk. Disgraced cop Alia Khan is released from prison and looks for work at a run-down Mumbai hotel, but murder follows her to her new place of work. Part 1 of 2. Conclusion tomorrow. Alia: Prerna Chawla, Ratna: Shivani Tanksale, Jamal: Kenny Desai, Yamraj: Abhey Mahajan, Meenakshi: Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Faisal: Prashant Prakash, Bala: Prabal Panjabi, Mrs. Gomes: Radhika Mital, Snr. Insp Desai: Rajit Kapur, with Joy Sengupta, Sohrab Ardeshir, Adhir Bhat, Satchit Puranik, Neil Bhoopalam, Preetika Chawla, Nadir Khan and Vivek Madan. Produced by Nadir Khan; directed by John Dryden.

19 Aug: Undercover Mumbai
By Ayeesha Menon, conclusion. Details: see yesterday.

20 Aug: Red and Blue
By Philip Palmer. Ep. 2 of 3. Bradley Shoreham, wargames and future-scenario expert, is hired to stress-test the emergency services. His divide-and-rule tactics provoke hostility. Bradley: Tim Woodward, Alessandra: Sara Kestelman, Harry: David Houslow, Katie: Jane Slavin, Alan: Stephen Critchlow, Claire: Christine Kavanagh, with Rhiannon Neads, Alex Tregear and Jessica Turner. Producers: Toby Swift and Gemma Jenkins.

21 Aug: Brief Lives
A new series of the excellent legal drama series by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, set in Manchester. A naked young woman is arrested for protesting against the fur trade, but this is just the beginning of a tortuous maze for Frank. Frank: David Schofield, Ronnie: Rachel Austin, Amanda: Sophia Di Martino, Jade: Kellie Shirley, Barry: James Quinn, PC: Hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

22 Aug: Saturday Play: Dream Girl
By Robin Brooks. Comedy drama showing how Iris Murdoch's love affairs and wild behaviour influenced her writing. Iris: Helen McCrory,The Spirit: Jonathan Cullen, Frank: Richard Goulding, Philippa: Amanda Root, Franz: Anton Lesser, Canetti: Jasper Britton, John: Robin Brooks, Female Don: Emily Joyce, Veza / student: Hannah Genesius. Producer: Fiona McAlpine.

23 Aug: Classic Serial: The Sea, The Sea
By Iris Murdoch. Part 1 of 2. A director withdraws to a remote house to write his memoirs, but finds his past catching up with him. Charles Arrowby: Jeremy Irons, Lizzie Scherer: Joanna David, Gilbert Opian: Anthony Calf, Peregrine: Tim McInnerny, Rosina: Sara Kestelman, Hartley Fitch: Maggie Steed, Ben Fitch: David Horovitch, James Arrowby: Simon Williams, Arkwright: Nick Underwood, Young Charles: Fred Fergus, Young Hartley: Eleanor Crosswell. Producer: Fioina McAlpine; director Bill Alexander. Indie (Allegra)

24 Aug: Fifteen Minutes
By Sarah Woolley. Drama about the collaboration between Andy Warhol and Truman Capote on Intrerview magazine. Warhol: Tobias Menzies, Truman: Adrian Rawlins, Fred Hughes: David Seddon, Bob Colacello: Will Howard. Producer: Gaynot MacFarlane.

25 Aug: When Greed becomes Hunger
1/2. The Pit. By D.J. Britton, rpt from 2013. The first in a two-part drama about global food security. British trader Phil Ward has just moved to the US with his wife Sian to start work at the Chicago Board of Trade. When the grain market is thrown into turmoil, Phil's boss - Joel Bosco - calls him in to make sense of the numbers. Phil uncovers a global trend in food scarcity that represents a huge financial opportunity for the company. But what if the market fails? Matthew Gravelle, Carys Eleri, Stuart Milligan, Amita Dhiri, Ben Crowe, Nathan Sussex, Carla Turner. Producer James Robinson. BBC Wales.

26 Aug: When Greed Becomes Hunger
2/2. It's three years after the events of part one and a new world order is dominated by global food protectionism, an unpredictable climate and, most of all, hunger. Phil and Sian have used the money they made to buy a farm in mid-Wales. But as an international enquiry is launched into the causes of the crash, the couple's country idyll provides little shelter from an angry world, hungry for answers.Matthew Gravelle, Carys Eleri, Stuart Milligan, Amita Dhiri, Ben Crowe, Nathan Sussex, Carla Turner. Directed by James Robinson. BBC Wales.

27 Aug: Red and Blue
By Philip Palmer. Ep. 3 of 3. "Alive". Bradley challenges a flood-defence team's methods, and, faced with the unexpected, has to change his game plan. Bradley: Tim Woodward, Alessandra: Sara Kestelman, Billy: Neil Grainger. Producer: Toby Swift; director Gemma Jenkins.

28 Aug: Brief Lives
By Philip Meeks. 8-2. Frank and Sarah head for the country to celebrate a friend's 80th birthday, but their visit draws them into a decades-old family tragedy. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Kathryn Hunt, Eileen: Judith Barker, Sade: Joan Kempson, Kilbeck: Stephen Fletcher, Blaydon: Dale Meeks. Producer: Gary Brown.

29 Aug: Saturday Play: Closely Observed Trains
By Bohumil Hrabai, a Czech writer. Life at a sleepy railway station in Bohemia. Dramatised from the 1965 novel by Ian Kershaw. Milos, the apprentice at the centre of the story: John Bradley, Masha / Virginia: Verity Henry, Hubicka: Jason Done, Lansky: Howard Chadwick, mother / father: Fiona Clarke, with Jonathan Keeble and hamilton Berstock. Producer: Gary Brown.

30 Aug: Classic Serial: The Sea, The Sea
By Iris Murdoch. BBC blurb: Charles Arrowby, a distinguished theatre director, has retired to a remote house by the sea. After encountering his adolescent love, he sets out on a mission to reclaim her and, in so doing, redeem the misdemeanours of his past. But a young man appears with a mission of his own.Charles Arrowby: Jeremy Irons, Lizzie Scherer: Joanna David, Gilbert Opian: Anthony Calf, Peregrine: Tim McInnerny, Rosina: Sara Kestelman, Hartley Fitch: Maggie Steed, Ben Fitch: David Horovitch, James Arrowby: Simon Williams, Arkwright: Nick Underwood, Young Charles: Fred Fergus, Young Hartley: Eleanor Crosswell. Producer: Fiona McAlpine; director Bill Alexander. Indie (Allegra).

31 Aug: The Surprising Effect Of Miss Scarlett Rosebud
By David Nobbs, rpt. from St. George's Day last year. Comedy drama; two retired teachers share a house and have done so for years, getting on each other's nerves ...then a former student bursts into their lives nad suddenly, everything changes. Linda Marlowe and Christine Absalom as the two teachers, with Deeivya Meir as the former student, Ashley Kumar as Cuthbert, Elaine Claxton as Melanie and David Cann as the chairman ... producer Peter Kavanagh.

1 Sep: Single Beds
By Colin Hough. A B&B owner in Fife refuses to give two men a double room. Ken: John Buick, Margaret: Wendy Seager, Geoff: Steven McNicoll, Val: Robin Laing, Morven: Joyce Falconer. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

2 Sep: The Interrogation
By Roy Williams. A new series of crime stories. This one is about the son of a well-off scrap metal dealer. DS Matthews: Kenneth Cranham, DC Armitage: Alex Lanipekun, Tom: Luke Norris, Debbie Ross: Susan Brown. Producer: Mary Peate.

3 Sep: The Toffee Tip
By Johnny Vegas. Described in RT as semi-autobiographical. Two boys, both skint, hear about a local dumping ground for shop-soiled sweets and try to find it. They have to deal with baffling bus routes, a travellers' camp, a gang of bullies and other obstacles. Will they get there? Mick: Joshua Moodie, Martin: Michael Pennington, Johnny: Ethan Coughlin, Ian: Joe Gaffney, Jimmy: Jimmy Metcalfe, Mark: Mark Pennington, with Johnny Vegas, Peter Slater, Tigga Goulding, James Langtree-Brown. Produced by Johnny Vegas.

4 Sep: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Series 8, ep.3. Frank's friend Mickey organizes a surprise birthday party for his young wife Magda, but she is implicated in a crime which could destroy her marriage. Meanwhile Ronnie becomes involved with a charismatic older man who runs a voluntary organization. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Kathryn Hunt, Ronnie: Rachel Austin, Magda: Miranda Keeling, Nick: Graeme Hawley, Peter: Hugo Chandor, Mickey: Stephen Hillman. Producer: Gary Brown.

5 Sep: Saturday Play: The Illustrated Man
By Ray Bradbury, dramatized by Brian Sibley. Rpt. of the first in a short sci-fi season from 2014 called 'Dangerous Visions'. A young man's travels bring him into contact with a vagrant who says that his many tattoos come to life after dark and provide tantilising glimpses into the future. This device is used to bring together some of Bradbury's best short stories. Iain Glen as the illustrated man, with Jamie Parker, Elaine Claxton, Wilf Scolding, Patrick Kennedy,Stephen Hogan, Neil Herrin, Heather Craney, Clive Hayward, Lucy Hutchinson, Alec Newman, John P. Arnold, Jaimi Barbakoff, Craige Els. Produced by Gemma Jenkins.

6 Sep: Classic Serial: A Place Of Greater Safety, 1 By Hilary Mantel; novel from 1992, set during the French revolution. Adapted for radio in 3 episodes by Melissa Murray. The story is told from the point of view of important figures of the time. Camille: Carl Prekopp, Danton: Mark Stobbart, Robespierre: Sam Troughton, Lucille: Chloe Pirrie, Gabriele: Sarah Thom, Mirabeau: Sam Dale, Adele: Alex Tregear, Annette: Jessica Turner, Herault: Stephen Critchlow, Brissot: David Hounslow, Nobleman: Chris Pavlo, narrators: Lizzy Watts & Paul Ritter. Producer: Marc Beeby.

7 Sep: May There Always Be Sunshine
By Alan Polluck. Two teenagers from Manchester travel (in 1968) to a Soviet Pioneer Camp. Simon: James Pearson, Anna: Vasso Georgiadou, Bruce: Stewart Campbell, with Iain Robertson, Belle Jones, Samuel Jameson, Sharon MacKenzie. Producer: David Ian Neville.

8 Sep: The Man Who Bit Mary Magdalene
By Colin Bytheway. When an earthquake strikes Lincoln Cathedral, the bishop starts hunting for relics in order to attract visitors and money, for thr building of the tallest spire in the world. Based on a true story. Bishop Hugh: David Jason, Mary: Patsy Kensit, with Miles Jupp, Robert Bathurst, Kenneth Cranham and David Tombling. Historical adviser: Sue Scott, producer: Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Productions)

9 Sep: The Interrogation
By Roy Williams. Ep. 2, series 4: A movie star has been burgled. Kenneth Cranham, Alex Lanipekun, Nabil Elouahabi, Joanna Horton, Chris Pavlo, Stephen Critchlow. Produced by Mary Peate.

10 Sep: See
By Katharine Way. A woman with a degenerative eye condition moves in with her boyfriend, but he think she is faking her disability. Steve: Anthony Flanagan, Cassie: Erin Shanagher, Danny: Gerard Kearns, Becky/Nicola: Verity Henry. Producer: Gary Brown. Psychological thriller.

11 Sep: Brief Lives
By Ton Fry and Sharon Kelly; ep. 4 of 6. A black teenager is arrested for the suspected murder of his friend. They both have senior policemen as fathers. Frank: David Schofield, Jerome: David Judge, Carly: Kate Coogan, Anthony: Kevin Harvey, Paul: David Cordon, Sergeant: Russell Richardson. Producer: Gary Brown.

12 Sep: Saturday Play: The Martian Chronicles
By Ray Bradbury, dramatized by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle. Astronauts taking part in Earth's first mission to Mars disappear. A second expedition is sent, with instructions to find out what happened to the first lot. However, the Captain has another agenda. Derek Jacobi as the Captain, with Hayley Atwell, Anna Madeley, Mark Lewis-Jones, John Altman, Zoe Tapper, Jonathan Rhodes, Dean Harris, Ryan Sewell, Melissa Aston-Munslow, Owen Sewell, Rachel Naylor, Jacob James, Robert Lock. Producer - Andrew Mark Sewell. The Mayflower Rocket Kids were played by the pupils of Polehampton Junior School. (very well done!) Sound design - Alistair Lock. Rpt. from 21 Jun 2014.

13 Sep: Classic Serial: A Place Of Greater Safety, 2
By Hilary Mantel, ad. Melissa Murray. Ep. 2 of 3. Pressure is growing on the revolutionaries to depose the king and create a republic.Camille: Carl Prekopp, Danton: Mark Stobbart, Robespierre: Sam Troughton, Lucille: Chloe Pirrie, Gabriele: Sarah Thom, Adele: Alex Tregear, Annette: Jessica Turner, Herault: Stephen Critchlow, Brissot: David Hounslow, Nobleman: Chris Pavlo, narrators: Lizzy Watts & Paul Ritter. Producer: Marc Beeby.

14 Sep: Carnival
By Rachel De-lahay. Michael looks forward to the annual summer carnival, but secrets, lies and torn loyalties are soon exposed. Anthony Welsh, Damson Idris, Daniel Kaluuya, Letitia Wright, Clare Perkins. Producer: Helen Perry. Rpt.

15 Sep: John Osborne - The Author Of Himself
By Stephen Wakelam. Rpt. from 2 Sep 2013.Play about the first meeting of actor / writer John Osborne and theatre manager George Devine as they discuss the play 'Look Back In Anger'. John Osborne - Samuel Barnett, Nellie - Joanna Brookes, George Devine - Jonathan Coy, Anthony Creighton - Harry Livingstone, Tony Richardson - David Seddon. Producer David Hunter.

16 Sep: The Interrogation
By Roy Williams. Series 4, ep. 3 of 3. The story of Sean's friend and colleague, who was inspired by her grandfather to join the police force. Max: Kenneth Cranham, Sean: Alex Lanipekun, Jordan: Gershwyn Eustache, Jnr; Joanne: Sally Orrock. Producer: Mary Peate.

17 Sep: Stupid Men
By Gary Owen. A part-time rugby player makes a final bid for sporting glory in the hope of keeping his family and marriage together. Ryan: Matthew Gravelle, Kerry: Eve Myles, Coach: Rhodri Mellir. Producer: Helen Perry.

18 Sep: Brief Lives
By Michael Livesey. Ep. 5 of 6. A journalist arrested for being in possession of a police disciplinary report believes he is the victim of police corruption. He seeks Frank's help. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Kathryn Hunt, Nick: Graeme Hawley, Martin: Jack Lord, Karen: Sally Carman, Henderson: David Fleeshman. Producer: Gary Brown.

18 Sep: Brief Lives
By Michael Livesey. A journalist arrested for being in possession of a police disciplinary report believes he is the victim of police corruption. He seeks Frank's help. Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Kathryn Hunt, Nick: Graeme Hawley, Martin: Jack Lord, Karen: Sally Carman, Henderson: David Fleeshman. Producer: Gary Brown.

19 Sep: Saturday Play: Dead Girls Tell No Tales
By Joanna Toye. The backstage story to a historic episode sixty years ago in 'The Archers' - the death of Grace Archer on 22 Sep 1955. Media folklore ascribes her death to a ploy to thwart the launch night of ITV. This new play looks at 'The Archers' archives to find out why 20 million people listened. Dan Archer / Harry Oakes: Jon Culshaw, Doris Archer / Gwen Berryman: Pam Ferris, Phil Archer / Norman Painting: Lex Shrapnel, Grace Archer / Ysanne Churchman: Eleanor Tomlinson, Christine Archer / Lesley Saweard: Georgie Fuller, John Tregorran / Basil Jones: Geoffrey Streatfield, Carol Grey / Anne Cullen: Sally Bretton, Godfrey Baseley: Simon Russell Beale, Tony Shryane: John Hopkins, Valerie Hodgetts: Claudie Blakley, Geoffrey Webb: David Reed, Edward J. Mason: Miles Jupp, BBC Announcer: Zeb Soames, TV interviewer: Paddy O'Connell, Ysanne Churchman: appears as herself. Other parts by David Hounslow, Sam Dale, Chris Pavlo, Jessica Turner and Alex Tregear. Produced by Sean O'Connor.

20 Sep: Classic Serial - A Place Of Greater Safety
By Hilary Mantel, ad. Melissa Murray. Set during the French Revolution. Ep. 3 of 3. The king has been arrested and awaits execution. Meanwhile Robespierre and Danton disagree on the course which the revolution should take. Camille: Carl Prekopp, Danton: Mark Stobbart, Robespierre: Sam Troughton, Lucille: Chloe Pirrie, > Leclerc: Paul Ritter,Jeanne: Lizzy Watts, Gabrielle: Sarah Thom, Claude: Sam Dale, Saint Just: Stephen Critchlow, Executiioner: David Hounslow, Jailer: Chris Pavlo. Producer: Marc Beeby.

21 Sep: Eurydice and Orpheus
By Simon Armitage. A version of the well-known classic, rewritten from the woman's point of view (note reversed title), set in modern times. She works in a seed vault at a university; he is a busker. Claire Price, Brian Dick, with Alaxandra Mathie, Jonathan Keeble and Stephen Fletcher. Produced by Sue Roberts.

22 Sep: Orpheus and Eurydice
By Linda Marshall Griffiths. Another re-interpretation of the myth, from the man's point of view. Nico Mirallegro and Emily Taafe, with Jonathan Keeble as Apollo, Alexandra Mathie and Stephen Fletcher. Producer: Nadia Molinari. Music composed by P.J.Harvey.

23 Sep: Quill
By Tony Jones; a comedy. It is Hunslet Fair in 1851 and Edward Quill has been asked to write a play by the actor-manager at the theatre. It must contain a ghost, a hero, a heroine, a storm and a dog. Edward Quill: Daniel Weyman, Wragg / Sir Jasper: Edward Max, Mrs. Wragg: Susan Brown, Susannah: Jasmine Hyde, Mr. Swann / Lumb: Rob Hudson, Lucinda: Harriet Hare. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions).

24 Sep: Our Sea
By Ronan Bennett. This is a drama about the crisis in the Mediterranean area, caused by economic migrants and refugees leaving their countries and coming to a continent where there is less violence and more prosperity. Migrants fight for their lives after their boat is sunk by people-traffickers. Narrator: Lindsay Duncan, The Writer: Stephen Rea, with Amir-El-Masry, Evie Killip, Noma Dumezweni, Waleed Elgadi, Peter Singh, Rez Kempton, George Watkins, Jessica Turner. Producers: Jenny Thompson and Gemma McMullan. Director: Stephen Wright.

25 Sep: Brief Lives Frank: David Schofield, Sarah: Kathryn Hunt, with Rachel Austin and Graeme Hawley. Produced by Gary Brown.

26 Sep: Saturday Play: The Price of Oil: Stand Firm, You Cads
By Jonathan Myerson. First in a series of dramas about the oil industry. THis first episode is about the way British Oil was thrown out of Iran in 1951, leading to riots, demonstrations and a shipping blockade. We see events through the eyes of the expats on the island of Abadan.Janet: Anna Maxwell-Martin, Rashid: Danny Rahim, with Luke Treadaway, Raad Rawi, Paul Chahidi, David Houslow, Stephen Critchlow, Jessica Turner, Sam Dale, David Acton, Rhiannon Neads, Finn Monteath, Laurie O'Brien. Producers: Jonquil Panting and Nick Kent.

27 Sep: Classic Serial: Look Who's Back
By Timur Vermes, ep. 1 of 2. This is a satire; Hitler wakes up in 21st-century Berlin and decides it is time to retake control. Adapted for radio by Marcy Kahan. Hitler: David Threlfall, Fraulein Vera Kromeier: Alex Tregear, Frau Bellini: Caroline Berry, with Richard Mylan, John Norton, Sargon Yelda, Ben Crowe, Debra Baker, Leo Wan, George Watkins. Producer: Helen Perry. In the series "Reading Europe".

28 Sep:The Price Of Oil: Looking For Billy
By Nigel Williams. A private detective sets out with a mysterious client to investigate protests about the Alaskan oil pipeline. Charlie: Nicholas le Prevost, Susannah: Jemma Redgrave, with Sam Dale, Amelia Lowdell, Mark Edel-Hunt, David Hounslow and Chris Pavlo. Producer: Jonquil Panting; directed by Nicolas Kent.

29 Sep: The Price Of Oil: The Weapon
By Jonathan Myerson; about the OPEC siege, Dec 1975, by Carlos Martinez, aka Carlos the Jackal. Carols: Joseph Balderrama, Sheikh Yamani: Zubin Varia, Nada: Kristin Atherton, Jamshid Amouzegar: Bijan Daneshmand, with Mark Edel-Hunt, Amir El-Masry, Alex Lanipekun, Rhiannon Neads, Sam Dale and Stephen Critchlow. Producer: Nicolas Kent; director: Jonquil Panting.

30 Sep:The Price Of Oil: Baby Oil
By Jonathan Myerson. Last weeks in the White House as George Bush, US President, struggles to sell to the American people the idea of American troops defending Kuwait. Recruiting Sergeant / Admiral: Daniel Betts, Forbes McEwan III: James McArdle. George H.W.Bush: Michael J. Shannon, Dick Cheney: Sam Dale, UK Military Attache: Chris Pavlo, Drake: Stephen Critchlow, Diana: Jessica Turner, Cashier: Alex Tregear, Nayirah: Rhiannon Neads. Producers: Jonquil Panting and Nicolas Kent.

1 Oct: The Price Of Oil: Someone's Making A Killing In Nigeria
By Rex Obano.Based on the facts about the Ogoni people's campaign against the environmental degradation of their land by the oil companies. Sira: Nadine Marshall, with Obi Abili, David Ajala, Jude Akuwudike, Landry Adelard, Zackary Momoh, Jessica Turner, Rhiannon Neads, Michael Ogunseye, James Okulaja. Producer: Nick Kent; director: Jonquil Panting.

2 Oct: The Price Of Oil: No Two Days
By Joy Wilkinson. A fanciful play, perhaps inspired by the events surrounding the explosion of the oil rig, Deep Horizon, in April 2010. A young journalist, fed up with writing the oil-company magazine, finally gets to go on a 'jolly' on an oil rig and interviews a troubleshooter. In her mind he's a cross between Red Adair and George Clooney, but the truth is rather different. The play is a mixture of Izzy's dreams and a few fragments of reality - done with a very light touch. Izzy: Faye Marsay, Richard: Paul Higgins, Marco: Sam Dale, Samantha: Amelia Lowdell, Shahanah: Jessica Turner, Dudley: David Hounslow, Steve: Mark Edel-Hunt. Producers: Jonquil Panting and Mark Edel-Hunt.

3 Oct: The Price Of Oil: Blood From Stone
By Tamsin Oglesby. The story is set in 2045. A father and son run an energy company and are struggling with the new economics of the oil market. With oil wells drying up in Turkmenistan and having to fight Chinese companies for fracking rights under Lancashire, is Ralph wise in wanting to get out of oil for good? Oil companies have been at the root of the West's prosperity and development for decades. Charlie: Alun Armstrong, Ralph: Paul Ritter, with Jessica Turner, Stephen Critchlow, Amelia Lowdell, Lucy Hutchinson, Helen Longworth, David Hounslow, David Tse, Chan Kwan Ting, Chin Hoi Tung, Wong Wai Yan, Oscar Kwan. Producers: Jonquil Panting and Nick Kent.

4 Oct: Classic Serial: Look Who's Back
By Timur Vermes, ep. 2 of 2. In 21st-century Berlin, Hitler is the star of a TV show. As his rants increase in popularity, so does his power over the German people. Adapted by Marcy Kahan. Adolf: David Threlfall, Fraulein Vera Kromeier: Alex Tregear, with Ben Crowe, Caroline Berry, John Norton, Richard Mylan, Sargon Yelda, Debra Baker, Leo Wan, George Watkins. Produced by Helen Perry. In the series "Reading Europe".

5 Oct: Frankie Goes To Flensburg
By Jennifer Howarth, based on a true story. In spring 1945, an army major is sent with two other soldiers to Flensburg immediately after the war to set up a civilian administration. Frankie: Paul Popplewell, Colonel: Mark Straker, Brigadier: Kim Wall, Major: Ian Masters, OC: Anthony Howell, with Sam Troughton, James Joyce, Anthony Calf and Nelly Harker. Produced by Celia de Wolff.

6 Oct: Kempton And The Duke
By David Spicer. A pensioner steals Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in 1961 in a protest about his TV licence. This actually happened. Kempton Bunton: Kevin Whately, Lord Robbins: Hugh Fraser, Mrs. Bunton: Madelaine Newton, Insp. Greene: Simon Greenall, Sgt. Entwhistle: Matt Addis, Mr. Peach: Julien Ball. Produced by Liz Anstee.

7 Oct: Frank And The Bear
By Emily Steel. Moving drama about a new-born child. Frank is a few hours old and critically ill. As doctors work to save him, his parents tell him stories and hope for a happy ending. Amy: Eve Myles, Joe: Alex Beckett, Linda: Claire Cage, Katrina: Jaimi Barbakoff, Bear: Lynn Hunter, Baby: Samuel Creasey. Producer: Helen Perry.

8 Oct: No Drama
National Poetry day.

9 Oct: Cuttin' It
By Charlene James. Two Somali teenagers go to the same south London school. They are from the same place and share a secret. Muna: Susan Wokoma, Igra: Nahel Tzegai, with Chris Pavlo, Hermione Amoah-Alexander and Suheba Mohammed. Producer: Jessica Brown.

10 Oct: Saturday Play: The Real Trial Of Oscar Wilde
By Nick Stafford, rpt from 28 Jun 2014. Play based on the book "Irish Peacock and Scarlet Marquess" by Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde's grandson. Wilde is overconfident in assuming that he can take on the man who invented the rules of boxing and win. Wilde - J. Rhind-Tutt, Queensberry - Sean Pertwee, Alfred Douglas - Joal McCormack, Edward Carson - Stephen Hogan, with Michael Mears, Sean Murray, Steve Toussaint, Harry Jardine and David Seddon. Produced by David Hunter.

11 Oct: Classic Serial slot: Poland: Entanglement
By Zygmunt Miloszewski. Translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd Jones; dram. Mark Lawson. A Polish state prosecutor works to solve a gruesome murder. Episode 1 of 2. "The Reflection Room". Teodor Szacki: Bryan Dick, Olga Kuzniecow: Christine Bottomley, Cerzary Rudzki: David Crellin, Monika Grzelka / Hanna: Rachel Austin, Barbara: Alexandra Mathie, Euzebius: Dermot Daly, Henryk / the Priest: Glenn Cunningham. Produced by Polly Thomas. In the series "Reading Europe".

12 Oct: The Life And Times Of Arthur Miller,1
By Mike Walker. First of four plays based on events in the life of US playwright Arthur Miller. Title: Beginnings. This play looks at the effect of the 1929 stock market crash on his family. Narrator: Ed Harris, Young Arthur Miller: Ben Feldman, Adult Arthur Miller: Geoffrey Arend, Isidore: Gregory Itzin, Augusta: Kate Burton, Kermit: Matt Wolf, William Fox and several other parts: Andre Sogliuzzo, Aunt Betty and Inge: Jane Kaczmarek, Mary: Devon Sorvari, Elia: Raphael Sbarge, Marilyn Munroe: Heidi Dippold, Harry Cohn: Hector Elizondo, Slade: Nick Toren, Huac Congressman: Ed Asher, Maid: Anna Lyse Erikson, Young Marxist: Michael Kirby, Reporter: Alan Shearer. Produced by Susan Loewenberg; directed by Kate McAll.

13 Oct: The Life And Times Of Arthur Miller,2
By Jonathan Holloway. Hollywood beckons for Arthur. Title "The Lure". Other details as yesterday.

14 Oct: The Life And Times Of Arthur Miller,3
By Jonathan Holloway. Marilyn Monrie moved to New York to study acting in 1955. Four years after she first met Arthur in Los Angeles, she began to see him again in secret. Title: "Sin". Other details as Monday.

15 Oct: The Life And Times Of Arthur Miller,4
RT doesn't give the name of the writer of this episode. Title "Dreams". It's 1982; Miller is in his late sixties. It is a long time since he had a major success. Then a young visitor calls; a person who compels him to look back on his life. Cast, etc. - see Monday.

16 Oct: Drone Pilots
By Robert Myers. I think this is a repeat from a couple of years ago. A retired major and a young servicewoman receive orders to monitor the activities of a family in Pakistan who may be harbouring a terrorist. They have under their control a drone, equipped to kill. the Major: David Rasche , airman Andras: Sarah Elmaleh, Cpt. Holmes: Nora Cole, Sgt. Najjar: Amir Darvish, radio announcer: Sydney Beveridge, Ahmad: Rahimullah Mashriqi, Tariq: Ibrahim Mashriqi, Lohani: Mohammedadulluh Mashriqi, villager: Naheed Bahram.

17 Oct: Saturday Play: Unmade Movies: The Hook
By Arthur Miller. David Suchet narrates the first broadcast of the unproduced screenplay The Hook. It's about a 1950s Brooklyn longshoreman who's fired for standing up to his corruptunion boss, and decides to fight back by standing for union president. Miller developed the script with film director Elia Kazan. He tried it out on Harry Cohn at Columbia Studios. Cohn asked him to change the corrupt union bosses into communists. Miller refused, and the film was never made. Narrator: David Suchet, Marty: Elliot Cowan, Louis: Nigel Lindsay, Rocky: Michael Feast, Farragut: Tim Piggott-Smith, Piggy: Nathan Wiley, with Jonathan Guy Lewis, Kerry Shale, Joanne Pearce, Vincent Riotta, Lorelei King, Hollie Burgess and Leo Heller. Producer: Laurence Bowen; director: Adrian Noble.

18 Oct: Classic Serial: Poland: Entanglement
By Zygmunt Miloszewski. Translated from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd Jones; dram. Mark Lawson. Ep. 2 of 2: Antigone in Warsaw. Szacki struggles with the case and with his feelings for Monika. Teodor Szacki: Bryan Dick, Olga Kuzniecow: Christine Bottomley, Cerzary Rudzki: David Crellin, Monika Grzelka / Hanna: Rachel Austin, Barbara: Alexandra Mathie, Euzebius: Dermot Daly, Henryk / the Priest: Glenn Cunningham. Produced by Polly Thomas.

19 Oct: No Drama
Instead of a drama we heard "Open Art: Master Rock". This is a performance piece by Maria Fusco telling the story of a mountain, played by Olivier Pasquet at Cruachan Power Station in Argyll and Bute. Produced by the author. First broadcast on the previous Saturday, R4, 10.15pm.

20 Oct: The Mermaid of Zennor
By Paul Dodgson. A supernatural story of mystery and obsession based on a Cornish folk tale. A beautiful young woman haunts the Cornisg clifftop village of Zennor, especially a young man who is struggling to get his life under control. Jack: Nigel Lindsay, Mary: Robin Weaver, Matt: Joe Gaminera, Bel: Alice Hoskyns, Mermaid: Teresa Gallagher. Producer: Celia de Wolff; music by Paul Dodgson.

21 Oct: Tommies
Another run of 4 programmes about WW1, illustrating the events of one day exactly 100 years ago. This episode (ep. 1, 21 Oct 1915) is by Nick Warburton. Mickey Bliss returns to the front line as a newly trained officer, but the Allies are still where they were before the start of the battle of Loos. Mickey Bliss: Lee Ross, Commentator: Indira Varma, Pavan: Jassa Ahluwalia, Albert: Colin Hoult, Kinch: David Acton, Lever: Mark Edel-Hunt, Chopra: Neet Mohan.

22 Oct: Ten Funerals and a Wedding
By Nick Underwood. A comedy about a part-time humanist celebrant who specialises in death and is not interested in weddings. Then her best friend asks if she will conduct hers. Phoebe: Rosalind Sydney, Annie: Sandra Voe, Graeme: Stevem McNicol, Lisa: Claire Knight, Victor: Robin Laing, Judith: Francesca Dymond, Doorman: Nick Underwood. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

23 Oct: The Liberty Cap
By Hattie Naylor. Pete's had depression for years, but no treatment has had lasting benefit. Now he's considering taking part in a clinical trial opf a new drug. It uses the psychoactive chemical found in mushrooms. Pete: Nigel Barratt, Sam: Paul Currier, Anna: Sally Orrock. Producer: Box Temple-Morris.

24 Oct: Saturday Play: Heart of Darkness
By Joseph Conrad, 85m. Unusual item; Orson Welles' unproduced screenplay of the Joseph Conrad novel. The story: a skipper is hired to take a steamship up the Congo river to find a missing company agent who trades in ivory. He encounters a terrifying evil. The script was written by Welles in 1939, but the script was not accepted, and Citizen Kane was filmed instead. The adaptation for radio is by Jamie Lloyd and Laurence Bowen. The story involves some of those frightening artefacts from the jungle which you can see in the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford. Shrunken heads, etc. Marlow: James McAvoy, Kurtz: Jonathan Slinger, Elsa: Phoebe Fox, Blauer: Jo Stone-Fewings, Eddie: Max Bennett, with John Heffernan, Elliott Levey, Gerald Kyd, Seun Shote and Jack Holden. Produced by Laurence Bowen and directed by Jamie Lloyd; music by Ben and Max Ringham. Indie (Feelgood Fiction).

25 Oct: [Classic Serial slot] The Odyssey
Presented by the Penny Dreadfuls: the comedy trio of Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck. This is their version of what really happened when Odysseus journeyed home from the Trojan War. Additional cast members: Robert Webb as Odysseus, with Lolly Adefope and Margaret Calbourn-Smith. Produced by Julia McKenzie.

26 Oct: Mayday Mayday
By Tristan Sturrock and Katy Carmichael, adapted by Becky Ripley. An account of Tristan's recovery from a serious accident which left him paralysed. All of the actors are played by themselves: Tristan Sturrock, Katy Carmichael, Andy Carnegie, Jo Eastley, Ruth Arscott, Tim Germon, Katrina Edwards and Kelvin Edwards. Produced by Becky Ripley; music by Aaron May.

27 Oct: Blue Glory
By Hayley Squires. For almost ten years, Terence and his daughter Lillian have barely spoken to each other. But tonight, on his 60th birthday, they are reunited to watch their football team attempt to win the championship. Will they find reconciliation as satisfactory as winning? Terence: Robert Glenister, Lillian: Sarah Ridgeway, Commentator: Felix Scott, Katherine: Eiry Thomas, Young Lillian: Scarlett Hoctor. Produced by Helen Perry.

28 Oct: Tommies
Another play about WW1, illustrating the events of one day exactly 100 years ago.Episode 2, written by Michael Chaplin. 28 Oct 1915. When on a sensitive diplomatic mission in Holland, Robert de Tullio is drawn deeper into both WW1 Intelligence and into a more personal and dangerous quest. Robert: Justin Salinger, Commentator: Indira Varma, Martins: Sam Dale, Tamara: Anna Madeley, Meulken: Mark Edel-Hunt, Jonqueer: William Brand, Van Hasselt: Chris Pavlo, Guard: Neet Mohan, Barman: David Houslow, Driver: David Acton, Celestine: Pippa Nixon. Series Producers: David Hunter, Jonathan Ruffle and Jonquil Panting.

29 Oct: Fugue State
By Julian Simpson. A man in hospital in a fugue state holds the key to strange events which have occurred in a remote village. Can sound recordings prompt his brain into remembering what has happened? Doctor Fallon: Nicola Walker, Patient: Steven Mackintosh, Johnson: Tim McInnerny, Simon: Ferdinand Kingsley, Phoebe/cyclist: Phoebe Fox, other parts: Ben Crowe. Producer: Karen Rose. Sound by David Thomas. Indie production (Sweet Talk).

30 Oct: The Exuberant
By Jeff Young. A man fascinated by meteorites is on a mission to find one which has landed near Aberystwyth, but his arch rival is determined to get there first. Jack: Adeel Akhtar, Aurora: Victoria Elliott, Carmel: Eiry Thomas, with Ifan Huw Dafydd and Lee Mengo. Producer: James Robinson.

31 Oct: Saturday Play - The Blind Man
Last of three 'unmade movies'. By Alfred Hitchcock and Ernest Lehman, unfinished, and completed by Mark Gatiss. A blind jazz pianist is given a pioneering eye transplant, but the donor was a murder victim. On the retina is imprinted the image of the murderer. Suspend your disbelief, at least for the 90m of the play. Narrator: Peter Serafinowitz, the pianist, Larry Keating: Hugh Laurie, Sylvia Whitehead: Rebecca Front, Victor Farmer: Nicholas Woodeson, eith Kelly Burke, Andy Nyman, Hilary Connell, John Guerrasio, John Light, Hollie Burgess. Produced by Laurence Brown, Peter Ettedgui, Laurent Bouzereau; directed by Mark Gatiss.

1 Nov: Classic Serial: I Capture The Castle, 1
Novel by Dodie Smith, adapted for radio by Jane Rogers, set in a medieval castle in 1930s Suffolk. A funny and intelligent teenager keeps a record of her eccentric and impoverished family's life in a journal, while two rich American brothers disrupt their isolation. Cassandra: Holliday Grainger, Rose: Scarlett Alice Johnson, Mortmain: Toby Jones, Topaz: Charlotte Emerson, Thomas: Sam Hattersley, Stephen: Harry McEntire, Simon: John Macmillan, Neil: Henry Devas. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

2 Nov: Louis B Mayer and the Bolshevik Beast
By Stephen Sheridan. A comic version of the occasion in 1934 when the socialist writer Upton Sinclair stood for election under the slogan "End Poverty In California". (When did a socialist government last end poverty anywhere? - Ed) Louis B Mayer: Toby Jones, Upton Sinclair: Colin Stinton, Glick: Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Thalberg: Chris Pavlo, Frank Merriam: Sam Dale, Craig Sinclair: Jessica Turner, Franklin Roosevelt: David Houslow, Felix: Mark Edel-Hunt. Producer: Sally Avens.

3 Nov: The Wainwrights
By Tom Wainwright. A comedy drama; a farmer turns the radio dial to hear himself as the star of a daily soap. He fears for his sanity and wonders about free will and identity. As the village turns against him, he sets off on a quest to find the broadcaster responsible. Barry: Joe Hall, Jack: Alex Tregear, Colin: Adam Gillen, Dave: Michael Bertenshaw, with Carolyn Pickles, Sean Murray, John Norton, David Seddon and Arthur Hughes. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.

4 Nov: Tommies
By Jonathan Ruffle. Ep. 3 of 4: 4 Nov 1915. Two signallers undertake a dangerous mission to deliver a wireless set to beleaguered forces in Baghdad. Danny Rahim, Neet Mohan, Nicholas Murchie, Indira Varma (narrator), Ronak Patani, Sudhar Bhuchar, David Hounslow, David Acton. Producers for the series: Jonquil Panting, David Hunter and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: David Hunter.

5 Nov: The Man In The Lift
By Tom Connolly. A main is contracted to repair the lift in a tower block. For some of the residents, his presence is more important than the job he does. John: John Light, Melissa: Montana Thompson, Angie: Ruth Gemmell, Steve: Lee Ross, Maggie: Sheila Reid, Diana: Phyllida Law, with Richard Hawley, Kerryann White, Paul Bazely, Jillie Meera and Leila Farzard. Produced by Karen Rose. Indie production (Sweet Talk). Rpt. from 2013.

6 Nov: The Lost Sister
By Eileen Horne. A family drama-cum-detective story. The author's account of her search for a sister more abandoned than lost. Eileen: Penny Downie, Mona: Lia Williams, Ken: Kerry Shale, Mother and Elsa: Dearbhla Molloy, with Danny Webb, Jasmine Hyde, Patrick Cremin, Shea Hall, Eliza H dine, Michael Carney, Thomas Cassidy, Bertie Cassidy, Jacqueline Hass. Producer:Clive Brill. Indie (Brill Productions). #

7 Nov: Saturday Play: Lanark
By Alasdair Gray (novel), rpt, adapted by the author and Robin Brooks. According to RT, "a realist and surrealist exploration of Glasgow", the author's home town. There are two connected tales; that of the art student Duncan, and that of Lanark, who finds himself the newest resident in Unthank, a familiar but hellish city with no sun or sense of time. Lanark/Duncan: Sandy Grierson, Rima/Marjorie: Melody Grove, with Siobhan Redmond, James Anthony Pearson, Robbie Jack, Claire Knight, Finlay Welsh, Sean Graham, Angela Darcy, Liam Brennan, Leo Graham and Alasdair Gray. Produced by Kirsty Williams. 90m.

8 Nov: Classic Serial - I Capture The Castle
By Dodie Smith, ad. Jane Rogers, 2/2. Rose starts a new life in London, and a heartbroken Cassandra is left struggling to cope with her father's strange behaviour. Cassandra: Holliday Grainger, Rose: Scarlett Alice Johnson, Mortmain: Toby Jones, Topaz: Charlotte Emerson, Thomas: Sam Hattersley, Stephen: Harry McEntire, Simon: John Macmillan, Neil: Henry Devas. Producer: Nadia Molinari.

9 Nov: Fat Little Thing
By Lucy Gannon. A lonely eight-year-old seeks the company of imaginary friends from the world of television and music as she struggles with the grief of losing her mother. Part 1 of 2; concludes tomorrow. Louise: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Young Louise: Amy-Beth McNulty, Dad: Paul Stonehouse, Margaret: Zoe Telford, Auntie Rose: Melanie Kilburn, Peter: Jack Hollington, Cheyenne: Stephen Hogan, Fr. Burns: Andy Secombe, Fr. Sullivan: Stephen Hogan. Produced by Heather Larmour.

10 Nov: Fat Little Thing
From yesterday, part 2: Louise is introduced to the beautiful Margaret, whom her father is planning to marry. She starts to imagine a happy future. It doesn't go according to plan. Cast - as yesterday.

11 Nov: Tommies
By Jonathan Ruffle. Ep. 4/4. 11 Nov 1915. Second Lt. Mickey Bliss finds himself in two meetings; one which may changethe war for the Signal Service, and another which will change his life forever. Mickey: Lee Ross, Celestine: Pippa Nixon, Narrator: Indira Varma, Colonel Crowden: Gunnat Cauthary, Major Bell: Stephen Critchlow, Captain Paddon: Chris Pavlo, Sgt. Pinto: Colin Hoult, Aide-de-Camp: Neet Mohan. Producers for the series: Jonquil Panting, David Hunter and Jonathan Ruffle. Director for this episode: Jonquil Panting.

12 Nov: Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk
By Nikolai Leskov, dram. Marty Ross. A young woman trapped in a loveless marriage is transformed by the arrival of a handsome philanderer. Katerina: Rochendra Sandall, Sergei: Joe Armstrong, Zinovy: Harry Myers, Boris: Trevor Cuthbertson, with Jessica Dennis, Ceri Gifford, Christopher York and Mark Straker. Produced by Mariele Runacre Temple; directed by Cherry Cookson. Rpt.

13 Nov: Queens of the Coal Age
By Maxine Peake, rpt. from Nov 2013. Drama based on a true event; four miners' wives, including the wife of Arthur Scargill, the leader of the miners' union, went down into a coal mine and stayed there for a prolonged period (Parkside Colliery, Merseyside) in an attempt to save the pits from closing. Maxine Peake played Anne Scargill, with Julie Hesmondhalgh, Lorraine Cheshire and Rachel Austin. The producer was Justine Potter.

14 Nov: Saturday Play - Black Dog
By Katie Hims. A woman abandoned by her husband; left to care for her seven year old son and a black dog. 90m. Claire Rushbrook as Clare, with Ralph Ineson, Alexander Aze, Adam T Wright, Will Howard, Caolan McCarthy, Nahel Tzegal, Karl Queensborough, Stephen Critchlow, Rachel Davies, Peter Wright, Amelia Lowdell, Rosa Yevtushenko, Greta Dudgeon, Rebecca Ineson, Deeivya Meir, Debra Baker, Jessica Turner, David Houslow, Evie Killip and Chris Pavlo. Producer: Mart Peate; music: Nina Perry; cellist: Danny Keane.

15 Nov: Classic Serial: The Day Of The Locust
By Nathanael West, dram. (I think) by Gary Brown (no details of dramatist in RT).Satire of 1930s Hollywood. Tod is a young set designer who finds work in a studio and who is intent on maintaining his artistic integrity. He falls for a young actress and gets drawn into her circle, which contains some undesirables. RT says that this novel introduced Homer Simpson as a character. Tod: Simon L Phillips, Faye: Laura Aikman, Homer (and Miguel): Kerry Shale, with John Guerrasio, Teresa Gallagher, Louis Labovitch and Todd Kramer. Produced by Gary Brown.

16 Nov: Behind Closed Doors, 1
By Clara Glynn. Ep.1: One Of The Lads. Legal drama. An employment tribunal has to decide if a policewoman was treated unfairly after she says that she was driven out of her job by bullying. Rebecca, a London barrister: Clare Rushbrook, Suzy: Susie Riddell, Charlie: Dan Starkey, Graham Turner, James Rastall,, Paul Copley. Producer: David Ian Neville.

17 Nov: Behind Closed Doors, 2
By Clara Glynn. Ep. 2: Tilting The Odds. Falco Herman's career is at risk when he faces a disciplinary hearing for misconduct. He has built up a successful practice in Newmarket; he has family and the usual financial commitments. He will be ruined financially if he is struck off. Rebecca is in charge of defending him. Clare Rushbrook, Nick Underwood, Gunnar Cauthary, Jane Whittemshaw, Mark Straker, Matthew Watson and Hannah Woods. Produced by David Ian Neville.

18 Nov: Behind Closed Doors, 3
By Clara Glynn. Ep. 3: Safe House. The play is set at a Closed Material Procedures hearing, which penetrates the secretive legal world of counter-terrorism. Akmed is suspected of being a terrorist and has been put under a curfew, but he hasn't committed any crime. Rebecca must try to clear his name so that he can resume a normal life. Clare Rushbrook, Amerjit Deu, Richard Greenwood, Greg Powrie, Matyam Hamidi, Richard Addison, John Paul Hurley; producer David Ian Neville.

    UPDATE...in the light of the terrorist attacks in Paris, this drama will not be broadcast (16 Nov) - it will be replaced by "Jonesey" - an excellent comedy play from about a year ago.

19 Nov: Not Now
By David Ireland. Comedy drama. Kyle has just buried his father, and although he loved him, his uncle is the man he always looked up to - until today. Kyle: Thomas Finnegan, Vic: David Ireland. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

20 Nov: Puellae - or The Truth About Chips And Other Things
By Nalini Chetty. Comedy drama about two friends who meet in a wine bar at the Edinburgh Festival prior to a Fringe show. They have contented, well-balanced lives, or so it seems ... Tess: Nalini Chetty, Neve: Samara MacLaren. Producer: Bruce Young.

21 Nov: Saturday Play: Les Rougon-Macquart, 1 of 9
Given the title "Blood, Sex and Money" in Radio Times, which described it very unflatteringly as a mash-up adaptation of Zola's 20-novel cycle 'Les Rougon-Macquart', 1871-1893. This episode, entitled 'Animals', adapted by Dan Rebellato, is about the lives of three branches of a family living during the Second French Empire. We begin in Plassans, southern France, where 104-year-old matriarch Dide Fouque strikes up a relationship with her great-grandson Silvere, a romantic with Republican leanings. Meanwhile Dide's son siphons off her money, stealing his illegitimate siblings' inheritance. Cast: Dide: Glenda Jackson, Pierre: Robert Lindsay, Felicite: Fenella Woolgar, Antoine: Ian Hart, Silvere: Ashley Margolis, Miette: Shannon Flynn, Eugene: Robert Jack, with Jonathan Keeble, Seamus O'Neill and Kate Coogan. Producer: Pauline Harris.

22 Nov: Classic Serial slot: Les Rougon-Macquart, 2 of 9
Episode title 'Fire'. Adapted by Dan Rebellato. Francois and Martha lead a comfortable life as France enters a new era of history. When a priest moves into their home , he drives a wedge between them. But never fear - there is a comeuppance. Francois: Sam Troughton, Martha: Carla Henry, Abbe Faujas: David Annen, with Ursula Holden-Gill and Chris Jack; Glenda Jackson as Dide.Produced by Polly Thomas.

23 Nov: Les Rougon-Macquart, 3 of 9
Episode title "Food". Lisa Macquart's brother-in-law arrives and her future seems threatened. Adaptation by Oliver Emanuel. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Jodie McNee, Quenu: Graeme Hawley, Gervaise: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Old man / Revolutionary: James A Pearson, Pauline: Millie Kinsey. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

24 Nov: 4: Les Rougon-Macquart, 4 of 9
Episode title "Politics". Eugene Rougon was once at the heart of government, but now he is just another member of the public. Adapted by Oliver Emanuel. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Eugene: Robert Jack, Clorinde: Laura Dos Santos, Lisa: Jodie McNee, Merle: James Anthony Pearson, Quenu: Graeme Hawley, Gilquina: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

25 Nov: Les Rougon-Macquart, 5 of 9
Episode title: "Drink". As Gervaise Macquart sits across the table from a bottle of brandy and a handsome man, she realises the value of happiness. Adapted by Oliver Emanuel.Dide: Glenda Jackson, Gervaise: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Goujeta: Mark Holgate. Produced by Kirsty Williams.

26 Nov: Les Rougon-Macquart, 6 of 9
Episode title: "Art". Adaptation by Martin Jameson. Struggling artist Claude Lantier is determined to create new art in Paris. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Claude: Brian Dick, Christine: Georgina Campbell, Pierre: Richard Hand, Fagerolles: Stephen Fletcher, Bongrand: David Fleeshman. Producer: Pauline Harris. Produced by Pauline Harris.

27 Nov: Les Rougon-Macquart, 7 of 9
Episode title: "Masterpiece". Adapted by Martin Jameson. Claude now has a son and feels rejuvenated, but his obsessiion to create a defining masterpiece causes havoc in Paris. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Claude: Brian Dick, Christine: Georgina Campbell, Young Jacques: Talia Barnett, Pierre: Richard Hand, Fagerolles: Stephen Fletcher, Bongrand: David Fleeshman, Jacques: William Ash. Producer: Pauline Harris.

28 Nov: Saturday Play - Les Rougon-Macquart, 8 of 9
Episode title: "Fury". Dide follows her great-grandson Jacques. He's a train driver who loves trains more than any woman he's met. But there are murderous desires which he keeps hidden. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Severine: Christine Bottomley, Grandmorin/Lamotte: Seamus O'Neill, Roubaau: Stephen Gallagher, Misard/Denizet: Ian Bartholomew, Aunt Phasie: Olwen May, Flore: Rosie Fleeshman, Jacques: William Ash. Producer: Pauline Harris.Not sure who adapted this episode; not credited in Radio Times. Dan Rebellato?

29 Nov: Classic Serial - Les Rougon-Macquart, 9 of 9
Episode title: "Trains". Jacques has fallen for Severine, who harbours a secret which destroys her marriage and puts pressure on Jacques to begin their new life together. This is Zola, remember, so do not expect a happy ending. Dide: Glenda Jackson, Jacques: William Ash, Severine: Christine Bottomley, Roubaud: Sean Gallagher, Pecquex: Tachia Newell. Produced by Polly Thomas. Again I am not sure of the adapter; nothing in RT.

30 Nov: When Last I Saw You
By Peter Whalley; a psychological thriller. Jane was violently attacked five years ago. Now she thinks she has seen him. But some time back she wrongly identified someone else as having done it. Nevertheless this time she is certain. Jane: Lyndsey Marshal, Mike: Graeme Hawley, Neil: Will Ash, Cath: Nicola Ferguson, Detective: Kate Coogan. Produced by Pauline Harris.

1 Dec: Oh You Pretty Things
By Jon Canter. A drama about a middle-aged couple. Ellie's ex gets in touch with her after 25 years. Her husband also decides to contact an old girlfriend. They both wonder about the road not taken. Ellie: Sarah Alexander, Dave: Will Adamsale, Charlie: Lynden Edwards, Tash: Monica Dolan, Shop girl/Receptionist: Alana Ramsey. Produced by Clive Brill. Indie: Brill Productions.

2 Dec: Tumanbay, 1
By John Dryden and MIke Walker. Episode title: A Head Start. A historical drama set in medieval Egypt under the rule of the Mamluk slave dynasty. Reports of rebellion in Amber Province have reached the city. There are rumours of a mysterious force devouring the empire from within. There is fear and suspicion; no-one can be trusted. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Girl on the ship: Olivia Popica, her mother: Nathalie Armin, Slave merchant: Nabil Elouahabi, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Frog: Deeivya Meir, Frog's mother: Sirine Saba, Basim: Alexander Siddig, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Envoy: Nadir Khan, Shajar: Sarah Beck Mather, Madu: Danny Ashok, Sultan Al-Ghuri: Raad Rawi, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Physician: Vivek Madan, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Maid: Laure Stockley, Ship's captain: Albert Welling. Other parts played by Christian Hillborg, Stefano Braschi and Alex Utgoff. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden; directed by John Dryden. Indie (Goldhawk). This is episode 1 of 10.

3 Dec: 1977
By Sarah Wooley. In 1977 the novel 'Watership Down' was made into an animated film. But when the film's conductor, Marcus Dods, looked at the music score he found that there was nowhere near enough music for the film; what there was lasted about 7 minutes. He turned to the compoiser and arranger Angela Morley for help. Angela: Rebecca Root, Christine Parker: Debra Baker, Marcus: William Gaminara, Terry Rawlings: Bryan Dick, Malcolm Williamson: Chris Pavlo, John Sanders/Larry Ashmore: David Seddon, other parts: Evie Killip. Produced by Gaynot Macfarlane.

4 Dec: Tess In Winter
By Christopher Nicholson, dram. Sara Davies. A play about Thomas Hardy's second wife. She feels threatened by a young actress who becomes caught between them in a bid to land the title role in a production of 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles'. Inspired by Christopher Nicholson's novel, 'Winter'. Florence Hardy: Pippa Hayward, Gertrude Bugler: Katy Sobey, Thomas Hardy: Nicholas Farrell, Elsie: Alex Tregear. Producer: Mary Ward-Lowery.

5 Dec: Saturday Play - Inspector Chen
Episode title: Death of a Red Heroine. 1 of 3. By Qiu Xiaolong; crime thriller, ad. Joy Wilkinson. The first episode introduces Chen and the Special Case Squad as they tackle the murder of a state-nominated model worker in Shanghai. Inspector Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Peiqin: Sarah Lam, Commissar Zhnag: David Yip, with Chipo Chung, Daniel York, David Houslow, Chris Pavlo, Debra Baker, Amelia Lowdell, Sam Dale, Jessica Turner, Evie Killip, Richard Pepple, George Watkins and Rebecca Hamilton. Producer: Toby Swift.

6 Dec: Classic Serial: The Arabian Knights
Ep. 1 of 2. By Glen Neath, inspired by the classic stories. A woman in modern-day Cairo tries to find a rare medieval copy of The Arabian Knights with the original ending, and rediscovers the tales along the way. Narrator: Nadim Sawalha, Madri: Indira Varma, Ali Baba: Muzz Khan, his wife: Noa Bodner, Clive/King Yunan: Ewan Bailey, with Noof McEwan, Alyssa Kyria, Laura Hannah, Niall Ashdown, Waleed Elgadi, Alexei Sayle, Amir El-Masry, Nabil Elouahabi, Stewart Scudamore, Renu Setna, Bhasker Patel, Sharlit Deyzac. Producer: Boz Temple Morris.

7 Dec: Further From Heaven
Comedy by James O'Neill. Danny survives a serious car crash in rural Ireland; then an enigmatic old man knocks on his door. Old man: Dermot Crowley, Danny: Conor Moloney, Catherine: Fiona Clarke, Narrator: Jonathan Keeble. Producer: Gary Brown.

8 Dec: Pixie Juice
By Ed Harris, rpt. A magical tale set in a tattoo parlour. Indira Varma, Peter Polycarpou, Paul Bazely, Louise Brealey, Will Howard, Priyanga Burford, Carolyn Pickles. Producer: Jonquil Panting.

9 Dec: Tumanbay, 2
By John Dryden. Episode title: Ship Of The Dead. Sultan Al-Ghuri gives Gregor, the Master of the Palace Guard, the task of rooting out the insurgence in the city and crushing it. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Girl on the ship: Olivia Popica, her mother: Nathalie Armin, Ship's captain: Albert Welling, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Ibn: Nabil Elouhabi, Shajar: Sarah B Mather, Madu: Danny Ashok, Sultan Al-Ghuri: Raad Rawi, the Hafiz: Antony Bunsee, General Dulan: Christopher Fulford, head Eunuch: John Sessions, Slave: Akin Gazi, Physician: Vivek Madan, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley. Producers Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Directed by John Dryden. Indie - Goldhawk.

10 Dec: Bright Spark
By Eve Davies. Drama about historical child abuse. Two adults claim that a teacher abused them whilst they were at school many years earlier. Is it true, and if so, can they persuade the jury? Janine, one of the accusers: Sally Carman, Mel, her friend: Sue Kelly, Joe: Stephen Fletcher, Coal: Malcolm Raeburn, Ryland: Drew Cain, Meredith: Emily Pithon, Judge: Roger Morlidge. Producer: Gary Brown.

11 Dec: Sorry Boys, You Failed The Audition
By Ray Connolly, rpt. from 2013. Comedy drama. Freda, the teenage secretary of the Beatles' fan club, gets the group back together to audition for producer George Martin in 1962. The band has been rejected by every other company and it is their last chance to win a recording contract. Note that this is not a drama-doc; it is a flight of fancy about what might have happened if they had failed to break through into the 'pop' world and had ended up singing in pubs and having ordinary jobs. Freda - Sara Bahadori, John Lennon - Andrew Knott, Paul McCartney - Stephen Fletcher, George Harrison - Luke Broughton, Ringo Starr - Daniel Crossley, Brain Epstein / George Martin - Jonathan Keeble, Mrs. Harrison - Ruth Alexander-Rubin, Cynthia - Hope Brownhill. Producer Gary Brown.

12 Dec: Inspector Chen, 2
Episode title: A Loyal Character Dancer, by Qiu Xiaolong. It's the early 1990s and a badly mutilated body is discovered in Bund Park, Shanghai. Chen sets to work to find the missing dancer the the heart of an international smuggling ring. Adapted for radio from the novel, by John Harvey. CHen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Catherine Rohn: Pippa Bennett-Warner, Party Secretary Li: Daniel York, Peiqin: Sarah Lam, Wen Liping: Liz Sutherland, Old Hunter: David Houslow, Qian: Caolan McCarthy, Lihua: Sam Dale, Qiao: Debra Baker, Liu: Chris Pavlo. Producer: David Hunter.

13 Dec: Classic Serial: The Arabian Nights, 2/2
By Glen Neath. In her search form the lost manuscript of the Arabian Nights, Ata rediscovers the Hunchback Cycle, including the story of the barber and his brothers and lesser-known tales. Narrator: Nadim Sawalha, Madri:Indira Varma, Clive/Steward: Ewan Bailey, Barber: Alexei Sayle, with Waleed Elgadi, Bhasker Patel, Alyssa Kyria, Niall Ashdown, Muzz Khan, Noa Bodner, Sharlit Deyzac, Renu Setna, Amir El-Masry, Laura Hannah, Nabil Elouahabi, Noof McEwan, Stewart Scudamore and Nayef Rashad. Producer: Boz Temple Morris.

14 Dec: The Morpeth Carol
By Timothy Atack. A nine year old boy takes a walk on Christmas Eve and finds a crashed sledge, an injured reindeer and an intimidating Santa. Harry: Paul Copley, Young Harry: Ellis Hollins, The Man: Alun Raglan, Yvonne: Rachel Davies, Mum: Philippa Stanton, Dad: Paul Stonehouse, Policemen: Matthew Watson, David Seddon. Produced by Marc Beeby.

15 Dec: McLevy, series 11
By David Ashton. 1/1: A Price To Pay. The mild-mannered wife of a town councillor admits to murdering her husband. Meanwhile Jean Brash, the brother keeper, is finding it hard to forgive McLevy. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Winifred: Sarah Collier, Elspeth: Jessica Hardwick, Craddock: David Robb, Dunwoody: John Stahl, Fergal: Mark Edel-Hunt. Produced by Bruce Young.

16 Dec: Tumanbay, 3
By Mike Walker. Episode title: Coming Of Age. Adrift at sea in a small boat, the daughter of a slave merchant depends upon her slave captor for survival. Meanwhile the sultan's spoilt nephew, Madu, has to grow up quickly when he joins the army. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Slave: Akin Gazi, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, the Sultan: Raad Rawi, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Ibn: Nabil Elouhabi, Shajar: Sarah Beck Mather, Madu: Danny Ashok, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Hamed brothers: Christian Hillborg and Alec Utgoff, Shamsi & Maid: Laure Stockley, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Sergeant: Nadir Khan. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Directed by John Dryden. Indie. (Goldhawk)

17 Dec: Community Service
By Jonny O'Neill. A young man is in court for the first time, facing charges which risk putting his whole life in jeopardy. Tommy: Daniel Mays, Sam: Leo Bill, Lauren: Katie Redford, Robbo: George Watkins, Duty solicitor: Ewan Bailey, Probation officer: Richard Pepple, Magistrate: Amelia Lowdell. Produced by Sasha Yevtushenko.

18 Dec: Greek Drama
By Matthew Solon, dir. John Dryden (Indie, Goldhawk). A docu-drama based on Matthew Solon's research into the Greek debt crisis and bail-out of summer 2014. As Greece and its creditors argued over terms, decisions were thrashed out in secret, behind closed doors. This is the inside story. Alexis Tsipras: George Georgio, Yanis Varoufakis: Pano Masti, Jeroen Dijsselbloem: Tice Oakfield, Angela Merkel: Gabrielle Schamitzky, Wolfgang Schauble: Eric Redman, George Chouliarakis: Christopher Sciueref, Illias Kartalis: John Ioannou. Producer: Emma Hearn.

19 Dec: Inspector Chen, 3
By Q. Xiaolong, set in Shanghai in the 1990s, dramatised by John Harvey. When the inspector agrees to do a translation job for a property developer, he is given a laptop, a young lady to provide for his every need and medical care for his mother. It seems that there are no strings attached, but then a dissident writer is murdered. Chen: Jamie Zubairi, Yu: Dan Li, Peiqin: Sarah Lam, Gu: Ewan Bailey, Party Secretary: Daniel York, Old Liang: Gerard McDermott, Hunang: Richard Pepple, Lanlan: Tina Chiang, Qiao Ming: Chris Pavlo, Peng: Debra Baker, White Cloud: Elizabeth Chan, Jia: George Watkins, Boa Hung: Leo Wan. Producer: David Hunter.

20 Dec: Classic Serial: Memsahib Emma, 1
By Tanika Gupta, based on 'Emma' by Jane Austen, set in 19th-century India. Emma Bhattacharjee is beautiful, clever and rich. She is perfectly content with her life and sees no need for love or marriage. Nothing, however, delights her more than interfering in the romantic lives of others. Emma: Manjinder Virk, Roy: Navin Chowdhry, Bhattarchargee: Silas Carson, Krishna: Maya Sondhi, Sumit Chowdhry: Raj Ghatak, Miss Bates: Meera Syal, Mrs. Weston: Tracy Wiles, Mr. Elton: Leo Wan. Producer: Tracey Neale.

21 Dec: Wildsong
By Joseph Wilde, rpt. A man leaves the comfort of the city to find his estranged brother, to tell him their father is on his deathbed and wants to see him one last time. Reg: Tim Van Eyken, Vic: Joseph Wilde, Winny: Carys Eleri, with John Norton, Sean Murray and Georgie Fuller. Producer: Julian May. The drama uses a soundtrack by Tim Van Eyken using recordings made on the Somerset Levels.

22 Dec: McLevy, 2
By David Ashton. Episode title: The Seventh Veil. Chief Constable Murray Craddock is outraged when an exotic dancer arrives in Leith, but this is part of Jean brash's plans to repay old debts. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond,, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Logan: Derek Riddell, Craddock: David Robb, Ewart: Hugh Ross, Louise: Teresa Gallagher, Jed: Brian Ferguson, Cammie: Matt McClure. Producer: Bruce Young.

23 Dec: Tumanbay, 4
By Mike Walker. Episode title: Hidden Knowledge.The sultan's chief wife plots her son's succession to the throne. Madu's slave finds solace with an unlikely companion as he marches with the army. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Heaven: Olivia Popica, Slave: Akin Gazi, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Shajar: Sarah Beck Mather, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Hameed Brothers: Alec Utgoff and Christian Hillborg, Rajik: Akbar Kurtha, Pamira: Nathalie Armin, Boy: Darwin Brokenbro. Producers: Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan and John Dryden. Directed by John Dryden.

24 Dec: Suggs: My Mad-Life Crisis
The singer / actor / DJ Graham McPherson, better known as Suggs, tells his life story. This is an adaptation by Owen Lewis of the stage play, "My Life In Words And Music" by Suggs and Toby Follet. With Ewan Bailey and Philippa Stanton. Pianist Dean Mumford; produced by Katen Rose (Indie, Sweet Talk) and directed by Owen Lewis.

25 Dec: The Hunting Of The Snark
By Lewis Carroll, adapted by Tony Robinson. A strange assortment of characters pursues a creature known as the Snark. Narrator: Tony Robinson, Bellman: Eric Potts, Baker: Paul Barnhill, Butcher: Everal A Walsh, Barrister/Snark: Jonathan Keeble, Beaver: Stephen Hoyle. Music and songs composed by Katie Chatburn. Produced by Charlotte Riches.

26 Dec: The Bed-Sitting Room
By John Antrobus and Spike Milligan, adapted for radio by John Antroubus and Paul Merton.After the nuclear war, which lasted for about two and a half minutes, Captain Kak and his fiancee Penelope come across Lord Fortnum, who believes he is transforming into a bed-sitting room. Kak: Paul Merton, Lord Fortnum: Derek Jacobi, Mate: Bernard Cribbins, Penelope: Catherine Tate, Mrs. Ethel Skroake: Suki Webster, Vicar: John Antrobus, Captain: Sean Baker, Seaman: Richard Pepple. Music and sound effects by Jerry Peal; produced by Victoria Lloyd and directed by Sam Mitchell. 60m.

27 Dec: Classic Serial - Memsahib Emma, 2
By Tanika Gupta. Second and final episode. Emma's plans for Krishna backfire when Mr. Elton declares his love for her. Mr. Roy is wary of the newly arrived Frank Churchill. Emma: Manjinder Virk, Roy: Navin Chowdhry, Bhattarchargee: Silas Carson, Krishna: Maya Sondhi, Sumit Chowdhry: Raj Ghatak, Miss Bates: Meera Syal, Mrs. Weston: Tracy Wiles, Mr. Elton: Leo Wan, Mrs. Elton: Evie Killip, Frank Churchill: George Watkins. Producer: Tracey Neale.

28 Dec: Calendar Girls
By Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi. A spin-off from "The Archers". The Ambridge production of a comedy drama about friends from a Yorkshire group who raise money for charity by posing naked for a calendar. 90m.Repeated from yesterday evening. Chris: Charlotte Martin(Susan Carter), Annie: Alison Dowling(Elizabeth Pargetter), Ruth: Annabelle Dowler(Kirsty Miller), Celia: Sunny Ormonde(Lilian Bellamy), Jessie: Sian Philips(Jean Harvey), Marie: Carole Boyd(Lynda Snell), Brenda Hulse: Souad Faress(Usha Franks), Elaine: Hollie Chapman(Alice Carter), Lady Cravenshire: Angela Piper(Jennifer Aldridge), John: Ian Peppell(Roy Tucker), Rod: Brian Hewlett(Neil Carter), Lawrence: James Cartwright(PC Harrison Burns), Liam: Richard Attlee(Kenton Archer). Accompanist: Simon Taranczuk. Produced by Sean O'Connor.

29 Dec: McLevy, 3
By David Ashton. Episode title: The Night Walker. A lodger dies in his room shortly after arriving form London. McLevy finds a young woman unconsciious in the street and an old acquaintance reappears. McLevy: Brian Cox, Jean: Siobhan Redmond, Mulholland: Michael Perceval-Maxwell, Roach: David Ashton, Hannah: Colette O'Neill, Rev. Gideon: Nicholas Tizzard, Charlotte: Izzy Watts, Dunsmore: Forbes Masson, Miss Wilson: Tracy Wiles.Produced by Bruce Young.

30 Dec: Tumanbay, 5
By John Dryden. Episode title: Stranglehold. General Qulan gathers armies to fight rebel queen Maya, but finds the governors far from keen. Meanwhile Gregor is under pressure to find the spies. Gregor: Rufus Wright, Sarah: Nina Yndis, Shajar: Sarah Beck Mather, Cadali: Matthew Marsh, Physician: Vivek Madan, Wolf: Alexander Siddig, the Hafiz: Antony Bunsee, Bello: Albert Welling, Ibn: Nabil Elouahabi, Maya's envoy: Nadir Khan, Daniel: Gareth Kennerley, Al-Ghuri: Raad Rawi, General Qulan: Christopher Fulford, Provincial Governor Usman: John Sessions. Producers Emma Hearn, Nadir Khan, John Dryden.

31 Dec: North by Northamptonshire: Full Stop
By Katherine Jakeways: comedy drama. A New Year's Eve which the friends will not forget. Narrator: Sheila Hancock, Esther/DJ: Katherine Jakeways, Jan: Felicity Montague, Keith: John Biggins, Ken/Jonathan: Kevin Eldon, Mary: Penelope Wilton, Norman: Geoffrey Palmer, Orson: Simon Kane. Produced by Julia McKenzie.

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