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After 2000, BBC policy was to archive all "performance programmes" on CD. This includes radio plays, so the plays below should exist in the BBC archive. The majority of them (probably 90%+) exist in known private collections.

At last the primary list of expanded entries is done.....

N.D., 7 Jun 13

This Saturday Play (1 Jan 2011) is the first radio production of Alan Bennett's autobiographical stage play, starring Alan Bennett as one of the two "Alan Bennetts" in the drama, and reprising the brilliant stage performance of Dame Maggie Smith as Miss Mary Shepherd, the lady who takes refuge in his Camden garden for three months, and ends up staying fifteen years. More about this production on the 'Articles' page. Cast: Miss Shepherd ..... Maggie Smith, Alan Bennett ..... Adrian Scarborough, Alan Bennett 2 ..... Alan Bennett, Mam ..... Marcia Warren, Rufus ..... Matt Addis, Pauline ..... Janice Acquah, Underwood ..... Stephen Critchlow, Social Worker ..... Caroline Guthrie, Fairchild ..... Philip Fox, Doctors ..... Jonathan Tafler and Malcolm Tierney. Music composed by Simon Morecroft. Adapted and directed by Gordon House.

2 Jan: Classic Serial - I, Claudius, Messalina
Dramatisation by Robin Brooks of Robert Graves' great histories of first century Rome. The ageing Emperor Claudius works to restore the Republic. But his beautiful young wife Messalina has other plans. Claudius ..... Tom Goodman-Hill, Messalina ..... Jessica Raine, Narcissus ..... Robin Soans, Calpurnia ..... Sally Orrock, Burrhus ..... Jude Akuwudike, Britannicus ..... Ryan Watson, Euodus ..... Adeel Akhtar, Asiaticus ..... Sean Baker, Frontinus ..... Tony Bell, Tacitus ..... Sam Dale, Callistus ..... Henry Devas, Agrippinilla ..... Claire Harry, Soldier ..... Iain Batchelor. Specially composed music by David Pickvance. Directed by Jonquil Panting.

3 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Better Half
This delicious comedy of marital disharmony was written when its young author, Noel Coward, was 22 years old. Rediscovered after nearly 90 years, the play was originally considered too 'racy' for public performance, since it deals - in part - with the subject of female sexual desire. 'The Better Half' is an accomplished relationship comedy, focusing on a husband, wife and her best friend. In an unusual psychological ploy the unhappy wife (Federay Holmes) encourages the husband (Samuel West) to leave her to pursue a happier connection with her friend (Lisa Dillon.) But the wife's apparent selflessness may conceal a hidden agenda. Even now the play is surprisingly unconventional, cannily perceptive - and funny. The author himself makes an unexpected appearance as a typically witty musical narrator. Cast: Husband ..... Samuel West, Friend ..... Lisa Dillon, Wife ..... Federay Holmes. Producer/Director: Martin Jarvis. A Jarvis & Ayres Production for BBC Radio 4.

4 Jan: Afternoon Drama - 43 Letters
By Rony Robinson. Julia and David work together in the family archives. One day a mysterious envelope arrives for David, with letters from 43 women, all answering a lonely hearts advert he didn't place. Cast: David...............David Calder, Julia.................Barbara Marten, Miranda..........Helen Flanagan, Ruskin............Sacha Dhawan. Directed by Pauline Harris.

5 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Burned to Nothing
Matthew returns to Nigeria, the land of his birth. He has come to secure the release of his son who has become caught up in the politics of a land in turmoil; a land he has fallen in love with. By Rex Obano. Matthew .... Lucian Msamati, The General .... Jude Akuwudike, Medina .... Lorraine Burroughs, Keith .... David Ajala, Sunday .... Obi Abili, Inenevwerha .... Gbemisola Ikumelo. Director: Femi Elufowoju, jr.

6 Jan: Afternoon Drama - A King's Speech
By Mark Burgess. The action of A King's Speech takes place on Coronation Day, 12th May 1937, and deals with King George VI's preparations for his evening BBC Radio broadcast to the Nation - a terrifying prospect for perhaps the most notable Briton to have suffered from a stammer. This is Mark Burgess's sixth play for BBC Radio 4, all of which have dealt with prominent people at pivotal moments in their lives. Cast: King George VI ..... Alex Jennings, Queen Elizabeth ..... Joan Walker, Lionel Logue ..... Trevor Littledale, Myrtle Logue ..... Moya O'Shea, Sir John Reith ..... Crawford Logan, Robert Wood ..... Chris Stanton, Patrick ..... John Evitts, Queen Mary ..... Jean Trend, Princess Elizabeth ..... Emma Yeomans, Princess Margaret ..... Agnes Fouch. Producer/Director: David Blount. A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

7 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble
This was the first short story to be published in The Financial Times. Written by the Irish comic writer and blogger on economics, Julian Gough, winner of the BBC National Short Story Prize in 2007, it delves into the world of derivatives, arbitrage and futures. Set in Somaliland, it follows the fortunes of one Dr Ibrahim Bihi, a leading economist and the man who woke up the sleepy goat market of Hargeisa with his 'glorious notion'. Now marooned on a snowy station platform in England, Dr Bihi relates his tale of triumph and tragedy to a young Irish orphan named Jude, and along the way illuminates ideas of profit and loss, boom and bust, securitisation and futures. With the help of the BBC's Economics Editor, Stephanie Flanders, Dr Bihi interprets the mysteries of modern economics and follows the follies of the market to their logical conclusion! Hugh Quarshie, star of the RSC and famously Ric Griffen in Holby City, plays Dr Bihi and Sam O'Mahony-Adams plays Jude. With Stephanie Flanders as herself. Adapted by Julian Gough from his story of the same name. The producer is Di Speir.

8 Jan: Saturday Drama - To Catch a Thief
David Dodge's novel is a fast-paced, entertaining page-turner that was subsequently turned into a memorable film by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Now, Jean Buchanan's dramatisation brings it to radio. American John Robie is living quietly in the South of France, trying to put his career as a notorious jewel thief behind him. However, when a series of huge jewel thefts begins on the Riviera, targeting rich Americans, the police immediately suspect he's returned to his old ways. To prove his innocence, and trap the real thief, Robie must resort to subterfuge. But his plans go awry when the daughter of one of the rich American tourists takes rather too close an interest in him - and his past. Cast: John Robie..........Jeff Harding, Francie Stevens......Jennifer Lee Jellicorse, Mrs Stevens...........Laura Brook, Paul...............Alun Raglan, Bellini..........Simon Armstrong, Danielle..........Aurelie Amblard, French Extras..........Martin Sorrell. Director: Sara Davies.

9 Jan: Classic Serial - Neglected Classics - Miss Mackenzie,
By Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Martyn Wade. Part 1: Miss Mackenzie, a woman past the bloom of youth, inherits a fortune and is then beset by suitors. But whom will she choose? This was the runner-up in Radio 4's 'Neglected Classics' vote. The novel was championed by Joanna Trollope who appeared on 'Open Book' to talk about it. Anthony Trollope.....David Troughton, Miss Mackenzie.....Hattie Morahan, John Ball.....Philip Franks, Lady Ball.....Margaret Tyzack, Mr. Maguire.....Stephen Critchlow, Mr. Rubb.....Lloyd Thomas, Tom Mackenzie.....Sam Dale, Sarah Mackenzie.....Joanna Monro, Susanna Mackenzie.....Leah Brotherhead, Mr. Slow.....Sean Baker, Miss Todd.....Claire Harry, Mrs. Stumfold.....Christine Kavanagh, Rev. Stumfold.....Henry Devas. Directed by Tracey Neale.

10 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Believe Me
By Stephanie Dale. When art teacher Rachel, walking home festooned with end-of-term gifts from her pupils, bumps into Tyrone on his first day in London it is the beginning of a passionate love affair. Soon it makes sense for Tyrone, now working as a chef in a local up-market cafe, to move into Rachel's flat. But it's not long before there are tiny bits of grit starting to despoil the love oyster. As things get more serious issues of control, jealousy, trust and violence rise to the surface in this thriller exploring a lesser-known side of domestic abuse. Rachel ... Noami Frederick, Tyrone ... Alex Lanipekun, Tasha ... Leah Brotherhead, WPC ... Sally Orrock, Policeman ... Lloyd Thomas, Prosecutor ... Sean Baker. Director: David Hunter.

11 Jan: Afternoon Drama - I Before Bee
By Chris Wilson. A comic and heartwarming play about teenager Michael Croxley whose stammer has contributed to his fear of public speaking. To his horror, Michael finds that he's competing in the national school spelling bee's; when the girl he adores, Lynne Hargreaves, reads a composition of his in double English and discovers he's a whizz with words and his spelling is stupendous she asks him to be part of the school spelling-bee team. How can he refuse? He accepts gallantly. Secretly he sobs to his nana terrified at the prospect. His Scottish Nana comes to the rescue with the help of Robert The Bruce. Michael ....... Mykola Allen, Lynne ....... Sophie McShera, Nana............Maureen Beattie, Michael Senior....Paul Copley, Serena ....... Poppy Rush, Andre ...... Jack Ryan, Moderator.....Seamus O'Neill, Speech Consultant....Sue Addlestone. Producer/Director - Pauline Harris. (Chris Wilson is a sports journalist from Hull, who recently won the Alfred Bradley Radio Drama Award. His first play, Lump Boy Logan, starring Annette Badland and William Rush was broadcast in September on BBC Radio 3 in "The Wire".)

12 Jan: Afternoon Drama - My Haunted Expression
By Helen Clohessy. Sue dreams of living by the sea and leaving their tough housing estate behind but husband Finn earns little and won't borrow. An offbeat 21st Century urban love story. Sue ... Rosie Cavaliero, Finn ... John Dougall, Lisa ... Sally Orrock, Mick ... Tony Bell, JJ ... Daniel Cooper, Milly ... Deeivya Meir, Derek ... Jude Akuwudike. Director: David Hunter.

13 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Escape from Gaza
By Justin Butcher and Ahmed Masoud. A small private odyssey. In summer 2009, Ahmed Masoud left his pregnant wife to visit his sick mother. An everyday occurrence for most, but Ahmed's family live in Gaza. Cast: Ahmed Masoud ... Adeel Akhtar, Mahmoud ... Sam Dastoor, Father ... Kevork Malikyan, Mohammed ... Saikat Ahamed, Mother ... Souad Faress, Heather ... Claire Harry, Alex ... Leah Brotherhead, Dudo ... Deeivya Meir, Tariq ... Lloyd Thomas, Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

14 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Incredibly Guilty
By Marcy Kahan. It's an important day for Ed Hanson; he has to do two things, present a 'vision statement' to keep hold of his job and propose marriage to his girlfriend, Lucinda. What isn't on Ed's list of things to do is put Penhaligon Rhinehart, author, barrister, circus clown and National Treasure into a coma. Ed's life will never be quite the same again. Ed Hanson ..... Stephen Mangan, Lucinda ..... Naomi Frederick, Penhaligon Rhinehart ..... Sean Baker, Marion Spooner ..... Joanna Monro, Sanjay Patel ..... Adeel Akhtar, Bella McFadden ..... Naomi Sheldon, Rhett Rhinehart ..... Lloyd Thomas, Nick ..... Iain Batchelor, Kitty ..... Deeviya Meir, Ed's Mother ..... Christine Kavanagh. Directed by Sally Avens.

15 Jan: Saturday Drama - Master Harold and the Boys
On a wet and windy 1950s afternoon in the St George's Park Tea Room, Port Elizabeth, waiters Sam and Willie are practising their dance steps, unaware that the owner's son, Hally, who grew up with them, is about to change their relationship forever. Athol Fugard's semi-autobiographical play asks who is really the master - and who are the boys? Recorded on location in South Africa with a South African cast. Athol Fugard introduces the play himself, from his home in America, the country where it was first performed. Sam ..... Wiseman Sithole, Hally ..... Andrew Laubscher, Willie ..... Sizwe Msutu, producer Marion Nancarrrow.

16 Jan: Classic Serial - Miss Mackenzie, Episode 2
Margaret Mackenzie finds herself receiving not one but two marriage proposals. She has turned down the first but what will her answer be to the second? Anthony Trollope...........David Troughton, Miss Mackenzie.............Hattie Morahan, John Ball.......................Philip Franks, Lady Ball.......................Margaret Tyzack, Mr. Maguire..................Stephen Critchlow, Mr. Rubb......................Lloyd Thomas, Tom Mackenzie.............Sam Dale, Sarah Mackenzie...........Joanna Monro, Mr. Slow.......................Sean Baker. Directed by Tracey Neale.

17 Jan: Afternoon Drama - The Need for Nonsense
By Julia Blackburn. The story of the Victorian poet and painter Edward Lear's lifelong friendship with his eccentric Greek servant Giorgio, who inspired him to address the painful truths in his life, whilst making us laugh. Edward Lear - Andrew Sachs, Giorgio Kokalis - Alexi Kaye-Campbell, Walter Congreve - Mark Meadows, Hubert Congreve as a boy - Ross McKendrick, Hubert Congreve as a young man - James Rastall, Lady Wortlesham - Kim Hicks. Director Mary Ward-Lowery.

18 Jan: Afternoon Drama - My Name is Iqbal Masih
By Bettina Gracias. The extraordinary and tragic story of a young Pakistani boy forced into bonded labour in a carpet factory at the age of four and who became a figurehead for the Bonded Liberation Movement aged eleven. There are still thousands of child labourers in factories across Asia, often working long hours in terrible conditions to provide cheap clothing and other goods for our high street stores. Iqbal ..... Sagar Radia, Khan ..... Bhasker Patel, Carpet Master ..... Kaleem Janjua, Inayat ..... Manjeet Mann, Mustaf ..... Inam Mirza , Hasim ..... Gagan Sharma, Journalist ..... Janice Acquah, American ..... Chris Pavlo, Policeman/Worker/Pakistani Man ..... Saikat Ahamed. Director: David Hunter. (This play won the 2009 Clarion Radio Drama Award.)

19 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Haunted
By Sally Griffiths; her first radio play. Professional illusionist, Will Morgan, is to front a TV show in which he exposes spiritualist mediums as frauds. Hayley Taylor is the spiritualist medium who refuses to back down under Will's scrutiny - a challenge Will can't walk away from. Both are to have their belief systems sorely tested when a voice from one of their pasts refuses to keep silent. Will..............Steffan Rhodri, Hayley..........Zoe Tapper, Yasmina........Vineeta Rishi, Nick..............Henry Devas, Callum..........Lloyd Thomas, The waitress...Joanna Monro. Directed by Gemma Jenkins.

20 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Notes to Self
By Deborah Wain. Doreen has been in a care home for two years. Her son Robert visits but finds it hard to have a meaningful relationship with his mother, unlike his partner Karen. But a performance at the home reveals music to have a powerful effect on Doreen. Can it offer an opportunity for Robert to make a new connection with her? A drama about Alzheimer's disease based on real experiences and interwoven with recordings of music sessions carried out in care homes and day centres. Doreen.....Linda Bassett, Robert.....Jeff Hordley, Karen.....Cherylee Houston, Dor.....Kellie Shirley, Harry.....William Ash, Care Assistant.....Ruth Alexander-Rubin. Music performed by David Barnard, James Dinsmore and Rebecca Watson with participants in the Lost Chord music session at The Linney Centre and residents and carers at the Richmond Care Home. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

21 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Prenup
Playwright Peter Jukes drama looks at the impact on a divorcing couple of recent changes to British prenuptial law. Two academics - British Paul and Amercian Amy - have married in the US with a prenuptial agreement. They did so because Paul's previous marriage ended in a messy divorce, making him wary of future commitment. But Paul loves Amy and was relieved to hear that like him she doesn't want children (access issues round his daughter Iona have greatly complicated his life in recent years.) And because the loss of his house has been traumatic, Amy also generously suggested a 'prenup' to allay his fears of losing more of his property and pension. But now things have gone wrong... and Amy has filed for divorce. Sam Dale plays Paul and Sally Orrock plays Amy. With Christine Kavanagh, Claire Harry, Adeel Akhtar and Deeivya Meir. Producer Peter Kavanagh.

22 Jan: Saturday Drama - Payback
6th October 1973. Golda Meir has become Prime Minister of Israel in her seventies. Syrian and Egyptian troops are massing on Israel's borders, but despite eleven warnings of impending war in the past month, the Israeli cabinet have not called up the reserve. In Florida, Richard Nixon awaits the final verdict of the Washington Appeal court on his objections to surrendering the Watergate Tapes. In New York, Henry Kissinger is about to be woken at his room in the Waldorf Astoria, with news of a new Middle East War. Jonathan Myerson's play investigates how domestic and international politics were about to combine, to change the Middle East forever. Henry Kissinger ..... Henry Goodman, Richard Nixon ..... Peter Marinker, Golda Meir ..... Sara Kestelman, Simcha Dinitz/Al Haig ..... Kerry Shale, Anatoly Dobrynin ..... Ewan Bailey, James Schelsinger ..... Sam Dale, Jacob Javits ..... Sean Baker, with Christine Kavanagh. Producer/Director Jonquil Panting.

23 Jan: Classic Serial - The Moonstone, Episode 1
Doug Lucie's dramatisation of Wilkie Collins' detective story from 1868, narrated by Steve Hodson as Betteridge. Described by T.S. Eliot as the first and best of English Detective novels, The Moonstone, involves a huge diamond stolen from the forehead of an Indian deity, plundered in a siege and finally given to Rachel Verinder on her eighteenth birthday. It is said to carry a curse and mysteriously disappears on the night of the celebrations. Cast: Lady Verinder ..... Eleanor Bron, Rachel Verinder ..... Jasmine Hyde, Betteridge ..... Steve Hodson, Franklin Blake ..... Paul Rhys, Sergeant Cuff ..... Kenneth Cranham, John Herncastle ..... Stephen Critchlow, Rosanna Spearman ..... Alison Pettitt, Godfrey Ablewhite ..... Mark Straker, Penelope ..... Clare Corbett, Mr Murthwaite ..... Paul Battacharjee, Khan/Indian..... Narinder Samra, Housemaid ..... Carolyn Pickles, Boy ..... Alex Miller. Recorded on location by Lucinda Mason Brown. Original Music by David Chilton. Dramatised by Doug Lucie. Producer: Janet Whitaker. A Goldhawk Essential production .

24 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Market: Loco Parentis
Jim can't sleep because his daughter's left for uni, his business is going belly up, and his father is going gaga. To top it all, he suspects his wife is having an affair with her boss. He needs to escape - but where to? By Gary Brown. Jim...Reece Dinsdale, Market Manager...Gerard Fletcher, Ken...Bobby Knutt, Lisa...Sue Kelly, Robin...Kathryn Hunt, Jenny...Ellie Meigan-Rose, Steve...Joncie Elmore, Nurse...Szilvi Naray Davey, Student...Sam Hevico. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild.

25 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Miracle Worker
Hannah Bradley's only 17, but she's a spiritual healer. It doesn't seem strange to her; it's what she was brought up to be. She's healed many people; but maybe there's one person she really needs to heal. Hannah.........Beth Palmer, Maxine.......Sue Jenkins, Sam......Lucy-Jo Hudson, Lucy......Kate Crossley, Paul........Daniel Pape, Robbie.....Luke Broughton. Producer/Director Gary Brown.

26 Jan: Afternoon Drama - My Year Off
In 1995 Robert McCrum was an admired novelist and editorial director at Faber and Faber. He was also a reporter who had travelled to some of the most dangerous war-torn places in the world. 42 and married barely two months to New York Times journalist Sarah Lyall, the future looked great. But overnight his world shifted. With a war correspondent's intrepidness and a writer's desire to communicate his experience to others, Robert chose to chronicle what quickly became a surreal and extraordinary new journey into a parallel world of the sick and helpless. This programme is an account of McCrum's experience of having a stroke. In this adaptation McCrum's narrative is interpolated with extracts from diaries that he and Sarah Lyall kept during his long and difficult convalescence. Cast: Robert McCrum ... Alex Jennings, Sarah Lyall ... Madeline Potter, Doctor/Dentist/Occupational Therapist .... Richard Laing, Paramedic/Speech Physiotherapist ... Rachel Atkins. Sound Design ..... David Thomas. Adapted by Karen Rose.

27 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Ursula and Boy
Inspired by the true story of Ursula Kemp whose eight year-old son testified against her for witchcraft in St. Osyth, Essex, in 1582. In Elizabethan England, Jean Bodin, a French aristocrat brings news to Queen Elizabeth of 'Sorcieres and Wytches' abroad in her country. The luminaries of her court - and those who wanted to find favour - set out to root out witches within their wards. Brian Darcy, Justice of the Peace in St. Osyth, arrives in the town of his birth. He is here to do his duty, and at church on Sunday he watches the women of the town with a sharp eye. Some days later, Grace Thurlowe, arrives in his drawing room with the news he is hoping for. Ursula Kemp, a local apothecary, has bewitched Grace's family. She sent familiars into Grace's house to rock the cradle where her ten-month old baby lay - the child fell, smashing her head on the stone floor. And now the child is dead. Ursula cursed Grace, and now Grace is lame. Ursula will have to pay. Boy: Austin Moulton, Ursula: Natalie Press, Grace: Meg Fraser, Sound Design: Nigel Lewis. BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Lu Kemp.

28 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Red Enters the Eye
Written by Jane Rogers. When idealistic young volunteer Julie sets off for Nigeria, she's a bundle of nerves. Her project is to teach sewing skills to women in a refuge in Jos; but what if they don't like her - or feel patronised by her attempts to teach them? Once Julie's in Jos, her anxieties evaporate. Sewing class is a roaring success, and Julie's only problems are the stupid caution and lack of enthusiasm of refuge director Fran, and the incomprehensible tensions surrounding the silent Muslim woman, Mathenneh. Inspired by a plan to help the women make money from their sewing, ready to really make a difference to their lives, Julie is on a roll ... blithely unaware that there may be serious consequences to her failure to play by Fran's rules. Cast: Yewande .... Adjoa Andoh , Fran ... Penny Downie , Julie ... Sian Brook, Sarah .... Demi Oyediran , Hanatu ... Adura Onashile, Simon ... Chuk Iwuji, Rifkatu ... Aisha Karr. Produced and Directed by Clive Brill. Pacificus Production.

29 Jan: 14:30 Saturday Drama - My Dear Children of the Whole World
Vatican City, December 1942. As war rages across the globe, Pope Pius XII prepares to deliver his annual Christmas message. It is perhaps the most important public address he will ever give - and that's why the Pontiff faces the starkest dilemma of his reign. For months beforehand evidence has been growing of a vast, organised genocide of Jews and other races in German-occupied lands. Now the Vatican is coming under increasing pressure to speak out against Nazi atrocities. In private audiences, the British and American ambassadors to the Holy See urge Pius to show moral leadership by explicitly attacking Hitler in his Christmas message. Yet Pius is reluctant to specifically condemn the Holocaust. He is concerned that speaking out risks making things worse. As Pius writes and discards draft after draft of the message, it becomes clear that there are other factors to explain his ambivalence. Europe's future seems to hang in the balance between Nazism and Bolshevism, and it is the latter ideology that he most fears. Pope Pius XII .... Hugh Ross And Sir Francis Osborne by Nick Dunning, Cardinal Maglione .... by Pat Laffan, Monsignor Tardini.... Patrick Fitzsymons, Mother Pasqualina ..... Stella McCusker, Harold Tittman ..... Stuart Milligan, Myron Taylor ..... Colin Stinton, And Sister Teresia Benedicta ..... Christine Kavanagh. Produced in Belfast by Eoin O'Callaghan.

30 Jan: Classic Serial - The Moonstone, Episode 2
By Wilkie Collins. Sergeant Cuff begins his investigation into the missing diamond, with Betteridge the butler acting as his sidekick. The once happy household on the Yorkshire coast is thrown into disarray as the servants feel themselves suspected, especially poor Rosanna Spearman who is a reformed thief. Is she guilty just because she behaves oddly and what is it she appears to have hidden in the dreadful quicksand? Sergeant Cuff seems to think the real guilt lies elsewhere but has he any evidence? What is Rachel Verinder hiding as she refuses to speak to either the Detective or even her mother? And where is her Moonstone now? A tragedy is about to happen as the pressure of suspicion mounts. Cast: Sergeant Cuff ..... Kenneth Cranham, Lady Verinder ..... Eleanor Bron, Rachel Verinder ..... Jasmine Hyde, Betteridge ..... Steve Hodson, Franklin Blake ..... Paul Rhys, Rosanna Spearman ..... Alison Pettitt, Godfrey Ablewhite ..... Mark Straker, Penelope ..... Clare Corbett, Mrs Yolland ..... Carolyn Pickles. Recorded on location by Lucinda Mason Brown. Music by David Chilton. Dramatised by Doug Lucie. Produced by Janet Whitaker, working for Goldhawk Essential.

31 Jan: Afternoon Drama - Market, Phonebreaker
By Steve Sunderland. Matt's going off the rails. School was a washout and working on his dad's market stall is a dead end job. But when he hears a call for help on a stolen mobile phone, it's a call to action. The trail leads him to an apparently glamorous crowd, and he wades in way out of his depth. An arresting morality tale by Steve Sunderland. Matt. . . . . Stephen Hoyle, Paul . . . . . Joseph Kloska, Jennifer . . . . . Jessica Blake, Tom . . . . .James Cartwright, Ian . . . . . Conrad Nelson, Ruth . . . . . Fiona Clarke, Andy . . . . . Oliver Lee. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild.

1 Feb Afternoon Drama - In Memoriam
An adaptation of Tennyson's long sequence of poems of grief and hope written after the death of his close friend Arthur Hallam. Performed by David Bamber. Music by Jon Nicholls. Hallam was born 200 years ago and died in 1833 in Vienna. He and Tennyson had met at university and had become friends; Hallam became engaged to marry Tennyson's sister. His sudden and unexpected death prompted some of the most personal poetry Tennyson ever wrote and some of the most moving and powerful poetry of loss and grief in the language. The sequence includes several poems that have given phrases to the common language - In Memoriam is where we hear 'nature, red in tooth and claw' for the first time and also 'tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.' For this production the sequence has been adapted and cut to half its length by Tim Dee.

2 Feb Afternoon Drama - Quartet
Comedy by Donna Franceschild. With his life empty, except for dreams of former glory as a jazz musician, music teacher Robbie accidentally gains a jazz quartet. Robbie ...... Gerry Mulgrew, Stuart ...... Callum Cuthbertson, Iain ...... Stephen McCole, Delilah ...... Katy Murphy, Producer Kirsty Williams.

3 Feb Afternoon Drama - A Nursery Tale
By Kate Clanchy. Xhensila has lost a child. Leona has lost a child. The two women are very similar. They could not be more different. As Kate Clanchy's play uncovers the where, the how and the why of their missing children, we discover why parenthood is not a fairytale. Xhensila ..... Eri Shuka, Leona ..... Pooky Quesnel, D.I. Shah ..... Balvinder Sopal, Peter ..... John Ramm, Lisa ..... Vivienne Roshier-Mead. Producer: Jonquil Panting. The music accompanying the programme is sung by Sister Mildred Barker, from the collection 'Early Shaker Spirituals', published by Rounder Records.

4 Feb Afternoon Drama - Double Jeopardy
By Stephen Wyatt. Patrick Stewart stars as Raymond Chandler and Adrian Scarborough is Billy Wilder in this entertaining glimpse inside the Hollywood film industry. In 1944 the two men came together to work on a screen adaptation of James M Cain's novel Double Indemnity. Billy Wilder is a 36 year old German Jewish émigré just making his name as a director and Raymond Chandler is a reformed alcoholic with a developing reputation as a novelist but absolutely no experience of writing for movies. The play follows their famously difficult collaboration. Paramount studios put Chandler and Wilder together because none of the big names would touch James M Cain's novel. With its adulterous lovers, and a crime that could be copied, it was judged too controversial to adapt because of the censorious Production Code guidelines. Chandler and Wilder hated each other but in a space of some four months locked in an office together they created a classic film. Producer Claire Grove.

5 Feb Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, The Big Sleep
In 1939 Raymond Chandler created a different kind of detective, the fast-talking, trouble seeking Californian private eye Philip Marlowe, for his great novel The Big Sleep. Marlowe's entanglement with the Sternwood family - respectable sister with gambling addiction, younger sister with drink/drug problem and an attendant cast of colourful underworld figures - is enshrined in the iconic film version with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. Toby Stephens plays Philip Marlowe in a landmark series bringing all Chandler's ground breaking Philip Marlowe novels to Radio 4. The Big Sleep, incidentally, means death. Philip Marlowe.....Toby Stephens, Vivien Sternwood.....Kelly Burke, Agnes Lozelle.....Barbara Barnes, Mona Mars.....Madeleine Potter, Carmen Sternwood.....Leah Brotherhead, Joe Brody.....Sam Dale, General Sternwood.....Sean Baker, Lash Canino.....Iain Batchelor, Eddie Mars.....Henry Devas, Cronjager.....Jude Akuwudike. Dramatised by Robin Brooks. Producer Claire Grove.

6 Feb Classic Serial - The Moonstone, Episode 3
Wilkie Collins' detective masterpiece. Sergeant Cuff has failed to find either the Moonstone or who stole it as the story moves to London. There, Miss Clack, a poor relation of Lady Verinder takes up the story of the missing diamond. Miss Clack, played by Marcia Warren, is one of Wilkie Collins' best comic characters as her determination to save souls irritates everyone whom she tries to give her tracts to on subjects such as 'Satan in the Hairbrush'. This is light relief from the intensity of the search for the thief of the Moonstone in Yorkshire. The diamond is now thought to have been put in pledge to a money lender in London who has deposited it for a year in the bank, although no one knows how it got there, Sergeant Cuff having been called off the case. Heartbroken, Franklin Blake has gone abroad. Meanwhile Rachel is still refusing to say anything about what happened that night and throws herself into an engagement but is it out of despair? Cast: Miss Clack ..... Marcia Warren, Lady Verinder ..... Eleanor Bron, Rachel Verinder ..... Jasmine Hyde, Godfrey Ablewhite ..... Mark Straker, Mr Bruff ..... Bill Paterson, Ablewhite Snr .....Geoffrey Whitehead, Penelope ..... Clare Corbett, Mr Murthwaite ..... Paul Bhattacharjee, Indian..... Narinder Samra, Aunt Ablewhite ..... Carolyn Pickles. Recorded on location by Lucinda Mason Brown. Original Music by David Chilton. Dramatised by Doug Lucie. Produced by Janet Whitaker . Goldhawk Essential production.

7 Feb Afternoon Drama - Market, The Joey
Sean's family own a fish stall down the market. Except Sean doesn't want to join them. He's become a 'Joey' for his best friend Darren who's a highly paid footballer. A Joey is a sort of friendly factotum, a 'Go to Guy'. No way is he dogsbody. A comedy by Jim Poyser. Sean.... John Catterall, Darren.... Greg Wood, Tony.....Ben Crompton, Shaneice/Sharon.... Danielle Henry, Dad/Halibut.....Peter Slater, Ronny....Bernard Wrigley. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Gary Brown.

8 Feb Afternoon Drama - Blue Sky Thinking
A psychological thriller about love and identity by Ben Lewis. Karen's counting down the days to her wedding. But when a scrawny-looking stranger turns up her happy life begins to fall apart. Karen...........Nicola Stapleton, Vinnie..........Samuel Roukin, Stuart...........Freddy White, Siobhan...........Catherine Shepherd, Jean...........Sandra Voe, Dave................Ben Lewis, Producer..... Kirsty Williams.

9 Feb Afternoon Drama - The Continuity Man
Starring EastEnders' Nitin Ganatra as himself. Comedy by Stephen Keyworth. Nitin Ganatra is fed up with playing the 'good family man' Masood. He feels there is more to him as an actor than playing the nice guy, the good husband. On the advice of his agent, Crawford Bunch, he sets about making his profile a little more 'edgy' in order to convince Hollywood producers that he really has what it takes to play the baddie. Unfortunately Nitin is just too nice. And he gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself head to head with 'The Continuity Man'. Nitin ... Nitin Ganatra Oliver ...Ben Lewis Amy ... Julia Innocenti Crawford ... Karl Johnson Sally ... Sally Orrock Directed by Lu Kemp.

10 Feb Afternoon Drama - A Killing
A story about the excitement of making money in industrial quantities - a gladiatorial world in which only the fittest survive. Ewen, Meredith, Tim and Harry are four, sassy, thirty-something traders who, tired of making money for others, combine to launch an aggressive new Hedge Fund. Hopes are high for the group's philosophy is to play it straight, with minimal risk, and to remain realistic in ambition. But impatience and a sense that others are stealing a march on them encourages two of the four, Ewen and Meredith, to break ranks and take a very big and very stupid risk. Ewen ... James MacPherson, Tim ... Benedict Wong, Meredith ..... Laurel Lefkow, Harry ..... Nicholas Boulton, Carmody ..... Richard Howard, Angela ..... Jill Cardo. Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan.

11 Feb Afternoon Drama - A City Killing
By Mike Walker. Tim, Meredith and Harry are three sassy, thirty something traders who, tired of making money for someone else, combine to launch an aggressive new hedge fund. But it doesn't take long before they get seriously above themselves, losing a small fortune and making some pretty heavy enemies in the City markets. Facing financial meltdown, Harry is deputed to exploit a family connection with Bob Glass of Glassworks. Glass is the doyen of Wall Street. Friend to charities and movie stars. The biggest, boldest, safest investor on the block. In New York, Harry makes a good impression. Glass takes to him like a son. This is the coup the young hedge fund has needed. With Glass's name, confidence will flourish and further, major investments will follow. But Harry has no sooner touched down at Heathrow, than news breaks of Glass's arrest by the FBI. His convoluted investment structure has collapsed. Billions have been lost by individuals, by charities and by burgeoning hedge funds, just like Harry's. Harry, Tim and Meredith have lost 1.2billion and rising. Glass, the most feared, loathed and admired man on Wall Street was just a simple confidence trickster though on a mammoth scale. Now it's time to face the investors, and the fact that their credibility is virtually nil. This is a £1.2billion hole they aren't going to crawl out of. Harry Towers .... Nicholas Boulton, Bob Glass .... Nathan Osgood , Tim .... David Tse, Meredith .... Janice Acquah, Sarah Towers ..... Pam Miles, Trevor Marks ..... Jonathan Tafler, Carmody ..... Sam Dale. Producer .... Eoin O'Callaghan.

12 Feb Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, The Lady in the Lake
Derace Kingsley, a wealthy businessman, hires Marlowe to find his estranged wife Crystal. Kingsley fears that rich, reckless Crystal may have got herself into a scandal and the last place she was known to have been was a resort called Little Fawn Lake.Toby Stephens plays Philip Marlowe in a landmark series bringing all Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe novels to Radio 4. Philip Marlowe...Toby Stephens, Derace Kingsley...Sam Dale, Mildred...Barbara Barnes, Degarmo..Steve Toussaint, Bill Chess...Nathan Osgood, Adrienne...Claire Harry, Lavery...Lloyd Thomas, Sheriff Patton...Sean Baker. Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt. Producer ... Claire Grove.

13 Feb Classic Serial - The Moonstone, Episode 4
Franklin Blake returns from abroad determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of the missing diamond and persuade Rachel to talk to him again. In Yorkshire he makes a shocking discovery at the quicksand and then sets up an amazing re-enactment of the fatal night a year ago. Opium plays an important part in the re-enactment as it was used widely for killing pain in mid-Victorian England and in Blake's case by accident to help him sleep after stopping smoking cigars. A strange medical man called Ezra Jennings enters the story and movingly describes how opium has helped him to combat a disease for many years (which sounds like cancer but is never explained). After finally discovering who stole the diamond, the action moves back to London... Cast: Franklin Blake ..... Paul Rhys, Rachel Verinder ..... Jasmine Hyde, Betteridge ..... Steve Hodson, Sergeant Cuff ..... Kenneth Cranham, Mr Bruff ..... Bill Paterson, Ezra Jennings ..... Peter Marinker, Mr Luker ..... Stephen Critchlow, Rosanna Spearman ..... Alison Pettitt, Mr Murthwaite ..... Paul Bhattacharjee, Lucy ..... Rachel Atkins, Gooseberry ..... Harrison Webb. Goldhawk Essential production.

14 Feb Afternoon Drama - Market, Castaway
Andrew is proud of his beard and his liberal attitudes. Then Akram Khan buys some computers off him. Akram is a successful businessman; he lives in a house Andrew admires. Andrew is sanguine about this - until he fits a wi-fi router in Mr Khan's house. Andrew.....Kevin Eldon, Tom.........Marshall Lancaster, Sarah.......Deborah McAndrew, Akram......Ian Aspinall, Mrs Khan...Balvinder Sopal. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Gary Brown.

15 Feb Afternoon Drama - Mr Luby's Fear of Heaven
By John Mortimer. When Lewis Luby comes to late at night in an Italian hospital he finds himself lying under the monstrous big toe of God. Surely some mistake: Luby, who has never for one moment believed in the immortality of the soul, cannot possibly be in heaven? Lewis Luby................... Jeremy Irons, Tommy Fletcher.............Stephen Critchlow, Sophie Luby..................Marsha Fitzalan, Doctor..........................Chris Pavlo, Miss Waterlow................Donnla Hughes, English Guide................Dan Starkey, Italian Guide/Nun............Flaminia Cinque, Producer .... Jeremy Mortimer. The production was first broadcast on 31 Dec 08.

16 Feb Afternoon Drama - Like an Angel Passing through My Room
A story about love: the unconditional love of a devoted fan. Summer 2006: Christopher Green meets Anni-Frid Lyngstad aka Frida from Abba. He is the after-dinner entertainment. She is a dinner party guest. What starts as a 'I'm your biggest fan' conversation turns into a long chat about the nature of loving someone you've never met. From Olivier award-winning writer Christopher Green. Himself...Christopher Green, Herself...Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Actor...Lloyd Thomas, Actress...Leah Brotherhead. Directed by Claire Grove. This is a project several years in the making, what started as a reflection on fame and the notion of being a fan. It developed into a meditation on the communication between two people to whom life had dealt a blow. Green's partner died shortly after recording the interview with Frida, in which they talked about her long recovery from the death of her husband in 1999.

17 Feb Afternoon Drama - Jesus, the Devil and a Kid Called Death
By Carolyn Scott-Jeffs. Well-meaning drama teacher Mrs Woodhouse takes a gamble when she casts the school bad boy as Jesus in The Harrowing of Hell for the town's Mystery Cycle. What's more, the Devil is being played by the extremely well-behaved Chrissy. Meanwhile Chrissy's kid brother is not very happy about being left out and invents a character all of his own. Romantic comedy by Carolyn Scott-Jeffs about one teacher's belief in the redemptive power of drama. Dan . . . . . Connor Doyle, Nick . . . . . James Rastall, Chrissy . . . . . Leah Brotherhead, Mrs Woodhouse . . . . . Alison Belbin. Producer ... Peter Leslie Wild. Carolyn Scott-Jeffs has written several plays for Radio 4, including Square, Circle, Triangle, Tarnished Wings, 21 Conversations With a Hairdresser, Fifteen Ways to Leave Your Lover, and The Angel of New Street. She lectures in Creative Writing at Loughborough University. She has herself been involved in the Lichfield Mystery Cycle which provided the initial inspiration for this comedy.

18 Feb Afternoon Drama - Children's Crusade: Memoirs of a Teenage Radical
By Philip de Gouveia. Evie, a phenomenally bright but socially marginalised fifteen year-old, has had it with Western Civilization. Self-educated in the ideas of the Luddites, Mao and T.E. Lawrence, she wants to launch a mission against technology and the damage she believes it has wrought on the human race. She's taken a look at human history and decided it's time things changed. For good. But can she get her mobile-addicted classmates to join with her? Evie ..... Leah Brotherhead, Mikey ..... Luke Treadaway, Carlton ..... Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Kathy ..... Georgia Groome, Heather ..... Christine Kavanagh, Stuart ..... Nicholas Boulton, Eve ..... Sally Orrock, Adam ..... Iain Batchelor. Producer ... Rosalynd Ward.

19 Feb Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, Farewell My Lovely
By Raymond Chandler; dramatised by Robin Brooks. When Philip Marlowe sees a huge, loudly dressed man casually throwing a bouncer out onto the the pavement as he goes into a bar, he knows it's time to walk away, so he follows him inside. The big guy is Moose Molloy, recently released from an eight year prison sentence and now on the hunt for his old sweetheart, a red-haired nightclub singer named Velma Valento. Marlowe follows a trail which includes a stick-up, blackmail, an irresistible blonde, a psychic, drugs and murder, and it leads him all the way to the top of a corrupt state of California. Farewell My Lovely was the second of Chandler's novels featuring Marlowe. It was adapted for the big screen three times. Cast: Philip Marlowe ..... Toby Stephens, Moose Malloy ..... Richard Ridings, Mrs Grayle ..... Madeleine Potter, Morrison ..... Pat Starr, Randall ..... Jude Akuwudike, Nulty/ Amthor ..... Sean Baker, Jessie Florian ..... Joanna Monro, Galbraith ..... Lloyd Thomas, Marriott ..... Iain Batchelor, Ann Riordan ..... Claire Harry, Sonderborg ..... Adeel Akhtar, Laird Brunette/ Second Planting ..... Sam Dale. Directed by Mary Peate. Adapted by Robin Brooks.

20 Feb Classic Serial - Show Boat, Episode 1
By Edna Ferber; dramatised by Moya O'Shea. When Magnolia Hawks climbs aboard the Cotton Blossom Floating Palace Theatre a whole new world opens up and so her remarkable life begins ... Kim.....................Lysette Anthony, Magnolia..............Samantha Spiro, Parthy..................Laurel Lefkow, Andy....................Morgan Deare, Young Magnolia....Shahrazad Matthews, Gaylord................Ryan McCluskey, Julie.....................Samantha Dakin, Steve....................Henry Devas, Elly.......................Leah Brotherhead, Schultzy................Jude Akuwudike, Jo.........................Nonso Anozie, Queenie................Tracy Ifeachor, Sophy...................Joanna Monro, Windy...................Sean Baker, Pete......................Mark Caven, Mr. Mowson...........Iain Batchelor.
Music by Neil Brand; banjo played by Mike Hammond. Producer Tracey Neale.

21 Feb Afternoon Drama - Market, Eclipse
Carrie runs a flower stall. She also has a birthmark on her face. Maybe that's the reason she has never married. But Mrs Kaminsky knows she has an ardent admirer. A tender romantic comedy by Sharon Oakes. Carrie.....Michelle Holmes, Gordon....Andrew Westfield, Mrs Kaminski....Melissa Jane Sinden, Maurice......Ian Champion, Lisa.........Claire Lever. Original Music by Steven D Reid Produced by Gary Brown.

22 Feb Afternoon Drama - Two Pipe Problems.
Episode 1. By Michael Chaplin. We return to The Old Beeches, a retirement home for elderly thespians, in the company of William and Sandy; two actors who still nurse a certain affectionate animosity towards one another since they starred as Holmes and Watson in a 1960s television series. Our two elderly thespian residents of the Old Beeches home for retired members of the Acting profession become embroiled in making sure the course of true love DOES run smooth. It all begins with a proposal, leading swiftly to a wedding, involving two residents - a Shakespearian knight called Sir Trelawney Hope and an ex-nightclub chanteuse called Dolores Sweet, with William as Trelawney's best man and Sandy giving Dolores away. But as the old couple stand there, Trelawney drops a bombshell - he no longer wishes to go through with it. There's uproar, Trelawney strides away, refusing to say any more. Our two heroes are once again pressed into service to solve a mystery; just why does the bridegroom suddenly call the wedding off? Cast: Sandy Boyle ..... Stanley Baxter , William Parnes ..... Richard Briers, Dolores Sweet ..... Julia McKenzie , Sir Trelawney Hope ..... John Rowe , Godfrey ..... Joseph Mydell , Mary Winter ..... Jillie Meers , Isadora Klein ..... Susan Wooldridge , Hugo ..... Stephen Critchlow. Saxophonist ..... Julie Hodge. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. A Catherine Bailey production.

23 Feb Afternoon Drama - Two Pipe Problems, Have You Come Far?
Sandy appears in the honours list but a trip to Buckingham Palace to collect his award provides another mystery for the veteran sleuths to solve. Cast: Sandy Boyle ..... Stanley Baxter , William Parnes ..... Richard Briers , Karen ..... Tracy Wiles , Postman ..... David Shaw-Parker , Charles, Equerry to HRH ..... Julian Rhind-Tutt , Doctor Mortimer ..... Geoffrey Whitehead , Marvin ..... Stephen Critchlow , Elsie ..... Linda Broughton. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. A Catherine Bailey production.

24 Feb Afternoon Drama - The Bail-Out By Hugh Costello. On Feb 24th 2011 (the Eve of the Irish General Election) we flashback to the end of November 2010, when Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, made an announcement that confirmed the nation's spectacular decline from economic miracle to European basket-case. A decade of mismanagement and barefaced corruption had left the economy in freefall. The Bailout chronicles the resignations, the rancour, the public fury and the gradual dissolution of a parliament barely able to ratify the IMF loan before it collapses in disarray at the end of January 2011. And we follow events as they unfold right up to the eve of the general election on 25th February the day after our broadcast.Using an urgent, fast-moving drama-documentary approach, The Bail-Out follows 3 months of tumult - which leaves the British listener thinking, there but for the grace of God..... CAST: Annie Clancy - Karen Ardiff , And Niall Clancy - Patrick Fitzsymons, Colm Keating - Richard Dormer, Lorraine Keating - Ali White, Eamon Cullotty -Mark Lambert , Ger McQuaid - Niall Cusack , The Radio Presenter - Miche Doherty, And a Woman in street - Aine McCartney. Producer - Eoin O'Callaghan.

25 Feb Afternoon Drama - The Burning Times
Written by Helena Thompson. Esme lives on her own in a condemned block of flats with only her plants for company. An easy target for the local girl gang who think the 'old witch' is hiding some cash....or so thinks Rhiannon as she bursts into Esme's flat to rob her. Esme, however, is not going to give up so easily and events take a sinister turn as Rhiannon begins to fear that Esme may actually be using Witchcraft after all. Can words really make stuff happen? Cast: Esme ..... Hayley Carmichael, Rhiannon..... Danielle Vitalis, Joanne ..... Chloe Watkinson. Other parts played by Alexia Khadime and Joanne Gale. Sound and music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques. A Boz Temple Morris production.

26 Feb Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, Playback
By Raymond Chandler; dramatised by Stephen Wyatt. Marlowe is hired to tail the mysterious Betty Mayfield all the way to the seaside town of Esmerelda, without knowing why or the identity of his employer. It's not long before he realises that he's not the only one on the trail, and that he too is being watched. Philip Marlowe . . . . . Toby Stephens, Betty Mayfield . . . . . Sarah Goldberg, Larry Mitchell . . . . . Iain Batchelor, Clyde Umney . . . . . Sean Baker, Clark Brandon . . . . . John Guerrasio, Goble . . . . . Sam Dale, Lucille . . . . . Claire Harry. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. Produced by Claire Grove.

27 Feb Classic Serial - Show Boat, Episode 2
Edna Ferber's epic tale of Magnolia Hawks and her remarkable life aboard a Show Boat. As Parthy races up the Cotton Blossom gangplank with shocking news about Gaylord, Kim prepares to open the telegram that has just been delivered to her dressing room ... Kim......................Lysette Anthony, Magnolia...............Samantha Spiro, Gaylord.................Ryan McCluskey, Andy.....................Morgan Deare, Parthy...................Laurel Lefkow, Young Kim............Shahrazad Matthews, Ken......................Mark Caven, Mr. Mowson..........Iain Batchelor, Julie......................Samantha Dakin, Jo/Ralph................Nonso Anozie, Queenie................Tracy Ifeachor , Sophy/Hetty/Elly...Joanna Monro, Windy/Clyde.........Sean Baker, Crewman/Waiter...Jude Akuwudike. Music by Neil Brand; banjo played by Mike Hammond. Dramatised by Moya O'Shea; producer Tracey Neale.

28 Feb Afternoon Drama - Market, An Imam and a Rabbi
Imam Jawad and Rabbi Greenberg can't stand the sight of each other. But then something strange and spooky occurs. Something that needs cross cultural co-operation. Can they do it? A supernatural comedy by Shakeel Ahmed. Rabbi.....David Fleeshman, Imam.....Muzz Khan, Narrator...Wylie Longmore, Imran.......Peter Singh, Deborah.....Jessica Manley, Afzal.........Nakib Narat, Bernstein....Roger Butcher, Marcus......Lloyd Peters. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Gary Brown.

1 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Family Tree
Mackenzie Crook and Amanda Root star in this magical play which was co-written by comedy writer-performer Amelia Bullmore and playwright Duncan Macmillan. Nancy knows her teenage son doesn't like washing, but she has no idea of the strange and bewildering consequences that this lack of soap and scrubbing will lead to - and nor does Dan. As his body adjusts to a more 'natural' state, Nancy and Dan's delicate status quo is disrupted and life-changing decisions have to be made. Terry ..... Mackenzie Crook, Nancy ..... Amanda Root, Storyteller ..... Dorien Thomas, Dan ..... Gareth Pierce, Reena. ..... Amelia Bullmore, Dustin ..... Simon Ludders, Fizz ..... Claire Harry. Producer: Sam Hoyle . BBC Cymru Wales.

2 Mar: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 7, The Firebrand
New series of Victorian detective mysteries starring Brian Cox as Inspector James McLevy.Written by David Ashton. Episode one: The Firebrand. McLevy investigates the kidnap of a women's rights campaigner. McLevy...............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash.............SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland......MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach.............DAVID ASHTON, Hannah..........COLETTE O'NEIL, Seth Brady.............JOHN KAZEK, Mary..........VICKI LIDDELLE, Martha...........IRENE ALLAN. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

3 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Old Spies
A new play by Jonathan Holloway about three former spies in an old peoples' home. They talk and remember their old missions and rage against the dying of their lights. They now have nowhere to go but hold on to the stories of their adventurous lives as they feel their own minds, memories and personalities shifting. (Cast list not available)

4 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Good with People
By David Harrower. A portrait of small town life: Helensburgh, a once thriving seaside destination in the shadow of Faslane nuclear submarine base. Hotel receptionist Helen is challenged by the arrival of a young man, whose return to the town throws her life into turmoil. Helen ..... Maureen Beattie, Evan ..... Paul Chequer, Jack ..... Sean Biggerstaff. Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

5 Mar: Saturday Drama - Vanunu: A Time To Be Heard
New drama set in 2004, on the release of Israeli nuclear whistleblower, Mordechai Vanunu, who was immediately barred from speaking to the foreign media. Peter Hounam, investigative journalist, attempts to find a way to conduct an interview without breaking the terms of Vanunu's freedom. After exposing the assembly of nuclear weapon making capabilities at the Dimona nuclear plant where he worked as a technician, Mordechai Vanunu spent nearly 18 years in prison, 15 of those in solitary confinement. He emerged as keen as ever to make public what he knew and his treatment by the state. However, on the day of his release, Vanunu was banned from speaking to foreign media, and forbidden from leaving the country. Peter Hounam, who broke Vanunu's story in the Sunday Times originally, travelled to Israel to meet Vanunu on release and interview him for UK press and television. Once the restrictions were announced, he set out to find way to give Vanunu a voice without compromising his freedom. This new drama looks at the relationship between the two men, as well as exploring the difficult issues of investigative journalism and freedom of speech. Television and radio writer Jon Sen worked from firsthand accounts of this very particular time to be heard. The cast: Peter Hounam........David Westhead, Mordechai Vanunu......Shai Matheson, Meir Vanunu.......Uriel Emil, Hilarie Hounam ....Rebecca Knowles, Chris Mitchell....Matthew Gravelle, Security Guard.....Josh Becker. Producer.......Polly Thomas. A Cymru/Wales production.

6 Mar: Classic Serial - Anna of the Five Towns, Episode 1
Arnold Bennett's powerful story of love, tyranny and rebellion set against the vitality and harshness of life in the Staffordshire Potteries in the late nineteenth century, dramatised by Helen Edmundson. Brought up in the repressive tradition of Methodism by her miserly father, Anna Tellwright dreams of independence and freedom. On coming of age she learns that she is to inherit a fortune and realises that she is loved by the charismatic Henry Mynors. But with the money comes responsibility and a growing bond with one of her tenants William Price. Anna.....Charlotte Riley, Tellwright.....David Schofield, Young Agnes.....Emilia Harker, William Price.....Michael Socha, Titus Price.....James Masters, Henry Mynors.....Lee Williams, Beatrice/Older Agnes.....Rosina Carbone, Mrs Sutton.....Olwen May , Revivalist.....Andrew Westfield, Sarah Vodrey.....Jacqueline Redgwell. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

7 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Mr Jones Goes Driving
Written by Shelley Silas. Johnny Jones isn't particularly old, he's a regular man with a regular wife, two grown up children and a handful of grandkids. His has a good life, and for that he's grateful. He accepts that growing old is just one of those things, and until now, he has just got on with everything that has been thrown his way. He has always lived his life by getting up each day and getting on. However, all that is about to change. Told that a series of seizures he's been having are not because of a brain tumour, but epilepsy, relief soon turns to gloom. While Johnny accepts everything the doctors tell him, he cannot accept having to give up his driving license. For over fifty years he's driven just about everyone everywhere in his beloved almond Rover P6 with a V8 engine. It is his private place, where he can be alone, think alone, listen to music, or simply sit by the sea, looking out at nothing more than sand and waves. It's a great big armchair of a car, with a chrome and oak interior, which he loves passionately. His wife, Alice hasn't driven for years, why would she when she has Johnny to drive her everywhere? While he's happy to part with many other activities, this is one he just can't give up. Now he's told he must stop driving or face the consequences. Every day he says tomorrow will be the last day he'll drive. This is the story of the day he takes one last journey in his dark Rover. And gradually we learn about the secrets no one else knows about. The play stars real life husband and wife Richard Briers and Ann Davies. Cast: Johnny Jones ...... Richard Briers, Alice Jones ..... Ann Davies, Imran ..... Muzz Khan, Lizzie Gray ..... Helena Breck, Ian ..... Jonathan Holby, Patrick ..... Ben Tosh, Johnny's Mother ..... Stella Duffy, Johnny's Grandchildren ..... Wilf and Ruby Armstrong Ashdown. Original Music composed by Lucinda Mason Brown. Producer/Director: Gordon House. Made by John Dryden's Goldhawk Essential.

8 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Care
In Clara Glynn's drama a Children's Hearing has to decide if Nicole (13) and Scott (4) should be taken into care or be allowed to return to live with their mother. But is she fit to look after them now? Michelle has been in drug rehab for the last few months, Dad has disappeared and the kids have been under a supervision order. But now Michelle is coming out of rehab, clean and determined to make a fresh start. The three members of the Children's Hearing panel have to decide what is best for the children. As the panel hear reports from experts and from the family their pereception of what should happen to the children is constantly challenged. Would you know what is best for the children? Scotland's Children's Hearing system initiated by The Social Work Act 1968 and the Children(Scotland) Act 1995, led to radical changes in how children and young people in trouble or at risk are dealt with. In this fictional drama the panel - all trained volunteers - are faced with difficult choices. Edward (chairman)..............IAIN AGNEW, Fiona Henson............CAROL ANN CRAWFORD, Mary Branwich................KIM GERARD, Nicole.............NATASHA WATSON, Michele............LISA NICOLL, Gran...............ANNE DOWNIE, Charlie Fleming............COLIN MCCREDIE, Mr. McEwan...........JOHN KIELTY. Producer/director......David Ian Neville.

9 Mar: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 7, Dead Reckoning
Brian Cox, Siobhan Redmond and Stella Gonet star in the latest episode of the detective series set in Victorian Edinburgh and Leith. Written by David Ashton. 2/4. Episode Two: Dead Reckoning. Inspector McLevy investigates a curious case of grave robbing. McLevy..................BRIAN COX, Jean Brash...........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Emma............STELLA GONET , Mulholland.........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach...............DAVID ASHTON, Caskie..............BRIAN PETTIFER, McMaster.............SEAN SCANLAN, Simms............JOHN KIELTY. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

10 Mar: Afternoon Drama - A Sleepwalk on the Severn
Award- winning poet, Alice Oswald's extraordinary evocation of the experience of moonrise over the Severn Estuary. Set to original music by Roger Goula, its subject is moonrise which happens five times in different forms: new moon, half moon, full moon, no moon and moon reborn. Various characters, some living some dead, all based on real people from the Severn catchment, talk towards the moment of moonrise and are changed by it. Performed by Ron Cook, Sam Dale, Emma Fielding, Tom Goodman-Hill, James Laurenson and Helen Longworth. Music composed by Roger Goula and performed by the Raven Quartet and Rowland Sutherland. Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

11 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster
An elegy to the young gap-year student who was attacked in Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire. She later died on August 24th 2007. This is an elegy to mark the anniversary of her death, four years later. Aged twenty, Sophie suffered fatal injuries while cradling her boyfriend Rob's head in an attempt to protect him from a ferocious attack by a group of youths. Rob survived but Sophie went into a coma and never recovered. Sophie was an intelligent bookish child who showed signs of wanting to be different from an early age. Political, vegetarian, a pacifist, Sophie had left school with A levels and was thinking about what to do with her future when it was taken so brutally from her. Sophie and Rob dressed in a unique way, expressing their individuality as creative artistic people through goth-style clothes, piercings and make-up, which provoked the fatal attack in the early hours of that Saturday morning. Sophie had been dating Rob Maltby, a 21-year-old art student for three years. Cast : SOPHIE ...........Rachel Austin. Poetry by Simon Armitage. Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

12 Mar: Saturday Drama - The Gun
Mike Walker adapts C S Forester's gripping guerrilla warfare story set in Napoleonic Spain. Made famous by Hollywood as The Pride and the Passion. Partisan groups under charismatic leaders wage a desperate war in which no quarter is given by either side. The hero of The Gun is the gun itself, a massive 18 pounder that is dragged across the mountains and plains of Spain - an epic task. Throughout the story, the gun changes the lives of those who fight each other to the death in order to gain control of it. The Gun is a companion piece to The Gun Goes to Hollywood, which tells the story behind the Hollywood version, which was directed by Stanley Kramer and starred Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren. C S Forester was famous for his tales of adventure and military crusades, most notably the Hornblower series. The cast: Jorge.........Scott Arthur, El Balbanito........Matthew Gravelle, Isadore......Keiron Self, Carlos ONeill ......Don Gilet, Father Bernard.......Kevin Doyle, Duke Alonso.......Sule Rimmi, Urquiola........Richard Nicholls, Producer........Polly Thomas. BBC Cymru/Wales.

13 Mar: Classic Serial - Anna of the Five Towns, Episode 2
Having inherited a fortune on her twenty first birthday Anna Tellwright begins to gain independence and freedom. But on her return from an eventful holiday with the Suttons and Henry Mynors her joy is marred by some shocking news about one of her tenant's Titus Price. Anna's growing concern for his son William leads her to a defiant act that threatens everything. Anna.....Charlotte Riley, Tellwright.....David Schofield, Young Agnes.....Emilia Harker, William Price.....Michael Socha, Henry Mynors.....Lee Williams, Beatrice/Older Agnes.....Rosina Carbone, Mrs Sutton.....Olwen May , Mr Sutton/Coroner.....Jonathan Keeble, Sarah Vodrey.....Jacqueline Redgwell. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

14 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Gun Goes to Hollywood
The Pride and the Passion is Hollywood's 1957 adaptation of The Gun, by C S Forester. It's set in Spain during the Napoleonic wars and tells the story of Captain Anthony Trumbull, played by Cary Grant, a British military officer, who is ordered to retrieve an enormous cannon and transport it across Spain to the British lines, where it will be used to attack the French garrison at Avila. Guerrilla leader Miguel, played by Frank Sinatra, agrees to help, even though he despises the Englishman, and Miguel's feisty girlfriend Juana, played by Sophia Loren, comes with them. Along the way Juana falls in love with Trundall. But the film had a notoriously troubled set. Sinatra left the production early because of marriage difficulties with Ava Gardner, and Grant, then 53, fell in love with his co-star Loren, 23. Mike Walker's play imagines the behind-the-scenes ructions from the viewpoint of the script doctor, Earl Felton, who was drafted in to save the day. CAST: Earl Felton . . . Steven Weber, Cary Grant . . . Greg Itzin , Sophia Loren . . Kate Steele , Frank Sinatra . . . Jonathan Silverman , Stanley Kramer . . Jonathan Getz, Barman . . . Andre Sogliuzzo, Gangster . . Tom Virtue. A BBC/Cymru Wales production, directed by Kate McAll.

15 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Small Acts of Kindness
In the late 1950s Charlie was a violent and uncontrollable entrant to art school. His teacher changed the course of his life. BAFTA award-winning writer Trevor Preston's semi-autobiographical play catches up with Charlie as his mentor's death shifts everything once more. Charlie ..... Stephen Greif, Alice ..... Ann Beach, Beth ..... Susan Penhaligon, Annie ..... Joanna Monro, Kass ..... Sean Baker, Charlie at 16 ..... Gethin Anthony, Eliza ..... Sally Orrock, Miss Monnier ..... Christine Kavanagh. Directed by Toby Swift.

16 Mar: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 7, Prince of Darkness
Brian Cox, Siobhan Redmond and David Hayman star in the latest episode of the detective series set in Victorian Edinburgh and Leith. Written by David Ashton. 3/4. Episode Three: Prince Of Darkness. Jean Brash is confronted by a former lover back from the dead. She had once poisoned him - fatally, or so she thought - and now he is out for revenge. Meanwhile, McLevy dreams of death by drowning. Is it a premonition or just the result of drinking too much coffee? McLevy.............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Preger..........DAVID HAYMAN, Mulholland........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Hannah..........COLETTE O'NEIL, Roach..........DAVID ASHTON, Mary..........EDITH MACARTHUR , Col Moncrieff.........GRANT O'ROURKE , Louis.........KIM GERARD. Producer/Director: Bruce Young.

17 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Shy Baby
Lionel Stillman has a new job, a girlfriend he thinks he loves, and a secret ambition - to be a stand-up comic. But he also has a problem. People make him nervous. Gary Ogin's new comedy explores the crippling effects of acute social anxiety on work, hopes and relationships. As Lionel stumbles from bad date with Emma to bad first day at a call centre, he struggles with an inner voice telling him he's boring and useless - "or just plain weird". At first, Emma thinks he's attractively shy. Then she decides he's a drinker. But Lionel does have friends. At a weekly support group his fellow sufferers Simon, Max and Rosie uncover his ambition to be a comic and encourage him to take it further by setting a challenge: to perform in a comedy club. As the night approaches, the idea seems ludicrous. How can a man who can't bring himself to meet his girlfriend's parents stand up and perform in front of a raucous pub crowd? Rosie holds the key. Shy Baby features Stuart McLoughlin as Lionel, Alex Tregear as Rosie, and Polly Barsby as Emma. The play was researched with the help of Social Anxiety support groups in London and Bristol. Producer: Chris Ledgard.

18 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Ciao Bella!
Written by Jerome Vincent. The action turns around the fate of the deli following the death of Theresa's husband, Carlo - who had worked hard to build up his business and stop it falling into the hands of Salvatore Iaquinta, the owner of a chain of cheap Italian coffee shops. Sal is smooth, ruthless and good-looking; and he's after Theresa, as well as her shop. But in steps Theresa's daughter, Toni - recently made redundant from a high-powered job in the City - who decides to put her business acumen to good use and drag the deli into the 21st century, while making sure it still retains the old world charm and wonderful food, the customers love. Toni's grandmother, Nonna Grazia, is a fiery old woman who was once a child-partisan in the hills around Benevento, and fought the Germans during the war, even though she was only 13. As well as handing out advice to all and sundry (whether they want it or not!) she's also a fantastic cook. In one scene of the play she cooks a garlic and pasta dish guaranteed to have listeners licking their lips! Throughout the production we use specially recorded Italian popular music, performed by cousin Immacolata (played by Rita Ullo). Based on the real-life experiences of the writer's extended, deli-owning family, the play is rich in detail and humour - and the very distinct aural flavour of the Italian community in Britain. Cast: Nonna ..... Eleanor Bron, Theresa ..... Cherie Lunghi Salvatore / Kiriakov ..... Richard Attlee, Toni ..... Alison Pettit, Nino / Fiorello ..... Gunnar Cauthery, Emilio ..... Adrian Grove , Aldo / Carlo ...... John Evitts , Immacolata .....Rita Ullo. Guitarist: Paolo Vanoncini. Producer/Director: David Blount. Pier Productions.

19 Mar: Saturday Drama - Landfall
Five misfits travel to a mysterious planet to recover ore left by a mining operation and encounter a truly extraordinary intelligence. An original Science Fiction adventure by Mike Walker. Cally ... Nicola Miles-Wilden, Intaba ... Cyril Nri, Hudson ... Clare Perkins, JD ... Alex Tregear, Hussam ... Adeel Akhtar. Sound design by Pete Ringrose and Colin Guthrie. Producer Marc Beeby.

20 Mar: Classic Serial - The Lost World, A Bridge to the Unknown
1/2 A Bridge to the Unknown. By Arthur Conan Doyle, dramatised by Chris Harrald. In this production Summerlee is a woman! The hot-headed Professor Challenger claims that extinct species of animals are still to be found living on an isolated Amazonian plateau. Dr Summerlee, Lord John Roxton and the intrepid reporter, Edward Malone, find themselves committed to a journey of a lifetime. Professor Challenger...David Robb, Dr Diana Summerlee...Jasmine Hyde, Lord John Roxton...Jamie Glover, Edward Malone...Jonathan Forbes, Gomez...Milton Lopes , Beaumont...Sam Dale, Meldrum...Sean Baker , Maple White...Nyasha Hatendi , Tarp Henry...Brian Bowles , Edith Challenger...Jane Whittenshaw , Indian tribesman...Vinicius Salles, Producer Marilyn Imrie.

21 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Don't Buy a Winter Coat
When Megan first tells Anton that she's afraid something's wrong, he brushes her fears away. Later, when they're sitting in the waiting room at the Oncology Department, he still refuses to believe that Megan is ill. Even when the diagnosis of cervical cancer is given, he struggles to accept it. He hopes against hope for a miracle. But in this story there is no miracle, and Meic Povey's play traces the journey of a man faced with losing the woman he loves. It's an honest account, based on his own experience, of facing up to the reality of a partner's terminal illness. Megan . . . . Eiry Thomas, Anton . . . . . Steffan Rhodri. BBC, Wales. Producer Kate McAll.

22 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Magnificent Andrea
A first original radio play by NIGEL PLANER, famous for appearances in comedy and drama ranging from 'The Young Ones' to the recent 'Hairspray' in the West End. Nigel has created two wonderful characters, both in love with the same woman - who has just - tragically - died. One is her former husband, boozy columnist Barry (ROGER ALLAM) at the tail end of a career marked by low-achievement in not-very-good journalism. The other is Andrea's recent partner until her sudden death: alternative but ultra-orthodox, politically-correct naturopath Nigel (NIGEL PLANER). We join Barry after a typically hearty breakfast on his way from Chelsea to attend the funeral in South London. (As he succinctly but tellingly puts it: 'In former times, a breakfast of egg on toast and two glasses of red wine would have cost considerably less than fifteen nicker') There he confronts his squeaky-clean nemesis Nigel. The lugubrious Barry is appalled at the ceremony: 'Andrea would have wanted a troupe of African drummers at her sending off, with mytho-poetic speeches by the priest, a Guetamalan shaman. What she got is a couple of hymns, a bit of Bible and a shunt into the automatic incinerator of Wandsworth Crematorium just off the A217') It is while milling outside that he basically decent Nigel makes the mistake of inviting Barry back to the house - Barry's house - for the reception. Now the fireworks really start. Barry ..... Roger Allam, Nigel ..... Nigel Planer, Tania/Receptionist ..... Sally Orrock, Taxi Driver ..... Brian Bowles, Preacher ..... Jane Whittenshaw, George ..... Sam Dale, Sarah/Waitress ..... Joanna Monro, Ambulance Driver ..... Stuart McLoughlin. Directed by Peter Kavanagh.

23 Mar: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 7, A Distant Death
4/4. A Distant Death. McLevy's dreams of death by drowning are about to become a reality when he and Jean Brash are trapped in a sea cave while the tide rushes in. Outside the cave a rifle marksman is ready to shoot them if they try to escape. McLevy..........BRIAN COX, Jean Brash........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland......MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Lamb........CRAWFORD LOGAN, Roach..........DAVID ASHTON, Olivia.............KIM GERARD, Jethro Barr.........STEWART PORTER, Ship's Officer ........KENNY BLYTH. Other parts played by the cast.Producer: Bruce Young.

24 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Cavity
By Sean Grundy. Kirsty is having an affair with a married man, Adrian. When his wife Lucy returns unexpectedly from a business conference Kirsty hides in the attic. In a panic, she falls down the back of the attic into the cavity wall. A story then unfolds which combines the domestically mundane with the utterly bizarre. Cast: Kirsty - Ingrid Oliver, Adrian - Julian Rhind-Tutt, Lucy - Kerry Godliman, Sandra - Hayley Doherty, Estate Agent - Jim Howick, Dan the Cavity Man / Matt - Paul Mundell, Jemma - Deirdre Mullins. Producer: Alison Crawford.

25 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Western Stars
Aged 31 and faced with the prospect of either settling down to small-town life or pursuing her dreams of a singing career, Ash is struggling. Her mother died some years ago - she is still coming to terms with her loss. She hasn't sung since her mother's funeral. Rose, her best friend and colleague at the hated nylon trouser factory, is keen they re-form their band and make a career out of music; her boyfriend Vince is pressuring her to move in with him and say goodbye to any thoughts of career in favour of family with him. Her father, Dai, just wants his daughter to be happy. Then Vince's get-rich scheme goes horribly wrong - one night, he is collecting a drugs drop in the bay when he crashes into Dai's boat. Dai is killed and Ash is distraught. The crisis deepens when Vince is arrested for manslaughter and drugs smuggling. How will Ash cope?..............Lucy Gough writes for theatre, radio and television. She wrote Hollyoaks Channel 4 for ten years and now writes for BBC drama Doctors. She is currently under commission to Aberystwyth Arts Centre for a stage adaptation of Wuthering Heights. She has also just been awarded a Creative Wales Award by the Arts Council. In Western Stars, she draws on personal experience of living in a West Wales fishing village. The cast: Ash... Eiry Hughes, Rose ... Vivien Care, Dai .. William Thomas, Vince ... Aled Pugh, Frankie ... Rhys ap Hywel, Policeman ... Rhys ap William. Producer ... Polly Thomas. BBC Wales.

26 Mar: Saturday Drama - Leverage
By Simon Passmore. David and Helen, a professional couple in their mid-twenties, are shocked when Jamie, an old friend from university, dies unexpectedly. At the funeral, they meet Mark, another mutual friend. Mark implies that he works for Special Services, and tells them that Jamie, a high-flying investment banker, may have killed himself - and that his bank has been under investigation. Did Jamie contact the couple before he died? As Mark teases out information, Helen begins to suspect he is not entirely innocent. Mark's questions turn into threats, and people start getting hurt. David and Helen find they must expose a murder before it's too late. Cast: Helen . . . . . Claire Foy, David . . . . . Blake Ritson, Mark . . . . . Charlie Cox, Kendra . . . . . Sally Orrock, Clare . . . . . Joanna Monro, Jamie . . . . . Nyasha Hatendi, Ray . . . . . Sean Baker. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko.

27 Mar: Classic Serial - The Lost World, Our Eyes Have Seen Great Wonders
2/2: By Arthur Conan Doyle, dramatised by Chris Harrald. Professor Challenger and his team are marooned on the isolated Amazonian plateau, at the mercy of dinosaurs and a murderous tribe of hominids. Will they survive to satisfy their scientific curiosity? Will they be able to escape and bring home news of their discoveries? Professor Challenger...David Robb, Dr Diana Summerlee...Jasmine Hyde, Lord John Roxton...Jamie Glover, Edward Malone...Jonathan Forbes, Querioz... Vinicius Salles, Meldrum...Sean Baker, Indian tribesman... Milton Lopes, Producer Marilyn Imrie. Chris Harrald is a writer for radio film and television. He won the 2009 Sony Gold award for radio drama for his play 'Mr Larkin's Awkward Day'.

28 Mar: Afternoon Drama - Beirut Days
By Kris Kenway. A day in the life of the enigmatic city where east meets west. For three lost souls, this is the day when everything changes. Narrator ...... Nadim Sawalha, Mounira ...... Souad Faress, Josef ...... Peter Polycarpou, Nadine ...... Sirine Saba, Rania ...... Razane Jammal, Abu Ziad ...... Raad Rawi. Producer James Robinson.

29 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Spellbound Horses
By Julia Blackburn. Julia's father was the poet Thomas Blackburn. He was an alcoholic before he became a poet, but in spite of his drunken rages, his erratic behaviour and his crazy obsession with death, she always knew he loved her. She learnt the transforming power of words from him, and she clung to them, a life raft in a stormy sea. 'Find the metaphor, darling!' he'd say, 'and when you've got that, you're on the way towards facing whatever it is that needs to be faced!' ...... Julia is older now than her father ever became, and here is her son Daniel, about to get married. She worries about the impression she has given Daniel of his grandfather. There are no aunts or uncles to give a different twist on Thomas' life so it has all come from her: stories of bad behaviour and drunken excess, told to make Daniel laugh with disbelief but not to bring him closer to the man who was his grandfather. Julia...Diana Quick, Tommy...David Troughton, Daniel...Martin Bonger, Hannah...Sally Orrock, Peggy...Jacqueline Tong, House owner...Brian Bowles, Music composed and performed by Lawrence Williams. Producer...Mary Ward-Lowery.

30 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Disappearance of Jennifer Pope
By Mike Harris, in collaboration with Dave and Stefan Pope. The extraordinary true story of the disappearance of an English nurse in Ecuador, and how her husband and son tracked down her abductor. Dave and Stefan Pope spend a year in a country fraught with poverty and corruption, where they barely speak the language, with next to no money. But with heaps of determination and good will from a few key characters, they eventually reap the rewards of justice. Dave Pope ...... Reece Dinsdale, Stefan Pope ..... Matthew McNulty, Jennifer Pope ..... Kate Layden, Marco Chaves .... Oliver Miceli, Clifford Craig/Hostel Owner ...... David Fleeshman, Fiscal of Banos ...... Javiar Marzan, Produced/Directed by Pauline Harris.

31 Mar: Afternoon Drama - The Forgetting Curve
By Hugh Costello. An expert on memory loss, Greg Cooke, is asked to invalidate the testimony of an eyewitness in a high-profile murder trial. He undermines the Prosecution's key witness by convincing the jury that we forget as much within 24 hours as we do over a whole year. As a result, a vicious murderer walks free, but Greg is soon to discover - there's a price to pay. Greg Cooke ... Michael Glenn Murphy, Isabelle Kavanagh ... Lia Williams, D.I. Baddely..... Chris McHallem, Eve Cooke.....Andrea Irvine, Valerie Ryan.....Karen Ardiff, Brenda.....Annie McCartney, Professor Nolan.....Richard Howard, Kelly.....Hugh Costello, Paul.....Inam Mirza. Recorded in Belfast; producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

1 Apr: Afternoon Drama - The Lottery Ticket
A play about the unlikely friendship between an asylum seeker and a migrant worker who find a stray lottery ticket and think it may be the answer to all their problems. By Donna Franceschild. Cast: Salih...............Nitzan Sharron, Jacek..............John Kazek, Woman...........Meg Fraser, Director: Kirsty Williams.

2 Apr: Saturday Drama - One Chord Wonders: Parallel Lines
1/5 Frank Boyce's series of plays about the punk generation 30 years on begins with the story of Julie, the singer in an ageing Blondie tribute band. An invitation to the reunion of the audience at an Adverts gig in 1977 brings some skeletons dancing from the cupboard. Julie ... Doon Mackichan, Thing ... Sian Reeves, Margaret ... Rosie Cavaliero, Steve Reeves ... Ivan Kaye, Pete ... Paul Viragh, Joe ... Joseph Tremain, Lovely ... Sarah Bedi, Announcer ... John Rowe, Waiter ... Ben Crowe. Producer ... Toby Swift.

3 Apr: Classic Serial - The Mauritius Command, Episode 1
Patrick O'Brian's naval epic set in 1809, dramatised in three parts by Roger Danes. Following his adventures in HMS Surprise, Jack Aubrey has been kicking his heels at home when his old friend, Stephen Maturin, comes knocking at his door with welcome news. Jack is promoted to Commodore, and is to lead a squadron of English ships, charged with taking the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Réunion from the French. The story is based on a naval campaign in 1809-10 when Britain and France were bitterly engaged in protecting their trade routes around the southern tip of Africa. The Mauritius Command is the fourth novel in Patrick O'Brian's Nelsonic epic series, and the sequel to HMS Surprise which was dramatised for Radio 4 in 2008. Captain Jack Aubrey.....DAVID ROBB, Doctor Stephen Maturin .......RICHARD DILLANE, Governor Farquhar ........ DAVID RINTOUL, Lt-Col Keating ........THOMAS ARNOLD, Lord Clonfert............... SAM DALE, Captain Corbett...........CHRISTIAN RODSKA, Lt Seymour ...........MAX DOWLER, Midshipman George Johnson ....... NYASHA HATENDI, Dr McAdam/Admiral Bertie.......... .SEAN BAKER, Captain Pym................. BRIAN BOWLES, Mrs. Williams ................ JOANNA MONRO, Sophie................. SALLY ORROCK. Producer: Bruce Young. Producer Bruce Young.

4 Apr: Afternoon Drama - My Life Is a Series of People Saying Goodbye
How many ways are there to say goodbye? Why do we say goodbye? And what does it really feel like? Is it always forever? A new play about parting by Dan Rebellato........Scott and Ben are climbing a mountain. When Scott falls, Ben has to leave him to get help. Sean and Nathan turned the company around but today, Nathan has to make his colleague redundant. Richard has been with Dawn for years, but he knows tonight's evening out is make or break. Sarah is expecting her girlfriend Lou for dinner, so the call from the airport comes as a shock. Nikki is nervous about leaving London to start a new life as a student in Cardiff. MP Andrew has survived a media storm about his expenses claims, with the support of his constituency party until now. Cast: Andrew ...... Sean Gallagher, Richard ..... David Annen , Matty .....Will Payne , Nikki .....Fenella Woolgar , Sarah ..... Frances Grey , Lou ..... Jenny Jules. Sound designer: Eloise Whitmore. Producer: Polly Thomas. A Crosslab production (independent).

5 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Deja-Vu
By Alexis Zegerman. When a young English woman and a French man meet in Paris it is language that stands between them. But when he gets stopped and searched in London, the seed of a much larger difference is sown. Bilingual play in French and English; a co-production between BBC Radio Drama and Arte Radio, a division of Arte France. Claire...Caroline Catz, Ahmed...Karim Saleh , French Policeman...Richard Sanda, French Policeman...Hovnatan Avedikian, British Policeman...Chris Pavlo, Translator...Helen Longworth, Directed by Lu Kemp and Christophe Rault. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

6 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Early Belt and the Present
Murder mystery set in India in 1709. A young servant, Early Belt, accompanies a group of superstitious English merchants as they transport a vast wagon train of goods to Delhi. The wagon train - known as The Present - is an incentive for the Indian Emperor to grant free trade throughout the land. As the convoy crawls across India a merchant is found murdered. Stories quickly spread of a sorceress locked inside an enchanted cabinet somewhere within the convoy. When a second merchant is killed the rumours turn to hysteria. It falls to Early Belt to solve the mystery. Written by Richard Pitt with additional material by Bert Coules. Early Belt.....JAMES ANTHONY PEARSON, John Surman.............DAVID HAYMAN, Dr Hamilton..........JOHN SHEDDEN, Prof Peters ..............RALPH RIACH, Merchant 1 ...........KENNY BLYTH , Merchant 2...........BRIAN PETTIFER, Merchant 3.........MARK MCDONNELL, Emperor .............UMAR AHMED, Beda Belt...........LUCY PATERSON. Producer: Bruce Young.

7 Apr: On Mardle Fen - Series 1
By Nick Warburton. Trevor Peacock stars as ancient, earthy, inspired chef Warwick Hedges, in a four part series set in an idiosyncratic restaurant in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Part 1: Distant Cold Light. A mysterious young man brings his mother for a special meal. Warwick Hedges.....Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges.....Sam Dale, David.....Chris Pavlo, Fay.....Liza Sadovy , Marcia.....Kate Buffery, Imogen.....Liz Sutherland, Zofia.....Helen Longworth, Samuel.....John Rowe. Producer Claire Grove.

8 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Phumzile
By South African writer Matthew Hurt. Tom and Pete are on holiday in South Africa. When a mugger tries to snatch Pete's phone a local woman intervenes, but when she asks him for money Tom is suspicious. A play exploring the complicated relationships we have with poverty. What should our personal response be to the suffering of others? And how do we deal with approaches from individuals? Phumzile...Nadine Marshall, Pete...Stephen Hogan, Tom...Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Emilia...Syan Blake, Harry...Matt Addis. Produced by Claire Grove.

9 Apr: Saturday Drama - One Chord Wonders, Blitzkrieg Bop
2/5. Frank Cottrell Boyce's series of plays continues. In 1977 self-styled Mo Motormouth was writing a punk fanzine. Now she's doing the travel news for a radio station. An attempt to re-launch her ailing career brings unwelcome attention from some of her 'livelier' listeners. Mo ... Pauline Quirke, Benny ... Adam Kotz, Shammi ... Manjinder Virk, Steve Reeves .... Ivan Kaye, George ... Ben Crowe, Arthur ... Harry Myers, Jack ... Sanjay Shelat, Teacher/Barney ... Stephen Critchlow, Benny's Daughter ... Amy Enticknap. Producer ... Toby Swift.

10 Apr: Classic Serial - The Mauritius Command, Episode 2
Patrick O'Brian's naval epic, continued. Jack Aubrey is promoted (temporarily) to Commodore to lead a squadron of English ships, charged with taking the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Réunion from the French. Jack must succeed against superior odds at sea and on land (where Stephen's subversive skills are invaluable as ever). Yet, in his new role as Commodore, Jack needs subtlety and subterfuge to win over the crews and subordinate captains of his own fleet, including the flamboyant but erratic, Lord Clonfert. Captain Jack Aubrey ................... DAVID ROBB, Doctor Stephen Maturin .......... ...RICHARD DILLANE, Lord Clonfert..........SAM DALE, Dr McAdam.......... SEAN BAKER, Lt-Col Keating ............ .......THOMAS ARNOLD, Governor Farquhar ..................... .DAVID RINTOUL, Captain Corbett................. ....CHRISTIAN RODSKA, Captain Pym........ BRIAN BOWLES, Lt Webber.............PIP CARTER, Lt Seymour ....................... ...MAX DOWLER, Lt Briggs.............. NYASHA HATENDI, Midshipman Cotton........................LLOYD THOMAS. Producer: Bruce Young.

11 Apr: Afternoon Drama - The Afghan and the Penguin
By Michael Hastings. Neither Muriel, Younis' landlady, nor Major Douglas, his MOD case officer, can help the Afghan interpreter. Having sustained an injury in Afghanistan while serving with the British army, Younis has been brought back to England for an operation and recuperation within an MOD safe house. As he faces deportation back home to an uncertain fate, the Afghan interpreter is prepared to try anything in his attempt to stay. This original play for radio takes a wry look at the world through the eyes of those who play an unsung part in the war in Afghanistan. Cast: Younis ..... Sargon Yelda, Muriel ..... Lynne Miller , Major Dougie ..... Alan Cox, Lieutenant/Policeman ..... Christian Bradley, Station Jock ..... Christian Brassington, The Boy ..... Timon Greaves. Directed by Steven Atkinson. Produced by Nicholas Newton. A Promenade production (independent).

12 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Titanium
By Anita Sullivan. Play about Yuri Gagarin's understudy. If Yuri Gagarin had so much as sneezed on the 12th of April 1961 the honour of being the first man in orbit would have gone to his training partner, Gherman Titov. But Gagarin didn't sneeze and a disappointed Titov had to climb back down the launch tower. A few months later Titov did launch successfully in Vostock II. He completed 17 earth orbits (got space-sick, ate and slept) and is still the youngest person ever to have gone into space. But he's largely unknown because he wasn't 'first'. The play which marks the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's flight, the story of the two cosmonauts - their training, their selection, the flight and its aftermath, seen through Titov's eyes as he waits at Chkalovsky Airbase for Yuri to return from what should have been a routine training flight on the 27th March 1968. Cast: Gherman Titov . . . . . Derek Riddell, Yuri Gagarin . . . . . .. William Ash, Private Baskov .. . . . . Sarah Ovens, Nikolai Kaminin .. . .. Alun Raglan, Sergei Korolev . . . . . Stephen Marzella. BBC Wales, producer Kate McAll.

13 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Jelly Babes
By Judy Upton. Resourceful mum, Shanice, is persuaded by her next-door neighbour, Evie, to take up the bizarre sport of jelly wrestling to make ends meet. Becky, AKA 'Azaria The Amazon', shows her the ropes and Shanice is soon wowing the rowdy stag night audiences with her slams and smackdowns. By night she's bikini clad Alice Malice, by day she's mum to gymnastics-mad Alex and a devoted daughter to her disabled, ex-army dad. When these two worlds threaten to collide, it reawakens a painful episode from Shanice's childhood which threatens to tear apart her cherished family life and leads to a show-down with the father she adores. Shanice... Sally Orrock, Becky... Nadine Marshall, Evie... Jane Whittenshaw, Club Manager... David Seddon, Shanice's dad... Sam Dale, Alex... Ryan Watson, Wrestling choreography by Henry Devas. Producer Gemma Jenkins.

14 Apr: On Mardle Fen - Series 1, Mural
BGy Nick Warburton. Part 2: Mural. In an idiosyncratic restaurant deep in the Fens the ancient proprietor, Warwick, can't help interfering in the kitchen. He is driving his son mad, until his grandson suggests they give the old man a project. Warwick Hedges.....Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges.....Sam Dale, David.....Chris Pavlo , Fay.....Liza Sadovy , Marcia.....Kate Buffery, Zofia.....Helen Longworth, Samuel.....John Rowe. Producer Claire Grove.

15 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Pouring Poison
by Lou Ramsden. Hazel spends her life describing plays for visually impaired people, but when she starts to describe the real world to her new friend Davy, the pictures she seea are not the same as the ones she paints in words. She's also looking for an escape from the pressures of looking after her disabled mother. A romantic drama. Hazel. . . . . Kathryn Hunt, Davy. . . . . Nicholas Boulton, Phil . . . . . Jonathan Keeble, Suzanne . . . . . Alison Pettitt, Lynne . . . . . Marian Kemmer, Rob . . . . . Dan Hagley. Theatre Company: Nyasha Hatendi, Jane Whittenshaw, Stuart McLoughlin, Sean Baker and Alex Tregear. Produced and directed by Peter Leslie Wild.

16 Apr: Saturday Drama - One Chord Wonders, Damned, Damned, Damned
3/5. The third of Frank Cottrell Boyce's plays about the punk generation in middle age. Hardman Mick's career in the music business imploded after a brush with an over-enthusiastic fan. Now in prison, can he find salvation in his treasured memories of 'that night' in 1977? Mick Martindale ... Richard Ridings, Lee ... Lloyd Thomas, Tony ... Chris Pavlo, Wayne ... Richie Campbell, Phil ... Paul Richard Biggin, Announcer ... John Rowe, Guard ... Ben Crowe. Producer ... Toby Swift.

17 Apr: Classic Serial - The Mauritius Command, Episode 3
Patrick O'Brian's naval epic, continued. Jack has been promoted to Commodore to lead a squadron of English ships, charged with taking the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Réunion from the French. Jack faces superior odds at sea and on land (where Stephen's subversive skills are invaluable as ever). Yet, in his new role as Commodore, Jack needs subtlety and subterfuge to win over the crews and subordinate captains of his own fleet, including the courageous but brutal Captain Corbett. Captain Jack Aubrey .............. DAVID ROBB, Doctor Stephen Maturin .......... ...RICHARD DILLANE, Captain Corbett...............CHRISTIAN RODSKA, Governor Farquhar .............. ..DAVID RINTOUL, Lt-Col Keating ................THOMAS ARNOLD, Admiral Bertie....... SEAN BAKER, Lt Seymour .............MAX DOWLER, Lt Pullings ............DAVID HOLT, Lt Tullidge.............LLOYD THOMAS, Major O'Neil......... SAM DALE, Midshipman Johnson ..........NYASHA HATENDI. Producer: Bruce Young.

18 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Charity
By Daniel Jamieson. When an illegal minicab driver knocks a man off his mobility scooter they begin an unusual and touching relationship that will change both their lives. Charity ..... Nikki-Amuka Bird, Jason ..... Lloyd Hutchinson, Kizza ..... Kuan Frye, Finn ..... Daniel Rabin, Nikolay ..... Brian Bowles, Doctor ..... Sally Orrock, Cashier ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Passengers ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Alex Tregear, Daniel Rabin, Jane Whittenshaw. Directed by Marc Beeby.

19 Apr: Afternoon Drama - The Sensitive - A Casualty of War
A woman missing since 1945 is seen in a deserted guest house. Glasgow's psychic detective investigates. Atmospheric thriller by Alastair Jessiman. This is the latest in an occasional series of psychic investigations by the "Sensitive" - Thomas Soutar. Thomas..........Robin Laing, Mrs Soutar..........Sheila Donald, Kat.......Julie Duncanson, Jack......Paul Young, Mrs Forbes-Brown.........Edith Macarthur. Producer: Bruce Young.

20 Apr: Afternoon Drama - The Bat Man
By Amelia Bullmore. When his wife died three years ago, Christopher fled London for a simpler existence in Cornwall, where he has settled on bat protection as his mission. Colette and her noisy daughters rent the holiday cottage next door and disturb the peace - both his and that of his beloved bats. Christopher ..... Bill Nighy, Colette ..... Katherine Parkinson, Biddy ..... Jenny Agutter, Rory ..... Sean Baker, Lou-Lou ..... Lauren Mote, Grace ..... Georgia Groome. Producer: Mary Peate.

21 Apr: On Mardle Fen - Series 1, Dark Horse
Series by Nick Warburton. 3/4. Dark Horse: The dark tale of the twisted eel seems about to repeat itself. Cast - see last week.

22 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Mary Toft's Rabbit Tale
Written by Colin Bytheway. In 1726, 26 year old mother of three, Mary Toft gave birth to a rabbit. And then another. And then another. All were stillborn - some were just rabbit body parts - but all were the fruit of her loins. Local surgeon John Howard confirmed the phenomenon, delivering several live rabbits himself. He wrote of his findings to the Secretary of George I. The King, intrigued, sent his personal anatomist Nathaniel St Andre to investigate who soon concluded that Toft was telling the truth and was preternaturally giving birth to rabbits. Cast: Mary ..... Anna Madeley, Joshua ..... Will Young, John Howard ..... Rupert Graves, St Andre ..... Nickolas Grace, Sir Richard ..... Patrick Ryecart , George I ..... Ian Masters. Producer/Director: Celia de Wolff. Indie: made by Pier Productions.

23 Apr: Saturday Drama - One Chord Wonders, This is the Modern World 4/5. By Frank Cottrell Boyce. The story of an unlikely pilgrimage to Camberley. Eco-toilet pioneer and ex-'anarcho-punk' Muttley is about to be forcibly reunited with his former self. Muttley ... Danny Webb, Lineel ... Stephanie Leonidas, Lin ... Ann Beach, Hippie ... Carl Prekopp, Drug Dealer ... John Biggins, Market Researcher ... Alex Tregear, Club Doorman ... John Cummins, Williams ... Sam Dale, Hotel Receptionist ... Liz Sutherland. Producer ... Toby Swift.

24 Apr: Classic Serial - Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities, Episode 1
Dramatized by Scott Cherry - who previously gave us somewhat irreverent versions of "Humphry Clinker" (Smollett) and "Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour" (Surtees) - once again turns his comic imagination and free inspiration to the recreation of the world of Jorrocks and Handley Cross. Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities - 'a noisy, vital, impertinent social satire full of zest and high spirits' - was published in 1838 to great acclaim and introduced Dickens to the style of bold comic writing he went on to make his own. This is a portrait of an innocent, naive England which is only just beginning to register the profound social changes brought on by the industrial revolution. It depicts an almost Shakespearian world-order where everyone happily occupies their place in the scheme of things....a world-order which we see being taken over and transformed by the grasping, shameless Victorian nouveau riche. We have here a gallery of unforgettable comic characters - and, at the programme's heart, a true Falstaff, in the irrepressible, loveable, indefatigable rogue that is John Jorrocks - fighting to preserve the English way of life he knows and loves. Cast: Jorrocks ..... Danny Webb, Nash ..... Clive Swift, Doleful ..... Charles Edwards, Miss Barnington ..... Rebecca Saire, Mello/Moonface ..... Gareth Armstrong, Julia Jorrocks ..... Emma Pierson, Muleygrubs ..... Christian Rodska, Pigg/Bray ..... Rob Hudson, Simpkins ..... Geoffrey Beevers, Barnington ..... Grant Gillespie. Producer: Clive Brill. Made by Pacificus Productions.

25 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Ten Lessons in Love
A mix of writers explores love. Ten short plays. David uses 'the machine' to revisit his old memories - he wants to pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love. But when it malfunctions, it catapults us into the stories of a variety of people, all of whom are attempting to make sense of love. 1 You never know when you're going to fall in love, by Nick Warburton David ... Sean Baker, Young David ... Nyasha Hatendi, Young Eleanor ... Alex Tregear. ......2 More often than not, your dream date will be a nightmare, by Bola Agbaje. Laide ... Zawe Ashton, Femi ... Femi Oyeniran. 3Beware of skeletons in the closet, Written and performed by Josie Long. 4Remain interested; don't yawn at least, by Tim Key. Derek Monet ... Tim Key, Marie ... Alex Tregear, Waiter ... Stuart McLoughlin. 5When your heart freezes it's time to leave the building, by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Jeanie ... Sally Orrock, Ken ... Daniel Rabin. 6Love is fickle. written and performed by Josie Long. 7Being alone doesn't have to mean being lonely, by Nick Payne. Jim ... Stuart McLoughlin, Sarah ... Alex Tregear. 8Love's worth fighting for. The real-life story of Dane and Lenka. Produced by Rich Ward. 9Love can't be pinned down, written and performed by Josie Long. 10 Ignore all previous lessons. David ... Sean Baker, Eleanor ... Jane Whittenshaw, Young David ... Nyasha Hatendi, Young Eleanor ... Alex Tregear, Clive ... Stuart Mcloughlin. Produced by James Robinson.

26 Apr: Afternoon Drama - The Vertigo Trust
By Jon Canter. Ronnie Sax is a sixty something multi-millionaire businessman, abrasive, cocky, three times divorced but on wife number four. He's egotistical and high energy and very much afraid of heights. He lives in a bungalow. His very large office is on the ground floor. Branson keeps inviting him into his balloon but Ronnie always has an excuse. Enter Martin - a 'Vertigo Counsellor' with a secret which threatens to turn Ronnie's world. Cast: Ronnie ..... Gerard Murphy, Martin ...... James Fleet, Deborah ..... Daisy Haggard , Uncle Ray ..... Trevor Martin, Tanya ...... Kellie Shirley, Mother ..... Helen Ryan. Produced and directed by Clive Brill. Pacificus Productions.

27 Apr: Afternoon Drama - Countrysides
By Anita Sullivan. The play follows a hunt master and an anti hunt protester who find a fragile human connection despite their opposing positions. It is a story about the relationship between hunter and prey and what happens when those behaviours are reversed. Based on extensive research, Countrysides explores what is happening in the countryside in response to the Hunting Act and represents the views and feelings of people involved on all sides Anita Sullivan: " I started writing this play because I wanted to understand the issues involved. Like many people, I thought I knew what happened at a fox hunt and why that can be seen as offensive and cruel. But I wanted to go deeper than a news bulletin. I wanted to understand why people on both sides feel so passionately about the fox hunt that it becomes central to their lives: why they're prepared to face legal action and direct confrontation with their opponents on a weekly basis. Most importantly, I wanted to understand how the bill defines the interaction between wildlife, hunting, farming and the law... and above all, between people." ...........Recorded in London and on location in Sussex, with Lucy Speed, Nicholas Boulton, Sam Dale and Tom Stanley. Producer: Karen Rose; Sweet Talk Productions.

28 Apr: On Mardle Fen - Series 1, The Taste of Success
By Nick Warburton. Part 4: The Taste of Success. The eccentric restaurant set in the Fens is in financial trouble. Jack asks his nephew to take care of things so he can get away for a few weeks. Meanwhile Warwick sings the praises of Mardle Pudding, a legendary local dish. Warwick Hedges.....Trevor Peacock, Jack Hedges.....Sam Dale, David.....Chris Pavlo , Fay.....Liza Sadovy , Marcia.....Kate Buffery, Imogen.....Liz Sutherland, Zofia.....Helen Longworth. Producer Claire Grove.

29 Apr: Afternoon Drama - The State of the Art By Iain M. Banks, dramatised by Paul Cornell. The Culture ship Arbitrary arrives on Earth in 1977 and finds a planet obsessed with alien concepts like 'property' and 'money' and on the edge of self destruction. When Agent Dervley Linter, decides to go native can Diziet Sma change his mind? Sci-fi. The Ship ...... Antony Sher, Diziet Sma ...... Nina Sosanya, Dervley Linter ...... Paterson Joseph, Li ...... Graeme Hawley, Tel ...... Brigit Forsyth, Sodel ...... Conrad Nelson. Directed by Nadia Molinari.

30 Apr: Saturday Drama - One Chord Wonders, Television's Over
5/5. March, 1977. Punk rock is rumoured to be arriving in suburban Surrey. Is anarchy about to overwhelm civilized society or is this salvation for the bored teenagers of Camberley? By Frank Cottrell Boyce. Adam ... Kristopher Milnes, Pete ... Freddy White, Sergeant Henshaw ... Gerard Horan, Councillor Myatt ... Fenella Woolgar, Mo ... Leanne Rowe, Benny ... James Daley, Pete's dad ... Ben Crowe, Muttley/Steve ... John Hasler, Margaret/Sharon ... Amy Enticknap, D.I. Voke ... John Rowe, Charlie Damage ... Dan Starkey, Town Clerk ... Nyasha Hatendi, Julie ... Sarah Bedi, Mo's mum ... Joan Walker, Mick ... Tim James. Producer ... Toby Swift.

1 May: Classic Serial - Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities, Episode 2
The gentry of Handley Cross look on in horror as the fox hunting craze begins to sweep through their town. In a classic comedic clash between high and low brow - the citizens are thrown into alternate modes of consternation and celebration. Cast: Jorrocks ..... Danny Webb, Nash ..... Clive Swift, Doleful ..... Charles Edwards, Miss Barnington ..... Rebecca Saire, Mello/Moonface ..... Gareth Armstrong, Julia Jorrocks ..... Emma Pierson, Muleygrubs ..... Christian Rodska, Pigg/Bray ..... Rob Hudson, Simpkins ..... Geoffrey Beevers, Barnington ..... Grant Gillespie. Producer: Clive Brill. Pacificus Productions.

2 May: Afternoon Drama - Star Struck
By Katharine Way. Sarah has got the job of her dreams. Working with Cal, an Astronomy Professor at a remote observatory in New Zealand, watching the destruction of a planet by a black hole. But then the Professor registers a message from the dying planet. Can it really be genuine? Sarah.........Julia Haworth, Cal.............Philip Bretherton. Producer Gary Brown.

3 May: Afternoon Drama - Lost Property, The Wrong Label
By Katie Hims. London, 1941, and Alice knows that to stop your children from being evacuated is to tantamount to siding with Hitler. This is the first part of a trilogy of plays charting one family's history of heartbreak and redemption. It won the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Drama, and Rosie Cavaliero received the Best Actress award. Cast: Narrator ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Alice ..... Alex Tregear, Queenie ..... Katie Angelou, Ray ..... Daniel Cooper, Jim ..... Daniel Rabin, Mr Nightingale ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Miss Pearl ..... Bethan Walker, Miss Stanwyck ..... Sally Orrock, Mr Jones ..... Sean Baker, Mrs Jones ..... Joanna Monro. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole.

4 May: Afternoon Drama - That's Mine, This Is Yours
By Peter Souter. Dividing the possessions after a failed relationship. Juliet ..... Tamsin Greig, Sam ..... Alex Jennings, Amanda ..... Eleanor Butters. Produced by Gordon House.

5 May: Afternoon Drama - The Diva in Me
By Charlotte Jones. Phillipa spends Saturday night eating toast and fantasizing about a boy-man from Southern Electric. She can sing anything from Bjork to Bassey with a touch of Judy Garland thrown in but the world has turned its back. This comedy with music has been specially written for actress and mimic Philippa Stanton, who sings Garland, Kitt, Boyle, Winehouse, Bjork, Gaga and Bassey. The music is woven into the narrative and is an essential part of the story because this is a woman with an extraordinary facility to recreate the voices of the famous. Phillipa...Philippa Stanton, Shadwell...Stuart McLoughlin, Vicki...Sally Orrock, Gene Kelly...Daniel Rabin, Mona...Joanna Monro, Trevor...Brian Bowles. Producer Claire Grove.

6 May: Afternoon Drama - The Janitor
By Ed Jones. Kevin is struggling to keep his new restaurant afloat in posh Salford Quays. But then Jonno turns up. The boy he was a dad to for a couple of years when he was shacked up with his mother. He couldn't save the mother, can he now save the kid? All fifteen stone of him? Kevin............Jason Done, Jonno............Tachia Newall, Sandra..........Naomi Radcliffe, Mikey............Chris Jack, Amy..............Catherine Kinsella, Scotty...........Gerard Fletcher. Producer Gary Brown.

7 May: Saturday Drama - A Change in the Willows
By Ian Buchan. Toad is back on a spending spree and dismissive of his friends - until he needs their help for a rather irritating ghost problem! Ratty finds himself flooded out of his river side home by rising river levels. Mole tries to understand the link between the pang in his stomach and the desire all animals have to be amongst their own kind. And good old Badger is upset that nobody listens to him and his friends take him for granted. Cast: Toad ..... Tim McInnerny , Mole ..... Stephen Mangan, Ratty ..... Julian Rhind-Tutt , Badger ...... Andrew Sachs, Dove ..... Issy van Randwyck, Sheep .....Ian Buchan, Mole 2 ..... Yolanda Kettle, Mole 3 ..... Ilker Kaleli, Mole 4 ..... Jonathan Sayer, Mole 5 ..... Natalie Carrington. Director: Eoin O'Callaghan. Producer: Julian Stevens. Artists Studio productions (indie).

8 May: Classic Serial - The Prelude, Episode 1
William Wordsworth's autobiographical poem. Recorded in Wordsworth's home in Grasmere, Cumbria. Wordsworth believed that poetry should be written in the natural language of common speech, and in that way it was revolutionary in its time. The Prelude is read by Sir Ian McKellen with specially composed music by John Harle, performed by John Harle on Saxophone and Neill MacColl on guitar.Produced in Manchester by Susan Roberts.

9 May: Afternoon Drama - Unfinished Business
Judith Kampfner's play about how a quick Internet search can change the lives of two families who never knew of each other's existence. Cast: Simon Sachanah ..... Daniel Gerroll, Owen Sachanah ..... Tom Datnow, Marjorie Robinson ..... Sandra Shipley, Dr Anna Carter ..... Christa Scott-Reed, Jeff Rodriguez ..... Shawn Elliot, Tina Rodriguez ..... Leslie Lyles, Radio Announcer ..... Sydney Beveridge. Technical Direction: Scott Lehrer. Producer: Judith Kampfner. Waters Company production (indie).

10 May: Afternoon Drama - Lost Property, The Year My Mother Went Missing
Katie Hims trilogy, part 2. It's 1979, and it's not the first time that Ruthie's mother Queenie has gone missing, but usually she leaves a note. Cast: Narrator ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Ruthie ..... Shannon Flynn, Vincent ..... Ceallach Spellman, Marcus ..... Elliot Griffiths, Dad ..... Ralph Ineson, Ray ..... Daniel Rabin, Alice ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Queenie ..... Sally Orrock, PC O'Hara ..... Stuart McLoughlin, DI Driscoll ..... Sean Baker. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

11 May: Afternoon Drama - Father Brown: The Secret Garden
By G. K. Chesterton.Dramatised by Bert Coules. Paris, 1911. A dinner party given by Aristide Valentin, Chief of the Paris Police, is disturbed by the discovery of a stranger lying murdered within the grounds of his high-walled garden. Who is he? How did he get there? And which of the distinguished guests has committed the gruesome crime? Time for Father Brown to step forward. Intuitive and unassuming, his unremarkable exterior conceals a profound knowledge of human frailty. Who better than a priest to understand the nature and prevalence of evil? Cast: Father Brown ..... Richard Greenwood, Brayne ..... Angus MacInnes, Valentin ..... Liam Brennan, Dr Simon ..... Jimmy Chisholm, Lord Galloway ..... Paul Young , Lady Galloway ..... Eliza Langland, Margaret Galloway ..... Francesa Dymond, O'Brien ..... Robin Laing. Producer Kirsteen Cameron.

12 May: Afternoon Drama - Every Child Matters
The second linked drama dealing with the fall out of the case of Debbie Hurst who was vilified as the most repulsive woman in Britain for allowing her ten year old daughter to dance semi-naked on the internet for paedophiles. Six months ago, Joanne found herself at the centre of a major scandal. Her client Debbie Hurst was caught exhibiting her ten year old daughter over the internet to paedophiles. Joanne was suspended on full pay, pending a disciplinary tribunal. But then worse, much worse, her name and identity were leaked to the press and she found herself in tabloid hell. Today, the client is back in court for sentencing. She will probably get at least eight years. Joanne.....Sarah Lancashire, David.....George Costigan, producer Gary Brown.

13 May: Afternoon Drama - Referee
By Nick Perry. Geoff is football referee at the top of his profession. But after a controversial game, he's heavily criticised and dropped from the upcoming Cup Final. Geoff's frustration builds and his scruples are soon tested. Andrew Scott's performance as Walter Koch won the 2011 BBC Audio Drama Award for Best Supporting Actor. Cast: Geoff . . . . . Mark Addy, Don . . . . . Ralph Ineson, Koch . . . . . Andrew Scott, Pritchard . . . . . Sean Baker, Lisa . . . . . Denise Gough, Karen . . . . . Sally Orrock, Jamie . . . . . Rielly Newbold, Manager . . . . . Brian Bowles, Players . . . . . Stuart McLoughlin & Daniel Rabin. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. Studio Managers: Colin Guthrie and Mike Etherden. Editors: Caleb Knightley and Peter Ringrose. Production Co-ordinator: Selina Ream.

14 May: Saturday Drama - Deep Down and Dirty Rock 'n' Roll
By Mark Davies Markham. Suggs stars in a drama set in the music industry. Once Carl was the tragic suicidal poet of the band Lost Youth. Fourteen years earlier Carl feigned a mysterious disappearance. If he comes out of hiding now Lost Youth are history. Ed...Suggs, Carl...Burn Gorman, Tanya...Philippa Stanton, Sophie...Alex Tregear, Doreen...Joanna Monro, Olly...Stuart McLoughlin, Miss Brookes...Jane Whittenshaw, Phil...Brian Bowles. Music composed by Dave Gale. Directed by Claire Grove. .....SUGGS was a founder member of Madness, the ska revivalists who erupted out of Camden Town in the late '70's and became one of the greatest pop groups of the '80s. He presents a music show on Radio 2. BURN GORMAN is best known for 'Torchwood'. He also played Bill Sykes in Oliver in the West End. Mark Davies Markham writes hugely entertaining scripts for TV, theatre and radio. 'Taboo' the West

15 May: Classic Serial - The Prelude, Episode 2
Poetry -William Wordsworth's autobiographical poem The Prelude. Recorded in Wordsworth's home in Grasmere, Cumbria, Wordsworth looks back over events in his early life . Wordsworth believed that poetry should be written in the natural language of common speech, and in that way it was revolutionary in its time. Read by Sir Ian McKellen with specially composed music by John Harle, performed by John Harle on saxophone and Neill MacColl on guitar. Producer Susan Roberts, Manchester.

16 May: Afternoon Drama - The Recordist
By Sean Grundy. Stuart is a freelance surveillance expert who teaches covert 'information gathering' to new Intelligence recruits. As part of his work he 'bugs' friends & family, including his wife, Penny. When he discovers that she's having an affair with a man called Neil, his work colleague, Ren, offers her own skills in 'enhanced interview techniques' to help, but Stuart declines. He realises that the secret affair could make an engaging teaching aid. Cast: Stuart - John Gordon Sinclair, Penny - Sharon Horgan, Ren - Gemma Jones, Neil - Ed Weeks, Reese - Fergus Craig, Munro - Nick Mohammed, Penny's Mum - Phyllida Nash. Produced by Alison Crawford.

17 May: Afternoon Drama - Lost Property, A Telegram from the Queen
Katy Hims trilogy, part 3. For Alice's 100th birthday present, her granddaughter Ruthie sets out to put her family back together again. The final play in Katie Hims' trilogy of heartbreak and redemption. Cast: Ruthie ..... Rosie Cavaliero, Alice ..... Edna Doré, Ted ..... Gary Beadle, Vincent ..... Daniel Rabin, Marcus ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Ray ..... Sean Baker, Queenie ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Roseanna ..... Alex Tregear, Ella May ..... Joanna Monro, Receptionist ..... Sally Orrock. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

18 May: Afternoon Drama - Heart
By Mike Bartlett. Alison Steadman plays Susan, a recently retired primary school teacher. She sells things on Ebay, paints her own version of modern art and grows exotic plants in a poly-tunnel. Her husband Steve is stressed at work and is becoming depressed and increasingly vicious. She hardly recognises him. Even hates him at times. Retirement wasn't meant to be like this. Susan...Alison Steadman, Steve...Nicholas Farrell, Jackie...Joanna Monro. Producer Claire Grove.

19 May: Afternoon Drama - Macmillan's Marvellous Motion Machine
By Jules Horne. Young Scots country blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan is a man of ideas, like the velocipede - a clanking, pedalled contraption that's the ancestor of the modern bike. The cranky, smoky voice of the velocipede is the narrator and Kirkpatrick's constant companion. Kirkpatrick has been working on the velocipede for the past two years. Dreaming of fame, he's oblivious to girls' attentions; smitten instead with his velocipede, he's going to ride the 70 miles from Dumfries to Glasgow. It has no brakes. Cast: Kirkpatrick MacMillan ..... Scott Hoatson, Machine ..... John Kazek, Catherine ..... Gabriel Quigley, Duke ..... Gavin Mitchell, Duchess ..... Isabella Jarrett, Wee Toddy ..... Leo MacNeill. Producer: Rosie Kellaghe.

20 May: Afternoon Drama - The Death of Tom Inglis
The true story of Frances Inglis. When 22 year old Tom Inglis falls out of the back of a moving ambulance and suffers terrible head injuries he is brain damaged and unable to communicate. His family struggle to cope with his disablement, and his mother believes he is in constant pain. Set against the doctors, she becomes increasingly desperate to relieve his suffering. She begins a journey that leads her to action no mother would ever want to contemplate. Cast: Frances (Frankie) Inglis ..... Lesley Manville, Alex Inglis ..... Phil Daniels, AJ Inglis ..... Sid Mitchell, Professor Derick Wade ...... William Gaminara, Miranda Moore QC ...... Samantha Beart, Dr Arvin ..... Rupert Degas, Sacha Wass QC ..... Felicity Duncan, Katie Wheatley ...... DeNica Fairman, Mr Vindlacheruvu ..... Imran Khan. Music: Chris O'Shaughnessy. Writer: David Morley. Director: Dirk Maggs. Producer: David Morley. Perfectly Normal Productions (indie)

21 May: Saturday Drama - Five Days in May
By Matthew Solon. Under extreme pressure and suffering from lack of sleep, the politicians argued and negotiated. There was nothing inevitable about a Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition. Revealing key moments of the negotiations, the drama unpicks what went on behind closed doors and shows how an allegiance between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat gradually formed. Based on painstaking research, this is a retelling of the most extraordinary British election outcome in 70 years. Cast: David Cameron ..... Samuel West, Nick Clegg ..... Nicholas Boulton, Gordon Brown ..... Gerard Kelly, Peter Mandleson ..... Henry Goodman, Ed Balls ..... John Sessions, William Hague ..... Philip Jackson, Danny Alexander ..... Emun Elliot, David Laws ..... Anthony Calf, Chris Huhne ..... Rupert Frazer, George Osborne ..... Ian Hughes. Other parts played by Charlotte Longfield, Wilf Gilmour and members of the cast. No producer credit in BBC info. but I think it was probably made by Goldhawk / John Dryden.

22 May: Saturday Drama - Emil and the Detectives
Dramatisation by Katie Hims of the comic children's detective novel by Erich Kästner. Country boy Emil Tischbein, up from Neustadt for the first time, enlists the aid of hundreds of Berlin street boys to help him catch a thief. Emil ...... Joshua Swinney, Kaestner ...... Bruce Alexander , Grundeis ...... Ewan Hooper, Gustav ...... Daniel Cooper, Professor ...... Neil Reynolds, Traut ...... Bertie Gilbert, Peters ...... Josh Robinson, Tuesday ...... Harry Child, Pony ...... Agnes Bateman, Mrs Tischbein ...... Melissa Advani, Cashier ...... Tessa Nicholson, Jeschke ...... John Biggins, Guard ...... Rhys Jennings, Taxi Driver ...... Joseph Cohen-Cole, Grandma ...... Kate Layden. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

23 May: Afternoon Drama - Whistling Wally's Son
Earlier this year playwright Wally K Daly revisited his home town of Middlesbrough and went to the area where he had grown up in Grangetown, all of which has virtually disappeared. Most of the local industry has gone and the surrounding housing, school and pubs. His play recalls the street in which he lived, his earliest war time memories, the people he knew, their fears and tragedies, the 'sessions' in bombed houses and the return of his father from a prisoner of war camp. He remembers in particular his love for his mother and the death of his father, Whistling Wally and how these events from his childhood have had a profound effect on his writing career. Auditions were held in Middlesbrough to find two children to play major parts. Jamie Dickinson stars as the young Wally K Daly and Jodie Day plays two roles, Mary Wrigglesworth and Kathleen Daly. Also in the cast are others originally from the Middlesbrough area including Monica Dolan, David Seddon, Neil Grainger and Marlene Sidaway. Wally K Daly was recorded on location near the site of his former home on Vaughan Street and also on Eston Hills where he played as a child. The play is directed by Martin Jenkins who first worked with Wally K on his first radio play in 1974. Cast: Kevin ..... Jamie Dickinson, Whistling Wally ..... David Seddon, Mam and Kitty ..... Monica Dolan, Kathleen and Mary ..... Jodie Day, John ..... Neil Grainger , Fr.O'Hagan ..... Tom Bevan , Mrs Meskill ..... Marlene Sidaway. Producer: Martin Jenkins, working for Pier Productions (indie).

24 May: Afternoon Drama - The Kingsnorth Six
By Julia Hollander. In October 2007, green activists broke into Kingsnorth Power Station. They planned to climb its central chimney in protest against Government proposals to build more coal-fired power stations, claiming that man-made carbon dioxide was affecting the climate. Their action did not go smoothly. The play tells the story of their climb and the subsequent court case for criminal damage, in which they faced the threat of prison. Ben ..... Daniel Rabin, Emily ..... Federay Holmes, Will ..... David Seddon, Tim ..... Brian Bowles, Kevin / Prosecution Barrister ..... Mark Carey, Huw / Defence Barrister ..... Sean Baker, Judge ..... Rob Swinton. Produced and directed by Fiona Kelcher.

25 May: Afternoon Drama - Torchwood, Asylum
When PC Andy arrests a teenager for shoplifting, he thinks it's going to be a routine case. Then he sees the weapon she's carrying and decides to call in Torchwood. Under questioning from Gwen, the girl remembers her name but little else, and when she speaks it's in a strange mix of English and Scandinavian but with a Cardiff accent. Then the girl's blood tests come through and the team is faced with a dilemma. Jack ... John Barrowman, Gwen ... Eve Myles, Ianto ... Gareth David-Lloyd, PC Andy ... Tom Price, Freda ... Erin Richards, Security Guard ... Matthew Gravelle, Policewoman ... Sara McGaughey, Dog Walker ... Dick Bradnum, Girl ... Isabel Lewis. Writer: Anita Sullivan. Sound Design: Nigel Lewis. Director: Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

26 May: Afternoon Drama - Torchwood, Golden Age
By James Goss. On the trail of a dangerous energy field, Torchwood are led to Delhi. As the energy field grows once more, they witness the simultaneous disappearance of hundreds of people. Jack discovers that the field centres on an old colonial mansion - Torchwood India. Shocked to find that Torchwood India is still going strong - he shut it down himself over 80 years ago - he's even more surprised to find that its members, including his old flame the Duchess, haven't aged a day. Jack ..... John Barrowman, Gwen ..... Eve Myles, Ianto ..... Gareth David-Lloyd, The Duchess ..... Jasmine Hyde, Mr Daz ..... Amerjit Dew, Mahajan ..... Ravin J Ganatra, Gissing ..... Richard Mitchley. Writer: James Goss. Sound Design: Nigel Lewis. Producer: Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

27 May: Afternoon Drama - Torchwood, The Dead Line
When a Cardiff Hospital is inundated with patients who have fallen into coma-like trances, Torchwood move in to investigate. The trances appear to have been triggered by phone calls, all received on retro phones and made from a number that hasn't been active for over 30 years. Determined to find out who's been calling the unfortunate victims, Jack rings the mysterious number - two, oh, five, nine - nothing. It's a dead line. Until, it calls Jack back..... Jack ... John Barrowman, Gwen ... Eve Myles, Ianto ... Gareth David-Lloyd, Rhys ... Kai Owen, Stella .... Dona Croll, Jan ... Eiry Thomas, Bob .. Matthew Gravelle, Tyler ... Brendan Charleson. Writer: Phil Ford. Sound Design: Nigel Lewis. Producer: Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

28 May: Saturday Drama - Sunk
A drama to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Launch of Titanic (31st May 1911). This is the story behind the 1943 Nazi propaganda film, Titanic, which was, until that time, the most expensive German film ever made. It was commissioned by Goebbels to discredit British and American capitalists. The production subsequently became a symbol for the corruption and 'sinking' of the Third Reich itself. Cast: Walter Zerlett-Olfenius .....Richard Laing, Herbert Selpin.....Blake Ritson, Joseph Goebbels.....Jason Watkins, Hans Nielsen .....Nick Dunning, Sybille Schmitz .....Lucy Cohu, Ernst Fritz Furbringer .....Miche Doherty, Miss Volkmaan.....Séainín Brennan, The Barman.....Paul Kennedy. Producer.....Gemma McMullan.

29 May: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 2, Edward I - Old Soldiers
By Mike Walker, inspired by Holinshed's Chronicles. Edward Longshanks - the Hammer of the Scots - was grief-stricken after the death of his first wife. He finds new love with Margaret, sister of the French King but heartache with his son Ned. Edward 1st ... Philip Jackson, Margaret ...Ellie Kendrick, Ned ... Sam Troughton, Gaveston ...Simon Bubb, Wallace.. .James Lailey, Roger Bigod ... Jonathan Forbes, with Sean Baker, Brian Bowles, Nyasha Hatendi, Stuart McLoughlin, Joanna Monro, Peter Polycarpou, Daniel Rabin, Alun Raglan and Jane Whittenshaw. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Jessica Dromgoole.

30 May: Afternoon Drama - Corrinne Come Back and Gone
By Lenny Henry. Corrinne Jackson gets a letter from her daughter inviting her to return to Jamaica after twenty years. Her husband is dead. Twenty years earlier she fled to the UK leaving her children behind. Now there's a chance to set things right. This is Lenny Henry's first radio play, having recently completed an MA (with distinction) in screenwriting. And Lenny has a good story to tell. Women abandoning their children is a highly emotive subject in any culture and Lenny's family are from Jamaica, where the play is set. In the play Corrinne is optimistic that by returning she can bridge the gap the years have created and be forgiven before it is too late. Like many Caribbean women of her generation she has been separated from her children by poverty. Corrinne...Claire Benedict, Miss Valda...Dona Croll, Bridie...Nadine Marshall, Ruth...Clare Perkins, Simone...Petra Letang, Marcus...Alex Lanipekun, Child Bridie...Leah Ocran. Producer Claire Grove.

31 May: Afternoon Drama - Mole
Richard Monks' comic tale of an amateur gardener who becomes dangerously obsessed with hunting down the mole that has dared to desecrate his pristine lawn. But his obsession hides a deeper and more damaging problem. Margaret ...... Lesley Sharp, Colin ...... Neil Dudgeon, Mathew ...... Robert Lonsdale, Jonte ...... Paul Rider, Nurse ...... Manjeet Mann, Doctor ...... Gunnar Cauthery. Producer Marc Beeby.

1 Jun: Afternoon Drama - The Big Broadcast
Words and music by Neil Brand. It's 1932, and the Chicago Beefsteak's Hour of Charm is the most successful programme on Midwest US radio. Tonight's live broadcast stars famous husband and wife team of composer/lyricists Grant Thornhill and Jean Forsythe. Gambling Grant is in debt to gangster Brannigan but a new song might just save the day. This play uses Neil's strengths as a playwright and composer/lyricist with an ear for the music of the 30s and a thorough knowledge of song writing. The idea for the play came from a mutual enthusiasm for musicals shared with the actor Haydn Gwynne. The aim was to create a fast, funny and warm period piece with the feel of Broadway musical and 30s radio station, whilst an audience in the Radio Theatre. Neil has written a number of radio plays including GETTING THE JOKE (shortlisted for the Tinniswood Award), concerning the 1954 trial of post card artist Donald McGill for obscenity, STAN, the deathbed farewell of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, SEEING IT THROUGH, the story of the WW1 spin doctor Charles Masterman who got this country's literary elite to write war propaganda and HEADLINER, the story of political influence in a former Soviet state in the world of stand-up comedy. Neil is also a pianist for silent film - performing internationally and in Trafalgar Square. He worked with Paul Merton on a TV series about silent movies. Neil's has a one-man show THE SILENT PIANIST. Cast: Jean Forsythe ... Josie Lawrence, Grant Thornhill ... Nigel Harman, Arthur Clarke ........... Sam Dale, Brannigan ............. Sean Baker, Myrna .............. Joanna Monro, Sadie ........... Jane Whittenshaw, Billy ........... Stuart McLoughlin. BBC Singers: Margaret Cameron, Charles Gibbs, Olivia Robinson, Stephen Jeffes. Producer: David Hunter.

2 Jun: Afternoon Drama - SBLT (Single But Living Together)
By Ewa Banaskiewicz. What happens if you separate but circumstances force you to continue to live together? Alex thinks she can make it work with a list of rules but then emotions begin to get in the way. Alex ..... Natasha Little, Josh ..... David Seddon, Liz ..... Sarah Smart, Duncan ..... Will Tudor, Rilla ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Nicky ..... Alex Tregear, Zoe ..... Martha Avens. Producer Sally Avens.

3 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Rumpole on Trial
John Mortimer's two part Radio 4 Rumpole story brings us the magician of the Old Bailey at his implacable best as he defends our ancient freedoms, while remaining uneasy about exactly what his wife Hilda is up to in her continuing friendship with a high court judge. Cast: Horace Rumpole ..... Timothy West, Hilda Rumpole ..... Prunella Scales , 'Soapy Sam' Ballard ..... Michael Cochrane, Bonny Bernard ..... Nicholas le Prevost , Prosecutor Parkes ..... Roger May , Madam Chair of Magistrates ..... Jillie Mears , Graham Wetherby ..... David Holt , Lars Bergman ..... Matthew Morgan , Judge Bullingham ..... David Shaw-Parker , Fig Newton ..... Geoffrey Whitehead. Producer: Marilyn Imrie Made by Catherine Bailey Productions (indie).

4 Jun: Saturday Drama - Little Platoons
By Steve Waters. Separated from her partner, Martin, and disillusioned with teaching at the west London comprehensive which their son Sam attends, Rachel's looking for an outlet for her evangelical zeal. More out of curiosity than conviction, she goes to a pilot meeting of a free-school initiative headed by middle-class Nick and Lara. Only to find herself embroiled in a mix of private and public rows that exposes the confusion that surrounds the subject of how we can best educate our children. Rachel de Witt ..... Claire Price, Martin ..... Richard Henders, Nick Orme ..... Andrew Woodall, Lara Orme ..... Susannah Harker, Parvez Akhtar ..... Christopher Simpson, Polly Tyneham ..... Joanne Froggatt, Samuel ..... Otto Farrant, Marcus ..... Kerron Darby, Amitha ..... Mandeep Dhillon, Sadie ..... Holli Dempsey, Brandon ..... Joe Cole. Directed for stage by Nathan Curry. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

5 Jun: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 2, Edward II - The Greatest Traitor
By Mike Walker. While Edward's power is prey to his passions, his queen, Isabella, and his most powerful ally, Roger Mortimer, find a passion of their own. Cast: Edward the Second ..... Sam Troughton, Isabella ..... Hattie Morahan , Mortimer ..... Trystan Gravelle, Prince Edward ..... Joseph Samrai, Despenser ..... Jonathan Forbes. Other parts played by Sean Baker, Simon Bubb, James Lailey, Peter Polycarpou, Daniel Rabin, and Alun Raglan. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Jessica Dromgoole.

6 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Hearing Voices
By Jimmy McAleavey. D.I. James McCoy is an old style, hard-man copper, who though tempted by an offer of redundancy, determines to nail the killer of a colleague involved in undercover work. McCoy knows what he has to do to gain a conviction, but for the first time in his career he finds himself undermined not only by a psychopathic murderer, but by a somehow familiar voice in his head which ridicules and emasculates him, and threatens to completely destroy him. James McCoy - Tim McInnerny, The Voice - Danny Webb, Kenny -Ian Bartholomew, McKenzie - Daniel Rabin, Fairleigh - Ewan Bailey, Anika - Jane Slavin, Davide - Nyasha Hatendi, Psychologist - Joanna Munroe. Produced by Eoin O'Callaghan.

7 Jun: Afternoon Drama - A Monstrous Vitality
By Andy Merriman.The actress Margaret Rutherford in a tale of chimpanzees, Jordanian Princes, an adoring husband and falling in love with a musician 30 years her junior. Margaret ..... June Whitfield, Malcolm ..... Ryan McCluskey, Lewis Stringer ..... Sean Baker, Rumer ..... Gabrielle Lloyd, Prince Juan ..... Adeel Akhtar, Driver ..... Lloyd Thomas, Chimp trainer ..... Sally Orrock, Doctor ..... Sam Dale. Producer: David Hunter.

8 Jun: Afternoon Drama - The 40 Year Twitch
By Daniel Thurman. When Yvonne loses her job at the age of 64, she starts to fear that husband Neil's devotion to birding - birdwatching to the uninitiated - is actually all about escaping her and their humdrum life together. Thus begins a somewhat overenthusiastic pursuit of the truth as she trains her binoculars firmly on Neil's every move. Can best friend Wendy bring her back to earth? Yvonne ..... Paula Wilcox, Neil ..... Philip Jackson, Wendy ..... Anne Reid, Austin ..... Brian Bowles. Producer Toby Swift.

9 Jun: Afternoon Drama - The Apple Tree
Family drama set on a Scottish island. Maria is an Englishwoman who has fallen in love with her husband Iain's Highland heritage - but there's a shock in store for them when they take a trip home to his mother's island croft. It is Hogmanay. Iain, an artist, and the son of a crofter, has just received news of his mother's death. He and Maria set off from Edinburgh to attend the funeral. They drive north in blizzard conditions. Eventually they reach Iain's mother's house, where brother James, sister-in-law Ishbel, and the church elders are gathered. In the aftermath of this family crisis Maria's love affair with the island way of life will be severely tested. Maria..............Juliet Stevenson, Iain.................Iain MacRae, James.............David Walker, Ishbel..............Carina MacLeod, Minister..........Angus Peter Campbell. Producer: Bruce Young.

10 Jun: Afternoon Drama-The Antisocial Behaviour of Horace Rumpole,2: Going for Silk
Rumpole has successfully rebutted his colleagues attempts to quash his ebullient lifestyle with an ASBO, and now turns his attention back to the continuing case against young Bertie Timson whose sole 'crime' seems to be playing football in the street. Why are the residents pursuing their case against the boy quite so strongly? Could they have more sinister reasons for wanting him off their street? And could it be connected in any way to the lonely death of a prostitute across town, in which the prime suspect is a hapless young bachelor protesting his innocence; a call to arms Rumpole can scarcely ignore? Cast: Horace Rumpole ..... Timothy West, Hilda Rumpole ..... Prunella Scales, Bonny Bernard ..... Nicholas le Prevost, Police Doctor ..... Roger May, Anna McKinnon ..... Jillie Mears, Graham Wetherby ..... David Holt, Prosecutor Noakes ..... Matthew Morgan, Detective Inspector Belfrage ..... David Shaw-Parker , Judge Barnes ..... Geoffrey Whitehead. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Catherine Bailey Productions (indie).

11 Jun: Saturday Drama - The Browning Version
By Terence Rattigan. A celebration of Terence Rattigan's centenary. Set in an English public school on the last day of the summer term, buried emotions re-surface when unpopular classics master Andrew Crocker Harris is given a present on his final day. A new production directed by Martin Jarvis. 'The Browning Version' shows the writer's ability to characterise repressed emotion, and provides a devastating portrait of a dead marriage. One of the finest, most moving and beautifully crafted plays of the 20th century. Cast: Taplow ..... Matthew Wolf, Frank Hunter ..... Ioan Gruffudd, Millie Crocker-Harris ...... Joanne Whalley, Andrew Crocker-Harris ..... Michael York, Headmaster ..... Ian Ogilvy, Peter Gilbert ..... Stuart Bunce, Mrs Gilbert ...... Kate Maberly. Director: Martin Jarvis. Producer Rosalind Ayres. Jarvis & Ayres Productions (indie).

12 Jun: Classic Serial - Plantagenet: Series 2, Richard II - And All Our Dreams Will End in Death
By Mike Walker. Inspired by Holinshed's Chronicles. Richard II, having proved his mettle in quelling the Peasants' Revolt, disappoints his courtiers as he pursues peace and culture as an alternative to fighting and swiving. Richard II ..... Patrick Kennedy , Henry Bolingbroke ..... Blake Ritson, Queen Ann ..... Alex Tregear, Gloucester ..... Peter Polycarpou, John of Gaunt ..... Sean Baker, DeVere ..... James Lailey, Burley ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Tyler ..... Simon Bubb, Walworth ..... Daniel Rabin, John Ball ..... Jonathan Forbes, Joan ..... Claire Harry, Welshman ..... Alun Raglan. Directed by Jeremy Mortimer and Jessica Dromgoole.

13 Jun: Afternoon Drama - But If You Try Sometimes
By Sarah Daniels. Chloe has cerebral palsy and is certain she will lose her adored carer Rose, when Rose falls for an apparently perfect man. Rose ..... Lesley Manville, Chloe ..... Amy Golden, Chloe's voice ..... Alex Tregear, Alex ..... Jelena Budimir. Producer ..... Sally Avens.

14 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Park Life
By Harvey Virdi. Rauf and Malkeet share an unlikely friendship. Two British Asian elders have more in common than they care to admit. For Malkeet and Rauf, retirement has turned out very differently from expectations, so they spend their days passing time in the local park. The play explores the subject of Asian elders neglected by their children. It was commissioned and performed as Meri Christmas, a stage play for Rifco Arts. Malkeet ..... Shelley King, Rauf ..... Paul Bhattacharjee, Agnes ..... Ambur Khan, Amir ..... Inam Mirza, Daljit ..... Rina Mahoney, Bubloo ..... Pushpinder Chani. Produced by Fiona Kelcher.

15 Jun: Afternoon Drama - A Scattering
At the age of sixty, Christopher Reid lost his wife, the actress Lucinda Gane, to cancer. In this radio adaptation, Robert Bathurst reads the collection of poems Christopher wrote in response to her death. They describe events from the first diagnosis of illness to the end of her life. The result is life-enhancing because ultimately it expresses the triumph of love over death. We all have to die. What difference does it make whether it is a few years earlier or later? Producer: Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

16 Jun: Afternoon Drama - The Chess Girls
By Lavinia Greenlaw. In the 70s and 80s the Polgar sisters rocked the chess world. In a heavily male-dominated game, the three Hungarian girls broke record after record. The youngest, Judit, was talked of as a potential world champion. The Chess Girls is the story of their parents, Laszlo and Klara Polgar, and how they defied the Communist authorities to conduct a remarkable educational experiment. Laszlo Polgar, convinced that any healthy child can be trained to become a genius, set out to prove his theory with his own children. This is a drama-documentary with excerpts from an interview with Laszlo and Klara Polgar recorded for the play. The writer takes their account and re-creates the lives of the young Polgar family in their tiny Budapest flat. The fictional Laszlo is played by Kerry Shale, and Klara by Sally Orrock. Producer: Chris Ledgard.

17 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Lilo
By Katie Hims. Childhood sweethearts meet up after nearly 20 years, wondering whether they should have stayed together. Trystan and Simone haven't seen each other for eighteen years. They went to school together, grew up together and fell in love. It ended badly and then Trystan went off to university. To Trystan's disappointment Simone is still married, to his arch enemy no less. They even have kids. Trystan has no family but a successful career. They both claim to be happy. They both claim to have no regrets. But as the evening progresses they wonder if they have wasted the last eighteen years. Cast: Simone ...... Maxine Peake, Trystan ..... Trystan Gravelle, Simone (11 yrs) ..... Shannon Flynn, Trystan (11 yrs) ..... Euan Brown. Sound Design by Eloise Whitmore. Producer: Melanie Harris. Indie production (Sparklab).

18 Jun: Saturday Drama - In Praise of Love
A number of Terence Rattigan's plays e.g. The Winslow Boy, Separate Tables, The Deep Blue Sea, Cause Celebre were triggered by real incidents - and In Praise of Love is no exception. In the mid-1950s his friend, Rex Harrison, told him that his wife, the talented Kay Kendall, was dying of leukaemia, but she but she didn't know and he would never tell her. Twenty years later Rattigan wrote this play in response, which was produced in 1973 and subsequently on Broadway, with Rex Harrison himself in the lead. The play is what the title says it is - it praises mature, spiritual love and devotion rather than youthful passion.The critic Harold Hobson called it a heart-breaking masterpiece. Cast: Lydia Cruttwell ..... Sarah Badel, Sebastian Cruttwell ..... Martin Jarvis, Mark Walters ..... Kerry Shale, Joey Cruttwell ..... James Joyce. Director: Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Productions).

19 Jun: Classic Serial - The Hireling
Dramatised by Judith Adams from the novel by L.P.Hartley. A thriller. Ex-Sergeant Stephen Leadbitter, raised from an unhappy working class childhood between the wars, is on a peacetime mission to business success as a chauffeur and car for hire. He despises his clients, especially the ladies, until the young, widowed, naive and immensely rich Lady Franklin hires him to take her on trips. Lady Franklin has been in mourning for her late husband for two years, and finds it impossible to return to normal life. In the car, she shares her burden with him. He obliges with a story of his own; something he makes up. This is very unwise. Cast: Narrator ..... Kenneth Cranham, Steve Leadbitter ..... Simon Day, Lady Franklin ..... Lisa Dillon, Hughie ..... Joseph Millson, Constance ..... Ursula Burton, Clarice ..... Nicola Duffett, Simmonds ..... Anthony Gleave, Bert Standing ..... Kevin James, Landlady ..... Jane Purcell, Porter ..... Andrew Cullimore. Producer: Chris Wallis. Indie (Autolycus Productions).

20 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Success Story
When Ray's low-budget film is picked up by a major studio his dreams of Hollywood start to become a reality. Then, holed up in a hotel room doing endless publicity interviews, he finds the past coming back to bite him. By Brett Goldstein. Ray ..... Geoffrey Streatfeild, Tara ..... Caroline Catz, Emily ..... Sasha Pick, Kristen ..... Laurel Lefkow. Producer Toby Swift.

21 Jun: Afternoon Drama - A Terrible Beauty
By David Pownall. The poet Yeats travels to propose to legendary beauty Maud Gonne soon after her husband was executed by the British in the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. Music composed and performed by Max Pownall. YEATS.....JOHN KAVANAGH, MAUD.... .FIONA VICTORY, YSEULT......LYDIA WILSON, ELSIE......JANE WHITTENSHAW. Producer Peter Kavanagh.

22 Jun: Afternoon Drama - The People Next Door
By Shelley Silas. Sarah has never much liked her next-door-neighbours Samuel and Teresa - he plays his music too loud and she's just plain creepy, but are they as weird as Sarah thinks, or is she just letting her imagination run away with her? Cast: Sarah ..... Claire Rushbrook, James ..... Nicholas Gleaves, Samuel ..... Sean Baker, Teresa ..... Marlene Sidaway, Car Mechanic ..... Alun Raglan. Producer Mary Peate.

23 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Crimes of Mancunia
Criminals' loved ones are being kidnapped around Manchester. When the kidnapper starts asking for very specific amounts of ransom money, word soon spreads that he is an ex-cop with a dangerous grudge against the criminal community. DCI Lise Lazard and DI Mikey Finn take up the case before time runs out for the kidnapper's victims. A noir drama in verse by Michael Symmons Roberts. DI MICKEY FIN .. Jason Done, DCI LISE LAZARD .. Sinead Keenan, BENNETT .. James Quinn, CHIZ .. Danielle Henry, SONJA .. Beth McCann, CRAIG/ BARMAN .. Stephen Hoyle, STATION FOREMAN/ POLICEMAN .. Russell Richardson. Producer: Charlotte Riches. Director: Susan Roberts.

24 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Playing for His Life
By John Peacock. Tennis ace Baron Gottfried Von Cramm, married but secretly homosexual, offends Hitler, by refusing to join the Nazi Party. He believes himself to be safe as long as he remains Germany's number one and winning. 'But I must win. I can't lose, and I can't quit.' He was left playing for his life whilst under the surveillance of the Gestapo.. Cast: Gottfried Von Cramm ..... Geoffrey Streatfield, Lisa Von Cramm ..... Paloma Baeza, Jutta Von Cramm ..... Frances Jeater, Joachim Von Ribbentrop ..... Sam Dale, Manasse Herbst ..... Nicholas Boulton, Bill Tilden Junior ..... William Hope, Commentator/Pate ..... Geoffrey Whitehead, Hermann Goering/Umpire ..... Simon Treves, Don Budge ..... Adam Unze , Lady Astor .... Rachel Atkins, Henkel/David ..... James Joyce. Producer: Celia de Wolff. Indie (Pier Productions).

25 Jun: Saturday Drama - Cause Celebre
The Old Vic Theatre's recent production of Terence Rattigan's courtroom drama. 2011 is the centenary of Terence Rattigan's birth. Cause Celebre was originally a radio play, produced by the BBC in 1975. Rattigan was fascinated by a sensational murder trial at the Old Bailey in 1935 concerning an elderly architect allegedly killed by his much younger wife Alma and George, their handsome odd-job boy. The popular press had a field day - tales of sex, drugs, alcohol and gore were plastered across the papers. The play follows the course of the murder trial and its impact on Edith Davenport, the morally upright forewoman of the jury. Edith is forced to reconsider her initial condemnation of the life-affirming, morally relaxed Alma. Terence Rattigan is one of Britain's most popular 20th century dramatists. (....if we are into generalizations i'll add another ... Rattigan's plays often contain more emotion than sense, but perhaps life is sometimes like that....ND...) Cast: Joan Webster ..... Lucy Black, Francis Rattenbury .... Timothy Carlton, John Davenport .... Simon Chandler, Croom-Johnson ..... Richard Clifford, Christopher .... Oliver Coopersmith, Edith Davenport .... Niamh Cusack, Alma Rattenbury ..... Anne-Marie Duff, Montagu ..... Rory Fleck-Byrne, Tony Davenport .... Freddie Fox, Irene Riggs .... Jenny Galloway, Judge ...... Patrick Godfrey, O'Connor .... Nicholas Jones, George Wood .......Tommy McDonnell, Stella Morrison ....... Lucy Robinson, Clerk of the court .....Tristan Shepherd, Casswell ....... Richard Teverson, Wardress ....... Sarah Waddell, Sergeant Bagwell ....... Michael Webber, Coroner ....... Tristram Wymark. The play was directed by Thea Sharrock and produced by Polly Thomas. Indie production (Sparklab) from the recent production at the Old Vic Theatre. Assistant director: Eleanor While. Original music: Adrian Johnston; executive producer: Melanie Harris.

26 Jun: Classic Serial - The Hireling, The Hireling
L.P.Hartley, episode 2. Dramatized by Judith Adams from the novel. Cast: Narrator ...... Kenneth Cranham, Steve Leadbitter ..... Simon Day, Lady Franklin ..... Lisa Dillon, Hughie ..... Joseph Millson, Constance ..... Ursula Burton, Clarice ..... Nicola Duffett, Simmonds ..... Anthony Gleave, Bert Standing ..... Kevin James, Landlady ..... Jane Purcell, Porter ..... Andrew Cullimore. Producer/Director: Chris Wallis. Indie production (Autolycus).

27 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Can You Hear Me?
By Margaret Wilkinson. Summer 1940. Anna, a young Italian translator is working at the BBC's Wood Norton Hall, Evesham: a government listening post where she monitors enemy domestic radio broadcasts. Her work is secret; she looks for buried information on troop movements in Italian radio broadcasts and provides information to the Allies. She works alongside sound engineers and other translators, including young German translator Fred who is in love with her. One day the voice of Anna's recently interned Italian lover Carlo comes over the airwaves asking for her help. Anna is gripped by a fierce dilemma. As Carlo's communications increase in frequency, passion and urgency, Fred discovers Anna's activities and warns her not to believe what she hears, this could be an enemy spy posing as Carlo. Then news comes in that a ship carrying Italian internees has been struck by a torpedo from a German submarine, Anna is shocked to hear that it is The Arandora Star. Carlo was aboard... ANNA.....Morven Christie, FRED.....Matthew McNulty, CARLO.....Cesare Taurasi, MRS FELLOWS.....Sarah Parks. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

28 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Shall I Say a Kiss?
Drama starring two deaf actors, based on a true story. Dramatised by Vanessa Rosenthal. Shall I Say a Kiss? is the title of a book of letters edited by Lennard Davis, Eva and Morris' youngest son. When his parents died he found a bundle of faded letters. They afforded a fascinating glimpse into his parents' courtship. Morris Davis was born deaf in 1898 in Whitechapel. He moved to New York in 1924. On a visit to the UK in 1935, he saw a photo of Eva Weintrobe, also deaf. He went to Liverpool to meet her. After four meetings, Morris proposed. Eva accepted, but before they could arrange a date, Morris had to go back to New York. So the letters and challenges began. Could he bring Eva to America and marry her there? Would he be able to support her? And most pressingly, would American Immigration accept her? The cast includes deaf actors David Bower and Emily Howlett. Morris - David Bower, Eva - Emily Howlett, Mrs Weintrobe - Miriam Margolyes, Joseph Weintrobe - Adam Levy, Beattie Sokolov - Ceri Mill. Chad Gaya sung by the Dyson Langleben families. Production co-ordinator Eleri McAuliffe. Sound engineers Cathy Bassett, Nigel Lewis. Producer Polly Thomas. Executive producer Kate McAll.

29 Jun: Afternoon Drama - A Bobby's Job
By Don Webb. A young detective gets pulled in to investigate some thieving at a local firm. But every step he takes, tugs him slowly into places he shouldn't be. Mark...... Mark Jordon, Helen..... Lisa Brookes, Lynda..... Fiona Clarke, Joby...... Ian Redford, Richrad..... Christopher Corcoran, Stefan...... Liam Fox.. Directed by Gary Brown.

30 Jun: Afternoon Drama - Hitched, Episode 1
By Doug Lucie. Welcome to the wedding of Emma and Richard. They have done their best to keep their respective families apart, but as their wedding day approaches it is finally time for the in-laws to meet. But how will Emma's atheist father Max and 'slightly too fond of the grape' mother Ellie get along with Richard's bullish and opinionated father Barry and rather put-upon mother Jenny? ........ Two afternoon plays track the events of one couple's big day. Chas... William Gaunt, Ruby... Sylvia Syms, Emma... Lydia Leonard, Barry... Ian Reddington, Max ...Stephen Moore, Ellie... Frances Barber, Jenny... Cheryl Campbell, Frankie... Michael Colgan, Richard... Joe Armstrong, Roy... Nicky Henson , Bill... Michael Shelford, Peter... Guy Henry. Not sure who produced this; missing from BBC details .... I'd guess Heather Larmour.

1 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Hitched, conclusion
Details yesterday.

2 Jul: Saturday Drama - White Nights
By Ann Cleeves. Dramatised for radio by Iain Finlay MacLeod. Crime drama set in Shetland at midsummer, when the sun never quite leaves the sky and birds sing at midnight. The launch of Bella Sinclair's art exhibition, at the Herring House Gallery in the remote hamlet of Biddista, is ruined by the appearance of a distressed stranger, claiming amnesia. The man is later found dead. Cast: D.I. Jimmy Perez ..... Steven Robertson, Kenny ..... Finlay Welsh, Edith ..... Anne Lacey, Bella ..... Eileen McCallum, Fran ..... Tracy Wiles, D.I. Roy Taylor ..... Robin Laing, Peter ..... Steven McNicoll, Roddy ..... Finn den Hertog. Producer: Kirsteen Cameron.

3 Jul: Saturday Drama - The Admirable Crichton
Famous play by JM Barrie. Crichton is the the perfect butler. Liberal aristocrat Lord Loam favours masters and servants living together as equals, but Crichton is the perfect butler and the perfect snob who likes the class system. However, when there's an accident at sea, the positions of master and servant are reversed. Crichton ...... Russell Tovey, JM Barrie ...... David Bannerman , Lady Mary ...... Beth Chalmers , Lord Loam ...... David Timson, Lady Agatha ...... Martha Howe-Douglas, Ernest Woolley ...... Gunnar Cauthery, Tweeny ...... Lizzy Watts, Rev John Treherne ...... Adrian Grove, Lord Brocklehurst ...... Stephen Hogan, Lady Brocklehurst ...... Tina Gray. Directed by Fiona Kelcher.

4 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Ditched, Episode 1
By Doug Lucie. After the dream-turned-nightmare of their wedding in 'Hitched' we revisit the bride and groom, Emma and Richard, two years later. The couple have been living in America and have a young baby daughter, but the honeymoon is well and truly over. With their relationship reaching crisis point, Emma leaves America with her young daughter to discover her life isn't the only one that has changed. Her brother has returned home and is living with their father, and her mother has a new boyfriend. When Richard flies back to the UK, the scene is set for another bust-up between the families. Cast: Max - Stephen Moore, Ellie - Frances Barber, Barry - David Schofield, Jenny - Cheryl Campbell, Richard - Harry Lloyd, Emma - Lydia Leonard, Peter - Adrian Lukis, Sam - Brendan Patricks, Joy - Alison Pettitt, Sheila - Lynn Farleigh. Producer - not sure, but I think it was Heather Larmour.

5 Jul: Ditched, conclusion
Details given yesterday.

6 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Whenever I Get Blown Up I Think of You
By Molly Naylor. Molly moves to London full of naive dreams, high hopes and on a quest to make her life just like the movies. Then on 7/7/2005 she finds herself on a tube train blown up by terrorists (the London Tube Bombing) and her life is forced to take a different direction. This is the true story of what happened next. Molly ..... Morven Christie, Dan ..... Bryan Dick, Dad ..... Sam Dale, Mum ..... Susie Riddell, Pavel ..... Jonathan Forbes, Matt ..... James Lailey. Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

7 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Life Begins at Crawley
By Roy Apps. Penelope Keith plays Eleanor Prendergast, the wife of a newly imprisoned Tory MP who's been fiddling his expenses. She is driven to crime to make ends meet (she's got her Porsche to run, and the mortgage on Sunnybrook Farm to pay) and soon finds herself at the wheel of a stolen articulated lorry full of vodka. The trouble begins when she meets young Kerry in the prison car park after her first visiting session. Cast: Eleanor ...... Penelope Keith, Kerry ...... Kelly Adams, Charles ...... David Collings, Malky ..... Russell Floyd, Andronnikov ..... Richard Attlee, Sasha ......Rob Heaps, Agency Man ..... Nicholas Boulton, Agency Girl ..... Jessica Carroll, Kelvin ..... Sam Taylor. Producer: David Blount. Indie (Pier Productions).

8 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Gilda and her Daughters in Looking for Goldie
By Carine Adler; comedy drama. Eccentric Romanian Gilda finds herself in the middle of a family argument, as her bickering daughters fight for their deceased father's fortune. Her toy boy lover is on hand to provide a welcome distraction. Gilda .. Sian Thomas, Amy .. Pippa Haywood, Natalie ... Fiona Clarke, Clarissa .. Claire Bleasdale, Vip the toy boy/Dad ... Amerjit Deu, Harry .. Toby Hadoke, Cosmo .. Declan Wilson. Producer Charlotte Riches.

9 Jul: Saturday Drama - The Penny Dreadfuls Present: Revolution
By The Penny Dreadfuls: Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck. The French Revolution was one of the most far-reaching social and political upheavals in modern history spanning 10 years and involving the execution of the King, collapse of monarchy and slaughter of thousands at the guillotine. Starring Richard E Grant and Sally Hawkins, comedy trio The Penny Dreadfuls tell the epic story of the Revolution in one hour, with jokes.The play's two main characters are Robespierre, who sent thousands to their deaths, and Marie-Therese, the daughter of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Marie-Therese was locked up for three years by the revolutionaries, along with her father, mother, aunt and little brother. After the execution of her father the rest of the family were moved to another part of the tower and Marie-Therese was kept in solitary confinement. It is recorded that Robespierre visited Marie-Therese at one point in the tower but there is no historical record of that conversation. This play is that conversation. Richard E Grant - Robespierre, Sally Hawkins - Therese. David Reed, Humphrey Ker, Thom Tuck and Margaret Cabourn-Smith play all other roles.Producer - Julia McKenzie.

10 Jul: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan: Titus Arrives
By Mervyn Peake, dramatised by Brian Sibley. A baby is born: Titus Groan, heir to crumbling stone and ancient ritual, only son of Sepulchrave, the 76th Earl of Gormenghast. Whilst the castle flies into state of high excitement, change may at last come creeping through its empty halls, on the heels of a sly but ambitious kitchen boy named Steerpike. Titus...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner , Steerpike...Carl Prekopp, Sepulchrave, Earl Of Groan...Paul Rhys, Gertrude, Countess Of Groan...Miranda Richardson, Dr Prunesquallor ...James Fleet , Irma Prunesquallor...Tamsin Greig, Clarice ...Fenella Woolgar, Cora ...Claudie Blakley, Fuchsia ...Olivia Hallinan, Flay ...Adrian Scarborough, Abiatha Swelter ...Mark Benton , Sourdust...James Lailey , Nannie Slagg ...Jane Whittenshaw , Keda...Susie Riddell , With Simon Bubb, Jonathan Forbes, Peter Polycarpou, Alun Raglan, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Directed by Gemma Jenkins. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

11 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Torchwood: The Lost Files, The Devil and Miss Carew
Martin Jarvis and Juliet Mills join the regular cast for this latest Torchwood adventure by Rupert Laight. When Rhys's elderly Uncle Bryn has a heart attack while listening to the shipping forecast, it seems like another routine death at Ivyday Nursing Home. But when Rhys and Gwen go to collect the old man's effects, Gwen's suspicions are roused by another elderly resident. The conversation is cut short, though, by a fire alarm, one of many consequences of the mysterious power cuts that are sweeping the nation. Gwen has a hunch that something is wrong and her search leads her to Miss Carew, a suspiciously fit and strong octogenarian who, despite having supposedly terminal heart disease, has left Ivyday and gone back to work at the Computer firm she used to run. Miss Carew has been offered a deal by Fitzroy, a wandering alien with an aversion to electricity who is looking for a home. It's a deal that Miss Carew can't refuse. But the consequences for planet Earth are unthinkable. Cast: Captain Jack Harkness ... John Barrowman, Gwen Cooper ... Eve Myles, Ianto Jones ... Gareth David-Lloyd, Rhys Williams ... Kai Owen, Fitzroy ... Martin Jarvis, Miss Carew ... Juliet Mills, Sian ... Hayley J Williams, Uncle Bryn ... James Walsh, Old Lady ... Shelley Rees. Rupert Laight is one of the writers of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Recorded at The Invisible Studios by Mark Holden and mixed at BBC Wales by Nigel Lewis. Directed by Kate McAll, BBC Wales. ND comment ......peculiar plot but strangely listenable.....

12 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Torchwood: The Lost Files, Submission By Ryan Scott. Torchwood are chasing aliens down the M4, when Jack accidentally blows a hole in the Severn Bridge, and the SUV hits the water. Whilst submerged John, Gwen and Ianto hear a strange noise, which, back at the Hub they realise is a cry for help. Cast: Captain Jack Harkness ... John Barrowman, Gwen Cooper ... Eve Myles, Ianto Jones ... Gareth David-Lloyd, Carlie Roberts ... Erin Bennett, Sam Doyle ... Angelo Tiffe, Captain Cudlow ... John Francis Harries, Henry Goddard ... John Lee. Recorded at The Invisible Studios by Mark Holden and mixed at BBC Wales by Nigel Lewis. Directed by Kate McAll, BBC Wales. ND comment ......see previous comment.....

13 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Torchwood: The Lost Files, The House of the Dead
By James Goss. The brewery has called 'time'. It's the last night at The House of the Dead - the most haunted pub in Wales. Barry the barman has invited a psychic to hold a special seance to mark the occasion, and there's a big crowd hoping for the chance of seeing their deceased loved ones for the last time. When Jack arrives on the scene, he's determined to stop them. Cast: Captain Jack Harkness ... John Barrowman, Gwen Cooper ... Eve Myles, Ianto Jones ... Gareth David-Lloyd, Mrs Wintergreen ... Rosalind Ayres, Barry ... Bradley Freegard, Mr Jones/Tony ... John Francis Harries, Helen ... Lucy Davis, Ness ... Moira Quirk, Late Arrival ... Shelley Rees. Recorded at The Invisible Studios, by Mark Holden and mixed at BBC Wales by Nigel Lewis. Directed by Kate McAll, BBC Wales.

14 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Best Interests
By Sasha Hails. To accompany today's new series of 'Inside The Ethics Committee', we present two new dramas about ethical dilemmas.In play 1......when a confused young man with no identification and a Dr. Who fixation is brought into hospital, the staff have clear rules about how decisions can be made on his behalf. But when he starts to express his own wishes, are they right to listen? Benji ... Gunnar Cauthery, Fay ... Clare Perkins, Iain ... Simon Bubb, James ... Carl Prekopp, with Peter Polycarpou, Gerard McDermott, Jonathan Forbes, James Lailey, Alex Tregear, Susie Riddell and Elaine Claxton. Script Consultant .... Jim Blair, St George's Healthcare NHS Trust. Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting. 'Inside The Ethics Committee', presented by Joan Bakewell, continues on Thursdays at 09.00 and 21.00. The second play in the series, Positive by Tina Pepler, is on Thursday 21st July at 14.15.

15 Jul: Afternoon Drama - The Day We Caught the Train
By Nick Payne. It's a big day for Sally, and she's been planning it for weeks. But when her mystery man finally arrives, she's left hopelessly unprepared. Cast: Sally . . . . . Olivia Colman, David . . . . . Ralph Ineson, Anna . . . . . Nishi Malde, Harold . . . . . John Rowe, Helen . . . . . Jane Whittenshaw, Waiter/Porter . . . . . Simon Bubb. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. Production Team: Studio Managers: Caleb Knightley and Keith Graham; editor: Anne Bunting; production co-ordinators: Nicole Fitzpatrick and Matthew Mills.

16 Jul: Saturday Drama - The Purple Land
By William Henry Hudson, 1885, first novel. Hudson was a naturalist, a writer and a thinker on ecological matters. (ND note ...BBC details say "In Davies' hands this 'road novel' becomes a fast paced romp in the tradition of Tom Jones, with a dash of Don Quixote for good measure". I guess, therefore, that the dramatization is by Paul B. Davies.) It is an account of a young Englishman's adventures, set against a background of political strife in nineteenth-century South America. Richard Lamb elopes with an Argentinian girl and makes an enemy of his bride's father in the process. He eventually leaves her behind and goes, ill-prepared, into the interior of the country to seek his fortune. Cast: Richard ..... David Tennant, Paquita ..... Denise Gough, Marcos/Major Domo ..... Danny Webb, Toribia/Grandmother ..... Carol Macready, Isidora ..... Lizzie McInnerney, Herdsman/Allday ..... Nigel Cooke, Paquita's father/Winchcombe ..... Richard Durden , Monica/Donna Mercedes ..... Jacey Salles , Cloud/Blanco Major ..... Nicholas Murchie , Epifanio/Chillingwoth .....Chuk Iwuji , Juez/Bartender/Blass ..... Trevor Martin , Cleta/Mother ..... Jane Slavin , Herdsman's Daughter/Margerita ...... Beth Cooke, Anita ...... Grace Horbury, Herdsman's Boy ..... Danny Concha. Music Composed and performed by Ross Hughes, Esben Tjalve. Trumpet - Daniel Weitz. Script Editor - Eileen Horne. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus).

17 Jul: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan, Titus Inherits
By Mervyn Peake, dramatised by Brian Sibley. Ep.2. As tension between Mr Flay and Swelter, head chef of Gormenghast, takes a deadly turn, Titus's foster mother Keda is drawn back into her old life amongst the bright carvers. Meanwhile, the first of Steerpike's great plans comes to fruition as he manipulates the ladies Clarice and Cora to great and tragic effect. Titus ...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner , Steerpike...Carl Prekopp, Sepulchrave, Earl Of Groan...Paul Rhys , Gertrude, Countess Of Groan...Miranda Richardson, Dr Prunesquallor ...James Fleet , Irma Prunesquallor...Tamsin Greig, Clarice ...Fenella Woolgar, Cora ...Claudie Blakley, Fuchsia ...Olivia Hallinan, Flay ...Adrian Scarborough, Abiatha Swelter ...Mark Benton , Sourdust...James Lailey , Nannie Slagg ...Jane Whittenshaw , Keda...Susie Riddell , Barquentine ...Gerard McDermott, with Simon Bubb, Jonathan Forbes, Peter Polycarpou, Alun Raglan, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

18 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Smoke and Daggers
By Hugh Costello. A political thriller which imagines its way inside the lives of a political elite which surrounded the former Taioseach, Bertie Ahern. Dublin, 1997. When Joe Finnerty marries into Dublin's political aristocracy his fortune appears to be made. Lucrative government contracts and the ready patronage of his father-in-law ensure that Joe soon becomes a man to be reckoned with. His own career in politics seems pre-ordained, until a disgruntled Party apparatchik leaks information concerning the unexplained death of Joe's ex partner, creating a scandal which shakes the Finnerty empire and threatens to destroy Joe and everything he once held dear. Cast: Joe Finnerty - Patrick Fitzsymons, Oliver McQuaid - John Kavanagh, Louise Finnerty - Amanda Hurwitz, Gemma - Cathy White , Fintan - Michael J Murphy, Murtagh - Hugh Costello, D.I. Glynn - Frankie McCafferty, Miriam - Nicky Doherty, Conor Finnerty - Padraig Dooney. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

19 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Getting to Zero
By Sarah Woods; with George Monbiot, Paul Allen and Peter Harper. Have you got what it takes to get to zero carbon? Our expert panel set one average family the task of eliminating their carbon footprint... and living with the consequences. Originally broadcast in March 2009. Sue ..... Kate Ashfield, Ian ..... Don Gilet, Chloe ..... Poppy Lee Friar, Jack ..... Ryan Watson, Bill ..... Malcolm Tierney, Meter ..... Jonathan Tafler, Narrator ..... Janice Acquah, Delivery Man ..... Stephen Hogan. Producer/Director: Jonquil Panting. (.....ND comment, after 30 years of working as a scientist: ..... human beings are polluters; it's the way they're made. To claim otherwise is fraudulent....)

20 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Rock of Eye
By Anita Sullivan. Three elderly tailors, a trouser-maker, a coat-maker and a waistcoat-maker, have been commissioned to make a bespoke suit for an influential politician. They have worked together for decades but have only met rarely, mainly at colleagues' funerals. The suit has been designed by Mrs White, a woman whom they've never met, who has imposed strict rules about secrecy. All off-cuts have to be returned to her. The suiting fabric supplied is also unusual; it seems to change colour and quality with the mood of the tailors. As the suit takes shape, it begins to have an effect on anyone coming into contact with it. CAST: Morris -Allan Corduner, Harry -Malcolm Storry, Griff -Stephen Marzella, Lauren -Catrin Stewart, Mrs White- Liza Sadovy, Krista- Claire Cage, Fraser- Richard Nichols. BBC Wales, producer Anita Sullivan.

21 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Positive
A pregnant fourteen year-old and her angry mother present the ante-natal team with some difficult decisions in a medical ethics drama written by Tina Pepler. When Rosie is admitted to A&E with stomach pains, she's shocked to find out that she's pregnant. Her mother is even more horrified, and the ante-natal team must decide if Rosie is capable of making her own decisions without her mother's consent. The situation is further complicated when Rosie wants to keep an even more shocking piece of news from her mother, and the medical team's efforts to support her come under pressure as an emergency confronts them with a difficult decision about what is best for Rosie's welfare. Cast: Rosie: Nicola Miles-Wildin, Theresa: Lucy Black, Jacqui: Susie Riddell, Tess: Deirdre Mullins, Des: Jack Holden, Michael: Gerard Cooke, Paul: Chris Yapp, John: Mark Meadows, Mr Joseph: Russell Boulter, Sam/Lily: Nadia Williams. Producer Sara Davies. 'Inside the Ethics Committee', presented by Joan Bakewell, is on Thursdays at 09.00 and 21.00.

22 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Cry Babies
Written by Kim Newman. Barty and Angela Flitcroft are having a baby by the popular method of delayed obligation parenthood. This is based on cryo-genesis, which everyone thought would be used for freezing sick rich people until cures for their ills were developed, but no; it is being used by busy, professional couples who no longer have to put off having children. They can conceive their child and leave the Polish surrogate mother to take it over and carry it to term. The new-born is saved until the parents have time to raise it. We follow the life of a cryo-child and find what it is like to be revived and then forced back into stasis every few years. Cast: Dr Rossiter ..... Alex Jennings, Angela Flitcroft ..... Natasha Little, Barty Flitcroft ..... Rupert Degas, SleepLearn Machine ..... Sarah Douglas, Joy ..... Sia Alexander, Roger ..... Colin Morgan, Jeff ..... Sam Alexander, Aruna ..... Emma Darwall-Smith, Daisy ..... Kirsty Stuart, Ari ..... Rob Kendrick, Marketa/Girl ..... Emma Handy. Music composed by Jeremy Paul Carroll. Executive Producer Dirk Maggs. Director: Neil Gardner. Indie (Ladbroke Productions).

23 Jul: Saturday Drama - Playing with Fire
By David Edgar. Originally produced at the National Theatre in 2005. The play is set against the background of a riot in the fictional northern town of Wyverdale in the early part of the 21st century. In a revised version for radio, Edgar offers a combination of political and personal drama. Alex Russell ..... Emma Fielding, George Aldred ..... David Troughton, Frank Wilkins ..... Geoffrey Whitehead, Riaz Rafique ..... Paul Bhattacharjee, Anwar Hafiz ..... Pal Aron, Arthur Barraclough ..... David Fleeshman, Jack Ross ..... David Bannerman, Joan Cummings ..... Marian Kemmer, Shirley Honeywell ..... Fiona Clarke, Les Slater ..... Peter Meakin, Stephen Croft ..... Sam Dale, Ricks ..... Graham Padden, Lord Stanley ..... Robert Lister, Counsel ..... Susan Brown, Leena Harvey-Wells ..... Souad Faress, Shaz ..... Bethan Walker. Producer Peter Leslie Wild.

24 Jul: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan, Titus Discovers
By Mervyn Peake, dramatised by Brian Sibley. Ep. 3. Ten year old Titus Groan, 77th Earl of Gormenghast, makes an unexpected discovery in the forest, as the mystery surrounding his father's disappearance deepens. Elsewhere, Irma Prunesquallor grows determined to find a husband, and Steerpike's ambitions may well claim the life of a second member of the Gormenghast household. Titus...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner , Young Titus...Hugo Docking, Steerpike...Carl Prekopp, Gertrude, Countess Of Groan...Miranda Richardson, Dr Prunesquallor ...James Fleet , Irma Prunesquallor...Tamsin Greig, Bellgrove...William Gaunt, Clarice ...Fenella Woolgar, Cora ...Claudie Blakeley, Fuchsia ...Olivia Hallinan , Flay ...Adrian Scarborough , Barquentine...Gerard McDermott, Nannie Slagg ...Jane Whittenshaw , Keda...Susie Riddell , with the voices of Paul Rhys and Mark Benton, With Jonathan Forbes, James Lailey, Alun Raglan, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Directed by David Hunter and produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

25 Jul: Afternoon Drama - A9
By Helen Cooper. Article 9 of the Tokyo Judgement at the end of WWII withdrew from the Japanese constitution the state's right of belligerency. Traumatised and guilt ridden for having killed enemy soldiers in war, Bernard attempts to coerce his children into continuing his life's work. They will inherit his money only if they abandon their careers and dedicate their lives to promoting A9, which dates from 1948.... ..............Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. The right of belligerency of the State will not be recognised. Helen Cooper has done a lot of writing but this is her first radio play. Bernard Bottomly ..... David Warner, Unity ..... Rebecca Saire, Victor ..... Oliver Cotton, Claire ..... Deborah Findlay, Jools ..... Jonathan Tafler, Roger ..... Ewart James Walters, Ernest ..... Malcolm Tierney, producer Eoin O'Callaghan.

26 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Dear Writer
By Jane Rogers. Anna Massey plays a writer who is finding it impossible to begin her next book. Her brother has died, and in clearing out his house, troubling memories keep invading her mind. The play was broadcast as a tribute to Anna Massey - one of the UK's most treasured actresses - who died this month. Cast: Anna Massey as The Writer and Leah Verity White as Polly; indie production (Pacificus) produced by Clive Brill.

27 Jul: Afternoon Drama - The Other Simenon, In Case of Emergency
Three of Simenon's non-Maigret stories, dramatized by Ronald Frame. Play 1: the obsessive affair between a lawyer and a jewel thief. When her plan to rob a jeweller's shop goes wrong, Yvette - young, beautiful and dangerously impulsive - asks middle-aged lawyer, Lucien, to defend her in court. When he wins the case they begin an affair but he discovers that Yvette has a boyfriend who has no intention of giving her up. Lucien ....... Jimmy Chisholm, Yvette ....... Lisa Gardner, Viviane ....... Sarah Collier, Jeanine ....... Laura Smales, Secretary ....... Laura Smales, Mazetti ....... Kenny Blyth, Inspector ....... Kenny Blyth, Director ....... Bruce Young, Producer ....... Bruce Young. Other parts played by the cast. Producer Bruce Young.

28 Jul: Afternoon Drama - Welcome to the Wasteland
By Dave Britton. Chief Executive of the council, Robyn, has just days to prevent 'recycling' being wiped from her environmental plans. But the credit crunch continues to put pressure on other priorities. Meanwhile her daughter Afrah provides a safe house for a fiercely committed environmentalist from Eastern Europe. Robyn ..... Lesley Sharp, Anastasia ..... Anamaria Marinca, Afrah ..... Lizzy Watts, Mike ..... Sam Dale, Don ..... Ben Askew, Bob, Professor Stevens ..... Stephen Hogan, Councillor Larby, Sacha ..... Philip Fox. Produced by Pam Marshall.

29 Jul: Afternoon Drama - DeLorean
By Glenn Patterson. Northern Ireland was a very dark place in the 1980's. A hunger strike was looming and street violence and tit for tat murders were an everyday occurrence. However, in a small corner of West Belfast, something extraordinary was happening. In a factory in Dunmurry, a unique new sports car was being built, a DMC 12, a style icon for the late twentieth century. For two years John DeLorean brought hope to communities flattened by the Troubles in Northern Ireland, where every other person was out of work and the unemployment rate was the highest in Western Europe. This is the story of that two year dream as seen through the eyes of key employees - including a union representative, an assembly line worker and a supervisor. 9,000 DMC's were built during this period, cars which today still retain their cult status. The workforce put their heart and souls into the car plant believing that this was going to be the start of a better future; that they too could 'live the dream.' Glenn Patterson is an Irish writer who has written a number of plays for radio. He has also written novels and has contributed to a feature fiilm 'Good Vibrations'. Cast: Liz - Michelle Fairley, Anto - Richard Dormer, T.C. - Rhys Dunlop, Al Benetar - Stuart Milligan, James Callaghan - Anton Lesser, Robert - Patrick Fitzsymons, Various Roles - Paul Kennedy. Producer - Clare Delargy. Director - Gemma McMullan.

30 Jul: Saturday Drama - The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial
By Peter Goodchild, adapted from the trial transcript. In 1925, the same year that Franz Kafka's novel The Trial was first published, this real life case was one of the most unusual trials ever seen in a US courtroom. It took place in Dayton, then a small town with a population of about 2000, and yet the two lawyers ranged against each other couldn't have been higher profile. Counsel for the Prosecution was three-time Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan, a Christian Fundamentalist. For the defence was Chicago lawyer, and declared agnostic, Clarence Darrow, who had recently saved two brutal child killers from the death penalty in a very high profile case. Earlier that year Tennessee had passed The Butler Act, a law forbidding anyone to teach any theory which denied the Story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, including the idea that man had descended from a lower order of animals. In other words, the teaching of evolution was outlawed. In the stifling heat of July, 1925, and in a courtroom hung with banners proclaiming 'Read Your Bible Daily' , 24 year old John Scopes, a part time teacher, stood trial. Cast: John Scopes.....Neil Patrick Harris, W.J.Bryan.....Ed Asner. Producer: Kate McAll; BBC Wales.

31 Jul: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan, Titus Departs
By Mervyn Peake, dramatised by Brian Sibley. Part 4: 'Titus Departs'.........Steerpike takes up his new role as the Master of Ritual, and as Titus grows older, so his suspicions about the former kitchen boy grow. When Steerpike's plans at last begin to unravel, a final, tragic trail of bodies is left in his wake and Titus must make a desperate bid for vengeance and, ultimately, freedom from Gormenghast. Titus...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner , Young Titus...Hugo Docking, Steerpike...Carl Prekopp, Gertrude, Countess Of Groan...Miranda Richardson, Dr Prunesquallor ...James Fleet , Irma Prunesquallor...Tamsin Greig, Bellgrove...William Gaunt, Clarice ...Fenella Woolgar, Cora ...Claudie Blakley, Fuchsia ...Olivia Hallinan, Flay ...Adrian Scarborough, Barquentine...Gerard McDermott, Nannie Slagg ...Jane Whittenshaw, Keda...Susie Riddell . With Jonathan Forbes, James Lailey, Alun Raglan, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Directed by Gemma Jenkins and produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

1 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Last Project - El Ultimo Proyecto
By Michael Butt. A play in two languages- Spanish and English; set in the hills of Andalucia. A British former soldier, Travis, has a love affair with the wife of a famous Spanish film director. Story telling and reality collide when the director insists Travis helps with his latest film, his 'last project' in which a murder is committed. Travis ..... Bryan Dick, Ines ...... Yolanda Vazquez, Javier .... William Marquez , Singer - Hugo Cubilla. Music composed by Akintayo Akinbode and words by Federico Garcia Lorca. Producer Pauline Harris.

2 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Meaning of Love
By Anna Symon. When Ed finds himself sleeping in the spare room he realises he might have to rediscover exactly what love is. But coming up with the correct definition proves harder than he first imagines. Ed ..... Paul Ritter, Fiona ..... Tessa Peake-Jones, Simone ..... Aurelie Ambland, Captain Cook ..... Jonathan Forbes, Julian ...... Peter Polycarpou, Cath ..... Jane Whittenshaw. Produced by Sally Avens.

3 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Other Simenon, The Little Man from Archangel
Simenon, adapted by Robert Frame, play 2: A bookseller's wife goes missing. When Gina fails to come home one night, Jonas Milk tells his inquisitive neighbours that she's visiting a friend. But the gossips in this small country town know that Gina has been having affairs. When it becomes clear that she's disappeared the bookseller is drawn into a nightmare of police enquiries and painful discoveries. Jonas ........ Steven McNicoll, Supt Devaux ........ Crawford Logan, Gina ........ Francesca Dymond, Fredo ........ Kenny Blyth, Le Bouc ........ Kenny Blyth, Angele ........ Eliza Langland, Berthe ........ Eliza Langland, Louis ........ Gavin Kean, Pepito ........ Gavin Kean, Producer ........ Bruce Young.

4 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Stream, River, Sea
By Peter Souter. Hugh and Bella, are running to the same timetable; the timetable you're on if someone you love has just died. They keep running into each other. Hugh... Alex Jennings, Bella... Juliet Stevenson, Daisy... Lizzy Watts. Producer Gordon House.

5 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Dewey Eyed
By Sarah Naomi Lee. Philippa is a librarian from a long line of librarians. When her father dies and her mother loses her wits, Philippa tries the only language Vera understands. The Dewey decimal system. Philippa ..... Olivia Colman, Vera ..... Sheila Reid, Sheila ..... Caroline Guthrie, Alistair ..... Paul Rider. Producer Jessica Dromgoole.

6 Aug: Saturday Drama - Dr No
James Bond story, by Ian Fleming, dram. Hugh Whitemore. Bond is sent to investigate a disappearance on the island of Jamaica, and finds that the heart of the mystery lies with a recluse known as 'Dr No'. Cast: 'M' ..... John Standing , Moneypenny ..... Janie Dee, James Bond ..... Toby Stephens , The Armourer ..... Peter Capaldi, Chief of Staff ..... Nicky Henson, Airport Announcer/Receptionist ...... Inika Leigh Wright, Airport Official/Pus-Feller/ Henchman .....Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Quarrel ..... Clarke Peters, Miss Chung/ Sister Lily ...... Kosha Engler, Pleydell Smith ..... Samuel West , Miss Taro/ Telephonist/ Sister May/Tennis girl..... Jordanna Tin, Librarian ..... Lucy Fleming, Honey Rider ...... Lisa Dillon, Guard /Henchman/Crane Driver ..... Jon David Yu, Dr No ..... David Suchet , Acting Governor of Jamaica ..... Simon Williams, Voice of Ian Fleming ..... Martin Jarvis. Original music by Mark Holden and Sam Barbour. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. Director: Martin Jarvis. Indie production (Jarvis & Ayres).

7 Aug: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan, Titus Abroad
By Mervyn Peake, dramatised by Brian Sibley. Ep. 5. Far from Gormenghast, Titus finds himself in an alien world. Lost in a country policed by machines, he must trust to the good will of an eccentric zookeeper, and the kindness of a beautiful woman named Juno. Titus...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner, Muzzlehatch...Gerard Murphy, Juno...Maureen Beattie, Acreblade...Alun Raglan, Magistrate...Peter Polycarpou, Drugg...Jonathan Forbes, With Elaine Claxton, James Lailey, Gerard McDermott, Susie Ridell, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Directed by David Hunter and produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

8 Aug: Afternoon Drama - My Name Is Stephen Luckwell
By Nick Wood. Stephen Luckwell is an autistic teenager with an enquiring mind. His teacher, Claire, helps him through the daily activities which present him with enormous challenges, from deciphering phrases such as "I was miles away" or "I wouldn't want to be in your shoes", to understanding private jokes and other people's expressions. It's the day of the regional heats of the Young Artists' competition and Stephen is preparing how to behave. If he's properly prepared he can behave in the right way. Meanwhile Claire has some huge life changes in store, but she's not so prepared as Stephen. Nick has adapted the story for radio from his stage play, originally produced by Nottingham Playhouse Roundabout. Stephen ..... James Rastall, Claire ..... Emily Chennery, Louis ..... Simon Lee Phillips. Producer Fiona Kelcher.

9 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 3, The Price of Partnership
Ep 1......Teaching has become a dirty word at Hayborough University. When a new Dean of Research Development comes on board she urges partnerships abroad. So an international research centre for Pier and Wharf ethics is suggested. The only problem: the person sent to set it up is an academic snob and sociopath, Professor David Poll. Karen.........Sophie Thompson, Jim.............Jonathan Keeble, David, the snob..........Jeremy Swift, Cherry.........Caroline Burns Cooke, President......Cyril Nri, Abdi.............Marlon G. Day. Produced by Gary Brown.

10 Aug: Afternoon Drama - The Other Simenon, The Cat
Simenon, dram. Ronald Frame. Play 3: A comedy about a couple whose marriage has foundered. Conversation between Emile and Marguerite has given way to a mute exchange of vicious notes, separate beds and separate larders. Meanwhile the sudden deaths of two cherished family pets - a poisoned cat and a murdered parrot - block all attempts at reconciliation. Emile ..... Christian Rodska, Marguerite ..... Joanna Tope, Nelly ..... Irene Allan, Madame Martin ...... Carol Ann Crawford, Nurse .... Carol Ann Crawford, Patron ..... Mark McDonnell, Professor ...... Mark McDonnell. Producer: Bruce Young.

11 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Two-Pipe Problem, Here Doggie
By Michael Chaplin. The Old Beeches care-worker Karen has a new pet; Poppet, a badly behaved Scottie dog. Manager Mary issues an ultimatum - the pet goes, or you both go, and Sandy persuades another resident ,a retired variety artiste called Norman Naylor who once had a dog-novelty act, to start training the dog on the nearby common. His wife Nelly, who also lives in the home, sees this as another opportunity for her husband to return to his old philandering ways. One day, he doesn't return, and neither does Poppet... Cast: Sandy Boyle ..... Stanley Baxter, William Parnes ..... Richard Briers, Karen .....Tracy Wiles, Norman/Postie/Post Office Clerk ...... Sam Dale, Mary ..... Jillie Meers, Poppet the Dog/PC Marlowe/Tedious Customer ..... David Holt, Diana ..... Honor Blackman, Nellie ...... Anne Reid. (.....Not sure who produced this.....ND..)

12 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Two-Pipe Problem, The Case of the Missing Meerschaum
By Michael Chaplin. William and Sandy are to appear at a Sherlock Holmes Convention, held at a hotel just around the corner from Holmes' mythical haunts in Baker Street. Sandy isn't keen but succumbs to William's desperate need to be in the spotlight. William occupies centre-stage, with a meerschaum pipe lent to him by a member of the Baker Street Adventurers which was used by Basil Rathbone in the first Holmes films. But... the pipe goes missing... Cast: Sandy Boyle ..... Stanley Baxter, William Parnes ..... Richard Briers, Mortimer Tregennis ..... Geoffrey Palmer, Roger Butterworth ..... James Fleet, Beryl Butterworth ..... Joanna David, Underground Worker/Hotel Receptionist ...... Matt Simandl, Autograph hunter/Souvenir Stall holder ......James McGregor. Directed by Marilyn Imrie. Produced by Catherine Bailey. Indie (Catherine Bailey Productions.)

13 Aug: Saturday Drama - Belle Amie
By Frances Byrnes. Has age tamed the ruthless charmer Georges Duroy? A new sequel to Maupassant's 19th-century Bel Ami. No casting details.

14 Aug: Classic Serial - The History of Titus Groan, Titus Alive
By Mervyn Peake and Maeve Gilmore, dramatised by Brian Sibley. Ep. 6......Titus attracts attention from the strange but alluring Cheeta, and ultimately becomes the victim of a torturous joke. Rescued by old friends but unable to bear their company any longer, he stumbles into a world uncannily like our own - and is drawn to a mysterious artist, whose presence may at last grant him peace. Titus...Luke Treadaway, Artist...David Warner, Cheeta...Morven Christie, Muzzlehatch...Gerard Murphy, Juno...Maureen Beattie, Anchor... James Lailey, Acreblade...Alun Raglan, Scientist...Peter Polycarpou, Gertrude... Miranda Richardson, Prunesquallor... James Fleet. With Elaine Claxton, Jonathan Forbes, Gerard McDermott, Susie Ridell, Alex Tregear. Music by Roger Goula. Sound production by Peter Ringrose. Directed and produced by Jeremy Mortimer.

15 Aug: Afternoon Drama - A Question of Royalty
Comedy by Andrew Lynch, inspired by real events. Two self-employed plasterers, ignorant of the constitutional crisis their actions could precipitate, steal The Queen's wedding certificate while working on the refurbishment of the Public Records Office. Bernie ...... Johnny Vegas, Danny ...... Ricky Tomlinson, Sarah ...... Catherine McCormack, Jan ...... Nicola Stephenson, Tim ...... Tim Bentinck, Farnworth ...... Rupert Degas. Not sure of the producer without getting the recording out........ Dirk Maggs, possibly....?

16 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Beyond Borders
By Mike Walker. In 1950, much of Europe was still in ruins from the Second World War. Germany was crushed and the Allies were divided about allowing it to rebuild in the face of a growing Soviet threat. Jean Monnet was given the responsibility of planning the reconstruction of France. Appalled by the devastation of two world wars, he was a highly efficient technocrat and a thinker who knew how to influence politicians. For years he had believed in European collaboration to secure a peaceful and prosperous future. Monnet's vision was for a radical realignment of Europe by negotiation, integration and ultimately, through political and economic unification, much of it in a covert way. The people did not need to know what was going on. Producer: Richard Clemmow. Indie. (Perfectly Normal Productions).

17 Aug: Saturday Drama - Our Country's Good
By Timberlake Wertenbaker. Australia, 1789: a young lieutenant attempts to direct a cast of convicts in 'The Recruiting Officer', the first play ever to be staged in the country. One of his cast may be about to be hanged. The convicts' production of The Recruiting Officer can be heard on Drama on 3 on Sunday evening... Captain Arthur Philip ..... Nicholas Le Prevost, Major Robbie Ross ..... Stuart McQuarrie, Captain David Collins ..... Paul Moriarty, Captain Watkin Tench ..... Adam Billington, Captain Campbell ..... James Lailey, 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark ..... Paul Higgins, Reverend Johnson ..... Simon Bubb, Midshipman Harry Brewer ..... Rikki Lawton, Mary Brenham ..... Francine Chamberlain, Robert Sideway ..... Adam James, John Wisehammer ..... Elliot Levey, Liz Morden ..... Kate Fleetwood, Dabby Bryant ..... Alex Tregear, John Arscott ...... Ralph Ineson, Ketch Freeman ..... Jonathan Forbes, Duckling Smith ..... Adjoa Andoh. Producer ..... Sally Avens.

18 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Rightfully Mine
By Ella Hickson. In this play she explores the relationship between a mother and a daughter and asks what rights raising a child gives you. Twenty six year old Amy is desperate to have her own child, but a teenage illness and subsequent operation has made it impossible for her to bear her own. Her last resort is to ask her fifty year-old mother, Celia, to act as surrogate. Celia: Kath Howden, Amy: Shauna MacDonald, Paul: John Paul Hurley. Written by Ella Hickson. Producer Lu Kemp.

19 Aug: Afternoon Drama - No Particular Place to Go
Written by Robert Rigby. Iraq veteran, Alex, is finding it hard to adapt to his latest mission as an undercover security guard patrolling the floors of a provincial department store. And shoplifter Simon has his own tactics and escape and evasion plans. Cast: Alex ..... Steve Nicolson, Simon ..... Rikki Lawton, Jude / Ken ...... Ben Crowe, Helen ..... Teresa Gallagher, Chorus ...... Robert Rigby. Location Recording: Lucinda Mason Brown. Sound Design: David Chilton. Original Songs: Robert Rigby. Producer: Nick Russell-Pavier. Indie (Goldhawk Essential).

20 Aug: Saturday Drama - Road to Durham
Douglas Livingstone's play about Bevin Boys, the young men who were sent down the mines instead of joining the armed forces in the Second World War. Two 80-year-old former Bevin Boys, who have not seen each other for 63 years, decide to go to the Durham Miners' Gala together and confront their memories of the past. Christopher ...... Timothy West, Benny ...... Douglas Livingstone, Young Christopher ...... Fergus Rees, Young Benny ...... Sam Fletcher, Sally ...... Faye Castelow, Jim ...... Christoher Connel, Michael ...... David Whitaker, Older Sally ...... Jane Whittenshaw, Headmaster ...... Brian Lonsdale. With recordings made at the Durham Miners' Gala and at West Pelton Primary School. Directed by Jane Morgan. Indie (Unique).

21 Aug: Classic Serial - The American Senator, Episode 1
By Anthony Trollope, dramatised by Martyn Wade. Arabella is determined to keep her engagement to John Morton a secret. Perhaps, there is a more exciting and wealthy husband she might be able to catch... Anthony Trollope..........Robert Glenister, Arabella Trefoil.............Anna Maxwell Martin, Lady Augustus.............Barbara Flynn, John Morton.................Blake Ritson, Senator Gotobed..........Stuart Milligan, Reginald Morton...........Daniel Rabin, Mrs Morton..................Richenda Carey, Mary Masters...............Penelope Rawlins, Lawrence Twentyman...Carl Prekopp, Lord Rufford.................Henry Devas, Mr Bearside.................Sean Baker. Producer Tracey Neale.

22 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Souvenirs
By Barbara Norden, who set up the MA in Creative Writing at City University London in 2004. This is her first radio play, though she is an experienced writer for stage. The story - Samantha goes abroad to adopt two young children. Her guide, Jarilo Veles, acts as mediator with the director of the orphanage. Elements of fable and fantasy intrude in the story, which is told through the device of a recorded narrative which Samantha is making for the children she plans to adopt. Samantha...Katherine Parkinson, Jarilo Veles...Ivan Marevich, The Director...Dado Dzihan, Morana...Alex Tregear, Song by Dado Dzihan, producer Jeremy Mortimer.

23 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 3, Rebrand, Relaunch
Higher: Ep 3. By Joyce Bryant. To Jim's dismay Roland becomes Vice Chancellor and image consultants 'Harsover Tutt' are brought in to rebrand the university. Jim feels he's being forced out. Will he find an ally in Karen? Karen.....Sophie Thompson, Jim.........Jonathan Keeble, Roland....Lloyd Peters, Dame Sheila....Brigit Forsyth, Clive.....Malcolm Reaburn, Radio Announcer....Luke Jerdy. Producer Gary Brown. (Note.....I cannot finid any ref to episode 2 - Ed.)

24 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster
This is an elegy to the young student who was attacked in Stubbeylee Park, Bacup, Lancashire, four years ago. She died on August 24th 2007. Aged twenty, Sophie suffered fatal injuries while cradling her boyfriend Rob's head in an attempt to protect him from a ferocious attack by a group of youths. Rob survived but Sophie went into a coma and never recovered. Sophie was an intelligent bookish child who showed signs of wanting to be different from an early age. Political, vegetarian, a pacifist, Sophie had left school with A levels and was thinking about what to do with her future when it was taken so brutally from her. Sophie and Rob dressed in a unique way, expressing their individuality as creative artistic people through goth-style clothes, piercings and make-up, which provoked the fatal attack in the early hours of that Saturday morning. Sophie had been dating Rob Maltby, a 21-year-old art student for three years. The play is in the form of a drama documentary in which Sophie tells her own story through a series of poignant poems written by the award-winning poet Simon Armitage alongside her mother, Sylvia Lancaster remembering her daughter's shortened life. Sophie.....Rachel Austin, producer Susan Roberts.

25 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Dolly
By Christopher Douglas, based on the events surrounding the selection of Basil D'Oliveira for the England cricket team in the 1960s. Having emigrated to England and been called up to the national team, D'Oliveira's one unfulfilled ambition is to be selected to tour against his native South Africa. But the administrators of both South African and English cricket have other ideas. Basil 'Baz' D'Oliveira ...... Jude Akuwudike, Naomi D'Oliveira ...... Rakie Ayola, Smithy ...... Justin Salinger, Reg ...... Tim Woodward, Anne ...... Rachel Atkins, Bishop of Adelaide ...... Lewis McLeod, Tiene Oosterhuizen ...... Saul Reichlin, Peter West ...... Christopher Douglas, Damian D'Oliveira ...... Job Angus, Shaun D'Oliveira ...... Haydon Downing. Producer Roland Jaquarello.

26 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Pink Boy Blue Girl
By Mateusz Dymek. A couple raise their child in a gender-neutral way, including not telling anyone whether it is male or female. Malin ..... Morven Christie, Håkan ..... Joseph Milson, Catalina ..... Leah Brotherhead, Receptionist ..... Jonathan Forbes, Policewoman ..... Susie Riddell, Old Man ..... Karzan Sherabayani, Petrol station Man ..... Simon Bubb. Producer Sally Avens.

27 Aug: Saturday Drama - Marnie
By Winston Graham, dram. Shaun McKenna. It's 1961 and blonde, attractive Marnie Elmer poses as a secretary in order to steal from her employers and fund her mother's existence in Torquay. Then she meets handsome company director Mark Rutland. She pursues him. ....................... Winston Graham is well-known known for his "Poldark" series, but he also wrote thrillers, of which "Marnie" (1961) is the best remembered. It was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock in the early 1960s. Marnie ..... Jade Williams, Mark ..... Patrick Kennedy, Terry ..... Carl Prekopp, Edie ..... Elaine Claxton, Lucy ..... Joanna Monro, Roman ..... Brian Bowles, Dawn ..... Susie Riddell. Producer Marion Nancarrow.

28 Aug: Classic Serial - The American Senator, Episode 2
A lesser-known story by Anthony Trollope, dram. Martyn Wade. Lord Rufford has kissed Arabella twice but she realises that much more needs to be done to win him and his estate. Is it time to tell John Morton she no longer wants to marry him? Anthony Trollope..........Robert Glenister, Arabella Trefoil.............Anna Maxwell Martin, Lady Augustus.............Barbara Flynn, John Morton.................Blake Ritson, Senator Gotobed..........Stuart Milligan, Lady Ushant................Joanna David, Reginald Morton...........Daniel Rabin, Mary Masters...............Penelope Rawlins, Lawrence Twentyman...Carl Prekopp, Lord Rufford.................Henry Devas, Duchess of Mayfair.......Elaine Claxton, Mounser Green............Joanathan Forbes, Mrs. Masters...............Jane Whittenshaw, Mr Bearside.................Sean Baker. Producer Tracey Neale.

29 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Arabian Afternoons, The Casper Logue Affair By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A comedy thriller, set in Baghdad. The first of three Arabian Afternoons - contemporary plays inspired by tales from The Arabian Nights. Junior diplomat Bob Goldacre is in trouble; the American businessman he was looking after has vanished from a Baghdad street. As the suspects pile up, Goldacre has his work cut out if he wants to save his career and ensure that justice is done. Shahrazad.........SIRINE SABA, Shahrayar..........KEVORK MALIKYAN, Aseera..............BETSABEH EMRAN, Rahim...............SARGON YELDA, Goldacre...........TREVOR WHITE, Hammond.........BRUCE ALEXANDER, Casper..............NATHAN OSGOOD, Kindermann.......RUFUS WRIGHT, Carlton.............JOHN BIGGINS, Charlene...........ALISON PETTIT. Producer Abigail le Fleming.

30 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Arabian Afternoons, The Porter and the Three Ladies
By Rachel Joyce. A modern fairytale, set in Damascus. It is time for Shahrazad to tell another tale. In this story within a story, we find out that if Joe doesn't file an exclusive story to satisfy his editor, he will lose his job. He finds three beautiful women in Damascus... Shahrazad ........Sirine Saba, Shahrayar .........Kevork Malikyan, Joe....................Stephen Tompkinson, Margot............... Joanna Monro, Mira................... Indira Varma, Affyah.................Jasmine Jones, Juliba..................Melissa Advani. Producer Tracey Neale.

31 Aug: Afternoon Drama - Arabian Afternoons, A Dish of Pomegranates
By Peter Jukes. Play 3. Shared roots and scattered families in the melting pot of modern Jerusalem. Tired after a stressful trip, Ajib is stopped by security officers as he tries to fly out of Ben Gurion airport on his way home to the U.S. They don't think his story adds up. Shahrazad ........SIRINE SABA, Shahrayar/Vardan.......KEVORK MALIKYAN, Ajib......WILLIAM EL-GARDI, Orit......BETSABEH EMRAN, Rafi.........ZUBIN VARLA, Howard.......ALLAN CORDUNER, Julia......KEELY BERESFORD, Café Owner.......STEFAN KALIPHA, Tawfik/Trader 2.........MOZAFFAR SHAFEIE, Flight Attendant/Trader 1....DAVID SEDDON, Protestor........RUFUS WRIGHT. Producer Mary Peate.

1 Sep: Afternoon Drama - The Lighthouse
By Alan Harris. Lighthouse keepers Howell and Griffith are posted to 6 weeks on the Smalls - a desolate rock 20 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast. But the two men share a past. Because of what happens next, lighthouses would never again have only a crew of two. Based on a true story. Howell... Paul Rhys, Griffith... Ifan Huw Dafydd. Produced by James Robinson.

2 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Do You Like Banana, Comrades?
By Csaba Szekely. It's difficult being young and in love when your Dad is a high ranking official in Ceausescu's communist machine, your mother weeps all the time and your brother is trying to kill you. This look at life behind the Iron Curtain during Ceausescu's regime is a first play by a young Hungarian writer living in Romania. It won the Imison Award and was also shortlisted for the BBC World Service/British Council's International Playwriting Competition. Robert ..... Freddy White, Tibor ..... Michael Begley, Silvia ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Laura ..... Julia Tarnoky, Repairman ..... Brian Bowles, Dani ..... Daniel Rabin, Titi ..... Luke Newberry, producer Marion Nancarrow.

3 Sep: Saturday Drama - September in the Rain
By John Godber. Jack and Liz are in Blackpool for one last time. The play tells the story of a marriage through a lifetime of holidays together. Liz ..... Jane Godber, Jack ..... John Godber. Produced by Toby Swift.

4 Sep: Classic Serial - The American Senator, Episode 3
By Anthony Trollope, dramatised by Martyn Wade, ep. 3: Lord Rufford has run away from Arabella but she hasn't given up hope. She is determined that he will marry her but then she receives some distressing news.. Anthony Trollope...........Robert Glenister, Arabella Trefoil..............Anna Maxwell Martin, Lady Augustus..............Barbara Flynn, Lord Augustus...............Gerard McDermott, Lord Rufford...................Henry Devas, Lady Ushant..................Joanna David, John Morton..................Blake Ritson, Reginald Morton............Daniel Rabin, Mary Masters................Penelope Rawlins, Mrs Morton...................Richenda Carey, Senator Gotobed...........Stuart Milligan, Mounser Green............Joanathan Forbes. Produced by Tracey Neale.

5 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Places Where They Sing
Written and directed by Ellen Dryden. Thomas has composed his first work for the amateur choir he founded. The performance is imminent. Thomas' unpredictable behaviour is upsetting the choir - and his wife Joanna. Thomas ...... Anton Lesser, Joanna ...... Phoebe Nicholls, Vicky ...... Claire Rushbrook, Angela ...... Abigail Thaw, Matthew ...... Jonathan Dryden Taylor. Music composed by Derek Bourgeois. Indie production (First Writes Radio).

6 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Occupation
By Andy Macdonald. A drama exploring the timely issues of unemployment, ethics and international conflict. With orders still on the books, Kenny Gall refuses to leave the factory he has worked in for thirty years. This will have serious implications for the company, his daughter, Ashley, and for a local ex-serviceman. Kenny ..... Alexander Morton, Ashley ..... Sally Reid, Guy ..... Brian Ferguson, Jade/Clare ..... Tracy Wiles. Directed by Gaynor Macfarlane.

7 Sep: Afternoon Drama - The Marches, Man in a Wheelbarrow
By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Trudy's arrival in Kington has caused a stir. The young American, with her dyed neon hair, looks more like a visiting rock star than an inhabitant of the Herefordshire market town. Trudy claims that she's researching local history, but her story doesn't add up. When she starts surreptitiously following the town's street cleaner, questions are asked about the real reason for her visit. Man in a Wheelbarrow is one of two plays forming the community project The Marches (continuing with Fearless Librarian Saves the Day tomorrow). The community of Kington was involved with the creative process behind this original Afternoon Play. A film accompanying the radio play can be watched via the Radio 4 website. Cast: Trudy . . . Sasha Pick, Duggie . . . Richard Elfyn, Leon . . . Stuart McLoughlin, Molly . . . Jane Whittenshaw, Mal . . . Sam Jones. Producer Sasha Yevtushenko.

8 Sep: Afternoon Drama - The Marches, Fearless Librarian Saves the Day By Sebastian Baczkiewicz. Sitting behind the wheel of a clapped-out mobile library, Harry Hayman is the easy rider of Herefordshire's remote country lanes. Whether it's as a knight in shining armour, a getaway driver or an unlikely Casanova, Harry repeatedly finds himself having to save the day. But when his cherished job is jeopardised, what can he do? Cast: Harry Hayman . . . Morgan George, Lavinia Jackson . . . Fenella Woolgar, Glyn . . . Stuart McLoughlin, Vivian . . . Christine Pritchard, Leslie . . . William Thomas, Ethel . . . Manon Edwards, Cavendish . . . Sean Baker, Cassie . . . Sally Orrock. Radio drama director: Sasha Yevtushenko. Production co-ordinator: Lesley Allan. Studio Managers: Cal Knightley and Keith Graham. Film (as yesterday) directed by Adrian and Rachel Lambert.

9 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Floating
On April 2nd 1982, the Isle of Anglesey separated from the mainland of Wales and floated off into the North Atlantic. Emerging artist Hugh Hughes and his friend Sioned, recount the story of this extraordinary geological event, and explain its personal significance. Created and performed by Hugh Hughes and Sioned Rowlands with assistance from Shôn Dale-Jones and Jill Norman. Produced by James Robinson.

10 Sep: Saturday Drama - Washington, 9/11
September 11th 2001 dawned bright and clear on the East coast of the United States. At 8:46 am President George W Bush was in Florida promoting his education policy and Vice President Dick Cheney was in Washington when a Boeing 767 - American Airlines flight 11 - crashed into the World Trade Center's North Tower. It was the first of four commercial planes used as weapons that day in attacks on New York and the capital that led to the loss of thousands of lives and changed the world. This is the dramatized story - reconstructed from multiple documents and memoires - of how Bush, from his plane Air Force One circling high above the United States, and Cheney, in the White House bunker, responded in the first few hours after the 9/11 attacks and how the decisions they took that day set the course of the Bush presidency and triggered the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Michael Eaton's drama reconstructs a chaotic day, when communications failed, protocols were abandoned; radar signals were misinterpreted and rescue aircraft came close to being shot down. It was a day that united America and saw tremendous acts of personal sacrifice and courage, but alongside the immediate response to the crisis there was also a hidden tussle for power and control, with some of Bush's key lieutenants moving swiftly to press an agenda that would determine US foreign policy for the remainder of the Bush presidency and put in place -'The War on Terror'. Cast: President George W Bush ..... WIlliam Hope, Vice President Dick Cheney -.....Stuart Milligan, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ..... Garrick Hagon, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice ..... Tanya Moodie, Chief of Staff Andrew Card ..... Richard Laing, Major Robert Darling ..... Philip Rosch, Laura Bush ..... Lorelei King, CIA Director George Tenet ..... Bill Roberts, Secretary of State Colin Powell ..... Nathan Osgood. Other parts played by members of the cast. Produced by Richard Clemmow. Directed by Dirk Maggs. A Perfectly Normal Production for BBC Radio 4.

11 Sep: Classic Serial - Another Time, Another Place
By Jessie Kesson, dramatised by Sue Glover. It is 1944. Three Italian POWS come to a tiny faming community in the far north-east of Scotland. Until now, the war has scarcely touched this isolated world and the Italians are regarded by the locals as dangerous. However, to Janie, the young wife of the cattleman, the Italians are thrilling and exotic. Their experience of imprisonment and yearning mirror her own feelings and she is gradually drawn to the vibrant Neapolitan, Luigi. Janie ... Claire Knight, Robert ..... Robert Jack, Luigi ..... Cesare Taurasi, Kirsty ..... Vicki Liddelle, Elspeth ..... Meg Fraser, Umberto ..... Tony Kearney, Finlay ..... Paul Young. Produced by Gaynor Macfarlane.

12 Sep: Afternoon Drama - The Shining Guest
Following an anonymous tip off, a body is discovered in the Welsh hills. At first thought to be recent murder victim because of items found with the body, analysis reveals it to be thousands of years old. A series of events are triggered which appear to reveal a parallel world. Like the Shining Guest ants which inhabit Wood ants' nests and seem invisible to their highly aggressive hosts, the inhabitants of this secret world, the guests, have existed at the edges of our reality throughout time. Recorded on location, this haunting and atmospheric drama is written and narrated by Paul Evans. Gwen : Alex Tregear, Voice: Maria Jardardottir, Wildlife sound recordist: Chris Watson, Sound editor: Mike Burgess, Producer: Sarah Blunt.

13 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Portrait of Winston
By Jonathan Smith. For his 80th birthday on 30th November 1954, an all-party committee of MPs decided to present Churchill, still the Prime Minister, with a portrait of himself. It was to be Churchill's for his lifetime but then to hang in the House of Commons. The commission was given to Graham Sutherland, aged 51, then at the height of his fame. It was a painting which was to prove highly controversial. The play is a follow-up to Jonathan Smith's previous Radio 4 play about Winston Churchill, "The Last Bark Of the Bulldog" which dealt with Churchill's stroke in 1953 while he was still Prime Minister, broadcast in 2003. Winston Churchill.............BENJAMIN WHITROW, Graham Sutherland...........DAN STEVENS, Clementine Churchill.........DIANE FLETCHER, Kathleen Sutherland.........KATHERINE IGOE; other parts played by Gerard McDermott, James Lailey and Carl Prekopp. Producer: Bruce Young.

14 Sep: Afternoon Drama - The Kneebone Cadillac
The Kneebones have hard lives, weird vehicles and a love of Country and Western music. When scrap dealer Jed Kneebone dies his three children are left in serious trouble. Could the legendary Boneshaker Stock Car Races be the answer? The Kneebone Cadillac is a wry Cornish comedy about family, death, love and hope by outstanding Cornish writer Carl Grose. The United Downs Stock Car Races near St Day in Cornwall really does exist. Lots of old bangers, armoured trucks and souped-up hearses enter the Blockbuster . The play takes a little license in terms of the prize-money but everything else is for real. Cast: Maddy...Alex Tregear, Slick...Carl Grose, Dwight...Ed Gaughan, Hooper Munroe...Charles Barnecut, Phylis Vanloo...Amanda Lawrence, Ennis...Joseph Kloska. Producer Claire Grove.

15 Sep: Afternoon Drama - The Falcon and the Hawk
Helen Macdonald is a falconer and poet. She keeps a goshawk called Mabel. As a child she fell in love with a rare book of intense nature writing, J.A. Baker's The Peregrine, which records a winter watching wild peregrines on the Essex coast. Her new play brings her birds and his together. Baker tramps the bleak coastal marshes scanning the skies for fleeting moments of bloody drama as a peregrine stoops at immense speed after a plover or a pigeon. Helen woos her captive-bred goshawk in her spare bedroom - acclimatising it to human noise and human movement. Baker crouches over a half-dead pigeon and finishes it off for the wild falcon; Helen walks the city street with a goshawk on her fist. The stories begin to fly closer to one one another. J. A. Baker: David Birrell; Young Helen: Gemma Lawrence; Helen: herself. Part recorded on location on The Bird of Prey Centre at Newent, Gloucestershire. Producer: Tim Dee.

16 Sep: Afternoon Drama - A Shoebox of Snow
By Julie Mayhew. Albert & Renie haven't left their flat in decades. They are cocooned by every object they have ever owned. One pocket watch, one rule book, one cap. Railway issue. One chiming clock, engraved '25 years service'. One chiming clock, engraved '50 years service'. But their lifetime of memories needs to be cleared from the Clover Block, as this model post war estate is now to be demolished. Every edition of the Daily Mirror since 1941. Every edition of the National Union Of Railwaymen newsletter since 1941 69 years of appointment diaries - notes about the weather to each date. Renie and Albert Grace keep their memories piled high, boxed and safe in their tower block flat, with no need for the outside world. Every object triggers a memory, a chapter in their lives together. Now Christopher, the man from the Council, is given the job of persuading them to de-clutter and move out, before the flats are blown up and his baby is due. With Richard Briers; producer Justine Potter. Indie production (Red Productions).

17 Sep: Saturday Drama - Raven Black
By Ann Cleeves, dram. Iain Finlay MacLeod.Crime novel set deep in a Shetland winter. When a young woman is found strangled in a snow-covered field, the inhabitants of small Shetland hamlet Ravenswick are thrown into shock. Disbelief soon turns to anger and suspicion falls upon elderly loner Magnus Tait. But Detective Jimmy Perez has a hunch that the case is more complicated than that solution might suggest. Raven Black was named Best Crime Novel of the Year by the Crime Writers Association in 2006. It's the first in a series of novels set in Shetland, featuring Detective Jimmy Perez. Cast: Jimmy Perez ... Grant O'Rourke, Magnus ... John Shedden, Fran ..... Rosalind Sydney, Sally ... Clare Yuille, Robert ..... John Kielty, Duncan ..... Kenny Blyth, D.I. Taylor ..... Robin Laing, Euan ..... Greg Powrie, Annie Perez ..... Sandra Voe, Catherine ..... Melody Grove. Producer: Kirsteen Cameron.

18 Sep: Classic Serial - Life and Fate, Viktor and Lyuda
By Vasily Grossman. Viktor, a nuclear physicist, is evacuated with his family from Moscow eastwards to Kazan. It's October 1942 and the Russians are defending Stalingrad from the ferocious attack of the Germans. Viktor has a revelatory breakthrough in his research but his wife Lyuda learns of the death of her son and her grief drives a wedge between the couple: Viktor is drawn to the kindness of Marya, the wife of his close colleague. Grossman died in 1964, never knowing that his book would be smuggled to the West and eventually published in 1980. Dramatised for radio by Mike Walker. Viktor Shtrum.....Kenneth Branagh, Lyuda Shaposhnikova.....Greta Scacchi, Nadya.....Ellie Kendrick, Alexandra .....Ann Mitchell, Pyotr Sokolov.....Nigel Anthony, Marya Sokolova.....Harriet Walter, Akhmet Karimov.....Stephen Greif, Leonid Madyarov.....Ralph Ineson, Sister.....Elaine Claxton, Anna Stepanovna....Alex Tregear, Soldiers.....Gerard McDermott, Jonathan Forbes, Henry Devas. Original music by John Hardy with Rob Whitehead. Musicians: Oliver Wilson-Dickson, Tom Jackson, Stacey Blythe and Max Pownall. Translated by Robert Chandler. Directed and Produced by Alison Hindell.

19 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Life and Fate, Krymov and Zhenya - Lovers Once
By Vasily Grossman. October 1942. Evacuated from Moscow to Kuibyshev before the invading German army, the beautiful Yevgenia (Zhenya), Lyuda's sister, is alone. While she tackles Soviet bureaucracy for the residence permit she needs for food, her ex-husband, the Commissar Nikolai Krymov, is posted into the heart of the battle for Stalingrad, hundreds of miles away. Dramatised for radio by Jonathan Myerson. This eight hour dramatisation of Life and Fate fills every drama slot on Radio 4 this week. It is set against the ferocious Battle of Stalingrad. This huge novel charts the fate of both a nation and a family in the turmoil of war and is increasingly hailed as the most important Russian novel of the 20th century. Its comparison of Stalinism with Nazism was considered by Soviet authorities to be so dangerous that the manuscript itself was arrested. Nikolai Krymov ..... David Tennant, Zhenya Shaposhnikova ..... Raquel Cassidy, Jenni ..... Eleanor Bron, General Rodimtsev ..... Bruce Alexander, Major Byerozkin ..... Sam Dale, District Inspector Grishin ..... Peter Polycarpou, Limonov .... Adrian Scarborough, Seryozha Shaposhnikov ..... Freddie Fox. With Elaine Claxton, James Lailey, Gerard McDermott, Simon Bubb, Alun Raglan, Jonathan Forbes, Carl Prekopp, and Katie Angelou. Original music by John Hardy with Rob Whitehead. Directed by Jonquil Panting. Produced by Alison Hindell.

20 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Life and Fate, Journey
By Vasily Grossman, contd. Sofya, a Jewish doctor, is taken prisoner in Stalingrad and put on a cattle-truck going west to Poland. A German SS officer, Liss, oversees the building of the gas chambers and entertains Eichmann on an inspection tour. Liss is convinced that the Nazi and Soviet systems are more similar than their followers like to think. Dramatised by Mike Walker. Sofya Levinton ..... Sara Kestelman, Liss ..... Samuel West, Eichmann ..... John Sessions, Mostovskoy ..... Peter Marinker, David ..... Laurence Belcher, Musya ..... Christine Kavanagh, Lyusia..........................Deeivya Meir, Khmelkov......................Henry Devas. With Adeel Akhtar, Sean Baker, Sam Dale and Sally Orrock. Produced by Alison Hindell.

21 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Life and Fate, Building 6/1 - Those Who Were Still Alive
By Vasily Grossman, contd. Late October 1942. Building 6/1 is a former apartment building in the centre of Stalingrad, being held by a rag-tag band of Russian soldiers against all the odds, in the teeth of the German advance. Soon the building, and its charismatic Commander, Captain Grekov, are a legend across Russia. But inside the building, Commissar Krymov has arrived to tackle what appears to be subversion, while the radio operator, Katya, falls in love with his nephew, Seryozha. Dramatised by Jonathan Myerson. Captain Grekov ..... Joseph Millson, Commissar Krymov ..... David Tennant, Vasya ..... Stephen Hogan, Katya ..... Katie Angelou, Lyakhov ..... Carl Prekopp, Polyakov ..... Peter Polycarpou, Seryozha Shaposhnikov ..... Freddie Fox, Batrakov ..... James Lailey, Zubarev ..... Gerard McDermott, Bunchuk ..... Jonathan Forbes. Directed by Jonquil Panting. Produced by Alison Hindell.

22 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Life and Fate, Novikov's Story
By Vasily Grossman, cnotd. November, 1942. Novikov, a tank commander, prepares his troops for Operation Uranus, the campaign which is to be the turning point in the Battle of Stalingrad. On his way to the front, he visits Zhenya, his lover, in Kuibyshev. He dreams of marrying her but she is still torn between him and Krymov. She tells an anecdote about Krymov and Trotsky, a slip of the tongue that leads to betrayal. Dramatised by Mike Walker. Pyotr Pavlovich Novikov ..... Don Gilet, Getmanov ..... Philip Jackson, Nyeudobnov ..... Peter Wight, Zhenya Shaposhnikova ..... Raquel Cassidy, Nicky ..... Simon Bubb, Vershkov ..... Stuart Mcloughlin, Galina Terentyevna ..... Jane Whittenshaw, Mashuk ..... Peter Polycarpou, Zhakharov ..... Sean Baker. With Jonathan Forbes, James Lailey, Daniel Rabin and Alun Raglan. Original music by John Hardy with Rob Whitehead. Directed by Alison Hindell and Jonquil Panting. Produced by Alison Hindell.

23 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Life and Fate, Krymov in Moscow
By Vasily Grossman, contd. Moscow, Winter 1942. Commissar Nikolai Krymov has been denounced and arrested. He is taken to the dreaded Lubyanka prison in Moscow: a place where, in the past, he has denounced others. Meanwhile his ex-wife Zhenya arrives in Moscow, to stay with Viktor and Lyuda, and to face the consequences of her actions. Dramatised by Jonathan Myerson. Commissar Nikolai Krymov ..... David Tennant, Viktor Shtrum ..... Kenneth Branagh, Lyuda Shaposhnikova ..... Greta Scacchi, Zhenya Shaposhnikova ..... Raquel Cassidy, Marya Sokolova ..... Harriet Walter, Nadya ..... Ellie Kendrick, Katsenelenbogen ..... Ewan Bailey, NKVD Interrogator ..... Elliot Levey, With Simon Bubb, Elaine Claxton, Jonathan Forbes, James Lailey, Gerard McDermott, Chris Pavlo, Peter Polycarpou, Carl Prekopp, Alun Raglan and Susie Riddell, Directed by Alison Hindell and Jonquil Panting. Produced by Alison Hindell.

24 Sep: Saturday Drama - Life and Fate: Fortress Stalingrad
By Vasily Grossman, contd. As the Russian tanks encircle Stalingrad, the commanders of the German 6th Army realise that the end is in sight but Hitler will not permit a surrender. Spiridonov abandons the power station to join his daughter, Vera, and her new baby on a barge frozen into the Volga. As the citizens of Stalingrad start to reclaim their wrecked city, the family begin to make plans for the future. Dramatised by Jonathan Myerson. Stepan Spiridonov ..... Kenneth Cranham, Vera Spiridonova ..... Morven Christie, Pavel Andreyev ..... Malcolm Tierney, General Von Paulus ..... Matthew Marsh, General Schmidt ..... Elliot Cowan, Colonel Adam ..... Jonathan Cullen, Lieutenant Peter Bach ..... Geoffrey Streatfeild, Sergeant Eisenaug ..... Michael Shelford, Zina ..... Jessica Raine, Major Byerozkin ..... Sam Dale, Alexandra Vladimirovna ..... Ann Mitchell, Natalya ..... Alison Pettit, Sergeyevna ..... Christine Kavanagh, Hitler's Orderly ..... David Seddon, Stalin's secretary ..... Tony Bell, Petenkoffer ..... Lloyd Thomas, Driver ..... Jude Akuwudike. Original music by John Hardy with Rob Whitehead. Produced by Alison Hindell.

25 Sep: Classic Serial - Life and Fate, Viktor and the Academy By Vasily Grossman, contd. In the final episode of Life and Fate, Viktor's scientific breakthrough has not brought him the success he expected. Instead he is gradually ostracised for his 'anti-Soviet' science. He starts to dread the knock at the door. Zhenya's visit to Moscow brings some distraction but it is Marya in whom he longs to confide. Dramatised by Mike Walker. Viktor Shtrum ..... Kenneth Branagh Lyuda ..... Greta Scacchi Marya Sokolova ..... Harriet Walter Zhenya ..... Raquel Cassidy Nadya ..... Ellie Kendrick Shishakov ..... Jack Shepherd Boris Badin ..... Carl Prekopp Anna Stepanovna ..... Alex Tregear Markov ..... Simon Bubb Chepyzhin ..... James Greene Vanya ..... Gerard McDermott Stalin........ Philip Madoc With Elaine Claxton, Jonathan Forbes and James Lailey Original music by John Hardy with Rob Whitehead Performed by Oliver Wilson-Dickson, Tom Jackson, Stacey Blythe and Max Pownall Translated by Robert Chandler Directed and Produced by Alison Hindell

26 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Henry's Demons
On a cold February day Henry Cockburn waded into the freezing water of Newhaven Estuary and tried to swim across. He said that voices had told him to do it. Nearly halfway round the world in Afghanistan journalist the boy's father, Patrick Cockburn learned from his wife that Henry had been admitted to a hospital mental ward. This is their account of Henry's rapid descent into mental illness. Raps and song by Henry Cockburn. Cast: Henry Cockburn .............. Tom Riley, Patrick Cockburn ..............Tim McInnerny, Janet Montefiore ..............Joanna David, Evelyn Waugh....................Sam Dale, Young Henry.....................Julien Stockwell and Oscar Richardson. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie production (Sweet Talk).

27 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Development
Doug Lucie's dark comedy about the credit crunch, set in Britain in 2008. Mike is a property developer who appears to have it all, but the foundations are shaky. When the debts are called in, his au pair's brother offers a possible solution. Cast: Mike ..... Mark Bazeley, Zoe ..... Samantha Spiro, Marie ..... Amy Shindler, Joe ..... Ashley Cook, Tatyana ..... Larissa Kouznetsova, Leo ..... Basher Savage. Location Recordist: David Chilton. Sound Designer: Lucinda Mason Brown. Producer: Janet Whitaker. Indie production (Goldhawk Essential).

28 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Gwennie
By Ian Rowlands. Michael and Gwen are looking back at their relationship, trying to pinpoint exactly where it all went wrong. They were happy, once. Their relationship was full of love, fun and lust. But with time, bitterness and jealousy has settled in, with arguments and mind games becoming normality. Something had to give.....and it does. Gwen's treasured drawing turns out to be fake. For Gwen, Michael's pleasure at discovering this is the last straw. Michael ... David Birrell, Gwen ... Lynne Seymour, Mother ... Jennifer Hill, Art Dealer ... Richard Mitchley. BBC Wales; producer Gwawr Lloyd.

29 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Strangers on a Film
By Stephen Wyatt. To accompany the second part of the Classic Chandler season Patrick Stewart plays Raymond Chandler and Clive Swift is Alfred Hitchcock in their famous collaboration on Strangers on a Train. In 1950, Alfred Hitchcock invited Raymond Chandler to work with him on a screenplay based on Patricia Highsmith's novel. Chandler was a fine novelist and had received a nomination for an Academy Award for his original screenplay, The Blue Dahlia. The omens were good but their collaboration was a disaster. Raymond Chandler...Patrick Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock...Clive Swift. Producer Claire Grove.

30 Sep: Afternoon Drama - Bad Faith - Series 2, Unoriginal Sin
By Peter Jukes. After the death of his father and the breakdown of his marriage, Jake needs to get away from home, so he accepts an old friend's invitation to come on secondment as Police Chaplain to Khan's West Yorkshire division. Jake arrives in his new posting the week before Christmas with a mission is to clean up a rough division, but he is immediately plunged into the question of original sin as an 11 year old is investigated for murder. Jake Thorne ..... Lenny Henry, Chief Supt Sufiq Khan ..... Vincent Ebrahim, Father Frank Gilligan ..... John Rowe , Kevin Stanhope ..... Conrad Nelson , Alyssa Mayes ..... Seroca Davis , Edie Gosling ..... Nadine Marshall , Tony Wingard ..... Clive Russell , Amanda Copley ..... Alex Tregear , French Woman ..... Susie Riddell. Producer Mary Peate.

1 Oct: Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, The Long Goodbye
Toby Stephens is back as Raymond Chandler's fast-talking private eye, Philip Marlowe.This is California in the 50's, as beautiful as a ripe fruit and rotten to the core, reflecting all the tarnished glitter of the American Dream. Outside a club on Sunset Boulevard Marlowe meets a drunk named Terry Lennox, a man with scars on one side of his face. They forge an uneasy friendship but everything changes when Lennox shows up late one night, asking for a favour. Philip Marlowe...Toby Stephens, Terry Lennox.....Trevor White, Eileen Wade...Saskia Reeves, Roger Wade...Peter Polycarpou, Howard Spencer...James Lailey, Candy...Simon Bubb, Menendez...Alun Raglan. Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt. Producer Claire Grove.

2 Oct: Classic Serial - Neglected Classics - Nightingale Wood, Episode 1
By Stella Gibbons, dramatised by Christopher William Hill. On either side of Nightingale Wood through one idyllic year in the late 1930s, hearts beat and minds scheme, as the dowdy Wither family tries to compete with the glittering Springs. Bookish Tina Wither is in love with Saxon, her father's handsome and aloof chauffeur. Her shopgirl sister-in-law, Viola, has fallen for Victor Spring, the lord of the manor. And Madge is in love with a dog. With Stella Gibbons as an artful fairy godmother, might things just turn out for the best? Tina ..... Victoria Hamilton, Mother/Nellie ..... Dinah Stabb, Father/Falger ..... Paul Moriarty, Viola ..... Francine Chamberlain, Victor ..... Simon Bubb, Saxon ..... Adam Billington, Edna/Fawcuss ..... Adjoa Andoh, Hetty ..... Alex Rivers, Phyllis ..... Joan Walker, Spurrey/Phillips ..... Ian Masters, Madge ..... Victoria Inez Hardy, Miss Cattyman ..... Judith Coke. Producer Marion Nancarrow.

3 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Dragonfly
By Katie Hims; written for actors David Bower and Sophie Woolley. Cal is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Sophie. As deaf parents, in amongst the excitement, they have a few concerns . But every time Sophie has a scan at the hospital Cal is sick. His behaviour becomes more and more uncharacteristic. Sophie starts to worry when Cal finds letters from an old girlfriend and decides to go and see her. CAL...David Bower, SOPHIE... Sophie Woolley, TARA....Sarah McDonald Hughes, HABERJAN.... Amerjit Deu, BRIAN Eric Potts, NURSE.... Zoe Iqbal, Producer: Susan Roberts. Developed in partnership with Signdance Collective.

4 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Dinner in the Village
By Caryl Phillips. Tensions between two famous bi-racial couples: the story is about developing friendships and how the dynamics between a foursome (Trinidadian writer CLR James, American novelist Richard Wright, and their women) can change. The play is recorded in New York where Caryl Phillips lives. He met and corresponded with these four people. He has wanted to write this play for a long time. Cast: Richard Wright ...... Neil Dawson, CLR James ....... Andre Blake, Constance ........ Jennifer Van Dyck, Ellen ....... Lauren McCord, Gloria ..... Anne Bobby, Interviewer ...... Tom Datnow, FBI man ...... Moti Margolin, Waitress ...... Sydney Beveridge, Technical Production: Peregrine Andrews. Producer: Judith Kampfner. Indie production (Waters Company).

5 Oct: Afternoon Drama - In the Family
By Sean Grundy. After ten years, Peter leaves Gillian for Laura. Distraught, Gillian goes round to Peter's parents to be consoled. They take her in - then things go a little weird. CAST: GILLIAN Tattersall............ Diane Morgan, PETER Wells............Colin Hoult, BARBARA Wells.............Janine Duvitski, COLIN Wells............John Henshaw, LAURA...........Zoe Gardner, TINA........Zahra Barri, ALAN/Mr. FORESTER............John Biddle, HAPPY JONES.........Tony Marshall, ANN Tattersall...........Christine Hall, BARRY Tattersall...........Sean Grundy. Producer: Alison Crawford.

6 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Hinterland
By Francis Turnly. Garda officer Detective Sergeant Roisin MacKenna is called to the scene of a murder. A body has been found buried in an Irish peat bog. Roisin is thrust into working with a PSNI counterpart, Darren Quinn, as her investigation takes her into the murky hinterland of the border area where nothing and no one is quite what they seem. The two officers have to negotiate the limitations of their own jurisdictions and face up to the ambiguities of upholding the law in a landscape virtually impossible to police. This writer's first radio play (Pressing the Flesh) was short-listed for the Imison Award in 2003. Cast: Roisin.........Catherine Cusack, Cullen.........Frank O'Sullivan, Quinn..........Stuart Graham, Conor..........Brian Gleeson, Alaister........Kieran Lagan, Mrs Duffy.....Julia Dearden, Rourke........Gerry O'Brien, Deirdra........Cathy Belton, Sean...........Frankie McCafferty, Pathologist....Miche Doherty. Other parts played by members of the cast. Producer Heather Larmour.

7 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Bad Faith - Series 2, Insha'Allah
By Peter Jukes. Jake is three months into his secondment in West Yorkshire; it's Spring and love is in the air, but during an investigation involving a missing Muslim teenager, Jake gives out more information than he should. Jake Thorne ..... Lenny Henry, Edie Gosling ..... Nadine Marshall, Kevin Stanhope ..... Conrad Nelson, Alyssa Mayes ..... Seroca Davis, Tony Wingard ..... Clive Russell, Chief Supt Sufiq Khan ..... Vincent Ebrahim, Azad Hasan ..... Pushpinder Chani, Marianne Brown ..... Claire Benedict, Omar Mohammed ..... Peter Polycarpou, Traffic Police Officer ..... Carl Prekopp. Producer by Mary Peate.

8 Oct: Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, The High Window
By Raymond Chandler, dramatized by Robin Brooks. When rare gold coin is stolen from her collection, Mrs Murdoch hires private eye Philip Marlowe to find it. The tough matriarch is convinced about the identity of the thief, but Marlowe's own inquiries lead him elsewhere. He's soon caught in the crossfire of a family at war with itself. Cast: Philip Marlowe . . . . . Toby Stephens, Mrs Murdoch . . . . . Judy Parfitt, Merle Davis . . . . . Jessica Raine, Leslie Murdoch . . . . . Patrick Kennedy, Detective Breeze . . . . . Joe Montana, Alex Nash . . . . . Stuart Milligan, Linda Conquest . . . . . Susie Riddell, Elisha Morningstar . . . . . Peter Polycarpou, Apartment Manager . . . . . Gerard McDermott, Lou Vannier . . . . . Carl Prekopp, Lois Nash . . . . . Alex Tregear, George Philips . . . . . James Lailey, Mr Shaw . . . . . Sean Baker, Delmar Hench . . . . . Alun Raglan, John . . . . . Simon Bubb. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko Produced by Claire Grove.

9 Oct: Classic Serial - Nightingale Wood, Episode 2
By Stella Gibbons, dramatised for radio by Christopher William Hill. In this pre-war comedy, the young, widowed and pretty Viola Wither finally has the chance to escape her stifling in-laws in Essex. Whilst they are spending a month in the Lakes, she and her sister-in-law Tina escape to Stanton on Sea. Viola is still pining for the dashing Victor Spring - who has kissed her - and Tina for the beautiful chauffeur, Saxon - likewise. But is it all hopeless? Tina ..... Victoria Hamilton, Mother/Nellie ..... Dinah Stabb, Father/Falger ..... Paul Moriarty, Viola ..... Francine Chamberlain, Victor ..... Simon Bubb, Saxon ..... Adam Billington, Edna/Fawcuss ..... Adjoa Andoh, Hetty ..... Alex Rivers, Phyllis ..... Joan Walker, Spurrey ..... Ian Masters, Madge ..... Victoria Inez Hardy, Uncle Frank ..... James Lailey, Miss Cattyman ..... Judith Coke, Mr Brodhurst/Cotton ..... Gerard McDermott. Producer Marion Nancarrow.

10 Oct: Afternoon Drama - A Time To Dance
In July 1518 a terrifying and mysterious plague struck the medieval city of Strasbourg. By the time the epidemic subsided, heat and exhaustion had claimed many lives, leaving thousands bewildered and bereaved.....now it's the South Bank, London. 2011. Is it happening again? By Julian Simpson. Based on an original idea by Anita Sullivan. With Robin Lustig, Jim Libby, Jana Carpenter, Tom Salinsky, Deborah Frances White, Matt Banister, Jessica Pidsley, Jessica Regan. Producer: Karen Rose. Indie (Sweet Talk Productions).

11 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Goldfish Girl
By Peter Souter. A play about memory loss. What if you couldn't remember a single minute of the ten years you'd spent with the love of your life? Joe can remember everything about Ally; Ally remembers nothing about Joe. Joe ..... Alex Jennings, Ally ..... Juliet Stevenson. Directed by Gordon House.

12 Oct: Afternoon Drama - The Artist Is Thinking
By Mark Lawson. A play about the desire of the artist to remain illusive and anonymous behind work which is heavily codified and seemingly impenetrable....when a young art historian refuses to believe the received wisdom about the work of the reclusive Anderson Perrine, the artist feels a distinct invasion of his privacy. He sets about laying a series of false trails but her pursuit of him is unrelenting and he is obliged to take radically evasive action. Emmie Callaghan ..... Hattie Morahan, Anderson Perrine ..... Joss Ackland, Professor Black's commentary ..... Miche Doherty, Radio Arts Presenter ..... Mark Lawson, Gallery Announcer ..... Robin Read. Visitors to the Gallery: Aine McCartney, BJ Hogg and Mark Lambert. Producer Eoin O'Callaghan in Belfast.

13 Oct: Afternoon Drama - The Last Free Hours of Charlie Radcliffe
To the outside world Charlie Radcliffe was an esteemed businessman and philanthropist. But Charlie knew that he had swindled billions over decades from his wealthy clients and he knew that one day the game would be up. Now in prison, Charlie tells the story of his last hours of freedom to new inmate Sam. Drew Pautz's drama inspired by the crisis in the financial world examines the gaps between facts, finance, conscience and confidence. CHARLIE.....Henry Goodman, SAM.....Ashley Kumar, THOMPSON.....Conrad Nelson, SIMPSON.....Graeme Hawley, TONY.....Kevin Harvey, FRANKLIN.....Chris Jack. Produced by Nadia Molinari.

14 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Bad Faith - Series 2, Opiate of the Masses
By Peter Jukes. Six months into his secondment, Jake is still living at the homeless shelter with his best friend Tony. Jake Thorne ..... Lenny Henry, Tony Wingard ..... Clive Russell, Chief Supt Sufiq Khan ..... Vincent Ebrahim, Kevin Stanhope ..... Conrad Nelson, Marianne Brown ..... Claire Benedict, Sakina Bellingham ..... Vineeta Rishi, Jesse Thorne ..... Ray Fearon, Isaac Thorne ..... Oscar James, Amanda Copley ..... Alex Tregear, Nurse/Radiologist ..... Susie Riddell. Producer Mary Peate.

15 Oct: Saturday Drama - The Little Sister
By Raymond Chandler. A small, neat girl walks into Philip Marlowe's office. Orfamay Quest is looking for her brother Orrin. She gives Marlowe twenty dollars and lots of moral disapproval. Marlowe takes the case and finds himself drawn into the glamorous world of the Hollywood film studios. Philip Marlowe...Toby Stephens, Oramay Quest...Kelly Burke, Mavis...Fenella Woolgar, Clausen...Peter Polycarpou, Dolores...Ginita Jimenez, Lagardie...John Guerrasio, Hicks...Jonathan Forbes. Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt. Produced by Claire Grove.

16 Oct: Classic Serial - Silas Marner, Episode 1
By George Eliot, dramatised by Richard Cameron. Cast out from the church, community, and his closest friends for a crime he did not commit, Silas Marner's trust and faith falls away. A broken, disillusioned man, exiled, he builds a new faith, that will never let him down: gold. He weaves his cloths, counts his money, baptises himself with the coins of his new religion. When tragedy strikes again and all his money is stolen he's bereft and grief stricken. Then on New Year's Eve a vision of gold flickers before the flames. Spilling locks are tumbling coins. For a moment Silas is reunited with his lovely sovereigns. And then he sees a little child. SILAS MARNER........George Costigan, SARAH/PRISCILLA ...........Fiona Clarke, WILLIAM/JEM/GODFREY........Conrad Nelson, MINISTER/MACEY........Seamus O'Neill, SNELL/BRYCE.........Leigh Symonds, DUNSEY/DOWLAS.......James Nickerson, SQUIRE .........Terence Wilton, DOLLY...... ...Deborah McAndrew, AARON (child)...........George Herbert, NANCY/MOLLY......Maeve Larkin. Producer Pauline Harris.

17 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 1
Brief Lives by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly 1/6. The return of Frank Twist and his team of Manchester legal eagles. When a pop entrepreneur is arrested for alleged fraud Frank discovers a personal connection. Frank.....David Schofield, Sarah.....Kathryn Hunt, Declan....Jonjo O'Neill, Doug......Eric Potts, Phineas....Hugo Chandor, Laura.......Sue Jenkins, Mickey....Jim Barclay. Producer Gary Brown.

18 Oct: Afternoon Drama - All the Dark Corners, The Desk
By Andrew Readman. A chiller; first in a series of three. Davis Finch is a hack TV writer with aspirations to write a novel. In order to be a real writer he feels he needs a proper desk. He starts to write. Then he finds a secret drawer. Finch.............Graeme Hawley, Harrison.........Tim McInnerny, Rachel...........Karen West, Morris............Greg Wood, Valerie...........Melissa Jane Sinden, Shopkeeper....Russell Richardson. Producer Gary Brown.

19 Oct: Afternoon Drama - All the Dark Corners, Something in the Water
Chiller no. 2: by Paul Cornell. When crusading scientist and committed atheist James Woolmer is sacked from his job as a columnist, he decides to up sticks and move his family to the country to get away from it all. What he finds is a village gripped by hysteria and fear and a lucrative tourist industry surrounding Standlake's resident lake monster, Lachey. Despite the weird skin abrasions and the rumbling in the pipes James is utterly sceptical, until he sees something in the water. This play reminded me of 'Witch Water Green' by Don Webb, from the 80s. James.....James Nickerson, Erica.....Zara Turner, Ben.....Joel Davies, Ruskin.....Conrad Nelson, Peter.....Jonathan Keeble, Batley.....Stephen Hoyle, Helen.....Ruth Alexander Rubin, Producer Nadia Molinari.

20 Oct: Afternoon Drama - All the Dark Corners, The Dying Wish
Chiller no. 3....By Rosemary Kay. Fran and her partner Abe are befriended by a lonely old woman, Joy, who lives in the flat above. Joy persuades them to make a promise - they must perform an ancient ritual after she's died. They unwittingly agree without realising the terrifying consequences of their action. Fran ..... Sarah Smart, Abe ..... Jonathan Keeble, David ..... Robert Pickavance, Joy ..... Janice McKenzie, Jack ..... James Quin. Producer Pauline Harris.

21 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Prayer Mask
By David Pownall. A play about the young Lieutenant Richard Burton who in 1853 disguised himself as an Afghani pilgrim and undertook an expedition to Mecca. His aim was to explore the Holy of Holies. He chronicles this journey fraught with dangers and misadventure. But can he hide his identity from his two young guides? Lieutenant Richard Burton .... Joseph Fiennes, Mohammed.......... Akbar Kurtha, Nur......... Rasmus Hardiker, Wali........... Paul Rider, Larking.......... Roger Hammond, Kaaba official........ Inam Mirza, Surgeon......... Jonathan Tafler, Mohammed's mother ... Natasha Pyne. Producer..... Peter Kavanagh.

22 Oct: Saturday Drama - Classic Chandler, Poodle Springs
By Raymond Chandler and Robert B. Parker, dramatised by Robin Brooks. Fresh from his honeymoon with heiress Linda Loring, Philip Marlowe has set up shop in the upmarket Californian town of Poodle Springs. But the life of a kept man soon loses its charm, and when he's asked to find a gambler on the run from his debts, Marlowe can't resist. This is the eighth and final Philip Marlowe novel. It was unfinished at the time of the author's death in 1959. 30 years later, the crime writer Robert B. Parker completed the novel to mark the centenary of Chandler's birth. Cast: Philip Marlowe . . . . . Toby Stephens, Linda Marlowe . . . . . Lorelei King, Larry Victor . . . . . Stephen Campbell Moore, Muffy Valentine . . . . . Laurel Lefkow, Manny Lipshultz . . . . . Peter Polycarpou, Angel Victor . . . . . Sasha Pick, Bernie Ohls . . . . . Gerard McDermott, Film Director . . . . . James Lailey, Eddie Garcia . . . . . Alun Raglan, Clayton Blackstone . . . . . Sean Baker, Leonard . . . . . Carl Prekopp, Turn Key . . . . . Simon Bubb. Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko. Produced by Claire Grove.

23 Oct: Classic Serial - Silas Marner, Episode 2
Dramatised by Richard Cameron. After a life of exile and a miserly existence, Silas's life changes forever when Eppie, a little girl crosses his threshold on a cold New Year's evening. Their life together, from her childhood to womanhood is his salvation. But all is threatened when her biological father makes a claim on her. Silas Marner ...... George Costigan, Eppie ....... Rebecca Callard, Dolly ..... Deborah McAndrew, Aaron ..... Stephen Hoyle, Godfrey/Jem ..... Conrad Nelson, Nancy ...... Maeve Larkin, Macey .... Seamus O'Neill, Dr. Kimble......... Leigh Symonds, Priscillia ...... Fiona Clarke. Produced by Pauline Harris.

24 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 2
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, ep 2/6. A young teacher is accused of having an affair with a sixth former. This is now a criminal offence and the teacher stands to lose more than his career. To make matters worse the pupil's mother seems to have given her blessing to the affair and theoretically she could be charged with aiding and abetting. A complicated case of trust and consent for Frank Twist & Co. FRANK....David Schofield, SARAH....Kathryn Hunt, DECLAN....Jonjo O'Neill, DS MOORE...James Quinn, LAURA....Sue Jenkins, MICHAEL...Alan Morrissey, CARRIE...Amanda Orton, BRYONY..Rosie Fleeshman, KEITH..Lloyd Peters. Producer Gary Brown. Music composed by Carl Harms.

25 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Tontine
By Karen Brown. When a community savings system goes wrong, disaster looms for one struggling family. Current Treasury figures suggest that 1.75 million UK adults have no access to a bank account, so how are they keeping their money safe? Tontines were started on mainland Europe in the 17th century, but fell out of favour. Such schemes still exist in the UK, where people without access to the banking system are struggling to make ends meet. Tontines run successfully in small communities, where there is trust and responsibility. The Tontine collector is given regular payments each week. The savers can call on the money in an emergency, or for a special occasion like Christmas, paying a small fee on the loan. In this play, the person entrusted with the tontine has been helping herself to some of the money................ Karen Brown's recent work includes a Radio 4 Woman's Hour, Sherbet Dolls, and two 45 dramas for BBC1. The first, The Rain Has Stopped was nominated for a RTS award. Marie......Alison Steadman, Anne........Jess Schofield, Thomas.......Shaun Mason, Cheryl........Angela Simms, Gordon......Roy Brandon. Producer Polly Thomas. Sound designer Eloise Whitmore. Executive producer Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

26 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Stevenson in Love, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes
By Mike Harris, based on Robert Louis Stevenson's travelogues, journals and personal letters. Stevenson sets off with a donkey across the Cevennes in France and in the process keeps a journal that later becomes his popular travelogue "Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes." But does his journeying help him to forget the woman he has met and fallen in love with - Fanny Osbourne?.............In 1879 and 1880, three years before he was to write 'Treasure Island', Robert Louis Stevenson was a largely unpublished and unsuccessful writer. Despite his father's wishes, he persisted with writing. In 1876, he met Fanny Osbourne, the woman who was to become his lover and later his wife. At the time of their meeting Fanny was escaping from America with her children, away from a husband who only brought her misery through his infidelities. One of Stevenson's earliest publications was an essay 'On Falling in Love' for The Cornhill magazine.................In 1878 Fanny decided that she had to return to America and to her husband. Stevenson embarked on his walk through the Cevennes and in August of the same year he decided to follow Fanny to America; his account of the journey was published in 'The Amateur Emigrant'................Mike Harris' two plays portray these two journeys and attempt to capture Stevenson's feelings for Fanny and how they affected him on his travels. Cast: Robert Louis Stevenson ...... David Tennant, Fanny ..... Lizzy Mcinnerny, Peasant, Monk ..... Matthew Marsh, Bob ...... Forbes Masson, Saddler, RLS Father ..... Nigel Cooke, Auberge Woman ..... Jane Slavin, Belle ..... Lottie Rice, Child's Voice ..... Bethane Cullinane, Lloyd ..... Ned Leadbeater. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie production (Pacificus).

27 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Stevenson in Love, The Amateur Emigrant
By Mike Harris; play 2. For details, see yesterday, but slightly different cast: Robert Louis Stevenson ...... David Tennant, Fanny ...... Lizzy McInnerny, Sam ..... Matthew Marsh, Irish Conductor ..... Forbes Masson, RLS Father , Joshua ...... Nigel Cooke , Dutch Woman, Milk Woman ...... Jane Slavin, Belle ...... Lottie Rice, Nose in a Book, Schoffelheimer ...... Danny Webb, NY Conductor, Chicago Telegraph Man, Ogden Conductor ...... Chinna Wodu. Producer: Clive Brill. Indie (Pacificus Productions).

28 Oct: Afternoon Drama - On It
By Tony Pitts. A young man joins Tony's boxing ring in an attempt to break his drug addiction............. Tony Pitts is a northern Writer-Performer, now turning his hand to BBC Radio 4's Afternoon Play. Tony is also a boxing coach. He conquered some of his own demons through boxing - and has helped others to do so too. This is a story of one of his students, Liam Jones. Cast: Narrator ......Tony Pitts, Liam ....... Adam Gillen, Michelle ....... Maxine Peake, Belinda ........Hannah Kew, David ....... Dominic Brunt, Kay ...... Joanne Mitchell, Nana ...... Gwyneth Powell, Josephine ...... Isabelle Sykes. Written and Directed by Tony Pitts. Produced by Sally Harrison. Indie production (Woolyback).

29 Oct: Saturday Drama - Something Wicked This Way Comes
By Ray Bradbury, dramatised by Diana Griffiths. Set in 1960's Illinois, this gem of modern Gothic literature is the story of two boys, James Nightshade and William Halloway, and the evil that grips their small Midwestern town with the arrival of a "dark carnival" one Autumn midnight. These two innocents, both aged 13, save the souls of the town. Will .. Theo Gregory, Jim ... Josef Lindsay, Charlie ... Henry Goodman, Mr. Dark .. Kenneth Cranham, Mr. Coogar/ Lightening rod salesman ... Gerard McDermott, Miss Foley ..... Barbara Barnes, Dust Witch ... Buffy Davis, Robert .. Taran Stanzler, Young Miss Foley ..... Amelia Clarkson, JED ..... Ethan Brooke, Composer ..... David Paul Jones, Sound ..... Paul Cargill, Producer Pauline Harris.

30 Oct: Classic Serial - The Heat of the Day, Episode 1
Adapted by Tristram Powell and Honor Borwick. Elizabeth Bowen's wartime novel of betrayal, adapted from a screenplay by Harold Pinter. Part love story, part spy thriller, in which the beautiful Stella's allegiances are tested. Stella discovers that her lover, Robert, who works for British Intelligence, is suspected of selling classified information to the enemy. Harrison, the man who has tracked Robert down, wants Stella as the price for his silence. Caught between these two men, not sure whom to believe, Stella finds her world crumbling as she learns how little we can know of those around us...........The novel was first published in 1949. In it she draws on her affair with Charles Ritchie, a Canadian diplomat, to whom the book is dedicated. The nature of their affair is reflected in Stella's relationship with Robert. Robert and Stella share the same ages (and age difference) as Bowen and Ritchie. Bowen's preoccupation with the cracks below the surface and the psychology of hurt and betrayal is echoed in Harold Pinter's work. Pinter's style and Bowen's dialogue find a perfect marriage in this adaptation. Cast: Screenwriter ..... Henry Goodman, Harrison ..... Matthew Marsh, Stella ...... Anna Chancellor, Robert ..... Tom Goodman-Hill, Louie/ Anne ...... Teresa Gallagher, Roderick ...... Daniel Weyman, Ernestine ...... Honeysuckle Weeks, Mrs Kelway/ Mrs Tringsby ...... Tina Gray, Cousin Francis/ Blythe ...... Nigel Anthony, Nettie ....... Gemma Jones, Peter ...... Ben Baker. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Directed by Tristram Powell. Indie (Catherine Bailey production).

31 Oct: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 3
3/6. Frank and Declan both stand witness for things they are unsure about. How much does this compromise them? FRANK....David Schofield, SARAH....Kathryn Hunt, DECLAN.. Jonjo O'Neill, PETER.....Steven Pinder, AISHA...Balvinder Sopal, FR KEARNEY..Charles Lawson, MARCUS HANLEY..Andonis James Anthony, WPC MOLLISON....Lisa Moore. Producer Gary Brown. Music composed by Carl Harms.

1 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Sargasso
By Simon Bovey. Elver season on the river Severn - a time of mystery and danger. The wrong time and place for a young man to be searching for his place in the world. Kevin ..... Robert Lonsdale, Sabrina ..... Emily Wachter, Bruce ..... Ian Gelder, Tan ..... Stuart McLoughlin, Debbie ..... Lizzy Watts, Gilpin ..... Stephen Hogan, Buyer / Policeman ... Benjamin Askew, Phil ..... Matt Addis. Directed by Marc Beeby.

2 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Immaculate
By Merryn Glover. When Lily, a young girl from a troubled background becomes pregnant, she insists she is still a virgin. A host of professionals swing into action. Lily becomes increasingly isolated: her belief is diagnosed as delusion, there are suspicions of abuse, and the unborn baby is shown to be severely disabled. But despite all of this, her conviction that God has chosen her for a miracle finds proof in the most unexpected ways...............Merryn has written short stories for Radio 4 and a thirty minute play for Radio Scotland - The Colour Of Light. Cast: LILY.......Helen Mackay, KAREN........Cathleen McCarron, FRED............Ken Drury , BEV........Jane Whittenshaw, MARJORY/radiographer.....Jenny Lee, JEZ/STEVIE........Ali Craig, SINGER/MUSICIAN.....Megg Nicol. Producer/director: David Ian Neville.

3 Nov: Afternoon Drama - No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, A Late Van Just Glimpsed
Written and dramatised by Alexander McCall Smith. Part 1- A Late Van Just Glimpsed. Mma Ramotswe makes a ghostly sighting and there is disturbing news about Charlie, Mr JLB Matekoni's wayward apprentice, and the ladies investigate violent attacks on cattle. Meanwhile, preparations are underway for Mma Makutsi's wedding to Phuti Radiphuti. Mma Ramotswe ..... Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi ..... Nadine Marshall, Mr J L B Matekoni ..... Ben Onwukwe, Housekeeper ..... Janice Acquah, Woman by Road/Shoe Shop Assistant ..... Adjoa Andoh, Charlie ..... Maynard Eziashi, Mr Moeti ..... Nyasha Hatendi. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

4 Nov: Afternoon Drama - No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The Saturday Big Tent Wedding
Written and dramatised by Alexander McCall Smith. Play 2: The Saturday Big Tent Wedding. The ladies solve the case of the murdered cattle. Mma Makutsi is feeling anxious about her impending wedding to Phuti Radiphuti, and an old friend comes to the rescue. Mma Ramotswe ..... Claire Benedict, Mma Makutsi ..... Nadine Marshall, Mr J L B Matekoni ..... Ben Onwukwe, Housekeeper/Mma Potokwani ..... Janice Acquah, Maid ..... Adjoa Andoh, Charlie/Teacher ..... Maynard Eziashi, Mr Moeti ..... Nyasha Hatendi, Fortitude Seleo/Priest ..... Obi Abili, Mpho ..... Beru Tessema, Phuti Radiphuti ..... Jude Akuwudike, Prudence ..... Gbemisola Ikumelo. Producer: Gaynor Macfarlane.

5 Nov: Saturday Drama - The Middle
By Amelia Bullmore. Clare is the middle sister in a family headed by a formidable matriarch, Luca. Clare meets and quickly marries Martin, who falls just as much in love with her fun, sparky family. But Martin makes a mistake and sets in train a series of events which brings the family to its knees. Clare ..... Emma Cunniffe, Martin ..... Ben Miles, Nicky ..... Anna Madeley, Justine ..... Eve Matheson , Luca ..... Paola Dionisotti, Karl ..... Nigel Pilkington, Owen ..... Baxter Willis, Mick ..... John Biggins, Ed ..... Piers Wehner, Donna ..... Melissa Advani. Produced by Mary Peate

6 Nov: Classic Serial - The Heat of the Day, Episode 2
By Elizabeth Bowen. Details- see last week. Cast: Screenwriter ..... Henry Goodman, Harrison ..... Matthew Marsh, Stella ...... Anna Chancellor, Robert ...... Tom Goodman-Hill, Louie/ Anne/ Mary/Waitress ...... Teresa Gallagher, Roderick ...... Daniel Weyman, Ernestine ...... Honeysuckle Weeks, Mrs Kelway ...... Tina Gray, Donovan ...... Nigel Anthony. Producer: Marilyn Imrie. Indie (Catherine Bailey Production).

7 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 4
By Eve Steele and Ed Jones. Ep 4/6. A sixty year old photographer is accused of assaulting his financial advisor. Emotional triangle? Or Baby Boomer revenge? FRANK....David Schofield, SARAH....Kathryn Hunt, DECLAN..Jonjo O'Neill, PC MCGOWAN.David Corden, OLIVER....Jonathan Keeble, ARNOLD....David Fleeshman, HAZEL.....Olwen May, JUSTIN.....Drew Carter Cain. Producer Gary Brown. Music composed by Carl Harms.

8 Nov: Afternoon Drama - The Alterer
By Finlay Welsh. Atmospheric drama set on the east coast of Scotland in 1791. A watchmaker pours all of his skill and knowledge into making a machine that will alter time and create a different universe; one in which he hopes his desperately ill daughter will be returned to him, fully recovered. Cast: Smith ..... Cal MacAninch, Buchan ..... Liam Brennan, Mary ..... Pauline Knowles, William ..... Finn den Hertog. Produced by Kirsteen Cameron.

9 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Giving It Back
By Kevin Dyer. When Johnny, a small-time thief, is disturbed during a burglary his life changes. Inspired, he rushes home to share the good news with his heavily-pregnant girlfriend Laura. He's decided to give everything back - all the things he has ever stolen. Cast: Johnny ..... Gareth Milton , Laura ..... Catrin Stewart, Nadine ..... Rhiannon Oliver, Big Ronnie ..... Matthew Gravelle, Mrs Williams ..... Siriol Jenkins, Craig ..... Keiron Self. Recorded in Cardiff. BBC Wales. Producer Stefan Escreet.

10 Nov: Afternoon Drama - The State of Water
By Sarah Woods. Eldryd and his daughter, Siwan, are sheep farmers in the uplands of Wales. Prices are better than they have been for a while but it's a hard, physical life that increasing age doesn't make any easier. Still, Eldryd loves this landscape and the life - the raw beauty, the wide horizons, the solitude. Then Siwan hears about an environmental scheme which helps sheep farmers to give up their animals and become 'stewards' of their landscape. The idea is that this will improve water retention on the uplands, which helps the water supply and hinders flooding. For Eldryd the answer is simple: no. For Siwan, things are more complex - this new way of life might offer her a future. CAST: Narrator . . . Iestyn Jones, Eldryd . . . . Phyl Harries, Siwan . . . . Mali Harries, Penny . . . . Claire Cage, Huw . . . . Rhys ap William, Sion . . . . Saul Woods. BBC Wales production; producer Kate McAll.

11 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Laurels and Donkeys
Note the date: 11.11.11.........A sequence of dramatic and new poems by Andrew Motion to mark Remembrance Day. The poems draw on soldiers' experiences of war from 1914 until today, beginning with a story about Siegfried Sassoon and moving via World War Two and Korea to the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the poems are in the voices of combatants. With: Julian Rhind Tutt, Toby Stephens, David Birrell, Russell Boulter, Carl Prekopp. Music: Jon Nicholls. Producer: Tim Dee.

12 Nov: Saturday Drama - Bar Mitzvah Boy
By the late Jack Rosenthal, adapted for radio by his daughter, Amy Rosenthal. A radio version of Jack Rosenthal's award-winning television play about a boy having his Bar Mitzvah - the ceremony in which a thirteen year old becomes a man in the Jewish faith. In the synagogue, in front of the whole congregation, he will read and sing in Hebrew from the Torah (the Hebrew scrolls) after a year of intensive tuition. Later he will enjoy receiving gifts from relatives and friends as he celebrates with them at his Bar Mitzvah party. But is he ready to become a man? Eliot...........HUGO RAINE, Rita..........TRACY-ANN OBERMAN, Victor...........DAVID HOROVITCH , Grandad.........ANDREW SACHS, Lesley. . . .....SUSANNAH WISE , Harold...............JONATHAN TAFLER , Rabbi Sherman ........PETER MAJER, Denise........MAYA GERBER, Squidge.......SAM CUMMINGS, Synagogue Cantor.......RABBI MARK L. SOLOMON. Produced and directed by David Ian Neville.

13 Nov: Classic Serial - The Ambassadors, Episode 1
By Henry James, ad. Graham White. The story centres on the predicament of Lambert Strether, a fifty-something New Englander lately arrived in Paris. Strether has been sent to the city to persuade the fun-living son of his wealthy fiancee back home in Woolett to return home. But now he too falls under the spell of Paris. Lambert Strether - Henry Goodman, Chad Orlando - Seale, Madame Marie De Vionnet - Joanna Bergin, Maria Gostrey/Portress ... Clare Lawrence-Moody, John Little Bilham .... Rikki Lawton, Waymarsh .... Paul Moriarty, Sarah Pocock/Duchess .... Adjoa Andoh, Jim Pocock .... James Lailey, Miss Barrace .... Tracy Wiles, Andre ....Carl Prekopp, Gloriani/Lazlo ....Adam Billington, Jeanne.... Victoria Inez-Hardy, Producer Peter Kavanagh.

14 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 5
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, ep 5/6. A right wing academic is accused of assault and this leads to a personal and ethical crisis for Sarah Gold. FRANK...David Schofield, SARAH...Kathryn Hunt, DECLAN.Jonjo O'Neill, DOUG...Eric Potts, DI NEWTON.Danielle Henry, PETER....Malcolm Raeburn, HEATHER..Julia Rounthwaite. Producer Gary Brown. Music composed by Carl Harms.

15 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Incident at Boulonvilliers
By Dave Sheasby. June 1982; the Falklands War is coming to an end. Three Second World War veterans return on a coach trip to Normandy and are forced to confront a difficult incident back in 1944 - and consequently their own "heroism". Frank................Geoffrey Whitehead, Tommy..............Michael Mears, Arthur................David Hargreaves, Mandy...............Ella Smith, Madame............Gabrielle Reidy. Producer David Hunter.

16 Nov: Afternoon Drama - A Dose of Fame By Stephen Wakelam. In the final stages of writing Howards End, and nervous of success, E.M. Forster grapples with a mysterious death, his own sexuality and the seed of an idea for his next novel. Morgan....Stephen Campbell Moore, Lily.............Diana Quick, Masood.....Navin Chowdhry, Malcolm.......Matt Addis, Ernest.....Benjamin Askew , Unwin......Sam Dale, Edward Arnold.Philip Fox , Roger Fry...Malcolm Tierney, Hilda........Caroline Guthrie. Producer David Hunter.

17 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Love in A Glass Jar
By Nancy Harris. Eve and Patrick are two strangers who have been chatting on a dating website. They've agreed to meet face to face in a hotel room in order to carry out an unofficial sperm donation. They both know why they're there. But do they know what they want? Eve.....Niamh Cusack, Patrick.....Lorcan Cranitch, Seamus Kenny.....Stephen Hogan. Producer Steven Canny.

18 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Wednesdays with Strangers
When a welcome pack to the UK offers advice on how to talk to strangers, a migrant worker decides to spend his one day off each week attempting to get to know the people of Britain and prove to his disillusioned flatmate that there is such a thing as the British Dream after all. A gentle comedy of manners by Nick Leather. Mirek...............Matt McGuirk, Alex............... Eddie Capli, Andy..............James Quinn, Frank...............Greg Wood, Joy.................Sue Kelly. Producer Gary Brown.

19 Nov: Saturday Drama - The Weirdstone of Brisingamen
By Alan Garner, dram. Peter Thomson. For a great many people the words 'Alderley Edge' will conjure up wizards and a hundred knights sleeping in a cave for thousands of years. Alan Garner used a local legend as the starting point to his book "The Weirdstone of Brisingamen" and the story is firmly set in the part of Cheshire that he knows so well. Robert Powell who plays the narrator has known Alan Garner since he was a schoolboy in Manchester, and Struan Rodger who plays the dwarf Durathror was in a radio production of "Elidor", when he was only thirteen. Cast: Colin ...... Robert Powell, Young Colin ...... Hugo Docking, Susan ..... Fern Deacon, Gowther ...... Trevor Cooper, Bess ...... Rachel Atkins, Selina Place ..... Monica Dolan, Cadellin ...... Philip Voss, Fenodyree ...... Steve Hodson , Durathror ...... Struan Rodger. Music by Mia Soteriou. Special Effects: Wilfredo Acosta. Produced by Jane Morgan. Indie (Waters Company production).

20 Nov: Classic Serial - The Ambassadors, Episode 2
Henry James, ad. Graham White. 2: Strether had hoped to persuade the fun-living son of his wealthy fiancee to return home to New England. But now Strether has fallen under the spell of the beautiful Mme de Vionnet. More ambassadors are sent by the angry fiancee to bring both men home. Lambert Strether- Henry Goodman, Chad -Orlando Seale, Madame Marie De Vionnet- Joanna Bergin, Maria Gostrey/Portress Clare -Lawrence-Moody, John Little Bilham -Rikki Lawton, Waymarsh -Paul Moriarty, Sarah Pocock/Duchess -Adjoa Andoh, Jim Pocock -James Lailey, Miss Barrace -Tracy Wiles, Andre -Carl Prekopp, Gloriani/Lazlo- Adam Billington, Jeanne - Victoria Inez-Hardy. Producer Peter Kavanagh.

21 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 6
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly, 6/6. A youth is arrested for attempted murder and Doug attempts to bring Shakespeare to the inner city. They seem unconnected but end up colliding with tragic consequences for our star crossed lovers. Last in the current series. FRANK...David Schofield, SARAH...Kathryn Hunt, DECLAN..Jonjo O'Neill, DOUG...Eric Potts, SIDNEY.Stefan Gumbs, TERRY.Everal A Walsh, DS COOPER...Andrew Westfield, BONITA...Nisa Cole. Producer Gary Brown. Music composed by Carl Harms.

22 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Six Impossible Things
By Glen Neath; research by Dominic Streatfeild. The drama contains scenes of violence and is based on true events.Peter Hardy doesn't fit the psychological profile of your average double murderer. There's something vulnerable about him, or so thinks police psychologist Dr Kennedy as he makes his assessment after a particularly violent bank robbery. Can a man really rob a bank and kill two people under hypnosis? As the evidence mounts to support this bizarre theory it becomes impossible to ignore. This extraordinary story was inspired by true events that took place in Denmark in the 1950s and whilst this production is updated to the present day, the facts of the case are unchanged. Peter Hardy ..... Simon Kane, Dr Kennedy ..... James Lailey, Bjorn Newbold ..... Phil Wright, DI Grimes ..... Madeleine Bowyer, DS Mulholland ..... Bill Nash, Auntie Elsie / Barbara Hardy ..... Esther Coles. Other parts were played by Rhona Foulis and Dominic Hawksley. Sound and music by Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques. Producer: Boz Temple-Morris. Indie. (Holy Mountain production).

23 Nov: Afternoon Drama - The Moment You Feel It
By Ed Harris. A play about memory. Alf's recollections come in flashes and great blank holes, along with a running commentary from the voices of his past. So how does finding a strange coat in his kitchen remind him why he doesn't want a bath today? Alf ..... Richard Briers, Young Alf ..... Rory Kinnear, Pru ..... Tracy Wiles, Steven ..... Hugh Ross, Marina ..... Caroline Guthrie, with Janice Acquah. Producer/Director: Jonquil Panting.

24 Nov: Afternoon Drama - The King of Sootland
By Richard Hurford. In the early days of Queen Victoria's reign, a boy and a teenage girl - who he assumes to be a new maidservant but is in fact the young Victoria - go on an adventure through the chimneys of Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria ...... Daisy Marsden, Boy Cotton ...... Aidan Parsons, Duchess Of Kent ...... Olwen May, Sir John Conroy ...... Jonathan Keeble, Mr Diggle ...... Malcolm Raeburn. Producer Nadia Molinari.

25 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Normal and Nat
By Debbie Oates, with music composed by Carol Donaldson. When Nat describes voices in her head, her life spirals out of control, until a sympathetic teacher helps unlock the obsessive musical way in which Nat thinks. NAT..............Rebecca Ryan, MISS DAVIES...........Elizabeth Berrington, MIX............Jamil Thomas, SHANICE.........Wunmi Mosaku, JANE.......Sue Devaney, PAUL / HEADTEACHER.........David Fleeshman, PIANIST............Jonathan Scott, THE VOICE IN NAT'S HEAD .....Emma Johnson. With Chorlton High School Choir and The RNCM Gospel Choir. Producer Nadia Molinari. Radio Drama North.

26 Nov: Saturday Drama - Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All
Comedy thriller by Joyce Porter, set in the 1970s, dramatised by Paul Mendelson. Chief Inspector Dover's annual seaside break becomes a busman's holiday with the death of a local policeman. Was it suicide and was it linked to the recent murder of a well-known gangster? It's another strange case for Scotland Yard's laziest detective. Chief Inspector Dover ...... Kenneth Cranham, Sgt McGregor ...... Stuart McQuarrie, Chief Constable ...... Philip Madoc, Mrs Dover ...... Carolyn Pickles, Sgt Rhys-Smith ...... Gareth Armstrong, Joey the Jock ...... Ben Crowe, Miss Ffiske ...... Jennifer Hill, Sandra Pugh ...... Siwan Morris. Directed by David Ian Neville.

27 Nov: Classic Serial - Beware of Pity, Episode 1 of 2.
By Stefan Zweig. Dramatised for radio by Stephen Wyatt. Stefan Zweig is a writer who had a remarkable life, but is not as well known as he deserves to be, as Simon Gray discovered when he was attracted by the cover of his only novel, 'Beware of Pit'. Simon took the book on holiday with him and used it as an escape from worrying about his cancer. He became immersed in the story of a young man betrayed by his own unwonted impulses, his own nature........ it's the way that the novel single-mindedly, almost obsessively, illustrates and analyses the destructive power of a single emotion - pity. Simon started a dramatisation of the book for Radio 4, but it was unfinished at his death in 2008. Another writer, Clare McIntyre, was attracted by the story and wrote a stage version, but she too died before it was completed. Stephen Wyatt has written a two-part radio version based on Clare McIntyre's material. Cast: Anton Hofmiller ...... Piers Wehner, Edith ...... Bryony Hannah, Kekesfalva ...... Ronald Pickup, Dr Condor ....... Jasper Britton, Josef ...... Michael Jayston, Ilona ...... Mabel Clements, Ferencz ...... Jack Chedburn, Jozsi/Flowerseller ..... Tai Lawrence, The Apothecary ..... Jason Devoy. Producer: Jane Morgan Indie (Pier Productions).

28 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Sleeping Dog
By Peter Roberts. Dave is an uptight architect who's fed up with designing public lavatories. He needs to impress the boss, who likes blues music. So he hires an old busker who had a hit in the sixties. And what should improve his prospects actually starts to unravel his life. Mitchell......David Shaw-Parker, Dave..........Conrad Nelson, Karen.........Natasha Byrne, Paul............Paul Greenwood, Anastasia....Kathryn Hunt, Jonathan.....Adam Billington. Producer Gary Brown.

29 Nov: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 8, The Blue Gown
By David Ashton. New four-part series of Victorian detective mysteries starring Brian Cox and Siobhan Redmond. Ep. 1: The Blue Gown. McLevy enlists the help of Jean Brash as he investigates the death of a young seamstress. McLevy............BRIAN COX Jean Brash........SIOBHAN REDMOND Mulholland.......MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL Roach......DAVID ASHTON Cory Metcalf..........IAIN ROBERTSON Andrew Crichton............DAVID RINTOUL Sarah Crichton............TRACY WILES Christine McKenna...............JAYNE McKENNA Maureen........VICTORIA INEZ HARDY Producer/director: Bruce Young.

30 Nov: Afternoon Drama - Ancient Greek
By Oliver Emanuel. A drama about a sixth-former who decides to take a stand. Since Christmas, strange words have been appearing all over the school - on the walls of the maths department, across the windows of the gym, scratched into the deputy head's Mondeo, all written in Ancient Greek. On the last day of school, Alex King walks into Head's office and admits that the work is all his. He's one of the brightest students in the school.How he wants a chance to speak. Alex King - Alex Austin, Mr Desai - Vincent Ebrahim, Lorraine - Sophie Stanton, The Chorus - Caitlin Fitzgerald, The Messenger - Austin Moulton. Directed by Lu Kemp.

1 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Hamster
By Anders Lustgarten.The Hamster is a comedy inspired by an observation made by the New Economics Foundation. A hamster doubles in weight every week until maturity, after which its growth slows down. If it was to continue growing at that rate it would reach nine billion tonnes by its first birthday. This is why growth, in nature, is limited - and yet we are told that economic growth should continue for ever and ever. Cast: Nicola ...... Louise Ford, David ..... Nick Chambers, Mr Marshall ...... Patrick Driver, Mrs Bannister ..... Illona Linthwaite, Reg Taylor ...... John Yapp, Robert Benson ..... Dominic Hawksley. Other parts played by Bill Nash, Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson, Avita Jay, Oliver Lavery and Anders Lustgarten. Sound and Music: Alisdair McGregor and Howard Jacques. Thanks to Nishil Solanki, Andrew Sims and Viki Johnson.Producer: Boz Temple-Morris. Indie (Holy Mountain production).

2 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Second Mr Bailey
By Andrew Doyle. John is a young gay man living in Edinburgh in 1967. Homosexuality is about to be legalised in England, but not in Scotland. When John takes up lodgings with the enigmatic Mrs Margaret Bailey, he begins to experience what life as a conventional straight man could be like. But Margaret is no ordinary house-wife; she's slowly turning John into a replica of her husband. Surprisingly, he does not object. Cast: Young John...... Sam Swann, Older John ...... Richard Greenwood, Brian................ Owen Whitelaw, Margaret..... Gerda Stevenson, Hilary........ Gabriel Quigley, Policeman...... James Bryce. Producer: Kirsty Williams. Director: Bruce Young.

3 Dec: Saturday Drama - Dover and the Sleeping Beauty
Comedy thriller, if that isn't a contradiction in terms, by Paul Mendelson, set in the 1960s. It features Scotland Yard's most unwanted officer, Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover, and his long-suffering gofer, Sergeant McGregor. A young woman, Isabel Slatcher, has been in an irreversible coma for months after being shot outside her local church in a small northern town. Now she has been smothered - murdered. Who killed her? Chief Inspector Dover ...... Kenneth Cranham, Sergeant McGregor ...... Stuart McQuarrie, Chief Constable Muckle ...... Philip Whitchurch, Mrs Muckle ...... Colleen Prendergast, Reverend Bonnington ...... Shaun Prendergast, Mrs Horsley ...... Geraldine McNulty, Violet ...... Debbie Arnold, Freddie Gash ...... Ross Adams, Muckle ...... Cesca Bonetti. Other parts played by the cast. Directed by David Ian Neville.

4 Dec: Classic Serial - Beware of Pity, Episode 2
By Stefan Zweig. Dramatised for radio by Stephen Wyatt. Details last week. Indie (Pier Productions); producer Jane Morgan.

5 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Burning Up
By Rebecca Lenkiewicz. It's Monday 5th December, and Maisie steps out of a Secure Children's Centre. She's had an extraordinary year - she turned fifteen, met the love of her life, and then spent four months in detention following the London riots. Rebecca Lenkiewicz's hard-hitting drama tells her story. Cast: Maisie . . . . . Danielle Vitalis, Dad . . . . . Danny Sapani, Sonia . . . . . Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Scott . . . . . Richie Campbell, Simon . . . . . Carl Prekopp, Mrs Moon . . . . . Adjoa Andoh, Susan . . . . . Tracy Wiles. Director: Sasha Yevtushenko. Studio Manager: Anne Bunting. Editors: Colin Guthrie and Anne Bunting. Production Co-Ordinator: Jessica Brown.

6 Dec: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 8, Flesh and Blood By David Ashton. Victorian detective mystery. Episode 2: Flesh And Blood. A student is accused of murder after a tavern brawl. McLevy........BRIAN COX, Jean Brash.........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Roach.........DAVID ASHTON, Mulholland.........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Hannah.........COLETTE O'NEIL, Barnaby Buchanan.......MATTHEW PIDGEON, George Cameron.......COLIN HARRIS, Norris Dunleavy.......ROBERT McINTOSH, Pedro the Monkey......SIMON BUBB . Producer/director: Bruce Young.

7 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Visitors
Peter Tinniswoood's final play, written just before his death in 2003, is a drama about the shortness of life. One moment we are young, then suddenly we are at the end of life, and wondering where the time went. We are in archetypal Tinniswood territory, where nothing is straightforward, where words take on a surreal existence of their own (the visitors' respective patients live in "Indifferent Ward" and "Terrified Ward") and where the quiet beauty of much of the descriptions is undercut by recurring echoes of loss, transience and death. Shacklock ..... Roy Hudd, Stella ..... Emma Fielding, Music ..... David Chilton, Abridger ..... Liz Goulding, Producer ..... Gordon House.

8 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Burning Both Ends: When Oliver Reed Met Keith Moon
By Matthew Broughton.The play tells the story of one of the unexpected friendship between two icons of the 1970s, Oliver Reed and Keith Moon. In the 70s, Oliver was an international movie star, and Keith was a rock n'roll legend, the drummer for rock band, The Who. Both were famous for their partying and boozing, as well as their talents. Mercurial and unpredictable, both men were at the top of their game - but the top can be a very lonely place. Then they met, on the film set of The Who's epic rock opera, Tommy. What followed was a revelation - in each other they found a true kindred spirit, their own shadow image. Burning Both Ends is inspired by true events, but scenes and characters have been created for dramatic effect. This was a BBC Wales production. Producer Sam Hoyle; cast includes Matthew Gravelle, Richard Nichols, Bethan Walker and Claire Cage.

9 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Benefit of Time
Not sure who wrote this, but it was a Goldhawk production (indie). Debbie Green is dull, plain, and works in the Personnel Department. She has few friends and lives a very mundane existence..... until she visits a hypnotist, who claims to be able to explore people's past lives. It turns out that Debbie, apparently, has had a very eventful past life - she was once Anne Boleyn. Or so Donald Cruikshank her hypnotist excitedly confirms. As the sessions progress, and Debbie starts doing an office round-robin e-mail of her experiences, her popularity at work increases dramatically, as do her career prospects. Cast: Donald Cruickshank ..... Adrian Scarborough, Debbie Wilson ..... Samantha Spiro. Original Music composed by David Chilton. Producer/Director: Gordon House. A Goldhawk Essential production for BBC Radio 4

10 Dec: Saturday Drama - The Gate of Angels
By Penelope Fitzgerald, dramatised by Yvonne Antrobus. Penelope Fitzgerald's 1990 novel, set in Edwardian London and Cambridge, exploring love, religion, physics and the random nature of chance. Fred Fairly ... Geoffrey Streatfeild, Daisy Saunders ... Jade Williams, Kelly ... Carl Prekopp, Venetia/Matron ... Tracy Wiles, Wrayburn/Dr Sage ... James Lailey, Matthews ... Gerard McDermott , Skippey ... Simon Bubb, Flowerdew/Master ... Paul Moriarty, Manageress ... Victoria Inez Hardy, Mrs Saunders ... Adjoa Andoh, Beazley ... Rikki Lawton, Solicitor/Constable ... Adam Billington.

11 Dec: Classic Serial - Gargantua and Pantagruel,1
Rabelais, dram. Lavinia Murray. The bawdy, exuburant adventures of medieval giants. A blend of fantasy, comedy, philosophy and scatological humour. The world's a messy place. The first episode depicts the young life of the giant Gargantua, who is reduced to laughable insanity by an education at the hands of paternal ignorance, old crones and syphilitic professors. Rabelais...David Troughton, Gargantua..Robert Wilfort, Grangousier..Eric Potts, Gargamelle..Melissa Jane Sinden, Holofornes/Friar Jean..Jonathan Keeble, Panochrates..Malcolm Raeburn, Eudomon/Sun..Kathryn Hunt. Producer Gary Brown.

12 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Against the Grain
By Charlotte Greig. Gemma, a promising young journalist, is sent to interview former restaurateur, Milo Markhov, whose glossy new cookery book is the latest publishing sensation. Milo has retired to the Perigord where he spends his time preparing experimental dishes in his search for the most pleasurable taste sensations. Gemma's disturbing experiences at the house of the reclusive chef lead her to contemplate a whole new way of life. Gemma ..... Jasmine Hyde, Milo ..... Robert Harper, Herve .... Felix Callens, Ruth ..... Nickie Rainsford. Producer: Kate McAll. BBC Wales.

13 Dec: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 8, A Fine Deception
Victorian detective series starring Brian Cox and Siobhan Redmond. Episode 3: A Fine Deception. A stage magician arrives in town just before a jewel robbery at Edinburgh Castle. McLevy............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash..........SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach..........DAVID ASHTON, Charles Boniface..............ALAN COX, Inspector Dunsmore...........FORBES MASSON, Matthew Nevin..........CARL PREKOPP, Sarah Nevin...........ALEX RIVERS, Fergus Dundee...........TAM DEAN BURN, Callum.........ALI CRAIG. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

14 Dec: Afternoon Drama - The Lamp
By Linda Cracknell. In a remote Scottish library, a farmer's widow and a visiting Kenyan librarian bond unexpectedly over a shared love of books. Recorded at Innerpeffray Library in Perthshire, a museum celebrating Scotland's first public lending library. Cast: Elspeth ..... ELLIE HADDINGTON, Simon ..... FRASER JAMES, David ..... RALPH RIACH. Produced by Eilidh McCreadie.

15 Dec: Afternoon Drama - God Bless Our Love
By RAy Connolly. A comedy about a priest and a nun who fall in love and leave their orders to marry and begin a new life together. Michael.........David Neilson, Eleanor......Alexandra Mathie, Jane.......Fiona Clarke, Darrell......Joe Ransom, Fr Dermot.......Stephen Tomlin, Suzy......Cherylee Houston. Produced by Charlotte Riches.

16 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Beyond Borders
Written by Mike Walker. 1950; much of Europe still lies in ruins from the Second World War. Germany is crushed and the Allies are divided about allowing the country to rebuild in the face of a growing Soviet threat. Jean Monnet is given the job of planning the reconstruction of France. Appalled by the devastation of two world wars, he is a technocrat and thinker who knows how to influence politicians. For years he has believed in European collaboration to secure a peaceful and prosperous future. Monnet's vision is for a radical realignment of Europe, not by one nation asserting itself over another, but by negotiation, integration and ultimately, through political and economic unification. A discussion about this play can be found on the 'Articles' page. Producer: Richard Clemmow. Indie production (Perfectly Normal).

17 Dec: Saturday Drama - Our Country's Good
By Timberlake Wertenbaker.The play was adapted from Thomas Keneally's novel, 'The Playmaker'. Australia 1789: A young lieutenant attempts to direct a cast of convicts in 'The Recruiting Officer', the first play ever to be staged in the country. But one of his cast may be about to be hanged. BBC blurb: Over one weekend Radio 4 and Radio 3 are presenting new productions of 'Our Country's Good' and 'The Recruiting Officer' using the same cast. On Saturday on Radio 4 is 'Our Country's Good' and we hear a group of convicts' lives change as they rehearse 'The Recruiting Officer'. On Sunday on Radio 3 is the convicts' production of 'The Recruiting Officer'. Captain Arthur Philip ..... Nicholas Le Prevost, Major Robbie Ross ..... Stuart McQuarrie, Captain David Collins ..... Paul Moriarty, Captain Watkin Tench ..... Adam Billington, Captain Campbell ..... James Lailey, 2nd Lieutenant Ralph Clark ..... Paul Higgins, Reverend Johnson ..... Simon Bubb, Midshipman Harry Brewer ..... Rikki Lawton, Mary Brenham ..... Francine Chamberlain, Robert Sideway ..... Adam James, John Wisehammer ..... Elliot Levey, Liz Morden ..... Kate Fleetwood, Dabby Bryant ..... Alex Tregear, John Arscott ...... Ralph Ineson, Ketch Freeman ..... Jonathan Forbes, Duckling Smith ..... Adjoa Andoh. Producer ..... Sally Avens.

18 Dec: Classic Serial - Gargantua and Pantagruel
Rabelais, ad. Lavinia Murray. Ep 2 - Pantagruel. This episode concentrates on the story of Gargantua's son, Pantagruel and his morally dubious friend Panurge, as they go on a quest to discover whether marriage is for them. On the way they have many adventures before they come before the Seer of the Holy Bottle who gives them a definitive judgement. Rabelais.....David Troughton, Gargantua....Robert Wilfort, Pantagruel....Justin Edwards, Panurge...Conrad Nelson, Friar Jean....Jonathan Keeble, Jacqueline/Seer...Fiona Clarke, Librarian/Secretary...Mark Chatterton. Producer Gary Brown.

19 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Down and Out in Auchangaish
By Donna Franceschild. Cal's about to turn eighteen and he's sleeping rough. Ziggy keeps setting fire to his hotel. And Gino, the local chipshop owner, wants to help everyone. Except his wife. Comedy. Cast: Gino ..... Liam Brennan, Anna ..... Wendy Seager, Cal ..... Kyle McPhail, Ziggy ..... David Ireland, Natia ..... Lesley Hart, Peter ..... Simon Tait, Donnie ..... Robin Laing. Producer: Kirsty Williams.

20 Dec: Afternoon Drama - McLevy - Series 8, The Last Illusion
By David Ashton. Episode 4: The Last Illusion. McLevy sets out to prove that a stage magician is a jewel thief. McLevy..............BRIAN COX, Jean Brash............SIOBHAN REDMOND, Mulholland.........MICHAEL PERCEVAL-MAXWELL, Roach.........DAVID ASHTON, Hannah........COLETTE O'NEIL, Charles Boniface...........ALAN COX, Fergus Dundee..........TAM DEAN BURN, Tam.......DANIEL PORTMAN , Callum.........ALI CRAIG , Gambler.......RIKKI LAWTON. Producer/director: Bruce Young.

21 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Black Hearts in Battersea, Episode 1
By Joan Aiken, dramatised by Lin Coghlan. Ep. 1 of 2. Children's adventure, set in the 1700s. Young Simon comes to London to study painting , and finds himself caught up in Hanoverian plots to overthrow the king. SIMON ..... Joe Dempsie, DIDO ..... Nicola Miles-Wildin, SOPHIE ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, DUKE ..... John Rowe, DUCHESS ..... Sheila Reid, COBBE ..... Ben Crowe, MRS COBBE ..... Annabelle Dowler, MR TWITE ..... Rhys Jennings, MRS TWITE ..... Tessa Nicholson, JUSTIN ..... Sam Pamphilon, BUCKLE ..... Nigel Hastings, DR FURNEAUX ..... Bruce Alexander, GUS ..... Joseph Cohen Cole, JABWING ..... Piers Wehner, WOMAN ..... Kate Layden. Produced by Marc Beeby.

22 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Black Hearts in Battersea
By Joan Aiken, dramatised by Lin Coghlan. Part 2 of 2. To save the King from Hanoverian plotters Simon and Sophie must first suffer shipwreck, attacks by wolves and a narrow escape from an exploding castle in hot air balloon. (bit far-fetched!) SIMON ..... Joe Dempsie, DIDO ..... Nicola Miles-Wildin, SOPHIE ..... Emerald O'Hanrahan, DUKE ..... John Rowe, DUCHESS ..... Sheila Reid, COBBE ..... Ben Crowe, MRS COBBE ..... Annabelle Dowler, MR TWITE ..... Rhys Jennings, MRS TWITE ..... Tessa Nicholson, JUSTIN ..... Sam Pamphilon, BUCKLE ..... Nigel Hastings, DR FURNEAUX ..... Bruce Alexander, DR FIELD ..... Ewan Hooper, MRS BUCKLE ..... Kate Layden, MOGG ..... John Biggins, GUS ..... Joseph Cohen Cole, JABWING ..... Piers Wehner. Produced by Marc Beeby.

23 Dec: Afternoon Drama - Christmas Eve
By Adam Beeson, based on a short story by Nikolai Gogol. As the snow falls on Christmas Eve in the Ukrainian village of Dikanka, the local witch is in league with a devil to steal the moon and the stars. Meanwhile, the witch's son goes on a magical night flight to St Petersburg to borrow a pair of shoes from Catherine the Great. Gogol...................... Dave Anderson, Solokha.................. Juliet Cadzow, Vakula .................... Steven McNicol , Devil ........................ Paul Thomas Hickey, Chub.................... Mark McDonnell, Oksana................... Lucy Paterson , Mayor ............. Crawford Logan, Deacon ........... Ralph Riach , Producer/director: Bruce Young.

24 Dec: Saturday Drama - James Bond - Goldfinger
By Ian Fleming, dramatised by Archie Scottney. Auric Goldfinger is not only a cheat at canasta and golf, he's also an international criminal on a massive scale. His obsession: gold. James Bond is charged by the Bank of England and MI5 to discover what Goldfinger is actually doing with his vast hoards of it. Is he somehow connected with SMERSH - the feared soviet spy-killing organisation? When 007 becomes an undercover member of Goldfinger's team he soon learns that the madman's plans are more grandiose than even 'M' could possibly have imagined. Amazingly, robbing Fort Knox is on the agenda - and mass murder... Cast: Goldfinger ...... Ian McKellen, James Bond .....Toby Stephens , 'M'..... John Standing , Col.Smithers ..... Ian Ogilvy , Pussy Galore ......Rosamund Pike , Tilly Masterton ..... Lisa Dillon, Johnny Solo .....Tim Pigott-Smith , Mr Strap .....Tom Hollander , Du Pont .....Henry Goodman , Hawker ..... Alistair McGowan , Helmut Springer .....Hector Elizondo, Felix Leiter ..... Lloyd Owen , Jed Midnight .....Nigel Anthony, Jill Masterton ..... Anna Louise Plowman, Oddjob ..... Jon David Yu, Alfred .....Alan Shearman, Nigel .....Matthew Wolf, Fleming .....Martin Jarvis, Doctors & Pilot .....Kyle Stoller, Nurse .....Tracy Pattin. Dramatised by Archie Scottney. Music composed by Mark Holden and Sam Barbour. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. Director: Martin Jarvis. Indie production (Jarvis & Ayres).

25 Dec: Classic Serial - England Their England
By A.G.MacDonnell. A special drama for Christmas day. Adapted by Archie Scottney, who once took 5 wickets for 36 runs. A young Scot, Donald Cameron, invalided from the Western Front in 1918, finds himself commissioned to write a book about the eccentricities of the English - through 'a foreigner's eyes'. An enthusiastic innocent abroad, Donald encounters an array of richly comic characters. He attends an absurd country house weekend, enjoys drinks with Fleet Street hacks, attempts some book-reviewing, visits The League of Nations as an MP's private secretary and, memorably, plays village cricket - the most famous fictional cricket match in literature. Martin Jarvis says: 'A joy to direct. The preposterous game of cricket at its heart leaps happily onto the air waves. With Ian Hislop to skipper our all-stars, I felt we had hit some kind of pitch-perfection. The absurdity and blessedness of England and the English remains reassuringly recognisable.' Cast:, Donald Cameron .....Tony Curran, Evan Davies ..... Ioan Gruffudd , Mr Hodge ..... Ian Hislop, Tommy Huggins ..... Alfred Molina , Rupert Harcourt .. ... Rufus Sewell, Mr Bloomer ..... Michael York , Sir Henry ..... Ian Ogilvy, Gwennie ..... Jill Gascoine, Pendragon ..... Lloyd Owen , Esmeralda .....Sophie Winkleman. Also starring: Carolyn Seymour, Julian Holloway, Oliver Dillon, JD Cullum,Kenneth Danziger, Darren Richardson, Simon Templeman, Alan Shearman, Matthew Wolf, Daisy Hydon. Sound design: Mark Holden. Producer: Rosalind Ayres. Director: Martin Jarvis. Indie production (Jarvis & Ayres).

26 Dec: Afternoon Drama - A Tale of Two Cities
By Charles Dickens, dramatised by Mike Walker. Episode 1/5: Recalled to Life. Original music by Lennert Busch. This novel of the French revolution tells a story of the redemptive powers of love in the face of cruelty, violence and neglect. The first radio dramatisation of the book for twenty years is being broadcast as part of the BBC's celebration of the bi-centenary of Charles Dickens's birth. Written and published in weekly instalments in 1859, A Tale of Two Cities is set in London and Paris. It shows the plight of the French people under the brutal oppression of the aristocracy in the years leading up to the revolution, and the corresponding savage brutality of the revolutionaries toward the former aristocrats in the years immediately following. The story follows two main characters through these events: Charles Darnay, a French former aristocrat who falls victim to the indiscriminate wrath of the revolution, and Sydney Carton, a dissipated English barrister who tries to redeem his ill-spent life out of love for Darnay's wife. Charles Dickens...Robert Lindsay, Jarvis Lorry...Jonathan Coy, Miss Pross...Alison Steadman, Lucie Manette...Lydia Wilson, Dr Alexandre Manette...Karl Johnson, Charles Darnay...Andrew Scott, Ernest Defarge...James Lailey , Therese Defarge...Tracy Wiles , Gaspard...Simon Bubb , Jerry Cruncher...Carl Prekopp , Joe...Rikki Lawton , With Adam Billington and Christopher Webster. Directed by Jessica Dromgoole and Jeremy Mortimer. This is the sixth Dickens novel that Mike Walker has dramatised for Radio 4.

27 Dec: Afternoon Drama - A Tale of Two Cities
Ep 2/5. The Old Order. Lucie Manette is a witness at Charles Darnay's trial for treason at the Old Bailey, where his defence team includes the dissolute Sydney Carton. Meanwhile, an incident in a Paris street stirs revolutionary fervour.

28 Dec: Afternoon Drama - A Tale of Two Cities
Ep 3/5 - Two Promises. In a Paris wine shop information is exchanged about the courtship of Lucie Manette and Charles Darnay, and indeed, in London, it appears that a wedding is indeed in the air.

29 Dec: Afternoon Drama - A Tale of Two Cities
Ep 4/5 - The Grindstone. Much against the wishes of his new wife, Charles Darnay is determined to travel to Paris to go to the aid of a family retainer who has been imprisoned by the revolutionary committee.

30 Dec: Afternoon Drama - A Tale of Two Cities
Ep 5/5 - The Substance and the Shadow. Sydney Carton is in Paris with Lucie and her father, determined to try and save Charles Darnay's life. An encounter in a Paris street with someone from the import-export trade may just provide the ghost of a chance.

31 Dec: Saturday Drama - The Million Pound Bank Note
By Mark Twain, dramatized by Bryony Lavery. Stranded in London, a penniless young American becomes the subject of a £20,000 bet between two wealthy English gentlemen. Can he can survive and prosper for a month as the bearer of a 1,000,000 pound bank note? A colourful, bright and vivid dramatisation of this short story, first published in 1893. HENRY ADAMS ..... Trevor White, MISS PORTIA LANGHAM ......Verity-May Henry, TRUBSHAW/BOSUN/VESUVIUS .... Conrad Nelson, BASIl/MR RAYMOND/MAJORDOMO ......Jonathan Keeble, ABEL/CONCIERGE ...... Malcolm Raeburn, MRS HARRIS ...... Kathryn Hunt , TOD/BELLBOY ...... Stephen Hoyle, LLOYD HASTINGS/AMERICAN AMBASSADOR.......John Guerrasio. Produced by ...... Pauline Harris and Sharon Sephton

My original abbreviated list with titles and authors below.

Nigel Deacon

Date, Title, Author

01 jan the lady in the van, alan bennett, producer gordon house
02 jan i claudius, robert graves, dram robin brooks, cs
03 jan the better half, noel coward, jarvis & ayres production
04 jan 43 letters, rony robinson, rpt
05 jan burned to nothing, rex obano, nigerian politics
06 jan the need for nonsense, julia blackburn, about edward lear, rpt (....was not broadcast..replaced by "a king's speech" by mark burgess, rpt. from apr. 2009, probably to coincide with the release of the film)
07 jan the great hargeisa goat bubble, julian gough, somalian politics /economics, rpt
07 jan fp bad memories, sci-fi by julian simpson
08 jan to catch a thief, david dodge, made into a film (hitchcock), dram. jean buchanan
09 jan miss mackenzie, anthony trollope, dram. martyn wade, cs
10 jan believe me, stephanie dale, art teacher in love, domestic violence
11 jan i before bee, chris wilson, spelling bee competition
12 jan my haunted expression, helen clohessy
13 jan escape from gaza, justin butcher / ahmed masoud
14 jan incredibly guilty, marcy kahan, comedy drama
14 jan fp ob'owa, moya o'shea; kidnap from peckham, inspired by real events
15 jan master harold and the boys, athol fugard, black waiters, apartheid/south africa
16 jan miss mackenzie, anthony trollope, dram. martyn wade, cs
17 jan the need for nonsense, julia blackburn, play about edward lear
18 jan my name is iqbal masih, bettina gracias, young boy working in a carpet factory in pakistan
19 jan haunted, sally griffiths, illusionist and a medium get together for a tv show, thriller
20 jan notes to self, deborah wain, drama-doc about alzheimer's
21 jan pre-nup, peter jukes, divorce after a pre-nuptial agreement; what will happen?
21 jan fp the wild ass's skin reloaded, adrian penketh, re-working of famous novel by balzac
22 jan playback, jonathan myerson, political docu-drama, kissinger, nixon, 1973 october war
23 jan the moonstone, wilkie collins, new dram. by doug lucie, detective story, cs
24 jan market,1: loco parentis, gary brown, social story set in and around a market
25 jan miracle worker, katharine way, young spiritual healer
26 jan my year off, robert mccrum, rpt, autobiographical, suffering a stroke at 42
27 jan ursula and boy, abigail docherty, true story, witch hunting, boy testifies against his mother,1582
28 jan red enters the eye, jane rogers, volunteer travels to nigeria to work in a refuge
28 jan fp YT and the soprano, penny woolcock, rapper falls in love with a singer
29 jan my dear children of the whole world, author not credited in RT -possibly hugh costello? -pope pius and his refusal to condemn the nazis in his xmas speech of 1942
30 jan the moonstone 2, cs
31 jan market,2- phonebreaker, steve sunderland, teenager working on market-stall hears call for help
01 feb in memoriam, tim dee, adap of alfred tennyson's poems, music by jon nicholls
02 feb quartet, donna franceschild, rpt from a couple of years ago
03 feb a nursery tale, kate clanchy, two women who have lost children
04 feb double jeopardy, stephen wyatt, raymond chandler and billy wilder, double indemnity collaboration
04 feb fp like-minded people, david eldridge, a relationship develops over 25 yrs, social change
05 feb the big sleep, raymond chandler, new dramatisation by robin brooks. with toby stephens.
06 feb the moonstone, 3, cs
07 feb market,3- the joey, jim poyser
08 feb blue sky thinking, ben lewis, thriller
09 feb the continuity man, stephen keyworth, comedy drama, with 'eastenders' actor nitin ganatra
10 feb a killing, mike walker, rpt from about a year ago; city traders bend the law
11 feb a city killing, mike walker, second play about financial deals in the city.
11 feb fp last night another soldier, andy mcnab, rpt from about a year ago, frontline afghanistan
12 feb the lady in the lake, raymond chandler, dram. stephen wyatt, toby stephens, philip marlowe
13 feb the moonstone, 4, cs
14 feb market: castaway, michael stewart
15 feb nr. luby's fear of heaven, john mortimer, jeremy irons
16 feb like an angel passing through my room, christopher green, abba, anni-frid lyngstad
17 feb jesus the devil and a kid called death, carolyn scott-jeffs, romantic comedy
18 feb memoirs of a teenage radical, philip de gouveia. electronic gadget addiction.
18 feb fp i am emma humphreys, shelley silas
19 feb farewell my lovely, raymond chandler, dram. robin brooks, with toby stephens
20 feb show boat, cs, edna ferber dram moya o'shea. later adapted into a musical.
21 feb market, eclipse, sharon oakes
22 feb two-pipe problems, stanley baxter & richard briers, 1 of 2, no title in RT.
23 feb two-pipe problems, stanley baxter & richard briers, 2 of 2, have you come far?
24 feb the bail-out, hugh costello, ireland's general election and IMF bail-out
25 feb the burning times, helena thompson, gothic drama
25 feb fp conclave, hugh costello, the 1978 pope election, vatican
26 feb playback, raymond chandler, dram. stephen wyatt, 90m
27 feb show boat, cs ep. 2 of 2
28 feb market-an imam and a rabbi, shakeel ahmed
01 mar family tree, amelia bullmore & duncan macmillan, dangers of soap
02 mar mclevy, new series, david ashton; ep.1/4 the firebrand
03 mar the old spies, jonathan holloway, former spies in an old people's home
04 mar good with people, david harrower, nuclear submarine base
04 mar fp phone, peter jukes, a gangster's mobile 'phone
05 mar vanunu: a time to be heard, jon set, nuclear whistleblower in israel
06 mar cs anna of the five towns ep 1 of 2, arnold bennett
07 mar mr. jones goes driving, shelley silas, elderly man has to stop driving the car he loves, richard briers
08 mar care, clara glynn, deciding whether children taken into care, drug rehab
09 mar mclevy, ep.2, dead reckoning, david ashton
09 mar (morning series) turf wars, nick warburton, ep.1, losing the plot
10 mar a sleepwalk on the severn, poetry, alice oswald, music roger goula
11 mar spread a little happiness, j.godber/j.thornton, comedy drama, sandwich bar
11 mar fp direct red, gabriel weston, adap tina pepler, memoirs of a female surgeon
12 mar the gun, mike walker, dram. of c.s.forester's guerilla warfare story,napoleonic spain
13 mar anna of the five towns, 2, cs
14 mar the gun goes to hollywood, mike walker, filming, behind the scenes
15 mar small acts of kindness, trevor preston, death of an art teacher
16 mar mclevy, ep. 3, david ashton, prince of darkness
17 mar shy baby, gary ogin, anxious man wants to become a stand-up comedian
18 mar ciao bella!, jerome vincent, italian deli in the sights of a coffee shop owner
18 mar fp the cairo trilogy, 1 of 3, n. mahfouz, dram ayeesha manon, prod. john dryden. tyrannical head of household spreads misery through the generations.
19 mar landfall, mike walker, sci-fi; five misfits head to a planet where there's a mining operation ...
20 mar the lost world, conan doyle, cs, episode 1. prehistoric monsters- dram. chris harrald
21 mar don't buy a winter coat, meic povey, a wife's terminal illness, based on personal experience
22 mar the magnificent andrea, nigel planer, alcoholic journalist attends wife's funeral, comedy
23 mar mclevy, david ashton, ep 4, a distant death
24 mar cavity, sean grundy, surreal x-rated comedy, woman trapped in the cavity wall
25 mar western stars, lucy gough, conflict between setting up a band and settling down
25 mar the cairo trilogy, 2, fp
26 mar leverage, simon passmore, conspiracy thriller
27 mar the lost world, cs, 2 of 2
28 mar cottonopolis, michelle lipton, five stories about women disappearing, based in manchester
29 mar the spellbound horse, julia blackburn, about the poet thomas blackburn
30 mar the disappearance of jennifer pope, mike harris, fact based; disappearance of jp in ecuador,2005; the struggle to bring those responsible to trial
31 mar forgetting curve, hugh costello, a murder trial
01 apr the lottery ticket, rpt, donna franceschild, friendship between asylum seeker and migrant worker
01 apr the cairo trilogy, 3 of 3, fp
02 apr one chord wonders, frank boyce's plays about the punk generation 30 years on
03 apr the mauritius command, p.o'brien dram. roger danes, high seas adventure, 1 of 3, cs
04 apr my life is a series of people saying goodbye, dan rebellato, the title says it all
05 apr deja-vu, alexis zegerman, an english woman and a frenchman meet in paris, bbc/arte radio production
06 apr early belt and the present, richard pitt/bert coules, murder mystery set in india, 1700s
07 apr on mardle fen, 1/4, nick warburton, rpt series, set in the fens
08 apr phumzile, rpt, matthew hurt, two men on holiday in south africa
08 apr fp choice of straws, e.r.braithwaite, villains in the East End
09 apr one chord wonders- blitzkrieg bop
10 apr the mauritius command, episode 2, cs
11 apr the afghan and the penguin, michael hastings, afghan interpreter faces deportation
12 apr titanium, anita sullivan, gherman titov, russian cosmonaut, yuri gagarin's 'understudy'
13 apr jelly babes, judy upton, jelly wrestling
14 apr on mardle fen, nick warburton, rpt from 2008, 2/4 mural
15 apr pouring poison, lou ramsden, audio describer for the blind
15 apr cottonopolis, womans hr drama, m. lipton / n. leather, last 2 eps, disappearing women,fp
16 apr one chord wonders- damned, damned, damned: more about the pop music industry.
17 apr the mauritius command, 3 of 3, cs
18 apr charity, daniel jameson; illegal cabbie knocks a man off his mobility scooter
19 apr the sensitive, alastair jessiman, a return of the psychic detective; these plays are good
20 apr the bat man, amanda bullmore; a widower retires to cornwall; a noisy woman moves in next door
21 apr on mardle fen, nick warburton, dark horse, rpt from 2008
22 apr mary toft's rabbit tale, colin bytheway, woman gives birth to rabbits; historical tale from 1726
23 apr one chord wonders-this is the modern world
24 apr jorrock's jaunts & jollities, r.s.surtees, adap. scott cherry, 1 of 2, cs handley cross, fox hunting
25 apr ten lessons in love, 10 short plays by various writers inc. nick warburton. producer jane robinson.
26 apr the vertigo trust, jon canter, multimillionaire with a phobia
27 apr countrysides, anita sullivan, effect of the hunting ban
28 apr on mardle fen, nick warburton, 4, the taste of success.
29 apr the state of the art, iain m. banks, dram paul cornell, spaceship arrives on earth in 1977
30 apr one chord wonders- television's over, f.c.boyce
01 may jorrock's jaunts & jollities, 2 of 2, cs
02 may star struck, katharine way, astronomy prof studying black holes
03 may lost property-the wrong label, katie hims, 1 of 3 wartime social story, london 1941
04 may that's mine; this is yours, peter souter, divorce and dividing the spoils, prod. gordon house
05 may the diva in me, charlotte jones, a talented female impressionist, comedy with music
06 may the janitor, ed jones, social story, chef opens a restaurant, prod. gary brown
07 may a change in the willows, ian buchan, toad of toad hall updated, 60m saturday play
08 may the prelude, wordsworth, 1 of 2, read by ian mckellen, cs
09 may unfinished business, judith kampfner, looking for an absent father
10 may lost property-the year my mother went missing, katie hims, 2 of 3, now it's 1979
11 may father brown, gilbert chesterton dram bert coules, murdered man in a walled garden
12 may every child matters, christopher reason, rpt, exposure of a ten year old on the internet
13 may referee, nick perry, football drama; a top flight referee comes in for criticism
14 may deep down 'n dirty rock n roll, mark d. markham. a rock band's comeback tour.
15 may the prelude,2, cs
16 may the recordist, rpt, by sean grundy; lecturer at a college for spies, torturers and surveillance experts uses his home life as source material for his courses
17 may lost property- a telegram from the queen, katie hims, alice's 100th birthday
18 may heart, mike bartlett, a primary teacher retires
19 may macmillan's marvellous motion machine, jules horne, inventor of the pedal bicycle
20 may the death of tom inglis, david morley, true story of a mother whose son suffered brain damage falling from an ambulance
21 may five days in may, matthew solon, collapse of the labour government's support in 2010 and its replacement with a coalition
22 may emil and the detectives, cs, erich kastner, 1 of 2
23 may whistling wally's son, wally k daly, the writer's childhood memories, sequel to 'whistling wally', broadcast in the 1970s
24 may the kingsnorth six, julia hollander, activists break into kingsnorth power station in 2007 and go to court
25 may torchwood, anita sullivan, asylum, sci-fi
26 may torchwood, james goss, golden age, sci-fi
27 may torchwood, phil ford, the dead line, sci-fi
27 may RIP Boy, one-off Friday Play, neil mckay, a murder in a young offenders' institution, factual
28 may sunk, mike walker, chilling tale about the nazi propaganda film 'titanic' commissioned by goebbels
28 may 9pm - surprise one-off saturday night play instead of a repeat of the classic serial, 60m, the bottle factory outing, beryl bainbridge; events on a company outing, dram. of 1974 novel, tribute to beryl bainbridge who died recently
29 may cs plantagenet, mike walker, series 2, ep 1 of 3, edward longshanks
30 may corinne come back and gone, lenny henry, woman who fled jamaica is invited back
31 may mole, rpt.,richard monks; a gardener obsessed with mole extermination
1 jun the big broadcast, neil brand, set in chicago, 1932, husband & wife songwriters
2 jun single but living together (SBLT), ewa banaskiewicz, couple separated but having to share the same house
3 jun rumpole, rpt
3 jun one-off friday play: bullitt, detective story set in new york, R.L.Pike dram. Adrian Bean
4 jun little platoons, steve waters, a group of parents wants to set up its own school
5 jun cs plantagenet, mike walker, series 2 ep 2 of 3, the greatest traitor
6 jun hearing voices, jimmy mcaleavey, police thriller
7 jun a monstrous vitality, andy merriman, based on part of margaret rutherford biography
8 jun the forty-year twitch, daniel thurman, woman has lost her job; husband is only interested in birdwatching
9 jun the apple tree, gerda stevenson, social story set on small scottish island
10 jun rumpole rpt john mortimer
10 jun another friday play, surprisingly....'this is a true story', howard neil, man in US prison for 25 years removed from death row, factual drama based on neil's diary,ad. by p. di mattina from stage play by nick harrington & tom wright, rpt.
11 jun the browning version, terence rattigan
12 jun cs plantagenet, ep 3 series 2, by mike walker
13 jun but if you try sometimes, sarah daniels
14 jun park life, harvey virdi
15 jun a scattering, christopher reid; collection of poems in memory of the author's wife, lucinda gane, who died of cancer
16 jun the chess girls, lavinia greenlaw, training three sisters to play chess, drama based on documented events, factual
17 jun lilo, katie hims, childhood sweethearts meet again after twenty years apart
17 jun fp when the bought breaks, julia hollander, baby brain-damaged at birth, impossible decisions, producer fiona kelcher, director peter wild
18 jun in praise of love, terence rattigan, husband tries to keep his wife from knowing she has a terminal illness, unaware that she already knows, 1973 production, producer john tydeman, dir c de wolff
19 jun cs the hireling, 1 of 2, l.p.hartley dram. judith adams. thriller.
20 jun success story, brett goldstein, a film and hollywood
21 jun a terrible beauty, david pownall, william yeats' infatuation with an irish actress, the estranged wife of an irish politician, set about 100 years ago
22 jun the people next door, shelley silas; a woman becomes fixated on her peculiar neighbours
23 jun crimes of mancunia, michael s roberts, crime drama set in verse. written in rhyming couplets.with james quinn.
24 jun playing for his life, john peacock, german tennis star refuses to join the nazi party: gottfried von cramm
24 jun friday play, stone: 1/3 the ties that bind, damian wayling, rpt, murder: a body is dredged up from a lake.
25 jun cause celebre, terence rattigan centenary, trial involving adultery and murder, 2 hours, saturday play.
26 jun cs the hireling, 2 of 2
27 jun can you hear me?, margaret wilkinson, wartime interception of radio broadcasts
28 jun shall i say a kiss?, Lennard Davis, ad. vanessa rosenthal; hearing-impaired couple; transatlantic romance in the 1920s
29 jun a bobby's job, don webb; a detective constable fears for his livelihood as police job cuts loom. producer gary brown.
30 jun hitched, rpt, part 1 doug lucie, satire on weddings
1 jul hitched, part 2, conclusion.
1 jul friday play 'stone', 2, dead fishes, murder story by charles moss, based on character created by danny brocklehurst
2 jul, white knights, ann cleves dram. i.f.macleod, detective story set in shetlands
3 jul the admirable crichton, j.m.barrie, ad. & produced by fiona kelcher, new production, cs
4 jul ditched, doug lucie, 1 of 2, sequel to 'hitched' which went out last week
5 jul diteched, doug lucie, 2 of 2
6 jul whenever i get blown up i think of you, molly naylor, based on 7 jul bombings in london
7 jul life begins at crawley, roy apps,, mp is found fiddling his expenses, prod. david blount
8 jul gilda and her daughters in looking for goldie, carine adler, daughters fight over their deceased father's money, comedy drama, producer charlotte riches
9 jul friday play, rpt, stone, 3/3, danny brocklehurst. woman witnesses a murder-should she speak up and endanger herself?
9 jul the penny dreadfuls present -revolution. comedy troupe.
9 jul saturday night: 9pm - the vanishing, tim krabbe (the golden egg), dram. oliver emanuel, 60m, producer kirsty williams
10 jul titus groan 1, mervyn peake dram brian sibley, cs
11 jul torchwood, 1, the devil and miss carew
12 jul torchwood, 2, submission
13 jul torchwood, 3, the house of the dead
14 jul best interests, sasha hails, play about ethical dilemnas, producer jonquil panting
15 jul the day we caught the train, nick payne, a woman prepares for her man's visit, producer sasha yevtushenko
16 jul the purple land, w.hudson dram andrew davies, 90m, political strife in south america and an elopement
17 jul titus groan 2, dram brian sibley, cs
18 jul smoke and daggers, hugh costello, politics in dublin, rpt: the short-lived celtic tiger
19 jul getting to zero, drama-doc by sarah woods, sorry to say this, but ....... zero-carbon propaganda in the afternoon play slot, prod jonquil panting
20 jul rock of eye, anita sullivan, three tailors make a garment with a special power, prod. anita sullivan
21 jul positive, tina pepler, teen pregnancy, ethical dilemna, keep it secret from mother, prod. sara davies
22 jul cry babies, a couple want a child but don't have time to look after it, kim newman, interesting sci-fi plot, rpt
23 jul playing with fire, david edgar, 90m, political drama
24 jul gormenghast 3 cs
25 jul A9, helen cooper; millionnaire bernard will only let his children inherit if they dedicate their lives to a special cause
26 jul dear writer, jane rogers, rpt, with anna massey. a child writes to an author asking why she hasn't written anything for a while.
27 jul simenon, the other simenon,1, in case of emergency, dram ronald frame; a lawyer begins an affair with a jewel thief; producer bruce young (not a maigret story)
28 jul welcome to the wasteland, dave britton; recycling and environmental politics at a local council, producer pam marshall
29 jul delorean, glenn patterson; play centred on the famous delorean sports car factory in belfast a couple of decades ago
30 jul the great tennessee monkey trial, peter goodchild, teaching of evolution illegal
31 jul gormenghast, 4
1 aug michael butt, the last project, in spanish and english, a soldier, a film director and a murder.
2 aug anna symon, the meaning of love, romantic comedy
3 aug ronald frame, the other simenon,2, the little man from archangel; more affairs and a mystery
4 aug peter souter, rpt, stream, river sea; sudden death and a love story
5 aug sarah n lee: dewey eyed, rpt, librarian guided back to sanity by the dewey system; producer jessica dromgoole
6 aug ian fleming, doctor no, james bond story, rpt, jarvis & ayres production. david suchet and toby stephens. 90m.
7 aug gormenghast, 5
8 aug nick wood, my name is stephen luckwell, play about an autistic youngster and an art competition, producer fiona kelcher
9 aug joyce bryant, 1/3, higher; another comedy about the staff at the worst university in the country; producer gary brown. i think this is ep. 3 (in toto).
10 aug ronald frame, the other simenon, 3, the cat; comedy about a husband and wife who do not like each other. producer bruce young.
11 aug michael chaplin, two-pipe problem, here doggie, ep 1 of 2; richard briers & stanley baxter
12 aug ep 2, the case of the missing meerschaum. both plays produced by marilyn imrie.
13 aug frances byrne, belle amie, sequel to maupassant's novel bel ami.
14 aug gormenghast, 6, final, cs
15 aug andrew kynch, a question of royalty, with johnny vegas, rpt.
16 aug joyce bryant, higher, 2/3 restructure
17 aug ed harris, aromatherapy, rpt
18 aug ella hickson, rightfully mine, surrogate mother story, producer lu kemp
19 aug robert rigby, no particular place to go, iraq war veteran becomes a store detective, producer nick russell-pavier
20 aug douglas livingstone, road to durham, rpt, the bevin boys, going down the mines instead of joining the armed forces
21 aug trollope, the american senator, 1 of 3, cs
22 aug barbara norden, souvenirs, with katherine parkinson, producer jeremy mortimer
23 aug joyce bryant, higher, 3/3, rebrand, relaunch
24 aug simon armitage, black roses, the killing of sophie lancaster
25 aug christopher douglas, dolly, the d'oliveira story, cricket, rpt
26 aug mateusz dymek, couple attempt to give their child a gender-neutral upbringing
26 aug friday play-karen brown, i'm the boss, rpt, online bullying
27 aug winston graham, marnie, a woman poses as a secretary to steal from her employers. used by alfred hitchcock in a psychological thriller. dram. shaun mckenna. saturday play.
28 aug trollope, ad. martyn wade: the american senator, ep. 2. cs.
29 aug sebastian baczkiewicz: arabian afternoons,1, rpt. the casper logue affair, rpt.
30 aug rachel joyce: arabian afternoons, 2, the porter and the three ladies, rpt.
31 aug peter jukes, arabian afternoons, 3, a dish of pomegranates, rpt.
1 sep alan harris, the lighthouse, two lighthouse keepers stranded on a desolate rock for six weeks
2 sep csaba szekely, do you like banana, comrades?, growing up in ceausescu's rumania

2 sep ripley underground, friday play, ep. 1, rpt, by patricia highsmith, dram alan macdonald
3 sep john godber, september in the rain, based on a stage performance from 1983 about j.b's grandparents
4 sep anthony trollope, the american senator, cs, 3 of 3, adapted by martyn wade. prod. tracey neale.
5 sep ellen dryden, places where they sing, politics and disagreements within a large choir, rpt.
6 sep andy macdonald, occupation, a middle aged employee refuses to leave the factory where he has worked for 30 years
7 sep sebastian baczkiewicz, man in a wheelbarrow
8 sep sebastian baczkiewicz, fearless librarian saves the day
9 sep hugh hughes, floating, the isle of anglesey floats into the atlantic
9 sep ripley underground, friday play, ep. 2, rpt, by patricia highsmith, dram alan macdonald
10 sep michael eaton, washington 9/11, drama about the terrorist attacks on the twin towers, new york
11 sep jessie kesso, another time another place, cs, one-episode drama
12 sep paul evans, the shining guest, body discovered in remote rural wales
13 sep jonathan smith, portrait of winston, sequel to 'the last bark of the bulldog', churchill's 80th birthday, graham sutherland
14 sep carl grose, the kneebone cadillac, entering a vintage car in a stock-car race, comedy
15 sep helen macdonald, the falcon and the hawk, romantic play about two twitchers
16 sep julie mayhew, a shoebox of snow, a council worker tries to persuade a couple to vacate a tower block
16 sep friday play, rpt of ripley's game, by patricia highsmith, ep 3, dram alan macdonald
17 sep ann cleves dram i.f.macleod: raven black, murder in the snow
17 sep (sat) vasily grossman from the front line, 2/3, reading in 'life and fate' series, 15m. episode 1 must have been broadcast sometime before this but radio times doesn't seem to list it...
18 sep life and fate: viktor and lyuda, 1/2, vasily grossman, dram mike walker, cs
18 sep (sun) life and fate 3/3 vasily grossman from the front line, ukraine without jews, reading, 15m
19 sep life and fate, krymov and zhenya-lovers once, dram jonathan myerson
19-23 sep life and fate, five readings, 15m
20 sep life and fate: journey, dram mike walker
21 sep life and fate: building 6/1-those who were still alive, dram jonathan myerson
22 sep life and fate: novikov's story, dram mike walker
23 sep life and fate: krymov in moscow, dram jonathan myerson
23 sep ripley- the boy who followed, 4/5, dram stephen wyatt, rpt, fp
24 sep life and fate: jonathan myerson, dram, fortress stalingrad
25 sep life and fate: viktor and the academy, dram mike walker, cs 2/2
26 sep patrick & henry cockburn: henry's demons: play about schizophrenia based on personal experience
27 sep doug lucie, development, rpt, comedy about the credit crunch
28 sep ian rowlands, gwennie, a dodgy relationship and a valuable painting
29 sep stephen wyatt, strangers on a film, chandler and hitchcock, strangers on a train collaboration
30 sep peter jukes 1/3 bad faith, new series
30 sep patricia highsmith dram stephen wyatt: ripley under water, rpt 5/5, fp
1 oct chandler- the long goodbye, 1/4, dram stephen wyatt, 90m
2 oct nightingale wood, dram christopher william hill, 1/2, cs, from novel by stella gibbons
3 oct katie hims, dragonfly, a deaf couple are expecting a baby
4 oct caryl phillips, dinner in the village, trinidadian marriages of c.l.r.james and richard wright; public hostility to bi-racial couples
5 oct sean grundy, in the family; very odd social story...
6 oct francis turnley, hinterland, body found in a peat bog
7 oct peter jukes, bad faith, 2/3
7 oct nigel smith, vent, a man surviving a brain injury refuses to engage with anyone, fp
8 oct chandler-the high window, 2/4, dram. robin brooks, 90m
9 oct silas marner, 1/2, dram christopher william hill, cs
10 oct anita sullivan, a time to dance. a mysterious plague.
11 oct peter souter, goldfish girl, rpt
12 oct mark lawson, the artist is thinking, an art historian seems to understand hidden meanings in the work of an artist
13 oct drew pautz, the last free hours of charlie radcliffe, financial double dealing on the world markets
14 oct peter jukes, bad faith, 3/3, with lenny henry
14 oct gregory evans, shirleymander, political comedy, shirley porter's time, 1980s, fp
15 oct chandler, the little sister, dram stephen wyatt, 90m
16 oct silas marner, 1/2, dram richard cameron, cs
17 oct tom fry / sharon kelly, brief lives 1/6
18 oct all the dark corners, 1/3 the desk, by andrew readman; three spooky tales...
19 oct all the dark corners, 2/3 something in the water, by paul cornell
20 oct all the dark corners, 3/3 the dying wish, by rosemary kay
21 oct david pownall, prayer mask, richard burton's journey to mecca, rpt
21 oct ed jones, des res, a scriptwriter has to move house, fp, rpt
22 oct chandler- poodle springs, 4/4, dram. robin brooks
23 oct silas marner, 2/2, cs
24 oct tom fry and sharon kelly, brief lives, 2/6, legal series.
25 oct karen brown, tontine, savings scheme
26 oct mike harris, stevenson in love, 1/2, travels with a donkey in the cevennes
27 oct mike harris, stevenson in love, 2/2, the amateur emigrant
28 oct tony pitts, on it, heroin addict joins a boxing club to overcome his habit
28 oct mike walker, fp, recordings recovered from the house of leaves, from danielewski's novel
29 oct ray bradbury dram diana griffiths, something wicked this way comes, gothic horror
30 oct elizabeth bowen, cs, the heat of the day, ep. 1 of 2
31 oct elizabeth heery, brief lives, legal drama, ep. 3 of 6
1 nov simon bovey, sargasso, rpt, elver season on the river severn
2 nov merryn glover, immaculate, teenage pregnancy story
3 nov alexander mccall smith, no. 1 ladies' detective agency, ep 1 of 2, a late van just glimpsed
4 nov ditto, part 2
4 nov philip ralph, deep cut, drama-doc about pte cheryl james, deepcut barracks, surrey, fp, rpt
5 nov amelia bullmore, the middle, martin marries into a family but his one mistake leads to a family crisis
6 nov elizabeth bowen, cs, the heat of the day, ep. 2 of 2, adap tristram powell/honor borwick
7 nov eve steele / ed jones, brief lives, legal drama, ep.4 of 6, photographer assaults his financial adviser
8 nov finlay welsh, the alterer, scotland 1791, a watchmaker creates a machine which might alter time
9 nov kevin dyer, giving it back, burglar disturbed during a crime tries to change his life
10 nov sarah woods, the state of water, water conservation on a sheep farm, family story
11 nov andrew motion, laurels and donkeys, dramatic poems for remembrance day, read by soldiers, music by jon nicholls
12 nov amy rosenthal, bar mitzvah boy, coming-of-age for a 13 year old youth, adap from jack rosenthal's book
13 nov henry james adap. graham white, set in 1903, paris, ep. 1 of 2, cs
14 nov tom fry / sharon kelly, brief lives, ep. 5 of 6, right-wing academic accused of assault
15 nov dave sheasby, incident at boulonvilliers, rpt, ww2 veterans in 1982 visit normandy where they fought a generation earlier
16 nov stephen wakelam, a dose of fame, rpt, about e.m.forster, producer david hunter
17 nov nancy harris, love in a glass jar, unofficial sperm donation arranged on a dating website, rpt
18 nov nick leather, wednesdays with strangers, rpt, migrant worker takes advice on talking to strangers from a uk welcome pack
19 nov alan garner, dram. peter thomson: the weirdstone of brisingamen
20 nov henry james, the ambassadors, cs, ep. 2 of 2
21 nov tom fry & sharon kelly, brief lives, ep 6 of 6: youth arrested for attempted murder
22 nov glen neath, six impossible things, remote hypnosis as an explanation of a murder
23 nov ed harris, the moment you feel it, play about memory loss starring richard briers, rpt.
24 nov, richard hurford, the king of scotland; encounter between young queen victoria and a young boy
25 nov debbie oates, normal and nat, a girl hears voices in her head, rpt
25 nov ed hime, friday play, rpt, we outnumber you, horror story set in a new zoo
26 nov joyce porter, dram. paul mandelson, dover and the unkindest cut of all; death of a local policeman
27 nov stefan zweig, beware of pity, dram. stephen wyatt, based on stage version by claire mcintyre, cs, 1 of 2
28 nov peter roberts, sleeping dog; an architect who's fed up with designing public toilets
29 nov david ashton, mclevy, 1 of 4, the blue gown; death of a seamstress
30 nov oliver emanuel, ancient greek, classical graffiti on the walls of the school
1 dec anders lustgarten, comedy: the pet hamster cannot stop growing
2 dec andrew doyle, the second mr.bailey,, rpt; a homosexual man lodges with a very attractive woman ...
2 dec matthew solon, the bid, england's failed bid to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, fp, indie production (goldhawk -john dryden)
3 dec paul mendelson, dover and the sleeping beauty
4 dec stefan zweig, cs, beware of pity, 1 of 2, dram. stephen wyatt
5 dec rebecca lenkiewicz, burning up, girl in detention after the london riots of 2011
6 dec david ashton, mclevy, 2, flesh and blood, student accused of murder after a brawl
7 dec peter tinniswood, visitors, rpt, hospital visits, the shortness of life and frailty of love
8 dec matthew broughton, oliver reed meets keith moon
9 dec terri-ann brumby, the benefit of time, past-life hypnosis, comedy
10 dec penelope fitzgerald, the gate of angels dram y.antrobus; edwardian london and cambridge;love,religion, physics and chance...
11 dec rabelais dram lavinia murray, cs, gargantua and pantagruel, 1
12 dec charlotte greig, against the grain, rpt, young female journalist interviews a reclusive restaurateur
13 dec david ashton, mclevy 3, a fine deception
14 dec linda cracknell, the lamp; a kenyan and an elderly scottish woman form a friendship in a library
15 dec ray connolly, god bless our love, a priest and a nun fall in love and live together
16 dec mike walker, beyond borders, the beginnings of the common market and the european union (EU)
17 dec timberlake wertenbaker, our country's good, convicts sent to australia in 1780s (linked play r3 the next day, same cast)
18 dec rabelais dram lavinia murray,cs, gargantua and pantagruel, 2
19 dec donna franceschild, down and out in auchangaish; comedy about love and firefighting
20 dec david ashton, mclevy 4, the last illusion
21 dec lin coghlan,1, black hearts in battersea, hanoverian plots to overthrow the king
22 dec black hearts in battersea, conclusion
23 dec adam beeson, christmas eve, based on a tale by gogol, rpt.
24 dec ian fleming, goldfinger, rpt, with ian mckellen, jarvis & ayres production, 90min
25 dec a.g.macdonell, england their england, 1930s comic novel, dram archie scottney, jarvis & ayres 60min
26 dec a tale of two cities,1 dickens dram mike walker
27 dec a tale of two cities, 2
28 dec a tale of two cities, 3
29 dec a tale of two cities, 4
30 dec a tale of two cities, 5 (final)
31 dec ayeesha menon, cs, 1, the mumbai (bombay) chuzzlewits, based on dickens' classic tale

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