BBC Radio Plays, radio 4, 1993

Serials and multi part dramas will generally be shown on each broadcast date, however, if the cast is relatively consistant, only the first episode will be listed below with details of cast in later episodes included and with later episode dates indicated.

The multi-season serials "The House","Up the Garden Path", "Unofficial Rosie","Rent" and the multiple "Winston" series are not detailed below - they have lengthy histories and deserve a web page to themselves. The first episode in 1993 may be listed with a note of later broadcast dates in 1993.

Most series of 30 minute sit coms are not listed.

Stephen Shaw

1st January 1993:
Paradise Regained by John Milton.
Sequel to Paradise Lost,
Abridged by Adrian Mitchell
Music by Elizabeth Parker
Director: John Theocharis
1 of 9: Satan undertakes His Temptation.
Milton: Denis Quilley
God: Godfrey Kenton
Christ: Robert Glenister
Satan: Ian McDiarmid
Mary: Federay Holmes
Andrew: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Simon: Matthew Morgan
Belial: Steve Hodgson
Subsequent episodes daily Mon-Fri, ep9 on 13/1/93.
Series repeated from 8/11/94.

1st January 1993
Murder on the Orient Express part 5 of 5.
No details are given in BBC Genome, but the series was repeated commencing from 26th August 1993, and details of all episodes are listed below for that second broadcast of the series.

1st January 1993:
The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Dramatised by John Tydeman
What evil influences the two children at Bly?
Music Wildredo Acosta
Director Glyn Dearman. Stereo
The Governess: Charlotte Attenborough
Mrs Grose: Rosemary Leach
Miles: Sam Crane
Flora: Sara Jane Derrick
Master of Bly: Michael Tudor Barnes
Coachman: John Church
Storyteller: Jonathan Adams
Repeated 27/11/1993.
[John Tydeman directed an earlier different version broadcast 28/2/66]

2nd January 1993:
Saturday Playhouse: The Five Beans by John Peacock.
A very individual history of Jack and the Beanstalk.
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Director Jane Morgan. Stereo
Jack: Matthew Morgan
Young Jack: Henry Briant
Edmund: Terence Edmond
Meg: Pat Heywood
Aelfric: Bernard Hepton
Ragmr: Ken Stott
Frigga: Rowena Cooper
Tom: Scon Ransome
Jenny: Federay Holmes
Gwen: Siriol Jenkins
Old Man: Ken Wynne
Guardian: Jil Uemeers
Harp: Melanie Pappenheim
Also with Phillip Anthony, David Bannerman, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Jill Graham and David Thorpe
Repeated 8/1/1994.

2nd January 1993:
Saturday Night Theatre: The Night of Wenceslas by Lionel Davidson. Dramatised by Frederick Bradnum
Young Nicolas Whistler becomes unwittingly involved in a dangerous spying mission to Prague.
Dramatised by Frederick Bradnum
Director Matthew Walters.
Nicolas: Rupert Graves
Old Nicolas: John Horsley
Vlasta: Joanna Kanska
Vowells: Jonathan Adams
Pavelka: Sandor Eles
Galushka: Steve Hodson
Nimck/Roddinghead: John Webb
Maura: Teresa McElroy
Mrs Nolan/Maminka: Linda Polan
Josef: Philip Anthony
Imre: John Church
1st Agent: Matthew Morgan
2nd Agent: Keith Drinkel
Paula: Federay Holmes
Repeated 15/11/1993

3rd January 1993:
14.30 :
Sunday Playhouse: The Dream Maker by Alex Shearer.
A stranger appears in the village seeking lodgings. And he claims to be able to dream the future.... (Stereo)
Director: Andy Jordan
Stuart Bullen: Andrew Howard
The Professor: Bill Paterson
Rosa Bullen: Tina Gray
Mickey Moors: James Lailey

Mrs Hallett: Andrea Gascoigne
Farmer Boulding: John Surman
Billy McCrystal: Rio Fanning
Harry Monroe : John Church
Repeated from 10/9/1992
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2009

4th January 1993:
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton
3 of 6: The Long Arm of Looney Coote
Ukridge enters the world of politics and fear enters the British electorate.
Producer Sarah Smith. Stereo
Ukridge: Griff Rhys Jones.
Corky: Robert Bathurst
Tupper: Adam Godley
Beamish: Simon Godley
Madeline: Rebecca Front
Teddy: Julian Dutton
Also with Dougal Lee
Ep4:11/1/93 Ep5:18/1/93 Ep6:25/1/93
(Episode one of this run was on 21st December 1992, Ep2 was 28/12/92)
Series repeated commencing 29th May 1993

4th January 1993:
14.00 :
Absolute Discretion by Grant Eustace.
Arthur Vernet, a chemistry student at Oxford in the 1870s, investigates a mystery surrounding the Earl of Warminster's family.
Director: Alec Reid
Arthur Vernet: Ben Daniels
Waminster: Brett Usher
Alice Selwood: Janes Uvin
Edith Gratton: Maxine Audley
Maude Gratton: Elizabeth Kelly
Blaine: Terence Edmond
Buckmaster: Ronald Herdman
Amos Saddler: Michael Turner
Rev Denison: Timothy Carlton
Mrs Denison: Danielle Allen
Mrs Selwood: Auriol Smith
William: Stephen Garlick
Miss Staples: Jane Whittenshaw
Walters: Timothy Bateson
Mitchell: David Bannerman
Mrs Lamont: Jenny Howe
First broadcast 12th January 1991.
[A sequel "The Salamander Chest" appears below on 11th January 1993]

4th January 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Boxing Day by Michael Crompton.
Phylis leaves her repossessed house to walk into the unknown. A car accident leaves her in a coma over Christmas, until the memory of an old love awakens her.
Director Michael Fox. Stereo
Phylis: Rosalind Knight
Young Phylis: Julia Ford
Philipa: Amelia Bullmore
David: Robert Whelan
Pat: Judith Barker
Alice: Daphne Oxenford
Fireman: Martin Oldfield
The Driver: John Branwell
Anna: Emma Garner-Clarke

4th January 1993:
23.00 :
Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh, Adapted by Jeremy Front
1 of 6: Theology undergraduate Paul Pennyfeather is thrown out of Oxford and forced to take a post in an eighth-rate public school.
Producer Lissa Evans.
Paul: Alistair McGowan
Grimes: Jim Broadbent
Prendergast: Andrew Sachs
Potts: Daniel Strauss
Peter: Richard Pearce
Dr Fagan: Edward Hardwicke
Postlethwaite: Peter Penry Jones
Sniggs: Sean Arnold
Philbrick: Jonathan Kydd
Flossie: Emma Fielding
Dingy: Siriol Jenkins
Actors in later episodes and their first episode:
Lady Circumference: Margaret Courtenay (2)
Margot: Joanna David(2)
Otto: Daniel Strauss(3)
Maltravers/Prison doctor: John Church(4)
Jane: Theresa Streatfeild(4)
Panther: Peter Gunn(5)
Prison schoolmaster: Neil Roberts(5)
Ep2:11/1/93 Ep3:18/1/93 Ep4:25/1/93 Ep5:1/2/93 Ep6:8/2/93
The series was first broadcast from 13th May 1992.

5th January 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Veil of Happiness by Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929). Translated by Kitty Black
In China a blind man is suddenly forced to face the realities of the world around him.
Incidental music by Gabriel Faure.
Music arranged by Terry McNamara
Director Martin Jenkins. Stereo
Chang I: Keith Drinkel
His Wife: Sarah Badel
His Son: Richard Pearce
His Chief Advisor: John Rowe
The Lover: Matthew Morgan
The Thief: Anthony Jackson
The Imperial Messenger: David Thorpe

6th January 1993:
12.25-13.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Greene. Dramatised by Rene Basilico
5 of 8:- Brown plays host at a dinner party for the Smiths, and is himself a guest at a very different kind of ceremony....
Producer John Fawcett Wilson.
Brown: Michael Kitchen
Smith: James Maxwell
Mrs Smith: Helen Horton
Dr Magiot: Rudolph Walker
Josephe: Kenneth Gardnier
Martha Pineda: Tessa Wojtczak
Gendarme: Paterson Josephe
Henri Philipot: Tony Armatrading
British Charge d'affaires: Terrence Hardiman
Additional actors in later episodes- see separate dates below.
Ep 6:13/1/93 Ep 7:20/1/93 Ep 8:27/1/93
[For this run of the series, Ep1:9/12/92 Ep2:16/12/92 Ep3:23/12/92 Ep4:23/12/92]
Series Repeated commencing 16th December 1993

6th January 1993:
14.00 :
Child's Play: Spacehoppers, Clackers and Really Big Fish by Roy Hutchins.
Schooldays are one of the adventures of childhood. At the age of ten, Roy loves Miss Springfield.
Anthony, the class know-all, loves Miss Prue and Sandra loves her Tiny Tears and sherbet lemons. But then the morning of the eleven-plus dawns and things will never be quite the same again.
Director Tracey Neale. Stereo
Narrator: Roy Hutchins
Miss Prue: Jennifer Piercey
Miss Springfield: Emma Fielding
Roy: Richard Sandall
Anthony: Aaran Jenner
Gary: Kevin Bassant
Rachell: Claire Hilton
Sandra: Becky Parker
Streaky: Philip Brown
Also with With John Baddeley, Geraldine Fitzgerald, David Thorpe, and the Fleetdown Junior School, Dartford, Kent

6th January 1993:
20.45 :
Tolstoy - At War and Peace.
compiled by Michael Bakewell.
7 of 7: They Are Tearing Me to Pieces
Director Rosemary Hart. Stereo
Reader John Rowe.
Leo Tolstoy: Norman Rodway
Sofya: Anna Massey
Sasha Tolstoy: Alice Arnold
Tatyana Tolstoy: Victoria Carling
Illya Tolstoy: David Collings
Sergei Tolstoy: Alan Barker
Leon Tolstoy: David Goudge
Bulgakov: Nicholas Farrell
Chertkov: Nigel Carrington
Prior episodes: 1:25/11/92 2:2/12/92 3:9/12/92 4:16/12/92 5:23/12/92 6:30/12/92
Series repeated starting from 15th August 1993.

7th January 1993:
10.00 :
Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill. Adapted by Bill Matthews
1 of 5: The funeral of Faith Lavender, spinster of the Parish, is attended by her family and friends and by one stranger - a man named Hubert Gaily.
Producer Lissa Evans. Stereo
Eleanor Thorne: Patricia Hayes
Alida Thorne: Stephanie Cole
Isabel Lavender: Sian Phillips
Kathleen Lavender: Jill Graham
Dorothea Shottery: Gwen Watford
Florence Ames: Anna Cropper
Hubert Gaily: John Baddeley
Ma Gaily: Pauline Letts
Ep2:14/1/93 Ep3:21/1/93 Ep4:28/1/93 Ep5:4/2/93
For actors appearing in later episodes please see the separate date entries below.
Series repeated commencing 7/12/1993
[Pauline Letts played Alida in a 1970 90 minute version of the play transmitted as "Miss Lavender is Dead"]

7th January 1993:
12.25-13.00 :
Boogie up the River, Written and adapted by Mark Wallington.
4 of 6: A Curry at Kelmscot
Mark suggests making a Delia Smith Sri Lankan egg curry.
Producer Caroline Leddy. Stereo
Narrator/Mark Wallington: Timothy Spall
Jennifer Conway: Carla Mendonca
Michael: Gary Parker
Mrs Byron/Shopkeeper: Margaret Stallard
Lock Keeper: Terence Edmond
Landlord/Boogie: Ronald Herdman
Percy: Eric Allan
Fisherman 1: John Church
Fisherman 2: Rod Smith
Fisherman 3: David Holt
A Bit of All Right /Curator: Nick Murchie
Previous episodes: 1:17/12/92 2:24/12/92 3:31/12/92
Following episodes:5: 14/1/93 6:21/1/93
Please see dates below for cast in later episodes.
The series was repeated commencing on 21st August 1993

7th January 1993:
14.00 :
The Billion Dollar Carp by Nick McCarty
Marketing whizz Charles MacKenzie invests his redundancy in his uncle's Scottish fish farm. Away from London the work is hard and life is simpler. But what are the mysterious fish in the faraway pen?
Would anyone really try to hide a marketing man's dream product?
Music: David Dorward
Director Hamish Wilson. Stereo
Chartes: Bernard Holley
Jeannie: Mary Ann Reid
Hamish: Tom Watson
Actress/Stella: Ali Walton
Producer/Radio Newsman: Peter D'Souza
Peterson/Stevens: Colin Mace
Kelso/DJ/Man: Simon Christie
Andrew/Minister: James Brice
Alastair/Smith/Cabinet Minister: Robert Carr
Lx (?)/Woman: Astrid Wilson
Murdo/Photographer/MP: Robin Thomson
Singer: Sasha Abrams

7th January 1993:
23.00 :
Fear on Four: Dark Feathers by Denise Sims
A composer's determination to achieve absolute concentration results in a callous massacre.
Director Martin Jenkins
Jenny: Emily Richard
Fay: Joanna Myers
Paul: Matthew Morgan
Mr Batcombe: Jonathan Adams
Young Jenny: Siriol Jenkins
Young Fay: Katie Jenkins
Jenny's Mum: Melinda Walker
Repeated 15th January 1994

8th January 1993:
14.00 :
Classic Serial: Twenty Thousand Streets under the Sky: The Midnight Bell by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962) dramatised by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
London, 1927. Bob meets a prostitute called Jenny, and Ella is invited to the theatre.
Director: Glyn Dearman
Bob: Steven Pacey
Ella: Annette Badland
Jenny: Emily Morgan
Prunella: Elizabeth Mansfield
Violet: Alice Arnold
Rex: Christopher Good
Andy: David Goudge
Tom: Paul Downing
Marian: Margot Boyd
Bella: Joan Matheson
Ella's Mother: Anna Cropper
Guvnor: David King
Mrs Guvnor: Jo Kendall
Actor: Vincent Brimble
Actor: Brian Miller
Actor: Joan Walker
Book 2:"The Siege of Pleasure"-15/1/93 Book 3:"The Plains of Cement"-22/1/93
[Originally three books, combined into one title as above. A 1963 film "Bitter Harvest" was based upon the books. Subsequently in 2005, a 3 episode BBC TV series.]

9th January 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: Russia by John Fletcher.
For one British platoon the end of the Great War is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure. The story of their epic journey to escape from the dark heart ot Russia.
Music: Barrington Pheloung
Director Nigel Bryant.
BBC Pebble Mill
Sergeant: Philip Davis
Corporal: David Holt
Cecil: Terry Pearson
Haskins: Jonathan Wyatt
Smith: Peter Meakin
Percival: Chris MacDonnell
Goddard: Richard Mitchley
Captain Symonds: Brett Usher
Grigoreyev: Peter Harlowe
General: Roger Hume
Russian Girl: Susan Mann
Also With David Bannerman and Heather Barrett
Repeated from 11th November 1991.

9th January 1993:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Seven Per Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer. Dramatised by Denny Martin Flinn
The riddle of Holmes's disappearance at the Reichenbach Falls is solved, and the real reason for Professor Moriarty's power is revealed.
Music: David Chiltern and Nicholas Russell-Pavier
Violin played by Steve Bentley
Director Jane Morgan. Stereo
Sherlock Holmes: Simon Callow
Dr Watson: Ian Hogg
Sigmund Freud: Karl Johnson
Professor Moriarty: David King
Mycroft Holmes: Philip Voss
Baron von Leinsdorf: Matthew Morgan
Nancy Osborn Slater: Melinda Walker
Baroness von Leinsdorf: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Hugo von Hoffmansthal: Wolf Kahler
Also with David Bannerman, Kate Binchy, Federay Holmes, Jillie Meers and David Sinclair
Repeated on 1st November 1993

10th January 1993
14.30 :
Sunday Playhouse: The Music Teacher by Guy Slater.
A new term and a new music teacher for Debbie, but Mr Hall is young and exciting and makes her feel special.
Pianist Mary Nash
Director Sue Wilson.
Debbie: Joanna Myers
Heather: Emma Gregory
Mr Hall: Paul Clarkson
Mrs Lewis: Auriol Smith
Miss Camming: Ann Windsor
Mrs Eggar/Chairwoman: Elizabeth Kelly
Miss O'Brien: Katharine Barker
Chief Education Officer: James Greene
Sandy: Susan Sheridan
Boy: Richard Pearce
Repeated from 23rd January 1992

11th January 1993
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton.
4 of 6: Ukridge's Dog College. Ukridge's big, broad, flexible outlook turns to canine improvement schemes down in Kent.
Details as 4th January 1993- see above.

11th January 1993
14.00 :
The Salamander Chest by Grant Eustace.
In a sequel to last Monday's "Absolute Discretion", Alice Selwood strives to seek out the true identity of her father and in the course of her adventures finds that 1870s England can be a dangerous place. But first she must find her beloved Arthur in Oxford.
Director: Alec Reid
Arthur Beresford: Ben Daniels
Alice Selwood: Jane Slavin
Arbuthnot: Philip Latham
Ryder: Jonathan Adams
Priestley: David Brierley
Blennerhorn: John Baddeley
Cunningham: Andrew Branch
Murchison: Sean Barratt
Mrs Wiseman: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Polzean: Terry O'Brien
Brecknell: Philip Anthony
Goatcher: Snoo Wilson

11th January 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Orlando (1928) by Virginia Woolf (1882-1941). Dramatised by Peter Buckman
Orlando was born in the reign of Elizabeth I and lived into that of George V. He entered life as a boy and she left it as a woman. Who was this strange creature?
Music: James Walker and Simon Walker
Director Penny Gold. Stereo
Orlando: Jenny Stoller
The Narrator: Vivian Pickles
Queen Elizabeth: Margot Boyd
Lady Margaret: Heather Tobias
Earl: Danny Schiller
Sasha: Amanda Murray
Stubbs: Lockwood West
Mrs Grimsditch: Jane Wenham
Dupper: John Bott
Greene: Peter Woodthorpe
Archduke: Richard O'Callaghan
King Charles: Willlam Eedle
Nell Gwyn: Helena Breck
Sea Captain: Arnold Diamond
Shelmerdine: David McAlister
Shop Assistant: Hilda Schroder
First broadcast 28th May 1984, repeated 3rd June 1984.

12th January 1993
12.25 :
The Older Woman by Tony Bagley.
Season 1, episode 1 of 6: Roy Hitchcock is a hack journalist on a provincial paper with big ideas and an attitude problem. When he meets his former English teacher his private fantasies get a new lease of life as he sets out to win her against all the odds.
Music: Julian Westall
Producer Paul Schlesinger. Stereo
Miss Callaghan: Zoe Wanamaker
Roy Hitchcock: Martin Clunes
Elsa: Toyah Wilcox
Mr Say: David Troughton
Dick/Clinton/Pavarotti: Geoff McGivern
Yeats/ Doug/Hannibal Leder/Chris/Jacko: David Holt
Joyce/Reporter: Keith Drinkel
Sheila/Helen/ Donna/Presenter/ Bond Girl/Bailey/ Starling: Melanie Hudson
Additional cast in later episodes with the first episode they were in:
Chad Mann: Nicky Henson (2)
Wyn: Sue Roderick (2)
Pavarotti: Steve Hodson (2)
Mickey/Phil: John Baddeley(3)
Leland: Bryan Dick (4)
Himself: Paul Vaughan (4)
Eric: Jonathan Adams(5)
Charlotte: Linda Polan(5)
God: Jonathan Adams(6)
Advert Voice-Over: Melanie Hudson(6)
Ep2:19/1/93 Ep3:26/1/93 Ep4:2/2/93 Ep5:9/2/93, Ep6:16/2/93
Series repeated commencing 28th March 1994.
[A second 6 part series was broadcast commencing 16th August 1994, repeated commencing 31st December 1994]

12th January 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Heads by Colin Haydn Evans.
Archaeologist Megan uncovers a major relic from Celtic Britain. She would very much like to put it back.
Director Nigel Bryant. Stereo
Megan: Hayon Gwynne
Roland: Michael Maloney
Annie: Lucy Tregear

12th January 1993:
18.30 :
Second Thoughts by Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie.
Repeat of series 4: Episode 1 of 6: Unhappy Returns. Bill makes a flying return visit from his new job in Germany which provides the ideal opportunity for a quiet weekend with Faith. But interventions from Hannah and Liza ensure that the weekend is anything but romantic.
Producer Paul Schlesinger
Bill: James Bolam
Faith: Lynda Bellingham
Liza: Belinda Lang
Richard: Geoffrey Whitehead
Hannah: Julia Sawalha
Joe: Mark Denham
Kevin: David Learner
[There were four radio series plus four tv series. Radio Series 1 commenced 3/11/1988. Radio Series 4 commenced 18/6/1992. This episode was the first repeat of series 4. Subsequent 5 episodes weekly - not listed below]

13th January 1993:
12.25-13.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Greene. Dramatised by Rene Basilico
6 of 8: A series of unexpected events - all with potentially disturbing consequences for Brown, a man who has always chosen to "stand aside".
Please see 6th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to episode 5:
Jones,: Michael Feast
Concasseur(?): Oscar James
Captain Dekker: Hans Meyer
Francois/Tonton: Leroy Golding
Croupier/Tonton: Paterson Joseph
Ep 7:20/1/93 Ep 8:27/1/93

13th January 1993:
14.00 :
Child's Play: The Hanging of Ernest Moon by John Latham.
"He was a sort of saint."-"Is that any reason to bully him?"-"I don't suppose so."
Director Janet Whitaker.
Pardy: Paul Hanley
Mary: Lesley Nicol
Miss Ryder: Paula Tilbrook
Jimmy: Ian Taylor
Ernest: Stephen Hall
Johnnie: Steven Blezard
Anne: Catherine Grimes
Dirk: Jonathan Perkins

14th January 1993:
10.00 :
Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill. Adapted by Bill Matthews
2 of 5.
Please see 7th January 1993 above.
Additional actors not in episode one:
Miss Cress: Jillie Meers
Dr Sparrow: James Telfer
Ep3:21/1/93 Ep4:28/1/93 Ep5:4/2/93

14th January 1993:
12.25-13.00 :
Boogie up the River, Written and adapted by Mark Wallington.
5 of 6: Lechlade, Twinned with Zanzibar. Boogie's in charge of moulting, Jennifer's in charge of the mobile phone, and Marks in charge of everything else as the threesome approach Lechlade, and go in search of a living legend - Great Crested Sam Tucker.
Please see 7th January 1993 above.
Additional actors not in episode 4:
PA/Royal Lady: Ainslie Foster
Sam Tucker: Geoffrey McGivern
Launderette Attendant/Girl: Kate Binchy
Barman: Simon Godley
Archie: David Holt
Delia Smith: Melinda Walker
Ep 6:21/1/93

14th January 1993:
23.00 :
Fear on Four: Playing God by John Graham.
With so many young people sleeping rough, they can fall prey to unscrupulous operators.
Director Martin Jenkins. Stereo
Introduced By: Edward De Souza
Alma: Melanie Hudson
Tom: Nicholas Murchie
Mrs Drewitt: Margaret Heery
Hilary: Ann Windsor
Ralph: Eric Allen
Doctor: John Church
Sister: Melinda Walker
Police Sergeant: Peter Gunn
PC Crambles: David Bannerman

15th January 1993:
14.00 :
Classic Serial: Twenty Thousand Streets under the Sky: The Siege of Pleasure by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962) dramatised by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
2 of 3: Jenny tells Bob of her fall from grace.
Please see 8th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Ernest Eccles: John Moffatt
Guvnor: David King

16th January 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: One-Way Ticket to Palookaville by Michael Chaplin.
It's late summer 1990, and for shipyard welder Billy Hamsen it's a memorable one. Billy's a "traditional" working class "commie" and across the world there are serious changes to a system he has revered all his life.
Director Dave Sheasby
Billy Hamsen: Christian Rodska
Margaret Hamsen: Val McLane
Alexei: Karl Boyd
Rosa: Tracey Wilkinson
Jack: Rod Arthur
Ellis: John Graham Davies
Ivanov: Christopher Campbell
Dad: Art Davies
Jimmy: James Thackeray
Gavin: Trevor Todd
Harry: Peter Wheeler
Repeated from 20th January 1992

16th January 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Gun before Butter (1963) by Nicolas Freeling (1927-2003). Adapted by Philip Martin.
Inspector Van der Valk is not sure what he is investigating.
Directed by Philip Martin.
Van der Valk: Ian Hogg
Lucienne: Sophie Thompson
Samson: Geoff Serle
Stam: Roger Hume
Solange: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Arlette: Sunny Ormonde
Hart: David Vann
Bernard: Alan Devereux
Royaard: David Frederickson
Rustenberg: David Curnow
Markiewics: Paul Webster
Westdijk: Simon Carter
Vogel: Dominic Taylor
Repeated on 8th November 1993

18th January 1993
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton
5 of 6: The Return of Battling Billson. Ukridge 's failed champion, Battling Billson, turns from pugilist to evangelist.
Please see 4th January 1993 above.

18th January 1993:
14.00 :
The Folly by Martyn Read
1770, Sir Morton Makepeace devises a play, but his characters disrupt the plot and threaten the building of his Folly.
Director: Sue Wilson.
Sir Morton Makepeace: Freddie Jones
Clarissa, Lady Mountjoy: Elizabeth Spriggs
Rev Wormald: Clive Swift
Caroline Makepeace: Joanna Myers
Robert Sutherland: Michael Cochrane
Thomas: Karl James
First broadcast was supposed to be on 5th August 1991 but the program was postponed to 7th September 1991.

18th January 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Red Sky at Night by Nick Ward.
Music: Richard Heacock
Trumpet Nick Thompson
Director Nick Ward
Producer Marilyn Imrie. Stereo
Katherine: Julia Ford
Alfred: Paul Copley
Ultty: Katrin Cartlidge
Harry: Eric Allan
Betteridge: Keith Drinkel
Grandma: Jill Graham
Mrs Marsh/Barmaid: Melanie Hudson
Repeated 9th May 1994

19th January 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Seaside by Thomas McLaughlin.
Judy sits on a beach in the south of Ireland at three o'clock in the morning, deciding whether she should travel to England for an abortion, when Sally is washed ashore.
Director Pam Brighton
Judy: Carmel Callan
Sally: Marie Jones
Terry: BJ Hogg
Repeated 17th May 1994

20th January 1993:
12.25-13.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Greene. Dramatised by Rene Basilico
7 of 8:- Jones is "on the run" from the Haitian authorities. Brown agrees to help and finds himself at the mercy of events ...
Please see 6th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to part 5:
Jones: Michael Feast
Luis Hitteda: Michael Mellinger
Captain Dekker: Hans Meyer
Purser: Peter van Dissel
Georges/Gendarme: Louis St Juste
Ep 8:27/1/93

20th January 1993:
14.00 :
Child's Play: Hanuman Child by Nandita Ghose.
Sunetra's father is Indian and her mother English, but where does she belong? She loved her father's stories of Hanuman the Monkey King when she was little, but can they help her in real life?
Director Janet Whitaker. Stereo
Sunetra: Anna Abrahams
Sanjay/Hanuman: Madhav Sharma
Ruth: Melinda Walker
Granny: Jill Graham
Stewardess: Sandra James-Young
Indian guest: Rashid Karapiet
Lucy: Charlotte Tomkys
Shorojini: Preeya Kaudas
Natalie: Sarah Harvey Smart
Jane: Adele Sanders
Boy: Anthony Hamblin
Girl 1: Kristy Bruce
Girl 2: Laura Tomkys

21st January 1993:
10.00 :
Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill. Adapted by Bill Matthews
3 of 5.
Please see 7th January 1993 above.
Cast additional to episode one:
Miss Cress: Jillie Meers
Mrs Clemency: Irene Sutcliffe
Dr Sparrow: James Telfer

21st January 1993:
12.25-13.00 :
Boogie up the River, Written and adapted by Mark Wallington.
6 of 6: I'll See You at the Source. "Great Crested" Sam Tucker meets his match in Jennifer, who proves she can drink him under any table. And can Boogie's habits become any more disgusting in the last episode of the series?
Please see 7th January 1993 above.
Cast additional to episode four:
PA: Ainslie Foster
Canoeist/German man: Nick Murchie
Barman: Jonathan Adams
Adolescent Girl/German Lady: Julie Gibbs
Cricketer/Man in Ipswich: John Fleming
Boogie /Wicket Keeper: Ronald Herdman
Delia Smith: Melinda Walker
Old Lady: Jilly Meers
The series was repeated commencing on 21st August 1993

21st January 1993:
14.00 :
Another Dimension by Don Haworth.
Five members of a village community receive an offer they cannot refuse.
Director Michael Fox.
Peter: Ewan Hooper
Jenny: Haydn Gwynne
Michael: Stephen Tompkinson
Tom: Graham Roberts
Edna: Joan Campion

21st January 1993
23.00 :
Fear on 4: Vicious Fish by John Duquemin and Gregor Grice.
A giant of the deep demands a human sacrifice.
Director Martin Jenkins.
Introduced By: Edward De Souza
George: John Hollis
Tony: Paul Copley
Danny: Nicholas Murchie
Repeated 29th January 1994
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005

22nd January 1993:
14.00 :
Classic Serial: Twenty Thousand Streets under the Sky:- The Plains of Cement: by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962) dramatised by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
3 of 3: Bob gives Jenny an ultimatum and Ella has a confrontation with Mr Eccles
Please see 8th January 1993 above.
Cast additional to part one:
Ernest Eccles: John Moffatt
Prosser: Geoffrey Whitehead
Prunella: Elizabeth Mansfield
Mrs Guvnor: Jo Kendall
Unknown: Donald Gee
Unknown: Michael Kilgarriff

23rd January 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: Assassins by Peter Roberts.
Midwinter 1170. Thomas Becket is murdered at Canterbury. Miracles occur at his shrine. But what became of his murderers?
Director Nigel Bryant.
Hugh de Morale: Michael Lumsden
Richard Brito: Stephen Tomlin
Reynald FitzUrse: Martin Head
William De Traci: Richard Hart
Thomas Becket: Graham Padden
Stephen de Garlande: Kim Wall
Jean D'Amiens: Bill Wallis
Alix: Sandra Berkin
Raymond of Tripoli: Christopher Scott
King Baldwin: David Holt
Reynold of Kerak: Peter Meakin
Odo: Jonathan Wyatt
Saladin: Nadim Sawalha
Saracen soldier: Avi Nassa
Monk: Simon Carter
Archbishop Hubert: Garard Green
Repeated from 30th March 1992

23rd January 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Anzacs over England by David Goodland.
Gloucestershire 1918 - two worlds meet as Australian airmen arrive to train as pilots.
Music arranged and played by the cast
Director Pat Trueman. Stereo
Annie Pope: Miranda Pleasence
2nd Lieut Jeff Rylands: Richard S Huggett
Ernie Pope: Ben Fox
2nd Air Mechanic Vic Walsh: Jaime Robertson
Frank Pope: Owen John O'Mahoney
Lily Pope: Vivienne Moore
Colonel Toby Watt: Stu Cochrane
Captain Les Driscol: Campbell Graham
Darcy Jones: Richard Hague
Ivor Pope: Andrew Rattenbury
Cast are the original cast who performed the play in 1992 at the Swan Theatre, Worcester

24th January 1993:
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, translated by Alan Russell, dramatised by Christopher Reason
1 of 4: Emma dreams of romance, of a young lover who will sweep her off her feet. It is an irony of fate that it is Charles Bovary who walks into her life.
Pianist: Bernard Robertson
Singer: Claude Close
Director Kay Patrick
Emma: Nicola Pagett
Charles Bovary: Stephen Moore
Monsieur Homais: Clive Swift
Lheureux: Sam Dastor
Heloise: Stephanie Turner
Professor: Geoffrey Banks
Servant/Charles' Father: Geoffrey Banks
Nastasie: Fenella Norman
Rouault: Robin Polley
Felicite: Saskia Downes
Leon Dupuis: Paul Downing
The Marquis: Graeme Kirk
The Viscount/Hivert: Christopher Kent
Charles Mother/ Marchioness: Ann Rye
Cast in later episodes:
Rodolphe Boulanger: Roger Allam
Madame Rollet: Jane Cox
Maurice: Rodney Litchfield
Heuvain: James Quinn
Justin: Damien Walker
Beadle: Peter Wheeler
The Bailiff: Christopher Wilkinson
Blind Beggar/Cabbie: Claude Close
Ep2:31/1/93 Ep3:7/2/93 Ep4:14/2/93
All episodes repeated five days later.

24th January 1993:
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: Silver Blaze by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dramatised by Bert Coules.
The favourite for the Wessex Cup has disappeared, and his trainer lies dead on Dartmoor.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner.
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Col Ross: Jack May
Imp Gregory: Terence Edmond
Straker: Fraser Kerr
Mrs Straker: Susan Sheridan
Brown: Brett Usher
Simpson: Nigel Carrington
Ned: Mark Straker
Edith: Petra Markham
Repeated from 8th January 1992

25th January 1993:
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton
6 of 6: Ukridge Rounds a Nasty Corner
Please see 4th January 1993 above.
Series repeated commencing 29th May 1993

25th January 1993:
14.00 :
Boy Bishop by Alick Rowe.
The ceremony of the election of a Boy Bishop was widespread in the Middle Ages. This play is based on the tradition's revival and the rivalry between the choristers.
Psalms sung by Hereford Cathedral Choir School under the direction of Dr Roy Massey
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Michael: Matthew Sim
David: Richard Pearce
Old David: David March
The Dean: Andrew Hilton
Father Melling: Christian Rodska
Canon Briggs-Reed: Peter Copley
The Precentor: Brian Gear
The Headmaster: Stephen Thorne
Philip: John Telfer
Choirmaster: Bill Wallis
Packman: Edward Jones
Clifford: Tom Edgar
Alistair: Charles Simpson
TV Director: Steve Hodson
TV Interviewer: Eric Allan
Repeated from 7th March 1992.
[Abolished by Elizabeth I, the practice was revived in 1959 for one year at Stockport, then in 1973 at Hereford for one service then annually from 1982, and at other locations. The first girl bishop was 2009 at Wellingborough.]

25th January 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Pledge (1958) by Friedrich Durrenmatt (1921-1990). Adapted by Peter Thomson.
Matthews is a gifted detective but his clinical approach makes him unpopular. When a child is murdered he risks everything to solve the case.
Director Claire Grove Stereo
Matthews: Keith Drinkel
Tanner: Tom Georgeson
Horton: Jonathan Adams
Halsey: Matthew Morgan
Burkhard: Terence Edmond
Lock: Jonathan Tafler
Mrs Scott: Gudrun Ure
Mary: Nadine Ballantyne
Also with Jill Graham, David Holt, Siriol Jenkins, James Telfer, Philip Anthony, John Webb and Alexander Thomson
Repeated 20th September 1993.
[Original television movie was "Es geschah am hellichten Tag", whose ending the author was not happy with, so he wrote "Das Versprechen: Requiem auf den Kriminalroman or The Pledge: Requiem for the Detective Novel". The 2001 film The Pledge follows the reworked version but relocated to Mexico.]

26th January 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Perfect Match by Carmela Osman.
Rosemary meets John via a computer dating agency. Their friendship grows with each encounter, but will it blossom into love?
Director Cherry Cookson. Stereo
Rosemary: Lesley Dunlop
John: Struan Rodger
Mum: Jill Graham

27th January 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Greene. Dramatised by Rene Basilico
8 of 8: Jones embarks on his great adventure.... and Brown is finally forced to leave the "sidelines".
Please see 6th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to Episode 5:
Jones: Michael Feast
Concasseur: Oscar James
Josephe: Kenneth Gardnier
Tonton/Dominican Official: Paterson Joseph
Georges: Louis St Juste
Series Repeated commencing 16th December 1993

27th January 1993:
14.00 :
Child's Play: Two Together? by Diane Samuels.
Sarah meets the grown-up Susan, the inspiration behind the "Two Together" children's books, and together they rediscover childhood. For Susan, it becomes a voyage of self-discovery. For Sarah, the realisation that fiction and reality are two different things.
Director Tracey Neale. Stereo
Susan: Elizabeth Mansfield
Sarah: Alice Arnold
Edith: Jill Graham
Harry: Keith Drinkel
MrLevington: John Fleming
Child Reader: Perdita Weeks

28th January 1993:
10.00 :
Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill. Adapted by Bill Matthews
4 of 5. Please see 7th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to Ep 1:
Dr Sparrow: James Telfer
Mrs Clemency: Irene Sutcliffe
Series repeated commencing 7/12/1993

28th January 1993:
14.00 :
I Wonder Who's Kisssing Her Now by Tim Green.
George is a grumpy old coal-miner with a grudge against trade unions. But he's hiding a romantic and political past.
Pianist Tim Riley
Director Jane Dauncey.
Old George: Dillwyn Owen
Young George: Gary Llywelyn
Edith: Ruth McClaughrey
Clare: Ruth Jones
Brian: Craig Edwards
Julie: Lynn Hunter
Stuart: Eilian Wyn
Doctor: Brendan Charleson

28th January 1993:
18.30 :
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky. Dramatised by: Michelene Wandor,
1 of 6: A Hero's Death. At the funeral of her ice-hockey hero cousin, private eye V I Warshawski becomes suspicious that his death wasn't an accident.
V I Warshawski: Kathleen Turner
Lotty: Eleanor Bron
Bobby Mallory: William Hootkins
Martin Bledsoe: James Aubrey
Niels Grafalk: Peter Marinker
Paige Carrington: Teresa Gallagher
Clayton Phillips: William Roberts
Mike Sheridan: Keith Drinkel
Margolis: David Holt
McKelvy: John Guerrasio
Grandma: Linda Polan
Mrs Grafalk: Alibe Parsons
Actors in later episodes listed under the episode date.
Ep2:4/2/93 Ep3:11/2/93 Ep4:18/2/93 Ep5:25/2/93 Ep6:4/3/93
Series repeated commencing 2nd October 1993.

28th January 1993:
23.00 :
Fear on 4: Hellhound on my Trail by Paul Sirett
James Harper investigates the mysterious death of a jazz musician.
Director: Martin Jenkins
Introduction: Edward de Souza
James Harper: Nigel Anthony
Carol Harper: Shelley Thompson
Dr Lewis: John Rowe
Ike Roberts: Erick Ray Evans
Anderson: Burt Caesar
Lucia Grange: Alibe Parsons
Marcie Singleton: Sandra James Young
Victoria Carling: Tricia Singleton
Repeated 5th February 1994
Also broadcast by BBC Radio 7 in 2003
[The blues number of the title was recorded in 1937 by Robert Johnson. Little is known of him. A death certificate found in 1968 gave 1938 as the date of death of Robert Johnson. An heir was recognised in 1998.]

30th January 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Operation Lightning Pegasus by Alick Rowe (1938-2009)
What really happened at the Fall of Troy? Was the Episode of the Wooden Horse as heroic as Homer would have it? Or was his Iliad a cover-up for what was a military fiasco?
Harpist Valerie Aldrich-Smith
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Agamemnon: Timothy West
Diomedes: Geoffrey Bateman
Paris: Tim Bentinck
Odysseus: Hugh Dickson
Menelaus: Sion Probert
Helen: Norma Ronald
Hector: Neil Stacy
Achilles: Henry Stamper
Andromache: Joy Harrison
Melops: Christian Rodska
Philicus: Ronald Herdman
Patroclus: Nicholas Courtney
Priam: Andrew Hilton
Cassandra: Rosalind Adams
First broadcast 7th November 1981, then again on 9th November 1981
Repeated 7th August 1982.
Later repeated 30th October 1993.
Also repeated on BBC 7 in 2007, 2008, 2009

30th January 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Black Birds of St Giles by Robert Birmingham.
Tobias is taken by slave traders from his village in Africa and brought to London to be a page boy to a wealthy English family. Petted, pampered and educated as a child, his life begins to change as he becomes a man.
Director Anne Edyvean.
Tobiasa Boy: Ben Wynter
Tobias a Man: Akim Mogaji
Mr Scofield: John Fleming
Mrs Scofield: Melinda Walker
Queeme: Jillie Meers
Amelia as a Girl: Annatt Bass
a Woman Amelia: Sandra James Young
Captain Roper: Keith Drinkel
Mark Ali: Colin McFarlane
Bella: Susan Aderin
Howard: John Webb
Joiejoe: Clarence Smith
Trim: Malcolm Frederick
Baj: David Harewood
Alison: Federay Holmes

31st January 1993:
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Yellow Face by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Gerry Jones .
A hideous apparition is ruining the lives of a happily married couple.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams.
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Grant Munro: Mark Straker
Effie Munro: Helena Breck
Mrs Hudson: Joan Matheson
Maid: Siriol Jenkins
Repeated from 15th January 1992
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2006, 2007, 2008

1st February 1993:
14.00 :
Keystone by Peter Lovesey. Dramatised by Michael Z Lewin.
English actor Warwick Easton is hired as a Keystone cop but comedy swiftly turns to tragedy.
Director Matthew Walters
Warwick Easton (Keystone): Mark Straker
Amber: Jennifer Ehle
Sennett: Roger Gartland
Brennan: Kerry Shale
Louise: Lorelei King
Frank: Don Fellows
Winnie/Mrs Swatowska: Ann Windsor
Slim: John Church
Chester: Gordon Reid
Repeated from 2nd May 1992

1st February 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: A Tearful of Dreams by Gary Mitchell.
Set in a Loyalist area of Belfast, the play explores how the horrors of a rape are intensified when the rapist is from a paramilitary family.
Director Pam Brighton.
John: Ian McElhinney
Evelyn: Marie Jones
Geordie: Tim Loane
Tracy: Eileen McCloskey
Joey: Simon Magill
Clifford: Lalor Roddy
Cyril: Mark Mulholland
Johnston: John Hewitt
Hall: Trevor Moore
Bishop: BJ Hogg
Stevie: Peter Ballance
Cook: Robert Taylor
Colin: Martin Maguire
Ronnie: James Corry
Thompson: Stuart Graham

2nd February 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Parole by Nigel Brown.
Kay has brought up her son alone. He loves his mum and his motorbike. Then his father returns....
Director Claire Grove.
Kay: Elizabeth Estensen
Peter: Matthew Sim
John: Keith Drinkel
[This is the only entry on BBC Genome for Nigel Brown- apart from a Blue Peter appearance by a schoolboy of that name 14 years earlier]

3rd February 1993:
12:25-13:00 :
A Whole New Ball Game by Martin Davies.
1 of 6: Goodbye Gregory After the death of Gregory Patterson, stalwart of the Roman Catholic parish of St Andrew 's, the bereaved family face a life of new challenges. How will Mrs Patterson cope with her headstrong daughter, Barbara? How will young Robert face up to his new responsibilities? Surely Father Benedict can help?
Producer Lissa Evans.
Robert Patterson: Paul Parris
Father Beedict: Desmond Barritt
Mrs Patterson: Brenda Blethyn
Barbara Patterson: Charlotte Coleman
Guy Entwhistle: Martino Lazzeri
Mr Plant: Gordon Reid
Andy: Mark Straker
Janet: Claire Skinner
Actors in later episodes and the episode they first appeared in:
Leisure Manageress: Jill Meers (2)
Fr Hugh: Gordon Reid (3)
Mr Plant: Gordon Reid (4)
Ep2:10/2/93 Ep3:17/2/93 Ep4:24/2/93 Ep5:3/3/93 Ep6:10/3/93
This series was repeated commencing 26th May 1994.
[There was a second series of 6 episodes which commenced 24th October 1994 and was repeated comencing 30th July 1996]

3rd February 1993:
14.00 :
Child's Play: Just 14 by Amanda Swift.
14-year-old, middle-class Georgia, and Sid from Millwall. On a Welsh camping holiday Georgia is introduced to the art of kissing, and gets advice on life and love from a Welsh mountain sheep.
Guitarist Ian Gammie
Songs from Form V girls of St Albans High School
Directors Marilyn Imrie and Marion Nancarrow
Georgia: Claire Skinner
Serena: Elaine Claxton
Paul: Matthew Morgan
Sid: Clarence Smith
Marcus: Richard Pearce
Ralph: David Crossley
The Sheep: Amanda Swift

4th February 1993:
10.00 :
Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill. Adapted by Bill Matthews
5 of 5. Please see 7th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to the first episode:
Dr Sparrow: James Telfer
Miss Cress: Jillie Meers
Mrs Gemency: Irene Sutcliffe

4th February 1993:
14.00 :
Kai Mei Sauce by Kevin Wong.
Mr Chen is willing to sell his prize recipe in order to keep his restaurant.
Director Tony Cliff.
Frank Chen: David Yip
Janet Chen Pui: Fan Lee
Michael Shaw: Russell Dixon
Terence Davis: Seamus O'Neill
Mr Lo: K C Leong
Mrs Cheung: Barbara Yu-Ling
Cook: Benedict Wong
Waitress: Susan Leong
Charlotte: Julie Westwood

4th February 1993:
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky. Dramatised by: Michelene Wandor,
2 of 6: Down the Hatches. V I's dead cousin "Boom Boom" knew too much about something and his flat is burgled, leading to another murder.
Please see 28th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to episode one:
Murray: Kerry Shale
Captain Bemis: William Dufris
Janet: Jill Graham
Mrs Kelvin: Sandra James-Young
Theatre Director: Linda Polan

4th February 1993:
23.00 :
Fear on 4: Hearing Is Believing by Aubrey Woods.
Bizarre happenings backstage - long after the lights have gone out in a large London theatre.
Director Gerry Jones. Stereo
Introduced By: Edward De Souza
Harry Travers: Mick Ford
Paul: Keith Drinkel
Laura: Siriol Jenkins
Sergeant: Jonathan Adams
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2003, 2008

6th February 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: A Kind of Freedom by Alan MacDonald.
A thirst for revenge is so deep it destroys everything in its way.
Director Clive Brill.
Robert: Robert Glenister
Ali: Joanna Myers
Mike: Mark Straker
Fee: Siobhan Redmond
Mother: Jenny Howe
Mum: Ann Windsor
Dad/ Newscaster: Ronald Herdman
Father/ Peter: John Church
Also with Eric Allan, Nigel Carrington, Peter Gunn Charles Millham and Robert Portal
First broadcast 7th October 1991

6th February 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Crossed Lines by David Halliwell (1936-2006).
Abwin, desperate to clear debts finds himself talking to a woman on a crossed line. She has heard his story and would like to help out. Of course Abwin will meet her - he has nothing to lose.
Director Philip Martin.
Abwin: Ian Hogg
Zadia: Claire Faulconbridge
Jackman: Graham Padden
Keal: Terry Molloy
Edie: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Bailey: David Vann
Mr Dabbs: Simon Carter
Mrs Dabbs: Joyce Gibbs
Yatta: Gillian Goodman
Prison Officers: David Halliwell

7th February 1993:
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Stockbroker's Clerk by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dramatised by Denys Hawthorne.
A young clerk is offered a post beyond his wildest dreams. Is it all too good to be true - and if so, why?
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Mr Pycroft: Jonathan Tafler
Mr Pinner: Sean Barrett
Inspector Gabriel: Nigel Carrington
Repeated on 22nd January 1992

8th February 1993:
14.00 :
Craft by Guy Meredith.
Disillusioned with the world of art, Adam Bax decides to embark on a little nefarious infamy.
Director Cherry Cookson.
Bax: Norman Rodway
Robert: Geoffrey Collins
Quartermain: James Grout
Tessa: Carole Boyd
Constantine: Neville Jason
Fenwick: John Rye
His Manservant: John Webb
Susan: Helena Breck
Nutley: Colin Starkey
Sergeant: Colin Starkey
Colonel Dalby: Garard Green
Rivetti: Michael Percival
Beth: Ellen McIntosh
(First broadcast 24th March 1984)
[(A sequel, The Tokyo Correction, was broadcast on 15/2/93)]

8th February 1993
The Monday Play: A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M Miller Jr. Dramatised by Donald Campbell.
Six hundred years after the nuclear holocaust, a group of monks, in an abbey in the desert, struggle to preserve the remnant of humanity's scientific knowledge.
Novice Brother Francis is undergoing his Lenten fast before taking his final vows, when his meditation and prayers are interrupted by a visitor.
Incidental music by David Dorward , sung by Cappella Nova
Director Hamish Wilson.
Paulo: Michael MacKenzie
Eleazar: John Shedden
Francis: Andrew Price
Taddeo: Billy Riddoch
Arkos: Alexander Morton
Gault: Gordon Fulton
Kornhoer: Alec Heggie
Claret: Robert Carlyle
Poet: Charles Kearney
First broadcast 6th June 1982

9th February 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Jack in the Box by David Marshall.
Mediocre Jack is in his box, dead. His go-getting boss, Mr Welsher , now has evil designs on Jack's dizzy wife, Jill. But has Jack really "gone"?
Director Richard Wortley.
Mr Welsher: Peter Jeffrey
Jack: Peter Gunn
Jill: Polly James
Narrator: Philip Anthony
Receptionist: John Webb
Vicar: Keith Drinkel
Judge: John Church
Video voice-over: David Thorpe

10th February 1993
14.00 :
The Miser adapted by Carlo Ardito from a play by Carlo Goldoni (1707-1793)
Venice: 1756. Don Ambrogio wants to be rid of his recently widowed daughter-in-law. But if she marries again she may take her dowry with her. Never!
Director Glyn Dearman
Don Ambrogio: Bernard Hepton
Eugenia: Amanda Root
Count: Daniel Massey
Knight: Nickolas Grace
Fernando: Alex Jennings
Cecchino: James Telfer
Repeated on 6th September 1995.
[The Goldoni play was inspired in part by Moliere's The Miser. The Italian title of the Goldoni work was L'Avaro (1756)- The Miser, not to be confused with another, Il geloso avaro.]

11th February 1993
10.00 :
Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott Dramatised by Marcy Kahan.
The sequel to Little Women.
1 of 6:: The First Wedding
Director Marilyn Imrie.
Marmee: Gayle Hunnicutt
Meg: Jemma Redgrave
Jo: Buffy Davis
Beth: Anne-Marie Zola
Amy: Kara Zediker
Laurie: Marcus D'Amico
Old Mr Laurence: Don Fellows
Father: John Guerrasio
Aunt March: Margaret Robertson
Hannah: Alibe Parsons
John Brooke: Adam Henderson
Miss Crocker: Helen Horton
Miss Elliott: Lorelei King
Tudor: David Holt
For actors in later episodes please refer to the episode date.
Ep2:18/2/93 Ep3:25/2/93 Ep4:4/3/93 Ep5:11/3/93 Ep6:18/3/93

11th February 1993:
14.00 :
At the Gellert by Gillian Reeve.
Legend has it that every ten years a giant white salamander finds its way into the Gellert Baths in Budapest. On that day everyone will find their heart's desire. It is in the baths that Karin falls in love for the first time.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin.
Herr Schmidt. ..Christian Rodska
Karin: Carolyn Backhouse
Judit: Pauline Letts
Zoltan: Linus Roache
Eszter: Magdalene Buznea
Tibor: Sam Bond
Frau Schmidt: Phyllida Nash

11th February 1993
18.30 :
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky. Dramatised by: Michelene Wandor,
3 of 6: Somebody wants V I dead and tampers with her car.
Please see 28th January 1993 above.
Actors additional to episode one:
Murray Ryerson: Kerry Shale
Jarine Phillips: Shelley Thompson
Captain Bemis: William Dufris
Pierre Bouchard: Matthew Morgan
Janet: Jill Graham
Elsie: Melanie Hudson
Nurse: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Ep4:18/2/93 Ep5:25/2/93 Ep6:4/3/93

11th February 1993:
23.00 :
Fear on 4: Life Line by Stephen Gallagher.
Could modern technology open the way to communication beyond the grave? And if so - to what end?
Director Martin Jenkins.
Introduced By: Edward De Souza
Ryan: Nicholas Murchie
Colin: Jonathan Tafler
Susan: Moir Leslie
Belinda: Federay Holmes
Life Line Operator: Ann Windsor
BT Operator: Matthew Morgan
Voices: Julian Rhind Tutt
Voices: Kate Binchy
Voices: Melinda Walker
Repeated on 19th February 1994

13th February 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: Oates After His Fingers by Steve Walker.
Captain "Titus" Oates in the year 2065 alive and thawing out in the Antarctic. What will our old-fashioned explorer think of an England laid waste by drought and famine, where everyone has an American accent?
Director Peter Kavanagh
Oates: Stephen Dillane
Archie: Vincent Marzello
Europa: Lorelei King
Hendrix/Edward VII: David Graham
Ma: Pauline Letts
Lloyd George: Sam Dastor
Dr Coombs: Charles Millham
Scott/Manfred: Nigel Carrington
Dr Fitch: Peter Penry Jones
Strangler: Norman Jones
Jailer: Tom Watt
Parrot: David Bannerman
Hungry Fred: Colin McFarlane
Snooty woman: Irene Sutcliffe
Repeated from 2nd December 1991.

13th February 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: You Choose by Jonathan Myerson.
Encountering an old flame on the Tube, Zoe's comfortable life begins to disintegrate as Simon's dark vision starts to dominate her world.
Music: David Chiltern and Nick Russell-Pavier
Director Jonathan Myerson.
Zoe: Amanda Root
Simon: Nathaniel Parker
Greg: Jonathan Cullen
Stella: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Nick: Nicholas Hutchison
Jenny: Federay Holmes
Lord Harry: Jonathan Adams
Paul: David Holt
Emma: Sandra James Young
Sales Assistant: Matthew Morgan
Security Guard: Keith Drinkel
Repeated on 9th April 1994.

14th February 1993:
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The "Gloria Scott" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Vincent McInerney
Holmes's first case, from his undergraduate days, a cruel tale of blackmail and mutiny at sea.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner.
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Victor: Simon Treves
Trevor: Terence Edmond
Armitage: Nigel Carrington
Captain: Charles Millham
Hudson: Eric Allan
Rev Wilson: Mark Straker
Prendergast: Alan Barker
Doctor: Fraser Kerr
Maid: Siriol Jenkins
Repeated from 29th January 1992
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2006, 2007, 2008

15th February 1993
14.00 :
Craft Two: The Tokyo Correction by Guy Meredith
Adam Bax returns to London after ten years on the run in Spain. Penniless and jobless, he is taken under the wing of an old student of his. He soon finds himself tangled up in a major art deception, and now one of his collaborators has been murdered!
Director: Cherry Cookson
Adam Bax: Norman Rodway
Quartermain: James Grout
Tessa: Carole Boyd
Nicholas Bonalack: David Ashton
Constantim: Neville Jason
Sergeant: John Webb
Terry Hamian: Steve Hodson
Herman Dorff: Jonathan Adams
Judith: Sandra James-Young
Principal: John Baddeley
Customer: Mellnda Walker
Repeated on 23rd April 1994
[A sequel to "Craft" first broadcast 24/3/1984 and repeated 8/2/93]

15th February 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Check the Tension by Steve May.
An African state has a way of encouraging holidaymakers, but the tensions within it are ignored by an English businesswoman until it is too late.
Director Richard Wortley.
Beatrice: Stephanie Cole
Jean: Sarah Badel
Louise: Jane Slavin
Fez: Geoffrey Matthews
Video Narrator: Steve Hodson

16th February 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Day Off by Moya O'Shea.
On 16 February 1983, the Australian state of Victoria was hit by one of the worst bush fires on record. It also happened to be the day that four friends decide to take a "sickie" and drive into the bush....
Director Tracey Neale.
Nick: Peter O'Brien
Peter: Marcus Eyre
Rachel: Moya O'Shea
Sue: Federay Holmes
Firemen: David Holt,
Firemen: Julian Rhind-Tutt

17th February 1993
14.00 :
Walking the Plank of Love by Nick Pullin.
A play for Valentine's week about love, romantic novels, initiative tests and pink cami-knickers.
Director Marion Nancarrow.
Matthew: David Thorpe
Marilyn: Carolyn Backhouse
Mum: June Barrie
Dad: Steve Hodson
Bill Moon: Ed Bishop
Repeated 30th August 1995

18th February 1993
10.00 :
Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott Dramatised by Marcy Kahan.
2 of 6: The Big, Busy World. Meg faces tribulations in her married life, and Jo triumphs in her writing.
Musical Director Stuart Hutchinson
Please see 11th February 1993 above.
Cast additional to episode one:
Sally Gardiner: Tamsin Hollo
Aunt Carron: Faith Brook
Mrs ChesterlMrs Lamb: Jill Graham
May Chester/Miss Lamb: Toni G Barry
Maud Chester: Melanie Hudson
The Parrot: Jonathan Tafler
Ep3:25/2/93 Ep4:4/3/93 Ep5:11/3/93 Ep6:18/3/93

18th February 1993:
14.00 :
Song for a Sanctuary by Rukhsana Ahmad.
When Rajinder and her daughter move into a women's refuge, a clash of culture and personalities brings the conflict to a crisis point.
Director Kate Rowland.
Rajinder: Jamila Massey
Sonia: Linda Rooke
Eileen: Joanna Bacon
Kamla: Shireen Shah
Savita: Shobu Kapoor
Pradeep/Chent: Shiv Grewal
Repeated on 10th April 1995
[Story based on the life of Balwant Kaur in 1985]

18th February 1993:
23.00 :
Exocet. By Jack Higgins Dramatised by Scott Cherry.
1 of 4: Little Games: Ferguson of MI6 recruits the beautiful Gabrielle Legrand to spy on her Argentinian lover.
Directed by Scott Cherry.
Brigadier Charles Ferguson: Peter Jeffrey
Major Tony Villiers: Michael N Harbour
Gabrielk Legrand: Moir Leslie
Harry Fox: Peter Acre
Victor Vronsh: David Bamber
Col Raul Montera: William Hope
Julio Garcia: Allan Corduner
Nikolai Belov: David March
Sgt Major Jackson: Eric Allan
Chief Supt Carver: John Church
Anna Marchuk: Melanie Hudson
Queen Elizabeth II: Melinda Walker
Actors appearing in later episodes:
Prof Paul Bernard: Keith Drinkel(2)
Major Langliam: Steve Hodson(2)
Journalist/Private Elliot: David Holt(2)
Ep2: 25/2/93 Ep3:4/3/93 Ep4:11/3/93

20th February 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Wild Swans by John Peacock. Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen
Every moment of Queen Margrethe's day was filled with hatred of her stepchildren. In her mind she planned their deaths, and realised that with magic she could make the thought the deed. But magic can be used for good as well as evil.
Music by Philip Thorby, played by Musica Antiqua of London
Radiophonic sound by Elizabeth Parker
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, Alma Cadzow, Richard Beadsmoore.
Director Jane Morgan
The Princes: Lolly Cockerell, Jenny Lee
Elise: Angela Pleasence
Nurse: Pauline Letts
King Arne: Stephen Thorne
Queen Margrethe: Valerie Sarruf
Arne: Andrew Seear
Elronde: Toby Hales
Kurt: John McAndrew
Erik: James Imber
Claus: Michael Goodman
Peter: Toby Landau
Hans: Paul Bradbury
Johanne: Francis Wilford
Karl: Caspar Norman
Sven: Tristram Fetherstonhaugh
Kristien: Malcolm Ingram
Waldmaar: Philip Voss
Ivar: Anthony Hyde
Edrich: John Church
Jakob: John Bott
The Lamias: Diana Bishop, Lolly Cockerell, Jenny Lee, Alexander John, Michael Spice, Gordon Reid.
[A lamia can be many things, perhaps here witch is closest].
Repeated from 26th December 1980

20th February 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Darling Peidi by Shelagh Stepenson.
The story of Edith Thompson, who, with Freddy Bywaters, was charged with the murder of her husband Percy in October 1922.
Producer Jeremy Mortimer
Edith Thompson: Rachel Joyce
Freddy Bywaters: Charles Simpson
Percy Thompson: Peter Wight
Avis Groydon: Theresa Streatfeild
Mr Graydon: Norman Bird
Mrs Graydon: Gudrun Ure
Rose/Wardress: Siriol Jenkins
Elsie/Wardress: Joanna Myers
Mr Stern: David Learner
Henry Curtis-Bennett: Mark Lambert
Thomas Inskip: Brett Usher
Mr Justice Shearman: Jonathan Adams
ClerklChaplain: Nicholas Murchie
Foreman/Officer: Peter Gunn
Prison Governor: Keith Drinkel
Repeated from 23rd March 1992

21st February 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Persuasion by Jane Austen. Dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
1 of 3: Old Friends and New Meetings
It is 1814 in the village of Uppercross in Somersetshire, and Sir Walter Elliot of Kellynch Hall has long since given up any hope of his daughter's making a favourable marriage. But Anne did fall in love eight years ago with Frederick Wentworth , a young man with no fortune and no family connections. She was persuaded to give him up. Has he forgiven her?
Square piano (William Rolfe and Sons c.1810) played by Kenneth Mobbs
Director Vanessa Whitburn
(BBC Pebble Mill)
Anne Elliot: Juliet Stevenson
Captain Wentworth: Tim Brierley
Jane Austen: Sorcha Cusack
Sir Walter Elliot: Roger Hume
Elizabeth Elliot: Claire Faulconbridge
Mary Musgrove: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Charles Musgrove: Alister Cameron
Little Charles: John Abell
Henrietta Musgrove: Alison Dowling
Louisa Musgrove: Jayne Dowell
Mrs Musgrove: Sheila Grant
Lady Russell: Patricia Gallimore
Admiral Croft: Jeffery Dench
Sophia Croft: Tina Gray
Mrs Clay: Hedli Niklaus
Mr Shepherd: Stephen Hancock
Charles Hayter: Clive Marlowe
Additional actors in later episodes:
Mr Elliot: Peter Harlowe(2)
Captain Benwick: Tony Turner(2)
Mrs Smith: Carole Boyd(2)
Mr Elliot: Peter Harlowe(3)
Captain Harville: Paul Alexander(3)
Ep2:28/2/93 Ep3:7/3/93
All episodes were repeated five days later.
The series was previously broadcast commencing on 31st December 1986 and repeated commencing on 2nd August 1987

22nd February 1993
14.00 :
Lavender Song by Patricia Wood.
Three young ex-officers, survivors of the First World War, live together in an isolated cottage, looked after by two attendants who take uncommonly great care that no one comes near them.
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Director: Jane Morgan
Jimmy Barnes: William Nighy
David Hunter: Andrew Wincott
Boy Dawson: Charles Simpson
Major John Dawson: Colin McFarlane
Tom Drew: Stephen Tompkinson
Sylvia: Jane Whittenshaw
First broadcast 9th Noveber 1991
[This play won the Society of Authors Drama Gold Award at the 1992 Sony Awards.]

22nd February 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Newsagent and the Counsellor by Don Haworth.
In a fit of anger, a normally placid newsagent throws his son's stereo through a bedroom window. He turns to a counsellor for advice, and as she unravels the story behind his outburst, she unwittingly reveals her story too. So who counsels the counsellor?
Director Kay Patrick
Laura: Maggie Steed
Harold: Stephen Moore

23rd February 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Clean Slate by Tracy Aston
A monologue: Patricia is a woman who has got cleaning down to a fine art. So much so, that neither she nor her husband ever has to leave the house.
Director Clive Brill
Patricia: Elizabeth Spriggs
Repeated from 6th August 1991.

24th February 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Empty House, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: Bert Coules
Holmes has met his fate at the Reichenbach Falls, and Mary Watson is on her death-bed. Alone and grief-stricken, Dr Watson tries his hand at solving a society murder.
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director: Patrick Rayner
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Prof. Moriarty: Michael Pennington
Colonel Moran: Frederick Treves
Inspector Lestrade: Donald Gee
Mrs. Hudson: Joan Matheson
Sir John: Peter Penry Jones
Adair: John Webb
Murray: Steve Hodson
Nurse: Kate Binchy
Mary Watson: Jillie Meers
Jenny: Siriol Jenkins
Stamford: Keith Drinkel
Coroner: John Church
Parker: John Fleming
Repeated on 30th November 1994

25th February 1993
10.00 :
Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott. Dramatised by Marcy Kahan.
3 of 6: Our Foreign Correspondent. Amy goes to Europe, and Jo to New York, where she makes a new friend.
Please see 11th February 1993 above.
Actors not in first episode:
Mrs Kirke: Jill Graham
Kitty: Toni G Barry
Professor Bhaer: Martin Jarvis
Dashwood: John Church
Ep4:4/3/93 Ep5:11/3/93 Ep6:18/3/93

25th February 1993
14.00 :
The Architect's Dream by Neil Rhodes. Ashley is a retired successful architect with no regrets until he meets Eric, who discovers Ashley's youthful plans for two mile-high cities which, if built, wou]d have changed the world. And Erie thinks they can be built.
Director Richard Wortley
Ashley: John Baddeley
Kay: Jennifer Piercey
Eric: Richard Tate
Mildred: Barbara Atkinson

25th February 1993
18.30 :
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky. Dramatised by: Michelene Wandor,
5 of 6: Everyone wants V I off the case, but the next body isn't hers. In fact, she thought he was the villain.
Please see 28th January 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Roger Ferrant: Bill Nighy
Murray Ryerson: Kerry Shale
Janine Phillips: Shelley Thompson
Jack Hogarth: Phillip Anthony
Lois: Sandra James-Young
Cappy: John Church
Bledsoe's Secretary: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Receptionist: Federay Holmes

25th February 1993:
23.00 :
Exocet. By Jack Higgins Dramatised by Scott Cherry.
2 of 4: Orders from the PM. Ferguson of MI6 discovers that Soviet agent Vronski is trying to get missiles to the Argentinians.
Please see 18th February 1993.

27th February 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Short the Season by Mike McGrath.
Bert Boford refuses to give up his job as kennel huntsman despite intense pressure from his family. Then his wife precipitates a crisis for the hunt.
Director Michael Fox
Bert Boford: James Laurenson
Olive Boford: Ann Rye
Hilda Sutton: Charmian May
Ted Boford: Colln Kerrigan
Devla Flannery: Saskia Downes
Flan: James Quinn
Repeated from 15th June 1992

27th February 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Unreasonable Behaviour by Christopher Reason.
Faced with a political and sexual scandal, a local councillor finds his marriage and career on the brink of collapse.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Alan McAndrew: Russell Dixon
Judy Morrison: Siriol Jenkins
Steve Malone: Keith Drinkel
Joanne Malone: Gillian Bevan
Mary Douglas: Melanie Hudson
Joanne's solicitor: Theresa Streatfeild
Ruth: Joanna Wake
Colin Sanders: Peter Gunn
Harry Greenwood: Eric Allan
Councillor Curtis: John Church
Councillor Hunt: Jonathan Adams
Alan's solicitor: David Learner
Prison Officers: Peter Penry Jones, Gordon Reid
Repeated from 1st June 1992
Repeated 29th July 1995
[Won the 1992 Writers' Guild New Play Award. Siriol Jenkins was awarded the Radio Times Best Newcomer Award. ]

28th February 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Persuasion by Jane Austen. Dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
Ep2. Please see 21st February 1993 above.

1st March 1993:
14.00 :
Thorne Investigates: Unto the Grave by John Penn . Dramatised by Melville Jones.
A body floating in the pool of a luxury Cotswold hotel leads to a hunt for a dangerous killer.
Director Martin Jenkins
Det Supt Thorne: John Castle
Miranda, his wife: Tessa Worsley
John Kempton: Stephen Thorne
Rose Kempton: Diana Bishop
Tom Latimer: Jonathan Tafler
Polly Raven: Karen Ascoe
Vern Raven: James Goode
Mrs Fowler: Pauline Letts
Mr Fowler: Alan Dudley
Mrs Blair: Sheila Grant
Mr Blair: Tim Reynolds
Paul Kempton: Kim Wall
Helen Dearden: Eve Karpf
Roy Martlake: John Hollis
Cassandra Gray: Jennifer Piercey
Canon Hurley: Peter Howell
Mrs Hurley: Rachel Gurney
Alice: Deborah Makepeace
Det Sgt Abbot: Andrew Branch
Dr Band: Gordon Reid
Margery Swinson: Jo Manning Wilson
Repeated from 28/12/86, repeated 22/8/87
[Other plays with Thorne were "Mortal Term", 8/3/93 (rptd from 18/8/90), and "Double Negative" 15/3/93]

1st March 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Scab by William Ingram.
The closure of a coal mine has destroyed a community and the lives of its people, echoing events from the past.
Director Enyd Williams
Gwyn: Peter Penry Jones
Gareth: Dyfed Thomas
Rhys: Ioan Meredith
Billy: Bob Kingdom
Caenwyn: Margaret John
Teguyn: Ernest Evans
Iestyn: Artro Morris
Dai Bach: Lewis Jones
The Club Barman: Matthew Morgan
Cyril, the Club Steward: John Edmunds

2nd March 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Bookends by Sarah Maxwell.
A T "Atty" Attwater writes thrillers. Basil Chambers - as Phyllis Fane - writes romantic novels. They are poor, but happy - until their snobbish daughter insists they change their marital status.
Director Glyn Dearman
Atty: Pat Heywood
Basil: John Chambers
Josephine: Patti Holloway
Charles: Timothy Carlton
J J Jackson: Jill Graham

3rd March 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Norwood Builder by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: Bert Coules.
Why does a highly respected builder ask a junior legal clerk to draw up his will and then make him the sole beneficiary?
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director: Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Jonas Oldacre: Peter Sallis
Inspector Lestrade: Donald Gee
John McFarlane: David Holt
Elaine McFarlane: Melinda Walker
Mr McFarlane: Jonathan Adams
Mrs Lexington: Carole Walker
Mr Graham: Lewis Jones
Vicky: Melanie Hudson
Constable Davies: Matthew Morgan
First Fireman: Keith Drinkel
Second Fireman: David Thorpe
Repeated on 7th December 1994.

4th March 1993
10.00 :
Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott Dramatised by Marcy Kahan.
4 of 6: Heartache. Jo and Laurie face a future apart from one another, and Beth tells Jo the truth at last.
Please see 11th February 1993 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Professor Bhaer: Martin Jarvis
Aunt Carroll: Faith Brook
Fred Vaughn: Andrew Wincott
Mrs Kirke: Jill Graham
Ep5:11/3/93 Ep6:18/3/93

4th March 1993
14.00 :
Over the Rainbow by Colin Morton and Harry Sear
Chaos descends on the Crumley household when daughter Alma is approached with an offer to appear on TV.
Director Martin Jenkins
Auditionee: Bryonie Pritchard
Alma: Siriol Jenkins
Jack: Roy Barraclough
Doris: Judith Barker
Granny: Paula Tilbrook
Doreen: Jane Hazlegrove
Stuart: Peter Gunn
Aziz: Dennis Conlon
TV Producer: Keith Drinkel
Production Asst: David Learner
Bunny Stoneyhurst: Melanie Hudson
Repeated from 25th June 1992

6th March 1993
14.30-15.45 :
Playhouse: Music and Silence by Rose Tremain
17th-century Denmark. Leonora, daughter of King Christian, and her schoolfriend Moritz.
Music arranged and conducted by Colin Sell and performed by Lowri Blake, Sophie Langdon, David Juritz, Stephen Stirling and Colin Sell
Director Gordon House
A World Service/Radio 4 production
King Christian IV: Timothy West
Leonora: Janet Maw
Sophie: Moir Leslie
Jonata: Julia Ford
Moritz: Mark Payton
William: Sam Cameron
Ulfeldt: Brett Usher
Musician: David Learner
Repeated from 12th April 1992.
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in April 1992
[There was a different production by Di Speirs, in 15 x 15 minute parts, commencing 5/6/2000]

6th March 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Free Agent by Danny Schiller.
Richard is on holiday in Devon. It seems just like an idyllic picture postcard, but Richard's perception of rural life is about to be challenged on every level.
Director Sue Wilson
Richard: Michael Maloney
Anna: Louise Jameson
Gareth: David Holt
Giles: Christopher Scott
LindajMrs Chugg: Sunny Ormonde
Stan: David King
Paul: David Thorpe
Bev: Melanie Hudson
Vicar/Geoffrey: John Fleming

8th March 1993:
14.00 :
Thorne Investigates: Mortal Term by John Penn. Dramatised by Melville Jones
A killer is unmasked in a case involving a minor public school.
Director Martin Jenkins
Det Supt Thorne: John Castle
Hugh Royston: John Samson
John Quarry: James Greene
Helen Quarry: Penelope Lee
Mark joyner: Stuart Organ
Frances Bell: Auriol Smith
Sylvia Royston: Victoria Carling
Paula Danby: Elizabeth Mansfield
Steven Layton: Jonathan Tarer
Sgt Court: Ian Lindsay
Jane Hilmore/Moira Gale: Jane Wittenshaw
MarkPkrson: Paul Downing
Tony Gierey: Stephen Garlick
Det Sgt Abbot: Andrew Branch
Mr Gale: David King
First broadcast 18th August 1990, repeated 20/8/90.

8th March 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Nothing Happens in Carmincross by Benedict Kiely. Dramatised by Mike Gerrard.
Mervyn is a New York-based writer for whom Ireland is a joyful memory. However, a journey to Carmincross provides a rude awakening.
Producer Eoin O'Callaghan
Mervyn: Ian McElhinney
Deborah: Kate Binchy
Mervyn's wife: Aine McCartney
Cecil Morrow: Sean Caffrey
Mrs Steel: Grainne McCann
Mrs Kavanagh: Margaret D'Arcy
Jeremiah: Patrick Fitzsymons
Mandrake: John Guiney
Mr Burns/Pat Loughran: Joe McPartland

9th March 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: All Love and Ghost Trains by Stephen Butchard.
Frank and Alice are married, but they inhabit separate worlds, unable to forget what happened on the ghost train.
Director Kate Rowland
Frank: Michael Angelis
Alice: Noreen Kershaw
Girl: Jane Hogarth
Repeated 12th July 1994

10th March 1993:
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Dancing Men (1903) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930). Dramatised by: Bert Coules
A child's scribble brings tragedy to a Norfolk family.
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director: Patrick Rayner
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Insp Martin: Peter Tuddenham
Hilton Cubitt: Christopher Good
Elsie Cubitt: Diana Hunter
Abe Slaney: John Guerrasio
Mrs King: Jill Graham
Sounders: Sue Broomfield

11th March 1993
10.00 :
Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott Dramatised by Marcy Kahan.
5 of 6: Learning to Forget. The March family face their greatest sorrow together, and Amy is comforted by a new love.
Please see 11th February 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Professor Bhaer: Martin Jarvis
Aunt Carroll: Faith Brook
Fred Vaughn: Andrew Wincott

11th March 1993:
14.00 :
The Frewintosh Formula by Iain Crawford.
News of the invention by the Japanese of "Instant Whisky" is greeted with horror and outrage by the traditional distillers.
Director Patrick Rayner
Simon: John Bett
Donald: Crawford Logan
Lab: Lucinda Baillie
Tateo: John Shedden
Dugald: John Buick
Tony: Jimmy Chisholm
Lady Magnolia: Monica Gibb
George: Sandy Neilson
Repeated 19th December 1994

11th March 1993
18.30 :
Burnt by Nigel Baldwin..
1 of 6: Milkie leaves a glittering London party to find arson and bloodshed in the mountains of north Wales.
Music: Laurie Scott Baker
Director Jane Dauncey
Milkie: Dennis Waterman
The Teller: Ray Smith
Beth: Bethan Jones
Valmai: Annest Wiliam
Huw: Richard Elfyn
Dewi: Robert David
Rhys: Terry Victor
Sian: Sian Summers
Pauline: Eluned Jones
Gordon: Michael Povey
Kate: Tara Dominick
Lord Cambria: Terry Dauncey
Rushton: Timothy Bateson
Sharon: Emma Gregory
Actors appearing in later episodes:
Angela: Tara Dominick(2)
Sioned: Sue Roderick(2)
Special Branch Man: Chris Durnall(4)
Laura: Ri Richards(5)
Ep2:18/3/93 Ep3:25/3/93 Ep4:1/4/93 Ep5:8/4/93 Ep6:15/4/93
The series was first broadcast commencing 15/11/90

13th March 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: Are Friends Electric by Lesley Davies.
The last few weeks in the life of Ben Thurling, a 15-year-old boy who has the hereditary genetic disease, cystic fibrosis.
Director Cherry Cookson
Ben: Richard Pearce
Ann: Jennie Linden
David: John Rowe
Gene: Peter Whitman
Barry: Mark Straker
Rick: David Learner
Janice: Joanna Myers
Chas: Owen Booth
Alex: Siriol Jenkins
Consultant: Peter Penryjones
Family Doctor: Jonathan Adams
Claire: Melanie Hudson
Pokceman: John Webb
Cal: Emlyn Booth
Dr Chater: John Church
Nurse: Theresa Streatfeild
First broadcast 20/4/92

13th March 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Walpamur and Plywood by Alex Ferguson.
Robert Lyon, Master of Painting, went as an adult education tutor to the pit town of Ashington in the 1930s.
Director Dave Sheasby
Robert Lyon: Corin Redgrave
Tollie Charlton: Derek Walmsley
Tom Watts: John Branwell
Julia Johnson: Christine Cox
Miss Grindky/Mrs Bailey: Carole Copeland
Harry Watson: Art Davies
George Brown: David Begg
Davie Robson: Joe Caffrey
Constable/Porter: James Thackwray
Boy: David Swinburne
[Robert Lyon was the Principal of the Edinburgh College of Art from 1942 to 1960 and died in 1978.]

14th March 1993:
Classic Serial: Memoirs of a Midget (1921) by Walter de la Mare. Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt
1 of 3: Miss M
Director Martin Jenkins
Miss M: Emma Fielding
Sir Walter Pollacke: John Church
Pollie: Melanie Hudson
Young Miss M: Sian Jenkins
Adam Waggett: Matthew Morgan
Gypsy Woman: Susan Brown
Mrs Bowater: Jill Graham
Bates: John Baddeley
Fanny Bowater: Sylvestra Letouzel
Dr Phelps: John Webb
Young Man/ Captain Valentine: David Holt
Harold Crimble: Keith Drinkel
Lady Pollacke: Maureen O'Brien
Mrs Crimble: Pauline Letts
Actors in subsequent episodes:
Mrs Monnerie: Anna Massey(2)
Mr Anon: Robert Glenister(2)
Susan Monnerie: Federay Holmes(3)
Percy Maudlen: Charles Simpson(3)
Showman: John Junkin(3)
Also with Sandra James Young(2)
Ep2:21/3/93 Ep3:28/3/93
All 1993 episodes were repeated 5 days later.
Serial repeated commencing 12/5/95

15th March 1993:
14.00 :
Thorne Investigates: Double Negative
by John Penn. Dramatised by Melville Jones
The mysterious disappearance of a number of young women leads the police into a series of extraordinary exposures.
Director Martin Jenkins
Det Supt Thorne: John Castle
Det Sgt Abbot: Andrew Branch
Peter Cousins: Jonathan Tafler
Brian Doyle: Matthew Morgan
Dr Avery: Michael Cochrane
Quentin Woods: Benjamin Whitrow
Miss Foyk: Diana Payan
Miss Gower: Jill Graham
Kate Minden: Jane Whittenshaw
Stephen Minden: David Holt
Mrs Richards: Kate Binchey
Hunter: Philip Anthony
Mary Rush: Theresa Gallagher
Linda Jackson: Sandra James Young
Pathologist: John Baddeley
[The original novel was called Outrageous Exposure]

15th March 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Not about Heroes by Stephen MacDonald.
Wilfred Owen's friendship with Siegfried Sassoon.
"This war is not about heroes. It's really about boys of 19 being shot in the throat and dying before they've had time to live and to learn why. The people who throw away those lives for their own glory - or profit - or both. I think it's about the annihilation, the wanton destruction of everything we love."
Director Stewart Conn
Sassoon: Stephen MacDonald
Owen: James Telfer
First broadcast 30th May 1983, repeated 5/6/83.
Also repeated on BBC Radio 7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

16th March 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: How I Met Franz by John Antrobus.
A modern fairy story, set on a housing estate somewhere in London.
Director Martin Jenkins
Jack: Robert Glenister
George: John Baddeley
Woman: Patricia Hayes (1909-1998)
Repeated 16th August 1994
[This play was a sequel to "Rats" which was not broadcast until 9/8/94]

17th March 1993
12.25-13.00 :
Cover Her Face by P D James. Dramatised by Neville Teller.
1 of 4: A murder in an East Anglian village reveals hidden passions beneath the calm surface.
Director Matthew Walters
Adam Dalgliesh: Robin Ellis
Mrs Maxie: Sian Phillips
Felix: Hugh Grant
Deborah: Beatie Edney
Catherine: Oona Beeson
Stephen: David Thorpe
Miss Liddell: Kate Binchy
Martha: Jill Graham
Sally: Melanie Hudson
Dr Epps: Philip Anthony
Mrs Webster: Linda Polan
Actors in later episodes:
Thornton/Hicks: John Church(2)
Police doctor: John Baddeley(2)
Sgt Martin: Steve Hodson(2)
Insp Manning: John Fleming(2)
Sir Reynold: Jonathan Adams
Johnny/Mrs Burwood: Susan Sheridan(3)
Derek: David Holt(3)
Mrs Proctor: Jillie Meers(3)
Rev Hinks: John Church(3)
Ritchie: James Telfer(3)
Ep2:24/3/93 Ep3:31/3/93 Ep4:7/4/93
Series repeated commencing 24/9/94

17th March 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist by Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: Bert Coules.
A music teacher is being followed whenever she leaves the house. A shy admirer - or someone who means her ill?
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Pianist: Michael Haslam
Director: Patrick Rayner
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Doctor Watson: Michael Williams
Bob Carruthers: Denis Quilley
Violet Smith: Susannah Harker
Cyril: John Webb
Woodley: David Holt
Catherine: Siriol Jenkins
Williamson: Peter Penry-Jones
Repeated 21st December 1994.

18th March 1993
10.00 :
Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott Dramatised by Marcy Kahan.
6 of 6: Under the Umbrella. Jo writes the story of her family's life, and finds true love at last.
Musical director Stuart Hutchinson
Please see 11th February 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Professor Bhaer: Martin Jarvis
The Clerk: Jonathan Tafler

18th March 1993
14.00 :
The Birdwheel by Geoffrey Parkinson (1927-2014).
In the 1950s a boy's revenge on a cruel maths master leads him to learn about black magic.
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Giddings: Christian Rodska
Amberly: Simon Morgan
Upton: Tom Lawrence
Mrs Amberly: Bonnie Hurren
Mr Upton: Steve Hodson
Mrs Upton: Melinda Walker
Narrator: Geofrey Beevers
English master: Michael Drew
Simaetha: Paul Purgas
Repeated on 19th September 1994
[Geoffrey Parkinson worked for the Probation Service.]

18th March 1993
23.00 :
The Blackburn Files: A Case of Winners and Losers by [Not listed].
Stephen J Blackburn is an ex-pitman turned investigator. At the allotments, the war of the flowers has broken out.
Director Dave Sheasby
Stephen Blackburn: Finetime Fontayne
Tracey Duggan: Judy Flynn
Ted Turner: Chris Brailsford
Dr Hatten: Christopher Wilkinson
Dad: John Branwell
[There were three series of The Blackburn Files - 1989, 1991 and 1993. The series before 1993 were credited as written by Ian McMillan. In the first 3 plays of 1993 there was no credited writer, the 4th play had three writers credited: Ian McMillan, Martyn Wiley and Dave Sheasby.].

20th March 1993
Playhouse: Tristram Shandy(1759) by Laurence Sterne (1713-1768). Dramatised by Peter Buckman.
Tristram Shandy endeavours to tell the story of his life, but is much hampered by his delight in irrelevant anecdote and his love of humorous serendipity.
Music by James Walker, played by Roger Hellyer (bassoon) and Julia Vorhalik (Cello)
Director Penny Gold
Tristram Shandy: Nigel Hawthorne
Uncle Toby: Robert Lang
Mr Shandy: Richard Hurndall
Widow Wadman: Vivian Pickles
Mrs Shandy: Jean Trend
Dr Slop: Peter Woodthorpe
Corporal Trim: William Nighy
Bridget: Frances Jeater
Susannah: Theresa Streatfeild
Obadiah: James Kerry
Curate: Simon Hewitt
Midwife: Katherine Parr
Parson Yorick: Jim Reid
First broadcast 26/7/82, repeated 1/8/82
[A later production by Mary Peate was broadcast in 10 episodes of 15 minutes each from 31/1/2005]

20th March 1993:
19.50 :
Saturday Playhouse: The Backward Son by Stephen Spender, adapted by the author's sister-in-law Pauline Spender.
The story, loosely based on Spender's own childhood, charts the life of young Geoffrey, his bewildering family, and the rigours of a minor public school.
Introducted by the author.
Director Richard Wortley
Geoffrey, as an adult: David Learner
Geoffrey,as a child: Simon Kantor
Mr Brand: Jonathan Adams
Mrs Brand: Kate Binchy
Mr Leather: Eric Allan
Hilary: Henry Power
Christopher: Patrick Rosenfeld
Palmer: Jamie de Courcey
Hilda: Melanie Hudson
Laughton: Leo Conville
Fallow: Gary King
Mrs Leather: Ann Windsor
Miss Higgins: Melinda Walker
Mrs Harding: Joanna Wake
Repeated 14th May 1994

22nd March 1993
14.00 :
A Clergyman's Daughter (1935) by George Orwell (1903-1950). Adapted by John Peacock
The scandal that rocked a small town when the clergyman's daughter suddenly disappeared.
Director Celia De Wolff
Dorothy: Amanda Redman
Charles: Hugh Dickson
Elkn: Marion Diamond
Warburton: Glyn Grain
Nobby: John Salthouse
Flo: Jane Whittenshaw
Charlie: David Bannerman
Miss Creavy: Frances Jeater
Sir Tom: Stephen Thorn
Also with Struan Rodger, Jillie Meers, Charles Simpson, Karen Rose, Tamsin Collison, Joanna Kyle and Melissa Catsoulis
First broadcast 9th March 1992

22nd March 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Into the Darkness Laughing by Patrice Chaplin.
A story about Jeanne Hebuterne(1898-1920), model, painter, partner of Modigliani.
Director Richard Wortley
Jeanne Hebuterne: Rachel Joyce
Amedeo Modigliani: Neil Dudgeon
Maurice Utrillo: Simon Treves
Germaine: Teresa Gallagher
Jeanne's Mother: Jill Graham
Jeanne's Father: John Webb
Landlord: John Fleming
Barman: James Telfer

23rd March 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Stranger in the Home by Alan Dapre.
A monologue in which an old man ponders on the recent death of his wife, his family who have gone to New Zealand, and the quirky inmates of his present "home".
Director Richard Wortley
Albert: Bernard Hepton as Albert.

24th March 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Priory School by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: Michael Bakewell.
When a young aristocrat disappears from his school, the investigation takes Holmes and Watson to the Yorkshire moors.
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director: Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Dr Huxtable: Norman Bird
Duke of Holdernesse: Nigel Davenport
James Wilder: Mark Straker
Reuben Hayes: John Church
Lyndon: Ian Master
Repeated 5th April 1995.

25th March 1993
10.00 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
1 of 6: A Safe Place for a Clergyman. It is autumn, 1936; in Oxford, Francis Cleveland is bored and middle-aged, Barbara Bird is young and dreamy, and Miss Doggett simply does not approve.
Producer Sioned Wiliam
Miss Doggett: Elizabeth Spriggs
Francis Cleveland: Stephen Moore
Jessie Morrow: Samantha Bond
Margaret Cleveland: Rowena Cooper
Stephen Latimer: Crawford Logan
Barbara Bird: Elizabeth Mansfield
Mrs Wardell: Elizabeth Proud
Mr Wardell: Geoffrey Matthews
Michael: Ian Targett
Gabriel: Richard Pearce
Anthea: Deborah Rowbottom
Simon: Daniel Strauss
Also with Matthew Morgan, James Telfer, Linda Polan, Sandra James Young and Alastair Blackie.
For the cast in later episodes please refer to the date of the first broadcast of that episode.
Ep2:1/4/93 Ep3:8/4/93 Ep4:15/4/93 Ep5:22/4/93 Ep6:29/4/93
The serial was repeated commencing on 26/10/93 and thereafter weekly.

25th March 1993:
14.00 :
The Marshalling Yard by Ted Moore.
Ken wages a battle against disorder in the railway goods yard, but his own life is beginning to slip out of control.
Director Michael Fox
Ken: Tom Georgeson
Vera: Valerie Georgeson
Taller: Billy Fellows
Gooney: Kieran Cunningham

25th March 1993
23.00 :
The Blackburn Files: A Case of Hard Times
When a pub quiz jackpot is consistently won by the same contestant, the landlord is convinced there's trickery involved and calls in Blackburn to crack the scam. But general knowledge isn't really Stephen's strength and anyway, is it really a question of fraud?
Director: Dave Sheasby
Stephen J. Blackburn: Fine-Time Fontayne
Tracey Duggan: Judy Flynn
Gradgrind/Slavic: Christopher Kent
Walton Bentley: Gerry Kersey
Quizmaster: Rod Arthur
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2008, 2009

27th March 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Snatch by Gillian Richmond.
Kate and Tina are both expecting babies. Complete strangers and living in different parts of the country, their lives will soon be linked and changed forever.
Director Sue Wilson
Kate: Kate Buffery
Tina: Siriol Jenkins
Nick: Mark Straker
Phil: Andy Hockley
Softy: Sunny Ormonde
Annette: Joanna Wake
paul: John Webb
Fay: Jilly Bond
Photographer/Newsreader: Keith Drinkel
Newscaster: Peter Penry Jones
First broadcast 13th April 1992.
[Sue Wilson directed another play by Gillian Richmond, with a potential child snatch, set in 1799- broadcast in 2003 and 2005, called "The Lost Child"]

27th March 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Incarceration of Hubert Gray by Shaun Prendergast.
In a newly privatised prison of the future, crooked financier Hubert Gray is placed in a cell with the child murderer
Director Adrian Bean
Hubert Gray: Nigel Anthony
Davies: Shaun Prendergast
Chubb: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Diamond: Phillp Anthony
Skaggs: David Thorpe

28th March 1993
22.15 :
To the Tempest Given by Richard Holmes.
Shelley's last weeks in Italy. Was the poet suicidal, or was he on the brink of a new lease of creative life?
Producer Ed Thomason
Percy Bysshe Shelley: Michael Maloney
Mary Shelley: Selina Cadell
Edward Williams: Christopher Bramwell
Jane Williams: Moir Leslie
Edward John Trelawny: Nigel Anthony
Repeated from 10th September 1992

29th March 1993
14.00 :
Birthday by Michael Frayn. Adapted by Matthew Walters
Jess, who disrupts her sister Liz's birthday.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Jess: Dawn French
Liz: Deborah Findlay
Neil: Thomas Wheatley
WiUa: Liz Crowther
Dr Hodges: Oona Beeson
1st Student/Cinema-goer: Matthew Morgan
2nd Student/Arthur/Jack: John Webb
Bernie: Peter Gunn
Sister Edwards: Ann Windsor
Nurse Summerfield: Joanna Wake
Repeated from 25th July 1992

29th March 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Dresser by Ronald Harwood. Adapted by: David Blount.
"What do we play tomorrow, Norman?"
"King Lear, Sir."
"Then I shall wake with the storm clouds in my head."
Percussion: Roy Sinclair
Director: David Blount
Sir: Freddie Jones
Norman: Michael Palin
Her Ladyship: Melinda Walker
Madge: Jill Graham
Irene: Federay Holmes
Mr Thornton: Geoffrey Matthews
Mr Oxenby: Keith Drinkel
Kent: John Baddeley
Gloucester: John Webb
Albany: James Telfer
Repeated on 11th December 1993

30th March 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Love to Madelaine by Craig Warner.
"I'm not at all sure you should get in the habit of ringing people, threatening to post them somewhere in a bag, and putting the phone down...."
They both love Madelaine, the lover and the husband. But do they protest too much? An unexpected telephone call reveals all.
Director Andy Jordan
Madelaine: Miranda Richardson
Brian (her husband): Richard E Grant
Peter (her lover): Philip Davis
Repeated on 15th June 1995

31st March 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: Black Peter by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: David Ashton.
A retired whaling skipper is murdered, pinned to the wall by his own harpoon.
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director: Patrick Rayner
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Inspector Hopkins: Andrew Wincott
Cairns: Alex Norton
Carey: Steve Hodson
Neligan: Matthew Morgan
Elizabeth: Siriol Jenkins
Molly: Kate Binchy
Allerdyce Lancaster: Philip Anthony
Repeated on 12th April 1995

1st April 1993
10.00 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
2 of 6: The Vicar of Crampton Hodnet. Romance is in the air along the highways and byways of north Oxford.
Please refer to 25th March 1993 above.
Actors additional to Episode One:
Killigrew: John Webb
Also with Melanie Hudson and David Holt
Ep3:8/4/93 Ep4:15/4/93 Ep5:22/4/93 Ep6:29/4/93

1st April 1993
14.00 :
A Far Cry from Brazil by Robert East.
The manager of Macclesborough F C is desperate for a win, and so are the players, the fans and the directors. Unfortunately their fate is in the hands of a ref who's got problems of his own.
Director Matthew Walters
Ken: Doug Fisher
Douggie: John Baddeley
Les: Steve Hodson
Ray: Keith Drinkel
Maureen: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Pam: Stephanie Turner
Julian: Robert East
Repeated 12th September 1994

3rd April 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: A View of the City from Westminster Bridge by Manny Draycott-Lai.
Louise, a young idealist "architect", is commissioned to design a development near the Thames. It is a make-or-break career move.
Director Cherry Cookson
Isambard: Roger Allam
Louise: Suzanna Hamilton
Tom: Ralph Fiennes
Damien: Hugh Ross
Earlham: Stuart Milligan
Kilmartin: Michael Tudor Barnes
Hennessey: John Webb
Nancy: Melinda Walker
Politician: John Church
Boardman: Jonathan Adams
Also with Crawford Logan, David Learner, Melanie Hudson, Eric Allan and Siriol Jenkins
First broadcast 13th June 1992
Repeated 22nd June 1996
[A sequel "Cities of Dreams and Desires" was broadcast on 24/6/96]

3rd April 1993:
Saturday Night Theatre: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie dramatised by Michael Bakewell.
Can death be brought about by remote control? Mark Easterbrooke discovers that witchcraft and black magic can induce a terrifying series of events.
Director Enyd Williams
Mark Easterbrooke: Jeremy Clyde
Ariadne Oliver: Stephanie Cole
Mr Venables: Terence Alexander
Thyrza Grey: Mary Wimbush
Sybil: Jill Graham
Bella: Hilda Schroder
Ginger: Federay Holmes
Inspector Lejeune: Jonathan Adams
Jim Corrigan: Stephen Hodson
Rhoda Despard: Jillie Meers
Colonel Despard: John Evitts
Zachariah Osbome: John Fleming
Bradley: John Baddeley
Soames-White: John Church
Hermier: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Poppy: Teresa Gallagher
Mrs Tuckerton: Melinda Walker
David Ardingley: Matthew Morgan
Eileen Brandon: Melanie Hudson
Mrs Coppins: Diana Payan
Rev. Colthrop: Philip Anthony
Mrs Davies: Sandra James-Young
Mrs Kerrity: Kate Binchy
Father Gorman: Keith Drinkel
Mike: David Thorpe
Also with Geraldine Fitzgerald, Teresa Gallagher, Melinda Walker, Matthew Morgan, Melanie Hudson, Diana Payan, Philip Anthony, John Church, Sandra James-Young, Kate Binchy, Keith Drinkel and David Thorpe.
Repeated on 18th December 1993.

4th April 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: La Bete Humaine (1890) by Emile Zola (1840-1902). Dramatised by Sally Hedges.
1 of 3: The Voice Inside: "Every time I went by, a cold shiver passed through me: I somehow knew this house was.... waiting - for me."
Music: Barrington Pheloung
Director Nigel Bryant
Jacques: Michael Maloney
Roubaud: Martin Head
Severine: Imogen Stubbs
Henri Dauvergne: Andy Hockley
Flore: Rebecca Wright
Aunt Phasie: Sheila Kelley
Misard: Jonathan Wyatt
Moulin: Patric Turner
Pecqueux: Peter Meakin
Philomene: Vikki Chambers
Dabadie: Laurence Rew
Cauche: Gerry Hinks
Cast in later episodes:
Denizet: Simon Carter(2)
Camy-Lamotte: Roger Hume(2)
Cabuche: David Lloyd(2)
also with Richard Mitchley
Ep2:11/4/93 Ep3:18/4/93
All episodes were repeated five days later.
[The novel was part of 20 connected novels under the collective name of "Les Rougon-Macquart"]

5th April 1993
8.43-9.00 :
Richard Matthewman by Ian McMillan and Martyn Wiley.
1 of 6: Harry, Jud, Kennedy and Me.
A 42-year-old teacher from South Yorkshire recalls some of the highlights of a lifetime spent in the same pit village.
Producer Dave Sheasby
Richard Matthewman: Finetime Fontayne
Ep2:6/4/93 Ep3:7/4/93 Ep4:8/4/93 Ep5:9/4/93 Ep6:12/4/93
Repeated commencing 6/9/94.

5th April 1993
14.00 :
Walk or Die by David Gooderson.
Burma, 1942. The Japanese were 20 miles away. Thousands tried to escape through the jungle, over the mountains to India.
Director Richard Wortley
Major Crowther RAMC: Michael Kitchen
Captain Banks: Mark Straker
Brigadier Wyatt: David King
Captain Lewis: Trevor Cooper
Corporal Wills: Nicholas Murchie
Sergeant Bilson: David Goodland
Colonel Dass: Renu Setna
Lieutenant Hunter: Matthew Morgan
Clive Popplewell: Paul Downing
Neil West: David Learner
Ian McHugh: Gordon Reid
Reverend Windrush: Eric Allan
Private Jones: Keith Drinkel
Sister: Kate Binchy
Colonel from GHQ: Terence Edmond
Staff Officer: Jonathan Adams
RAF Mechanic: Jonathan Tafler
Young English Woman: Alison Reid
Sunny: Bhasker [Full name not listed]
First broadcast 27th June 1992.

5th April 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Angelface by Bruce Stewart (1925-2005).
In the 13th century, love tended to happen at an early age. The poet Dante was only nine when he fell in love with Beatrice. She was to be the source of his first work, The New Life. A love story in a contemporary interpretation.
Music: Peter Howell
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Dante: David Bannerman
Beatrice: Jenny Funnel
Love: Bill Wallis
Portinari: Christian Rodska
Porroviso: Matthew Morgan
Ossacapo: Ian Sanders
Gemma: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Cacalcanti: Steve Hodson
Simone: John Telfer
Physician: Jonathan Adams
Beatrice, aged 9: Anne Semple
Dante, aged 9: Lawrie Drew
Repeated [as Angel Face] on 4/6/94

6th April 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Lover Come Back by Martyn Wade
Tom is a henpecked husband still pining after his old girlfriend, Jane. He is determined to make their 10-year reunion, but can he make it past Debbie? And will Jane turn up?
Director Cherry Cookson
Tom: Stephen Moore
Debbie: Sherrie Hewson
Jane: Federay Holmes
Also with Sandra James-Young and David Holt

7th April 1993:
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: Charles Augustus Milverton by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: Bert Coules.
Holmes dons one of his famous disguises and even gets engaged.
Pianist: Michael Haslam
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director: Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Charles Augustus Milverton: Peter Vaughan
The Duchess: Pauline Jameson
Aggie: Alice Arnold
Harry Logan: David Thorpe
Lady Eva: Danielle Allan
The Doctor: Peter Penry Jones
Repeated 19th April 1995
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2003

8th April 1993
10.00 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
3 of 6: 3: A Glass of Sherry and a Beano. Love flourishes in the British Museum reading room.
Please refer to 25th March 1993 above.
Actors not in first episode:
Killigrew: John Webb
Ep4:15/4/93 Ep5:22/4/93 Ep6:29/4/93

10th April 1993:
14.30 :
Playhouse: Barabbas by Par Lagerkvist (1891-1974). Dramatised by Eivor Martinus .
The story of the thief who was freed in the place of Christ tells of Barabbas's stumbling journey into faith, from the Crucifixion to his own misjudged martyrdom.
Music: Mia Soteriou
Director Ned Chaillet
Narrator: Simon Callow
Barabbas: Barrie Rutter
Sahak: Eric Allan
Also with Paul Copley, Gary Dunnington, Dominic Letts, John Baddeley, John Fleming, John Evitts, James Telfer, David Holt, Philip Anthony, Rachel Atkins, Mia Soteriou and Barbara Durkin.
Repeated 2nd April 1994

10th April 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Lent by Michael Wilcox.
A boys' prep school during the Easter vacation of 1956.
Producer Marilyn Imrie
Mrs Blake: Stephanie Cole
Mrs Edwards: Mollie Sugden
Mr Edwards: Geoffrey Palmer
Mr Maitland: Ronald Herdman
Young Paul: Ben Holden
Repeated on 19th February 1994

10th April 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker (1847-1912). Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
1 of 7: Jonathan Harker journeys to Transylvania on legal business, leaving his fiancee Mina Murray to spend some time with her best friend Lucy Westenra.
Music: Malcolm Clarke BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
Director Hamish Wilson
Mina: Phyllis Logan
Count Dracula: Frederick Jaeger
Harker: Bernard Holley
Seward: Peter Blythe
Quincey: Paul Birchard
Lucy: Sharon Maharaj
Mother Superior: Stella Forge
Coachman: Frank Gallagher
Woman/Sister Anne/Vampire 2: Monica Gibb
Hawkins: Peter Lincoln
Sister Agnes/Vampire: Wendy Seager
Pensniff: John Shedden
Vampire 3: Amanda Whitehead
For actors in later episodes please see the relevant date.
Ep2:17/7/93 Ep3:24/4/93 Ep4:1/5/93 Ep5:8/5/93 Ep6:15/5/93 Ep7:22/5/93
The series was first broadcast comencing 19th December 1991.

11th April 1993
15.30-16.00 :
Trumpets and Foie Gras by Roderick Graham (1934-2015).
Play 1 of 4.
The man who was the delight of any dinner table and a man of principle.
Director Jane Morgan.
Sydney Smith (1771-1845): Robert Lang
Lord Holland: Timothy Carlton
Saba Smith: Marian Diamond
Mrs Smith: Ann Bell
Robert Smith/ Bristolian/ Gardner: Terence Edmond
Mrs Robert Smith: Joanna Myers
Lady Holland: Richenda Carey
Brougham/ Mr Loch/ Cockerell: Eric Allan
Jeffrey/ Rev Milestone: Mark Straker
Additional Actors in the later plays:
Lady Grey: Susan Sheridan(2)
Dr Holland: Andrew Wincott(3)
Lord John Russell: Norman Jones(3)
Mrs Austin: Jane Whittenshaw(4)
Annie Kay: Ann Windsor(4)
2nd play:18/4/93 3rd play:25/4/93 4th play:2/5/93
This production of 4 plays was first broadcast commencing 29/4/92.
[There was an earlier one actor production by Peter de Rosa in 1977 which was repeated in 1979; also a later production by Christine Hall of 5 daily episodes in 2005 called "Square Peg in a Round Hole"]
[Rev. Sydney Smith wrote that heaven is "eating pate de foie gras to the sound of trumpets". The metaphor Square Peg in a Round Hole was created in 1804-6 by Sydney Smith]

12th April 1993
Weir of Hermiston started by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), completed and dramatised by Robert Forrest.
Music: lain Johnstone
Director Patrick Rayner
Louis: Paul Young
Archie: Forbes Masson
Kirstie: Wendy Seager
Adorn Weir: Tom Watson
Older Kirstie: Ann Scott-Jones
Frank Innes: Liam Brennan
Glen Almond: Ralph Riach
Dand: Benny Young
Clem: Ian Briggs
Gib: Iain Agnew
Hob: James Bryce
Mrs Elliott: Isabella Jarrett
First broadcast 11th July 1992.
Repeated 3rd December 1994
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2008, 2009

12th April 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Glamour by Christopher Priest.
Richard and Susan are haunted by the real presence of an invisible man. As Richard fights to regain his memory after an accident, Susan introduces him to the strangely plausible and intriguing world of "the glamour"...
Director Janet Whitaker
Susan: Tilly Vosburgh
Richard: Nathaniel Parker
Niall: Linus Roache
Neighbour: Melanie Hudson
Repeated on 27th September 1993.

13th April 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Love is Strange by Peter Thomson.
Sarah gets into a cab and thinks the driver is a lover from her past.... Director Claire Grove
Sarah: Jenny Agutter
The Driver: Malcolm Ward

14th April 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Age of Innocence: by Edith Wharton (1862-1937). Dramatised by Christopher Reason.
1 of 6: Newland, just engaged to May, finds himself drawn to her exotic cousin, the Countess Olenska.
Director David Hunter
Newland Archer: Andrew Wincott
Ellen Olenska: Suzanne Bertish
May Welland: Cathryn Harrison
Mrs Mingott: Elizabeth Spriggs
Mrs Welland: Margaret Robertson
Mrs Archer: Liza Ross
Henry Van de Luyden: Don Fellows
Louisa Van de Luyden: Lawmary Champion
Sillerton Jackson: Ray Jewers
Lefferts: Christian Rodska
Dallas Archer: William Marsh
Janey: Siriol Jenkins
1st Man/Footman: Bill Bellamy
2nd Man: Richard Nichols
For actors in later episodes please refer to the broadcast date of the episode.
Ep2:21/4/93 Ep3:28/4/93 Ep4:5/5/93 Ep5:12/5/93 Ep6:19/5/93
Series repeated commencing 30th May 1995

14th April 1993
14.00 :
My Darling Emmenthal by John Laurence
A bored marriage, a mystery guest. Add seasoning to taste.
Director Clive Brill
Shena: Jane Whittenshaw
Tom: Bill Nighy
Eugena: Anna Abrahams
Dean Rhett Butler: Keith Drinkel
Dean's Wife: Linda Polan

15th April 1993
10.00 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
4 of 6: Something of the Ridiculous. The Killigrews hold a tea party with a hidden agenda. Tongues are wagging in north Oxford.
Please see 25th March 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Killigrew: John Webb
Dr Freemantle: Patrick Godfrey
Mrs Freemantle: Amanda Walker
Lady Beddoes: Ann Windsor
Mrs Killigrew: Pauline Letts
Miss Gurney: Jillie Meers
Ep5:22/4/93 Ep6:29/4/93

15th April 1993
14.00 :
Out There Somewhere by Gaylord Meech.
When Rosemary receives an ultimatum from her estranged and violent husband, she finds herself in a race against time.
Director Tracey Neale
Rosemary: Lorelei King
Carol: Pat Starr
Frank: William Roberts
Mrs Briggs: Elizabeth Kelly
Harry: David Bannerman
Ben: Stuart Milligan
First broadcast 21st November 1991

15th April 1993
23.00 :
Fast Lanes by Jayne Anne Phillips. Dramatised by John Harvey.
Thurman's taking off for a while - Texas, Louisiana, up the coast - and the woman goes along for the ride. He's in no particular hurry ...
Director Dave Sheasby
Thurman: Peter Marinker
Woman: Risa Hall
Thurman's mother: Lorelei King

17th April 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Active Citizen by Michael Duke.
In an illegal organisation's safe house, there may be a mole in the bedroom.
Director: Patrick Rayner
Callaghan: Stuart McQuarrie
Carmel: Allson Peebles
Taylor: Finlay Welsh
Chief: Ralph Riach
Ross: Sandy Welch
Derek: Robert Paterson
Doreen: Barbara Rafferty
Norris: Jim Twaddale
First broadcast 19th August 1991

17th April 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Meeting Bea by Eric Pringle (1935-2017).
In 1927, children's author Beatrix Potter was living the life of a recluse as Mrs Beatrix Heelis. The arrival at her Lake District home of an American publisher and an admiring Lancashire mill girl bring back painful memories of an appalling childhood and youth.
Director: Adrian Bean
Beatrix Potter: Stephanie Cole
William: Clive Swift
Alexander McKay: Ed Bishop
Sally Worboys: Caroline Strong
Mrs Potter: Irene Sutcliffe
Norman Warne: John Church
Young Beatrix: Federay Holmes
Bertram: James Telfer
Shopkeeper: Jill Graham
Tom Storey: Lloyd Johnston
Matson: Jonathan Adams
Woman: Melanie Hudson
Lancashire Girl: Melanie Hudson
Joseph: John Webb
Repeated on 12th February 1994

17th April 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
2 of 7: While on holiday in Whitby, Mina waits to hear from Jonathan. Following a great storm and a shipwreck, Lucy starts sleepwalking.
Please see 10th April 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Arthur: Crawford Logan
Renfield: David McKail
Mr Swales: John Buick
Pearce: Mark Coleman
Mrs Westenra: Stella Forge
Captain/Old Man: Nicholas Gilbrook
Johnson/Billington: Raymond Ross
Ep3:24/4/93 Ep4:1/5/93 Ep5:8/5/93 Ep6:15/5/93 Ep7:22/5/93

19th April 1993
14.00 :
Death Drop (1979) by B M Gill (1921-1995). Dramatised by Jill Hyem
When 12-year-old David is found dead while on a school outing, the headmaster claims it was a terrible accident. But David's father is convinced that it was murder.
Director Cherry Cookson
Fleming: Kenneth Cranham
Brannigcm: Peter Penry Jones
Jenny: Jemma Churchill
Alison: Irene Sutcliffe
Hammond: Keith Drinkel
Durrant: Marc Murphy
Thirza: Melinoa Walker
Preston: Gordon Reid
Lessing/ Corley: Terence Edmond
Innis: David Learner
David's voice: Gary King
Neville/ Chris: Patrick Rosenfeld
Mollie: Gudrun Ure
Repeated from 20th June 1992

19th April 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi. Dramatised by Rukshana Ahmed.
Set in Egypt, this is the story of Firdaus, a woman sentenced to death for killing a man.
Nawal El Saadawi was working as a psychiatrist when she met the woman on whom her novel is based. How one woman achieved her own kind of freedom.
Director Anne Edyvean
Firdaus: Souad Faress
Nawal: Valerie Sarruf
Dr Haadi: Nadim Sawalha
Ibrahim: Raad Rawi
Uncle: Alix Refaie
Bayoumi: Adam Hussein
Slarifa: Aziza Eid
Falheva: Suzanna Nour

20th April 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Woman to Woman by Edna Troman.
The female of the species is deadlier than the male, as Colin is about to discover.
Director Matthew Walters
Colin: Paul Shelley
Janet: Jillie Meers
Fiona: Cara Kelly
Suzie: Sandra James-Young
Mclaren/Franco: George Parsons

20th April 1993
The House by Christopher Lee.
The House of Commons reconvenes with a fresh set of problems for Party Chairman Sir Charles Bannister. His new public role as image-maker for his colleagues takes second place, however, to a more private question: Where has Lady Bannister disappeared to, and with whom?
Producer Neil Cargill
Sir Charles Bannister: Julian Glover
Dougal Baxter: Peter Kelly
Mary Bannister: Isla Blair
Juliet Cameron: Siobhan Redmond
Polly: Ruth Gemmell
Kay: Jane Booker
Nick: Julian Dutton
This program ran for several series. This was the first episode in 1993. Further episodes were broadcast during 1993 on Tuesdays 27/4, 4/5, 11/5, 18/5, 25/5 and then on Thursdays at 10am on 17/6, 24/6,1/7, 8/7, 15/7, 22/7.

21st April 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Age of Innocence: by Edith Wharton. Dramatised by Christopher Reason.
2 of 6: Ellen continues to challenge the strict conventions of New York society. Newland is entranced.
Please see 14th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Mr Letterblair: Brian Greene
Beaufort: Philip Bond
Dallas Arctier: William Marsh
Mrs Struthers: Peggy Mason
Nastasia: Firenza Guidi
Florist: Jill Graham
Butler: Ray Jewers
Ep3:28/4/93 Ep4:5/5/93 Ep5:12/5/93 Ep6:19/5/93

21st April 1993
14.00 :
Per Ardua Ad Terrain by Peter Reynolds.
Since Adrian left, Sophie's favourite place is at the bottom of the pool. The last thing she wants to do is interview Vincent, the local eccentric and man-powered aeronaut....
Director Andy Jordan
Vincent: Bill Wallis
Sophie: Janet Maw
Dominic: Cornellus Garrett
Sidney: Laurence Allan
Harry: David Lloyd
Vicar/ Auctioneer: Rex Holdsworth
Boy 1: Tom Coveney
Boy 2: Nick Yeoman
Girl: Angela Shaftoe

22nd April 1993
10.00 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
5 of 6: The Beginning of the End. Miss Doggett decides to bring matters to a head in the Clevelands' kitchen, while Miss Morrow hides behind the gooseberries.
Producer Sioned Wiliam
Please see 25th March 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Killigrew: John Webb
Dr Freemantle: Patrick Godfrey
Mrs Freemantle: Amanda Walker
Mrs Killigrew: Pauline Letts
Ellen: Linda Polan

22nd April 1993
14.00 :
The Jacobean Box by Don Taylor.
Shakespeare academic Brian Blake receives a message to say there is a large item waiting for him at a remote northern station. He little suspects that it could lead to his own literary immortality.
Director Sue Wilson
Brian Blake: Stephen Moore
Station Master: Peter Vaughan
Penelope: Michelle Newell
Arkroyd: Steve Hodson
Mary: Teresa Gallagher
Repeated on 29th August 1994

22nd April 1993
23.00 :
Three for the Road: A New-Wave Format by Bobbie Ann Mason. Dramatised by John Harvey.
Edwin drives mentally-impaired adults to their day centre and likes to play the in-bus DJ role. But when his younger girlfriend persuades him to sharpen up the music, a crisis is provoked.
Director Dave Sheasby
Edwin Creech: Peter Marinker
Sabrina Jones/Lou Murphy: Risa Hall
Ray Watson: Paterson Joseph
Laura Combs: Barbara Barnes
Freddie Johnson: Lorelei King

24th April 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Going Under by Lydia Chukovskaya. Dramatised by Ken Whitmore.
A remarkable love story set in Stalinist Russia. Two writers discover much about themselves and the system under which they live.
Director Martin Jenkins
Nina: Annette Crosbie
Bilibin: Graham Crowden
Matron: Tessa Worsley
Sablin: John Webb
Veksler: Cyril Shaps
Klokovl: Brett Usher
Finnish Girl: Melanie Hudson
Official: John Church
First broadcast 6th July 1992

24th April 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Knox Bay by Elspeth Sandys.
Jenny is only 12 but that doesn't stop her thinking about sex and love, though she doesn't yet know the difference between them. The arrival of a new teacher in the close-knit community of Knox Bay opens her eyes, but it also splits the place apart.
Pianist Michael Haslam
Director Jane Morgan
Tom Matheson: Michael McGrath
Jennie Anderson: Federay Holmes
Kath Anderson: Barbara Ewing
Ron Anderson: David Brocklehurst
Coin Anderson: Scott Ransome
Mary Begg: Susannah Corbett
Digger Begg: John Turnbull
Vin Begg: Phillipa Dann
Rex Ballantyne: Kate Binchy
Minnie Verity: Jill Graham
Pat Mullins: William Brandt
Possum: Alan Rowe
Albert Kingi: Matthew Sim
Kevin Bickerstaff: John Webb
Lily Wedderspoon: Jillie Meers
Harry Anderson: John Forgeham
Also with Ben Fraser, Aisa Fraser, Colin Louisson, Kate Louisson, Dominic Letts and Diana Payan
Repeated on 26th February 1994

24th April 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
3 of 7: Mina receives news of Jonathan Harker ill in a hospital in Buda-Pesth.
Arthur becomes alarmed at Lucy's state of health.
Please see 10th April 1993 above.
Actors not in first episode:
Arthur: Crawford Logan
Van Helsing: Finlay Welsh
Renfield: David McKail
Mrs Westenra: Stella Forge
Foreman: Ian Sexon
Adams: Tom Smith
Ep4:1/5/93 Ep5:8/5/93 Ep6:15/5/93 Ep7:22/5/93

25th April 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Children of the Dead End (1914) by Patrick MacGill (1889-1963). Dramatised By: Maurice Leitch.
1 of 3- Restless Youth: Though only 12, Dermod and Norah are forced to leave Donegal and work the potato fields of Scotland.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Dermod Flynn the narrator: Gerard Murphy
Young Dermod: Robert Taylor
Norah Ryan: Diane O'Kelly
Fergus Ryan/Ticket collector: Tim Loane
Fr Devaney/Old Man: Kevin Flood
Farley McKeoum: John Hewitt
Judy/Mrs Ryan: Aine McCartney
Bennett: Sean Caffrey
Sheila Carroll: Stella McCusker
Ma Bennett: Trudy Kelly
Mikky's Jim: Niall Cusack
Young Michael: Allen Docherty
Girl: Katy Gleadhill
Mary: Margaret D'Arcy
Schoolmaster: Bj Hogg
For actors in later episodes please see relative dates.
Ep2:2/5/93 Ep3:9/5/93
All episodes repeated five days later.

26th April 1993
14.00-16.00 :
The Eagle Has Landed (1975) by Jack Higgins. Dramatised By: Peter MacKie.
Winston Churchill plans a weekend's relaxation in the village of Studley Constable. Waiting for him are a disguised group of German paratroopers whose orders are to kidnap and deliver him to their Fuhrer in Berlin.
Director Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Jack Higgins: Harry Patterson
Steiner: Michael Fitzgerald
Col Radl: Ian Hogg
Joanna: Rosemary Martin
Liam Devlin: Frank Grimes
Molly: Holly Aird
Pamela: Kimberly Hope
Father Vereker: Simon Carter
Churchill/Laker: Roger Hume
Himmler: Graham Padden
Canaris: Terry Molloy
Hitler: David Halliwell
Sturm: David Vann
Meuhoff/Watson: Neil Coker
Mrs Wilson: Heather Barrett
Harry: David Vann
Neuman: John Dixon
Lemke: Stephen Garlick
Betty Wilde: Heather Barrett
Graham/Tom: Philip Molloy
Arthur: Christopher Good
George Rossman: Vincent Brimble
Sgt Hofer: Geoffrey Whitehead
Organist: Harold Rich
First broadcast 26th May 1990.
[Jack Higgins played himself- his real name is Harry Patterson]

26th April 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Floating by Stephen Greenhorn.
A middle-aged Edinburgh schoolteacher plans to escape to France, where she wants to paint; her husband's incredulous reaction; and the extreme step he takes.
Director Stewart Conn
Margaret: Edith MacArthur
Lorna: Lucinda Baillie
Assistant /Nurse: Monica Gibb
Jenny: Pauline Knowles
Ian: David McKail
Paul/Murray: Tom Smith
Charles/Patrick: Ian Briggs
Carol: Wendy Seager
Vale: Robert Trotter
Repeated on 11th June 1994

27th April 1993:
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Sanctified by Othniel Smith.
On a pilgrimage to Belgium in pursuit of their rock-star idol, two Cardiff girls reach a parting of the ways.
Director: Alison Hindell
Marcia: Paula Bartram
Theresa: Helen Gwyn

28th April 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Age of Innocence: by Edith Wharton. Dramatised by Christopher Reason.
3 of 6: Newland follows Ellen to the country where their rendezvous is disturbed.
Please see 14th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Beaufort: Philip Bond
Medora: Jill Graham
Ned: Matthew Morgan
Ep4:5/5/93 Ep5:12/5/93 Ep6:19/5/93

28th April 1993
14.00 :
The Head Man by Jonathan Smith.
The life of a headmaster of an independent school in London.
Season 1, episode 1 of 4: Dr Patrick Balfour is under enormous pressure in both his public and private lives.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Patrick: Steve Hodson
Judith: Melinda Walker
Michael: Christian Rodska
Lindsay: Carolyn Backhouse
Daphne: June Barrie
Peter: Andrew Hilton
Timothy: Richard Pearce
Invigilator: Michael Drew
Mrs Hobbs: Kate Binchy
Sister: Carole Jahme
Actors in later episodes:
David: David Bannerman(2)
Alex: Neil Stacy(2)
Boy One: Jeremy Walters(2)
Boy Two: Patrick Rainbird(2)
Alison: Jessica Lloyd(3)
Eric: David Thorpe(3)
Charles: Nick Rowe(4)
Receptionist: Ingrid Wiseman(4)
Editor: John Baddeley(4)
Schoolgirl: Anna Semple(4)
Ep2:5/5/93 Ep3:12/5/93 Ep4:19/5/93
Series repeated commencing 8/6/94.
A second series of 4 episodes commenced 23/11/94.

29th April 1993
10.00 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
6 of 6: The Right True End of Love. Francis decides to live a little while Margaret makes the most of the sales. Another year turns in north Oxford.
Please see 25th March 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Christopher: David Holt
Ellen: Linda Polan

29th April 1993
14.00 :
I'll Be Caesar by Alan England.
A young female tutor in charge of a residential education course for all ranks settles on Julius Caesar as her study text. Events in the classroom will soon begin to mirror those of the play.
Director Dave Sheasby
Captain McIntyre: Russell Dixon
Griff: John Basham
Angsfa: Saskia Downs
Dam: Anthony Cairns
Peter: John Graham Davies
Jim: Ian Mercer
Jonathan: Marcus Romer

29th April 1993
23.00 :
Rock Springs by Richard Ford. Dramatised by John Harvey.
When Earl, a petty criminal and drifter, takes off south in a stolen car, he takes his girlfriend Edna and his own daughter with him. The atmosphere is both carefree and tense, and the climax poignant and inevitable.
Director Dave Sheasby
Earl Middleton: Peter Marinker
Edna: Risa Hall
Cheryl: Roberta Sausville
Woman: Joan Hooley

1st May 1993
14.30 :
Taking The Devil's Advice bv Anne Fine. Dramatised by Mike Walker
Not many plays can claim to deal with philosophy and a poisoning with a blackcurrant tart....
Director David Benedictus
Oliver Rosen: Richard O'Callaghan
Constance Rosen: Jenny Agutter
Alasdair Huggett: John Church
Bonnie Rosen: Anna Abrahams
Stella Huggett: Melanie Hudson

1st May 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Crippen by Emlyn Williams adapted by William Ingram
In 1910 Dr Crippen was hanged for the murder of his wife but what really happened on the night she died?
Pianist Tim Riley
Director Alison Hindell
Crippen: Charles Kay
Inspector Dew: Ivor Roberts
Ethel: Sue Broomfield
Cora: Debora Weston
Paul: John Webb
Lilian: Pam Hopkins
Sergeant: Simon Ludders
Repeated on 13th November 1993

1st May 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
4 of 7: Renfield's behaviour becomes even stranger, Van Helsing and John Seward struggle to save Lucy's life, and Jonathan Harker sees an old acquaintance.
Please see 10th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Arthur: Crawford Logan
Van Helsing: Finlay Welsh
Adams: Tom Smith
Renfield: David McKall
Undertaker/Parson: Peter D'Souza
Mrs Westenra: Stella Forge
Maid: Alexa Kesselaar
Ep5:8/5/93 Ep6:15/5/93 Ep7:22/5/93

2nd May 1993
4.30 :
Classic Serial: Children of the Dead End (1914) by Patrick MacGill (1889-1963). Dramatised By: Maurice Leitch.
2 of 3: A Good Time Coming. Dermod falls prey to gambling, and Norah to the advances of the local laird. A wedge is driven between them.
Please see 25th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Donal: Finlay Welsh
Gourock Ellen: Frances Low
Judy: Wendy Seager
Eamonn: Kenneth Glenaan
Jean: Grace Glover
Willie: James Bryce
Morrison: Simon Donald
Moleskin: Crawford Logan
Final part 9th May 1993.

3rd May 1993
14.00 :
The Eagle has Flown by Jack Higgins. Dramatised By: Peter MacKie.
Injured in the failed attempt to kidnap Winston Churchill, Kurt Steiner is imprisoned in the Tower of London. In his office in Berlin, Heinrich Himmler considers the advantages of rescuing Steiner and contacts Liam Devlin with an intriguing offer.
Director Philip Martin
Liam Devlin: Frank Grimes
Jack Higgins: Harry Patterson
Steiner: Michael Fitzgerald
Vaughan: Quint Boa
Himmler: Graham Padden
Canaris: Terry Molloy
Hitler: David Halliwell
Mary: Melanie Revill
Lavinia: Charlotte Westoram
Shaw: David Neal
Rommel: Gordon Reid
Munro: Leon Tanner
Carter: John Dixon
Schellenberg: David Holt
Kneussel: Richard Allenson
Kramer: Richard O'Ryan
Berger: Peter Meakin
[Sequel to The Eagle has Landed, 26th April 1993 - see above. Harry Patterson is the real name of Jack Higgins.]

3rd May 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Not Just for Christmas by Jonathan Myerson.
Time runs out for women wondering when, or whether, to have children.
Director Jane Morgan
Lee: Fiona Shaw
Caro: Lesley Manville
Judith: Brenda Blethyn
Abby: Gwen Humble
Fred: James Fleet
Saul: Dominic Letts
Michael: Michael Lumsden
Also with Alison Reid and Michael Onslow

4th May 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Half an Hour Behind the Times by Dave Sheasby.
A family look into the future. They're historic figures on a clock, and their guide is the maintenance man.
Director Tony Cliff
Mr Slatterthwaite: Chris Brailsford
Mrs Slatterthwaite: Olwen May
Seth: Joe Simpson
Eric: Finetime Fontayne

5th May 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Age of Innocence: by Edith Wharton. Dramatised by Christopher Reason.
4 of 6: Marriage to May and a honeymoon in Europe haven't diluted Newland's feelings for Ellen.
Please see 14th April 1993 above.
Actors not in first episode:
Riviere: Yves Aubert
Medora: Jill Graham
Phoebe: Melanie Hudson
Receptionist: Siriol Jenkins
Ep5:12/5/93 Ep6:19/5/93

6th May 1993
Rent by Lucy Flannery.
Series 1: Ep 1 of 6: Maria and Richard have a happy marriage. no children, and a house that's falling down. It looks as if there's only one thing for it ...
Producer Liz Anstee
Maria: Barbara Flynn
Richard: Patrick Barlow
This program ran for several series. This was the first episode in 1993. Further episodes were broadcast during 1993 on 13/5, 20/5, 27/5, 3/6, 10/6.

6th May 1993
14.00 :
A Room Full of Mirrors by Patricia Finney.
In 1597, Queen Elizabeth was 64 and the most powerful ruler in Europe. Except perhaps for Philip of Spain...
Sound effects by BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director: Richard Imison (1936-1993)
Queen Elizabeth: Sian Phillips
Voice, Dudley: William Simons
Chamberlain: Michael Graham Cox
Robert Cecil: Simon Treves
Ankarel: Dilys Laye
Lady Mary: Elizabeth Mansfield
Tom Seymour: Michael Kilgarriff
Young Elizabeth: Tara Dominick
Boatman: Michael Graham Cox
Potboy: Stephen Garlick
Witch: Elizabeth Proud
First broadcast 17/5/90, repeated 30/12/90

6th May 1993
Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell.
1 of 5: A poison-pen letter prompts the hasty departure of two young people to visit their elderly invalid aunt, starting a trail of murder and deceit.
Director: Enyd Williams
Elinor Carlisle: Emma Fielding
Ruddy Welman: Charles Simpson
Nurse O'Brien: Joanna Myers
Nurse Hopkins: Pauline Letts
Mary Gerrard: Susannah Corbett
Mr Gerrard: John Webb
Mrs Welman: Barbara Atkinson
Mrs Bishop: Margot Boyd
Dr Lord: David McAlister
Ted Bigland: Eamonn Fleming
Judge: Alan Cullen
Singer: Joanna Myers
Pianist: Michael Haslam
Actors in later episodes and the episode they first appeared in:
Mr Seddon: John Evitts(2)
Abbot, the Grocer/Dr Garcia: John Church(2)
Horlick, the Gardener: David Thorpe(2)
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt(3)
Wardress: Gudrun Ure(3)
Policeman: Keith Drinkel(3)
Sir Edwin Bulmer: David King
Sir Samuel Atterbury: Peter Penry Jones(5)
Mr Wargrave: Jonathan Adams(5)
Mr Littledale: Gordon Reid(5)
Amelia Sedley: Ann Windsor(5)
Inspector Brill: Eric Allan(5)
Ep2:13/5/93 Ep3:20/5/93 Ep4: Ep5:3/6/93
Series first broadcast commencing 14/5/1992
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in October/November 1992.
Also broadcast on BBC 7 in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009

8th May 1993
14.30 :
The Second Mrs Tanqueray (1893) by Arthur Wing Pineros (1855-1934), adapted by Sue Wilson
Aubrey Tanqueray remarries and prepares to lose his friends. But his relationship with his daughter is also threatened by the ghosts of his wife's past.
Directed by Sue Wilson
Aubrey Tanqueray: Gary Bond
Paula: Michelle Newell
Eillean: Joanna Myers
Cayley Drummie: Keith Drinkel
Mrs Cortelyon: Ann Windsor
Lady Orreyed: Sunny Ormonde
Sir George Orreyed: Christopher Scott
Capt Hugh Ardale: Andrew Wincott
Frank Misquith QC: David Monico
Gordon Jayne MD: John Fleming
Repeated from 23rd May 1992

8th May 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Between Two Worlds by William Stanton.
A government employee, imprisoned for leaking a secret document to the press, celebrates her freedom with a trip to the Caribbean. She has gone there to write a book about her experience and to find peace and solitude, but her stay brings danger and excitement, as she finds herself plunged into events beyond her control.
Director Cherry Cookson
Miranda: Geraldine James
Kennedy: Norman Rodway
Maurice: Patterson Joseph
Charles: Michael Cochrane
Mrs Johnson: Isabelle Lucas
Interrogator: John Evitts
Sergeant White: Clarence Smith
Mrs Blackham: Jill Graham
Lettuce: Jillie Meers
Carmen: Sandra James-Young
Marine: David Holt
Repeated on 22nd January 1994

8th May 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
5 of 7: Van Helsing reveals the appalling truth about Lucy's fate to Arthur, Quincey and John Seward.
Please see 10th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Van Helsing: Finlay Welsh
Arthur: Crawford Logan
Charlie: Rosemary Evans
Sister: Alexa Kesselaar
Ep6:15/5/93 Ep7:22/5/93

9th May 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Children of the Dead End (1914) by Patrick MacGill (1889-1963). Dramatised By: Maurice Leitch.
3 of 3: The Rat Pit. Norah, alone and pregnant, is forced to walk the streets of Glasgow.
Please see 25th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Priest: Finlay Welsh
Gourock Ellen: Frances Low
Judy: Wendy Seager
Agnes: Grace Glover
Mcanless: James Bryce
Pocto,: Simon Donald
Moleskin: Crawford Logan
Caretaker: Anne Downie
Meg: Sheila Latimer
This episode was repeated 14/5/93.

10th May 1993
14.00 :
Focus by Arthur Miller. Dramatised by Wally K Daly.
New York, early 1940s.
Director Martin Jenkins
Newman: Peter Marinker
Gertrude Hart: Shelley Thompson
Finkelstein: John Church
Mrs Newman: Helen Horton
Father Coughlin: Harry Towb
Finkelstein's Father: Cyril Shaps
Ahearn: Brian Miller
Finkelstein Father-in-law: Leonard Fenton
Fred: Peter Banks
Receptionist: Tara Dominick
Paperboy: Paul Downing
Hotel Manager: Don Fellowes
Carlson: James Greene
Optician: Tim Reynolds
Mallon: David Bannerman
Stephens: Nigel Carrington
Fat Man: Ronald Herdman
Priest: Vincent Brimble
Youth: Nicholas Gilbrook
First broadcast 15th October 1990

10th May 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Grandma and Mrs Chaterjee by Kitty Fitzgerald
Mira and Kathleen are not the kind of 70-year-olds to sit back and watch their world collapse. Instead, they intervene to bring back the Goddess Culture through the medium of the radio.
Director Kate Rowland
The Goddess: Julie Christie
Kathleen Riley: Liz Kelly
Mira Chaterjee: Leena Dhingra
Breda Riley: Chrissie Edge
Ann Riley: Maureen Harold
Phillip: Rod Arthur
The Inspector: Seamus O'Neill
Sergeant: Anthony Cairns
Repeated on 15th August 1994

11th May 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dancing with Jaques by Eric Pringle (1935-2017).
A young girl's first night "working the streets" ends in a ghostly encounter with a man who calls himself Jaques.
Director: Adrian Bean
Jackie: Allce Arnold
Jaques: John Evitts
Alice: Theresa Streatfeild
Newsvendor: John Church

12th May 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Age of Innocence: by Edith Wharton. Dramatised by Christopher Reason.
5 of 6: The reality of "we're together only so long as we're apart" sinks in tor Newland and Ellen.
Please see 14th April 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Mr Letterblair: Brian Greene
Riviere: Yves Aubert
Paperseller/Guard: Richard Nichols
Operator: Melanie Hudson
Clerk: Matthew Morgan

13th May 1993
14.00 :
Dancing in the Dark by Elizabeth Mickery.
In all major disasters, it is the after-effect on those who were involved which lingers. However, when a policeman calls on Katrina to probe into the cause of the disaster, it almost seems as though, through him, she will find a way to come to terms with it.
Guitarist Les Beavers
Director Kay Patrick
Katrina: Joanna MacKie
Benfield: Russell Dixon
Sister Lamb: Knella Norman
Mrs Benfield: Anna Welsh
Reilly: Malcolm Hebden
Repeated from 15th August 1991

15th May 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Runaway by Michael Wall (1946-1991). Adapted by Lizzie Slater.
Since the age of ten, Gail has been running away. First to France with a schoolfriend, then as a teenager to Greece and India. Her "capitalist pig" father, Charles, just cant understand, but somehow it only makes their love more bittersweet....
Director Peter Kavanagh
Charles: Jim Carter
Gail (aged 10): Rebecca Cullum
Gail (aged 18): Charlotte Coleman
Gail (aged 45): Maureen O'Brien
Marek: Henry Goodman
Calderwood/Marsh: Jonathan Adams
Susan: Melinda Walker
Indian Man: Peter Gunn
JulielEsther: Siriol Jenkins
Rob/Sam/Ace: Matthew Morgan
Sophie: Alison Reid
Repeated from 27th July 1992

15th May 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Seven Foot with a Wooden Leg by Peter King (1921-2010) Dramatised by Gerry Jones (1931-2005).
Director Martin Jenkins
David: Matthew Morgan
Trent: Gerald James
Claire: Emma Fielding
Jill: Siriol Jenkins
Christine: Rachel Atkins
David's Mam: Elizabeth Morgan
David's Dad: Richard Dames
Wendy: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Ted: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Vicky: Ruth Jones
Grant: John Baddeley
Mr Roderick: Keith Drinkel
Repeated on 18th June 1994

15th May 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
6 of 7: The six companions determine to root out the evil Count.
Please see 10th April 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Van Helsing: Finlay Welsh
Arthur: Crawford Logan
Renfield: David McKail
Old Billy: Ronald Aitken
Billington: Raymond Ross
Pensniff/Griggs: John Shedden
Adams: Tom Smith

16th May 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: My Son, My Son by Howard Spring. Dramatised By: Stan Barstow.
1 of 5: 1882: two families.
Director Kay Patrick
William Essex: Ronald Pickup
Essex as a child: James Higgins
Essex as a boy: David Holt
Dermot: Stuart Organ
Mrs O'Riorden: Eva Stuart
Mr O'Riorden: Sean Barrett
Mr Moscrop: John Baddeley
Eustace Oliver: John Fleming
Sheila: Sandra James-Young
Ackroyd: David Thorpe
Nellie: Alison Reid
Flynn: Ronald Herdman
Summerway: Jonathan Adams
Little boy: Rhys Watson
Actors in later episodes- please see the episode entry date below.
Ep2:23/5/93 Ep3:30/5/93 Ep4:6/6/93 Ep5:13/6/93
All episodes repeated five days later.

17th May 1993:
14.00 :
The Other Side of the Hill: It's a Long Way from Talavera by Peter Luke.
The Duke of Wellington and his Peninsular campaign.
Music by Tom Eastwood, performed by Paul Archibald, Richard Benjafield, Adrian Brett, Charles Dickie, Bill Worrell and Simon Wynberg
Director Glyn Dearman
Wellington.: Michael Pennington
Major Napier: John Moffatt
Capt Harry Smith: Dominic Rickhards
Juanita: Siriol Jenkins
Julian Sanchez: Philip Sully
Madre Soledad: June Tobin
Major Somerset: Christopher Good
Capt Gordon: David Bannerman
Cpl Prickett: Ronald Herdman
Rifleman Doubleday: Clarence Smith
Rifleman Jackman/Capt Freer: Mark Straker
Rifleman Palmer/Miguelin: Neil Roberts
Rifleman West: Eric Allan
Capt Kincaid: Terence Edmond
Capt Soula/Lt Cardo: Alan Barker
Gen Crawford/Gen Menacho/Surtees: Brett Usher
Lt O'Malley/Capt Costello: Andrew Wincott
Gen Packenham/Ono: Colin McFarlane
Victoria: Emma Fielding
Lady Wellington: Melanie Hudson
Sister Rosario: Theresa Streatfeild
[(Part two: The Long Road to Waterloo, next Monday 24/5/93) ]
First broadcast on 28th September 1991.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008

17th May 1993:
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Governor's Consort by Peter Tinniswood.
Lady Edith is sailing with her husband to a South Atlantic island of which he is about to become Governor.
The Band: Michael Haslam, Judith Herbert and Kevin Street
Director Enyd Williams
Lady Edith: Mary Wimbush
Sir Wilfred: John Moffatt
Dr Spofforth: Bernard Hepton
Captain Mac Whirler: Stephen Thorne
Delgado: Keith Drinkel
The Chief Engineer: Matthew Morgan
The First Officer: James Telfer
Tarleton: Jonatham Adams
Repeated 21st March 1994
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2005, 2007, 2008

18th May 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Romance by Craig Warner.
There is an art to writing badly, and Graham could use the money. But can he overcome his artistic pretensions and get his writing career on the move?
Director Richard Wortley
Graham: Michael Maloney
Jane: Kristin Milward
The Actress: Oona Beeson

19th May 1993
12.25-13.00 :
The Age of Innocence: by Edith Wharton. Dramatised by Christopher Reason.
6 of 6: Newland finds his secret assignation with Ellen replaced with something more formal and final.
Please see 14th April 1993 above.
No actors additional to those in episode one.

20th May 1993
14.00 :
The Christening Robe by Aileen La Tourette.
Clarissa is not the typical mother-in-law: she's glamorous, an expert in aerobics and has a toy boy in tow. All of which makes her daughter-in-law even more jealous.
Director Jane Morgan
Clarissa: Maureen O'Bnen
Harriet: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Gran: Pauline Letts
John: Steve Hodson
Abbess: Jill Graham
Georgina: Jillie Meers
George: Andrew Wincott
Harvey: Matthew Morgan
Geoffrey: Matthew Sim
Maud: Jane Dolamore
Guests: Keith Drinkel, Sandra James-Young
Repeated 25th April 1194

22nd May 1993
14.30-16.00 :
Playhouse: The New Party by Martyn Wade.
In the early 1930s, Oswald Mosley and his friend Harold Nicolson joined forces to launch a political party which they hoped would resolve the country s economic and financial problems. But Mosley's extreme views were to jeopardise both their political and personal alliance ..
Director Cherry Cookson
Harold Nicolson: Christopher Cazenove
Oswald Mosley: Roger Allam
Vita: Kate Buffery
Cimmie: Joanna David
Christopher: Alan Barker
Beaverbrook: Paul Maxwell
Strachey: Brett Usher
Cheyney: Eric Allan
Young: Charles Millham
Salmon: Mark Straker
Sarfatti: Ann Windsor
First broadcast 10th August 1992

22nd May 1993:
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Amarok by Peter Francis Browne.
Set in the early 18th century, the story of Amarok, an Eskimo, who was discovered drifting in his kayak off the north-east coast of Scotland. Some days later he died of a common cold. But what if he had survived?
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Amarok: Bill Wallis
Fraser: Iain Cuthbertson
Margot: Juliet Prew
Henry: David Bannerman
Siko: Ingrid Wiseman
Mrs Cotterill: Phyllida Nash
Croker: Bob Docherty
Roberts: John Church
McGill: James Telfer
[There are uncertainties about the base story but you can see the kayak in Aberdeen Museum - object ABDUA:6013].

22nd May 1993
23.30 :
Dracula by Bram Stoker. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
7 of 7: Renfield's confession points the way to Dracula's lairs.
Please see 10th April 1994 above.
Actors additional to episode one:
Van Helsing: Finlay Welsh
Renfield: David McKall
Arthur: Crawford Logan
Harker: Bernard Holley
Agent: Andrew Conlan
Captain Multine: Michael Elder

23rd May 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: My Son, My Son by Howard Spring. Dramatised By: Stan Barstow.
2 of 5: Essex has now married Nellie and their life together, based on his need for money, is joyless. He clings to his plans for his son Oliver, and as he and Dermot become more and more successful, he blinds himself to his sons faults.
Please see 16th May 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Maevea as a child: Sophie Green
Maevea as a girl: Melinda Walker
Olivera as a child: Sam Wise
Olivera as a boy: James Cohen
Rory as a child: Ben Guy
Rory as a boy: Adam Morley
Daisy: Sunny Ormonde
Donnelly: Keith Drinkel
Sam Sawle: Danny Schiller
Judas: Michael Goldie
Mary Latter: Jillie Meers
Ep3:30/5/93 Ep4:6/6/93 Ep5:13/6/93

24th May 1993
14.00 :
The Other Side of the Hill: The Long Road to Waterloo by Peter Luke.
The Peninsular Wars and the progress of the Duke of Wellington after the Battle of Badajoz to the Battle of Waterloo.
Director Glyn Dearman
Wellington: Michael Pennington
Major Napier: John Moffatt
Capt Harry Smith: Dominic Rickhards
Juanita: Siriol Jenkins
Julian Sanchez: Philip Sully
Madre Soledad: June Tobin
Goya: David March
Major Somerset: Christopher Good
Capt Gordon: David Bannerman
Cpl Prickett: Ronald Herdman
Rifleman Doubleday: Clarence Smith
Rifleman Jackman/Capt Freer: Mark Straker
Rifleman Palmer: Neil Roberts
Rifleman West: Eric Allan
Capt Kincaid: Terence Edmond
Capt Soula/Lt CardojCapt: Alan Barker
Gen Skerrett/ColPonsonby: Brett Usher
Capt Costello: Andrew Wincott
Jenny Cochrane: Susan Sheridan
Gen Packenham/Gen Vandeleur: Colin McFarlane
Victoria: Emma Fielding
Harriette Wilson: Melanie Hudson
Sister Rosario/Fanny: Theresa Streatfeild
Gen Scovell/Orellana: Charles Millham
First broadcast on 29th September 1991
[A sequel to The Other Side of the Hill: It's a Long Way from Talavera broadcast on 17th May 1993 at 14.00]

24th May 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Jumping the Rug by Michael Crompton.
The silence after Isabel ran away is finally shattered when she returns home to confront her dying mother. [Concerns child abuse].
Pianist Bernard Robertson
Director Michael Fox
Isabel: Geraldine Alexander
Ruth: Julia Ford
Mother: Joan Campion
Father: Edward Peel
Clive: Malcolm Raeburn
First broadcast 1st July 1991.
[Geraldine Alexander and Edward Peel were also in the stage play in 1989 at the Almeida Theatre]

25th May 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Other Creatures by Nicholas McInerny.
Tallulah's problems come to a head when her best friend Rosie starts to speak. Because Rosie is an elephant....
Director Alison Hindell
Tallulah: Ella Hood
Montgomery: Michael Povey
Rosie: Souad Faress

26th May 1993
12.25 :
The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey dramatised by Geoffrey M Matthews .
1 of 5: Dentist Walter Baranov is reluctant to accompany Lydia, his actress wife, to Hollywood, especially now that Alma has come into his life .
Director Matthew Walters
Walter: Ronald Pickup
Lydia: Fiona Fullerton
Alma: Oona Beeson
Capt Turner: Barry J Gordon
Jack: Steve Hodson
Kathy: Sandra James-Young
Baranov/George: John Baddeley
Vanderbilt/Jasper: John Fleming
Actors in later episodes- please refer to the episode broadcast date.
Ep2:2/6/93 Ep3:9/6/93 Ep4:16/6/93 Ep5:23/6/93
All episodes repeated five days later.

26th May 1993;
14.00 :
Wild Hops by Sally Worboyes.
1 of 4: In 1959, in the hop fields of Kent, the Jacksons join other East End families for what they discover will be the last season hops are picked by hand. Will this be the end of Laura Jackson 's affair with the owner of the farm?
Producer Philip Martin
Jack: George Innes
Laura: Ellle Haddington
Liz: Liz Smith
Bert: Gerry Hinks
Kay: Melanie Revill
Robert: Alan Devereux
Marjorie: Patricia Gallimore
Terry: Richard Pearce
Zacchi: Sam Barriscale
Terry's Mom/Milly: Judy Bennett
Raymond/Brian: Richard Allenson
Mrs Brown: Joyce Gibbs
Janet: Georgia Greeph
Actors in later episodes and their first episode:
Zacchi: Sam Barriscale(2)
Fisherman: Ralph Lawton(2)
Georgie: Simon Carter(3)
Frank: David Vann(4)
Ep2:2/6/93 Ep3:9/6/93 Ep4:16/6/93
Series repeated commencing 4/1/97.

27th May 1993
14.00 :
Hero by Roderick Graham (1934-2015).
Barry Parker , an ex-Army Corporal, is to receive an award for bravery, having killed two terrorists and captured another while on active duty. But why does "Barry the Brave", as the Press have dubbed him, appear to be such a reluctant hero?
Director Tracey Neale
Barry: David Richard-Fox
Jill: Jane Whittenshaw
Tony: Matthew Morgan
Lesley: Ruth Lass
Elsie: Ann Windsor
Stan : John Fleming
Captain Osborne: Steve Hodson
Geoff: Gary Todd

29th May 1993
12.25-13.00 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton.
Ukridge always has a grand money-spinning design to hand.
1: The Accident Syndicate
Producer Sarah Smith
Ukridge: Griff Rhys Jones
Corky: Robert Bathurst
Tupper: Adam Godley
Beamish: Simon Godley
Madeline: Rebecca Front
Teddy: Julian Dutton
Series first broadcast commencing 21st December 1992. Episode 2 first broadcast 28/12/92 repeated 6th June 1993. For episodes 3-6 see weekly from 4th January 1993 above.

29th May 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Opening Up by Jeremy Paul.
This is not a morbid story. Nobody dies. At least not yet. I'm here to tell you the tale of a patient and his surgeon, the virtuoso of the gastrointestinal unit.
Director: Matthew Walters
Roche: Daniel Massey
Neteky-Burden: Oliver Ford Davies
Francesca: Sasha Paul
Heather: Amanda Garwood
Hardisty: Gordon Reid
Vellacott: Peter Penry Jones
Colin: Jonathan Adams
Alex: Matthew Morgan
Ann: Melinda Walker
Moira: Joanna Wake
Nina: Michelle Joseph
Lucy: Siriol Jenkins
Repeated from 24th August 1992

29th May 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Victory by Guy Meredith.
Postwar Germany: Langley, a young English officer, has been posted to organise the coal industry in a remote area. Before the war Erdmann, who is in charge of the mine, was a distinguished scientist. It becomes apparent that Langley's mission is actually more to do with Erdmann's past than his present.
Director Cherry Cookson
Erdmann: Ian Holm
Langley: Nathaniel Parker
Quinn: Kenneth Cranham
Ilse: Susie Brann
Also with Julian Rhind Tutt
Repeated 13th August 1994

29th May 1993
Winston in Europe by Peter Tinniswood.
1: Don't Gush, Nancy. Father wants to move again. He's had enough of England. You can't get decent Eccles cakes here any longer.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Nancy: Shirley Dixon
Father: Maurice Denham
Rosie: Liz Goulding
William: Christian Rodska
Winston: Bill Wallis
This program ran for several series called Winston or Winston...(something), all written by Peter Tinniswood. This was the first episode in 1993. Further episodes were broadcast during 1993 on 5/6, 12/6, 19/6, 26/6, 3/7.

30th May 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: My Son, My Son by Howard Spring. Dramatised By: Stan Barstow.
3 of 5: Maeve is now a huge success in the theatre and Essex is tempted to write a play for her.
Song: Kay Patrick
Please see 16th May 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Mam: Melinda Walker
Maggie: Kate Binchy
Livia: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Oliver: Richard Willis
Rory: Matthew Morgan
Headmaster: Philip Anthony
Wertheim: Steve Hodson
Annie: Jill Graham
Ep4:6/6/93 Ep5:13/6/93

31st May 1993
14.00 :
The Legend of Robin Hood by John Fletcher.
Robin Hood - from May Day revels in Sherwood to crusading battles in the Holy Land.
Music: Vie Gammon
Director: Nigel Bryant
Robin Hood: John Nettles
Little John: Gerry Hinks
Sheriff of Nottingham: Norman Rodway
Friar Tuck: Michael Tudor Barnes
Will Scarlett: Peter Meakin
Maid Marian: Carolyn Backhouse
Alice: Tamsin Greig
Wormley: Jonathan Wyatt
Guy of Gisbome: Struan Rodger
Tom: John Meakin
Liza: Bethan Ganjavi
Other parts played by: Richard Mitchley, Pat Quayle, David Holt
First broadcast 18th April 1992

31st May 1993:
19.20 :
The Monday Play: The Secret Life by Harley Granville Barker. Adapted by Giles Croft
Against a backdrop of political intrigue in the years following the First World War, Evan Strowde 's love for Joan Westbury is re-awakened. But should he sacrifice public service for personal happiness?
Pianist Mary Nash
Directed by Giles Croft
(Radio production in association with the Royal National Theatre)
Stephen Serocold: James Laurenson
Evan Strowde: Ronald Pickup
Eleanor Strowde: Rowena Cooper
Joan Westbury: Brenda Blethyn
Lady Peckham: Rosemary Martin
Oliver Gauntlett: Jo Stone-Fewings
Mr Kittredge: Manning Redwood
Susan Kittredge: Helen McCrory
Dorothy Gauntlett: Rachel Atkins
Sir Leslie Heriot: John Baddeley
Lord Aumbermere: Barry J Gordon
Sir Geoffrey Salomons: Steve Hodson
Repeated on 10th December 1995

1st June 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Where Bluebells Grew by Sally Worboyes.
A day in the life of two women in a psychiatric hospital, both "haunted" by the voices of their dead relatives.
Director: Cherry Cookson
Mrs White-Jones: Pauline Letts
Emma: Tilly Vosburgh
George's Ghost: Norman Bird
Twin Ghost: Oona Beeson
Ellen: Jillie Meers
Nurse: David Holt

1st June 1993
18.30 :
The Virgin in the Ice by Ellis Peters. Dramatised by Bert Coules
(The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael).
1 of 5: Casualties of War:
It is winter 1139 and amid a civil war Brother Cadfael sets out to find a missing boy and his sister....
Producer Phil Clarke
Narrator: Michael Hordern
Cadfael: Philip Madoc
Hugh: Douglas Hodge
Olivier: Raad Rawi
Ermina: Moira Buffini
Ives: Dean Magri
Leonard: Leonard Fenton
Elyas: Crispin Letts
Also with John Church, David Holt,
Jonathan Tafler, Eric Allan, Ann Windsor and Julian Rhind-Tutt
Actors in later episodes:
Boterel: Andrew Wincott(2)
Button: Eric Allan(3)
Porter: Steve Hodson(3)
Le Gaucher: Peter Laird(4)
Also with John Fleming(2), Kate Binchey(2), Steve Hodson(4). Jonathan Adams(4), Axeman/Sergeant: Peter Gunn(5)
Music by Peter Salem(3),
Ep2:8/6/93 Ep3: Ep4:22/6/93 Ep5:29/6/93
Series first broadcast commencing 22/10/1992

2nd June 1993
12.25 :
The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey dramatised by Geoffrey M Matthews
2 of 5: Walter has resolved to leave his wife and wonders whether he could learn from the example of his fellow dentist, Dr Crippen.
Please see 26th May 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Livy: Gary Waldhorn
Marj: Lorelei King
Poppy: Susie Mann
Capt Rostron: Jonathan Adams
Barbara: Teresa Gallagher
Paul: James Telfer
Bert/ Steward: John Webb

3rd June 1993
14.00 :
Disguised as Dr Koch by Martin Worth.
Robert Koch was one of the greatest bacteriologists of the 19th century, but at the height of his success he fell in love with a 17-year-old girl. His love brought him happiness, but at what cost?
Director Janet Whitaker
Robert Koch: Norman Rodway
Hedwig Freiberg: Claire Skinner
Lucy Farron: Rachel Atkins
Julian Shaw: Keith Drinkel
Emmy Koch: Jill Graham
Eduard P??fuhl: Steve Hodson
Emil Behring: Dominic Letts
Mrs Kaliski: Helen Horton
Koch, aged 16: Julian Rhind-Tutt

5th June 1993
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton
2 of 6: The Debut of Battling Bikon. This week Ukridge seizes on the boxing ring as the way to make his fortune, when he becomes the manager of an enormous pugilistic sailor.
Producer Sarah Smith
Ukridge: Griff Rhys Jones
Also with Robert Bathurst, Simon Godley Adam Godley, Rebecca Front, Dougal Lee and Julian Dutton
Ep3:4/1/93 Ep4:11/1/93 Ep5:18/1/93 Ep6:25/1/93. then Repeats from Ep1:29/5/93.
(Episode one of the first run was on 21st December 1992, Ep2 was 28/12/92)
Series then repeated commencing 29th May 1993

5th June 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Who Killed Palomino Molero? by Mario Vargas Llosa. Translated and dramatised by: Bronwen Phizackerly.
This adult crime story, set in Peru in 1954, turns up the underbelly of class and corruption in a community dominated by the military.
Director: Ned Chaillet
Musician: Mia Soteriou
Lieutenant Siva: Charles Simpson
Sgt Utuma: Ray Fearon
Colonel Mindreau: Steve Hodson
Alicia: Melanie Hudson
Lieutenant Dufo: Jonathan Tafler
Dona Asunta: Linda Marlowe
Dona Adriana: Jo Kendall
Also with John Bull, Gordon Reid, Nicholas Murchie, Jonathan Adams, Mia Soteriou
First broadcast 8th June 1992.

5th June 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Doppelganger by J C W Brook.
A doppelganger is your other self - your legendary dark brother who wishes to take your place in this world. For Adam and Jane, some eerie coincidences turn the myth into nightmarish reality.
Music: Paddy Kingsland of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director Ian Cotterell
Beth Harris: Elizabeth Lindsay
Sarah Steadman: Penelope Lee
Adam Oxton: Nigel Anthony
Jane Oxton: Emily Richard
The Woman: Mary Wimbush
The Man: Jack May
Ralph Steadman: Geoffrey Collins
First broadcast 1st January 1977, repeated 5th June 1977

6th June 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: My Son, My Son by Howard Spring. Dramatised By: Stan Barstow.
4 of 5: The rivalry between father and son for Livia Vaynol has now created a seemingly unbridgeable gulf between them.
Please see 16th May 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Maeve: Mellnda Walker
Livia: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Olivier: Richard Willis
Rory: Matthew Morgan
Wertheim: Steve Hodson
Annie: Jill Graham
Sam Sawle: Danny Schiller
Officer: John Webb
Pogson: John Holt

7th June 1993
14.00 :
The Ballad of Johnny Reece by Nick Fisher.
In 1958 Johnny is an idealistic young man working on the land. But by 1987 he is steeped in family life and haunted by disillusion, having over-stretched his ambition.
Director Richard Wortley
Johnny Reece: Mark Straker
Mary: Elizabeth Mansfield
Pat: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Clare: Clare Travers-Deacon
Ally: Paul Gregory
Stevie: Matthew Morgan
Trev: John Webb
Marie: Joanna Wake
Birdman: Matthew Sim
Carrie: Melanie Hudson
Sam: Eric Allan
Brian: Neil Roberts
Elmslow: Terence Edmond
Stan: Keith Drinkel
Graham: Peter Penry Jones
Repeated from 5th September 1992

7th June 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Gaveston by Colin Haydn Evans.
What was the true nature of the execution of Edward II's favourite, Piers Gaveston ? Drawing on long-standing oral traditions, here is a very different interpretation of events from those of Marlowe and written history.
Director Nigel Bryant
Piers Gaveston: Struan Rodger
Edward II: David Robb
Queen Margaret: Diana Quick
Isabella: Moir Leslie
Lancaster: Norman Rodway
Warwick: Roger Hume
Archbishop Winchelsea: Peter Jeffrey
Father Hugh: Steve Hodson
Idonie de Leybourne: Meg Wynn Owen
Idonie's Mother: Mary Wimbush
Alice: Daphne Neville
Thomas Lott: Gerry Hinks
Robin of Barnesdale: Peter Meakin
Assassin: Andy Hockley
Repeated on 30th April 1994

8th June 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Writing to Rose by Frank Dunne.
Tom's hand is in plaster so his landlady, a Polish widow, is helping him to write a letter of proposal. Tom has been waiting for Rose for 30 years. At last her mother has died and she is free to marry.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Celina: Joanna Kanska
Tom: Sean Barrett
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1994

10th June 1993
14.00 :
Here Be Dragons by Stewart Love.
Frank James has been a dedicated old-fashioned teacher all his life, but educational changes make him redundant and he becomes apprehensive, aimless, lost and bewildered. He begins to question the value of his life's work.
Director Pam Brighton
Frank: Mark Mulholland
Robert: Tim Loane
Mary: Stella McCusker
Phyllis: Paula McFetridge
Reporter: Brenda Winter
Repeated on 3rd October 1994 and 25th March 1996

10th June 1993
23.00 :
Two Way Cut by Peter Turnbull. Dramatised by Stephen Mulrine.
1 of 4: Discovering a corpse early one morning on Glasgow's Maryhill Road is not out of the ordinary - but the one PC Hamilton finds is very different.
Director Hamish Wilson
DS Sussock: Jake D'Arcy
WPC Elka Willems: Eliza Langland
DC Montgomery: Frank Gallagher
DI Donoghue: Crawford Logan
Dean/ PC Abernethy: Andrew Conlan
Mrs Douglas: Joyce Falconer
Mrs Reynolds/Jean Kay: Rebecca Hawking
PC Hamilton: Martin McCardie
Mrs McIntyre: Edith Ruddick
Dr Reynolds: Gerard Slevin
Louise: Anne Marie Timoney
Cast in later episodes- please see the relevant episode date below.
Ep2:17/6/93 Ep3:24/6/93 Ep4:1/7/93
Series repeated commencing 26th November 1994

12th June 1993
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse.
Episode 3. Repeated from 4th January 1993- please see above.

12th June 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Whose Body? by Dorothy L Sayers. Dramatised by: Michelene Wandor.
Whose body has appeared in a bath in Battersea, and where is the body of Sir Reuben Levy? Lord Peter Wimsey investigates...
Director: Vanessa Whitburn
Lord Peter Wimsey: Gary Bond
Bunter: John Cater
Mr Parker: Roger Rowland
Sr Julian Freke: Michael Graham Cox
The Duchess of Denver: Veda Warwick
Mr Thipps: Kim Durham
Dr Grimbold/Waller: Kim Durham
Milligan/ Insp Sugg/ Duke of Denver: Terry Molloy
Mr Crimplesham / Foreman/ Sexton: Christopher Benjamin
Sir Reuben Levy/ Graves/ Coroner: Geoff Serle
Freddie Arbuthnot/Cummings: Tim Brierley
Gladys Horrocks/Lady Levy: Charlotte Martin
Mr Piggott: Alex Jones
First broadcast 26th December 1987 then repeated on 6th August 1988 and 6th April 1992.

12th June 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night at the Movies: Double Indemnity by James M Cain. Dramatised By: John Fletcher.
"I'm an insurance salesman, I sell this guy some insurance. Then one hot afternoon, I find myself in bed with his wife. We murder him."
Original music by Barrington Pheloung Director Andy Jordan
Walter Huff: Frederic Forrest
Lola: Molly Ringwald
Phyllis: Theresa Russell
George Keyes: John Wood
Nirdlinger: Michael Drew
Norton: John Guerrasio
Jackson: John Baddeley
Nettie: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Sachetti: Roger May
Repeated 4th March 1995.

13th June 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: My Son, My Son by Howard Spring. Dramatised By: Stan Barstow.
5 of 5: The story reaches its inevitable climax.
Please see 16th May 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Oliver: Richard Willis
Rory: Matthew Morgan
Annie: Jill Graham
Moggie: Kate Binchy
Mary Latter: Jillie Meers
Judas: Michael Goldie
Neuibiggin: Keith Drinkel
Father Farrell: James Telfer
Guy Langdale: Steve Hodson
Sergeant: John Church

14th June 1993
14.00 :
Kitty Wilkinson by David Pownall.
Liverpool at the time of the cholera epidemic (1832). The life and work of the woman who was hailed as a "saint".
Songs by Maddy Prior
Director Martin Jenkins
Kitty: Maureen O'Brien
Tom, her husband: Keith Drinkel
John, her son: Peter Gunn
Mam: Kate Binchy
Dr O'Lera: Robert Glenister
Dr Faraday: John Rowe
Helen Faraday: Helena Breck
Anne: Melanie Hudson
Hannah: Melanie Hudson
Dierdre: Veronica Quilligan
Mary: Veronica Quilligan
Kathleen: Siubban Reid
Jessy: Joanna Wake
First broadcast 30th May 1992
[Kitty lived 1786-1860]

14th June 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Stop the Children's Laughter by Henry Livings.
Returning from Australia, Timothy Turner finds his only relatives hostile. They are fostering pauper children on their Saddleworth farm. But something is wrong and Timothy is doggedly determined to unearth the truth.
Director David Hunter
Timothy Turner: David Holt
Meg Turner: Elizabeth Spriggs
Cornelius Turner: Barrie Rutter
Jack Bell: Paul Copley
Mrs Kettering: Freda Dowie
Isabel: Kate O'Regan
Jonty: Steven Maden
Mrs Dunkerly/Bella: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Letitia: Rachel Atkins
Constable: Philip Anthony-
Emden: John Baddeley
Comic/Sergeant: Henry Livings
Maid Molly/Woman: Jill Graham
Pianist/Singer: Robin Walker
Repeated on 25th June 1994

15th June 1993
14.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Barnstaple by Neil McKay.
Marion is haunted by lies in this bitter-sweet comedy. Driven by grief, she undertakes a journey which will force a confrontation with the truth.
Director Susan Hogg
Marion: Gwen Taylor
Jufe: Alison Steadman
Paul: Wayne Foskett

16th June 1993
12.25 :
The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey dramatised by Geoffrey M Matthews .
4 of 5: Walter and Alma think they have committed the perfect murder.
Please see 26th May 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Livy: Gary Waldhorn
Marj: Lorelei King
Barbara: Teresa Gallagher
Paul: James Telfer
Capt Rostron: Jonathan Adams
Finch: David Holt
Saxon: Keith Drinkel
Doctor: John Evitts

17th June 1993
Dark Bells, Green Days by Florence Percy.
Edith is elderly and forgetful and Vivien, her daughter, tries to stimulate her memory by showing her mementoes of the past. But when some letters from Vivien's missing daughter are discovered, their relationship seems threatened and a mystery has to be solved.
Director Sue Wilson
Vivien: Nicola Pagett
Edith: Pauline Letts
Cathy: Lois Burgess
Doctor/ Joan: Jill Graham
Derby: John Fleming
Repeated 2nd May 1994

17th June 1993
Two Way Cut by Peter Turnbull. Dramatised by Stephen Mulrine.
2 of 4: A headless body without a speck of blood on it has Glasgow's P Division cops puzzled - and who was the strange figure that PC Hamilton saw running along by the canal?
Please see 10th June 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
DC King: Robert Carlyle
Biddulph: Michael Elder
Man on Waste Ground: Gilbert Martin
DCI Findlater: Alec Monteath
PC Wanless: Paul Morrow
Michelle: Daniela Nardini
Mrs Dewey: Caroline Paterson
Kilroy/Stein: Robert Trotter
Ep3:24/6/93 Ep4:1/7/93

19th June 1993
Ukridge by PG Wodehouse. 4: Ukridge's Dog College. Repeated from 11th January 1993, please see above.

19th June 1993
Playhouse: Deborah's Daughter by Pam Gems (1925-2011).
A romance is played out on the battlefield of third world politics and first world interests. Deborah Pedersen , a rich oil widow, visits a north African state to make a donation for development. Colonel Hassan is about to initiate a coup. In the ensuing chaos, Deborah finds it hard to know if she is an honoured guest or a hostage.
Director Sue Dunderdale
Producer Claire Grove
Deborah Pedersen: Prunella Scales
Stephanie Pedersen: Federay Holmes
Rhoda Wiggins: Elizabeth Spriggs
Eric Bellairs: Keith Drinkel
David Delavigne: Julian Rhind Tutt
Hassan Sa'id: Raad Rawi
Ali Madur/Arabic Advisor: Adam Hussein
First broadcast 30th Noveber 1992

19th June 1993
Saturday Night at the Movies: The Postman Always Rings Twice by James M Cain (1892-1977). Dramatised by Shaun McKenna.
When Frank Chambers takes a job at Nick's roadside joint, it's not for the money but for the shapely Cora.
Music: Andy Sheppard and Steve Lodder Director Andy Jordan
Cora: Myriam Cyr
Frank Chambers: William Hope
Nick Papadakis: Andy Lucas
Katz: Peter Whitman
Sackett: Steve Hodson
The Cop: Gavan O'Herlihy
Kennedy: James Telfer
Nurse: Pippa Hinchley
Customer: Anthony Donovan
Repeated 1st April 1995

20th June 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch (1919-1999). Dramatised by: Richard Crane.
1 of 4: Vanished Pantomimes
Charles Arrowby, celebrated actor, writer and director, has retired from his London world and come to the sea to become a hermit and draft his memoirs. But the past will not let him rest...
Cellist: Peter Esswood
Music: Elizabeth Parker
Director: Faynia Williams
Charles: John Wood
Hartley: Joyce Redman
Landlord: Jonathan Adams
Local 1: John Evitts
Local 2: Steve Hodson
Local 3: John Baddeley
Rosina: Sian Phillips
Lizzie: Tamara Ustinov
Peregrine: T.P. McKenna
Gilbert: Peter Kelly
dement: Jill Graham
Young Charles: David Holt
Young James: Sam Crane
James: Terrence Hardiman
Young Hartley: Rachel Atkins
Actors in later episodes:
James: Terrence Hardiman(2)
Ben: Keith Drinkel(2)
Titus: Sean Gascoine(3)
Chuffey the Dog: David Holt(3)
Neighbour: Kate Binchy(4)
Indian Doctor: Bhasker(4)
Clement: Jill Graham(4)
Ep2:27/6/93 Ep3:4/7/93 Ep4:11/7/93
All episodes repeated five days later.

21st June 1993
14.00 :
The Lucky One by Lucy Ching. Dramatised By: Rosemary Davis.
Canton, 1945. Lucy, a young blind girl, is hidden away because of the ancient belief that blindness is a punishment for the sins of the ancestors. Then, by chance, she hears a radio broadcast....
Director Tracey Neale
Miss Schaeffer: Alison Reid
Mrs Honicutt: Gudrun Ure
Ah Wor: Elizabeth Kelly
Younger Brother: Nicholas Shelton
Father: Christopher Scott
Mother: Meunda Walker
Lucy as Narrator: Tessa Worsley
Elder brother: Matthew Sim
Second sister: Daisy Heath
Lucy: Annie Roddam
Ah Luk: Jill Lidstone
Mrs Chan: Joanna Wake
Doctor: Nicholas Murchie
Third Uncle: Peter Penry Jones
Grandmother: Barbara Atkinson
Po Yuk: Anna Brooks Kasteel
First broadcast 9th May 1992

21st June 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Shape of the Table by David Edgar.
Pavel Prus has been a novelist, a bricklayer and a window cleaner. He is now in jail as a dissident. Suddenly, in 1989, he is asked to participate in real political power.
Director Hilary Nonish
(A BBC World Service production)
Prus: Karl Johnson
Josef Lutz: Peter Vaughan
Michael Kaplan: Oliver Ford-Davies
Petr Vladislav: Jeremy Northam
Victoria Brodskaya: Jenny Howe
Madame Rousova: Jill Graham
Spassov: John Church
Andrei Zietek: Jonathan Tafler
Monica Freie: Siriol Jenkins
Jan Matkovic: David Holt
Jan Milev: Eric Allan
Also broadcast by BBC World Service in 1992
[There was a later production in 2009 by Peter Leslie Wild]

21st June 1993
You Heard it Here First: Up the Garden Path by Sue Limb
1: New Year, Old Problems
Producer Jonathan James-Moore
Izzy: Imelda Staunton
Maria: Marty Cruikshank
Michael: Nicholas Le Prevost
Dick: Mike Grady
Gioyn: Sion Probert
This program "Up the Garden Path" ran for several series. This was the first episode in 1993. Further episodes were broadcast during 1993 on 28/6, 5/7, 12/7, 19/7, 26/7, 17/11, 24/11, 1/12, 8/12, 15/12, 22/12.

22nd June 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Cat's Whiskers by Alice Thomas Ellis (1932-2005).
The day begins with preparations for pheasant shooting- he is fumbling about getting ready, while she is quietly frying breakfast and packing lunches. But it ends with shot being extracted in the sitting room....
Director Michael Fox
With Anna Massey and Philip Madoc.

23rd June 1993
12.25 :
The False Inspector Dew by Peter Lovesey dramatised by Geoffrey M Matthews .
5 of 5: Walter has been shot. Alma no longer loves him. Did they murder his wife for nothing?
Please see 26th May 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Livy: Gary Waldhorn
Marj: Lorelei King
Barbara: Teresa Gallagher
Paul: James Telfer
Finch: David Holt
Capt Rostron: Jonathan Adams
Saxon: Keith Drinkel
Steward: John Webb

23rd June 1993
14.00 :
Safe in Our Hands by Colin Douglas.
1 of 4: 1949-1955: We Are Making a New World
The history of the National Health Service, seen through the lives of two generations of Edinburgh doctors.
Director Patrick Rayner
Lennie: Paul Young
Burton-Smith: John Bett
Ratho: David McKail
Bridie: Iain Agnew
Yu??? MacGrigor: John Ramage
Lauder: Sandy Neilson
Larimer: Robin Thomson
Miss Cuthbertson: Sheila Donald
Margaret: Monica Gibb
Sandy: Wendy Seager
Actors in later episodes- please see date of relevant episode.
[Adapted by the author from his novel Sickness and Health.]
Ep2:30/6/93 Ep3:7/7/93 Ep4:14/7/93

24th June 1993
14.00 :
Made In Heaven by Julia Stoneham.
"If his parents thought hers odd.... going off like that, soon as the register was signed ... they didn't say.... not at the time, they didn't...."
Music composed by Nigel Hess
Musicians Skaiia Kanga and Chris Lacey Director Tracey Neale
The Storyteller: Barbara Jefford
Hettie: Rachel Lewis
Jack: Dominic Taylor
Eilee: Heather Williams
Charlie: Jack Hulland
Rose: June Barrie
George: Bill Wallis
Mrs Wilbraham: Caroline Hunt
The Vicar: Alan Coveney
Henry: Christian Rodska
Village Woman: Marilyn Le Conte
Vilage Girl: Caroline Swift

24th June 1993
23.00 :
Two Way Cut by Peter Turnbull. Dramatised by Stephen Mulrine.
3 of 4: Why was accountant Samuel Lurinsky murdered in such a spectacular fashion?
Please see 10th June 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Chi Chu: Sedhar Chozam
WPC/Sister: Joyce Deans
Fire Officer: Gilbert Martin
Dr Munro/PC Wanless: Paul Morrow

26th June 1993
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse.
5: The Return of Battling Billson
Repeated from 18/1/93 - please see above.

26th June 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Eden Must Go by Martin Worth.
Cambridge in 1945, when the majority of students were men who had fought in the war and had learnt to grow up quickly.
Director: Jane Morgan
Stephen Pym: Charles Simpson
Alan Wicks: Keith Drinkel
Alister Gray: Andrew Wincott
Nevil Hadley: Mark Straker
Ivor Rossiter: David Learner
Elizabeth Noble: Victoria Carling
Dr Noble: Terence Edmond
Mrs Noble: Ann Windsor
Paul Darcy: Brett Usher
Dawkins: Ronald Herdman
Ted Baines: Matthew Long
Amanda Baines: Siriol Jenkins
Headmaster/Jack Balderton: Eric Allan
Markham/Rupert: Nicholas Murchie
Repeated from 27th April 1992

26th June 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night at the Movies: Mildred Pierce by James M Cain. Dramatised by John Fletcher.
1931. I lose my job, my home, my husband. But I've got a daughter. 1941. I've got a dazzling career, huge mansion, glamorous new husband - but I've lost the love of my daughter.
Music: Elizabeth Parker
Director Andy Jordan
Mildred Pierce: Shelley Thompson
Monty Beragon: Martin Jarvis
Veda Pierce: Siriol Jenkins
Bert Pierce: Ed Bishop
Ray Pierce: Angela Shaftoe
Lucy Gessler: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Watty Burgan: James Telfer
Letty: Eugenia Warren
Treviso: John Baddeley
Ida: Catherine Nix
Doctor: Dominic Letts
Levinson: Dominic Holt

28th June 1993
14.00 :
The San Rocco Mob by Bruce Stewart.
The story of an English priest who is sent incognito to discover whether a Franciscan monastery in Sicily has been taken over by the Mafia.
Director Martin Jenkins
Anselmo: James Laurenson
Carmelo: Norman Bird
Gregorio: David Timson
Bruno: Eric Allan
Hilario: Nigel Anthony
Groziella: Joanna Myers
Claudia: Siriol Jenkins
Milvia: Adjoa Andoh
Padre General/ Defence Attorney: Brett Usher
Ciccolini: John Church
Tout/ Moroni: Peter Gunn
Magistrate: Peter Penry Jones
4th April 1992

28th June 1993
19.20 :
The Lady Chatterley Trial: Regina v Penguin Books Ltd. Compiled by Jack Emery from the original transcript, and presented by Helena Kennedy.
October 20 1960 at the Old Bailey, Court No 1, saw the start of one of the most important and controversial trials of the English legal system. Was DH Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover just a dirty book or was it literature? For some the verdict ushered in the permissive society.
Director John Theocharis
Mr Justice Byrne: Richard Vernon
Menyn Griffith-Jones QC: John Shrapnel
Gerald Gardiner QC: Frederick Treves
Jeremy Hutchinson: John Rowe
Clerk of the Court: Jack Emery
Graham Hough: Denis Hall
Helen Gardner: Margaret Courtenay
Joan Bennett: Marcia King
Bishop of Woolwich: Michael Kilgarriff
Rev Hopkinson: Christopher Good
Richard Hoggart: Terry Molloy
EM Forster: Danny Schiller
Roy Jenkins: Denis Lill
Dr C J Hemming: David Neal
Norman St john Stevas: Nicholas Gilbrook
Jack Lambert: John Samson
Sir Allen Lane: Norman Bird
Dilys Powell: Susan Sheridan
John Connell: John Church
Bernadine A L Wall: Jane Slavin

29th June 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Kings' Hostage by Diana Griffiths.
Held in Sempringham Priory from the age of 17 months, Gwenllian, daughter of the last Welsh Prince of Wales, finds her life wholly changed by the arrival of the worldly Blanche.
Director David Hunter
Gwenllian: Sheila Allen
Blanche: Nicola Goodchild

30th June 1993
12.25-13.00 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
1 of 8: A dinner party in Vienna ... a perfect evening, until it is interrupted by a telephone call that will profoundly affect the lives of Magnus Pym, Counsellor at the British Embassy, and his wife Mary.
Music:Max Harris
Producer John Fawcett Wilson
Jack Brotherhood: James Grout
Miss Dubber: Brenda Bruce
Mary Pym: Harriet Walter
Magnus Pym: James Fox
Grant Lederer: Vincent Marzello
Bee Lederer/Georgie: Shelley Thompson
Herr Oberst/Harry: Peter Birch
Frau Dinkel: Aletta Lawson
Cudlove: Frank Mills
Vi: Fanny Carby
Daisy: Pat Coombes
Medical student/Fergus: James Telfer
For actors in later episodes please refer to the episode date.
Ep2:7/7/93 Ep3:14/7/93 Ep4:21/7/93 Ep5:28/7/93 Ep6:4/8/93 Ep7:11/8/93 Ep8:18/8/93
Series repeated commencing:27/9/94

30th June 1993
14.00 :
Safe in Our Hands by Colin Douglas.
2 of 4: 1963-1969: Victories of Science
Please see 23rd June 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Scott: Stuart McQuarrie
Max: Finlay Welsh
Gus: Andrew Wardlaw
Robbie: Steven McNicoll
Jimmy Jameson: Michael Elder
Mrs Jameson: Muriel Romanes
Walton: Robin Thomson
Jamie: Ian Briggs
Margaret: Monica Gibb
Theresa: Sheilagh Hynd
Ep3:7/7/93 Ep4:14/7/93

1st July 1993
14.00 :
This Should Be My Wedding Day by Elizabeth Ryan.
Oxford undergraduate and gardening enthusiast Megan falls in love with the unsuitable Johnny. She is delighted to discover Johnny's father is a TV gardening show personality, but Johnny grows jealous.
Director Michael Fox
Megan: Kate Paul
Johnny: Jonathan Firth
Father: Malcolm Hebden
Dorothy: Jane Cox
Ella: Jane Hazlegrove
TV Host: Robert Whelan
Julia: Rachel Bull
Mrs Poole: Clare Beck

1st July 1993
23.00 :
Two Way Cut by Peter Turnbull. Dramatised by Stephen Mulrine.
4 of 4: Donoghue has enough evidence to arrest Stein - but he doesn't appear to be in the city. Louise wants to make a statement.
Please refer to 10th June 1993 above.
Actors not in part one:
Mrs Salisbury: Ginni Barlow
DC King: Robert Carlyle
Chi Chu: Sedhar Chozam
Barman: Alec Monteath
PC Wanless: Paul Morrow
Michelle: Daniela Nardini
Spike: Cathal Quinn
Mrs Stein: Mary Ann Reid

3rd July 1993
12.25 :
Ukridge by P G Wodehouse. Adapted by Julian Dutton
6 of 6: Ukridge Rounds a Nasty Corner
Repeated from 25th January 1993- please see above,

3rd July 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Hereafter by Jonathan Myerson.
Parenthood, death and the art of living
Director Marilyn Imrie
Sam: Douglas Hodge
Clare: Marcella Riordan
Linda: Barbara Leigh Hunt
Tanya: Joanna Myers
Liz: Gillian Bevan
Bert: Stuart McGugan
Clare's mother: Maggie Shelvin
Nurse: Melanie Hudson
Ward Sister: Gudrun Ure
Vanessa: Theresa Streatfeild
Mrs Reddington/ SCU Nurse: Joanna Wake
Eddie Fentiman: Peter Penry Jones
Mr Justice Storey: John Church
Voice: Sean Arnold
Repeated from 6th April 1992

3rd July 1993
Saturday Night at the Movies: Night of the Hunter by David Grubb. Dramatised by John Fletcher.
"The Preacher wears black ... In his pocket he carries a great shining steel knife." Two children are chased across rural America by a terrifying killer.
Music: Thomas Johnson and Stuart Gordon
Director Andy Jordan
The Preacher: Struan Rodger
John Harper Jr: Tom Lawrence
Pearl Harper: Angela Shaftoe
Ma Cooper: Betsy Blair
John Harper Snr: Pater Marinker
Willa Harper: Catherine Nix
Ben Harper: John Guerrasio
Icy Spoon: June Barrie
Walt Spoon: John Baddeley
Uncle Birdie: Brian Greene
Ruby: Pippa Hinchley
Miz Cunningham: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Grocer: John Telfer
Mary: Jessie Brammer
Clary: Abigail MacVean
Repeated 28th December 1994

5th July 1993
14.00 :
Scarlet on Black by Roger Danes.
Paris. What is the link between the kidnap of Yvette Lalande and events in Algeria thirty years ago?
Director Glyn Dearman
Grosset: David Calder
Corbillard: Peter Jeffrey
Lenoir: Alex Jennings
De Beaugence: Charles Kay
Lesueur: Natasha Pyne
Yvette Lalande: Patti Holloway
Jeanne Lalande: Gudrun Ure
Didier: Nicholas Murchie
Pierre: Jonathan Tafler
Davant: Ronald Herdman
Tomasini: Eric Allan
Marianne: Siriol Jenkins
Ducrot: Theresa Streatfield
Giresse: Melanie Hudson
Laverdure: Jonathan Adams
Charles: Matthew Sim
Bernard: Mark Straker
Mariol: Peter Gunn
Repeated from 8th February 1992

5th July 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Fit to Be Tied by Marilyn Morris.
Four women working in a cake shop and struggling to keep body and soul together in a town that is falling apart.
Director: Tony Cliff
Annie: Jane Hollowood
Sally: Maggie Fox
Carol: Michelle Holmes
Michael: David Fleeshman
Eileen: Barbara Marten
Dean: Malcolm Raeburn
Adrian: Glyn Morrow

6th July 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Disconnected by Anthony George.
An unusual occurrence on a train put Peter's mobile phone at a premium. But as the batteries fade, the voices on the line become more ghostly.
Director Nigel Bryant
Peter: John Nettles
Nan: Mary Wimbush
Grace: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Nancy: Susan Maw
Simon: Edward Long
Joe: Richard Avery
Terry: Peter Meakin
Repeated from 12th May 1992

6th July 1993
18.30 :
Galahad at Blandings by P G Wodehouse, adapted by Richard Usbome
1 of 4: New York and After. The Ninth Earl of Emsworth returns from New York to find that Lady Hermione means to marry him off. Meanwhile, his brother Galahad is laying a plan to reunite two young lovers. Narrated by Moray Watson.
Producer Gareth Edwards
Galahad: Ian Carmichael
Lord Emsworth: Richard Vernon
Lady Hermione: Elizabeth Spriggs
Egbert/Beach: Harold Innocent
Wilfred: Jonathan Cecil
Tipton: Alan Marriott
Sandy: Susannah Fellowes
Sam: Simon Treves
Daphne: Vivian Pickles
US Policeman: Colin McFarlane
Actors in later episodes:
Monica: Moir Leslie(2)
Constable Evans: Chris Emmett(2)
Monica: Moir Leslie(3)
Huxley: Richard Pearce(3)
Ep2:13/7/93 Ep3:20/7/93 Ep4:27/7/93
Series first broadcast commencing 23/1/92

7th July 1993
12.25 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
2 of 8: A distraught Mary Pym is under pressure to provide some clue as to the whereabouts of her missing husband.
Please see 30th June 1993 above.
Actors not in first episode:
Axel: Jack Klaf
Young Magnus: Julian Rhind-Tutt
A Lovely/Felicity: Teresa Gallagher
Herr Olligner/Sandy: Paul Humpoletz
Nigel: Royce Mills
Ep3:14/7/93 Ep4:21/7/93 Ep5:28/7/93 Ep6:4/8/93 Ep7:11/8/93 Ep8:18/8/93

7th July 1993
14.00 :
Safe in Our Hands by Colin Douglas.
3 of 4: 1969-1979: The Long Surprise
Please see 23rd June 1993 above.
Actors not in part one:
Scott: Stuart McQuarrie
Robbie: Steven McNicoll
Max: Finlay Welsh
Gus: Andrew Wardlaw
Jimmy Jameson: Michael Elder
Mrs Jameson: Muriel Romanes
Marks: John Bett
Toby Russell: Crawford Logan
Miss Clapton: Carol Ann Crawford
Lorna: Sybil Wintrope

8th July 1993
14.00 :
The Final Whistle by Bernard Farrell
Danny wakes up confused. He thought he was in hospital, recovering from a heart attack, but now he's not so sure.
Director John Penrose
Danny Hegarty: Jim Reid
Mauro Hegarty: Colette Proctor
Sharon: Sian Quill
Danny's Mother: Laurie Morton
Auntie Lily: Pegg Monahan
Auntie Alice: Daphne Carroll
Ellen: Patricia Martin
Sister Agnes: Barbara McCaughey
Da: Breandan O Duill
Bill: Brendan Cauldwell
Nurse Ryan: Cathryn Brennan
Mike Maguire: Jonathan White
Mr Parkinson: Conor Farrington
Dr Godfrey: Garvan McGrath
Young Danny: Darren McHugh
Repeated on 26th September 1994
(Originally broadcast on Radio Telefis Eireann on 31st December 1991)

8th July 1993
Tales from the Arabian Nights: Ghanim, the Thrall of Love. Adapted by Colin Haydn Evans
To save herself from the executioner's sword, Shahrazad beguiles the king with a tale of love and betrayal - and a magic drum.
Music: Sue Harris and Steafan Hannigan
Director Nigel Bryant
The King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Wazir: Simon Carter
Ghanim: Michael Lumsden
Leila: Moir Leslie
Caliph: Duncan Law
Rahil: Mary Wimbush
Slave: Richard O'Ryan
Old Man: Geoffrey Banks
Repeated on 8th April 1995

10th July 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Fatherland by Murray Watts.
Josh Mabhena is serving a life sentence for opposing apartheid. The news of his release both thrills and terrifies his family.
Music: Cleo Dorcas
Director Jane Dauncey
Maki: Natasha Williams
Reuben: Gef Francis
Fritz: Leo Wringer
Lefty: Ewen Cummins
Mattea: Cleo Dorcas
Peggy: Jeillo Edwards
Freddie: Eddie Thengani
Zulu: Jabu Mbalo
Nunu: Sibongile Nene
First broadcast 2nd November 1992
[This play was first listed for 14/9/92 but was not broadcast on that date. It may be unrelated but there was a massacre in South Africa on 7/9/92 with 29 killed and over 200 injured resulting in negotiations between de Klerk and Mandela.]

10th July 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Snowfield by Chris Hawes.
George, a dock worker in postwar Yorkshire, has his first story accepted by Dorothy, a BBC radio producer. Its broadcast has a startling effect on his life.
Director Kate Rowland
Dorothy: Celia Imrie
George: Jason Isaacs
Elite: Tracie Bennett
Heathcote: Keith Woodason
Elbe's Mum: Ann Rye
Dorothy's Father: John Branwell
George's Mum: Kathy Jameson
Halliwell: Rod Arthur
George as Boy: James Young
Wazzer: Matthew Lightowler
Kenny: Andrew Duggan
Repeated on 2nd July 1994

11th July 1993
22.15 :
Beau Nash by Roderick Graham.
"The King of Bath" was the name given to Beau Nash (1674-1761). Princes and lords and ladies obeyed his word.
Director Jane Morgan
Beau Nash: Joss Ackland
Oliver Goldsmith: Norman Rodway
Tutor: Christopher Luscombe
Jack: David Thorpe
Webster: David Sinclair
Councillor: John Webb
Duchess: Jill Graham
Fanny: Rachel Atkins
Sylvia: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Edward: Keith Drinkel
Wood: Dominic Letts
Quin: Matthew Morgan
Juliana: Jane Whittenshaw

12th July 1993
14.00 :
An Old-Fashioned Villain by Mike Harris.
Terry Oldham is all set for celebrity on his release from prison. But has he gone stir crazy?
Director Matthew Walters
Terry Oldham: Trevor Peacock
Beth: Oona Beeson
Maureen: Anne Jameson
Cliff: John Church
Darren: Matthew Sim
Kelly: Melanie Hudson
Taylor: Eric Allan
Wyllis: Jonathan Tafler
Snape: Keith Drinkel
Fairwell: Terence Edmond
Sheila: Theresa Streatfeild
Col: Ronald Herdman
Repeated from 11th April 1992

12th July 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Willis Is Barking by Tina Pepler.
Willis is a secret Martian.... The story of her encounters with mortgages, homelessness and morris dancing.
Music: John Telfer
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Willis: Maureen O'Brien
Arnold: Christian Rodska
Hilda: June Barrie
Kissme Kirk: Ed Bishop
Holy Joe: John Telfer
Spocket: Siriol Jenkins
Comic: Bill Wallis
Bismark: Steve Hodson
Cricketer: John Baddeley
Shopper: Jennifer Scott-Malden
Little boy: Laurie Drew
Repeated on 12th June 1995

13th July 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Battle for Hairpin Twelve by Michael Duke.
If things are on schedule, today is a rest day in the Tour de France, as the best cyclists in the world prepare for the assault on the Col d'lzoard.
A hillside campsite where a motley band of cycling fans await the arrival of their heroes.
Director Patrick Rayner
Jack: Stuart McQuarrie
Lucy: Lucinda Baillie
Eddy: Nils Den Hertog
Florence: Ann-Louise Ross
Finney/Best Man: Gordon Munro
Repeated on 19th July 1994

14th July 1993
12.25-13.00 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
3 of 8: Magnus Pym was very much Jack Brotherhood 's man. Like a son to him, according to Bo Brammel. So who better to search for the missing spy than the man who recruited him into the service?
Please see 30th June 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Tom: Robbie Gill
Bo Brammel: John Nettleton
Nigel: Royce Mills
Hick: Malcolm Tierney
Sir Kenneth Sefton Boyd: Michael Cochrane
Young Magnus: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Kate: Natasha Pyne
Professor/Bodkins: Paul Humpoletz
A Lovely/Sarak: Teresa Gallagher
Michael: David Thorpe
Inspector Bellows: John Evitts
Stegwold: Richard Pearce
Ep4:21/7/93 Ep5:28/7/93 Ep6:4/8/93 Ep7:11/8/93 Ep8:18/8/93

14th July 1993
14.00 :
Safe in Our Hands by Colin Douglas.
4 of 4: 1982-1989: The Health You Can Afford
Please see 23rd June 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Scott: Stuart McQuarrie
Gus: Andrew Wardlaw
Max: Finlay Welsh
Toby Russell: Crawford Logan
David Pitsligo: Allan Sharpe
Jimmy Jameson: Michael Elder
Mrs Jameson: Muriel Romanes
Walster: Alasdair McCrone
Theresa: Sheilagh Hynd
Rachel: Sybil Wintrope
Laurence: Gerard Gray-O'Brien
Hunter: Hilary Neville

15th July 1993
14.00 :
Rediscovering Leo by John Harrison.
A journalist discovers far more than she had expected.
Piano Matthew Scott
Director Kay Patrick
Composer: Paul Scofield
Journalist: Samantha Bond
Repeated 6th February 1995

15th July 1993
23.00 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: The Ebony Horse. Adapted By: Colin Haydn Evans.
The Ebony Horse. "It is but a small creature, mane of cedar and ebony heart, yet it is all things to any man that would mount its back in flight."
Music: Sue Hams and Steafan Hannigan Director Nigel Bryant
The King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Kamar: James Telfer
The Sage: Roger Hume
Shams: Teresa Gallagher
Kamar's father: John Baddeley
Repeated on 15th April 1995

17th July 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Colony by John Rooney.
The west of Ireland. The Germans love it, the locals think they are gaining jobs- but what are they losing?
Music: Neil Martin
Director Pam Brighton
Kurt: Brendan Gleeson
Connor: George Shane
Helga: Lynn Cahill
Tom: Tim Loane
Father: Trevor Moore
Mother: Marie Jones
Hans: Niall Cusack
Mary: Linda Wray
Clare: Anita Reeves
Pat: Gerry McGrath
First broadcast 23rd November 1992

17th July 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Right Result by Peter R. Simpkin.
When a black youth dies in a violent incident, investigations uncover a pervasive racism in the police ranks. Peter R Simpkin 's drama asks if justice can be served in the face of prejudice.
Director: Ned Chaillet
Supt Samuel Conway: Malcolm Rennie
Det Sgt Stone: Brian Croucher
PC Andy York: Ade Sapara
Chief Supt Edward Turner: Paul Shane
Supt Charles Reeves: Michael Melia
Mrs Fairwater: Mona Hammond
Norman Driver: Ray Lonnen
Cuthbert Norville: Oscar James
Ashley Lee: Malcolm Kaye
Tristan White: Don Gilet
PC Cooper: Michael Onslow
Sally Fields: Vivienne Rochester
John Rouse: Andrew Wincott
Danial: Gary Lawrence
Robins QC: Steve Hodson
Barry: James Telfer
Judge: John Evitts
Asst Commissioner Hinckly: John Fleming
Rob: John Webb

18th July 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Alexander by David Wade.
1 of 6:The King's Son. Which sees the birth of Alexander and friction between King Philip of Macedon and Queen Olympias.
Music: Wilfredo Acosta.
Director: Glyn Dearman.
Achilles: Barry Foster
Patroklos: Simon Ward
King Philip: Brian Cox
Queen Olympias: Geraldine James
Young Alexander: Sam Crane
Antipatros: David March
Demosthenes: Malcolm Sinclair
Lysimachos: Keith Drinkel
Young Hephaistim: Gary King
Aristander/Anteas: Barry J Gordon
Artabazus: Philip Anthony
Kleitos/Demeratos: John Evitts
Leonidas: John Webb
Pausanias/Agathon: James Telfer
Menapis/Aeschines: David Thorpe
Helhnike: Patti Holloway
Barsine: Oona Beeson
Clotho: Rachel Atkins
Lachesis: Jill Graham
Atropos: Diana Payan
Actors in later episodes: please refer to the broadcast date as given below.
Ep2:25/7/93 Ep3:1/8/93 Ep4:8/8/93 Ep5:15/8/93 Ep6:22/8/93
All episodes repeated five days later.

19th July 1993
14.00 :
The British Bulldog By Christopher Denys.
The war in Europe is over and the regulars in The Wellington are planning how to celebrate the peace. It all turns out not quite as they expected.
Director Tony Cliff
Mrs Chadwick: Judith Barker
Dora: Julie Corrigan
Mrs Ryder: Ann Rye
Harry: Paul Broughton
Jim: Brian Southwood
Arnie Badger: Ray Mort
Gardener: Geoffrey Banks
Wally: Alan Sykes
Jackie: Robin Polley
Benny: Brian Trueman
Muriel Chadwick: Jenny Luckraft
Repeated from 22nd February 1992

19th July 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Concert of Europe by Michael Duke
The rise of nationalism in Europe. A group of young British professional singers travel to Marseilles to take part in a European harmony festival, with distinctly unharmonious consequences. The singers are united only against their ambitious but ineffectual chorusmaster.
Singers: Jeni Bern (soprano), Raphael Rojas (tenor). Dennis Haggerty (tenor).
Pianist Michael Lester-Cribb
Director Patrick Rayner
Carl: Mark Straker
Clark: Finlay Welsh
Hazel: Fiona Francis
Philip: Kenneth Glenaan
Colin: Melvin Whitfield
Gabby: Fenella Kerr
Dominique: Vari Sylvester
Wilf: John Ramage

20th July 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: When I Was Nine.... by Max Hillman.
The unreliable memoirs of Albert Butter., as recalled by Peter Sallis with promptings by Sam Crane. Written by Max Hillman.
Director John Tydeman
Recalled By: Peter Sallis
Also with: Sam Crane.

21st July 1993
12.25-13.00 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
4 of 8: "If you ever need a bed for the night, don't forget Uncle Syd." That was Magnus Pym's advice to his son. Jack Brotherhood needs a very different kind of help from Syd Lemon.
Please see 30th June 1993 above
Actors not in episode one:
Rick: Malcolm Tierney
Syd Lemon: John Cater
Peggy Wentworth: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Young Magnus: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Nigel: Royce Mills
Bo Brammel: John Nettleton
Kate: Natasha Pyne
Tom: Robbie Gill
Bert: George Sweeney
Alf: Michael Onslow
Agent: Philip Anthony
Dornev: Barry J Gordon
Ep5:28/7/93 Ep6:4/8/93 Ep7:11/8/93 Ep8:18/8/93

21st July 1993
14.00 :
Bright as a Lamp, Simple as a Ring by Catherine Czerkawska
Through Amnesty International, Joanna writes to Raoul, imprisoned in Chile. He never replies - but what will happen when he is released?
Director Marilyn Imrie
Joanna: Jenny Howe
Raoul: Tom Wilkinson
Shirley: Eva Haddon
Chris: Richard Tate
Lucy: Emma Bunton
Emma: Kelda Holmes
Sam: Sebastian Brennan
Kate: Barbara Atkinson
Celia: Tara Oominick
Ariel: Nicholas Gatt
Celia's Mother: Pauline Letts
Amnesty Official: Joe Dunlop
First broadcast on 9th May 1990

22nd July 1993
14.00 :
The Betrayer by C M Williams and
The Last Seed by C M Williams
[Two plays, one author, one director, one cast, each member with two roles]
In 1492 a ship called the Santa Maria sailed from the old world to the new. The cargo of destruction and disappointment which she carried back, and the price of survival for those who rode in her.
Director Heather Goodman
Aretio/Mother: Cecilia Noble
Caonabo/Brayau/Neville: Clarence Smith
Mopi/Leeman/Dek: Victor Romero Evans
Jubuti/Roy: David Harewood
Akuchi/Carmen: Suzanne Packer

22nd July 1993:
23.00 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: The Three Suitors. Adapted By: Colin Haydn Evans.
Jamilla's ruse to free her lover from gaol involves a carpenter, a magistrate, a bogus camel-cleaner ... and a wardrobe.
Music:Sue Harris and Steafan Hannigan
Director Nigel Bryant
The King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Jamilla: Rachel Atkins
Hassan: William Chubb
Faris: Geoffrey Banks
Gaoler: Michael Mears
Magistrate: Philip Anthony
Carpenter: John Baddeley
Shahrazad's Father: Simon Carter
Repeated on 22nd April 1995

24th July 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Dramatised by Penny Leicester
Two itinerant workers who struggle to sustain their dream in the golden valleys of California.
Director Richard Wortley
George: Peter Whitman
Lennie: Kerry Shale
Candy: Harry Towb
Slim: James Aubrey
Crooks: Colin McFarlane
Curley: Nicholas Murchie
Curley's wife: Roberta Sausville
Carlson: David Holt
Whit: Matthew Morgan
Boss: Eric Allan
First broadcast on 9th November 1992

24th July 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Deep Purple by Ted Allbeury.
London in the mid 1980s. The fates of a Secret Intelligence Service officer, a Russian defector and a prostitute are all inextricably linked.
Pianist: David Chilton
Director: Tracey Neale
Eddie: Michael Melia
Jacqui: Louise Germaine
Tony: Steve Hodson
David: Dominic Letts
Yahmin: Sandor Eles
Gardner: John Hollis
Foxy: Brian Croucher
Belinsky: Neville Jason
Mason: Philip Anthony
Shaw: John Fleming
Vera Pollard: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Sir Arthur: Colin Pinney
Mary: Teresa Gallagher
Senior Probation Officer: Jillie Meers
Harris: James Taylor
Also with John Evitts, Michael Onslow, Gareth Armstrong, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Oona Beeson

25th July 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Alexander by David Wade.
1 of 6: “I Am Also Alexander". Alexander is used as a pawn in the war between his parents, and is educated by Aristotle.
Please see 18th July 1993 above. Actors not in the first episode:
Alexander: Michael Maloney
Hephaistion: Alex Jennings
Young Hephaistion: Gary King
Aristotle: John Moffatt
Ptolemy: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Philotas: Michael Onslow
Ep3:1/8/93 Ep4:8/8/93 Ep5:15/8/93 Ep6:22/8/93

25th July 1993:
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Musgrave Ritual by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Peter MacKie
Holmes recalls one of his earliest cases, involving a 17th-century ritual in a noble family.
Director Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Reginald Musgrave: Robert Daws
Brunton: David Bannerman
Rachel: Eluned Jones
Sgt Harriss: Michael Kilgarrift
First broadcast 5th February 1992

26th July 1993
14.00 :
Hay Fever by Noel Coward.
The Bliss family are ultra-bohemian and have "weekends". This time they have each invited a guest without telling one another. Result: mayhem!
With an introduction by Sheridan Morley.
Director: Leslie Lawton
Judith Bliss: Judi Dench
David Bliss: Michael Williams
Richard Greatham: Geofrey Palmer
Myra Arundel: Celia Imrie
Jackie Coryton: Patricia Brake
Sandy Tyrell: Christopher Blake
Simon Bliss: Patrick Pearson
Sorel Bliss: Alison Reid
Clara: Patricia Hayes
First broadcast on 26th July 1992

26th July 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Straw by Melissa Murray.
The pressures of working in the Health Service weigh heavily on husband-and-wife GPs David and Eleanor. Their marriage is under strain, but ironically it is David's success rather than failure that proves to be the final straw.
Director Cherry Cookson
David: Stephen Moore
Rosie: Maureen Beattie
Dick: Christopher Godwin
Gina: Teresa Gallagher
Iona: Sian Jenkins
Grace: Jill Graham
Brian: John Webb
Also with Jillie Meers, Philip Anthon , David Holt, John Fleming and Pauline Yates
Repeated on 3rd September 1994

27th July 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Lazy Brien by Gregory Motton.
Brien, too lazy to walk the length of himself, allows his goat to eat him, with surprising results.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Narrated by Kevin Flood.
Lazy Brien: Gerard McSorley
Ma: Margaret D'Arcy
Fat Sumpter: Sheelagh O'Kane
Goat: Brigid Erin Bates
The Farmer: Joe McPartland
Tourist 1: Sean Caffrey
Tourist 2: Amanda Maguire

28th July 1993
12.25-13.00 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
5 of 8: A surprise revelation has Jack Brotherhood backtracking to Magnus Pym 's National Service days. And "Mr Canterbury" recalls an unexpected reunion with an old friend....
Please see 30th June 1993 above.
Actors not in first episode:
Axel: Jack Klaf
Major Membury: Frederick Jaeger
Sabina: Edita Brychta
Young Magnus: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Mrs Membury: Patricia Garwood
Kate: Natasha Pyne
Nicholson :: Steve Hodson
Kaufmann: Christopher Rowe
Czech refugee: Peter Majer
Ep6:4/8/93 Ep7:11/8/93 Ep8:18/8/93

28th July 1993
14.00 :
Prisoners and Captives: The Garden Girls by Jacqueline Holborough.
An open prison in high summer -where fresh air and gardening are a poor substitute for real freedom.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Bins: Beverley Hills
Aggie: Pauline Letts
Jock: Maggie McCarthy
Mary: Maureen O'Brien
Dog: Sophie Thompson
Repeated 27th July 1994

29th July 1993
14.00 :
The Life Class by Harry Quinn and Colin Douglas.
Heather and Fraser meet for the first time outside school in the out-patients' clinic of their local hospital. Over the next year of treatment, Heather gently teaches Fraser to cope with the reality he has been trying so hard to avoid....
Director Hamish Wilson
Fraser: Tom Smith
Heather: Wendy Seager
Nurse: Monica Gibb
Receptionist/Secretary/Patient: Mamie Stirling
Teacherl /Doclor: Finlay McLean
Repeated 1st May 1995
Further repeated 22nd November 1997
[Wendy Seager won the 1994 Sony Award for Best Radio Actress for this performance.]

29th July 1993
23.00 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: The Ninth Pedestal. Adapted by Colin Haydn Evans
A prince inherits eight priceless statues. But the ninth is missing, and will equal the value of all the others, and more besides...
Music: Sue Harris and Steafan Hannigan
Director Nigel Bryant
King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Prince Zain: James Telfer
Moubarak: John Baddeley
Genie: Steve Hodson
Maysun: Teresa Gallagher
Repeated 29th April 1995

31st July 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Invitation to the Waltz, by Rosamond Lehmann. Dramatised by Michael Voysey
Olivia has accepted an invitation to her first dance. But now she realises what she has let herself in for....
Music: Mike Steer
Director Jane Morgan
Olivia: Angela Pleasence
Kate: Marian Diamond
James: Rusty Livingstone
Mrs Curtis: Monica Grey
Mr Curtis: Robert Trotter
Uncle Oswald: Patrick Troughton
Lace Girl: Karen Archer
Reginald: David Timson
Marigold -: Valerie Sarruf
Lady Spencer: Maxine Audley
Rolo: Simon Cadell
Archie: Michael Cochrane
Etty: Joanna Dunham
Tony Herriot: Martin Jarvis
Dolly: Suzan Farmer
Maurice: David Ashtord
Peter Jenkin: Tom Wilkinson
George: Peter Wickham
Timothy Masters: Eric Allan
Sir John Spencer: Peter Williams
First broadcast 24th June 1978
First repeated 25th November 1979
Also see next entry below for a sequel.

31st July 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Weather in the Streets, By Rosamond Lehmann, dramatised By: Elspeth Sandys
Part 1 of 2: An affair with a married man: the secrecy, the acceptance of half a life - how can one settle for that?
Music: Mike Steer
Director Jane Morgan
Olivia: Angela Pleasence
Rollo: Simon Cadell
Etty: Rosalind Ayres
George: Peter Wickham
Lady Mary: Lolly Cockerell
Sir John: John Franklyn Robbins
Anna: Susan Engel
Simon: Jonathan Newth
Colin: Sylvester Morand
Also with Bruce Purchase, Philip Fox and Michael McStay and also cast members of "Invitation to the Waltz"- see above entry on same date.
PART TWO broadcast 2nd August 1993 at 19.45.
Additional cast in Part 2:
Ivor Craig: Tom Wilkinson
Mr Tredeaven: Peter Baldwin
Also with Fred Bryant, Brain Carroll, Eva Stuart, Gregory De Polnay and Roger Hammond
First broadcast (also in two parts) on 16th and 23rd June 1979, both parts repeated 2 days later..
[A production by Hattie Naylor was broadcast in Classic Serial in 2002]

1st August 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Alexander by David Wade.
3 of 6: Preparation of the Sacrifice. Alexander proves his manhood. Philip plans to remarry.
Please see 18th July 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Alexander: Michael Maloney
Hephaistion: Alex Jennings
Antipatros: David March
Demosthenes/Kalas: Malcolm Sinclair
Pamenim: John Rye
Ptolemy: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Philotas: Michael Onslow
Simmias/Demades: John Evitts
Attalos: John Baddeley
The Pythia: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Ep4:8/8/93 Ep5:15/8/93 Ep6:22/8/93

1st August 1993
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Reigate Squires by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Robert Forrest.
Burglary and violent death among the Surrey gentry.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Ispector Forrester: Peter Davison
Mr Cunningham: Roger Hammond
Alec Cunningham: Struan Rodger
Acton: Terence Edmond
First broadcast 12th February 1992

2nd August 1993
14.00 :
Yaxley's Cat by Robert Westall.(1929-1993).
Nothing in Sepp Yaxley 's cottage had been touched since the day he ... disappeared. Not even the Wellingtons by the door. For Rose and her children, a perfect place for a holiday adventure. Until the cat turned up.
Director Nigel Bryant
Rose: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Jane: Susan Mann
Tim: Richard Pearce
Vicar: Jonathan Wyatt
Miss Yaxley: Patience Tomlinson
Nathan Gotobed: Peter Tuddenham
Jack Sydenham: Graham Howes
Shopkeeper/Doctor: Jo Kendall
First broadcast 31st October 1992
[Robert Westall didn't 'discover' cats until he married in 1958 and he and his wife,
Jean, started to keep them. . . he found them so enigmatic.]

2nd August 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Weather in the Streets
by Rosamond Lehmann, Part 2- please see 31st July 1993 above.

2nd August 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: A Prisoner of Dragons by Angela Lanyon.
Sally's life at home with her single mother is not at all happy. But for an under-educated eleven-year old she writes very accomplished fairy stories.
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Sally: Laura Hawkridge
Karen: Carolyn Backhouse
Ms Bostock: Carol Jahme
Gary: Luke Robertson
Simm: Tom Robertson
Louise: Anna Semple
Mrs Williams: Kate Binchy

3rd August 1993
18.30 :
Charity Ends at Home by Colin Watson. Dramatised by Christopher Denys.
1 of 6: Dark deeds in the world of small-town animal charities starts with an inquest.
Director Tony Cliff
Purbright: John Rowe
Sgt Malley/Palgrove: Robin Polley
Mrs Hallam: Tricia Wilcock
Love: Paul Downing
Dr Fergusson/Booker: Russell Dixon
Lucilla Teatime: Ann Rye
Mortimer Hive: Geoffrey Banks
Helen: Kathryn Hunt
Chubb: Graham Roberts
Mrs Palgrove: Rosemary Chamney
For actors in later episodes please see the broadcast date as below.
Ep2:10/8/93 Ep3:17/8/93 Ep4:24/8/93 Ep5:31/8/93 Ep6:7/9/93
First broadcast 20th February 1992
[A "Flaxborough Chronicle" story]

4th August 1993
12.25-13.00 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
6 of 8: Jack Brotherhood continues with his investigations, picking his way through the past life of the missing Magnus Pym.
Please see 30th June 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Magnus Pym: James Fox
Axel: Jack Klaff
Rick: Malcolm Tierney
Belinda: Sally Grace
Young Magnus: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Paul: Gareth Armstrong
Lucy: Rebecca Cullum
Professor: John Carlin
Chairman: Colin Pinney
Colonel: Dominic Letts
Wedding guest: Jilly Meers
Czech border guard: Gertan Klauber
Czech security officer: Peter Majer
Nigel: Royce Mills
Bo Brammel: John Nettleton
Frankel: Alexei Jawdokimov
Ep7:11/8/93 Ep8:18/8/93

4th August 1993
14.00 :
The Way South by Jacqueline Holborough.
Jo, imprisoned for 14 years and now on hunger strike.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Jo: Lynn Farleigh
Casey: Marlene Sidaway
Liam: Colum Convey
Adam: David Goudge
Prisoners played by John Bull, Paul Downing, Ben Onwukwe and Dale Rapley
First broadcast 24th March 1991

5th August 1993
14.00 :
The Funny Side of Love by David Stafford.
Showbiz, eternal triangles and the Eurovision song contest. One wet British August...
The boys in the band: Trevor Allan Davies (Piano), Bobby Worth (Drums), David Stafford (Bass guitar)
Director Marilyn Imrie
June Knight: Deborah Findlay
Gary Knight: Neil McCaul
Charlie: Stephen Ley
Jelly: Geoffrey Durham
Donna: Jill Graham
Damien: John Webb
Kayla: Oona Beeson
Janusc: Trevor Allan Davies
Comic/Attendant: Steve Hodson
Repeated 9th May 1994

5th August 1993
23.00 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: Homza's Dance. Adapted By: Colin Haydn Evans
A hunt for a lost arrow leads prince Ahmed into a magical adventure of sorcery and transformation.
Music: Sue Harris and Steafan Hannigan
Director Nigel Bryant
The King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Ahmed: James Telfer
PeriBanou: Rachel Atkins
Sultan: Philip Anthony
Sorceress: Mary Wimbush
Hussein: Steve Hodson

7th August 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Diplomatic Wives by Louise Page.
When Christine, a "diplomatic wife", is offered a career opportunity of her own, she has a hard choice to make.
Director Marilyn Imrie
Chris Melbourne: Janet Maw
John Melbourne: James Wilby
Libby Webster: Maureen O'Brien
Kit Melbourne: Henry Power
First broadcast 21st September 1992

7th August 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Judas Kiss by Shirley Cooklin
With Ruth's husband facing prison for fraud, a chance meeting with her childhood friend Eva seems a lifeline from the past, but secret jealousies and prison conspiracies make a deadly mixture.
Director: Ned Chaillet
Ruth Fellowes: Brenda Blethyn
Eva Schaft: Morag Hood
Marilyn: Holly Aird
Hal Schaft: Ollver Cotton
Bill Quinn: Steve Hodson
Joe O'Dowd: Dominic Letts
Alex Reeder: David King
Brian Fellowes: Peter Penry Jones
George: John Hartley
Freddie: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Holt: Michael Onslow
Police officer: Terence Edmond
Sandra: Pauline Yates
Irishman: James Telfer
Harley Johnson: Barry J Gordon
Judge: Colin Pinney
Mick Saunders: Gareth Armstrong
Screw: Melvyn Bedford
Con: Chris Gascoigne
Repeated on 23rd July 1994

8th August 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Alexander by David Wade.
4 of 6:
4: The Road to Gordium. Alexander becomes King of Macedon and sets out to conquer the world..
Please see 18th July 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Alexander: Michael Maloney
Hephaistion: Alex Jennings
Darius: Charles Kay
Antipatros: David March
Phdotas: Michael Onslow
Harpalos: Dominic Letts
Perdikkas: Mark Straker
Nabarzanes/Menmon: John Baddeley
Charidemos: Jonathan Adams
Queen of Karia/The Pythia: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Ep5:15/8/93 Ep6:22/8/93

8th August 1993
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Crooked Man by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Bert Coules
An officer of the Royal Mallows is found dead.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Henry Wood: Brian Blessed
Major Murphy: James Greene
Colonel Barclay: Terence Edmond
Nancy Barclay: Ann Windsor
Anne Morrison: Christabelle Dilks
Jane: Joanna Myers
Peter: Nigel Carrington
Barman: Andrew Wincott
Rebel: Amerjit Deu
First broadcast 7th October 1992

9th August 1993
14.00 :
The Facts Speak for Themselves by Mark Leech.
A thumbprint is all that stands between prison and freedom for Robert Holland, but can his barrister find an explanation that will satisfy the jury?
Director Ned Chaillet
Michael Hamilton: Struan Rodger
Robert Holland: Larry Dann
Enyd Davies: Meg Davies
Alan McDonald: Steve Hodson
Valerie Palmer: Kate Binchy
James Langley: Keith Drinkel
Judge McGee: Eric Allan
Paul Bates: Matthew Morgan
Ericjonesll: Philip Anthony
DavidLogan: Nicholas Murchie
Clerk of Court: John Webb
Prison Officer: Jonathan Tafler
Police dispatch: Melanie Hudson
First broadcast 7th November 1992

9th August 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: All the Way to the Empire Room by Tom Paulin.
The Anglo-Irish Conference of 1921 was meant to solve the Irish problem once for all. The outcome was the partition of Ireland ...
Music composed and played by Neil Martin
Director Pam Brighton
David Lloyd George: Karl Johnson
Michael Collins: Sean McGinley
Winston Churchill: Stanley Townsend
Arthur Griffith: Owen Roe
Erskine Childers: Robert O'Mahoney
Frances Stevenson: Eileen Pollock
Lady Hazel Lavery: Susan Slot
Sir James Craig: Ian McElhinney
Sir John Lavery: Dan Gordon
Announcer: Paula McFetridge
Repeated on 5th February 1994

10th August 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: It's Better to Travel by Marianne Carey
Finding the right recipe for romance. Lizzie slaves in the kitchen to spice up her marriage to stick-in-the-mud Ron.
Director Patrick Rayner
Lizzie: Grace Glover
Ron: Andy Gray
Repeated from 11th August 1992

10th August 1993
18.30 :
Charity Ends at Home by Colin Watson. Dramatised by Christopher Denys.
2 of 6: Mortimer Hive begins a new career and reflects on an old one.
Please see 3rd August 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Mr Clay: Peter Wheeler
Palgrove: Robin Polley
Lintz: Dave Bond
Fry: Chris Hargreaves
Ep3:17/8/93 Ep4:24/8/93 Ep5:31/8/93 Ep6:7/9/93

11th August 1993
12.25 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
7 of 8: Mr Canterbury's career in the Service continues to prosper, his every step up the promotional ladder encouraged and "engineered" by Axel.
Please see 30th June 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Axel: Jack Klaf
Rick: Malcolm Tierney
Sabina: Edita Brychta
Wexler: David Healy
Carver: Kerry Shale
Bo Brammel: John Nettleton
Nigel: Royce Mills
Kate: Natasha Pyne
American party guests: Brian Greene
American party guests: Vivienne Rochester

11th August 1993
14.00 :
Cheap in August by Graham Greene. Dramatised by Elizabeth Troop
Bored with her marriage to an American professor, an Englishwoman escapes to the Caribbean on holiday. Searching for romance, she is led towards a most unexpected attraction.
Director Richard Wortley
Mary Watson: Valerie Sarruf
Henry Hickslaughter: Robert Beatty
Charlie Watson: Blain Fairman
Sadie: Sheila Grant
Jeannie: Jennifer Piercey
Old woman: Diana Olsson
Jamaican waiters/Crew cut boys: Paul Gregory, Steven Harrold
Jamaican maid: Victoria Carling
First broadcast 25/11/87
Repeated: 25/6/1988 and 2/6/1991
[Sony Radio Award winner for Best Dramatisation 1988]

12th August 1993
14.00 :
Of Myths and Men by Anthony George.
There's nothing like a relaxing holiday in the sun to forget problems back home - but then Barbra starts to see things and Ken begins to hear voices....
Director Rosemary Watts
The Voice -: Richard Avery
Ken: Jonathan Wyatt
Barbra: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Danny: Richard Pearce
Theo: Andy Hockley
Magfa: Mia Soteriou
Sheila: Nicolette McKenzie
Les: David Holt
Gary: Peter Wynne-Willson
Repeated 8th August 1994

12th August 1993
23.00 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: The Hunchback. Adapted By: Colin Haydn Evans
Few accidents are as bizarre as those that befell the eccentric cast of Shahrazad's tale of the hunchback.
Music: Sue Harris and Steafan Hannigan
Director Nigel Bryant
King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Tailor: Harry Landis
Tailor's wife: Maria Charles
Doctor's wife: Mary Wimbush
Doctor: Philip Anthony
Seamstress: Kate Binchy
Christian: John Baddeley
Watchman: Jonathan Owen
Magistrate: Maurice Denham
Hunchback: Tania Ison

14th August 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Other People's Lives by Marilyn Morris
A woman makes awful discoveries about family and friends when she's laid up with a broken leg and can't escape them.
Director Tony Cliff
Sally: Emily Richard
Andrew: Steve Hodson
Gail: Susan Tracy
Kate: Kathryn Hunt
Brian: Malcolm Raeburn
Elaine: Diane Whitley
First broadcast 27th May 1991

14th August 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Bell by Vincent MacInerney.
James Ellis is Detective Inspector Crust on the trail of one of the bridge bells saved during the sinking of the Titanic. Tarrant, a psychotic criminal, is also determined to lay his hands on it.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
D I Crust: James Ellis
Elizabeth: Teresa Gallagher
Tarrant: Eric Allan
Fr Kennedy: Peter Caffrey
Minty: Bill Monks
Mrs Moran: June Barrie
Dicky Bird: William Eedle
Eileen: Sue Jenkins
Gringod: Gerry Hinks
Mitz: Melinda Walker
Jim Rawson: Sion Probert
George: Derek Hicks

15th August 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Alexander by David Wade.
5 of 6: The Hunt of the God King. Alexander pursues Darius, conquers Egypt and falls in love with Barsine.
Please refer to 18th July 1993 above.
Actors who did not appear in the first episode:
Alexander: Michael Maloney
Hephaistion: Alex Jennings
Darius: Charles Kay
Parmenion: John Rye
Philip: Sean Barrett
Ptolemy: Julian Rhind-Tun
Philotas: Michael Onslow
Pertakkas: Mark Straker
Eumenes: James Telfer
Simmias: John Evitts
Barsine: Teresa Gallagher
Sisygambis: Diana Payan
Thais: Rachel Atkins
The Eunuch: Richard Pearce

15th August 1993
Tolstoy - At War and Peace. compiled by Michael Bakewell.
1 of 7: When Did I Begin to Be?
Please refer to first episode broadcast in 1993, Episode 7. at 6th January 1993 above.
Actors who did not appear in episode seven:
Young Tolstoy: Nicholas Farrell
Aunt Toinette: Elizabeth Kelly
Natasha Rostov: Petra Markham
Nicholas Rostov: David Goudge
Prince Andrei: Nigel Carrington
Prince Bolkonsky: Peter Penry Jones
Blind story teller: John Baddeley
Ep2:22/8/93 Ep3:29/8/93 Ep4:5/9/93 Ep5:12/9/93 Ep6:19/9/93 Ep7:26/9/93

15th August 1993
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Resident Patient by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Peter Ling
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Dr Trevelyan: Clarence Smith
Alfred Blessington: Robert Lang
Count Orlovsky: David Kossoff
Stefan Orlovsky: George Winter
Inspector Banner: Eric Allan
Maria: Adjoa Andoh
Lady of the Night: Siriol Jenkins
First broadcast 14/10/92
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008

16th August 1993
14.00 :
Tiger! Tiger! by Alfred Bester. Dramatised by Ivan Benbrook.
Gulliver Foyle survives abandonment in space to create vengeful havoc...
Music: Gary Yershon
Director: Andy Jordan
Gully Foyle: Alun Armstrong
Joseph: Tony Church
Jisbella McQueen: Lesley Manville
Robin Wednesday: Siobhan Redmond
Olivia Presteign: Miranda Richardson
Presteign: Andrew Hilton
Saul Dagenham: Brett Usher
Regis Sheffield: Christopher Ashley
Cpt Y'ang Yeovil: Steve Hodson
Sigurd/Robot: John Telfer
Harley Baker: Terence Edmond
Forrest/Bunny: Davld Bannerman
Moira: Petra Markham
Sgt Logan: Eric Allan
Repeated from 14th September 1991

16th August 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: A Woman of Judah by Ronald Frame.
In a small town in Dorset in the 1930s, a young lawyer finds himself defending the doctor's wife on a charge of scandalous behaviour.
Director Patrick Rayner
Pendlebury: Peter Barkworth
Pendlebury's younger self: James Telfer
Mrs Davies: Ruth Gemmel
Dr Davies: Dominic Letts
Lettice: Rachel Atkins
Mr Botterel: John Baddeley
Mr Fishlock: Philip Anthony
Mr Gilbey: Colin Pinney
Maid: Teresa Gallagher
Hoyle: David Thorpe
Eldrich: Michael Onslow
Repeated 20th August 1994

17th August 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Lore of the Barnacle by Nest Entwistle.
Pete sells seashells in a loud voice. The new mayor urges him to enter the "prestigious" town crier competition.
Director Richard Wortley
Pete, the Shellman: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Gerda, the Donkey Girl: Alice Arnold
Demosthenes: Steve Hodson
The Mayor: Philip Anthony
Ice Cream Woman: Diana Payan
Boatman: Michael Onslow
Punch and Judy Man: John Evitts

17th August 1993
18.30 :
Charity Ends at Home by Colin Watson. Dramatised by Christopher Denys.
3 of 6: Body number two turns up, head down in a wishing well.
Please see 3rd August 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Fly: Chris Hargreaves
Pook: Peter Rylands
Helen: Kathryn Hunt
Ep4:24/8/93 Ep5:31/8/93 Ep6:7/9/93

18th August 1993
12.25-13.00 :
A Perfect Spy by John le Carre. Adapted by Rene Basilico.
8 of 8: The secrets within his secret life have been stripped away one by one, and at last Magnus Pym , a "perfect spy", is free.
Please see 30th June 1993 above.
Actors not in part one:
Bo Brammel: John Nettleton
Nigel: Royce Mills
Kate: Natasha Pyne
Domey: Barry J Gordon
Police Superintendent/Mountjoy: Sean Arnold
First Soldier: Paterson Joseph
Second Soldier: Desmond Askew
Sergeant: Sean Baker

18th August 1993
14.00 :
Excuse My Dust by Ayshe Raif.
1932 - Dorothy Parker holds court at the Algonquin Hotel. Meanwhile her dog, Robinson, gives the inside story.
Director Claire Grove
Robinson, the dog: Mike McShane
Dorothy Parker: Kate Harper
John Clayton: Eric Loren
Mildred: Diana Payan
Gloria: Jill Graham
Fred: James Telfer
Peggy: Mia Soteriou
Bernie: Steven Crossley
Reporter: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Repeated 20th July 1994

19th August 1993
14.00 :
A Red Car in the Fountain by Philip Corker.
Inspector George Wright, a man with a rational answer to everything, confronts a mystery which doesn't seem to have any answers.
Director Andy Jordan
Insp George Wright: David Ryall
Mary Wright: Diana Coupland
Foster: Christian Rodska
Jean: Polly March
Margaret: Judy Holt
Police Chief: Brett Usher
Carol: Melanie Hudson
TV Reporter: David Beames
Driver: Anthony Donovan
PC/Mr Barnes: Neil Roberts
Newsreader: Judith Sidney
Repeated from 30th April 1992

19th August 1993
23.00 :
Tales from the Arabian Nights: The Dream of Baba Abdullah. Adapted By: Colin Haydn Evans.
In a last attempt to save her life, Shahrazad invites the king not merely to hear the final story but to enter it with her - or return alone.
Music: Sue Harris and Steafan Hannigan Director Nigel Bryant
The King: Derek Jacobi
Shahrazad: Carolyn Backhouse
Baba Abdullah: Daniel Strauss
Dervish: Geoffrey Banks

21st August 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Mermaid Sandwich by Phil Willmott.
Henry creates children's books featuring Molly the Mermaid, but when a real-life woman emerges from the sea, she threatens his relationship with his friend and business partner, Mark.
Director Richard Wortley
Henry: Andrew Wincott
Mark: Charles Simpson
Caroline: Emma Fielding
Sophie: Joanna Myers
Storyteller: Tessa Worsley
Repeated from 17th August 1992

21st August 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Death Against the Odds by Michael McStay
Two murders in one night cause Coleman and Astor to lose some sleep and long for the days when sheep-rustling was the worst crime on their patch.
Director: Jane Morgan
Inspector Coleman: Stephen Thorne
Sergeant Astor: Joe Dunlop
PC Young: Peter Gunn
Sir Harry Kelso: James Warwick
Lady Penelope Kelso: Phyllis Logan
Margaret Coleman: Diana Bishop
Dr Calderside: Pauline Yates
Superintendent Macauley: John Fleming
Nancy Farrell: Elaine Collins
Annette Grainger: Morag Hood
Mr Cooper: John Webb

21st August 1993
Boogie Up the River by Mark Wallington
Mark Wallington and his mongrel Boogie set off to find the true source of the Thames.
1 of 6: I'll See You on Tower Pier at Eleven.
Producer Caroline Leddy
Narrator/Mark Wallington: Timothy Spall
Jennifer Conway: Carla Menoonca
Michael: Gary Parker
PA: Ainslie Foster
Fiddy: Jon Glover
Dorio/Boat guide: Mark Straker
Pensioner: John Church
Douglas: David Holt
Marsha: Melanie Hudson
Mrs Matheson: Ann Windsor
Boogie: Ronald Herdman
Actors in later episodes- please see the episode broadcast date below.
Ep2:28/8/93 Ep3:4/9/93 Ep4:11/9/93 Ep5:18/9/93 Ep6:25/9/93
Series first broadcast commencing 17th December 1992
First episode broadcast in 1993 was Episode 4 on 7th January 1993- see above.

22nd August 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Alexander by David Wade.
6 of 6: Alexander confronts treachery, conquers India and reaches the end of the span allotted by the fates. ,
Please see 18th July 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Alexander: Michael Maloney
Hephaistion: Alex Jennings
Ptolemy: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Philotas: Michael Onslow
Perdikkas: Mark Straker
Bagoas: Matthew Sim
Aristander: Philip Anthony
Krateros: David Thorpe
Simmas/Kleitos: John Evitts
Kalas: Malcolm Sinclair
Kallisthenes: Jonathan Adams
Oxyartes: John Hollis
Kalanos/Ambhi: Renu Setna
Page: James Telfer
The Fates: Rachel Atkins, Jill Graham, Diana Payan

22nd August 1993
Tolstoy - At War and Peace. Compiled by Michael Bakewell.
2 of 7: The Hero of My Tale Is Truth.
Please see the first episode broadcast in 1993, episode 7, on 6th January 1993, above.
Actors not in episode seven:
Young Tolstoy: Nicholas Farrell
Marya Tolstoy: Mellnda Walker
Pierre: Alan Barker
Prince Andrei: Nigel Carrington
Nicholas Rostov: David Goudge
Nekrasov: Peter Penry Jones
General Wolf: Garrard Green
Turgenev: Geoffrey Whitehead
Paneyev: John Baddeley
Ep3:29/8/93 Ep4:5/9/93 Ep5:12/9/93 Ep6:19/9/93 Ep7:26/9/93

23rd August 1993
14.00 :
Charlie Muffin by Brian Freemantle. Dramatised by: Geoffrey M Matthews.
Charlie's own department is out to get him and so is the KGB. One way or another Charlie is determined to come out of it alive and rich.
Director: Matthew Walters
Charlie: Philip Jackson
Kalenin: Sandor Eles
Willoughby: Peter Howell
Gunther: David Learner
Snare: Andrew Branch
Harrisson: Stephen Rashbrook
Alexei Berenkov: Peter Woodthorpe
Janet: Marcia King
Wilberforce: Manning Wilson
Cuthbertson: Barrie Cookson
Ruttgers: Don Fellows
Keys: John Church
Brayley: Richard Durden
Edith: Jennifer Piercey
First broadcast on 5th July 1986.
Repeated 7th July 1986, 24th August 1991.

23rd August 1993
The Monday Play: The Chicago Conspiracy Trial, dramatised from the 23,000 page trial transcripts by Peter Goodchild
Twenty-five years ago, the streets of Chicago erupted into violent confrontation between police and demonstrators. There followed one of the most bizarre trials in American legal history.
American producer Susan Albert Lowenberg
Directed by Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis
A BBC/Los Angeles Theatre Works/WFMT Coproduction
Judge Hoffman: George Murdoch
Thomas Foran: Gary Houston
Richard Schultz: Tom Amandes
William Kunstler: Mike Nussbaum
Leonard Weinglass: Jeff Still
Bobby Seale: E Milton Wheeler
Tom Hayden: Kevin Gudahl
David Dellinger: Tony Mockus
Abbte Hoffman: David Schwimmer
Allen Ginsberg: Richard Fire
Pierson/Frapolly: Andrew White
Mayor Daley/Marshall: George Czarnecki
Deputy Mayor Stahl: Ron West
Kristi King/Linda Morse: Christine Dunford
Mrs Peterson / Clerk: Peggy Roeder
Spectators: Brian McChristian, Chet Grissom, Michael Quaintance, Jonathan F McClain, Dayna Worland, Carl Coash, Tangy Harper
In addition to actors playing the parts, also the real voices of:
Lawyers: Thomas Foran and William Kunstler
Defendants: David Dellinger, Tom Hayden and Bobby Seale
Juror: Jean Fritz
Historian: John Schultz
Journalist: Studs Terkel
Witness: Allen Ginsberg
Also Margie Fritz-Birch
Repeated 19th December 1994
[Recorded in the studios of WFMT Chicago. ]

24th August 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Sun Sessions by Thomas McLaughlin.
Peter is a privileged young student who yearns to walk on the wild side....
Saw music played by Henry Dagg
Director Pam Brighton
Jeanie: Jacqueline Magowan
Peter: Michael Gregory
Finn: Tim Loane
Fruitse?er: B J Hogg
Preacher: John Hewitt
Peter's Mother: Maureen Dow
Sammy Elvis: Thomas McLaughlin

25th August 1993
12.25 :
Men Of Intelligence by Peter Kerry.
1 of 6: The Defector. London 1960.
Ballet dancer Jan Petrowski wants to defect. MI5 wants to help him, MI6 wants to send him back. Kate Phillips, translator for the MI5/MI6 liaison department, hasn't the faintest idea what she should do. Smiley's People was never like this....
Producer Lissa Evans
Kate: Harriet Thorpe
Sir Stephen: John Wells
Sir Donald: Donald Pickering
Michael: Douglas Hodge
Edward: William Vandyck
The Interrogator: Gordon Reid
Jan Petrowski: Christopher Rozycki
Actors in later episodes and the episode they first appeared in:
Simon: David Holt(2)
Lucinda: Maria Gough(2)
Schulz/Weber: John Church(3)
Solly: Peter Kerry(3)
German spyl driver: David Holt(4)
Dopey: Jo Unwin(4)
Doc: Keith Drinkel(4)
Pilot/electrician: John Fleming(4)
Harold Wiison/Landlord: Alistair McGowan(5)
Mrs Beck: Jill Graham(5)
George Burton: James Grout(6)
Madam: Linda Polan(6)
Ep2:1/9/93 Ep3:8/9/93 Ep4:15/9/93 Ep5:22/9/93 Ep6:29/9/93

25th August 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Years is Pearl by Sheila Goff.
On board the Azure Dolphin.
Producer David Hunter
Douglas: James Grout
Sam: James Greene
Vivien: Sheila Reid
Jack: Ivor Roberts
Neil: Jamie Garven
Ken: William Ingram
Rhona: Lawmary Champion
Eileen: Stevie Parry
Repeated 6th July 1994

26th August 1993
14.00 :
Ring of Roses by Nick Stafford.
1665. Plague sweeps London, and three feisty women live by their wits in the city.
Director Claire Grove
Martha: Mona Hammond
Sarah: Adjoa Andoh
Frances: Linda Dobell
Percy: Steve Hodson
Duchamp: David Holt
Rebecca: Melanie Hudson
Vincent: Terence Edmond
Kate: Jill Graham
Employer: Jillie Meers
Thomas: Jonathan Adams
Jabez: Matthew Morgan
Saul Smith: James Telfer
Poor Relief Officer: John Fleming
Repeated 17th April 1995

26th August 1993
23.00 :
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Dramatised By: Michael Bakewell
1 of 5: The passengers are all assembled, but one of them is destined not to complete the journey....
Pianist Michael Haslam
Director Enyd Williams
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt
Monsieur Bouc: Andre Maranne
Mr Ratchett: Joss Ackland
Princess Dragomiroff: Sian Phillips
Mrs Hubbard: Sylvia Syms
Miss Debenham: Francesca Annis
Masterman: Desmond Llewelyn
Pierre Michel: Frank Windsor
Also with with Kevork Malikyan and Vic Tablian
Actors in later episodes and the episode they first appeared in:
MacQueen: James Telfer(2)
Dr Constantine: Peter Polycarpou(2)
Miss Ohlsson: Kate Binchy (3)
Count Andrenyi: David Thorpe(3)
Countess Andrenyi: Siriol Jenkins(3)
Colonel Arbuthnot: Stephen Hodson(3)
Hardman: John Church(3)
Foscarelli: Frank Coda(4)
Fraulein Schmidt: Linda Polan(4)
Ep2:2/9/93 Ep3:9/9/93 Ep4:16/9/93 Ep5:23/9/93
Series was first broadcast commencing 28/12/92
First episode broadcast in 1993 was Episode 5 on 1st January 1993.

28th August 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: At Sea on Inya Lake by Guy Slater.
Ben, a successful journalist, returns to Burma to search not just for a story but for his past.
Music Anthea Gomez
Director Sue Wilson
Ben: Ralph Fiennes
Sally Win Maung: Samantha Bond
Ted: Philip Anthony
Anna/Sando: Jill Graham
Philip: Kenneth Gilbert
Simon/Bo Zan: David Holt
Tin Oo/Driver: Richard Rees
Min Sein/Narrator: John Webb
Ko Kyin/Officer: Kwong Loke
Repeated from 14th Deceber 1992

28th August 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Battle of San Remo by Royce Ryton.
Italy, 1888: for Queen Victoria's eldest child Vicky the fight is on -for her husband's life and Europe.
Director Enyd Williams
Vicky: Anna Massey
Fritz: John Baddeley
Moretta: Oona Beeson
Bertie: John Hartley
Willy: James Telfer
Sandro: David Thorpe
Count Seckendorf: John Evitts
Countess Bruhl: Pauline Yates
Sir Morell Mackenzie: Gordon Reid
Dr Gerhardt: Peter Wickham
Dr Schmidt: Stephen Hodson
Dr Brinkman: Barry J Gordon
Repeated on 8th October 1994

28th August 1993
23.30 :
Boogie Up the River by Mark Wallington
2 of 6: Sonning. I'll Definitely Meet You in Sonning. Mark and his mongrel Boogie come face-to-face with a colourful assortment of river dwellers - engine-powered and otherwise.
Please see 21st August 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Lock keeper: Terence Edmond
Kevin: Rod Smith
Rita/Christine Jill Graham
Graveyard woman: Ann Windsor
Delia Smith/Sandra: Melinda Walker
Cruiser man: John Fleming
Landlord John: John Church
Fisherman: Jonathan Adams
Ep3:4/9/93 Ep4:11/9/93 Ep5:18/9/93 Ep6:25/9/93

29th August 1993
Classic Serial: Tono-Bungay by H G Wells. Dramatised by Nigel Gearing.
1 of 3: George's childhood in idyllic Kent is brought to an abrupt halt.
Director Claire Grove
George: Paul Keating
Uncle Teddy: James Laurenson
Aunt Susan: Diane Bull
Mrs Ponderevo: Anny Tobin
Lady Drew: Pauline Yates
Beatrice: Oona Beeson
Archie: Sam Crane
Uncle Nicodemus: David Cann
Miss Fison: Jillie Meers
Mrs Mackridge: Diana Payan
Rabbits: John Evitts
Miss SomerviUe: Rachel Atkins
Jeremiah: David Thwaites
Ruck: Colin Pinney
Actors in later episodes:
George: Neil Dudgeon(2)
Marion: Jacquetta May(2)
College registrar: Steve Hodson(2)
Mr Ramboat: James Taylor(2)
Smithie: Vivienne Rochester(2)
Sidney/Captain: James Telfer(2)
Effie/Nurse: Geraldine Fitzgerald(2)
Beatrice: Clare Holman(3)
Cotkope: Steve Hodson(3)
Lady Osprey: Jillie Meers(3)
Part 2:5/9/93 Part 3:12/9/93
All episodes repeated five days later

29th August 1993
15.30 :
Tolstoy - At War and Peace, by Tolstoy, Compiled by Michael Bakewell
3 of 7: Artificial Nightingales
Director Rosemary Hart
Count Leo Tolstoy: Norman Rodway
Young Tolstoy: Nicholas Farrell
Sasha Tolstoy: Alice Arnold
Sergei Tolstoy: Alan Barker
Marya Tolstoy: Melinda Walker
Turgenev: Geoffrey Whitehead
Alexandrine: Rosalie Crutchley
Fet: David King
Masha: Victoria Carling
Nekrasov: Peter Penry Jones
Countess: Elizabeth Kelly
Prince Andrei: Nigel Carrington
Reader: John Rowe
First broadcast 9th December 1992

30th August 1993
14.00 :
A Fake's Progress by Shaun Prendergast.
A musical. The life of Justin de Villeneuve.
Music Justin de Villeneuve, Martin Christy, Hal Lindes and Mark Thwaite
Director Adrian Bean
Justin de Villneuve: Roger Daltrey
Twiggy: Sophie Lawrence
Himself: Shaun Prendergast
Glyn/TV presenter/ViBan: John Church
Barbara Thorburn/Sue Woods/Jan: Jane Dolamore
Ken Russell/Bernie Ecclestone/Nigel Dempster: Keith Drinkel
Joe Shomfield/Chef: John Fleming
Johnny Carson/Dr Rock/Uncle Gilbert: Peter Penry Jones
Tim Hardin/Vidal Sassoon/Tommy Roberts: David Learner
KY Gordon/Kevin: Matthew Sim
Sophisticated lady/Judy: Melinda Walker
Schoolgirl/Model: Kerry Ann White
Twiggy's mum/Air stewardess: Ann Windsor
Repeated from 29th August 1992

30th August 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare.
Original music: Laurie Scott Baker
Director: Jane Dauncey
Benedick: Michael Maloney
Beatrice: Clare Holman
Don Pedro: Stephen Thorne
Donjohn: David Bradley
Claudio: Michael Sheen
Hero: Nicola Goodchild
Leonato: Ivor Roberts
Antonio: Islwyn Morris
Balthasar: Gwyn Vaughan Jones
Conrade: Gareth Owen
Borachio: Brendan Charleson
Friar Francis: Tony Leader
Dogberry: Gerald James
Verges: Ray Llewellyn
Margaret: Ruth Jones
Ursula: Lawmary Champion
Sexton / Watchman: Rhodri Hugh
Watchman: Simon Harris

30th August 1993
23.00 :
You Heard it Here First: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
Series 1, Episode 1.
The earth is unexpectedly destroyed and the great hitch-hike begins.
Special effects by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (Paddy Kingsland)
Technical assistance from Alick Hale-Monro, Lisa Braun and Colin-Duff
Producer: Simon Brett
Book: Peter Jones
Arthur Dent: Simon Jones
Ford Prefect: Geoffrey McGivern
Prosser and Vogan Captain: Bill Wallis
Lady Cynthia Fitzmelon: Jo Kendall
Barman: David Gooderson
For actors in later episodes please see the relevant date.
Ep2:6/9/93 Ep3:13/9/93 Ep4:20/9/93 Ep5:27/9/93 Ep6:4/10/93
The first series was first broadcast commencing 8/3/1978.
The several series have been repeated multiple times.
The first series of six episodes has been named "Primary Phase". The first 12 episodes were named "Fit the First", "...Second" etc.

31st August 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: One of the Family by Zoe Fairbairns adapted by John Petherbridge.
Emily, a 14-year-old would-be novelist, tells of what happens when Taffy, a Welsh Border puppy, erupts into the family home.
Director Glyn Dearman
Taffy: Nathaniel Parker
Emily Sara: Jane Derrick
Hazel: Bernadette Windsor
Maureen: Julie Meers
Alec: Vincent Brimble
Liz: Bonnie Hurren
Vet: Barry J Gordon

31st August 1993
18.30 :
Charity Ends at Home by Colin Watson. Dramatised by Christopher Denys.
5 of 6: Inspector Purbright calls on his old friend Lucilla Teatime.
Please see 3rd August 1993- see above.

1st September 1993
Overspill by Rupert Mallin.
A bacon factory worker falls in love with a student who teaches her a lesson about clashing beliefs.
Director Richard Wortley
Heather: Siriol Jenkins
Billy: Stephen Tompkinson
Grandad: John Church
M arie: Jennifer Piercey
Tom: Eric Allen
Lee: Diana Bishop
Shirley: Kate Binchy
Mike: Peter Gunn
Managing Director: Jonathan Adams
Foreman: Jonathan Tafler
Teacher: Maithew Sim
Narrators: Brett Usher, John Rye

2nd September 1993
14.00 :
Return Ticket by Vince Foxall.
Jack, an OAP and steam train enthusiast, meets Pat, a street-wise teenager at a 60s dance.
Director Sue Wilson
Jack: Peter Vaughan
Pat: Tilly Vosburgh
Grace: Gudrun Ure
Kaz: Penny Layden
Ray: John Hollis
Jean: Elizabeth Kelly
Joan: Ann Windsor
DJ: Nicholas Murchie
Barmaid: Melanie Hudson
Repeated from 21st May 1992

4th September 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Key to My Father's House by Leslie Stewart.
When Saddam Hussein's missiles fall on Jerusalem, the son of a British father and an Arab mother has to decide where his loyalties lie.
Director Philip Martin
George: Ken Colley
Hannah: Francesca Brill
Jamal: Adam Hussein
Hannah: Judy Bennett
George's mother: Gillian Goodman
George's father: Roger Hume
Ben's mother: Susan Mansell
Gerry: Dominic Taylor
Dr Subhi: Graham Padden
Repeated from 2/3/1992

4th September 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Ripples by Maggie Allen.
A man searches for the truth about his daughter's death.
Director Ned Chaillet
Leonard Martin: Kenneth Haigh
Janie Southern: Mary Wimbush
DS Luscombe: Albert Welling
Suzanne Martin: Victoria Carling
Suzanne (as child): Jessica Hodson
Stephen Martin: Nick Dunning
Stephen (as child): Sam Crane
Paul: Crispin Letts
Jake: Gareth Armstrong
Michael Laszlo: James Telfer
Helena: Lucy Aston
Marion Martin: Claire Neilson
Gail: Vivienne Rochester
Mrs Proudfoot: Marianne Morley
Claire: Teresa Gallagher
Terry: Michael Onslow
Repeated on 9th July 1994

4th September 1993
23.30 :
Boogie up the River by Mark Wallington.
3 of 6: See You Outside Boots in Oxford. Where is the enigmatic Jennifer?
Please see 21st August 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Jennifer Conway: Carla Mendonca
PA: Ainslie Foster
Lock keeper: Terence Edmond
Delia Smith/Betty: Melinda Walker
Dorchester lady: Jill Graham
Dorchester man: Ronald Herdmen
Cox: Jonathan Tafler
Ep4:11/9/93 Ep5:18/9/93 Ep6:25/9/93

5th September 1993
15.30 :
Tolstoy-At War and Peace, Compiled by Michael Bakewell from Tolstoy's writings and the words of his family and friends.
4 of 7: In Love ... as Never Before
Director Rosemary Hart
Count Leo Tolstoy: Norman Rodway
Sofya: Anna Massey
Tanya Behrs: Emma Relding
Sergei Tolstoy: Alw Barker
Lyubav Behrs: Elizabeth Kelly
Levin: David Collings
Kitty: Melinda Walker
Natasha Rostov: Petra Markham
Daragon: Peter Penry Jones
Reader: John Rowe
First broadcast 16/12/1992

6th September 1993
14.00 :
Road to Munich by Douglas Livingstone.
It's nearly 40 years since Roy last saw Mickey Batty and he'd have been happy never to see him again. They're both on their way to the October bierfest, though with very different reasons for going and with different ideas of having a good time.
Director Jane Morgan
Mickey: Nicky Henson
Roy: David Collings
Herman: John Fleming
Greta: Pauline Letts
jean: Anne Carroll
Vilma: Sheila Reid
Young Mickey: Ross Livingstone
Young Roy: Matthew Sim
Young Jean: Federay Holmes
Also with Jonathan Adams, Jill Graham, Melanie Hudson, Peter Penry Jones, Nicholas Murchie, Jonathan Tafler, Julian Rhind Tutt and Ann Windsor.
Repeated from 12th September 1992

6th September 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: New Routes by Peter Terson.
Freddie takes a winter let on a cottage in the Lake District.
Director Philip Martin
Freddie: Simon Carter
Diggory: David Streames
Pete: Peter Meakin
Kate: Jackie Smith-Wood
Nell: Hedli Niklaus
MacFinon/ Vicar: Roger Hume
Megan: Marian Kemmer
Tricia/ Mavis: Susan Hannah

6th September 1993
23.00 :
You Heard it Here First: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Based on the book by Douglas Adams.
Series 1, Episode 2: Arthur Dent faces a hopeless choice.
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
Please see 30th August 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Martin: Stephen Moore
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey
Trillion: Susan Sheridan
Vogon Captain: Bill Wallis
Vogon Guard/ Computer: David Tate
Computer: David Tate
Ep3:13/9/93 Ep4:20/9/93 Ep5:27/9/93 Ep6:4/10/93

7th September 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Have a Nice Day By Rod Beacham.
Simon returns from holiday and finds everything at work, from personnel to paperwork, is different.
Director Matthew Walters
Simon: Brian Miller
Erica/Jean: Kate Binchy
Security man: David Learner
Norman/Bobby: Peter Gunn
Helen/Mother: Theresa Streatfeild
Milsom: Rod Beacham
Repeated from 14th April 1992

7th September 1993
18.30 :
Charity Ends at Home by Colin Watson. Dramatised by Christopher Denys.
6 of 6: Mortimer Hive enters the lion's den.
Please see 3rd August 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Pook: Peter Rylands
Doreen: Tricia Wilcock
Jacinda: Kathryn Hunt
Mr day: Peter Wheeler
Fry: Chris Hargreaves

8th September 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Six Napoloeons by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Bert Coules
All over London plaster busts of Bonaparte are being smashed. The work of a lunatic, perhaps. Or is there method in the madness?
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Lestrade: Donald Gee
Lucretia: Federay Holmes
Inspector: Eric Allan
Harker: Peter Penry Jones
Beppo: James Telfer
Brown/Gelder: David Holt
Venucci/Harding: John Church
Pietro/Stock: Matthew Morgan
Hudson/Sandeford: John Fleming
Repeated on 26th April 1995

9th September 1993
10.00 :
Cautionary Tales from the French Countryside: The Magic Potion by Judy Leather.
Alcoholic Melvin works as a barman in a fashionable English pub in Normandy. If only he can mix the right cocktail, all his dreams will come true.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Eve: Ingrio Wessler
Melvin: Steve Hodson
Jack: Christian Rodska
Stall holder: Francoise La Gaillarde

9th Septeber 1993
14.00 :
Gilbert and George Go to Seaview by Andy Rashleigh.
Two elderly brothers try to mend an old feud with a special holiday, and spread a little happiness on the way.
Director Tony Cliff
Gilbert: Leonard Fenton
George: John Hollis
Eric: Russell Dixon
Brian: John Griffin
Doris: Judith Davis
Karen: Kathryn Hunt

11th September 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: A Cruel Madness by Colin Thubron.
A nightmare quest begins when Daniel Pashley recognises a woman in the mental hospital where he teaches as a doctor.
Director John Theocharis
Pashley: Robert Glenister
Sophia: Harriet Walter
McQuitty: Jonathan Adams
Nisbet: Keith Drinkel
Orgill: David Bannerman
Psychiatrist: Peter Penry Jones
Mother: Joanna Wake
Compere: Mark Straker
Patient: Terence Edmond
Boy: Neil Roberts
Repeated from 18th May 1992

11th September 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Contraband by John Fletcher.
Pursuing smugglers down the Ridgeway, a troop of hussars are drawn into a dark and deadly plot.
Music Martin Allcock and Simon Nicol
Director Nigel Bryant
Captain Reynolds: John Nettles
Ibanda: Adjoa Andoh
Sergeant: Stephen Tomlin
Lukins: Jonathan Wyatt
Bown: David Holt
Viggars: David Stevens
Jack: Richard Pearce
Anna: Janet Dale
Lord Shelborne: Roger Hume
Macendrick: John Telfer
Also with Gerry Hinks, Judy Bridgland, Andy Hockley, Simon Carter and Jonathan Milton
Repeated on 16th July 1994

11th September 1993
23.30 :
Boogie up the River by Mark Wallington ,
4 of 6: A Curry at Kelmscot.
Repeated from 7th January 1993 - please see above.

12th September 1993
15.30 :
Tolstoy - At War and Peace compiled by Michael Bakewell from Tolstoy's writings and the words of his family and friends. 5 of 7: Clinging to the Branch
Director Rosemary Hart
Count Leo Tolstoy: Norman Rodway
Sofya Tolstoy: Anna Massey
Tatyana Tolstoy: Victoria Carling
Sergei Tolstoy: Alan Barker
Tanya Behrs: Emma Fielding
Illya Tolstoy: David Collings
Turgenev: Geoffrey Whitehead
Anna Karenina: Alice Arnold
Tchaikovsky: Peter Penry Jones
Reader: John Rowe

13th September 1993
Larry the Lamb by Peter Thomson based on stories by Franz Kafka.
When Larry turns up at an audition saying he's a hunger artist, Johnny Johnson forgets the talking dog and knows he's struck gold.
Director: Jane Morgan
Larry: Samuel West
Johnny Johnson: Barry Foster
Mary: Carolyn Backhouse
June: Alice Arnold
Beeder Barkng: James Grout
Alphonse: Matthew Sim
Also with Keith Drinkel, Terence Edmond, Peter Gunn, David Learner, Matthew Morgan, Alison Reid, Theresa Streatfeild, Melinda Walker, John Webb
Repeated from 16th November 1992

13th September 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Change by Mike Dorrell.
1850: Catherine rejects marriage in favour of religion. But when she is powerfully attracted to a Mormon preacher who comes to her village, she learns about the doctrine of polygamy.
Violin Iolo Jones
Director: Jane Dauncey
Maplin: Brian Hibbard
Catherine: Helen Griffin
Ruth: Menna Trussler
Ifan: Huw Ceredig
Peg: Julia Dearden
Pritchard: Mike Povey
Palmyra: Valerie Colgan
William: William Roberts
David: Gary Llewellyn
Huw: Winston Evans
Iaon: Stephen Attwell
Repeated 10th September 1994

13th September 1993
23.00 :
You Heard It Here First: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
Series 1, Episode 3: Arthur Dent and his companions face a missile attack.
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
Please see 30th August 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Slartibartfast: Richard Vernon
Marvin: Stephen Moore
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey
Trillian: Susan Sheridan
Computer: David Tate
Ep4:20/9/93 Ep5:27/9/93 Ep6:4/10/93

14th September 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: In Kittiwake by Ted Walker.
A boy in a fishing boat off the coast of Sussex at night.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Jim: Peter Whitman
Betty: Sara Parkland
Pierce: Anthony Jackson
Barry: David Thorpe
Jimmy: Tom Lawrence

15th September 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Three Students. By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Denys Hawthorne.
Holmes has to save the honour of an Oxbridge college.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Hilton Soames: Denys Hawthorne
Bannister: Desmond Llewelyn
Gilchrist: Michael Onslow
Daulat Ras: David Thorpe
Miles McOaren: Matthew Morgan
Repeated 3rd May 1995

16th September 1993
10.00 :
Cautionary Tales from the French Countryside: The Magic Roundabout. by Judy Leather.
The hopes and illusions of the British who have settled in France.
Jack takes advantage of his fellow Brits when it comes to playing the property market.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Jack: Christian Rodska
Phil: Nigel Anthony
Eve: Ingrid Wessler
Danny: Bill Wallis
Melvin: Steve Hodson

16th September 1993
14.00 :
The Paradise Machine by Paul Thain.
Mary Godwin is employed to oversee the launch of a virtual reality product system.
Director Andy Jordan
Mary Godwin: Elizabeth Mansfield
Amy Godwin: Miranda Thain
Arnie Goldhom: William Hope
Patrick Cunningham: Jonathan Adams
Werner Gallwitz: Vincent Grass
Marcel Corbier: Pavel Douglas
Dr Cole: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Michael Adam: Michael Drew
Reg Marmaduke: Alan Moore
Melvin: John Telfer
Marilyn Monroe: Debbie Arnold
Repeated on 28th July 1994

18th September 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Birth Machine by Elizabeth Baines.
Zelda's labour is to be induced by a wonderful new machine. As things go wrong, Zelda's imagination takes over.
Director: Michael Fox
Zelda: Barbara Marten
Roland: Robert Pickavance
Prof Quirk: David Fleeshman
Mother: Sue Jenkins
Father: John Branwell
Houseman: Bryan Reynolds
Nursing Sister: Clare Beck
Hilary: Jane Hazelgrove
Rick: Mark Chatterton
Arleen: Kathryn Hunt
Staff Nurse: Kay Purcell
Child Zelda: Laura Medforth
Annie: Natalie Casey
Charlie: Robert Curley
Repeated from 17th February 1992

18th September 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: A Park in St Petersburg by John Antrobus.
Director Adrian Bean
Peter Pratt: John Gordon Sinclair
Olga: Joanna Kanska
George: Nigel Anthony
Admiral: Hilary Minster
Wendy: Hetty Baynes
Aeroflot ManlFarouk: John Baddeley
Receptionist/Waiter/Stranger: Steve Hodson
Ivan/Inmate: Dominic Letts
Aeroflot woman/young girl: Teresa Gallagher
Frank: John Antrobus
Repeated on 17th September 1994

18th September 1993
23.30 :
Boogie up the River by Mark Wallington.
Episode 5 - Repeated from 14th January 1993 - please see above.

19th September 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: The Barchester Chronicles: The Small House at Allington by Anthony Trollope. Dramatised by Martyn Wade.
1 of 4: Lily Dale, is the impoverished niece of the squire of Allington. She is loved by Johnny Eames, yet rejects him in favour of Adolphus Crosbie.
Director Cherry Cookson
Adolphus Crosbie: Alex Jennings
Lily Dale: Julia Ford
John Eames: Jamie Glover
Squire Dale: Richard Vernon
Mrs Oak/ Mrs Dale: Brenda Blethyn
Bell Dale: Lesley Sharp
Bernard Dale: Jeremy Clyde
Dr Crofts: Dominic Letts
Mrs Roper: Diana Payan
Amelia Roper: Rachel Atkins
Joseph Cradell: David Thorpe
Lupex: Steve Hodson
Mrs Lupex: Jillie Meers
Miss Spruce/Lady de Courcy: Lala Lloyd
Jemima: Pauline Yates
Actors in later episodes:
Lord de Guest: John Evitts(2)
Lord de Courcy/ Vicar: Philip Anthony(2)
Lady Alexandrine: Geraldine Fitzgerald(2)
Ep2:26/9/93 Ep3:3/10/93 Ep4:10/10/93
All episodes were repeated five days later.
Also repeated commencing 20th July 1997

19th September 1993
15.30 :
Tolstoy - At War and Peace. Compiled by Michael Bakewell from Tolstoy's writings.
6 of 7: My Unhappy Family
Director Rosemary Hart
Count Leo Tolstoy: Norman Rodway
Sofya Tolstoy: Anna Massey
Sasha Tolstoy: Alice Arnold
Ilya Tolstoy: David Collings
Leon Tolstoy: Dwid Goudge
Alexandrine: Rosalie Crutchley
Fet: David King
Chertkov: Nigel Carrington
Pozdnyshev: Nicholas Farrell
Anne Seuron: Melinda Walker
Reader: John Rowe
Repeated from 30th December 1992.

20th September 1993
14.00 :
The Pledge (1958) by Friedrich Durrenmatt (1921-1990).
Repeated from 25th January 1993 - please see above.

20th September 1993
19.45 :
The Soldier Moves by Mike McGrath.
Mona falls in love with a black British Army officer serving in Ulster. She contrives to meet at her uncle's cottage, but the suicide of a local girl intervenes.
Director Michael Fox
Major Oliver Miyatti: Hugh Quarshie
Mona: Claudia McNulty
Lt Ian Keogh: Lorcan Cranitch
Lt Hugh Cassidy: Simon Treves
Emilia: Kathryn Hunt
Benice: Deborah McAndrew

20th September 1993
23.00 :
You Heard it Here First: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Based on the book by Douglas Adams.
Series 1, Episode 4: It has been revealed to Arthur Dent that the earth has been built by the Magratheans and run by mice.
Please see 30th August 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Producer: Geoffrey Perkins
Slartibartfast: Richard Vernon
Ford Prefect and Deep Thought: Geoffrey McGivern
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey
Trillian: Susan Sheridan
Majikthise and Cheer leader: Jonathan Adams
Vroomfondle/Shooty: James Broadbent
First Computer Programmer/ Bang-Bang/ PA Voice: Ray Hassett
Second Computer Programmer/ Archive Voice: Jeremy Browne
Frankie Mouse: Peter Hawkins
Benjy Mouse: David Tate
Ep5:27/9/93 Ep6:4/10/93

21st September 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Whatever It Takes by Tracey Ashton.
With parents who can't remember her name, Grace finds life in a wardrobe preferable to life in the outside world.
Director Kate Rowland
Grace: Jacqueline Defferary
Jane: Denise Black
Carol: Margaret Robertson
George: John Guerrasio

22nd September 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Golden Pince-Nez by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dramatised By: Peter Ling.
Too many cigarettes help Holmes to expose an act of devastating cruelty and betrayal.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Professor Coram: Maurice Denham
The Strange Lady: Maureen O'Brien
Inspector Hopkins: Andrew Wincott
Mrs Marker: Linda Polan
Susan Tarlton: Federay Holmes
Constable Langdon: James Telfer
Repeated on 6th July 1996

23rd September 1993
10.00 :
Cautionary Tales from the French Countryside: The Magic Spectre by Judy Leather.
Danny, a British ex-mercenary, identifies a badly burnt young French girl with Joan of Arc.
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Danny: Bill Wallis
Joanne: Nathalie Koska
Phil: Nigel Anthony
Eve: Ingrid Wessler
Jack: Christian Rodska
Viv: Melinda Walker

23rd September 1993
14.00 :
Betrayers by Rib Davis.
Esteban is granted a temporary visa to stay in Britain. When it expires he must choose between returning to face death or staying as an illegal immigrant.
Director Philip Martin
Esteban: Michael Maloney
Beatrice: Anna Capaldi
Mike: Michael Hadley
Ewart/O'Brien: Graham Padden
Omar: Adam Hussein
Ahmed: Marcus Fernando
Luis/Interrogator: Eliud Porras
Shirley: Sunny Ormonde

25th September 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: A Bit of Berlin by Howard Wakeling.
Has Berlin changed with the collapse of the Wall?
Director Janet Whitaker
Vic Wits: James Grout
Barbara Willis: Rowena Cooper
Mark/Young Vic: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Janet: Federay Holmes
Dieter: Walter van Dyk
Anna: Maggie McCarthy
Old Man: Heinz Bernard
Bobby: Nicholas Murchie
Herbert: David Holt
Repeated from 28th September 1992

25th September 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: One Day at a Time
by Anna Clemence Mews
A compulsive gambler is just as much an addict as the drug-taker or alcoholic; and their families are often the last to know.
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
Clive: David Bannerman
Emily: Carolyn Backhouse
Ian/Frank: Bill Wallis
Miles: Steve Hodson
Gilly: Melinda Walker
Nurse: Ingrid Wiseman
Mrs Berkinshaw: June Barrie
Robin/Jimmie: Christian Rodska
Repeated on 30th July 1994

25th September 1993.
23.30 :
Boogie up the River by Mark Wallington
6 of 6. Repeated from 21/1/1993- please see above.

26th September 1993
15.30 :
Tolstoy - At War and Peace, Compiled by Michael Bakewell.
7 of 7: They are Tearing Me to Pieces.
Repeated from 6/1/1993- please see above.

27th September 1993
14.00 :
The Glamour by Christopher Priest.
Repeated from 12th April 1993 - Please see above.

27th September 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Rejoice by David Howard.
When Jack bumps into Tod, an ex-army buddy from the Falklands War, it seems to be a coincidence. But is it? And what exactly is the well-paid job that Tod offers him in his "organisation"?
Director Richard Wortley
Jack Baxter: Peter Gunn
Carole Baxter: Tilly Vosburgh
PeterBaxter: James Beattie
Tod Warren: Neil Dudgeon
Kevin: Gareth Armstrong

27th September 1993
23.00 :
You Heard it Here First: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Written by Douglas Adams, with the assistance of John Lloyd.
Series 1, Episode 5: Arthur Dent and his companions have been cornered by two humane cops who, nevertheless, have left them in a certain death situation.
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
Please see 30th August 1993 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Garkbit/Zarquon: Anthony Sharp
Compere: Roy Hudd
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey
Trillion: Susan Sheridan
Martin: Stephen Moore

28th September 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Daughter of the Sea by David Calcutt.
Adapted from traditional sources
A seal leaves the ocean and turns into a woman. Ishmael falls hopelessly in love. She agrees to marry him - on one condition...
Seal-woman's song by Sue Harris
Director: Nigel Bryant
Old Woman: Mary Wimbush
Girl: Susan Mann
Ishmael: Stephen Tomlin
Seal-woman: Moir Leslie
Noah: Jonathan Wyatt
Jacob: Gerry Hinks

29th September 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Three-Quarter. by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Roger Danes.
On the eve of the Oxford v Cambridge rugby football match, a vital player disappears.
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Dr Armstrong: Peter Jeffrey
Overton: Robert Portal
Lord Mount-James: Peter Howell
Staunton: Matthew Morgan
Clerk: Siriol Jenkins
Porter: Philip Anthony
Hewitt: Steve Hodson
Repeated 13th July 1996
[Genome incorrectly lists this episode as "The Missing Time-Quarter"- corrected above.]
[The character name Hewitt was obtained by listening to the end credits]
[A Holmes rarity- the other BBC radio production was by David Davis (6 May 1955). There was also a silent 1923 film.]

30th September 1993
10.00 :
Naked Nuns (1975) by Colin Watson (1920-1983). Dramatised by Christopher Denys.
Part 1 of 6.
Is someone white-slaving nuns? If they're nude how do you know they're members of an order?
Director Tony Cliff
Inspector Purbright: John Rowe
Sergeant Love: Paul Downing
Mrs Hatch: Patricia Wilcock
Baxter/Pook: Peter Rylands
Mrs Spain: Judith Davies
Lucy Teatime: Ann Rye
Councillor Crispin: Finetime Fontayne
Amis: Daniel Coll
Hatch: Harry Kirkham
Chubb: Geoffrey Banks
Tudor: David Fleeshman
Cast in later episodes and their first episode:
Joxy: Robin Polley(3)
Julian: Michael Duggan(3)
Bernard: Joseph Alessi(3)
Peg: Kathryn Hunt(4)
Beryl: Sally Whittaker(4)
Hyacinth: Cathryn Hunt(5)
Janice: Sally Whittaker(5)
Part2:7/10/93 Part3:14/10/93 Part4:21/10/93 Part5:28/10/93 Part6:4/11/93
[In America the book title was "Six Nuns and a Shotgun"]
[Inspector Purbright began his Radio 4 adventures on 9/10/71 with the play "Bump in the night"]
[On TV, Inspector Purbright appeared in "Murder most English"]

30th September 1993
14.00 :
A Great Gulf Fixed by Jonathan Myerson.
"There aren't any villains on the Padmore, just bored kids without jobs turning into thugs...."
Director Alison Hindell
Geoff: Richard Elfyn
Willis: Brian Hibbard
Old: Brendan Charleson
Donna: Cecilia Noble
Russell: Ronan Vibert
Jamal: Treva Etienne
Radley: Erica Eirian
Cavin: Simon Ludders
Tez: Clarence Smith
Chief Super: Andrew Neil
Marty: George Bascombe
Ben: Ashley Walters
Gavin's Mum: Lawmary Champion
Qasim: Lyndam Gregory
Repeated 10th October 1994 and 20th July 1995.

30th September 1993:
23.00 :
Soho Nights by Bernard Kops.
Part 1 of 5: 1956. In the big world is the Suez crisis, but Simon is about to run away to Soho.
Director Alan Drury
Simon: Ronan Vibert
Victor: Patrick Toomey
Sarah: Federay Holmes
Ivka: Fenella Fielding
Roy: John Watts
Louis: David Bannerman
Imogen: Melinda Walker
Tom: Steve Hodson
Yankyl: Jeffrey Segal
Boston: Chris Gilbert
Lily: Anne Beach
Leonard: Johathan Adams
Also with Peter Acre
Actors in later parts and their first episode:
Dolores: Kate Binchy(2)
Werner: John Watts(3)
Bailiff: Ian Ratcliffe(4)
Part2:7/10/93 Part3:14/10/93 Part4:21/10/93 Part5:28/10/93

2nd October 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Gondal by Martyn Wade.
The life of Emily Bronte and Gondal, her epic fantasy world set on a Pacific island from which the ideas for Wuthering Heights evolved.
Music: Elizabeth Parker
Director Cherry Cookson
Augusta: Diana Quick
Emily: Janet Maw
Lord Eldred: John Rowe
Fernando: Nathaniel Parker
Alfred: Clive Francis
Tabitha: Linda Polan
Also with With John Webb, Jillie Meers and Siriol Jenkins
[The Gondal of Anne and Emily was placed in the North Pacific and is unrelated to the real Indian Gondal. The prose has gone, only poems and scraps remain

2nd October 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Will and Testament by Bill Lyons.
A moderately unhappily married couple, and a girl fed up with looking after a sick mother - what on earth can a hit-man want with them?
Director Jane Morgan
Hit man: Leslie Grantham
Derek: Steve Hodson
Sandra: Frances Jeater
Sophie: Sarah-Jane Holm
Will Lavender: Keith Drinkel
Repeated 6th August 1994

4th October 1993
14.00 :
Roland's Afterlife by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001).
Roland's search for salvation leads to some strange encounters.
Director Glyn Dearman
Roland: Derek Fowlds
Lorraine: Melinda Walker
HidR(?): Sheila Hancock
Guy: Richard Vernon
Leonoski: David March
Nerdieff: Robert Eddison
Sir Fingle Cameron: Henry Stamper
Canon Clutterbuck: Eric Allen
Dr Shaw: Irene Sutcliffe
Truscott: Alan Barker
The Bishop: Peter Penry Jones
Mrs Denbigh: Ann Windsor
Cordoba: Andrew Wincott
Empoli: Colin McFarlane
Edgehill: Fraser Kerr
Bas-Rhinc(?): Brett Usher
Lola: Joanna Myers
Woman: Theresa Streatfeild
Repeated from 25th January 1992

4th October 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Holus Bolus by Steve Walker.
Graham Baffner offers Mr Placketts the opportunity not to be himself.
Music: Neil Brand
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Baffner: Richard E Grant
Mme Cherepovets etc: Irene Sutcliffe
Placketts: Peter Woodthorpe
Cherepovets: Harry Towb
Ossert Chinery: Hugh Ross
Carol: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Cruttendon etc: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Parisienne etc: Oona Beeson
Giles etc: James Telfer
Smolensk etc: Barry J Gordon
Melnikov: John Baddeley
Maxie: John Evitts
[Holus Bolus = all at once]

4th October 1993
23.00 :
You Heard it Here First: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.
Series 1, Episode 6 (of 6 episodes). Will the Ultimate Question be discovered? (The answer is 42.)
Producer Geoffrey Perkins
Please see 30th August 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Zaphod Beeblebrox: Mark Wing-Davey
Trillian: Susan Sheridan
Marvin: Stephen Moore
Captain of the 'B' Ark: David Jason
Number One/Management Consultant: Jonathan Cecil
Number Two/Hairdresser: Aubrey Woods
The Marketing Girl: Beth Porter

5th October 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Footsie Put by Jess Curtis.
Rosie has a flutter on the Stock Exchange. The race is on to win the jackpot with the help of her gambling granny.
Director Claire Grove
Rosie: Siriol Jenkins
Jo: Sandra James Young
Nan: Sheila Burrell
Vicar: Barry J Gordon
Coles: Philip Anthony
Nigel: David Thorpe
Luke: Jullan Rhind-Tutt
Nora: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Peter Bromley: Peter Bromley

6th October 1993
Any Bloke by Gary Brown.
Series 1, Episode 1 of 6: Demand and Supply. Phil and Sarah have it all worked out. He's a supply teacher, she stays at home with their daughter Sophie. But if Sarah decides to accept the offer of an exciting new job, changes will have to be made.
Producer: Ann Jobson
Phil: Jim Sweeney
Sarah: Caroline Quentin
Fay: Shirley Stelfox
Liam: Steve Steen
Gerald: Lloyd Peters
Gavin: Paul Clarkson
Sophie: Nadine Ballantyne
Tai Ch'i Instructor/ Tracey's Dad: Jim Barclay
Mrs Grainger: Jilly Meers
Kath: Rachel Atkins
Actors in later parts and their first appearance:
Edna: Yvonne Edgell(2)
Brenda: Toni Palmer(2)
Carol: Melanie Hudson(2)
Stacey/Melanie: Kim Barry(2)
Martha: Rebecca Front(3)
Sam: Ben Brown(3)
Ray: Gary Brown(5)
Doctor: Tony Hawks(6)
Lisa Forman: Geraldine Fitzgerald(6)
Also with Mark Straker(3), David Thorpe(5)
Ep2:13/10/93 Ep3:20/10/93 Ep4:27/10/93 Ep5:3/11/93 Ep6:10/11/93
[Series 1 repeated commencing 30/9/1995]
[Series 2 commenced 12/7/1995 and was repeated commencing 13/1/98]

6th October 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Abbey Grange by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Robert Forrest.
Who killed Sir Eustace Brackenstall , one of the richest men in Kent? Holmes finds the answer in the bottom of a bottle of wine.
Violinist: Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Chve Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Lady Brackenstall: Penny Downie
Insp Hopkins: Andrew Wincott
Sir Eustace: Steve Hodson
Theresa: Kate Binchy
Croker/Old Randall: Philip Anthony
His sons: Nicholas Murchie
His sons: Julian Rhind-Tutt
Repeated 20th July 1996

7th October 1993
14.00 :
The Mysterious Mansion by Honore de Balzac. Dramatised by Peter Mackie.
The grisly tale that lies behind the ruin of La Grande Breteche.
Director David Hunter
Balzac: David Calder
Jean: Dorien Thomas
Faillard: Dillwyn Owen
Mde Faillard: Tessa Gearing
Gendarme/Gorenflot: Christopher Grimes
Rosalie: Marilyn Le Conte
DeMerret: Nigel Carrington
Mde de Merret: Manon Edwards
Duvivier: Alan Towner
Repeated 10th June 1994

9th October 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Whale Music by Anthony Minghella (1954-2008).
Caroline, pregnant by one of her two boyfriends, escapes to her seaside birthplace, taking a room in Stella's flat. Then Fran, an old schoolfriend, comes back into her life and Kate arrives with D, her young pupil and lover.
Songs by Anthony Minghella, arranged by Barrington Pheloung
Director Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Birmingham
Caroline: Juliet Stevenson
Stella: Jill Gascoine
Kate: Alison Steadman
Fran: Theresa Streatfield
D: Anna Lindup
Sheilagh O'Brien: Pauline Letts
Nurse/Waitress: Jane Leonard
Veronica/ Mrs Fitzgerald: Jenny Funnell
Staff Nurse: Natasha Pyne
Vocalist: Sarah Jane Morris
First broadcast 21/10/1985, repeated 27/10/85
[Juliet Stevenson appeared in a number of Minghella's plays and films.]

9th October 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Whee'oss by R E T Lamb.
Every May Day in Padstow, Cornwall, the hobby-horses dance again through the streets.
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Lois: Carolyn Backhouse
Rick: Charles Simpson
Lyn: Jenny Funnel
Benj: Richard Pearce
Mum: June Barrie
Colin: Christian Rodska
Gail: Judy Laister
Also with Sophie Goodchild and Sam Bond

9th October 1993
23.30 :
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky
Part 2 of 6, repeated from 4th February 1993, please see above.

11th October 1993
14.00 :
Touching the Rock by John M Hull. Dramatised by Jane Coles.
An account of the experience of blindness.
Piano: Stuart Hutchinson.
Director Matthew Walters.
John: Denis Lill
Marilyn: Rosalind Thomas
Mother: Madge Ryan
Father: Jonathan Adams
Thomas/Sue: Sue Sheridan
Lizzie/Alice: Melinda Walker
Alec: John Fleming
David: Michael Roberts
Creswell: John Webb
Thug/ Whistler: David Holt
Fairy-tale reader: Siriol Jenkins
First broadcast 24/10/1992
[There was also a tv program with the same title, same subject, broadcast in 1991, produced by Michael Burke and Maggie Sutcliffe]

11th October 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Independent Voice by Gary Mitchell.
The situation in Belfast and the efforts of two idealistic young men to set up a community newspaper.
Director Pam Brighton
Ken Carter: Tim Loane
Larry Simpson: Dan Gordon
Betty Simpson: Eileen Pollock
Alan: Simon Magill
Angela: Paula McFetridge
Bobby Mac: Lalor Roddy
Lisa: Emma Jordan
Mr Harris: Mark Mulholland
Davy: Bj Hogg
Mrs White: Maureen Dow
Simon: Michael Gregory
Policeman: John Hewitt
Kyle Simpson: Michael Lyons
Repeated on 23rd May 1994

12th October 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Glass by Tim Jackson.
Relationships are fragile ... like glass. Julie should know.
Director Vanessa Whitburn
Julie: Julia Hills
Terry: Kim Durham
Elsie: Jillie Meers
Sally: Beverley Hills
Gill: Rachel Lindsay
Grandma: Gillian Goodman
Grandad/Doctor: Roger Hume
Desmond/ Spanish Doctor: George Rossi
Spanish Waiter/American Doctor/ Uncle Jack: Terry Molloy

13th October 1993
14.00 :
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: The Second Stain by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: Bert Coules.
The loss of a letter vital to the security of the country brings a visit to Baker Street from the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Prime Minister: David March
Right Hon Trelawney Hope, MP: Jeremy Clyde
Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope: Sabina Franklyn
Mrs Hudson: Joan Matheson
Inspector Lestrade: Donald Gee
Eduardo Lucas: Keith Drinkel
Mitton, Lucas' valet: James Telfer
Annie Baxter: Melanie Hudson
Mrs Pringle: Jill Graham
Constable Barrett: Matthew Morgan
Fenton, the butler: John Fleming
Repeated 27th July 1996

14th October 1993
14.00 :
The Black Dolls by Eduardo Manet. Translated by David Zane Mairowitz.
Summer 1955: a young man moves to New York. Night after night in his rundown apartment house a violin plays Ravel's Kaddish -the Jewish prayer for the dead.
Director Anne Edyvean
Narrator: John Guerassio
Jacob: Jonathan Tafler
Father: John Baddeley
Father: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Helga: Diana Payan
Ludwig: Jonathan Adams

16th October 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Allan's Horse by Marilyn Morris.
A woman fighting with her sister-in-law for her brother's affections.
Director: Tony Cliff
Allan: Richard Pearce
Kathleen: Barbara Marten
Louise: Brionie Pritchard
Robert: Stuart Richman
Mr Payne: Peter Rylands
Mason: Malcolm Raeburn
May Banks: Jane Lowe
Repeated from 7th September 1992

16th October 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Holy Fool by Peter Roberts.
A knight errant sails through a series of adventures. This is the story of William Marshal.
Director Nigel Bryant
John d'Erlee: Michael Williams
William Marshal: William Chubb
Henry II: Garard Green
Henry Fitz Henry: Christopher Scott
Richard Lionheart: Martin Head
Also with Francis Thomson, Susan Jeffrey, Tom Roberts, Simon Carter, Graham Padden and Neal Foster
Repeated on 1st October 1994.
[William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke died in 1219]

16th October 1993
23.30 :
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky
3 of 6 - repeated from 11th February 1993- please see above.

17th October 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: On the Eve (1860) by Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883). Dramatised by Michael Crompton.
Part 1 of 2: Who will Elena fall in love with?
Pianist Pauline Alston
Singer Rosamund Barker
Director Michael Fox
Elena: Amanda Root
Insarov: Philip Franks
Shubin: John Lloyd Fillingham
Bersyenev: Mark Chatterton
Anna: Jane Cox
Nikolai: Russell Dixon
Uvar: Alan Partington
Zoya: Saskia Downes
Fedushka: Keith Clifford
German bully: Martin Oldfield
Also with John Griffin and Stephen Tomlin
Part 2 on 24/10/93
Repeated 16 and 23/6/96
[Original title Nakanune- the BBC do not acknowledge the translation used for this drama.]

18th October 1993
14.00 :
A Season of Clear Shining by Nan Woodhouse.
A Quaker and a Catholic try to reconcile their love and different beliefs in the intolerant world of 17th-century England.
Director Tony Cliff
Peg: Kathryn Hunt
Nathaniel: Neil Roberts
Margaret: Ann Rye
George: Russell Dixon
Priests: David Frederickson and Neville Barber
Justices: Gordon Rowe and Christopher Wilkinson
Repeated from 10th October 1992

18th October 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Lake by Ellen Dryden.
Childhood memories and perhaps something a little more sinister continue to draw Ben Wheeler back to a lake. When a child disappears his obsession provokes suspicion.
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Director Ned Chaillet
Ben Wheeler: James Aubrey
Isobel: Karen Archer
Val: Pauline Yates
Ruth: Frances Jeater
Moonstone: Teresa Gallagher
Chris: Berry Woolgar
Jamie: Nicholas Boulton
Rick: David Thorpe
Rosie: Isabelle Huet
Tom: John Prendergast
Child's voice: Hayley Thomas
Detective Sergeant: Steve Hodson
Constable: Angus Wright
Reporter: Michael Onslow
Mother: Rachel Atkins
Woman at Lake: Lala Lloyd
Man at Lake: James Taylor
Newsreader: Lyndam Gregory
Repeated on 24th September 1994

19th October 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Clutch Control by Dot Rubin.
Mo and Jack are doing driving lessons together. Mo is a liberated single parent, Jack is a bit of a chauvinist. How will they cope with being cooped up together for a week - and will it all be worth it
Director Cherry Cookson
Mo: Sherrie Hewson
Jack: Alex Norton
Mike: Dominic Letts

20th October 1993
Splendid Isolation by Angela Turvey.
When Caroline moves into her flat in Docklands it is the beginning of her new-found independence, but her growing friendship with a cleaner changes everything.
Cellist: Judith Brydon
Director: Claire Grove
Caroline: Oona Beeson
Deborah: Vivienne Rochester
Julia: Pauline Yates
Rachel: Joanna Mays
Luke: Julian Rhind Tutt

21st October 1993
14.00 :
Hair of the Dog by Lesley Davies.
Amy's husband finds himself in the arms of their glamorous next-door neighbour. But why is Amy so calm?
Director Cherry Cookson
Amy: Brenda Blethyn
John: David Horovitch
Susan: Kate Buffery
Grandma: Jill Graham
Mrs Dursky: Diana Payan
Mr Townsend: John Webb
Dr Smith: Barry J Gordon
Children: Gary King and Patrick Rosenfeld

23rd October 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Anacaona by Michele Celeste.
Anacaona is Queen of the peace-loving Tainos on the island of Haiti in 1503. She has never known the curse of hatred, until the Spanish Army comes looking for gold.
Music Mia Soteriou.
Director Michael Fox
Anacaona: Mia Soteriou
Hugeymota: Naomi Wirthner
Guaora: Dhobi Oparei
Old Maid: Isabelle Lucas
Maid: Kay Purcell
Ovando: Wyllie Longmore
Rodrigo: James McMartin
Diego: Malcolm Raeburn
Tona: Joe Speare
Repeated from 7th December 1992

23rd October 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Dangerous Influences by Joe Dunlop.
When the leader of a Christian cult begins recruiting in England, a TV investigative reporter sees his chance for a scoop.
Director Adnan Bean
Paul: Bill Nighy
Kelly: Caroline Strong
Todd: Doug Bradley
Felipo/Eddie/Revivalist: David Healy
Kristen/Nurse: Hilary Derrett
Carol: Nonie Kent
Nancy/Staff Nurse: Teresa Gallagher
Julia: Vivienne Rochester
Magda: Lorelei King
Sally Vicky: Oona Beeson
Mick/Official/Frankie: Clive Hill
Builder: Lyndam Gregory
Det Sgt Shaw/Counsellor: Barry J Gordon
Repeated 15th October 1994

23rd October 1993
23.30 :
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky
4 of 6: Repeated from 18/2/1993- please see above.

24th October 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: On the Eve (1860) by Ivan Turgenev (1818-1883). Dramatised by Michael Crompton.
Part 2 of 2: Insarov's sudden disappearance is bewildering to Elena.
Part 1 was on 17th October 1993 - please see above.
Pianist Pauline Alston
Director Michael Fox
Elena: Amanda Root
Insarov: Philip Franks
Shubin: John Lloyd Fillingham
Bersyenev: Mark Chatterton
Anna: Jane Cox
Nikolai: Russell Dixon
Uvar: Alan Partington
Zoya: Saskia Downes
Fedushka: Keith Clifford
Priest's wife/Old woman: Ann Rye
Kurnatovski: John Griffin
Renditch: Martin Oldfield
Lupoyarov: Stephen Tomlin
Repeated 23/6/96

25th October 1993
14.00 :
Understanding Women by Melissa Murray.
Naomi Wall poisoned three members of her family and disappeared. A researcher, working on a book about crimes committed by women, becomes obsessed by the case.
Director Cherry Cookson
Daphne: Ann Amassey
Bollingham: Gary Waldhorn
Ricky: Siriol Jenkins
Harry: Robert Glenister
Naomi!: Elizabeth Kelly
Ann: Anne Jameson
Val: Theresa Streatfeild
Ben: John Webb
Charles: Peter Penry Jones
Janet: Eva Stuart
Malcolm: Robert Portal
Repeated from 28th March 1992

25th October 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Dark Messiah by Mike Harris
Kenya 1929: at a Methodist mission station tensions develop between the missionaries and the Kikuyu people as the time for female ritual circumcision draws near.
Director Adrian Bean
Mary Campbell: Gudrun Ure
William Stevenson: John Church
Chief Kabut?: Don Warrington
Sarah: Vivienne Rochester
Reverendjohnstone: George Harris
Benjamin Mbugwa: Sidney Cole
Grandmother: Jeillo Edwards
Virginia: Pauline Yates
Kikuyu mother: Heather Emmanuel
Joseph Kang'ethe: Colin McFarlane
Indian lawyer: Lyndam Gregory
Policeman: David Thorpe
District Officer: James Taylor

26th October 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Let Me Help by Tony Mulholland.
Patricia breaks down on the motorway. Timothy offers help. The simple ingredients of a terrible dilemma.
Director Nigel Bryant
Patricia: Lucy Tregear
Graham: Crawford Logan
Timothy: Gerry Hinks
Jennifer: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Magda: Gillian Goodman

26th October 1993
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
1 of 6: repeated from 25th March 1993- please see above.

27th October 1993
14.00 :
The Best That Money Can Buy by Ronnie Smith.
Pianist Michael Haslam
Director Enyd Williams
Yvonne: Frances Jeater
Doug Hendrix: Bob Sherman
Det Insp Tommy Lambert: John Baddeley
Hal Weissen: Ed Bishop
Ronnie Banks: James Taylor
Jacko: Stephen Hodson
Sir George Spiers: Colin Pinney
Chief Supt Bray: Philip Anthony
Detective Schuk: Dominic Letts
Det Sgt Bowdrey: David Thorpe
Doc Carson: John Evitts
Ratso Reece: Gareth Armstrong
Weissen's secretary: Teresa Gallagher
Repeated on 20th April 1994

28th October 1993
14.00 :
Becoming Carmen by Arnold Evans.
Nesta thinks romance only happens in books until she meets a real opera star and is thrust into the limelight herself.
Director Alison Hindell
Nesta: Victoria Pluckneh
Gareth: Laurence Allan
Richard: Andrew Wincott
Joanna: Lesley Rooney
Sir Lawrence: Stephen Thorne
Receptionist: Geraint Morgan

30th October 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Operation Lightning Pegasus by Alick Rowe.
Repeated from 30th January 1993.- please see above.

30th October 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Hallowe'en Party by Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell.
When a schoolgirl is found murdered at a Hallowe'en party, Ariadne Oliver sends for her old friend Hercule Poirot.
Director: Enyd Williams
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt
Ariadne Oliver: Stephanie Cole
Judith Butler: Alexandra Bastedo
Miranda Butler: Sian Jenkins
Rowena Drake: June Barry
Michael Garfield: Gareth Armstrong
Spence: James Taylor
Elspeth: Auriol Smith
Miss Whittaker: Amanda Murray
Miss Emlyn: Petra Davies
Mrs Leaman: Paula Jacobs
Mrs Goodbody: Lala Lloyd
Mrs Minden: Katherine Parr
Fullerton: Colin Pinney
Mrs Reynolds: Rachel Atkins
Leopold Reynolds: Sam Crane
Joyce Reynolds: Sophia Nemeth
Ann Reynolds: Vivienne Rochester
Nicholas: Nicholas Boulton
Desmond: Peter Kenny
Repeated 4th November 1995.

31st October 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles, Dramatised by Fredenck Bradnum.
1 of 3: On a wild day in 1867 Charles Smithson sees a woman gazing out to sea in Lyme Regis. Their lives are to become obsessively intertwined.
Pianist Mary Nash.
Soloist Elizabeth Mansfield
Director Janet Whitaker
Sarah Woodruff: Amanda Redman
Charles Smithson: David Threlfall
Writer: Norman Rodway
Ernestina: Teresa Gallagher
Sam Farrow: Jason Flemyng
Mrs Poulteney: Margaret Courtenay
Aunt Tranter: Jill Graham
Mrs Fairley: Jillie Meers
Doctor Grogan: Steve Hodson
Mary: Oona Beeson
Farmer/Aubrey: Barry J Gordon
Actors not in episode one:
Prostitute: Tilly Vosburgh(2)
Ernest Freeman: John Baddeley(2)
Rossetti: Michael Cochrane(3)
Mrs Endicott: Geraldine Fitzgerald(3)
Harry Montague: John Fleming(3)
Betty-Anne: Rachel Atkins(3)
Ep2:7/11/93 Ep3:14/11/93
Episodes repeated five days later.
Also Repeated commencing 5/7/96

1st November 1993
14.00 :
The Seven Per Cent Solution by Nicholas Meyer, Dramatised by Denny Martin Flinn.
Repeated from 9th January 1993- please see above.

1st November 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Seagull by Anton Chekhov (1860-1904). Adapted by Martyn Wade.
A country estate in Russia.
Music: specially composed by Elisabeth Parker - Radiophonic Workshop
Director Cherry Cookson
Madame Arkadina: Diana Quick
Trigorin: Alex Jennings
Constantin: Robert Glenister
Nina: Helena Bonham Carter
Masha: Kate Buffery
Dom: Edward Petherbridge
Sorin: Richard Pearson
Medvedenko: Nicholas Boulton
Paulina: Frances Jeater
Shamrayev: Colin Pinney
Repeated on BBC Radio 3 on 23rd February 1997

2nd November 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: The Man in the Brown Coat by Alasdair Campbell.
Only recently arrived on a remote Scottish island, Samuel and his wife expect a few curious visitors to their home. But they haven't bargained for the man in the brown coat.
Director Marion Nancarrow
Samuel: Peter Kelly
Man in the Brown Coat: Roy Hanlon
Patrick/Agent: Michael Deacon
Wife: Geraldine Rtzgerald
John Allan: Tom Cotcher
Also broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1995

2nd November 1993
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym. Dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
2 of 6: Repeated from 1/4/93- please see above.

3rd November 1993
14.00 :
Black Velvet by Tony Ramsay.
17th century. When young Master Richard forces servant girl Annie to play at being the mistress of Thoresby Hall, there are disastrously claustrophobic consequences.
Director: Janet Whitaker
Annie: Rachel Atkins
Master Richard: Richard Pearce
Uncle: James Taylor
Cousin: Christopher Scott
Repeated 13/9/95 and 21/3/98

4th November 1993
14.00 :
James Johnson's Story by Jolyon Maugham.
Undertaker James Johnson gets regular custom when gunslinger Joe Moran is hired to clean up Union City.
Director David Hunter
James Johnson: Garrick Hagon
Joe Moran: James Aubrey
Katherine Kincaid: Barbara Barnes
Elliot Burr: David Healy
Everett Beecher: Peter Whitman
Hurricane Williams: Sidney Cole
Shotgun Collins: John Evitts
Madame Mustache: Jill Graham
Marcus Muller: David Holt
Kid Muller: Teresa Gallagher
Gunter Muller: Julian Rhind Tutt
Repeated 17th October 1994

6th Noveber 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Canterville Ghost (1887) by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900). Dramatised By: Nick McCarty.
Hiram B Otis has bought Cantervilie Chase and is going to move his family into this wonderful old English country house.
Director Hamish Wilson
Sir Simon: Edward Petherbridge
Mrs Otis: Gywneth Guthrie
Stars: Mary Riggans
Stripes: Eileen McCallum
Hiram B Otis: Angus MacInnes
Virginia: Anne-Marie Zola
Washington: Paul Birchard
Lord Bilton/Rev Dampier/Policeman: John Buick
Cheshire/Servant: Anthony Cochrane
Mrs Umney/Lady Kenelm: Rose McBain
Lord Canterville/Stationmaster: Raymond Ross
Mary/Lady Sinclair: Pene Herman Smith
Annie/Lady Cheshire: Au Walton
Repeated from 31st December 1992

6th November 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Sympathy for the Devil by Angus Graham Campbell.
Eton: Schoolboy J.K. Stephen was a sporting hero there during the 1870s. But a modern-day Etonian becomes convinced that J.K.S. and his friend, Prince Edward, Duke of Clarence, committed the Jack the Ripper murders.
Director: Richard Wortley
J.K. Stephen: Nicholas Boulton
Prince Edward: Jonathan Cullen
Michael Ryder: Dominic Letts
Casper Bowring: Oliver Milburn
Roland Bowring: Geoffrey Whitehead
Julia Bowring: Frances Jeater
Luke Ashley: Daniel Philpott
Mr Ashley: Brian Miller
Mrs Ashley: Jillie Meers
Sophie van Hasen: Teresa Gallagher
George van Hasen: Simon Treves
Nancy van Hasen: Pauline Yates
Dr Stanwell: Barry J. Gordon
Henry: Ross Livingstone
Frank: David Thorpe
Will: Gareth Armstrong
Thomas: James Telfer
J.K.S.'s brother: Michael Onslow
[JKS 1859-1892 was tutor to Prince Albert Victor, son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. JKS died in an institution following a head injury.]
[The supposed link with the Ripper was only made in 1972 and was dismissed by 1975.]

8th November 1993
Aumonier's World: Where was Wych Street? by Stacy Aumonier (1887- 1928) Dramatised by Martin Worth .
A pub argument brings the world close to crisis.
Director Matthew Walters
Aumonier: John Baddeley
Gertrude: Oona Beeson
Lows-Parlby: Nicholas Boulton
Vermeer: John Evitts
Meadows: Barry J Gordon
Mrs Dawes: Diana Payan
pyince??: Lyndam Gregory
Orme: Colin Pinney
Pengammon: James Taylor
[The short story Where was Wych Street appeared in "Miss Bracegirdle and others", 1923]
[There were two other productions, by Howard Rose in 1948 and a reading in 1955]

8th November 1993
14.00 :
Gun before Butter by Nicolas Freeling.
Repeated from 16th January 1993- please see above.

8th November 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The 50 Friends of Simon Goberschmitt by Robert Paterson.
Mrs Urquhart has a mystery lodger, a foreign gentleman who gets stacks of mail from all round the world. For three other lodgers, Mr Goberschmitt becomes an obsession.
Director Patrick Rayner
Goberschmitt: Crawford Logan
Mrs Urquhart: Eileen McCallum
Alison: Fiona Bell
Lynn: Louise Ironside
Fiona: Emma Currie
Raymond: David Tennant
Walker: James Bryce
Tutor: Hilary Neville
John: Gordon Munro
Brian: James Murray

9th November 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Cozzy's Last Stand
by Ann Monks.
The indomitable Cozzy will not be moved under any circumstances by the pleadings of Mrs Lawrence from Housing.
Director Kate Rowland
Cozy: Freddie Jones
Mrs Lawrence: Helen Atkinson Wood
Bill: John Lloyd Fillingham
Demonstrator: Martin Oldfield

9th November 1993
18.30 :
Crampton Hodnet: 3 of 6: A Glass of Sherry and a Beano.
Repeated from 8th April 1993, please see above.

10th November 1993
14.00 :
Foreign Girls by Elaine Feinstein (1930-2019).
1 of 3: Immersed in her Cambridge life and preoccupied with her divorce, Lena has almost forgotten her childhood friend, Katya. Then an unexpected letter stirs up memories of their Jewish upbringing in Leicester in the early 1970s.
Director Marion Nancarrow
Katya: Jenny Agutter
Lena: Jennie Stoller
Dr Kuperman: Leonard Fenton
Mrs Kuperman: Doreen Mantle
Janos Kessleman: Sandor Eles
Greta Kessleman: Jill Graham
Graham: David Barrass
Stefan: David Thorpe
Joanie: Elaine Claxton
Porter: Colin Pinney
Miss Bolt: Tina Gray
Undergrad: Vivienne Rochester
Waiter: Lyndham Gregory
Don: Dominic Letts
Part2:17/11/93 Part3:24/11/93
Repeated commencing 22/2/1997

11th November 1993
10.00 :
Unofficial Rosie by Alan McDonald.
Series 1, episode 1 of 6: Down These Mean Streets. Merseyside mother of two Rosie Monaghan is 39 and redundant. So what is she going to do with the rest of her life?
Music composed by Peter Howell
Director Tracey Neale
Rosie: Paula Wilcox
Bob: Dominic Grounsell
Carol: Helen Roberts
Jerry: Christopher Bramwell
Margie: Elizabeth Estensen
Mike: Steve Hodson
Andrew Stephenson: Kim Wall
No further entries for this multi-series storyline will follow below for 1993.
Ep2:18/11/93 Ep3:25/11/93 Ep4:2/12/93 Ep5:9/12/93 Ep6:16/12/93
There were several following series.
This first series was repeated commencing 16/10/95

11th November 1993
14.00 :
After You've Gone by Annie Caulfield.
The story of Layton and Johnstone who topped variety bills in the 1920s and 30s now almost forgotten.
Director Anne Edyvean
Clarence Johnstone: Lenny Henry
Turner Layton: Clarke Peters
Raymonde Sandler: Rachel Joyce
Emma-Lee Layton: Shezwae Powell
Albert Sandler: Steve Hodson
Jamaican soldier: Sidney Cole
Comedian: Barry J Gordon
Page: Michael Onslow
Repeated 26th May 1994

13th November 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: For King and Country by John Wilson.
Passchendaele,.1917: Private Hamp, accused of desertion in the face of the enemy, is to appear before a court-martial. If found guilty he will be sentenced to death.
Mouth organ: Harry Pitch
Director Martin Jenkins
Private Arthur Hamp: Peter Gunn
2nd Lieutenant Hargreaves: Kim Wall
Lieutenant Tom Webb: Crawford Logan
Corporal: Ken Cumberlidge
Guard: Ian Michie
President of the Court-Martial: John Samson
Captain Prescott: Geoffrey Whitehead
Lt at the Court-Martial: Dominic Rickhards
Padre: David Timson
Lieutenant Midgley: Phillp Sully
Captain Fraser: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated from 12th November 1988

13th November 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Crippen
Repeated from 1st May 1993 - please see above.

15th November 1993
12.25-13.00 :
Aumonier's World: A Source of Irritation (1918). by Stacy Aumonier (1877-1928). Dramatised by Martin Worth.
A Suffolk farm hand is snatched away from his turnips to the trenches of the First World War.
Director Matthew Walters
Aumonier: John Baddeley
Sam: Colin Pinney
Aggie: Oona Beeson
Schutz: Dominic Letts
Haussman: James Taylor
Jennings: Michael Onslow
Baines: David Thorpe
Bradshaw: Barry J Gordon

15th November 1993
14.00 :
The Night of Wenceslas by Lionel Davidson. Dramatised by Frederick Bradnum.
Repeated from 2nd January 1993- please see above.

15th November 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Of Rats and Men by Richard Bean.
Experimental psychology labs. A psychologist ends his work with rats and designs an experiment which recreates the social dynamics of the holocaust.
Director Andy Jordan
Professor: Garrick Hagon
Dr Pearce: Anton Lesser
Joe Franklin: Peter Whitman
Shelley Pearce: Teresa Gallagher
Principle: Vincent Marzello
Mary Barton: Gillian Eaton
Narrator: Lewis Hancock
Repeated on 21st January 1995

16th November 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Mrs Danby's Destiny by Elizabeth Wainwright.
Susan Danby came to horoscopes late in life, discovering Dorothea in a magazine while on holiday. She found them amazingly accurate. When her husband and best friend become rather intimate, who else can she turn to?
Director Marion Nancarrow
Susan Danby: Pauline Yates
Julia: Lynda Baron
Greg Danby: James Taylor

16th November 1993
18.30 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym.
4 of 6: Something of the Ridiculous.
Repeated from 15th April 1993- please see above.

17th November 1993
14.00 :
Foreign Girls by Elaine Feinstein (1930-2019).
2 of 3: Lena discovers why Katya so wants to see her. And it's not an altogether comfortable discovery.
Please see 10th November 1993 above.
Actors not in part one:
First don: John Baddeley
Second don: Malcolm Ward
Old woman: Lala Lloyd

18th November 1993
14.00 :
Good Boy by Owen Roe.
Eugene's mother dreamt of him becoming an accordionist, but his wife merely wants him to be normal.
Music performed by Rod McVeigh
Director Pam Brighton
Eugene: Owen Roe
Nora: Michelle Forbes
Doctor: Noelle Brown
Mother: Rosemary Henderson
Father: Des Cave
Prendergast: Sean Campion
Uncle: Dan Gordon
Auntie Vera: Lynn Cahill
Repeated on 12th October 1995
[Rod McVeigh played accordion on the 2001 Paul Brady album "Oh What a World". He played Hammond organ on various albums 1974-2005.]

20th November 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: Young Coleridge by Martyn Wade.
Greta Hall, Keswick, 16 September 1803. The events of one day in the life of the poet Coleridge cause him to reflect on the professional and personal disappointments of recent years.
Director Cherry Cookson
Coleridge: Tom Wilkinson
Southey: Gary Bond
Sara: Jennie Stoller
Hazlitt: Christopher Good
Edith: Narissa Knights
Mary Lovell: Moir Leslie
Asra: Amanda Murray
Mary Evans: Elizabeth Rider
Man/Lovell: Christopher Douglas
Schoolmaster/Landlord: Brian Smith
Hartley: Elizabeth Lindsay
Mrs Fricker: Ellen McIntosh
Repeated 29th October 1984 and on 4th November 1984.
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2007, 2008

20th November 1993
Saturday Night Theatre: The Murder of the Maharajah (1980) by H R F Keating. Dramatised by Neville Teller.
Bhopore, India: 1930. The Maharajah plays one April Fool's joke too many.
Director Matthew Walters
Schoolmaster: Bhasker [Actor's full chosen name].
Maharajah: Zia Mohyeddin
DSP Howard: Sam Dastor
Dewan: Renu Setna
Porgy: Lyndham Gregory
Sir Arthur: Philip Anthony
Michael: Luke Beeson
Dolly: Rachel Atkins
Elaine: Sheila Mitchell
Judy: Dona Beeson
Ram Singh: Amerjit Deu
Frere: Dominic Letts
Morton: Barry J Gordon
Joe: Steve Hodson

21st November 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Riders of the Purple Sage (1912) by Zane Gray (1872-1939). Dramatised by Ed Thomason.
1 of 3: Utah, 1871. Mormon rancher Jane Withersteen is resisting Elder Tull 's attempts to take her and Cottonwoods for himself, when into the picture rides the avenging angel Lassiter.
Music by Trevor Allan Davies
Director Adnan Bean
Jane Withersteen: Shelley Thompson
Lassiter: Stuart Milligan
Bishop Dyer: Nigel Anthony
Elder Tull: William Roberts
Bern Venters: Dominic Letts
Bess: Teresa Gallagher
Flouise (?): Heather Emmanuel
Oldring: Jack Klaff
Hester: Jill Graham
Fay: Oona Beeson
Jacky: John Church
Judkins: John Evitts
Jerry: Keith Drinkel
Rourke: Trevor Allan Davies
Blake: Jonathan Adams
Actor in later episodes:
Mrs Hendry: Kate Binchy(2)
Ep2:28/11/93 Ep3:5/12/93
Each episode was repeated five days later.

22nd November 1993
12.25 :
Aumonier's World: Freddie Finds Himself by Stacy Aumonier, Dramatised by Martin Worth.
Freddie Oppincott is the butt of his family until he suddenly finds his true vocation.
Director Matthew Walters
Aumonier: John Baddeley
Freddie: Jullan Rhind Tutt
Baron: Sandor Eles
Countess: Diana Payan
Olga: Teresa Gallagher
Emma: Oona Beeson
jam(?): Rachel Atkins

22nd November 1993
14.00 :
The Back of the Tiger by Jack Gerson
Dallas 1963: in a downtown bar, Alec McBride learns the truth about the President's murder. From then on he is a marked man.
Director: Peter King
Alec McBride: Martin Cochrane
Marinker: Bob Sherman
Sonia Sandrup: Gaye Baynes
Hayward: Ed Bishop
Clyde Anson: Bruce Boa
Billy Sandrup: Stuart Milligan
Roselli: Gary Waldhorn
Dorrie: Nancy Gair
Schuyler: Tom Hunsinger
Dorfmann: Don Fellows
Senator Newberry: Paul Maxwell
Repeated 15th and 17th March 1986.

22nd November 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Royal Bed by Saunders Lewis (1893-1985). Adapted and translated by Sion Eirian.
Abergwyngregyn 1230: Why does a royal princess risk the whole of Wales for one night of passion?
Singers Gwyn Vaughan Jones, Danny Grehem and Emlyn Gomer.
Director Jane Dauncey
Llewelyn: Hywel Bennett
Siwan: Susan Fleetwood
William de Braose: Adrienne O'Sullivan
Gwilym: Patrick Brennan
(Original play title "Siwan" (1956), also known in English as "The King of England’s Daughter"(1960). Siwan is a form of Joan, she was the daughter of King John of England and lived 1191-1237.)

23rd November 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Rope Burn by Bruce Bedford.
Terry, Sarah and Alan run an outdoor activity centre. An ideal setting for an "accident" to take place ...
Music by Stuart Gordon
Director Andy Jordan
Alan: Robert Glenister
Sarah: Marilyn Le Conte
Terry: Alan Moore
Glenda: Jane Whittenshaw

23rd November 1993
18.30 :
Crampton Hodnet by Barbara Pym.
5 of 6: The Beginning of the End
Repeated from 22nd April 1993 - please see above.

24th November 1993
14.00 :
Foreign Girls by Elaine Feinstein (1930-2019).
3 of 3: Janos's funeral brings the two families together in a way they've never been before.
Kaddish read by Tony Rudolf
Please see 10th November 1993 above.
Actors not in part one:
Miklos Vennady: Philip Sully
Minister/Guard: Dominic Letts
Policeman: Tom Bevan
[In the usage above, Kaddish refers to a mourning prayer exalting God, commencing "Yitgaddal veyitqaddash shmeh rabba"]

25th November 1993
14.00 :
Michelle and the Landlady by Caroline Forbes
A young girl helps her landlady carry out an unusual last request made by a recently deceased lodger.
Director John Tydeman
Michelle: Beverley Hills
Sylvia: Rosemary Leach
Repeated on 9th January 1995

27th November 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Dramatised by John Tydeman
Repeated from 1st January 1993 - please see above.

27th November 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: The Levanter by Eric Ambler. Dramatised by James Pettifer
Michael Howell has rescued his family's firm from nationalisation by co-operating with the new Syrian government. But can he avoid the other political forces that are at work in the Middle East?
Director Ned Chaillet
Michael Howell: Raad Rawi
Salah Ghaled: Adam Hussein
Teresa Malandra: Oona Beeson
Dr Hawa/Mr Hadaya: Nadim Sawalha
Issa: Marc Zuber
Lewis Prescott: Neville Jason
Melanie Hammad: Souad Faress
Frank Edwards: Malcolm Ward
Tewfiq: Hamid Daryael
Touzani: Lyndham Gregory
Israeli officer/ Barley: Ofer Faragi

29th November 1993
12.25 :
Aumonier's World: Funeral March by Stacy Aumonier. Dramatised By: Martin Worth.
Mme Vieninoff is mysterious, alluring and, above all, rich. But where exactly does her money come from?
Director Matthew Walters
Aumonier: John Baddeley
Mme Vieninoff: Fiona Fullerton
Denoyer: Barry J Gordon
Sergei: Dominic Letts
Pilau: Philip Anthony
Yves: Julian Rhindtutt
Taillandier: Steve Hodson
[BBC Genome listings show Aumoniers World as a series of four dramas on Mondays commencing 8/11/93, plus one on Thursday 9/12/93 listed as "last in the series". The stories were not connected and are shown separately in this listing]
[John Baddeley also performed readings of other short stories by Stacy Aumonier].

29th November 1993
14.00 :
Randle's Scandals by Trevor Hoyle.
After an accident in his Lagonda car, Lancashire comedian Frank Randle is admitted to hospital for psychiatric observation. The play follows sessions with his doctor which take Randle right back to his childhood in Wigan.
Director: Tony Cliff
Frank Randle: Keith Clifford
Queenie: Melissa Jane Sinden
Gus Aubrey: Russell Dixon
Peggy: Saskia Downes
Doctor: Malcolm Raeburn
Rhoda Hughes: Julie Corrigan
Arthur Hughes: Richard Pattenden
Tommy: Peter Groves
Brennan: Alan Sykes
John Capstack: John Branwell
H Barnes, Esq: John Jardine
Magistrate: Glyn Morrow
PC Gray: Colin Meredith
Prosecuting counsel: Michael Duggan
Irish PC: James Quinn
Also with Joseph Vickers, Paul Bray, Kelvin Fletcher
[Keith Clifford won the 1993 Sony Radio Award for Best Actor for his performance.]
Repeated from 28th November 1992.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2007, 2009

29th November 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Sweet William by Peter Thomson.
A father and son make a pilgrimage to Stratford, obsessed with finding memorabilia of their beloved Shakespeare.
Director Nigel Bryant
William: Kim Wall
Samuel: Brett Usher
Mrs Freeman: Charlotte West-Oram
Mr H: Christopher Scott
Talbot: Jonathan Tafler
Also With Simon Carter, Francis Thomson, Graham Colclough, Joyce Gibbs, Graham Padden, Jonathan Wyatt and Patience Tomlinson

30th November 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Miss Willmott's Ghost by Stewart Conn.
No one knows about Miss Willmott - except Julia and her sister Clare. Has the past returned to haunt them now that Clare lies deep in a coma?
Singing by pupils of St Margaret's School Edinburgh
Director: Jocelyn Boxall
Miss Willmott: Edith MacArthur
Julia: Louise Ironside
Clare: Helen Smith
Geoff: Kenneth Glenaan
Mother: Monica Gibb
Father: David McKail
Teacher/Nurse: Lucinda Baillie
Ballet master/Doctor/Park keeper: Iain Agnew

30th November 1993
18.30 :
Crampton Hodnet: 6 of 6: The Right True End of Love
Repeated from 29/4/93- please see above.

1st December 1993
14.00 :
Wednesday Afternoon Serial: The Crack
1 of 4: Friday by Tracy Aston.
Edith and Albert are on the run - Edith from the Old Folks' Home and Albert from his family and fast-approaching insanity. Having discovered Albert talking to a dead body in the cathedral gardens, Edith takes him away from the scene and under her wing.
Music by Sense of Sound
Director Kate Rowland
Edith: Patricia Hayes
Albert: Michael Angelis
Dawn: Sunetra Sarker
Eddie: Alan Igbon
George: Tom Williamson
Nm (?): Pauline Fleming
Dolly: Ina Clough
Gusker (?): Jake Abraham
Ep2:8/12/93 Ep3:15/12/93 Ep4:22/12/93
[The four stories were linked but written by different authors]

2nd December 1993
14.00 :
A Second Summer by Elizabeth Wainwright.
Cecile Clement escapes to Normandy for a breathing space from daughter Sophie and the rigours of Paris.
Music by Andy Price
Director Marion Nancarrow
Cecile Clement: Gwen Watford(1927-1994)
Alain Mercier: David Calder
Sophie: Joanna Myers
Augustine: Elizabeth Mansfield
Mme Cochet/Mme Hubert: Barbara Atkinson
M Cochet/Husband: Philip Anthony
Son: William Wortley
Repeated 4th April 1994

4th December 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: London Assurance (1841) by Dion Boucicault [Dionysius Lardner "Dion" Boucicault (Boursiquot) 1820-1890]. Adapted and directed by Sue Wilson.
1840: Sir Harcourt Courtly is preening himself for his conquest of Grace Harkaway. But his son Charles, has his eye on the same prey.
Directed By: Sue Wilson
Sir Harcourt Courtly: Daniel Massey
Lady Gay Spanker: Elizabeth Spriggs
Max Harkaway: Paul Daneman
Grace Harkaway: Samantha Bond
Charles Courtly: Reece Dinsdale
Mark Meddle: Trevor Peacock
Dazzle: Jeremy Northam
Adolphus Spanker: David King
Cool: Nigel Carrington
Pert: Susan Sheridan
Martin: Nicholas Murchie
James: Matthew Sim
Solomon Isaacs: Peter Penry-Jones
Sir Charles Crawford: Sir Michael Hordern
Stage Manager: Ronald Herdman
Repeated from 25th December 1991
[Play originally titled Out of Town]

4th December 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: My Cousin Rachel (1951) by Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989). Dramatised by: Bryony Lavery.
Rachel is the beautiful Countess Sangaletti, who marries Ambrose in Italy. His letters home to his cousin Philip hint that he is being poisoned, but when Rachel comes to England, Philip is torn between love and suspicion.
Director: Claire Grove
Rachel: Francesca Annis
Philip: Adam Godley
Ambrose: Philip Voss
Kendall: Terence Edmond
Rainaldi: Malcolm Ward
Louise: Oona Beeson
Miss Pascoe: Rachel Atkins
Sam Bates: David Shaw
Tamlyn: Steve Jacobs
Mr Couch: Giles King
Seecombe: Will Coleman
Young Philip: Alex Edyvean
Repeated 22nd October 1994

6th December 1993
14.00 :
The King's General(1946) Daphne du Maurier. Dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
The English Civil War. Honor Harris, crippled in a riding accident, yet loved forever by Sir Richard Grenville, the King's General in the West.
Director Cherry Cookson
Honor: Cathryn Harrison
Sir Richard Grenville: Roger Allam
Matty: Carolyn Pickles
Robin Harris: Philip Sully
Gartred: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Young Dick: Gary King
Older Dick: David Thorpe
Jonathan Rashleigh: Peter Penry Jones
Mary Rashleigh: Sally Edwards
Lord Robartes: Jonathan Adams
William Rashleigh/Colonel: John Fleming
Repeated from 12/12/92
[William Rashleigh lived 1777-1855].

6th December 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Les Blancs by Lorraine Hansberry (1930-1965), completed by Robert Nemiroff. Adapted by Heather Goodman.
Returning home to an Africa in the midst of an anti-colonial war, Tshembe Matoseh must make a choice. The question is, can liberation ever be achieved without violent revolution?
Director: Heather Goodman
Tshembe: Leo Wringer
Abioseh: Hugh Quarshie
Eric: Osei Bentil
Peter: Rudolph Walker
Charlie Morris: Stuart Milligan
Major Rice: Jack Klaff
Dr DeKoven: Lyndam Gregory
Madame Neilson: Lala Lloyd
Dr Gotterling: Vivienne Rochester
[Lorraine Hansbury inspired the song "Young, Gifted and Black"]

7th December 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Pawnshop Blues by Mel Calman.
A ventriloquist's doll, Bobby, and an argumentative saxophone share a shelf in a pawnshop.
Music by Ronnie Scott.
Director Ned Chaillet
Babby: Richard Griffiths
David Marcus: Jack Klaff
Saxophone: Ray Fearon
Ruth: Meg Davies
Susan: Sandra James-Young
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2006

7th December 1993
18.30 :
Gentleman and Ladies by Susan Hill.
1 of 5. Repeated from 7th January 1993- please see above.

8th December 1993
14.00 :
Wednesday Afternoon Serial: The Crack:- Saturday by Pat Anderson
Also see note on The Crack for 1st December 1993 above.
Working at the barber's, Carol's body clock is ticking, like a time bomb waiting to go off. Her boyfriend's answering machine mocks her, and God deserts her. Carol's life is about to change.
Music by Sense of Sound
Director Kate Rowland
Carol: Cathy Tyson
Graham: Phil Hearne
Alan: Michael Christopher
Dawn: Sunetra Sarker
Eddie: Alan Igbon
Good Good: Tom Williamson
Tony: Jacob Abraham
Angela: Paula Sims

9th December 1993
14.00 :
Aumonier's World: The Baby Grand by Stacy Aumonier. Dramatised by Brett Usher.
A young girl struggles to study the piano amid her family's hostility
Piano played by Oona Beeson.
Director Matthew Walters
Gabril: Trevor Peacock
Lena: Oona Beeson
Winscomb: John Baddeley
Sir Robert: Brett Usher
Selma: Elaine Claxton
Katie: Rachel Atkins
Mischa: Malcolm Ward
Paul: Tom Bevan
Eric: Harriet Usher
Repeated 28th November 1994.

11 December 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Dresser
Repeated from 29th March 1993- please see above.

11th December 1993
19.50 :
Saturday Night Theatre: Merlin and Arthur on their Way to Glastonbury from Deptford High Street (Not Forgetting Whatserface) by Nigel Baldwin.
Merlin's magic has been a little less efficacious than he would have liked. As far as he can tell, Arthur is stuck in Deptford in the 20th century and Merlin needs him back in the Dark Ages to save the world.
Director Richard Wortley
Merlin: Nicholas Le Prevost
Tony: Dexter Fletcher
Faynia: Lesley Sharpe
Geoff: Christopher Godwin
Arthur: Neville Jason
Ragnel: Tina Gray
Mick: Paul Panting
Evelyn: Vivienne Rochester
Trish: Frances Jeater

12th December 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
1 of 2: Writer Nikos encounters Zorba and his life is never the same, for this Greek hero says yes to every experience and adventure that life has to offer.
Director Philip Martin
Zorba: Robert Stephens
Nikos: Michael Maloney
Hortense: Mary Wimbush
Mavrondoni: Terry Molloy
Mimiko: Dominic Taylor
Anagnosti: Roger Hume
Andonis: Peter Meakin
Mad woman: Hedli Niklaus
Villa girl: Judy Bennett
Part 2 on 19th December 1993.
Both parts repeated five days later.

12th December 1993
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Greek Interpreter by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Gerry Jones.
Holmes introduces Watson to his brother and is put in touch with one of his most sinister cases.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Mycroft Holmes: John Hartley
Mr Melas: Peter Polycarpou
Inspector Gregson: Ronald Herdman
Mr Latimer: Peter Wickham
Laughing man: Gordon Reid
Greek man: Neil Roberts
Sophy: Joanna Myers
Repeated from 21st October 1992.
[A rare Holmes title, just one other radio production, by Martyn C Webster, broadcast 28/4/1983].

13th December 1993
14.00 :
Quicksilver by James Douglas.
When a multinational opens a mercury soap plant in Donegal, the global consequences become too awful to contemplate.
Director Eoin O'Callaghan
Tony Quinn: David Herlihy
Nikki Fenton: Marcella Riordan
Ray Youel: Joe Crilly
Al Somers: Colin Carnegie
Imelda Marr: Roma Tomelty
Cyril Otomlo: Sidney Cole
Stephen Grant: Kevin Flood
Liam Perry: Gerry McGrath
Connie Regan: Margaret D'Arcy
Father Jimmy Blake: Dan Gordon
Repeated from 26th September 1992

13th December 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Joking Apart by Alan Ayckbourn
Set in the garden of a couple's home, the play moves through the seasons over a 12-year time span and focuses on the effect of generosity and hospitality.
Director Michael Fox
BBC Manchester
Anthea: Pam Ferris
Richard: Malcolm Raeburn
Sven: Nigel Anthony
Olive: Pam Buckle
Hugh: Peter Lidford
Louise: Karen Drury
Brian: John Branwell
Melody/Mandy/Mo/Debbie: Robin Brunskill
Children: Ellzabeth Lindsay
Repeated from 9th February 1990
[A comment that Alan Ayckbourn's plays dealt with unhappy marriages led to this play about a couple who were not unhappily married.]

14th December 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Maiden City Magic
by Jack Houlahan.
Sometimes we yearn for a magic wand to change our lives completely.
Music Neil Martin
Director Pam Brighton
Roberta: Anna Healy
Hilary: Maeve Connelly
Mother: Stella McCusker
Father: George Shane
Repeated from 26th November 1991.
[Joint third prizewinner at Prix Italia 1993]

14th December 1993
18.30 :
Gentleman and Ladies. 2 of 5.
Repeated from 14th January 1993- see above.

15th December 1993
14.00 :
Wednesday Afternoon Serial: The Crack: Sunday by Stephen Butchard.
Joe was a priest. Mary is his mother. Joe has taken work in a local bookies and become the topic of local gossip. Even a murder on the community's doorstep can't shift him from the spotlight.
Music by Sense of Sound
Director Kate Rowland
Mary: Val Lilley
Joseph: Michael Christopher
Edith: Patricia Hayes
Tony: Jacob Abraham
Angela: Paula Sims
Carol: Cathy Tyson
Michael: Michael Angelis
George: Tom Williamson
Dawn: Sunetra Sarker
Other parts played by members of the cast

16th December 1993
14.00 :
Christmas Eve Can Kill You.... by Marie Jones.
A taxi-driver becomes an unwitting party to the Christmas traumas of his assorted passengers.
Carols sung by the choir of Lagan College Director Pam Brighton
Mockers: Tim Loane
Myrtle: Marie Jones
Mr Dunne/Daniel Demonte: Dan Gordon
Julie: Emma O'Neill
Mrs Duffy: Barbara Adair
Deceiver: Ian McElhinney
Mrs Deceived: Paula McFetridge
Soldier: Richard Orr
Repeated on 12th December 1994

16th December 1993
23.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Green. Dramatised by Rene Basilico .
1 of 8: An August morning in the early 1960s ... and a Dutch cargo ship, carrying a strangely ill-assorted group of passengers, is bound for the troubled island of Haiti.
Producer John Fawcett Wilson
Brown: Michael Kitchen
Jones: Michael Feast
Smith: James Maxwell
Mrs Smith: Helen Horton
Captain Dekker: Hans Meyer
Purser: Peter van Dissel
Baxter: John Cater
Mr Fernandez: John Webb
Steward: David Carr
Ep2:23/12/94 Ep3:30/12/94 Ep4:6/1/94 Ep5:13/1/94 Ep6:20/1/94 Ep7:27/1/94 Ep8:3/2/94
Series first broadcast commencing 9/12/92.

18th December 1993
14.30 :
Playhouse: The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie. Repeated from 3rd April 1993- please see above.

19th December 1993
14.30 :
Classic Serial: Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis. Dramatised by Nick McCarty.
2 of 2: Zorba returns to Crete to find that Nikos has told the widow Hortense that Zorba will marry her. Zorba avoids the problem by hurling himself into the construction of a novel means of transport.
Please see 12th December 1993 above.
Actors not in part one:
Zacharias: Roger Hume
Widow: Marian Kemmer
Mourner: Hedli Niklaus
Woman/Girl: Judy Bennett
Father Demetrios: Paul Webster
Girl: Hilary Martin
Repeated 24/12/93.

19th December 1993
22.15 :
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Naval Treaty by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised By: David Ashton
Watson's old schoolfriend faces certain ruin if a secret government document cannot be found.
Violinist Leonard Friedman
Director Patrick Rayner
Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Percy Phelps: Patrick Malahide
Annie: Joanna Myers
Joseph: Stephen Tompkinson
Lord Holdhurst: Brett Usher
Insp Forbes: David Bannerman
Tangey: Norman Jones
Miss Tangey: Petra Markham
Repeated from 28th October 1992.

20th December 1993
Cinderella by H J Byron. Adaptation and additional lyrics by Maurice Browning , Denis Martin and Reginald Woolley
"Pray gather round the old log fire and listen one and all, to the tale of Cinderella and her triumph at the ball."
Musical arrangements by Geoffrey Brawn
Directors Ian Cotterell and Christopher de Souza
Fairies: Anne Jameson
Fairies: Jane Leonard
Fairies: Julia Sutton
Fairy Queen: Patricia Routledge
Prime Edgar Bergundi: Clifton Todd
Edmundo Dandini: Alec Bregonzi
Mick Buttons: David Learner
Baron O'Leary: John Turner
Cinderella: Ann Beach
Regan: Dilys Laye
Chamberlain: Edward de Souza
First broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 25th December 1985.

20th December 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Daughters of Venice by Don Taylor.
18th-century Venetian carnival: What happens to the girl musicians of the Orphanage of the Pieta when they grow up and must leave the sheltered world of the convent?
Violinist Jean Bourgeois.
Directed by Don Taylor
Vivaldi: Norman Rodway
Madre: Susan Fleetwood
Contessa: Frances Barber
Maestra Luciana: Caroline John
Perduta: Daisy Guard
Prudmza/Lucietta: Lucy Taylor
Pellegrina: Erica Rossi
Paulina: Juliet Ames-Lewis
Anna-Maria: Eve Hopkins
Silvia: Amanda Root
Governor: James Taylor
Candida: Rachel Atkins
Vandini: Philip Anthony
Sister Teresa: Kristin Milward
Milord: Timothy Watson
Bodger: Chris Emmett
Pazzo: Bill Wallis
Grimaldo: Gordon Gostelow
Repeated 19th November 1994
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009

21st December 1993
14.00 :
Thirty Minute Theatre: Rustic Glee by Perry Pontac.
When Lady Fransham is appointed to head the new Government Commission on Poverty she invites Miss Blimes, a poor tenant farmer, for tea and a chat.
Director Richard Wortley
Lady Fransham: Anna Massey
Miss Bilmes: Samantha Bond
Humpage: John Moffatt

21st December 1993
18.30 :
Gentleman and Ladies. 3 of 5. Repeated from 21/1/93- please see above.

21st December 1993
14.00 :
Wednesday Afternoon Serial: The Crack: Monday by Jeff Young.
Eddie, alias "Edward the Confessor", is a petty thief and seller of chocolates and bin bags. Separated from his wife and daughter, he searches after recognition. There's been a murder in town and, if nicking chocolates hasn't made him "someone", then maybe his next confession will.
Music by Sense of Sound
Director Kate Rowland
Eddie: Alan Igbon
Edith: Patricia Hayes
Susan: Constance Branche
Wife: Paula Sims
Good Good: Tom Williamson
Wally: Phil Hearne
Dj: Neil Anthony
Joseph: Michael Christopher
[Sense of Sound are a 40 strong "a capella" choir from Liverpool

23rd December 1993
10.00 :
Jane and Prudence by Barbara Pym. dramatised by Elizabeth Proud.
Sequel to Crampton Hodnet (see 25/3/1993 above).
1 of 6: A Casserole of Hearts. Miss Doggett and her companion Jessie Morrow are now settled in the country.
Producer Sioned Wiliam
Jane Cleveland: Penelope Wilton
Prudence Bates: Rebecca Front
Miss Doggett: Elizabeth Spriggs
Jessie Morrow: Samantha Bond
Nicholas Cleveland: Benjamin Whitrow
Fabian Driver: Julian Glover
Mrs Glaze: Ann Windsor
Flora Cleveland: Cathy Sara
Father Lomax: Geoffrey Mathews
Mrs Crampton: Jillie Meers
Mrs Mayhew: Hilda Schroder
Miss Birkinshaw: Elizabeth Proud
Additional cast in episode 2:
Miss Clothier/Landlady: Joanna David
Miss Trapnell/Mrs Arkwright: Elizabeth Proud
Geoffrey Manifold: Christopher Scoular
Marilyn/Flora Cleveland: Cathy Sara
Mr Oliver: Glen Hugill
For additional cast in episodes 3-6, see the appropriate episode date.
Ep2:30/12/93 Ep3:6/1/94 Ep4:13/1/94 Ep5:20/1/94 Ep6:27/1/94
The series was repeated commencing 5/7/94
[There was a further production directed by Chris Wallis in 10 episodes commencing 26/5/2008]

23rd December 1993
14.00 :
Death of an Old Girl by Elizabeth Lemarchand. Dramatised by Brian Miller.
Inspector Pollard and Detective Sergeant Toye team up to solve a murder.
Director Enyd Williams
Insp Tom Pollard: Michael Cochrane
Det Sgt Toye: James Taylor
Helen Renshaw: Jillie Meers
Anne Cartmell: Becky Hindley
Madge Thornton: Amanda Murray
Jane Pollard: Frances Jeater
Beatrice Baynes: Kathleen Helme
Clive Torrance: Timothy Carlton
Margaret West: Tina Gray
Mrs Hink: Lala Lloyd
Also with With Rachel Atkins, Vivienne Rochester, Oona Beeson, Teresa Gallagher, Philip Anthony, Malcolm Ward, Peter Kenny, Colin Pinney and Paul Panting.
Repeated 23rd January 1995

23rd December 1993
23.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Green. Dramatised by Rene Basilico .
2 of 8: Brown comes home to an unexpected reunion, and to the realities of life in Haiti.
Please see 16th December 1993 above.
Additional actors, not in episode one:
Martha Pineda: Tessa Wojtczak
Dr Magiot: Rudolph Walker
Josephe: Kenneth Gardnier
Petit Pierre: Joseph Charles
British Charge d'Affaires: Terrence Hardiman

25th December 1993
14.30 :
Christmas at the Ritz: Turkey Time (1931), a farce by Ben Travers (1886-1980). Adapted by Martyn Read
The Stoatts have invited family and friends to "Cobblers" for Christmas.
Director Sue Wilson
Edwin: Desmond Barrit
David: Michael Cochrane
Max: Alex Jennings
Mrs Gather: Elizabeth Spriggs
Ernestine: Jill Graham
Rose: Teresa Gallagher
Mrs Pike: Jillie Meers
Westbourne: Christopher Scott
Louise: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Meate: Brian Miller
Florence: Sunny Ormonde
Tuddall: John Baddeley
Bats: Jenny Funnell
Mabel: Elizabeth Bell
Ronnie: Nicholas Boulton
Hubert: Gareth Armstrong
Repeated 20th December 1997
[The published play is for 12 actors, 6m 6f]
[There was a 1933 film made with the same title and a BBC 1970 tv movie version]

25th December 1993
19.00 :
The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare.
Technical presentation by Richard Beadsmoore, Rosamund Mason and Keith Graham.
Music composed by Mia Soteriou
Music performed by Tom Finucane, Liz Stanbridge and the composer
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Petruchio: Bob Peck
Katherina: Cheryl Campbell
Baptista Minola: Laurence Payne
Bianca: Moir Leslie
Hortensio: Douglas Hodge
Gremio: Michael Deacon
Lucentio: Stephen Tompkinson
Tranio: Robert Glenister
Biondello: Paul Copley
Grumio: Christopher Fairbank
Pedant: John Baddeley
Tailor: Simon Cuff
Vincentio/Lord: Anthony Jackson
Christopher Sly/Curtis: William Simons
Page: Richard Pearce
Hostess/Widow: Linda Polan
also with Stephen Rashbrook.
First broadcast on radio 3 on 20/5/88, repeated on Radio 3 on 24/3/89
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2005.
[In three broadcasts of the same production, BBC Genome allocates different roles to different cast members. The above is the 1993 allocation plus Pearce and Polan who were omitted, then rechecked by listening to the broadcast drama.]

26th December 1993
14.30 :
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
Music by Christopher Whelen
Producer Charles Lefeaux
Storyteller/Scrooge: Ralph Richardson
Fred: Bruce Beeby
Bob Cratchit: Frederick Treves
Ghost of Jacob Marley: John Ruddock
Ghost of Christmas Past: Wilfred Carter
Ghost of Christmas Present: Ralph Truman
Mrs Cratchit: Mary Wimbush
Tiny Tim: Sheila Grant
With Eric Anderson, Rosemary Mason, Rosalind Shanks and Jo Manning Wilson
First broadcast on BBC Home Service on 25th December 1965.
Repeated 20th December 1974.
[Producer Ralph Lefeaux was an actor in the 1936 radio production.]

26th December 1993
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem by Sir Arthus Conan Doyle. Dramatised by: Bert Coules.
Holmes prepares to meet his fate and his greatest adversary.
Violin Leonard Friedman
Director Enyd Williams
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr Watson: Michael Williams
Professor Moriarty: Michael Pennington
Colonel Moran: Frederick Treves
Inspector Patterson: Sean Arnold
Mrs Collier: Ann Windsor
Sir George: Norman Jones
Steiler: Terence Edmond
Walmsley: Alan Barker
Jenny: Jane Whittenshaw
Jenkinson: Richard Pearce.
First broadcast 4th November 1992 and repeated - with revisions- 19th April 2001,

27th December 1993
11.30 :
Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell.
1 of 5: Even the vicar detests a certain member of his flock. But murder seems to be carrying things a bit far.
Director Enyd Williams
Miss Marple: June Whitfield
Rev Leonard Clement: Francis Matthews
Griselda Clement: Imelda Staunton
Dr Haydock: Nigel Davenport
Colonel Melchett: Richard Todd
Inspector Slack: John Baddeley
Lettice Protheroe: Rachel Atkins
Anne Protheroe: Frances Jeater
Colonel Protheroe: James Greene
Mrs Lestrange: Jillie Meers
Gladys Cram: Oona Beeson
Mrs Price-Ridley: Margot Boyd
Miss Wetherby: Joan Matheson
Mary: Alice Arnold
Lawrence Redding: James Telfer
Hawes: David Thorpe
Dennis: Nicholas Boulton
Raymond West: Ian Masters
Hilda: Lisa Howard
Nancy: Vivienne Rochester
Mrs Sadler: Tina Gray
Butler: Lewis Jones
Police Constable: Malcolm Ward
Police Constable: Dominic Letts
Pt2:28/12/93 Pt3:29/12/93 Pt4:30/12/93 Pt5:31/12/93

27th December 1993
19.45 :
The Monday Play: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. Dramatised by Robert Forrest
Music composed and played by David Dorward Director Patrick Rayner
Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde: Alexander Morton
Legion: Tom Fleming
Lanyon: Michael Elder
Utterson: Ralph Riach
Enfield: Tom Smith
Mary: Lisa Grindall
Poole: John Shedden
Lizzie: Louise Ironside
Policeman: David Tennant
Repeated on 5th December 1994

28th December 1993
Christmas at the Ritz: The Circle, by Somerset Maugham.
Arnold Champiorn-Cheney, MP, is not proud of his mother, the outrageous Lady Kitty, and now Elizabeth, his wife, has invited her to stay.
Director Sue Wilson
Arnold Champion-Cheney: Peter McQueen
Elizabeth: Charlotte Attenborough
Clive Champion-Cheney: Paul Daneman
Lady Kitty: Elizabeth Spriggs
Lord Porteous: Norman Rodway
Teddie Luton: Gary Cady
Anna: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Butler: John Evitts

29th December 1993
14.00 :
Christmas at the Ritz: On Approval (1926) by Frederick Lonsdale (1881-1954).
Set in London and Scotland in the 20s. Living together- in the most platonic manner - with the most disastrous results.
Director Glyn Dearman
Maria Wislack: Maria Aitken
Richard Halton: John Standing
Helen Hayle: Samantha Bond
Duke of Bristol: Alex Jennings
[Also filmed versions in 1930 and 1944, a tv movie in 1964 and another in 1982.]

30th December 1993
14.00 :
Christmas at the Ritz: The Vortex (1924) by Noel Coward (1899-1973).
Post WW1 - Mother–young son–young lover conflict and drug addiction.
Music by William Davies
Director Glyn Dearman
Florence Lancaster: Elisabeth Sellars
Nicky Lancaster: Martin Jarvis
Helen Saville: Sarah Lawson
Tom Veryan: Timothy Dalton
Bunty Mainwaring: Kate Coleridge
Pauncefort Quentin: Gerald Cross
Clara Hibbert: Gudrun Ure
Bruce Fairlight: Peter Woodthorpe
David Lancaster: Peter Williams
Preston: Madi Hedd
First broadcast 9th and 15th June 1975

30th December 1993
23.00 :
The Comedians by Graham Green. Dramatised by Rene Basilico .
3 of 8: Following the arrest of Jones, Brown and Smith seek a ministerial audience ... and encounter the sinister Tontons Macoute.
Please see 16th December 1993 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Concasseur(?): Oscar James
Josephe: Kenneth Gardnier
Ministre des Affaires Etrangers: Burt Caesar
M. Philipot: Leila Bertrand
Gendarme/Driver: Paterson Joseph
Clerk/Child: Danielle Allan
M. Catherine: Valerie Murray

31st December 1993
Christmas at the Ritz: The Good Companions (1929) by J.B. Priestley (1894-1984). Dramatised by: Elizabeth Proud.
The Dinky Doos, an ailing theatrical troupe, are discovered by Miss Trant.
Music: Malcolm McKee
Director: Sue Wilson
Miss Trant: Hannah Gordon
Jess Oakroyd: Bernard Cribbins
Inigo Jollifant: Christopher Scoular
Susie Dean: Elizabeth Mansfield
Elsie and Effie: Sunny Ormonde
Mrs Joe/Mrs Tarvin: Jill Graham
Jerry Jerringham: John Webb
Joby Jackson: Gareth Armstrong
Jimmy Nunn/Mr Gooch: John Baddeley
Moreton Mitcham: John Hollis
Joe Brundit: John Harwood
Lady Partlit/Ethel: Geraldine Fitzgerald
Mr Tarvin/Mortimer/Summers: Christopher Scott
Mrs Tipstead/Mrs Oakroyd/Carrie Nunn: Jillie Meers
Hilary/Leonard: Richard Pearce
Eric Tipstead: David Bannerman
Fauntley: Philip Anthony
Mr Priestley: Dominic Letts
Rev Chillingworth: John Evitts
Mrs Mounder: Elizabeth Proud
Repeated 12th September 1994

Many thanks to Stephen Shaw for compiling this list, sorting out corrections and other supplementary information. Note that all of this has been done by hand - Ed.
(13 Apr 2020)

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