BBC Radio Plays, radio 4, 1989

RADIO 4 DRAMA in 1989

Some half hour comedy series and soaps are omitted. Most "Saturday Feature" presentations are omitted as they seem to be documentaries with actors rather than drama- usually lacking an author and a proper cast list.

Stephen Shaw

1st January 1989
14.30 :
Secret Lives (1932) by E.F Benson (1867-1940), dramatised and narrated by Aubrey Woods.
1 of 3: Is Durham Square's treasured status to be eroded by the arrival of Miss Susan Leg ?
Music by John Owen Edwards
Piano: Roger Ward. Violin: Perry Montague Mason. Cello:Frank Schaefer
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Susan: Pauline Collins
Margaret: Margot Boyd
Elizabeth: Rachel Gurney
Jimmie Mason: Ronald Herdman
Mr Cartwright: Peter Howell
Mr Woodstock/Waiter: Manning Wilson
Foreman/Doctor: Gordon Reid
Figgis/ Mr Puffy/ Mr Gandish: George Parsons
Bosanquet: John Church
Ellen/Landlady/ Duchess:: Jennifer Piercey
Lady Eva Lowndes: Pauline Letts
Vicar/Resident: Tim Reynolds
Receptionist/ Mr Salt: Jonathan Tafler
Arthur Armstrong: Edward Desouza
Miss Ascham/ Minnie Mimps: Sheila Grant
Dealer/ Augustus: Andrew Branch
Pt2:8/1/89 Pt3:15/1/89
First broadcast commencing 4/1/87 with 1987 broadcasts repeated 5 days later.

1st January 1989:
19.30-20.00 :
Tales Out of School: Barker, Belgrave and Bigweed by Bill Dare.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Bigweed: Nicky Henson
Barker: Jeremy Clyde
Voice: Paul Gregory
First broadcast 16/6/87, repeated 17/6/87

1st January 1989:
23.00 :
Past Twelve and No Letters by Felicity Hayes-Mccoy.
1815: Dorothy, actress of the Drury Lane Theatre, has, for 20 years, been the mistress of Prince William and mother of his ten children. Now he seeks a wealthy wife. Exiled in France, Dorothy looks back.
Producer Colin Smith.
Dorothy Jordan: Sheila Hancock
William, Duke of Clarence: Norman Bird
Richard Brinsley Sheridan: Sean Barrett
Repeated 10th June 1989 as "Past 12 and No Letters".

2nd January 1989
The Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner, dramatised by David Wade
A weird tale of Celtic mysteries, elves, spirits and strange presences....
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester.
Colin: Steven Rendall
Susan: Jenny Luckraft
Cadellin: Neville Barber
Uthecar: Cliff Howells
Albanac: Tom Mannion
Atlendor: Ronald Herdman
Gowther: Russell Dixon
Bess: Judith Barker
Angharad: Joan Walker
Repeated commencing 2/7/89 in 3 x half hour episodes,
[Sequel to The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, broadcast 5/4/86 and repeated in four parts commencing 26/3/89]

2nd January 1989
20.15 :
All Free Now by Tony Bilbow based on the novel Girl, 20 by Kingsley Amis.
'As you get older you'll find that absolutely straight-down-the-middle sex doesn't strike you in quite the way it did.'
Sir Roy's pursuit of something more stimulating wreaks havoc in his own and everyone else's life in this comic observation of the late 1960s.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Sir Roy Vandervane: Robert Stephens
Douglas Yandell: Christopher Timothy
Lady Kitty: Eva Stuart
Penny kim: Thomson
Gilbert: Okon Jones
Meers: Geoffrey Whitehead
Coates Michael: Graham Cox
Vivienne: Joan Walker
Chris/Jimmy: Richard Pearce
Sylvia: Anna Mazzotti
TV/Radio broadcasters: Adrian Egan
Himself: Michael Dean
Repeated 7/1/89

3rd January 1989
15.00-15.32 :
Dunwoody's Descent by Peter Johnson
Dunwoody's descent was swift, awful and dramatic. And so were the repercussions.
Directed by David Johnston
Walter Dunwoody: Nick Brimble
Malone: Sean Barrett
Miss Primrose: Melinda Walker
Mrs Shaughnessy: Jean Reeve
Edmund Shaughnessy: Richard Pearce
Sgt Rankin: Peter Craze
Insp Bellamy: Michael Graham Cox
Mr Urquhart: Michael Deacon
Prosecuting counsel: Simon Cuff
Defence counsel: John Warner
Judge: Norman Bird
Prof Dietrich: Arnold Diamond

3rd January 1989
18.30 :
Tales out of School: Wild Horses by Jon Beer.
When Alan announces to the staffroom his plans to further his career, old Frank is moved to recount the awful tale of Alan's predecessor, whose ambition o'er leapt itself, with horrible consequences.
Directed By: Matthew Walters
Frank: Richard Vernon
Royde: Philip Jackson
Alan: Michael Jenner
Pearson: William Eedle
Bill/Johnson: Colin Starkey
Joan: Hilda Schroder
First broadcast 21/4/84, repeated 24/4/84, 2/1/85

4th January 1989
15.00 :
Misconceptions by Felicity Hayes McCoy.
When her sister Noreen arrives in London on holiday from Ireland, Kay cannot conceal her agitation. 'Do you really think she is going to fit in with us?'
Director: Kathryn Baird
BBC Northern Ireland
Kay: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Tony: David Goodland
Noreen: Marcella Riordan
Mother: Pauline Delany
Annie: Brenda Fricker
Receptionist: Natasha Pyne
Conchita: Gioia Izquierdo
Man: Norman Bird
Nurse: Lynne Kieran

5th January 1989
15.00 :
A 40-Year-Old Man by Shusaku Endo dramatised by Penny Leicester, translation by Van C. Gessel.
Suguro, a Catholic, lies in a hospital bed on the eve of his 40th birthday. Even if he survives, he is not sure that his marriage will.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Suguro: Denis Lill
Yoshiko: Auriol Smith
Young nurse: Susie Brann
Yasuko: Janet Spencer-Turner
Michio: Bernadette Windsor
Young doctor: Stephen Rashbrook
Yasuko's husband/Doctor: George Parsons
Priest/Anaesthetist: Garard Green
Old nurse: Pauline Letts
Repeated from 27th April 1986

6th January 1989
15.00 :
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) translated by John Sturrock , dramatised by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska.
1 of 5: The Feast of Fools. Paris, 4 January 1482: on the Feast of Fools, the people of Paris choose their own Pope for the day. This year Quasimodo, the one-eyed hunchback, ringer of the bells in the great church of Notre Dame, is elected, and thus the dark tale unfolds....
Music by Philip Pickett, Tom Finucane, Stephen Henderson
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
Phoebus: Christopher Bowen
Pierre Gringoire: Dermot Crowley
Quasimodo: Jack Klaff
Esmeralda: Emily Morgan
Dom Claude Frollo: Nigel Terry
Jehan Frollo: Ian Michie
Robin Poussepain: Dominic Rickhards
Michel Giborne: John Bull
Mahiette: Joanna MacKie
Oudarde: Jo Kendall
Therese: Elaine Claxton
Clopin: Joe Dunlop
Recluse: Joan Matheson
Coppenole: Richard Tate
Usher: Ken Cumberlidge
Bailiff: David Goudge
Old woman: Eva Stuart
Girl: Alice Arnold
Woman: Marcia King
Actors in later episodes listed under broadcast date.
Ep2:13/1/89 Ep3:20/1/89 Ep4:27/1/89 Ep5:3/5/89
Series repeated commencing 24/5/91.

7th January 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Our Family: The Trains Don't Stop Here Any More by Victor Pemberton (1931-2017).
1916-30 Letty is a determined young girl. When she marries Oliver against the wishes of her family, she is convinced that her love can help him overcome the disabilities of his war-wounds and restore his faith in himself and the world about him.
Pianist Mary Nash
Directed by John Tydeman
Letty Edginton: Nerys Hughes
Beatrice, her mother: Sheila Grant
William, her father: Malcolm Hayes
Nicky, her younger brother: Adam Godley
Tom, her elder brother: Derek Seaton
Oliver Hobbs: Nigel Anthony
Violet, his sister: Wendy Richard
Bill Brooks: Kenneth Shanley
Mr Cotton: Eric Allan
Frank O'Malley: Bill Monks
Amy Lyall: Eve Karpf
Mr Pearson: Robert Trotter
First broadcast 8th July 1978, repeated 10th July 1978, later repeated 9th January 1989, 11th February 1991.
[Subsequent plays in the saga were "Don't Talk to me about kids!" on 14/1/89 and "Down by the Sea" on 21/1/89]

7th January 1989
22.30 :
The Late Play: Excess Baggage by Ken Blakeson. Cyn, Dawn and Myra fight their own private battle against an institution which doesn't seem to care, tolerating loneliness, boredom and poverty to help their husbands 'get on'.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Cyn: With Samantha Bond
Myra: Barbara Marten
Dawn: Sharon Muircroft
Cpl Whittaker: Christopher Quinn
QM Sergeant: Colin Meredith
Denny Dennison: Stephen Tompkinson
Col EUesworth: Michael Tudor Barnes
Bill Burridge: Christian Rodska
Marjorie EUesworth: Diana Olsson
Watson: Kim Wall
Johnson: Paul Codman
Capt Cranham: Paul Sirr
Rebecca: Victoria Carling
Colour Sgt Brown: Chris Larner
Eddie: Richard Henders
Wendy: Rachel Griffiths
Corporal: Simon Morley
Military adviser: David Hounslow
First broadcast 22/2/88, repeat listed for 27/2/88 but cancelled due to strong language complaint.
Later repeated on 26/6/89
[A Giles Cooper and Sony Award winner]

8th January 1989
14.30 :
Secret Lives by E.F Benson (1867-1940), dramatised and narrated by Aubrey Woods.
Please see 1st January 1989 above.
2: A Most Salubrious Seaside Resort

8th January 1989
19.30 :
Tales Out of School : Viva by Marcia Kahan.
Molly faces her Oxford viva examination - a gruelling interview after which the class of her English degree will be decided.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Molly: Alison Steadman
Dr Troy: William Fox
Oliver: Hugh Dickson
Nick: Michael Jenner
Helen: Susie Brann
Molly's father: Manning Wilson
Prof Coleridge: George Parsons
Prof Beveridge: Avril Clark
Prof Smedley: Stuart Organ
Dr Oppenheimer: Jennifer Piercey
Dr Potts: Anthony Newlands
First broadcast 17/6/86, repeated on BBC Radio 3 on 20th August 1987.
[Marcy went to Somerville College, Oxford]

9th January 1989
20.15 :
The Real McCoy by John McKenzie.
Jacob Merryweather is looking for God - but will he find him before he is made President of the United States?
Directed by Patrick Rayner.
BBC Scotland.
Jacob: William Hope
Sam: Brian Greene
Angus: Ronnie Letham
McMichael: John McGlynn
God: Kerry Shale
Other parts played by Michael Deacon And Christopher Scott.
Repeated 14th January 1989

10th January 1989
The Umbrella Man by Margaret Steward.
If you shut your eyes really hard, you can imagine so many things, see such strange sights. When young Paul closes his eyes he conjures up the 'umbrella man'.
Directed By: David Johnston.
Grandad: Lockwood West
Gwen: Patricia Hayes
Paul: Lawrence Cooper
Max: John Moffatt

10th January 1989:
Tales Out of School: Where Are They Now? by Tom Stoppard
Any old boys' reunion dinner inevitably invites echoes from the past.
Producer John Tydeman.
Brindley.: John Humphrey
Marks: Timothy West
Jenkins: Rolf Lefebvre
Crawford: Kenneth Fortescue
Dale: John Wood
Dobson: Carleton Hobbs
Headmaster: Lockwood West
Groucho (Dale): Martin Baker
Chico (Brindley): David Howe
Harpo (Marks): William Long
Anderson: Charles Pinner
Young Marks: Geoffrey Owen
Bellamy: Anthony Barnett
First broadcast on Radio 3: 18/12/1970
Repeated on Radio 3: 19/3/1971; 30/7/1987;

11th January 1989
15.00 :
Unzen by Shusaku Endo (1923-1996) dramatised by Penny Leicester
Obsessed by the persecution of 17th-century Japanese Catholics and conscious of his own failings as a Catholic, Suguro visits Mount Unzen, where 300 years earlier, Christians were tortured and killed.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Suguro: Paul Shelley
Ishida: Andrew MacLachlan
Courier: Caroline Gruber
Kichijiro: Danny Schiller
Fr Francisco: Steven Harrold
Jesuit: Peter Craze
Monica: Joan Matheson
Peasant/Guard: Michael Deacon

12th January 1989
15.00 :
Mary Morgan Still Believes in Fairy Tales by Derrick Geer.
It's been over a year since David came to live in Morfa, and the villagers think it's high time he was married off. Bethan Williams, however, has ideas of her own.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
David Pullen: John Alderton
Bethan: Bethan Jones
Pamela Harris: Christine Pritchard
Charlie Pugh: Aubrey Richards
Jim/Mr Edwards: Dorien Thomas
The Rev Pritchard: Michael Tudor Barnes
Megan Pritchard: Marged Esli
Gareth Roberts: Charles Williams

13th January 1989
15.00 :
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) translated by John Sturrock , dramatised by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska.
2 of 5: Monster and Maiden: 'The 6 January 1482 was not a good day as far as I was concerned ... I had been attacked by Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame, when I tried to rescue the gypsy girl La Esmeralda from his clutches.'
Please see 6th January 1989 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Robert D'Estouteville: Richard Tate
Dame de Gondelaurier: Eva Stuart
Florian Barbedienne: Norman Bird
Clerk: Ian Targett
Fleur de Lys: Zelah Clarke
Berangere: Alice Arnold
Ametotte: Melinda Walker
Diane: Marcia King
Beggar: David Goudge

14th January 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Our Family: Don 't Talk to Me about Kids! by Victor Pemberton.
1939-45 Like so many other London families, Letty and Oliver live through the horrors of another world war. But their kids stay with them and despite tensions and tragedies Letty is determined that her family should survive.
Mary Nash (piano)
Directed by David Spenser.
Letty Hobbs: Nerys Hughes
Oliver Hobbs: Nigel Anthony
Beatrice: Sheila Grant
Sam: Philip Sully
Violet: Wendy Richard
Ron: Jonathan Tafler
Florrie: Eva Stuart
Col Meecham: Laurence Payne
Bill Brooks: Michael Tudor Barnes
Tilly Brooks: Emily Richard
Mother Superior: Julie Berry
Mick: Rickey Coombes
Eddie: Nicholas Delve
Janey: Zelah Clarke
Repeated 16th January 1989, 18th February 1991
[Further plays about the family on 7th and 21st January 1989- please see above and below]

14th January 1989:
22.30 :
The Late Play: The Cassandra Generation by Frederick Harrison.
A journalist is assigned to the Falklands task force at a time of both personal and professional crisis in his life.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Martin Anderson: Christian Rodska
Officer in Charge: Stephen Rashbrook
Peter Southgood: Kim Wall
Randa: Carollne Gruber
Jonathan/Captain: William Simons
Sarah: Karen Archer
Aisha: Penelope Lee
Jerry/First Frenchman: Michael Tudor Barnes
MOD minder: John Samson
Mick: Stephen Tompkinson
Bassam Abu Sharif: Alix Refale
Hossam: Joseph Assaf
Repeated from 28th March 1988

15th January 1989
14.30 :
Secret Lives. part 3 of 3. Please see 1st January 1989 above.

15th January 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: Snipe 3909 by Graeme Fife.
The telephone can be a vital lifeline in our lives. A lifeline, however, that can become horribly tangled.
Introduced by Edward de Souza.
Director: Gerry Jones
Mary: Hannah Gordon
Hampton: Peter Tuddenham
Rachel: Caroline John
Craig: Gregory De Polnay
Simon: Michael Deacon
James Elwin: Peter Sowerbutts
PC Martin: Peter Craze
Police Sgt: Joe Dunlop
Bloggs: Dominic Rickhards
PC: Christopher Scott
Repeated 18/1/89 and on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008

16th January 1989
20.15 :
October Scars the Skin by Philip Ridley.
Vincent sits in a white wicker chair. His hair is short and blond. There are holes in the knees of his jeans and silver buckles on his boots.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Stella October: Carole Boyd
Ashley Light: Dominic Rickhards
Kit: John McAndrew
George: John Baddeley
Sally: Eva Stuart
Gideon: Ian Targett
Vincent October: Richard Pearce
Repeated 21st January 1989

17th January 1989
15.00 :
Is There Room in Your Life? by Rod Tinson.
It's one thing to sponsor a starving child if she's thousands of miles away in a Colombian jungle, but what if she turns up one day on your doorstep?
Directed by Matthew Walters
Chris: James Snell
Marion: Polly James
Joselita: Caroline Gruber
Simon: Richard Pearce
Sara: Anna Conrich

18th January 1989
15.00 :
A Passing Whale by Dorothy Osborne.
Aunt Ida has died. What can her will reveal and what is her interest in whales?
Special music composed by Elizabeth Parker of the Radiophonic Workshop
Directed by Richard Wortley
Frank: Steve Hodson
Millie: Carolyn Pickles
Aunt Ida: Mary Wimbush
Librarian: Zelah Clarke
Local government official: David Goodland
Repeated from 4th May 1988

18th January 1989
18.30 :
Fear on 4: 1: Snipe 3909 - repeated from 15th January 1989, please see above.

20th January 1989
15.00 :
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) translated by John Sturrock , dramatised by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska.
3 of 5: The Phantom Priest 'La Esmeralda, a young gypsy girl, had married me according to the custom of her people, to save me from hanging.'
Please see 6th January 1989 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Fleur de Lys: Zelah Clarke
Dame de Gondelaurier: Eva Stuart
Berangere: Alice Arnold
Diane: Marcia King
Verger: Christopher Scott
Charmolue: Philip Sully

21st January 1989
14.30 :
October Scars the Skin by Philip Ridley.
Repeated from 16th January 1989- please see above.

21st January 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Our Family: Down by the Sea by Victor Pemberton.
1963-80: Letty and Oliver reach the sunset of their lives, spent in a seaside bungalow bought for them by their children. Now, alone, they have to resolve the problems of old age.
Directed by David Spenser.
Letty Hobbs: Nerys Hughes
Oliver Hobbs: Nigel Anthony
Beatrice: Sheila Grant
Mick: Spencer Banks
Eddie: Sean Barrett
Mary: Karen Archer
Jonathan: Rory McNicholl
Bill Brooks: Michael Tudor Barnes
Tilly Brooks: Emily Richard
Fred Golding: Norman Bird
Gladys Golding: Joan Matheson
Cypriot man: John Baddeley
Cypriot woman: Julie Berry
Reporter: Kim Wall
Doctor: Steven Harrold
Dance band: Les Brown Trio
Repeated 25th February 1991
[The earlier Hobbs family life is covered in plays on 7th and 14th January 1989, please see above]

21st January 1989
22.30 :
The Late Play: Condemning Violence by Robin Glendinning.
Set in Belfast. A potentially alcoholic husband, his potentially fascist boss, and his boss's potentially paramilitary wife... a potentially explosive party.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Harry: Des McAleer
Nora: Maggie Shevlin
Eugene: Tony Doyle
George: Sean Barrett
Anita: Valerie Lilley
Duncan: James Greene
Margaret: Margaret D'Arcy
Repeated from 16th March 1987, repeated 21st March 1987.

22nd January 1989
14.30 :
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dramatised in two parts by Bert Coules.
1 of 2: The Baskerville Curse
Katherine Adams (violin)
Directed by David Johnston
Sherlock Holmes: Roger Rees
John Watson: Crawford Logan
Sir Charles / Frankland: Norman Bird
Sir Henry: Matt Zimmerman
Dr Mortimer: Peter Craze
Stapleton: Jonathan Tafler
Beryl: Caroline Gruber
Barrymore: Richard Tate
Mrs Barrymore / Mrs Hudson: Barbara Atkinson
Laura Lyons: Moir Leslie
Postmaster: John Baddeley
Repeated from 27th May 1988
Part 2: 29/1/89

22nd January 1989
Fear on 4: The Dead Drummer by David Buck (1936-1989).
It's a stormy night on Salisbury Plain, but to a young sailor it is not the wind and rain that terrifies, but the sound of a distant drum.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Introduced by: Edward de Souza
Matthew: Ray Smith
Billy Boy: Christian Rodska
the Landlord: Glyn Houston
Undertaker: David Buck
Repeated 25/1/1989
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006
[David Buck died just 5 days after this broadcast, on 27th January].
[The story originated in the 19th Century as one of the Ingoldsby Legends told by R H Barham. The story was first broadcast 22/11/45, in a version written by Norah Richardson]
[It was a dark and stormy night...]

23rd January 1989
The Playgirl by Alan Berrie
He had been so successful in Playboy of the Western World. His young daughter loved him as an actor and as a father. Then it all went horribly wrong.
Mary Nash (piano)
Directed by Richard Wortley
Jim Brannigan: Tony Doyle
Helen Brannigan: Frances Jeater
Cordelia: Clare Travers-Deacon
Valerie: Moir Leslie
Jane: Julie Berry
Louis: John Bull
Julia: Alice Arnold
Counsellor: Joan Matheson
Tom: Peter Craze
Detective/Director: Joe Dunlop
Social workers: Zelah Clarke
Social workers: Marcia King
Repeated 28th January 1989

24th January 1989
Like He's Never Been Away by Paul Hawksbee.
Dickie, Chairman of the Frankie La Mancha Appreciation Society, hopes that Frankie's appearance at the annual reunion will swell fading numbers. Not too many people now remember the one-hit rock-and-roll star from the 50s. But Frankie's arrival brings new surprises....
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Dickie: Tom Watson
Ray: John Hollis
Frankie: Richard Tate
Dorothy: Marcia King
Edgar: Geoffrey Whitehead
Valerie Singleton: Herself
Reporter: David Goudge
Trevor: Lan Michie

25th January 1989
A Different Way Home by Jimmie Chinn.
Leslie Latchmoor lives alone, except for the memories of his sad, hilarious life. He asks you to share for a while his life, and his loves.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Leslie Latchmoor: Bernard Cribbins
Repeated from 13th July 1988

26th January 1989
15.00 :
John Brown's Body by John Graham.
In 1871, Queen Victoria was a 51-year-old widow, at her happiest at Balmoral with her beloved John Brown and taking little interest in affairs of state. This could not be allowed to continue. Somehow Brown must be removed!
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
John Brown: Donald McKillop
Queen Victoria: Hilda Schroder
William Gladstone: David March
Lord Charles Fitzroy: Lewis Fiander
Sir William Jenner.: Manning Wilson
Jessie: Susie Brann
The Rev Dr Darling: Ian Thompson
[The title was used earlier by a totally different poem/song/story based on the American Civil War].

27th January 1989
15.00 :
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) translated by John Sturrock , dramatised by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska.
4 of 5: Sanctuary!
We are all in torment about the little gypsy. She had set out to meet someone, that was all we knew. And that was the last anyone had seenofherfora full month.
Please see 6th January 1989 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
President of Court: Geoffrey Whitehead
Charmolue: Philip Sully
Torturer: Simon Cuff
Fleur de Lys: Zelah Clarke

28th January 1989
14.30 :
The Playgirl
Repeated from 23rd January 1989- please see above.

28th January 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: If You Will Make It So by Martin Staniforth adapted from the autobiography Two Lives [1983] by Winifred Haward Hodgkiss.
Louis is 49, a miner from a working-class Lancashire background. Winifred is 51, a Cambridge graduate and the product of exclusive English upper-class society.
At first sight they shouldn't have much in common, but a chance meeting leads them into a relationship which proves to be the most important of their lives.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East
Winifred: Anne Jameson
Louis: Paul Webster
Winifred's mother: Anne Rye
Winifred's grandmother: Dinah Handley
Winifred as girl: Sheryl Capper
Boy: James Hedge
Louis as a boy: Martin Greenwood
Simpkins/BBC man: Neville Barber
Louis's father/Claypole: Keith Clifford
Nellie/Marion: Julie-Ann Taylor
Mildred: Vicky Ringer
Naval Commander/Registrar: Peter Wheeler
Chief Petty Officer/Manny: Keith Ladd
New: Zealand Lady/shouting Woman: Joan Walker
Farmer Jess/Shouting man: Peter Bell
[The book "Two Lives" may be available second hand- it is 79 pages]

28th January 1989
22.30 :
The Late Play: Companeros by Mike Walker.
Nicaragua: four people meet and decide to make a journey into the heart of the country. but they happen upon a group of trigger-nervous contras and their nightmare begins.
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, Assisted by Wilfredo Acosta and Barbara Evans
Music composed and played by David Chilton and Nick Russell Pavier
Directed by Peter King
Kyle: Derek Newark
Anna: Angharad Rees
Richmond: Trevor Nichols
Simon: Colin Stinton
Tom Burke: Stuart Milligan
Commander Condor: Arturo Venegas
Little Fish: Francisco Morales
Manager: Alan Dudley
Border official: Michael Deacon
Repeated from 11th January 1988.
Repeated on 16th January 1988, 27th January 1991 and 26th October 1992

29th January 1989
14.30 :
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Part 2 - please see 22nd January 1989 above.

29th January 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Dispossessed Daughter by Katherine Nicholas.
This is the week of Candlemas, but who knows what pagan rites lie behind the Christian celebrations? Or how close to the surface they lie?
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
David: John Duttine
Ellen: Vivien Heilbron
The Rev Williams: Gareth Armstrong
Repeated on 1st February 1989.
Repeated on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008

30th January 1989
20.15 :
My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley.
A mother-daughter relationship and how it has been forced to change in the 20th century.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Doris: Clare Kelly
Margaret: Rosemary Leach
Jackie: Ellie Haddlngton
Rosie: Sonia Ritter
Children: Laura Hill
Also with Katrina Mansoor, Francesca Evans, Leyla Nejad, Emma Longbottom, Lindsay Shenton
Repeated 4th February 1989.
[First performed on stage in 1987, this play was revived on stage in England for 2019/2020.]

31st January 1989
15.00 :
A Nocturne for Mr Yeats by Robert Graham.
Mr Yeats is well known locally for his fine dinner parties. He buys exotic food and plays only the best music. But when Linda, the record-shop owner's daughter, crashes one of his soirées, there are surprises in store....
Directed by Peter Kavanagh.
Mr Yeats: Bernard Hepton
Linda: Lesley Sharp
Mr Corden: Michael Graham Cox
Mrs Chatterton: Jo Kendall
Eddie Chatterton: Geoffrey Whitehead

1st February 1989
15.00 :
At the End of the Day by Pete Sadler.
Jack Pitts is a factory philosopher, a man who looks at industry from his work bench and sees that all is not well. But what would his workmates and employers think of his solutions if he had a chance to put them into practice?
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Jack: Keith Clifford
Baxendale: Malcolm Hebden
Mrs Chivers: Judith Barker
Sharon: Sue Jenkins
Tommy: Fine Time Fontayne
Austin: Peter Rylands
Ford: Robin Bowerman
Carol: Judy Hawkins

2nd February 1989
15.00 :
Women Laughing (1989) by Michael Wall (1946-1991).
The laughter heard from the house is the first thing to disturb the two men in the garden. What is it that makes women tick, Tony asks. "I think people do tick, I know I do. I'm like a bomb. One of these days I'm going to explode. Boom."
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Colin: David Goudge
Steph: Rosalind March
Tom: Alex Jennings
Maddy: Rowena Roberts
Repeated 26th August 1990
[First performed on stage in 1992 when a second act was added]

3rd February 1989
15.00 :
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831) by Victor Hugo (1802-1885) translated by John Sturrock , dramatised by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska.
5 of 5:The Little Shoe. Once I saw how the whole business of the gypsy was turning out and that there would be ropes and hangings, I wasn't anxious to be mixed up in any of it.
Please see 6th January 1989 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Hangman: Simon Cuff
Sergeant: Peter Craze
Soldier: Ian Targett
Commander: Ken Cumberlidge

4th February 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Gadfly (1897) by Ethel Voynich (1864-1960), dramatised by William Ash.
Italy: a group of young idealists form an organisation called Young Italy - committed to freeing the country from foreign domination. Arthur Burton is one such idealist; but when he is betrayed by one in whom he trusted, his idealism turns to cynicism and his love of life to hatred.
Music from the "Gadfly Suite" by: Shostakovich
Director: Glyn Dearman
Arthur Burton: Dominic Rickhards
Gemma: Jill Lidstone
Montanelli: John Moffatt
Canon Cardi: Michael Deacon
Julia Burton: Joan Walker
James Burton: Phllip Sully
Colonel: Gordon Reid
Martini: Sean Barrett
Dr Riccardo: John Rye
Galli: Peter Craze
Grassini: George Parsons
Signora Grassini: Jo Kendall
Paolo: Richard Pearce
Governor: Nicholas Courtney
Repeated on 6th February 1989.
[The Shostakovich title music was written for a 1955 Soviet film of the book, which sold 2.5 million copies in the USSR. There is a link between the character Arthur Burton and James Bond via Agent Sidney Reilly and Ian Fleming. There are no English language film versions.]

4th February 1989
Fallen Arches by Stephen Sheridan.
The aristocracy of the late 19th century contained many strange and colourful characters. Lord and Lady Cliffhanger, return with a new tale of cruelty, deceit and rat pie!
Season 2, episode 1: Cliffhanger Rides Again
Producer Mark Robson.
Lady Cliffhanger: Annette Crosbie
Lord Cliffhanger: Robert Lang
Darling: James Cossins
Dr Woodcock: Geoffrey Whitehead
Silas Dirt: Chris Emmett
Seebohm Longshaft: Don Henderson
Whispering Wilson: Jon Glover
Hawthorne: Robert Llewellyn
Sir Jasper Bloodaxe: Robin Bailey
Widow Dirt: Hilda Braid
Season 2 episodes: Ep2: 11/2/89 Ep3: 18/2/89
Ep4: 25/2/89 with all episodes repeated after 4 days.
[Season 1 of 4 episodes commenced 13/2/88 with all episodes repeated after 4 days.]

5th February 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
1 of 8.
Directed By: Graham Gauld
Lady Carbury: Rosalind Shanks
Sir Felix: Stephen Rashbrook
Hetta Carbury: Debby Cumming
Roger: Michael Tudor Barnes
Melmotte: David March
Marie Melmotte: Emily Richard
Longstaffe: Steve Hodson
Paul Montague: John Levitt
Lord Nidderdale: Andrew Branch
Lord Grendall: Michael Deacon
Miles Grendall: Richard Pearce
Mr Fisker: Peter Marinker
Lord Grasslough: John Baddeley
Mr Alf: Peter Craze
Marchioness of Auld Reekie: Diana Olsson
Countess of Midlothian: Zelah Clarke
For actors in later episodes please see the date of the episode.
Ep2:12/2/89 Ep3:19/2/89 Ep4:26/2/89 Ep5:5/3/89 Ep6:12/3/89 Ep7:19/3/89 Ep8:26/3/89
First broadcast commencing 10th June 1988.
[Adapted for BBC tv in 1969 and 2001, with a later rewritten radio adaptation in 2008 set in the present day.]

5th February 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: St Austin Friars by Robert Westall (1929-1993), adapted by Stephen Wyatt.
The Rev Martin Williams is increasingly disturbed by extraordinary events at his church.
Introduction: Edward de Souza
The Rev Martin: Michael Maloney
His wife: Melinda Walker
William Henry Drogo: David March
His daughter: Margaret Robertson
Phillips: Geoffrey Whitehead
Rubens: Clifford Norgate
Larry: Michael Deacon
Betyl: John Moffatt
Bishop: Norman Bird
Secretary: Jo Kendall
Police Sgt: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated on 8th February 1989.
Also broadcast on BBC 7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2008

6th February 1989
20.15 :
Me and My Shadow by Bruce Stewart (1925-2005).
Thomas Merton was an American Trappist monk and an author. He felt a conflict between the demands of the writer and the monk.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol
Thomas Merton: John Franklyn-Robbins
Fr James: Bill Wallis
Fr Frederick: Peter Copley
Dan Walsh: Bruce Stewart
Ellie: Caroline Gruber
Julie: Shellie Thompson
Owen: Peter Craze
Ruth: Bonnie Hurren
Uncle Felix: Andrew Hilton
Thomas, aged 10: Barnaby Jenkins
Thomas, aged 16: David Bartlett
Thai monk: Burt Kwouk
Repeated 11th February 1989
[ Thomas Merton: (1915-1968). ]

7th February 1989
15.00 :
The Miracle of Roger's Legs by David Luck.
Dick has discovered girls and would like to kiss one - Rosemary Pierce in particular.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East.
Dick: Neil Gore
Roger: Jonathan Spyve
Mum: Maureen Douglass
Dad: Gerry Kersey

8th February 1989
15.00 :
Funny How the Magic Starts by Sam McBratney.
Monica, 16 is bewildered to meet Seymour. He's the new boy at school who campaigns on behalf of the blue whale and talks about imaginary dinosaur pits: pretty weird! .
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland.
Seymour: Robert Patterson
Monica: Aine McCartney
Mother: Trudy Kelly
Father: Patrick Brannigan
Debbie: S Maguire
Septic: Fabian Cartwright
Raymond: Mark Patrick
Thornleigh: Niall Cusack

9th February 1989:
15.00 :
The Rusty Link by Ewart Hutton.
Miguel De'Asturias is returning home from political exile to the sound of happy crowds and music.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Shad Cunningham: Lee Montague
Steve Fanshaw: Paul Maxwell
Ray Bertolli: Ian Michie
Charles Lattimer: John Rowe
Frances Lattimer: Joy Shelton
Consuela: Diana Olsson
Other parts played by members of the BBC Radio Drama Company.

10th February 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
1 of 8: A Family Reunion: The three brothers Karamazov brought together for the first time in the house of their father: a gathering that begins a story that will scandalise the whole of Russia.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble MilL
Fyodor Karamazov: Freddie Jones
Alyosha: Michael Maloney
Mitya: Stuart Wilson
Ivan: Tim Brierley
Miusov: Peter McEnery
Fr Zossima: Roger Hume
Grigory: Edwin Richfield
Fr Joseph: Roger Rowland
Rakitin: David Vann
Mrs Khokhlakov: Gillian Goodman
Lise: Charlotte Martin
Woman: Susan Mansell
Ep2:17/2/89 Ep3:24/2/89 Ep4:3/3/89 Ep5:10/3/89 Ep6:17/3/89 Ep7:24/3/89 Ep8:31/3/89
[There was a later production in 5 episodes from directors Marc Beeby and Colin Guthrie which commenced 5/11/2006]

11th February 1989
14.30 :
Me and My Shadow by Bruce Stewart.
Repeated from 6th February 1989- please see above.

11th February 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Cheeky Chappie by Dave Simpson.
Max Miller (1895-1963), the comedian, kept his relationship with Ann Graham a secret for 20 years. 'Who's Ann Graham?' demanded his wife as the will was read.
Music arranged by Denis Kelly (piano), Terry Reaney (trumpet) Robert Turner (drums)
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Max Miller: Joe Melia
Kathleen Miller: Barbara Marten
Ann Graham: Bonnie Hurren
Other parts played by Malcolm Hebden, Barbara Peirson and Pearce Quigley
Repeated on 13th February 1989

11th February 1989
Fallen Arches by Stephen Sheridan.
Season 2, episode 2: The Triumph of Silas Dirt
Please see 4th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Ezekiel: Jon Glover
Aunt Clarissa: Jo Kendall
Hatchett: Chrlstopher Scott
Season 2 episodes: Ep3:18/2/89 Ep4:25/2/89 with all episodes repeated after 4 days.

12th February 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
2 of 8.
Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Narrator Alan Dudley
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Lady Longstaffe: Joan Matheson
Adolphus: Steve Hodson
Sophia: Zelah Clarke
Georgiana: Caroline Gruber
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Lord Grendall: Michael Deacon
Mr Broune: John Samson
Ep3:19/2/89 Ep4:26/2/89 Ep5:5/3/89 Ep6:12/3/89 Ep7:19/3/89 Ep8:26/3/89

12th February 1989
Fear on 4: Dreaming of Thee by Gwen Cherrell (1926-2019)
Lorna is obsessed with a certain dream, a dream which becomes a nightmare and threatens to become reality.
Director: Gerry Jones
Introduction: Edward de Souza
Lorna: Karen Archer
Cass: Moir Leslie
Eddie: David Goudge
Joanne: Joan Walker
Cadenyer: Dominic Rickhards
Radio announcer/Coroner: Michael Deacon
Repeated on 15th February 1989

13th February 1989
20.15 :
First Things Last by Aileen La Tourette Alexandra was an actress but now that she's dying she's not prepared to put on a performance for the benefit of the hospital staff nor for her daughter.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Alexandra: Pauline Letts
Simone: Jane Lapotaire
Sister: Joanna MacKie
Nurse: Cara Kelly
Dr Pope: Ken Cumberlidge
Sissy: Clare Travers-Deacon
Cleaner: Jo Kendall
Repeated 18th February 1989

14th February 1989
15.00 :
After Her Blood by Paul and Shelagh Wolfson.
Blood-curdling events are taking place at Drake's Hospital. What is the mysterious Dr Breuling up to?
Directed by Matthew Walters
Dr Alec Dawson: Dominic Jephcott
Dr Breuling: Sandor Eles
Veronica Drew: Caroline John
Goodchild: Geoffrey Beevers
Sam: Joe Dunlop
Joleen: Alice Arnold
Clive: Ian Michie
Johnny: David Goudge

15th February 1989
15.00 :
Margie by Madeleine Fullerton.
Mrs Harris is 82 and she is finding looking after her daughter an increasing struggle. She doesn't think some of the activities at the Day Centre help either. And what's going to happen to Margie when her mother dies?
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Mrs Harris: Paula Tilbrook
Margie: Noreen Kershaw
Pat: Jane Lowe
Mr Purdie: Paul Codman

16th February 1989
15.00 :
The Case of the Substitute Spouse by Sarah Maxwell.
Dick George and his wife Dora in Maine where they immediately come across a body on a rug.
Dick George: Francis Matthews
His lovely wife: Margaret Robertson
Dora: Margaret Robertson
Blore: Edward de Souza
The butler: Edward de Souza
Pasta: Ronald Herdman
The dog: Ronald Herdman
Antony Legrange: Liza Ross
Sheriff Johnson: Bob Sherman
Connie Morgan: Bonnie Hurren
Barrett Legrange: Blain Fairman
Zebediah: Don Fellows

17th February 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
2 of 8: An Introduction to Love. The attempt to settle the inheritance dispute between
Mitya and his father has ended in uproar. Now Mitya wishes to end his engagement to Katerina and offer himself to the woman his father has long coveted - Grushenka.
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Ivan: Tim Brierley
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Katerina: Angela Down
Fr Zossima: Roger Hume
Agafya: Caroline Gruber
Smerdyakov: Andy Hockley
Ep3:24/2/89 Ep4:3/3/89 Ep5:10/3/89 Ep6:17/3/89 Ep7:24/3/89 Ep8:31/3/89

18th February 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Winter Music by Ken Whitmore.
Thomas comes to Cornwall to seek peace and quiet, but the unpredictable behaviour of a beautiful young woman disturbs him.
Tom Steer (piano)
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Thomas Haviland: Martin Jarvis
Virginia/Angela: Julie Higginson
Grace: Linda Gardner
Stanley Grinton: Harry Beety
John Docket: Geoffrey Banks
Doctor/Wiseman: Peter Wheeler

18th February 1989
Fallen Arches by Stephen Sheridan.
Season 2, episode 3: Election Fever
Please see 4th February 1989 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Mr Kane: Jon Glover
Esau: Robert Llewellyn
Miss Hatchett: Marcia King
Bank manager: Phil Nice
Oscar Mildmay: Richard Pearson
Season 2 episodes: Ep3: 18/2/89
Ep4: 25/2/89 with all episodes repeated after 4 days.

19th February 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
3 of 8. Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Narrator: Alan Dudley
Mm Melmotte: Diana Olsson
Adolphus: Steve Hodson
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Mr Broune: John Samson
Didon: Anne Rosenfeld
Daniel Ruggles: Peter Tuddenham
John Crumb: Spencer Banks
Ep4:26/2/89 Ep5:5/3/89 Ep6:12/3/89 Ep7:19/3/89 Ep8:26/3/89

19th February 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Horn by Stephen Gallagher. Three strangers are trapped in a snowstorm on a remote stretch of motorway. They find themselves listening for the sound of a horn which they believe will lead them to safety.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Introducer: Edward de Souza
Nathan: John Castle
David: Peter Gunn
Mick: Philip Sully
Girl: Cara Kelly
Snowplough driver: Christopher Scott
Repeated on 22nd February 1989 and 13th December 1992

20th February 1989
That Cunard Woman by Edgar White.

Nancy Cunard (1896-1965) - at the centre of her life was her enduring love for the jazz musician Henry Crowder (1890-1955).
Directed by Penny Gold
Nancy: Jane Lapotaire
Henry Crowder: Guy Gregory
Lady Cunard: Margaret Robertson
Sydney: Joe Dunlop
Edward: Peter Craze
Jojo: Leo Wringer
Langston Hughes: Sylvester Williams
Virginia: Melinda Walker
Margot Asquith: Joanna MacKie
Sir Thomas Beecham/Doctor: John Moffatt
Hotel manager/Cab driver: David Goudge
Jamaican housekeeper: Alibe Parsons
Policeman: Ken Cumberlidge
Jennifer: Zelah Clarke
Margaret: Eva Stuart
Repeated 25th February 1989

21st February 1989
15.00 :
Shaz, Daz, Gaz and Baz by Chris Thompson.
I ve got this theory about education. I've tested it on loads of teachers and it never fails. As theories go it knocks Pavlov into a dog's gob.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Paul: Christian Rodska
Gill: Jane Collins
Tracey: Jane Hazelgrove
Wayne: Derek Hicks
Mr Daw: Keith Clifford
Mrs Smith: Noreen Kershaw
Bob: Peter Rylands

22nd February 1989
Psnuff by Dorothy Osborne
A young couple, thinking of getting married, find themselves caught in a web of government deceit and sinister plots to eradicate sneezing.
Director: Richard Wortley
Len: Ian Targett
Josey: Clare Travers-Deacon
Sue: Carolyn Pickles
The Frogman: Richard Tate
Ray: Michael Graham Cox
Brian: Ken Cumberlidge
George: Stephen Thorne
Newsreader: Harriet Cass

22nd February 1989
Simple Simon Goes to War by Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen (1621-1676), adapted by Colin McLaren.
A simpleton, brought up in the wilds, gains his wits and a pedigree.
Music composed by: Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director: Judith Bumpus
Simplicius Simplicissimus: Kim Wall
Simplicius a boy: Oliver Spencer
Jupiter/Hermit: Garard Green
Melchior/Provost Marshall: Norman Bird
Pastor: Michael Deacon
Col Ramsay/Col de St Andre: John Samson
Master Herzbruder/Dr Canard: John Baddeley
Ulrich/Captain: Peter Craze
Olivier: Ian Targett
Soothsayer/Wife: Eva Stuart
Sergeant/Colonel: Simon Cuff
Annie/Suzanna: Zelah Clarke
Hans: Ian Michie
Other parts played by members of the cast.
[Original novel: Abenteuerliche Simplicissimus (1669) - the BBC does not indicate the translator used. Possibly "Alfred Thomas Scrope Goodrick" (1912 translation "The Adventurous Simplicissimus") or George Schulz-Behrend (c 1976 translation "Simplicius Simplicissimus"). There were other translations after the date of this broadcast.]

23rd February 1989
15.00 :
George Pulham by Tony Benge.
Suffolk 1835: George Pulham is arrested on a charge of incendiarism and sent to Suffolk assizes where he awaits his fate, which is either liberty or death.
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Manchester.
George Pulham: Tim Dantay
Motty: Paul Slack
Orridge: John Rowe
Baldry: Brian Hewlett
Everitt: Andrew Tansey
Gathercole: Robert Whelan
Robert: Paul Vlragh
Judge: Neville Barber
Ma Sams: Ann Rye
Harvey: Nigel Carrington
Night turnkey: Peter Rumney
[The National Archives in Kew hold the paperwork for this true case. George was age 22. Orridge was the prison governor.].

24th February 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
3 of 8: Devils and Lovers. Alyosha has a greater concern than the continuing emnity between his father and Mitya - the illness of Fr Zossima.
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Katerina: Angela Down
Lise: Charlotte Martin
Smerdyakov: Andy Hockley
Fr Ferapont: Edwln Richfield
Snegiryov: Kim Durham
Ilyusha: Benjamin Rand
Boys: Sam Barriscale
Boys: David Clark
Varvara: Frances Land
Ep4:3/3/89 Ep5:10/3/89 Ep6:17/3/89 Ep7:24/3/89 Ep8:31/3/89

25th February 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: In a Summer Season (1961) by Elizabeth Taylor (1912-1975), adapted by Elspeth Sandys.
Kate, a widow, causes a sensation in the late fifties when she falls for the charms of a younger man and marries him. Her family and friends speculate whether her new-found happiness can last.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Kate: Ann Bell
Dermot: Roger Allam
Aunt Ethel: Joan Matheson
Tom: Stephen Tompkinson
Mrs Meacock: Jo Kendall
Louisa: Francesca Buller
Fr Blizzard: Philip Sully
Sir Alfred: Norman Bird
Edwina: Anna Cropper
Ignazia: Cara Kelly
Gertrude: Margot Boyd
Araminta: Susannah Harker
Charles: Geoffrey Whitehead
Also with Michael Deacon, Marcia King, Dominic Rickhards, Christopher Scott, Richard Tate
Repeated 27th February 1989.
[There was a later production in November 2001 dramatised by Jennifer Howarth]

26th February 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
4 of 8.
Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Narrator: Alan Dudley
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mr Broune: John Samson
Ep5:5/3/89 Ep6:12/3/89 Ep7:19/3/89 Ep8:26/3/89

26th February 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Journey Home by Bert Coules.
Felicity and George are driving home. Suddenly something unaccountable happens that leads them down a nightmare road to inescapable horror.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Introducer: Edward de Souza
Doctor: Richard Pasco
Felicity: Helena Breck
George: Crawford Logan
Voice: Simon Cuff

27th February 1989
20.15 :
A Night on the Tor by Carey Harrison.
A week's camping in the West Country seemed like a good opportunity for Alan and Ros to develop their relationship.
But they reckoned without the Devil's Birthplace. Can they trust the evidence of apparently supernatural events that occur there? More vital, can they trust each other?
Music composed and played by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier .
Directed by Matthew Walters
Alan: Philip Jackson
Ros: Tara Dominick
Ollie: Richard Pearce
Repeated 4th March 1989
[The play was written in 1980]

28th February 1989
15.00-15.32 :
Talk Back by Albert Welling.
Colin is leaving his wife and is off to South America with a new love. But on the way to the airport he gets stuck in a traffic jam on the M1, and his radio starts talking to him.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Colin Lumbers.: Jonathan Tafler
Fan from Rio: Peter Craze
Woman on M1/Morning Story reader: Joan Walker
Jan: Alice Arnold
Dr Morgan: Joanna MacKie
Man on M1: Richard Tate
Vicar: Philip Sully
Also with Corrie Corfield, Bryan Martin, Nick Ross, Tom Crowe, Geoff Watts, Anthea Gifford
[Context: "Call Nick Ross" was broadcast on this day at 9.05am]
[Jane Morgan also directed "Snow White's Apple" in which a news reporter's recorder talks to him (14/8/90).]

1st March 1989
15.00 :
Ollie's Odyssey by Paul M. Levitt.
Certainly there's a contract out on Ollie's life, but he's got lots of friends. The point is, though, when you've got friends like this, do you really stand a chance?
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Ollie: Bob Sherman
Eddie: Richard Tate
Dawn: Joan Walker
Gravaman: Nigel Anthony
Jerry: John Hollis
Tangenital: Paul Maxwell
Kadaver: Don Fellows
Fanny/Secretary: Joanna MacKie
[No connection with the book by William Joyce of the same title]

2nd March 1989
15.00 :
A Better Cart than Anyone Ever Had by Derrick Geer.
1956: young Adam is sent to spend summer with his Welsh cousins, but the domestic calm of South Wales is under threat from a new political militancy, and old loyalties may not survive intact.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Johnny Morgan: Andy Hockley
Gwenda Appleby: Melanie Walters
Young Adam: Jonathan Tarr
Uncle Bryn: Robert Pugh
Aunty Liz: Sue Jones-Davies
Gwyn: Jonathan Painter
Jenny: Delyth Eynon Evans
David Rees: Dorien Thomas
Great Aunt Mary: Susan Mansell
Alfie Williams: Matthew Evans
Newsreader: Alastair Meikle
Older Adam: Michael Tudor Barnes

3rd March 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
4 of 8: The Tale of the Onion. While Alyosha watches over the failing health of Fr Zossima Mitya is resolved to make a final settlement with his father.
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Fr Ferapont: Edwin Richfield
Young Zossima: Richard Pearce
Markel: Paul Sirr
Lieutenant: Ian Michie
Fenya: Cynthia Cherry
Ep5:10/3/89 Ep6:17/3/89 Ep7:24/3/89 Ep8:31/3/89

4th March 1989
A Night on the Tor by Carey Harrison.
Repeated from 27th February 1989- please see above.

4th March 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Deep End by Alan Downer (1930-1995).
In Jersey, the islanders elect Centeniers to work with the police to ensure justice is done.
Centenier Richard Hamon is mystified by the train of events that follow a robbery at a supermarket - events that threaten the well-being, perhaps even the very existence, of his own family.
Director: David Johnston
Richard Hamon: Neil Dickson
Paula: Rosalind Adams
Desmond Dean: Reginald Marsh
Piers Dupoy: Dominic Rickhards
Det Sgt Michel: Philip Sully
Louise Cabot: Cara Kelly
Ron Hazell: Michael Deeks
Marigold Lebeau: Petra Davies
Ben Lebeau: Ian Michie
Martin Hamon: Benjamin Ramsland
Det Con Le Pape: Ken Cumberlidge
[This was the third play with character Richard Hamon: The first was "The Centenier" in 1982, the second was "A Bumper Year For Dahlias" in 1985. All three plays survive. The Centenier is the charging and prosecuting officer. ]

4th March 1989
23.00 :
Simon's Bug by Richard Quick.
1 of 4: Simon suspects his wife of having an affair and borrows some bugging equipment for his own telephone. However, he finds out more than he suspects.
Producer Paul Spencer.
Simon Webb: Hywel Bennett
Joanna Webb: Alison Steadman
Kate Agnew: Rosemary Leach
Dorothy Grisewood: Carole Hayman
Michael Webb: Jon Glover
Pt2:11/3/89 Pt3:18/3/89 Pt4:25/3/89
All episodes repeated four days later.
Actors in later episodes and the episode they appeared in:
Frank: John Clive (3)
Fern Webb: Cathy Murphy (3)
Kit: Jonathan Tafler (3)
Dustin: David Goudge (3)
Sharon: Susan Sheridan (3)
Ken: Christopher Scott (3)
Mona: Eva Stuart (3)
Computer voice: Joanna MacKie (3)
Rory: Ian Targett(4)
Fern: Cathy Murphy(4)
Tanya: Deborah Makepeace(4)
Sally: Caroline Gruber(4)
Wanda: Joanna MacKie(4)
Norman: Donald Gee(4)
Les Amis: Joe Dunlop(4)
Also broadcast on BBC4X in 2014 and 2016.

5th March 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
5 of 8.
Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Narrator: Alan Dudley
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Georgiana: Caroline Gruber
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mrs Pipkin: Chrys Salt
Didon: Anne Rosenfeld
Mr Broune: John Samson
Policeman: Ken Cumberlidge
Jones: Laurence Payne
Beauclerk: William Simons
Mr Squercum: Anthony Jackson
Fr Barham: Paul Sirr
Sir Monogram: Norman Bird
Lady Monogram: Liza Flanagan
Lord de Griffin: Simon Cuff
Ep6:12/3/89 Ep7:19/3/89 Ep8:26/3/89

5th March 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: Hand in Glove by Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) , dramatised by Elizabeth Troop.
The one thing Ethel Trevor needed to get her man was a pair of white gloves which are the mark of a lady, but there was a price to be paid for them.
Peter Bond (guitar)
Directed by Peter Fozzard
Introducer: Edward de Souza
Aunt Elysia: Marjorie Westbury
Ethel Trevor: Kate Binchy
Elsie Trevor: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Lord Frederick: Madhav Sharma
Arthur: Joe Dunlop
Repeated on 8th March 1989
[The story was read on Radio 4 in 1978]
[No connection with the Stephen Mulrine series "Hand in Glove"]
["Hand in Glove" appeared in the 79 story collection "Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen" of 782 pages published 1980 and in many other collections.]

6th March 1989
20.15 :
China Doll by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010).
Julie Petersen from Rochdale, is Miss English Model Girl. She gets money, a car and a holiday. But before she can collect she has to endure a two-week conveyor-belt promotional tour in the company of the ever subtle, ever helpful Dave Ford.
Producer Clive Brill
BBC Manchester.
Julie: Michelle Holmes
Ford: Mark Lambert
Compere/Kenny: Malcolm Hebden
Man in dressing room/Dad: Robert Whelan
First beauty/Gina: Jane Hazlegrove
Second beauty/Linda: Emma Clarke
Third beauty/Waitress: Judy Hawkins
Fourth beauty/Irene/Shopper B: Meryl Hampton
Watson/Soldier: Tim Dantay
Brown: Jeff Nuttall
Shopper'A'/Mum: Ann Rye
Ad man/Frank: Peter Rumney
DJ Kramer: Alan Sykes
Steel: Malcolm Raeburn
Roxburgh: Stuart Richman
Ricky Ravino/Sexy Man: Billy Geraghty
Mooney: David Hobbs
Repeated 11th March 1989

7th March 1989
A Dying Art by Barbara Ann Villiers.
A poetry teacher is gravely ill. Her most rebellious pupil decides to look after her.
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Elizabeth Farley: Marian Diamond
Jasmin: Alison Etienne
Dr Cavanagh: Geoffrey Whitehead
Polly: Zelah Clarke
Widger: Ian Michie
Harry: Ian Targett

8th March 1989
15.00 :
The Navigator's Log by Don Haworth (1924-2007).
1943: young men in their 20s are flying on bombing raids over Germany, some questioning more than others the morality of bombing certain populations. Through it all shines their courage, their humour and their youth.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Sgt Harry Johnson, navigator: Ian Michie
Jill, his girlfriend: Jane Leonard
Crew of Q for Queen:
Flt Lt Bill Haydon, DFC, pilot: Michael Siberry
Sgt Taffy Jones, rear gunner: Paul Garnaut
Sgt Joseph Downs, flight engineer: Lorcan Cranitch
Crew of A for Able:
Plt Off Arthur Mitchell: Andrew Branch
Sgt Fatty Buchan, bomb aimer: Kim Wall
Sgt Walter Bright, rear gunner: Ian Targett
Sqdn Ldr Felix Jackson, DFC, Flt Cdr: Christopher Kent
Landlord/BBC announcer: Peter Wheeler
German nun: Ruth Posner
[Don Haworth served in the Royal Air Force.]

9th March 1989
15.00 :
A Party for Bonzo by Ayshe Raif
Maggie and Jack would never leave Bonzo out of any celebration. So on their fifth anniversary presents are exchanged around the goldfish bowl. But as the evening draws on Bonzo finds himself fishy in the middle.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Maggie: Natasha Pyne
Jack: Phillip Joseph
Repeated 15th March 1990

10th March 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
5 of 8: An Arrest Is Made
The father of the three brothers is dead - murdered by blows from a brass pestle to his skull. When Mitya is seen leaving the town with bloodstained clothes, Makarov, the Police Inspector, is informed.
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Fenya: Cynthia Cherry
Nelyudov: Michael Deacon
Peter Perkhotin: Paul Gregory
Trifon: Ray Llewellyn
Varvinsky: Martin Matthews
Kirilovich: Terry Molloy
Makarov: William Simons
Andrey: Philip Sully
Ep6:17/3/89 Ep7:24/3/89 Ep8:31/3/89

11th March 1989
14.30 China Doll- Repeated from 6th March 1989- please see above.

11th March 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: Garden Notes by Frederic Mohr [aka David McKail]
Opera singer Mary Garden (1874-1967): 'I didn't have an agent. All decisions were mine. Gracious me! If you can read a calendar and you know your worth, what do you need an agent for?'
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Singer: Mary Garden
Mary: Eileen McCallum
Garden: Miriam Margolyes
Repeated 13th March 1989 and 28th January 1991

12th March 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
6 of 8. Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Sir Monogram: Norman Bird
Sophia: Zelah Clarke
Speaker of the House: Edmund Dehn
Lady Monogram: Liza Flanagan
Georgiana: Caroline Gruber
Adolphus: Steve Hodson
Lady Longstaffe: Joan Matheson
Mme Melmotte: Diana Olsson
Mr Broune: John Samson
Croll: Jonathan Scott
Beauclerk: William Simons
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Ep7:19/3/89 Ep8:26/3/89

12th March 1989
His Last Card by Nick Warburton.
Everyone enjoys being sent cards; however, Laura feels distinctly uneasy when she receives one which is unsigned but carries the cryptic message 'One day to death'.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Introducer: Edward de Souza
Laura: Maureen O'Brien
Charles: Mick Ford
Richard: Andrew Branch
Repeated 15th March 1989
Also repeated on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008

13th March 1989
20.15 :
A New World in the Mourning by Greg Cullen.
June 1987: 'You got to choose, Emlyn. Do you want socialism or do you want to get elected?'
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Emlyn Parry, prospective MP: Gareth Thomas
Eric Lewis: Richard Davies
God: Peter Woodthorpe
Sian, wife to Emlyn: Tessa Gearing
Billy, a political agent: David Garfield
Duncan, son to Emlyn: Cornelius Garrett
Shirley, a disenfranchised schoolgirl.: M Botcher
Maldwyn, an unemployed miner: Andy Hockley
Thunderbird 1, a policeman: Ivor Roberts
Thunderbird 2, a policeman: Steve Botcher
Divers electors: Hugh Thomas
Divers electors: Dorien Thomas
Sundry women: Erica Eirian
Repeated 18th March 1989

14th March 1989- the afternoon drama slot was replaced by a budget special.

15th March 1989
15.00 :
View to a Death by Hugh Jenkins.
Paul, a politician looks back to the late 40s when he first became aware of the anti-Communist witch hunt. It spread insidiously through the Actors' Equity Council, to the discredit of the hunters.
Directed by David Johnston
Paul, the narrator: Hugh Jenkins
the younger Paul: Stuart Organ
Sylvia: Natasha Pyne
Leslie Banks: Laurence Payne
Felix Aylmer: Charles West
Lewis Casson: Alan Dudley
Sybil Thorndike: Diana Lambert
Gerald Croasdell: Brian Smith
Gordon Sandison: Rob Edwards
John Keet: Christopher Scot
Emlyn Williams: Joe Dunlop
Harold Warrender: David Sinclair
Peggy Bertman: Melinda Walker
Harry Drayton: Philip Sully
Athene Seyler: Joan Matheson
Edith Evans: Janet Burnell

16th March 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Growing Pains by Steve Wetton.
1 of 6: Teamwork
Producer Lissa Evans
Tom: Ray Brooks
Pat: Sharon Duce
Gran: Jean Heywood
Miriam: Jacqueline Tong
Mark: Richard Pearce
Lisa: Tika Vikerbloss
Simon: Nicholas Delve
Caroline: Susan Sheridan
Actors appearing in later episodes:
Carol Turner: Marcia King (3)
Rebecca: Cara Kelly(4)
Quiz compere: Dominic Rickhards(4)
Miss Crabbe: Melinda Walker(5)
Nurse: Eva Stuart(5)
Careers officer: Simon Cuff(5)
Jason: Christian Robinson(6)
Ep2: Ep3:28/3/89 Ep4:4/4/89 Ep5:11/4/89 Ep6:18/4/89
Series repeated commencing 3rd July 1990
[Also made into a ten part tv series]

16th March 1989
15.00 :
The Taff End by Ewart Alexander.
Two Welshmen go on a quest for the ultimate - a ticket for the rugby international.
Directed by Jane Dauncey
BBC Wales.
Delbert: Richard Davies
Gary: Gareth Thomas
Bartlett: Alan Towner
Bob Edwards: Bill Ingram
Ieuan: Ioan Meredith
Linda: Marilyn Le Conte
Billy Hodge: Laurence Allan
Mattie: Stevie Parry

17th March 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
6 of 8: Questions Begin. Mitya has been brought before the examining magistrate, Nelyudov. Although all evidence points to his guilt, Mitya denies the murder of his father.
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first part:
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Nelyudov: Michael Deacon
Kirilovich: Terry Molloy
Snegiryov: Kim Durham
Trifon: Ray Llewellyn
Peasant: Susan Mansell
Ilyusha: Benjamin Rand
Kolya: Sam Barriscale
Smurov: David Clark
Ep7:24/3/89 Ep8:31/3/89

18th March 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Calling by Paul Copley
What's a bright young schoolteacher doing working for cash-in-hand in a seaside amusement arcade in the middle of term? The men who work with her are dying to know, and so's her husband. So is she, really....
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Sam: Diane Bull
Gavin: Paul Copley
Mackriel: Geoffrey Matthews
Tozer: Dave Hill
Ralph: Jack Carr
Sparky: Simon Bleackley
Mrs Beddoes: Lorraine Peters
Punters: Melissa-Jane Sinden
Repeated 20th March 1989

19th March 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
7 of 8. Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Roger: Michael Tudor Barnes
Mme Melmotte: Diana Olsson
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Adolphus: Steve Hodson
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mrs Pipkin: Chrys Salt
John Crumb: Spencer Banks
Croll: Jonathan Scott
Mr Squercum: Anthony Jackson

19th March 1989
Fear on 4: Survival by John Wyndham dramatised by Pat Hooker.
A group of people in outer space find things become a matter of life or death, each dependant on the other in a horrifying way.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Introducer: Edward de Souza
Alice: Karen Ascoe
David: Simon Cuff
Marshall: David March
Rogers: Richard Tate
Capt Winters: Michael Deacon
Prentiss: John Moffatt
Temple: Nicholas Courtney
Hank: Joe Dunlop
Carter: Martin Dew
Al: Michael Graham Cox
Mrs Feltham: Eva Stuart
Repeated on 22nd March 1989 and 6th December 1992.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2006, 2008

19th March 1989
The Great Debate by J.D. Douglas.
Three wise men confront each other at a political meeting. Which philosophy should guide African-British people today? Civil disobedience? Violence? Back to Africa?
Producer Louise Purslow.
Martin Luther King: Mark Heath
Malcolm X: Clark Peters
Marcus Garvey: Count Prince Miller
Compere: Robert Phillips
Singer: Derldee Willlams
[Adapted from the musical 'Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame'- created by Flip Fraser, lyrics by J D Douglas.]

20th March 1989
19.50 :
A Little Like Drowning by Anthony Minghella (1954-2008).
Alfredo Mare came to England from the Italian village of Valvori in 1926. He had dreams and ambitions and soon started a family. But Alfredo loved the good time, fancy shirts and his new Alfa Romeo. He also loved two women....
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Leonora: Peggy Ashcroft
Alfredo: Alan Rickman
Julia: Juliet Stevenson
Young Leonora: Jane Gurnett
Martino: Elliott Spiers
Gioia: Moir Leslie
Bruno: George Rossi
Peter: Tony Turner
Gianna: Sally Eldridge
Fr David: Denys Hawthorne
[Anthony Minghella's father came from Italy]
[This play follows an earlier film in 1978 of the same title]

21st March 1989
Philpott and Son by Barbara Lacey
Gilbert's dad has always wanted him to become a fishmonger. But now Gilbert has fallen in love with Sandra and she cannot abide the smell of fish.
Directed by Shaun Macloughun
BBC Bristol
Gilbert: Richard Pearce
Dad: William Eedle
Mum: June Barrie
Sandra: Deborah Makepeace
Repeated on BBC Radio 5 in 1990

22nd March 1989
15.00 :
Haunted by More Cake by Steve Walker.
Ginger's nephew Lionel has a problem; there's a tea party going on in his stomach and he's fallen in love with one of the guests. What can Ginger do to help?
Directed by Ned Chaillet.
Uncle Ginger: Graham Crowden
Lionel: Stephen Tompkinson
Aunt Maud: Joan Matheson
Charlotte: Victoria Carling
Mario: John Bull
Horace: Richard Pearce
Dr Fitch: Phillp Sully
Mr Ebbinghouse: John Warner
Also with Joan Walker, Nicholas Courtney and Jo Kendall
Repeated 24th June 1990

23rd March 1989
15.00 :
Helping by John Turley.
Ian Thorton is an experienced social worker who's got used to bending the rules to help people quickly. His managers, acutely aware of public concern about problems in social work, are desperate to play everything by the book.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Ian: Sean Barrett
Robert: Paul Sirr
Linda: Elizabeth Mansfield
Karen: Judy Flynn
Gregg: Robin Bowerman
Jenny: Judy Holt
Mathews: Malcolm Hebden
Metcalf: Peter Rylands
Danny: Dennis Conlon

24th March 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
7 of 8: Prison and Devils
Held in prison awaiting trial for the murder of his father, Mitya awaits a visit from his lover Grushenka. Ivan, his brother, meets a visitor of a different kind.
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Alyosha: Michael Maloney
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Katerina: Angela Down
the Devil: Peter McEnery
Smerdyakov: Andy Hockley
Dr Herzenstube: Simon Carter

25th March 1989
14.30 :
Clouds by Michael Frayn.
Cuba, 1970s. "They're all the same these places ... guided tour of collective farms, national folk-dance company ... you go along with it for a couple of days then you put the boot in. Insist on seeing the jails. My name's Owen, by the way. I'm doing it for one of the colour mags."
Director: Matthew Walters.
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Owen: Dinsdale Landen
Mara: Morag Hood
Ed: Don Fellows
Angel: Paul Chapman
Hilberto: Arturo Venegas
First broadcast simultaneously on Radio 4 and BBC World Service on 4th October 1987

25th March 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Song at Twilight by Noel Coward (1899-1973)
The comparative happiness that exists between Hugo and his wife Hilde is disturbed by the emergence from his past of an ex-mistress.
Directed by David Johnston
Hugo Latymer: Michael Denison
Hilde: Jill Bennett
Carlotta: Dulcie Gray
Felix: Sean Barrett
Repeated from 4th April 1988
[The play was the second of three plays all set in the same room. (but in the USA, a suite of two plays). This is the one play that is performed.]

26th March 1989
The Way We Live Now(1874) by Anthony Trollope(1815-1882); dramatised by David Spenser.
8 of 8. Please see 5th February 1989 above.
Actors not in episode one:
Mme Melmotte: Diana Olsson
Lady Longstaffe: Joan Matheson
Adolphus: Steve Hodson
Sophia: Zelah Clarke
Georgiana: Caroline Gruber
Paul: John Levitt
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Ruby: Christine MacKie
John: Spencer Banks
Joe Mixet: Peter Craze
Mr Broune: John Samson
Beauclerk: William Simons
Lupton: Anthony Jackson
Croll: Jonathan Scott
Speaker of the House: Edmund Dehn
Melmotte's servant: William Eedle

26th March 1989
18.30-19300 :
The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner dramatised by David Wade.
Music composed by Michael Ball
Harp: Kate Wilson
1 of 4:
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester.
Cadellin/Grinmer: Robin Bailey
Gowther Mossock/Narrator: James Tomlinson
Susan: Andrea Murphy
Colin: Mark Kingston
Selina Place: Rosalind Knight
Bess: Patsy Byrne
Guard/Ticket collector/Fenodyree: George Parsons
Farmer/Porter: Ronald Herdman
Crow: Anne Jameson
Actors in later episodes:
Durathror: Ronald Herdman(3)
Stromkarl: Edward de Souza(3)
Ep2:2/4/89 Ep3:9/4/89 Ep4:16/4/89
First broadcast as a two hour Saturday Night Theatre on 5/4/86
[The sequel play, The Moon of Gomrath by the same director was broadcast 2/1/89 and in three parts from 2/7/89]
[Earlier production by Herbert Smith broadcast in 6 parts in 1963]

26th March 1989
Fear on 4: Soul Searching by Martyn Wade.
Hospitals can be frightening enough, but even more so when a patient is asked to take part in an experiment.
Directed by Peter Fozzard
Introduced by: Edward de Souza.
Mr Timmins: Bernard Cribbins
Tom: Shaun Prendergast
Oswald: Norman Bird
Sister: Joan Walker
Nurse: Rebecca Jones
Surgeon: Steve Hodson
Repeated 29th March 1989
Repeated on BBC 7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008

27th March 1989
15.00 :
Trouble Bruin by Aubrey Woods (1928-2013).
Gather round the radio
Or you will miss a splendid show.
A play for all the family |
Witty and jolly and full of glee.
That's because it's all about me, Edward Bear !
Director: Ian Cotterell
First assistant: Ken Cumberlidge
Martin: Aubrey Woods
Jason: Henry Power
Harold Chambers: Alexander Goodman
Darrol: Cara Kelly
Charlie: Norman Bird
Fred: John Moffatt
Max Carling: John Warner
Gerry: David Goudge
Sir Herbert: Nicholas Courtney
Mitchell: Dominic Rickhards
Miss Jordan: Jo Kendall
Mrs Balderston: Eva Stuart
Chambers: John Bull
Insp Howard: Joe Dunlop
Samantha Holmes: Melinda Walker

27th March 1989
20.15 :
The Price (1968) by Arthur Miller (1915-2005).
The sale of some family heirlooms forces two estranged brothers to face up to the realities of their past and to recognise the price they have paid for their present life styles.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
"BBC Radio Drama presents the LA Classic Theater Works"
Victor: Richard Dreyfuss
Esther: Amy Irving
Walter: Harris Yulin
Gregory Solomon: Timothy West
Repeated 30th December 1989

28th March 1989
15.00 :
The Makeup by Charles Jennings.
Joan wants to rejoin the cabaret act 'Four Nobodies'...
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Joan: Tilly Vosburgh
Alex: Tim Bentinck
Terry: Mike Grady
Neville: John Bull
Chrissie: Melinda Walker
Georgina: Joanna MacKie

29th March 1989
15.00 :
Soft by John Bond.
Soft - that's what Keith's friends call him, about women anyway.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Keith: Rod Arthur
Janice: Denise Welch
Terry: David Whitaker
Colin: Adrian Stokes
Carol: Felicity Finch
Brenda: Barbara Marten
Dave: Peter Wheeler

29th March 1989
Fear on 4: A Child Crying by James Saunders.
Repeated from 26th March 1989- please see above.

30th March 1989
15.00 :
The Swallows by Mark Beeson
Music by Ilona Sekacz
Technical presentation by Richard Beadsmore, Wilfredo Acosta and Hilary Carruthers
A verse play
Directed by Richard Wortley
Money: Brian Miller
Oldham: Norman Bird
Drift: Clare Travers Deacon
The Tourist: Ken Cumberlidge
First swallow: John Rye
Second swallow: Helena Breck
Third swallow/Cranefly: Ian Targett
Barn owl/Fox moth: John Warner
Mrs Oldham: Tessa Worsley
Pipistrelle: Melinda Walker
Esther: Marcia King
Animal liberation figures/Impulse.: Joe Dunlop
Intermediate technology/Grasshopper: Vincent Brimble
Mayfly: Cara Kelly
Mosquito/Fairy fly: Susan Sheridan

31st March 1989
15.00 :
The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky translated by David Magarshack dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
8 of 8: The Trial
'I, Mitya Karamazov , am not guilty of killing the old man - my father and my enemy....'
Please see 10th February 1989 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Grushenka: Eleanor Bron
Katerina: Angela Down
Kirilovicn: Terry Molloy
Fetyukovich: Roger Hume
President: Norman Bird
Snegiryov: Kim Durham
Grigory: Edwin Richfield
Trifon: Ray Llewellyn
Kirilocich: Martin Matthews
Dr Herzenstube: Simon Carter
Moscow doctor: Ken Cumberlidge
First woman: Sunny Ormande
Second woman: Joyce Gibbs
Kolya: Sam Barriscale
Boys: Benjamin Rand
Boys: David Clark

1st April 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Narrow Corner (1932) by W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) dramatised by Jeffrey Segal.
"Short therefore, is man's life, and narrow is the corner of the earth wherein he dwells."
Directed by Graham Gould
BBC Manchester.
Dr Saunders: Garard Green
Fred Blake: Owen Scott
Captain Nichols: Douglas Blackwell
Mrs Hudson: Carol Marsh
Christessen: Philip Sully
Erith: Jeffrey Segal
Louise: Cara Kelly
Swan: Lewis Stringer
Ryan: Peter Craze
Repeated 3rd April 1989
[There was an earlier version, produced by Martyn C Webster in 1962, repeated 1967.]
[There was a 1933 film of this tale, also a loose retelling in the 1936 film "Isle of Fury"]
[Brief appearances in WSM's books by the characters in this tale: Dr Saunders in "On a Chinese Screen" and Cpn Nichols in "The Moon and Sixpence".]

2nd April 1989
Over the Moon by Graeme Curry (1957-2019).
When you're young and black, life on the pitch can be as tough as it is on the streets....
Directed by Caroline Raphael.
Bryon Butler: Bryon Butler (1934-2001)
John: Sylvester Williams
Steve: Jonathan Tafler
Martin: Ben Thomas
Debbie: Charon Bourke
Danny: James Goode
Manager: Anthony Jackson
Neville: Stephen Johnson
Det Insp Ross: Alan Dudley
Jane: Zelah Clarke
Reporter: David Goodland
Police footballers: Ian Thompson.
Police footballers: Kim Wall
Repeated from 4th February 1988
[This broadcast is an adaptation of a "screenplay competition" winner by Curry]
[Bryon Butler was the BBC's football correspondent from 1968 to 1991]

2nd April 1989
Fear on 4: A Child Crying by James Saunders.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Introduced by Edward de Souza.
Guy: Nigel Anthony
Ian: Kim Wall
Paul: Ken Cumberlidge
Child's voice: Cara Kelly
Repeated 5th April 1989
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008

3rd April 1989
20.15 :
Games of Love and Death by Valerie Windsor.
Dr Frielich, psychiatrist, has developed a method that impresses his clients. He says nothing!
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Dr Max Frielich: Lee Montague
Young Dr Frielich: Simon Cuff
Eva: Joanna MacKie
Anton: John Bennett
Anna: Jill Balcon
Fr Mares: Malcolm Hebden
Mrs Walton: Eva Stuart
Frau Moltke: Eva Stuart
Meyer: Jonathan Donne
Dwight: Steve Coogan
Repeated 8th April 1989

4th April 1989
15.00 :
Two Miracles on the Last Train by Richard Walker.
Two men strike up a heated conversation on the last train at night to Haslemere. For complete strangers, they seem to know a great deal about each other....
Gerald: Norman Rodway
Graham: Nicholas Farrell

5th April 1989
15.00 :
Graceland by Ellen Byron.
Memphis, 4 June 1982: three days before the opening of Elvis Presley 's home to the public, two women arrive at the gates, both desperate to be first in. As they tussle for the honour, their obsession with the king of rock 'n' roll is revealed.
Directed by Caroline Raphael.
Rootie: Lisa Ross
Bev: Margaret Robertson
DJ: Ian Michie

5th April 1989
18.30 :
Fear on 4: A Child Crying
Repeated from 2nd April 1989- please see above.

6th April 1989
15.00 :
Waiting for Mr Doubledale by Christopher Denys.
Having your first baby is exciting but a bit daunting, especially if you've got a back problem and a history of difficulties with anaesthetics ...
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Joyce: Diane Bull
Arthur: Christian Rodska
Valerie: Noreen Kershaw
Edith: Dona Croll
Receptionist: Ann Rye
Smart: Nigel Carrington
Dr Farrar: Judy Hawkins
Hunter: Peter Rylands
Calder: Malcolm Raeburn
Jack: Keith Clifford
Dr Childs: James Quinn
Nurse: Sue Jenkins
Doubledale: Peter Wheeler

7th April 1989
15.00 :
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell, dramatised by Gregory Evans
A house painter's efforts to find work in the fictional English town of Mugsborough.
Published after Tressell's death from tuberculosis in the Liverpool Royal Infirmary in 1911.
1 of 6.
Technical Presentation: David Greenwood
Director: Michael Bakewell
Robert Tressell: Sean Barrett
Sawkins: Graham Cox
Newman: Peter Craze
Will Easton: Donald Gee
Bob Crass: Brian Glover
Newsagent/Conductor: Christopher Good
Alf Slyme: David Goudge
Joe Philpot: Norman Jones
George Rushton: Denis Lill
Ruth Easton: Kate Lock
Frankie Owen: Andrew Mulquin
Jack Linden: Philip Newman
Bert White: Richard Pearce
Hunter: Bryan Pringle
Frank Owen: Mark Straker
Fred Harlow: Robin Summers
Bundy/Arthur: Richard Tate
Adam Sweater: Peter Vaughan
Nora Owen: Joan Walker
Actors in parts 2 and 3 and the part they appeared in:
Drunk: John Bull(2)
Barmaid: Jo Kendall(2)
Amos: Geoffrey Matthews(2)
Jeremiah: John Moffatt(2)
Dr Weakling: John Warner(2)
Mrs Crass: Eva Stuart(3)
Woman: Alice Arnold(3)
Mrs Newman: Joanna MacKie(3)
Rosie Newman: Susan Sheridan(3)
For actors in parts 4,5 and 6 please see 28/4/89 below.
Pt2:14/4/89 Pt3:21/4/89 Pt4:28/4/89 Pt5:5/5/89 Pt6:12/5/89
[There was a later production in 3 parts in 2008 by Dirk Maggs]

8th April 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Sacred Flame (1928) by W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965).
June, 1929. Maurice, invalided following an air crash, is determined to remain cheerful. But his condition affects all those who are close to him.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Mrs Tabret: Wendy Hiller
Nurse Wayland: Hannah Gordon
Stella: Janet Maw
Major Liconda: Alan Wheatley
Dr Harvester: Preston Lockwood
Maurice: Julian Glover
Colin: David Goudge
Alice: Melinda Walker
Repeated 10th April 1989
[Adapted into a film in 1935 "The Right to Live"]
[Wendy Hiller appeared in the 1966 West End revival as a different character.]

9th April 1989
14.30 :
Comedy Classics: Right Ho, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse. adapted by Pat Hooker.
All down to Aunt Dahlia 's home in the country to sort out newt-loving, moon-swooning lovers. Bertie thinks he has the answers and Jeeves seems to have lost his marbles.
Directed by Peter King
Bertie: Simon Cadell
Jeeves: David Suchet
Gussie Fink-Nottle: Trevor Nichols
Aunt Dahlia: Anne Jameson
Tuppy: Sean Arnold
Madeline: Jenny Funnell
Angela: Yvonne Antrobus
Seppings: Tim Reynolds
Headmaster: Peter Howell
First broadcast 26/5/88, repeated 29/8/88
Later Repeated: 11/11/1991

9th April 1989
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Judge's House (1891) by Bram Stoker (1847-1912) dramatised 1949 by John Keir Cross (1914-1967).
To study for his finals, Malcolm moves to a lonely place, not knowing that a malignant spirit waits ...
Directed by Gerry Jones
Introducer: Edward de Souza
Malcolm: David Timson
Mrs Dempster: Tessa Worsley
Carnford: Norman Bird
Repeated on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008
[This adaption was originally for the 1949 run of "The Man in Black"]

10th April 1989
20.15 :
Philadelphia, Here I Come! (1964) by Brian Friel (1929-2015)
Philadelphia awaits Gareth O'Donnell tomorrow. But tonight he says goodbye: to an inarticulate father, to a few friends, to an old teacher. And the buffoonery necessary to make these partings bearable provides a counterpoint to the sadness of his going.
Directed By: Ronald Mason
Gareth O'Donnell: Donal Donnelly
Master Boyle: Patrick Magee
S B O'Donnell: J G Devlin
Canon Mick O'Bryne: Patrick McAlinney
Senator Doogan: Harold Goldblatt
Madge: Gertrude Russell
Kate: Kate Binchy
Lizzy: Doreen Hepburn
Con: Tommy Duggan
Ben: Ronald Wilson
Joe: Michael Stuart
Ned: Denys Hawthorne
Tom: Maurie Taylor
First broadcast 25th February 1965 on BBC "Network 3", repeated 14/3/65 and 22/7/66
[In the stage play Gareth is played by two actors, as also in the 1977 film.]

11th April 1989
15.00 :
In a Place of Shadows by David Marshall.
Wealthy Kate and weak Tony pick up hitch-hiker Zoe heading for Malaga. But in the shadowy bar of a hotel she becomes an awkward temptation.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Tony: Sean Barrett
Zoe: Cara Kelly
Kate: Valerie Sarruf

12th April 1989
15.00 :
Left by Sue Ashby
It's local election time and Rose, a councillor's wife, falls into her usual routine of supporting her husband. But resentments that have festered over the years suddenly erupt....
Directed By: Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Rose: Joan Campion
Young Rose: Diane Whitley
Walter: Christopher Wilkinson
Doris/Mother: Ann Rye
Young Doris: Sharon Muircroft
Councillor Sims/Man: Rodney Litchfield
Councillor Ainsworth/ Doctor: James Tomlinson

13th April 1989
15.00 :
Waiting at the Gate by Barbara Ann Villiers
Nell lies in hospital remembering her mother and her childhood.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Nell: Marian Diamond
Martin: Hugh Dickson
Child Nell: Susan Sheriden
Mother: Sheila Grant

14th April 1989
15.00 :
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
2 of 6 - please see 7th April 1989 above.

15th April 1989
14.30-16.00 :
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey (1935-2001), adapted by Martyn Read from stage version by Dale Wasserman,
Committed to a mental institution in 50s America, the rebellious and somewhat psychopathic R. P. McMurphy confronts the harsh, unforgiving discipline of Nurse Ratched.
Directed by David Hutchinson
A BBC World Service Drama production
R P McMurphy: Bob Sherman
Nurse Ratched: Margaret Robertson
Dale Harding: William Roberts
Billy Bibbet: Kerry Shale
Martini: John Cassady
Chief Bromden: William Hootkins
Dr Spivey: Stuart Milligan
Candy Starr: Susannah Fellows
Nurse Flynn/Sandra: Barbara Barnes
Warren/Turkle: Al Matthews
Also broadcast by BBC Radio 7 in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008

15th April 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Who, Me? by Michael Davies.
Maggy finds another woman's handbag on the floor of her husband's car.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Harry Rolt: David Timson
Maggy: Moir Leslie
Ellenor Jones: Helena Breck
Alan Saunderson: Geoffrey Whitehead
Peter Jackson: Ken Cumberljdge
Sgt Hadfield: Joe Dunlop
Janet/Receptionist: Rebecca Jones
Maisy/Ward sister: Catherine Alexander
Bosun: Christopher Scott
Capt Samuels: John Hollis
John Crabtree: Geoffrey Beevers
Capt Olsen: Richard Tate
Seaman: Ian Targett

16th April 1989
14.30 :
The Imaginary Invalid [Le Malade imaginaire] by Moliere (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin)(1622-1673), translated and adapted by Miles Malleson
Scene: Monsieur Argan 's house in Paris, 1674.
Music composed and played by Terence Allbright
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Argan: Maurice Denham
Beline: Jane Lapotaire
Toinette: Tina Marian
Angelica: Charlotte Attenborough
Beralde: Norman Rodway
Dr Diaforus: Stratford Johns
Monsieur Bonnefoy: John Moffatt
Cleante: Philip Sully
Thomas Diaforus: Peter Craze
Louise Argan: Cara Kelly
Dr Purgon: John Warner
Apothecary: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated from 29th December 1988
[The final play by Moliere, who died while playing the part of Argan].
[The original play included ballets with music by Charpentier.]

17th April 1989
The Monday Play: Night Express by John Fletcher.
1933: Gregory is on his first assignment as a spy.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
Gregory: Cornelius Garrett
Harold St John: Timothy Bentinck
Litzi: Melinda Walker
Simpson: Christian Rodska
Archie: Andrew Hilton
MacDonald: John Rowe
the Professor: Gabriel Woolf
Erich: Jonathan Tafler
Commissioner: Michael Graham Cox
Assistant commissioner: John Hartoch
Gunther: Ian Targeit
Carl: Richard Pearce
Gerta: Joan Walker
Repeated 22nd April 1989

18th April 1989
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Say Something Happened by Alan Bennett
Directed By: Matthew Walters
Mam: Thora Hird(1911-2003)
Dad: Brian Wilde
June: Imelda Staunton
Repeated 20/10/1992
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1989 and 1993]
[Thora Hird also played Mam in the 1982 tv version, repeated 1984]

19th April 1989:
15.00 :
The Lodestone by Sheila Hodgson (1921-2001).
M.R. James, the distinguished Cambridge scholar and a brilliant teller of supernatural tales, finds himself caught up in a series of strange, inexplicable events....
Directed by David Johnston
M.R. James: David March
Francis Lippiat: Mark Straker
Eleanor Howard: Moir Leslie
Rev Bodmin: Geoffrey Whitehead
Rev Mullins: Philip Sully
Col Lippiat: Stephen Thorne
Innkeeper: Joan Matheson
George Masterman: Christopher Good
Village woman: Joan Walker
[Sheila Hodgson wrote 8 plays as by M R James, three were MRJ plots. The first was 7/10/76 "A whisper in the ear"]
[The Lodestone was printed in Issue 13 1991 of "Ghosts and Scholars"]

20th April 1989
Winners by Brian Friel Adapted by Dickon Reed
One glorious Saturday morning in June, Mag and Joe climb to the top of Ardnageeha, overlooking the town of Ballymore in Northern Ireland. 'The past's over! And I hate this waiting time! I want the future to happen-I want to be in it-I want to be in it with you!'
Director: Dickon Reed
(A BBC World Service drama production)
Mag: Veronica Quilligan
Joe: Colm Meaney
Man: Kevin Flood
Woman: Mary Wimbush
BBC World Service broadcast in 1979.
[An earlier production by Ronald Mason was broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 14/4/68, repeated 7/5/68, 24/8/69]

21st April 1989
15.00 :
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell, dramatised by Gregory Evans. Episode 3 of 6.
Please see 7th April 1989 above.

22nd April 1989
14.30 :
Night Express by John Fletcher.
Repeated from 17th April 1989- see above.

22nd April 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Journeys to the Frontier by Matthew Solon.
Philip discovers that his great-grandfather, Major James Pearson , kept a journal of his journey to Tibet in 1903. As Philip's own life plunges into crisis, he realises that something similar happened to his great-grandfather.
Directed by Janet Whttaker
Major James Pearson: Peter Jeffrey
Laura: Janet Maw
Philip: Jack Shepherd
John Pearson: Michael Tudor Barnes
Robert Mortimer: Geoffrey Whitehead
John Giffard: Matthew Solon
Richard: Christopher Good
Sepoy: Ian Michie
Repeated 24th April 1989.

23rd April 1989
14.30 :
Mischief (book 1925, play 1928) by Ben Travers (1886-1980) adapted by Peter King
When a middle-aged, rather stodgy businessman marries a bright young thing half his age, the last thing he should do is neglect her.... If he does, he risks mischief in his marriage.
Music composed and played by Ed Welch (piano), with Ron Aspery (1946-2003).
Directed by Peter King
Reggy: Freddie Jones
Elly: Melinda Walker
Henry: Ian Lavender
Diana: Penelope Wilton
Louise: Anne Jameson
Willy: Richard Vernon
Algy: Brett Usher
Mrs Easy: Elizabeth Bell
Berty: Trevor Nichols
Rectory: Peter Howell
Mr Hole: George Parsons
Muriel: Alex Marshall
Miss Frisby: Sheila Grant
Henley set: Natasha Pyne, Jennifer Piercey, Francis Middleditch
Repeated from 15/11/86, also repeated on 31/8/87
[Winner of the 1987 Sony Radio Award for Best Drama Production.]
[1931 film adaption]
[Ron Aspery was a saxophone, flute and keyboards player]

24th April 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Accrington Pals (1981) by Peter Whelan (1931-2014).
A batallion of 700 men from Accrington marched off optimistically to join Kitchener's New Army and was decimated at the battle of the Somme in 1916. This is the story of the women who were left behind.
Tom Steer (piano)
Directed by Annie Castledine (1939-2016)
Producer Alfred Bradley (1925-1991)
BBC Manchester.
May: Barbara Marten
Tom: Clive Duncan
Eva: Sally Edwards
Ralph: Ian Mercer
Annie: Jenny Howe
Reggie: Stuart Wolfenden
Arthur: Jeffrey Longmore
Sarah: Julia Sharon
Bertha: Julia Ford
CSM Rivers: Stuart Golland
Repeated 29th April 1989

25th April 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Ananias, Azarias and Misael by Jennifer Johnston
A monologue.
A farmer's wife living on the Northern Ireland border thinks it is time to leave.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Christine Maltseed: Stella McCusker
Repeated 17th July 1990
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1990
[1989 Giles Cooper Award-winning play]
[Ananias, Azarias and Misael- (original Hebrew names) are renamed Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Chaldean names)- reference is Daniel Ch 1 (renaming) and Ch 3 (trial).]

26th April 1989
15.00 :
Stranger at the Door by Beth Edge
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Bronwen: Helen Gwyn
Jason: John Middleton
Mechanic: Andy Hockley

27th April 1989
15.00 :
Accident and Design. by Carolyn Sally Jones.
Directed by Kay Patrick
Sam: Martin Jarvis
Tessa: Brigit Forsyth
Hazel: Melinda Walker
Colin: Graeme Kirk
Neil/Reporter: Derrick Gilbert
Nurse/Flower seller: Mary Cunningham
Woman: Sharon Muircroft

28th April 1989
15.00 :
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell, dramatised by Gregory Evans.
Technical presentation by David Greenwood
Assisted by Michael Etherden and Keith Graham
Episode 4 of 6:
Directed by Michael Bakewell.
Assistant to director: Angela Combeer
Mary: Alice Arnold
Robert Tressell: Sean Barrett
Man/Landlord: John Bull
Councillor/Sawkins: Michael Graham Cox
Newman/Parson: Peter Craze
Will Easton: Donald Gee
Bob Crass: Brian Glover
Joe Philpot: Norman Jones
George Rushton: Denis Lill
Amos: Geoffrey Matthews
Jeremiah: John Moffatt
Jack: Philip Newman
Hunter: Bryan Pringle
Frank Owen: Mark Straker
Secretary/Mrs Dupe/Landlady: Eva Stuart
Fred: Robin Summers
Bundy: Richard Tate
Adam Sweater: Peter Vaughan
Nora Owen: Joan Walker
Dr Weakling: John Warner
Additional actors appearing in episodes 5 and 6:
Ruth: Kate Lock(5)
Frankie: Andrew Mulquin(5)
Speaker: Philip Sully(5)
Bert: Richard Pearce(5)
Driver: Christopher Good(5)
Bert: Richard Pearce(6)
Mortuary keeper: David Goudge(6)
Sir Graball D'Encloseland: Nicholas Courtney(6)
Ruth: Kate Lock(6)
Miss Wade: Susan Sheridan(6)
Please see 7th April 1989 above for details of episodes 1-3.
Ep5:5/5/89 Ep6:12/5/89

29th April 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Gioconda Smile (1922) by Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) adapted by Cynthia Pughe
Henry Hutton is unhappily married, but has taken solace from a friendship with Janet Spence. When his wife dies he promptly marries a much younger woman, but is put on trial for his wife's murder. His friend Dr Libbard has his own theories about who did it, but who bears the responsibility?
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
Henry Hutton: Peter Bowles
Janet Spence: Judy Loe
Dr Libbard: Philip Latham
Nurse Braddock: Eva Stuart
Doris Mead: Emily Richard
Gen Spence/First warder: Nat Brenner
Second warder: John Samson
Clara: Maryon Ellor
[There was an earlier production by Norman Wright in 1970]
[There was an Australian tv movie in 1964]

30th April 1989
Present Laughter(1939) by Noel Coward (1899-1973).
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Daphne Stillington: Miriam Margolyes
Miss Erikson: Diana Olsson
Fred: Timothy Bateson
Monica Reed: Patricia Routledge
Garry: Paul Scofield
Liz Essendine: Joy Parker
Roland: David Timson
Henry: Alan Rowe
Morris: Vernon Joyner
Joanna: Fenella Fielding
Lady Saltbum: Betty Huntley-Wright

1st May 1989
Aristocrats (1979) by Brian Friel (1929-2015)
The youngest daughter of the O'Donnell family is to be married. The house rings once again with the laughter and music of its excited children. But will this wedding strengthen the family's fading dynasty?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Casimir: Bryan Murray
Father: Cyril Cusack
Judith: Dearbhla Molloy
Alice: Sorcha Cusack
Claire: Niamh Cusack
Anna: Catherine Cusack
Eamon: Peter Caffrey
Willie Diver: Billy Roche
Tom Hoffning: Wiluam Roberts
Uncle George: John Warner
Repeated 6th January 1990

1st May 1989
The Monday Play: Hard Road by Colin Finbow
An unpromising first meeting between two bored young teenagers from very different social backgrounds leads to an unlikely alliance.
Director: Colin Finbow
Producer: Peter King
Kelly: Francesca Camilo
Max: Max Rennie
Kelly's dad: Norman Bird
Kelly's mum: Eva Stuart
Darren: Andrew Mulquin
Giles: Brett Usher
Monique: Melinda Walker
Tracy: Jenni Barrand
Childline advisor: Marcia King
Waitress: Alice Arnold
Ambrose: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated on 6th May 1989.
[Hard Road was released in 1988 as a Childrens Film Unit production- the CFU was founded by Colin Finbow. The film cast included Francesca Camilo and Max Rennie.]

2nd May 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Mustn't Forget High Noon by Jennifer Johnston.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Billy Maltseed: Oliver Maguire

3rd May 1989
The Peace of Pocahontas by Morag Hood (1942-2002).
The chronicles of an American Indian princess and Englishman John Smith.
Percussion: Don Lawson
Producer Ned Challlet
Captain John Smith: Richard Griffiths
Pocahontas: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Chamberlain: Michael Graham Cox
James I: Joe Dunlop
Sir Thomas Dale: David King
John Rolfe: Jon Strickland
Repeated 7th May 1989 and 27th July 1989

3rd May 1989
15.00-15.47 :
Sheraton Lane Ends by Ted Moore.
The name had always intrigued me, and no one I knew had ever been there. It seemed to be that it was right on the edge of something. Where everything changed and nothing would be the same again after you'd been.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East.
Tom: Karl Boyd
Gran: Elizabeth Kelly
Grandad: Colin Douglas
Mr Sanderson: Norman Mills
Snagger: Joe Caffrey

4th May 1989
15.00 :
Running West by Stephen Mollett.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Janos Fekete: Nigel Anthony
Harriet: Marcia King
Attila: Richard Tate
Eva: Jenny McCracken
Pali Baci: Norman Bird
Laci: Christopher Scott
Eva's mother: Joan Matheson
Newspaper seller: John Bull

6th May 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: Sherlock's Last Case by Charles Marowitz.
A hand-delivered letter at Sherlock Holmes 's flat in Baker Street announces bluntly that Professor Moriarty's son will seek revenge for his father's untimely death. Can the sleuth survive this threat from the son of his most implacable enemy?
Directed by Walter Acosta
A BBC World Service Drama production
Sherlock Holmes: Dinsdale Landen
Dr Watson: John Moffatt
Liza Moriarty: Barrie Shore
Mrs Hudson: Margot Boyd
Insp Lestrade: David Sinclair
Repeated on 8th May 1989
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1987 in two 45 minute parts.

7th May 1989
Dandy Dick (1887) by Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934).
A Dean, who is a paragon of dignity and decorum, is driven by an indiscreet act into a most undignified dilemma.
Directed by John Tydeman
The Dean: Alec McCowen
Georgiana Tidman: Patricia Routledge
Sir Tristram Mardon: Nigel Stock
Salome: Susan Kyd
Sheba: Melinda Walker
Blore: John Church
Mr Darbey: Richard Clifford
Major Tarver: John Rye
Hatcham: Shaun Prendergast
Hannah Topping: Anne Jameson
Noah Topping: Garard Green
Repeated from 28th April 1986, repeated 26th May 1986, 4th April 1987.
Also repeated on BBC7 in 2004, 2006.
[There have been many radio productions of this play]
[Patricia Routledge was in the 1973 stage production, as Georgiana.]
[Also filmed in 1935 with Will Hay]

8th May 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Zanna by Nigel Baldwin.
A murder investigation is under way. There's Hennessy, the Detective Sergeant; Nate, the writer; and there's defiant Zanna.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Hennessy: Barry Foster
Nate: Struan Rodger
Zanna: Madeline Church
Repeated 13th May 1989

9th May 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Forgiveness by Stephen Dunstone.
On being tracked down, a criminal is suddenly overwhelmed with compassion....
Directed by John Tydeman
Unknown: Tony Haygarth.

10th May 1989
15.00 :
Animal Crackers by Richard Drain.
Shelley wants to stage a protest against the slaughter of animals for human consumption. But she is surrounded by people who stand to lose out if she gets her way.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Shelley: Lisa Bowerman
Barb: Lynette Edwards
Arthur: John Arthur
June: Ann Rye
Pete: Fine Time Fontayne
Nigel/PC Wilson: Martin Wenner
Rafiq: Dennis Conlon
PA announcer/Police Sgt: Peter Wheeler
Barman/Pete's mate: Stuart Wolfenden

11th May 1989
15.00 :
Flesh Made Word by Andrew Tomlin.
Directed by Phillip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Korilyn: Carole Boyd
Anna: Jenny Seagrove
Hector: Tim Brierley
Spart: Kim Durham
Ben: David Vann
Agent: Rob Swinton
Jane: Katy John
Taxi driver/Waiter: Alex J Ones

13th May 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Sea Fever by Sheila Hodgson (1921-2001).
When devious Dennis Vyner's financial empire collapses, there's only one thing left to do - disappear, and fast! He hits on an amazing and outrageously simple plan ... to go on a luxury cruise with the help of his wife and girlfriend!
Directed by David Johnston
Sylvia Vyner: Elizabeth Mansfield
Julie Barnes: Jane Leonard
Dr Lorrimer: John Bull
Prof Guy Heydock: John Baddeley
Prof Charles Jarvis: James Kerry
Bonnie McBride: Maureen Beattie
Alec Dunbar: Jack McKenzie
Miss Parker: Diana Lambert
Miss Pascall: Petra Davies
Rev Fergus Anderson: Geoffrey Whitehead
Barman: Peter Craze

14th May 1989
French Without Tears (1936) by Terence Rattigan (1911-1977)
1936. Learning French in a small town in Southern France.
Director: Gerry Jones
Kenneth: Andrew Branch
Brian: Peter Wickham
Hon Alan Howard: Neville Jason
Marianne: Susie Brann
Maingot: Manning Wilson
Lt Cmdr Rogers: Geoffrey Beevers
Diana: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Kit: Peter Sowerbutts
Jacqueline Maingot: Rosalind Ayres
Lord Heybrook: Dan Hawcreb
First broadcast 25/12/86
Repeated 20/7/92

15th May 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Lady and the Schoolmaster by Basil Ashmore (1915-1998), based on a plot by Mikhail Sebastian [aka Iosef Mendel Hechter] (1907-1945)
A bittersweet love story set in a remote corner of Romania in the 1930s.
Directed by Martin Jenkins
the Lady: Hannah Gordon
the Schoolmaster: Nigel Anthony
Stationmaster: Norman Bird
Miss Cucu: Eva Stuart
Zamfirescu: Victoria Carling
Pascu: John Warner
Ticket inspector: David Goudge
Udrea: Philip Sully
Grig: Edward de Souza
Repeated 20th May 1989

16th May 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dinner in the Oven by Dot Rubin.
Surely ladies of a certain age should be able to treat themselves to a luxurious bath now and then?
Directed by Jane Whitaker
Frances: Rosemary Leach
Muriel: Jennifer Piercy

17th May 1989
Lark in the Air by Anne Barrett.
Against all odds, Teresa battles to become an air hostess.
Music by Thomas Maclaughlin
Directed by Jeremy Howe
Teresa Kelly: Mary Ryan
Dympna: Jill Doyle
Ao: Eanna MacLiam
Mrs Kelly: Anne Kent
Northsiders: Joe Taylor, Pauline McLynn, Brendan Morrissey, Margaret Callan, B. J. Hogg, Liz Bono, Trudy Kelly, Sheila Flitton

18th May 1989
15.00-16.00 :
How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You when You Know I've Been a Liar All my Life by David Stafford
Directed by Annette Ogden
Milly: Deborah Findlay
Heathcote: Rodger
Tim: Tim Roth
Also with Struan, John Baddeley, Simon Cuff, Joanna Mackie, William Simons and Ian Targett.
[The long title was a song, written by Alan J Lerner, published 1951 and recorded by Eartha Kitt, also by Danny Kaye and others]

19th May 1989
15.00 :
Villette by Charlotte Bronte , dramatised by Valerie Windsor.
1 of 6: Lucy Snowe is always the observer, never letting herself be drawn into life, nursing inside her a depth of passion she refuses to acknowledge.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester
Lucy Snowe: Joanna MacKie
Monsieur Paul: Lee Montague
Madame Beck: Fiona Walker
Mrs Bretton: Ann Rye
Polly Home: Saskia Downes
Mr Home: Russell Dixon
Graham Bretton: John Middleton
Ginevra Fanshawe: Sue Jenkins
Lucy's maid: Fenella Norman
Waiter: Nicholas Spurr
Stewardess: Valerie Windsor
Rosine: Barbara Dryhurst
Actors in Episodes 2 and 3:
Fifine: Amelia Bullmore(2)
Dr John: John Middleton(2)
Zelie: Linda Gardner(2)
the choir of Withington Girls School(3)
Mrs Bretton: Ann Rye(3)
Count de Hamal: Christopher Campbell(3)
Frenchwoman: Rachel Laurence(3)
Please see 9/6/89 for actors in parts 4,5,6.
Ep2:26/5/89 Ep3:2/6/89 Ep4:9/6/89 Ep5:16/6/89 Ep6:23/6/89

20th May 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie by Brian Freemantle. Dramatised by Geoffrey M. Matthews.
When MI5 decides Charlie is expendable, he takes the chance to abscond with a million dollars.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Charlie Muffin: Philip Jackson
Edith: Jennifer Piercey
Berenkov: Peter Woodthorpe
Kalenin: Sandor Eles
Wilberforce: Barrie Cookson
Onslow Smith: Kerry Shale
Ruttgers: Don Fellows
Willoughby: Geoffrey Whitehead
Snare: Philip Sully
Law: Brian Miller
Hardiman: Ken Cumberlidge
Packer: Vlncent Brimble
Brayley: Ian Michie
Repeated on 22nd May 1989 and on 25th August 1991.
[Unrelated to the Beryl Bainbridge story of the same title; also unrelated to the 1983 Dennis Spooner tv program of that title also unrelated to the Peter Barnes play.]
[Original use of this title was a 1925 song, with the spelling Charley not Charlie]
[A prequel, "Charlie Muffin" was first broadcast in 1986, repeated 24th August 1991.]
[In the novels, "Charlie M", (filmed as Charlie Muffin) was published 1977 and "Clap Hands" was published 1978. The series was composed of 17 novels].

21st May 1989
14.30 :
The Dippers (1921) by Ben Travers (1886-1980), adapted by Peter King.
If only Stella and Henry had realised that they were both going to be in Coombe Puddy....
Music composed and played by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier
Directed by Peter King
Henry: Michael Williams
Stella: Judi Dench
Lord Mellingham: Freddie Jones
the female Dipper: Melinda Walker
Hank Dipper: Colin Stinton
Band leader: John Samson
Agent: Norman Bird
Peter: Stephen Rashbrook
Wattle: Trevor Nichols
Helen: Dorcas Morgan
Minnie: Polly James
Cowman: William Simons
Party guests: Eva Stuart.
Party guests: Diana Olson
Repeated from 26th December 1988
Repeated on 25th April 1992
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 1990
1989 Radio Academy (Sony Award) - Society of Authors award for best dramatisation/adaptation Gold Award Winner (to avoid confusion, all that is one award).

22nd May 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Upon St George's Hill by Kevin Fegan
'Divided Albion' is just another historical society until some younger members rebel and recreate the 'Diggers'. Then the divisions really start.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Dev: Tyrone Huggins
Bones: Neil Nisbet
Sergeant: Russell Dixon
Fairfax: Edward de Souza
Julie: Judy Flynn
Chaplain: Nigel Carrington
Magistrate: Neville Barber
Royalist: Peter Rylands
Clerk: Robert Whelan
Chief Constable: John Branwell
Reporter: Christine Cox
Roundhead: Kevin Fegan
Repeated 27th May 1989

23rd May 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Names by Rosalind Corfe.
Feet. Annie wants them done. That's why she's in a hospital....
Directed by ANDY JORDAN
BBC Bristol.
Annie: June Barrie
(Sequel 'First Names' was broadcast 5/9/89)

24th May 1989
15.00 :
Recce by Don Haworth
Why does Tom find himself isolated and alone with his family on a hillside farm? A TV company's intention to film him at work reveals the reason why.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Tom: Michael Tudor Barnes
Joan: Anna Cropper
Jenny: Saskia Downes
Angela: Joanna MacKie
Clive: Nigel Carrington

24th May 1989
20.45-21.45 :
Moonlight and the Black Cat: Name Dropping by David Buck.
Sketches from the life and music of Claude Debussy
The song, based on themes by Debussy, was composed by Terence Allbright who also devised and played Debussy's piano sketches.
Directed by John Powell
Debussy: Daniel Massey
Aunt Octavie: Mary Wimbush
Erik Satie: David Collings
Young Debussy: Elizabeth Lindsay
Mme Maute: Joan Matheson
Mme von Meek: Irene Prador
Blanche: Susan Sheridan
Sonia: Elizabeth Proud
Charles: Geoffrey Collins
Antoine: Clifford Norgate
Doctor: Geoffrey Matthews
Alfred: Garard Green
Marie: Marcia King
Master of Ceremonies: Simon Bullock
Pianist: Terence Allbright
Drummer: Don Lawson
Repeated 25th December 1989.
A second program Moonlight and the Black Cat:Guns was broadcast on 31/5/89 and 26/12/89.

25th May 1989
15.00 :
Just Not Cricket by Adam Thorpe.
Terry receives an invitation which takes him into the past.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Terry: Richard Pasco
Dougie: Cyril Shaps
Priest: John Baddeley

26th May 1989
Villette by Charlotte Bronte.
2 of 6. Please see 19th May 1989 above.

27th May 1989
19.45-21.15 :
The Skull Beneath the Skin (1982) by P. D. James (1920-2014), dramatised by Neville Teller.
1 of 2: The actress Clarissa Lisle has received a number of death threats. Convinced that her life is in imminent danger she employs a private detective, Cordelia Gray.
Director Matthew Walters.
Cordelia Gray: Greta Scacchi
Gorringe: John Moffatt
Whittingham: Norman Rodway
Clarissa Lisle: Caroline Blakiston
Ralston: Richard Vernon
Roma Lisle: Patricia Garwood
Simon: Richard Pearce
Insp Grogan: Geoffrey Whitehead
Repeated 20th October 1990.
Part Two on 29th May 1989.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009
[The title is taken from a poem "Whispers of Immortality", by T S Eliot]

28th May 1989
14.30 :
Arsenic and Old Lace (1939) by Joseph Kesselring (1902-1967).
Directed by Graham Gauld (1929-2020)
Martha Brewster: Athene Seyler (1889-1990)
Abby Brewster: Sybil Thorndike (1882-1976)
Elaine Harper: Prunella Scales
Mortimer Brewster: Dinsdale Landen (1932-2003)
Teddy Brewster: Desmond Walter Ellis
Mr Witherspoon: Lockwood West
Dr Harper: Lewis Stringer
Officer Brophy: David Valla
Officer Klein: John Rye
Jonathan: Heron Carvic
Dr Einstein: Gerald Cross
Lieut Rooney: Edward Kelsey
Officer O'Hara: Alaric Cotter
First broadcast 29/5/1971
Repeated 31/5/71, 2/9/73, 9/10/76, 11/10/76
[Thorndike and Seyler were in the 1965 stage production in London]
[A Frank Capra film of the play was made in 1944 and was followed by several TV movies.]

29th May 1989
The Skull Beneath the Skin (1982) by P. D. James (1920-2014), dramatised by Neville Teller.
2 of 2: After the murder the police are confronted by 10 possible suspects.
Piano: Geoffrey Brawn
Please see 27th May 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Tolly: Avril Clark
Munter: Richard Tate
Mrs Munter: Anna Cropper
Sgt Buckley: David Goudge
Hasking: John Warner
Beswich: Brian Miller
Miss Costello: Joan Matheson
Miss Maudsley: Marcia King
Sir James: John Bull
Colin: Christopher Scott
Gaskin: John Warner

29th May 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Silver by Jonathan Smith. When W. E. Henley, the Gloucestershire poet and eccentric, visited Edinburgh in 1874, he struck up a friendship with R. L. Stevenson.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Robert Louis Stevenson: Bill Paterson
W E Henley: John Franklin-Robbins
Fanny: Maureen O'Brien
Katherine: Joanne MacKie
Joseph Lister: Bill Wallis
Leslie: Peter Copley
Sister: Eva Stuart
Nurse: Marcia King
Lloyd: John Bolton
Repeated 3/6/89, 4/2/91, 26/11/94

30th May 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Deja Vu by John Sarsfield
Walter and Jennie Hoskins are treating themselves to a rare night out at an expensive restaurant. Across the room they see another, younger couple, who bring back all sorts of memories....
Musicians Les Brown and Janice Armstrong
Directed by Judith Elliott
Walter Hoskins: Alan Thompson
Jennie: Joan Matheson
Steve: Ken Cumberlidge
Carol: Alice Arnold
Head waiter: Christopher Good
[This program was recorded on 13 and 14/4/89 in Studio 11, Broadcasting House].

31st May 1989
15.00 :
Storytellers: The Son (1982) by Graham Swift, dramatised by John Scotney.
Kosta always meant to tell his 'son' that he was adopted. But when Adoni insists on going to Athens, Kosta realises that the truth will soon be out....
Directed By Enyd Williams
Kosta: Edward de Souza
Anna: Paula Jacobs
Adoni: Daniel Webb
Maria Androutsos/Stewardess: Maria Vigar
Christine: Elizabeth Mansfield
Fr Gregory: John Moffatt

31st May 1989
Moonlight and the Black Cat: Guns by David Buck (1936-1989).
Sketches from the life and music of Claude Debussy (Different content to the first program broadcast on 24th May 1989, please see above).
Actors not in the first set of sketches:
Aunt Octavie: Mary Wimbush
Pierre Louys: Geoffrey Collins
Gaby: Elizabeth Proud
Lily: Rosalind Shanks
Emma: Julie Berry
Andre Messager: Garard Green
Stravinsky: Geoffrey Matthews
Woman at funeral: Susan Sheridan
Repeated 26/12/89

1st June 1989
15.00 :
Last of the Cowboys by Carolyn Sally Jones. The local economy and a marriage are blighted by the cowboy mentality.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Fran: Ella Hood
Martin: Laurence Allan
Jack: Edward Thomas
Ieuan: Gareth Potter
Geoff/Phipps: Michael Tudor Barnes

3rd June 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Phoenix England by Shaun Prendergast.
Bernie's fame as a country and western star is on the wane. So he takes a rigging job in Rutherford.
Musicians Mark Doffman, Paul Gamblin, Stephen Warbeck and Trevor Allan
Music by Trevor Allan
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Bernie Brooks: Shaun Prendergast
Ewan: Gareth Tudor Price
Charlotte: Janet Kay
Maureen/Vera: Janet Jefferies
Ken: Thomas Baptiste
Jimmy: Jimmy Yuill
Richie: David Whitaker
Bones: Trevor Allan
Rosie: Gillian Tompkins
Amanda: Elaine Claxton
Tina: Marcia King
Mike: Christopher Scott
Driver/Policeman: Geoffrey Whitehead
Repeated 5th June 1989

4th June 1989
14.30 :
Over My Dead Body by Richard Morris.
What would you do if you woke up one morning and found a stranger had been murdered on your bed?
Directed by David Johnston
Adam Pride: Michael Cochrane
Peck: Richard Tate
Joan: Jane Campion
McSweeney: Harry Webster
Sgt Flack: Anthony Jackson
PC Pride: Laurence Payne
PC Bower: Simon Cuff
Mrs Harris: Jean Reeve
Pablo: Ken Cumberlidge
Pub landlord: Paul Sirr
Perce: Philip Sully
Repeated from 11th August 1988

5th June 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Floreanna's Barrell by Peter Tegel.
In the 1930s Dr Ritter set up a ‘paradise’ community on the Galapagos Island of Floreanna.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Dore Strauch: Francis Jeater
Friedrich Ritter: John Rowe
Ludwig Koerwin/sailor: Brian Miller
Babcock: Gordon Sterne
Baroness: Avril Clarke
My Baby: Christopher Good
Mule: David Learner
Mother: Joan Matheson
Announcer: David King
Hilda/Rita: Joanna MacKie
Marlene/Librarian: Elisabeth Mansfield
Hans Eulenspiegel: Richard Tate
Woman/Child: Susan Sheridan
Children: Robbie Engels
Children: Lynsey Joseph
Repeated 10th June 1989
[A "true" mystery which started with Friedrich Ritter and Dore Strauch, joined by Heinze and Marget Wittmer with childen Harry and baby, then joined by the "baroness" with Robert and Rudolph and a servant. Many books guess at the events. Margret died in 2000 leaving "baby" Wittmer. The Post Barrell remains in use.].

6th June 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Small Union by Peter Tinniswood (1936-2003).
Stanley, once leader of a small cotton workers' union, now spends his days musing on a deserted canal bank.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Stanley: Bernard Hill
Lorna: Liz Goulding
Repeated 22nd April 1990

7th June 1989
15.00 :
Storytellers: The Secret Sharer (1909) by Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)
The tale of a sea captain who gives sanctuary aboard his ship to a fugitive.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
the Captain: Michael Feast
Leggatt: Christopher Scott
Burns: James Bryce
Jackson: Stephen Tompkinson
Archbald: Michael Graham Cox
Steward: David Goudge
Hollis: Ian Michie
[There was also a production by Nigel Bryant in 1997]

8th June 1989
15.00 :
Deadly Embrace by Eric Paice.
A murder carried out by computer? An interesting idea....
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Julia,: Sheila Hancock
Steven: Simon Cuff
Aladdin: John Bull
Liz: Sonia Fraser
Alex: Alice Arnold

9th June 1989
15.00 :
Villette by Charlotte Bronte dramatised by Valerie Windsor.
Episode 4 of 6. For episode one, see 19th May 1989 above.
Directed by Kay Patrick
Lucy Snowe: Joanna MacKie
Monsieur Paul: Lee Montague
Madame Beck: Fiona Walker
Ginevra Fanshawe: Sue Jenkins
Dr John: John Middleton
Mrs Bretton: Ann Rye
Monsieur de Bassompierre: Russell Dixon
Paulina: Saskia Downes
French girl: Maggi Stratford
Additional actors in episodes 5 and 6:
Zelie St Pierre: Linda Gardner(5)
Pere Silas: Stuart Richman(5)
Madame Walravens: Lorraine Peters(5)
Rosine: Barbara Dryhurst(5)
Frenchman: Nicholas Fry(6)
Ep5:16/6/89 Ep6:23/6/89

10th June 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Old Pals Act by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001).
The old pals always meet up for dinner - and why should this evening be any different? But suddenly someone remembers the date; a ghost from the past comes to haunt them and life can never be the same again.
Directed by David Johnston
Tom Craig: Michael Graham Cox
Joanna Craig: Joanna MacKie
Basil Jenkinson: John Moffatt
Judith Jenkinson: Judy Franklin
Arthur Hepperthwaite: Nicholas Courtney
Madge Hepperthwaite: Jo Kendall
John Calthorpe: Laurence Payne
Jean Calthorpe: Jean Trend
Sheena Pike: Elizabeth Rider
Alex McDonal/Mike Malloy: Vincent Brimble
Repeated 12th June 1989

10th June 1989
22.15 :
The Saturday Feature: Past 12 and No Letters by Felicity Hayes McCoy.
Repeated from 1st January 1989 when listed as "Past Twelve and No Letters"- please see above.

10th June 1989
Acres and Pains by S. J. Perelman (1904-1979). adapted by Mike Barfield.
Part 1 of 2. There Ain't Nobody Here But Us Suckers
Producer Jonathan James-Moore
The Author: Colin Stinton
Laura: Lorelei King
Ed Mittendorf/Lafe 3: Kerry Shale
Dewey Naivete/Lafe 1: Garrick Hagon
Part 2: 17th June 1989
Repeated 28/8/89 (Part 2 4/9/89)
[from the book A Child's Garden of Curses by S. J. Perelman]

11th June 1989
14.30 :
A Long Wave Goodbye by Lalage Hitchcock.
Laura cooks to PM and gardens to Woman's Hour. Desperate for her undivided attention, Tom tries to reach her through the radio by writing a play.
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Tom: Michael Graham Cox
Laura: Zelah Clarke
Liz Montague: Caroline Gruber
C S Dearing: Diana Olsson
Mrs Antrobus: Margot Boyd
Also with Gordon Clough, Derek Cooper, Margaret Howard, Jenni Murray, Valerie Singleton, Paul Vaughan, Richard Tate, John Baddeley
Repeated from 31st March 1988

12th June 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Stones, Tops and Tarns by Peter Terson.
A casual meeting between two women of very different backgrounds leads to a shared tour of Cumbria ...
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Adele,: Michelle Newell
Jacquie: Anna Undup
Glen Coleman: John Dixon
Huntsman: Terry Molloy
Fell warden: Martin Matthews
Cyclist/First landlady: Hedli Niklaus
Second landlady: Caroline Ryder
Third landlady: Pauline Cory
Singer: Andy Hockley
Shepherd: Robert Warner
Repeated on 17th June 1989

13th June 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Mad, Bad by Guy Meredith
Two self-obsessed writers working on rather similar biographies about Byron communicate via answer-machine about a possible clash of interests. But could it be turned to their advantage?
Director: Cherry Cookson
Isobel: Anna Massey
Rob: Bill Nighy
Lisa: Anna Nygh
Maitre d'hotel/ Professor Bellini: Nicholas Courtney
Taxi driver: Ian Michie
Repeated 6th May 1990

14th June 1989
15.00 :
First on 4: Apple Blossom Afternoon by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010).
Ted's down at the betting shop, just like every Saturday. But this one's a bit special: it's his 55th birthday. This particular anniversary isn't like any before, so he indulges in a dream bet, an accumulator....
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Ted: Malcolm Hebden
Jane: Marlene Sidaway
Dave: Ray Ashcroft
Wesley: Louis Emerick
Povey: Colin Meredith
Billy: Philip Whitchurch
Tannoy: Christine Cox
First broadcast 24/8/88
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008

15th June 1989
First on 4: The Dirt Under the Carpet by Rona Munro.
The early-morning routine of two Aberdeen office cleaners is disrupted by a bizarre event. From this emerges a wry whodunit.
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland.
Lorraine: Fiona Knowles
Muriel: Alison Peebles
Sgt Donald: John Buick
Repeated from 11th February 1988
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003.
[This play won a 1988 Giles Cooper Award]

16th June 1989
Villette. Part 5 of 6.
Please see 9th June 1989 above.

17th June 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Green Hat (1924) by Michael Arlen (1895-1956) [Originally Dikran Kouyoumdjian]. Dramatised by Diana Morgan.
Iris Storm was a beautiful, shameless child of the 20s, whose green hat was flaunted 'pour le sport'.
Music composed by Stephen Markwick
Singer: Adam Stewart, piano: Terry Seabrook
Directed by David Johnston
Michael Arlen: Michael Cochrane
Iris Storm: Judy Buxton
Napier Harpendon: Stephen Tompkinson
Venice Harpendon: Zelah Clarke
Sir Guy de Travest: Colin Starkey
Masters/Truble: Alan Thompson
Marvell: Michael Deacon
Eloise: Alice Arnold
Shirley: Marcia King
Gerald: Mark Straker
Colin: Simon Cuff
Repeated 19th June 1989
[The 1928 film "A woman of affairs" was a much rewritten version of the book - Arlen received no credit.]

17th June 1989
Acres and Pains: part 2 of 2 - please see 10th June 1989 above.

18th June 1989
14.30 :
Resurrection Day by Anita Bronson.
Christine Curry deserted her husband and daughter 20 years ago. When they hear a radio message that she is in intensive care in hospital, they find it hard to know how to respond.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Frank: Maurice Denham
Pamela: Kay Adshead
May: Jennifer Piercey
Jeff: Christian Rodska
Mrs Dawlish: Sheila Grant
Announcer: Brian Hewlett
Sister: Julie Berry
Policemen: Alan Coveney & Andrew Hilton
Boys: David Baklett & Michael Carding
Repeated from 30th July 1987

19th June 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde .
Mrs Erlynne sacrifices her position in society.
Directed by David Johnston
Lady Windermere: Joely Richardson
Lord Windermere: Gary Bond
Mrs Erlynne: Penelope Keith
Lord Darlington: Edward Fox
Duchess of Berwick: Janet Burnell
Lady Agatha Carlisle: Patsy Rowlands
Lord Augustus Lorton: Richard Tate
Mr Hopper: James Laurenson
Mr Cecil Graham: Ken Cumberudge
Mr Dumby: Brian Smith
Lady Plymdale/Mrs Cowper-Cowper: Marcia King
Lady Jedburgh/Lady Stutfield: Joan Walker
Parker: Donald Gee
[This version was not repeated but there was another production- in 1968 by Ronald Mason, repeated 1972, 1974, 1978 and 1982]

20th June 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Box by Hattie Naylor.
Once upon a time there was a family who lived high, high above the city in a box.
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Directed by Hilary Norrish
the narrator: Ian Dury
Stephanie: Emma Chambers
Grandma: Mary Wimbush
Mother: Polly James
Father: Richard Tate
Child: Zoe Gilbert
Ian: Ken Cumberlidge
Stephen: Ian Targett
Aladin: Richard Pearce
Repeated from 25th October 1988
[This was Hattie Naylor's first Radio 4 play, with many to follow.]

21st June 1989
15.00 :
Storytellers: Babies in Rhinestones (1983), by Shena Mackay.
A kidnapped cat holds the key to true romance!
Piano: Mary Nash
Tap Dancers: Alice Arnold And Richard Pearce
Directed by Caroline Raphael
Araidne Elliott: Liz Fraser
Alfred Ellis: Clive Swift
Narrator: Karen Archer
Mrs Taylor: Marcia King
Mrs Silbury-Smith: Joan Matheson
Mrs Brown: Jo Kendall
Karen: Elizabeth Mansfield
Laura: Joan Walker
George: Donald Gee
[Araidne above is correct, not meant to be Ariadne!]

22nd June 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
1 of 8: The Bells Are Rung Up
Producer Martin Fisher
Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael (1920-2010)
Bunter: Peter Jones (1920-2000)
the Rev Theodore Venables: Philip Latham
Stephen Greif: Stephen Driver
Mrs Agnes Venables: Noel Dyson
Emily: Jenny Twigge
Mr Godfrey/Johnson: Haydn Wood
Ezra Wilderspin: John Church
Narrator: John Westbrook
For actors in later episodes please see the relevant date.
Ep2:29/6/89 Ep3:6/7/89 Ep4:13/7/89 Ep5:20/7/89 Ep6:27/7/89 Ep7:3/8/89 Ep8:10/8/89
The series was first broadcast commencing 20/10/1980 and each episode was repeated two days later.
[A shorter production by Vanessa Whitburn was broadcast in 1986, repeated 1987]
[This was the ninth Wimsey novel]

22nd June 1989
15.00 :
The Hedge Priest by Michael Payne.
Shortly after the First World War, Elsa returns to her childhood village to find the community turning to the past and their primitive mid summer rites.
Directed by David Johnston
Elsa: Helena Breck
Rose: Elizabeth Mansfield
Rev Helford: John Warner
Sir Philip Bowfounder: Reginald Marsh
Jack Hern: Sam Miller
Mrs Fisher: Anna Cropper
Whisperers: Alice Arnold and Richard Tate

23rd June 1989
15.00 :
Villette by Charlotte Bronte
Part 6 of 6. Please see 19th May 1989 above.

24th June 1989
14.30 :
Ravenous by Kate Penning .
Hollyis a young girl-fox who is too curious for her own good. Through strange circumstances she finds herself in the human world with its voracious appetite for food and sex. It is Uncle Desmond who finally brings out the fox in her.
Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Holly: Sophie Thompson
Uncle Desmond: Graham Crowden
Mary: Rosemary Leach
Gerald: Geoffrey Matthews
Fatherfox: Richard Tate
Foxboy: Ben Robb
Gina: Abigail Docherty
Caroline: Tikka Viker-Bloss
Simon (boy): Henry Power
Simon (teenager): Ian Michie
Mrs Stranks: Barbara Atkinson
Repeated from 29th October 1988

24th June 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), dramatised by Bert Coules.
New York - the Future: The murder of a Spacer creates a crisis that could destroy the Earth.
Technical presentation: Tim Sturgeon and Wilfredo Acosta
Directed By: Matthew Walters
Elijah Baley: Ed Bishop
Daneel: Sam Dastor
Enderby: Matt Zimmerman
Jessie: Beth Porter
Fastolfe: Christopher Good
Joe: Vincent Brimble
R Sammy: Ian Michie
Shopkeeper: Brian Miller
Ben: Boris Hunka
Cloussar: Elizabeth Mansfield
Announcements: Susan Sheridan
Repeated on 26th June 1989

25th June 1989
14.30 :
First on 4: Cigarettes and Chocolate by Anthony Minghella (1954-2008).
I'd spoken to them all, in turn, carefully, loving them all; like suicide in a way, to stop talking.
Directed by Anthony Minghella and Robert Cooper
Producer Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
((Radio 4/ World Service production))
Lorna: Juliet Stevenson
Rob: Bill Nighy
Gemma: Jenny Howe
Alistair: Alex Norton
Mother: Joan Campion
Gail: Jane Gurnett
Sample: Christopher Ravenscroft
Conception: Sally Eldridge
Repeated from 6th November 1988
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 2008
(A 1988 Giles Cooper and Sony Award winner)
Repeated 1st January 1998, 3rd May 2008

26th June 1989
20.15 :
First on 4: Excess Baggage by Ken Blakeson.
Refer to 7th January 1989 above.

27th June 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Governor's Ghosts by Barry Meteyard
When Harry attends his first meeting as a parent governor, frightening memories of his schooldays flood back.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Harry: Russell Dixon
Mary: Lesley Nicol
Headmaster: Neville Barber
Mrs Bartlett: Ann Rye
Masters: Malcolm Raeburn
Masters: John Jardine

28th June 1989
15.00 :
Box of Chocolates by Christopher Reason.
When Christine receives a box of chocolates from her estranged Aunt Shirley, she is prompted to show us how soft-centred she really is. But watch out for the nuts.... A monologue
Directed by Clive Brill
Christine: Prunella Scales

28th June 1989
20.45 :
Two Hundred Leagues from Paris by Colin McLaren.
The Militants of Marseilles- The Revolution of 1789 was not confined to Paris alone, but erupted throughout France.
Music: Roger Limb of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director: Judith Bumpus
Narrator: Peter Barkworth
Charles Barbaroux: Russell Boulter
Laurent Lautard: Garard Green
The Comte de Mirabeau: Edward de Souza
Lord Gardenstone/Comte de Caraman: John Samson
Etienne Chompre: Donald Gee
Mathieu Blanc-Gilly/Commissioner d'Andre: Geoffrey Whitehead
Antoine Bemmond-Julien/Toussaint Pascal: Philip Sully
Francois Rebecquy: Joe Dunlop
Francois Granet: Ken Cumberledge
Youth: Susan Sheridan
Visitors to Marseilles and citizens: Donald Gee, David Goudge, Christopher Scott, Ian Targett

29th June 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
2 of 8: Lord Peter Is Called In
Producer Martin Fisher
For episode one please see 22nd June 1989 above.
Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael
Supt Blundell,: Timothy Bateson
The Rev: Philip Latham
Ezra Wilderspin: John Church
Liz Wilderspin: Diana Bishop
Coroner: Martin Friend
Harry Gotobed: Alexander John
Dr Baines: Brian Haines
Will Thoday: Keith Drinkel
Hilary Thorpe: Fiona Mathieson
Narrator: John Westbrook
Ep3:6/7/89 Ep4:13/7/89 Ep5:20/7/89 Ep6:27/7/89 Ep7:3/8/89 Ep8:10/8/89

30th June 1989
15.00 :
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
1 of 7: A man imprisoned for 18 years and now 'recalled to life' is the first link in a chain binding London and Paris at the height of the French Revolution.
Music by Wilfredo Acosta
Technical presentation by Peter Novis, Wilfredo Acosta, Ian Harker and Susan Keynon.
Director Ian Cotterell.
Mr Lorry: Richard Pasco
Dr Manette: Maurice Denham
Lucie: Charlotte Attenborough
Miss Pross: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Jerry Cruncher: John Hollis
Defarge: John Bull
Madame Defarge: Margaret Robertson
Coachman: Michael Graham Cox
Guard: Dominic Rickhards
Coach passenger: Nicholas Courtney
also with John Moffatt, Richard Pearce, Richard Tate and John Warner.
Additional cast in later episodes- please see the broadcast date.
Pt2:7/7/89 Pt3:14/7/89 Pt4:21/7/89 Pt5:28/7/89 Pt6:4/8/89 Pt7:11/8/89
Series repeated commencing 23rd December 1989 and then daily for 7 days in total.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2009.

1st July 1989
14.30 :
First on 4: Just Remember Two Things: It's Not Fair and Don't Be Late by Terence Frisby (1932-2020).
A few days after the last British soldiers left Dunkirk, my brother and I became evacuees and were carried off to another world.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Uncle Jack: Ray Smith
Aunt Rose: Petra Davies
Terry: Charles Clarke
Jack: Boris Hunka
narrated by Terence Frisby.
Mum: Polly James
Taxi driver/Porter: Danny Schiller
Elsie: Caroline Gruber
Miss Polmanor: Zelah Clarke
Granny Peters: Barbara Atkinson
Rev Buckroyd: John Baddeley
David/Ken: Richard Pearce
Repeated from 16th and 18th April 1988
[This play won a Giles Cooper Award]
[A 2004 Musical version was entitled first "Just remember two things..." and then restaged in 2011 as "Kisses on a Postcard"]
[Based on the experiences of Terence Frisby and his brother Jack].

1st July 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: Plaza Suite (1968) by Neil Simon (1927-2018)
Each part takes place in the same suite in the Plaza Hotel, New York.
1: Visitor from Mamoreneck
2: Visitor from Hollywood
3: Visitor from Forest Hills
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Karen Nash: Marsha Mason
Sam Nash: Joe Spano
Bellhop: Kerry Shale
Waiter: Alfred Molina
Jean McCormack: Michele Costa
Jesse Kiplinger: Hector Elizondo
Muriel Tate: Jobeth Williams
Norma Hubley: Marsha Mason
Roy Hubley: Ed Asner
Mimsey Hubley: Amy Irving
Borden Eisler: Richard Dreyfuss
["BBC Radio Drama presents the LA Classic Theater Works in the first radio production"]
Repeated 31st December 1989.
[The play was also filmed in 1971 and 1987]

2nd July 1989
14.30 :
First on 4: The Heart of a Dog(1925) by Mikhail Bulgakov (1891-1940) translated (1968) by Michael Glenny(1927-1990) dramatised by Brian Wright
In a bleak doorway in 1920s Moscow, a dog cringes. Passing by is a famous surgeon - and thus begins a remarkable experiment.
Musical director Colin Sell
Directed by David Hitchinson
Sharjik the dog: Andrew Sachs
Professor Preobrazhensky: Charles Kay
Zina: Joanna MacKie
Shvonder: Peter Craze
Bormenthal: Steve Hodson
Fyodor: Norman Bird
Darya Petrovna: Jill Fenner
Policeman: Ian Targett
Repeated 15/1/2006
[Also broadcast on BBC World Service on 2/7/89 and 14/1/2006].
[Original title "Sobachye syerdtsye"]
[Also filmed in 1988 and 2015]

2nd July 1989
18.30 :
The Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner, dramatised by David Wade
1 of 3- repeated from 2nd January 1989 -please see above.

3rd July 1989
15.00 :
Bitter Chalice by Christopher Jones. Graham and Clare visit Cornwall for a second honeymoon.
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
Graham Gibbs: Charles Kay
Clare Gibbs: Angela Down
Wella Trevelyan: David Shaw
Emma Brabyn: June Marlow
Derek Macauley: Henry Stamper
Agnes Macauley: Janette Foggo
Antique dealer: Eva Stuart
Publican: Simon Cuff
Preacher: Sean Barrett
Veronique: Zelah Clarke
Jack Hicks: Michael Deacon
John Pascoe: Paul Sirr
Edward: Phllip Sully
Repeated on 28th October 1989

3rd July 1989
The Monday Play: Summer Break by Julia Jones.
Why do the sisters always go on holiday together?
Directed By Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Cora: June Barrie
Blanche: Meg Davies
Daphne: Barbara Kellermann
???ouard: John Bull
Pierre: Christian Rodska
Priest: Joe Hall
Repeated 8th July 1989

4th July 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Nice Bit of Pork by Hugh Maxfield.
The pig is Albert's world, but what can a pork butcher do when there are no more pigs available?
Directed by Peter Fozzard
Albert Prothero: Michael Graham Cox
The Voice: Dave Willetts
Mrs Prothero: Pat Keen
Mrs Fowler: Auce Arnold
Tommy Hoskins: Vincent Brimble
'Grimy' Grimley: Michael Goldie
Nellie: Joan Matheson
Sergeant: Joe Dunlop
[This is the sole credit on BBC Genome for Hugh Maxfield.]

5th July 1989
15.00-15.47 :
Storytellers: Death, Fire and Life by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) dramatised by Peter Mackie.
Bursley, 1897: Mr Curtenty , after 12 months out of work, would sooner die than lose his dignity.
Producer Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill Stereo
Mrs Curtenty: Joyce Gibbs
Mr Curtenty: Roger Hume
Arnold Bennett: Terry Molloy
Harriet: Hedli Niklaus
Jim: Kim Durham
Colclough: Andy Hockley
Billy: David Learner
Deacon: Simon Carter
Miss Chatsworth: Pauline Cory
Mrs Colclough: Marian Kemmer
Miss Jones: Susan Jeffrey
Also broadcast on BBC World Service, December 1989.
[Story published as "A kiss for Curtenty" in February 1926 and as "Death, Fire and Life" in March 1926.]

6th July 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
3 of 8: 3: Bunter Breaks the Law
For episode one. please see 22nd June 1989 above.
Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael
Bunter: Peter Jones
Supt Blundell: Timothy Bateson
Will Thoday: Keith Drinkel
Potty Peake: Antony Hyde
Mary Thoday: Clare Clifford
Mrs Ashton: Margery Withers
Mr Ashton: Brian Haines
Sluice keeper: Peter Tuddenham
Ep4:13/7/89 Ep5:20/7/89 Ep6:27/7/89 Ep7:3/8/89 Ep8:10/8/89

6th July 1989
15.00 :
Storytellers: Leaving Shanghai by Taijin Takeda dramatised by Lizzie Slater.
Shanghai, 1946: the Japanese community have nothing to live for, no home to return to. Sugi, a poet, scratches a living as a translator. He is a thinker, not a man of action. But all that changes with a visit from Akiko.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Sugi: Michael Maloney
Akiko: Elizabeth Rider
Akiko's husband, the invalid: Ian Targett
Karajima: David Goudge
Akira/Officer: Ken Cumberlidge
Landlady: Jo Kendall
Commentator: Christopher Good
[Recorded in B10 at Broadcasting House on 23 and 24/3/1989]
[This is the only credit to "Taijin Takeda" on BBC Genome].

7th July 1989
15.00 :
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
2 of 7: Five Years Later. Charles Damay stands on trial at the Old Bailey, accused of treason. Jerry Cruncher does not believe he can be saved.
For episode one please see 30th June 1989 above.
Music By: Wilfredo Acosta
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
Sydney Carton: Charles Dance
Charles Darnay: John Duttine
Mr Lorry: Richard Pasco
Dr Manette: Maurice Denham
Lucie: Charlotte Attenborough
Jerry Cruncher: John Hollis
Mrs Cruncher: Eva Stuart
Jerry: Richard Pearce
the Judge: Godfrey Kenton
the Attorney General: James Grout
Barsad: Geoffrey Whitehead
Mr Stryver: Aubrey Woods
Also with John Warner, Nicholas Courtney, John Moffatt, Ian Miche, Michael Graham Cox, Peter Craze, Ken Cumberlidge, Ian Targett, Richard Tate, Dominic Rickhards, Jo Kendall.
Pt3:14/7/89 Pt4:21/7/89 Pt5:28/7/89 Pt6:4/8/89 Pt7:11/8/89

8th July 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Vacant Possession:
A quartet of plays by four different writers about the events springing from the sale of a house belonging to a divorced couple, who have each moved on to new partners.
Original idea by Paul Angelis
Directed by Jane Morgan
1: One Door Closes.... by Paul Angelis.
Maggie's story
2: Home Game by Liane Aukin
Tom's story
(Parts 3 and 4, 10th July 1989 below)
Actors in part 1 and 2:
Jonathan: James Laurenson
Maggie: Helen Cotterill
Tom: Anthony Jackson
Zoe: Zelah Clarke
Stan: Richard Tate
Beryl: Anna Cropper
also with Joe Dunlop, Susan Sheridan, Paul Downing and Brian Miller.
Repeated: 1:12/7/89 2:19/7/89

9th July 1989
14.30 :
Spitfire by Martyn Read.
In rural Berkshire during the Second World War, the actual fighting seems a long way away. But for a teenage girl its reality is brought closer by a series of poignant experiences of life, love and death.
With the children of Trinity School, Henley-On-Thames
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Spitfire: Clare Travers-Deacon
Miss Primrose: Joanna David
Billy: Richard Pearce
Arthur: Norman Bird
Edie: Eva Stuart
Shirley: Zelah Clarke
Glenn: William Hope
George: David Learner
Pauline: Jill Lidstone
Sgt Bailey: Anthony Jackson
Bertha: Polly James
Madam: Barbara Atkinson
Repeated from 23rd June 1988

9th July 1989
18.30-19.00 :
The Moon of Gomrath
Part 2 of 3.
Please see 2nd January 1989 above.

10th July 1989
15.00 :
Vacant Possession: Four plays about the sale of a house.
3: Glass Houses by Gawn Grainger
4: Final Agreement by Julia Schofield
Please see 8th July 1989 above for part 1 and 2.
Actors in parts 3 and 4 additional to parts 1 and 2:
DJ: Richard Pearce
Gordon: John Warner
Also with: Marcia King.
Repeated: 3:26/7/89 4:2/8/89
[Gawn Grainger is the correct spelling, born 1937 in Scotland].

10th July 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Glorious Memories by Michael McKnight.
Every year on the 12 July, members of the Orange Order recall a 17th Century battle.
BBC Northern Ireland.
Director: Jeremy Howe
Director: Eoin O'Callaghan
William III: Edward de Souza
James II: Peter Woodthorpe
Lundy: Denys Hawthorne
Queen Mary: Maggie Shevlin
Lord Clacton: Hugh Fraser
Tertius: John Keegan
Lord Felchingham: Paul Sirr
Muriel: Aingeal Grehan
Sheriff of Derry: Maurice O'Callaghan
Samuel: B.J. Hogg
Apprentices: Trevor Moore
Apprentices: Sean Kearns
Sir Cahal: Joe Taylor
Tyrconnely: Niall Cusack
Antrim: Michael Duffy
Huygens: Stephen Bent
Melville: Anthony Finigan
Kenneth: Dan Gordon
Murray: Michael McKnight
Mary of Modena: Fiona Mettam
Lady Spencer: Brigid Erin Bates
Repeated 15th July 1989

11th July 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: St James the Absolutely Marvellous by Roy Kelly.
A coupla guys up at the bar, the pianist doodling the old songs - it was like an old-time movie.'
Piano: Terence Allbright
Directed By: Peter Fozzard
Bernie: Gordon Sterne
Michael: Dominic Rickhards

13th July 1989
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
4 of 8: The Hunt Moves to France
Producer Martin Fisher
For part one please see 22nd June 1989 above.
Supt Blundell,: Timothy Bateson
Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael
Bunter: Peter Jones
Narrator: John Westbrook
Commissaire Rozier: Andre Maranne
Madame Legros: Lolly Cockerell
Waiter: Haydn Wood
Ep5:20/7/89 Ep6:27/7/89 Ep7:3/8/89 Ep8:10/8/89

13th July 1989
15.00 :
Storytellers: The World My Wilderness (1950) by Rose Macaulay (1881-1958) dramatised by Shelagh Fraser.
1945 and 17 year old Barbary is sent to the bombed wasteland of London.
Directed by David Johnston
Rose Macaulay: Mary Wimbush
Barbary: Glynis Brooks
Helen: Faith Brook
Sir Gulliver Deniston: Edward De Souza
Richie: Ken Cumberlidge
Raoul: Richard Pearce
Pamela Deniston: Susan Sheridan
Mrs Cox: Peggy Aitchison
Cynthia Maxwell: Joan Walker
Sir Angus Maxwell: Michael Graham Cox
Mavis: Joanna MacKie
Horace: Ian Targett
Jock: Vincent Brimble
Page boy: Joe Dunlop

14th July 1989
15.00 :
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
3 of 7: Promises. In France, Monseigneur is followed by dark shadows and a man called Jacques. In London, Lucie hears echoes of dark footsteps
Music by Wilfredo Acosta
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
Sydney Carton: Charles Dance
Charles Darnay: John Duttine
Mr Lorry: Richard Pasco
Dr Manette: Maurice Denham
Lucie: Charlotte Attenborough
Miss Pross: Barbara Leigh-Hunt
Mr Stryver: Aubrey Woods
Jerry Cruncher: John Hollis
Defarge: John Bull
Madame Defarge: Margaret Robertson
Monseigneur: John Moffatt
Also with Dominic Rickhards, Richard Pearce, Richard Tate, Michael Graham Cox, John Warner, Nicholas Courtney, Peter Craze, Christopher Good, Rebecca Jones and Jo Kendall.
Pt4:21/7/89 Pt5:28/7/89 Pt6:4/8/89 Pt7:11/8/89

15th July 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Call It a Canary (1985) by Peter Tinniswood (1936-2003).
The 60s are limping listlessly to their close, Uncle Mort has canaries nesting on his allotment and Carter Brandon's wife has left him. His second chance at a life of freedom has arrived.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Narrator Christian Rodska
Carter Brandon: Philip Jackson
Pat: Liz Goulding
Mr Brandon: George A Cooper
Uncle Mort: Stephen Thorne
Mrs Brandon: Shirley Dixon
Linda Preston: Sally Baxter
Sid Skelhorn: Colin Edwynn
Daniel: Judy Bennett
Hazel Huskisson: Anne Cunningham
Dorothy Fearnley: Jane Hollowood
Nurse: Sylvia Brayshay
Repeated on 17th July 1989
[Part of the Brandon family series of novels, 8 novels published between 1968 and 1990]

16th July 1989
14.30 :
Ivan the Fool and Vasilisa the Wise by Stephen Mulrine (1937-2020)
Ivan is determined to marry the beautiful Vasilisa no matter what the obstacles.
Technical Assistance: John Whitehall and Wilfred Acosta
Directed By: Matthew Walters
Narrator Nicholas McArdle
Ivan: Jonathan Tafler
Tsaritsa/She-Bear: Julie Berry
Baba Yaga/Crow: Pauline Letts
Doll: Caroline Gruber
Priest/Pike: Alan Dudley
Vasilisa: Victoria Carling
Koshchei the Deathless: John Rye
First broadcast 10/12/87
Repeated 19/8/90
[Several of the characters in this play are well known in Russian tales. Ivan the Fool is a stock character in Russian folklore from a time when the Russian word denoted youngest son without the negative overtones. Even Tolstoy wrote a story "Ivan the Fool". Some tales have Vasilisa the Wise as his wife, some have others.]
[Stephen Mulrine translated many Russian tales by Chekhov, Gogol and Gorky.]

16th July 1989
18.30 :
The Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner.
3rd part of 3. Please see 2nd January 1989 above.

17th July 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: How Far to Jaisalmeer? by Martin Worth (1926-2018).
You can't afford to be an innocent abroad in India, as Simon discovers.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
Simon Edwards: Ian Targett
Alice: Alice Arnold
Elizabeth Edwards: Melinda Walker
Deborah: Jo Kendall
Karl: ,wolf Kahler
Philippe: Philip Sully
Kotya: Amerjit Deu
Ravi: Marc Zuber
Ajana: Jamila Massey
Also with Ishaq Bux, Kumall Grewal, Raj Patel and Sonesh Sira
Repeated 22nd July 1989
[Author's full name was Martin Wigglesworth, shortened to take up less space in theatre credits...]

18th July 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Wrath of the Violet by Donald Jonson.
Provoke not the majesty of nature, lest thou suffer ... the wrath of the Violet.
Music by Wilfredo Acosta
Directed by Matthew Walters.
the Dean: Graham Crowden
Dr Kenyon: James Greene
Laura Kenyon: Diana Payan
Isabel: Susan Sheridan

19th July 1989
15.00 :
Vacant Possession: Home Game by Liane Aukin
Repeated from 8th July 1989- please see above.

20th July 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
For episode one please see 22nd June 1989 above.
5 of 8: A Question of Identity
Producer: Martin Fisher
Narrator: John Westbrook
Lord Peter: Ian Carmichael
Bunter: Peter Jones
Supt Blundell: Timothy Bateson
The Rev Theodore Venables: Philip Latham
Nobby Cranton: Stephen Greif
Mrs Venables: Noel Dyson
Emily: Jenny Twigge
Potty Peake: Antony Hyde
Donnington: John Church
Ep6:27/7/89 Ep7:3/8/89 Ep8:10/8/89

20th July 1989
15.00 :
A Kind of Spring by William Ingram (1930-2013).
During a howling gale, a retired coalminer and a rather grand lady meet in a shelter on the promenade.
Directed by Enyd Williams
Lady Clare Carnaby: Stephanie Cole
Hugh Jenkins: Aubrey Richards
Gwyn Richards: Lewis Jones
Ken Jenkins: Ioan Meredith
Flotsum: William Ingram
Louis: Frank Coda

21st July1989
15.00 :
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
4 of 7: The atmosphere of love and devotion synonymous with Lucie continues. However, across the Channel an air of vengeance hovers.
Episode one on 30th June 1989- please see above
Cast additional to episode one:
Sydney Carton: Charles Dance
Mr Stryver: Aubrey Woods
Mrs Cruncher: Eva Stuart
Jerry: Richard Pearce
Monseigneur: John Moffatt
Also with Peter Craze, Geoffrey Whitehead, Ken Cumberlidge and Jo Kendall.
Pt5:28/7/89 Pt6:4/8/89 Pt7:11/8/89

22nd July 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: One of Our Aircraft Is Missing.... by Jonathan Myerson
The wreck of a Second World War fighter plane slowly surfaces from a patch of Norfolk marshland. The Ministry of Defence are not best pleased....
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
Jenny Lodge: Deborah Findlay
Renshaw: John Moffatt
David Phelan: David Rintoul
Simon Rosen: Jonathan Tafler
McInerny: Geoffrey Whitehead
Hawtry: John Warner
Hanson: John Bull
Guy Machaffey: Joe Dunlop
Sarge: Phlllp Sully
Constable: Ian Targett
Keri: Joanna MacKie
Smith: Peter Craze
Telephonist: Joan Walker
Corporal: Ian Michie
Boy: Richard Pearce
Mrs Bennet: Eva Stuart
Miss Bennet: Irene Hanlon
Repeated on 24th July 1989
[Unrelated to the film of the same title, which was adapted for radio in 1943]

24th July 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Smart Boy Wanted by Colin Douglas
It is interview day for the post of senior registrar at an Edinburgh hospital. Five nervous candidates steel themselves for the most gruelling afternoon of their careers.
Director: Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Sir John: Tom Fleming
Dr Walker: Paul Young
Dr Bell: Roy Hanlon
Dr Roberts: Finlay Welsh
Dr Watt: Crawford Logan
Ms MacMillan: Grace Glover
Prof Nicholson: Martin Heller
Dr MacSuit: Bill Murdoch
Dr Choudry: Madhav Sharma
Dr Boyd: Ann-Louise Ross
Dr Duff: Sandy Welch
Dr MacGrory: Sam Graham
Dr Ratho: John Ramage
Repeated 29th July 1989, 9th August 1992

25th July 1989
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Out of Season by Maggie Allen.
Doreen has put up with her coarse husband for 20 years, but her tolerance snaps after his dalliance with a woman who lives nearby.
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
Doreen Booth: June Barrie
John Dalzeil: John Carson
Gerald Booth: Conrad Phillips

26th July 1989
15.00 :
Vacant Possession: Glass Houses by Gawn Grainger
Repeated from 10th July 1989- please see above.

27th July 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
6 of 8: A Damnable Business Will
Please see 22nd June 1989 above.
Actors additional to the first episode:
Supt Blundell: Timothy Bateson
Nobby Cranton: Stephen Greif
Thoday: Keith Drinkel
Mary Thoday: Clare Clifford
Ep7:3/8/89 Ep8:10/8/89

27th July 1989
15.00-16.00 :
No Poetry Anymore by Maurice Brown
When a business is losing money one way of closing it is to burn it down. But what if it won't catch fire?
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Terry: Russell Dixon
Robin: John Branwell
George: John Jardine
Esme: Joan Walker
Richie: Robin Bowerman
Reg: Christopher Quinn
Ged: Paul Codman
Sgt: Malcolm Raeburn
Shaftiq: Denis Conlon

27th July 1989
20.00-20.45 :
The Peace of Pocahontas by Morag Hood.
Please see 3rd May 1989 above.

28th July 1989
15.00 :
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
5 of 7: The Storm Gathers. As the Bastille falls, the footsteps of the mob echo as far away as London.
Please see 30th June 1989 above for episode one.
Additional cast in this episode:
Sydney Carton: Charles Dance
Charles Darnay: John Duttine
Barsad: Geoffrey Whitehead
Mr Stryver: Aubrey Woods
Gabelle: Richard Tate
Also with Peter Craze and Eva Stuart.
Pt6:4/8/89 Pt7:11/8/89

29th July 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Intent to Deceive by Michael Robson.
When Eva is killed by a hit-and-run driver, her brother Gregory is under suspicion. Not only does he deny being involved, he also denies that the body is that of his sister.
Director: Shaun McLoughlin
BBC Bristol
Gregory Wilderspin: Nigel Anthony
Chief Insp Turnbull: Steve Hodson
Det Sgt Lawler: Jonathan Nibbs
Henry Pym: Anthony Jackson
Kim Fairless: Zelah Clarke
Eva Wilderspin: June Barrie
Dr Napier: John Abineri
P.C. Newton: Stephen Tompkinson
Arthur: Paul Sirr
Coroner: Laurence Payne
Fiona Sinclair: Sandra Clark
Collinge: Paul Nicholson
Lester Hall: Simon Cuff
Faith Dunnett: Angela Barlow
Dr Probert: John Baddeley
Eastbrook: John Samson
Jenny Pym: Lin Sagovsky
Repeated 31st July 1989

30th July 1989
Stone Island Sound by Angus Graham-Campbell.
Stone Island, in the USA, is where the Westbrook family spend their summer holidays. But their daughter Lexy's friends threaten to disrupt everything.
Directed by Tim Suter
Chris: Greg Frost
Sean: Kerry Shale
Karl: William Hope
Lexy: Shelley Thompson
Ben: Blain Fairman
Dede: Ann G Murray
Jen: Cherri Domin
Repeated from 29th October 1987

31st July 1989
The Monday Play: Reels to Forget, Airs for Kegret by Neil McKay.
Lynsey returns home to live with her father after spending four years in a home for disturbed children.
Folk Fiddle: Gill McKay
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Lynsey: Julia Ford
Derek: Geoffrey Hinsliff
Stephen: Pearce Quigley
Kay: Fiona Victory
Mrs Tennant: Rosalie Williams
Repeated on 5th August 1989

1st August 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: John Wayne and His Belly by Adisakdi Tantimedh.
Thieu dreams that the ghost of John Wayne is travelling across the States to get him.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Thieu: David Yip
John Wayne's ghost: Kerry Shale
Mrs Tam: Jacqui Chan
Karen: Cordelia Roche
Frank: William Hope
Haverman: Vincent Brimble
Ranch owner: Brian Miller
Ranch owner's wife: Susan Sheridan

2nd August 1989
Vacant Possession: Final Agreement by Julia Schofield
Repeated from 10th July 1989 - please see above.

3rd August 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
7 of 8: All Is Not Explained
Please see 22nd June 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Supt Blundell: Timothy Bateson
Will Thoday: Keith Drinkel
Jim Thoday: Malcolm Terms
Engineer: Leonard Fenton
Sluice Keeper: Peter Tuddenham
Hezekiah Lavender: Michael Spice

3rd August 1989
15.00 :
No Ice on the Wall by David H. Godfrey
John is just a general porter at the hospital, but he is a man universally loved and the recovery of patients owes more to him than he would ever realize.
Directed by Gerry Jones
John: Ronald Herdman
Tony: Nigel Anthony
Roger: Michael Deacon
Agnes: Jennifer Piercey
Peter: Henry Knowles
Phillipa: Sushila Anand
Geoff: John Hollis
Tom: Robert Trotter
Gran: Gladys Spencer
Rathbone: John Gabriel
First broadcast 28/9/78, repeated 8/2/86.

4th August 1989
15.00 :
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
6 of 7: The Track of a Storm. Lucie and her father are forced to return to France.
Please see 30th June 1989 above.
Actors additional to the first episode:
Sydney Carton: Charles Dance
Charles Darnay: John Duttine
Barsad: Geoffrey Whitehead
Mr Stryver: Aubrey Woods
Madame Defarge: Margaret Robertson
Orator: Richard Tate
Woodcutter: Nicholas Courtney
La Vengeance: Sheila Grant
President: David March
Prosecutor: Philip Sully
Soldiers: Leslie Mills, Peter Craze,
Woman: Eva Stuart

5th August 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Very Civil War by Chris Curry.
There's nothing like the family to give you support when you need it, except in Cath's case, when you're pregnant and you don't want to be.
Directed by Tony Cliff
Cath: Diane Whitley
Dorothy: Jane Lowe
Nan: Paula Tilbrook
Linda: Lesley Nicol
Colin: Russell Dixon
Repeated on 7th August 1989

6th August 1989
14.30 :
Truckin' Maggie! by Diane Ney (1925-2018).
An American Truck Driver and an English historian are engaged to drive around America, exhibiting a copy of that great English historical artefact - the Magna Carta - with the intention of stimulating interest in the history of the UK.
Music composed by Alastair Wilson and Martin Price , played by Robert Spencer and sung by Richard Wigmore.
Directed by Gordon House
A BBC World Service Drama production.
Nigel: Anton Lesser
Hank: Bill Bailey
Edmund Grenville-Tree: Michael Hordern
Tom: Blain Fairman
Carolyn: Liza Ross
Millie: Eleanore Fairman
Jimmy: William Roberts
Politician: William Roberts
[ Winner of the 1989 BBC World Service Drama Competition.]
Repeated on BBC Radio 4 on 21st January 1990.
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1989, and repeated on BBC World Service in 1990 and 2006

7th August 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Pity by David Cook.
Peter is a new officer in the Salvation Army. A unit dealing with alcoholics is a challenging place to start.
Directed by Penny Gold
Peter: Mick Ford
Geoff: Norman Jones
Dora: Anna Cropper
Len: Dave Hill
Fergus: Hilton McRae
Neil: Robin Summers
Maurice: Cyril Shaps
Gary: Stephen Tompkinson
Ernie: David King
Neil's wife: Jo Kendall
Street trader: David Goudge
Salvation Army musicians: John Bull, Ken Cumberlidge, Joan Walker
Repeated 12th August 1989

8th August 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Bedtime Story (1951) by Sean O'Casey (John Casey) (1880-1964) .
John Joe Mulligan is generally considered to be a pillar of the Church. So why has he asked Angela back to his rooms?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Mulligan: John Lynch
Angela: Julia Dearden
Halibut: Kilian McKenna
Miss Mossie: Sorcha Cusack
Repeated from 10th September 1987

9th August 1989
15.00 :
A Bird in the Hand by Michael Sharp
A pigeon is not the best companion at a job interview or a visit to the theatre.
Director: Glyn Dearman
Stephen: Mark Straker
The pigeon: Percy Edwards
Sue: Elizabeth Mansfield
Mr Danvers: Norman Bird
Mrs Danvers: Tessa Worsley
Attendant: Richard Tate
Peter: Ian Targett
Actor: Donald Gee
Actress: Dilys Laye
Also with Christopher Good, Brian Miller, Eva Stuart, Joan Walker
[Listed on Genome as a repeat but unable to find prior broadcast]
[Unrelated to the Ben Collins story of the same name]

10th August 1989
12.25-13.00 :
Lord Peter Wimsey: The Nine Tailors (1934) by Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) adapted by Alistair Beaton.
8 of 8: Nine Tailors Make a Man
Please see 22nd June 1989 above.
Actors not in part one:
Supt Blundell: Timothy Bateson
Will Thoday: Keith Drinkel
Harry Gotobed: Alexander John
First sluice-keeper/ Villager: Michael Spice
Second sluice-keeper: Peter Tuddenham
Nobby Cranton: Stephen Greif
Potty Peake: Antony Hyde

10th August 1989
15.00 :
Cultivating Friends by Steve May
Paul, a youth-worker and bit of a do-gooder, wants to make his mark at
Ringworm, unemployment capital of the north.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Paul: Christopher Scott
Fred: Geoffrey Matthews
Kev: Stephen Tompkinson
Trev: David Learner
Bev: Victoria Carling
Second voice: Victoria Carling
First voice: Steven Harrold
Cabinet minister: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated from 9th June 1988

11th August 1989
A Tale of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dickens (1812-1870) adapted by Nick Mccarty.
7 of 7: The Knitting Done
Please see 30th June 1989 above.
Cast additional to episode one:
Assistant to director: Tracey Neale
Sydney Carton: Charles Dance
Charles Darnay: John Duttine
Barsad: Geoffrey Whitehead
Monseigneur: John Moffatt
Chemist: Brian Sanders
President: David March
Prosecutor: Philip Sully
Woman: Susan Sheridan
Brother: Jonathan Tafler
La Vengeance: Sheila Grant
Jacques: Michael Graham Cox
Jailer: Richard Tate
Seamstress: Helena Breck
Also with Peter Craze, John Warner, Ian Michie and Eva Stuart

12th August 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Sleeper Awake by Connor Farrington.
Having fled the Hungarian counter-revolution in 1956, Sandy Varga finds his Donegal tranquillity shattered.
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland
Sandy Varga: Harry Towb
Nora: Eileen Pollock
Stanford Whitaker: Mark Drewry
Dr Jessel/Cillsa: Aine McCartney
Mark: Peter Quigley
Rev Rowlette: Louis Rolston
Tamas Keres: Mark Mulholland
Bela Tabori: Paddy Scully
Dr Freeman/Garbai: John Guiney
Martin Quilligan: Niall Cusak
The Bishop: Anthony Finigan
[This is the only listing on BBC Genome for CONNOR Farrington and the play only appears elsewhere in a Diversity list... possibly written by the Irish actor and playwright CONOR Farrington?.]

13th August 1989
Sirius Rising by James Rankin
Shetland. 1933: the threat of Nazism overshadows Europe - and Joseph awaits the touch-down of the Sirius ...
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland.
Tom: John Hannah
Joseph: Ernest Blake
Dorothy: Sarah Collier
Louie: Grace Glover
Baxter: Brown Derby
Joseph's father/Prof: Michael MacKenzie

14th August 1989
The Monday Play: Bray Voices by William Ingram (1930-2013).
The reputation of a distinguished Welsh poet brings everyone flocking to his memorial service....
Directed by Enyd Williams
Glenys Howells: Paola Dionisotti
William Brand: Ray Smith
Max: John Moffatt
Dicon: Gerald James
Owen: Aubrey Richards
Gwynfor: Robert Blythe
J W: Geoffrey Whitehead
Prissy: Joanna MacKie
Brynmor Richards: Ernest Evans
Repeated 19th August 1989

15th August 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Hitman by J. C. W. Brook
Alice and George are taking tea in the garden. All seems right with the world except that George has invited a stranger to join them.
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
George: Michael Denison
Alice: Dulcie Gray:
Mr Romero: Philip Sully
[This was J C W Brook's last radio play- this one has also been presented on the stage. Most of his radio plays were directed by Ian Cotterell.]

16th August 1989
15.00 :
The Baby Buggy by Elizabeth Baines.
Di's battered old baby buggy becomes a symbol of her hopes and fears as she faces the challenge of having her first baby at the age of 40.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Di: Linda Bassett
Sandy: Barbara Marten
Repeated 15/7/1990
[The Baby Buggy invention is credited to Owen Maclaren, 1965].

17th August 1989
12.25 :
F/X by Roger McGough.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sound effects cupboard ...
Producer David Tyler.
Narrator: Edward de Souza
Instructor/Inspector: John Baddeley
Chris: Tony Slattery
Alan/Doctor: Dan Strauss
Norman: Nick Hancock
Sarah/Nurse: Jacqueline Gilbride
Palmer: Ken Stott
Molloy: Stephen Frost

17th August 1989
15.00 :
The Ultimate Invention by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
When his aged uncle, the Grand Duke, is hit by a thunderbolt, Alexander finds himself ruler of a backward, impoverished duchy. But salvation beckons in the shape of Francis Block.
Music composed and performed by Bernard Graham Shaw (1948-2009)
Directed by Gordon House
(A Radio 4/ World Service co-production)
Grand Duke Alexander: Simon Callow
Francis Block: Alan Bennett
Scribe: Stephen Thorne
Controller: Timothy Bateson
Footman: Simon Cuff
Peaseants: Dominic Rickhards, Nicholas Courtney, David Goudge, Zelah Clarke, Jo Kendall, Melinda Walker, Richard Pearce
(BBC Genome lists the parts as Peaseants, not peasants or even pheasants...)
Repeated 20th May 1990 on BBC World Service

18th August 1989
15.00 :
The True Heart(1929) by Sylvia Townsend Warner (1893-1978) dramatised by Doreen Mahon.
1 of 2: It is 1873 and Sukey Bond leaves the Warburton Memorial Orphanage to become a maid of all work in the Essex marshes.
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Sukey Bond: Tilly Vosburgh
Eric Seaborn: Mick Ford
Prudence Gulland: Theresa Streatfield
Mrs Seaborn: Diana Bishop
Mr Warburton: Charles Kay
Mrs Pocock/Mrs Rew: Eva Stuart
Ada: Zelah Clarke
Lilly/Grieve: Caroline Gruber
Mr Noman: Norman Bird
Zeph/Curate/Mr Mullein /Stationmaster: Steve Hodson
Reuben: Peter Tuddenham
Additional actors in part 2:
Lord Constantine Melhuish: Christopher Bowen
Vicar's wife/Sphinx: Victoria Carling
Queen Victoria: Anna Cropper
Mr Seaborn: Robert Lang
Mrs Oxey/Lady-in-waiting/ Mrs Lucy: Diana Olsson
Lady Emily Melhuish: Emily Richard
Vicar of Shoeburyness/Carter: John Samson
Mrs Mullein: Polly James
Part Two broadcast on 25th August 1989
First broadcast 6/12/87 (part 2 on 13/12/87)- the 1987 broadcasts were both also repeated five days later.

19th August 1989
12.25-13.00 :
The House by Christopher Lee
1 of 8.
Producer Pete Atkin
Mary Bannister: Sarah Badel
Henry Colville: Christopher Benjamin
Arthur: James Garbutt
Polly Bannister: Ruth Gemmell
Charles Bannister: Julian Glover
himself: Brian Redhead
Juliet Cameron: Siobhan Redmond
Rose: Sheila Reid
Denis Wigton: David Ryall
Dougal Baxter: Timothy West
Also with John Bull, Ken Cumberlidge and Danny Schiller.
Actors in later parts:
Keith Chadwick: Graham Blockey(2)
Nick Beresford: Rupert Baker(2)
the Speaker: David McAlister(2)
Grace: Joan Matheson(2)
Michael Friend/Waiter: Stuart Organ(2)
Melrose: John Fortune(3)
Jack Ross: Lain Cuthbertson(4)
Kay: Jane Booker(4)
Sir William: Dennis Ramsden(4)
Eamon and the waiter: Shaun Prendergast(4)
Merffyn Edwards: Ray Smith(4)
For actors in parts 5-8 please see 16/9/89 below.
Pt2:26/8/89 Pt3:2/9/89 Pt4:9/9/989 Pt5:16/9/89 Pt6:23/9/89 Pt7:30/9/89 Pt8:7/10/89
All episodes were repeated two days later.

19th August 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Jack in the Box by Gerry Jones.
John is haunted by laughter and pain.
Music: Jan Squier
Violin: Katherine Adams
Director: Martin Jenkins
John: Nigel Anthony
Anne: Nerys Hughes
Ted: Ken Cumberlidge
Peterson: Geoffrey Whitehead
Sarah: Helena Breck
Tom: Philip Sully
Pat: Carole Boyd
Bill: Richard Tate
Gwen: Joan Matheson
Preacher: David King
Repeated on 21st August 1989
[There were unrelated plays with this title, written by Tom Wright (1974), David Marshall(1993), Ray Bradbury (1997)]

20th August 1989
14.30 :
The Apples of Paradise by Stan Barstow (1928-2011) based on a story by Thomas Hardy.
Gerald Hare 's return to the town where he lived as a boy sparks off memories of the only woman he ever truly loved.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Gerald Hare: Russell Dixon
Laura Sherwood: Stephanie Turner
Cynthia: Joanne Zorian
Tom Fell: Derrick Gilbert
Emily Fell: Julia Sharon
Evangelist/Specialist: Geoffrey Banks
Ripley/Bodger: Harry Beety
Taxi-driver/Minister: Martin Wenner
Repeated from 24/3/88
[The Barstow short story can be found in the collections "The Glad Eye and other stories" and "The Likes of us: stories of five decades". The Thomas Hardy story was called "Fellow Townsmen" (1880) and is in the Hardy collection "Wessex Tales"]

21st August 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: In the Summer of 1918 by Stephen MacDonald (1933-2009).
The gulf separating soldiers at the front from people at home proves shatteringly wide.
Director: Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland.
Eleanor Lambert: Maria Aitken
Simon Sherwood: John Duttine
Robert Sutherland: Hugh Dickson
Ian Craig: Ewan Stewart
Dora Bates: Susan Wooldridge
Repeated 21st October 1989

22nd August 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Homunculi and Apiarists by Stephen Milan .
Molly is in hospital, bitter, lonely and blind.
Directed by Michael Fox
BBC Manchester.
Molly: Daphne Oxenford
Stella: Victoria Finney
Sam: Nigel Carrington

22nd August 1989
18.30-19.00 :
Blandings: Pigs Have Wings(1952) by P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) adapted by Richard Usborne (1910-2006).
1 of 4: Tangled Webs at Threepwood
Narrator Moray Watson
Producer Martin Fisher
Lord Emsworth: Richard Vernon
The Hon Galahad: Ian Carmichael
Lady Constance: Joan Sanderson
Beach: Timothy Bateson
Sir Gregory Parsloe: Reginald Marsh
Penny Donaldson: Susannah Fellows
Wellbeloved: Bill Wallis
Actors in later episodes:
Maudie Digby: Joan Sims(2)
Gloria Salt: Moir Leslie(2)
Jerry Vail: Royce Mills(2)
Orlo Vosper: Charles Collingwood(2)
Binstead: David Graham(3)
Pt2: 29/8/89 Pt3: 05/9/89 Pt4:12/9/89
Each episode repeated two days later.
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1991.
[Pigs Have Wings is the 7th Novel set at Blandings Castle]

23rd August 1989
So Much Blood (1976) by Simon Brett.
Charles Paris is appearing on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe when a student dies ...
1 of 6: The Photo-Call
Producer Martin Fisher
Charles Paris: Francis Matthews
Frances: Jennifer Hilary
James Milne: Alan McNaughtan
Maurice Skellern: Harry Landis
Pam Northcliffe: Sara Corper
Brian Cassells: Hugh Laurie
Michael Vanderzee: Mark Wing-Davey
Martin Warburton: Michael Maloney
Willy Mariello: Billy McColl
Cast appearing in later episodes:
Anna Duncan: Kim Thomson(2)
Jean Mariello: Frances Low(2)
Lesley: Lesley Manville(3)
Gerald: Jeremy Child(4)
Jean: Frances Low(4)
Stella: Sheila Mitchell(5)
Guide: Fraser Kerr(5)
Pt2:30/8/89 Pt3:6/9/89 Pt4:13/9/89 Pt5:20/9/89 Pt6:27/9/89
First broadcast on BBC Radio 2 commencing 19/8/85, repeated 3 days later.
[So Much Blood was the second novel in the Charles Paris series]

23rd August 1989
Side Effects by Steve May
Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl - to girl.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Brian Fish : Peter Acre
Annie: Elaine Claxton
Jan: Julie Berry

24th August 1989
15.00 :
A Touch of Unpleasantness by Derrick Geer.
When a body is found on a beach it seems an accident. Someone, though, thinks otherwise.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Det Sgt Pryce: Glyn Houston
Constable Rees: Sion Probert
Supt Willis: Michael Kilgarriff
Emyrs Roberts: Geoffrey Whitehead
Mrs Roberts: Deirdre Edwards
Bob Pritchard: Brian Miller
Brian Harris: Paul Downing
Bill Lewis: Joe Dunlop
Dr Anne Thomas: Joanna MacKie
Parker: Susan Sheridan
Hughes: Joan Walker
Man: Ken Cumberlidge
Mrs Griffiths: Deirdre Edwards

25th August 1989
15.00 :
The True Heart by Sylvia Townsend Warner part 2 of 2.
Please see 18th August 1989 above.

26th August 1989
14.30-1600 :
Intimate Exchanges: Events on a Hotel Terrace by Alan Ayckbourn adapted by Richard Wigmore
School caretaker Lionel Hepplewick conceives a fierce passion for his headmaster's wife.
Producer Gordon House
All ladies: Lavinia Bertram
All men: Robin Herford
First broadcast on BBC World Service
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008,

26th August 1989
19.45-21.15 :
Intimate Exchanges: A Game of Golf by Alan Ayckbourn, adapted by Richard Wigmore
Miles Coombes is anxious that his friend Toby Teasdale should stop drinking and patch up his marriage.
Producer Gordon House
All ladies: Lavinia Bertram
All men: Robin Herford
First broadcast on BBC World Service
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2004, 2006, 2008,
[Intimate Exchanges is composed of 8 stories each with two endings. The 8 principal stories are: "Affairs in a Tent", "Events on a Hotel Terrace", "A Garden Fête", "A Pageant" (R4 18/8/89), "A Cricket Match", "A Game of Golf", "A One Man Protest", and "Love in the Mist"(R4 28/8/89).]
[The first part of the stage play is in silence- Ayckbourn added an initial narrative for the Radio ]
[Six of these stories were used to produce a two part 5 hour film in 1993- "No Smoking".]

27th August 1989
14.30-15.30 :
The Slide Rule Engineer by Stewart Love.
The slide rule was once a tool enabling all sorts of engineering feats. The world in which John Irwin was brought up seems to have vanished.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
John Irwin: Mark Mulholland
Father: Martin Maguire
Mother: Aingeal Grehan
Young John: Owen McCrossan
Preacher: Denys Hawthorne
Uncle Andy: George Shane
Teacher: Libby Smyth
Irene: Stella McCusker
Boss: Patrick Brannigan
Mary: Tracey Lynch
Young Mary: Katey Gledhill
First broadcast 28th July 1988

28th August 1989
Acres and Pains by S. J. Perelman adapted by Mike Barfield. 1 of 2: Repeated from 10th June 1989 - please see above.

29th August 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre Playing the Game by Colin Haydn Evans.
Bowls is the most important thing in Billy's life, but then his wife takes up the game....
Directed Shaun MacLoughun
BBC Bristol.
Billy: Jack Watson
Dot: June Barrie
Liz: Liz Goulding
Archie: William Eedle

30th August 1989
15.00 :
The Crossing by Jenny Sinclair.
Two couples returning from their annual holiday together are stranded in France.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Rachel: Maureen O'Brien
Kate: Carole Boyd
Tom: John Rowe
Mike: Sean Barrett
Waiter: Ian Michie
Woman: Joan Walker
[Boyd played Kate in the Sinclair/Cookson play Cow in a Cabbage Patch, broadcast 25/9/1986]

31st August 1989
Man in a Box by Martin Worth (aka Wigglesworth).(1926-2018).
After her husband dies in a crash, Lesley realises that she hardly knew him.
Directed by Michael Fox
BBC Manchester.
Lesley: Joanna Foster
Janice: Barbara Peirson
Timothy/Jennifer: Elizabeth Lindsay
Paul: Colin Kerrigan
Fr Bernard: Stuart Richman
Peter: Malcolm Raeburn
Glynis: Della Corrie
Tom: Neville Barber
Julie: Emma Garner-Clarke
Scotty/Nurseryman: John Branwell

1st September 1989
15.00 :
The History of Mr Polly (1910) by H. G. Wells (1866-1946) dramatised by Antony Kearey
1 of 3: Beginnings
Directed by Graham Gauld
Alfred Polly: Christopher Guinee
Morley: Roger Snowdon
Parsons: Nigel Lambert
Platt: Alaric Cotter
Morrison: Graham Chinn
Garvace: Godfrey Kenton
West: Bill Monks
Harold: Henry Knowles
Grace: Carol Marsh
Mrs Larkins: Betty Baskcomb
Miriam: Elizabeth Proud
Minnie: Heather Bell
Penstemon: Peter Woodthorpe
Other parts played by Shirley Cooklin, Brenda Kaye and Eve Karpf.
Cast in later episodes:
Voules: Bruce Beeby(2)
Christabel: Jane Knowles(2)
Rusper: Kenneth Shanley(2)
Rumbold: Michael Deacon(2)
Hinks: Fred Bryant(2)
Florence: Megs Jenkins(3)
Old lady: Aimee Delamain(3)
Gam bell: Paul Meier(3)
Boomer: Gregory de Polnay(3)
Telephonist: Eve Karpf(3)
Uncle Jim: Geoffrey Matthews(3)
Warspite: Lewis Stringer(3)
Blake: Michael Claughton(3)
Episode 2: 8/9/89 Episode 3: 15/9/89
First broadcast commencing 13/8/78 with each 1978 broadcast repeated after two days.

2nd September 1989
14.30 :
Fifty Years On....: Willoughby's Phoney War (Downhill from Munich) by William Fox.
The ludicrous frustrations of peace-time are nothing compared to the absurdities of the war itself when it begins in 1939...
Directed by John Tydeman
Charles: Jeremy Irons
Charity: Anna Massey
Clarissa: Madeline Smith
Commanding Officer: William Fox
Mona: Mary Wimbush
Peregrine: Charles Hodgson
Christopher: Jeffry Wickham
Adjutant: John Rye
Sergeant: Manning Wilson
Newsreader: Alvar Lidell
Other parts played by Rod Beacham, Kenneth Shanley, Peter Wickham, Jonathan Scott, Malcolm Gerard, Robert Trotter
First broadcast on 24th April 1978, repeated 30th April 1978.
Also repeated 29/7/84
[There was a sequel "Constant Hot Water" broadcast 7/5/79, 13/5/79 and 5/8/84]

2nd September 1989
Fifty Years On ...: This Happy Breed by Noel Coward.
June 1919, the Gibbons family move in to their new home near Clapham Common, to June 1939, when they leave it.
Director: Glyn Dearman
Frank: John Moffatt
Ethel: Rosemary Leach
Mrs Flint: Doris Hare
Bob: Robert Lang
Sylvia: Anna Cropper
Billy: Michael Maloney
Queenie: Alice Arnold
Vi: Julia Swift
Sam: Simon Treves
Reg: John McAndrew
Phyllis: Elizabeth Mansfield
Repeated 30th October 1989
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2006, 2007, 2008

3rd September 1989
Fifty Years On ...: The Corn Is Green(1938) by Emlyn Williams (1905-1987) adapted by Dafydd Gruffydd.
It is 1895 in a Welsh mining village. English teacher Miss Moffat is determined to bully and inspire her prize pupil, Morgan Evans, up and out of the pits towards the liberating freedom of learning.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Miss Moffat: Anna Massey
Morgan Evans: George Winter
Squire: Edward de Souza
Miss Ronberry: Rosalind Ayres
Mrs Watty: Carole Boyd
Bessie: Imelda Staunton
Idwal: Elizabeth Morgan
John Goronwy Jones: Sion Probert
First broadcast 30/11/85, repeated 2/12/85.
[Semi auto biographical].
[The story was made into a film in 1945]

4th September 1989
15.00 :
Fifty Years On....: Dear Octopus (1938) by Dodie Smith (1896-1990), adapted by Cynthia Pughe.
To the family - that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to.
Directed by David H. Godfrey
Dora Randolph: Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies
Charles Randolph: Robert Harris
Hilda: Monica Grey
Margery: Eva Haddon
Cynthia: Jo Manning Wilson
Nicholas: Martin Jarvis
Hugh: Tim Bentinck
Flouncy: Susan Sheridan
Bill: Elizabeth Lindsay
Scrap: Bernadette Windsor
Belle: Barbara Couper
Kenneth: Garard Green
Edna: Irene Sutcliffe
Laurel: Gretta Gouriet
Fenny: Lisa Harrow
Gertrude: Janet Burnell
Nanny: Margot Boyd
This production first broadcast 23/12/1978, repeated on 3/5/86.
[Many productions of this work on tv and radio, and there was a film in 1943.]
[This play was on in 1939 when after 373 performances the run was halted - War was declared and the theaters closed. The play returned to London in 1940]

4th September 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Boudicca's Victory by Jean Binnie.
A theatre company stages the legend of Boudicca.
Choral composition by David Timson
Sound effects by The Cast
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Mon: Danny Schiller
Tamas: Elizabeth Mansfield
Halsey: Susan Sheridan
Gordi: John Hollis
Jay: Vincent Brimble
Ian: Gordon Reid
Rosay: Joan Walker
Boudicca: Eileen Pollock
Beya: Victoria Carling
Mara: Katie Jenkins
Abbay: Geoffrey Whitehead
Nyman: Christopher Good
Carl: David Goudge
Cartimandua: Anna Cropper
Derna: David March
Ebor: Paul Downing
Woman: Marcia King
Suetonius: John Shrapnel
Marcus: John Webb
Postumus: David Timson
Decianus: David King
Julius: John Bull
Centurions: Christopher Scott and Ken Cumberlidge
Repeated 9th September 1989

5th September 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: First Names by Rosalind Corfe.
A revelation by the man next door changes Annie Stephen 's life ...
Directed by Andy Jordan
BBC Bristol.
Annie: June Barrie

6th September 1989
15.00 :
The Heat by Nigel Baldwin.
An attacked girl relives a nightmare while in Spain.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Mo: Cara Kelly
Nev: Stephen Garlick
Maria: Valerie Sarruf
Jasper: Graham Seed
Miguel: John Bull
Felicity: Susan Sheriden
Lorry driver: Richard Tate
Woman: Elizabeth Mansfield
Man in car: Philip Sully

7th September 1989
15.00 :
Giving In by Dorothy Gharbaoui.
Denied the school of her choice, Kate Jordan resolves to set up class in her kitchen.
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland.
Kate Jordan: Frances Tomelty
Dr Jordan: Ian McElhinney
Philip McCartney: Gerard Murphy
Arthur Moore: J J Murphy
Eddie Johnston: Conleth Hill
Cordelia Jordan: Barbary Cook
Ben Jordan: Benjamin McIldoon
Nicky Jordan: Galina Tanney

9th September 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Amazing Test Match Crime by Adrian Alington (1895-1958) dramatised by Peter Thomson.
A dastardly plot to destroy the British by striking at the game of cricket is investigated by Brian Johnston.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Monica: Madeline Smith
Norman Blood: Trevor Nichols
Ralph the Disappointement: Nicholas Le Prevost
the Professor: Bill Paterson
Sir Timothy: Garard Green
Sawn-Off Carlo: Danny Schiller
Alice: Alice Arnold
Beltravers: James Faulkner
Alf Blowman: Brian Miller
Lethbridge: Peter Dahlsen
Vicar: Alan Thompson
Willis: Michael Kilgariff
Posse: Joe Dunlop
Also with Vincent Brimble, John Bull, David Goudge and David King.
Repeated 11/9/89, 12/8/91, and 23/7/94
[Adrian Alington played County Cricket in the 1920s]

10th September 1989
14.30 :
Body and Soul by Roy Kendall.
1 of 2: When the Reverend Christopher Miller returns to England as 'Christine' Miller, she poses a well-nigh insoluble problem for her bishop. The Church of England does not, as yet, recognise women priests; yet legally Christine, despite her sex-change operation, is still a man....
Directed by Gordon House
Alex: Michael Williams
Glynis: Penelope Wilton
Christine: Elizabeth Bell
Dr Cummins: Michael McCallion
Archbishop: John Bott
Dean of the Arches: John Moffatt
Lord Willard: David March
Fr Greenley: John Burgess
Mrs Carpenter: Eva Stuart
Part 2 broadcast 17/9/89
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1989.
[A sequel "Kingdom Come" was broadcast on BBC World Service in January 1997 with Alex and Glynis played by the same actors as above]

11th September 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Rogue and the Priest by Chris Allen.
Dave's imaginary world seems harmless enough....
Directed by Matthew Walters
Dave: Michael Maloney
Sarah: Caroline Gruber
Bruce: Bill Nighy
Amelia: Belinda Lang
Fredericos: Sandor Eles
Ron: Michael Kilgarriff
Ian: Vincent Brimble
Clark: Vincent Brimble
Martin: Donald Gee
Wendy: Alice Arnold
Gary: Ian Targett
Repeated 16th September 1989

12th September 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: I Ran I Knew Not Whither by David Marshall.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Mr Price: Norman Jones
Thompson: Stephen Tompkinson
Megan: Victoria Carling

13th September 1989
15.00 :
Jogging Can Damage Your Marriage by Chris Thompson.
Dave's decided to get fit and his mania is catching.
Directed by Tony Cliff
Dave: Nigel Carrington
Cindy: Sue Jenkins
Alan: Robin Bowerman
Jacki: Jane Hollowood
Colin: Christian Rodska
Maggie: Noreen Kershaw

14th September 1989
15.00 :
Shipbuilding by John Harvey.
Marine Steven Devereaux suffered crippling injuries in the Falklands; Marge Walker lost her husband. Can they rebuild their lives together?
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
Marge: Gillian Bevan
Steven: Paul Downing
Helen: Anna Cropper
Alan: Shaun Prendergast
Mary: Elizabeth Kelly
George: Ronald Herdman
TV producer/ Surgeon: Ken Cumberlidge
Floor manager/ Doctor: John Bull
Nurse/ Second sixth-former: Alice Arnold
Presenter/ Chaplain: Michael Kilgarriff
First sixth-former: Simon Harbrow

16th September 1989
12.25-13.00 :
The House by Christopher Lee
Part 5 of 8.
Please see 19th August 1989 above.
Actors in Parts 5-8 not in parts 1-4:
The waiter: Charles Simpson(6)
Also with David Goudge, Michael Kilgarriff, David King, Christopher Scott, Brian Miller, and Ian Targett
Pt6:23/9/89 Pt7:30/9/89 Pt8:7/10/89

16th September 1989
14.30 :
The Rogue and the Priest by Chris Allen.
Repeated from 11th September 1989 - please see above.

16th September 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Peradventure/Misadventure by T. D. Webster. The body of a burglar is found at the bottom of a block of flats. Did he fall or was he pushed?
Directed by Peter Windows
BBC Pebble Mill.
Det Sgt Adam Gedling: Alan Parnaby
Insp Wilson: Geoffrey Matthews
Helen Kodaly: Claire Faulconbridge
Howard: Edwin Richfield
Ken: Roger Hume
Bill: Kim Durham
Steve: John Dixon
Sally: Hedli Niklaus
Loma: Jo Kendall
Kenny: Philip Sully
Chief Supt: Joe Dunlop
Repeated 18th September 1989

16th September 1989
22.30 :
Ragamuffin by Ann Ogidi.
Simeon was a real ragamuffin, a classic Rastafarian. But he wants to become the unthinkable - a policeman.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
[A separate cast list was not published]
Repeated from 22/10/88

16th September 1989
Listen to My Inside Mind by Abigail Docherty.
Hugh spends his time telling bizarre and tragic stories to his children, but his children are long since departed.
Music composed by Sidney Sager
Cello: Elizabeth Anderson
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Repeated from 23/10/88
[A separate cast list was not published]
[Abigail was 15 when she wrote this play]

18th September 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Monkeys from Madagascar or The Mexican Cardinal's Hat by Robert Eluson.
For Godfrey Gately MP, a new ministerial position means diplomacy and initiative ...
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland.
Godfrey Gately: Michael Tudor Barnes
Sir Roger Bampton: Dinsdale Landen
Sarah: Brigid Erin Bates
Senior Mistress: Margaret D'Arcy
Headmaster: John Hewitt
Jean's father: Wesley Murphy
Sir Thomas: Garard Green
O'Grady: Michael Duffy
Spooly: Bernard Brown
Bishop Flannery: Kevin Flood
Official: Niall Cusack
Jill: Alison Dowling
Candice: Diana Hoddinott
Jean: Aine McCartney
Repeated 23rd September 1989
[This is the sole appearance of Robert Eluson in BBC Genome]

19th September 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Special Treat by Frank Dunne
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Doctor: Tony Doyle
Girl: Marcella Riordan
Pam: Maureen O'Brien
Repeated 15th April 1990

20th September 1989
15.00 :
Honeycomb Hall by Dorothy Osborne.
Wiggins wanted to sell his residence. But was it an empty honeycomb?
Directed by Richard Wortley
Rowley Wiggins: John Moffatt
Nurse Crackle: Pauline Letts
Rupert Scurf: Michael Tudor Barnes
Justina Forner: Joanna MacKie

21st September 1989
Into the Night by Joe Dunlop.
Tom's reaction when his daughter fails to turn up for dinner seems irrational.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Tom: Geoffrey Whitehead
Alec: Gordon Reid
Errol: Okon Jones
Sharon: Alice Arnold
Leon: Ian Michie
Gallery girl/Trish: Cara Kelly
Papadopoulous/McName: Richard Tate
Mills/Rahni: John Bull
Other parts: Joe Dunlop

22nd September 1989
No Name by Wilkie Collins adapted by Ray Jenkins.
1 of 6: March 1846 A mysterious letter from New Orleans arrives to disturb the peace of Combe Raven House.
Music by Peter Brewis played by Maurice Cambridge
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Narrator: Philip Sully
Magdalen Vanstone: Sophie Thompson
Captain Wragge: Jack May
Norah: Elizabeth Mansfield
Miss Garth: Kathleen Helme
Mrs Vanstone: Jo Kendall
Mr Vanstone: Michael Graham Cox
Mr Clare: Peter Woodthorpe
Frank Clare: Paul Downing
Mr Pendril: John Moffatt
Also with Susan Sheridan, Joanna Mackie and Christopher Good.
For additional actors in later episodes please see the broadcast date.
Ep2:29/9/89 Ep3:6/10/89 Ep4:13/10/89 Ep5:20/10/89 Ep6:27/10/89
All 1989 episodes repeated two days later.
Series repeated commencing 16/4/95
Series also broadcast on BBC7 in 2006, 2007, 2008,

23rd Septeber 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Second Honeymoon by Krista Hanratty
Helen revisits the seaside hotel where she spent her honeymoon. There she meets Ben....
Directed by: Enyd Williams
Helen: Angela Thorne
Ben: Martin Jarvis
Em: Margot Boyd
Dickie: Norman Bird
Larry: Peter Penry-Jones
Geoffrey: David King
Jim: Joe Dunlop
Phyllis: Alice Arnold
Desk clerk: Ken Cumberlidge
Waiter: Vincent Brimble
Repeated 25th September 1989 and 1st January 1990

23rd September 1989
22.30 :
Young Playwrights Return: Hurricane Dub by Benjamin Zephaniah.
Original music composed and performed by Dennis Bovell.
On the night of the 1987 hurricane Samuel and Maxine listen to the storm ...
"Breeze blowin' hard, Breeze blowin' hard
Tings start move in de back yard.
Dis is a hurricane inna England!"
Technical presentation by Alick Hale-Munro and Wilfredo Acosta
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Samuel: Norman Beaton
Maxine: Angela Wynter
Full identifiable cast details not published
First broadcast 17th October 1988
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 5 in 1990, and on BBC 7 in 2005, 2007, 2009

23rd September 1989
Once in a Lifetime by Sean Moffatt.
When he gets out of bed Philip has 23p. By lunchtime he has £250,000.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
Philip: Joe Taylor
Full identifiable cast details not published
First broadcast 29th October 1988

23rd September 1989
Angles by Ian Boersma.
Peter returns from Beirut after spending three years held hostage there.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
No other identifiable credits published
Repeated from 23/10/88.
[Ian Boersma was 15 when he wrote this- this is his only credit on BBC Genome]

24th September 1989
14.30 :
No Name by Wilkie Collins 1 of 6: Repeated from 22/9/89, please see above.

25th September 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: The Last of the Lovers by Michael Wall.
She was sitting, staring at the typewriter as if seeing it for the first time ...
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Christie: Sylvestra le Touzel
Russell Lovejoy: John Woodvine
Jane, the ex-wife: Margaret Robertson
Mother: Anna Cropper
Frenchman: Danny Schiller
Repeated 30th September 1989

26th September 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: No Crime Like the Present by Nick Fisher.
Lenny is an eager young crook who thinks he is on to a winner blackmailing Sir Ralph Grub.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Lenny : Sam Dale
Lenette: Jenny Funnell
Sir Ralph Grub: Michael Kilgarriff
American: Kerry Shale
Earthy Davis: Joe Dunlop
John 'The Touch' Johns: Charles Simpson
Fat-Fingered Freddie: Donald Gee
RupeMurder: Brian Miller
Sub Editor: Ian Targett
Grub's sous-chef: Joanna Mackie
Octogenarian lady: Jo Kendall
[Unrelated to the better known play of this title written by William Gleason]

27th September 1989
15.00 :
My Very Dear Friend by Guy Hibbert.
I have a choice of good or evil - and I am choosing evil. And I feel extraordinarily calm.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Jozef: Anthony Bate
Jacek: Philip Voss
James: David Goudge
Tony: Paul Downing
Coroner: Jo Kendall

28th September 1989
15.00 :
Mees Margaret by Elizabeth Morgan.
A visit to France suddenly and dramatically changes Margaret's life.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Margaret: Susan Sheridan
Daniel: Alan Downer
Peggy: Shirley Dixon
Charles: Norman Bird
Mother: Joan Matheson
Joy: Melinda Walker
Robert: Nicholas Courtney
Alex/Mr Smith: Ken Cumberlidge

29th September 1989
22nd September 1989
No Name by Wilkie Collins adapted by Ray Jenkins.
2 of 6: July 1846. Magdalen and Norah Vanstone have been suddenly orphaned and find themselves with 'no name' and no inheritance.
Please see 22nd Septmber 1989 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Mrs Wragge: Vivian Pickles
Bulmer: John Bull
Ep3:6/10/89 Ep4:13/10/89 Ep5:20/10/89 Ep6:27/10/89

30th Septeber 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Witch of Beacon Hill by Paul M. Levitt.
In 1924, the legendary escapologist, Houdini, set out to disprove the claims of Boston medium Margery.
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Martin Jenkjns
Leroi Crandon: John Woodvine
Margery the Medium: Shelly Thompson
Harry Houdini: Nigel Anthony
James Bird: Kerry Shale
Caldwell/Rand: Vincent Brimble
Gray/Munn: Brian Miller
Mrs Corbridge/Mrs Weiss: Helen Horton
Collins/Rubin: Joe Dunlop
George: Ian Targett
Caroline Churchill/Mrs Stinson: Hilda Schroder
Winifred Churchill: Barbara Atkinson
Henry/Interviewer: Paul Downing
Laura: Jane Slavin
[The play has been criticised as being unrepresentative of the actual events, but it is fictional drama, not documentary. A recording exists. ]

2nd October 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Getting On by Alan Bennett.
People come to me because it's free and they know it's their right.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
George Oliver, MP: Keith Barron
Polly Oliver: Emily Richard
Brian Lowther, MP: David Rintoul
Geoff: Charles Simpson
Enid: Margaret Courtenay
Andy: Ian Targett
Mrs Brodribb: Pauline Letts
Children/Interviewer: Susan Sheridan

3rd October 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Secrets of the Prison-House by Perry Pontac.
A barrister goes for a conference with his new client at a maximum security prison for women.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Eural Bamford: Miriam Margolyes
Nosier: John Moffatt
Matron: Jo Kendall

4th October 1989
15.00 :
Recipe for Trout by Arnold Evans.
Jenny works out a scheme to reunite her divorced parents. But it soon escalates into a farce.
Accordion: Bob Harding
Directed by Jane Dauncey
BBC Wales.
David: Peter Blake
Claire: Polly March
Jenny: Sian Merrick
Ralph: Benjamin Potter
Paul: Richard Mitchley
Michelle: Sarah Michael
Arri: Terry Dauncey
Monique: Marcia King

5th October 1989
15.00 :
Lethal Cocktails by Shelagh Stephenson.
Murder intrudes into a country-house party. The police and Aunt Agatha are quickly on the scene!
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Daphne Berkshire Hunt,: Elizabeth Bell
Teddy: Christopher Good
Inspector Allcock: John Moffatt
Aunt Agatha: Joan Matheson
Lulu: Elizabeth Mansfield
Mimsie: Melinda Walker
Lionel: Geoffrey Collins
Freddie: Michael Graham Cox
Cynthia: Tina Martin
Gertie: Walker
Roast: Brian Miller
Cook: Anna Cropper
PC Crass: Ian Targett
Old man: Michael Bilton

6th October 1989
No Name by Wilkie Collins adapted by Ray Jenkins.
3 of 6: June 1847: Magdalen, with the aid of the swindler Captain Wragge, is determined to get back her inheritance from her cousin Noel.
Please see 22nd September 1989 above.
Additional actors not in the first episode:
Mrs Lecont: Eleanor Bron
Mrs Wragge: Vivian Pickles
Noel Vanstone: Nigel Anthony
Captain Kirke: Robin Ellis
Lizzie: Alice Arnold
Landlady: Susan Sheridan
Vicar: Joe Dunlop
Ep4:13/10/89 Ep5:20/10/89 Ep6:27/10/89

7th October 1989
Goodnight to Flamboro by Martyn Wade.
The life of Yorkshire composer William Baines , who died of consumption in 1922, aged 23.
Singer: Gordon Pullin, Piano: Eric Parkin
Directed by Cherry Cookson
William Baines: Douglas Hodge
Mrs Baines: Anne Stallybrass
Mr Baines: David Calder
Mrs Dawson: Ann Bell
Karl Wood: Philip Sully
Dr Eaglefield Hull: James Grout
Teddy: Richard Pearce
Miss Milner: Joan Matheson
Miss Gribbon: Zelah Clarke
Mr Elkin: Nicholas Courtney
Dr Armitage: Norman Bird
Army officer: John Moffatt
Army doctor: Christopher Scott
Young William: Charles Cookson
First broadcast on Radio 3 28/3/1989.
Repeated on Radio 4 on 17th April 1995.
Also rebroadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,

7th October 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Roses Have Thorns by Ivor Wilson.
Frank Carter is taking early retirement from teaching. In theory, he's glad to go; in practice, he was good and very popular and he liked being both.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Carter: Geoffrey Banks
Dixon: Robin Bowerman
Head: Neville Barber
Hilary: Jane Hazelgrove
Topliss: Simon Bleackley
John: Colin Meredith
Brown: Keith Clifford
Kath Carter: Ann Rye
McEwan: Malcolm Raeburn
Chairman: John Jardine
Philip: Simon Carter
Maureen: Judith Barker
Robert: Nicholas Fry
Janet: Judy Holt
Repeated 9/10/1989

9th October 1989
20.15 :
The Monday Play: Blues in A Flat by Bill Morrison (1940-2011).
Helen 's desertion of Tom has nothing to do with marital cliches - it's not about who slept with who, who cheated who. The real reason is much more frightening.
Directed by Penny Gold
Helen: Polly James
Tom: Sean Barrett
Repeated 14/10/1989

10th October 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Aquarium of Coincidences by Philip Ridley.
Two ladies sit waiting for a play to start. A young man in front of them is writing. Can he be taking down all they say?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Alice: Irene Sutcliffe
Grace: Liz Fraser
Author: Ian Targett
[Philip Ridley creates in many media, however this is one of only three radio plays, all written 1989-1991]

11th October 1989
The Man from Botany Bay by Jeanne Feasey.
Lottie, who epitomises the prim Victorian maiden aunt, hides beneath an impeccable exterior a guilty secret.
Piano: Tom Steer
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Tryphena: Joanna MacKie
Emily: Janet Rawson
Maud: Linda Gardner
Mrs Crabbe/Midwife/Visitor: Joan Campion
Mrs Harris/Mrs Lawrence/Visitor: Pauline Jefferson
'Fardy'/Harry Turner: Malcolm Hebden
Horace Bracewell/Mr Lawrence: Rodney Litchfield

12th October 1989
King Priam by Andrew Rissik.
It is ten years since the Trojan prince, Paris, stole Helen from the King of Sparta; and the long and wasteful war that followed is still no nearer its conclusion.
Music by David Chilton And Nick Russell Pavier
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Priam, King of Troy: Paul Scofield
Hector: Ronald Pickup
Andromache: Susan Fleetwood
Paris: Michael Kitchen
Cassandra: Deborah Makepeace
Menelaus: George Baker
Helen: Janet McTeer
Achilles: Michael Pennington
With members of the BBC Radio Drama Company
First broadcast 13th October 1987
[Three other plays by Andrew Rissik on the subject:- "King Priam and his sons" 28/11/98 Radio 3, and "The Death of Achilles" 29/11/98 Radio 3 followed by "Helen at Ephesus" 29/11/98 Radio 3 - Priam was played by Julian Glover while Paul Schofield played Hermes]

13th October 1989
No Name by Wilkie Collins adapted by Ray Jenkins.
4 of 6: July 1847. In her attempt to regain her inheritance from her cousin Noel, Magdalen has disguised herself as Miss Susan Bygrave and gone to stay near Noel in Aldeburgh. But Mrs Lecount suspects.
Please see 22nd September 1989 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Mrs Lecount: Eleanor Bron
Mrs Wragge: Vivian Pickles
Noel Vanstone: Nigel Anthony
Narrator: Philip Sully
Postmaster: Simon Bullock
Chemist: Christopher Good
Sarah: Jo Kendall
Ep5:20/10/89 Ep6:27/10/89

14th October 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Personal Luggage by Chris Denys.
A family gather in their new home. It's to be a fresh start for them all. And then, on the first morning, they're joined by an apparition ... and he's angry.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Victor: John Shrapnel
Janet: Fiona Walker
Tom: Nigel Carrington
Lucy: Lisa Bowerman
Mrs Wilberforce: Lorraine Peters
Ghost: Jack Watson
Vicar: Simon Carter
Nurse: Judy Holt

16th October 1989
The Monday Play: The Pillars of Society (1877) by Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) , translated by Michael Meyer.
Karsten Bernick is a businessman embarked on an ambitious plan to win a fortune for himself and his community. For the scheme to work, Bernick must be trusted absolutely by investors and developers. On the brink of success, he receives a visit from a woman who knows that his house and happiness were founded on a scandalous lie. ..
Drums: John Gibson, Clarinet: Colin Crabb
Directed by Philip Martin
Karsten Bernick: Emrys James
Hilmar: Freddie Jones
Dr Roerlund: Peter McEnery
Betty Bernick: Susan Tracy
Lona Hessel.: Hedli Niklaus
Johan Toennesen: Tim Brierley
Martha: Gillian Goodman
Dina Dorf: Jayne Dowell
Krap: Roger Rowland
Aune: Edwin Richfield
Olaf: Sam Barriscale
Mr Rummel: Norman Bird
Mr Vigeland: Paul Gregory
Mr Sandstad: Geoff Serle
Mrs Rummel: Sunny Ormande
Mrs Holt: Tina Gray
Mrs Lynge: Heather Barrett
[The first UK broadcast of this play was in Welsh on the Welsh Home Service, in 1955]
[Original play title: "Samfundets støtter", first performed in London as "Quicksands"]

17th October 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Looking Out by Ray Hartshorne.
Les and Eva are pensioners and struggling. The area's going down and Les keeps a constant watch on what's going on outside.
Directed by Tony Cliff
Eva: Paula Tilbrook
Les: John Jardine
Man: Malcolm Raeburn

18th October 1989
15.00 :
Clicktrack by Guy Meredith.
A young composer working in the British film industry in the 30s finds himself up against a number of eccentric types involved in a seemingly doomed picture. Can he save the day with a magical score?
Music arranged and played by Trevor Allan Directed by Cherry Cookson
Alec Leeland: Maurice Denham
young Alec: Ian Targett
Maxwell Vine: Philip Voss
Helen Holloway: Petra Davies
Claude Leroux: Neville Jason
Jack B Nimble: Michael Graham Cox
Nellie Browne: Joan Walker
Billy: Ian Michie
Film Narrator: Philip Sully
Security Guard: Richard Tate

19th October 1989
15.00 :
Ask the Right Question, by Michael Z. Lewin.
The unusual happened. A client walked in. She was young. Shoulder-length hair. violet-tinted glasses. She wanted me to find her biological father. 'Her what?' I thought....
Directed by Andy Jordan
Albert Samson: Bob Sherman
Eloise Crystal: Catherine Furshpan
Jerry Miller: Me! Taylor
Leander Cystal: Paul Maxwell
Fleur Crystal: June Barrie
Mrs Forebush: Helen Horton
Dr Chivian: Peter Craze
Clerk/Grillo: Peter Whitman
Old man: Bill Reimbold
Receptionist: Catherine Nix
[Adapted from the first of a series of novels about Albert Samson.]

20th October 1989
No Name by Wilkie Collins adapted by Ray Jenkins.
5 of 6: August 1847. Can Magdalen bring herself to marry her cousin Noel Vanstone whom she loathes, in order to try and regain her inheritance?
Please see 22nd September 1989 above.
Additional actors, not in part one:
Mrs Lecount: Eleanor Bron
Mrs Wragge: Vivian Pickles
Noel Vanstone: Nigel Anthony
Admiral Bartram: Alan MacNaughtan
George Bartram: Christopher Scott
Louisa: Susan Sheridan
Mr Luscombe: Christopher Good
Vicar: Joe Dunlop
Landlady: Jo Kendal

21st October 1989
14.30 :
In the Summer of 1918 by Stephen MacDonald (1933-2009).
First broadcast 21st August 1989- please see above.

21st October 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Miss Hargreaves (1939) by Frank Baker (1908-1983) dramatised by Brian Sibley
'Creative thought creates', so maintains Cornelius Huntley. He could hardly have foreseen the consequences when his son Norman 'creates' Miss Hargreaves from thin air.
Music composed and played by Dave Hewson (piano/organ) with Cindy Foster (violin), Rupert Parker (harp).
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Constance Hargreaves: Jean Anderson
Cornelius Huntley: David Swift
Norman Huntley: Dale Rapley
Dorothy Huntley: Jo Kendall
Henry Beddow: Nicholas Gilbrook
Jim Huntley: Elizabeth Mansfield
Dr Pepusch (a cockatoo): Leonard Fenton
Also with Anna Cropper, Donald Gee, Christopher Good, David Goudge, Joan Matheson, Danny Schiller, Simon Treves.

23rd October 1989
Mad for the Love of Old Balconies by Mario Vargas Llosa translated and adapted by Evelyn Fishburn and Bernard Kricheski.
Music by Philip Pickett: Kathryn Lukas (Flute), Tom Finucane (Guitar), Alasdair Malloy (Percussion)
Directed by Walter Acosta
A Radio 4 /World Service production.
Professor Brunelli: Frank Middlemass
Drunk: William Simons
Canepa: Douglas Blackwell
Diego: Spencer Banks
Ileana: Helen Duvall
Teofilo: Vincent Brimble
Dona Enriqueta: Anna Cropper
Dona Rosa Maria: Jo Kendall
Ricardo: Robert Woolley
Panchin: Simon Treves
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1989
[Original title: "El loco de los balcones"]
[The play is listed by Wikipedia and others as 1993!]

24th October 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Rough Draft by Paul M. Levitt.
Why do the occupants of room 302 have bombs, machine guns and a picture of Che Guevara in their room?
Directed by Gerry Jones
Barsi: Nigel Anthony
Colette: Carole Boyd
Marcel: Brian Miller
Sarah/Anne-Marie: Susan Sheridan

25th October 1989
15.00-15.47 :
Dangerous Games by Frank Dunne.
Nance and Jenny are set a school essay on what their dads do - fantasy or fact. They decide the truth might be more exciting....
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Nance: Deborah Makepeace
Tracey: Jenny Funnel
Tracey's dad: William Eedle
Nance's mum: June Barrie
Receptionist: Alice Arnold
Lady in street: Caroline Hunt

26th October 1989
15.00 :
A Best-Kept Village by Martin Worth.
An interloper from the north arrives in a best-kept village in the south of England, much to everyone's annoyance ...
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Joe Glossop: Barrie Rutter
Lizzie Glossop: Kate Stevenson
Mr Purvis: John Moffatt
Mrs Purvis: Anna Cropper
PC Stubbs: David Goudge
George Rodley: David King
Reg: Ken Cumberlidge
Tim: Paul Downing
Mrs Clewes: Susan Sheridan
Vicar: Christopher Good
Council officer: Michael Kilgarriff

26th October 1989
23.00 :
Frenchman's Creek (1941) by Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989), dramatised by Micheline Wandor.
1 of 6. London to Cornwall: Lady Dona St Columb has escaped from London society life ...
Directed By: Cherry Cookson
Dona St Columb: Lorna Heilbron
Jean: Struan Rodger
Harry: Michael Cochrane
Rockingham: Christopher Godwin
William: Michael Tudor Barnes
Lord Godolphin: Norman Bird
Pru: Elizabeth Mansfield
Henrietta/Lady Godolphin: Susan Sheridan
Actors in later episodes:
Lord Penrose: Christopher Good (2)
Nightwatchman/Smith: Michael Kilgarriff (3)
Jim: Vincent Brimble (6)
Physician: Joe Dunlop (6)
Ep2:2/11/89 Ep3:9/11/89 Ep4:16/11/89 Ep5:23/11/89 Ep6:30/11/89
Series repeated comencing 24th April 1990

27th October 1989
No Name by Wilkie Collins adapted by Ray Jenkins.
6 of 6: December 1847: Noel Vanstone has died suddenly and excluded his new wife, Magdalen, from his will. Magdalen had deceived him of her true identity when she married him, to try and win back an inheritance she feels rightfully belongs to her and her sister.
Please see 22nd September 1989 above.
Actors additional to those in episode one:
Captain Kirke: Robin Ellis
Mrs Wragge: Vivian Pickles
Mazey: Peter Tuddenham
George Bartram: Christopher Scott
Miss Drake: Jo Manning Wilson
Mr Loscombe: Christopher Good
Mrs Ruddock: Joanna MacKie
Dr Merrick: David Goudge
Louisa: Susan Sheridan

28th October 1989
14.30 :
The Spectre of Ernie Pike by Jane Coles.
I once killed somebody. I've never been to jail. I've never told a living soul. I told my mother. But mothers don't count.
Piano: Stuart Hutchinson
Technical presentation: Carol McShane, Roger Danes
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Diana: Pamela Stephenson
Johnny: Peter Dahlsen
Beryl: Julie Berry
Ernie: Denis Lill
Tom: Kim Wall
Wendy: Zelah Clarke
Janet: Caroline Gruber
Man in car/Man in pub: Anthony Jackson
First broadcast 28/11/1988, repeated 3/12/88

28th October 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Bitter Chalice by Christopher Jones.
Repeated from 3rd July 1989 - please see above.

30th October 1989
15.00 :
This Happy Breed by Noel Coward.
Director: Glyn Dearman
Repeated from 2nd September 1989 - please see above.

30th October 1989
Globe Theatre 89: Summer of the Aliens by Louis Nowra (aka Mark Doyle).
Melbourne, 1962: the TV talks of UFO sightings and Communist invasion, as Lewis faces adolescence and the violence of the adult world.
Music By Sarah De Jong
Directed by Jane Ulman
An ABC production / An Australian Broadcasting Corporation production co-commissioned by ABC/BBC.
Lewis, as adult: Louis Nowra
Lewis, as boy: Ben Pauley
Emma: Kathryn Dufty
Mum: Linda Cropper
Grandma: Dinah Shearing
Dad: Nicholas Eadie
Dulcie: Belinda Chikosh
Brian: Dylan Howarth
Mr Pisano: George Spartels
Mrs Pisano: Beth Child
Teacher: Peter Carroll
Also With Kirsten Mcleod, Emily Nichol, Paul Hunt, Annie Byron, Alan Tobin, Andrew Tighe, Mary Haire, Vanessa Pohl, Anouska Ward, Amanda Gallic, David Owen, Bill Conn, Patrick Phillips, Carrie Zivetz, Swabomir Wabik, John Omay, Kevin Golsby, Tyler Coppin and Harold Birchill.
Repeated 21st April 1990
Also broadcast on BBC World Service 1989
[A semi-autobiographical play]
[Won the 1990 Prix Italia for Fiction (as an ABC radio play)]
[There were theatre sequels "COSI" and "This Much is True"]

31st October 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Shark in the Water by Roderick Graham (1934-2015).
Eddie and Jack resurface from a dive in the Pacific Ocean, only to discover their boat has drifted out of sight. Eddie, big business shark, takes charge. They will swim back to the coast.
Directed by Tracey Neale
Eddie: James Laurenson
Jack: Peter Dahlsen
Gee: Alice Arnold
Carl: Ken Cumberlidge
Girl: Moya O'Shea
Repeated 31st October 1989

1st November 1989
15.00 :
Every Traveller Carries Some Luggage by Carlos Cerda (1942-2001) translated by Margaret Etall.
What do an exiled prostitute, a young student gone to buy bread and a car with four men in it have to do with Alvaro, winner of the radio competition? The answer lies in his star prize journey!
Directed by Maria Vigar
Alvaro: Philip Sully
The radio presenter: Christopher Scott
Elena: Joan Walker
Emilia: Melinda Walker
First/Second woman: Cara Kelly
First man: John Moffatt
Second man/Luis: Paul Downing
Third woman/Grandma: Mia Soteriou
Eulalia: Elizabeth Mansfield
Elvira: Alice Arnold
Third man: Norman Bird

2nd November 1989
15.00 :
Olive by Anthony Wheeler.
Together Olive and Tony can meet any challenge. Even to life itself.
Directed by Penny Gold
Olive: Barbara Jefford
Tony: David King
Vicent: Christopher Good
Doreen: Diana Olsson
Shop assistant: Elizabeth Mansfield
Nursing sister: Anna Cropper
Dr Tennant: Christopher Good
Food man: George Rossi
Dr Douglas: Charles Simpson
Dr Zibac: Danny Schiller
Home nurse: Jane Slavin

3rd November 1989
15.00-16.00 :
Classic Serial: A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Adapted by Bert Coules.
London, 1881: a penniless doctor meets a curious young man with some extremely strange habits.... 1 of 2: Revenge.
Violin: Alexander Balanescu
Director: Ian Cotterell
Producer: David Johnston
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr John Watson: Michael Williams
Drebber: Ed Bishop
Mrs Hudson: Anna Cropper
Stamford: Paul Downing
Insp Lestrade: Donald Gee
Mme Charpentier: Marcia King
Insp Gregson: John Moffatt
PC Rance: Michael Kilgarriff
Alice: Jane Slavin
Stangerson: Matt Zimmerman
Additional cast in Part 2:
Jefferson Hope: Shane Rimmer
Wiggins: Alan Dean
John Ferrier: Christopher Good
Brigham Young: Peter Carlisle
Stangerson Sr: John Bull
Lucy: Alice Arnold
Part 2: 10th November 1989
Part 1 repeated 5th November 1989, part 2 repeated 12/11/89.
Also rebroadcast on BBC7 in 2008.

4th November 1989
14.30 :
The Bogeyman by David Calcutt.
They think they can hide me away in the dark for ever, but they can't. I've been waiting a long time, Martin. Now you've come at last, to let me out.
Directed by Nigel Bryant
BBC Pebble Mill.
Stuart: Richard Pearce
Sarah: Sarah Bird
Martin: Daniel Sheppard
Bogeyman: Edwin Richfield
Mum: Sheila Kelley
Uncle George: Kim Durham
Nan: Mary Wimbush
Repeated 16th April 1990

4th November 1989
Saturday-Night Theatre: You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover by Chris and Bernard Price .
Birmingham, 1961: Dave and Johnny escape from the A1 Screw Company, Dogpool, in search of life as depicted in pulp fiction and rock 'n' roll.
Producer Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Narrator Terry Molloy
Johnny Duke: Neil Coker
Dave Lee: Richard Allenson
Arthur: Dave Mitty
Baz: Andy Hockley
Tony: Ken Cumberlidge
Leslie: Susan Jeffrey
Yvonne: Charlotte Martin
Hawkeye: Alton Douglas
Donna: Karen Benjamin
Wendy: Tania Ison
Mrs Prevell: Joyce Gibbs
DJ: Alex Jones
Bouncer: Brian Miller
Repeated 6th November 1989

6th November 1989
Globe Theatre 89: Redevelopment (1987) by Vaclav Havel (1936-2011), translated by Marie Winn and adapted by James Saunders.
When a newly appointed Inspector of Projects promises his workforce architectural freedom to redevelop a medieval castle town, his architects are astonished and delighted. But how long will it last?
Violin: Gonzalo Acosta
Directed by Gordon House
A Radio 4/World Service co-production.
Zdenek Bergman: Martin Jarvis
Luisa: Penelope Wilton
Special secretary: John Moffatt
Albert: Kim Wall
Plekhanov: Cyril Shaps
Ulch: Christopher Good
Renata: Karen Ascoe
Mrs Macourkova: Jo Kendall
First inspector: Kerry Shale
Second inspector: Michael Kilgarriff
First delegate: Joe Dunlop
Second delegate: Ken Cumberlidge
Woman: Joan Matheson
Repeated 23rd April 1990
[Czech title "Asanace"]

7th November 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Oh Jane, Oh Hector by Michael Butt.
Hector tells Jane that her father has offered him an important contract in Greece. But why has she got a pregnancy-test kit on her mantelpiece...?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Jane: Emma Chambers
Hector: Nicholas Farrell

8th November 1989
15.00 :
City Voices by Dot Rubin.
A day in the lives of three couples living in London becomes a day for making decisions....
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Claire: Karen Archer
Simon: David Goodland
Sandra: Jemma Churchill
Steve: Michael Jenner
Helen: Joan Matheson
Mark: Peter Baldwin
Old man: Arnold Diamond
Susie: Marcia King
Cherry: Susan Sheridan

9th November 1989
15.00 :
Welcome Home by Chris Thompson.
Ann returns from a marital disaster in America to find nothing's changed at home in nearly ten years. Her father and the wallpaper are both the same. But everything else is slightly different.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Bob: Stephen Thorne
Ann: Stephanie Turner
Steve: John Graham Davies
Val: Lesley Nicol
Sarah: Judy Brooke
Debbie: Christine Cox
Andy: Russell Dixon
Mark: Peter Rylands
Sheila: Lorraine Peters

11th November 1989
14.30 :
The Action of the Tiger by Peter Roberts.
The story of a British airman of the First World War.
Directed by Nigel Bryant
BBC Pebble Mill.
Mannock: Tim McInnerny
Morgan: Andy Hockley
Jim Eyles: Roger Rowland
Ada Eyles: Ellie Haddington
Captain Simpson/Corporal Thomas: Hugh Meredith
Captain Todd: Christopher Scott
Infantry corporal/Pte Bevan: Ben Craze
'Grid' Caldwell: Kim Durham
Brown/Donald Inglis: Simon Fielder
Lt Von Bartrap: Andrew Wincott
Sister: Tania Ison
Repeated 14th January 1991

11th November 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Seven Against Reeves (1938) by Richard Aldington (1892-1962) dramatised by Pat Hooker.
John Reeves retires and thinks he's in for a life of ease. John Reeves is in for a shock.
Directed by Gerry Jones
John Reeves: Peter Jeffrey
Jane Reeves: Elizabeth Proud
Ansie: Christopher Good
Marcelle Reeves: Jane Slavin
Becky: Anna Cropper
Mrs Faddiman-Fish: Jo Kendall
Mr Robert: David King
Mr Faddiman-Fish: Michael Graham Cox
Margell: Beth Porter
Iggy: John Bull
Augustin Gombaud: David Goudge
Signor Paiderini: Ken Cumberlidge
Mr Philboy: Geoffrey Whitehead
Repeated 13th November 1989

13th November 1989
19.55 :
Globe Theatre 89: Eating Words by Richard Nelson.
Henry and Sam get together twice a year, but this year Sam has written a novel and Henry is not well.
Director Ned Chaillet
Sam: Edward Asner
Henry: John Woodvine
Vanessa: Sheila Allen
Young woman in pub: Emily Richard
Waiter: Charles Simpson
Also With David King, Vincent Brimble, John Bull, Elizabeth Mansfield, Simon Treves, Joe Dunlop, Christopher Good and Dannny Schiller.
Repeated 23rd July 1990
Also broadcast on BBC World Service November 1989.
[Giles Cooper 1989 Award winner]

14th November 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Remember This by Sue Teddern.
Stuck at the airport for 15 hours, Jen bumps into Simon - a former lover....
Directed by Maria Vigar
Jen: Jane Slavin
Simon: Charles Simpson
Dave: Ian Targett
Clown: Norman Bird
Gary: Paul Downing
Airport announcer: Eve Adam
Woman: Sue Sheridan

15th Noveber 1989
15.00 :
Home Comforts by Andy Baker.
Getting this house right, that was the most important thing for me ...
Directed by Alison Hindell
Eric: Richard Tate
Connie: Marian Diamond
Peter: Peter Gunn
Mary: Susan Sheridan

16th November 1989
15.00 :
The Greatest Gift by Stephanie Norgate.
Joy Mountford lives alone and rarely paints. In her youth she showed great promise. Now a young girl comes to have her portrait done and all the old wounds open ...
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Joy: Anna Massey
George Stannard: Sean Barrett
Girl: Maria Miles

17th November 1989
15.00 :
Classic Serial: Twenty Thousand Streets under the Sky by Patrick Hamilton (1904-1962), dramatised by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
Part 1 of 3: The Midnight Bell: London 1927: In which Bob meets a prostitute called Jenny, and Ella is invited to the theatre by Mr Eccles.
Director: Glyn Dearman
Bob: Steven Pacey
Ella: Annette Badland
Jenny: Emily Morgan
Ernest Eccles: John Moffatt
Prunella: Elizabeth Mansfield
Violet: Alice Arnold
Rex: Christopher Good
Andy: David Goudge
Tom: Paul Downing
Marian: Margot Boyd
Bella: Joan Matheson
Ella's mother: Anna Cropper
Guvnor: David King
Mrs Guvnor: Jo Kendall
Also with Vincent Brimble, Brian Miller, Joan Walker
Additional cast in later episodes:
Tom: Paul Downing(2)
Prosser: Geoffrey Whitehead(3)
Sammy: Tina Marian(3)
Also with: Donald Gee(3), Michael Kilgarriff (3), Marcia King(3)
Part 2: 24/11/1989 Part 3: 3/12/89
All epsiodes repeated two days later.
Series also repeated commencing 8/1/1993
[These three parts form the 1935 semi autobiography, the three parts being issued separately earlier in 1929, 1932, and 1934]
[There was a 1963 film version entitled "Bitter Harvest" and a three part tv production in 2005.]

18th November 1989
14.30 :
The Celtic Cross by Mike Dorrell.
Rebelling against his comfortable, affluent family, David stumbles from squats to prison.
Directed by Jane Dauncey
BBC Wales.
David: Geraint Owen
Ness: Ri Richards
Enid: Sian Owen
Gwyn: Philip Bond
Hywel: Dorien Thomas
Meg: Anwen Williams
Gregg: Derek Richards
Warder: Brinley Jenkins
Sam: Philip Rowlands
Rose: Charlotte Strevens
June: Rhian Morgan

19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Field Marshal's Memoirs (1975), by John Masters (1914-1983), adapted by James Brabazon.
When the Field Marshal announces his intention of telling the truth in his memoirs, he sets a cat among a lot of pigeons.
Directed By: Jane Morgan.
Field Marshal: Jeremy Kemp
Caroline: Jane Slavin
Martin: Geoffrey Whitehead
Charles Gibson: Denys Hawthorne
Matt Jordan: Danny Schiller
Paul Ross: Charles Simpson
Robert Rockingham: Michael Kilgariff
George Rockingham: Michael Graham Cox
Lois: Anna Cropper
Arthur Rockingham: Ian Targett
Terrell: Christopher Good
Burrisk: Nigel Anthony
Stefanie: Valerie Sarruf
Madeleine Ross: Judy Parkin
Also with: Alice Arnold, John Bull, Ken Cumberlidge, Paul Downing, David Goudge, Brian Miller
Repeated 20th November 1989
[Lieutenant Colonel John Masters, DSO, OBE was a regular officer in the Indian Army- The author noted that his characters views were not his own.]

20th November 1989
20.05 :
Globe Theatre 89: Whom Do I Have the Honour of Addressing? A monologue by Peter Shaffer (1926-2016).
Angela sits alone in her flat dictating a potentially scandalous memoir on to a cassette recorder.
Directed By: Glyn Dearman
Angela Parsons: Judi Dench
Repeated 9th February 1992

21st November 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Dusty's Story by Hattie Naylor.
When Stephen dies, Dusty finds it hard to adjust to her loss....
Directed by Sally Avens
Narrator Nickolas Grace.
Dusty: Sophie Thompson
her Aunt Wendy: Stephanie Cole
Best: Alice Arnold
Jane: Jo Kendall
Susan: Susan Sheridan
Sarah: Joan Walker
DJ: Paul Downing
Man: Ian Targett
Repeated 13th May 1990 and on Radio 5 on 10th December 1990

22nd November 1989
15.00 :
Biding Time by Sally Worboyes.
Harvey Crumb is in a rut. At work he is easy prey for the office bully, while his home-life is dominated by his elderly over-protective parents.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Harvey: With Mick Ford
Jean: Sherrie Hewson
Ian: Christopher Godwin
Mr Crumb: Alan Dudley
Mrs Crumb: Joan Matheson
Mr Reed: John Moffatt

23rd November 1989
15.00 :
The Cottage by Derrick Geer.
Nothing poisons family peace more completely than the hope of an inheritance.
Directed by Jane Dauncey
BBC Wales.
George: Aubrey Richards
Haydn: Brinley Jenkins
Arnold: Ivor Roberts
Robert: Robert Page
Ralph: Richard Lynch
Jamie: Kevin Francis
Carole: Charlotte Strevens
Joyce: Christine Blanchard
Rowlands: Gareth Morris

25th November 1989
14.30-16.00 :
Spoiling Egypt by Mike Walker.
What did Tom Lee expect when he joined Special Branch? He didn't expect to be hunted down, terrified and locked up alone in his own nightmare.
Electronic music composed and played by David Chilton
Directed by Peter King
Tom Lee: Brian Cox
Bryant: Norman Jones
Bonnie Lee: Maggie McCarthy
Det Sgt: David Sinclair
Det Insp Pike: David Garth
Det Chief Sup Roche: Arnold Diamond
Mrs Bryant: Alex Marshall
Sandy Bryant: Helena Breck
Ami Pealsart: Jack Klaff
Sue Bradley: Tessa Worsley
Vernon: Guy Holden
DC Richards: Robin Summers
DC Thorndike: Mark Straker
Phil: Christopher Douglas
Repeated from 11th March 1985, repeated 17/3/85.

25th November 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: SID by Steve May
Scurf Inhalation Disease may have reached epidemic proportions. Equally, an eager-beaver boffin may have found the cure. But the world is out to thwart him.
Directed By: Richard Wortley
Pringle: David Collings
the Hairdresser: Donald Gee
a Client: Tessa Worsley
Sir Henry Pelham: Geoffrey Whitehead
Simpson: Michael Kilgarriff
Sir John Knox: David King
Pringle's wife: Joan Walker
Journalists: Charles Simpson, Ken Cumberlidge
Mental orderly: Vincent Brimble
Australian doctor: Brian Miller
Sue Smug: Alice Arnold
Chairwoman: Elizabeth Mansfield
Box: Christopher Good
Cox: Joe Dunlop
Anita: Jane Slavin
Repeated 27th November 1989

27th November 1989
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Rat in the Skull (1984) by Ron Hutchinson.
After a week's interrogation in Paddington Green, Roche is ready to make a statement, but when Nelson, 'a star' from the RUC, arrives, things start to go wrong.
Directed by Eoin O'Callaghan
BBC Northern Ireland
Roche: Robert Patterson
Nelson: John Hewitt
Harris: Tim Woodward
Naylor: Ian Targett
Repeated 2nd December 1989.
[Paddington Green= London police station, now closed, which was used for high security detention.]
[RUC = Royal Ulster Constabulary]
[There was a different production, also directed by O'Callaghan, broadcast 29/4/2006 with Conleth Hill as Roche]
[Previously a tv drama in 1987 from Central TV]

28th November 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Party Through the Wall by Muriel Spark (1918-2006).
The setting is South Kensington, London, in the late 40s.
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland.
Dr Fell/Narrator: James Cairncross
Miss Carson: Diana Olsson
Housekeeper: Vivienne Dixon
Countess: Pat Williams
Party guest: Yonnie Howgill
[There was an earlier production in 1957 produced by Rayner Heppenstall with Ronald Simpson as Dr Fell, then another production in 1959 also produced by Heppenstall but with Carleton Hobbs as Dr Fell. ]

29th November 1989
15.00 :
The Nativity Letters by N. J. Warburton.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Christine: Elizabeth Mansfield
Mr Benson: Christopher Good
Mr Tarrant: Vincent Brimble
Nita: Nicola Stapleton
Barbara: Susan Sheridan
Lucy: Alice Clark
[A 32 page "book" of this title which contained several short plays was published in 1990]

30th November 1989
15.00 :
Posters of the Moulin Rouge: Yvette Guilbert by John Peacock.
One hundred years ago, when the Moulin Rouge opened in Montmarte, a performer's career was made if they secured a poster from Toulouse Lautrec.
Music: Stephen Warbeck
Director: Jane Morgan
Yvette: Julie Covington
Albine Guilbert: Pauline Letts
Zidler: Norman Jones
Oller: Carlos Douglas
Leon: Simon Treves
Maxine: Valerie Sarruf
Louise Weber: Frances Barber
Jean Lorrain: John Moffatt
Also with: Alice Arnold, Sue Broomfield, John Bull, Michael Graham Cox.
Actors in the other three plays- see the relevant date below.
Play2:7/12/89 Play3:14/12/89 Play4:21/12/89
The series was repeated commencing 7/7/91

2nd December 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Broughton Butcher by William Ash
A series of sex crimes hits a small town in Massachusetts, presenting the police with a problem that leads down a most unusual path.
Director: Gerry Jones
Bob Steger: Nigel Anthony
Mick Brannigan: Simon Treves
Baron Franz von Stoffel: Geoffrey Whitehead
Baroness Betty von Stoffel: Helena Breck
Pat O'Dwyer: Vincent Brimble
Bill Cooper: Ricco Ross
Ilona Cooper: Naomi Wirthner
Flora Pickett: Susan Sheridan
Radio announcer: Tara Dominick
Repeated 4th December 1989

4th December 1989
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Obeah by Michele Celeste. Brixton, 1981: as a choir of West Indian grandparents prepares for the Easter concert, the spectre of a homeland curse on the black youth raises its head.
Music composed by Felix Cross
Musicians: Gasper Lawal, Sam Kelly And Ray Carless
Directed by Michael Fox
BBC Manchester
Preacher: Joseph Marcell
Morgan: Carmen Munroe
Gloria: Isabelle Lucas
Louise: Dona Croll
Kwaku: Alex Tetteh Lartey
Girl: Alice Arnold
[Obeah - the script not this production - winner of GLC-The Black Experience Film Competition, London, 1986; winner of a Special Commendation at the 1st Mobil Competition Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester, 1986. Runner up of 1988 Verity Bargate Award]
[In general terms Obeah is a Caribbean folk religion with no explicit deities. Colonial figures treated the subject negatively and it was made unlawful.]
[Michele Celeste is Italian born, who moved to London.]

5th December 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: A Clearing in the Jungle by R. J. Gallagher.
Morgan Junior's in trouble, but is it bad enough to make him conquer his fear of his dad's lions?
Directed by Alison Hindell
Morgan Land Jr: Ron Berglas
Paul Land: William Hope

6th December 1989
15.00 :
Bon Voyage by Noel Coward (1899-1973). Adapted by John Graham.
The passengers aboard the cruise ship Mara.
Directed by Kay Patrick
Capt Berringer: Trader Faulkner
Hansen: Paul Gaymon
Irma Z Kaplan: Libby Morris
Lola Widemeyer: Honor Blackman
Mrs Teitelbaum: Hazel Coppen
Mr Teitelbaum: Malcolm Hayes
Lisa Wendle: Madeleine Cemm
Orford Wendle/Steward: Peter Whitman
Eldrich Trumbull III: John Rowe
Sir Roderick Bland: William Fox
Lady Bland: Joan Sanderson
First broadcast 5th and 6th February 1975.

7th December 1989
15.00 :
Posters of the Moulin Rouge: The Boneless Wonder by John Peacock.
Please see 30th Noveber 1989 above.
Valentin is only a shadow on the poster, but what is he in real life?
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Directed by Jane Morgan
Valentin Renaudin: Stephen Thorne
Celine Renaudin: Margaretta Scott
Louise Weber: Frances Barber
Alice: Anna Cropper
Theo Renaudin: Geoffrey Whitehead
Georges Tabards: David Goudge
Michel Renaudin: Brian Miller
La Monte: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Oller: Carlos Douglas
Gerard: John Bull
Annie: Jo Kendall
Adele: Sue Broomfield
May Belfort/Marcelle: Marcia King
Henri Goujon: Michael Graham Cox
Diseuse/Marie: Alice Arnold
Zidler: Norman Jones
Play3:14/12/89 Play4:21/12/89

7th December 1989
The Long Goodbye(1953) by Raymond Chandler (1888-1959) dramatised by Bill Morrison (1940-2011).
1 of 3: Los Angeles: Marlowe helps a friendly drunk to conceal a crime.
Musical research Adrian Edwards
Directed by John Tydeman
Philip Marlowe: Ed Bishop
Terry Lennox: Peter Marinker
Mendy Menendes: Blain Fairman
Sgt Green: William Roberts
Det Dayton: Neville Jason
Capt Gregorious: Ramsey Williams
Grenz: Rod Beacham
Lonnie Morgan: Henry Knowles
Chick Agostino: Malcolm Gerard
Eileen Wade: Toby Robins
Roger Wade: David March
Howard Spencer: Don Fellows
Linda Loring: Margaret Robertson
Dr Loring: Paul Maxwell
Parian Potter: Bob Sherman
Bernie Ohls: Harry Towb
Big Willie Magoon: Bill Morrison
Candy: Anthony Daniels
Capt Hernandez: Gordon Sterne
Barman: Brian Hewlett
Part 2:14/12/89 Part 3:21/12/89
First broadcast as a 90 minute play on 16th January 1978, repeated on Medium Wave only on 22nd January 1978.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.
[There was a later remake in 2011 with Toby Stephens as Marlowe.]
[The Long Goodbye was the sixth novel with Philip Marlowe, and was made into a film in 1973.]

8th December 1989
15.00 :
Classic Serial: The Sign of the Four: by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Adapted by Bert Coules
1 of 2: Timbertoe
When criminals become unimaginative and crimes unchallenging, Sherlock Holmes seeks stimulation elsewhere....
Violin: Alexander Balanescu
Directed By: Ian Cotterell
Producer: David Johnston
Sherlock Holmes: Clive Merrison
Dr John Watson: Michael Williams
Jonathan Small: Brian Blessed
Mary Morstan: Moir Leslie
Abdullah Khan: Amerjit Deu
Mrs Hudson: Anna Cropper
Thaddeus Sholto: Richard Tate
Major Sholto: Michael Kilgarriff
Bartholomew Sholto: John Bull
Insp Jones: Sion Probert
Additional actors in Part 2:
Sherman: John Moffatt
Wiggins: Alan Dean
Mrs Forrester: Elizabeth Mansfield
Jacobson: Vincent Brimble
Mahomet Sing: John Bull
Part 2: 15th December 1989
Both parts repeated two days later.
Also rebroadcast on BBC7 in 2007
[There was an earlier production in 1963, repeated 1966 by Val Gielgud with Carleton Hobbs as Holmes]

9th December 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Very Meticulous Death by T. D. Webster.
A chance to eavesdrop on a radio play in the making. But someone's preparations have been more meticulous than usual. Murder was definitely not in the script ...
Directed by Nigel Bryant
BBC Pebble Mill.
Jack Roberts: Bert Parnaby
Kath/Woman at hotel: Judith Boyd
Jack: Bert Parnaby
Andrew: Graham Colclough
James: Edwin Richfield
George/Doctor: Andy Hockley
Meg: Tina Gray
Tom: Roger Hume
Martin: Andrew Wincott
Miranda: Rebecca Harbord
Joy/WPC: Hedu Niklaus
Connie/Newsreader: Jo Kendall
Attendant/Man at hotel/Surgeon/Supt: Roger Rowland
Lombard: Terry Molloy
Repeated 11th December 1989

11th Deceber 1989
19.45 :
The Monday Play: A Better Life by Graham Reid.
David Dunn had hoped his move to a London teaching job would mean a better life. But crisis follows crisis as his past returns to haunt him.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
David: Des McAleer
David (age 11)/Tim Masters: Susan Sheridan
David (age 15): Rory Mahan
Tom Dunn: Jimmy Ellis
Elsie Dunn: Patricia Quinn
Isobel Dunn/Doreen: Julia Deardon
Cora Masters: Alice Arnold
Alison Masters/Ruth: Jane Slavin
Sylvie: Kate Fahy
Philip: Harry Towb
Shrug Amboe: Jason Liecier
Sam Amboe: Riba Akabusi
Lil/Hilary/Bar girl: Elizabeth Mansfield
Andy/Singer in pub: Brian Miller
Repeated 16th December 1989

12th December 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Curious Exchange by Stephen Mollett.
Directed by Sue Wilson
Jill: Louise Jameson
Tim: David Yelland

13th December 1989
15.00 :
Pretty Polly Barlow by Noel Coward. Adapted by John Graham.
If it wasn't for my loving kindness, you'd still be selling stockings in that God-awful store in Kensington High Street....
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Mrs Eva Innes-Hook: Kathleen Helme
Polly Barlow: Emily Richard
Amazahudin: Sion Probert
Dr Renshaw: Alan Dudley
Lorelei Chang: Elizabeth Morgan
Uncle Bob: Vernon Joyner
Purser: Alan Rowe
Rick Barlow: Peter Whitman
Sailor: Hector Ross
First broadcast 12th and 13th February 1975, repeated 26th October 1977.

14th December 1989
15.00 :
Posters of the Moulin Rouge: La Goulue by John Peacock.
La Goulue's nickname was singularly appropriate - she was a glutton for food and life.
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Directed by Jane Morgan
Louise Weber: Frances Barber
La Mome Fromage: Sylvestra Le Touzel
Zidler: Norman Jones
Nini: Alice Arnold
Annie: Jo Kendall
Tremolada: Donald Gee
Madame Gillotes: Margaret Courtenay
Oller: Carlos Douglas
Madame Grille: Marcia King
Jeanne Faes: Maria Miles
Guy Benoits: Michael Kilgarriff
Also with John Bull, Michael Graham Cox and Joe Dunlop
[La Goulue means The Glutton, and was the stage name of Louise Weber (1866-1929)- her skirt lifting high kicks predated the cancan.]

16th December 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Death of a Fly by David Ashton
When an eccentric Borders landowner announces he's going be dead by next weekend, it's time for insurance investigator Alec Bodeen to dust off the policies and knock on the door of Madame Murder.
Director: Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland
Bodeen: Alexander Morton
Veronica: Siobhan Redmond
Whitecroft: Tom Fleming
the Fly: Russell Hunter
Mac: Callum Mill
Nanny: Anne Kristen
Jardine: Laurie Ventry
Letty: Julie Miller
Repeated 18th December 1989
[The Borders is the land on the border of Scotland and England, since 1975 used as a Scottish Council name. ]

18th December 1989
19.45 :
The Monday Play: Fairy Story by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
Once upon a time, many years ago, in 1930, a young girl dwelt with her guardians at an old stone farmhouse high on the moors. So begins this new version of Cinderella.
Harmonium: Gill McKay
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Storyletter: Stephen Thorne
Ginger: Paul Copley
Bob Gallon: Christopher Godwin
Cindy: Julie Higginson
Lady Celestria: Brigit Forsyth
Reuben: Malcolm Hebden
Poll: Barbara Marten
Repeated 23rd December 1989

19th December 1989
15.00 :
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Shepherds' Play by The Wakefield Master. Adapted by Nigel Bryant from a medieval mystery play - the Wakefield Second Shepherds' Pageant (c.1500).
Directed by: Nigel Bryant
BBC Pebble Mill.
First shepherd: William Simons
Second shepherd: Roger Rowland
Third shepherd: David Gilbrook
Mak: Terry Molloy
Gill/Mary: Susan Mansell
[The Wakefield Master used an unusual and unique rhyming form, check the somewhat modernised script at Gutenberg or the more difficult original at Luminarium.]

20th December 1989
15.00 :
Star Quality by Noel Coward adapted by John Graham.
The story of a young playwright's encounter with the big star who could make or break him in the theatre.
Directed by Christopher Venning
Lorraine Barrie: Jean Kent
Ray Malcolm: Michael Billington
J C Roebuck: Michael Shannon
Bryan Snow: Lawrence Douglas
Marion Blake: Patricia Moore
Tony Orford: Peter Whitman
First broadcast 19th February 1975
[The short story was written in 1951, adapted as a stage play in 1956 but it was first performed on stage in 2001 which makes the R4 play the first dramatic presentation.]

21st December 1989
Posters of the Moulin Rouge: Jane Avril. by John Peacock.
They called her Crazy Jane because of the way she danced, but it was not an affectionate nickname. Jane Avril used people all her life and reaped the consequences.
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Directed by Jane Morgan
Jane: Angela Pleasence
Andre Vaubert: Jack Galloway
Gazelle: Vivian Pickles
Toulouse-Lautrec: Clive Merrison
Alain Marais: Brian Miller
Madeleine: Anne Carroll
Zidler: Norman Jones
Maxine: Valeria Sarruf
Gazelle (at 17): Elizabeth Mansfield
Arsene Ondet: David King
Also with Alice Arnold, John Bull, Anna Cropper, Tata Dominick and Jo Kendall.
Please see 30th November 1989.
[Jane Avril lived 1868-1943- her nicknames were La Melinite, L'Etrange, and Jane la Folle]

22nd December 1989
Friday Play: Events at Drimaghleen by William Trevor (1928-2016).
The painful memories of the tragedy have just begun to fade.
Music specially composed by Colin Sell. Oboe: Deidre Dods, Violin: Wilfred Gibson, Cello: Lowri Blake
Directed by David Hitchinson
(A BBC World Service production)
Father Sallins: T. P. McKenna
Hetty Fortune: Sarah Badel
O'Kelly: Sean Barrett
McDowd: P. C. Stephens
Mrs McDowd: Kate Binchy
Tyler: Nigel Anthony
Mrs Casey: Carmel McSharry
Carmody: Breffni McKenna
Maureen: Marcella Riordan
The McDowd Family: Kilian McKenna and Aine McCartney
Repeated from 30th October 1988.

23rd December 1989
19.45 :
Classic Serial: A Tale of Two Cities: 1 of 7: Beginnings
Please see 30th June 1989 above.

24th December 1989
14.30 :
The Beasts of Ambridge by Paul Burns.
It's Christmas Eve in Ambridge
Folk are full of festive cheer,
Dream of carols, crackers, pudding
And a pint of Shires' beer.
Directed by Niall Fraser
Producer Ruth Patterson
BBC Pebble Mill.
Clint the Turkey: Trevor Harrison
Captain the Dog: Arnold Peters
Charlemagne the Bull: Charles Collingwood
452 Battery Hen: Charlotte Martin
Freda the Pig: Patricia Greene
Clarrie Grundy: Rosalind Adams
William Grundy: Philip Molloy

25th December 1989
14.00 :
Moonlight and the Black Cat
Repeated from 24th May 1989. Please see above.

25th December 1989
15.00 :
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Dramatised by: John Scotney
Directed by: Martin Jenkins
Long John Silver: Peter Jeffrey
Israel Hands: Glyn Houston
Ben Gunn: Hugh Paddick
Squire Trelawney: John Moffatt
Dr Livesey: Geoffrey Whitehead
Jim Hawkins: Ben Rodska
Flint: David King
Billy Bones: Brian Haines
Mrs Hawkins/Mrs Silver: Tessa Worsley
Black Dog/ Anderson: Michael Kilgarriff
Blind Pew: Anthony Hall
Dick: Brian Miller
Tom Morgan: John Bull
George Merry: John Hollis
Dance/Gray: Paul Downing
Joyce/Commander: Davld Goodland
Captain Smollett: Stephen Thorne
Alan/Rating: Charles Simpson
Captain Flint the Parrot: Wally K. Daly
Repeated 29/10/90
[There was an earlier production in 1972 produced by Martin Jenkins, repeated 26/12/84]

26th December 1989
14.00 :
Moonlight and the Black Cat: Guns
Repeated from 31st May 1989- please see above.

26th December 1989
15.00 :
Rogue Male (1939) by Geoffrey Household (1900-1988), dramatised by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001).
If Sir Ben had succeeded in his mission, he would have changed the course of history ... Set in Germany and England in the late 1930s.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Sir Ben: Simon Cadell
Major Quive-Smith: David Goudge
Karl: Ian Michie
Colonel: Christopher Scott
Police Chief: Geoffrey Whitehead
Fisher: David Rose
Vaner: Philip Sully
Saul: Leslie Heritage
Peale: Ian Targett
Tom: Jonathan Scott
Mrs Whelkes: Ysanne Churchman
Patachon: Manning Wilson
Barmaid: Susan Sheridan
Mrs Erskine: Joan Matheson
Repeated 18th March 1991
[A sequel book "Rogue Justice" was published in 1982.]

27th December 1989
15.00 :
Rebecca (1938) by Daphne Du Maurier (1907-1989), dramatised by Brian Miller.
Arriving at Manderley, the young Mrs de Winter finds the beautiful house and its occupants haunted by memories of Rebecca, her new husband's first wife.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Maxim: Christopher Cazenove
Mrs de Winter: Janet Maw
Mrs Danvers: Rosalie Crutchley
Favell: Nickolas Grace
Colonel Julyan: Frederick Treves
Mrs Van Hopper: Irene Sutcliffe
Frith: John Gabriel
Beatrice: Margaret Courtenay
Ben: Danny Schiller
Clarice: Elizabeth Mansfield
Horridge: Brian Miller
Tabb: John Bull
Dr Baker: Geoffrey Whitehead
Repeated 1st April 1991

28th December 1989
15.00 :
The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) by Anthony Hope (1863-1933), adapted by Eric Maschwitz (1901-1969) and Kay Patrick.
A swashbuckling tale of English gentleman Rudolf Rassendyll and his adventures in Ruritania.
Original music (1939) by Robert Chignell and Leslie Woodgate
Directed by Martin Jenkins
Rudolf Rassendyll: Julian Glover
Colonel Sapt: Nigel Stock
Princess Flavia: Hannah Gordon
Rupert of Hentzau: Martin Jarvis
Count Fritz von Tarlenheim: David Timson
Lady: Rose Burlesdon
Innkeeper: Diana Bishop
Lord Burlesdon: Clive Swift
Antoinette de Mauban: Anne Rido
Duke Michael: Michael Spice
Train guard: William Sleigh
Customs officer: Brian Haines
Rosa: Cherry Gilliam
Johann: Sam Dastor
Josef: Haydn Jones
Capt Detchard: Terry Scully
Countess Helga: Hilda Schroder
Bersonin: David Gooderson
First broadcast 19th May 1973
Repeated 25th December 1978, and 25th December 1984.
[There was a sequel "Rupert of Hentzau" published in 1898, also broadcast- first broadcast 26/5/73]

29th December 1989
15.00 :
The 39 Steps by John Buchan, dramatised by Peter Buckman.
Only one man stands between Europe and a terrible war....
Directed By Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Richard Hannay: David Rintoul
Also With Jimmy Chisholm, Michael Elder, Crawford Logan, David Mckail, Alexander Morton, Sandy Neilson and John Shedden.
Repeated 10th February 1990, 29th June 1992

30th December 1989
14.30 :
Arrived Safe, Writing Later by Stephen Dunstone.
A writer finds two separate postcards sent 50 years earlier by a girl called Ethel. The coincidence provokes him to investigate a strange and haunting story. Somebody dies - but who?
Pianist Mary Nash
Directed by John Tydeman
Ethel Merrin: Tessa Worsley
George: Scott Cherry
Julia, a pianist: Lisa Harrow
Roger Danzi, a writer: Patrick Drury
the Waiter: Brian Smith
First broadcast 19th and 25th August 1985.

30th December 1989
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Price by Arthur Miller
Repeated from 27th March 1989, please see above.

31st December 1989
14.30 :
Plaza Suite by Neil Simon
Repeated from 1st July 1989 - please see above.

(....Many thanks for another excellent listing, Stephen - Ed.)


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