BBC Radio Plays, radio 4, 1988


1st January 1988
Starring Leslie Willey by Ray Cooney and John Graham
4 of 6: The Tour
Producer Jonathan James. Moore
Leslie Willey: Leslie Phillips
George Pigden: Eric Sykes
Pamela: Angela Douglas
Valerie: Moira Lister
Mr Shaw: John Graham
the hotel receptionist: Polly James
the hotel porter: Norman Bird
Thelma: Zelah Clarke
Yvonne: Susan Sheridan
the waiter: Ken Stott
Ray Cooney: Ray Cooney
Series commenced 29/12/87 and then daily- episodes 5 and 6 on 2nd and 3rd January 1988.

1st January 1988
15.00 :
The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens dramatised by Barry Campbell.
Part 8 of 8: A Matter of Principle.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Pickwick: Freddie Jones
Series commenced 25th December 1987, then daily.
Please see listing for 25/12/1987. Radio Times did not print a separate cast list for this episode.

1st January 1988
18.15-18.30 :
The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. Dramatised by Martin Booth.
Part 7 of 7: The Hundred and Oneth Dalmatian.
Producer: Jonathan James-Moore
Series Cast included:
Storyteller: Dorothy Tutin
Pongo: Nicky Henson
Missis: Brenda Blethyn
Mr Dearly: Simon Williams
Mrs Dearly: Brenda Longman
Nanny Cook: Joan Sims
Nanny Butler: Margaret Courtenay
Cruella de Vil: Patricia Hodge
Mr de Vil: Norman Bird
Series commenced 26th December 1987 and then daily. Please see 1987 listing. Radio Times did not print a separate cast list for this episode.

1st January 1988
23.30-00.00 :
The Teeth of Abbot Thomas by Stephen Sheridan.
What lies behind a set of wooden false teeth?
Producer Don Patterson.
Abbot: Alfred Marks
Dr Bonteen: Robert Bathurst
Uncle Montague: Jonathan Adams
Mrs Halliday: Denlse Coffey
Stump: Bill Wallis
Also with Phil Nice, John Baddeley, Caroline Gruber and Stephen Tompkinson.
Repeated from 25th December 1987

2nd January 1988
Daisy Pulls It Off (1983) by Denise Deegan adapted by Elizabeth Lindsay
1927: Daisy Meredith, from a poor background, wins a scholarship to Grangewood School for Girls.
Piano: Jack Thompson
Directed by Gordon House.
A Radio 4/BBC World Service production
Daisy Meredith: Alexandra Mathie
Trixie Martin: Helena Little
Miss Gibson: Charlotte West-Oram
Monica Smithers: Nina Edwards
Clare Beaumont: Julia Hills
Sybil Burlington: Zelah Clarke
Alice Fitzpatrick: Marcella Riordan
Miss Granville/Mademoiselle: Julia Berry
Belinda Mathieson: Caroline Gruber
Winnie Irving: Susie Brann
Dora Johnston: Victoria Carling
Mr Scoblowski: Roger Heathcott
Mr Thompson: Anthony Jackson
Girl: Elizabeth Lindsay
Also broadcast on BBC World Service January 1988.
[A parody based upon "The Testing of Tansy" (1939) by Winifred Norling (W M Jakobsson 1905-1979) ]

2nd January 1988
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Baikie Charivari (1953) by James Bridie (aka Osborne Henry Mavor)(1888-1951), adapted by Stewart Conn.
Late 1940's, Baikie. an imaginary township on the Firth of Clyde.
Music composed and arranged by David Dorward and played by Harry Macanespie (trumpet) and John Wiggins (piccolo), with William Whitford (percussion)
Directed by Stewart Conn.
BBC Scotland
De'il: James McKechnie
The Rev Dr Marcus Beadle: Bryden Murdoch
Cllr John Ketch: James Gavigan
Toby Messan: Stuart Mungall
Lady Pounce-Pellott: Marjorie Westbury
Sir James MacArthur Pounce-Pellot KCIE: Clive Morton
Joe Mascara: Walter Carr
Baby: June Andrews
Dr Jean Pothecary: Madeleine Christie
Lady Maggie Revenant: Sheila Latimer
Mrs Jemima Lee Crowe: Tucker McGuire
Robert Copper: John Young
First broadcast 13 July 1964, on BBC Scottish Home Service.
First BBC Home Service/Radio 4 broadcast: 13th July 1964 repeated 2nd April 1967. Further repeated 4/1/88.
[The play's full title continued "or, The Seven Prophets"]

3rd January 1988
14.30 :
Huntingtower by John Buchan, dramatised by Trevor Royle
1 of 3: The Princess in the Tower or How a Retired Provision Merchant Felt the Impulse of Spring
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Dickson McCunn: Roy Hanlon
The Storyteller: David McKail
Heritage: Stuart McQuarrie
Mrs Morran: Eileen McCallum
Saskia: Sharon Maharaj
Dougal: Gordon Struth
Dobson: Martin Black
Tibby: Ann Scott Jones
Guest: Paul Dixey
Lean/Tramp: John Shedden
Spittal/Labourer: Alasdair McCrone
Actors in later episodes and the episode they were first listed:
Mr Mackintosh: John Grieve(2)
Thomas Yownie: Paul Joyce(2)
Wee Jaikie: Dominic Ray(2)
Napoleon: David Mooney(2)
Old Bill: Brian Gallacher(2)
Peter: Andrew Johnston(2)
Paul Abreskov: Michael MacKenzie(3)
Roylance: Ernest Blake(3)
Repeated 8th January 1988 and series repeated commencing 28/4/1995
Ep2: 10/1/88, Ep3:17/1/88
All 1988 episodes repeated five days after first broadcast.

3rd January 1988
Fear on Four: The Snowman Killing by J.C.W. Brook.
A young mother's fear is intensified by her children's fascination with an eyeless snowman.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Anne Makepeace: Imelda Staunton
her twin sons, Colin and Alex: Alistair White and Alkis Constantouris
Henry Makepeace: Brian Hewlett
Helen: Emily Richard
Mrs MacPherson: Eva Stuart
Repeated 6th January 1988, and 20/12/92,
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2006, 2007

4th January 1988
12.25-13.00 :
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler (1888-1959). Dramatised by Bill Morrison
1 of 3: I was neat, clean-shaved and sober. I was everything a well-dressed private detective ought to be. I was calling on four million dollars.
Musical research Adrian Williams
Directed by John Tydeman
Philip Marlowe: Ed Bishop
General Sternwood: Robert Beatty
Carmen Sternwood: Liza Ross
Vivian Regan: Diana Olsson
Agnes: Nicolette McKenzie
Bernie Ohls: Harry Towb
Eddie Mars: Paul Maxwell
Carl Lundgren: Weston Gavin
Butler/Croupier/Huck: Malcolm Gerard
Additional cast in later episodes:
Joe Brody: Blain Fairman(2)
Taggart Wilde: Rod Beacham(2)
Cpt Cronjager: Henry Knowles(2)
Hood: Walter Hall(2)
Harry Jones: Don Fellows(3)
Canino: Peter Marinker(3)
Mona: Irene Sutcliffe(3)
Ep2:11/1/88 Ep3:18/1/88
Previously broadcast as one program of 90 minutes on 26/9/1977, repeated 2/10/77.
90 minute version repeated on BBC7 in November 2007, September 2008. 3 x Half hourly episodes repeated on BBC7 in March 2003.
Also broadcast as two 45 minute episodes on BBC7 in November 2003.

4th January 1988
20.15 :
The Tilting Ground by Guy Hibbert
A widow remarries. They settle down in South Mexico - then her son returns.
Directed by Peter King
Nancy: Constance Cummings
Charles: Laurence Payne
Jack: Stuart Milligan
Repeated 9th January 1988 (Listed without the word The)
[BBC Genome incorrectly lists the author as Guy Hubbert]

5th January 1988
15.00-15.32 :
All Around the Houses by Stephen Shortt
Tony has found an outlet for his skills compiling questionnaires for a local political party. But he hasn't altogether been following the procedures correctly.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East.
Tony: Ray Ashcroft
Roz: Carrie Davies
Kane: Norman Mills
Flavell: Randal Herley

6th January 1988
15.00-15.47 :
Josie: Family and Friends by Rachel Wyatt
It looks as if Josie will be chosen as a prospective parliamentary candidate. She meets an old flame.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Josie: Angela Pleasence
Benjy: Andrew Branch
Betty: Jane Wenham
Mary: Jennifer Piercey
Jack: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also With Zelah Clark, Brian Hewlett, Anthony Jackson, Diana Olsson, John Samson, Kim Wall, Margaret Ward and Manning Wilson

7th January 1988
15.00 :
Rainey Shines by Michael Z. Lewin
Alex Rainey is an American who hates England but loves his English wife. When they find a dead body, Rainey finds a new interest in detective work.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
Rainey: Stephen Thorne
Ashwell: Bill Wallis
Lady Prudence: Melinda Walker
PC Howell: Anthony Donovan
Mrs Hirou: Susie Brann
Mr Hirou/Bates: Christian Rodska
Chester Maxwell: Alan Dudley
Honey Maxwell: Deborah Makepeace
Mrs Christensen: Jane Gambier
Mrs Linton: Sybil Ewbank

9th January 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Miss High Heels by Rob Gittins
Morgan, a retired policeman, has the chance of investigating a murder.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Ex-DC Robert Morgan: Ray Smith
Yorkie: Howell Evans
Elizabeth Foster: Patricia Napier
McCowan: Christopher Reich
Eedes: Bernard Latham
Mrs Allenby: Jan Edwards
Insp Clifford: Victor Winding
Irish Micky: Terry Jackson
Petselli: Dorien Thomas
Karen: Marilyn Le Conte
Eric/George: Eamonn Collinge
Repeated 11th January 1988

10th January 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: William and Mary by Roald Dahl (1916-1990), dramatised by Jill Brooke
William is made an offer he can't refuse, then wishes with all his heart that he had. Except, of course, that he has no heart.
Directed By: Gerry Jones.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
William: Alan Dudley
Mary: Elizabeth Morgan
Dr Landy: Joss Ackland
Priest/Solicitor: John Baddeley
Repeated 13th January 1988
[Another version dramatised by Barry Campbell and produced by John Dyas was broadcast on BBC World Service and on Radio 2 Long Wave in 1973]

11th January 1988
20.15 :
Companeros by Mike Walker
Nicaragua: four people meet and decide to make a journey into the heart of the country, but they happen upon an armed terrorist group and their nightmare begins.
Music composed and played by David Chilton and Nick Russell Pavter
Technical presentation by David Greenwood
Assisted by Wilfredo Acosta and Barbara Evans
Directed by Peter King
Kyle: Derek Newark
Anna: Angharad Rees
Richmond: Trevor Nichols
Simon: Colin Stinton
Tom Burke: Stuart Milligan
Commander Condor: Arturo Venegas
Little Fish: Francisco Morales
Manager: Alan Dudley
Border official: Michael Deacon
Repeated 16th January 1988

12th January 1988:
12.25-13.00 :
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre (aka D J M Cornwell) adapted by Rene Basilico
1 of 6: Berlin.... an icy October day ... Alec Leamas waits at the checkpoint for one of his agents to cross over to the West.
Theme music by Max Harris
Producer John Fawcett Wilson
Peter Guillam: Douglas Blackwell
Alec Leamas: Colin Blakely
Miss Thursby: Gwen Cherrell
Elsie/Air hostess: Sandra Clark
Second guard: Richard Durden
First checkpoint guard: Paul Humpoletz
Miss Larrett: Anne Jameson
Elvira: Brigitte Kahn
Control: Allan McClelland
Third guard/Landlord: Michael Melunger
American: Kerry Shale
Fawley: Marc Sinden
George Smiley: Michael Turner
Actors in later episodes- please refer to episode date.
Ep2:19/1/88 Ep3:26/1/88 Ep4:2/2/88 Ep5:9/2/88 Ep6:16/2/88
Series first broadcast commencing 28/4/86.
There was an earlier 3 part production adapted by Stuart Evans and produced by Richard Wortley in 1968.
There was a later 3 part production by Patrick Rayner and adapted by Robert Forrest in 2009.

12th January 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Nothing Personal by Perry Pontac
When Mr Firmage applies for a loan from the bank, the interview elicits surprising information - about the bank manager, Mr Pinsley-Wetherthorne.
Mr Pinsley-Wetherthorne: Norman Bird
Mr Firmage: Stephen Thorne
Miss Norsal: Caroline Gruber
First broadcast 12th January 1986

13th January 1988
15.00-15.47 :
The Mumper Written by Peter Terson (aka Peter Patterson)
A Mumper - a countryside tramp.
Directed By: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
narrated by Peter Terson
Arnold: Ronald Russell
Doreen: Peggy Ann Wood
Kate: Angela Phillips
Sandy: Patrick Malahide
Doctor: Conrad Phillips
Gypsy girl: Mary MacLoughlin
Upholstery lady: June Barrie
Inspector: Bill Wallis
Tractor driver: Alan Coveney
Policeman: Christian Rodska
Nervous man: Cornelius Garrett
also with Nigel Stock

14th January 1988
The Magician 's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis.
Adapted by Brian Sibley.
Part 1 of 10, broadcast weekly.
Produced by Geoff Marshall Taylor.
The Professor: Maurice Denham
Uncle Andrew: Robert Eddison
Aslan: Stephen Thorne
Jadis: Rosemary Martin
Repeated commencing 22/9/88 (Part of "For Schools") and 23/7/89 (Part of "While the Cat's Away").
(Part of "For Schools", no full cast list published in Radio Times.).
[This series production was initially considered a one-off but the later books followed from 1994, adapted by Brian Sibley, with different actors for the children and a new producer, John Taylor.]
[Cast list from narnia.fandom.com:
Peter: Neil Jeffrey
Susan: Abigail Docherty
Edmund: Henry Power
Lucy: Camilla Power
Dwarf: Stephen Harrold
Mr. Beaver, Fox, Voice: David Goodland
Mrs. Beaver, Voice: Polly March
Maugrim, Ogre, Animal: Steve Hodson
Animals: John Baddley
Stag: Peter Craze
Unicorn: Simon Cuff
Father Christmas, Wolf: Michael Deacon
Squirrel, Goblin: Alison Draper
Lion: Alan Dudley
Bull, Ape: Paul Gregory
Giant: Clifford Norgate
Animals: Diana Olson
Eagle, Hag: Eva Stuart
Centaur, Dog: Stephen Tompkinson
Animals: Karen Archer ]

14th January 1988
15.00 :
Interruptus by Alan England
The vicar doesn't always practise everything he preaches, but manages to live comfortably enough with his conscience.
Directed by David Johnston.
Vicar: Michael Tudor Barnes
Eileen: Jennifer Piercey
Barbara: Di Turner
Sisson: Jonathan Tafler
Hargreaves: Chris England
Wimp: Steven Harrold
Crabtree: Alan Dudley

16th January 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Lady in the Way by Bruce Stewart
Jane's husband is found dead in a motel room. The inquest concludes that Alan committed suicide, but Jane is convinced that it was murder.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
Jane Dacre: Karen Ford
Toni: Ann Portus
Insp Loukakis: Roger Leach
Kirsty: Mary MacLoughlin
Paula: Sarah O'Keefe
Ross/Coroner: Anthony Jackson
Clerk/Patrolman: David Goodland
Sing: Burt Kwouk
Marcus: Bruce Stewart
Gloria: Angela Phillips
Billy: Stephen Tompktnson
Marge: June Barrie
Folksinger: Samantha Howard
Repeated 18th January 1988

17th January 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Monkey's Paw(1902) by W.W Jacobs (1863-1943), adapted by Patrick Galvin.
Sergeant Morris returns home from India with an unusual gift: the small mummified paw of a monkey upon which an old holy man has cast a spell that will grant three men three wishes - at their peril.
Directed By: Jeremy Howe
Father: Oliver Maguire
Mother: Trudy Kelly
Richard, their son: Allan McKelvey
Sgt Tommy Morris: Mark Mulholland
O'Leary: Kevin Flood
Repeated 31st October 1991
(There were other productions of this play)

18th January 1988
20.15 -21.45 :
The Bridge by John Hall
Col Sam Mellors disputes the right of the Crowe Sand and Gravel Co to drive lorries over his beloved medieval bridge, and this leads him to refight old battles, relive old glories....
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Sam Mellors: Harry Andrews
Narrator/Adjutant/Hywell: Laurence Payne
Ros/Dorrie: Vivian Pickles
Greg/Sergeant/Driver: Anthony Jackson
Bernard/Foley: John Baddeley
Harry/Archer-Bloom: Alan Dudley
Roddie/Jose: Peter Craze
Rick/Phipps: Paul Sirr
Repeated 22nd January 1988

19th January 1988:
12.25-13.00 :
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre (aka D J M Cornwell) adapted by Rene Basilico
2 of 6: After his abrupt departure from British Intelligence, Alec Leamas tries desperately to cope with life outside the Service.
Please see to 12th January 1988 above.
Alec Leamas: Colin Blakely
Liz Gold: Janet Maw
Miss Crail: Dilys Laye
Publican: Ron Pember
Tart: Helen Keating
Peter: Douglas Blackwell
Pitt: Keith Smith
Greengrocer: Brian Smith
Doctor: Peter Howell
Grocer/Delaney: Peter Childs
Ep3:26/1/88 Ep4:2/2/88 Ep5:9/2/88 Ep6:16/2/88

19th January 1988
15.00 :
Dreams of Tigers by Peter Myers
Alan takes his son Ken out camping on the Yorkshire moors to make a man of him. But courage is a quality of manhood which Ken has to learn for himself....
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Alan: Brian Glover
Ken: David Bartlett
Roger: James Snell
Dave: Rex Holdsworth
George: Tom Karol

20th January 1988
15.00 :
Wonderful Land by David Stafford
For Karen, Esperanto lessons don't add the sparkle to their life that Philip had hoped for - but maybe rock accountant Barry, their new neighbour, can provide an added interest for her.
Original music and lyrics by David Stafford and performed by David Stafford , Stephen Warbeck And Mark Doffman
Directed by Annette Ogden
Karen: Brenda Blethyn
Philip: Nigel Anthony
Barry: Andy De La Tour
Sarah: Caroline Gruber
Mark: Stephen Rashbrook
Peter: Steve Hodson
Repeated on 25th September 1988

21st January 1988
15.00 :
Anastasia Rees by Elizabeth Morgan
In Pontypridd, the Rees family legend of being descended from Russian noblemen has faded with the years. Suddenly, however, Grandma Rees's eccentric behaviour prompts a search for the truth.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Nanna: Elizabeth Morgan
Cathy Jo: Manning Wilson
Jenny: Emily Morgan
Carol: Rosalind Thomas
Dr Williams/Nurse Rogers: Jennifer Piercey

23rd January 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Set to Rites by Diana Griffiths
Pre-history: when the women ruled the roost with a rod of iron. Then Tom the Thinker asks a question: 'Are the men playing a part in the continuation of the species?'
BBC Manchester
Director: Susan Hogg
Jess the Jewel: Jane Hazelgrove
Tom the Thinker: Neil Caple
Mag the Magic: Meg Wynn Owen
Ken the Killer: Peter Rumney
Mum: Pam Ferris
Dad: Malcolm Hebden
Old Jess: Joan Campion
Old Tom: Randal Herley
Brag: Paul Codman
Child: Susan Sheridan
Barman: Robert Whelan
Harpist: Davydd Huw Jones
Repeated 25th January 1988

24th January 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: Music Lovers by Nick Warburton
The striving for ultimate musical perfection strikes a note of terror.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Miss Eames: Prunella Scales
Mr Pauley: Nigel Anthony
Repeated 27th January 1988 and 29th November 1992

25th January 1988
The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler(1888-1959) dramatised by Bill Morrison
1 of 3: We stood on the pier. All we saw at first was an arm, moving in the depths of the dark green water.
Musical research Adrian Edwards
Directed by John Tydeman..
Philip Marlowe: Ed Bishop
Derace Kingsley: Don Fellows
Lt Al Degarmo: Harry Towb
Adrienne Fromsett: Margaret Robertson
Chris Lavery: Peter Marinker
Bill Chess: Paul Maxwell
Jim Patton: Ramsay Williams
Birdie Keppel: Nicolette McKenzie
Actors in later episodes:
Capt Webber: William Roberts(2)
Mrs Talley: Tucker McGuire(2)
Mrs Fallbrook/ Crystal Kingsley: Toby Robins(2)
Tex: Paul Meier(2)
Dobbs: Bruce Beeby(2)
Cooney: Michael Harbour(2)
Clerk: Kenneth Shanley(3)
Part 2: 1/2/88 Part 3: 8/2/88
First broadcast as a single 90 minute program 13/11/77. Repeated 6/9/79
Repeated as a 90 minute program on BBC7 in 2006, 2007, 2008
Repeated in three parts on BBC7 2003

25th January 1988
20.15 :
The False Diaghilev by John Bowen (1924-2019)
In a hotel room on the Venetian Lido, Serge Diaghilev, creator and manager of the Ballet Russe, lies dying.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Diaghilev: Robert Stephens
Misia Sert: Barbara Leigh Hunt
Boris Kochno: Michael Maloney
Serge Lifar: Douglas Hodge
Doctor/Priest: Godfrey Kenton
Alexandre Benois/Manager: William Simons
Filosov: Laurence Payne
Rimsky-Korsakov/Otto Khan: Alan Dudley
Nijinsky/Kremnev: Peter Craze
Prince Lvov/Fokine: Paul Gregory
Grigoriev: Norman Bird
Miassin: Richard Pearce
Sokolova: Polly James
Repeated 30th January 1988
[John Bowen indicated his source material came from the book Speaking Of Diaghilev by John Drummond]

26th January 1988:
12.25-13.00 :
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre (aka D J M Cornwell) adapted by Rene Basilico
3 of 6: Leamas is released from prison Out in the cold again, he he faces anwill need contacts uncertain future
Please see 12th January 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Ashe: Trevor Baxter
Kiever: Carl Duering
Tony: Edward Desouza
Prison Governor: Alan Thompson
Warder: Ronald Herdman
Chief officer: Robin Summers
Ep4:2/2/88 Ep5:9/2/88 Ep6:16/2/88

26th January 1988
Victim by Roger Parkes
Len didn't so much break into Peggy's home as walk in. She left the key under the mat. Now he has to paint her home and she begins to learn more about him. But who has been the victim in the whole affair?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh.
Peggy: Joan Matheson
Len: Richard Pearce
Howard Blackburn: Ian Thompson
Sharon: Denica Fairman
Jean Langley: Julie Berry
Lawyer: Manning Wilson

28th January 1988
A Pair of Claws (1983) by Michael Gurr (1961-2017)
Presley Swift, a diplomat, feels he is entitled to an honourable retirement. But Presley and his wife Sylvia share a secret that, should it come to light, would shatter the peace of that retirement. Directed By Glyn Dearman
Presley Swift: Keith Michell
Sylvia: Diana Fairfax
Simon: Michael Siberry
Frances: Madi Hedd
Joseph: Trader Faulkner

29th January 1988
The Old Wives' Tale (1908) by Arnold Bennett (1867-1931) dramatised Peter Mackie
1 of 6 :1863-5:- Commercial traveller Gerald Scales, calls into a draper's shop in Burslem to flirt with young Sophia
Baines, little realising that his visit will bring exile for the girl and ultimate ruin to himself.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Samuel Povey: Kim Durham
Miss Chetwynd: Deirdre Edwards
Aunt Harriet: Joyce Gibbs
Mrs Baines: Gillian Goodman
Gerald Scales: Peter McEnery
Arnold Bennett/ John Baines/Bladon/ Sailor/ Martins: Terry Molloy
Miss Insull/Maggie/ Mme Foucault/ Honorine/ Mary: Hedii Niklaus
Constance: Annie Raitt
Critchlow/Louis: Edwin Richfield
Sophia: Susan Tracy
Actors in later episodes:
Chirac: Simon Cuff(2)
Willoughby: Tony Turner(2)
Dick Povey /Clerk: Richard Allenson(3)
Daniel Povey/Doctor: Stephen Hattersley(3)
Concierge: Pauline Cory(3)
Cyril Povey: David Learner(4)
Amy: Cynthia Cherry(4)
Peet/Swynnerton: John Dixon(5)
Mardon: Simon Carter(5)
Mr Frensham/Doctor: Manning Wilson(5)
Mrs Frensham/Marie: Margaret Ward(5)
Dick Povey: Jonathan Owen(6)
Lily: Charlotte Martin(6)
Dr Stirling: Laurence Payne(6)
Boldero: Roger Rowland(6)
Part2:5/2/88 Part3:12/2/88 Part4:19/2/88 Part5:26/2/88 Part6:4/3/88
[The book was also adapted into a BBC TV series in 1988 called "Sophia and Constance" broadcast from April 1988]

30th January 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Our Roman Cousins In 1766 Charles Stuart was no longer the 'Bonnie Prince'. His manners and morals were the despair of his younger brother Henry.
Charles Edward Stuart: Iain Cuthbertson
Henry Stuart: Jack May
Horace Mann: David March
Charlotte Stuart: Emily Richard
Cardinal Albani: Paul Sirr
Pius VI: Lockwood West
Clement XIII: Michael Bilton
Clement XIV: David Garth
Louise Maximillienne: Oona Beeson
Signor Alfieri: Peter Craze
Messenger/Servant/Papal attendant: Steve Hodson
Mandolin Player: Les Thatcher
Repeated 1st February 1988
[There was an earlier production by Betty Davies in 1975, repeated 1977]

31st January 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Beast with Five Fingers by W.F. Harvey. dramatised by John Keir Cross
Horror arrives in a small box left to a distinguished scientist in a will.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins.
Eustace: James Laurenson
Saunders: Kim Wall
Morton: Cyril Luckham
Repeated 3rd February 1988
Repeated on BBC7 in 2003, 2004, 2007

1st February 1988
20.15 :
The Father (1887) by August Strindberg (1849-1912), English version by Max Faber
Two consecutive winter evenings in the Captain's sitting-room.
Directed by John Tydeman
The Captain: Trevor Howard (1916-88)
Laura: Peggy Ashcroft
Bertha, the daughter: Elizabeth Proud
Nurse: Grizelda Hervey
Pastor: Rolf Lefebvre
Dr Oestermark: Denys Hawthorne
Nojd, a servant: Kerry Francis
Svard, a batman: Leslie Heritage
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 25/4/71, repeated 1/8/71 and 3/11/1991.
First broadcast on Radio 4 on 20/3/1972

2nd February 1988
12.25-13.00 :
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre (aka D J M Cornwell) adapted by Rene Basilico
4 of 6: The offer was attractive - and Leamas accepted. He flies out to Holland to meet the 'client'.
Please see 12th January 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Peters: Julian Glover
Kiever: Carl Duering
Fiedler: Davld de Keyser
Els: Helen Cooper
Driver: Peter Birch
Passport controller: Lex van Delden
Ep5:9/2/88 Ep6:16/2/88

2nd February 1988
15.00 :
Mad Rats and Englishmen by Paul Wolfson
Professor Hare is experimenting on sewer rats. In the operating theatre all but one of an entire medical team go simultaneously mad.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Dr Dawson: Nickolas Grace
Prof Hare: Lain Cuthbertson
Withers: Jonathan Tafler
Lord Crowe: Manning Wilson
Wood: John Webb
Dennis: Steven Harrold
Scrub nurse: Julie Berry
Circulating nurse: Zelah Clarke
Security man/German: Michael Deacon
Research registrars: Kim Wall.
Research registrars: Victoria Carung

3rd February 1988
15.00 :
Valentine Feels the Heat by John Owen and James Parkinson
In which the intrepid hero finds himself mysteriously pursued by a young man - with extraordinary results.
Directed by David Johnston.
Arthur Valentine: Timothy West
Akhara: Amerjit Deu
Charlotte Platt: Judy Franklin
Charlotte's daddy: Lockwood West
Rana: Joan Matheson
Sgt Powell: Peter Craze
Capt McFadden: Paul Gregory
Freddie Seagrove: Simon Cuff
Adela Seagrove: Polly James
George: Norman Bird
Col Warburton: Alan Dudley

4th February 1988
15.00 :
Over the Moon by Graeme Curry
Cup Final day. When you're young life on the pitch can be as tough as it is on the streets.
Directed by Caroline Raphael.
Bryon Butler: Bryon Butler
John: Sylvester Williams
Steve: Jonathan Tafler
Martin: Ben Thomas
Debbie: Charon Bourke
Danny: James Goode
Manager: Anthony Jackson
Neville: Stephen Johnson
Det Insp Ross: Alan Dudley
Jane Hargreaves: Zelah Clarke
Reporter: David Goodland
Police footballers: Ian Thompson.
Police footballers: Kim Wall
Repeated 2nd April 1989

6th February 1988
15.00 :
Goose with Pepper by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
Company Sergeant Major Gooseley returns to his former home in Sussex. His commanding officer, now retired, lives there. His return cannot be a coincidence.
Directed By: John Tydeman
Brig Sait-Lumley (Pepper): Trevor Howard (1916-88)
Gwen, his wife: Pauline Letts
Patricia, his daughter: Maria Attken
Sarah, his daughter: Elizabeth Proud
Jack Gooseley (Goose): Jack Watson
Sir George Beaumains: William Fox
Miller Floater-Rope: Noel Hood
Maj Payne: James Thomason
First broadcast 7th September 1970, repeated 17/9/72, 8/4/79

6th February 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Melford's Axe by Roderick Graham (1934-2015)
1749: Melford was asked to use his farrier's axe to cut off the head of the King of England. But it was a deed that had to be kept secret.
Directed By: Jane Morgan
Jack Melford: Struan Rodger
Mary: Sara Kestelman
Whittinghame: Peter Baldwin
Chard: Kim Wall
Col Hacker: John Samson
Charles I: Michael Deacon
Ben: John McAndrew
Luke: Stephen Tompkinson
Farmer: John Baddeley
Innkeeper: Peter Craze
Samuel Pickett: Michael Tudor Barnes
Robert: Anthony Jackson
Lord Bolton: Christopher Benjamin
Charles II: Steve Hodson
Undertaker: Steven Harrold
Repeated 8th February 1988

7th February 1988
Fear on 4: Every Detail but One by Bert Coules
A strange voice bursts into Jenny's life. A voice making demands that can set Jenny on a journey to terror - and beyond.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Jenny: Helena Breck
Lesley: Karen Archer
Hazel: Victoria Carling
Jonathan: Paul Gregory
Mother: Diana Olsson
Tim: John Samson
Policeman: Brian Hewlett
Ambulance man: Anthony Jackson
Repeated 10th February 1988
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

8th February 1988
19.45 :

A New World by Arthur Miller(1915-2005)
Montezuma, Emperor of the Aztecs, believes that the Spanish Conquistador, Hernando Cortez , could be a reincarnation of the Mexican God of Peace.
Music by Christos Pittas
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
The Aztecs Montezuma.: Ronald Pickup
Cuitlahua, his brother: John Samson
Tecuichpo, his daughter: Victoria Carling
Cagama: Brian Hewlett
Guatemotzin: Kim Wall
Parach, a Priest: Hugh Dickson
Tapaia: Tim Reynolds
Talua: Stephen Rashbrook
Boy: Stephen Tompkinson
Astronomer/Xicotenge: David Timson
Judge/Quauhopoca: Norman Jones
The Invaders Cortez: John Shrapnel
Marina, his Indian woman: Hannah Gordon
Alvarado: John Hollis
Olid: Michael Deacon
Fr Olmedo: Norman Bird
Ordaz: John Bott
Montejo: Paulgregory
Leon: Paul Sirr
Arbenga: Steven Harrold
Repeated from Radio 3, 6/11/87

9th February 1988
12.25-13.00 :
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre (aka D J M Cornwell) adapted by Rene Basilico
5 of 6: Leamas is an old hand at the game. He knows that, in the world of espionage, nothing is ever what it seems.
Please see 12th January 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Fiedler: David de Keyser
Mundt: Wolf Kahler
Control: Allan McClelland
Man from Berlin/Warder: Lutz Liebelt
Secretary: Suzanne Roquette
First guard: Peter Birch
Second guard: Graham Blockey
Third guard: Terry Gurry

9th February 1988
15.00-15.32 :
In the Best Place by Sue Rilstone
It's such a pity that Mary's lodger will have to leave when her bossy sister comes out of hospital....
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Edie Kettle: Meg Johnson
Mary Kettle: Eileen Derbyshire
Bernard West: Geoffrey Banks

10th February 1988
15.00 :
Just to Be with Dinah Lee by Harry Barton, based on the recollections of John Willie Barker
1 of 3: Dinah and the Dud Kipper: VJ Day in the Pacific: Trouble with a seized-up torpedo could have cost them their lives, and those of their shipmates.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Tim: Peter Rumney
Guy: Shaun Prendergast
Doug: John Keegan
Sam: Tony Caunter
Soldier /McCleod / Petty Officer: Paul Gregory
Oriel's Captain: Michael Deacon
Torps Officer: Simon Cuff
Bosun's Mate/ Elgin/ Movements Officer: Stephen Rashbrook
First Lt/ Dusty/ Stationmaster: Richard Tate
Commander: Michael Tudor Barnes
Engineer Officer: David Goodland
Sister: Karen Archer
Nurse/ Wren Burroughs: Victoria Carling
Dinah: Emily Richard
Dinah's father/Battleship Captain.: Alan Dudley
Additional cast in parts 2 and 3:
Liz: Sandra Clark(2)
Wren: Karen Archer(2)
Nurse: Caroline Gruber(2)
Base Captain: William Simons(2)
Merv: Nigel Anthony(3)
Pianist: Mary Nash(3)
Part2: 17/2/88; Part3:24/2/88

11th February 1988
15.00 :
The Dirt under the Carpet by Rona Munro The early morning routine of two Aberdeen office cleaners is disrupted by a bizarre event.
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland.
Lorraine: Fiona Knowles
Muriel: Alison Peebles
Sgt Donald: John Buick
Repeated 15th June 1989
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003

13th February 1988
15.00 :
I Could Have Been King by Brian Glanville
C.B. Fry was Captain of the England cricket team. He was offered the throne of Albania.
Directed by Graham Gauld
C B Fry: Martin Jarvis
Rosenbaum: Sean Barrett
Beatie: Diana Olsson
Ranjitsinghi: Terry Raven
Stephen Fry: Anthony Daniels
Sir Charles Hoare: Laurence Payne
F E Smith: Gordon Dulieu
P O Sharkey: Paul Sirr
Chief officer: William Simons
Boys: Richard Pearce
Repeated from 21st December 1987
[C B Fry lived 1872-1956]

13th February 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Boys From Hibernia by Mark Power
Spackman's experiment began as a very modest computer fraud. The boys from Hibernia discovered an aptitude for free-market economics.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Spackman: Chris Jury
Brendan: Robert Glenister
Holly: Carole Nimmons
Liam: Lorcan Cranitch
Kate: Lesley Sharp
Marlowe: Andrew Hilton
Marco: Michael Deacon
Repeated 15th February 1988
[Hibernia was the Latin name for Ireland]
[The stage play won the 1986 Pearson Award for Best New Play]

14th February 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: By the River, Fontainebleau by Stephen Gallagher.
A young painter's obsession with a potential model leads him into a world of degradation and self-disgust.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Antoine: Kim Wall
Marcel: Stephen Rashbrook
Farmer: Anthony Jackson
Farmer's eldest son: Mark Straker
Farmer's eldest son: Stephen Tompkinson
Farmer's eldest son: Richard Pearce
Antoine's father/Dealer: Michael Tudor Barnes
Antoine's mother: Diana Olsson
Lise: Victoria Carling
Repeated 17th February 1988
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2005, 2007
[Story first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1986]

15th February 1988
20.15 :
The Good Shepherd by Chris Hawes
The late 19th century: Maysie is no innocent, and Elizabeth's concern becomes the means of her own destruction.
Music-hall song composed by Andy Whitfield (keyboards)
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Elizabeth Paterson: Frances Jeater
Maysie: Moir Leslie
The Rev Mr Paterson: Anthony Newlands
Whitney: Keith Ladd
Voice: Christopher Kent
Mrs Etheridge: Joan Campion
Dolly: Diane Whitley
Effie: Leslie Nicol
Editor/Music-hall singer: Claude Close
Street singer: Andy Whitfield
Repeated 20th February 1988

16th February 1988
12.25-13.00 :
The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John Le Carre (aka D J M Cornwell) adapted by Rene Basilico
6 of 6: The Tribunal - Leamas, the key witness, is in sight of his goal. Then he can finally come in from the cold.
Please see 12th January 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Fielder: David de Keyser
Karden: Alfred Burke
Liz Gold: Janet Maw
Mundt: Wolf Kahler
President of the Tribunal: Hannah Norbert
Fischer: Norman Caro
Erich: Guy Groen
First guard: Peter Birch
Second guard: Stuart Organ

16th February 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Arthur's Plants by Barbara Lacey
Arthur loves plants so much that he has married a Lily and christened his daughter Rose.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Arthur: Peter Copley
Lily: June Barrie
Rose: Deborah Makepeace
Enid: Sheila Grant

18th February 1988
15.00-16.00 :
In Love with Lost Causes by Stephen Kew
Annie refuses to go into an old people's home. When young Kenny arrives as a lodger, things brighten up, but his presence has the social workers worried.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Annie: Paula Tilbrook
Kenny: Sean McKee
Social Services's supervisor: Paul Webster
Sue Hollins: Julie Higginson
Mrs Prentice: Rosalie Williams
Annie's neighbour: Lesley Nicol

20th February 1998
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Revolution on St Barbara (1983) by Terence Kelly dramatised by Barry Campbell and Terence Kelly.
St Barbara is a Caribbean island, out-of-luck where hard cash is concerned. Until Joseph Mordecai comes up with his money-making idea.
Directed by David Johnston
Joseph Mordecai: Rudolph Walker
Elaine Mordecai: Valerie Murray
Ernest Masterman: Laurence Payne
Carole Mordecai: Jay Byrd
Henry Cicurel: Trevor Laird
Sybil Masterman: Margaret Ward
Sir Peter Jeffrey-Smith: Manning Wilson
Sydney: Frank Singuineau
Repeated on 22nd February 1988

21st February 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: The Face by E. F. Benson (1867-1940), dramatised By: Michael Bakewell
In a lonely hotel a woman, terrified and praying for release from a mounting fear, is told all will be well - but it isn't..
Directed by Gerry Jones
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Hester: Rosalind Ayres
Celia: Rosalind Thomas
Richard: David Goodland
Dr Baring: Norman Bird
Maid: Victoria Carling
Repeated 24th February 1988
Also broadcast on BBC7 2006 and 2009

22nd February 1988
20.15 :
Excess Baggage by Ken Blakeson
Cyn, Dawn and Myra tolerate loneliness, boredom and poverty to help their husbands 'get on'.
Military adviser David Hounslow
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Cyn: Samantha Bond
Myra: Barbara Marten
Dawn: And Sharon Muircroft
Corporal Whittaker: Christopher Quinn
QM Sergeant: Colin Meredith
Denny Dennison: Stephen Tompkinson
Colonel Ellesworth: Michael Tudor Barnes
Bill Burridge: Christian Rodska
Marjorie Ellesworth: Diana Olsson
Watson: Kim Wall
Johnson: Paul Codman
Captain Cranham: Paul Sirr
Rebecca: Victoria Carling
Colour Sergeant Brown: Chris Larner
Eddie: Richard Henders
Wendy: Rachel Griffiths
Corporal: Simon Morley
Repeat listed 27th February 1988 did not take place due to a Bad Language complaint..
Repeated 7/1/89 and 26/6/89
[(A 1989 Giles Cooper and 1989 Sony Award winner)]

23rd February 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Getting It Together by Owen Holder
A writer and an academic form an unlikely liaison when they both get writer's block.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Bill: Anthony Jackson
Sybil: Polly James
Kay: Caroline Gruber
Martin: Tim Reynolds
Mac: Sheila Grant
with the BBC Radio Drama Company

25th February 1988
15.00 :
A Chip on Her Shoulder by Josephine Hacon
The eternal triangle: a husband, a wife, and a personal computer.
Director: Stuart Owen
Ellen Brand: Karen Archer
Bernard Brand: Michael Tudor Barnes
Jane: Julie Berry
Peter: Steve Hodson
Freddie: John Samson
Albert/Helmer: Paul Gregory
Busker/Nora: Zelah Clarke
Other parts played by: Kim Wall and Caroline Gruber

27th February 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Mysterious Turk by Christopher Denys
Mr Supremo wants to brighten up his show for its fairground revival and advertises for a striptease artist who has to be an excellent chess player.
He doesn't expect the only response to be from 16-year-old Doreen, who has no idea what to expect, which is probably just as well.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Mr Supremo: Neville Barber
Mrs Supremo: Judith Barker
Doreen: Julia Ford
Sophie: Julie Ann Taylor
Johnson: Simon Carter
Baz: Francis Johnson
Turk: John Jardine
Rebroadcast 29th February 1988

28th February 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: Mind Well the Tree by William Ingram (1930-2013).
Aunt Hestor's bequest of an old border mansion worries David Hollis , but his wife is captivated by the spirit of their new home.
Directed By: Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Helen Hollis: Nicola Pagett
David: Philip Bond
Gwen: Myfanwy Talog
Shwn/Wainscott: Dillwyn Owen
Repeated on 2nd March 1988
Also broadcast in BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

29th February 1988
20.15 :
The American Granddaughter by Alan Berrie
The history that the American granddaughter experiences on her first trip to Dublin is neither what she expected nor anything less than horrible....
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Libby Molloy: Andrea Browne
Elizabeth Gregg: Doreen Hepburn
Lucy Gregg: Maggie Shevun
May Byrne: Anna Manahan
Repeated 5th March 1988

1st March 1988
15.00 :
Old Friends by Rob Gittins
Mr George and Mr Bradley had sat in seats 16 and 17E South Stand at Shagston FC for 34 years. But on one particular evening Mr Bradley's wife Alice had something special in store for him ...
Director: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Narrator: Adrian Cairns
Mr Bradley: Brian Glover
Mr George: Howard Goorney
Alice: Margaret Ward
Archie: Steve Hodson

2nd March 1988
15.00 :
An Act for Every Occasion by Chris Thompson
Dave Nelson's Allstar Agency was obviously in trouble. But Dave believed in the legends of show business....
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester Stereo
Dave: Struan Rodger
Tommy: Roy Barraclough
Arthur: Laurence Kenny
Billy: Colin Edwynn
Cath: Daryl Fishwick
Mary: Ann Aris

3rd March 1988
15.00 :
Borderland by Mia Nadasi
Maria came to England at the time of the Hungarian Revolution but even her children think she's a foreigner and she's suddenly made to feel the tugs of home and of her youth.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Maria: Mia Nadasi
Janos: Wolf Kahler
Charles: Stephen Thorne
Janice: Julie Berry
Nicholas: Paul Russell
Susie: Emma Harbour
Sarah: Susie Brann

5th March 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Dead Treasure by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001)
Robert and Gwen are hardworking, churchgoing dealers in antiques; and it is their firm intention that their daughter, Susan, will follow in their footsteps. Susan, however, has her own ideas.
Directed by Graham Gauld.
Susan Robert: Anna Conrich
Robert: Alexander John
Gwen: Avril Clark
Mona: Molly Weir
Dan: John Gray
Jackie: Andrea Kealey
Dr Benson: Steven Harrold
Mrs Benson: Karen Archer
) Natasha: Audrey Leybourne
Miss French: Julie Berry
Mr Cope: Paul Gregory
Preacher: John Baddeley
Repeated 7th March 1988

6th March 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: Fat Andy by Stephen Dunstone
Many years ago, Fat Andy was involved in a certain crime, a crime that now comes back to haunt him.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Mother: Thora Hird
Andrew: Sean Barrett
Joanne: Daryl Back
Andy: Susan Sheridan
Vicar: Norman Bird
Repeated on 9th March 1988
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007

7th March 1988
20.15 :
The Messiah of William Hamlet by GEOFFREY PARKINSON
Rufus Love lives with his mother. He falls victim of a cruel practical joke - a joke that misfires.
Directed by Cherry Cookson .
Rufus Love: William Nighy
His mother: Mary Wimbush
Tom: Anthony Jackson
Peter: Steve Hodson
Vicar: John Bott
Dr Halkett/Governor: Peter Baldwin
Miss Sorter: Eva Stuart
Mrs Jervis: Joan Matheson
Mr Wickham/Jim: John Webb
Magistrate/Bishop: Garard Green
Mr Rivers: Norman Bird
Probation Officer/Chief: Christopher Scott
Doctor/Prison officer: Gordon Reid
Mrs Rivers/Matron: Barbara Hicks
Publican/Prisoner: Michael Tudor Barnes
Verger/Prison officer: Alan Dudley
Mrs Dunston/Mrs Harris: Brenda Kaye
Clerk/Customer: John Baddeley
Mrs Donaldson/Mrs O'Flannigan.: Hilda Kriseman
Little girl/Nurse: Zelah Clarke
Ward Sister: Carollne Gruber
Repeated 12th March 1988

8th March 1988
Sitters by Mike Roden.
When asking to join a baby-sitting circle, Barbara does not expect to have to consider the curious involvement of the organiser's husband.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Celia: Claire Faulconbridge
Barbara: Jackie Smith-Wood

9th March 1988
15.00 :
Justice Feral by Albert Welling.
Uproar at the Old Bailey when the Rodent Community take over to stage the trial they've all been waiting for....
Director: Stuart Kerr
Justice Feral: David Kelsey
William: Alistair White
Sarah: Zelah Clarke
Carver: Steve Hodson
Bairstow: David Goodland
Harris: Michael Deacon
Court Clerk: William Simons
Farmer's wife: Tessa Worsley
Mouse One: Stephen Tompkinson
Mouse Two: Victoria Carling
Hardwicke: Norman Bird
Repeated 11th September 1988
Also broadcast on ABC National (Australia) on 9th September 1994.

10th March 1988
15.00 :
The Leisure Pioneers by Thomas Mclaughlin.
Alexis, Laurel and the Leisure Pioneers are out of work.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Ronnie: Freddie Boardley
Alexis: Dan Gordon
Laurel: Julia Dearden
Radar: Peter Quigley
Sulu: Peter Richey
John: Aidan McCann
Walter: Gerard McSorley
Victor: Eoin Ocallaghan
Jim: Robert Patterson
Mags: Aine McCartney
Mr M'Longo: Owen Conroy
Dalglish: Susie

11th March 1988
The Image of God: by David Buck
1 of 5: Creation
Musical composition by: John Bull and Danny Schiller
Choral composition by: David Timson
Musicians for the series: Nigel Anthony, Andrew Branch, John Bull, Danny Schiller
Choir Trevor Cooper, John Church, Leonard Fenton, Gordon Reid, Elizabeth Rider, Danny Schiller, David Timson
Director: Martin Jenkins
God: Denis Quilley
Lucifer: Peter Jeffrey
Eve: Hannah Gordon
Cain: Julian Glover
Noah: Richard Briers
The Prologue: Timothy West
Adam: Andrew Branch
Pikeharness: Nigel Anthony
Abel: David Timson
Mrs Noah: Dilys Laye
Shem: Adrian Egan
Shem's Wife: Madeline Smith
Ham: Gordon Reid
Ham's wife: Jenny Twigge
Japhet: Trevor Cooper
Japhet's wife: Rowena Roberts
Good Angels : Danny Schiller and Martin Friend
Bad Angels: Leonard Fenton, John Bull, Roger Hammond, and Denys Hawthorne
Gossips: Sue Jones Davies, Elizabeth Rider and Eva Stuart
Additional actors in later episodes- please see relevant episode date below.
Part 2:18/3/88, Part 3:25/3/1988, Part 4:1/4/88 Part 5:3/4/88
Previously broadcast on Radio 3 in three 100 minute episodes: Part 1 on 20/3/80 and 21/12/1980; Part 2 on 27/3/80 and 28/12/80, Part 3 on 3/4/1980 and 30/12/80

12th March 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Girl Who Knew Too Little by Patrick Chaplin
In 1978, a successful young pop singer goes on a tour of the United States against the wishes of her family.
She is determined to find out what is behind her sense of deja vu.
Original songs composed and performed by Mia Soteriou
Bass: Brad Clayton; Guitar: Colin Ryan Drums: Ray Burnside
Directed by Cherry Cookson .
June: Mia Soteriou
Rob: Rod Beacham
Jay Stone: Brian Greene
Doreen: Irene Sutcliffe
Mitch: Peter Whitman
Stan: John Baddeley
Art/James Brien: Michael Deacon
May/Miss Craine: Margaret Robertson
Willy: Tommy Duggan
Eric/Lew Wiseman: John Samson
Assistant: Stephen Tompkinson
Secretary: Karen Archer
Girl: Victoria Carling
Repeated 14th March 1988

13th March 1988
19.30 :
Fear on 4: A Day at the Dentist's (1987) by James Saunders (1925-2004) based on an idea by Arch Oboler
A man gradually relaxes in a dentist's chair, unaware that the dentist is bent on a dreadful revenge.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Mr Charles: John Castle
Houseman: Mick Ford
Mrs Phelps: Joan Matheson
Betty: Karen Archer
Repeated 16th March 1988 and 8th November 1992.
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007
Also broadcast in German on WDR in 1989.

14th March 1988
20.15 :
Sanctions by David Caute
Ben Brandt is a political prisoner in South Africa. His exiled white liberal family have been trying to get him released for 23 years.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Amy Brandt: Barbara Jefford
John Brandt: Bill Nighy
Lisa Brandt: Elaine Claxton
Piet Coetzee: Alfred Hoffman
Hennie van der Merwe: Adrian Egan
Sam Nkosi: Christopher Asante
Sally Abercrombie: Shirley Dixon
Percy Abercrombie: Laurence Payne
Foreign Office official: Michael Tudor Barnes
Bryn Owens: Simon Cuff
Betsy Owens: Zelah Clarke
Sikh: Renu Setna
Dave Murdoch: William Simons
Hippy: Steven Harrold
Repeated 19th March 1988

16th March 1988
Outbreak of Fear:
1 of 5: The Body on the Beach by R.D. Wingfield (1928-2007).
Until Beaumont came to Polford he had never seen a dead body.
Director: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Sergeant Fowler: Leslie Sands
Constable Roy Beaumont: Nick Orchard
Fred Dickey: Fred Bryant
Dave Clark: Cornelius Garrett
Doctor: Paul Nicholson
Kim: Deborah Paige
Mitchell: Conrad Phillips
Rose: Gillie Gratham
Albert: Douglas Leach
Mrs Trevor: Patricia Gibson
Pt2:23/3/88 Pt3:30/3/88 Pt4:6/4/88 Pt5:13/4/88
Actors in later parts:
Pete Carter: Derek Graham(2)
Chadwick: Nicholas Courtney(2)
Joe Hardy: John Gabriel(2)
Radio DJ: Jim Reid(2)
Miss Reed: Ann Morrish(2)
Vicar: Ronald Russell(2)
Eric Farrow: Malcolm Young(3)
Mrs Farrow: Rosemary Sigel(3)
Operator: Brian Gear(4)
Jackson: Roger Leach(5)
Serial first broadcast commencing 29th August 1982 with repeats three days later.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009
[No connection with the murder mystery also on BBC7, by Simon Brett read in five parts by Joanna Tope]

16th March 1988
15.00 :
Simple as ABC by Eugene Labiche (1815-1888) and Alphonse Jolly (1810-1893), translated and adapted by Kenneth MacLellan
Monsieur Caboussat has been nominated as a corresponding member of the academy and he cannot even spell
Directed by Peter Kavanagh.
Caboussat: Richard Vernon
Blanche: Victoria Carling
Jeanne: Joan Matheson
Machut: Kenneth McClellan
Professor Poitrinas: William Simons
[Original title "La Grammaire" (1867) - also known as "The Spelling Mistakes"]

17th March 1988
15.00 :
My Name, Shall I Tell You My Name? by Christina Reid.
In present day Ulster, Andrea and her grandfather have been forced apart by their politics. Now each tenderly looks back on their relationship.
Director: Kathryn Porter
BBC Northern Ireland
Andrea: Paula Hamilton
Andy: Loots Rolston
Andrea as a child: Siubhan Reid
Andrea as a toddler: Trea Duffy

18th March 1988
The Image of God: by David Buck
2 of 5: Sacrifice
Please see 11th March 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Jesus: John Rowe
Mary: Sue Jones-Davies
Abraham: Stephen Murray
Isaac: Elizabeth Lindsay
Sarah: Eva Stuart
Angel: John Church
Gabriel: John Rye
Elizabeth: Eve Karpf
Joseph: Denys Hawthorne
Shepherds: Cyril Luckham,Gordon Reid, Andrew Branch
Mak: Tim Wylton
Gill: Norma Ronald
Part 3:25/3/1988, Part 4:1/4/88 Part 5:3/4/88

19th March 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: All the Birds of the Air by Jo Sheffield
In the hot summer of 1931 in London, a pungent smell emanating from the left-luggage office of a major London terminus is the first indication that a murder has been committed.
Directed by: Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Det Chief Insp John Peters: Andrew Burt
Det Sgt George Frost: Eric Allan
Mrs Briggs/Mrs Appleton: June Barrie
Hinchley/Rivers/Quigley: Ray Handy
Dr Summers/Hill: Jeremy Longhurst
Manageress/Rose: Angela Phillips
Amy/Polly/Sheila: Linda Jestico
Cora/Mavis: Elva Makins
Robin: John Telfer
Lily: Julia Winwood
Joan: Lin Sagovsky
Beckles/Manager/The Rev Ellis: Andrew Hilton
Repeated 21st March 1988
[Unrelated to a play of the same name by Kate Clanchy broadcasdt in 2003]

20th March 1988
Fear on 4: The Speciality of the House (1948) by Stanley Ellin (1916-1986).
When Costain is introduced to Sbirro's restaurant, he quickly becomes addicted to the very special food on offer. The yearning for it. however, can bring about a terrible fate.
Directed by Gerry Jones
Introduced By: Edward de Souza
Laffler: Timothy West
Costain: Paul Gregory
Sbirro: David March
Markus: Tim Reynolds
Repeated 23rd March 1988 and on 15th November 1992
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007
New 15 minute version for the BBC in 2018.
[This play was used in the 1955 "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" tv series, and again in 1987]
[This was Ellin's first sale, printed in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine]

21st March 1988
20.15 :
Loving Mother by Mike Harris
Helen's mother has just turned 80 and she's talking to her late husband...
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Edith: Paula Tilbrook
Helen: Jane Lowe
Carol: Julie Ann Taylor
Ted: Keith Clifford
Erie: Stefan Escreet
Mrs Malik: Jamila Massey
Dr Ahmed: Dennis Conlon
Vicar: James Quinn
Repeated 26th March 1988

22nd March 1988
It Couldn't Be That Simple by Roger D. Powell
Does it really matter to the family business if Boyd is having an affair? .
Directed by Ned Chaillet
Boyd: Peter Craze
Paula: Karen Archer
Tara: Victoria Carling
Don: Norman Bird
Also with Zelah Clarke, John Baddeley, Stephen Rashbrook and Richard Tate

23rd March 1988
15.00 :
No Earth to Call His Own by Sue Ashby
Robert and Nellie desperately need each other to survive in the present, but can society forgive the past?
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Robert: Pearce Quigley
Nellie: Joan Campion
Mrs Winters: Barbara Marten
Lorry driver: Malcolm Hebden

24th March 1988
15.00 :
The Apples of Paradise by Stan Barstow (1928-2011)
Gerald's return to the town where he lived as a boy sparks off memories of the only woman he ever truly loved.
Directed by Alfred Bradley
BBC Manchester.
Gerald Hare: Russell Dixon
Laura Sherwood: Stephanie Turner
Cynthia: Joanne Zorian
Tom Fell: Derrick Gilbert
Emily Fell: Julia Sharon
Evangelist/Specialist: Geoffrey Banks
Ripley/Bodger: Harry Beety
Taxi driver/Minister: Martin Wenner
Repeated 20th August 1989
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in 1989
[based on a story by Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)]

25th March 1988
The Image of God: by David Buck
3 of 5: The image of man.
Please see 11th March 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Jesus: John Rowe
Herod: David Buck
Death: Robert Eddison
Judas: John Shrapnel
Mary Magdalen: Annette Crosbie
Mary: Sue Jones-Davies
Joseph: Denys Hawthorne
Gabriel: John Rye
Simon Peter: Anthony Jackson
Scribe: Martin Friend
Martha: Eva Stuart
Lazarus/King: Danny Schiller
Apostles, Citizens, Kings, Mothers, Soldiers: Patrick Barr, Andrew Branch, John Bull, John Church, Trevor Cooper, Ann Davies, Brian Haines, Roger Hammond, Eve Karpf, Gordon Reid, Elizabeth Rider
Part 4:1/4/88 Part 5:3/4/88

26th March 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Kid Lightning by Mike Walker.
July 1969: The end of Kid Lightning's stint as a fairground boxer
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Kid: John Hollis
Bennie: Okon Jones
Sandy: Julie Berry
Tracey: Sue Broomfield
Vic: Norman Bird
Greek Tony: Steve Hodson
Canning: Anthony Jackson
Costello: Michael Tudor Barnes
Also with Stephen Rashbrook, John Samson and Stephen Tompkinson

28th March 1988
20.15 :
The Cassandra Generation by Frederick Harrison
A journalist is assigned to the Falklands Task Force at a time of both personal and professional crisis in his life.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Martin Anderson: Christian Rodska
Officer in Charge: Stephen Rashbrook
Peter Southgood: Kim Wall
Randa: Caroline Gruber
Jonathon: William Simons
Captain: William Simons
Sarah: Karen Archer
Aisha: Penelope Lee
Jerry: Michael Tudor Barnes
First Frenchman: Michael Tudor Barnes
MoD minder: John Samson
Mick: Stephen Tompkinson
Bassam Abu Sharif: Alix Refaie
Hossam: Josephassaf
Repeated 14th January 1989

29th March 1988
Second Chance by Allen Saddler
Now in middle age, Jan and Jerry are the source of constant mortification to their daughter Ruth, who wants to introduce some 1980s straightness into the family in the person of young Giles....
Music played by Sam Richards
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Jan: June Whitfield
Jerry: Derek Newark
Ruth: Elizabeth Lindsay
Ruby: Christine Pollon
Giles: Richard Pearce
Barney: Alexander Davion

30th March 1988
15.00 :
Wheel of Fortune by Jane Coles
Growing up wasn't easy in a land of sweltering heat and lethal creepy-crawlies.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Jim: With Maurice Roeves
Cora: Bridget Turner
Madeline (adult): Joanna McCallum
Madeline (child): Sophie Cook
Wheel of Fortune man: Brian Hewlett
Receptionist: Julie Berry
Monica: Elaine Claxton
Cabbie: Ian Thompson
Repeated from 20th May 1987

31st March 1988
15.00 :
A Long Wave Goodbye by Lalage Hitchcock
Tom tries to reach Laura through the radio, by writing a play. He finds that even more drastic measures are needed.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Tom: Michael Graham Cox
Laura: Zelah Clarke
Dan: With Richard Tate
Linda / Liz: Caroline Gruber
C S Dearing: Diana Olsson
Mrs Antrobus: Margot Boyd
Also with with Gordon Clough, Derek Cooper, Margaret Howard, Jenni Murray,
Valerie Singleton, Paul Vaughan, John Baddeley
Repeated 11th June 1989

1st April 1988
The Image of God by David Buck
4 of 5: Passion
Please see 11th March 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Jesus: John Rowe
Judas: John Shrapnel
Simon Peter: Anthony Jackson
Caiaphas: Michael Deacon
Pilate: Nigel Stock
Procula: Anna Massey
Thomas/Merchant: Gordon Reid
Philip: Andrew Branch
John: David Timson
Malcus: Michael Spice
Annas: Leonard Fenton
First elder: Cyril Luckham
Angel: Denys Hawthorne
Damsel: Elizabeth Rider
Herod Antiphas: Roger Hammond
Sergeant: John Hollis
Soldiers at the cross: Eric Allan, Nigel Anthony, John Church
Apostles, citizens, elders, guards, merchants: Patrlck Barr, John Bott, David Buck, John Bull, Trevor Cooper, Ann Davies, Adrian Egan, Martin Friend, Brian Haines, Norma Ronald, Danny Schiller, Tim Wylton
Part 5:3/4/88

2nd April 1988
The Positive Approach by Louise Spencer
Wendy decides to try a computer-dating agency.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Sally Sally: Wendy Morgan
Shirley: Avril Clark
Angela: Jennifer Piercey
Gail: Jill Lidstone
Colin: David Learner
Mike: Michael Maloney
Trevor: Trevor Nichols
Alistair: Stuart Organ
First broadcast on 18/11/86 and repeated 19/11/86

2nd April 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Likely Story by Owen Holder(1921-2016)
If you all sit quietly, I'll tell you a story about a beautiful maiden and her magical adventures.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Storyteller: Joyce Carey (1898-1993)i
Ursula/Cynthia: Polly James
Teddy/Defending counsel: Stephen Rashbrook
Father/Coroner: Alan Dudley
Jules: John Samson
Merle/ Landlady: Margaret Robertson
Prince Rodrigo/Croupier: Stephen Tompkinson
Podders: Jonathan Cecil
Gaston Poche/Crunch: Kim Wall
Henry: Roger Hammond
Insp Straker: Brian Hewlett
Judge: Tim Reynolds
Gen Ramos: Paul Sirr

3rd April 1988
The Image of God by David Buck
5 of 5: Redemption
Please see 11th March 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Jesus: John Rowe
Mary Magdalen: Annette Crosbie
Soldiers at the Cross: Nigel Anthony, Eric Allan, John Church
the Sergeant: John Hollis
Mary: Sue Jones-Davies
John: David Timson
Mary Cleophas/Old Eve: Margot Boyd
Simon of Cyrene/Michael: Denys Hawthorne
Longeus/Old Adam: Martin Friend
Malcus: Michael Spice
Joseph of Arimathaea: Leonard Fenton
Child/Woman: Elizabeth Rider
Cleophas: John Bott
Angels, apostles, demons, guards, lost souls, thieves and women: Andrew Branch, John Bull, David Buck, Trevor Cooper, Anthony Jackson, Eve Karpf, Gordon Reid, John Rye, Danny Schiller, Eva Stuart

4th April 1988
15.00 :
A Song at Twilight by Noel Coward
A visit from Hugo's ex-mistress threatens to destroy his marriage.
Director: David Johnston
Hugo Latymer: Michael Denison
Hilde Latymer: Jill Bennett
Carlotta: Dulcie Gray
Felix: Sean Barrett
Repeated 25th March 1989

4th April 1988
20.15 :
Dear Brutus by J.M. Barrie, adapted by Caroline Raphael
In a magic wood, on Midsummer's Eve, a second chance is offered to those who believe they have taken the wrong turning in life; some will take the same path, some will have a precious glimpse of what can now never be.
Original Music: Richard Attree
Director: Stuart Owen
Barrie: Alec McCowen
Lob: Michael Bilton
Dearth: Tom Wilkinson
Alice Dearth: Joanna McCallum
Margaret: Sophie Thompson
Purdie: Paul Shelley
Mabel Purdie: Susie Brann
Joanna Trout: Julia Swift
Coade: Manning Wilson
Mrs Coade: Gwen Cherrell
Lady Caroline Laney: Moir Leslie
Matey: Timothy Bateson
Repeated from 2nd January 1987
[Several other radio productions from 1937 onwards]

5th April 1988
15.00 :
Sunday Morning Ghosts by Harry Barton
Jim is unsettled by Hazel, and wonders if he has met her somewhere before....
Directed by Kathryn Porter
BBC Northern Ireland.
Hazel: Barbara Adair
Jim: Gordon Fulton
Young Hazel: Louise Beattie
Young Jim: Allen McKelvey

6th April 1988
15.00-15.47 :
The Anniversary Waltz by Michael Judge
When the Irish Referendum votes against divorce, Maeve prepares to take action against Marcus.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Marcus: T.P McKenna
Danny: Dermot Crowley
Maeve: Stella McCusker
Imelda: Ena May
TV announcer: Roisin Donaghy
Fr Benedictus/ Radio announcer: Kevin Flood
Brother Deasy: Eamon Kelly
Repeated from 15th July 1987

7th April 1988
15.00 :
Dead Letter Days by Andy Baker
For Don and David, clearing a warehouse full of dead letters is not as simple as it seems. There are voices in those mailbags.
Directed by Annette Ogden.
Don: Geoffrey Matthews
David: Stephen Tompkinson
Beth: Pauline Letts
Burge: Jonathan Tafler

8th April 1988
15.00 :
Sunlight on the Garden by N. J. Warburton
When 14-year-old Fleur is researching the Second World War for school history, she decides to ask her neighbour for his personal memories.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Mr Hammond: Patrick Troughton (1920-1987)
Louise: Jan Carey
Fleur: Emma Harbour
Repeated from 9th April 1987
[The last performance by Patrick Troughton]

9th April 1988
15.00 :
The Tower of Constance by Ellen Dryden
Women imprisoned in a tower in the Carmargue in the 18th century for their religious beliefs.
Directed by Ned Chaillet
Marie Durand: Pauline Letts
Anne Boussett: Meg Davies
Catherine: Victoria Carling
Guide/Marie Claire: Elaine Claxton
Marian: Maggie McCarthy
Harriet: Victoria Carling
Pierre: Stephen Tompkinson
Laurence: Antony Howes
Jacques/Soldier: Stephen Rashbrook
Marie Beraud: Edna Dore
De Combelles: Michael Deacon
Saint-Priest: John Samson
Jeanne Auquier: Helena McCarthy
Paul: Jonathan Cullen
Therese: Deborah Makepeace
Robert Bousset: Simon Cuff
Suzanne Bousset: Karen Archer
Matthieu: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated from 5th and 10th October 1987

9th April 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre The Slip by P. Carroll and B. Wasserman
An unemployed sociologist, a Saturday afternoon, the pub - and a little bet on the way home.
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Ian: Bill Nighy
Rachel: Jennie Stoller
D C Crandall: Jack Klaff
Dermot: Gary Whelan
Cecil: Chris Tummings
Dougie: Michael Deeks
Val: Zelah Clarke
Chloe: Polly James
Bar manager/Benyon: Kim Wall
Desk Sergeant/ Pulping Manager: Simon Cuff
Bert the boardmarker: Norman Bird
Alan the barman: Anthony Jackson
Repeated 11th April 1988 and 19th November 1990

11th April 1988
20.15 :
Worshipping the Ground by Stephen Bill
John, a farm manager of 40, meets Belinda, a city girl half his age. Their affair causes disruption within the farming community.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
John Miller: Ian Hogg
Belinda: Jayne Dowell
Gwen: Sheila Kelley
Luther: David Vann
Mr Bowden/Pat/Newsagent: Edwin Richfield
Jameson/Butcher: Martin Matthews
Commander: Roger Hume
May/Telephone operator: Sunny Ormande
Irene: Susan Mansell
Shopper: Cynthia Cherry
Paul: Peter Meakin
Repeated 23rd April 1988
[Sheila Kelly is married to the author Stephen Bill]

15.00-15.32 :
The Ring of Truth by Andrew Goreing
Barney Bloodaxe - the man who bit off Eric Rasputin 's ear - was a titan of the wrestling ring. Harold plans for a bout to end all bouts ...
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Harold: Derek Newark
Barney: Berwick Kaler
Referee: David Goodland
[The only credit to Andrew Goreing on BBC Genome]

13th April 1988
15.00 :
Small Change by Andrew Lind
Middle-aged man with sense of humour and 40-foot ketch seeks lively lady companion to share world cruise. Alec's forced to consider a schoolmarm who's not even sure what a ketch might be.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Margaret: Polly James
Alec: David Sinclair
George: John Baddeley
Carol: Anne Carroll
Linda: Rosemary Frankau
Mr Shack: William Simons
Headmistress: Joan Matheson
Eileen: Caroline Gruber

14th April 1988
15.00 :
Arnold Smith Is Innocent by Peter Gibbs
Arnold loses his job, his wife and his home - all on the same day. Carelessness?
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Arnold: Steve Hodson
Brenda: Polly James
Tom Doggart: John Baddeley
Stella: Caroline Gruber
Bailiff: William Simons
Bank manager: Laurence Payne
Annie: Joan Matheson
Vivian: Emily Richard
Carl: Kim Wall
Frank Cobb: Norman Bird

15th April 1988
15.00 :
Adam Bede by George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans, 1819-1880] dramatised by Alan England
1 of 6: The Return of the Captain. June 1799: Hetty Sorrell has eyes for Arthur Donnithorne although Seth is in love with her. Her cousin, Dinah, is a newly arrived Methodist preacher.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill.
Adam Bede: Terry Molloy
Lisbeth Bede/ Miss Irwine: Carole Boyd
Arthur Donnithorne: Tim Brierley
Hetty Sorrel: Sally Eldridge
George Eliot: Gillian Goodman
Seth Bede: Paul Gregory
Dinah Morris: Ellie Haddington
Rev Irwine: Paul Webster
Mrs Irwine: Veda Warwick
Mrs Poyser/Bessy Cranage: Karen Archer
Totty: Alice Clark
Stranger/Chad Cranage/Sandy Jim/John: Edwin Richfield
Mr Casson/ Old Martin: Don Henderson
Joshua Rann/Mum Taft: Ralph Lawton
Wiry Ben/Carroll: Kim Wall
Actors in later episodes:
Mr Poyser: Emrys James (2)
Pym: Geoff Serle (2)
Marty: Sam Barriscale (3)
Tommy: Nicolas Tanner (3)
Bartle Massey/Squire: Roger Hume (3)
Miss Lydia/Molly: Claire Faulconbridge (3)
Mr Craig/Gawaine: Kim Durham (3)
Musicians: Tim Laycock, Rory Allam, Nicolas Hayley (3)
For actors in parts 4 onwards please see 6/5/88 below.
Ep2:22/4/88 Ep3:29/4/88 Ep4:6/5/88 Ep5:13/5/88 Ep6:20/5/88

16th April 1988
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been... by Eric Bentley
Between 1947 and 1956, the House Un-American Activities Committee investigated the American cinema industry for evidence of communist infiltration.
Producers: Gerry Jones and Martin Jenkins
Directed By: Martin Jenkins.
LA Classic Theatre
Introduced by Michael York
Investigator: James Whitmore
Chairman: Ed Asner
Witness: Richard Dreyfus
Committeeman: Jack Coleman
Judy Garland/ Lillian Hellman: Bonnie Bedelia
Sam G. Wood/ Arthur Miller: Richard Masur
Edward Dmytryk: Rene Auberjonois
Ring Lardner Jnr: Bud Cort
Larry Parks: Robert Foxworth
Sterling Hayden: Harry Hamlin
Abe Burrows: Hector Elizondo
Elia Kazan: Joe Spano
Jerome Robbins: Franklyn Seales
Lionel Stander: Harris Yulin
Paul Robeson: James Earl Jones
Repeated 29th August 1988
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in August 1989.
[There was an earlier version by Bob Sherman on Radio 3 in 1978, repeated 1979, directed by John Tydeman]

16th April 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Just Remember Two Things.... It's Not Fair and Don't Be Late written by Terence Frisby.
A few days after the last British soldiers left Dunkirk, when my brother Jack was 11 and I was 7, we became evacuees - and were carried off to another world, to my other childhood.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Uncle Jack: Ray Smith
Aunt Rose: Petra Davies
Terry: Charles Clarke
Jack: Boris Hunka
Mum: Polly James
Taxi driver/Porter: Danny Schiller
Elsie: Caroline Gruber
Miss Polmanor: Zelah Clarke
Granny Peters: Barbara Atkinson
Rev Buckroyd: John Baddeley
David/Ken: Richard Pearce
Repeated 18th April 1988 and 1st July 1989.
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in October 1989.
[(A Giles Cooper Award winner)]

18th April 1988
19.45 :
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
The Salem witch trials of the 17th century
Producers: Gerry Jones and Martin Jenkins
Directed By: Martin Jenkins.
LA Classic Theatre
The Rev Parris: Michael York
Abigail Williams: Madolyn Smith
Susanna Walcott: Ann Hearn
Ann Putnam: Marian Mercer
Thomas Putnam: Ed Begley Jr
Mercy Lewis: Irene Aranga
Mary Warren: Carol Kane
Betty Parris: Anna Sophie Loewenberg
John Proctor: Stacy Keach
Giles Corey: Hector Elizondo
Rebecca Nurse: Georgia Brown
The Rev Hale: Richard Dreyfuss
Tituba: Madge Sinclair
Elizabeth Proctor: Fionnula Flanagan
Francis Nurse: Joe Spano
Ezekiel Cheever/Herrick: Bud Cort
Judge Hathorne: Harris Yulin
Deputy Governor Danforth: Rene Auberjonois
Repeated 27th August 1988
[There were other different radio productions of this play eg 1964/1965/1970 by John Tydeman; 1968 by David Lyttle]

19th April 1988
The Sinking Ship by Ilona Ference (Ilona Hegedus 1917-1996)
A sinking ship firing on all her rescuers. Laura's got guts and somehow refuses to sink....
Directed by David Johnston
Laura: Mary Wimbush
Joyce: Eva Stuart
Stephen: Norman Bird
Cressida: Caroline Gruber
Electricity man: Peter Craze

20th April 1988
15.00 :
Time - and Again by Margaret Robertson
Edith wants to analyse and learn from her past. There must be some sense to be made of it all.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester
Edith: Gladys Spencer
Edge: Maggie McCarthy
Edy: Jane Leonard

21st April 1988
15.00 :
Later Than You Think by Jack Gerson (1928-2012)
It's honeymoon time for George and Ellen, but age is their problem. Are they too set in their ways to make it work?
Directed by Peter King.
Ellen: Gwen Watford
George: Robert Urquhart
Liz Masson: Jennifer Piercey
James McKenzie: Paul Gregory
Barman: John Samson
Porter: Steve Hodson
Receptionist: Susie Brann
Woman: Julie Berry
Businessman: Michael Tudor Barnes

23rd April 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Unexpected Death Of Jimmy Blizzard (1983) by Robert Ellison.
Jimmy sells video games. When creditors apply heavy pressure, he is sure that he can pay.
Directed by Kathryn Porter
BBC Northern Ireland.
Jimmy: Ian McElhinney
Glad: Stella McCusker
Bobby: Eoin O'Callaghan
Ginger: Nigel Graham
Dermott: Michael Duffy
Tony: Roy Heaybeard
Official: Aidan McCann
Harry: Noel McGee
Repeated 25th April 1988

24th April 1988
14.30 :
Lady Faustus by Michael Payne
19th century Austria.
Director: David Johnston
Lady Faustus: Rula Lenska
Lt Franz Zimmerman: James Aubrey
Mano: Mary Wimbush
Lt Gustav Hardenburg: David Goodland
Gerta Von Kleber: Zelah Clarke
Cpt Schwartz: Paul Gregory
Hostess at the ball: Carole Boyd
Countess Hilda: Margaret Ward
Army officer: Steven Harrold
Major Domo: Paul Sirr
Repeated from 26th November 1987
[No connection with "Lady Faustus" by Diane Ackerman, 1983]

25th April 1988
20.15 :
Something to Be Spared by Margaret Gillard
Edward Thomas was under strain. Eleanor became a friend and supporter to both Edward and his wife.
Eleanor's songs sung by Nicole Tibbels
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Edward Thomas: Ronald Pickup
Helen Thomas: Sarah Badel
Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965): Janet Maw
Robert Frost: Colin Stinton
Maggie Farjeon: Diana Olsson
Child: Annabelle Lanyon
Schoolmaster: William Simons
Repeated 30th April 1988
[Eleanor Farjeon wrote the hymn/song "Morning Has Broken" in 1931]

26th April 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Electrochemistry by Rupert Fergie-Woods
Chris and Sarah work in an electrical shop - more interested in romance than in serving their customers.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Chris: Caroline Gruber
Sarah: Susie Brann
Julian: Stephen Rashbrook
Marc: William Simons
Terry: Steven Harrold
Repeated on BBC Radio 5 4/10/1990
[This is the only credit to Rupert Fergie-Woods on BBC Genome]

27th April 1988
Rendezvous by Ronald Frame
Waiter, two Bloody Marys and the you-know-what in the ice-bucket....'
Directed By: Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
With Jane Asher, Eleanor Bron, Sarah Badel, Martin Jarvis

28th April 1988
A Perfect Interval by Ken Blakeson
Vickie is 16 and a gifted pianist. Her family try to face up to the trials and tribulations of dealing with her talent.
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Martin Jenkins
John French: Nigel Anthony
his wife, Judith: Maureen O'Brien
his daughter, Vickie: Victoria Carling
Professor: Alan Dudley
Sam Thompson: Sean Barrett
David: Kim Wall
MC: Michael Deacon
Also broadcast on BBC World Service in September 1990

30th April 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Windbear by David Ashton.
George feels closer to his stuffed animals than to his wife. Relations with his wife become strained and the police suspect the worst when she goes missing.
Directed by: Jane Morgan
George: Bernard Hepton
Smith: Norman Jones
McIver: Alex Norton
Barraclough: Stephen Tompkinson
Also with Anthony Jackson and Kim Wall
Repeated 2nd May 1988

1st May 1988
14.30 :
The Ugly Man by Roger Davenport
Richard and Clare's daughter leaves home, and they have a new life to look forward to. But there will also be the time to confront the truth about their marriage.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Clare: Patricia Garwood
Richard: Edward de Souza
Hugh: James Warwick
Sarah: And Amanda Garwood
Repeated from 23rd April 1987

2nd May 1988
20.15 :
Tom, Dickon, Harry by Christopher Denys
1484, Alderley Edge. Mystery, intrigue, danger, a literary event, and farce.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Tom: Maurice Denham
Lady Margaret: Fiona Walker
Caxton: John Rowe
old Joan: Mary Wimbush
Joan: Jenny Luckraft
Dickon: Nevllle Barber
Godfrey: David J Nicholls
Repeated 7th May 1988 and 22nd October 1990.

3rd May 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Picaro by Neil Tidmarsh
A street in Barcelona, at its centre, a Miro mosaic, and there sits Paco, a young pavement artist, begging a few pesetas from passing tourists.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Paco: Richard Pearce
the storyteller: Michael Tudor Barnes
Laura: Carollne Gruber
Perez: Peter Craze
Carlos: William Simons
Other parts played by David Goodland, Paul Sirr, Joan Walker
[Picaro- rascal. Produced the adjective picaresque]

4th May 1988
15.00 :
A Passing Whale by Dorothy Osborne
What can Aunt Ida's will reveal, and what is her interest in whales?
Music composed by Elizabeth Parker
(BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Frank: Steve Hodson
Millie: Carolyn Pickles
Aunt Ida: Mary Wimbush
Librarian: Zelah Clarke
Local government Official: David Goodland
Repeated 18th January 1989
[ (A winner in the 1986 Radio Times Drama Awards) ]

5th May 1988
15.00 :
Keep the Aspidistra Flying (1936) by George Orwell (1903-1950), Dramatised by Sam McBratney
On the streets of 1930s London, Gordon Comstock aims to shake off those who want him to make something of himself. But is he strong enough to resist the call of the aspidistra?
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Gordon Comstock: Jonathan Tafler
Rosemary Waterlow: Victoria Carling
Mr Clew/Clerk: Michael Deacon
Philip Ravelston: Valentine Pelka
Julia Comstock: Polly James
Hermione Slater: Emily Richard
Bookseller/Waiter/Tramp: William Simons
Repeated on BBC7 16/11/2009

6th May 1988
15.00 :
Adam Bede by George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans, 1819-1880] dramatised by Alan England
4 of 6: Conflicts and Departures.
If by "flirting" you mean behaving to a woman as if you loved her and yet not loving her all the while, I say that's not the action of an honest man
Please refer to 15th April 1988 above.
Adam Bede: Terry Molloy
Arthur Donnithorne: Tim Brierley
Hetty Sorrel: Sally Eldridge
George Eliot: Gillian Goodman
Dinah Morris: Ellie Haddington
Mrs Poyser: Karen Archer
Mr Poyser/Defence counsel: Emrys James
Seth Bede/Coachman/ Mills/Prosecution counsel: Paul Gregory
Lisbeth Bede: Carole Boyd
Squire/Tramp/ Massey/Judge: Roger Hume
Landlord: John Dixon
Landlady/ Mrs Irwine: Veda Warwick
Coachmen: Geoff Serle
Coachmen/ Rev Irwine: Paul Webster
Additional actors in parts 5 and 6
Mr Casson/Old Martin/Jury foreman: Don Henderson (5)
Sarah Stone/Old woman: Judith Boyd(5)
John Olding: Graham Padden(5)
Totty: Alice Clark(6)
Townley: Edwin Richfield(6)
Ep5:13/5/88 Ep6:20/5/88

7th May 1998
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Lonely Margins (1982) by Ted Allbeury
1944: James Harmer is parachuted into France on a secret mission, but its real purpose is concealed from him.
Director: Matthew Walters
James Harmer: Christian Rodska
Jane Fraser: Kim Thomson
Carter/Patron: John Baddeley
Mr Fraser: Iain Cuthbertson
Klugman: Carl Duering
Pierre: Steven Harrold
Albert/Defence QC: Simon Cuff
Martin/Prosecution QC: Stephen Rashbrook
Hayles: Laurence Payne
Chief Constable: Alan Dudley
Penny Watkins: Caroline Gruber
Phillips: Michael Tudor Barnes
Dr Keating: John Samson
Judge: Norman Bird
Grover/Clerk: William Simons
Repeated 9th May 1988
[Ted Albeury served as a Special Operations Executive and parachuted into Germany in WW2]

8th May 1988
14.30 :
John Galway Higgins McGuigan Smith by John P. Rooney
Responding to a newspaper ad for a penpal John tells Betty everything but the truth, with disastrous results.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
John Smith: John Lynch
Dan: Peter Quigley
Ma: Stella McCusker
Deirdre: Tracey Lynch
Betty: Sue Broomfield
[Marked on BBC Genome as a repeat but no trace of an earlier broadcast].

9th May 1988
20.15 :
Where Did I Go Right? by Colin Haydn Evans
Stewart manages a house of three dozen mentally-handicapped young people. He is good at his job but his colleagues think his ideas are too radical.
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Stewart: Christian Rodska
Davy: Graham Blockey
Arthur: Peter Copley
Kate: Elizabeth Lindsay
Robby: Victoria Carling
Sally: Polly James
Stebbing: Anthony Jackson
Repeated 14th May 1988

10th May 1988
15.00 :
Act of Mercy by Michael Wall
Paul is holding a hostage. But for what? He doesn't seem interested in money. His is more an act of mercy.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Paul: David Threlfall
Nicky: Holly Aird
Dibbs: Michael Deacon
Mr Horowitz: Anthony Jackson
Mrs Horowitz: Emily Richard

11th May 1988
15.00 :
Mary Postgate (1915) by Rudyard Kipling, dramatised by Elizabeth Troop.
Loss, fear, repression- Mary responds to the horror of war..
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Mary Postgate: Marian Diamond
Harry Fowler: Jeremy Clyde
Lydia Fowler: Pauline Letts
Young Wyndham: Paul Russell
Wyndham Fowler: Paul Sirr
Cheape/Dr Hennis: Alan Dudley
Nurse Eden: Eva Stuart
Edna Gerritt: Zelah Clarke
German flier: Steve Hodson
[The first German air raids upon England took place in the year of publication, 1915]

12th May 1988
15.00 :
A Dowager in Distress by David Wheeler.
After the death of her husband, Mildred is obliged to live in somewhat reduced circumstances.
Director: Graham Gauld
Mildred: Dinah Sheridan
Laura: Margot Boyd
Roderick: John Pullen
Buster: Peter Craze
Chick: Stephen Tompkinson
Annie: Victoria Carling
Sultan: John Samson
Stevenson: Norman Bird
Arabella: Emily Richard
Mrs Frobisher: Margaret Ward

14th May 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Fatima by William Keenan
Portugal,1917: three children saw a lady made wholly of light who predicted the Russian revolution, the Second World War, terrorism, violence and finally a time of peace. She also had a secret for the Pope: a secret that is yet to be revealed.
Concertina: Pete Shutler; Flute: John Everingham; Treble: Justin Atkinson
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Sister Lucia: Mary Wimbush
Our Lady: Deborah Makepeace
Lucia a girl: Sarah O'Keefe
Francisco: Barnaby Jenkins
Jacinta: Mary MacLoughlin
Angel: Stephen Rashbrook
Marto: Christian Rodska
Olimpia: Polly James
Antonio: Anthony Jackson
Maria: Zelah Clarke
Neighbour: Eva Stuart
Fr da Silva: William Eedle
Fr Ferreira: John Baddeley
Doctor: John Samson
Nurse: Caroline Gruber
Santos: Steve Hodson
Jose: Peter Craze
Minister: Alan Dudley
Repeated 16th May 1988

14.30 :
Joe by Derrick Geer
Joe goes to stay with Uncle David in a Welsh coastal village. For both of them it becomes an unforgettable experience.
Director: Stuart Owen
David: John Alderton
Joe: Alistair White
Narrator/Alan: Colin Stinton
Wendy: Julie Berry
Jack: David Goodland
Edna: Jennifer Piercey
Bethan: Deborah Makepeace
Jim/Frank: Dorien Thomas
Charlie: Aubrey Richards
Repeated from 2nd July 1987

16th May 1988
20.15 : After Every Dream by Sam Jacobs [aka Sam Boardman-Jacobs]
The story of a family over the 40 years 1947-88 set in the Kibbutz Farran.
Special effects by Malcolm Clarke (BBC Radiophonic Workshop)
Directed by Piers Plowright.
Zahara: Lila Kaye
Miriam: Miriam Karlin
Zvi: Alfred Molina
Naomi: Elaine Loudon
Shuval: James Goode
Udi: Paul Sirr
Shimshon: Simon Cuff
Harry: Anthony Jackson
Naomi a child: Deborah Makepeace
Udi as a child: Joan Walker
British soldiers: Norman Bird, John Samson, Simon Cuff
Repeated 21st May 1988

17th May 1988
Gone Out - Back Soon by Jill Truman
One seldom thinks of notes left on the kitchen board as the basis for drama, but this is what happens in one particular, struggling family....
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Mum: Mary Wimbush
Anna: Zelah Clarke
Rob: Richard Pearce
Sally: Natasha Knight
Julie: Sophie Lane
Rodger the lodger: Roger McKern
Steve: David Plimmer
Repeated on BBC Radio5 29/11/1990

18th May 1988
15.00 :
The Child behind the Eyes (1986) by Nava Semel (1954-2017) translated by Miriam Schlesinger.
It is early morning and Thelma has to take her little boy to school for the first time, but he is no ordinary little boy....
With children from Maze Hill Special School, Fitzjohns Primary School and members of Oaklands Community
Music by Elizabeth Parker
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Thelma: Maureen Lipman
Also broadcast on BBC World Service October 1989
[Commissioned by Assi Eshed, whose son was also no ordinary little boy... Assi performed the play over 11 years in over 1000 performances]

19th May 1988
15.00 :
The Salt of the Earth (1935) by Rebecca West (Cicily Isabel Andrews nee Fairfield 1892-1983) dramatised by Shelagh Fraser (1920-2000)
Alice takes a keen interest in everyone around her and their problems - particularly their weaknesses and failings. But nobody likes having salt rubbed into their wounds - even if it is 'the salt of the earth'.
Directed by David Johnston.
Alice Pemberton: Anna Massey
her husband,: Jack Klaff
Mrs Anglesey: Janet Burnell
Evie Anglesey: Eva Stuart
Madge Fletcher: Diana Olsson
Cook: Dilys Laye
Ethel: Joanna MacKie
Mr Acland: Paul Gregory
Godfrey: Andrew Downer
Betty: Elizabeth Proud
[The story was adapted for tv in 1963 in "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour" as "The Paragon"]

21st May 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Girl of My Best Friend by Christopher Reason
When Jules finds a pile of old photographs and a letter in her husband's desk drawer, she unlocks a past which has haunted their marriage.
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Manchester.
Mark: Russell Dixon
Benny: Michael Maloney
Mel: Emma Chambers
Jules: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Fiona: Jane Hazlegrove
Mrs White/Station announcer: Maureen Morris
Repeated 23rd May 1988

22nd May 1988
14.30 :
The Real Mystery of Marie Roget by Peter Mackie
On his last night on earth, Edgar Allan Poe has a visitor with a disturbing solution as to who might have killed Mary Rogers.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Edgar Allan Poe: Ed Bishop
Dupin: Terry Molloy
Mary Rogers/Mary Devereux/Mother: Marlena MacKey
Muddy: Hedli Niklaus
Tom White/Reader: Hu Pryce
Doctor/Man in cigar shop: Geoff Serle
Nurse: Carina Wyeth
[Poe wrote about the mystery in 1842 as "The Mystery of Marie Rogêt". There was a 1942 film inspired by Poe's story. The real murder of Mary Rogers took place in New York, July 1841]

23rd May 1988
20.15 :
Payment as Pledged by Alfredo Dias Gomes (1922-1999) translated by Oscar Fernandez adapted by Denys Hawthorne and Walter Acosta
A peasant is determined to fulfil a religious promise, but the priest denies him entrance to the church.
Directed by Walter Acosta.
A BBC World Service/Radio 4 production
Joe Burro: James Aubrey
Rosa: Susanna Dawson
the priest: John Moffatt
Pretty boy: Jonathan Oliver
Marli: Deborah Makepeace
Auntie: Sheila Grant
Dede: Stuart Organ
Pepe: Manning Wilson
Reporter: Richard Derrington
Policeman: Peter Wickham
Religious woman: Sheila Walker
Master Coca: David Sinclair
Monsignor: Denys Hawthorne
Police agent: Colin Starkey
Carijo: Robert Woolley
Commissioner/Sexton: Nigel Graham
Repeated from 20th September 1987.
Also previouysly broadcast on BBC World Service September 1987.
[Original title "O pagador de promessas" (1960)]

24th May 1988
The Spirit of the House by Michael Robson
Dick and Alison retire after 30 years in the Far East, to realise their dream of an English home. On Christmas Eve, however, this dream becomes a nightmare without end.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Dick Lennox: Bernard Brown
Alison Lennox: Sheila Grant
Wedderburn: Norman Bird
George Evans: David Goodland
Daphne Evans: Carole Boyd
The Rev Colet: Alan Dudley

25th May 1988
15.00 :
Earth to Earth (1956) by Robert Graves (1895-1985), adapted by Graeme Fife
Dr Steinpilz recommends home composting- Elsie and Roland become enthusiasts.
Director: Stuart Owen
Alice Fiennes: Eva Stuart
Henry Fiennes: Laurence Payne
Elsie Hedge: Diana Olsson
Roland Hedge: Norman Bird
Dr Eugen Steinpilz: Alan Downer
Policeman: Anthony Jackson
George Irks: David Goodland
[The BBC Genome entry is in error in listing this as by Graeme Fife and adapted by Robert Graves. The Robert Graves Trust indicates the BBC Sound Archive holds a copy (ref 37SX9395 - SLN802/87DA2559). ]

26th May 1988
15.00 :
My Sister's House by Dorothy Gharbaoui
Alice is torn between her home in London and her sister's house in Northern Ireland, which has always been 'the home of her heart'...
Directed by Kathryn Porter
BBC Northern Ireland.
Alice: Linda Wray
Paul: Paul Copley
Aubrey: Basil Hoskins
Heinrich: Andrew Branch
Mrs Connolly: Catherine Gibson
Jessie: Trudy Kelly
Sir Leonard: Anthony Finigan
Fred: Maurice O'Callaghan
Housemaid: Brigid Erin Bates

27th May 1988
15.00 :
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle. Dramatised by Bert Coules
1 of 2: The Baskerville Curse
Dartmoor conceals many secrets; is it possible that the legendary hound of hell still walks by night, bringing death to all who bear the ancient name of Baskerville?
Violinist: Katherine Adams
Director: David Johnston
Sherlock Holmes: Roger Rees
Dr John Watson: Crawford Logan
Sir Henry Baskerville: Matt Zimmerman
Dr James Mortimer: Peter Craze
Jonathan Stapleton: Jonathan Tafler
Beryl Stapleton: Caroline Gruber
Barrymore: Richard Tate
Mrs Hudson/ Mrs Barrymore: Barbara Atkinson
Arthur Frankland: Norman Bird
Postmaster: John Baddeley
Part 2: 3/6/88
Repeated commencing 22nd January 1989
[Bert Coules dramatisation was reused in the remade series with Merrison as Holmes in 1998]

28th May 1988
15.00 :
Theme and Variations by Samuil Alyoshin (1913-2008) translated by Michael Glenny (1927-1990)
In a town on the Black Sea, a Moscow lawyer sees Lyuba, a tourist guide.... he writes to her and discovers she is really an actress
Directed by Peter King.
Dmitry: Joss Ackland
Igor: Mike Gwilym
Lyuba: Irene Richard
Repeated from 23rd November 1986

28th May 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Right Ho, Jeeves by P G. Wodehouse adapted by Pat Hooker
Everyone goes to Aunt Dahlia's home in the country to sort out newt-loving, moon-swooning lovers. Jeeves seems to have lost his marbles.
Directed by Peter King.
Bertie: Simon Cadell
Jeeves: David Suchet
Gussie Fink-Nottle: Trevor Nichols
Aunt Dahlia: Anne Jameson
Tuppy: Sean Arnold
Madeline Bassett: Jenny Funnell
Angela Travers: Yvonne Antrobus
Seppings: Tim Reynolds
Headmaster: Peter Howell
Repeated 29th August 1988, 9th April 1989, and 11th November 1991

29th May 1988
14.30 :
The Company Forgives a Moment of Madness by Rodolfo Santana (1944-2012) translated and adapted by Hal Brown
A factory worker shouted at his workmates and called them sheep. A psychologist acting on behalf of the management, is determined to crush his self-esteem.
Directed by Walter Acosta.
the psychologist: Gemma Jones
Orlando: Jonathan Oliver
[Original title "La Empresa perdona un momento de locura",1974, filmed in Spanish in 1978]

30th May 1988
15.00 :
Alibi for a Judge (1960) by Felicity Douglas (aka Basil Douglas, 1910-1992) and Henry Cecil (Henry Cecil Leon- 1943-2013) in collaboration with Basil Dawson (1914-1979), from the book by Henry Cecil. Adapted by John Tydeman.
A woman enlists the help of a judge, who had convicted her husband of robbery.
Directed by John Tydeman.
Mr Justice Carstairs: Andrew Cruickshank
Lesley Burford: Amanda Grinling
Thomas Empton, QC: Aubrey Woods
Mr Hunt: Jonathan Scott
William Burford: Trader Faulkner
Mr Bell: Peter Howell
SuptNeale: Michael Shannon
Ernest Mott: Clifford Norgate
Mr Campbell: Hector Ross
Mrs Campbell: Carole Boyd
Joe: Michael Burlington
Insp Martin: Anthony Smee
Repeated from 24th May 1975. Repeated 1/12/79 and later on 21/11/92.
[The play was produced at the Savoy with Andrew Cruickshank and Amanda Grinling]

30th May 1988
20.15 :
Filumena Marturano (1946) by Eduardo De Filippo (1900-1984) translated and adapted by Carlo Ardito
Naples. 1946: Filumena decides it is time she married Domenico the man with whom she has been living for 25 years.
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
Filumena: Billie Whitelaw
Domenico: Robert Stephens
Rosalia: Patricia Hayes
Alfredo: Peter Sallis
Umberto: Ian Michie
Riccardo: Mark Straker
Michele: Ken Cumberlidge
Nocella: Laurence Payne
Diana: Joanna Mackie
Lucia: Joan Walker
Repeated 4th June 1988
[The original work was inspiration for a 1950 Argentine film of the same title and a 1964 film "Marriage-Italian Style"]

31st May 1988
Butterscotch Ice-Cream by Mike Walker
What if we were the last people on earth? Just sitting and watching, waiting for the end? It would be beautiful. Beautiful and sad, like butterscotch ice-cream.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Sharon: Catherine Clarke
Terry: Christopher Chescoe
Repeated 1st June 1995

1st June 1988
Raffles by E. W. Hornung dramatised by David Buck.
Series 2, Episode 1 of 6. The Rest Cure. Bunny is surprised and pleased to be invited by Raffles to share the latter's self-imposed rest cure in a large house in Kensington.
Signature tune composed by Jim Parker
Directed by Gordon House
(A Radio 4/ World Service co-production)
Raffles: Jeremy Clyde
Bunny: Michael Cochrane
Ep2:8/6/88 Ep3:15/6/88 Ep4:22/6/88 Ep5:29/6/88 Ep6:6/7/88
The 1988 broadcasts were repeated four days later.
[The first series of six stories was first broadcast commencing 23/10/85, four of the stories were repeated in 1987]
[The third series of 6 stories - dramatised by Olwen Wymark, commenced 30/7/92]

1st June 1988
Brandy Brannigan by James Gibbins
Brannigan was a footballing legend.
Directed by Peter Fozzard.
McTaggart: Maurice Ro???es
Alec: Russell Hunter
Jennifer: Joan Walker
Archie: John Samson
Barman: Fraser Kerr
First man: Henry Stamper
Copytaker/ Second man: Joe Dunlop
Telephonist: Eva Stuart
Young McTaggart: John Deery

2nd June 1988
The Wonderful Visit (1895) by H. G. Wells dramatised by Stephen Gallagher
Everyday life in a small village is completely disrupted when the vicar accidentally shoots and wounds an angel who has somehow flown off course.
Music by Mia Soteriou
Directed by Martin Jenkins
The Vicar: Bernard Cribbins
The Angel: Richard Pearce
Miss Hilyer: Margot Boyd
Dr Crump: Norman Bird
The storyteller: Kim Wall
Mrs Mendham: Hilda Schroder
Mrs Jehoram: Joanna MacKie
Mr Mendham: John Baddeley
Delia: Emily Richard
Lady Hammergallow: Pauline Letts
Miss Pirbright: Zelah Clarke
George Haringay: Peter Craze
Visiting curate: Simon Cuff
Constable Horrocks: Michael Tudor Barnes
Sir John Gotch: Alan Dudley
[The tale inspired the 1973 film "La Merveilleuse visite."]

3rd June 1988
15.00 :
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle, dramatised by Bert Coules:
2 of 2: Death on the Moor
Please see 27th May 1988 above.

4th June 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: I Do Not Like Thee, Dr Fell (1979) by Bernard Farrell
Five people, a sealed room, for one day. Joe Fell has unpleasant ideas.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Joe Fell: With Sean McGinley
Suzy Bernstein: Helen Atkinson Wood
Paddy: Louis Rolston
Roger: David Leonard
Peter: John Hewitt
Maureen: Marcella Riordan
Rita: Margaret D'Arcy
Repeated 6th June 1988
[The subject material was based on the trendy 60s/70s "therapy groups"]
[The play has only a titular link to the nursery rhyme of 1680 or the Robert Bloch story.]

5th June 1988
14.30 :
No Uncertain Terms by Colin Finbow
Arden asks his teacher for help, but Tom is too busy.
with the boys of William Ellis School, Camden
Directed by Peter King.
Tom: Bob Peck
Pat: Anna Calder-Marshall
Arden: Demetri Jagger
Sam: Jeremy Coster
Burch: Dickon Tolson
Boy: Jake Wood
Martin: Frank Middlemass
Alan: Ian Thompson
Mrs Arden: Alex Marshall
Teacher: David Goodland
First doctor: Michael Tudor Barnes
Second doctor: Sheila Grant
Newsvoice: Brian Hewlett
Woman: Susie Brann
Young Tom: Thomas King
Repeated from 27th August 1987

5th June 1988
Superman on Trial by Dirk Maggs.
Can Superman justify his continued interference in world affairs?
Producer: Neil Cargill.
Lex Luthor: William Hootkins
Lois Lane: Shelley Thompson
Jimmy Olsen: Vincent Marzello
Batman: Bob Sessions
Martha Kent: Lorelei King
Jonathan Kent: David Graham
Jor-EI: Garrick Hagon
the Judge: Leon Herbert
Superman: Stuart Milligan
[Based on the character Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, published by DC COMICS INC ]
Repeated 7th June 1988 and 25th December 1988
[An extended version of 1 hr was released on CD with a noisy remixed audio.]

6th June 1988
20.15 :
Ceremony of Innocence by Lee Gallaher A Jewess fleeing from the Nazis, a journalist trying to escape from his memories of the Spanish Civil War. They find refuge in a small Irish town.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Eleshiva: Elizabeth Morton
Nolan: Ian McElhinney
Maisie: Marcella Riordan
Costigan: Oliver Maguire
Doran: Paddy Scully
Ryan: Joe Savino
Crane: Stephen Ryan
Bruno: David Goodland
Retainers: Kevin Flood & Sean Kearns
Repeated 11th June 1988
[A different play to the 1998 R3 play of the same name]

7th June 1988
15.00 :
Behind the Barricades by Ruth Rabin Worrall
When mum and dad split up the kids decide that it's time for some positive action.
Director: Stuart Owen
Dee: Dinah Stabb
Ted: Malcolm Storry
Claire: Tina Barrett
Tommy: Simeon Pearl
[The only credit on BBC Genome for Ruth Rabin Worrall.]

8th June 1988
15.00 :
Look Here, Old Son by Royce Ryton (1924-2009) and David Conville (1929-2018)
An actor dreamed of defying the elements to stage plays in the open air in London's Regent's Park.
Directed by David Johnston
Robert Atkins: Freddie Jones
[Robert Atkins lived 1886-1972]

9th June 1988
15.00 :
Cultivating Friends by Steve May
Paul, a youth worker wants to make his mark at Ringworm, the unemployment capital of the North. Fred, an ancient gardener on the local allotments, teams up with him to show him what's what.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Paul: Christopher Scott
Fred: Geoffrey Matthews
Kev: Stephen Tompkinson
Trev: David Learner
Bev/Second voice: Victoria Carling
First voice: Steven Harrold
Cabinet Minister: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 10th August 1989
[Steve May became Professor of Radio Drama at Bath Spa University]

10th June 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
A study in greed and dishonesty pervading commercial, political, moral, and intellectual life.
1 of 8:
Narrator Alan Dudley
Directed by Graham Gauld
Lord Grasslough: John Baddeley
Roger Carbury: Michael Tudor Barnes
Lord Nidderdale: Andrew Branch
Countess of Midlothian: Zelah Clarke
Mr Alf: Peter Craze
Hetta Carbury: Debby Cumming
Lord Alfred Grendall: Michael Deacon
Adolphus Longstaffe: Steve Hodson
Paul Montague: John Levitt
Melmotte: David March
Mr Fisker: Peter Marinker
Marchioness of Auld Reekie: Diana Olsson
Miles Grendall: Richard Pearce
Sir Felix Carbury: Stephen Rashbrook
Marie Melmotte: Emily Richard
Lady Carbury: Rosalind Shanks
For actors in later episodes please see the relevant broadcast date.
Ep2:17/6/88 Ep3:24/6/88 Ep4:1/7/88 Ep5:8/7/88 Ep6:15/7/88 Ep7:22/7/88 Ep8:29/7/88
Series repeated commencing 5/2/89

11th June 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Interests of the Child by Michael Z. Lewin
Custody of a child: Carol has to arbitrate between a colleague and a mother.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
Carol: Liz Goulding
Mystery man: Paul Gregory
Jimmy: Christian Rodska
Liz: Maureen O'Brien
Jensen: Michael Tudorbarnes
Mrs Carter: June Barrie
Danvers: Eric Allan
Magistrate: Michael Deacon
Mrs Salmons: Sheila Grant
Luke: David Bartlett
Simon: Sean Radford
Mrs Stoodley: Angela Phillips
Gloria: Caroline Ryder
Social worker: Anthony Donovan
Repeated 13th June 1988
[No connection with the same titled play of 1974/1976]

12th June 1988
14.30 :
Across the Ferry by Ted Moore
Three people have dreams: Alec of a job and a greenhouse, Jane of a trip beyond the harbour entrance, Sid of working as a skipper again. Perhaps the tug Henrietta will provide an answer for all of them.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Alec: Christian Rodska
Jane: Denise Welch
Sid: Arthur Blake
Robbo: Ronald Herdman
Boatman: Adrian Stokes
Repeated from 24th September 1987

13th June 1988
20.15 :
Heaven's Children by Stephen Dunstone
An attempt to separate a young person from a community in retreat has complications.
Music by Nicholas Bannan
Cello: Paul Cox
Directed by John Tydeman.
Richard: Steve Hodson
Caroline: Victoria Carling
Jody: Susannah Fellows
John Barnes: Richard Tate
Edi Barnes: Diana Olsson
Peter: Paul Gregory
Policeman: Michael Deacon
Repeated 18th June 1988

14th June 1988
Tin by Roger Crawford
Will George's fragile morale survive the ordeal of their tenth wedding anniversary party?
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
George: Nigel Anthony
Penny: Eileen O'Brien
Doris: Sheila Fay
Gary: Paul Codman
Terry: Christopher Quinn
Aunty Rene: Rosalie Williams

15th June 1988
15.00 :
A Basking in the Sun by Keith Hagenbach
A policeman's lot is not always a happy one, as Tony discovers when he spots a familiar face while holidaying on the Costa del Crime.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Tony: Kim Wall
Penny: Caroline Gruber
Bob: Geoffrey Matthews
Yachtsman: Adrian Egan
[The title comes from Gilbert and Sullivan, Pirates Of Penzance.]

16th June 1988
15.00 :
Honour Bound by Melville Jones
Peter is too honourable to take somebody else's wife.
Directed by Shaun Maclougun
BBC Bristol
Peter: Simon Cuff
Helen: Karen Ford
Alec: Christian Rodska
Mr Seager: Bill Wallis
Mr Kingdon: Alan Dudley
Terry: Jonathan Tafler
Major Fleming: Andrew Hilton
Also with Steve Hodson and Emma Sutton

17th June 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
2 of 8. Please see 10th June 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Lady Pomoma Longstaffe: Joan Matheson
Georgiana: Caroline Gruber
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mr Broune: John Samson

18th June 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The King's Wife by John Wyke
1783: The Prince of Wales falls in love with a Catholic.
Directed by David Johnston.
The Prince of Wales: Robert Stephens
Mrs Fitzherbert: Maureen O'Brien
Duke of Wellington: Richard Durden
Lord Albemarle: John Baddeley
George III: David March
Queen Charlotte: Avril Clark
Princess Caroline: Zelah Clarke
Duke of York: John Warner
Duke of Clarence: Steve Hodson
Duke of Cumberland: John Rye
Lord St Ledger: Peter Craze
Lord Onslow: Simon Cuff
Lord Malmesbury: Stuart Organ
Lady Jersey: Joan Walker
Col Gardner: William Simons
Charles James Fox: Anthony Jackson
Fr Constantine: Richard Tate
Thomas Errington: Norman Bird
Dawson: Diana Olsson
Repeated 20th June 1988
[This is the second of John Wyke's three Hanoverian dramas. 1: 1986: The Hanoverian Handicap. 3: 1991 By Royal Appointment]

19th June 1988
14.30 :
Webster's 200 by Giles Cole
1984: A snapshot and a passion for cricket bring comfort to an electronics engineer in Libya..
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Daniel Webster: Tom Wilkinson
Salim: Colin Stinton
R J H Kenton: Godfrey Kenton
Douglas Pitcairn: Giles Cole
Arab soldier: Manning Wilson
Jill Webster: Elaine Claxton
Repeated from 1st October 1987, when it was listed as "Webster's Two Hundred".

20th June 1988
20.15 :
Moonman by Steve May
A security guard in a shopping precinct writes a book - nobody is inclined to take his literary talent seriously.
Directed by Penny Gold .
Byron: Norman Beaton
Trina: Sylvestre Le Touzel
Debbi: Carolyn Backhouse
Morris: Ewen Cummins
DJ/Chairman: Steve Hodson
Coggin/Lord Imber: Laurence Payne
Simon: Ian Targett
Bookshop manager/Schmidt: Simon Cuff
Sales rep/DJ: Stephen Rashbrook
Sally: Emily Richard
Princess: Camilla Power
Jag: Richard Tate
Chatshow host: Michael Tudor Barnes
Critic: Michael Deacon
Interviewer: Paul Sirr
Youths: Mark McKenzie and Dwauen Ackerman
Repeated 2nd July 1988
[This is the only credit on Genome for Dwauen Ackerman]

21st June 1988
15.00-15.32 :
A Woman Who Does by Jimmie Chinn (1940-2011)
Wife advertises for a woman 'who does' and discovers she gets something else altogether.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Husband: Martin Jarvis
Wife: Rosalind Ayres

22nd June 1988
15.00 :
The Hound of the Higginbottoms by Diana Griffiths
Harry is woken every night by by the howls of a dog. His wife hears nothing.
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Harry: Malcolm Hebden
Lydia: Valerie Lilley
Mrs Stapleton: Amanda Strevett
Dogcatchers: Randal Herley and Peter Wheeler
Headteacher/Father: Geoffrey Banks
Travel agent/Doctor: Chris Larner
Schoolboy: Owen Pringle
Schoolgirl: Anna Lewis
Child: Simon Batt

23rd June 1988
15.00 :
Spitfire by Martyn Read
World War 2 and a girl called Spitfire and a series of experiences of life, love and death. With the children of Trinity School. Henley-On-Thames
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Spitfire: Clare Travers-Deacon
Miss Primrose: Joanna David
Billy: Richard Pearce
Arthur: Norman Bird
Edie: Edie Stuart
Shirley: Zelah Clarke
Glenn: William Hope
George: David Learner
Pauline: Jill Lidstone
Sgt Bailey: Anthony Jackson
Bertha: Polly James
Madam: Barbara Atkinson
Repeated 9th July 1989

24th June 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
3 of 8.
Please see 10th June 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Georgiana Longstaffe: Caroline Gruber
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Mr Broune: John Samson
Didon: Anne Rosenfeld
Daniel Ruggles: Peter Tuddenham
John Crumb: Spencer Banks
Ep4:1/7/88 Ep5:8/7/88 Ep6:15/7/88 Ep7:22/7/88 Ep8:29/7/88

25th June 1988
15.00 :
Rhyme or Reason by Elizabeth Baines
In her search for a mutually-enriching, non-sexist, communal relationship with two boys and their biological mother, Rebecca shows a rare talent for self-deception. Musical director Chris Reason
Producer Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Rebecca: Harriet Walter
Woman: Sally Eldridge
Children: Steven Rendall
Children: Lee Quarmby
Repeated from 12th August 1987
[Sony Radio Award winner for Best Actress for Harriet Walter]

25th June 1988
15.40 :
Cheap in August (1964) by Graham Greene (1904-1991) dramatised by Elizabeth Troop
A married woman on a Caribbean holiday searches for a romance, but is led towards a most unexpected attraction.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Mary Watson: Valerie Sarruf
Henry Hickslaughter: Robert Beatty
Charlie Watson: Blain Fairman
Sadie: Sheila Grant
Jeannie: Jennifer Piercey
Old woman: Diana Olsson
First Jamaican waiter/ First crew-cut boy: Paul Gregory
Second Jamaican waiter/ Second crew-cut boy: Steven Harrold
Jamaican maid: Victoria Carling
Repeated from 25th November 1987
Repeated 2/6/91 and 11/8/93
[Sony Radio Award winner for Best Dramatisation]
[The story was first published in the London Magazine, August 1964]

25th June 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Village Fete by Peter Tinniswood
A family move to the country and repair their new home. Winston, the local poacher and handyman, takes over and invites Nancy to the village fete.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
Nancy: Shirley Dixon
Father: Maurice Denham
Rosie: Liz Goulding
William: Christian Rodska
Winston: Bill Wallis
Mrs Godwin: Carole Boyd
Stanley: Ronald Herdman
Janet: Jenniferpiercey
[Sony Radio Award winner for Best Original Script and Giles Cooper Award winner]

26th June 1988
Lifetime by Nigel D. Moffatt
Archie spends his days on a park bench looking back on a long life.
Directed by Philip Martin
Archie: Rudolph Walker
Repeated from 26th May 1987
[ 1987 Giles Cooper Award winner ]

27th June 1988
15.00 :
Crisp and Even Brightly by Alick Rowe (1939-2009)
Was the poor man gathering fuel really poor, and was he really a man - or was she a Slavnik spy in disguise? What is the true story behind the story of Good King Wenceslas?
Synthesiser: Andrew Christie
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
Good King Wenceslas: Timothy West
the Page: James Holland
the Queen Grandmother: June Barrie
Sigmund: Christian Rodska
Otto: William Eedle
Marta: Maureen O'Brien
Crone: June Tobin
Harry the spy: Michael Tudor Barnes
Vlad: David March
Tunna: Bill Wallis
Gomon: John Baddeley
Woman inside: Polly James
Man inside: Andrew Hilton
Ragman: Anthony Jackson
Kermit: Michael Deacon
Nice man: Paul Nicholson
Repeated from 19 and 21/12/87
Repeated 21/12/92
Repeated on BBC7 in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
[ Sony Radio Award winner for Best Use of Comedy]

27th June 1988
20.15 :
The Wide-Brimmed Hat by Michael Wall (1946-1991)
Venice in the 1850s. When the gondola arrived to take Charles Catchpole to the Princess Malvezzi, he had no idea that it would deliver him into a world of romance and political intrigue.
Music composed and played by Mia Soteriou
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Charles Catchpole: Edward Petherbridge
the Princess Malvezzi: Eleanor Bron
Jack Cody: Greg Hicks
Helen Skidelski: Roberta Hamond
Effie Ruskin: Lorna Heilbron
John Ruskin: Michael Tudor Barnes
Charlotte Kerr: Jennifer Piercey
Fizeau: Crawfordlogan
Giorgio: Paul Gregory
Clinton Dawkins: Paul Gregory
Count Wrbna: Stuart Organ
Count Nugent: David Goodland
William: Kim Wall
Facchetti: Vincenzo Nicou
Singer: Vincenzo Nicou
Capt Goetz: Richard Durden
Domenico: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated from 20 and 25/4/87
Repeated 13/10/91, 15/5/93
[ Edward Petherbridge was Sony Radio Award winner for Actor for his performance ]

28th June 1988
15.00 :
Dreams of Dublin Bay by Frank Dunne
Willy's ashes will be cast on his beloved Dublin Bay. Or will they?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Willie/Man: Sean Barrett
Babs: Pauline Delany
Angela: Alexandra Pigg
Rob: Paul Gregory
Ben: Neil Caple
Repeated from 17th and 18th March 1987
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2005
[ A 1987 Giles Cooper Award winner.]

29th June 1988
15.00 :
News of the World by David Morgan
1965: Every week, 10-year-old Max is packed off to Sunday school with a shilling for the collection plate. But Max spends his shilling on a Mars bar and the News of the World, finds a park bench and begins to unravel life's mysteries.
Directed by Robert Cooper
Max: Steven Rendall
Dad: Rob Whelan
Mum: Pam Ferris
Sally: Jane Hazlegrove
Miss Hope: Joan Campion
Headmistress: Rosal
Mrs Fox: Daphne Oxenford
Presenter: Randal Herley
With the children of Hurst Head Junior School, Cheadle Hulme
Repeated from 5th August 1987
[ Sony Radio Award winner for Best Drama Production ]

30th June 1988
15.00 :
Nobby's Day by Anna Fox
To a small boy, small disasters assume huge proportions - being late for school, losing your packed lunch, but by the end of the day Nobby has to face something worse than losing his crab sandwiches.
Directed By: Jane Morgan.
Nobby: Richard Perry
Brian: Struan Rodger
Mary: Barbara Marten
Grandad: George Mallpas
Grandma: Frances Cox
Mr Home: Steve Hodson
Mr Pollit: John Graham Davies
Trotty: Pauline Jefferson
Mrs Peck: Rita May
Mr Godber: Russ Elias
Jason: Neil Scanlan
Jonathan: Kerry Dougherty
Rachel: Zoe Gill
Rachel's friends: Natalie Orrell and Sarah Johnson
with the children of Bank End School, Worsbrough Dale. South Yorkshire
Repeated from 9th June 1987
[ A Giles Cooper Award winner.]

1st July 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
Episode 4 of 8.
Please see 10th June 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Sir Felix: Stephen Rashbrook
Hetta: Debby Cumming
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mr Broune: John Samson
Ep5:8/7/88 Ep6:15/7/88 Ep7:22/7/88 Ep8:29/7/88

2nd July 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Mountsorrel Saga by Elizabeth Lindsay
A kidnap of the most benign sort, but first....
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol
Mistress Patch: Mary Wimbush
Lord Mountsorrel: Howard Goorney
Squirrel: Simon Cuff
Joel: John Hartoch
Lady Mountsorrel: Judy Cornwell
Bad Dogge/Sergeant: Roger Leach
Dolly Pat: June Marlow
Squire/Heron: Conrad Phillips
Letitia: Juliet Waley
Jasper: Brian Knight
Hetty: Moir Leslie
Repeated 4th July 1988

3rd July 1988
14.30-15.00 :
Upended by Rhys Adrian (aka Rhys Adrian Griffiths) (1928-1990)
The price of property in the south of England has soared. The problem is when to sell? And where to move to?
Directed by John Tydeman
Gerald: Norman Bird
Jane: Eva Stuart
Jack: Michael Tudor Barnes
Frank: Richard Tate
Eric: William Simons
Walter: Stephen Tompkinson
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 26th April 1988

4th July 1988
20.15 :
The Pharisee (1941) by Francois Mauriac (1885-1970) dramatised by Joan O'Connor
God might have preferred a more tolerant servant and certainly Brigitte's step-children would have.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Brigitte Pian: Sylvia Syms
Abbe Calou: Terrence Hardiman
Jean: Rupert Graves
Louis: Jonathan Donne
de Mirbel: Alan Dudley
Puybaroud: Stephen Rashbrook
Michelle: Polly Pleasence
Octavia: Zelah Clarke
Pian: Laurence Payne
Marie: Barbara Atkinson
Comtesse: Philippa Howell
Raol: Peter Craze
Hotel Concierge: Eva Stuart
Farmer: John Baddeley
Vignotte: Simon Cuff
Repeated 9th July 1988
[aka La Pharisienne, A Woman of Pharisses]

5th July 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Something More Ferocious by David Marshall
A woman is trying to sell her house. A conman pretends an interest in buying it.
But who is to say that the biter will not be bitten?
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Ursula: Maureen O'Brien
Michael: Christopher Godwin
Repeated 13th December 1988

6th July 1988
Getting Stratford by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010)
For 20 years Bernard has been selling cultural heritage. Thanks to Bernard's skills there isn't a historical edifice in England without a Mansionprint in its shop. Except one.
Producer Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester Stereo (R)
Bernard: Clive Swift
Repeated from 29th July 1987

7th July 1988
15.00 :
A Dirty Weekend by Ron Glossop
Robbie has persuaded Nigel to take her back to his Derbyshire roots. But Nigel hasn't been home for over a year and his visits are always difficult. The past holds a problem which needs sorting out....
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Nance: Gillian Goodman
Jim: Roger Hume
Nigel: Robert Warner
Robbie: Karen Archer
Miner: Kim Durham
[This is the only credit for Ron Glossop on BBC Genome]

8th July 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
5 of 8. Please see 10th June 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Georgiana Longstaffe: Caroline Gruber
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mrs Pipkin: Chrys Salt
Didon: Anne Rosenfeld
Mr Broune: John Samson
Policeman: Ken Cumberlidge
Jones: Laurence Payne
Beauchamp Beauclerk: William Simons
Mr Squercum: Anthony Jackson
FrBarham: Paul Sirr
Sir Damask Monogram: Norman Bird
Lady Monogram: Liza Flanagan
Lord de Griffin: Simon Cuff
Ep6:15/7/88 Ep7:22/7/88 Ep8:29/7/88

9th July 1988
Saturday-Night Theatre: Love and the Great Western by Barry Thomas
1931- Tom Starke cannot get an interview for a job with the Great Western Railway until Ambrose lends a hand and tangles everyone up .
Director: Adrian Mourby
Tom Starke: Ioan Meredith
Ambrose: Jonathan Painter
Grandpa: Jack Walters
Amy: Moir Leslie
Victoria: Susan Sheridan
Mr Veazey-Morgan: William Simons
Headmaster: James Frank Benson
Hostile boy: Damien Mudge
Repeated 11th July 1988

10th July 1988
14.30-15.00 :
There's a Werewolf on the Landing by Raymund Fitzsimons
1930s- The fevered fantasies and the realities of a boy with TB.
Narrator Edward De Souza
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Paul: Susan Sheridan
Tom: Danny Kodicek
Father: John Hollis
Mother: Jennifer Piercey
Nurse: Elaine Claxton
Doctor: Manning Wilson
Bill: Johnny Lee Miller
Repeated from 28th and 29th October 1986.

11th July 1988
20.15 :
Headlong Hall (1815) by Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866). Dramatised by: James Saunders
Winter 1815: wit, intelligence, discussion... a holiday gathering at a Welsh hall, complete with wine, dancing, and marriages. (A gathering of egos, quacks, pseuds...).
Music composed by Terence Allbright
Violin: Katherine Adams
Harp: Skaila Kanga
Director: Matthew Walters
Narrator: Michael Hordern
Escot, the deteriorationist: Daniel Massey
Foster, the perfectibilian: Ronald Lacey
Jenkison, the statu-quo-ite: John Grillo
Cranium, the craniologist: John Horsley
Headlong: William Simons
Gaster: Alan Dudley
Milestone: Andrew Branch
Gall/Butler/Sexton: Simon Cuff
Panscope: Norman Bird
Chromatic: John Baddeley
O'Prism: Richard Tate
MacLaurel: Michael Deacon
Tenorina/Caprioletta: Caroline Gruber
Cephalis: Polly James
Repeated 16th July 1988
[Previously adapted by Denis Cannam and broadcast in 1950]
[Later dramatised by D J Britton and broadcast in 2003]
[<a href="http://www.thomaslovepeacock.net/">T L Peacock Society</a> with original text and author's notes, including over 100 words on the origin of the name Jenkison.]

12th July 1988
15.00 :
Spring Flowers by Ted Moore
As Tom Galley watches over his dying mother, past and present interweave and memories of his own years as a sickly boy come flooding back.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East.
Tom: Rod Arthur
Meg: Anne Jameson
Dr Powell: Chris Wilkinson
Neil Blakey: Toma Boy
Karl Boyd: Georgea Boy
George: Peter Wheeler
Dr Hull: Adrian Stokes

12th July 1988
18.30-19.00 :
Blandings: Heavy Weather by P.G. Wodehouse Adapted by: Richard Usborne
1 of 4: The Wrath of Lord Tilbury
Producer: Martin Fisher
Narrator: Moray Watson
Lord Emsworth: Richard Vernon
Lord Tilbury: John Savident
Lady Julia: Josephine Tewson
Monty Bodkin: Royce Mills
Hugo: Jeremy Nicholas
Ronnie Fish: Charles Collingwood
Sue Brown: Moir Leslie
Lady Constance: Elizabeth Spriggs
Pirbright: Norman Bird
Secretary: Joanna MacKie
Cast in later episodes:
The Hon Galahad Threepwood: Ian Carmichael(2)
Beach: John Rapley (2)
Sir Gregory Parsloe: Reginald Marsh(2)
Pilbeam: Roger Sloman(3)
Ep2:19/7/88 Ep3:26/7/88 Ep4:2/8/88
Series repeated commencing 6/3/90

13th July 1988
A Change in the Weather by Eric Pringle (1935-2017)
1 of 5: A change in the weather is about to alter the lives of two innocent ladies from Shropshire.
Directed By: Ian Cotterell.
Jiffy Perkins: Peter Craze
Burco Madrid: John Hollis
Henrietta: Dilys Laye
Louise: Polly James
Billy: Norman Bird
Driver/John: Richard Tate
Staff in later episodes:
City Nigel: Philip Sully(2)
B B: William Simons(2)
Det Sgt Digly: Trevor Nichols(2)
Det Insp: David Sinclair(2)
Shopkeeper: Amerjit Deu (3)
Repeated 17th July 1988
Ep2:20/7/88 Ep3:27/7/88 Ep4:3/8/88 Ep5:10/8/88
All episodes repeated four days later.

13th July 1988
15.00 :
A Different Way Home
Leslie asks you to join him and share for a while his life, his loves, and the haunting pain of those he's lost.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Leslie Latchmoor: Bernard Cribbins
Repeated 25th January 1989

14th July 1988
15.00 :
Sardine Burial by Catherine Lucy Czerkawska
While on holiday in the Canaries Marianne finds Manuel. But can they, over a fortnight, get to the truth of who they are, or what they want?
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Marianne: Petra Markham
Manuel: Arturo Venegas
Anita: Kay Stonham
Colin: Phllip Sully
Del: Ken Cumberlidge
Peter: Paul Sirr
Marie Carmen/Isabel: Isabel Hernandez
Manuel's mother: Leda Casares
Manuel's father: Carlos Douglas

15th July 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
6 of 8. See 10th June 1988 above.
Actors not in epidoe one:
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Lady Pomona Longstaffe: Joan Matheson
Georgiana Longstaffe: Caroline Gruber
Mr Broune: John Samson
Sir Damask Monogram: Norman Bird
Lady Monogram: Liza Flanagan
Croll: Jonathan Scott
Speaker of the House: Edmund Dehn
Beauchamp Beauclerk: William Simons
Ep7:22/7/88 Ep8:29/7/88

16th July 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre : Sister, Dear Sister by George Baker
78 years old Emily is not going to give up, and still hopes to find a pattern underlying the events of her life.
Music composed and conducted by Grant Hossack
Technical presentation by David Greenwood, assisted by Ian Harker and Joanna Dilks
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Emily: Valerie Sarruf
Margery: Angharad Rees
Albert Henshaw: Peter Baldwin
Mrs Watson: Barbara Atkinson
WPC Good: Caroline Gruber
John Griggs: Paul Sirr
Cecil Aston: Andrew Seear
Mr Watson: Frederick Treves
Morgue attendant/Waiter: Ken Cumberlidge
Mrs Brooks: Joanna MacKie
Roland: Simon Cuff
Doctor: Ian Thompson
Repeated 18/7/88 and 3/12/90

17th July 1988
14.30 :
What a Saga! by Diana Souhami
Gross disasters of the domestic kind loom from every corner.
Directed by Clive Brill.
June Bloom: Prunella Scales
Marjorie Bloom: Deborah Makepeace
Lewis Bloom: Peter Woodthorpe
Mrs Goatley: Kate Williams
Mr Withers: Peter Howell
Cat: P Scales
Repeated 1st and 2nd July 1986

18th July 1988
20.15 :
Flowers for Jeanne by Nick Fisher
Little is known about Jeanne Duvalher, mistress of Charles Baudelaire
What connection can there be with a conversation today between an English private detective and his client over a couple of bottles of whisky?
Directed by Richard Wortley
Jeanne Duval: Marcia Tucker
Charles Baudelaire: William Simons
Sylvie: Zelah Clarke
Stephen James: Philip Sully
Adams: Ken Cumberlidge
Nadar: John Rcwe
Girl/Sarah: Joan Walker
Gabrielle: Elizabeth McKechnie
Fairman/Doctor: John Samson
Strongman: William Simons
Booth owner: Peter Craze
Le Marteau: Richard Tate
Workhouse woman: Diana Olsson
Repeated 23rd July 1988

19th July 1988
15.00-15.32 :
The Boat by James Douglas
When Marty begins to rethink his success, wisdom comes from a very unexpected source....
Directed by Kathryn Baird
BBC Northern Ireland
Marty: Stephen Rea
Kate: Stella McCusker
Ben: John Hewitt
Nuffield: Anthony Finigan
Harry: Louis Rolston
Paul: Brian Bell

20th July 1988
A Royal Household by Susannah Greekberg
Mum gets busy tidying the apartment to win a 'household fit for a queen' competition. Her daughter wants the apartment to look cramped, so that her social worker will give her a place of her own. How can they both win?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh.
Doreen Doreen: Patricia Hayes
Shirley Davies: Jean Reeve
Vicar/Posh voice: Michael Deacon
Policeman: John Baddeley
Shane: Stephen Rashbrook
Herbert: Laurence Payne
Mr Whicker: Norman Bird
DJ: Ken Cumberlidge
Postman: Philip Sully
Mrs Crowther: Diana Olsson
Miss Blenkinsop: Polly James
[This is the only credit for Susannah Greekberg on BBC Genome]

21st July 1988
15.00 :
Made in England by Rodney Clark
East meets West in the world of big business and the West has much to learn. Is it too late for an old dog to learn new tricks?
Director: Glyn Dearman
Bill Knightley: Jeremy Kemp
Wally Dokes: Ralph Nossek
Mr Imamura: Togo Igawa
Julia Knightley: Shirley Dixon
Stew: Michael Siberry
Andy: Ken Cumberlidge
Chris: Peter Craze
Reiko: Megumi Shimanuki
Tom: John Baddeley
Alec: Phllip Sully
Air hostess: Sayo Inaba
Nightclub DJ: Eiji Kusuhara
Maureen: Joanna Mackie

22nd July 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser
7 of 8. See 10th June 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Mr Longstaffe: John Westbrook
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
Mrs Pipkin: Chrys Salt
John Crumb: Spencer Banks
Croll: Jonathan Scott
Mr Squercum: Anthony Jackson

23rd July 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Farewell, My Lovely (1940) by Raymond Chandler (1888-1959) dramatised by Bill Morrison
Los Angeles: Moose wanted to find Velma and there was a trail of corpses to indicate where he had gone. Philip Marlowe is hot on his trail....
Music consultant Adrian Edwards
Directed by John Tydeman.
Philip Marlowe: Ed Bishop
Moose Malloy: Clive Mantle
Bouncer: Doyle Richmond
Hotel clerk: Doyle Richmond
Lt Nulty: Blain Fairman
Jessie Florian: Helen Horton
Lindsay Marriott: William Simons
Anne Riordan: Susannah Fellows
Amthor's secretary: Zelah Clarke
Joe/Lt Blane: Paul Sirr
Mrs Morrison: Diana Olsson
Helen Grayle: Ellzabeth Bell
John Wax / Lewin Grayle: Alan Dudley
Second Planting/ Dr Sonderborg: Anthony Jackson
Jules Amthor/ Laird Brunette: Peter Craze
Sgt Galbraith: John Baddeley
Det Lt Randall: Harry Towb
Red: Don Fellows
Repeated 25th July 1988
[This is from the second novel featuring Philip Marlowe]

24th July 1988
A Child of Her Time by Roy Kelly
A couples lives are changed by a girl.
Directed by Robert Cooper
BBC Manchester.
Gillian: Lynn Farleigh
Ian: Christopher Ravenscroft
Lucy: Helena Breck
Repeated from 27th and 28th January 1987

25th July 1988
20.15 :
Mumbo Jumbo by Robin Glendinning (aka Robert Glendinning)
Ulster; a public school; Unionism; adolescence. Political and sexual awakening clash head-on for Barry one terrible summer ...
Music performed by Henry Dagg
Directed by Jeremy Howe
Barry Dunham: Eoin O'Callaghan
the Dean: Alan MacNaughton
Bill Dunham: Denys Hawthorne
Creaney: Allen McKel Vey
Patterson: Dan Gordon
Mrs Howlett: Richenda Carey
Angela: Tracey Lynch
Marion Dunham: Stella McCusker
Tipstaff: Maurice O'Callaghan
Jameson: Owen McCrossan
Barry's classmates: Peter Quigley, Martin Maguire, Trevor Moore, Sean Kearns, Robert Taylor
[Robin Glendinning was a founder of the "Alliance Party" but although politically active was never elected].

26th July 1988
My Brother Edward by Andrew Gordon
I try to pretend it's all a terrible nightmare, and when we wake up it will all be just as it was.
Directed by Graham Gauld.
Michael: Stephen Rashbrook
Edward: Richard Pearce
MrTurner: Michael Tudor Barnes
Mrs Turner: Joanna Wake
Headmaster: Peter Pratt
Mr Swan: Norman Bird
Mr Drummond: Brian Smith

27th July 1988
15.00 :
Boys' Toys by Paul Thain
The battle lines are drawn: Derek agrees that his son can keep his new toy gun and his wife, Susan won't have guns in the house
Directed by Peter Windows
Derek: Richard Derrington
Susan: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Jacko: Don Henderson
Maureen: Carole Boyd
Les: Ken Cumberlidge
Ruth: Polly James
Roger: Paul Sirr
Billy: Wllliam Simons
Sheila: Caroline Gruber
Alice: Abigail Docherty
Andrew: Leo Docherty
Jimmy: Alexander Goodman
George: Ricky Coombes
[Rehearsed 2nd and 3rd July 1988, Recorded in Studio 7, Maida Vale, program 87DA2470MHO.]

28th July 1968
15.00 :
The Slide-Rule Engineer by Stewart Love.
The rise and fall of the slide rule. John was born and brought up in the 1940s and 50s and trying to cope with the uncertainties of the 80s is not easy.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
the slide-rule engineer: Mark Mulholland
Father: Martln Maguire
Mother: Aingeal Grehan
Young John: Owen McCrossan
Preacher: Denys Hawthorne
Uncle Andy: George Shane
Teacher: Libby Smyth
Irene: Stella McCusker
BOSS: Patrick Brannigan
Mary: Tracey Lynch
Young Mary: Katey Gledhill
Repeated 27th August 1989.

29th July 1988
15.00 :
The Way We Live Now (1875) by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) dramatised by David Spenser.
8 of 8.
Please see 10th June 1988.
Actors additional to episode one:
Lady Pomona Longstaffe: Joan Matheson
Georgiana Longstaffe: Caroline Gruber
Mrs Hurtle: Jane Knowles
Ruby Ruggles: Christine MacKie
John Crumb: Spencer Banks
Mr Broune: John Samson
Beauchamp Beauclerk: William Simons
Lupton: Anthony Jackson
Croll: Jonathan Scott
Speaker of the House: Edmund Dehn
Melmotte's servant: William Eedle

30th July 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Peter Ibbetson (1891) by George Du Maurier (1834-1896) dramatised by David Buck (1936-1989)
Peter learns to live a new life, one in which all his most intense romantic hopes are fulfilled.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Mary Duchess of Towers: Cherie Lunghi
Peter Ibbetson: Timothy Bentinck
Old Peter: Laurence Payne
Warden/Lord Cray: Paul Gregory
Madge Plunkett/Mrs Deane: Joan Matheson
Mme Pasquier/Lady Cray: Diana Olsson
Young Peter: Matthew Francis
Mme Seraskier/ Lady Soames: Angela Barlow
Young Mary: Gemma Field
Monsieur Le Major/ Sir Ralph: John Samson
Colonel Ibbetson: Norman Bird
Lintot: Michael Tudor Barnes

31st July 1988
A Good Used Heart by Leo Goldman
For a pair of crooks, the time seems ripe to move from petty larceny to spare-part surgery....
Directed by Ned Chaillet .
Fingers: Lee Montague
Joey: Ed Bishop
First broadcast 7th and 8th April 1987
[Joey and Fingers reappeared in "The Brain Part, the Heart Part" broadcast 20/12/88- see below]

31st July 1988
Fancy Picture: a Portrait after Gainsborough by John Spurling
Gainsborough made strong friendships. But he also quarrelled with his friend Joshua Reynolds.
Music: Harold Lester Baroque Trio.
Directed by Judith Bumpus and Piers Plowright
Gainsborough: Robert Stephens
Gainsborough Dupont,: Nicholas Geeks
Sir Joshua Reynolds: John Franklyn-Robbins
J C Bach: Frederick Jaeger
Margaret Gainsborough: Eva Stuart
Molly Gainsborough: Joanna MacKie
C F Abel: Michael Tudor Barnes
Peggy Gainsborough: Joan Walker
The Rev Henry Bate: John Samson
King George III: Laurence Payne
Mrs Elliott: Diana Olsson
James Barry: Richard Tate
Repeated 2nd August 1988

1st August 1988
20.15 :
Snow Bubble by Tina Pepler
An uneasy, tense equilibrium in Petra's marriage is maintained until two old friends come to stay....
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
Petra: Deborah Makepeace
Ben: Christopher Douglas
Meg: Julia Hills
David: Peter Baldwin
Repeated 6th August 1988

2nd August 1988
15.00 :
Hard of Hearing by COUN HAYDN EVANS
Saturday- Brian needs to repair the tumble drier, but has a problem.
Directed By: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
June: Belinda Lang
Graham: Graham Blockey

3rd August 1988
15.00 :
A Scarecrow Singing by Alison Leonard.
Bethan's life is transformed by her word processor.
Bethan's song composed and arranged by Christine Blanchard
Technical presentation by Martin Gifford. Frances Shilton and Mike Frost
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Stereo/Binaural The full binaural effect can only be received by listening with stereo headphones.
Bethan Jones: Moir Leslie
Jut: Gerald James
Rhiannon: Lisabeth Miles
Eluned: Marged Esli
Ben Rhys: Tony Etoria

4th August 1988
15.00 :
Just a Few Friends by Roger Davenport
Mary and Ted babysit for their daughter. Things get terribly out of hand.
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Mary: Thora Hird
Ted: And Leslie Sands
Cathy: Polly James
Oliver: John Samson
Baroness: Pauline Letts
Major: John Horsley
Joe: John Hollis
Nanny Parsons: Barbara Atkinson

5th August 1988
15.00 :
The Princess Casamassima (1885) by Henry James (1843-1916) dramatised by Betty Davies.
1 of 5: Initiation.
Adoption, murder, prison - radical politics and assassination plot.
Directed by Enyd Williams
Storyteller Richard Tate
Hyacinth Robinson: Mark Ashton
Florentine Vivier: Alexandra Bastedo
Eustache Poupin: Michael Deacon
Millicent as a child: Annabelle Lanyon
Mme Poupin: Joanna MacKie
Paul Muniment: James Noble
Lady Aurora Langrish: Deborah Norton
Hyacinth a child: Henry Power
Mr Vetch: John Samson
Mrs Bowerbank: Elizabeth Spriggs
Millicent Henning: Imelda Staunton
Miss Pynsent: Eva Stuart
Rose Muniment: Joan Walker
Actors in later episodes:
Piano: Mary Nash
the Princess: Elizabeth Bell(2)
Capt Sholto: Philip Sully(2)
Mme Grandoni: Barbara Atkinson(2)
Prince Casamassima: Paul Sirr(2)
Schinkel: William Simons(3)
Also with Ian Michie
Ep2:12/8/88 Ep3:19/8/88 Ep4:26/8/88 Ep5:2/9/88
[There was an earlier production in 1956 in three parts]
[The Princess first appeared in the James novel "Roderick Hudson" - broadcast in two productions in 1956 and 1984]

6th August 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Whose Body? (1923) by Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957) dramatised by Michelene Wandor
Whose body has appeared in a bath? Lord Peter investigates ...
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill
Lord Peter Wimsey: Gary Bond
Bunter: John Cater
Mr Parker: Roger Rowland
Sir Julian Freke: Michael Graham Cox
Duchess of Denver: Veda Warwick
Mr Thipps/ Dr Grimbold/ Waiter: Kim Durham
John P. Milligan/ Insp Sugg/ Gerald, Duke of Denver: Terry Molloy
Mr Crimplesham/ Foreman/ Sexton: Christopher Benjamin
Sir Reuben Levy/ Graves/ Coroner: Geoff Serle
Freddie Arbuthnot/ Cummings: Tim Brierley
Gladys Horrocks/ Lady Levy: Charlotte Martin
Mr Piggott: Alex Jones
First broadcast 28/12/87
Repeated 6/4/92, 12/6/93,
This production was also repeated on BBC7 2005,2007,2008,
[There was an earlier production by Simon Brett, with Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter in 1974, repeated 1977, which was later repeated in 1990]
[This is the story that introduced Lord Peter.]

7th August 1988
Reunion by John Casson
A security-van robbery goes wrong.
Directed by Peter King.
Johnny: Derek Newark
Nick: Robin Summers
Repeated from 12th May 1987

8th August 1988
15.00 :
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926) by Agatha Christie (1890-1976) Dramatised By Michael Bakewell
When Hercule Poirot retires to the country to grow vegetable marrows, he finds that someone has planted the seeds of treachery and of murder.
Directed by Enyd Williams
Hercule Poirot: John Moffatt
Dr Sheppard: John Woodvine
Roger Ackroyd: Laurence Payne
Raymond: Peter Gilmore
Caroline: Diana Olsson
Miss Russell: Eva Stuart
Flora: Zelah Clarke
Mrs Cecil Ackroyd: Joan Matheson
Ursula Bourne: Karen Archer
Hector Blunt: David Goodland
Insp Raglan: Richard Tate
Insp Davis: Simon Cuff
Ralph Paton: Paul Sirr
Kent: Peter Craze
Hammond: Alan Dudley
Parker, the butler: Deryck Guyler
Repeated from 24/12/87
Later repeated 17/9/90
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2006, 2007, 2009
[The third Poirot novel- in 2013, 87 years after its pyblication, the British Crime Writers' Association voted it the best crime novel ever.]
[Orson Welles produced a radio version in America in 1939 with Welles as Poirot].

8th August 1988
20.15 :
The Hallelujah Blues by Tony Dennis
Sheppard, a journalist, is sent to Birmingham to do a report on Handsworth.
Directed By: Jeremy Mortimer
Roy: Hugh Quarshie
Jeff: Okon Jones
Liz Sheppard: Sandra Yaw
Jones: Peter Craze
Minister: Tommy Eytle
Harry Shields: Michael Deacon
Insp Matthews: William Simons
Ivan: Trevor Butler
Marcus: Robert Phillips
Baker: Ben Onwukwe
Kemi: Marcia Johnson
Matron: Mona Hammond
Akua: Suzette Llewellyn
Somola: Joy Eliasrilwan
Len: Roger Griffiths
Also with Simon Cuff, Caroline Gruber, Paul Sirr, Richard Tate and Joan Walker
Repeated 13/8/88

9th August 1988
15.00-15.30 :
End of the Line by Ray Hartshorne
The weather's rotten. Frank's knees are playing up, and he isn't going to work again. Wayne, Frank's youngest son is also unemployed. Relations are getting strained....
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
Frank: Keith Clifford
Alice: Paula Tilbrook

9th August 1988
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974) by John Le Carre adapted by Rene Basilico.
1 of 7: George Smiley returns from a prolonged overseas assignment to discover that all is not well.
Music By: Max Harris
Producer: John Fawcett Wilson
George Smiley: Bernard Hepton
Percy Alleline: James Grout
Toby Esterhase: Charles Kay
Roy Bland: William Simons
Bill Haydon: Edward de Souza
Control: Alan MacNaughtan
Lady Anne Smiley: Sarah Lawson
Jim Prideaux: Denis Lill
Sam Collins: Terrence Hardiman
Bryant: Michael Tudor Barnes
Foreign Office clerk: Peter Craze
Meakin: Laurence Payne
Secretary: Zelah Clarke
Oliver Lacon: John Quayle
For actors in later episodes please see the episode first broadcast date.
Pt2:16/8/88 Pt3:23/8/88 Pt4:30/8/88 Pt5:6/9/88 Pt6:13/9/88 Pt7:20/9/88
All 1988 episodes repeated two days later.
Series repeated daily commencing 24/12/88.
[This was the 5th Smiley novel and the first in the Karla trilogy. The first novel "Call for the Dead" was broadcast in five parts in 1978.]
[There was a later production dramatised by Shaun McKenna in 2009]

10th August 1988
15.00 :
Heavy Roller by John Latham
Skip has been the captain of the village cricket team for as long as anyone can remember. His powers are waning and with them his grip on life.
Directed by Clive Brill
Skip: Clive Swift
Meg: Annrye
Lucy: Julie-Ann Taylor
Tom: Pearce Quigley
Don: Malcolm Raeburn

11th August 1988
15.00 :
Over My Dead Body by RICHARD MORRIS
Adam wakes up one morning and finds a stranger has been murdered on his bed. He does his best.
Directed by David Johnston
Adam Pride: Michael Cochrane
Peck: Richard Tate
Joan: Jane Campion
McSweeney: Harry Webster
Sgt Flack: Anthony Jackson
Constable Pride: Laurence Payne
Constable Bower: Simon Cuff
Mrs Harris: Jean Reeve
Pablo: Ken Cumberlidge
Pub landlord: Paul Sirr
Perce: Philip Sully
Repeated 4th June 1989

13th August 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: More Work for the Undertaker by Margery Allingham dramatised by Margaret Etall
The Palinode family are not the sort to get themselves poisoned. Campion decides it is time to look into the matter....
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Albert Campion: Francis Matthews
Lugg: Geoffrey Matthews
Jas Bowels: George Parsons
Charlie Luke: Tim Meats
Renee Roper: Jennifer Piercey
Clarence/Capt Seton: Howard Goorney
Henry James/Glossop: Phillip Mankum
Evadne/Housekeeper: Sheila Grant
Lawrence/Dice: Manning Wilson
Jessica: Rachel Gurney
Rowley/Congreve: Stuart Organ
Dr Smith/Yeo: Paul Nicholson
Voice: James Goode
Repeated from 30th December 1986

14th August 1988
On a Plate by Steve May
Trevor meets Cook, a know-it-all from the Silver Spoon Restaurant.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Cook: Anthony Jackson
Trevor: Chris Chescoe
Lecturer: Ian Thompson
Archbishop: Paul Gregory
First MP: Michael Tudor Barnes
Second MP: Stephen Thorne
Repeated from 14th July 1987

15th August 1988
15.00 :
The Governess (1983) by Evelyn Hervey (aka Henry R F Keating)(1926-2011) dramatised by Barry CampbelL and Michael Bakewell
It all began with the theft of some sugar mice, which was hardly a crime to interest Sergeant Drewd. But it was followed by murder....
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Harriet Unwin: Angela Pleasence
Sergeant Drewd: James Bolam
Pelham: James Holland
Mrs Arthur Thackerton: Susan Jameson
William Thackerton: Jack May
Arthur Thackerton: Tony Mathews
Joseph: Steve Hodson
Vilkins: Emily Richard
Grandmother Thackerton: Joan Matheson
HopkinSon: David Sinclair
Hannah: Victoria Carling
Mrs Breakspear: Eva Stuart
Newspaper voice: John Rye
MissBond: Marian Diamond
John: Stephen Tompkinson
PC Wilson: Anthony Jackson
Surgeon: Alan Dudley
Mr Brattle: Kim Wall
PC Smethers: Michael Troughton
Superintendent: Stephen Thorne
Repeated from 27/12/87.
[Most of Keating's books were published under his own name, which he also used for BBC Drama plays and abridgements.]

15th August 1988
20.15 :
Apart from George by Nick Ward
A chill wind is blowing across the flat landscape of the Fens and George, once comfortable in his close-knit community, now finds himself standing alone.
Directed by Nick Ward
Producer Penny Gold.
George: Matthew Scurfield
Pam: Amelda Brown
Linda: Katrin Cartlidge
John Grey/ Arthur Loveless: Michael Turner
Repeated 20th August 1988

16th August 1988
Well, at Least It Didn't Rain by Renny Krupinski
Funerals can be fraught with disasters, especially when tropical fish tanks are involved.
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Nell: Patricia Hayes
Joan: Rosemary Leach
Maisy: Mary Wimbush
Angela: Zelah Clarke
David: Kim Wall
Repeated 8th April 1990
Also broadcast on BBC World Service February 1992.

16th August 1988
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974) by John Le Carre adapted by Rene Basilico.
2 of 7: Smiley retired over a year ago, then a chance encounter and an unexpected invitation prove that the past is not so easily forgotten.
Please see 9th August 1988 above.
Actors additional to those in part one:
Peter Guillam: Douglas Blackwell
Ricky Tarr: Christian Rodska
Roddy Martindale: John Savident
Irina: Valentina Yakunina
Cabbie: Philip Sully
Tom: Norman Bird
Fawn: Anthony Jackson
Pt3:23/8/88 Pt4:30/8/88 Pt5:6/9/88 Pt6:13/9/88 Pt7:20/9/88

17th August 1988
Rumpole: The Confession of Guilt by John Mortimer (1923-2009)
Rumpole investigates the truth of a true confession and learns the drawbacks of being an Old Bailey hack.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Rumpole: Maurice Denham (1909-2002)
Hilda: Margot Boyd (1913-2008)
Nick Rumpole:..Michael Maloney
Magnus Piecan: John Church
Mr Winter: Anthony Hall
Oswald Gladstone: Kelvin Omarde
Mr Justice Everglades: Godfrey Kenton
Det Insp Arthur: John Hollis
First broadcast 21st and 23rd July 1980
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009
[Adapted by Mortimer from the 1975 tv "Play for Today", which was then a pilot for a 1978 series by Thames tv]

17th August 1988
15.00 :
Tempting Fate by Carolyn Sally Jones
Cilia has the ability to see into the future, and her meeting with Lucy reveals how dangerous such powers might be.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Cilia Henderson: Romy Baskerville
Mary: Ann Rye
Greg: John Branwell
Lucy: Barbara Marten
Mrs Riordan/Neighbour: Mary Cunningham
Nicki/Client: Vanessa Rosenthal
Mr Jessop/Police officer: Peter Faulkner

18th August 1988
15.00 :
Blind Down the Thames by Peter Terson
Danny and Anthony decide to canoe down the Thames, from the source to Westminster. But perhaps it is a case of the blind leading the blind.
Director Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol
Anthony: Graham Blockey
Danny: Andrew Branch
Chrissie: Deborah Makepeace
Clare: June Tobin
Carol: Susie Brann
Also with John Abineri, Alan Dudley, Anthony Jackson, Bruce Stewart and Michael Tudor Barnes

20th August 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Smallbone Deceased by Michael Gilbert (1912-2006) dramatised by Nesta Pain
A discovery in a deed-box sets off a train of events in the office of a firm of solicitors.
Directed by Glyn Dearman
Inspector Hazlerigg: Hywel Bennett
Henry Bohnn: Dominic Guard
John Cove: John Rye
Miss Cornel: Jill Simcox
Anne Mildmay: Jenny Funnell
Bob Horniman: Andrew Branch
Mr Birley: Peter Howell
MissBellbas: Susie Brann
Miss Chittering: Elaine Claxton
Sgt Plumptree: Andrew Alston
Miss Tasker/Mrs Mullett: Pauline Letts
Sgt Cockerill: Manning Wilson
Asst Commissioner: Edward de Souza
Miss Magoli/Manageress: Sheila Grant
Gissel/Hayman: Brian Hewlett
Dr Bland: Kim Wall
Mr Mason/Manifold: Alan Dudley
Hoffman: Richard Durden
Repeated from 28th December 1987
[Nesta Pain directed an earlier production of this play in 1971, with Paul Daneman as Hazelrigg]
[Michael Gilbert was a solicitor]
[This was the fourth novel in the Hazelrigg series]

21st August 1988
14.30 :
Shining ... Shining.... by David Ashton
Cissy always has a good time down at the pub.
Piano: Martin Goldstein
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Cissy: Brenda Bruce
Repeated from 4th August 1987

22nd August 1988
15.00 :
Inspector French and the Starvel Tragedy
(1927) by Freeman Wills Crofts (1879-1957) adapted by Alan Downer
Starvel House burnt to the ground and three people died. Inspector French was called to look again at the inquest verdict of accidental death.
Directed by David Johnston
Inspector French: Edward de Souza
Detective Constable Tanner: Jonathan Tafler
Pierce Whymper: Gary Cady
Chief Insp Mitchell: Reginald Marsh
Sgt Kent: Alan Downer
Dr Philpot: Michael Deacon
Ruth A verill: Zelah Clarke
Mrs Oxley: Joan Matheson
Mrs Palmer-Gore: Diana Olsson
MrDashwood: John Baddeley
Jeweller: William Simons
Manager at Thomas Cook's: Alan Dudley
Landlord: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated from 29th December 1987.
[Incorrectly referred to as Starve Tragedy for the 1988 Genome entry]
[This was the third novel in the series of 30 Inspector French books]

22nd August 1988
20.15 :
The Women of Southover Sands by Frederick Bradnum (1920-2001).
Heathcote returns after a 15 year absence. Why? He cannot have expected the reception that the sisters gave him.
Directed by Jane Morgan
Veronica: Sarah Badel
Katrina: Zelah Clarke
Frederica: Jane Campion
Heathcote: Jonathan Oliver
Ernest: Norman Bird
Monsignor: Michael Tudor Barnes
Repeated 27th August 1988

23rd August 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Forgeries by Michael Butt
A political prisoner has his journal published. The 'authorities' from both East and West are alerted to the danger.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Douglas: Sean Barrett
Faulkner: Crawford Logan

23rd August 1988
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974) by John Le Carre adapted by Rene Basilico.
3 of 7: There is a Russian double agent operating.
Please see 9th August 1988 above.
Additional actors not in the first part:
Mendel: John Bennett
Mrs Pope-Graham: Ann Lynn
Connie Sachs: Rosemary Leach
Ricky Tarr: Christian Rodska
Peter Guillam: Douglas Blackwell
Student: Richard Pearce
Lauder Strickland: Alex Norton
Pt4:30/8/88 Pt5:6/9/88 Pt6:13/9/88 Pt7:20/9/88
All 1988 episodes repeated two days later.

24th August 1988
Rumpole and the Man of God by John Mortimer
Rumpole has to defend a man of the cloth, and produces a miraculous result.
Directed by Peter King.
Rumpole: Maurice Denham
Hilda: Margot Boyd
Judge George Frobisher: Denys Hawthorne
Evelyn Skinner: Lally Bowers
The Rev Skinner: Richard Vernon
Mr Morse: Leonard Fenton
Mrs Tempest: Jenny Lee
Judge Bullingham: John Savident
Mr Pratt: Michael McStay
Phillida Trant: Amanda Murray
Guthrie Featherstone: Michael Spice
Erskine-Brown: Brian Carroll
Uncle Tom: Patrick Barr
First broadcast on 20th August 1980.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009

25th August 1988
15.00 :
Hate Mail by T. Smith
Sgt Wicker 's last week before retirement starts out with a less than thrilling case of a vandalised garden. But it soon escalates to something very much nastier.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Det Sgt Wicker: William Simons
Det Con Blake: Ian Targett
Jill Compton: Joanna MacKie
Mark Compton: Philip Sully
Ada: Barbara Atkinson
Dr Stanton: Laurence Payne
Wardley: Norman Bird
Jane Bradbury: Diana Katis
Sgt Clark: Michael Tudor Barnes

27th August 1988
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Repeated from 18th April 1988- please see above.

28th August 1988
14.30-15.00 :
Gosforth's Fete by Alan Ayckbourn
The PA system is down. The first aid tent isn't up. And the cubs and brownies are everywhere....
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Pebble Mill.
Gosforth: Gordon Reid
Scoutmaster Stokes: Terry Molloy
Milly: Sarah Thomas
Councillor Pearce: Delena Kldd
Vicar: Graham Blockey

29th August 1988
15.00 :
Right Ho, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse adapted by Pat Hooker
Repeated from 28th May 1988- please see above.

29th August 1988
Are You Now or Have You Ever Been... by Eric Bentley
Repeated from 16th April 1988- please see above.

30th August 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Material Concerns by Timothy Jackson
Millie and Albert love the mountains. They have an eternal quality.
Music by David Chilton
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Millie: Thora Hird
Georgina: Ann Lynn
Albert: Alan Dudley
Dr Sharp: Steve Hodson
Jemima: Julle First
Caroline: Joan Walker
Mr Battle: John Baddeley

30th August 1988
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974) by John Le Carre adapted by Rene Basilico.
4 of 7: George Smiley has begun his 'extra-mural' investigation into allegations of a Russian double agent.
Please see 9th August 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Jerry Westerby: David Calder
Peter Guillam: Douglas Blackwell
Mendel: John Bennett
Mrs Pope-Graham: Ann Lynn
Jimmy: John Baddeley
Alwyn: Sidney Kean
Sally: Alice Edwards
Pt5:6/9/88 Pt6:13/9/88 Pt7:20/9/88
All 1988 episodes repeated two days later.

31st August 1988
12.25-13.00 :
Rumpole: The Dear Departed by John Mortimer
Rumpole appears in a disputed-will case. He learns how to address an empty jury box and cope with a client who has passed over.
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Rumpole: Maurice Denham
Hilda: Margot Boyd
Miss Beasley: Jill Balcon
Mr Pontefract: Preston Lockwood
Guthrie Featherstone: Michael Spice
Mr Justice Venables: Peter Pratt
Percival Ollard: Martin Friend
First broadcast 28th and 30th July 1980.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009

31st August 1988
15.00 :
Oxfords by David Stafford
Winkle-pickers may come and go but the classic black Oxford will go on for ever. Roger has to work out what his true destiny is.
Directed by Annette Ogden
Roger: Tim McInnerny
Alecto: Andy de la Tour
Megaera: Sonia Ritter R
Uncle Alf: Norman Bird
Annie: Polly James
Neil: Ian Targett
Dawn: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Lucy: Joanna MacKie
Geoff: Michael Tudor Barnes
Snooker commentator: Paul Sirr

1st September 1988
15.00 :
Morris Dances by Neil Rhodes
Morris can't dance and asks when you have been everywhere, where can you go next?
Directed by Richard Wortley
Morris: Struan Rodger
Geraldine: Janet Maw
Barclay: Michael Deacon

1st September 1988
The Pilgrim's Postscript by Murray Watts.
300 years on, Bunyan dreams again travelling from the shopping malls of the City of Destruction..
Researcher Beryl Hoda
Producer Chris Rees
Bunyan: Brian Glover
Christian: Robert Duncan
Also with Willie Rushton, Pat Coombs and Nigel Forde

3rd September 1988
15.00 :
An Imaginary Friend by Guy Jenkin
The Moon family's daughter presents them with a situation.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Mary Moon: Daryl Back
James Moon: Kim Wall
Jennifer Moon: Jennifer Piercey
Terence Moon: John Hollis
Gran: Sheila Grant
DrAnne Palmer: Shirley Dixon
The Rev Roy: Sean Barrett
The Rev Embling: Geoffrey Beevers
Cambodian girl: Zelah Clarke
First broadcast 24th and 29th August 1987

3rd September 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Just a Gypsy, by Ian Cullen (1939-20149).
Two gypsies break into an old farmhouse to steal metal. Does anybody care if the police arrest the wrong man?
Directed by Peter Windows
BBC Pebble Mill.
Johnny: Sean Barrett
Sally: Caroline Gruber
Mary: Bernadette O'Brien
Sheila: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Mike: Terry Molloy
Paddy: Richard Derrington
Sgt McKay: Roger Hume
PC Turner: Kim Durham
PC Brown: Robert Warner
The Rev Cross: Edwin Richfield
PC Fox/Jake: David Vann
PC Keen/Tom: John Dixon
DHSS official: Joan Walker
Jessie: Emma Grinsell
Repeated 5th September 1988

3rd September 1988
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
1 of 6: The Pet and the Pendulum
Music: Max Harris
Producer: Paul Spencer
Rev Mr. Penny: John Nettleton
Dr. Westler: Jim Broadbent
Peter: Adam Wide
Stranger: Peter Howell
Archbishop: Michael Deacon
Burgher: John Samson
Burgheress: Elizabeth Richards
Felch: Michael Ripper
Barman: Alan Thompson
Dogman: Ian Michie
Actors in later episodes- please see relevant broadcast date.
Pt2:10/9/88 Pt3:17/9/88 Pt4:24/9/88 Pt5:1/10/88 Pt6:8/10/88
All 1988 episodes repeated four days later.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008
[The series started with a one off in 1984, "The Demon Cakestand Of Beastley Chase "; and was followed by two series. S1, 1987="Tales From The Mausoleum Club"]

4th September 1988
14.30-15.00 :
Johnny Mangano and His Astonishing Dogs (1966) by Michel Tremblay
Johnny and Carlotta are stuck in a tacky nightclub act with performing dogs.
Directed by Peter King.
Johnny: Derek Newark
Carlotta: Elizabeth Bell
Stage manager: Paul Gregory
First broadcast on 11th and 12th August 1987
[Forms the centre story of a trilogy, "Cinq" - first was "Berthe" and last "Gloria Star"]

5th September 1988
20.15 :
Kafe Kropotkin by Bernard Kops
1948: the occupants of the Kafe Kropotkin in Soho argue and dream and plan to change the world. A new customer, Frank, affects them all.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Bella: Elizabeth Bell
Ron: David Swift
Maxie:Alfred Molina
Frank: Alan Barker
Sam: Harry Towb
Jackie: Katharine Levy
Betty: Polly James
Philip: Gordon Dulieu
Woman: Barbara Atkinson
Rabbi: Peter Majer
Jimmy/Brother: Michael Deacon
Cabbie/Conductor: Philip Sully
Repeated 10th September 1988

6th September 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Museum Piece by Keith Goodall
Cartrite is keen to make an impression in his new job as assistant in the museum basement. But his supervisor,
does not want a young man messing around with his fossils and relics.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh.
Squidger Cartrite: Ron Moody
Cartrite: John Blakey
Luigi Luchini: Richard Ate
Professor Staad: Michael Tudor Barnes

7th September 1988
Rumpole: The Defence of Guthrie Featherstone by John Mortimer
Rumpole defends his Head of Chambers, who faces a tribunal.
Directed by Peter King.
Rumpole: Maurice Denham
Hilda: Margot Boyd
Phillida Trant: Amanda Murray
Guthrie Featherstone: Michael Spice
Bertie Timson: Michael Elphick
Marigold Featherstone: Angela Thorne
Mr Keith: Lockwood West
Mr Justice Vosper: Robert Harris
First broadcast 25th and 27th August 1980
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009

7th September 1988
The Break and Some Surrender
Two plays by Bernard MacLaverty
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
the father: J G Devlin
the son: Sean Barrett
Voice/John: Anthony Jackson
the father: James Ellis
the son: Ian McElhinney
[BBC Genome incorrectly placed a space between Mac and Laverty]

8th September 1988
15.00 :
Echoes of a Summer Day by Andrew Tyrrell
To escape her family, Olga goes away on a tour with two itinerant musicians. Her mother follows.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Geraldine: Pauline Yates
Olga: Tilly Vosburgh
Farren: Bill Nighy
Philip: Michael Tudor Barnes
Nana: Barbara Atkinson
Edgar: Ian Targett

9th September 1988
15.00 :
Cold Comfort Farm (1932) by Stella Gibbons (1902-1989) adapted by Elizabeth Proud
1 of 4: Flora's Rights. Flora believes that unless life is tidy one cannot even begin to enjoy it: and life at Cold Comfort Farm promises to be anything but. Piano: Terence Allbright
Cello: Richard Apley
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Stella Gibbons: Elizabeth Proud
Reader: John Westbrook
Mary Smiling: Kate Binchy
Flora Poste: Patricla Gallimore
Charles Fairford: David McAlister
Aunt Gwen: Pauline Letts
Angus McKnag: Alexander John
Spiritualist: Gladys Spencer
Judith Starkadder: Margaret Robertson
Reuben Starkadder: Trevor Martin
Adam Lambsbreath: Cyril Shaps
Seth Starkadder: Sion Probert
Amos Starkadder: John Hollis
Abbe Fausse-Maigre: Malcolm Hayes
Mark Dolour: Stephen Garlick
Elfine Starkadder: Jane Knowles
Additional cast in later episodes- please see relevant dates.
Ep2:16/9/88 Ep3:23/9/88 Ep4:30/9/88
First broadcast 17th May 1981
[See Also: a sequel in two parts, on 14/1/83 a one hour play written by Proud and directed by Cotterell called "There Have Always Been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm" followed on 16/1/83 by one hour play "Reubens Oath or Seven Good Men and True at Cold Comfort Farm" with mostly the same cast as above. ]

10th September 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: My Generation By Howard Wakeling
In 1964, Annie from Lancashire goes to art college in London. What happens to her and her friends in the next 24 years?
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Annie: Lesley Nicol
Carol: Caroline Lee Johnson
Julian: Gary Bond
Richard: Mike Grady
Barry: Stephen Yardley
Sandie: Abigail Docherty
Alkarim: Amerjit Deu
Jon Jon: Richard Pearce
Miss Townsend/Jenny: Emily Richard
Pippa/Kay/Bar lady: Zelah Clarke
Anita/Jane/Art student: Caroline Gruber
Fisher/Second rocker/Student: Peter Craze
Danny/First rocker/Art student: Stephen Tompkinson
Dad/Principal/Man in bar: Anthony Jackson
Mum/Landlady: Eva Stuart
Repeated 12th September 1988

10th September 1988
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
2 of 6: The Charge of the Boys'Brigade.
Please see 3rd September 1988 above.
Additional cast to part one:
Miss Primrose: Alison Steadman
General Cheeseman: Robert Stephens
Mackintosh: John Matshikiza
Felch: Michael Ripper
Club member: John Samson
Buckets: Joan Walker
Sandbags: Ian Michie
Outcast: Richard Pearce
Pt3:17/9/88 Pt4:24/9/88 Pt5:1/10/88 Pt6:8/10/88
All 1988 episodes repeated four days later.

11th September 1988
Justice Feral by Albert Welling
Repeated from 9th March 1988- see above.

12th September 1988
20.15 :
Cripplehead by Wally K. Daly.
One man's attempt to overcome self-doubt and nightmare.
Directed By: Martin Jenkins
Cripplehead: James Laurenson
Petra: Joanna MacKie
Mother: Anne Jameson
Uncle John: John Hollis
Gerald/Pontius Pilate: John Samson
Mohandas/Priest: Sean Barrett
Eve/Lavinia/Mary: Karen Ascoe
Adam: Ian Targett
Snake: Laurence Payne
Jewishman/Voice: Martin Friend
Jewish woman: Eva Stuart
Administrator: Joan Walker
Organisation man: William Simons
Scotsman: Stephen Rashbrook
Repeated 17th September 1988
[No relation to the book by Raymond Haigh of the same title]

13th September 1988
The Bright Red One by Renny Krupinski
We have it in red, sir. A sort of bright red, sir. Immaculate throughout. 19,000 miles.
Directed by Janet Whitaker
Alan: John Baddeley
Keith: Renny Krupinski
Sharon: Camille Coduri
Meetek: Paul Gregory
Operator/Secretary: Caroline Gruber
Repeated 17th April 1990

13th September 1988
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974) by John Le Carre adapted by Rene Basilico.
6 of 7- Smiley's investigations are almost complete. But there are still one or two loose ends to tie up....
Please see 9th August 1988 above.
Actors additional to part one:
Peter Guillam: Douglas Blackwell
Mendel: John Bennett
Mrs Pope-Graham: Ann Lynn
Jumbo: Adam Bromley
Shrimp: Corrin Heluwell
Receptionnist/Waitress: Jenny Funnell

14th September 1988
12.25 :
Rumpole: Perils of the Sea by John Mortimer Rumpole leaves London to sit behind his Head of Chambers in a provincial court. Mysterious happenings among the weekend sailors. Directed by Ian Cotterell
Rumpole: Maurice Denham
Hilda: Margot Boyd
Henry: Haydn Wood
Guthrie Featherstone: Michael Spice
Mr Tonkin: Christopher Scott
Jackie Jason: Dilys Laye
Sam: Sion Probert
Dora: Eve Karpf
Buster: Graham Faulkner
Rosemary: Jenny Lee
Henry Arthur Spong: Brian Haines
Gerald Gaunt: John Bott
Insp Salter: Michael McStay
Judge: Norman Shelley
Frederick Jason: Gordon Reid
First broadcast 6th and 8th October 1980
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008

14th September 1988
15.00 :
Paul by Martin Boylan
Paul's family rejected him. After years in a children's home , he is drifting into a life of crime. One person is concerned about him.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Paul: Owen Sharp
Sister Dolan: Ena May
Willie: Victor Burke
Mary: Victoria Armstrong
Mrs Delaney: Anne Kent
Mr Delaney: Reamonn O'Byrne
Anne Byrne: Catherine Byrne
Jim Byrne: Gerard McSorley
Brenda: Keelin O'Donnell
Deirdre: Aideen O'Donnell
Mr Daly: Conor Farrington
O'Connor: Darren Smith
Boys: Simon Kelly and Sean McDonagh

15th September 1988
15.00 :
The Burma Star and the Family Treat by Peter Roberts
Eddie Davies may have been 'The Star of Burma' in 1944, but on holiday in Torquay in 1988, jungle tactics are no longer required....
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill.
Sam: With Glyn Houston
Eddie: Mike Hayward
Gwen: And Christine Pollon
Keith: Ian Saynor
Vron: Moir Leslie
David: Andy Hockley
Howard/Fairground attendant: Rob Swinton
Woman at fair: Francesca Whitburn
Doctor: Geoff Serle

15th September 1988
19.20 :
The Night of the New Moon by Laurens Van Der Post (1906-1996) adapted by Peter Bevan and dramatised by Brian Sibley
Early on 6th August 1945 the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima. Laurens was a prisoner of war.
Directed by Richard Imison
Van der Post: David Collings
Nichols: Hugh Dickson
Donaldson: David Ashton
Haruchi: Togo Igawa
Mori: Richard Rees
In the television studio: Presenter: Michael Tudor
Yashiro: Togo Igawa
Japanese myth: Megumi Shimanuki
Other parts played by Vincent Wong, Ian Michie, Ken Cumberlidge, Chua Kahjoo and Eva Stuart

16th September 1988
15.00 :
Cold Comfort Farm (1932) by Stella Gibbons (1902-1989) adapted by Elizabeth Proud
2 of 4: Amos's Call. Will Flora ever meet Aunt Ada Doom.
Please see 9th September 1988 above.
Additional cast not in the first episode:
Piano and Harmonium: Terence Allbright
Violin: Alison Hurry
Meriam: Amanda Murray
Mrs Beetle: Miriam Margolyes
Mrs Murther: Diana Bishop
Reuben Starkadder: Trevor Martin
Waitress: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Mr Mybug: Michael Spice
Aunt Ada Doom: Fabia Drake
Ep3:23/9/88 Ep4:30/9/88

17th September 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Starlight Boys by Adam Peterson
Three group members, driving various vehicles in their day jobs aim for fame.
Songs written by Adam Peterson and Wiliiam Radley and performed by the Thunderbirds. Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Jacko: John McArdle
Zhiv: Paul Codman
Gunner: Christopher Quinn
Maureen: Polly James
Collette: Moya Brady
Monty: Neville Barber
Dolly: Sheila Fay
Karen: Kate Fitzgerald
Frank: Adam Peterson
Jean: Judy Holt
["Thunderbirds"- Not the Australian or Singapore groups of the 1960s or the US group from the 80s. This would be the musicians from Manchester group "the Thunderbyrds" who performed locally in 1977-1985, mostly cover versions.]

17th September 1988
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
3 of 6: Trevor Island
Please see 3rd September 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Zizz: Martin Jarvis
Captain White: Richard Pearson
Peggs: Robin Ellis
Kipper: Melvyn Hayes
Bannister: Ron Pember
Editor: Bill Wallis
Barman: William Simons
Pt4:24/9/88 Pt5:1/10/88 Pt6:8/10/88

18th September 1988
14.30 :
"The Brothers of Calanda or Concerning Certain Regularities in the Development of Political Phenomena" by Carlos Cerda (1942-2001) translated by Margaret Etall
Garces discovers the devastating physical change that some of the citizens are going through in Calanda.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Garces: Richard Durden
Robles: Edward de Souza
Maria: Susie Brann
Nicomedes: James Goode
Filipo: Jonathan Tafler
Repeated from 18th February 1987

19th September 1988
20.15 :
Chocolate (1922) by Alexander Tarasov Rodyonov (1885-1938) dramatised by Peter Thomson.
1918: the Russian Civil War. A prisoner is brought to the head of the local secret police. He ought to have her shot but takes pity on her with fateful consequences.
The author Tarasov-Rodyonov was arrested in 1937 and sent to Stalin's death camps. "Chocolate" was used in evidence against him.
Directed by Matthew Walters
Zudin: Ian Hogg
Elyena Valtz: Susanna Dawson
Abram: Jonathan Tafler
Lisa: Emily Richard
Gorst: Simon Cuff
Masha/Houskeeper: Zelah Clarke
Heckey: Paul Sirr
Chotkin: Alan Dudley
Shustry: William Simons
Stepan: Steve Hodson
Scheglov: Michael Tudor Barnes
Klimov: Denis Lill
Repeated on 24th September 1988.
[Discovered after 1988: Rodyonov was executed at Butovo Firing Range, Moscow and buried at Kommunarka, about three miles south of Moscow, probably shot immediately after the verdict against him.]

20th September 1988
The Wooing of Gillian Carstairs and Christopher Binding by Diana Souhami
Love blossoms when Cupid's arrow glances the heart and lands adjacent to Christopher Binding's chequebook.
Directed by Stuart Kerr.
Christopher: Graham Seed
Gillian: Diana Blackburn
French waiter: Steve Hodson

20th September 1988
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1974) by John Le Carre adapted by Rene Basilico.
7 of 7: The last clever knot has been unravelled....
Please see 9th August 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Ricky Tarr: Christian Rodska
Mendel: John Bennett
Mrs Pope-Graham: Ann Lynn
Steve Macklevore: Tenniel Evans
Millie McCraig: Eva Stuart
Ben: Stephen Tompkinson
Nick de Silsky: Brian Croucher
Fawn: Anthony Jackson
Duty officer: John Sansom
Polyakov: Alexei Jawdokimov

21st September 1988
Rumpole and the Show Folk by John Mortimer
Director: Ian Cotterell
Rumpole: Maurice Denham
Maggie Frere: Margaret Robertson
Mr Croft: Steve Hodson
Kirsten Hope: Diana Bishop
AlanCopeland: Robin Browne
Mr Handyside: Hector Ross
Jarvis Allen: Jonathan Scott
Mr Justice Skelton: Derek Farr
Tommy Pierce: Peter Woodthorpe
Dannie Derwent: Alec Bregonzi
Mr Senior: John Church
First broadcast 1 and 3/9/80
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2008, 2009

21st September 1988
15.00 :
Who'll Look After Little Ben? by Peter Scofield
Sheila and Richard are getting divorced. It is all quite amicable, except for one thing. Who gets custody of little Ben?
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Richard: Michael Tudor Barnes
Sheila: Joan Walker
Viv: Polly James
Steve: Lan Michie
Mr Grove: Garard Green
Mrs Scott: Diana Olsson
Policeman: Stephen Rashbrook

22nd September 1988
15.00 :
Aftermath by Michael Toft
The Miners' Strike changed the lives of many South Yorkshire women and gave them a new idea of themselves and what they could do. But as life returns to something like normality, their new independence isn't always welcome.
Directed by Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Debra: Barbara Marten
Paul: John Graham Davies
Amy: Lorraine Peters
Shirley: Daryl Fishwick
Colin: Ray Ashcroft
Comedienne/Margaret: Melissa-Jane Sinden
Compere: Gerry Kersey
Joan: Rita May
Eve: Christlne Cox

23rd September 1988
15.00 :
Cold Comfort Farm (1932) by Stella Gibbons (1902-1989) adapted by Elizabeth Proud
3 of 4: Elfine's Rights. Flora's plots begin to thicken.
Please see 9th September 1988 above.
Actors not in the first episode:
Violin: Alison Hurry
Mr Mybug: Michael Spice
Elfine Starkadder: Jane Knowles
Claud Hart-Harris: Roger Hammond
Harkaway Starkadder: David Timson
Mrs Beetle: Mirtam Margolyes
Urk Starkadder: Christopher Scott
Micah Starkadder: Alexander John
Reuben Starkadder: Trevor Martin
Monsieur Solide: Alan Dudley
Aunt Ada Doom: Fabia Drake
Abbe Fausse-Maigre: Malcolm Hayes
Richard Hawk-Monitor: Stephen Garlick
Mrs Hawk-Monitor: Margot Boyd
Meriam: Amanda Murray
Rennett Starkadder: Christine Absalom
Young man: David McAlister

24th September 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Elder Statesman (1958) by T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)
A retired politician is confronted by two vengeful 'ghosts' from his indiscreet youth.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Lord Claverton: Frederick Treves
Monica: Alexandra Mathie
Mrs Carghill: Colette O'Neil
Gomez: Hugh Dickson
Charles: Martin Clunes
Michael: Ian Michie
Lambert: Philip Sully

24th September 1988
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
Please see 3rd September 1988 above.
4: The Prunestone
Actors not in the first episode:
Miss Walcott: Dorothy Tutin
Mrs Pidgeon: Peggy Mount
Sir Courtney Massingbird: Hugh Paddick
Horace: Jonathan Cecil
Mr Taylor: John Savident
Inspector: Norman Bird
Felch: Peter Howell
Barman: Anthony Jackson
Pt5:1/10/88 Pt6:8/10/88

26th September 1988
15.00 :
Miss Pym Disposes (1946) by Josephine Tey (Elizabeth MacKintosh 1896-1952), dramatised by Elizabeth Proud
Miss Pym accepted an invitation from her friend Henrietta Hodge to lecture at Ley's Women's College of Physical Education.
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
Lucy Pym: Julia Foster
Henrietta Hodge: Joan Sims
Teresa Desterro: Julia Swift
Miss Lux: Polly James
Miss Wragg: Zelah Clarke
Madame Lefevre: Margaret Robertson
Froken Gustavson: Diana Olsson
Miss Meek: Eva Stuart
Miss Nash: Deborah Makepeace
Miss Innes: Moir Leslie
Miss Rouse: Susan Sheridan
Miss O'Donnell: Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Miss Dakers: Denica Fairman
Miss Gage: Caroline Gruber
Mr Nash: Michael Deacon
Mrs Nash: Eva Stuart
Rick: Paul Sirr
Repeated from 30th December 1987.
There was also a 1952 production adapted by Jonquil Anthony

26th September 1988
19.45 :
Murder in the Cathedral (1935) by T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)
Based on the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1170
Music composed and conducted by Stephen Boxer
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Thomas Becket: Peter Barkworth
Women of Canterbury:
Barbara Atkinson
Polly James
Diana Olsson
Joanna MacKie
Eva Stuart.
Joan Walker
King Henry: Brian Sanders
Prior: Laurence Payne
Stephen Boxer
Peter Craze
John Samson
Stephen Rashbrook
Messenger: Richard Tate
Philip Sully
Michael Deacon
Steve Hodson
Man: Michael Tudor Barnes
Anthony Jackson
Trevor Allan
Norman Bird
William Simons
Musicians and singers:
Stephen Boxer
Trevor Allan
Bob White
[Numerous BBC productions of this work, including an opera.]

27th September 1988
Sticks and Stones by Alex Baron and Jean Binnie
Fur flies when a critic writes an extremely bad review of an English prima donna's first London appearance in years.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
the Opera Singer: Sarah Badel
the Critic: John Rye
Editor: William Simons
Renaldo: Michael Deacon
Edith Winterbury: Barbara Atkinson
Male reporter: Philip Sully
Female reporter: Joanna MacKie
Solicitor: Michael Tudor Barnes

28th September 1988
12.25 :
Rumpole: The Age for Retirement by John Mortimer.
Rumpole receives a reward for long service in the Courts of Crime.
The signature tune arranged by Peter Howell from Trial by Jury by Sir Arthur Sullivan
Directed by Ian Cotterell
Rumpole: Maurice Denham
Hilda: Margot Boyd
Percy Timson: Alfie Bass
Noreen Timson: Peggy Paige
Det Insp Broome: Alexander John
Erskine-Brown: Brian Carroll
Mr Rowland: Godfrey Kenton
Mr Justice Vosper: Robert Harris
Vi Timson: Josie Kidd
Phillida Trant: Amanda Murray
Bertie Timson: Michael Elphick
Fred Timson: John Church
Guthrie: Michael Spice
Judge George Frobisher: Denys Hawthorne
Uncle Tom: Patrickbarr
Henry: Haydn Wood
Repeated from 15th October 1980

28th September 1988
15.00 :
All Done in a Squeaky Voice by Colin Haydn Evans
A local council committee decide that Punch is too sexist and not a suitable learning experience for today's children. Ralph understands children but he doesn't understand committees.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
Joyce: Liz Goulding
Ralph: Norman Bird
Tim: Christian Rodska
Mr Punch: Rod Burnett

29th September 1988
15.00 :
The Big Broadcast of 1922 by Keith Waterhouse (1929-2009)
A dramatised account of how 3LO reached radio listeners might have come from the long defunct station's programme record library.
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester
P.V. Plover: Geoffrey Banks
Alister McAlister: Russell Dixon
Charity Wemyss-Lightly: Penelope Lee
Sir Mordecai Brass: Ronald Baddiley
Julian Spooner: Nigel Anthony
Albert Bateson: Cliff Howells
Lady Brass: Marlene Sidaway
Mr Pearson: John Jardine
Mrs Pearson: Sally Gibson
[Before the British Broadcasting Corporation was formed in 1927, the British Broadcasting Company commenced broadcasting on 2LO from 14th November 1922.]

30th September 1988
Cold Comfort Farm (1932) by Stella Gibbons (1902-1989) adapted by Elizabeth Proud
4 of 4: Flora's Rights Again.
Please see 9th September 1988 above.
Additional cast members:
Rennett/Phoebe: Christine Absalom
Pent-Hartigan: Nigel Anthony
Susan: Diana Bishop
Mrs Hawk-Monitor: Margot Boyd
Earl P Neck: Nigel Anthony
Aunt Ada Doom: Fabia Drake
Hawk-Monitor: Stephen Garlick
Micah: Alexander John
Letty: Pauline Letts
Mrs Beetle: Miriam Margolyes
Dr Mudel: John Rye
Urk: Christopher Scott
Mr Mybug: Michael Spice
Harkaway: David Timson

1st October 1988
Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
Songs set by Daniel Jones
The children's songs and singing game recorded at Albert Road Junior School. Penarth
Directed by Douglas Cleverdon
The Narrator: Richard Burton
Captain Cat: Hugh Griffith
Willy Nilly: Mervyn Johns
Mrs Willy Nilly: Rachel Thomas
Rosie Probert: Gwenyth Petty
Polly Garter: Margo Jenkins
The Voice of the Guide Book: Hugh Griffith
Mog Edwards: Aubrey Richards
Miss Myfanwy Price: Margo Jenkins
Mr Waldo: David Rees
Rev Eli Jenkins: T H Evans
Sinbad Sailors: Talfryn Thomas
Mary Ann Sailors: Betty Lloyd-Davis
Mr Ogmore: David Garfield
Mr Pritchard: John Gill
Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard: Dorothea Phillips
Cherry Owen: John Gill
Mrs Cherry Owen: Buddug Mair Powell
Butcher Beynon: Richard Curnoce
Mrs Beynon: Olwen Brookes
Gossamer Beynon: Margo Jenkins
Lily Smalls: Gwenyth Petty
Mae Rose Cottage: Guinevere Roberts
Dal Bread: John Gill
Mrs Dal Bread One: Guinevere Roberts
Mrs Dai Bread Two: Patricia Mort
Mr Pugh: Raymond Llewellyn
Mrs Pugh: Rachel Thomas
Nogood Boyo: David Garfield
The Child: Julia Cleverdon
Young Waldo: Philip Davies
Matti: Judith Davies
Gwennie: Elizabeth Ponsford, Billy Johnnie, Christo Dicky, Christopher Baliard, Peter Richards, Courtney Davies
First broadcast on Third Programme 11th October 1963.
Repeated on BBC Third Programme 10th November 1963.
[The original play was written for radio, for BBC Third Programme].
[There were two productions by Cleverdon, 1954 and 1963 with similar casts, but a different school-in 1954 it was Laugharne School. The two productions have been repeated on various dates and in some cases shortened- this list is in the form of:
Broadcast year/production year/length/Broadcast network.
1954-54-90-3; 1955-54-90-3;
1956-54-90-3; 1957-54-75-4;
1963-63-90-3; 1972-54-90-4;
1984-63-100-4; 1988-63-100-4;
1994-54-60-4; 1999-54-90-3.]

1st October 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Poppies by George Tarry
The time: early in the next century. Peter Dawson flies into London from New York sign a deal supplying industrial cleaners. He falls foul of the Public Order Police - the 'Poppies'.
Directed by Vanessa Whitburn
BBC Pebble Mill.
Peter Dawson: Peter Marinker
Chas Wagner: Blain Fairman
Chief Supt Bird: Terry Molloy
Alex Cregan: Jayne Dowell
Jack Moloney: John Dixon
Lord Cregan: Edwin Richfield
Sgt Morgan: Geoff Serle
Martha: Carmen Munroe
Katie: Kate Niklaus
Officers and soldiers: Tim Durham; Tim Killik; Graham Padden; David Vann
Party guests: Gillian Goodman; Hedli Niklaus; Judith Pearson
Repeated on 3rd October 1988

1st October 1988
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
5 of 6: The T Machine
Please see 3rd September 1988 above
Actors not in the first episode:
Mr Tilly: Roy Kinnear
Julius Venn: Patrick Allen
Mrs Boyle: Patti Coombs
Honesty: Polly James
Bertie: John Baddeley
Freddie: John Samson

2nd October 1988
14.30 :
In Room 504 by Jimmie Chinn (1940-2011)
Skegness, St Valentine's Day, 1942: Harry and his bride have a never-to-be-forgotten honeymoon.
Directed by Gerry Jones.
Edie: Rosalind Thomas
Harry: Julien Ball
Older Edie: Sheila Grant
Manager: Stephen Thorne
Repeated from 11th February 1987 when it was listed as "In Room Five Hundred and Four" which was the author's title.
[The title is from a 1941 hit song recorded by Vera Lynn and others].

3rd October 1988
19.45 :
The Confidential Clerk (1954) by T.S.Elliot (1888-1965)
Surprises are in store for the Mulhammer household when Sir Claude's new clerk is granted his wish: "I want to know whose son I am"
Bach's Prelude and Fugue in c adapted and played by Trevor Allan
Directed by Ed Thomason
Sir Claude Mulhammer: John Rowe
Mr Eggerson: Clifford Rose
Colby Simpkins: Aden Gillett
B Kaghan: David Shaw-Parker
Lucasta Angel: Diana Blackburn
Lady Elizabeth Mulhammer: Zena Walker
Mrs Guzzard: Mary Wimbush
[There was also a 1954 production by Donald McWhinnie, repeated 1955]

4th October 1988
15.00-15.32 :
The Sky Is Falling by Raymond Hartshorne
Edgar suffers from depression. He's affected by an old friend's death. Hif wife's response is to take him out to get a new suit for the funeral, which only adds to his problems.
Director: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Shop assistant: Janette Beverley
Gladys: Patsy Byrne
Edgar: Neville Barber
Old lady: Paula Tilbrook

5th October 1988
Take the Money and Run by Laurence Payne (1919-2009) Dramatised by Alan Downer
1 of 4: The Package: Private investigator Mark Savage is visited by the Mr Morton, who is willing to pay him three times his usual fee to deliver a package to Wales.
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
Mark Savage: Mick Ford
Julie Remington: Janet Dibley
Mitch: Zelah Clarke
George Morton: Roger Hammond
Mike Davies: Simon Cuff
Auntie: Christine Pollon
Additional actors in later episodes:
Emrys Williams: Peter Craze(2)
Col Hazlitt-Martin: Garard Green(2)
Imogen: Annabelle Lanyon(2)
Annie Evans: Margaret John(2)
Mrs Hazlitt-Martin: Margaret Ward(3)
Mr Remington: Laurence Payne(3)
Set Owen: Alan Downer(3)
Sam Birkett: Richard Tate(3)
Deakin: Ian Michie(3)
Nurse: Sudha Bhuchar(4)
Pt2:9/10/88 Pt3:19/10/88 Pt4:26/10/88

5th October 1988
15.00 :
The Turning of the Tide by Nick Fisher.
An isolated, wind-swept house in East Anglia provides the ideal setting for a 'perfect murder'.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Lucy: Elizabeth Proud
Susan: Joan Walker
Matthew: Kim Wall
Leonard: Peter Tuddenham
Local man: Peter Craze
Repeated 10th June 1990.

6th October 1988
15.00 :
Festival by Mick Mangan
Claire, fleeing with her baby from a violent marriage, heads for Warrenbridge Peace Festival to meet her friend Jill ...
Directed by DAVE SHEASBY
BBC North East.
Claire: Christine Cox
Jill: Sharon Akerboom
Irish drunk: Richard Tate
David/Police dog: Robin Polley
Policeman: Gerry Kersey
Stallholder: Stewart Howson
Piper: Richard Stone
Henderson: Ray Ashcroft
Stewart: Norman Mills

7th October 1988
15.00 :
God's Revolution by Don Taylor (1936-2003)
1 of 12: The Fruits of Victory
The bid for power by the common people of England
Psalms arranged by Blaise Compton
Director Shaun MacLoughlin
Director for episodes 3,5,6,9,10: Ronald Mason
BBC Bristol.
General Fairfax: Nigel Anthony
John Church: Eric Allan
Miles Sindercombe: John Baddeley
Francis White: Graham Blockey
Lockyer: Peter Craze
James Thompson: Simon Cuff
Charles I/Col Jackson: William Eedle
Edmund White: Cornelius Garrett
Perkins/ Silent soldier: Steve Hodson
William Thompson: Anthony Jackson
Penelope White: Deborah Makepeace
Stephen White: David March
Elizabeth Lilburne: Maureen O'Brien
John Lilburne: Christian Rodska
Captain Reynolds: Kim Wall
Additional cast in Parts 2, 3 and 4:
Edmund: Cornelius Garrett(2)
Sexby: John Hartoch(2)
Oliver Cromwell: Bernard Hepton(2)
Lady Anne Fairfax: Lin Sagovsky(2)
Commissary Ireton: Bill Wallis(2)
Cornet Joyce: Jonathan Nibbs(3)
Betty Cromwell: Zelah Clarke(3)
Mrs Cromwell: June Barrie(3)
Beggar woman: June Tobin(4)
John Wildman: Stephen Rashbrook(4)
For the cast in part 5 onwards- refer to 4/11/88 below.
The other 11 episodes:
2:14/10/88 3:21/10/88 4:28/10/88 5:4/11/88
6:11/11/88 7:18/11/88 8:25/11/88 9:2/12/88
10:9/12/88 11:16/12/88 12:23/12/88
The series was repeated on BBC7 in 2010 and on Radio4X in 2013.

8th October 1988
15.00 :
Too Late the Phalarope (1953) by Alan Paton (1903-1988)
Dramatised by Stewart Conn
And he stood there waiting, with the mad sickness and the fear. And there, God forgive him, he possessed her.
Directed by Stewart Conn
BBC Scotland
Tante Sophie: Yvonne Bryceland
Pieter van Vlaanderen: Jack Klaff
Jakob, his father: Stratford Johns
Nella, his wife: Mavourneen Bryceland
Stephanie: Felicia Nkomo
Capt Massingham: Peter Cartwright
Sgt Steyn: Daniel Davies
Kappie: Richard E Grant
Dick/Vorster: Michael O'Brien
Repeated from 26/3/88 and 1/4/84.
["Phalaropes are close relatives of the shanks and tattlers"]

8th October 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: A Man Flourishing (1973) by Sam Hanna Bell (1909-1990). Dramatised by Trevor Royle.
Ireland, 1798: James Gault returns from Glasgow. In the days following the rebellion, Gault finds sanctuary with Dr Bannon of Legg's Lane.
Singers Jane Cassidy and Maurice Leyden.
Fiddle: Martin McGinley
Directed by Kathryn Baird.
BBC Northern Ireland.
James Gault: John Hewitt
Luke Bannon: Andrew Dallmeyer
Kate: Brenda Winter
Aeneas Gordon: Maurice O'Callaghan
Aggie: Libby Smith
Fonsy: Paddy Scully
Nugent Mullan: George Shane
Hugh: Trevor Moore
Sim Purdie: Mark Mulholland
Adair: John Keyes
Hazlett: Kevin Flood
Maxwell: Roy Heayberd
Lamont: Wesley Murphy
Treefall: B J Hogg
Trooper: Richard Orr
Repeated 10th October 1988

8th October 1988
The Fall of the Mausoleum Club by Ian Brown and James Hendrie.
6 of 6: Bleak Horse
Please see 3rd September 1988 above.
Actors additional to episode one:
Mr Tamperton: Stephen Moore
Dipper: Mark Farmer
Sgt Bull: Ron Pember
Noggsy: Laurence Payne
Broker: Bill Wallis
Vicar: John Baddeley
Mrs Kwivver: Barbara Atkinson
Dribblespout: John Samson
Urchin: Stephen Rashbrook
Boy: Barbara Atkinson
Cadbury: Richard Tate

9th October 1988
14.30 :
No Problem by Mary Rensten
Taking a holiday at a Spanish hotel which features sequence dancing, seems a good idea to Reg. After all, no one need know. It should be no problem.
Directed by Graham Gauld.
Reg: Fine-Time Fontayne
Miss Munt: Pat Pleasance
Tommy: Brian Hewlett
Irene: Maggie McCarthy
Daphne: Ann Davies
Rita: Susie Brann
Marian: Jennifer Piercey
Rachel: Anna Conrich
Jim: Adrian Egan
Sean: John Samson
Repeated from 19th August 1987

10th October 1988
20.15 :
Heart of England by Sheila Yeger
Hartingford village - the heart of England - a community valiantly upholding all those values we are encouraged to hold so dear. When the heart is examined closely, however, the patient appears to be a little sick.
Directed by Kay Patrick
BBC Manchester.
Harry Jackson: John Hollis
The Rev Anderson: John Rowe
Vanessa AndersoN: Barbara Marten
Dorothy Jackson: Frances Jeater
Mrs Babbington: Eva Stuart
Jack Barley: Norman Bird
Mrs Barley: Joan Campion
Lizzy Morris: Wendy Miller
Errol Churchill,: Wyllie Longmore
Vera Howell: Delia Corrie
Mrs Tockling/Mrs Willoughby: Ann Rye
Mr Fetherington: Anthony Benson
Andrew: Simon Batt
Paul: Jack Fowler
Sarah Louise: Anahita Avari
Repeated 15th October 1988

11th October 1988
Squatting in a Gold Mine by Steve May [who also wrote as Joyce Bryant]
Robert informs his wife that house prices are booming and they are sitting on a gold mine. But then who is squatting in their basement?
Directed by Richard Wortley.
Robert: Robert Glenister
Anne: Moir Leslie
Cath: Polly James
Pats: Maggie McCarthy
Gutty: Anthony Jackson

12th October 1988
15.00 :
Him and It by Steve Walker
To make special people perfect for the task of restoring balance to the world is what the Commissioner wants of his changelings.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Morris: Nichola McAuliffe
Commissioner Sylvia: James Saxon
Bill Philpotts: Anthony Jackson
Doreen: Joanna MacKie
Malcolm: Gary Whitaker
[This was Steve Walker's first play for radio.]

13th October 1988
15.00 :
Dear Diary by Kay McMmanus
Joanna wants to escape from her relationship with her boyfriend, her mother, and the general noise of London. An isolated cottage in the country would seem to be the perfect retreat.
Directed By: Jane Morgan.
Joanna Philips: Zelah Clarke
Mary Browning: Anna Cropper

15th October 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Oh This Love, This Love by Peter Ling (1926-2006)
Harriette Wilson (1786-1845) published her memoirs. Not the sort of history they taught us in school.
Directed by David Johnston.
Harriette Wilson: Joanna McCallum
Colonel Rochfort: Edward De Souza
Duke of Argyle: John Samson
Duke of Wellington: Bernard Brown
Marquis of Worcester: Ken Cumberlidge
Lord Ponsonby: Peter Craze
Lord Melbourne: Michael Graham Cox
Lord Byron: Steve Hodson
Lord Craven: Richard Tate
Henry Brougham: Basil Moss
Marie Le Toille: Oona Beeson
Julia Johnston: Alice Arnold
Mrs Porter: Eva Stuart
Repeated 17th October 1988
[Harriette's memoir is still in print... some of those due to be named in it paid £200 to avoid the fame. Some did not.]
[Play recorded September 1988 in Broadcasting House, B10]

16th October 1988
14.30 :
Billy and the Kid by Barrie Shore
A woman recalls the life of a little girl born in Edinburgh 30 years ago, abandoned by her mother and sent to an orphanage.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
the Narrator: Hannah Gordon
Billy: Graham Glen
Kid: Melanie Lister-Kaye
Mrs Morris: Diana Olsson
Marjie: Angela Phillips
Mr Smart: Paul Gregory
Pete: Jamie Russell
Other parts played by Bob Docherty and Elizabeth Lindsay, also with the children of Cralgmount High School. Edinburgh
Repeated from 11th November 1987

16th October 1988
Long Day's Journey by Christopher Bigsby
Eugene O'Neill ended his days in a hotel room, no longer able to write because of illness, locked up with his memories....'
Music arranged and played by Trevor Allan
Producer Ed Thomason.
Eugene O'Neill: Brian Cox
James O'Neill: William Hootkins
Mary Quinlan: Kate Harper
Lawyer: Garrick Hagon
Mrs Jenkins: Liza Ross
Newspaper man/Reporter: Trevor Allan
Repeated 18th October 1988.
[Eugene O'Neill's play "Long Day's Journey Into Night" was broadcast on Radio 3 in 1969, 1970.]

17th October 1988
Hurricane Dub by Benjamin Zephaniah
A year ago this week millions of people were kept awake one night as winds tore across England. Samuel and Maxine hold each other tight and listen to the storm. Is it war, is it Armageddon?
'Breeze blowin' hard, Breeze blowin' hard
Tings start move in de back yard.
Dis is a hurricane inna England!'
Original music composed and performed by Dennis Bovell
Technical presentation by Alick Hale-Munro and Wilfredo Acosta
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Samuel: Norman Beaton
Maxine: Angela Wynter
Repeated 23rd September 1989.
Also broadcast on Radio 5 in 1990, and on BBC7 in 2005, 2007, 2009

18th October 1988
15.00-15.32 :
After the Beep by Adisakdi Tantimedh
Tim takes his answering machine seriously. For him it is communication whittled down to its bare essentials. But Trudie wants more - like real dialogue.
Saxophone: Elizabeth Sears
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Tim: Tom Watt
Trudie: Gaylie Runciman
Arthur: Anthony Jackson
Rose: Alice Arnold
Jenny: Cara Kelly
Driver: Dominic Rickhards
Repeated 9th September 1989.
Also broadcast on Radio 5 in 1990

19th October 1988
15.00 :
Exeat by Pippa Corner
The boy is fascinated by Sarah - she is an artist. But when he discovers that she has fallen in love with him, his fantasy is shattered - she becomes merely ordinary - and who wants that?
Directed by Susan Hogg
BBC Manchester.
Sarah: Frances Tomelty
Boy: Gerard Logan
Guide: Anne Jameson
Repeated on Radio 3 on 5th August 1989

19th October 1988
19.45-20.15 :
Up the Garden Path by Sue Limb
Series 2: 1 of 8: Izzy has escaped from the clutches of the adulterous Michael and spent the past year on a teachers' exchange scheme in San Francisco, where she shared a flat. Flying home, Izzy feels her life is more than usually up in the air.
Producer: Jonathan James-Moore
Izzy: Imelda Staunton
Dick: Mike Grady
Maria: Marty Cruickshank
Michael: Nicholas Le Prevost
Louise: Phyllida Nash
Aunt Vinny: Rosemary Martin
Charles: David Robb
Ep2:26/10/88 Ep3:2/11/88 Ep4:9/11/88 Ep5:16/11/88 Ep6:23/11/88 Ep7:30/11/88 Ep8:7/12/88
This second series repeated on BBC7 in 2008.
Series 1: 1987, six parts, commencing 7/11/87, repeated 1993, 1998, and on BBC7 in 2008.
Series 3: 1993, six parts commencing 17/11/93

20th October 1988
15.00 :
Static by Jeanette Winterson
May is surprised when her husband, Jim, fails to spot an old radio while doing a house clearance. May tunes in to it in more ways than one....
Directed by Richard Wortley
May: Pat Heywood
June: Barbara Atkinson
Michael: Sean Barrett
Jack: Chrls Chescoe
Jim: Geoffrey Matthews
Tony: Wllliam Simons
Bus conductor: Richard Tate
Exercise teacher/Evangelist: Diana Olsson
Shopgirl: Caroline Gruber

22nd October 1988
15.00 :
The Rain Gathering by Jeremy Raison
Jamie is bitter about the break-up of a relationship with Claire- she turns up at his grandfathers funeral.
Original music composed and performed by Jonathan Whitehead
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
Jamie: Christopher Baines
Claire: Diane Bull
[BBC Radio 4 Young Playwrights Award]

22nd October 1988
16.00 :
Not Dead But Lifeless by Pat Boran
Damien knows angels. Sometimes he visits them and sometimes they come to his bedroom and play their harps.
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Damien ("Squinty"): Paul Venables
His Mother: Avril Clark
Dad: Anthony Jackson
Man: Richard Tate
Woman: Marcia Ashton
Helen: Sue Broomfield

22nd October 1988
19.45 :
Ragamuffin by Ann Ogidi
Simeon decided that he wanted to try and do something to make the streets safe for the old folk, to put criminals behind bars, to become a policeman.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Simeon: Roger Griffiths
Daniel: Ben Onwukwe
Benjamin: Victor Romero Evans
Levi: Cyril Nri
Asher: Freddie Brooks
PC Harry / Driver 1: Ken Cumberlidge
Mrs Thomas: Carmen Munro
DJ/PC at station: Ian Michie
Big Mac: Leo Wringer
Errol: Ian Roberts
Repeated 16th September 1989.
[Recorded at Maida Vale studio 7 in June 1988]

22nd October 1988:
One Friday Not a Million Miles Past by Richard Hayton
Friday. No girl. No job.
Directed by Jeremy Mortimer
Mazeguy: Ian Targett
Laura: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Mr Shankly: Simon Cuff
Mother: Polly James
Father: Michael Tudor Barnes
Mr Evans: Michael Bilton
Also with Lolly Cockerell, Zelah Clarke, Ken Cumberlidge, Caroline Gruber, Philippa Howell, Anthony Jackson, Ian Michie and Richard Pearce.
Repeated 22nd July 1989

23rd October
Angles by Ian Boersma (15)
Peter arrives back from Beirut after spending three years held hostage there. Are his family looking forward to his return?
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Michael: Fabian Cartwright
Jake: Robert Taylor
Peter: John Hewitt
Iris: Linda Wray
Newsreader: John Ashe
Repeated 23rd September 1989
[The only credit for Ian Boersma on BBC Genome.]

23rd October
Chicken on the Motorway by Andrew Smith (15)
Richard doesn't want to go on the family holiday, and he's going to let everyone know it.
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Richard: Richard Pearce
Mum: Polly James
Dad: Anthony Jackson
Gran: Katherine Parr
Newsreader: Richard Tate

23rd October
Listen to My Inside Mind by Abigail Docherty (15)
Hugh is very, very old. He spends his time telling bizarre and tragic stories to his children, but his children are long since departed.
Cello: Elizabeth Anderson
Music composed by Sidney Sager
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Hugh: Maurice Denham
Margery: Maureen O'Brien
Mother: Barbara Kellermann
Jenny: Sarah O'Keefe
Johnny: Ross Wilkinson
Repeated 16th September 1989

24th October 1988
With All Things on Top by Charles James
Jean is determined to bake her grandchildren a cake for their fifth birthday - a special cake with all things on top.
Director: Jeremy Mortimer
Jean: Marian Diamond
Harry: Norman Bird
Simon: Jonathan Donne
Mrs Thomas: Mona Hammond
Coral: Alice Arnold

24th October 1988
Visitants by April de Angelis
Your claws are rather.... pleasant. In their way.... Despite the jagged edges. And the odd spotting of fly blood.... Do you want to go home?
Director: Janet Whitaker
Elvira: Anna Massey
Soam: Gary Waldhorn
Edith: Janet Maw
Forbes: John Samson
Man One: Anthony Jackson
Man Two: Richard Tate
Rebroadcast on Radio 3 on 12th August 1989

24th October 1988
The Colours of The King's Rose by Anthony Neilson
Through the telephone static on the Confidantes Helpline comes the anxious voice of a young woman.
Music arranged and played by Bob Stephenson
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Chris: John McGlynn
Sally: Hilary MacLean
Andi: Rose McBain
Sean: Jim Twaddale
Also with Brian Shields and Colin Mcrae
Repeated on Radio 3 on 29th July 1989

24th October 1988
Sometimes I Don't Know Why We Bother by Polly Churchill
Elsie and Kitty have been going to Bingo for 30 years, always hoping for that elusive big win. It isn't just for the money.
Directed by Janet Whitaker.
Elsie: Jean Boht
Kitty: Eva Stuart
Maureen: Polly James
Linda: Kim Clifford
Dunleavy: Geoffrey Whitehead
Bingo caller: Guy Gregory

25th October 1988
The Box by Hattie Naylor
Once upon a time there was a family who lived high, high above the city in a box.
Music by Stephen Warbeck
Directed by Hilary Norrish
Narrator: Ian Dury
Stephanie: Emma Chambers
Grandma: Mary Wimbush
Mother: Polly James
Father: Richard Tate
Child: Zoe Gilbert
Ian: Ken Cumberlidge
Stephen: Ian Targett
Aladin: Richard Pearce
Repeated 20th June 1989

26th October 1988
15.00 :
Great Men of Music by Craig Warner
Eddie can draw music but he does not speak. A girl confides in him, and shatters his peaceful, mute world.
Piano: Mary Nash
Directed by Caroline Raphael.
Eddie: Philip Davis
Eddie's mother: Paula Jacobs
Joanne: Joan Walker
Fred: Norman Bird
Pete: Anthony Jackson
Bob: William Simons
Fiona: Zelah Clarke
With Alice Arnold, Peter Craze and Cara Kelly
Repeated 17th June 1990

27th October 1988
15.00 :
The Family That Plays Together.... by Joel Smith
Beth is disappointed to find herself back home with sole responsibility for the household chores. Beth decides to utilise the ultimate weapon.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Beth: Hedli Niklaus
Peter: David Vann
Nicky: Charlotte Martin
Graham: Richard Allenson
Liz: Deborah-Jane Sharp
Colin: Alton Douglas
Sergeant: Geoff Serle
Leslie: Susan Mansell

29th October 1988
Writings on the Wall by Steve Hayes-Pollard
In an American University, and Mr Wang from the People's Republic of China finds he has to 'bend with the wind' just as he did in the cultural revolution.
Director: Janet Whitaker
Wang We Li: Sean Barrett
The Master Worker: Burt Kwouk
James: Peter Craze
Doug: Ron Berglas
Feng Jiliang: Richard Rees
Lu Jing Mei: Veronica Needa
Jian Ping: Lydia Kan
Other parts played by: Christopher Scott, Ian Targett and Ken Cumberlidge
[The only credit on BBC Genome for Steve Hayes-Pollard]

29th October 1988
Once In A Lifetime by Sean Moffatt
Just before noon, Philip has 23 pence. By lunchtime he has earned half-a-million pounds. When he goes to bed at midnight, he has just 23 pence. What did Philip have for lunch?
Director: Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland
Philip: Joe Taylor
Maud: Helen Montague
Voice: Kevin Flood
Taxi driver: Joe Savino
Dublin's fair citizens: John Hewitt, Paddy Scully, Pauline McLynn, Margaret D'Arcy
Repeated 23rd September 1989

29th October 1988
Ravenous by Kate Penning
Holly is too curious for her own good. By strange circumstances she finds herself in the human world. It is Uncle Desmond who finally brings out the fox in her.
Music by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier
Director: Janet Whitaker
Holly: Sophie Thompson
Uncle Desmond: Graham Crowden
Mary: Rosemary Leach
Gerald: Geoffrey Matthews
Father fox: Richard Tate
Fox boy: Ben Robb
Gina: Abigail Docherty
Caroline: Tikka Viker-Bloss
Simon as a boy: Henry Power
Simon as a teenager: Ian Michie
Mrs Stranks: Barbara Atkinson
[Repeated 24th June 1989]
[The only credit on BBC Genome for Kate Penning]

30th October 1988
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Events at Drimaghleen by William Trevor (1928-2016)
Maureen McDowd cycles off to meet her lover. And so begins the horror of the tragedy that, on a chilled May morning, awaits the people of Drimaghleen....
Music composed by Colin Sell played by Deirdre Dods (Oboe), Wilfred Gibson (Violin), and Lowri Blake (Cello)
Directed by David Hitchinson
(Radio 4/ World Service production)
Fr Sallins: T P McKenna
Hetty Fortune: Sarah Badel
O'Kelly: Sean Barrett
McDowd: P G Stephens
Mrs McDowd: Kate Binchy
Tyler: Nigel Anthony
Mrs Casey: Carmel McSharry
Carmody: Breffni McKenna
Maureen: Marcella Riordan
McDowd family: Kilian McKenna and Aine McCartney
[Repeated 22nd December 1989]
[First broadcast on World Service 6/10/88]
[Also made into a TV play in 1991]

30th October 1988
19.30 :
Crown House by Peter Ling and Juliet Ace
At the heart of the story is the house slowly maturing in beauty year by year, as the saga of two families: the Minsters of Crown House, and the Royal Family of Windsor, unfolds.
1 of 8.
Director: Graham Gauld
Jenny Webster: Jane Asher
Dowager Countess of Minster (Old Bea): Margaret Rawlings
William, Earl of Minster: Richard Pasco
Alice, Countess of Minster: Dinah Sheridan
Richard Gaunt, Viscount Ebony: Martin Jarvis
The Hon Nicholas Gaunt: Dominic Rickhards
Lady Caroline Gaunt: Cara Kelly
Lady Edith Gaunt: Barbara Atkinson
Gina Hanson: Gayle Hunnicut
Sir Charles Bowyer: Geoffrey Matthews
Lady Flora Kelso: Margaret Ward
Mrs Webster: Eva Stuart
Archbishop: John Samson
Nursemaid: Diana Olsson
Instructor: Philip Sully
Tram conductor: Richard Tate
Cockney girl: Alice Arnold
Cast in later episodes:
Grace Duncan: Barbara Leigh-Hunt(2)
Charles Lindbergh: Ed Bishop(2)
Telephone operator: Caroline Gruber(2)
Radio announcer: Michael Tudor Barnes(2)
Scott Hanson: Ian Michie(3)
Louie: Simon Cuff(3)
Grace: Barbara Lelgh-Hunt(4)
Polly Harvey: Polly James(4)
Paul Weyman: John Pullen(4)
Landlady: Zelah Clarke(4)
For cast in episodes 5-8 please see 27/11/88 below.
Ep2:6/11/88 Ep3:13/11/88 Ep4:20/11/88 Ep5:27/11/88 Ep6:4/12/88 Ep7:11/12/88 Ep8:18/12/88
All episodes repeated 3 days later.

31st October 1988
15.00 :
Murder by Degrees by John Abineri (1928-2000)
Miss Fadworthy, the proprietor-matron, of the retirement home is trying to make ends meet. There is a poisoner in their midst.
Directed by Brian Miller
BBC Bristol.
Hamilton: Peter Copley
Rice: Hedley Goodall
True: Howard Goorney
Col Buzzard: Ronald Russell
Pinkerton: Nat Brenner
Phillips: John Abineri
Hepplewhite: Scott Peters
Doyle: Phillip Manikum
Miss Fadworthy: Richenda Carey
Lucy: Kathy Meryck
Gibbs: George Parsons
Miss Doyle: Sheila Grant
Insp Parrot: Gordon Reid
Det Sgt Ramsden: Andrew Branch
Repeated from 31st December 1987

31st October 1988
20.15 :
A Daring Venture by Brian Thompson
Kropotkin is transferred from jail to a military hospital in St Petersburg, inspiring a desperate and somewhat surreal escape plot.
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East
Kropotkin: Michael Irving
Barsov: Fine-Time Fontayne
Sophie: Elizabeth Mansfield
Weimar: David Fleeshman
Zundelevich: Paul Sirr
Levashev: Nicholas Fry
Misha: Simon Bleackley
Maria: Christine Cox
Zubok-Mokievski: Chris Wilkinson
Stepanovich: Stuart Richman
Grand Duke Nicholas/Driver: Robin Polley
Official/Policeman: Peter Bell
Empress: Anne Rye
Peretz: Norman Mills
Shubalov: Christopher Kent
Repeated 5th November 1988
[Pyotr Kropotkin lived 1842-1921- he believed in community consensus and he valued cooperation over competition]
[No connection with the book of this title by Elizabeth Camden]

1st November 1988
The Christopher by Jeremy Tiptaft
Heaney has lost his St Christopher medal, a present from his mammy before she died. Can he and Flaherty track it down?
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Heaney: Niall Buggy
Flaherty: Peter Caffrey
Librarian: Eva Stuart
Barmaid: Joanna MacKie
Astrologist: Barbara Atkinson
Bank robber: John Baddeley
Man in pub/Tarquin: Anthony Jackson

1st November 1988
Second Thoughts by Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie,
1 of 8: Found and Lost
Producer Pete Atkin
Bill: James Bolam
Faith: Lynda Bellingham
Hilary: Celia Imrie
Liza: Belinda Lang
Hannah: Kelda Holmes
Joe: Mark Denham
Grace: Moir Leslie
Alex: John Samson
Ray/Mr Burrows: Nicholas Courtney
Ted: Norman Bird
Actors in later episodes:
Treadwell: Richard Tate(4)
Christian: Ian Targett(5)
Richard: John Moffatt(6)
Steve: Guy Brougham(7)
Ray: Nicholas Courtney(8)
Ep2:8/11/88 Ep3:15/11/88 Ep4:22/11/88 Ep5:1/12/88 Ep6:6/12/88 Ep7:13/12/88 Ep8:20/12/88
All episodes repeated two days later
Series repeated commencing 22nd November 1993

2nd November 1988
The Purging by Georges Feydeau (1862-1921) translated and adapted by Peter Barnes (1931-2004).
Is the Follavoine porcelain unbreakable? Is Dr Dacier's liquid laxative effective? And do enamel pots really give you appendicitis?
Directed by Clive Brill
BBC Manchester.
Follavoine: Richard Pascoe
Julie: Tina Marian
M Chouilloux: Peter Woodthorpe
Baby Toto: Elizabeth Lindsay
Rose: Melinda Walker
Mme Chouilloux: Diana Fairfax
M Truchet: Christopher Ettridge

3rd November 1988
15.00 :
Mot Fade Away by Peter Roberts
After 20 years Martin decides to re-form his rock band. Jealousy destroyed the band before, and middle age hasn't cooled things down.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
Martin: Lan Saynor
Johnny: Robert Pugh
Bruce: Robert Blythe
Frank: Terry Jackson
Gaynor: Melanie Walters
Micky: Paul Wtlce
Sukina: Fiona Scott
Head: Claran McIntyre
Lee: Ben Rodska
Band: Class Of 58
[Only listed on BBC Genome as "Mot fade away" and on Suttonelms as "Not fade away". This days RT listing used especially bad OCR for Genome]
[No relationship with 21st century Band Class of 58 formed by the Coleman family]

4th November 1988
15.00 :
God's Revolution by Don Taylor
5 of 12:The Power of the Sword: Cromwell's Model Army marches into London without resistance.
Director for episodes 3,5,6,9,10: Ronald Mason
Director other parts: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol.
Episode 1 was on 7th October 1988.
Cast for this episode:
John Church: Eric Allan
Gen Fairfax: Nigel Anthony
Sindercombe: John Baddeley
Martha: June Barrie
Francis White: Graham Blockey
Lockyer: Peter Craze
James Thompson: Simon Cuff
Denne: William Eedle
Edmund: Cornelius Garrett
Sexby: John Hartoch
Cromwell: Bernard Hepton
Simeon: Steve Hodson
William Thompson: Anthony Jackson
Robin: E Lindsay
Penelope: Deborah Makepeace
Stephen: David March
Elizabeth Lilburne: Maureen O'Brien
John Wildman: Stephen Rashbrook
Lilburne: Christian Rodska
Reynolds: Kim Wall
Ireton: Bill Wallis
Additional cast in later episodes:
Isaac: Christopher Asante (6)
Capt Hatton: Alan Coveney(7)
Betty: Zelah Clarke(7)
Pride: Norman Eshley(9)
Mary: Barbara Kellermann(9)
Mrs Chidley: Ellen Dryden(9)
For actors in parts 10,11,12 please see 9th December 1988 below.
6:11/11/88 7:18/11/88 8:25/11/88 9:2/12/88
10:9/12/88 11:16/12/88 12:23/12/88

5th November 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Meeting at Magdala by Herbert Jarmany
In 1864 the ruler of Ethiopia inprisoned the British consul. The British Government realised that the only response was to despatch a huge task force.
Directed by Matthew Walters
the Emperor Theodore: Zia Mohyeddin
Hormuzd Rassam: Sam Dastor
The Rev Stern: Michael Graham Cox
Cameron: Colin Starkey
Abu: Ian Michie
Samuel: Ben Onwukwe
Lord Russell: John Moffatt
Murray: Norman Bird
Lt Prideaux: Simon Cuff
Dr Blanc: Christopher Scott
Stanley: Peter Craze
Repeated 7th November 1988
[Theodore (Tewodros) II (1818-1868) emperor of Ethiopia 1855-1868. In 2019 the British Museum returned to Ethiopia Theodore's hair, other loot taken is under discussion.]

6th November 1988
Cigarettes and Chocolate by Anthony Minghella (1954-2008)
The day I stopped talking was one of those perfect days we have in England.
Directors: Anthony Minghella and Robert Cooper
Producer: Tony Cuff
(Radio 4/World Service production)
Lorna: Juliet Stevenson
Rob: Bill Nighy
Gemma: Jenny Howe
Alistair: Alex Norton
Mother: Joan Campion
Gail: Jane Gurnett
Sample: Christopher Ravenscroft
Concepcion: Sally Eldridge
Repeated 25th June 1989, 1st January 1998 and 3rd May 2008.
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2003 and on BBC World Service in 2008.
[Giles Cooper Award winner]

7th November 1988
20.15 :
The Sacrifice by Judy Leather
Australia: Bill has nightmares- then his half sister Eve arrives.
Music by Elizabeth Parker of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Director: Shaun MacLoughlin
BBC Bristol
Bill: Nigel Graham
Eve: Deborah Makepeace
Mary: Anna Nygh
Jake: Roger Leach
French pilot/Australian parrot: John Baddeley
Sam: Steve Hodson
Weatherman/Arnie: Anthony Jackson
Jake's son: Richard Pearce
Repeated 12th November 1988

8th November 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Different Drum by John Loader
Ray dreams that he is naked. Ray dreams that he is always late. Ray's dreams are never-ending, when waking up is just a dream.
Producer Clive Brill
BBC Manchester.
Ray: Russell Dixon
Judy: Eileen O'Brien
Psychiatrist: Linda Gardner
Ruth/Receptionist/Tea lady: Kathrin Hurlbutt
Taxi driver: Dean Sullivan
Man: Neville Barber
[Unrelated to same title written by F Aicken- 1960 and 1966]

9th November 1988
Spook and the General by Aubrey Woods (1928-2013)
The garden birds assist Florence with her romance problems.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
Spook: Jane Wenham
The General: Garard Green
Florence: Kate Binchy
Philip: Richard Tate
Deirdre: Zelah Clarke
Frank: Christopher Scott
Eric: Simon Cuff
Janet: Diana Olsson
Mike: Ken Cumberlidge

10th November 1988
15.00 :
Anneke's Baby by Guy Slater
Can one couple be held responsible for the fate of the other? Anneke is inclined to believe it can.
Directed by Penny Gold .
Anneke: Susan Tracy
Mick: Daniel Webb
Sarah: Brenda Bruce
Dave: Dermot Crowley
Doctor: Joan Walker
Director of Social Services: Ken Cumberlidge
Social workers: Zelah Clarke and John Samson
Secretary: Diana Olsson
Coroner: Michael Deacon
Judge: David Sinclair
Newsreader: Simon Cuff
[Program recorded August 1988 at Maida Vale Studio 7]

12th November 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: For King and Country (1964) by John Wilson
Passchendaele, 1917: Private Hamp has been accused of desertion in the face of the enemy. and is to appear before a court martial. He seems incapable of grasping the full implication of his predicament.
Mouth organ: Harry Pitch
Director: Martin Jenkins
Pte Arthur Hamp: Peter Gunn
2nd Lt Hargreaves: Kim Wall
Lt Tom Webb: Crawford Logan
Corporal: Ken Cumberlidge
Guard: Ian Michie
President of court martial: John Samson
Capt Prescott: Geoffrey Whitehead
Lt at court martial: Dominic Rickhards
Padre: David Timson
Lt Midgley: Philip Sully
Capt Fraser: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated 14th November 1988, 13th November 1993
[Original title of play "Hamp"; Filmed versions: 1964 King & Country; 1983: For King and Country]

13th November 1988
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Glasnost by John Mortimer (1923-2009)
What are the motives of the Russian guide and interpreter supplied to a visiting novelist?
Directed by John Tydeman.
(Radio 4/ World Service production)
Anthea: Anna Massey
Vladimir: Boris Isarov
Brian: Clive Merrison
Charles: Philip Voss
Misha: Michael Poole
Galya: Anna Mazzotti
Actors: Peter Craze and Gennady Pokrass
Repeated 14th June 1990
Also broadcast on Radio 4 Extra in 2018, 2020.

14th November 1988
20.15-21.15 :
An End and a Beginning by Don Haworth (1924-2007)
Tom has worked happily for many years with a pipe-laying gang. The prospect of early retirement is not something he would look forward to.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Tom: Bert Parnaby

15th November 1988
15.00 :
The Bald Angel by Melvyn Burgess
George is enjoying his canteen lunch - until he is joined by a man who asks him a rather personal question!
Directed by Stuart Kerr.
George: Brian Glover
the Diner: Kenneth MacDonald
Till lady/PBX announcer: Joan Walker
Manager: Stephen Rashbrook
Man on roof: John Baddeley
[The first piece that Melvyn Burgess was paid for].

16th November 1988
15.00 :
A New Way of Living by Martyn Wade
Des had decamped to the spare room but he is forced to come out of it when some friends come to stay. The other couple behave so badly that Des and Amelia begin to see their own relationship in a new light.
Directed by Cherry Cookson
Des: Ray Brooks
Amelia: Alison Steadman
Robert: Colin Starkey
Jane: Jennifer Piercey
Repeated from 1st July 1987

15.00 :
Digressions by Juliet Ace
Rosie has decided to give up her job and apply for a course at Plymouth. During the journey from Paddington by train her future becomes clear.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol.
first Rosie: Petra Markham
second Rosie: Natasha Pyne
Hannah: Jenny Funnell
Joe: Steve Hodson
David: Christian Rodska
Chloe: Polly James
Rita: Carole Boyd
Melody: Alice Sara
Darren: Ross Wilkinson
Milkman: Simon Cuff
Newsagent: David Goodland
Lawyer: Trevor Thomas
Students: Zelah Clarke and Richard Pearce

19th November 1988
15.00 :
A Man with Connections by Alexander Gelman translated by Stephen Mulrine
Andrei is hard-hitting, go-getting. Natasha, is struggling with pasted over cracks in the shell of their marriage.
Directed by Marilyn Imrie
BBC Scotland.
Andrei: Bill Paterson
Natasha: Phyllis Logan
Olga: Auson Peebles
Alyosha: Simon Donald
Broadcast on Radio 3 28/11/86, repeated 31st August 1990.
Broadcast on BBC World Service September 1991.

19th November 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Day We Lost the War by Michael Davies
Just before D-Day, a German spy cell discovered that the Allies were storing all their arms in one vast underground bunker. They immediately set about trying to alter the course of the Second World War.
Directed by Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Hugh: Gareth Armstrong
Robert Clyne: Paul Gregory
Cunningham: William Squire
Maxwell: Frederick Jaeger
Harriet/Hilda: Ella Hood
Captain Baker: Philip Bond
Alun Davies/Gregory: David Lyn
Owen/Thompson: Simon Cuff
Macdonald/Mizen: Rex Holdsworth
Mrs Treseder/Headmistress: Joan Walker
Muriel/Aide: Nicola Beddoe
Repeated 21st November 1988

20th November 1988
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: A Matter of Style by David Pownall
Reg and his girlfriend meet Arthur , in the Cumbrian mountains. They meet Arthur, and together they revolutionise the British leisure industry.
Directed by Ian Cotterell.
(A Radio 4/ World Service production)
Reg: Michael Graham Cox
Arthur: John Moffatt
Gloria: Joanna MacKie
Sir Gerald: Garard Green

21st November 1988
20.15 :
At Home (1969) by Naomi May(1934-2014) adapted by Peter King
When her sister-in-law visits, Anthea will do anything to maintain her position in charge of the household.
Music composed and played by David Chilton and Nick Russell-Pavier
Directed by Peter King.
Anthea: Rosemary Leach
Juliet: Joanna David
Frances: Alex Marshall
Cara: Elizabeth Bell
Children: Elizabeth Stone, Jonathan Stone and Thomas King
Repeated 26th November 1988
["At Home" was Naomi May's first novel]
[Not connected to "At Home" also directed by Peter king but written by Mike Weller, broadcast in 1982 and 1984.]

22nd November 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Words, Words, Words by Arnold Evans
Peter's life is in chaos. At the office he is faced with his ex-wife, a murderous poet and a weird novelist.
Producer: Adrian Mourby
BBC Wales.
Peter: Nicholas Le Prevost
Louise/Angela: Polly James
Ossian: Freddie Jones
Claire: Julie Richmond
Toby/Stan: Paul Gregory

23rd November 1988
15.00 :
The Perfect Moment by Kevin Elyot (1951-2014)
An engagement is celebrated with a weekend in a hotel- but - Hotel tables are not always as separate as they might be.
Piano: Colin Sell
Violin: Perry Montague Mason
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Molly: Marian Diamond
Muriel: Betty Marsden
Derek: Rlchard Durden
Waiter: Steve Hodson
Violinist: Richard Tate
Repeated on BBC7 in 2004, 2005

24th November 1988
Today We'll Finish Keats by Colin Douglas
Mr Bell teaches the great poets; meanwhile, in the outside world, the Suez Crisis looms.
Directed by Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland. Stereo
Mr Bell: Paul Young
Maclean: Leonard O'Malley
Morton: Kenneth Glenaan
Trotter: Simon Donald
Boss MacBean: John Buick
Carol: Hilary MacLean
Hislop: Martin McCardie
MacNaughton: David MacKay
Repeated 20th February 1992

26th November 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The King's Commissar (1983) by Duncan Kyle (1930-2000) dramatised by Neville Teller
1918- The massacre of the Russian royal family. Was the founder of a London merchant bank involved?
Directed by Matthew Walters.
Lt Dikeston: Dominic Rickhards
Laurence Pilgrim: Blain Fairman
Jack Graves: Alan Polonsky
Sverdlov: Richard Tate
Lenin/Winkler: Peter Craze
George V/Kobylinsky: Nicholas Courtney
Miss Drummond/Mme Bronard: Eva Stuart
Zaharoff: Michael Deacon
Ruzsky: Steve Hodson
Smart: Phuip Sully
Gloria/Nun: Alice Arnold
Miss Frobisher/Neighbour: Marcia King
Fergus/Dr Aston: Lan Michie
Tsar Nicholas: John Moffatt
Petroff/Dutov: Simon Cuff
Beloborodov/Yurokovsky: Christopher Scott
Goloschchokin/Sochaki: Ken Cumberlidge
Von Kleber/Griffin: Norman Bird
Repeated 28th November 1988
[Duncan Kyle is also known as James Meldrum John Franklin Broxholme]

27th November 1988
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: The Thought of Lydia by Frederic Raphael
A tale of friendship, love and murder, set in a country in ancient Asia Minor where gold is the most dangerous weapon of all.
Music composed by Ilona Sekacz
Harp: John Marson
Percussion: Greg Knowles
Synthesiser: Simon Chamberlain
Flutes: Mike Taylor and Andrew Findon
Directed by Walter Acosta
(Radio 4/ World Service production)
Lydia: Suzanne Bertish
Candaules: Robert Glenister
Gyges: Michael Kitchen
First narrator: Norman Rodway
Second narrator: Ronald Pickup
Female narrator: Dorothy Tutin
Guard Captain: Norman Bird
Repeated 27th July 1990
Also broadcast on Radio 4 Extra in 2016 and 2019

28th November 1988
20.15 :
The Spectre of Ernie Pike by Jane Coles
Growing up in Australia in the 50s proves to be a turbulent business for the adolescent Diana.
Piano: Stuart Hutchinson
Technical presentation by Carol Mcshane and Roger Danes
Directed by Matthew Walters
Diana: Pamela Stephenson
Johnny: Peter Dahlsen
Beryl: Julie Berry
Ernie: Denis Lill
Tom: Kim Wall
Wendy: Zelahclarke
Janet: Caroline Gruber
Man in car/pub: Anthony Jackson
Repeated 3rd December 1988 and 28th October 1989

29th November 1988
The Image of Her Mother by Harriet O'Carroll
Directed by Jeremy Howe
BBC Northern Ireland.
Sadie: Isobel Mahon
Olivia: Margaret D'Arcy
Mrs MacMahon: Rosaleen Linehan

30th November 1988
15.00 :
Beautiful Feeling by David Marshall
A prize cockerel gets killed. A young man disappears ...
Directed by Richard Wortley
Skeggs: Matthew Scurfield
Cathy: Cara Kelly
Neil: Spencer Banks

1st December 1988
15.00 :
Four Stars in Survival by John Nelson Burton
Albert got four stars in survival. But he is a babe-in-arms when dealing with Soho "businessmen".
Directed by David Johnston.
Albert Fetlock: Graham Chinn
Elsie La Rue: Joanna MacKie
Mum: Hilda Schroder
Jimmy Seed: Wayne Jackman
Col Courtenay: Nicholas Courtney
Det Inspector Cleggan: Colin Starkey
Hilda Cleggan: Jo Kendall
Det Sgt Spratt: Philip Sully
Big Max: Christopher Scott
Freddie Firkin: Richard Tate
Maggie: Joan Walker
Housewife: Joan Matheson
[John Nelson Burton directed a 1956 tv series "Tales from Soho"- this is his only radio credit as writer.]

3rd December 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: For unto Us by Nan Woodhouse
Christmas is a frightening prospect. Kate's father-in-law is coming and will expect turkey when the family has gone vegetarian. Kate's sister is coming too- and expecting a baby over the festive season.
Directed by Tony Cliff
Kate: Pam Ferris
David: Christian Rodska
Angela: Janet Hampson
Tommy: Daniel Lowe
Jane: Jillian Henry
Dad: Neville Barber
Tom: Robin Bowerman
Beatrice: Paula Tilbrook
Allan: Charles Cookson

4th December 1988
14.30 :
Globe Theatre: Against the Wind by Shirley Gee
Hannah Snell, disguised as a man to search for her husband, fought as a marine for king and country. She fought, too, against visions and dreams ...
Music composed by Max Early
Directed by Gordon House
Hannah Snell: Samantha Bond
Godbolt.: Bill Paterson
Drubber: Sean Baker
Cuttle: Donald Gee
Ditch: Ian Targett
Flegg: John Hollis
Sculley: Douglas Blackwell
Mrs Sculley: Anne Jameson
Cumberland: David March
Doctor: John Moffatt
Captain: Michael Graham Cox
Also with Joe Dunlop, Norman Bird, Melinda Walker, Marcia King, David Goudge and Ian Michie
Repeated 21st June 1990
[The stage play version also by Gee was called Warrior.]
[Hannah Snell lived 1723-1792 and was mentioned in "James Woodforde's Diary" ("Diary of a Country Parson") for 21/5/78]

5th December 1988
20.15 :
Running Away by William Trevor (aka William Trevor Cox)(1928-2016)
Henrietta forms a new opinion of her husband - she sees him as being shifty.
Directed by Penny Gold
Henrietta: Paula Dionisotti
Roy: Terence Hardiman
Sharon: Cara Kelly
Italian teacher: George Rossi
Mr Mosse/ Sir Walter Payne Charles: John Moffatt
Mrs Mosse: Joan Mattheson
Henrietta as a child: Katrina Hadjimatheou
Henrietta's father: Ken Cumberlidge
Henrietta's sister: Marcia King
Informazioni lady: Gigi Gatti
Sgr Falconi: Joe Dunlop
Lady Payne Charles: Joanna MacKie
Students of Italian: Alice Arnold. Marcia King, Joanna MacKie, Joe Dunlop, Ken Cumberlidge
Repeated 10th December 1988

6th December 1988
Garbage in, Garbage out by Julia Schofield
Peter's ideas for his travel firm are both eccentric and unfinished. His latest plan is to sell nuclear shelters as time-share holidays on a freezing mid-Atlantic island.
Directed by Peter Kavanagh
Peter: Martin Jarvis
Hettie: Margaret Courtenay
Carole: Melinda Walker
Pauline: Joanna MacKie
Mr St John Bernard: Geoffrey Whitehead

7th December 1988
15.00 :
Yorkshiremen Never Drink Gin by Chris Thompson.
Liz comes to work at the office Graham works in - and nothing's ever the same again.
Directed by Tony Cliff
Graham: Christian Rodska
Edna: Barbara Young
Stan: Geoffrey Hinsliff
Uncle Bill: George A Cooper
Liz: Natasha Pyne
John: Colin Meredith
Mr Burns: Geoffrey Banks
Ted: Gerry Kersey

8th December 1988
15.00 :
Coming Down by Dave Sheasby (1940-2010)
At a wake for a climber, a reporter brings along the Swiss climber who was with him when he died. Will the celebration turn into a post mortem?
Directed By: Tony Cliff
BBC Manchester.
Darke: Russell Dixon
Bevan: Nigel Carrington
Kraus: Paul Humpoletz
Baz: Rod Arthur
Rusty: Lesley Nicol
Janette: Alice Arnold
Michaelson: John Graham Davies
Ruby: Shirley E Jones
Jim: Tony Melody
Warrington: Ray Ashcroft
Danny: Richard Tate
Also broadcast on BBC7 2010 and 2012.

9th December 1988
15.00 :
God's Revolution by Don Taylor (1936-2003)
10 of 12: England's New Chains: King Charles I is executed and at last the senior officers feel strong enough to deal with the agitators in their ranks.
Please see 7th October 1988 above.
Directed By: Ronald Mason
Oliver Cromwell: Bernard Hepton
Gen Fairfax: Nigel Anthony
Francis White: Graham Blockey
John Reynolds: Kim Wall
William Thompson: Anthony Jackson
John Lilburne: Christian Rodska
Penelope White: Deborah Makepeace
Sindercombe: John Baddeley
Whalley: John Hartoch
Perkins/Winstanley: Steve Hodson
Church: Eric Allan
Everard: Jonathan Nibbs
Lockyer: Peter Craze
James Thompson: Simon Cuff
Elizabeth Lilburne: Maureen O'Brien
Mary Overton: Barbara Kellermann
Ireton: Bill Wallis
Betty: Zelah Clarke
Wildman: Stephen Rashbrook
Additional Actors in parts 11 and 12:
Stephen White: David March
Mrs Chidley: Ellen Dryden
Col Scroop: Cornelius Garrett
Martha: June Barrie
Capt Hatton: Alan Coveney
Denne: William Eedle
Barry: Paul Sirr
Sindercombe: John Baddeley
Perkins: Steve Hodson
11:16/12/88 12:23/12/88

10th December 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Watched Pot (1914) (aka 'The Mistress of Briony') by Saki (aka H. H. Munro)(1870-1916) adapted by Gabriel Woolf.
Several women are determined to marry a wealthy man and are thwarted by his aunt.
Directed by Graham Gauld
Hortensia: Mary Morris (1915-1988)
Clare: Rosalind Shanks
Ludovic: Gabriel Woolf
Mrs Vulpy: June Tobin
Rene: Malcolm James
Sybil: Emily Richard
Trevor: Alaric Cotter
Colonel: Michael Tudor Barnes
Agatha: Caroline Gruber
Sparrowby: Michael Deacon
William: Richard Pearce
John: Norman Bird
Repeated 12th December 1988
[The first radio production was in 1933 and then a new production in 1938].
[The English Mary Morris is not to be confused with the US actress Mary Morris who died in 1970]

10th December 1988
Perseus Pin Investigates by Stephen Sheridan
1 of 2: The SS Davenport is stuffed with sinfulness, and even the presence of Perseus Pin, the world-famous detective, cannot prevent the most hideous of homicides....
Producer Lissa Evans.
Inspector : Fred Harris
Perseus Pin: Charles Kay
Rodney Brush/Briggs: Godfrey James
Daphne Brush: Moir Leslie
Count Lintovsky/Steward: Geoffrey Whitehead
Kripotkin/Baines: Jonathan Kydd
Mrs Timberlake: Joan Matheson
Bentley: Ian Targett
Captain Bonefish/Bellboy: Norman Bird
Blade: Ian Michie
Part 2: 17th December 1988
Both parts repeated four days later.

11th December 1988
14.30 :
Taybridge by Gerry Jones
Harold and Pearl's son rarely comes downstairs. When he does - the sparks fly. Why is he called Taybridge? You think of a bigger disaster.
Directed by Martin Jenkins.
Harold: Glyn Houston
Pearl: Elizabeth Morgan
Taybridge: Sion Probert
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 20th April 1975, repeated 30th December 1975

12th December 1988
20.15 :
The Parents' Evening by Jonathan Smith.
16 year old Stephen is 'underachieving'. He sure that his school's parents' evening is going to be a fiasco.
Directed by Shaun Macloughlin
BBC Bristol
Claire Buchan With: Karen Ford
Robert Buchan: Christian Rodska
Stephen: Richard Pearce
Mr Lockhart: Peter Craze
Mr Ford: Stephen Thorne
Headmaster: Bill Wallis
Pete: Dominic Rickhards
Sister: Barbara Kellermann
Nurse: Cara Kelly
Repeated 17th December 1988

13th December 1988
15.00-15.32 :
Something More Ferocious by David Marshall
Repeated from 5th July 1988 - please see above.

14th December 1988
15.00 :
Life on a New Planet by Tony Bagley.
Russell is convinced that his parents are aliens and therefore he is destined for another life, but the truth changes his life in a way that leaves him with an escape he didn't plan ...
Directed by Alec Reid
BBC Bristol.
Russell Kingshott: Alexander Goodman
Mrs Pith: Jo Kendall
Julie Kingshott: Melinda Walker
Ernest Kingshott: Phillip Manikum
Horsecraft: Virgil Howe
Mr Harris: Paul Nicholson
Miss Buchan: Zelah Clarke
Targg: Michael Drew
Lipscombe: Ricky Coombes
Maureen Hollage: Mia Callow
Mary: Poppy Edwards
Joseph: Andrew Caulfield
Also taking part, pupils from Cotham Grammar School, Bristol

15th December 1988
15.00 :
Front Runners by Neil Shenton.
Martin is a marathon runner. Martin does not anticipate the problems and pressures that sponsorship brings ...
Directed by Caroline Smith
BBC Manchester.
Martin Hyett: John Wheatley
Lorraine Hyett: Diane Whitley
Jack Hyett: James Tomlinson
Stella: Fiona Walker
Terry McGuin: Russell Dixon
Radio announcer: Peter Wheeler
Club chairman: Neville Barber

17th December 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: The Dwelling Place by Catherine Cookson (1906-1998) dramatised by Michelene Wandor.
Tyne Valley, 1800s: Cissie is left with a family of nine to bring up alone. She manages to make a meagre living for the family until...
Directed by Dave Sheasby
BBC North East.
Cissie: Jan Graveson
Matthew: Rod Arthur
Lord Fischel: Robin Polley
Isabelle: Christine Cox
Clive: David Fleeshman
Cunningham: Colin MacLaughlan
Jimmy: Joe Caffrey
William: Karl Boyd
Joe: Samantha Rooney
Bella: Lisa Clarkson
Richard: Daniel Masters
Rose Watson: Pauline Moriarty
Mrs Turnbull: Elizabeth Kelly
Parson Hedley: Peter Wheeler
Miller Watson: Danny Dean
Nurse: Carrie Davies
Repeated 19th December 1988
Also Broadcast on BBC World Service in 1989
[There was a 3 part tv series in 1994 by Tyne Tees, directed by Gavin Millar]

18th December 1988
14.30 :
The Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion Dinner by Stewart Parker
'You've done your damnedest to deride and defile the historic spirit of the Kamikaze Special Attack Force.... well, let me tell you, that spirit is not dead....'
Director: Robert Cooper
Makotoi: John Le Mesurier
Tokkotai: Ronald Baddiley
Shushin: Graham Crowden
Shimpu: Ronald Herdman
Kamiwashi: Harry Towb
Co-pilot: John Shedden
Miss Tomishita: Maureen Beattie
First broadcast on Radio 3 on 16th December 1979, repeated 27th April 1980
First on Radio 4 on 1st May 1981, repeated 1st June 1985
Also broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra 2012.
[Winner of the 1980 Giles Cooper Award and Prix Italia nomination]
[Also made into a tv play 1981]

19th December 1988
20.15 :
Violette by Ray Jenkins.
Emile Zola, after publishing "J'accuse" (1898), fled France and ended up in Surrey for a year - with a housekeeper who was called Violette.
Directed by Jane Morgan.
Emile Zola: Norman Jones
Labori: Philip Sully
Fernand Desmoulin: Richard Tate
Ernest Vizetelly: Michael Graham Cox
Capt Alfred Dreyfus: Steve Hodson
F W Wareham: Johnmoffatt
Violette Vizetelly: Francesca Buller
Jeanne Rozerot: Alice Arnold
Denise Rozerot: Nicola Stewart
Jacques Rozerot: William Summers
Repeated 1st April 1989

20th December 1988
15.00-15.32 :
The Brain Part, the Heart Part by Leo Goldman
Joey was dead for a few minutes and he liked it. His brother, Fingers, thought there was money in it, but first he had to try dying himself.
Directed by Ned Chaillet
Mama: Pauline Letts
Papa: Michael Graham Cox
Fingers: Lee Montague
Joey: Ed Bishop
[Meet Fingers and Joey also in Leo Goldman's play "A good used heart" first broadcast 7/4/87 directed by Ned Chaillett]

21st December 1988
15.00 :
Strange Delights by Perry Pontac.
Mr Meldrum seeks the hand in marriage of Lady Carsanet. But which hand?
Directed by Richard Wortley
Lady Carsanet: Sian Phillips
Mr Meldrum: Christopher Scott
Lobelia: Brenda Blethyn

22nd December 1988
15.00 :
Angels at Partridge Cottage by Lucy Gannon.
Zoe and Magnus Partridge intend to spend a child-free, present-free, glitter-free Christmas, but the ghosts that haunt their cottage have more traditional ideas.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill
Zoe: Hedli Niklaus
Polly: Ellie Haddington
Charlie: Rorer Hume
Magnus: John Dixon
Gary: Ken Cumberlidge
Sophy: Bernadette Windsor
Repeated 20th December 1990
Also broadcast on Radio 4 Extra in 2016 and 2020.

24th December 1988
The Ambridge Chronicles by Jock Gallagher (novel: To the Victor the Spoils). Dramatised by Peter Mackie
1914-22: The Ambridge summer fete: where young Dan Archer sees Doris Forrest, where the band is chivvied along by a teenage Walter Gabriel.
Directed by Philip Martin
BBC Pebble Mill.
Dan Archer: Michael Maloney
Doris: Holly Aird
Ben Archer: David Learner
George Grundy: Trevor Harrison
John Archer: Ralph Lawton
Phoebe Archer: Gillian Goodman
Frank Archer: Richard Pearce
Walter Gabriel: Terry Molloy
Squire Lawson-Hope: Michael Deacon
Cedric Lawson-Hope: John Dixon
Alan Winstanley: Simon Cuff
Percy Hood: Richard Allenson
William Forrest: Roger Hume
Lisa Forrest: Sunny Ormande
Tom Forrest: Sam Barriscale
Josh Harris: William Hayes
Lisa Scroby: Susan Jeffrey
Vicar: Martln Matthews
Jake Burton: Geoff Serle
Repeated 31st December 1988
[Somewhat confusingly in 1998 the BBC published Part 1 of The Ambridge Chronicles by Joanna Toye which covered 1951-1967.]

25th December 1988
15.00 :
Tom Jones by Henry Fielding adapted by Hallam Tennyson.
1 of 6: Gentleman, Foundling and Bastard
Music comnposed by: Ilona Sekacz
Director: Martin Jenkins
Henry Fielding: Martin Jarvis
Tom Jones: Anton Lesser
Sophia Western: Kathryn Hurlbutt
Master Blifil: Andrew Secombe
Squire Allworthy: Clifford Rose
Squire Western: Peter Jeffrey
Bridget Allworthy: Frances Jeater
Blifil: Michael Spice
Molly Seagrim: Helen Worth
George Seagrim: Brian Haines
Goody Seagrim: Celia Ryder
Parson Supple: Nicholas Courtney
Goody Brown: Pauline Letts
Mr Thwackum: Hugh Dickson
Mrs Wilkins: Hilda Schroeder
Mrs Honour: Elizabeth Morgan
Pt2:26/12/88 Pt3:27/12/88 Pt4:28/12/88 Pt5:29/12/88 Pt6:30/12/88
First broadcast commencing 6th December 1981.

25th December 1988
16.00 :
The Strange Case of Edgar Allan Poe by Christopher Cook.
Music by Claude Debussy .
Detective Auguste Dupin, one of Poe's own creations, investigates the bizarre life and strange death of the writer.
Directed by John Powell.
Chevalier: John Moffatt
Edgar Alan Poe: Kerry Shale
Also with Michael Graham Cox, Joe Dunlop and Melinda Walker
Repeated 4th January 1989
Also broadcast on BBC7 in 2009

25th December 1988
22.05 :
Superman on Trial
Repeated from 5th June 1988- please see above

26th December 1988
19.20 :
The Dippers (1922) by Ben Travers (1886-1980) adapted by Peter King
Henry missed his train home, and was found with the wife of a professional dancer he was impersonating...
Music composed and played by David Chilton and Nick Russell Pavier
Directed by Peter King
Henry Talboyes: Michael Williams
Stella Tavistock: Judi Dench
Lord Mellingham: Freddie Jones
Pauline Dipper: Melinda Walker
Hank Dipper: Colin Stinton
Band leader: John Samson
Agent: Norman Bird
Peter: Stephen Rashbrook
Wattle: Trevor Nichols
Helen Monk: Dorcas Morgan
Minnie: Polly James
Cowman: William Simons
Party guests: Eva Stuart and Diana Olson
Repeated 21st May 1989 and 25th April 1992.
[Ben Travers first play, this was based on his earlier book of 1921]

27th December 1988
19.20 :
Pygmalion (1912) by Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
London, 1912: A flower girl is tutored in phonetics to 'speak like a lady'
Directed by John Tydeman
Professor Higgins: Simon Cadell
Eliza Doolittle: Imelda Staunton
Alfred Doolittle: James Grout
Mrs Higgins: Rachel Gurney
Colonel Pickering: Edward Hardwicke
Mrs Pearce: Brenda Peters
Mrs Eynsford Hill: Pauline Letts
Clara Eynsford Hill: Elaine Claxton
Freddy Eynsford Hill: Richard Clifford
Mrs Higgins's maid: Anne Pearson
Also with Andrew Branch, Garard Green and David Learner.
Repeated from 20th April 1987 and later repeated 9th April 1994.
[There was an earlier production of this play 1968 (rpt 1971) by John Powell].
{Filmed as "Pygmalion" in 1938 with additional scenes. Many of these were retained for the 1956 stage musical and later 1964 film, titled "My Fair Lady"- an initial possible title for the 1912 play was "Fair Eliza".]
[Mythical Pygmalion fell in love with his sculpture]

28th December 1988
19.20 :
Forty Years On by Alan Bennett adapted by the author and Richard Wortley.
The Headmaster of Albion House finds himself reluctantly in a 'progressive' end-of-term play devised by his imminent successor, Mr Franklin.
Musical settings by Carl Davis.
Accompanied songs sung by boys of the City Of London School. Treble soloists Simon Preece and Simon Pearmain.
Directed by Richard Wortley
Headmaster: John Gielgud
Tempest: Alan Bennett
Matron: Dorothy Reynolds
Miss Nisbitt: Nora Nicholson
Franklin: Paul Eddington
Headboy: Sam Dastor
Radio voice: Alvar Lidell
Also with Nigel Anthony, Stephen Bone, Robin Browne, Adrian Hall, Nigel Rathbone and Clive Swift.
First broadcast 11th August 1973, repeated 10th August 1975

29th December 1988
19.20 :
The Imaginary Invalid (1673) by Moliere (1622-1673). Translated and adapted from Le Malade imaginaire. by Miles Malleson (1888-1969)
Paris, 1674. Argan enjoys poor health. He seeks to reduce his doctors fees..
Music composed and played by Terence Allbright
Directed by Glyn Dearman.
Argan: Maurice Denham
Beline, the wife: Jane Lapotaire
Toinette, the maid: Tina Marian
Angelica, the daughter: Charlotte Attenborough
Beralde, the brother: Norman Rodway
Dr Diaforus: Stratford Johns
Monsieur Bonnefoy, a lawyer: John Moffatt
Cleante, a suitor: Philip Sully
Thomas Diaforus: Peter Craze
Louise Argan: Cara Kelly
Dr Purgon: John Warner
Apothecary: Michael Graham Cox
Repeated 16th April 1989.
[AKA The Hypchondriac]
[The original music - not used here- was by Charpentier]
[Moliere played Argan in the first production, and died in the fourth performance]
[Miles Malleson played Argan in the 1960 radio production by Charles Lefeaux. John Moffatt was also in the 1960 play when he played Thomas Diaforus.]

31st December 1988
19.45 :
Saturday-Night Theatre: Lament for a Maker
by Michael Innes (1906-1994) (aka John Innes MacKintosh Stewart), dramatised by Kathleen Jamie.
A mad laird, an eerie tower, dark deeds, and a devilish plot.
Director: Patrick Rayner
BBC Scotland.
Aljo Wedderburn: John Shedden
Guthrie: David McKail
Christine: Anne Lacey
Bell: Callum Mill
Appleby: Michael MacKenzie
Gylby: Ernest Blake
Sybil: Gerda Stevenson
Hardcastle: Martin Black
Mrs Hardcastle: Edith MacArthur
Lindsay: Benny Young
Isa: Victoria Da Vidson
Miss Strachan/Mrs Roberts: Gwyneth Guthrie
Clanclacket/Minister: Brown Derby
Speight/Tammas: Robert Paterson
[Book 3 of the Appleby series by Michael Innes- the first half of the book was in dialect.]

(....Many thanks for another excellent listing, Stephen - Ed. [19dec20])


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